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Biden Says Facebook Is “Killng People” By Refusing To Censor “Anti-Vaxxers”

Mac Slavo
July 21st, 2021
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The Biden administration is going to try to punish social media giant Facebook for its inability to brainwash enough of the public into taking the experimental gene therapy shot. The ruling class is blaming Facebook’s “refusal” to censor anyone who counters the official narrative when it comes to taking the jab.

Joe Biden has accused Mark Zuckerberg’s social media platform of failing to purge anti-vaccine content, thus contributing to vaccine hesitancy and “killing people,” said the president. But wait. Aren’t they already admittedly working together to do just that?

Ruling Class Admits To Violations Of Free Speech By Flagging Facebook Posts As “Misinformation”

The ruling class is attempting to keep social media giants as their puppets for as long as possible. In fact, according to a report by Reason, the White House is considering methods of tinkering with Section 230, the federal statute that immunizes internet platforms from legal liability, in order to punish Facebook for failing to do everything the government wants.

“We’re reviewing that, and certainly they should be held accountable,” said Kate Bedingfield, White House communications director, in response to a question about Section 230 posed by Morning Joe‘s Mika Brzezinski. (Does anyone remember Brzezinski?) 

They can’t have anyone thinking for themselves.  What kind of freedom would the slaves have if they could work out right and wrong and figure things out for themselves?

The White House wants Facebook to proactively censor more content and views Section 230 as an obstacle getting in the way of that goal. Repealing Section 230 is thus not a great solution to the alleged problem of tech companies banning too many provocative right-wing accounts; Democrats in the federal government want to repeal Section 230 so that tech companies have no choice but to ban more content.

“The data shows that 85 percent of Facebook users in the U.S. have been or want to be vaccinated against COVID-19,” wrote Guy Rosen, Facebook’s vice president of integrity. “President Biden’s goal was for 70 percent of Americans to be vaccinated by July 4. Facebook is not the reason this goal was missed.”

The fact that they are working so diligently to get this “vaccine” into as many human beings as quickly as possible should speak volumes to people, and it does. The harder they try to keep and push this vaccine narrative, the more it falls apart. The holes in this story are becoming too glaringly obvious to ignore at this point.

We all need to continue to stay prepared.  This vaccine push has only just begun and they will not end it until they get the magic number vaccinated.  That’s what the “delta variant” propaganda is all about:

“Delta Variant” Fear Mongering Reason Confirmed By MSM

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: July 21st, 2021

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    1. Unreal says:

      Recently saw
      this headline:
      A MASK 😳

    2. True says:

      In related news, Biden is trying to kill people by trying
      to “vaccinate” them…..☠️

    3. TharSheBlows says:

      Fake and Impostor sniffer Biden is mostly ignored. Nobody cares what Coma Joe thinks. He needs to be sitting in GITMO with his basturd son Hunter the child rapist who passed on F-35 Secrets to China. Where is the Justice System these days? Where is the US Military to arrest all these criminals who participated in this last Pres election theft? We are FUBAR as a country.

    4. hmm... says:

      Apparently, we are supposed to only trust information coming from
      the very liars behind this
      massive covid hoax:

    5. Laughable says:

      A little off topic but
      things just keep
      getting weirder:

    6. The Deplorable Renegade says:

      Mika Brezinski can kiss my white ass. No one tellsme what to think.

    7. pete says:

      they are going to exterminate over 7 billion people can you comprehend that!

    8. Jim in Va. says:

      Who is censoring the censors? Unless all the social platforms allow unfettered free speech they should be closed down. the voters should censor the govt by voting out those that don’t comply with free speech.

    9. Ahh geez Joe, are you spreading more bull manure again ? Maybe you should worry more about yourself, as you’ve had two strokes already

    10. Facebook has Terms of Service that anyone who joins has to agree to. Those terms of service state they have control of the data and they can allow or not allow whatever they like. They are a private company.

      So what if Biden thinks they should do this or that. So what if Trump thinks they should do this or that. They have no say over what a corporation does if it breaks no US law or statute. There are no dictators here. If you want the Fedgov to tell these big tech companies who they can censor or not censor, you will have to amend the constitution to void the first amendment. The 1st states “Congress shall make no law…”. It doesn’t say anything about freedom of speech regulated by private business or people. Just the same as I can kick you off my property for not following my rules, Facebook (a PRIVATE company) can kick you off for violating their terms, as arbitrary as they may seem.

      You can’t really say that you can control what speech you approve of at your house and they can’t control speech in their house. Get over it and move on to another platform. Or try to get DC to apply the anti trust statutes to these companies.

      Good luck with that.

    11. Immaculate deception says:,,……Really, they care about you.

    12. Confederate Bill says:

      No need to be hesitant about anything you want to express. The 1st Amendment prohibits the gov’t from infringing on our unqualified rights of speech and press. Nor are these only Constitutional rights, but even more so they are natural rights. We may use these rights as we see fit. The gov’t does not grant these freedoms and rights; the Constitution prohibits it from interfering with these rights.
      We may think how we wish, say what we want, and publish what we say and think. There is no limit to the right of publicly stating any opinion about the State, or its gov’t and officialdom; and is irrelevant whether it likes it or not. Morally, legally, ethically, philosophically, or naturally, the State and its institutions have zero power or right to curtail theses rights.
      The way they get around these rights however is by employing a key principle of fascism, by the merging of State power with corporate interests; and using private entities to stifle your rights. An example is corporate power being utilized to prevent the posting of certain comments on various web sites.
      Public entities like states, counties, and cities, are compelled to comply or submit by another means, withholding of federal funds. The State uses this means widely because it alone has the right to print money, and can do so in practically endless amounts. The State and its gov’t and officialdom mandate a huge amount of requirements on other public entities, but does not freely give them the money do fulfill the requirements. The federal State gives them money only if they comply fully with federal wishes, the money is given with strings attached. Otherwise, the costs of forced mandates have to be absorbed locally, which for many is unsustainable. If a lesser entity exercises sovereignty and says no thanks the State sees this as intolerable. It will use every means and dirty trick to force compliance.
      Secession is the only means to restore local sovereign power.

    13. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      A Nation Under Siege and Spooked by The Invisible Enemy

      The scamdemic was planned by InfraGard, the infamous terrorist and surveillance cult known for violent extremism and hate crimes. The evidence proving the validity of that statement is astounding and overwhelming. Where do we begin? 

      InfraGard is a public private surveillance terrorist cult consisting of the seventeen intelligence agencies, state and local governments, police, military, academia, and 180,000 corporations and any busy body retarded perverted freak and thief that wants to spy on people.

      Do you know where yor children are?

      InfraGard can easily find out, and we have over 500,000 missing persons in America under a total state of surveillance which cannot be consider coincidental by any rationally minded individual.

      When Jamie Close from Wisconsin was abducted by a former co-worker of her parents after he brutally murdered both of her parents, it was not the police or FBI that found Jamie Close, but a neighbor of her villanous, monstrous abductor that saw her walking down the street, and since Jamie Close fitted her missing persons description, the neighbor called the police.

      InfraGard was created in 1996. Perhaps you may have noticed the American decline coinciding with the creation of InfraGard, if you are old enough to know what America was like prior to 1996. 

      “What if we took the roofs off of everyone’s houses?”- Bill Clinton. They treat as as though we are living in doll houses or fish bowls.

      InfraGard has never prevented terrorism.

      When the World Trade Towers were imploded, less than 3,000 people died, which is still too many, but obviously, the reason is because the companies that had offices in the World Trade Towers knew in advance and hardly anyone went to work that historic day that now proves that the governments including in InfraGard, and many corporations are evil, sadistic terrorists, and violent extremists that commit hate crimes, including going to war against seven countries that were not guilty for 9/11, and including the scamdemic.

      InfraGard enables employers to spy on employees, co-workers to spy on co-workers, competitors to spy on competitors, neighbors to spy on neighbors, and thieves and Perverts to spy on victims. InfraGard knows everything about everyone that they wish to investigate, for any reason, all of which is totlly illegal surveillance and illegal enslavement of the victims that they spy on. 

      InfraGard has destroyed International security, national security, corporate security, and personal security. InfraGard is an enormous parasitic vampire beast that destroys everyone and everything in its path.

      InfraGard is the most Anti-American institution in America as well as the largest national security threat and economic security threat. Spies do not produce anything. They only steal what productive people produce and deny the producer the right to their own production through parasitism and predatory behavior. To show you how much of an economic security threat InfraGard is, and what a beastly parasitic monster it is, just consider that $21 trillion vanished from the Pentagon, supposedly one of the most secure places in America, between 1998 and 2016, and that no investigation was ever started over $21 trillion that vanished under a state of total surveillance and consider that the Pentagon obviously knew about 9/11 well in advance and just went along with it and defrauded Americans and the world not only through the tragedy of 9/11, but by going to war against seven countries that had nothing to do with it, in addition to using 9/11 as an excuse to increase the national surveillance and police state and increase the financing of those violent extremist criminal terrorist networks that commit hate crimes and thrive on discord, disruption, corruption, chaos, and hatred in InfraGard.

      Not coincidentally, with the scamdemic InfraGard is also demanding increased funding and expansion of the surveillance cult to spy on a virus that does not exist and of course increase spying on every person because of the hyped up mass hysteria propaganda and fear mongering tactics over the mythical covid-19 virus.

      InfraGard members also engage in organized community stalking which involves gas-lighting, and letting you know that they are spying on you but deny it when confronted since it is illegal. They do this by repeating or re-enacting things that they would only know if they were spying on you, ( referred to as street theater among targeted victims ) when there are just too many coincidences to overlook, you know that InfraTards have targeted you. They do black bag job break-ins, vandalism, and crooking, all of which is also totally illegal.

      Evidently, InfraGard members only associate with other InfraGard members. They hate us for our freedoms – our constitutional rights.  I would not want to associate with people that are involved in InfraGard anyways because their lifestyles are an afront to all that I believe in, so I certaily do not feel any sense of loss over being shunned by InfraGard members. That is their cult like behavior. Anyone not part of the cult is a threat to the cult and is the enemy. These cult like tactics are extremely infamous and are usually associated with fringe element religious extremist groups that have completely wrecked entire families after getting ahold of one family member to become a part of their cult. They use Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals cult tactics on their targeted victims. Cults rely on brainwashing cult members. Cults tell cult members that if their family members loved them that they would convert and become part of their cult. They force cult members to abandon their own families and relationships. They want total control over cult members lives, and any outsider is a threat to the cult because it shatters the illusion of the brain washing that the cult members have been subjected to. 

      If you are a member of the InfraGard cult, just walk away from the surveillance organized crime ring terrorist cult of InfraGard. If you are not a cult member, do not become one. They are evil predators, perverts, thieves, hackers, vandals, and terrorists, and obviously serial killing mass murders with 9/11 and the scamdemic. 

      InfraGard also shares their “intelligence” with the five eyes, and probably many other countries. We know that they share intelligence with Israel which is not one of the five eyes, consisting of America, Canada, England, Austalia, and New Zealand. 

      Corporations and governments in InfraGard are made up of people proving that the majority of Americans are sick, sadistic, mentally incompetent, insane, evil monsters, and if that isn’t enough evidence for you, consider that this is a democracy that has consistently voted to keep the beast alive that has turned America into a lawless banana bureaucracy. 

      InfraGard has tortured and terrorized me and members of my family and has perpetrated a sick, sadistic, serial crime spree against me, members of my family, my dog, and my property, They are monsters whose crimes against humanity have surpassed Adolph Hitler’s, Joseph Goebells, and Josef Mengele’s.

      So, when the Chinese or Russians bomb the mother fucking daylights out of America after America’s years long attacks constisting primarily of false allegations and sanctioning over anything and everything, you can rest assured knowing that InfraGard was protecting you America, by blasting short wave radio signals at me that has resulted in Havanah Sydrome, doing illegal, sadistic, unconsented surgery on me by illegally implanting either rfids, microchips, or censors through my ears and nose while I was unconscious in Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee Hospital on March 27, 2014, commiting medical fraud and false diagnosis on me, beaking into my house any time that I would leave, and even while I was asleep or in the shower vandalizing and stealing my property, gas-lighting me, using vault 7 hacking tools on me, stalking me, spying on me which is the illegal enslavement of me and stealing my intellectual and physical property, and falsely imprisoning me in my own home because everytime that I would leave it would be broken into and I would be stalked which constitutes the definition of false imprisonment.

      InfraGard will not stop until they either own everyone and everything or they are dead. They have made that abundantly clear with 
      The Great Reset – “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” –
      Klaus Schwab – WEF founder. Considering that corporations and individuals have not rushed to exit the WEF after that outrageous statement, it is logical to conclude that WEF members are on board with that outrageous ideology. 

      Andrea Iravani

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