Better A Year Early Than A Day Too Late: “A Collapse Scenario Often Happens Quite Fast”

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    This article was originally published by Adam Taggart at

    houston-harvey-stores(Pictured: Empty grocery stores in Houston following Hurricane Harvey Panic)

    He who hesitates is lost.


    Change, especially a collapse scenario, often happens quite fast. So fast that there’s little to no time to react in the short frenzy between “before” and “after”.

    This is true throughout nature. Glaciers that took millennia to form calve off into the sea in a matter of moments. Old-growth forests filled with thousand-year-old trees can be decimated by a single wildfire. The bubonic plague “Black Death” pandemic of the Middle Ages killed one-third of the Earth’s human population within just four short years.

    Fast change is also a hallmark of human society. Movements and ideas — oftentimes simmering for years, decades or longer — suddenly reach a critical state in which the populace is swept up into history-making action. The outbreak of World War I. The Civil Rights movement. The dissolution of the USSR. The Digital Age.

    When it comes, change happens swiftly. And life after — for better or worse — is forever different.

    I’ve witnessed this time and time again since co-founding And in pretty much every instance, I notice that the vast majority of people — including even many of the the watchful and preparation-minded folks who read this site — are caught by surprise.


    A good example of this was the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in March of 2011. Of course, no one could have foretold the timing and scale of the tsunami, and virtually nobody expected that it could overwhelm the facility as spectacularly as it did. So in the immediate aftermath of the plant’s failure, the world looked on in sympathy, not fear.

    But on March 12th, that changed as the first of several hydrogen explosions was observed among the reactors. And then my phone rang.

    It was Chris, my co-founder here at “I don’t know exactly what that was, but it wasn’t good”, he said. Based on his background in the sciences, his strong assessment was that the situation at the plant was much more serious than was being publicly admitted to.

    Since I live on the west coast here in the US, he advised me to consider getting a radiation detection/contamination protection kit — “just in case”. While we both hoped it wouldn’t come to that, I quickly heeded the advice. I placed an order for a kit as well as a shipment of iodine tablets.

    I was very lucky to have done so. Because just a few short hours later, as the world woke up to the worsening situation at Fukushima, anything related to radioactive contamination was sold out across the US. For months. The supply chain for that stuff was miniscule compared to the demand of a panicked nation.

    If you were late to game — and pretty much EVERYBODY but the extreme early-birds like me was — you were out of luck. And vulnerable.

    Now, thankfully, as horrible as the on-going crisis there still is (it’s six years later and the radioactive fuel that melted through containment still remains in a molten state), the worst-case scenario didn’t materialize.

    But I still keep my contamination kit handy. More than anything else as a reminder of how fast things can change. And of the outsized value of early action.

    Oroville Dam

    More recently, we saw a similarly swift devolution of events at California’s Oroville Dam this year. The west coast had suffered an especially wet winter, and an arrival of a Pineapple Express weather system in February didn’t help the situation.

    California residents were focused on flooding and mudslides in the usual places — no one had any inkling that there was risk of larger infrastructure failures, let alone one at the tallest dam in the US. And, as the water levels rose at the Oroville Dam, the communication from state authorities was “All is fine. All is under control. There’s nothing to worry about” — until suddenly a mass evacuation of over 200,000 residents living downstream was ordered.

    Not surprisingly, the subsequent panicked scramble resulted in tremendous traffic jams, slowing down the evacuation to a snail’s pace. Residents had no time to prepare, buy supplies (if there were enough in their area to purchase), or line up a safe destination they could head for. They just had to grab what they could and flee as best they were able.

    Again, everything appeared fine right up until the tipping point. Those with the foresight beforehand to pack a to-go bag, arrange a bug-out crash pad — or better yet — leave for a safer location until the waters stopped rising, fared much better than the herd who waited.

    2008 Financial Crisis

    On a more economic note, I’ve pointed out in a number of past articles how quickly things went south during the 2008 financial crisis. Even pundits like Chris and I, who warned for years it was very likely coming, were still shocked by how viciously it struck.

    Most folks have preferred to forget how quickly the bubble popped. Between September and October, the S&P 500 lost one-third of its value. Poof!

    Of course, the S&P then continued falling through March, ending at over 50% lower than its pre-crisis high. Millions of jobs were lost over these months. And the prices of other major assets from houses to bonds were savaged, too.

    It all happened so quickly that most investors and homeowners were simply overwhelmed by the shock. Unsure what to do, they simply watched the price of their assets continue to fall — praying for the carnage to end.

    Timing Isn’t Everything. Positioning Is.

    They say that Timing is everything. I disagree.

    Trying to time disruptive events is a fool’s errand. In the years I’ve been involved in running this business, I’ve seen too many people make big bets (portfolio allocation, geographic relocation, job change, etc) because they were rock-solidly convinced a major change event was ‘imminent’. Most of those folks eventually regretted the costs of their haste as the status quo continued to muddle on much longer than they’d expected.

    Anyone who predicts with exactitude about the when of future events is deluding either you or themselves. More likely, both.

    BUT, we can predict the what (i.e., what will happen) with much greater precision. And that’s where advantage can be gained.

    For instance, many of those paying attention in the years leading up to 2008 had arrived at the conclusion that bad policies and overly-loose lending standards had resulted in mal-investment on such a grand scale that a massive clearing event was inevitable. Did they know the date of the tipping point? No. But they knew the probability for a major financial crisis increased with each year.

    Those who positioned themselves — prudently — in advance avoided the losses that everyone else took. As The Big Short detailed, some were even able to profit wildly from their foresight (though admittedly, this was just a rarified few).

    The adjective “prudently” is important here, because here at we emphasize risk management, not speculation. Our goal is to maximize our odds for prospering no matter which future outcome arrives. Yes, the intent is to enjoy the best (risk-adjusted) return in building our wealth as possible. But it’s important to understand that sometimes ‘prospering’ simply means losing less than we would have otherwise, should events go against our expectations.

    So for those looking to protect and growth their wealth, our advice is to focus on the positioning for highly-predictable events rather than their timing.

    This is the same logic underlying an insurance policy. Illness/injury, car accidents, house fires — the timing of these, if they happen at all, is unknowable. But should they happen, insurance only has value to you if you procured it in advance.

    The exact same is true across the spectrum of the Eight Forms Of Capital (for those unfamiliar with this framework, it’s the guidance we offer for building “true wealth” in life). Don’t wait to invest in your health until you’ve developed a chronic condition. Don’t put off building community before a crisis (injury, job loss, etc) forces you to ask for help from others. Don’t forget about creating an emergency kit until some disaster (hurricane, earthquake, flood, etc) hits.

    For those who put off taking advance action, it may be simply “too late” in a number of scenarios should the status quo quickly change.

    Don’t be an ‘avoidable victim’. For the events you calculate are likely to happen, assess your current level of preparedness and take steps now to shore up any deficiencies. As you do this, ask yourself: What would I absolutely regret not having in place should this happen tomorrow? Make that list your top priority.

    To help you in this, we have a self-assessment form, which you can download for free here. We use it at our annual seminar each year, so it’s pretty well-honed at this point.

    After taking it, some folks prefer to go a step further and schedule a consultation with Chris to discuss their personal situation and get his experienced perspective on their plans as they take shape. If interested, you can learn more about how to do that here.

    But the main focus here is to prioritize the key steps to take in advance of any potential life-altering events that concern you.

    For example, anyone who reads should know that Chris and I think a major market correction is long overdue. We anticipate price drops of a similar magnitude as seen during the 2008 crisis, and possibly even worse. (For those new to this site, read: The Mother Of All Financial Bubbles)

    If you share our conclusion, are you positioned prudently should the market correction arrive tomorrow?

    Remember that in 2008, most people didn’t expect the market to fall. Folks believed: It’s different this time. Yet when the market started tanking in September, it happened so quickly that investors had already lost a third of their portfolio’s value by the time their October statements arrived in the mail. At that point, most were psychologically unprepared, and simply held on, praying that the market would go back up. And still prices kept falling for months after.

    Don’t let this happen to you. Determine what your minimum acceptable positioning should be and then make sure it’s in place. Even if it’s as simple as just holding more of your investment portfolio in boring old cash. (Feel free to read our How To Hedge Against A Market Correction guide for additional ideas). I myself just updated readers on how I recently increased my short positions within my portfolio.

    Yet it still surprises me how many people I talk with regularly who agree the risk of a market correction is uncomfortably high, but have not yet begun to position themselves accordingly.

    For example, a large number of folks have had free consultations with our endorsed financial advisor since the start of 2017, each very concerned to protect their financial wealth should a market correction happen. Many indeed plan to open accounts, but haven’t yet — remaining invested in their existing long positions for the time being. Why? Because they’ve been making money over the past several years, and can’t yet wean themselves off of the central bank gravy train even though their brains tell them it will inevitably come to an abrupt and painful end.

    If you’re one of these folks, please reflect for a moment. No one can predict when the next market downturn will happen. By the time it does, your capital needs to have already been positioned smartly in advance. It will do you a lot less good to try to sell after taking an initial round of losses. And at that point, emotionally, you might find yourself too shell-shocked to take action. There might even be restrictions placed on access to your funds if the situation gets bad enough. So is today’s urge to wait ‘just a little bit longer’ worth the risk?

    Only you can determine if and when to transfer any of your capital over. But if you’ve already made the decision in your mind to eventually do so (as many of you have expressed), then a prudent step is to simply fill out the paperwork to open an account now. You can deal with any transfers later. Doing this is a small investment of your energy in the here and now, but will save you valuable time, stress and potential uncertainty should you decide to move your money there urgently in the future. So whether you plan to work with our endorsed adviser or another one you like even better, remove as much ‘friction’ as you can today that could threaten to derail your goals for tomorrow.

    The same logic applies to nearly anyone concerned by the Three E’s discussed in The Crash Course:

    • Homeowners looking to sell before the next housing downturn — With more and more major markets topping out, have you determined a time frame by which you’d like to have your house sold? Have you identified the broker/agent you’d like to use? Have you calculated your desired listing price?
    • Account holders at Too Big To Fail banks — If you’re planning on eventually moving your cash to an alternative provider with less exposure to derivative risk or the potential for a “bail-in”, have you identified the specific credit union/savings bank/private vault/etc yet? Have you conducted a test transfer yet?
    • Those considering buying cryptocurrency for the first time — Have you learned how to purchase them yet? Which coin(s) do you want to buy? Are you going to use an exchange? Which one? How do you plan to store your coins? Have you lined up that solution yet?
    • Those switching to a de-growth lifestyle — Where do you want to live? What will your homestead needs be? Will you keep your current job or need to re-skill? Will your new lifestyle depend more on others? If these answers require any life changes, have you made any of them yet?
    • And on and on…

    In all of these cases, the benefits of taking action on the essential steps today, in advance of a future date by which you may desperately want those steps to have been taken, are clear.

    Most folks just need a little nudge or inspiration to get started. Consider this your call to action. For those who haven’t thoroughly utilized them yet, our free What Should I Do? Guide, as well as our book Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting are chock full of our best guidance and recommendations.

    As Chris has often said about preparing for events that have large downside risks: It’s much better to be a year early than a day late.

    Very wise words.

    What would you regret most being a day late on? Whatever your answer, focus your attention there — today.

    ~ Adam Taggart

    This article was originally published by Adam Taggart at


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      1. i think collapses happen faster now because of people using their cell phone to coordinate mob looting.

      2. All good points save for the emphasis on currency/money. I understand why too. When all you have is a hammer everything you need to do looks like a nail. Take the iodine tablets. Good for nuclear prep. What else? Goiters? Maybe. Bitcoin or some other digital currency is groovy cool; unless, the crash takes the ‘net with it. Gold? Sure. Nice as all git-out to own; unless, you’re anywhere near a radioactive source/leak and it turns into a battery of sorts snagging every killer electron. Saving up, stocking up …… anything…… is the gamble. What will be needed? Food, bullets, band-aids? Hopefully not; but, most likely. Attitude adjustment? Best prep in the world. Be Boy Scouts – just ‘Be Prepared’ best you all can regardless what comes your way.

        • “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
          Benjamin Frankin

      3. I’ve been watching Colin, “Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry”. He said, “Woe unto them that say evil is good, and good evil…”
        In light of the events at the Charlottesville Rally and the subsequent mis-representation of the facts by the lying MSM; I couldn’t help but notice that the MSM was doing the exact same thing the bible warns us not to do. If hell is a real place where souls are punished, there will be not a few MSM reporters in for a long hot summer.

        How to prepare for the future? I don’t know, but being white or Asian near Blacks seems like one of the first things to avoid. Move to a safe area. That is probably the first thing to do in any preparedness plan, the sooner the better.

        That and don’t live near Oroville Dam.


        • you dont go to hell because of your deeds, you go to hell if you dont love Jesus. slave.

          • Thanks, Gandhi. Good post. We are saved by God’s grace coming do us in our weakness, not deeds, exactly as you say. And hell? At death, we have two options: We can say to God, “Your will be done,” or God, respecting our free will, will say to us who don’t choose Him, “Your will be done.” And that means separation, permanently, from God. A lot of people think that will be no big deal. It will be. For a great explanation of Hell, read CS Lewis’ famous book on this, The Great Divorce (very, very short), about a bus trip (yes, BUS trip) from Hell to Heaven. Funny, creative and at the same time sobering. Lewis was called the most intelligent man at Cambridge in the 1950s.

            If you want something more modern, check out Dr. John Lennox at Oxford today. Lennox is meritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at Green Templeton College, Oxford; also Pastoral Advisor of Green Templeton College, Oxford, a Fellow of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford and Associate Fellow of the Saïd Business School.

            • nice to hear some truth once in a while. thanks test

          • “If you love Me, you will keep my Commandments.”

            There is no easy way to salvation. I was taught, and I believe, that the death of Jesus gave one the option of being forgiven for one’s failure to live up to perfection; but that it was necessary to constantly introspect, acknowledge transgressions, and ask God for forgiveness.

            These preachers that teach your way make people feel good, but it doesn’t help them. Fire and brimstone is preferable to the airy fairy Christianity being espoused from the pulpit lately.

            Religion and biblical interpretations vary. You might be right, then no matter what God’s love is pretty easy, nonjudgmental, and nothing like the God I know who annihilates sinners.


        • Whats worse with the misrepresentation of the facts is that these braindead libtard idiots actually are incapable of seeing this for the bullshit that it is,,,just mindboggling, had to endure overhearing a whole discussion about this at breakfast this morning,,,

          • If you look at genocide through out history, most of the events happen quickly rather than a long planned out event.

            Hitlers’ Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China had a long planned and coordinated events.

            But Rawanda happened abruptly without planning. Same for Bosnia and Herzegovina, northern Iraq and Syria, Guatemala in 1996, Somalia ….. and the list goes on.

            Most genocides happen abruptly without planning. It just turns into a mass slaughter.

            That is what I expect to happen in America. The blacks and Antifa liberals will attack groups of people or towns with the intent on killing whites or conservatives.

            But these dipshits forget that we are armed to the teeth.

            • Antifa is a contrived group that wouldn’t exist w/o TPTB and intelligence agencies. Black Americans couldn’t care less about “the cause” (whatever that may be). Every riot in which they participated in quickly turned out to be a looting shopping spree. Thats an utter lack of discipline.

              All of this is being fabricated.

              • JS and Kevin2, both of you make some valid points but I feel the genocide for the US has already been planned long ago. JS, like you said we are armed to the teeth I know damn well I am and I don’t even know everything my family has as far as weapons are concerned. If/when we get some unwanted visitors we already have our own plan for that.

                • I saw something a few articles back about some kind of event on Sept. 23 or after. Anyone here see any articles on that anywhere?

                  • Probably nothing will happen right on that date, it’s just another sign that we’re living in the last of the last days.
                    And a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth. Revelation 12:1-2

                    ht tp://

              • Another good post, Kev. Antifa is nothing more than a group of modern day brownshirts funded by admitted Nazi sympathizer Geo. Soros and his ilk.

            • And ready to go

          • Should’ve stabbed them with your fork. Fork ’em!


          And the MSM Media Shills jump on this and say Trump is a Racist.
          McCain, others slam Trump over Arpaio pardon
          08-26-2017 •
          President Donald Trump is under fire for pardoning the former Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Friday.

          Arpaio, 85, who served as sheriff of Maricopa County for 24 years, was convicted of criminal contempt of court for defying a judge’s orders that he stop arresting immigrants on the suspicion that they were in the U.S. illegally.

          Trump announced the pardon Friday night, just as the Texas Gulf Coast was bracing for impact from Category 4 Hurricane Harvey.

          The president, whose approval rating is at historic lows, was quickly criticized on Twitter by Democrats in Congress.

          Joe Arpaio opponents express outrage, disbelief over presidential pardon of ex-sheriff

          Read Full Story: ht tps://


            And the MSM Media Shills jump on this and say Trump is a Racist.
            McCain, others slam Trump over Arpaio pardon
            08-26-2017 • ht tps://
            President Donald Trump is under fire for pardoning the former Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Friday.

            Arpaio, 85, who served as sheriff of Maricopa County for 24 years, was convicted of criminal contempt of court for defying a judge’s orders that he stop arresting immigrants on the suspicion that they were in the U.S. illegally.

            Trump announced the pardon Friday night, just as the Texas Gulf Coast was bracing for impact from Category 4 Hurricane Harvey.

            The president, whose approval rating is at historic lows, was quickly criticized on Twitter by Democrats in Congress.

            Joe Arpaio opponents express outrage, disbelief over presidential pardon of ex-sheriff

            Read Full Story: ht tps://

            • CSS, McCain is one of the WORST. When he was a POW, he sold out all his fellow POWs down the river to the commies and they suffered like hell. Some of them even died in captivity because of him. McCain’s father was in charge of the coverup over the USS Liberty atrocity. He’s cried out for war with Russia more than any other single POS in DC. If only McCain could handed over to the Russians…..

        • WIPEOUT – Like putting your lifetime of Wealth into crypto currency, it can all be wiped out to Zero Balance with a click of a mouse. Or in Enron Stock. Poof Gone!!

          In my area of Florida 93.3% White; 5.4% Hispanic and 3.1% Black, and the rest – Other. We don’t have those problems here with KneeGrows, and the Confederate Flag still Flies Proudly and most everybody is packing heat.

          • CrackSummSkulls, if an asset is not in your possession and if you can’t successfully defend it, then you will lose it.

            Down in South America the biggest threat seems to be extortion by gangs. They have not found a solution to that problem. Either they pay or they and/or their family is tortured and killed. It’s a real problem!

            • Justice, Ferfal, who survived the Argentina meltdown, has a great website, that discusses exactly what happens in a financial meltdown, including gang and criminal activity. Great website for financial and other preparedness. IMHO, Mac might want to put in on his blogroll. I found it very helpful.

            • Bitcoin is the worlds biggest fraud. Total scam. Total pyramid scheme.

              Bitcoin has ZERO backing. At least the American dollar has the pretended “full faith and credit of the US government.”

              Bitcoin has NOTHING.

              It is a total scam where new bitcoin buyers payout the original buyers.

            • Yeah Justice, need to wear a money belt and hide your assets, but within retrieving when ever you want. Bury it.

        • That was stereotypical and a bit racist you basically just fed into the narrative that at play now in in amerikkka

        • People are waking up to realize why the third world is like it is? Genetically F.ed up people . No amount of education can change genetics. As the British would say: You can take them out of Africa,But you can’t take the African out of them. There is no contribution to our society. They are only dragging us down to their level. But that’s what the soddomites want. And that’s why God burned them.

        • B, the nearest ‘minorities’ are at least 100 miles from my BOL as the crow flies.

          • Those minorities are probably robbing your bug out location right now!

            • JS, LOL! I’m at the BOL still and will still be here for another week. No way it’s being robbed. And even when I’m not here, there’s a 55-year-old woman who’s real feisty and always has a Mossberg 500 with 00 buck locked and loaded. I have other relatives very close by who check on her often. If she needs help she just sends out a pre=arranged signal and a whole group of heavily armed relatives show up within minutes to help. Bullets and buckshot never discriminate.

              • A good neighbor is a great asset to have. You would be surprised how few people know their neighbors.

        • AntiFa’s mission statement says Christians are the enemy, among others.

          • Christians are ANTIFAS enemy, that says it all.

            • Christians were also the enemy of the Bolsheviks, Kim Jong Un, and contrary to a lot of propaganda, the Nazis. In fact, Christian Reger, a pastor in Dachau, said fully TEN percent of the inmates there were clergy. Martin Niemoller, a WWI submarine hero, became a Christian after WWI, and Hitler had a very difficult time imprisoning him as a national hero, but he finally put him in as a Christian resister. The von Stauffenberg plot was animated by Christian convictions, and of course pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed by Hitler. For those of you interested in getting facts on Bonhoeffer, and also the animus Hitler had to real Christians, see the definitive work on the subject (400 pages) by Eric Metaxes called Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy/

      4. Many people have grown old and died while expending their life’s effort preparing for a collapse that never came.

        • Anon,
          Prepping is a lifestyle. I’ve already needed many of my preps already in natural disasters, how is that a waste.

          Durable preps like tools of all sorts are already covered in my will, and will stay in the family.

          Consumable products like long term stored food will be donated if never used while it still has years of shelf life left. The wife and I agreed on that already. I’ll bet there are people in Texas that would love a few cans of powdered eggs, bacon crumbles and cheese right about now.

          Your remark is not just short sighted, it’s cruel to people in need. Here we are seeing a humanitarian crisis in Texas unfold, and your advice is never prepare? Wow.

      5. B from CA,
        In my many years I have lived in all sorts of neighborhoods
        with all sorts of races. I grew up in mixed neighborhoods in So. Cal. I lived in a black ghetto in Sacramento. A barrio in Paramount, and Chino. So I have some experience to comment on. There is no way in hell I’d live in a black neighborhood again. I’d rather be in the middle of 1 million Hispanics.
        Fortunately I was able to afford to buy property and live in a rural area for most of my adult years.
        Today I’m still a minority where I live, but there is almost zero blacks here, and it is a very peaceful place.
        For once your advice is really good!
        As far as Oroville dam is concerned, it is really BIG! (I’ve been there) and maintained by cheap assed CA Democrats. That is the real problem. Who does concrete work without rebar?

        • Q.: Who does concrete work without rebar?

          A.: The same fascist leftists who borrow from tomorrow with no intention of ever paying it back, but stealing from future generations.

          Extra credit answer: Leftist Venezuela.

          Oroville maintained by Democrats? Mais oui! Meanwhile they divert all the dough to their OWN pockets. Think disgusting, obese Karen Lewis, head of the Chicago School Bd, who has TWO luxury properties in addition to her own home in Chicago, one in Hawaii, one in a luxury resort area of Michigan (see for one of many stories on this).

        • rellik, my biggest prep was relocating to a small town of similar like minded people. Farther away from Baltimore and Washington and their outlying counties.

          It’s not an easy thing to sell your house and buy another. However, safety should always be a TOP consideration when deciding where to live.

          My other consideration was I wanted to be able to get supplies if transportation was compromised and/or gas became unavailable or extremely expensive. I am within walking distance of a Grocery Store, a Walmart and Hardware Stores.

          Location may very well be the difference between life and death. Consequently, preppers should give it a lot of consideration.

          • Sounds like you need a boat and moorage on Solomon island!
            I’m well traveled.

            • I’ll bet you have missed the Kerguelen Islands, Rellik. Now THAT is remote and you will NEVER have gang problems there!!! Without looking, does anyone know where the Kerguelens are? No cheating now! Hint: They make the Falklands look like NYC.

          • I understand the wanting to be close, but if transportation is screwed does it not stand to reason that perhaps the stores wont exactly be a good place to be visiting?
            Personally id rather be farther out than in the middle of the fray, people suck and are the biggest downside factor

            • Nailbanger, that was a consideration but when I decided on this location I was prepping for an economic collapse. Prices would rise and items would become infrequent but some things would still be available. Some deliveries would occur.

              The plan is to hire a neighborhood kid to wait in lines for me and then bring them back. It will be important to maintain the illusion that you need food and water like everybody else.

              No location is perfect and this one has drawbacks; 1) lack of land to grow food, 2) no underground water source. My primary BOL has these things and is a preferable location for certain SHTF events.

              On the plus side, where I live is close to exits if I have to bug out quickly; 1) a major highway with no sources of traffic between me and West Virginia or Southern Pennsylvania, 2) train tracks about a mile away that lead to Pennsylvania if I need to travel by foot.

              As we know, everything is a trade-off and depends on the type of SHTF event. Not all off us are so lucky to live where you do. Yes, I’m envious.

              • Believe me, i get it on the tradeoff, i live it

                • Nailbanger, you said “people suck and are the biggest downside factor”. I totally agree. Man’s inhumanity to man is scarier than anything and I DON’T suffer from the delusion that it can’t/won’t happen to me.

                  I hope I get the chance to move out west as far away from the things of man as I can get!

              • I used to think that a BOL was a cabin in the mountains or a remote location. Now I kind of look at it as a “fall back position”. Unanticipated events WILL happen and it always advisable to have a Plan B. And a Plan C.

                As much as I love my stuff, I love my own as* more. I hope I have the good sense to not go down with the ship and take the life boat to safety.

                In 4 days I go to set up Plan C.

                • It’ll only just take them a little longer to get to you is all. I’m not going anywhere so I can greet them.

                  • PO’d Patriot, I am torn between fight or flight. I really don’t know how I’ll respond under all scenarios. All I know for sure is that there are worse things than death! And that there are things worth dying for.

        • rellik

          When blacks make enough honest money they move away from other blacks.

          • I could not have said it better!

          • Which is never.

            • I worked with lots of black guys in the oil refinery which paid essentially white collar money. Some of the biggest OT “hogs” working 1000 hrs yr OT were black guys.

              • Personally, I would rather work around committed Christian, hard working, ETHICAL blacks (and there are many!) than some lazy, food stamp addicted, drug/alcohol, amoral whites. Think folks like Dr Thomas Sowell of Stanford, Dr Walter Williams, Sen Tim Scott, Republican Rep. Mia Scott, Col West, Alan Keyes, etc.

                Truth is, as Solzhenitsyn said, the “line between good and evil runs through each of our own individual hearts.” The truth is that a massive proportion of the black issue today is the absence of fathers (around 70%). In fact, if “black lives matter,” THEN WHY DON’T THESE SELFSAME BLACK LIVES MATTER TO THE FATHERS WHO SIRE THEM???

                You destroy the family, you destroy the culture. Blacks found this out, and now whites are doing the same. All part of the Marxist gambit articulated by Antonio Gramsci and the vile, evil, disgusting Frankfurt School. People would do well to look both up

        • The only problem with living around hispanics is the loud music. Hispanics like to gather outside for parties and get togethers. Lots of loud music and drunk mexicans.

          They usually police them selves, so if one gets out of line, the others just beat him up.

          Hispanics are also not too concerned about their kids. They let 5 year olds wander the neighborhood unattended. It is common to see 5 year olds caring for the infants.

          • The only problem with living around hispanics is the loud music.

            with re-verb !

          • But it’s always such happy music.

            • Until the knives come out and the cuttin’ begins.

        • Rellik,
          Your comments on Hispanics should not be lost to Hispanics who’s eyes are open. In the midst of the Charlottesville “crush all the symbols of white supremacists” and their statues, came calls in several major cities to destroy Christopher Columbus statues. It seems Christopher Columbus a Hispanic, is a symbol worthy of the globalists hate agenda.

          It’s not about race or equality, it’s all about the lefts revolution to take power. Anyone that gets in the way will be crushed and even murdered. We will never get thru to African Americans, they own the lefts Kool-Aid. Hispanics many of whom have escaped communism in Central and South America should know better than to fall for it once again.

          • Blacks are a complete lost cause. You will absolutely NEVER be able to do anything with those things, forget it.

        • blacks are great people when they look white and dont have liver lips.

        • <<>>

          The same folks who create “money” without gold.

      6. You aught to see the bunch of unprepped idiots running to the gas station Thursday and Friday, and cops all over the gas stations since fist fights broke out in city over water, as scores of stupid dumb women and their dumbass useless irresponsible husbands, who have in some cases 6 kids, all shopping cleaning the shelves, you know those men, constantly banging away every night with reckless abandonment with the 3-6 kids, the wife is pregnant again, and number 6 or 7 is on the way, while two more junior highs and 4 more high schools are under construction in my area, you know the types. As I took notice in the past, when I would ask out women and told me that I am not their type. Yea, lets see how the big expensive sports cars and high apartments and mansions will feed you and you kids. Stupid ass bithces.

        and the idiotic dumbass cant figure out that relying on grocery stores to feed his family cant work. Stupid retarded dumb fuck of and idiot, along with the suit and tie, and white collar stupid retard fucks rushing to the grocery store to go pick up a pack of water, and the other Mexican idiots I saw picking hoards of beer, yes beer, not food, gas an water, fucking beer. Then coupled with the fact that hoards of dumb fucking trolls are on here telling me that my head needs examination. I am not sure that their problems are but the last time I checked, this was the SHTFPLAN.COM. So wtf? is wrong with people?

        I laughed to myself since I don’t need to pick up shit from the stores. Its disturbing to see all the people, because if this is how hurricanes make people scramble, then what will happened, with and EMP, civil war, revolutionary war, invasion from china, etc. If the grid ever went down in my area, and the water cut off at the focet, I have no choice but to evacuate immediately.
        I am a civilian combat soldier, we call ourselves preppers, less be realistic guys. No way in hell am I going to allow myself to get trapped here. If I am trapped here a lot of people, who are coming at me, trying to take my shit, invade my property, beat on my door, not a good thing because now I wont be able to breath clean air around my house from all the rotting, decaying and stinking dead bodies all over the place. I simply don’t have enough plywood to seal myself in, and what do you do when they come to your house and pore gasoline on the perimeter of your house and burn you out. People don’t have no fucking idea why its not a good thing to get the fuck out early while you can. Of course idiots like to come on here calling me a nut job, and these idiots, the funny thing is as they attack me, they have no preps and advice not to listen that nut job like me.


        • Very good post HCKS. SO true. I mean look what this country is now filled with, reckless, live for the minute, begging and longing for instant gratification, blacks and tons of worthless, uneducated foreigners, muslims and on and on. Waiting to the very last second to go chasing after water and food and BEER, really? WTF? Look what we are surrounded by my fellow patriots. IT is awful and sad and disgusting! This country is guaranteed to FAIL, The End!


        • I’m fully prepped and complete with a remote BOL. And I still think you are a Nut Job Hcks!!! So when are the Chicoms going to invade Houston? You babbled about that claim for months on here at SHTFPlan as a real threat. So what happened? We are all ears?

          • The more people HKS scared into prepping the better ? But not the Tares. Let them call him a fear monger . And ignore his advise. We don’t want the Tares prepped. We want them gone?

        • HCKS, Braveheart knows you’re speaking the truth. F#$% the trolls. It doesn’t matter what they say. I’ll take you over a sorry-assed troll any day. I just hope you’re riding out the hurricane in a safer place.

          • Yeah Brainfart believes everything he reads. Or who pays attention to him. 2 peas in a pod. Hcks and DepBH.

            • CSS, [SIGH]! Why are we going down this road again?

        • Yup. All I could think was, what happens when SHTF here! You should have seen them in Home Depots looking for generators, gas cans, water, sandbags, batteries, flashlights, tarps, a/cs, fans etc. Sold out fast.

        • Any flooding in Katy?

        • HCKS,
          Hurricanes usually come with 3 or 4 days of warning. People have days to clear store shelves. An EMP will likely come with no warning, with no power, working restrooms etc they must close stores and stay closed. Spoiled food will cause them to be closed permanently by health department regulations, until power is restored, and they are certified clean and meeting all regulations.

          In an EMP, stores will simply close. Without scanning systems and electronic registers, they don’t even know the price of goods, when was the last time you met a register clerk who could make change without a computer to tell them the math? It will be the perfect environment for looting because hungry people will be totally frustrated and stores will be stocked and empty of workers.

          The EMP example begs the question, are we ready preppers?

          I heard an interesting remark by a navy seal, he was in a Middle East war zone. They put out the trash at night, by morning it had been cleaned by locals. Turns out empty water bottles are a valuable commodity especially for children. Locals need these bottles to store and carry drinking water. The seal thought the locals were recycling. The granularity of their needs suprised the soldiers. They are at the lowest levels of survival, a bottle is just a bottle.

          • EMP will be followed by nuclear power plants shutting down or rather melting down a few weeks later.
            Once that point is reached, no prepping can save anyone.
            Then, just try to imagine the chaos!
            Ghost cities of China may have been built for survivors! !

            • bobane, I thought about that and the US military IS prepared for an EMP attack (they have taken steps to harden their assets). I am sure that they will secure nuclear sites and have sufficient gas and generators to keep the cool water flowing.

              I don’t see this as really being a problem. Although I might be wrong.

        • I agree with you on the bug in/out protocols,
          but one has to know when to get out or bunker down.
          in a natural disaster i think it would be wise to bunker down as the govt will want to restore order as soon as possible.
          In a complete govt break down or revolution i would want to bug out and keep moving around until l i could get as far away from the epicenter of violence as possible, after the violence has gone down i would consider if it would be worth going back.
          but it is interesting watching the (i don’t know any word better than the word: peons) fight over stupid stuff they should of got stored away in anticipation for hurricane season.

        • HCKS,

          Are you going to evacuate? They are comparing Harvey to Katrina. You guys are in our prayers. Our church has 30 plus affiliates over in the Houston area and is in the process of collecting supplies and volunteers for delivery as soon as possible. The “Cajun Navy” probably will be mobilized as well.

          You all are in our thoughts and prayers,

          Louisiana Eagle

      7. Got gold?

        Martin Weiss Safe Money Report had a great list of AAA banks (small ones) in each state years ago. Not sure if he still has that, or if you have to pay now to get that list, but I moved my bank acct. immediately. Besides, why would I want to give the fascist left and banksters my OWN rope (money) to hang myself? Let them get their own rope (and when they come for me, they can expect a rope-a-dope on them.

      8. How did you go broke?

        “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.” The dialogue above is from Ernest Hemingway’s 1926 novel, The Sun Also Rises. It’s often attributed to Mark Twain or F. Scott Fitzgerald, or misquoted as something like “At first you go bankrupt slowly, then all at once. But in the end, it’s all the same. It also applies to Venezuela, Zimbabwe and the American versions of them, CA. and IL.

      9. Hurricane Harvey has struck a good portion of the Texas coastline. Whatever resources the Federal government has for emergencies will go to help these people. The ability to respond to subsequent disasters is diminished.

        This website talks a lot on possible disasters that are oeverdue. Some people perceive signs of an end to God’s grace and the start of judgment. Trying to predict the future based on biblical prophecies and current events is an old practice which is marked with many failures. This time feels different.

      10. Much better to just sit back with a cold iced tea and popcorn and watch the madness ensue,,?

        • I don’t understand why people are loading up on bottled water.

          Just fill up a few jugs at the house, a couple of 5 gallon buckets to flush the toilet if needed.

          City water does not go out. Only rural houses with their own water wells, and that is only if they loose power and don’t have a generator.

          • In a disaster like Texas is feeling, when the power goes out, so do the town water pumps. Immediately comes the boil water order from the government. Turns out all water systems leak, if you are down hill from the water sources, contaminated flood water likely sewage included will find its way into the pipes, drink your tap water and you could die unless the water is boiled.

            You are absolutely right, people only need to make ice, and save tap water in the days of advanced warning that everyone had. Problem is most of these people just sat for days watching CNN attack Trump and did nothing to help themselves. Then the storm is tomorrow and they run to the stores for ice, water, bread and milk.

            When the big storm hit by me, the wife said is there anything we should run out and buy, I said I already have it all covered. We went to the store anyway to buy popcorn, and to look at the idiots ready to fight over the last bottle of water. We walked the isles watched the crazed people, and my wife who was previously skeptical of some of my prepping was now a 100% on board. Most people don’t even have a clean bucket to save five gallons of drinking water in.

            In so many of these disasters, water is the Number one resource, a “Water Bob” lets you save up about a 100 gallons of water in a food grade clean plastic bladder in any full size bathtub. OK a little less in a smaller 3/4 size tub. “Water Bobs” are considered disposable, but the water stored in a clean one is drinkable. They are like $15 on Amazon.

            I remember as kid being ordered by mom when a storm was coming to fill the tub with water. Of course the tub stopper leaked, and I got beat for not doing what she asked. Moral of the story, buy a “Water Bob”. Use it when the next storm threatens. After the storm discard and buy another. Repeat until the day you die or the world ends.

            • Plan twice, prep once, you can keep the used Water Bob and use the water for flushing or sanitation. I just would use the old Water BOB for drinking water.

            • I too have the water bobs. The City I live in has generators on the water wells. The city does not want empty water lines because then the get crushed under the streets. They need the water lines pressurized. Especially the old concrete lines.

            • Plan Twice – thanks for mentioning the Water Bob – a very good device to have. Cheap, too.

          • You will need hundreds of gallons of water and a quick way to catch rain water for flushing toilets. Keep at least 10 Cases of bottled water and another dozen 2.5 Gals of spicket water containers per person.

            Ever know what it is like being really thirsty. Get some water filters also for rain water.

            • You don’t need “hundreds of gallons” for flushing. Remember the water conservation slogan of the 1970s: If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down. In other words, in an emergency, only flush when really necessary.

          • If there’s no electricity, city water does go out as soon as the water tower is empty.

            I have had city water stop countless times.

            Where are you getting your “information”?

            BTW, you don’t necessarily need a generator to make your rural water pump work. In 1960’s Hurricane Donna, our neighbor hooked his lawnmower up to his water pump and pumped water for the whole neighborhood.

            • When I was under boil water orders….. Several times over the years…. I had lots of drinking water and used the potentially bad city water to flush with.

              In the big storm I also set up rain gutter catch cans that netted a couple hundred gallons of water to flush with. Didn’t need it and watered the garden with it.

          • Around my neighborhood, you don’t drink the water-worst I have ever had any place I lived.
            I have a Berkey, but notice one neighbor unloading 24 packs regularly.
            Too stupid to get a Berkey that pays for itself within a couple years.

          • One more word on bottled water. I do keep several cases per person on hand. It is stacked in the garage where it can go into a car in seconds should we need to bug out. It’s there to drink if we need. Bottled water also lets us hide out in our house, without going out to gather water or gather fuel to boil water.

            If I wanted to ambush people I’d do it like lions do, when they come to the local waterhole!

      11. 1920-21 stock market crash.

        Bet you never heard of this one, right? Google it for details, but the net of it is that they did NOTHING, and after 6 – 9 months, market excesses were corrected. In contrast to 1929, where a LOT of commentators feel that gov’t interference prolonged, or even created, the Dirty Thirties. The Greedy Hand by author Amity Shlaes is a highly regarded study on this if you have the time – not super long, eminently readable

      12. I’m fairly well positioned with a mortgage off-grid home capable of providing it’s own heat, meat, power, and water, enough cash and precious metals to pay the property taxes for hundreds of year, a couple years, food supply, ample armory, etc. but that has not and will not prevent me from reacting if and when something happens. The ability to adapt is by far my greatest preparation and I will react consist with the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats unique to the event. Despite having over a thousand servings of milk and hundreds of pounds of grains I stopped at the grocery and picked up bread and milk before the last snowmageddon because I can. Being rural crowds were no different than Saturday. We also top off our vehicle tanks even though I have fuel storage.

      13. Of all the horrors in the world nowadays– its really amazing to me that some people are scared of others because of their skin color. Most people have gotten past that.. really amazing to me to be concentrating on outward color–

        I Love green apples but those damn red ones are scary as hell!! 😉


      14. Oops!! MISPELLED MY EMAIL ADDRESS!!Of all the horrors in the world nowadays– its really amazing to me that some people are scared of others because of their skin color. Most people have gotten past that.. really amazing to me to be concentrating on outward color–

        I Love green apples but those damn red ones are scary as hell!!


        • Yup, its like the difference between a vanilla icecream and a chocolate icecream, and mix em togeter you got neopolitan,,, but its all still icecream

          • You forgot strawberry, or in our case dragon fruit. Yum!

          • Mix vanilla and chocolate you get gelatto, a politically correct version of mulatto.


      15. And to sit back and take shots from my location a few hundred yards away and watch the no good scum drop in their tracks and the top of their heads come off…Ahh good times.

      16. I live in Houston.

        The scene Thursday was hilarious.

        Lines at the gas station and grocery stores.

        I came in the grocery store and did my normal weekly grocery shopping and everything I wanted was available because I wasn’t getting any emergency supplies; I already have 6 months of food and a month of water stored.

        • lena, there is great peace of mind when you are prepared. Maybe it just comes down to some people are ants and some are grass hoppers.

          The only time I get nervous is when considering Apocalyptic scenarios such as WWIII and EMP/CME/Grid Down events. I have to remind myself that 1) those events are unlikely to happen and 2) my ability to survive those types of events are slim and none (and slim left the building). Almost no amount of prepping is enough to survive extreme cases. Unless you are rich enough to go to extremes. By the way, if I was rich enough I would go the whole nine yards.

          • I believe that making an effort is like a grain of mustard seed. Even though the foolish virgins will be shut out.They were just lazy. If you are not you will be helped. Accept the soddomites and you are gone. Who would you favor . A billionaire with no preps. Or a nobody that really put out? A test of faith? Put yourselves in Gods place . Who would you save?

          • I’m not going to mention religion,
            but nobody gets out of here alive.
            Best to make sure your life is
            as comfortable and long as possible.
            I’ve fought with people my entire life
            and I’ll keep doing it, I like fighting.

            But bottom line is we all die and no matter
            how bad ass you are, you will lose someday.

            • Yes, true Rellik. But I will mention religion – except that I consider religion man’s attempt to reach God with his own efforts, and Christianity, alone among the others, to be God’s attempt to reach man. And I in fact HAVE read the Qu’ran twice, the Bhagavad Gita, a some of the Upanishads, a goodly amount of the Pali Canon (Buddhism – BTW, no one even knows if Buddha believed in God; really, it is more of a psychology than religion), including a lot of DT Suzuki on Zen, the Analects of Confucius, the Tao de Ching by Lao Tzu, some of the Native American religious stuff (e.g., Black Elk Speaks), etc.

              As noted, these are all man’s attempts to reach God, or man’s attempt to grasp what divinity is. In contrast, Christianity as noted, is God’s attempt to reach us, and for Him to reveal Himself as He truly is in the person of Christ.

              As CS Lewis wrote: ““I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him: I’m ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don’t accept his claim to be God. That is the one thing we must not say. A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic — on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg — or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse. You can shut him up for a fool, you can spit at him and kill him as a demon or you can fall at his feet and call him Lord and God, but let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about his being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to.”

              • Test,

                You are right-on! Your postings are always appreciated.

                Louisiana Eagle

            • loose someday……later is better than sooner.

            • rellik, Amen. It’s the four G’s; God, Gold, Guns and Grub.

              I put my life in God’s hands and store my treasure in Heaven. May God’s will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven. What good is it to “survive” if I lose my soul in the process.

              People need to understand that Christians draw strength from our faith and we are going to need all the strength we can get to weather the coming storm.

          • Part (not all) of preparedness is the SELF RESPECT you have knowing that you are not dependent, or at least you have done as much as you could to not be dependent. Henry David Thoreau, who wrote Self Reliance almost 200 years ago, would not even recognize food stamp/SNAP/govt’worker/obese/coddled/snowflake/ self actualizing/feminazi/socialist America today. Incidentally, I’m not Amish, but that is really their philosophy – they actually aren’t anti-technology, but rather want to be as independent as possible.

          • Remember the miracles as in the time of Moses. We are not alone. Mana could fall down from the sky for you.Keep the faith . Miracles as in the time of Moses. Believe and a grain of mustard seed is all that’s nesesary. Will we ever understand it all? Is this a test? Shouldn’t it be? The wheat and the Tares will be separated, and the Tares burnt. As in soddom and Gomorrah. Like it or not. If not you are a Tare.

        • The people still in Corpus Christy TX who didn’t evacuate were told to write their Social Security Numbers on their arms, so their bodies can be identified.

          • Which is funny because social security numbers are supposed to be secrete, not searchable.

            It would be better to write you driver’s license number on your arm.

            That is the government making a faux-pa.

            • The Government has full access to your SS#’s if they need it. Secret??? LMFAO!!!! The VA just lost millions of social security numbers of Vets out there. Got hacked.

            • Oops!

        • Yup. All I could think was, what happens when SHTF here!

      17. No sacrifice is too much, apparently, for the LGBTQ-D (the “D” is for trans-species “people” who now identify as dolphins – don’t laugh… give it five years and that will be next mass protest march… err… swim… from the left) types and their gay-uber-alles brownshirts.
        Target’s dangerous policy of allowing men into women’s dressing rooms has claimed another innocent victim of sexual voyeurism. According to NBC10 News, a 36-year-old man secretly filmed women trying on clothes in the dressing room of a New Jersey Target store. The news report stated that as many as 100 victims could have been spied on.
        A victim told police she saw a man’s hand creep under her fitting room wall inside the store. The hand was holding a cell phone, she said. The victim attempted to confront the voyeur, but he ran out of the store.

        The police were able to catch him, and they also caught onto the fact that he may have been performing this crude, invasive, and illegal behavior for some time.

        “It’s frightening,” a local Target shopper told NBC10, “when you run into a store, you don’t expect to be targeted or stalked and it’s frightening.”

        Target’s Dangerous Policy Leads to More Victims, Another Arrest

      18. Bit coin and other such are only as good as people think they are. They can very fast become totally worthless I saw this happen once locally and take warning Get out of them If you own a house sell it and take the money and run No one locally can afford to buy a house any more or to rent one either its a giant bubble about to burst. There are no more greater fools to sell to. Get out of the stock market as it too is a bubble. Its all hype and once the cracks appear the whole thing will fall like a house of cards

      19. How much of the population have their money tied into these financial market growth schemes anyway? My guess is a small minority, mainly the top 20% who have good paying jobs and the funds to gamble with. It’s a private club of elitists. And they want to control Social Security? I know more than one person who has dumped thousands into the commodity markets and lost every penny.

        • How much of the population have their money tied into these financial market growth schemes anyway?

          All of them.

          Anybody that contributes to an employer sponsored retirement fund like a 401K or a 457 is stuck in this crap.

          The only way to get your money right now would be to quit your job.

      20. That pic is priceless. Good job.

      21. latest article…in 4 hours all shelves in supermarkets were bare and folks now can’t get food.
        So? 🙂

      22. Studying September 23 . To me it looks like a knocking at the door? According to astronomers this alignment has never happened in all history? Close but not quite? No one knows the hour. Expecialy the Tares. And that’s what this is all about. Destroying the children of Satan. So look up and rejoice. The separation is occurring,and the children of Satan will burn.

      23. BTW, a cool hunting tool, called an atlatl, in case you haven’t heard of it. One demo here

        And BTW, Google stinks. They are becoming part of the oppressor class, particularly as led by the disgusting Eric Schmidt (sp?). But, I use this here only as a tool to help others.

      24. Off topic but recent, before the eclipse I went out a half hour looking up to find the moon in the sky, it was nowhere to be seen. Strange because I can see the moon in a sunlit sky frequently.

        • I did that too

          the moon was already so close to the sun that it was lost in the sun’s brightness.

        • A solar eclipse only happens during a new moon. Therefore, the moon wouldn’t be visible. You can only see the moon in a sunlit sky when the moon is between new and full.

      25. A collapse scenario happens quite fast? In one hour all heaped on wealth becomes nothing .And they will throw their gold and silver in the streets? You would think gold and silver would be valuable until the food runs out. I just read that a shot glass came from trading a bullet for that size whiskey? And injun whiskey was tobacco juice and hot pepper juice to make fake whiskey. Maybe it comes down to what you value most .

      26. I wonder if helping your favorite granddaughter who is a rabid obamaite. Will dam you. Seems obvious. Sacrifices must be made by all of us. Save a Tare you are a Tare? Too bad. O she will change? Does it work like that.?Do you defend your serial killer child. Or do your duty. Hard choices?I am faced with that delema.Family matters? Let them go murder. Or stop them? I have no problem with stopping them? Do you?

      27. Please don’t kill my granddaughter because she’s just confused? Let her go on and contaminate the world. She will come around. And if she dosent . Let her destroy humanity. Because she’s my granddaughter. And we must let her do her thing. Defend her. And bear her fate. Hard choice.easy choice.

      28. We all have confused children. What to do with them. Unleash them on the world . Of since you failed . Take responsibility. Do or die?A test of faith? That time will come?

      29. cracksomeskulls is a troll. The more and more I read your post, your motivation for being here is questionable, you attack me and you are attacking Braveheart. You just outed that fact that your a troll just now. You keep talking crap about china invading Houston, etc. The cops I know that I am friends with, some of them have done tours in Iraq, Afganistan, and have been in many meeting, stationed all over the world have told me about the china threat. You have seen how china has occupied islands, claimed territory, yet you come on here calling bullshit on my post. You might be a Chinese PLA soldier. You seem hell bent on covering up something that you call ridiculous. Your righs its ridiculous for china to invade Houston, because we would wipe the fucking chi-coms soldiers asses of the fucking map, it makes not sense doesn’t it. Any soldier in his right fucking mind from china should and would ask his general is he thinks its a good idea to invade Texas, thinking that he is going to come here, shoot us, kill us, attacking women and children, putting the rest of us in camps, role in tanks, run bombing raids on Texas, etc and get his ass shot the fuck and wiped out is a good question. This fucking state aint no Tianman square, where you just role in with tanks, start shooting up the place. Patriots will respond with EXTREME DEADLY GAD DAMN FUCKING OVER WHELMIGN FORCE. Your right, that will never happen, not here.

        Stiner, the city of Katy has a lot of rain right now. We have the occasional wind gust all over Houston, Katy, the Harris county area. The concern is the excessive rain, its really poring right now, a lot of rain. We are going to flood out severely for certain. This will happen. The NWO weather channel is correct when they warned about the rain. Luckily the eye of that hurricane did not pass over Houston.


        • Luckily it didn’t pass over Huston? Yea we need Huston . And soddom and Gomorrah. Reap and sow. Sorry for the rights. Not sorry for the left. I hate traitors. Texans or not?

        • Hope you are well in all this rain and wind.

          When a hurricane hit my area, I patrolled my property every two or three hours, no sleep. I was chuckling because I was wearing a NY city police raincoat a good friend gave me a decade ago. It was his dad’s from a decade or two before that, it was awesome protection, but I digress. Point is it worked.

          I stayed low against the wind and repeatedly checked my property and nearby roadway storm drains for as long as winds allowed. Clean those storm drains out constantly, it will keep your house from flooding. I did have to put a sheet of ply and some sandbags over one basement window to redirect an overflowing clogged rain gutter. Another basement window needed a trench to drain water away, too many layers of pretty mulch for too many years. The basement stayed dry even without the sump pump.

          My fringe and freezer previously packed solid with ice would be fine for three days. My generator was running on day two.

          Anyway we’d love to hear everyone’s tricks of survival in Texas during this storm of the decade.

        • Logistics

          A million men need minimum 600,000 gallons of fuel to travel a mere 200 miles. 200 miles in Texas is a trip around the block. That requires storage, where are the oil tanks? A million men would have a complement of 1000 tanks, 2500 pieces of artillery. Where is it? How is it hid. A million men need a minimum of 5 gallons (42 lbs day) of water per man per day. Thats 42 million pounds (21,000 tons) of water a day. Where is that coming from? Ammo, if frugal (and there is no sense being frugal) with artillery rounds being 50 lbs per minimum each division expending 500 rounds day in battle, thats 10,000 rounds to be replaced daily. Food, have to eat, another 2 million pounds day.

          Airpower. Can’t control the ground and be vulnerable to air attack. Going to need 1000 aircraft. Fuel?

          Where is this stuff hid and how is it resupplied.

          Oh, common militia against an armor / artillery equipped force? The militia gets decimated, walk all over you. Your not stopping a tank with a rifle. All that can be done is to nickel / dime them on occupation. That thought was abandoned in the Philippines because the civilian reprisals the Japanese committed were so horrific.

          • Oh the above is per division of 20,000 men. Its 50x that to move a million.

        • HCKS: I agree with you buddy. Those chinks would be crazy to attempt invading the US and especially a place like Texas!! If they do, I hope they bring a huge supply of body bags for their own yellow, stinking selves. . .

      30. If you keep this up you little F . I will get rid of you. Even if it means lethal injection. You will not be my demise . So sorry you are family . That makes it my responsibility.

      31. HCKS, I’m glad to hear you’re OK. Once the hurricane is over I hope you’ll make it a TOP PRIORITY to get your BOL 100% ready. I’ve been in GA for 2 weeks already and staying for another week. Let’s just ignore CSS. He just blows hot air like CNN, LOL.

        • I also pass over CSS. He is a know-it-all blowhard. I glanced at one thing, and yet more nuttiness – it’s Corpus Christi, not Christy.


        Brave, CSS is stupid. My BOL is not completely ready yet, I have to install a power source, I have to spend 4 grand on the unit that I needs, and make it more livable, etc. I am putting in a shower system, and I have installed two massive water tanks, and need to set up water filtration since its rain water, to lower the chemical content of that toxic shit from the skies. You have to be able to stay clean when your out in the middle of nowhere. The red necks in that area know what i am doing and they don’t mess with my property, they are trustworthy. I am getting tracter to clear out the roots and trees to make it a little less of pain to renovate and plant my gardens. I have to fense off the perimeter, because the deer keep eating my summer crops. My water melons are growing all over the place, lots of them but my moringa trees are getting eaten down. The sweet potatoes leaves are also getting eaten by deer.My mallibar spinach got eaten again, by the deers. I am also working on a pond for extra water back up since the ground is half sediment, and is clay and has good retention and this is what I learned from the locals red necks. Moringa, this plant grows and curls around trees, its a good nutritious summer crop that produces a lot of seeds and can handle the heat. When the plant dies, the seeds drop all over the ground and will spring up really fast, its highly predatory and grows very fast, and I have been experimenting with a lot of plants and greens I am a master gardner, and grow my own food at my current rental house in my back yard. Not to mention snakes all over the property. The heat is so bad outside the city, especially out in the country. Next October, I will add the finishing touches. Business is slow at the moment which is normal for me at this time of the year, as I scrape by making ends meet. Lucky me, I didn’t have to rush to the grocery store like most of the un prepped people in my area. You should have seen the 6:00 am peck hour traffic in the middle of the night last Thursday night as people, hoards of them scramble all over the city, blocking off all the gastations.. One my prepper friends was unable to get gas on time and shows up for work a few hours late, and gets written up for not getting to work on time. This is the stupidity of people, employers and other outright stupid people and idiotic employers all over the major cities of the country. I am telling you Brave, something big is coming, and people keep thinking that because it didn’t happen when I said it would means that I lied, and this is why I don’t even talk to regular people anymore.. One guy I know personally who kept telling me that I am paranoid, and that nothing I said will ever happen is now dead, 6ft under, killed from cutting off another car, his girlfriends back broken, spinal injury, and he is laying at the bottom of a grave in North east Houston. His girlfriend told me 1 month prior that I don’t know shit. I told her that anyone who keeps getting high, getting drunk and keeps riding and cutting people off on the street is going get killed. She told me to literally shut my mouth. She is now is a wheel chair with a broken spine, and cant walk again. The question these days is this? what happens when the real one hits, war, EMP, invasion, bio weapon attack, Nibiru, which is still out there, and will soon reek havoc. Brave watch what goes down between October of this year and over the next two years. The un Prepped idiots of your area wont even make it to your BOL. You will survive for certain. Make sure to buy up vitamins, Multi, and vitamin C, go on and get a lot of the liquid vitamin D3, in the bottles, get silver, and other kits, also if you can afford it, get one of those portable solar chargers, for you rechargeable LED’s. etc.

        My hope is that I will get my BOL ready in time and must have a plan to clear out to get there, and I will be leaving as soon as I hear the sign to clear out.



        • HCKS, we all know something big is coming but just don’t know when. I feel like we’re getting closer to it since that UN article. When the UN starts sticking their noses in to our business, that’s NOT a good sign. As soon as you get your BOL ready go ahead and relocate to it.

        • HCKS,

          It looks like the “real one” has hit Houston. The Hurricane season has just begun too. Don’t hesitate to evacuate. Let us know if we can help.

          Louisiana Eagle

        • I don’t agree with or use StromFront, but I find it amazing that when liberals demand it, a bakery can be compelled to provide services for people they don’t agree with, and in my view the words written on a cake constitute speech, so they are compelled to produce public speech they don’t agree with. Now liberals demand it and are successful in shutting down speech they don’t agree with, and I’ll bet liberal courts won’t compel the liberal corpotocracy to provide these services.

      33. Totally correct: 10 minutes too late is TOO LATE!

        Here are some timely comments of mine that I wrote for an amigo who wanted to know WHY I believe this October is when the shit is going to hit the fan . . L

        There are three recent articles that point towards a precipitated market crash this october:

        Article 1: The overspent and debt-ridden Yankee

        Article 2: Ron Paul warns about a 50% stock market crash

        Article 3: Did the US economy just recently collapsed and no one noticed?

        My three major indicators for a major crash WERE: (1) the Dow smashing 20,000 (which has happened), (2) the US public debt blowing through $20 Trillion (which is just weeks away), and (3) gold going over $2,000 USD.  I was wrong on the gold part as we now know that its price is set in the City of London each day (until they can’t due to wars and market crashes).

        However, Shitcoin is over $4,000 USD which is basically the digital incarnation of the Dutch tulips Ponzi scheme.  So, my three new indicators are all indicating shit is about to hit the fan.

        My guess is that the US bond market will seize up in October (as it almost did during the Carter Admin and forced Jew Volker to ratchet up the Fed’s interest rate to attract buyers when there were literally none), and the banks are forced to call in their short term loans.  As most of the recent stock market run since 2008 was fueled by low-interest borrowed money, this will crash the stock markets exactly like 1929.  This current pump and dump will allow the Jews and their Shabbat goyim to buy back the blue chip stocks and every other stocks for at least 50 cents on the dollar.

        They may also preempt their planned market crash by attacking North Korea and/or Iran via some false flag first.  Or have their lapdogs in Ukraine massively attack eastern Ukraine and “invade” Russian borders.  Or a Yankee full blown military invasion of Venezuela?

        So, a word to the wise and be prepared.

        PS I left the USA on August 7, 2008, and was in the air to Buenos Aires from Houston when Georgia attacked Russian speaking citizens in Georgia on August 8, 2008, prompting then Prime Minister Putin (who was attending the opening ceremonies of the 8/8/08 summer Olympics games in Beijing) to send his tactical nukes into Georgia to warn the US/NATO/Israel “advisors” in Georgia NOT to do anything stupid like use their smart bombs or smart missiles!

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