Bezos, Kafka, and a Replacement for Book Burning

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    This article was originally published by Kurt Nimmo at Another Day in the Empire

    Nazis burned books. The richest man in the world simply memory holes them from his Amazon bookstore.

    Case in point, a guy who goes by the name Roosh V.

    His books—on dating, not politics, let alone “right-wing extremist” politics—were yanked without explanation by Amazon, the retail giant that has wiped out thousands of Main Street retail businesses.

    Is this what we have to look forward to—books banned on the whim of a massive corporation playing up to Identity politics?

    If we listen to the feminists, dating is a male-dominated, aggressive, potentially violent aspect of what the progressive left calls rape culture. I bet this is why Roosh’s books were deleted. He’s advocating rape, formerly known as dating.

    Burning is too dramatic. In our digital age, a censor simply clicks a computer button and the offending work disappears forever.

    I see a precedent here.

    There are a lot of “right-wing extremist” books and Kindles on sale at the Amazon store. How long before these disappear?

    I’m waiting for my books to disappear. But they probably won’t because my sales are so dismal.

    I can’t definitively say a massive digital book burning will affect authors not on the same page as the establishment and Jeff Bezos.

    I can say a purge is in process on social media. The tech giants are in collusion with Democrats in Congress. They deplatformed Alex Jones and many lesser known political figures who are, according to our rulers and their scribes, deplorables and garbage people.

    I keep thinking this will kick into overdrive after the midterms. Both Democrats and Republicans will scream Russian meddling is responsible for whatever the election outcome is. Both will ignore the obvious: the public is sick and tired of the government, that’s why they vote for outsiders, or those who disguise themselves as outsiders.

    If Democrats take back the House, the purge will kick into overdrive. It looks like Bezos tested the waters of expurgation by banning Roosh V.

    Like Franz Kafka’s protagonist in The Trial, people are kicked off Twitter, Facebook, and now Amazon without explanation or recourse by a distant, inaccessible authority.

    This is an effort to muzzle the American people, even those who hate Trump and voted for the Princess of Death, Hillary Clinton.


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      1. Is WW3 Coming ???? If so when ?
        Is Global Civil War Coming ???? If so when ?

        Is Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot ALIVE again ? ( 4 Horseman )

        Please I would like to see your views.


      2. free speech is officially DEAD in the divided states of america!

        • Yep, even on this site.

          • Free speech isn’t dead to me. I don’t follow censorship regardless of who’s stupid enough to try that shit.

      3. Amazon Has Banned 9 Of My Books Without Explanation

        Here is a reason: Your books suck!

        • That is not a reason, that is an OPINION – your opinion. Banning books is just another way to control thinking (something that is NEEDED today).

          Our (USA) government is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Want to know one OBVIOUS reason it was created that way? So that EVERY single thinking person could read it and understand exactly what authority/power was DELEGATED. More protection was that the authority/power was NOT delegated to a person, but to the different (another protection) branches and to named offices within a branch. That way the person SERVING within our government also knows EXACTLY what is allowed, forbidden to THOSE WHO SERVE WITHIN our governments – state and federal. If it is NOT found there in writing, it is NOT something that was delegated, instead it was retained to the people to decide.

          This way one can KNOW when dealing with someone who SERVES WITHIN our governments IF they have the LAWFUL authority to do what they are doing. Here is a more modern summation of what I said by the courts.

          Federal Crop Ins. Corp v. Merrill, 332 U. S. 380, 384 (1947): “Whatever the form in which the Government functions, anyone entering into an arrangement with the Government takes the risk of having accurately ascertained that he who purports to act for the Government stays within the bounds of his authority. The scope of this authority may be explicitly defined by Congress or be limited by delegated legislation, properly exercised through the rulemaking power.”

          As you can see it is UP TO US, WE THE PEOPLE, to make sure that what someone is doing within our governments is LAWFUL and a power they are ALLOWED to use.

          • The thing is, they are using corporations to do the banning of speech and writing of alternate views.

            This way the people cannot blame the government. It has been taken over by private corporations from the MIC to the NSA contractors to the pharmaceutical industry to the insurance industry to big agriculture. They have bought off the grifters and hacks in DC to do their bidding. They’ve all been corrupted by greed.

            I guess you can’t even call it corruption anymore. They have “legalized” it now.

            “Flow Rinse” would have no affect on DC even if it made a direct hit. The swamp is already overflowing.

            • This is the modern incarnation of tactics used by both Hitler and his mentor in this tactic, Mussolini.
              By controlling the people who controlled the levers of power in Industry great social pressure was generated.
              Bezos keeps demonstrating that he is a modern day incarnation of Hitler, having first committed Blitzkreig against thousands of local businesses and now starting the virtual book burning with this test case of “how much can I get away with”.
              Don’t contribute to this digital incarnation of Evil.
              There are alternatives to Amazon, it just requires that you exert a little more personal effort to find and utilize them.

            • Yes sir, It’s called fascism.

        • Newsflash: Nazi paraphernalia is STILL sold on AMAZON. Lots of Amazon shows and books SUCK! Alot of products on Amazon are of questionable value. Alot of folks think that your trolling sucks.

          But they are not banned or removed.

          • You are Wrong. Just this year Amazon has removed for sale at least 100 books that are now deemed “Holocaust Denial” or anything that questions the ‘official holocaust story’ and the fact is, only Liars need to silence questions.
            And this is how it begins. Maybe most people fully accept that story as real, but then it will continue. Anyone or anything written that questions the official 9/11 story will be next. Or books on the assassination of JFK, or the validity of forced vaccinations, or toxic chemical herbicides and pesticides used on our foods, or ANYTHING that questions or gives facts that do not go along with the ‘official story’. So wake up.

        • I don’t go to Amazon for anything. I go to Ebay for certain items and find better deals there. F#$% Amazon!

        • (((Stiner))) ashkeNAZI kosher though cop

      4. Princess of Death Hillary Clinton, describes her to a T. Of course freedom of speech no longer exist thanks to all the snowflakes, liberals, LGBTs, tech giants, etc. The question is “What are you going to do about it?” First you must know yourself and know your enemies. The first thing I would do is get off Facebook, twitter, and all social medias. Use alternative sources. Don’t spend any money for any products offered by such controlling dictator sites. Money is power, so don’t contribute to these sites in any way. Your money gives you a voice as long as there are enough of you participating to make a big enough dent.

      5. There are a lot of preppers who self-published reference manuals, how to guides, and fiction novels through ebooks via Amazon. This action is not a surprise given Facebook and Twitter.

        People don’t buy books anymore. Good luck if you are an author and trying to get a publishing house to even read your manuscript. Unless it is liberal dogma or lurid and you write teen fiction, you mostly likely cannot get it published as a book.

        Believe it or not, some bloggers who are preppers began self-publishing chapters to test the waters. Lights Out began that way. CanadaSue was once a prolific blogger of medically accurate and knowledgable correct gardening fiction about a pandemic scenario.

        It’s not just upsetting, it’s going to directly harm prepper communications.

        Next I expect hosting issues for websites and paypal issues.

        • I self-publish my books. I have never used a publisher.

          I still buy books. I have a house full of them. I don’t buy many new books, mostly used books at thrift stores and yard sales.

          • Being poor growing up, I rarely got a book for my birthday or at Christmas. I loved going to the library and walked or rode my bike there are checked out the maximum each time.

            So when I had my first jobs mowing grass and as a paperboy, I bought books. We had a program in school where they offered paperbacks very inexpensively.

            And then when I got a real jobs, I was always in used and new book stores. You had to special order lots of military and martial art and prepper books as they had limited shelf space here.

            So I developed a library.

            And to overcompensate, later on when we had money, I told they could buy a book every time we went to town. So all the kids did and did well in school.

            I constantly had a real book in my hands.

            Heck now you have so MANY opportunities to freely read a book.once very unusual books. It’s unbelievable to me. Those D K books have amazing illustrations and photos and maps.

      6. One thing about a physical book in your hand they cant destroy it. Way back in the Clinton era I checked a book out of the library on the Easter Rebellion in Ireland. The girl at the check out desk read something on the computer and got scared and went to get an older woman who read the computer turned and walked away without a word. The girl was visable shaken but checked out the book. To me it was obvious they were tracking who checked out the book. It was just a book on historical fact but it was being used to identify potential trouble makers for the future

        • The FBI and any alphabet agency can request library records to red flag individuals they suspect of either being a criminal or a subversive.

        • Back in the eighties and early nineties, I know I was on lists because I supported the NRA, evangelical Christians, subscribed to passionate survival magazines, read Soldier of Fortune, Pistolero, Mother Earth News, etc.

      7. Amazon is just testing the water.Get hard copies of anything you may have on kindle that you think may be percieved as unPC.

        • I get e-books that I can read on my computer. I won’t mess with a Kindle or any other device like that. I use a program called Calibre, which will allow you to read almost every e-book format there is.

          You can get free e-books from Archive, Project Gutenberg, and from e-book newsgroups.

          You can also scan regular books and make your own e-books to carry with you.

      8. This isn’t the first time Amazon does magic tricks to make books unavailable … remember back in 2009 they remotely erased Orwell’s books “1984” and “Animal farm” from thousands of customers devices

      9. At least three channels on reddit have been deleted today. Reddit claims it’s because of violations of their rules, but I know one of them only had a limited number of members, and there were no rule violations. The left is trying to shut everyone down. They are mad about all of their people being outed. The guy in charge of “60 Minutes” just got booted today, although CBS claims it’s not because of the sex claims.

        BTW, a book I wrote back in 1989 is listed on Amazon, even though I printed it myself at home and never offered it for sale anywhere except at the family reunion. They just list things they get from library databases, whether the books are in print or not, or even whether they were ever for sale anywhere. To top that, they don’t have my next two editions listed.

      10. How many of you know Amazon owns IMDB, the biggest movie website? They promote their liberal/transgender/homosexual agenda in multiple places in mass media. They also own Abebooks.

        Go to IMDB and see “multiculturalism” and homosexuality on the front page every day. This is on purpose.

        I wish Bezos would launch himself into space …

        (in a defunct Soviet -er, Russian – capsule with a slight leak ….)

      11. His books are still for sale on Amazon. Just went and looked. Not any kind of thing I would want to read but they are there.

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