Big Brother Is Spying On You In Thousands Of Ways, And All Of That Info Now Goes Into Centralized “Fusion Systems”

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End of the American Dream. 

    Big Brother is watching you.  Sadly, most people don’t realize how extensive the surveillance grid has now become.

    As you drive to work or to school, license plate readers are systematically tracking where you travel.  In major cities, thousands of highly advanced security cameras (many equipped with facial recognition technology) are monitoring your every move.  If authorities detect that you are doing something suspicious, they can quickly pull up your criminal, financial and medical records.  Of course, if they want to dig deeper, your phone and your computer are constantly producing a treasure trove of surveillance data.  Nothing that you do on either one of them is ever private.

    In the past, compiling all of that information would take a great deal of time.  But now tech giants such as Microsoft, Motorola, Cisco and Palantir are selling “fusion systems” to governments all over the planet.  These “fusion systems” can instantly integrate surveillance data from thousands of different sources, and this has totally transformed how law enforcement is conducted in many of our largest cities.

    Arthur Holland Michel is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, and he was given a tour of a “fusion system” that is used by the city of Chicago called Citigraf

    He clicked “INVESTIGATE,” and Citigraf got to work on the reported assault. The software runs on what Genetec calls a “correlation engine,” a suite of algorithms that trawl through a city’s historical police records and live sensor feeds, looking for patterns and connections. Seconds later, a long list of possible leads appeared onscreen, including a lineup of individuals previously arrested in the neighborhood for violent crimes, the home addresses of parolees living nearby, a catalog of similar recent 911 calls, photographs and license plate numbers of vehicles that had been detected speeding away from the scene, and video feeds from any cameras that might have picked up evidence of the crime itself, including those mounted on passing buses and trains. More than enough information, in other words, for an officer to respond to that original 911 call with a nearly telepathic sense of what has just unfolded.

    But these systems are not just used to track down criminals.

    In fact, they can be used to investigate literally anyone.

    On another occasion, Arthur Holland Michel got the opportunity to test out the “fusion system” that Microsoft had built for New York City

    The NYPD official showed me how he could pull up any city resident’s rap sheet, lists of their known associates, cases in which they were named as a victim of a crime or as a witness, and, if they had a car, a heatmap of where they tended to drive and a full history of their parking violations. Then he handed me the phone. Go ahead, he said; search a name.

    A flurry of people came to mind: Friends. Lovers. Enemies. In the end, I chose the victim of a shooting I’d witnessed in Brooklyn a couple of years earlier. He popped right up, along with what felt like more personal information than I, or even perhaps a curious officer, had any right to know without a court order. Feeling a little dizzy, I gave the phone back.

    If this is what is going on in major cities such as Chicago and New York, can you imagine the technology that the alphabet agencies of the federal government must now possess?

    Of course, this isn’t just happening in the United States.

    On the other side of the Atlantic, a joint European surveillance project known as ROXANNE is causing a great deal of concern

    An acronym for Real time netwOrk, teXt, and speaker ANalytics for combating orgaNized crimE, it was announced in November the Republic’s involvement in the project currently being developed in Switzerland.

    A biometrics based platform ostensibly to monitor and crack down on organised crime, an additional application of ROXANNE which its creators advertise freely is the ability to monitor those guilty of alleged hate speech and political extremism.

    Strict new laws against “hate speech” and “political extremism” are being instituted all over Europe, and this new tool will help to track down “thought criminals”.

    In particular, this new tool will be heavily monitoring “social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube as well as normal telecommunications platforms”…

    A product of the EU funded Horizon 2020 to foster new surveillance technology, ROXANNE works across social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube as well as normal telecommunications platforms to identify, categorise, and track faces and voices enabling authorities to paint a more in depth picture of the network being investigated, whether it be in relation to criminal activity or those deemed politically extreme.

    Enabling authorities to draw on raw data from a variety of sources and platforms in order to recognise common speech patterns, facial features, and geolocation, the end result is both to identify suspects and paint an intricate picture of the networks being put under the microscope.

    So if you live in Europe and you think that you might be guilty of “thought crime” at some point, you might want to get rid of your phone and your computer.


    Things really have gotten that bad over there, and it is just a matter of time before the madness gets to the same level in the United States, because we are going down the exact same road.

    Here in the U.S., more political voices are being “de-platformed” with each passing day.  Progressive reporter Jordan Chariton originally cheered when conservatives were being de-platformed, but at this point, he regrets his calls for censorship now that YouTube has taken down one of his videos

    However, after YouTube pulled video from his own channel featuring footage of the January 6 riot for violating the platform’s policies against “spam and deceptive practices,” the Chariton reversed his position.

    “With time to reflect, & seeing Silicon Valley’s censorship onslaught, I regret this tweet made in [the] heat of moment,” the progressive journalist wrote. “Whether certain cable/YouTube outlets mislead audiences w/ dishonest claims lacking real evidence, they shouldn’t be targeted.”

    It is all fun and games when it is happening to “the other side”, but when it happens to you suddenly it becomes real.

    They really do want to control what all of us do, say, and think, and the Big Brother surveillance grid is becoming more suffocating with each passing year.

    If we do not put limits on this technology while we still can, it is just a matter of time before our society becomes a dystopian nightmare far more horrible than anything than George Orwell ever dared to imagine.

    ***Michael’s new book entitled “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” is now available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.***

    About the Author: My name is Michael Snyder and my brand new book entitled “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” is now available on  In addition to my new book, I have written four others that are available on including The Beginning Of The EndGet Prepared Now, and Living A Life That Really Matters. (#CommissionsEarned)  By purchasing the books you help to support the work that my wife and I are doing, and by giving it to others you help to multiply the impact that we are having on people all over the globe.  I have published thousands of articles on The Economic Collapse BlogEnd Of The American Dream, and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe.  I always freely and happily allow others to republish my articles on their own websites, but I also ask that they include this “About the Author” section with each article.  The material contained in this article is for general information purposes only, and readers should consult licensed professionals before making any legal, business, financial, or health decisions.  I encourage you to follow me on social media on FacebookTwitter, and Parler, and anyway that you can share these articles with others is a great help.  During these very challenging times, people will need hope more than ever before, and it is our goal to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as we possibly can.


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      1. Well of course the State with its sub-entities are spying, this is not news. It’s just that citizens aren’t aware of the degree and the various methods spying is taking place (that includes this site, there is also a likely provocateur(s) making comments on this and other similar sites to provoke individuals into making inflammatory comments to discredit these sites and its commenters).
        The degree of invasiveness is stunning. It is known when you take your cell phone merely to another room in your house by geolocation. The State uses algorithms to monitor conversation and text for a vast list of signal words and phrases that automatically affix those words and phrases to its registered phone number. Cell phones can be activated to eavesdrop on conversations taking place not only while speaking on the phone, but even non-call conversations taking place in a room. Software is/has been developed for someone using a cell phone to personally in real time monitor conversation and text on other cell phones in proximity, unaware. No doubt technology in moving forward to make cell phones do a variety of tasks that will monitor and record us in every way possible. Cell phones are convenient, but they have also been designed to be our portable prison cell. As for home computers it is the same. There are probably degrees on technical invasiveness used against citizens that is classified so that the State can avoid getting warrants (who really believes the State is concerned about our rights anyway).
        Furthermore, service providers work hand-in-glove with “authorities” and provide them access to everything. In fact, “cooperating” with authorities may be a condition to operating the business.
        There are some things you can do. There is a small container you can buy now that shields your cell phone so it can’t be accessed or monitored when not in use, or when traveling so you can’t be tracked. Presently, I just don’t take my cell phone with me when only driving around town. I don’t want my provider knowing every store or business or friend I visit. Also, many big box stores and businesses record you phone number and try to access your cell phone while you shop. You can also get a VPN for your computer (some are better than others). However, I predict one day these won’t be allowed.
        Cell phones are incredibly effective in helping a State entity to accumulate anything information it wants. So much so it may one day require all citizens to possess a monitoring/tracking device, I mean cell phone. I even predict all citizens may also have an assigned phone number in the future, like a social security number. The same for computers, it may come to each citizen required to have a registered email address (as already in other countries).
        Another area of citizen monitoring are cameras being placed everywhere (private and public), buildings, and for both vehicle traffic and foot traffic. And not merely cameras, but also facial recognition cameras, there are ways to defeat them.
        Other areas of monitoring many people aren’t aware are through use of utilities, another are police drones that can actually see through the walls of your house, and your vehicle’s computer monitoring and recording everything you do.
        There is an electronic trail for every transaction with a debit, card, credit card, on-line purchase, on-line payment, etc. This is why central banks and the State want cash eliminated, all transactions will be digital. It appears the only thing that remains is for every citizen to be chipped somewhere in their body.
        The good news is the more we become aware of these technologies and methods, the more we can make ways to defeat them. Remember, for every measure, there is a counter measure.

      2. Yeah because big brother and his minions have nothing better to do in their own pathetic lives but to watch us and what we do.

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