Best and Brightest: College Students Sign Petition to “Ban Pressure Cookers” *Video*

by | Apr 30, 2013 | Headline News | 210 comments

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    Not to be outdone by the hundreds of Californians who recently signed a petition to authorize a government sponsored door-to-door confiscations of firearms, college students in Miami-Dade county have stepped up in the interest of America’s safety and security to ban another hazardous weapon of mass destruction – the common kitchen pressure cooker.

    You can’t make this stuff up…

    Posing as a liberal activist, the petitioner makes her case by claiming pressure cookers, “were actually used in the Boston bombing, so we’re just trying to limit who can get them,” adding that her organization is, “just trying to keep people safe by reducing the number of them.”

    Our best and brightest were more than happy to oblige.

    Due to the recent bombings at the Boston Marathon, caused by bombs that were made with pressure cookers, we are asking that they be removed from shelves at local stores in the Miami-Dade county area. 

    We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to ban the sale of pressure cookers in the Miami-Dade county area.



    Via ClashDaily Youtube

    Made available by J.V. and Clash Daily


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      1. The students are such fine examples of our diseducation system at work. Because you know, it’s the pressure cookers that are the risk. Next thing you know, they’ll want to ban indoor plumbing so nobody can create pipe bombs, and outlaw food in a bid to eliminate obesity. Morons.

        • Did any of you Americans alive in 1986 think we would see and be talking about this new American so quickly in 2013?

          It sort of started in 2001, gained some momentum in 2006, accelerated in 2009, and now gone warp speed since 2012.

          Read the Bible, should have listened to 1984, and no this is not the Brave New World according to Huxley. It actually sucks. Just prepare and talk to others that you trust and are willing to listen.

          Hopefully we are just paranoid and things will get better?

          • No, Ugly, I would have never believed society would have deteriorated so far, so quickly.

            I also used to hope I was just hyper-vigilant and perhaps paranoid, but there’s too much evidence at this point to believe anything but the police state that has become the new norm.

          • The perfect framing of our present condition, told with humor, is Idiocrasy, the movie directed by Mike Judge of Office Space fame. It is set 500 years from now in a land of abject stupidity. The send-up is that you can see it all around you right now. Rent it at Amazon.

            We are devolving. The morons are reproducing and crushing human development. This will not end on GE College Bowl.

            • “I’m Secretary of State, brought to you by Carl’s Jr.”

          • The only movie to start as a comedy but end up being a documentary

        • This country is soooo doomed!

          • Better idea, how about we get together a petition to outlaw stupidity

            • Paranooid, did you move back to OOhio or is some one using your name with an extra o. Are you the same Casper Paranoid.WASP

              • I’m the Casper guy. I used two OO by error once. Was born and raised in Ohio, Luck

              • At the moment I’m hiding out in Ca for a few days

            • There aren’t enough prisons on the planet…

            • You can’t fix stupid…

              • at one time people with iq,s below 70 were not allowed to propagate.on the accnt of raising a society of morons .change that law back,get rid of ebonics,and baby daddies.Then you might be able to reverse [the dumbing down of society.Who knows maybe the prosecutions star witness will be able to read and write cursive.why do you think they want to take cursive out of schools????

          • Since 1920 when women got the vote, its only been a matter of time and the progressives/communists/marxists knew it (see Gramsci for instance). The traditional family roles that developed over thousands of years were just a matter of human nature and the human condition. As an article, (I think here) put it, the overturning of that natural family order (iow gov’t enforced Feminism through preferences in school, university admissions, hiring, the courts of law, etc. etc.) are a prerequisite for enslavement to a central governing power just as similar (but more direct and brutal methods) were used by Europeans to enslave Africans to plantations in North American, Caribbean and other Colonies and just as Empires all over the world have been enslaving peoples for hundreds and hundreds of years.

            So, am I surprised, not really. Mine was the first generation in American History to experience the widespread suffering of the designed widespread breakdown of the family as children and to suffer the unnatural universal gov’t enforced discrimination against boys growing up and men discrimination against men as adults. It has estranged white men from their children and families, and white women vulnerable anxiety-filled basket cases (or as one funny TV comedy show which said, single-mothers are as desperate as big goldfish in leaky plastic bags.) As for the black community, we all see what’s gone on there, its near chaos. And that’s our future as well unless we readopt our traditions.

            BTW, I had a premonition. I’ve been periodically looking at the overwhelming and profoundly convincing evidence that ‘Sandy Hook’, ‘the Boston Marathon’ and the ‘West, Texas Massacre’ were all perpetrated by our Federal Gov’t. Then I reviewed the military invasion drills in several large cities last year (e.g. Miami, St. Louis, Denver, Minneapolis, etc.). Until now I haven’t had a solid theory on why even a group like the raging sociopaths like the Obama Administration and their handlers would take these risks. Then along with other information about their likely next moves, the bigger picture came into focus. ‘Sandy Hook’ (and Aurora) were designed to create fear to pass the Unconstitutional Obama attempt to disarm the citizens. The ‘Boston Marathon’ drill was to practice and gauge reaction to Martial Law in a large city while desensitizing the population. And the ‘West, Texas Massacre’ was practice for nuclear ‘False Flag’ strikes around America which will be the pretext for Obama declaring MARTIAL LAW. I expect either strikes by very powerful super-hypersonic missiles that make mushroom clouds like nukes, strikes by not quite as powerful superhypersonic missiles on nuclear reactors (perhaps official identified as jet planes) or actual small nuclear explosions in large and or mega-cities. Of course this will be accompanied by widespread power grid outages and of course Martial Law AND additional False Flag running gun battles that give them the pretext to perpetrate home invasion robberies of everyone’s firearms and possibly precious metals and whatever else the worst among the decide to take a bit of rape here some jewelery there etc. etc.

            • @Dan Morgan,

              It’s sad but the only thing left to do now is have dandy Don Meredith sing ” Turn out the lights,the party’s over……

              • I’ve been thinking about our current failure to act. I used to think the majority of people either won’t fight at all, or only if they are directly challenged. It seems like we will wait until there’s no chance to recover before we stand up and go for it.

                I think a lot of people out here just don’t know where to start. We reflexively fight each little battle they launch at us, and right now there are many little skirmishes coming our way…lots of people are overwhelmed. I think that by keeping us focused on these little issues, they keep our efforts divided and confused. Let’s list just a few of them…

                Do we stand up for the second, first, fourth, tenth or what amendment first? Do we stand up against “terrorists” or false flags, or both? Then there’s the fight against GMOs and fluoride in our water. Anti-depressants and Big Pharma in general. What about the horrid Obamacare? Taxes? The new IRS data mining? The assault on farmers and other land grabs…NWO? Food shortages? Agenda 21?

                The list of things coming at us all at once is huge, not to mention manipulating the weather and nuclear fallout from Japan…Where does everyone go first? Dems or Repubs? Obummer? North Korea? Russia? China’s labor violations? The national debt?

                Each individual has a different set of priorities, and they are playing on that difference to divide us. Save the whales? Old growth logging? Sex slavery? Child abuse? Criminals on the loose? Bombings with cooking pots? The economy? No jobs due to outsourcing? The rich getting richer (read banksters here) stealing our 401ks?

                OMG, there are so many different ways to divide people’s attention, and that is exactly what is happening.

                Once you think clearly about it, there is only ONE main problem here today. THE problem that is perpetuating ALL THE OTHERS—


                I don’t think the problem is that people are too scared to stand up, as much as they are too confused and overwhelmed as to where to direct their anger. We are being compartmentalized.

                If we are to get through this, we need one direction, and that has to be at the head of the serpent…not each section of it’s long body.

                But that’s just me…

                • In the Roman Republic ‘The Serpent’ was long and twisted and weaved itself throughout the Nation feeding on the body, growing ever larger, separating and suffocating the good parts. It multiplied the array of ‘issues’ as the array of peoples multiplied.

                  The stock who built the Republic, its strength, vitality and virtuousness who could lead it back to its former greatness too often repeated in their hearts “après moi, le déluge”. And diluted by ‘diversity’, emasculated by subversives within the ranks, and lead by foreigners through greedy puppets, as the Republic fell, its last and final hope were citizens willing to muster the strength to hold out in the face of so-called “leaders” who wished to inflict the ‘coup de gras’ on a once great Republic; the few remaining virtuous managed to hold out just long enough for a great man to ‘Cross the Rubicon’.

            • I’ve been saying that all of societies problems go back to giving women the right to vote, and I agree with you 100% on that issue.

              We have made ourselves sitting ducks for the commies to take over.

              I’m digging a deeper, bigger survival cave!!

          • You know what is truly scary about these bona fide ASS MONKEYS is that they can serve on a jury deciding your fate. They have driver’s licences and automobiles that can destroy everything around them when their brains finally go into total meltdown. They have equal rights with people that still have minds. They have escaped from their cages at the zoo. They actually believe this pure garbage that they spew out of them like the wastes that come out of their south ends.

            This is why the country and world are in such dire pain. These ASS MONKEYS are trying to drive the human species into extinction through poisoning everything with their shear stupidity.

            • Much of this could be solved by shipping them off to fight in Iraq & Afghanistan. They’d wake up REAL fast. Guaranteed.

              • Watch “Idiocracy”…it’s coming true!

                • “idiocracy” is now considerd a documentary and will only be shown on the history channel in the future

                  • Watched it the other day after hearing repeated references to it. It’s here now, in a way.

          • When “they” come for you pressure cooker, remember; remain calm and dont laugh. And if you have an old microwave or any other old kitchen appliance that you don’t want or it doesn’t work anymore, hand it over too. Saves having to walk it out to the trash.

        • You realize this is sarcasm on the part of the students right?

          • You do realize the poll was a gag to gage just how stupid the students are and the students that signed it are slack-jawed morons right?

          • I don’t think it IS sarcasm. Remember who brought us 2 terms of Obama. “College Stoonts”. The same idiots who play video games all day, and watch the Kardashians all night. These un-educated twerps can’t write a simple sentence, but they CAN vote and be “activists”.

        • Mac, HOW DO YOU DO IT? Remain so cool and collective when writing about these CLINICALLY BRAIN DEAD characters? I can’t stand stupid, other than someone that has a physical ailment there is absolutely no excuse for any human being to be such a dullard. There are children that are barely removed from being a toddler that have more common sense than these so called adults. I guess the best recourse is to truly laugh at the simpletons.

          They should stop trying to talk and learn to only GRUNT.

          There are many baboon troops in central African that will welcome they as members.

          They should all get behind a horse and yank its tail and get kicked in the head, knock a little horse sense into them.

          They should all have career changes to become lap dancers, the fat ones could firm up their bodies, the ugly ones could wear a bag over their heads. At least they would be useful for something with this career.

          They should all be declared mentally handicap to protect those around them.

          Their parents need to be brought up on charges for depriving them as children of oxygen that lead to brain tissue damage.

          They need to all be shown what cooking meals using real cooking instruments is not just having the local immigrant janitor Pedro turn the microwave on for them to cook their meals at the local college food court.

          Stop trying to pretend they have any intelligence and learn that swinging on tree branches is their true calling.

          Get all in one line with tee shirts that have arrows pointing in both directions that say “I am with stupid”. The ones on the ends of this line could have a mirror next to them.

          Talking about mirrors, each one of these idiots needs to avoid looking at them too long, they might become convinced that they have a long lost twin brother/sister.

          None of them understand how an outhouse works and would become very confused on how to use one.

          As incredible as this may sound, we have finally found a bunch of dolts that actually rival ncjo(k)e(r) and finx in shear rampant gut wrenching stupidity.

          None of these clods could even begin to know how useful a pressure cooker is, especially for canning. They only see these pieces of valuable cooking equipment as the new monster, as giant pressure cookers haunt their dreams each night. The pressure cookers talk to them you know and they wet their beds from the boogerman pressure cooker.

          They are also trying to ban backpacks that are not totally transparent that you can clearly see what is inside.

          All kidding aside, I never thought I would see such utter ignorance as this. I have dealt with animals that have more sense than these homo sapiens. To think that a squirrel or a pigeon can out think these less than imbeciles is something to really wake us all up to just how the human species is teetering with extinction. Another reason why those that want to survive MUST prepare because it is coming. Forget the natural disasters, even if 25% of the population is that stupid this is more than enough to cause some collapse of civilization. Sanity and rational took a deep hit for everyone that read this pathetic example of just how low these college students’ minds can dip down to tonight.

          • Mind blowing ain’t it BI? My fondest memories as a kid was just about every weekend my Maw would pull the old pressure canner out along with a defrosted pot roast, tater, carrots, quartered onion, and cook it in the pressure cooker. It was the forerunner to the crockpot. Anyway when supper was called my Pap would pull me up and say, “Sure hope your hungry boy cause you know the stew is right behind this roast if we can’t eat it all”. This is still a standing joke between us. Most kids today and some adults only know now what a pressure cooker is thanks to the media and what occurred in Boston.
            I think its a conspiracy involving the government to vilify the pressure cooker/canner so we won’t have the ability to preserve food and become dependent on them.(just joking, I think).

            • “I think its a conspiracy involving the government to vilify the pressure cooker/canner so we won’t have the ability to preserve food and become dependent on them.(just joking, I think).”

              That was my first thought when I heard a pressure cooker is involved. And I’m totally serious.

          • BI…

            I’d like to debate you my friend on the just how stupid these Lil’ weetards are. (here, sign your name to show the world just how stupid you are!!!) 🙂

            But, I have to go bury my “ASSULT” canner before they come and confiscate it.

            At least these asses could maybe… I don’t know, try to figure out a way to do canning different (Duh) Oh that’s right they are to busy with there important classes like yoga exercise. I’m not kidding y’all, my step daughter took the class. 🙁 That’s right pay all that money for something that STUPID.

            But, I’m just an old crazy fool.

            Y’all behave and TRY… to enjoy the day.

            hillbilly SC

            • Hey! Cool it! Your bad vibes are going to disturb our “History of the Beatles” class!

            • How America has failed
              By skittle shitting unicorn

              It all started with Franklin D Roosevelt and his new deal during the depression started America down the path to failure that we have today. His Welfare program Focused predominantly on a program of providing work and stimulating the economy through public spending on projects, rather than on cash payment. But the problem is that it was taken over by the self serving politicians and those who seek to use it as a form of vote getting. Today we have more people on some form of welfare. And getting aide from charities then I think any time before. The opportunist Democrats have figured as long as they claim to champion the poor they will be kept in office. Now you have welfare people buying I pads with there food stamp EBT cards and buying liquor and such. One store actually had scan codes by the counter and used them to sell booze but it looked like they were buying food.
              And now they just use it as a way to get elected or re elected and the idea of welfare as a way to keep the poor truly poor. The politicians and the alleged Civil rights leaders use this as a way to Game the system and get as much cash as they could. you seldom hear of Martin Luther king Jrs illegitimate children or his many mistresses. You only hear the sanitized version about his faithful wife and family waiting for there father who will never come home. or how about the corrupt Jessie Jackson and his rainbow push coalition it should be renamed Jessie Jackson’s retirement fund. And how about the great (not) Al Sharpton and how he screamed Rape for a little girl who out right lied and ruined a few young men’s lives. These fakes and charlatans have done nothing for the Black community but take money and make victims of them all. They have for 25 years or more told the black community how there victims and how they will never get out of the ghetto. And the truth is these fakes don’t want them to get out and this is why we have 4 or 5 generations of welfare families. Now you see women in the stores with two shopping carts full of Little Debbie snacks and Piles of meat and other pre packaged dinners and boxed goods all paid with EBT cards paid for by the tax payers and when they have a few items that EBT wont pay for they pull out of there designer (most likely fake) purses a wad of Cash. They never seem to have money to support there many children but have plenty when they need extensions or fake nails or there hair Dyed RED or bleached blonde (looks natural right?) You only hear and see Jackson and Sharpton when there are T V cameras and they can use them to push what ever agenda they have this week. Has Jessie Jackson ever offered to give up his armed guards? no but he sure wanted Chicago to pass Strict gun laws and they did but you never hear the Murder rate going down if nothing else its gone up. And it will Criminals prefer unarmed victims. They Prey on the week and helpless and will even prey on there own elderly. When we bring back some form of capital punishment for any one who would hurt the sick and elderly then and maybe then we will begin to get a handle on Crime.

              For too long now we have allowed lawyers to plea deal the gangsters out of any serious jail time and since most thugs feel jail time is a badge of honor most don’t worry much.
              For too long the ACLU has had control of the Jails and the Law offices and courts it’s a sad state of affairs when the criminals have more rights then the Victim. The liberal lawyer and the Activist judge have completely ruined the court system now they try to hug the criminal and get him or her on the right track. It used to be if you committed a crime you knew you would be punished. In the early days of America it might be a week in the Stocks in the middle of town and then all knew who the miscreant was and they did there best to run that person out of town On a rail if need be. Now all that the court system does is try to slow down the tide of crime and they fail at every turn. We are too lenient on criminals now all you hear is “HE was a good boy would never have done that crime” they show old photos of a cute young child or his early days of playing foot ball or basket ball. The local media almost never shows the True criminal tattoos all up and down his or her arm neck and face Parents now don’t bother to parent and part of that is because the schools have spent years telling people that parents are not really needed.
              Basically its turn your kids over to the public schools system and we will baby sit em

              Recently on MSNBC Harris-Perry says:
              We have never invested as much in public education as we should have because we’ve always had kind of a private notion of children. Your kid is yours and totally your responsibility. We haven’t had a very collective notion of these are our children. So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities Now most welfare mothers just let the streets raise there kids since there only there for the bigger pay checks. And in some situations to have there darling little ones out stealing. Look at the days after hurricane Katrina and most other natural disasters And when they get busted by the cops there shocked by it “how could this have happened “well I will tell you how it is because you’re too busy on your backs making more babies and doing god knows what all day and NOT being parents. Now a day’s most welfare mommas are nothing but Children they never had a decent up bringing from there parents and now are parents. Or as the old saying goes children having children. Most if not all inner city kids have no clue where there food actually comes from in Chicago they had to bring converted busses in with fruit and vegetables so that the Ghetto kids could actually see what a banana looks like. It’s truly sad. But when your mother is busy smoking crack and turning tricks it’s kind of hard to teach children that food come out of gardens and farms and Meat actually was an animal till some one made it into food. But that’s how the democrats want it keep the population stupid and keep them down promise them lots of free stuff and you have a guaranteed voting block for another generation. And that’s why we need Term limits across the board for all three branches no exceptions. Absolutely no exceptions. Self serving politicians have made this country a mess but they wont live in there own mess they live in there gated homes with 24 7 guards and only the best in life all on our dime. Its time these bums got real jobs and not just go from one seat of power to some other seat of power Its past time to Demand term limits Our politicians are so corrupt that’s its shameful George Washington and the rest of the founding fathers actually had the idea that Public service such as being a senator or president was a privilege and was never meant to be a long term job. They had farms and businesses and while they were away running the country those farms Suffered at one time Thomas Jefferson almost went broke. BY 1780s standards.

              • SSU… these are the trees. Look at the forest if you dare. America’s course is not a series of hapless decisions and bad policies. There is something way uglier and evil afoot.

            • ASSAULT CANNER! That was funny! We have one of those but can’t find ammo for it anywhere!

              It’s May 1st. Not April 1st!

              • Just get some jars, lids, rings fill em up with beans, couple inches of water and pour the coal to it, just walk away, sure to blow the pressure release valve at least. Then look out for the FBI,CIA NAT.GUARD,SWAT etc. That’s deadly piece of equipment you got there boy.

              • Yes, he must have the “Double stack High Cap” canner. That makes it an “Assault Canner”.

            • @ Walt Kowalski. Yes, that earthquake is on the African plate, and whenever you have this, the Australian plate gets nailed along with the Arabian plate. Iran got its 7.8 after this happened last time. The Balleny Islands got hit yesterday and while only 62% of the time it leads a major earthquake afterwards, all those times were swarms of major earthquakes. The area down in Mexico to Chile still has not gone off, this tells me something very big is coming there. Precursor quake after another has hit the past month, and still nothing. I have seen this before, it means that something horrible is building.

              Then you look at all the different spots having quakes around the world. While a near 6 around the Azores has happened before, it shows that the African plate is on the move. Areas to watc are Greece and the areas around the Black Sea, Iran to India, southern China and this time southern Japan, and Indonesia, especially Sumatra.

              I am still betting that Mexico to Chile is the focus target for a very large earthquake, then this could easily affect the New Madrid, San Andreas, and or the Cascadia faults. All depending on the plate that goes and the angle of fracture. When this happens it will be much easier to forecast where the energy is directed towards the U.S. faults.

          • Be informed

            I really believe they are too young and uninformed to
            realize the consequences of their immature decisions.

            They are like Virgins describing the intricacies and
            finer points of the ins and outs of sexual intercourse.

            • OutWest.

              To me this is all Bullshit and it is never ending. They are protected by having order in our society. A different story in a long term chaotic setting. Wonder how fast their misguided petitions will be cast aside when hunger, cold/heat, security register in the formative brains. Getting back to basics. What Basics? Eating out of trash cans? Maybe if we do have a revolution, many will go home. Leave the University deserted.

            • Hmm…was that on purpose?

              “…the ins and outs of sexual intercourse.”

              • Wallimiyama—sure, why not

                The dumbing down of America knows no bounds anymore

          • @BI—>I nearly spit my pancakes all over the table at cracker barrel reading this. It’s sad, bit you are right.

        • It is just that folks want to conform. If somebody went around with a collection tin for autistic cats and you didn’t give people would say you were cruel

          • @ Ray. You are very kind to the severally mentally handicap that are this way by choice, not by some brain injury or other reason. Those that conform are extremely dangerous to the survival of the human race. Just look at what conformists have sent into power to ruin the planet.

            BO, twice already, give them another chance, third, fourth, fifth, sixth…………..time. Some life forms are way too stupid to ever learn. 🙁

            • BI; This just goes to show what our education system has done to our progeny,that started with our own indoctrination.Even our leaders probably believe in what they are doing.If we don’t stand up and with draw from this matrix,teach our own by example there will be no hope for society. I have always told my kids to “Use your own mind or someone else will”
              This article is so frustrating to see, that the stupidity of our future society has sunk to this level !


        • Yeah, most kids are dumb. The ones who signed that petition probably also signed up for a free Visa card with a 35% interest rate just to get the free bag of skittles earlier in the day. They’re just not thinking yet.

          There’s a disaster going on in our colleges but it’s a symptom of a broader cultural malaise, not the cause of it.

          We need more trade schools… and a higher voting age. Enough with the “liberal arts” already.

        • Emotion trumps logic. Add to that toxic stew this: hammering by the political whores, media, professors, actors, and other “we’ll meaning but dumb as a post” types who unfortunately are granted access to microphones/TV cameras, and the mushy brained average person turns into a mouth breather who will sign a petition to ban a cooking implement.

          I caught a few minutes of news coverage a few days after the Boston bombing. I don’t recall what channel, but their graphic for the segment was “terror in Boston” and the talking head was focusing attention on the victims, who they were, what their aspirations were, why they were there, the family they left behind, blah, blah, blah. I flipped to another station, same general theme. This event was a perfect opportunity to bind logical thought with emotional drivel. If they can get you to identify with the victims, and their families pain, then perhaps we can get your emotions to override logic. This leads to polls that show people support (y, I,realize the polls are crafted to Gina the desired outcome, work with me) things that are against their well being, things like unwarranted search and seizure, martial law for a couple of dumbass criminals, gun confiscations and the like.the thin that burns me up the most about the absolute lack of critical thought displayed by the media is that the people lap up this nonsense, almost like they are obeying by automatic response. FYI, people like us are never profiles on TV. Our responses to something like the bombing, or mass shootings would be along the lines of personal responsibility to protect ones self and those we are charged to protect, as opposed to mewling in a corner and dialing 911, or perhaps peeing on the perp. As if.

          • @ Tomas. I really thought that human beings were getting more intelligent, the people here sure are. Then came one event after another in which you would think people would learn from their mistakes, Nope. The true assessment (the word ASS is the main focus here) of true stupidity is one that continues to make the same painful mistake over and over again. Just like after the debacle of 2008-09 financial collapse you would think that people would learn the ignorance of credit. However 2013 the same idiots that lost everything are right back at it.

            Banning a cooking device that many people use for canning and making delicious and nutritious home cooked meals is exactly what PO’d Patriot says above, it is freaking mind blowing. Next they will try to ban remote controlled toys, or get this one, EGG TIMERS. Because these devices can be used to help detonate something. These knee jerk reactions are played upon by tyrannical dictators, and they truly know how to play those that want to be told what to do and not think all by themselves. The plight of the conformist and the mega stupid are one of the same.

            I guess that all of us can give thanks that we are not that way. Laugh at the court jester super fools. Then get depressed that the masses encompass the truly stupid that put characters like BO and feinstein into office over and over again that have one agenda; to take away absolutely every one of our freedoms and liberties, especially the 2nd. Amendment. Then prep and prep like their is no tomorrow and be the ones that are still left standing, :), after the rot of these idiots and these so called fearless leaders finally sets in.

            • What concerns me most is that I cannot even REMOTELY relate to the stupidity I see all around my community and this country.

              I try to be sympathetic and empathetic, but the level of ignorance and complete lack of critical thinking (or any other type of thinking) shocks and then numbs me on a daily basis.

              One silver lining: I see these hoards of idiots as the easiest foe our family will be defending our life, home and supplies against.

            • Well, I’m sure you heard that the Boston Bomber told his friends to get rid of his VASELINE, in his backpack, because it was used in making his bomb. Next will be gasoline, because it’s used for Molotov cocktails, along with glass jars and rags. Oh, yes, we will ban shoes, and underwear, because someone used them for bombs in the past, too.
              When will these idealistic pimple faced nitwits ever think FIRST, before they start these ridiculous crusades? I’ll tell you when, it’s when we get rid of the left-wing liberal media, that gives them the attention that their mommies and daddies won’t give them.

          • Not only is Pavlov’s dog alive and well,he’s gaining on us!

        • My new bumper sticker:

          Guns Don’t Kill People – Pressure Cookers Kill People

          It’s for the children.

        • Liberals are idiots. Many things that have valuable use to law abiding civilians can be use by criminals to do bad things. Guns and knives aren’t the only examples. You can add to the list: pressure cookers (can be used as bomb shell), ammonium nitrate (ingredient for explosive), fuel oil (ingredient for explosive), acetone or nail polish (ingredient for explosive), hydrogen peroxide (ingredient for explosive), salt (can be used to sabotage electric power grid), and so on. The list of things that liberals might knee-jerkingly call for a ban on might not be endless, but it is very long, and life without those things might be impossible.

        • Sorry folks, off topic. The time now is 10:55am eastern May 1. If any reloaders here are looking for Winchester large rifle primers, has them available @ $28/1000. Just passing that on.

        • We should ban kitchen knives, pens and pencils, and cars too.

        • do you ignorant fools know it’s the crimanals thats createing the bombs and not the pressure cookers? get a reliaty check already.

        • What a great idea we must have a registration system for every possible threat to the people today….PERIOD !!

      2. Shitheads

        • Thankful that they are not armed.

          …….more fluoride……BA.

      3. Ban pressure cookers today … tomorrow it will be knives and forks, and next it will clothes and shoes.

        Then there will be no place for concealed weapons. We’ll all feal a lot safer too. Sign my petition.

        What a wonderful world …

        • you forgot them banning Old Farmers Almanac a few yrs ago. First the cookbooks, now the crockery. Has a certain logic to it, I must say. Obesity will be the new terrorist threat- which could be where their constant cannibalism meme is leading us… The broth thickens.

        • I went to college decades ago and got some degrees which helped me land a great paying job but it’s all bullshit. It’s a giant paper-chase designed by business (corporations/government) and schools, which are also businesses, let’s not forget. The job I had could have been done without those degrees because I learned how do my job on the job. The primary purpose of college is to get trained in the way that our corporatocracy wants you to think without question. With a few minor exceptions, everything I was taught could have been learned from any major library for free. The same goes for the vast majority of courses taught at all colleges. So unless you’re a science/engineering/medical major where access to large labs is necessary, save your money. Considering the current and near future economic situation most folks would be better off with some sort of technical certificate/degree.

        • Gasoline mineral spirits, all paint cans, all knives and metal in general, oil, ball bearings, nails, (oh yea, any metallic substance) on and on and on. Pure DUMBASS assertions by these kids.

      4. There’s an ad to the right of this story that says “3 Critical Prep Items Don’t Forget These…” and has a picture of a little girl with a dirty and determined face. Betcha her mom’s got a pressure cooker. Now, what do you think a 9-year old Haitian girl whose last meal was a mudpie would think of this B.S.?

      5. At the last supper Jesus commanded HIS DISCIPLES TO CARRY A SWORD. Peter obeyed and struck the servants ear…hours before…

      6. I hate covetness.

      7. their parents must be so proud…dumbasses

        • If the parents are paying the freight for these kids’ “education”, they must really feel like chumps after seeing this.

          • Their parents probably would have signed it too. They’re probably calling the ACLU right now about the “hippy chick” tricking them.

        • 7 3/4 tinfoilhat: This reminds me of the scene in ‘Animal House’ where Bluto finds out they’ve been kicked off campus, he says “seven years of college down the drain”, and he’s still an undergrad! Same for these morons!! With all their worhtless degrees they and their parents will be in debt up to their ears forever. These dumb-f*cks will have to move back in with parents becasue the only jobs they can get will be asking folks ‘you want fries with that’. These sheeple are so screwed because they have no clue about what’s going to be necessary in the very near future. Talk about your useless eaters!!!

      8. I aint giving mine up by cracky,
        MOLON LABE!


        • MOLON LABE my 3 pressure cookers Morons!

        • They’ll get my pressure cooker, when they pry it from my cold dead cook stove.WASP

      9. Reminds me of an old Jimmy Kimmel skit from the “Man Show” where he and Adam Corolla sit at a table outside of a mall with a sign asking people to sign the petition to “End Womens’ Suffrage”. Absolutely hilarious…


          • Thanx Mal, and now I do Believe
            I Will go and mix myself a drink 🙂

            • TTC: I haven’t had a drink in over 11 years and I fell like I need on after seeing this crap!!! Please make mine a double!! We are SOOOO screwed!!!!!

        • Yeah I remember that one. Nice.

      10. Please tell me that’s a joke. One would think that being in an institution of education, that more people could figure out that, that girl is a total idiot. Cannon fodder of the future.

        • Hey that girl will probably be the cahirwoman of the dem national party someday.

          • You guys do realize that she was completely pranking them, don’t you? It’s humor, used to make a political point. [Mama Bear is resisting the temptation to insert a huge DUHHH…Bad Mama Bear! Be nice!]

            Personally, I thought it was hilarious how stupid she played, and how obviously stupid the kids were who signed. And very interesting that the 3 kids who called BS on her were black–the “hell no” guy, the girl who flashed the “loser” sign, and then the only person who made the compelling, OBVIOUS argument against the petition, who was able to think for herself, AND convince the dumb friend. That is a girl who is going to be a leader.

      11. America has turned into a ‘liberalism controlled’ atmosphere. And Liberals/Socialists are an in-your-face type of folks. There is no debate with them.

        These folks would sell you for a bowl of soup, cheer on confiscation so they don’t need to work, and applaud a holocaust of Conservatives and Christians.

        It is not our future; it is our current events and very near future. When SHTF, they will come for your stuff because anybody whom has worked and stayed debt free and has something of any value is now the enemy and the American Collapse cause-maker. Conservatives and whatever practicing Christians left will become the Fall Guy and Scapegoat.

        Hope I’m 100% wrong.

        • You are not wrong.

        • I wish you were wrong, but follow the current trends to their logical conclusions. The unions that created a middle class, instead of practical serfdom, have unintentionally helped eliminate the middle class. It took only 100 years. By protecting the ‘dead wood’ in the unions instead of kicking them out, they devalued their ‘product’ , skilled workers. By demanding unsustainable wages and benefits they contributed to their own demise. And I do believe there is some complicity in union and industry management pushing this demise. The workers at the bottom are hurt the most, the heads of industry and union management cameout rich.

      12. WTF ???

        … and they pay how much for that piece of paper to wipe their asses with and live in debt for 20 years paying it off just to work at Ronny McDonalds Hamburgler Shack selling plastic food .


          • “Brawndo, it’s got what plants crave. It’s got ELECTROLYTES.”

            “Water?! I ain’t never seen no plants grow out of the toilet!”

            Awesome link, Nina!

            • @Mama Bear … Respect ! ;0)

              when i first saw this movie as a Once Sheeple i hated it thought it was just dumb and corny … now as a Veteran Prepper and Patriot i love it .

              i get it now … this dumb movie helped me to shad my normalcy bias and “See the Light” of what ZOG AmeriKa really is and where it’s going !

              To Idiocracy Hell in a Hand Basket !

              if you even get the chance watch the movie called ‘The Pentagon Wars’ it’s online , based on true facts ! Very Scary Truth !



        • Nina,

          Most don’t pay today as Ugly did days of old. Many scholarships, stipends, food stamps, unearned tax credits of $5,000, and a student loan debts of well over 1 trillion now. Most probably wont pay back.

          Maybe we should all go back to college?

          • @Ugg … Respect !

            it’s one BIG COMMIE SOCIALIST PONZI SCHEME is what college is … they should call it ‘ THE TAX DEBT SLAVE FACTORY !’

            Cheers @Ugg ;0)


      13. Bad Baloney — not buying it.

      14. Solar Report

        A C-9.6 (near M-class) flare was just monitored in the south-western solar quadrant, occvuring @ 01:26 UTC…roughly 25 minutes ago. Though in and of itself not significant, it is likely to be signatory of an unexpected increase in general solar activity in the wake of GRB 1203427A which occured in the early hours of the morning of the 27th. The genitve source of the flare was NOAA 11731

        More often as not an increase in Solar activity is noted after the occurance of GRB’s and the event on the 27th is one of the largest ever recorded, surpassed by only two others on record. Time will tell here.

        NOAA 11734 appears to be in growth at this time and as it precesses inot a fuller view appears to be becoming slightly more complex intrinsically. As yet, lillte acvtivity had been noted therefrom. Ot is likely that the estimated size of same wil be – as of theis evenings estimation – above 900 SM. It is also the case that the Penticton Solar Flux has exceeded 153 SFU as of this evening’s measure. The apparent rate of increase of same appears to be very rapid, larger values are to be expected by tomorrow’s, subsequent measurements.


      15. Next, these leftist “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters will be signing petitions to have police stop9 yr old girls selling lemonaide on street corners.

        Oh wait. They already ARE doing that.

      16. We’re fucked..


      17. Kalifornication dreamin’ aka “In their fu*kin dreams”.

      18. LOL . If these are the best and brightest, I hope they remain unemployed after graduation since they create a clear and present danger to any business that hires them to go bankrupt.

      19. My former job had me go to quite alot of high schools
        and colleges.
        It amazed me, frightened me, concerned me, disheartened me, and ‘blew my mind’, that the majority of these high schoolers and college people were “The Our Future Of America.” What a true and sad state of affairs.

        • Emily,

          There are many good kids out there. The problem is that they will not have the same chance at success and living as we did. They will compete with many Non-Americans that could care-less about America or even English. Yet, they will demand the services, and get them, of SSI, health, homes, loans, etc.

          For many, a college degree means nothing anymore because it has been ramrodded by Liberal mentality. It is more socialism and art than any science and technology.

          Even farming (agriculture) will have a rough road ahead.

          Hopefully the true Americans will arise and start stopping this madness. I do not see it yet, not even in the Churches.

          We have all bought The Lie….

          • I think you’re way overestimating how free student loans are, man.

            • let me guess… mr. thumbs down never went to college?

        • Emily- Did you work for 21JumpStreet?

      20. Not a good day to be a youngin’. ‘Kreuz out.

        • Eisen,

          I know. I am 52 years and scared. Thanks for the thoughts.


      21. Since the early 80’s higher education has given birth to highly educated people that can’t do, but have great presentation skills “Bull Shit” to say they are actuall doing something. I mean really there is actually a Beatles history class? What kind of job will that get you?

        College students for the most part know nothing that’s why they voted for BO. They have no clue the are destroying their own future. Is it any wonder so many would sign to ban pressure cookers? With a great presentation “bull shit” you can get most people to sign anything.

        • I liked the kid that said “Hell No”, he must have been from out of state!

          • No that’s northern Cuba down there.

        • Like all the bullshit think tanks
          Ie SPLC
          Even most of the occupy groups, just more do nothings, some no, maybe hit bad times, but the overwhelming majority were just neuveau hippy types from what i saw and heard,
          Were screwed if this is our destiny

          • They will be running the universities and country in 30 years. My grand children don’t stand a chance of living free in America.

          • Thumbs up for the “neuveau hippy” reference!

      22. So what? She has the right to petition on anything.
        Might be stupid but still her right. Same for those who signed the paper.

        Remember when it all goes to hell, it don’t mean shit.

      23. OMG! WTF! FUBAR!

      24. Hemp rope. Street lights.

      25. A class on the History of the Beatles???

        What more is there to say. We’re screwed.

        • Will you still need me.
          Will you still feed me.
          When I’m Sixty Four.

          • Imagine there is no Heaven,
            No hell below us, above us only sky….

            Imagine there is no Country….

            Sometimes the beatles do suck.

            • Eleanor Rigby for president/Rocky Raccoon for vp!

              Well, if we’re gonna let the Beatles inspire a new national anthem…
              I propose something a bit more attainable than John Lennon’s utopian fantasy of ‘Imagine’ (I admit, I still like the song though) How about-

              “She came in through the bathroom window,
              Protected by a silver spoon…”

              Makes me want to wave the flag every time I hear it. (okie chokes back tears of patriotic emotion)

          • “i get high with a little help
            from my friends”

        • The Beatles? History? Nah….more like prophecy!

          “You say you want a rev-o-lu-tion, we-ll you kn-ow,
          We all want to change the world”

          “Happiness is a warm gun”

          • SmokinOkie:

            Well, they wanted revolution, now they’ve got it. Too bad the people who started this runaway progressive decline aren’t around to suffer through its’ caustic effects.

            Panoptic I.Q. decline, legalized teenage promiscuity, class warfare, social justice, wealth distribution, illegal immigration reform, and the list keeps growing. There’s not much left to do at this stage of the collapse but let it crumble and start from scratch.

            • “Well, they wanted revolution, now they’ve got it”

              Uhh, not so much.

              You say you’ll change the constitution
              Well, you know
              We all want to change your head

              they did NOT want a revolution. They were singing about the leftist idiots that did.

        • Yeah.

          Navel gazers.

      26. OH? Miami Dade.

        They speak, “ENGLISH”. Now that is a plus.

        Welcome, fellow Americans. Welcome to Little Cuba on one side of tracks and Long Island transplants on the other.

      27. the only path to salvation for America will be through upheaval…..even then things will never be the same.

      28. Too funny.. and sad too. Obviously not taking any type of science class that requires sterile equipment, but she’s gonna be a highly edgdamakated sheep. What a waste….

      29. This petition makes about as much sense as a two-story out house.

      30. Party, Party, Party.
        Party, Party, Party.
        We’re gonna Party Noooooooooow!

        They haven’t stopped yet.

      31. You know I made a joke about the upcomming ban on pressure cookers at work the other day, just a minute ago I showed everyone this article. The response was worse than the article, beyond the deafening silence (crickets chirrping)and blank stares the only comment/question/faign of interest at all was “What school in Miami?” I said does it matter? I know your thinking I work with a bunch of clowns arn’t you ? Well thats where it gets really sad, I work in the only level3 Trauma hospital within a 100 miles and the group I was talking to were all medical professionals.
        I dont get it anymore, I just don’t. Each day I am more convinced that a veil has been placed over the eyes of all but a few. I know that sounds conceited, hey look at me I have all the answers, I don’t I know that, but at what point do you realize you are on your own and until this thing affects people in a negative and painful way, nothing is going to change.
        All I can conclude from this is please let the SHTF soon before one of these darling young people actually run and get into office. America is beyond screwed if this is the best and brightest we can come up with.

        • Boss Hog,

          >>”I don’t get it anymore, I just don’t. Each day I am more convinced that a veil has been placed over the eyes of all but a few. I know that sounds conceited…”<<

          There's nothing conceited about it when it's the truth. You are simply stating an undeniable fact. I.Q.'s in America are suffering a precipitous decline especially among younger people. They simply do not understand what it is they are giving away and how difficult it is to re-take once it's lost.

          • These peoples’ IQ’s would jump quickly if they were ever actually allowed to feel the real sting of a truly shitty economy. You know, the kind where there was no money printing, no SNAP because the country could not pay for it, no mommy and daddy to take care of them, true hunger in the belly, no smartphone with Facebook, no 200 channels at mommy’s house, etc. The day will come. America has reached the critical point and crossed over it. Now we just have to guess on the timing of the fall.

      32. These are the same assholes who would turn in their siblings,parents, or relatives should the opportunity arise for the safety or benefit of the collective..

        Goddamned mindless sheeple of the “nth” degree..

        And their churning these assholes out of the system by the millions..

        Again..we are truly a degree

        Of course we all have one advantage over them

        We are prepared every sense of the word..

        Stay vigilant..


        • The Guy: Great scene.

      33. Go to a trade school.

        Or go to a Junior College and jsut do your major classes at a real University.

        These guys have you at one of the most vulnerable points in your psychological life, short of Preschool. This is the point where you figured out you want to “do it on your own without Mommy and Daddy” and are just beginning to be secretly terrified that you need further instruction from the “worldy experienced elders”. On the sly of course.

        And there these guys are. Hundreds of them. Brain-dead zombie communists that couldn’t get jobs managing car washes. Just waiting to do you right in the brain pan.

      34. I might as well pack up and go home without any juice.

        • Where is his home?

      35. At first, I thought this had to be a joke…sadly, it’s not…these kids are sooo misguided :-/

      36. Do they even know what a pressure cooker is? I am sure they don’t know how to use one. I am 32 and embarrassed of people my age and younger. Not all of them but holy crap they are totally lacking common sense. Bunch of IDIOTS, it makes me hope something happens soon.

      37. Remember the Sly Stallone film “Demolition Man” ?
        Well (as I’ve always believed) we’re turning into the same mindless,dumbed down, unable to cope with anything serious, pussy-whipped, brain-dead, pacified, subservient, wanker society that the film portrayed.

        I guess the sci-fi writers could see the future far better than any politician or economist ever could.

        • Will you take me to dinner at Taco Bell?

      38. Rant mode on/off… Switch ON…lights blink… low hum begins… faint warm smell of electronics heating up… cockpit glows as hundreds of needles jump to life… dials reading as follows:
        Anger- 0%
        Frustration- 27%
        BP- 138/70
        Pulse- 74
        Altitude- 6ft 1in
        Temp- 98.6
        IQ- None detected
        Oil Pressure- 55psi
        Engine Coolant Temp- 180 degrees
        Air Pressure- 120psi
        Gasket Integrity- 100%
        Dow Jones- 14,437
        Baltic Dry Index- 77.9
        Powerball Jackpot- 145 million
        Tread Depth 16/32nds
        Power Steering Fluid- Full
        Wallet- $28
        Coffee Cup- Full
        Coffee Temp- 135 degrees
        Alternator- 14.1 volts
        Rudder- 6 degrees Starboard
        Wife & Kids- Satisfactory
        CB Channel- 19
        AM/FM- FM mode
        Frequency- 98.7 mhz
        Employer Asshole Potential- 100%
        Vince Gill Record Sales- 29.2 million
        Miss April- 38/28/34
        Congressional Approval Rating- 5.5%
        Gekko Savings On Car Insurance- 15%
        National Debt- $17.2 trillion
        Personal Debt- $0
        Odds Of OKC Thunder Winning NBA Championship- 5 to 3
        Bookies Phone Number- 555-280-7765 (speed dial 4)
        Calcium- 60% daily values (based on 2000 calorie diet)
        Niacin- not a significant source
        Elevation- 2,893 ft
        Barometric Pressure 29.9 (steady)
        Cell Phone Battery- Full
        Signal- 4 bars
        Overall Systems Analysis- Good/Fair

        ‘Freightliner Cascadia, you’re clear to launch from dock 7.’

        ” Clear all moorings. Stand by for departure. Ahead 1/4 Impulse power…”

        Looks like I’m ready to go truckin’. Damn the Klingons! Full speed ahead!

        • Power Ball. Is that sexual…

          • Hi Ted! I’ve heard that old ugly guys who win don’t seem to have a problem getting laid. So, yeah, maybe it is!

        • @Smokin Okie
          That’s it .
          I’ve decided by now to be SURE
          not to be sippin my cuppa coffee when I see your username roll up .
          But This morning I forget again!
          Carry on mate .
          My sinus passages needed that express coffee enema I suppose …
          It did wondeers for the pollen backlog .

        • SmokinOkie,

          Just hysterical!! Thank you.

      39. what a bunch of dum-dums. so this is what college gets you? Ignorance!

        • Yeah, a chance at stupidity and debt.

      40. Actual Footage Boston Bombing Suspects Fire Fight With Police, Watertown Apr 19, 2013

        This news outlet got their hands on actual footage of the gunfight the police had with the boston bombers. “we didnt do it” that is exactly what they are yelling…and then they yell–“we didnt do it”

        • Remember the cia / fbi / dhs false-fag framed suspects are being shot at by masshole state troopers and boston piggies in blue WITH REAL GUNS and BULLETS as they scream out …

          @ :24 “chill out”

          @ :26?chill out”, “chill out”

          @ :31 “Chill out ”

          @ :37?we didnt do it”

          @ :41?we didnt do it ”

          @ :45?we didnt do it”

          @ 1:09?hey officer”

          ” BLAM BLAM BLAM !”

          GOT a BIG enough GUN !!!

          You’re gonna need it not to protect yourself from common criminals , but from the REAL CRIMINALS now roaming ZOG AmeriKa’s street’s the COPS !!!


      41. Forgive me for any insinuation I have made reguarding blacks, other than Obammy that is. Even though she was wearing a T with his picture on it, I saw atleast to blacks refuse to sign her petition. But as Ugly as she was, she’s alot like Eisenkraut she needs some kind of (cause), or who would even notice her. Another reason were going down the tube, Young People!WASP

      42. Jim Rickards – gold could hit $7,000 in under 2 minutes !

        Got Phyzz ???


      43. She’s a fake, she’s just acting super dumbass liberal, but the sad part is its the students that are so dumb they will just Sign anything… College it’s where commonsense goes to get raped and die, let’s have a few seconds of silence to remember a time when we still had commonsense… Oh wait that was 1775 and 1941, some where down the line we lost our balls and brains… Sad.

        • Actually, what’s sad is the fact that so many people here don’t seem to get the fact that she’s acting/parodying.

          I expect the college students to be dumbasses. Not quite so much the people on a SHTF forum.

          That’s a bit concerning.

      44. The girl in the yellow dress is he only smart person who actually THOUGHT about what she said……its incredible how stupid Americans are and REALLY …..a class on the history of the Beatles

      45. we’ve known for a long time that the purpose of
        “the educational system” isn’t to educate

        it’s to indoctrinate

        ““The whole educational and professional training system is a very elaborate filter, which just weeds out people who are too independent, and who think for themselves, and who don’t know how to be submissive, and so on — because they’re dysfunctional to the institutions.”
        ― Noam Chomsky

        are we living in THE MATRIX or what??

        nothing is as it seems

        ““Children learn what they live. Put kids in a class and they will live out their lives in an invisible cage, isolated from their chance at community; interrupt kids with bells and horns all the time and they will learn that nothing is important or worth finishing; ridicule them and they will retreat from human association; shame them and they will find a hundred ways to get even. The habits taught in large-scale organizations are deadly.”
        ― John Taylor Gatto

      46. here’s an example of someone who wasn’t a victim of the
        PuBliK SkOoL system

        Liberty Was Also Attacked in Boston

        By: Ron Paul

        Forced lockdown of a city. Militarized police riding tanks in the streets. Door-to-door armed searches without warrant. Families thrown out of their homes at gunpoint to be searched without probable cause. Businesses forced to close. Transport shut down.

        These were not the scenes from a military coup in a far off banana republic, but rather the scenes just over a week ago in Boston as the United States got a taste of martial law. The ostensible reason for the military-style takeover of parts of Boston was that the accused perpetrator of a horrific crime was on the loose. The Boston bombing provided the opportunity for the government to turn what should have been a police investigation into a military-style occupation of an American city. This unprecedented move should frighten us as much or more than the attack itself.

        What has been sadly forgotten in all the celebration of the capture of one suspect and the killing of his older brother is that the police state tactics in Boston did absolutely nothing to catch them. While the media crowed that the apprehension of the suspects was a triumph of the new surveillance state – and, predictably, many talking heads and Members of Congress called for even more government cameras pointed at the rest of us – the fact is none of this caught the suspect. Actually, it very nearly gave the suspect a chance to make a getaway.

        The “shelter in place” command imposed by the governor of Massachusetts was lifted before the suspect was caught. Only after this police state move was ended did the owner of the boat go outside to check on his property, and in so doing discover the suspect.

        No, the suspect was not discovered by the paramilitary troops terrorizing the public. He was discovered by a private citizen, who then placed a call to the police. And he was identified not by government surveillance cameras, but by private citizens who willingly shared their photographs with the police.

        As journalist Tim Carney wrote last week:

        “Law enforcement in Boston used cameras to ID the bombing suspects, but not police cameras. Instead, authorities asked the public to submit all photos and videos of the finish-line area to the FBI, just in case any of them had relevant images. The surveillance videos the FBI posted online of the suspects came from private businesses that use surveillance to punish and deter crime on their property.”

        Sadly, we have been conditioned to believe that the job of the government is to keep us safe, but in reality the job of the government is to protect our liberties. Once the government decides that its role is to keep us safe, whether economically or physically, they can only do so by taking away our liberties. That is what happened in Boston.

        Three people were killed in Boston and that is tragic. But what of the fact that over 40 persons are killed in the United States each day, and sometimes ten persons can be killed in one city on any given weekend? These cities are not locked-down by paramilitary police riding in tanks and pointing automatic weapons at innocent citizens.

        This is unprecedented and is very dangerous. We must educate ourselves and others about our precious civil liberties to ensure that we never accept demands that we give up our Constitution so that the government can pretend to protect us.

        but keep in mind
        people who have educated themselves
        and think for themselves
        are a threat to the system
        and will not be tolerated

        • Good one Satori. It is this kind of thing that just makes me want to puke. I mean it. My blood pressure goes through the roof when a few of us can see this but the majority of people don’t have a clue. You would think this article would be head line news, talked about in schools. But no, just go on about your business and ignore the real state of affairs.


      47. Ya know a few posts ago we were all talking about feeding the hungry neighbor idiot that didnt prep, well I think I have a way to filter the feedable from the not so feedable. Just one question before I hand you this bag o food and please take your time on this one it will determine what you actually get(boot in ass or bag o food)

        “How did you stand on the banning of pressure cookers?”

        • Boss Hog,

          I prefer to think more along the lines of ‘thinning the herd’ during a crisis.

          A crisis is like a sailboat. Once it sets sail, whatever I have on board is all I have to sustain me until the next landfall.

          People who have nothing to show for during a crisis made that decision each and everyday right up to the point of the event. They will have squandered thousands or even tens of thousands of (daily) opportunities to get prepared, especially if they were warned.

          I’ll do what I can for children and the invalid during a crisis. Everyone else will assume the consequences of their decisions and their choices.

          • @YH.

            “Everyone else will assume the consequences of their decisions and their choices”.

            This is where I become highly judgmental for I have set standards for the “before” and “after” the event.

            • slingshot:

              >>”This is where I become highly judgmental for I have set standards for the “before” and “after” the event.”<<

              Sounds like a great plan. As we have seen in every disaster in recent memory, there will be incomprehensible competition for rapidly dwindling resources. Anything that keeps us alive and secure will be worth its weight in Gold.

        • Im already asking people how they voted last two elections before i even bother with talking to them or doing anything for them

          • @VRF
            Just who is sizing up who? I doubt that OBAMANITES are anywhere close as to how they will pick their brothers in arms. They are more reactive than active in determining who has the skills to survive. Especially, as one has said before, in the critical thinking process.
            When faced with menial tasks they will complain that it is too hard or that I am going to get dirty, too heavy a job or some other excuse. Never ask them to do something you have not done yourself. All most know is what they have been told and never have any experiences that contained hardship or effort to being accomplished. Many will be unable to step outside their comfort zone. A self centered life being top priority. You will know them as to how they conduct themselves in public. How they carry themselves. How they take care of items. Animals, Home, Car. Are they leeches on society instead of being productive. What they value in life.
            Many more questions can be asked and the majority of us will be able to decipher if they are telling the truth by our own experiences.

            • Who would you trust more in a survival mode?
              A Homeless Person or A person of Wealth.

      48. Employer Asshole Potential ~ 100%
        This is great, I can’t stop laughing.
        I am going to copy this down, my brother is a
        fedex 18 wheeler driver for over 25 years, and,,
        my father a former truck driver. They will get a
        kick out of this. I love this site, and thanks
        Oakie, this was hilarious!

        • Thanks Emily. You’re too kind. 🙂

      49. OH NO! My ALMA MATER! (shakes head in disgust)

      50. Awww.. I love my pressure cooker. The meat comes out so tender after just an hour.

        Yeah… fubar…

        Amazing how our society operates on exceptions.

        I see this all the time.

        How about we just ban any foreigners and stop immigration..the root cause of all the problems in the United States… too many souls here.

        We don’t have enough jobs for our own people.

        Yeah…the next generation are real boneheads who are brainwashed by the media.

        No pot roast for them.

      51. It was a sad day in the land of the bikini…

      52. Good Morning All,

        A little off topic but have some economic news for the end of April that is being ignored by the media in their effort to make you believe that our economy is just humming along:

        One, AZ has decided to join UT as one of two states signing into law that gold and silver can be used as legal tender.

        Two, As of the end of April home ownership has fallen to 1995 levels. Yes …. 1995, 18 years ago more people owned houses than do today. That just shows you how much in inventory is out there.

        Third and probably most important here is a quote from an article on zerohedgedotcom regarding the Chicago Feds figures that some one tipped me to:

        “First China’s official manufacturing PMI slipped 0.3pt to 50.6, coming below expectations, suggesting weak momentum going into Q2. Meanwhile, Korea trade data indicated weaker momentum in exports than expected, rising 0.4% on expectations of a 2% bounce courtesy of Abenomics, and hence a lower trade surplus, while inflation defied median expectations of a rise and slowed yet further. Finally, Australia PMI was an absolute disaster printing even worse than the Chicago PMI, plunging from 44.4 to 36.7, meaning that the RBA is about to join the global “reflation effort.” Given that most markets in Asia are closed today, there is no market reaction worth mentioning, aside from the fact that the yen which was logically weaker overnight then ramped up into the European open and US pre-trading as it is, after all, the primary source of “beta” for the global stock markets. Finally, while some are dreading the start of “sell in May and go away” season, what most have forgotten is that never before has May been accompanied by $160 billion per month in central bank de novo liquidity (a number which will only go up- you know, for the wealth effect). Which is why our redefinition of this infamous phrase is “buy in May and buy every day.”

        This is very bad and shows that the end for the U.S. is very close in terms of remaining the worlds currency and staying the biggest producer in the world.

        Watch the bond markets this month. (May) Gold as well as silver may very well surge in a dead cat bounce. But remember it may only rise to fall back again. Remember the up’s and downs in large numbers of the stock market 5-7 years ago, well when you see PM’s doing this it is an indication of the beginning of the end. The big end!


      53. We have me duh enemy…and they be us.

      54. 10 Tips to Make Sure Your Activist Group Isn’t Set Up by the Feds
        #1 Never work with informants or do anything illegal
        #2 Run your own safety drills
        #3 Step up security
        #4 Familiarize yourself with the federal Fusion Centers
        #5 Make friends with local politicians, judges, police and sheriffs whenever possible
        #6 Look out for the lesser members
        7# Every meeting and rally give a ‘non-violent disclaimer’ at the very start
        #8 Always ask a ton of questions to new people
        #9 Assign trusted group members to check on every new member
        #10 Make everybody introduce themselves each meeting

        The FBI and federal government have been caught red handed setting up groups, staging terrorists attacks, staging drills, creating patsies, and infiltrating activist groups. Here are 10 good tips to avoid the embarrassment of your group ending up in the headlines as another excuse to further the police state agenda. No matter if your a 9/11 group, anti-GMO, anti-war, Christian, Muslim or whatever the cause may be. If you run a group these tips are for you

        Mac. I’ll include the link if you would like to bring this to the table

      55. the jewish girl making the video knows well how to dress up and deceive.

        • she can tell you about the plane crash with a gleem in her eye

        • But she had a nice figure especially when she turned around!

        • If obama had a son,would he look like Jason Collins?

      56. I just checked the stores, cleaned and oil defense weapons, will be putting the finishing touches on perimeter defenses this weekend. Have oiled the hinges to the bunker door, and I’m ready to close it.

        You must have at the least 18 months if not two years of food put back, why. No matter when it hits the wall (time of year), it will take one year for your garden to produce food, remember you must produce food to eat on and food to put back for the next year. This is going to take a very big garden, and a tremendous amount of work.

        First and foremost is your water supply you will need a lot just to live; let alone, water the garden, so be on the lookout for a large safe supply source.

        Just looking at the world events unfolding, Mother Nature screaming, the future looks very bleak. Believe it or not the train has left the station and is going to fast now to get off or stop it safely. The only thing we can do now is strap ourselves the best we can to our seats and hold on for the derailment to happen. This wreck will be the worst the world has seen to date. The world powers that are at the controls have pushed the throttle handle as fast as it can go, and then broken it off; there will be no slowing down now— none what so ever.

        Standing in the bunker door way. It will soon be time close it and to say good-bye.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Watchman, thank you for this post.
          I visit 2 prepper forums every day and the census is one year of supplies, food, water, etc.
          It is ludicrous.
          Store what you can accomplish with your available resources and space.

      57. I’m glad I stocked up while they where still available. They’ll be as scarce as 22lr before the year is out. Not sure if I have enough though if it hits the fan, so I may pick up a few more. Hey I can always trade them for ammo. 🙂 Just had to throw my two cents in. Just goes to show you, you can send them to college, but all you get is educated fools.

      58. True story.

        Last week at my eldest child’s college an organization was offering free burrito’s to any student who would sign a petition to give up their right to free speech.

        They were required to cover all emblems on their clothing (like Nike & greek letters). They were told they could not voice their opinions.

        There were MANY kids lined up to do it! And this is at a pretty conservative southern university (if there is such a thing anymore)

        My child declined (thank God I’ve done something right!)

        • thats great your kid didnt, the problem is..there were kids that did, even if it was only 1 kid..that there is a problem

      59. Oh no, Mr. Wizard I want to go home home home, I’ve had enough..

      60. Already back on the dance floor, beautiful ballroom teacher maimed in Boston bombings appears on Dancing With The Stars
        Adrianne Haslet, 32, made a guest appearance on last night’s DWTS
        She had her lower left leg amputated after being hit by the second bomb
        Competition to follow her progress as she begins rehab in Boston hospital

        Read more:
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

        This is such ZOG FedGov False-Fag Propaganda B.S. !

        THIS WOMAN IS A FRAUD ! She’s another FBI DHS FALSE-FAG CRISIS ACTOR feeding the MK-ULTRA MEDIA PROPAGANDA MACHINE directed at you the ZOG AmeriKan Sheeple !


        HOW MUCH MORE once free AmeriCa ? How much more of this B.S. will you endure !?


      61. The End of the United States

        By Stephen Pidgeon
        April 30, 2013

        The fifty-state union is over. Nothing remains but a criminal mafia pretending to hold office, stealing every last aspect of wealth they can identify in order to accomplish three things: 1) make payment to the banksters who have paid their bribes; 2) secure payment to themselves to ensure their own comfort; and 3) secure enough means to keep the mafia working (i.e., paying the utilities for the capitol building).

      62. The girl is spoofing the students to get reactions.
        The real pressure cooker is the student loans these young people take out to pay for worthless degrees that will land them a whopping $12-18 an hour job.
        They’ll be indentured servants for life and don’t even realize the full ramifications yet.
        The shearing of these sheep will be epic.

      63. Breaking News

        3 more arrests made in the Boston bombing

        no details yet

        • Barry, Moe and Curly? or Janet, Valerie and Hillary?

      64. Please sign our petition to ban pens to prevent people from signing petitions.

      65. Just another very good reason why I moved FROM South Florida.

      66. Damn, if they ban pressure cookers I’ll have to go back to slow cooking my lamb shanks. Ha!

      67. I was hoping when I saw the title to this article that it was a joke.

        If I were the parent of one of these kids, I would go to the registrar and demand a refund of tuition because obviously Junior is too damn stupid to go to college.

        Just saying.

      68. COOL!! Why not?! If they can petition to ban guns, why not petitition to ban pressure cookers?! Just shows how stupid the gun grabbers are!

        Next, I would suggest she start a petition to ban iron rods– remember the woman in India who was raped by one? And of course, we all know about knives, base ball bats, rocks, and meat cleavers. (Some Chinese guy went bezeerk a couple years ago and killed a bunch of little kids with a meat cleaver). In England, the choice of weapon is base ball bats… better do away with those too! : )

      69. Ban all car, motorcycles, trains, planes, and automobiles, because that is what is killing the whole planet! and while you are at it, ban Stupidity!

      70. @TTC ~ *lol* No, I did not work for 21 jump street, but I get your point.
        @Ugly ~ Your right, there are some decent H.S./college
        students. Maybe around .999999 or 1%. Clean cut, responsible, decently dressed, studious, serious about their education they or their families that are paying tuition wise. You have a good point, competing with non U.S. citizens. Good old affirmative action.
        Science and technology are sorely needed in this country.
        There is a lack of engineers, plumbers, electricians.

      71. Wait this was done in miami?!? In English?!?

      72. Wow, I guess it makes some people feel smart to point out other people’s supposed stupidity. God forbid someone has an alternate opinion here. Try taking off your tinfoil hats and leaving your doomsday bunkers once in a while – the world ain’t that bad. And it will still be here tomorrow, believe it or not….

      73. Whew, that was close. I didn’t have a pressure cooker, yet. I went out today and purchased one old fashion cooker and a pressure canner to boot! At least like guns, the price will go out of sight because the panickers will go crazy and DHS will contract to buy millions… Don’t laugh, I bought two ARs and case ammo in September…

      74. They must be humanities students. The prerequisites of which is a complete vacuum of knowledge about the real world, from which they escaped by rewiring their brains using street drugs.

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