Biden Wants More Thugs To Steal More Of Your Money

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    Joe Biden has plans to hire 87,000 more Internal Revenue Service agents to take more from those “wealthy” earners. This would double the agency’s size as the master seeks to crack down on those who think they deserve to keep what they earn.

    Only in a dystopian society would people actually defend taxation. And only in the worst dystopian society would propaganda be used to condition the slaves into accepting their fate as such and get used to being stolen from. Welcome to the USSA.

    The most corrupt and power-hungry people promise thought, that enforcement efforts would primarily target the slaves and corporations with higher incomes and profits, the administration has suggested.

    The hiring, which would be part of President Joe Biden’s overall $80 billion spending plan to increase enforcement efforts at the IRS, would not happen all at once. Instead, it would be carried out in phases, with a 15 percent growth in employment at the agency per year until that 87,000 hiring benchmark is reached.

    The move would help recoup (and go beyond) some of the employment losses the agency has seen over the past decade, as the IRS has lost more than 33,000 workers over the past decade. The drop in employment at the agency has resulted in fewer audits, particularly for filers with higher incomes. -Truthout

    Even though they can create as much money as they want, and the Federal Reserve will willingly do that for the master, they still need to make sure we are impoverished and dependent upon them for survival.  If you haven’t figured out what’s going on yet, it’s hard to feel sorry for you.  The government is slavery.  They are the masters. They bark the orders and we comply as slaves. Wake up to what’s being done. We are running out of time before these invisible chains become permanent.

    Their goal is to hire more thugs to steal more money from people who have earned it. If the IRS is able to step up its enforcement theft efforts, tax collectors may be able to generate an additional $700 billion for the master over the next decade alone.  The Biden administration has claimed this theft could help pay for Creepy Uncle Joe’s ambitious spending bills regarding infrastructure and aid to U.S. families.

    How about this to help the “U.S. families”: stop stealing from us and get out of our lives.  How about stop enslaving us instead of ramping up efforts to crackdown?

    The fact that the government needs the mainstream media to lay cover for their sinister actions is evidence enough that they are the enemy of liberty and freedom. We had better get our act together, learn to work together, and help take down this disastrous slave system or our children and grandchildren will be nothing more than permanent slaves.


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      1. He’ll probably get what he wants, or at least most of it.

        The Republicans will give it to him.

        A go along to get along kind of thing.

      2. Prez Bidet has a habit of stealing things: our hard earned money, elections, etc.
        etc.etc. Our commander and thief probably got in the White House (if that’s really
        where he is) by sneaking in.

      3. Where ya wanna start?

      4. In possibly the most powerful paragraph ever written to explain our current times, Weaver writes: (Wish Weaver would have done more with the tie in regarding the Everyday Doctor Complex but will take what we can. Weaver also gives the best dossier on DOCTOR Fauci I’ve seen).

        Secondly: That a central pillar of the Black Nobility-controlled Corporatocracy would be the worldwide Drug Industry—all drugs and medicines, not just those manufactured by Big Pharma. Illicit drugs, controlled drugs, recreational drugs of every sort and kind would be controlled by the corporatocracy, especially all drug dispensaries such as pharmacies. The constant fueling of the ever-burgeoning drug culture was necessary for many reasons. Not only does a global drug society generate a LOT of profit, the never-ending proliferation of drug use (all kinds) ensures a sick populace that is easily controlled and manipulated. It also serves as an excellent control mechanism of the citizenry when there is a disease outbreak, epidemic or pandemic. The globalists know full well that whoever controls the life-saving medicines and scarce remedies controls the global population

      5. Will they be telecommuting from South America. Press 2 for English.

      6. People need to realise governments always treat their citizens as beef cows to slaughter for taxes. The smart thing to do is this: never domicile in the place where you do business. So, for example, do business in Europe, live in the US BUT pay your taxes in Liechtenstein.

        Or, renounce your US citizenship, do business in the US but live in the Caribbean and pay your taxes in Switzerland.

        File a big fat zero to the IRS just like Trump does. The secret is to always be a money losing business in the US. And in fact if you engage with businesses as a foreigner the US government will actually give you money and tax deals. Only a chump files a profitable business as a US citizen.

      7. “Only in a dystopian society would people actually defend taxation.”

        It’s minted without consideration, used for “fast and furious” gunrunners, Mena, and to build battleships named after Harvey Milk.

        I think, in the spirit of that law against emoluments, civil servants should be held to vows of poverty.

        That law against standing armies was intended to prevent against a reiteration of the redcoat’s many, enumerated offenses.

      8. “How about this to help the “U.S. families”: stop stealing from us and get out of our lives. How about stop enslaving us instead of ramping up efforts to crackdown?”

        This is the story of America since the inception of the Federal Reserve and it just keeps getting worse. So many article writers and pundits today focus on the Fed, psychotic billionaires, Joe Biden, Obama, bush and other untouchable entities like the committee of 300 or the Illuminati. Sadly, it appears they only want to gripe. The chances of locking up the untouchables is slim to none no matter what your article writers and pundits promise. You would have better luck dreaming about locking up the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy. And when informed where the rubber of the NWO meets the road in everyday society they seemingly avoid it.

      9. Biden Wants More Thugs To Steal “ALL” Of Your Money!

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