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    The coronavirus has now, effectively, BUTCHERED every person who planned on retiring in the next 5 years. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has entered a bear market. NEVER at any point in American history or in modern European times, have the markets gone from all-time highs to bear market this ABRUPTLY or SUDDENLY.

    The damages, DEVASTATION, and ravaging is measured in the trillions of dollars.

    The financial and human SORROW and distress is hard to swallow.

    The virus itself has not caused the DESTRUCTION; the response to it has, at this point. Put on the scales versus other viruses, the INFLICTED MISERY is far less than even the seasonal flu. The PREEMPTIVE ACTION taken, under the premise that this could BUILD UP and spiral into an INFERNO, has ruined the economy.

    Entire countries are FROZEN, economically. The ramifications of this are hard to really explain. This will take years to be studied and learned from. So many mistakes have been made and the financial LOSSES are mounting.


    As you can see, in order of magnitude, indices could shed an ADDITIONAL 15%-20%, on top of what has already been MUTILATED.

    For 11 years, earnings have grown by 13%/annum and prices have SOARED by 16%/year; this CYCLICAL bull market is TOAST.

    No matter which business it happens to be, virtually all stocks have been DECAPITATED and sold off; the markets have been beaten to a pulp.


    Don’t compare this to 1987, to 9/11, to 2008 or to the Dot.Com bubble bursting. We’ve NEVER been in a situation where so many industries were ORDERED to STAND DOWN. The decision to shut down the entire country of Italy is MONUMENTAL!

    I am 100% certain that by the end of March, it will be DECLARED and publicized that the largest ever package of government aid is underway.

    President Trump is experienced at handling crises, going from loved billionaire real estate developer to BANKRUPT and back to billionaire. I’m less concerned with his judgment and much more CONCERNED and apprehensive about the ability of the Democrats and Republicans to bury the hatchet and act in unison, for the sake of the SUFFERING masses. We must all be ready for stock market CLOSURE and even BANK HOLYDAYS.

    The worst is not behind us at all. After the World Health Organization has put its seal on this, stating that it’s an official pandemic, the incentive for politicians to implement policies that are above and beyond what’s necessary, is in place. No elected official will want to be blamed for being indifferent to the warnings.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average could test the 20,000 support or even go lower.


    Most people haven’t the SLIGHTEST clue how close the credit markets are to FALLING APART. We are testing the limits of liquidity and of TIGHT financial conditions. We are, UNQUESTIONABLY, on the edge.

    Italy, for example, has suspended mortgage payments.

    There will be more SHOCKINGLY rare announcements to follow and the eyes of the world are all looking at what Washington is doing.

    The world’s most powerful nation is eight months away from electing a president, but perhaps eight days away from seeing a DRASTIC interest rate cut and a SWEEPING government stimulus package.

    You must be prepared for the possibility that entire regions will turn into GHOST TOWNS!


    In Japan, the central bank is essentially nationalizing the stock market. The world’s 3rd largest economy is morphing into a nation of LUDICROUS draconian financial policies.

    The coronavirus will be the catalyst of far-reaching and UNORTHODOX strategies, implemented by governments.

    On the table are direct loans to small businesses, insurance for salaries, direct helicopter money, payroll tax cuts and I’m sure that, in some circumstances, bank closures are discussed, as well as capital controls.

    Still, even if they roll out a blanket coverage plan when large segments of the population are forced to limit their existence to house quarantines, the recovery can’t occur.


    Gold is positioned to rally over $2,000/ounce. The potential for layoffs and a reversal of the forward momentum the U.S. economy had enjoyed, up until three weeks ago, is HUGE.

    The panic has consumed the minds of the masses.

    Each of us has to calculate where he or she stands in all of this. The next week will determine whether we enter a PAINFUL, MISERABLE and unendurable recession or whether things start to stabilize.

    I will release an EMERGENCY BRIEFING on Monday, which covers the details of constructing a plan to get us through this like CHAMPIONS.

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      1. Nor sure how this stops everyone from going to walmart and such?

      2. The liquidity crunch and lack of demand caused the crash and economic collapse, not the coronavirus. The numbers were fake all along even acknowledged by Trump prior to being elected. These were the most inflated markets in world history. There was never any there there. It was all mark to make-up. Less than a dozen publicly traded companies use GAAP.

        This is the effect of the deadly AfluenzaCVIP, by patient zero – Rockefeller in 2002 who planned it all.

      3. Yep, other people are getting screwed big time. Especially the ones that bought in late. Glad all my retirement funding is in gold and silver bullion and coin that I hold. Now all the money those people “made” has evaporated and mine is preserved.

      4. Prognoticated Long before the fact,
        Online via Google search,
        David Korowics, “Tradeoff.pdf”
        Mr Korowics published this circa 2012 exploring the fragility of the connection between the JIT Logistics system and the Financial sphere, however this analysis is far more broadly applicable than his selected defense. What we are are witnessing currently is orders of magnitude worse than the simple case the expostulates on, far worse…but his conclusion is inescapable.
        Put simply, that any event which sunders the fundaments of civilization which persists for more than a few weeks essentially causes damage that rapidly becomes irreparable.
        His usage of nomenclature in the first 30+ pages of the paper is exact and uniquely idiosyncratic…if you do not ground yourself in his usage you will be hopelessly lost proceeding to conclusion.
        Suffice it to say that Mr Korowics appears to be quite nearly prescient…


      5. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has entered a bear market. NEVER at any point in American history or in modern European times, have the markets gone from all-time highs to bear market this ABRUPTLY or SUDDENLY.

        Their are lots of unprecedented, abrupt and sudden changes coming.
        Saddle up.

      6. National Hero Chelsea Manning has been released from prison for her refusal to testify to a grand jury against Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

        Chelsea Manning attempted suicide while incarcerated and has over $250,000 in fines, being fined $1,000 a day for each day of incarceration.

        America demands that one of the worlds or preferably one of America’s billionaires step up to the plate in an act of charity to also prove that all billionaires are not evil villains. Are you all evil villains or not?! We shall see!

        You have never been in more dire need of good karma and good will than you are now!

        Chelsea Manning also deserves to be freeed of the debts that have been forced upon her by evil dictators in America!

      7. FFS…the DOW is only down to where it was about a year ago. You never had that money anyway. It was only digits in a computer.

        Shoulda hoarded 20 dollar bills in number ten cans (RIP mushroom).

      8. This is just spider eggs in bubble yum 2.0 to explain away the lack of liquidity and bubbles that had been overblown for years.

        There are extremely dangerous ideologies stemming from the far left on Sputnik radio with John Kiriakou, Brian Becker, producer Nicole Rousselle, and Dr. Wilmer Leon basically asserting that there is no such thing as an individual, but rather that everyone is merely a unit of a collectivist blob all interdependent on each other. This is Marxist ideology taken to a whole new level over their reactions to the coronavirus and the radical far left actions which they are calling for using the coronavirus as an excuse for ending any and all belief in the right to liberty and personal autonomy criticizing Trump for not enacting more extreme fascist policies such as forced testing, vaccinations, confinement, and a full blown fascist dictatorship on the false grounds that the health of one is related to the health of all, in other words,there are no individuals, but only cancers or anti-oxidants on a larger single organ collectivist

        People are not entitled to the right to self-determination in their Marxist 2.0 world veiws.

        A lot can be said about the way that people respond to a crisis whether it is real or imaginary, and in this case, most people are acting like school kids screaming about spider eggs in Bubble-Yum considering that people have always spread air-born communicable diseases in the past without any reaction like this in history.

        • This dangerous eugenist marxist/fascist world veiw commonly held by the world’s most influential psychopaths has led to extremely sick, evil, sadistic, leacherous policies in the past which started in the early 1900’s.

          These policies have led to forced streilizations, ovum theft, serum theft, as well as the theft of other DNA which was for some insane reason allowed to be patened by Human Genome Sciences, illegally patenting the DNA of other people. Yes it is illegal for someone to patent the DNA of another individual!

          Now this marxist/fascist world veiw that there are no individuals but merely free-radicals or anti-oxidants on a larger collectivist single organ blob has led these psychopaths to beleive that they have no boundaries at all, and that the bodies, brains, lives, and property of other individuals belongs jst as much to all of society as it does to the individual and this veiw even justifies brain rape and total surveillance of other people.

          The psychopaths feel that have no boundaries whatsoever! They beleive that if they find an individual who may exhibit specific traits or immunities, that the individual is not afforded to protect those things granted to the individual and not everyone else by God, but the psychopaths beleive that they are entitled to act as Gods and use that individual as a farm animal selling DNA, and whatever else they feel entitled to steal as though they are thouroughbred breeders and doing all of this for enormous profit for themselves, in addition to total social and genetic engineering. This mind you is brought to everyone by the likes of the same individuals that claimed that GMOs would save humanity, and by biosynthestists like George M. Church, MIT professor who beleives that recreating cromagnon man would be a good idea, whle totally oblivious to the fact that he practically is one himself, as well as the other psychopaths that support these insane policies!

      9. No one even comes here anymore Mac! Maybe it’s because of all your adware crap.

      10. The market is down about 20%. So what? That doesn’t stop one from retiring. How about simplifying, selling the mcmansion, giving up the country club, driving the same car for 8 years. Oh my God, learn how to cook at home. Just simple things to ponder. God Bless, James

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