Biden Wants Americans To “Report” “Radicalized” Family and Friends

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    Source: USNews

    The Biden Administration is asking Americans to come forward and tattle on each other.  The ruling class wants the slaves to snitch on each other and further divide to make the conquer even easier. Sadly, this has worked wonders in the past, and if we do no learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.

    President Joe Biden’s administration announced their plans to “create ways” for Americans to report radicalized friends and family to the government, in an effort to fight domestic terrorism, according to a report from Breitbart.  Considering the United States government is one of the biggest terrorist organizations to ever exist in history, this is quite hypocritical.

    In a conversation with reporters, one senior administration official explained the importance of stopping “politically fueled violence” before it started.  Which sounds oddly like a way to keep people under control and never fighting back against their masters who are constantly increasing the levels of theft and taking links from the invisible chains so many revere, but so many others can see and want to break free from.

    “We will work to improve public awareness of federal resources to address concerning or threatening behavior before violence occurs,” the official said. The official cited the Department of Homeland Security’s “If you see something say something” campaign to help stop radical Islamic terror as a domestic possibility. “This involves creating contexts in which those who are family members or friends or co-workers know that there are pathways and avenues to raise concerns and seek help for those who they have perceived to be radicalizing and potentially radicalizing towards violence,” the official said. –Breitbart

    We should know what this is meant to do: divide and conquer the slaves.  We are already divided.  The left/right paradigm is a lie, a big facade and we all should have realized that in November. Your votes don’t count. They never did. The masters do what they want and put in power whomever they see fit while we are forced to obey their commands or face extortion or kidnapping.

    It is past time to figure out what’s really going on and this is all a part of the agenda.  The longer they can keep us fighting ourselves the longer it will take for us to realize it’s the psychopaths at the top that are enslaving us.

    This is another instance where it’s important to use your discernment and keep your morality intact. Do not stoop to low levels and cause harm to others. Prepare yourself as best you can and always do the right thing, as opposed to the legal thing.  We will not be able to be free from the shackles they tighten daily until people wake up to the reality of what government is: slavery.  We will not be able to unite as long as we look to the rulers, whose goal is to divide. Do not stoop to violence or fear or hatred. Keep on preparing and continue to live as the Creator intended: free.


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      1. The one who really needs to be reported here is cadaver Joe himself.????

      2. Can creepy Joe possibly sink any lower? That of course
        was a rhetorical question.

      3. Not sure Biden had much input here. There is a whole cadre of unelected career “civil servants”. The highest 9000 or so positions are filled by an outfit called the Senior Executive Service. They create policy paying mind to the think tanks, lobbyists, CIA, and who offers the largest payouts. They run the day to day in DC. Biden (and those previously) follow their orders.

        The most powerful people in DC are not elected and they spend their whole career behind the scenes no matter who the front men are. The heads of the cabinet positions are mostly figureheads, also, and are directed broadly what to say and do to follow the chosen policy direction. The case of Julian Assange is a perfect example. Trump sang his praises before he got elected. Then crickets. Biden will be no different. They have their orders.

        Biden is pitiful. It’s all he can do to keep his pants from falling down or misplacing his notecards when he leaves the White House. He has no ideas about policy other than what the teleprompter tells him. Not so much different than all the past figureheads.

        • The enemy might not be who you think it is, I will say it is not the dems, repubs, libs, blm or even atifa, all these groups are mere useful idiots / pawns being used by the enemy while the true enemy sits behinds the scenes and pulls the strings.

          For those who know Christ, will know the the true enemy….

          So who is the enemy??? Would you believe me if I told you it was Satan?

          An intelligent enemy always keeps in the background and remains hidden out of sight. It is an important consideration with him that his identity should be concealed. Many an evil enterprise owes its success to its perpetrator remaining secreted. The assassin who plunges a knife into the back of his victim is usually hired for the purpose. The one who throws the bomb is merely a tool, the mastermind that planned the deed is unseen and unsuspected. Therefore, it need not surprise us to find that the masses do not believe in the existence of a personal Devil. It serves his purpose well to keep his dupes in ignorance concerning his real existence. The Devil has always worked secretly and sought to hide his true identity. When he beguiled Eve he did so through a serpent. When he appeared before God to accuse Job, he waited until a day when “the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them” (Job 1:6). When he sowed his “tares,” he did so secretly, in the night —“while men slept” (Matt 13:25). When he betrayed the Lord Jesus Christ into the hands of His enemies, he worked through Judas! Satan is an adept at disguising himself: he comes to us not as a Dragon of Darkness but “is transformed into an Angel of Light” (II Cor 11:14).

        • The immediate past figurehead answered any and all questions off the cuff. He could also talk extemporaneously on all subjects with detail facts and figures. Wether you agree with him or not he was 1000 time more informed and knowledgable than sleepy Joe
          America first Vs America last

          • The orange tard was a part of the Epstein Video Collection. Doesn’t matter what he said, as soon as he took office he was owned.

            • JRS

              If Trump was owned why did they go to such great lengths to both roadblock him at every step and to remove him from office in the most crooked election in US history? Trump was very successful with ripe fruit supermodels.

              • Trump was nothing more than a strawman. This mother-phucking swamp critter played his part to perfection. Not one single major deep-state player was prosecuted on his watch. NOT ONE!

                This asshole (Trump) pardoned 5 Wall Street megabanks for fraud. He pardoned mercs doing prison-time for murdering unarmed Iraqi civilians in broad daylight. He stole uncounted millions of Syrian oil. He stole 40 million of Iranian refined fuel. He stole uncounted millions of Iranian oil. He murdered an Iranian general with a cowardly drone strike …… and that netted Trump an international arrest warrant for MURDER. Do you get it? Trump is a goddamn criminal swamp critter. No different than Obama or the Clinton Crime Family.

                Then there’s that little matter of Kitchner’s failed building at 666 5th avenue in New York. A little matter that included strange events in Qatar and a subsequent investment by Qatar in Kitchner’s building at 666 5th avenue.

                Phuck you Trump ….. and everything (globalist) you stand for.

                • Yeah, this all abt trump. U r a flaming moron

                  • List one fact presented that was incorrect. Just one. Any one will do. Trump talks the patriot talk but walks the globalist walk.

                    Biden is a drooling pedo but Trump is not far behind. I say report them both for being radicalized, deep state criminal trash. They both belong in Gitmo.

              • Hello Kevin

                Each side blocks the other as much as is possible unless it involves policy that is not allowed to be changed. Foreign policy remains basically the same. Trade remains basically the same. Trump blustered his way through the 4 years but really changed nothing.

                As for the election, I don’t believe it was stolen. No one has proven that. So that remains to be seen. It won’t change anything anyway. Trump is not going to be reinstated, no matter what the Qtards say.

                • “As for the election, I don’t believe it was stolen.”

                  Ridiculous. Boxes of ballots brought in with zero oversight of validity, poll watchers removed, more votes in districts than registered voters (math doesn’t lie).

                  “No one has proven that”

                  No court would touch it despite the above. It hasn’t been disproven, it’s been ignored with such non legal legal nonsense as, “It should have been brought up before the election”. How can one investigate a crime before it’s committed?

                  “involves policy”

                  Like pulling out of the nonsense Paris Climate Agreement? Trumps policy’s on trade and energy have been reversed.

                • JRS

                  ” It won’t change anything anyway. Trump is not going to be reinstated, no matter what the Qtards say.”

                  Agree with the first part, there is no way regardless of evidence that will Trump be reinstated, however tangible evidence of election fraud on this scale (which would imply embedded corruption) has an impact in world opinion. On the domestic front the present administration would be politically neutered unable to pass bills into law. Election law’s would also be changed increasing verification of the voters. It’s also tough to hold the high moral ground when one replicates Stalin’s phrase, “Its not who votes but who counts the votes”. As a nation we would not just survive but come out of it even better. An example is the Great Depression and both Glass-Steagall and the Wagner Act legalizing organized labor facilitating the middle class.

                  • Kevin2, hello, how’ve you been?

                • If you don’t believe the election was stolen, you are pitiful? Ray Charles could see that!!!!

            • At least 75,000,000 American citizens disagree with you.

            • At the very least 75,000,000 Americans disagree with you.

              • Sure. And that’s their right to. However, those people are brainwashed much the same as those on the other side are. Fox gives opinions that favor one side and CNN favors the other. Neither side gives the news…it’s all opinion pieces to convince the teevee watcher their side is the right one.

                When are people going to wake up to the fact that mostly nothing changes when the blue team gets the spot, or when the red team gets it. A little nibbling around the edges is allowed, but the main policies never stray far from their course.

                The bosses love it when their propaganda keeps the people divided instead of united. It’s called public relations and Eddie Bernays wrote the book on it.

            • At least 75,000,000 Americans do not agree with you.

      4. The 99% are incapable of objectivity, and will not lift a finger to help themselves, even while times are easy and relatively safe.

        How do you propose to deal with them, in a lawful and humane manner?

      5. Couple of points:

        – Does this ring any bells ie Nazi Germany – Hum
        – Who defines what radicalization looks and acts like?
        – Biden the unifier or divider?

        2022 – pray for a blue slaughter

      6. That is right from Joe Stalin and his “Terror”. Read some Russian history.

        • Jocko you are spot on!! Read the 10 quotes of Vladimir Lenin? This whole show is out of the communist play book!! Be surprised it this gets shown? God help us!!

      7. U r right jrs.

      8. So, the courts didn’t accept the cases or ruled against them. That’s how it works. The cases that were ruled on went against the plaintiffs. Do you believe ALL the courts are rigged in favor of one side over another? Even when Trump had three of his personal picks put on the Supreme Court and it was majority conservative, the cases got nowhere. And even majority Republican state congress in disputed states signed off on the results? If everything is rigged against Trump how’d he win in 2016? Where’s the beef?

        Did you see the court cases brought against Sydney Powell by Dominion and Smartmatic? Her lawyers said the suit should be thrown out. Why? What was her defense? Her defense is that no one should have believed her claims because they were so outrageous. She is nothing more than a provacateur same as Rudy Guliani. They are looking for publicity and money is all. No more than everyday grifters.

        So many gullible people.

        “Like pulling out of the nonsense Paris Climate Agreement?

        Yes, that is nonsense. But it is a toothless agreement that no one follows. It is meaningless. It is one of those things around the edges that they are allowed to change.

        As for trade, the tariffs didn’t work on China . Trump didn’t even understand (or he lied) when he claimed China paid for them. No, we consumers paid for them. And the USMCA is basically the same as the old NAFTA. It is a feel good basically the same old agreement with a new name. It doesn’t bring any jobs back. The jobs are still leaving for cheap labor Mexico.

        I’m not sure what policies on energy Biden changed. The ones about Federal Land oil leases? They were overturned by a Federal court. Oh wait…I thought all those courts were rigged in favor of Biden?

        • Sorry Kevin. This was a reply to you. Not sure how it got here.

        • p.s. Perhaps you meant the sanctioning of Nordstream II when you mentioned Trump’s energy policy? He was on Hannity blustering about how he blocked the pipeline and now it was given back.

          Really? Like what business is it of the US to interfere in another country’s trade? Trump is a narcissistic blathering buffoon that only cares about himself and his public image.


        “A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that a federal government database that compiles people deemed to be “known or suspected terrorists” violates the rights of American citizens who are on the watchlist, calling into question the constitutionality of a major tool the F.B.I. and the Department of Homeland Security use for screening potential terrorism suspects.

        Being on the watchlist can restrict people from traveling or entering the country, subject them to greater scrutiny at airports and by the police, and deny them government benefits and contracts. In a 32-page opinion, Judge Anthony J. Trenga of United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia said the standard for inclusion in the database was too vague.”

        Can it get more vague or arbitrary than having an anonymous person submit your name for a “radical” list?

      10. Great, a nation of snitches, just what we need. Several years ago I lived in a neighborhood with a Home Owners Association (HOA), it really sucked. I had neighbors who were snitches and the HOA officers were like the gestapo. If the Chicoms ever invade the US they will already find lots of commie converts running HOAs.
        When this great nation sets up a system of snitching, five things will definitely happen; 1-children will be taught in school at an early age that snitching is good, 2-you will be considered guilty until proven innocent, 3-you will not be allowed to know your accusers, 4-the existing two-tiered system of justice will be reinforced, and 5-that snitching will used as a weapon against citizens. We already have lots and lots of elites and officials who have committed serious crimes and felonies, I do not see any of them being prosecuted or being singled out by the State for punishment or coercion. Remember, ONLY totalitarian and authoritarian gov’ts use snitching as public policy. Ladies and gentlemen, we are there, and it will only get worse. It ten years there will be professional snitches responsible in keeping a record about people at work, in their neighborhoods, in churches, shopping areas, everywhere. They’ll even be taking photos. Remember I said it here.
        In East Germany, when it was communist satellite country, it was estimated one out of five people were snitches. The populace was frozen with fear and East German society actually retrograded. After the Berlin Wall came down, and both Germanys reunited, enraged citizens wanted the list of snitches revealed. However, the vast majority of the names on the list of official snitchers remains secret and closed to the public even to this day.
        If one performs a serious psychological examination to analyze snitches, it would be noted they fit the same profile as a person who shows cowardice in the face of the enemy, or who would cooperate with the enemy and turn on his fellow soldiers in a POW camp, or rat someone out because their sister doesn’t like him. And I’ll go ahead and say it here now, women are generally more petty, they will snitch for even more mundane things.
        What a f*cking country we are turning into, I’m so disgusted thinking about it I don’t even want to write about it anymore.

        • I’ve done polite, legal deliveries to HOA’s and was snitched-on, every time.

          Collaborators, don’t forget your ferret shots.

      11. Hey, I’m radicalized! What’s Buydin gonna do about it?

      12. Why argue over Presidents – they wield no power. We should be discussing how to dispatch (with extreme prejudice) the true demonic power brokers. We know whom they are. Let us however just come to realize just a few truths… The U.S. is a collapsed corpse; superpower? Not hardly. Can’t produce its own underwear. Superpower? Have to import (the bulk) of our fuelstuff from foreign entities that understand we are kaputmachen. Superpower? No this nation is the most dangerous cornered rat on the block. We lived large as we squandered our resources on that largesse. It’s gone. The world life support systems are collapsing radically fast. You can only SHIT all over your place so long before the stench becomes annoying. The next stench will be the dead rotting corpses of billions of fools. It’s here. It’s now. Goodbye.

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