Bernanke Confirms: “If We Were To Tighten Policy, The Economy Would Tank”

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Headline News | 344 comments

Financial analysts have opined that the United States is well on the road to recovery. They cite various data points to make the case that the multi-trillion dollar bailouts and stimulus have brought us back from the brink of a collapse so serious that Congressional leaders had been told that should the bailouts fail, there was a real possibility of martial law being declared.

We’re doing so well, in fact, that just a couple of years ago President Obama assured the nation of our progress, claiming that we “reversed the recession, avoided a depression, [and] got the economy moving again.”

But were one to take a step back from the rhetoric of talking heads, political leaders and so-called Wall Street experts, a completely different picture begins to emerge.

Just this week it was announced that not only are housing starts plummeting, but permit applications reported their “largest miss in history,” an indicator that the economy is not as healthy as it has been made out to be. And, while stock markets are hitting all-time record highs, what’s curious is that some of the world’s largest companies, including Intel, IBM, Google, Ebay and FedEx, are reporting significant consumer pull back and earnings below analyst expectations.

And if that hasn’t convinced you, then here is the reality of the situation directly from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, the architect of the most massive economic recovery “plan” ever devised in the history of the world.

“I don’t think the Fed can get interest rates up very much, because the economy is weak, inflation rates are low,” Bernanke told the House Financial Services Committee.

“If we were to tighten policy, the economy would tank.”

(Courier Mail)

What Helicopter Ben is saying, despite his pledge to start pulling back the monthly $85 billion (Over $1 Trillion yearly) in stimulus spending by mid-2014, is that if they stop injecting financial and bond markets with capital, the whole system is going to fall apart, just like it was going to in 2008.

There is no way out for Ben Bernanke’s policies. We’re toast either way. If we keep printing, we eventually hyperinflate our currency to oblivion, leaving our entire system of commerce at a standstill. If we stop printing the system “tanks,” as noted by the Chairman.

The end result, any way you slice it, is complete and total detonation of our financial, economic and monetary systems:

His answer?  The economy will tank.

Did that tell you everything you needed to know?

It should have.

He can’t exit.  

Not now, not ever.

Which paradoxically, means he will exit because if an outcome is inevitable then the longer you wait and the more distortion you pump in before it happens the worse it is and he cannot avoid owning the outcome either way.

Think it through folks.

Then get ready, because it’s coming.

Following the 2008 crisis, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was quoted as saying that the United States was on the brink of a total collapse, something his successor Tim Geithner echoed in an open letter to Congress.

This is happening, and our Federal Reserve Chairman just confirmed it.

Ignore it at your peril.

Inflation is Running at 40-Year Highs!

Negative interest rates are taxing savers, creating food shortages, and making life miserable in the United States!

There's little time left before the REAL DISASTER occurs!

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    1. Red Leader

      I guess that means print unlimited money until it all collapses and is worth nothing.

      • Be informed

        I have only one thing to say with that baboon helicopter ben, get the the tar and feathers out it is almost time.

        • braveheart

          Good evening, BI. The tar and feathers should go for everyone who did this to our country. braveheart

          • Be informed

            @ braveheart. Always the first and the last one in line to get hot tarred and turkey and chicken feathered are the ones to that most deserve it. The first one has the terrible feeling of getting it first, the last one has all that anticipation of waiting after seeing everyone else get it. So which two traitors would you like to see get the first and last punishments? 😉

            • braveheart

              BI, I don’t care which POS gets punished first or what order it’s done in just as long as it gets done. There is no redeeming value in any of them that I can see. braveheart

              • Gods Creation

                Is it really news when an idiot remarks on the obvious and thereby confesses his own stupidity?

                The DOW will go to 50,000 before the sheep understand what has happened to them, and they will still think it is good news.

                • leonidas7946


          • Roseman91

            Braveheart I agree, totally. Do they make white tar? I have another leader I mind for it.

            • barterman


          • US Centurion

            Perhaps they should tar and feather half the population of this country for electing these fools or for living way beyond their means or for just flat being knuckleheads but of course like most of the morons in this country they will blame everyone else. The barbarians are at the gates

            • Paranoid

              No, that’s the problem; the stupid barb are inside already.

          • barterman

            for crimes committed against the people of the united states you deserve….Ya ll know.

        • OutWest

          bennie bucks says:

          Don’t call me a two-bit chairman or
          I’ll hit you with my bag of quarters.

          • braveheart

            Howdy, OutWest. If the POS wants to hit me with anything, I’ve got some nice “hot lead” he can eat. braveheart

        • Navy Vet

          I think that if a majority of the perpetrators of this mess had been tried and jailed or the Chinese solution to fiscal malfeasance had been implemented and the banks and corporations that were insolvent had been allowed to fail, The People would have much more confidence in the economy and the government. The fact that so many of the perpetrators are still on the loose and further enriching themselves with taxpayer bailout money and QE credit has totally undermined confidence that the economic and governmental system can be righted.

          In other words more people are waking up every day and taking steps to ensure their survival in another catastrophic fiscal event that is rapidly bearing down on us.

          • mike prince

            Sorry it’s not just the government to blame. Who bought all the China stuff? Who let the wolves guard the chicken house. Who let the T.V. think for them. Who got lazy? It’s John Q.Public and sally F. Public. Now if all of the sheep could live with in there means and stop blaming the “system”…… oh who am I kidding. Bought some more “camping food and misc. Camping is a very healthy hobby now.

            • Sigi

              Are you kidding? Seriously? TRILLIONS borrowed by the government, but that’s nothing, blame the little people who bought what they could afford after taxes.

              • AnonLegion

                We the People are to blame. We let it happen. We let it continue to happen. We talk about it, but do nothing.

                We have to be the watch dogs and WE failed. Just because we are awake means very little when we just watch it go on and on and on, and all we do is cluck about it.

                Remember the man in front of the tank. We have had him come ( Manning, Snowden, etc… ) and what do we do?

                OMG ZIMMERMAN THIS, TRAYVON THAT. wrong ball game people.
                So awake we fell right into it. It is time to wipe the sleep from our eyes, fully wake up and move.

                We will wait until it is too late. We will wait until they come and take us away. We will talk about slinging hot lead, yeah maybe you all need to read more of what Selco talks about over at his site.

                Unless you HAVE killed do not talk like you WILL kill. Shit is different when its in your face. As I said before seen marines bitch out and get their squad mates killed because they were all pumped up “Call of Duty” warriors, until they were shot at. When those brick chips pelt your face as a bullet lands two inches away your views change a bit. As said before Targets do not shoot back.

                • Prepperpah

                  Always look for the source. The people were the method used to destroy US supremacy, but they were not the originator of the event.

                  The majority of people don’t think for themselves. They are programmed by media. You can point your finger at the actions of the programmed public, but it is a mistake to suggest they are at fault. They were programmed from birth. Who really is at fault?

                  Ironic, but the seven deadly sins are all at work destroying the US. They are being used to control the actions of an entire people. That is what media advocates: greed, gluttony, consumption… And you blame those programmed?

                  The system was trashed long before Ben came on the scene. Obama may be a minion, but he too is not the origin of this collapse. It was planned from the moment freedom took hold, and fully put into action in 1913. You were sold before you were born, and your future was likewise stolen from you before birth. You can take it back if you see the control for what it is. Withdraw from the system of control.

                • Just_Sayin

                  Best post I have read in a while. I’ve been reading Mac’s posts for a couple of years now and have slowly chipped away at the items and knowledge that I felt would fit into my plan. I normally enjoy reading the comments and sit back.

                  However today I would like to pose the 3 million dollar question… Can we change the outcome ?

                  Today we have more social outlets than ever in history and yet we cannot communicate, gather and revolt to make a change in the outcome. Please refrain from the “write your Congressmen” replies because I can assure you this is not the answer.

                  Does anyone have the answer ?

                • c

                  Anon: Many people “let it happen” but there were many like me who wrote our Senators many times to tell them to knock it off. And they probably got what I did: My senators gave me a chewing out for my views. They told me how I should be thinking. They told me why I was WRONG and exactly how to think. The first time I was shocked and then I was just angry and told them that I had a right to voice MY views and they were employed to listen and act on the views of the people not the other way around.
                  My writing my senators what just spitting in the wind.

                • Robertson


                  Stop it with the tough guy, “I know what you others don’t” BS talk. I’m too old to buy into it and I WILL kill if i have to.

                  And stop it with the “WE” sht that we did it to ourselves. Most of what has happened to this country is a result of things that have been going on for years and that we have no control over.
                  WE followed the law and it didn’t work so what else were we to do?

              • Anonymous

                It would be a real short list of who is not to blame.


                • pissinwiththewind

                  @ Just_Sayin

                  Your question: “Does Anyone have the Answer”?

                  Not exactly, but I have some suggestions.
                  Since the idea of a full scale revolt to get our government back, sounds great; in all reality, it will never happen. I could give many reasons why it won’t, but let’s just say because it isn’t biblical.

                  So, we are left with plan B.
                  Plan B consists of one getting, or having, their heart right. Following God’s laws with keeping their “house” in order. If one has children living in that house, instruct,teach,love and do so by force if necessary. A good ass whippin for the right reasons never permanently harmed a kid. If that kid won’t work or help the family as a whole, and wants to be rebellious; let them be rebellious under someone elses roof. Tough love.

                  Phase out old lifestyles of living like there will always be a way to pay off debts. Get out of debt by whatever (legal) means possible and start making a return to plain lifestyles and basic living.

                  Don’t be brainwashed by the bull shit coming out of Washington DC and Hollywood. Political correctness and following a false doctrine of accepting homosexual behavior and killing of the unborn will lead a person right up to the gates of Hell.

                  There is no “straddling the fence” when it comes to what our Heavenly Father says is a no-no. Even though some will think they are blessed with riches and “stuff”; they are being deceived and there is coming a day of rekoning very soon.

                  Prep like there is only a few months before all hell breaks loose and the economy tanks. Put back as much dry goods and canned goods as feasibly possible. Right now! Remember; things will not get any cheaper, except shit nobody wants or needs. Food should be a priority. When the Middle East war begins, and it will; crude oil will double and triple, and so will food costs.

                  A few thousand dollars lost in cashing out a 401k account or pension now, and using those $$ to get entirely out of debt and procuring a stockpile of nonperishable foods, could be the smartest decision a person will ever make in their lives, besides becoming a believer.

                  Every person has to sail their own ship. Make decisions wisely and pray to the Father for answers and guidance.
                  If the Father/Son and salvation hasn’t been a priority in one’s life; they better start making them one before it is too late.


              • Anonymous

                It’s always someone else’s fault, right? If you don’t have money then learn a skill, get educated, stop voting for the same fools who are stealing from you, do something to improve your situation and yourself. Apparently, buying cheap Chinese crap isn’t the answer to your problems, it’s only the beginning of them. The answer lies in the mirror!!

              • cellar spider


                The only answer I can think of is Non Participation. It is the ultimate form of revolution. Shut the money off to the rat b*strds.

                Grow Your Own Food. Raise your own livestock. Capture your own water and make it potable. Fire up an old fashioned stil and make alcohol and add a little gas and call it ethanol. Create and harness steam using wood to power a generator. Get rid of the mobile phone, cable TV. In other words, avoid taxes.

                However, this takes intelligence, land, and the will to pay more for everything in order to break free from the social dependence on public utilities, etc. And, at the end of the day, you’ll still have to pay taxes on that very land you own or risk seizure.

                The masses don’t have the intelligence, don’t have the land, and certainly don’t have the will. Thus, I’m afraid we’ll continue to fund the game as we know it simply due to a function of numbers.

                Admittedly, Non Participation is a weak solution at best but at least it is something. Any significant drop in revenues has to have some impact.

            • joe doe

              well if they would give us better pick at a lower cost it might help

            • Yankee Doodle

              @ mike prince.
              Are you kidding? they made it so the little people can only buy at Walmart and no where else. Try making the minimum wage and lets see where you buy.

              • wildman

                This all has to pertain to NAFTA and the failure to collect import fees on all of the imports. if anyone was paying attention the Texas millionaire Ross Perot was right but at the time all of the big financials said that it would not happen, just look at what has become exactly as he predicted ( he said there would be a giant sucking sound of jobs leaving the US. Well what he said has come true

              • sd mule

                Yankee Doodle,
                If you are making minimum wage, that is your choice. Nobody made you a “little people” but you. If you don’t like your situation educate yourself, learn a skill or trade, do something!! The illegal Mexicans are doing it, why can’t you??

            • John Q. Public

              @ Mike Prince

              I beg your pardon??? I did all that?

              • REB

                I was kinda chucklin to myself thinking that when I read his post…wondered if you were paying attention…shame on you for doing all that damage to our nation(tongue firmly in cheek 😉

                • Them Guys

                  John Q Public: Yes it is all Your fault! because You always Keep trying to post tons of proof-links with Tons of evidence of how that evil tribe aka synagouge of Satan, and their Rabid mad dog “state” israel is screwing the world and especially screwing the usa.

                  So yes for trying to awaken so many delusional fools, scofiled bible frauds, and alert everybody to who Christ was speaking of when he called them the synagouge of Satan, and said “They Are Of their Father the Devil-Satan, and His evil Lusts, lies-thefts-Murders- They shall DO!”

                  Shame shame JQP for so wrecking america! You did a wrecking job almost as good as the orig “Nation Wreckers” tribe thats so famously Called nation wreckers.

            • Hoopster

              Amen to the camping!

        • RICH99

          Its been almost time for about 5 years now …..nothings gonna happen …..they keep printing and keep interest rates at zero and this game goes on and on and on

          • Paranoid

            A little disagreement; There are some VERY important things going on. The zero interest rates are destroying the small savers retirement. Likewise, Social Security interest is plunging, Insurance and pension people are in trouble. This is rapidly getting worse. The need for Gov to keep interest rates low and the need for things like SS to collect money are trains on the same track going toward each other. They will hit. Mr. Bass seems to indicate Japan has 1-3 three years till they hit. Or when interest rates go over 1%. Looks to me like US has 3-5 or when interest rates on the Ten year go over 4. In both cases Tax income/expenses at those points become so out of whack as to be game over


              The end game is this folks…

              Complete socialism.
              They will nationalize the ira and 401k.
              Then the dollar devaluation will begin.

              Watch Oakland, CA….it’s like Vietnam there in the 60s.
              That’s where the war will start.

              At any rate… keep stacking silver.

              True…tons of money printed…but that’s what kept us form crashing hard.
              It’s all not sustainable.

              Kind of like marrying a beautiful woman. At some point you ‘re just not going to keep on getting that great dating sex.

              • lower40

                im way passed dating sex ,ive been married so long im now up to hallway sex

                • SmokinOkie

                  sshhh, the single people aren’t supposed to know about that. And, for goodness sakes, don’t mention what happens in the laundry room!

                • pissinwiththewind

                  Oh no, the old washing machine trick.

                  You know things haven’t been good in the “marital bliss” department lately, when the little woman has taken a likening to laundry duty.

                  I caught her sitting atop the ole Maytag the other day with a strange looking wrinkled up face and a suspicious grin. When I asked if she had the “big O”, she exclaimed; “How did you know”? I says, ” your eyes rolling back into your head was a clear giveaway”.

                  She laughed and said, “well, I waited on you to find my G-spot for over thirty years, so I just gave up on you and found a better way”.

                  I said, “yea, i know what you mean; I was hoping you would have a set of false teeth by now.”

            • RICH99

              I noticed you mention several years a couple of times which IRONICALLY is the same thing done several years ago so here we go again and in several more years they will say the same thing

          • Yankee Doodle

            @rich 99
            There are no straight lines in life only circles. What goes around comes around.We are nearing full circle now.Keep an open mind.

            • RICH99

              I do have an open mind ….an open mind to the fact that this full circle could take 50 more years to come full circle ….prove me wrong ! HAVE AN OPEN MIND

              • BH computer warrior

                Rich 99. Wtf is wrong with you? Making sense of drivel is not your concern. The comments are those of desperately embarrassed people attempting to save face. The USA is going down the shitter at some point. Nothing lasts forever. Preppers will be right at some point it just may be 200 years from now.

        • Gravlore

          Tar and feathers? Well if Bo gets a peace prize then Ben will get the ‘financial wizard of the decade’ award.

        • Swinging on a star

          Be informed,

          I think the red thumbs are from Bernanke’s ass wipers.

          • Anonymous

            Just to let y’all kno. Red thumbs get hit on accident while reading on phones. I’ve done it, quite a bit

            • Swinging on a star


              “Just to let y’all kno”, I am not stupid, no kidding, just too many red thumbs directed towards negative statements about Bernanke, just makes common sense that he has his dirty little fans, even on this site.

              • Realtime Prep

                Granted its been a long time coming, but Detroit has filed bankruptcy. The dominos are falling. The govt can’t prop up our enconomy much longer. China is getting everything positioned to introduce a new currency reserve. Ask yourselves, oil is at a 5 year surplus. Yet gas prices are still rising. The PETRODOLLAR is fading.

                Buckle up, strap it down, GET ER DONE!!!!

            • Goober

              We could all try a little harder. I know pressing the right thumb either red or green is tough.

            • Anonomous

              Oh, ok that was you 🙂

      • SmokinOkie

        That about sums it up, Red Leader. Only question is the timing.

      • Rodster

        It doesn’t matter if Helicopter Ben stops printing. We are in far worse shape (grave danger) than we were in 2008. We are going into meltdown mode either way thanks to the clueless, corrupt politicians along with the Fed who is just as clueless and corrupt as the politicians.

        I don’t see the printing press ever being turned off, WHY? Because every other Nation is doing the same. It’s not only the US but add Japan, China, Germany, the EU. Everyone is doing it.

        IMO, TPTB have already discussed an exit plan when the SHTF to possibly start over either with a new world currency. I think this all ties in with the NWO/OWG plan.

        • Theguy

          I thought of that when this whole thing started.

          As long as the relative rate of printing remains constant between all parties… everyone stays in their happy geo-political “slot” and all of this BS that doesn’t exist except in a fictional ledger somewhere simply evaporates.

          …and everyone’s standard of living goes down. Yes. There IS that part…

      • RICH99

        You IDIOTS fall for the same shit every fucking year and it won’t be any different next year

        • DumbDude

          I often like to read your opposing viewpoint Rich, but whew where’s all tat nastiness coming from? Hell, the Dow is at record high and gold has dipped so low, I’d have thought you’d be calm and tranquil now.

          • RICH99

            Well I’m just AMAZED at how people continue to fall for this stuff…..I mean what happened to gold 2000 ?
            What happened to the market collapsing and not increasing?
            What happened to the bank holiday ?
            What happened to martial law ?
            What happened to attacking Iran ?
            What happened to HYPER inflation
            What happened to the dollar collapse ?
            What happened to the economic collapse ?

            • Anonymous

              Its all happening right now as we speak. Economic collapse is a process, but when the SHTF as the Bible says for in one hour so great riches are naught.

            • FreedomFighter

              Stop being so impatient and enjoy the calm before the storm while you can.

            • Goober

              Rich99 It has either happened and was not reported or is about to happen. Just because we say something is coming and we are wrong does not make us ignorant.
              If we were all smart, we would sure as hell be out in the sun. as it is, i can hardly keep my internet paid for. The UN is going to invade, the Boston bombers were actually set up to carry the bombs, silver is manipulated, gold is manipulated, Obama is going to continue being President after his term, Newton school shootings were fake, the fed watches us all the time, the schools are trying to make our kids into nutless hipsters, guns are scarce in stores for a reason, the gay agenda is in our faces constantly, the blacks expect everything with no effort. WTF 99?

            • Swinging on a star


              What happened to unemployment? Yep, I would venture to say that the unemployment numbers should be a dire warning to people like you. What about Detroit going bankrupt? What about the record number of people on entitlements? What about the crap that FEMA is collecting, you know ammo, trailers, food?

              When they count a half hour of employment in a week as a job, and there are far more temporary as well a part time jobs versus fulltime, then I guess this dog and pony show is about to go bust. Can’t deny it anymore, it is coming and it is not that very far away so get your head straight and get prepared.

        • braveheart

          Rich99, watch it there, you’re starting to sound like Eisenpuke.

    2. BEN

      I SUCK.

      • braveheart

        Oh, what a shocking confession!

        • y99

          I know it’s like no shit scumbag.

      • wrong

        Sucking is the least of it.

      • BEN

        Who ever downed me should buy some Detroit City Bonds. They have value, go for the long odds. I need a lap dance without a tax.

        • braveheart

          I have some oceanfront property in AZ. From the front porch you can see the ocean and i’ll throw in the Golden Gate for free.

          • LOOOLOOO

            Braveheart, thanks for the words to a song. Pretty original and well thought out.

      • lower40

        well , then it should please you that the courts repealed DOMA

    3. PO'd Patriot

      Well it was never a really big secret now was it? The music will keep playing as long as there are chairs in the circle. I’m still watching and waiting.

      • JayJay

        Might I add that every day seems to display less chairs.

        • Dick

          The problem is there are more people being added to the circle while the music is still on. Be smart, get out of the circle and make your own chair. Might as well make enough for the family and any good Prepper will do a table also.


          • AnonLegion

            dick forget making them chairs, show them how to make chairs so they can make their own.

          • braveheart

            Might have to get a different house with different chairs and different music.

            • Anonymous

              Think about building a boat or renting a U-Haul to get to the farm.

      • Sigi

        Fewer chairs mean more people on unemployment, then off unemployment as they time out but are still unemployed and then the millions on food stamps with more added daily. Nothing’s happening to the big guys who still think $7/plate macaroni is a great deal and when it does, they’ll have gone into their bunkers and locked the doors.

    4. braveheart

      The US economy has been on life support since 2008. The US dollar’s days as the world’s reserve currency are numbered. The economy and dollar are both dying and nothing can be done to save them. The lifestyles we all have now can come to an end in the blink of an eye. Life will change radically for all of us in any post-collapse scenario. Everyone get everything you can now while these FRNs will still get something. braveheart

    5. Butterknife

      Beem working a job, the owners will have a deck installed, 400sq feet maybe, today they took in the paperwork to the city and get a permit. 11 pages of paperwork.

    6. SmokinOkie

      The junkies are in charge of the dosage, so obviously we need constantly bigger syringes. Surely there can’t be a bad end to that, can there? (shakes, goes into spasms and leaps at imaginary spiders on the wall…)

      • braveheart

        Howdy, SmokinOkie. just give the junky 1 bullet to the head and be done with it. braveheart

        • Facebook Page

          Sharp stick to the base of the skull. Save the lead.

          • lastmanstanding

            $20 Gerber machetes are a wonderful gift.


      • SilverSax

        Perfect example.
        I watched one of the videos on this site and the man said, “Right now the government needs milk, so you’re a milk cow. When the government wants beef, you’ll be a beef cow.”

        • Doug's Friend

          @SilverSax, The man who said that is Doug Casey of Casey Research.

          He has also wisely said “Better to be a year too early than a second too late.”

      • durango kidd

        The economy will not improve and resemble some form of “normalcy” until the “deleveraging” has been completed. That could take another three to five years.

        Expect the US economy to bump along at the bottom with false cries of “green shoots” until the bad mortgages and toxic securities have been assimilated by the FED; and normal lending practices resume.

        Just don’t hold your breath. And don’t forget to buckle up; its going to get real nasty out there before its gets better.

        Adapt. 🙂

        • Barn Cat

          Another 3 to 5 years??? I’m not sure that we have another 3 to 5 MONTHS.

          • PO'd Patriot

            Prep like its 3 to 5 months (away),but realize that a nationwide/worldwide collapse might be years away. Think about it. A large population of people need to be conditioned or herded. This will still take time even though the mask is off and it’s picked up speed. THEY will determine when the time is right, not when WE feel it may be. Look at the big picture and not individual loss. Keep alert and stay salty.

          • durango kidd

            Barn Cat; That’s what you said last year. It’s in the archives. You were right on the money then, weren’t you?
            LMAO! 🙂

            • Barn Cat

              I couldn’t care less what you say or think. I don’t have to prove to you or anyone that a collapse is coming. The wise will prepare. The fools won’t.

        • Brian

          Yeah and if that occurs then they will just do it all over again. The system needs structural change. A system based on nothing but debt will detonate at some point anyway. We need some money that is value based and not debt based. People’s wages should be paid in value money (gold/silver/USN’s/current coin) and NOT taxed as income or for legal tender privilege. Only then will we stand a chance at something sustainable.

        • incognito

          @durango kidd: you’re missing the big picture. Look up life from 500AD to 1500AD then multiply the population by a factor of 8 and add an evil oligarchy in control of highly advanced technology and weaponry where citizenry is the enemy and poison their food and water. Get your shit right with god and treat every one you encounter as if you truly believe they will be gone by tomorrow. I suggest you look up peak oil and compare that to a population chart for the last thousand years. The results are profound. It will probably be many generations before we see anything like we have today again IF they survive the nuclear fallout from our nuclear power endeavors. IF we do survive as a species many thousands of years from now our anthropologist will probably view South America as the cradle of life. Probably won’t.

          See you on the other side.

          • durango kidd

            Incognito: Everytime we hit “peak oil” there are, “quite miraculously”, new elephants found. This time its New Zealand and Australia. Next time it will be Mosambique and Madagascar.

            Folks we are awash in hydrocarbons. Even gasoline supplies are at their highest levels since 1992, while the price of oil and gasoline continue to rise.

            “Peak oil” is a euphanism for “rape the American consumer”; just like “Free Trade”. These are the meme’s of the LSM, pimping for the NWO, who have brainwashed the general public.

            Don’t think peak oil. Think peak energy as Alt energy sources are increasing as a percentage of energy used at an amazing pace.

            Still, if you do not engage your employees, they will continue to rape you again and again and again; while they enslave you one Rule or Regulation at a time.

            Let your Barnhardt out!!! Feel the rage and direct it at your Reps. 🙂

        • nosuchuser

          Correct. When the market crash is caused by bad debt/too much credit it seems to take about 10 years to dig out of the hole (deleverage).

          The really big problem this time is that we have do absolutely nothing to address the fundamental causes of the crash. Since the wall street lobby has been wildly effective in preventing any regulations or punishments this will happen again and relatively soon. Before the Glass-Stegal act was enacted the banking system suffered a major collapse every 10-15 years. The clock is ticking….

          • durango kidd

            McLame and Elizabeth Warren are co-sponsoring a Too Big To Fail initiative to re-implement Glass-Stegall. If it passes investment banks and retail banks will be separated again.

            Lesson learned: maybe. 🙂

            • Them Guys

              Yesterday tv market news says New system to qualify for Bigger Mortgagaes is being done. The new plan will allow home buyers to get More mortgage cash Based on the total lifetime savings if they buy a “Green” enegry saver type home! They will add up total cash saved by that green homes energy costs. Then Add that amount to the amount you qualify for to borrow.

              Most folks at msnbc complained that it will set it up for another housing bubble again. This new plan also Lowers the credit score necessary to qualify for loan. To low 600 brackets.

              In plain english to me sounds like Look for More welfare blacks and illeagle mexicans to get Preferences for home loans. Buy homes they cannot afford, and again we should see a few Million More foreclosed homes Clog the market.

              I wonder if New Home builders and banksters played any role in this new mortgage qualification plans? Along with makers of various “Green energy” products?

              I bet Agenda 21 un crap plays a role.

            • nosuchuser

              Given the sheer number of lobbyist vermin infesting the hill, and their success in defeating new regulations to date, I am not holding my breath. Especially given the absolutely unrepentant behavior we’ve seen from Wall St. post crash.

              I did read an article a while ago that does give me some hope that Wall St. can be reigned in over the long-term. Some news organization did a poll of ivy league business school graduates and it indicated that the percentage heading towards Wall St. was at an all time low. Some of the cities reasons were (to paraphrase) ‘I want to do something useful’. Given the well know shenanigans Wall St. engages in they could be saying ‘I want to be able to look myself in the mirror in 10 years’.

              If Wall St. has so totally destroyed its reputation that it has significant trouble recruiting future employees then this may become a ‘self-limiting problem’.

    7. buzzfix

      The man said it himself.

    8. Gonetoolong

      Since your basically fucked anyway, why not go ahead and buy on credit now on items that will provide great value in the future. I am spending on preps and high value items that won’t deteriorate or depreciate. Your imagination will determine what that may be.
      Nothing, NOTHING, has changed fundamentally in our economy to make a person believe that things can or will get better for Americans. We are more broke as a nation than ever before. Eventually the rubber meets the road. That is when the SHTF. We all know it is coming.

      • HisArmsWide

        Because when the bill comes due, and it will, you don’t want to be in debt. At least we don’t. Cash and carry only for us. Or do without.

        However unlikely a scenario it might be, we don’t want to get a knock on the door by a armoured and armed convoy of Collection Agents, “Please ignore the chain guns loaded with DU rounds aimed at your house or the level IV armored troops inside blast proof vehicles and the remote drones with FLIR, guns and rockets overhead. It’s for your protection. Now it looks like you and your family owe $8900. We’re going to need you to come with us and work that off. Don’t worry you’ll get a reasonable hourly rate which will be just slightly less than what we’ll charge you for your room and board while you’re staying. Welcome to the new America where everyone works to pay off their debts. Except those at the top of course, but leading is very hard work and I’m sure you’ll do everything you can to support them citizen.”

        • Anonymous

          $8900? I am a business owner and do have debt, lots of debt. If things get that bad, the finger goes in the air as all hell has broken loose. I am not in a position to pay off debt and be free for the next 14 yrs at least. So I am not worried about that as long as I have fixed rates now. So again, to each his own. I won’t be going with anyone (alive) for damn sure. Not in the scenario you outline. If you think being debt free puts you in the upper class, think again. I know it is nice, but you need to be debt free and wealthy to enjoy those benefits down the road. We will do what we need to get by.

    9. Luther

      So what do we do now, I was really excited for S to HTF, this isn’t fair, now everything will be alright.

      Unemployment will drop to 4.2%, our we’ll be $12 billion in the black with exports, 23 million illegals will apologize then go back to Mexico and America will be happy again.

      Anyone want some beans? 🙂

      • braveheart

        What movie is that? I’ll have to check it out.

      • OutWest

        Luther—maybe that’s why they’re called bean-counters.

        The wit and humor here on SHTF is top notch and
        that makes our walk to the gallows a bit easier.

      • rooster

        and i keep saving those skittles my unicorn keep sh!tt!ing, gotta feed the zombi’s something when they get here

        howdy luther, how ya been?

    10. AZ PREPPER

      So what else is new? I have been waiting for this for a while now and all of my friends and family think I am nuts.I just pray that there are enough of us around to rebuild back to some sort of existence.

      • Barn Cat

        I expect 90% of the US population to die once the stores close, the power goes off, and goods are no longer being transported across the country. I might be overly optimistic that 10% of Americans will survive. Only 3% are prepping and who knows how many of them can protect themselves from the starving hordes.

        • Luther

          It’ll look like World War Z!

        • HisArmsWide

          History has shown us again and again that when things reach a certain point, soylent green happens more often than people like to think about.

          Of course water and disease will be the biggest factors, not cookbooks on “How to serve humans.”

      • incognito

        Silently seeking out like minds. Prepped in Wickenburg reporting for duty. Colt?

        • Believer

          daveatstotzdairydotcom Buckeye

    11. Trailer Park Investor

      We will have it worse than Greece, worse than Zimbabwe. There will be no measure as to how low we will go.
      Try cannibalism on a massive scale. You think they are running these Zombie drills in the US and Canada for kicks? This is what happins when you eat to much human flesh you become (Zombie) like.
      Zombies you shoot on sight as there mind is gone and all they can think about is eating human flesh.
      When SHTF there is gonna be a LOT of Zombies running around the country a couple months after the event happins. Especially after the dogs, cats, rats are gone. Then you will start to see or hear about small children missing (they are NOT missing they have been eaten). Then it will be every man, woman and child for themselves.
      GOD HELP US.
      Get prepared?

      • Boss Hog

        Zombies I had a chuckle at your post I did give ya a green thumb and it brought to mind what a buddy in the Guard said the other day ….

        “the zombie appolcolypse in America will last about 15 minutes cos one third of all the guns and bullets ever made are right here and we’re fukin awesome”

        I said “fine”

      • JayJay

        You received thumbs down, but while watching the Bible, the narrator talked about one event when the people were so poor, they resorted to cannibalism!!

        “”The voiceover tells us that prophets like Jeremiah are a direct link to God, but his prophecies have gone unheeded. After 18 months, the narrator tells us, Israelites resort to cannibalism.””

        Thumbs down or not–we will face it.:-(

        • Paranoid

          Got Ketsup?

          • JayJay

            While on this subject, I just left a prepper forum.
            The topic was keeping a sister from showing her food preps to all visitors, family members, etc. when in her house.
            Many suggestions was ‘get a footlocker, or a chest’!!!

            I’m thinking, if that’s all those preppers have –it’ll fit in a footlocker???–they are in big, big trouble.

            • Facebook Page

              We still need 10 more 40 ft connex before winter. Plus the ones from before. Foot locker only there dead all ready.

              • JayJay

                I had to search connex–wow!!
                You got some grub there, facebook page!!!!

                • Facebook Page

                  We been working at this for years. Its also not all food. We store long term storage trucks in them too. I have 94. Cuvu pus still in storage if needed.

                • Facebook Page

                  94 army pickups. What the hell did aotu correct do.

            • Shootit


              We like clear plastic totes. You can see what you have and stack them to the ceiling. Can’t remember where I read this, but someone suggested using totes for end tables. You use the totes for a base, cut a piece of wood for the top and then cover the hole thing with a table cloth. Hiding in plain site.

            • Anonymous

              Jay Jay…. the footlocker was NOT for preps…. it was for the SISTER! yeah?

            • curious

              Jay Jay… the footlocker was NOT for the preps… it was for the SISTER! yeah?

          • lower40

            we’re the good guys ,we carry the fire,we’d never eat people , right?

            “The Road”

        • Them Guys

          JayJay: Jeremiah was hated and ignored by his Own people. Especially when he told them to get preped for the comming New Covenant(christianity) which soon would occure. Even today over 2000+ yrs later a vast 99+% majority of those folks reject what jeremiah warned of.

          His people really got pissed off when he told them Their constant refusals and rebelion against their covenant they made with God, has caused God to say “Jeremiah go Tell them that they are No longer my prople and I am no longer Their God and it is due to Their failures and rebelions and rejections of the covenant they agreed to with Me(God)”.

          Most tried to silence jeremiah, then to Murder him like they did to almost all the prior Prophets God sent to them. “A Stuborn and Stiff necked peoples” barely scratches the surface, as the last 2000 yrs has proven.

          Its doubtfull at this late point, many more of them will see the proverbial Light(Christ/new covenant).


        It’s a planned depopulation… kill all the currencies of the world.. Then martial law.

        End game… agenda 21.

        You’ll need a very quiet bow to bring home dinner….to survive.

        Eating human flesh…yuck..but if you have to… plenty of walmart meat waddling around. ha.

        I do think the military will stage a take over from the commies in our country.

        • Anonymous

          Don’t know as I’d wanna touch something fed on Walmart…I think I’ll become vegetarian. 🙂

        • Lurker

          I enjoy well-marbled meat but around here all the walmart flesh is disgustingly fat.
          Kind of like hippo… Just too much fat that its not worth the effort to eat.

      • incognito

        Trailer Park Investor has a clear mind. Thanks man.

        hope to see you on the other side.

      • Zeke Zombie

        Hey now, stop talk’n trash about my kin folks. We Zombies go all the way back the Pres. Woodrow Wilson.

        I hear that old Uncle Ben has a secret plan that when the dollar collapses, “Benny Babies”, will be the new currency. That’s Benny babies, not beany babies.

        “It’s a Zombie Thing”

    12. yental

      “Financial analysts have opined that the United States is well on the road to recovery.” I agree 100%.

      If “these anal-ist” are referencing “recovery” as in “it is 1776 again, with all of the historical amenities and comforts afforded to patriots of that time”…I AGREE, WE ARE ALMOST THERE AGAIN!

      I knew there must have been a legitimate plan!

    13. JRS

      Ever see the movie “Goodfellas”? That’s the way the country is being run. The restaurant is bought out then saddled with unpayable debt. The goods go in the front door and are sold out the back door. In the end it is burnt down and the mobsters take off with the loot and the insurance money.

      Starring Ben Bernanke as “Paulie”

      • braveheart

        Howdy, JRS, and yes I’ve seen that movie. it fits our situation to a T, I’m sorry to say. I also know there’s damned sure no “goodfellas” in Wall St. or government. braveheart

        • The Lone Ranger

          In fact, a study done last year (reported in most newspapers) showed that 1 in 4 people who work on Wall Street are Psychopaths– they have No Empathy, No Remorse, No Conscience. They lack the capacity to FEEL.

          So based on that, Braveheart, you are at least 25% correct!

          But even if it were 1%, that alone is both a tragedy had horrific

          – The Lone Ranger

          • no justice

            Right, why in hell is gas price like it is? People don’t realize that in 2008 when prices were high it was because the money men could not make money in stocks and moved to commodities to make money. Only oil fell from 144 to 40 and they lost their arse, which brought the bailout to feed these cocksu=kers. Once they got the money from bailout, right back to investing in oil and driving the price up again. Without the bailout, our gas would never be this high. Now they tell us gas will never be below three dollars a gallon. Let the investors, and the arabs, eat their oil.

          • Sierra Dave

            It warms my heart to hear that so many Psychopaths in the cities will die when the collapse hits. AND they will not be passing on the genetic material.

            There may be hope for Humanity yet.

            • Sigi

              Psychopaths aren’t that way because of genetics but by interference with parental bonding at an early age. How does that happen? More than 3 primary caregivers before 18 months old is the key figure in research.

              How many babies are put into day care when they are 6 months old, at the latest, so mom can go back to work? How many more kids (than in the past) do we hear about who kill family,friends and strangers for the most minor things?

              When the system crashes, if enough good folks survive to reboot the culture, I expect we’ll create a more sustainable way of living so that babies can be raised in a way that will allow their natural compassion and emotional health to reach its full potential.

      • nosuchuser

        I disagree that this applies to the government, but you it is an excellent explanation of how ‘private equity’ firms operate. See Bain Capital for working examples.

        This ‘industry’ was so notorius after the 80’s that they had to rename it. These firms used to be known as ‘leveraged buyout’ firms and would use debt (leverage) to buy firms who’s ‘book value’ exceeded the cost of shares to perform a hostile take over. Once they secured the company they would strip it of all assets, walk away with a fat payday, and leave a smoking crater where there used to be a successful company. This happened to Phillip-Morris, see ‘Barbarians at the Gate’ for more information.

        This is, for all practice purposes, the same modus operandi behind the ‘bustout’ of the restaurant shown on Goodfellas. There is another good example of how exactly a ‘bustout’ works in the Sopranos. In a series of episodes, a guy’s sporting goods store is completely looted to satisfy a gambling debt.

    14. Arkaden

      So the real question for me is: Ben is on his way out the door (January), who replaces him and do they continue to print? Printing holds off a collapse but like it was mentioned, that devalues our currency.

      Currency valuation is a game being played by multiple countries, and while countries that hold our debt should be furious over this, who is going to call us on it? China? Nope, they need us as much as we need them. Nobody is going to start a war because the US is increasing its money supply. Especially a war with the most technologically advanced military the world has ever seen. Not going to happen.

      In the global game, it’s just not worth it. It’s like the neighbor you know who is stealing cable but invites you over to watch the big game. You look past it and keep on going with the status quot. You may not like it, but you really like attending his Superbowl parties.

      This money printing will go on until an external force puts a stop to it. In my mind that comes in the form of another country or countries powerful enough to trounce the US (this includes wars to try and keep the petro dollar in place or replace it) or the citizens of the US orchestrate a revolution. See my earlier sentence about military strength.

      As the author says, “It’s coming”. Yes, it is, but it could be many years down the road if we continue printing the way we are.

      And my final point to ponder:

      What is stopping us from printing forever holding off a collapse for generations so long as we remain the strongest military power on earth?

      • Dick

        I think you have identified the Democrats “Trump Card”.
        They have always talked against war but somehow manage to push us into all kinds of them.
        They aren’t worried about printing money because nobody can collect.
        But what is occurring now is a more liberty conscious populace is being reinforced by a battle hardened group of men and women who know how precious life and liberty are. This is the answer to the military advantage because they can see what is happening in many countries where people have become fed up with government and cleared the slate. They just can’t find the answer to this dilemma. The MSM and TPTB have lied, spread propaganda, and tried to redirect out attention from “REAL” problems while also attacking our livelihoods, rights and means to protect ourselves from tyranny. If Ben is no longer speaking in tongues TSHTF has got to be getting close.


      • Timothy

        The answer to your last question is energy and resource depletion, the same underlying issues that are behind the collapse. They aren’t going away and are only brought on more quickly by attempts to maintain BAU.

    15. DaytonaMatt

      The thing that really gets me, is how many people think all is going great! I hear so many fools planning their next vacation, or that new boat! These are the people that will be at our doors first begging then demanding our “help”.
      Standing ready in Daytona

      • st.augustine

        Things are going great for a hell of alot of folks,here in ormond beach it seems as if mecedes out number fords 4 to 1.Stock market is rocking and folks are making money up the wazoo,,,,it’s all good and it’s gonna stay all good for the risk takers as long as currency is being printed.Rock on just keep me informed about the currency situation Bennie!!!

        ps;I don’t worry so much anymore cause I got a wazoo too.

      • Steve

        not true about planning a vacation and we will be the ones begging for food.

        We have preps, lots of preps. But we choose to live life also.

        So yeah we are going on a cruise at the end of july for 10 days. I am ot going to sit in my house just waiting for something to happen.

        We are still alive and will continue to enjoy life and prepare at the same time.

      • DumbDude

        I’m going on vacation next week. I don’t have debt , I have most preps in line. And I saved up the cash for it by living on a strict budget. What’s wrong with taking the kids on a week long camping outing?

        Got to remember lifes worth living or why bother surviving?

    16. Sierra Dave

      When Ben exits. He should be tracked. See if he goes out of country.

      I ramped up on the preps and then cooled down. Got some Rabbits and chickens. Things kinda stalled. But now I am starting to ramp up things again. I feel an urgency.

    17. SilverSax

      This is just more bad news, which most of us already suspected or knew.
      My answer? Well, since I can’t do anything about the economy, I’m just going to keep my nose to the grindstone and get as far ahead as I can till the biggest bubble in history bursts. I’m going to keep prepping like a madman.

    18. Watchdog

      Watch for events. Never let down your guard.
      Prepare, prepare, prepare…
      They were even talking about a September taper plan.

      Don’t Tread on Me.

      • OutWest

        The only thing that will be tapered are ben’s turds.
        That keeps his asshole from slamming shut.

    19. SmokinOkie

      Obama exec order for all Americans to be HIV tested?

      Radiation leak at Ft Bliss, TX?

      30 million injected with contaminated vaccine containing live cancer virus?

      Kissinger says a ‘terrorist’ is anybody who disagrees with the international system?

      New Twinkies made with a different recipe? Less tasty?

      AAAAAUUUGGGGGHHH!!! I can handle a lot of stress, but, dammit, sometimes a guy has to draw the line!

      • Dick

        Not only do they taste different,they’re friggin tiny!
        Okie not everyone notices the little things.
        I like your attention to detail.


      • JayJay

        ~~~Obama exec order for all Americans to be HIV tested?~~~
        As I read this on another site, know what clouded my brain??
        A great way to actually implant something or infect us with a virus??? 🙂

        • Kulafarmer

          Or collect DNA for their database,
          Fuckem, not doing shit, period!

          • PA farmer

            I could pick berry up by his neck an throw him in the air like a rag doll, again. an again an again, well you get the point.

      • Shootit

        Opinhead and Kissmyass can exec “this”!

        They have no right to step on my rights.

    20. SmokinOkie

      Hey! Whoever it was that went down the line red-thumbing every single comment… You missed one!

      • SmokinOkie

        Ahh, that’s better. Thanks.

      • wrong

        I noticed that too…

      • BEN

        Me too!

    21. VRF

      why wait, lets throw em all in traitor prison now, while the getting is good.
      when it blows up they will act like a banana and split..they aint patriots so they are not going to stick around, they will jet off this god forsaken continent or hide in a hole..right now they are where we know they are..

      snooze ya lose, snore you lose more

      • Night breaker

        We should do like mossad when that happens. search the world , track, find , rectify problem with a kenetic high velocity energetic solution.
        Don’t run you will just die tired.

        Semper Fi 8541

        • Them Guys

          Mossad Is their Protectors! Where else do you think they run away to and hide out? The Same Rabid state israel which houses mossad with their famous Mossad slogan of:

          “Thru Deception we Shall Cause wars”

          Seems we was told usa trys create Peace right…So why would usa be allies with an Exact Opposite minded group.

          Yep the dual citizenery ruling the usa, Loves their bandit rabid state as it has NO laws to allow Criminals be extridited by other nations, for members of the tribe.

          Thats the main goal to occupy israel. The Russian kommie Khazer mafia, known as “jews” needed a Home Base nation where they control govnt-Can own armys-Can make laws-and have a hide out to avodi extridition when caught Spying-Robbing-Swidneling-Selling stolen Body parts/Organs-running white slavery(forced prostitution) and commit More Murders than any crazed serial killers to ever live.

          And as long as 50 million, Mainly white, scofield bible believers Keep worshiping them Khazers and their rabid bandit state we will keep seeing more and more and more total curruptions by that same khazer tribe and their Enablers aka that 50 Million scofield bunch of Enablers.

      • AnonLegion

        there is no traitor prison. Traitors are executed via guillotine. We got a ton of them at Ft. Dix in NJ Nice of them to supply us with the tools needed eh?

    22. Dirk Williams

      What a FUCKTARD!


    23. PA farmer

      I’ve been cleaning some things off my plate, gettn to the point in my life it to hard to keep up with.I have a rentel house that I always figured would be income, now I’m getting Nervous about a lot of things Happening and I just feel like Selling it, take my money an run. Ask my renter if he like to buy it, on a lease to own @ $1000. a month for ten yrs, witch would work nice for me.and make better money on it. any thoughts on that.

      • Sigi

        This is the time to sell if you can. I’d buy if I could.
        Those are my thoughts.

        • BackSpace

          I would sell the rental out right (no CD) and buy a cabin or small hobby farm out of the city. BOL.


          • PA farmer

            Backspace,He has always been the best renter, I’d Rather have one chunk of money, but I will make a lot more money taken this path, and his family has money if he gets in a Pickle. Other wise I’m gona have to deal with a Realtor witch will take time and maybe prices could start coming down.Thats why I’m asking for Advice from someone who knnows better than me. For me otherwise it like throwing dice..I do own a working farm and I dont O anybody a penny..TAXES

            • BackSpace

              If your working farm is sufficiently running and needs no further upgrades. If so, wow. Would think a few extra acres, propane tanks, grain/feed bins or fuel barrels “filled” would be nice insurance.

              I just have been burned too many times on rentals. Usually goes something like this: great renter always pays on time, good people, start to like them they keep the place nice, lost my job because I hurt my back-neck-leg-brain, will pay when I get the insurance/workmans comp check, 6-8 weeks later, we don’t have enough can we pay you half…. snowballs from there. Then you get sucked in to help, after all they are good people, just down on their luck… bla, bla. Now I’m out cash, they are now squatters, gotta take them to court to get them out. Some states are easy to evict some take an act of congress. That’s with a decent economy….

              If you believe the economy will last 10 years @ 1,000 per mo., in PA… what is boosting the economy there.. are you near the marcellus oil and gas fields? if so your shorting yourself…

              As for a realtor… your just paying for exposure from the MLS, an attorney can draw up papers and file with the county much cheaper.

              Trust your Gut.


              • PA farmer

                Backspace, Act of Congress,LMAO.Thats why I have only rented to a man for many yrs. Had a girl in there one time wouldnt pay, lucky no kids. my brother said you will never get her out, said watch me, she went to work I went down took the doors off, went that night told her to move or I will put it out on street, she moved.And no I dont feel the Economy is the best around here, ten yrs ha ha, I’m on SHTF I know better than that. I do trust thi guy he is a Hustler, good worker, his dad own’s Grocery store, Drugstore, ect.I’ve known the Family my hole life, good people. The farm is over a hunded yrs old, but your never done spending money, the only thing I would like to see is 1000 gal of Diesel fuel stash,I have two Natural gas wells with more free gas than I could ever use. Thay did drill two Marcela wells around here then went Silent, the lines are not big enough , the Shallow well guys have been down all summer.

                • Kulafarmer

                  A lease option would be good for both of you sounds like, portion of the lease goes to principal, balance is interest, good karma goes a long ways PA bud, if you know the guy well, makes perfect sense. Lots of deals like that used to go around here, but too many newcomers now trying to pull the wool over everyones eyes.

                • PA farmer

                  Klua, Thanks for the input means a lot to me. I’m gona talk to him again so were on the same page about everything, then go see my lawyer have her do the paper work. I use to date her, I work on her cars, she does all my Legal stuff, works out Nice. I can trust her, like you say seems like you always have. to be watching your back anymore. Hope your crops are doing ok, been raining here for like a month an a half, cant get my hay cut..Thanks again.

                • nosuchuser

                  If I ‘had more free gas than I could ever use’ I would seriously investigate converting at least one vehicle and as much farm machinery as possible to burn it. While I don’t know the details, I know you can purchase a system for refueling vehicles off of a natural gas feed. Depending on how much fuel you use the payback could be very fast. Hell, you may qualify for some sort of ‘alternative fuel’ grant/subsidy. Plus, depending on the well setup it may continue to work in a SHTF scenario…..

      • Shootit

        Contract for Deed. Try and get 10% down. If they walk you just made extra 10%.

    24. Barn Cat

      Don’t think for one moment that Bernanke is a fool. He isn’t. He and Obama are evil. They’re destroying the dollar on purpose.

      The deficits are so large now that if they stopped printing money to fund them there would be chaos. We have a government that takes in $2 trillion in taxes, spends $3 trillion, and is committed to spending another $5 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Yes, it’s going to be a disaster when the Fed suddenly stops pumping and food stamp cards don’t work anymore.

      • Facebook Page

        You just love pulling numbers and facts out of your ass. 5 trillion doesn’t even come close.

        • Barn Cat

          John Williams at used the figure as $5.3 trillion a year or two ago.

      • Shootit

        Unfunded liabilities are closer to 300 trillion.

        The bigger problem is the derivatives market. Top 5 banks are heavily leveraged. Someone sneezes and the house of cards takes flight.

        • Barn Cat

          There are two numbers: the annual increase in unfunded liabilities and total unfunded liabilities. The annual increase is probably $5 trillion. The number I see the most for the total is $200 trillion. I’ve never seen $300 trillion as a total.

          • Shootit

            We generate $3 a year, spend $5, need to payback $17, and have to come up with $200+ and we don’t have anything in savings. Not a good long term business model. I foresee trouble.

    25. Ender

      I am just a man. I acknowledge the things that are going on around us, amongst us. We are approaching dark times no matter how anyone looks at it, and those who still wear their blinders and refuse to open their eyes are either ignorant, evil, or both. I read almost every article on this site (and many others of the kind) and I read many of the comments. I wait. I wait for the right commenter, the right article, the right spark to ignite a fire in the hearts of each and every one of us who are awake and ready to fight. I wait for the straw to break the camel’s back. But it doesn’t come. I close this site each time with a feeling of disappointment that I didn’t read true inspiration. Then I go on with my life. I go back to work the next day and I continue to spend worthless money and pay my taxes and feed into this system that we all despise.
      I believe that every digital signature that we make is recorded; the things we buy, the people we talk to, and I KNOW that we are all on a list somewhere. It is for this reason that I have not commented or stood up to give my 2 cents before now. I have not taken action, simply to keep my name, my face, my signature out of record. I’m already high enough on the list from my experiences and time in the military. Something has changed in me. I no longer care. I have realized that keeping my mouth shut is exactly what our oppressors want. They want us living in fear. I am a man of faith and I know that God has a purpose for each and every one of us. I believe it was God who awoke me, just like I believe he has awoken each one of you who visit this site, each one of you who are reading my comment, and each of you has a purpose in his master plan, in the eventual revolution and defeat of the tyrants that are running this country . His plan for me is not to hide among the masses and keep my mouth shut. If they come to black bag me and I die in a gunfight or if they succeed in taking me and I’m interrogated to death, it will be God’s plan and his alone, and I will live my purpose through to the end. Personally I would consider it an honor if it was my death at the hand of our oppressors that fueled a fire that burned this machine to the ground. I doubt that I will be so lucky. We need a voice. We need unity. Here we are in aboard a train we ALL know is going to derail and instead of doing something about it we sit in our seats and talk and debate about what/who has caused this to happen. We need only look in the mirrors. We have nearly an unlimited access to pretty much any information we want, communication around the globe at the touch of our fingers (for the time being). And like I said, I am just a man. To the system, the machine I am an ant. They could fly a drone and blow my ass to high heaven or send a platoon of highly trained operators to my door and gun me down. As one man I cannot even begin to make a dent in this machine, unless I can let my voice be heard and rally the hearts and minds of at least a few. If we don’t unite now, link arms and stand up TOGETHER, then we have wasted precious time, opportunity and resource, and our survival will be all the more difficult when the storm comes (on their terms). We have allowed this too long. We continue to abide tyranny and oppression, right here in The United States of America, the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE! It is time my brothers. Something. Anything. All I know is my life is no life at all when I live it looking over my shoulder and worrying when they will come for me. To those of you reading this who fight for darkness, who cower behind your computer screen gathering intel for vermin who are in power, I have one thing for you to pass on: molon labe. any day, anytime. I’m ready to fight and ready to die. Are you?

      • JayJay

        ~~~I am a man of faith and I know that God has a purpose for each and every one of us. I believe it was God who awoke me, just like I believe he has awoken each one of you who visit this site, each one of you who are reading my comment, and each of you has a purpose in his master plan, in the eventual revolution and defeat of the tyrants that are running this country ~~~

        Amen, Hallelujah, praise Jesus, and pass the bread and ammo.
        I have been saying this for a long time.
        We that hear the message are special and ‘chosen’; oh yes we are.
        I had my computer set to delete browsing history on exit.
        Know what? I WANT to retrieve those sites and screw the government; NSA, can ya hear me now?

        ‘May love be the light that guides us through the darkness’…cause it’s coming and it doesn’t care what race, what gender, or what profession you may be.

        ‘Lock and Load’ ain’t just a phrase; it’s a frame of mind.

        • Sigi

          Being a person of faith, I can’t say that I believe God’s master plan is revolution on our part, but He will ultimately defeat all who make themselves His enemies. Psalm 37:3 comes to my mind often, “Trust in the Lord, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land and verily thou shalt be fed.” There are times when fighting is the best good we can do as He makes clear I will follow His leading. Until then I would urge you don’t itch for a fight; see who is around you of like mind, but not as ready and help them get there. Look to the orphans, widows, the old folks’ homes. TEOTWAWKI will be bad enough for the prepped and the wealthy, it will be far worse for the poor. Consider that God may hold us back from the fight long enough to think about them and to seek His leading in the care of others. My 2 cents worth.

      • egg

        Amen Ender. Right on & cool beans. Too good you. I tiirrd aredy. but not gona give up, back down, or stop spreading good words as long as breath is in me…

        Bye for now…

      • Night breaker

        Ender ,
        Thank you for your service,
        You are not alone, we are many , the time will come , steady my friend it is not time yet, hopefully ,
        This will be solved without the option of last resort , God willing.

        My fear is it will come to a time when all good men must come to the aid of their country.

        Remember your warrior ethos .

        Semper Fi 8541

      • JRS

        The will to live trumps all else. Even the founders didn’t fight until they were attacked. Small local groups of 5 to 10. No electronic communication. “Card game” get togethers. The time will come…but is not quite yet.

      • You don't need to know

        I couldn’t agree more with your post! Not one word of it! We are hidden away because I feel it’s not time yet. I expect in my life time to hear the calling. Ill be there with you!

      • Dave in Id

        You city people @ shtf.plan need to find a way to email each other that lives close by so you can develope a friendship and trust. You can help each other out with electrical, plumbing, gardening etc. It makes life less stressful when you have a friend you can go visit and help each other and also is on the “same page”. The gov knows where you live already, but you dont know the prepper down the street.

      • Barn Cat

        The world is moving towards the Great Tribulation period. I serve an awesome God. I’m at peace with what’s coming on the world. For those of us who are believers, no matter what happens to us here, God will have us brought safely to Heaven either after the Rapture or after we die. I look forward to seeing my late first wife and our two stillborn children. I would consider it an honor to die for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If what we know is true about the NSA, they already know what websites you visit. You can’t hide by simply lurking on websites. It’s better to speak up. You never know who you might help along the way.

        • JayJay

          Barn Cat..I read a prayer and stole it. It sums up how we feel and your post.
          ‘In peace, I lie and sleep, for you alone Lord, can make me dwell in safety.’

      • Prepped in CT

        My son and I were talking about this the other day. Our discussion was regarding the people of Egypt, who took it to the streets and brought about real change in their country.

        Here, we don’t take it to the streets. People take it to facebook and twitter. Your comment may get tons of “likes” or “followers” or “retweets”, but what have you accomplished, really.

        I love your post. It’s hard waiting for the “rallying point”. By the time there is a rallying event, it could be too late to come together.

    26. braveheart

      To everyone, here’s another way to describe our situation. How many of you remembera certain TV commercial TV commerical for “Hawaiian Punch” that ran from the 60s to the 80s. Remember the little guy who was always asking the bigger guy, “How about a nice Hawaiian Punch”? The bigger guy ALWAYS answered, “Sure!” Then the little guy would knock the hell out of the bigger guy. It’s funny, but it’s not funny. We the people have been like that in relation to the federal government for longer than I’ve been alive. The feds would always ask us if we would like a nice Hawaiian Punch and we’ve always said “Sure.” each and every time. well, it’s high time we said, “NO”, to the Hawaiian Punch and everything else they want to do to us. I’ve said this many times and it bears repeating. NOTHING THIS GOVERNMENT DOES HAS ANY LEGITIMATE BASIS TO IT WHATSOEVER. WE DON’T HAVE ANY OBLIGATION TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE PROVEN TIME AND AGAIN WHAT THEIR EVIL INTENTIONS TOWARD US ARE. WE’LL HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO FIGHT! I dread what’s coming, but i’m not surrendering, period! braveheart

      • Piper Michael

        And the HNIC just “went there”…

    27. Frustrated

      How can a businessman make plans in an environment like this?

      • anonymous

        Sling crack in da hood while waiting the National Guard.

      • Yankee Doodle

        When in doubt, throw acres!

      • Barn Cat

        I have a small one person internet business. I continue to buy inventory. I continue to sell online. I keep as much cash out of the banking system as I can.

        • JayJay

          Barn Cat, I just ordered screens from walmart for my dehydrator and taxes were applied.
          This will hurt online purchasing I believe.
          I don’t ever remember paying tax buying online.

          I didn’t pay taxes when ordering Amish popcorn from the firehouse pantry that same night, so what’s the deal?

          • Barn Cat

            It depends on where you live. Here in Wisconsin, food isn’t subject to sales tax. Do you have an exemption certificate from the state? You could use that for purchases you make in person. Probably not online.

            • JayJay

              I’m in KY.. we don’t tax foods.
              The mesh screens aren’t food.

      • breeze

        You have to adapt, your Data is being STOLEN.

        That means your ideas, plans, proprietary processes, and other property are at great risk.

        There will be social change once the FB people finally get it.

        I am not holding my breath.

        But businessman are different.

    28. BEN

      Detroit is officially their city, unless I bail them out.

      • braveheart

        Let Detroit fail. They brought everything upon themselves anyway. they deserve it.

        • Luther

          So sad but true

    29. California Resident

      They just keep justifying more, and more, and more heroin injections.

      Eventually, and soon enough, the body will die regardless of any threat of withdrawals. It’s a mathematical certainty.

    30. Ted Kennedy

      Damn, it’s getting interesting back state side & I’m roaming on the Satlink.

      Detroit, the new frontier. Buy a Ford. They don’t smoke weed for lunch.

      • The Old Coach

        And just so you know, Fords ain’t made in Detroit, either. They and 99% of everybody else moved out to Oakland and Macomb counties when Coleman Young began to run the city into the ground. I was there, from 1993 to 2009. So glad I got to retire and bug out while the bugging was good.

    31. armed citizen

      Ben talks and stock market goes up or down like a yo yo. He’s full of crap like obutthead. I’m still chewing on the article the other day that we are 25 million below the debt ceiling and have been for 60 days. Yet every dollar Ben prints has cost us 1.40 and he hasn’t stopped printing. We aren’t even allowed to see how far we really are in debt.
      I just ordered some more survival seeds, I’m not believing anything they say anymore.

    32. GreatAmericanRedoubt

      It’s better to have it and never need it, then to need it and not have it.
      The sheeple are screwed, and the peppers might be to, if the hungry zombie hordes overrun us….
      I am still wondering if I should bug out, or bug in.
      I have all the preps…..and live in the northwest….near the forest?????

      • BackSpace

        RE: Should I Stay Or Should I Go.

        Went through that dilemma a while back. Each person has a different situation, you must weigh your options for your specific circumstance “and” what your actually preparing for.

        I’m preparing for economic, EMP/CME and freaky nature. So this was my thought process for these scenarios.

        1. where to go: must have water, game & fish and enough hardwood. what kind of shelter.

        2. could I get there: fuel might be hard to find. will the vehicle even work. how many road blocks could there be. am I crossing a FEMA region border. how many river bridges, will they be blocked or destroyed. how many neighborhoods/towns to pass thru. how many vigilante/thug gangs to possibly encounter. could I walk if necessary. would I need to purchase “resupply” stops along the way, night vision & move in darkness.

        3. what will be the “trigger” to “bug out”: when the toilet paper is gone. when the hungry beg. when the riots begin. when the gangs come down your street. when the blue hats come. when they start filling train cars. when you know the electricity is gone for a year+. when winter comes.

        4. how long will we be able to defend the BOL. do we have enough to survive and rebuild…

        IMHO, one would need a “butt” load of $$ to pull off a successful bug out. A lot cheaper to buy more buckets of beans, rice & oatmeal etc. and put your nearby sheeple on perimeter watch. But I live in a small town. If your in a urban/suburban area … “get rural”.

        Wish I had a forest near. I would be learning it like the back of my hand. find the critter trails, follow them, know them. bury stash. make/find a hidey hole. find the creeks/streams. now that’s some fun camping.

        The only option I have in the flat, treeless, grass land is ancient/old farmsteads with root cellars still somewhat intact. found a few.

        I’m staying put, weigh your options, good luck.


        • GreatAmericanRedoubt

          I do live bordering the National forest in Idaho, Montana is just east of me, we don’t have to worry about any roadblocks, bridges, because we have hundreds of trails and dirt roads leading out to the oblivion of the forest, as far as water goes, 55 lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, and more, lots and lots of game, from wild turkey, squirrel, elk, moose, deer, wolf, bear, fish , fresh berries and other edibles in the forest.
          if I can, we will take the 4×4, and our very small 4×4 rv trailer, sleeps six… plius we do have a sugar shack..not much…but it will keep the snow out, and has heat and plenty of wood…
          we prepositioned , wood, propane and lots more, at different locations to pickup on the way, to include diesel and gas.

          if we walk out, there is also a couple of canvas wall tents and homemade oven/stoves (wood burning) for us,
          but….I still have so much to take, I would loose a lot if we had to walk out, I guess I need to take at least half of what I have and store it out “there” somewhere.

          so I guess if I bug in, we have enough, if its Bugout, we have enough too..

          but it all stinks either way, I just pray for everyone, and hope I run into more likeminded folks like you out there, because together we stand, and divided we fall..

          god bless, and good luck…

          keep your powder dry!

      • Barn Cat

        I think the biggest factors are how close you are to large population centers and whether or not you have a water source at your bug out location. For example, Lincolnwood is a city on Chicago’s northern border. I would not live there for the next 10 years for $10 million.

    33. Citizenry

      The plan is going exactly as planned. The citizenry best wake up before they are led to slaughter.

    34. Ugly

      Cannot stop Evil when Evil is accepted. Americans vote for Evil. The world is voting for Evil. The doer is the bad guy, and the freeloader justifies his hate. Pass the soda and give the Twinkies.

      Evil has control. Evil has your SSN. Evil has your bank numbers. Evil has your home. Evil has your phone and also all the records about you. Evil knows more about You, than you do. Evil will soon decide if you are necessary, or not.

      What do you do? Not much. We just need to–

      .get debt down
      .have some cash on hand
      .have some PMs on hand
      .have some forms of defense
      .have friends that know what is going on too
      .maybe barter?
      .have at least 6 months food storage
      .have some seeds

      Good luck to all true Americans. Good luck to the good folks world-wide. We need each other.

      • California Resident

        @ Ugly

        In the end, Evil loses. That, in itself, gives me great hope.

        • Ugly

          California Resident.

          Yes, at the very end it is Maranatha. These days were foretold 2000 plus years ago. Now we are here. Guess it is time to get to work.

          Good luck.

    35. Be informed

      Rare precursor earthquake on Southern East Pacific Rise, western Nazca plate. This aims directly at the Pacific Northwest from Oregon to northern Vancouver Island for one spot. Back in 1991 there was a 7.1 after this area could hit, and 6.7 in 1992. Other areas include from New Guinea to Soloman Island, Fiji, Chile, and Northern Japan. That is it. On top of the other massive South Sandwich Islands quake of 7.3, the Pacific Northwest to about western Wyoming and Montana have another indication of danger until the end of the month, maybe August 1. The odds are increasing, a couple more of these precursor quakes aimed from the Pacific Northwest and I am going to be confident of a major quake here.

      • RICH99

        What the fuck! Why should I worry about a quake? New Beach Front property?

        • Be informed

          @ RICH99. A big enough earthquake could easily be the catalyst for the whole economy coming down for one. An earthquake on the New Madrid could knock out the pipelines that fed your natural gas for heat and cooling to your area in New York. The nuclear powers are many near to New Madrid fault, and you are downwind of any fallout. The main concern with the San Andreas and/or the Cascdia faults for you is how it will affect the economy.

          Remember last year when you ho hummed Sandy and I attempted to warn you that your area was going to get royally messed up because of the low pressure of the hurricane. RICH99 said, it is JUST a category 1 hurricane, stop the fear mongering. WELL guess whom was right? SCIENCE of a hurricane was right. Winds are only a smaller portion of what drives the bubble of gathering water around a hurricane. The pressure is what really causes that mound of water to grow and grow in size, which when it reaches land builds like a tsunami depending on the coastline’s topography.

          I can see your skepticism about the economy because it has been 5 years since the last fall. Don’t ever doubt Mother Nature, she will kick your ass and then when you get back up, buckle your knees under you for the hell of it. Your Long Island area has a fault just to the west of you that is capable of a 7. With the very old dense solid rock it would feel like almost a 8. I am not saying that this fault is due right now, but it is there. Like Sandy that was an once in 700 year event, you may wake up one morning and feel like the world is ending. I was in an earthquake with about 25% the force of gravity and that was terrible, you would be in one that would likely exceed the force of gravity. I would at least be aware about earthquakes where you are, especially the way we are having an awful lot of of these once in several hundred or several thousand year events.

          • Paranoid

            Now, Now: don’t you remember; breaking all the glass is good for the economy, provides jobs fixing it. And just exactly what’s wrong with Central New England starving and freezing in the dark? You people always look on the dark side. A little radiation kills molds.

      • Ugly


        Thanks for warning on earthquake and PNW.

        Is it possible for a worldwide earthquake if the movement of earth is very deep in its core where all tetonic plates are affected?

        Also, as the earth ages and cools somewhat, shouldn’t there be fewer earthquakes and not more earthquakes?

        The world is getting stranger by the second. Nothing makes sense anymore.

        • Be informed

          @ Ugly. Didn’t you say you were in Pocatello or Idaho Falls in Idaho? Either one of these cities was only about 100 miles away from the 1983 earthquake that was 7.0. This earthquake was because the plates caused the precursor quake in the exact same spot in the South Sandwich Islands that hit this week. This arc from the 7.3 this week goes right through Idaho like it did back in 1983. Earthquakes follow the same pattern as years or decades before. The South Sandwich Islands quake in 1983 was 7.1, less than the one this week. This means likely a bigger quake this time along the arc that includes other areas like South America, Mexico, southern Alaska and a few other places.

          If I see more precursor quakes that have lead to more major Pacific Northwest I will probably issue some sort of alert that something is likely going to hit. Right now based on the arc around the planet, there is about a 35-45% chance of the Pacfifc Northwest to Montana Wyoming area of having a major earthquake by August 1. I know, I don’t like those odds either.

          • Ugly


            Yes I live in Pocatello. The Wasatch is about 70 miles south and Yellowstone Basin about 110 miles North (as the crow flies).

            Nearby, Lava Hot Springs and into Wyoming have been numerous small quakes.

            The 1983 quake you refer to was near Challis. They claimed that it moved Mount Borah about one foot. I was in Moscow at that time and you could feel that quake their too, which was about 350 miles away from the epicenter.

            From the Bible, everything towards the end will lead to chaos. From wars and famines to earthquakes in diverse and unusual places. Then comes the Peace-Maker that solves all problems with the new economic system of his Chip (number) and control.

            Life will change pretty soon. All we can do is be aware and prepare.

        • Be informed

          @ Ugly. Sorry for not answering your questions about the planet cooling in relation to earthquakes. When the planet cools, which is minimum because of the long life of radioactive decay inside the planet, the planet will become more rigid. This lack of a smooth molasses state will increase earthquakes severely. Think of an engine running with less oil to lubicant the moving parts.

          Not until the planet had gone through a total cooling inside would earthquakes stop. At this time the water would have eroded the land masses as no mountain building would occur into the oceans, Waterworld. Not to worry because the Sun will have gone through it final expansion and using up its fuel and will fried the Earth to a crisp and finally will collapse into a super dense white dwarf.

          • Paranoid

            but the good side of it is they will stop calling you about helping you with your credit cards.

          • Merree

            Be Informed,
            It seems that I have heard that the epicenter of earthquakes may have less signs of damage than areas further out due to the way the waves travel through the earth. So someplace many miles away could have worse damage than the center of the quake, especially with the kind of quake that would happen with the New Madrid fault. Is this correct? Could you explain it better than my mangled question above?

            • Be informed

              @ Merree. Earthquake waves will travel the direction at which the fault hits the surface of the Earth. This is what is called a hypocenter. The epicenter is from which the earthquake started out below the surface. Basically only 90 degree faults and straight horizon faults will have epicenters and hypocenters that match. With a strike slip horizontal quake the waves with follow the horizontal flat contours of the fault. Like the San Andreas bends off the west towards San Bernadino and thus the earthquake waves will spread out towards LA on top of following the fault’s line up to the north.

              A 90 degree fault like the Newport Inglewood fault is will a have epicenter and hypocenter match as the earthquake waves travel directly up like a straight line missile. The Northridge fault was south about 40 degrees dipping, which means that that the fault goes into the Earth from the surface towards the south. Therefore its epicenter will be to the south of where the earthquake waves hit the surface. The earthquake waves will be north of the epicenter. In this 6.7 quake the worst almost 2 times the force of gravity hit in the Santa Monica mountains away from populated areas. Had this been reversed, Rondondo Beach and Torrance would have looked like Kobe, Japan and thousands could have died because very little stands after gravity hits near 200%.

              You can follow the New Madrid fault and anywhere that it bends, follow that bend like you would a branch of a river and these areas are prone just like adajacent to the fault to much more intense shaking. You also want to get a good soil map of your area to see if the dirt is going to retain any stability with the shaking. Many what is called sand spits occurred in 1811-1812 as the water was literally squeezed out of the soil like someone would get pressing a wet sponge together. Any area with a satuated water table would be very prone to structure failure of most if not all buildings.

              I hope this gives you a better visual picture of what happens. They sure don’t want the public knowing about this. Again, it is more the duration of the shaking that will bring everything down. It seems like most buildings can take up to 30 seconds, then past this buildings start to come down like cards. Get up to 2 minutes and most buildings above 65% the force of gravity are wrecks. Another analogy that you could visualize is try to imagine earthquake faults as veins or arteries in the body, and the blood flow following these pathways to the surface, the angle of this is like the 3 dimensional planes of the crust of the planet.

              • eagle eye

                BI, the term for what you describe re New Madrid sand Pits is liquifaction. Google it along with Christchurch.

                The Christchurch earthquake in NZ had a lot of liquifaction, there are plenty of images on the net.

                BI, I have asked this before, and may have missed your answer. If I did I apologize. There is a theory floating around that the earth is expanding, driven by the interaction of solar energy/plasma? with the core. As I understand it the continents, if drawn on an inflated rubber sphere in their current location, come together neatly when the sphere is deflated.

                This theory seems to explain the apparent shrinking of the oceans over time in some areas, the transition from Pangea to separate continental plates, and the linkage between solar activity and earthquakes.

                What are your thoughts?

                • Be informed

                  @ Eagle Eye. Liquifaction is a severe problem in many spots, and one area that few are aware of this is the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley that has a levee system that makes New Orleans look safe. When the San Andreas breaks you will have severe liquifaction here. The Bay area quake of 1989, World Series Earthquake, many areas had this problem. Like a bowl of Jello this amplifies the shaking a lot.

                  The theory that the Earth is expanding due to solar plasma interaction has some merit, but this expansion they have thought is on the scale of .001 of 1% over tens of millions of years. The Pacific Ocean is shriking and over time will actually close back up. The volcanic activity from this will be catasrophic and much worse than India about 65-67 million years ago. The magma chamber under the region from Fiji to Hawaii is unbelivable. While this is happening the Atlantic Ocean is expanding and growing. The spreading of the Atlantic Ocean is very visible with the Mid Atlantic Ridge that travels east of sooth Argentina all the way northeast of Greenland. In other words in the areas of shrinking there is a counter balance of expansion.

                  What I and JustOneGuy found very interesting was the increase of super deep earthquakes in the Fiji area, over 700 kilometers deep. Earthquakes this deep show that the rock strata is not as fluid as it should be at that depth. Being rigid would be the reason for this, a cooling of at least this region. I can remember in school of being told that no earthquake is possible below 700 km, yet in 1985 the first recorded 700+ km was recorded and a couple of them were 730+ km deep. This is alarming, so was the massive 8.3 quake on May 24 this year that was 609 km deep east of Russia. This was the largest ever recorded of any deep focus quake. The quake in Bolivia in 1994 was 8.2 and similar depth. Again, I was told in school that it was impossible to have earthquakes above 8 this deep because of the state of it being so fluid at this level. The USGS did not appreciate me calling them up in 1994 to explain this. All they could say was it was one for the record books.

                  It makes sense through, as cooling occurs, earthquakes will get a lot deeper and a lot larger as the lubrication effect of the heat is lost. If massive cooling occurred, the crust would become extremely bittle and the earthquakes would be awful beyond words. In some spots of the world this is becoming fact by the recent size and depth of the earthquakes.

                • eagle eye

                  Thanks for your reply below

              • patientmomma

                BI-Thanks for educating us! In TN, we worry about the New Madrid fault. I’ll try to find more info on it like you suggested. God Bless!

                • Be informed

                  @ patientmomma. What I don’t know anything about is plenty, and this is what is so nice about this site, we all can help each other learn about what someone doesn’t know much about.

                • braveheart

                  Howdy, patientmomma. I’m in Memphis, just a 1-hour drive from the southern end of the fault. If it goes while we’re still alive, I’m definitely in deep doo-doo. braveheart

                • JayJay

                  I’m right there with you–patientmommma, I’m in central southern Ky.

            • Commie hater

              You fault worriers are all gonna die and commie care won’t help you.

            • Paranoid

              Mexico City was a good example; it sets in an old lake bed, foundations are poor. and it shakes like a bowl of jelly. Lots of stuff closer to the quake were fine,

    36. Norse Prepper

      It never ceases to amaze me how our government wastes money. We will soon be at war with Syria, over half of the population gets their hands stuffed with your tax dollars, Detroit goes bankrupt due to their being socialists and now are screaming for a government bail out.

      Here’s an idea if we want to create a better more prosperous nation…let’s make it easier to own a business and hire people.

      There ya go Barry, there’s your answer to fixing the economy…or at least slowing down the collapse.

      God Bless,

      • Sigi

        If he wanted to fix things, he’d have done that 5 years ago.

        • PO'd Patriot

          Sigi, the fix is already in, the horses have left the starting gate, their now just coming down to the home stretch.

          • Sigi

            P.O. that is quite obvious.

            They are either incompetent or deliberately evil. I believe that the weaponization of bureaucracy is proof of the latter and therefore everything they have done to us is deliberate. That said, they are becoming desperate-there is some time frame they are trying to meet and the existence of the Tea Parties and now the unions waking up to the bad side of Obamacare have thrown a wrench in that time table. Also the shoves mentioned earlier in the week aren’t having the results they calculated for either side, thus the new devisive comments from the president.

      • eeder

        @norse prepper. Somehow it seems to escape all of those in government and most other people, that allowing people to operate businesses and allow businesses to hire people under free market conditions is a great thing and would absolutely fix most of the problems today. Sadly, I see these animals making conditions even harder for anyone not employed by the government. Lately these types have gone from being quiet and are now ready to shove the next phase down our throats, and I have noticed they are starting to be more forceful about it again. Sad, sad situation.

    37. Be informed

      Was watching that Atlantic Ocean wetback piers morgan’s show and the one agenda that this black hag said that she and others are going to get a bunch of young black kids into the anti-gun movement. Figures doesn’t it. Kill the 2nd Amendment for everyone, including black families. Empower the criminal, take all defense away from potential victims like police state england. Someone like that loser piers almost has a mental sexual high whenever that english bum hears getting rid of all guns.

      This one black person Peters actually talks about the government trying to divide American by instigating a white and black race war. How black violence is the cause of all of this. How our gun rights will suffer to defend ourselves. That Treyvon was no way some sort of hero. Of course the other two blacks almost called this wise individual that sees an upper hand in all of this an Uncle Tom. You should see how they attack David Webb, a black guy, from the Tea Party on other interviews because he talks about the government being the ones that benefit from all of this.

      I mentioned this last week that Mac has no short list of stories and articles to submit for the site. This has got to show everyone just how close to the cliff the world is at. It seems like people are boiling over like they all have cactus in their pants. The planet is also extremely agitated, like it also is coming unglued.
      I see the bad moon arisin’
      I see trouble on the way
      I see earthquakes and lightin’
      I see badtimes today

      Don’t go around tonight
      Well, it’s about to take your life
      There’s a bad moon on the rise.

      I hear hurricanes ablowin’
      I know the end is comin’ soon
      I fear rivers overflowin’
      I hear the voice of rage and ruin

      Don’t go out tonight
      Well it’s bound to take your life
      There’s a bad moon on the rise

      Hope you got your things together
      Hope you are quite prepared to die
      Looks like we’re in for nasty weather
      One eye is take for an eye

      Well don’t go out tonight
      Well, it’s bound to take your life
      There’s a bad moon on the rise

      Don’t go out tonight
      Well, it bound to take your life
      There’s a bad moon on the rise.

      Bad Moon Rising Lyrics by Creedence Clearwater Revival

      Too well suited for right now, and from another phrase for what is coming, YOU AIN’T SEEN ANYTHING YET.

      • Norse Prepper

        Yup. Very appropriate BI.

        God Bless,

      • braveheart

        BI, that song describes our situation to a T. I was only 13 when that song was recorded. braveheart

        • Facebook Page

          Didn’t know recording devices had been in tented back the

      • sheptical citizen

        Did any of you see the live concert where Fogerty was singing Bad Moon. And in one verse instead of there is a Bad moon on the rise. He sang there is a bathroom on the right?Ya reckon he needed to take a leak or dump really bad?

    38. Unreconstructed Southron

      What he forgot to say was that if the don’t stop the policy it’s going to tank also.

      Speaking of tanks, buy one…or two.

    39. Cucamonga Survivor

      Like Jim Sinclair said- it is QE to Infinity!

    40. Cucamonga Survivor

      Like Jim Sinclair said- it is QE to Infinity!

      • Sigi

        And as Buzz Lightyear said, “To infinity and beyond!”

        • BackSpace

          the AT&T commercial “infinity Times infinity” and the head Explodes…

          • Sigi

            Love it! 🙂

    41. Norse Prepper

      Off topic…don’t forget entertainment preps for after the SHTF. I highly suggest the book Ressurect by David Stevens. It is a phenomenal book.

      When the SHTF the ability for a book to give you a vacation will be priceless.

      God Bless,

      • PO'd Patriot

        Reading material! Absolutely Norse Prepper.

      • Kulafarmer

        I went and bought a couple 12 packs of bicycle playing cards, going to start making hardwood cribbage boards! Good barter items

      • GV

        Just bought it NP, thanks!

    42. W69

      I was riding with Ben (in the helicopter) the other day, he said we were running an hour late.
      I said, “no problem “, and turned the watch back an hour. Problem solved.

    43. inflamed boil

      Uncle Ben has changed his tune. The FED can’t taper after all. All that means is buy metal until the price goes kablooey.

      • Semper Fi, y'all

        Yeah, buy metal – lead, wheel weights (while they still got antimony in them), brass, bronze, copper, used saw blades, mild steel, high carbon steel, tin, zinc and stainless steel. Might as well lay in used gun barrels, probably find a use for ’em.

        Semper Fi

        • GrandpaSpeaks

          Hey y’all. What might be a handy last minute prep. A lot of preppers are forgetting sulphur. You know; chickenshit, charcoal and sulphur? Don’t forget the sulphur. Backwoodsman Magazine had a process recipe back one or two issues. Find a copy. Stash it with the sulphur. Think resupply Semper Fi.

    44. Darkstar

      Off topic but I thought this was interesting. NYC is releasing a harmless gas in the subway system to test how it would flow in the event of a gas attack. This is the 2nd of 3 tests.

      • VRF

        getting ready for the next FF

    45. JRS


      Where’s the 17 year cicada? Only one or two heard. They should be everywhere.

      Where’s the honeybees? None so far.

      Where’s the flying grasshoppers that spit “tobacco juice” in your hand?

      Only a couple butterflies and cabbage moths.

      Where’s the crickets at night? It’s WAY too quiet after dark.

      What happened to all the bats that feed at dusk? No food?

      Hoot Owls? Forget about it. None this year.

      Why does that buck just stand there stompin his feet when the dog is 10 feet away barking at him? Seems almost tame. He should be high tailin it up the mountain.

      Why are the leaves falling off the Maples? We had plenty of rain.

      I’ve lived here 25 years and never seen this. I hope it is temporary.

      • possee



        same here in mass..

        no honey bees at all..just bumblebees

        absolutely no bats anywhere..used to be dozens every evening @ dusk

        wild turkeys everywhere with their 4-6 young ones in tow..fearless roaming through the neighborhood daily..

        our river birch dropping leaves like crazy.

        I have no answer..but it sure is different like none other I have witnessed..


      • possee


        Add this to the mix..

        WASHINGTON (AP) — The oppressively hot weather in the Northeast has surprised meteorologists: It’s moving backward across America, something that rarely happens.

        “It’s definitely unusual and going the wrong way,” Gottschalck said Thursday. “This is pretty rare.”

        …this is likely just natural chaos in the atmosphere. He couldn’t say how often these backward weather flows occur, but they are less frequent than once a year.

        Natural chaos in the atmosphere?

        Something to ponder..

        Perhaps BeInformed could shed some light on this..


        • JRS

          possee…wow, that surprises me. Watching the local weather on teevee last night I mentioned to the wife that I can’t recall when a high pressure went from east to west across the country. Usually, in hot spells, the high will sit around Bermuda for a while and then head off to the east.

          Some say (and I know the climate change deniers will bust on this), that the jet stream has changed since the ice sheets are melting on Greenland and in the Arctic. I am reserving judgement on “climate change” since I don’t have enough info on it, but I guess it’s something to keep in mind.

          • eeder

            @JRS. It is a certainty that the ocean currents we have lived with our whole lives, the gulf stream, has essentially stopped flowing. This is absolutely changing the jet stream. I will not type what else is going on as it will seem ludicrous. Just know this guys and gals. We are undergoing earth changes. It is mostly a phenomenon that is being caused by factors in outer space. It is quite clear that something wicked, this way, comes.

            • BackSpace

              Gulf streams not flowing??? Argh! Ice Age!


            • JayJay

              Let us not forget the damage done in the Gulf waters by BP oil spill..marine life; and some say the gulf stream was affected.
              “””Some scientists in the West say that the current natural calamities in Europe are caused by the retardation of the Gulf Stream as a result of the oil spill”””

              • eeder

                I believe it is a factor Jayjay. For sure. Cannot disagree with what you are saying. And yes. the gulf stream stopping is something that could lead to an ice age. This is the stuff we should worry about. These government pansies just make our lives even more difficult. I will not feel sorry for them.

                • Them Guys

                  Wasnt Greenland named that by the Vikings who went there to live? And remaind there for like 300 yrs till it got covered by Ice sheets. So if ice there melts and greenland is again Green like vikings era what so bad with that? More land for folks to live and farm on like them vikings did. Seems like a good event.

                  Good thing the vikigs never used oil or gasolene and cars eh.

                  Read that on Planet Mars the Ice caps also are melting there. Must be that global warming due to martians overuse of Oil and Cars and BBQ propane! Damn those Martians! Don’t They read “Grosshoppers” envirowhack websites or what.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Been a hoot owl howlin’ by window now, for six nights in a row.
        She’s comin’ for me I know and on Wildfire were both gonna go…….

      • JayJay

        JRS..just in the last 5 years the crickets that actually kept us awake nights are gone.
        I’m not exaggerating–they kept us awake.
        You forgot frogs.
        I would catch the frogs each summer and put them under the BIG DADDY hostas.
        Gone–only one little one this year.

      • Sigi

        The caterpillars and butterflies are all over here. I’ve seen honey bees and others as well. WAY too many fleas (mild winter). We’re in the PNW- where the next earthquake may hit :\ Heard the frogs in spring too so at least one corner of this nation is ok.

      • GV

        No honeybees, but bumblebees were (happily) all over our property.. until the county did aerial mosquito spraying the other night (our property & 100ft perimeter is exempt); by morning all the bees were struggling then died in droves right in front of me. Totally, utterly disgusting.

        • Them Guys

          Let me know if you hear of any type monkey shortages.

          That can be a real game changer event.

    46. understandingevil

      In 100 years of FED history, not one chairman has been a non-Jew. Think about it, and start connecting the dots.
      If you want to know who owns you, ask whom you may not criticize.

      • Shootit

        If you want to connect the dots… follow the money.

        Your character is not tied to your skin color.

      • REB

        They showed no mercy they deserve none…hang em high!

    47. to M. S.

      It makes me distraught that all these great minds on here may be traceable. It is rare to meet such an amazing group of people. I hope you have developed or are developing a way to protect them from prying eyes.

    48. J. Roy

      Nothing can stop what is coming. Alas, Babylon.

      • Paranoid

        That was a long time ago.

    49. maudy fricket

      Friend of mine has a fast food restaurant. He says over half the customers are now paying with credit cards. They don’t have any money. Credit card defaults went up substantially in June. EBT cards are all the rage these days. A local hardware store recently laid off several workers. This, in the middle of summer repair season. June home starts went down 10%. Is that the collapse I hear coming?

      • Sigi

        Keep in mind that some may be using credit cards because they feel safer using those than debit for such transactions. It is bad though, no two ways about that.

    50. REB

      Really its not that suprising if you look behind the curtain and Im sure many of you have but many haven’t…this issue isn’t about benny or some black kid who got bested by a Hispanic one…its par for course of the powers in the shadows…TPTB as we often call them…once folks realize that there are others above presidents and nations who have been calling the shots and making plans for what they see as their birthright…WORLD GOVERNMENT with THEM in total control…old families that trace their lineage(supposedly) back to ancient times and ancient dynasties…imbred morons who see themselves as gods and rightful rulers who are destined to rule all mankind…only theres this glitch…some group of peasants got it into their head that they were in charge of their own destinies and that kings and rulers are just a bunch of psycos who oughta be in a padded cell or a deep hole…namely our founders and us…America! that shining city on a hill,being the main culprit…individual liberty?..who in hell do we think we are?..we dare to believe that all men are born equal and have the right to self determination?…to these god wannabees that idea represents a sick and twisted viewpoint that must be eradicated…not just in America but anywhere it crops up…so keep the people divided over anything and everything…keep them broke with no prospects…generate any number of ongoing crisis and always have another one waiting in the wings…manipulate the money and crash the economics of planet,make people believe that no nation, no system is any better than any other…destroy all confidence in anything that has ever been trusted in by men from money to God himself and couch it all in terms that appeal to the ears…make men come to believe that more govt control equals more liberty, more safety ,more security…create the problems make them so bad and frequent that men wear out and beg for the solution that the godmen just happen to have waiting in the wings…give us someone/something to blame for this mess..anything they say, just so we don’t have to think or get involved in anything…themselves in total control asking for nothing but our souls, in return they want to unleash hell on this planet…lift up the veil…push back the curtain…get a real good look at the devils from hell who are really the ones manipulating the PTB making them think they are gods and destined to rule as such over the few wretched peons who they happen to decide to let live to serve them…stand your ground and just say NO!… men who believe they are gods…who think they can run your life better than you…who profess to believe that no one but they are entitled to own anything , to enjoy love…to give love…take a close look…I dare you…look into their souls and see that they have none…look at the evil they want to perpetuate on you and yours forever…look at the evil they have already done to mankind and then tell me they are not from a pit called hell…this is what we face my friends…but so many of our fellow men will just look at what the nightly news idiot has to say and will be sidelined by the latest circus act from TPTB and never realize that they are destined for the butcher as meat for the godmen…we know…we are awake…we will not rest until these godmen and their overlords are sealed up in that pit…we were born to be free ,not to serve against our will,but with a God given right to choose!!I choose life, I choose liberty!!and to those who choose to serve the godmen I say that if its a fight you want then its a fight you shall have! ..thanks for letting me vent…be strong…live free or die trying!

      • JayJay

        REB, we need a Moses.

        • REB

          I understand your point but let me add to that…Moses was leader in a certain time for a certain people…I really think what we need more than a leader is a standard…an unmovable easily recognizable standard on which all freemen/women can agree on and support…I propose that standard is Liberty…and support of not only our own personal liberty but of our countrymen, those who are willing to stand and fight for their liberty need to be able to count on others who feel the same to have their backs…to be ready to pick up the fight for the standard when they grow weak and tired and are unable to carry it forward on their own…this to me is the weak link…people ready to raise hell and kick butt in defense of another countryman who is being oppressed by anyone from the local dog catcher to the prez…its of course not easy to fight and they are making it harder and at some point there will be no peaceful recourse left for justice as J F Kennedy alluded when peaceful methods are no longer available it makes violent ones nessesary and he was a prez…Im not disagreeing with your point…we do need good men and women who can take “point” so to speak I just think there needs to be more of them…more of us who can operate without a leader to guide us, who understand whats important and where we need to be headed…hence the standard! 🙂

    51. Saved4Glory


      Deuteronomy 15:1-2. “….the Lord’s time for canceling debts has been proclaimed.”

      Every seven years a sabbatical Shemitah occurs on the 29th of Elul.  Shemitah means to let fall/release.  The last two sabbatical Shemitah’s nearly destroyed our stock market in 2001 and 2008 with a loss of 684 and 777 points respectively.  THE LARGEST point drops in history according to Time Magazine.  

      While the orthodox Jew was symbolically wiping away debt, God crippled our economy on those exact economic biblical days.  Since we have persisted in rebellion and apostacy, the next sabbatical Shemitah could very well be our last one.   

      29 Elul 2001 or 17 Sept 2001 –Sabbatical Shemitah – Stock Market Crash,28804,1845523_1845619_1845553,00.html

      29 Elul 2008 or 29 Sept 2008 –Sabbatical Shemitah – Stock Market Crash,28804,1845523_1845619_1845541,00.html

      29 Elul 2015 or 13 Sept 2015 – Next Sabbatical Shemitah

      Here is my web-page with more information.

      • DOVE

        Shabbat Shalom

      • Sigi

        Considering what is all designed to come this next year, I am not sure we’ll make it that long!

        • Them Guys

          Sigi: We sure wont make it that long if america goes by Talmudic or old test ways or beliefs. Far as I am aware of, the last aprox 2000 yrs we are supposed to be living and believeing in the New covenant of Christianity.

          Yet as we keep seeing here and elsewheres, a massive large number of so called “christians” have Fallen for the teachings we were warned about in the bible(new testement) the warning was Beware of False preachers and especially those who are Judiazers teaching you to go Back to, and back Under the “law” IE: Old test heberew covenant law such as dueteronomy and levitical laws etc.

          Many of todays “christians” seem to think they can Obey Both old and new covenant. Which is an absurdity since the new covenant Replaced the Old covenant made ONLY with and For all 12 israel tribes.

          It is written and was meant For those 12 ribes.
          “The Kingdom Will be Taken From YOU…And Given to Others”

          I wonder Whom so many delusional christians today think that is speaking of?

          Taken from who? the 12 tribes of israel thats who.

          Given to “others” is who? Christianity aka the New covenant. What they fail to see with their eyes I fail to comprehend as it is very easy to get it if they try.

          Either a person believes what Christ and the Apostles said and wrote…That NONE shall be saved without accepting Jesus Christ…Or they do Not.

          Nowheres is it written “Everybody must accept Christ….Except for “jews” because They are special and have a special automatic free pass etc”

          Yet today aprox. 50 million folks who call themselves Christians actually do believe such nonsensical foolishness and keep Trying to Live under TWO covenants, while Only One is in existence, and it IS the New covenant By/Of/With Christ aka Christianity.

          When one is aware of the facts that almost every important High Office of Powers across the entire board of banks-fed govnt-state dept=pentagon/military-etc is and Has been Occupied By members Of them who call themselves Jews(but are Imposters and Are the synagouge of Satan as per Jesus own words, rev 2 vs 9–John 8 vs 44).

          Then only total fools, or totally Deluded folks, deluded by falsehood teachers, or preachers, would even consider going along with or promoting ANYTHING that is of the Old covenant-Talmudic-systems as believed in by the Very folks controling so many High Power offices in america etc. Yet indeed they do promote such and call That delusionalness “christianity”. Joke be closer to truth.

          Real True Christ centered christianity has Zero to do with any talmudic jewishness beliefs or its satanic systems. Perhaps those so deluded should study some of the Talmudic verses so as to better comprehend their enemys at large. Instead of unquestioned Worship of all things israel and jewish.

          “He came to His Own, and They Rejected Him(Him being Christ–They being jews/israelites).

          Yet many of todays Christians teach. “So lets Us be Like Them too!”…Delusional fools.

          • Sigi

            Jesus called the Old Testament a treasure. It points to Him and to God’s over-arching plan for mankind from creation which is salvation for all men through Christ and His finished work on the cross. Paul said that the gospel is salvation to the Jew, clear teaching that salvation is only to be gained in Christ. I don’t know anyone who teaches that the Jews get a free pass to heaven aside from Christ, but then why follow every wind of teaching out there? That said, the church in Acts 15:20 didn’t disown the OT but said that the Gentile Christians need only obey what it says about blood, fidelity to God and sexual morality. It is a teaching tool and has value as such. The ceremonial laws and the laws relating to sacrifice, atonement and ritual cleanliness (kosher laws are in this category) were all fulfilled in Him. The community laws that informed the Jews how to be Jewish and be different from the other semitic peoples (beard styles, no tatooing or ritual scarring, etc.) were for that community alone and not for us. What remains? God’s standards of morality and justice. Our preacher likes to point out that we don’t have a lot of occasions to reject meat sacrificed to idols so we have even less to worry about today thatn did the early church. As you said, America is not under the Mosaic covenant with God, so those sabbatical years mentioned above are interesting, but without a covenantal footing, only that. My point in saying that I don’t think we’ll make it that long was a short way of saying, I don’t think the pattern will hold.

            • Them Guys

              SIGI: Well said. In answer to you asked whos teaching free pass for jews etc. Well just about Every major or mega church and tv type pastor nationwide. Mainly based on scofield bible interpretations and dispensationalisim which seems to believe that Both old and new covenant are in operation today at same time!

              Heres how Perry Stone, a Major judiaizer pastor says it from my memory I heard him a couple yrs ago say.

              The old covenant is still at work but ONLY for jews as they do not need belief in Christ to be saved because thats what “chozen” status means!

              Meanwhile the New covenant is for Christians to obey, and They Must believe in Christ because ONLY Jews get an automatic pass to heaven no matter what wrongs jews does etc.

              And furthermore look at it like this. Both New and Old covenant are running side by side like Two freeway lanes going in Same direction, with Jews in One lane and christians in the Other lane!!

              He, Perry-John Hagee-Pat robertson-Falwell(moral majority!) and pretty much the entire so called “Christian Right” along with tons of orgs and think tank type orgs such as “Concerned women for america” and many more Neocon-christian-right-moral majority-jew and israel Firsters.

              They firmly believe And Teach(pastors do) that christians should NOT preach Christs Gospel to any jews as its a waste of time cause jews gets a free pass due to being “chozens”…In their Next breath, the same pastors teach “Gods NOT a respector of persons or groups” because Gods not predudice nor preferential to ANY persons etc.

              If thats not total Contradiction, and Hogwash, I do not know what else to call it. Falshoods, will work too.

              I agree not to believe every wind that they teach. But when we have as many as 50 million christians that DO believe that stuff and reject all forms of questioning any parts of it. That has to account for many of todays troubles since that tribe of talmudic judiacs Is whos occupying Most every high power office and control center in all we call usa society-govnt-MSM-Hollywood-Unions-and over 300+ private jew run orgs with Much access and power into all those power centers today. SPLC-AJC-ADL just to name a few. Its rather amazeing to me that with todays outlets to learn truth and all things Hidden for the past few centurys, we see still so many otherwise awake folks still Under that Spell of talmudic judiacs, as well as so unquestionably defending and supporting it all. The Very thing destroying america today. Total Control of Banks/money-Fed Govnt, most state level govnt-ALL forms MSM medias is run By them Khazer kommies and frauds(Rev 2 vs 9…John 8 vs 44) who Own and control it all today.

              That can never end or get better as long as such massive numbers(50 million christians Plus who knows how many more non-christians too) refuse to even consider these issues. They are the Major Enablers of those evil rulers and controlers aka khazers.

      • Southern Border

        Yep these clowns don’t know when to keep their trap shut, not very presidential at all !!! But then we all already know that !!! What else is new ?

      • Iowa


      • Kulafarmer

        Im with you VRF
        I have no representation in washington so i will refuse to comply with anything that comes out of that shithole.
        Obama is a disgrace to the position of POTUS
        He does not represent the vast majority of disenfranchised Americans from all walks of life.
        MOLON LABE
        The end is here and affects every individual at a different rate and in different ways but make no mistake, its here.

        • REB

          Amen…consent of the governed has left the building!

    52. john1028

      Completely off topic, but it was strong on my mind, so…

      It’s great time to give your guns a quick wipedown, summer humidity can be a bitch. I’m sure everyone here takes good care of their precious things, but it’s a friendly reminder to some like-minded folks.

      • wrong

        Thanks. Great idea which I’m going to do. Anything else, let me know please. This heat is melting my brain. I’m grateful I’m on the lake.

        • Facebook Page

          Have block clean. Once never worry again.

          • PO'd Patriot

            EWL slip 2000 (lubricant). Has been freeze tested and resistant down to -100f.

    53. From my death bed

      One day I’ll be very old and dying…shit happens.

      Then I’ll tell my kid to go open the safe.. It will unfold a life time of savings of precious metals.

      Just think of the price in 30 years.
      There’s almost 8 billion souls on the planet, all net consumers of silver.

      Yeah…..I just keep stacking.

      Then the benefit of letting my kid sell off a coin or two as then need it…or sell to a private party. Sorry. govt. No way to tax us. You have to find it first.


      Take that…my revenge on my death bed.. tax evasion.

    54. When Rome Fell

      Rome did not fall all at once.
      It declined over many years.

      That’s what’s going on.

      SO…. make sure you are not the guy getting fired.
      Make sure you hide your wealth where the big NEGRO cannot find it.

      It’s a long slow slide and the big shit sandwich is Obamacare and we all have to take a bite.

      I do hope the negros like their new health benefits by taxing mine…
      I’m sure they don’t care I work until 2 am most nights.

      Let it all collapse.

    55. Anonymous

      hmmmmm leseeee here….where did I put that list of the first 100 things to disappear in a TEOTWAWKI or SHTF scenario??

      I need to make that list my honey-do list pronto.

      • SmokinOkie

        on the list of 100 things to disappear in teotwawki- maybe the list was number one on the list. I hate when that happens.
        as for the honey-do list: I tried throwing them in the washer, losing them, eating them….mrs okie always makes photocopies, darn her ornery hide!

    56. yental

      YOU racist bastard/bitch…Welcome aboard the SANITY EXPRESS! Uncommon sense is always appreciated. ;)!

      • Iowa


        my wife is black and I am white. Ill drive thru dozens of protestera on the hwy if can or ill shoot my way thru! BITCH!

    57. Jennie

      Kind of depressing to know this is what we have made our world to be

    58. Be informed

      You knew this was coming, in which the FAA has issued a warning not to try to shoot at drones.

      So even a drone that is on your property photographing you, without any warrant, is immune and protected? Horse crap! This could be some pervert trying to to get pictures of you. Any such device needs to be downed and smashed. One thing after another against the privacy and freedom of the citizen. Going downhill so rapidly now, so rapidly.

      • Watchman

        @BI: Like I’ve said in an early comment PRIVACY WILL BE A CRIME SOON!

        Keep the FAITH

    59. JayJay

      I must share this. Most here know, but heck, check out the questions and alert your family/friends.
      These questions will come back to haunt you relating gun laws/control or medical/psycholgical issues, child’s well being, etc.
      Consider these questions in the hand of a divorce attorney.:-) OMG is right.

      just add http://www.

    60. JayJay

      Well, s**t, a lot of good it did to separate the link.

    61. Kevin2

      One needs to put $85 billion per month into perspective. It’s approximately 2x the value of the combined value of all oil used in the US per month both domestically produced and imported. That’s serious money every month.

    62. Anonymous

      Just remember people. When the economy collapses and there is no food in the stores, the people will turn on themselves INSTEAD of taking out our government. That’s exactly what the government wants to happen. We will be killing each other off and the extremely rich will be living comfortably in their bunkers. Once the collapse is close to happening, my best advice for anyone is to move as quickly as you can to huge farming areas like the Midwest or deep into the wooded areas with good clean creek/river systems/food systems around. The only problem with the Midwest is that there isn’t very much forest land at all, and if the military isn’t on our side and starts killing us, then you need to be in a heavily wooded area where it will be hard for them and other pscyho civilians to find you. You do need a place with plenty of area to farm though because even with great natural resources it’ll be hard to survive without some crops I think. There isn’t a lot of deer in most of the USA, Canada might be an option though. The river systems can provide fish. Coming up with enough meat or protein will be an issue though. That’s why planting crops is important. The best options is to buy some big heavily forested area near a creek system and near farm land to plant crops too. Should be enough to sustain a family. The next best option would be going to Canada or another nation that is still free and has plenty of food.

    63. possee

      For thousands of years the righteous have fought against the evil that men do..

      For thousands of years we have had the prophets from all faiths proselytize against the evil that men do..

      Millions upon millions of our ancestors have been slaughtered fighting against the tyranny facing them from all over the globe throughout time immemorial..

      We once again face the tyranny that has never left this earth despite all the battles before our time..and once again..the fight has now come to our doorstep as always.

      They have all the technology all the weaponry all the spies..

      They have effectively transformed almost all the average citizens into debt slaves or totally dependent on the system for livelihood..

      They have effectively pigeonholed us into a corner..

      They have nullified all our rights through their nefarious laws and executive orders;
      They have destroyed OUR Bill of rights and OUR Constitution.

      We are watched by every move,,every transaction,every conversation by any means..

      They control the flow of food ,energy,medicine,labor,law,technology,money,self defense and are ready to eliminate any threat that defies the system..

      They harness the weather by geo engineering..
      They harness the monetary system through the federal reserve..

      They harness everything we rely on and poison it via the foods, medicine,water, and air..

      So what do we freethinking individuals do now?

      Should anyone have some insight or answers.. please do so..

      peace and prosperity to you all..


      • When Rome Fell

        For thousands of years people had a rough life…hard work.
        Now they have ac, cable tv, the web, cell phones and remotes, cars and food is brought to the store to them from every corner of the globe.


        Everyone is comfortable and nobody will do shit. You watch.

        Our comforts have enslaved us to let people do whatever they want.

    64. When Rome Fell

      So what’s up with Obama spouting out about this shit about “It could have been me!”

      Like everyone cares about his ass?

      I look forward to this clown getting out of office.

      Further, yeah…all the protests over “Travon the attacker”….
      This just rings in our white minds when you are sitting in front of us for an interview.
      We’ll over look it.

      Sorry, “Whitty cracker” still runs the planet. Deal with it bitches.

      I’ll say this….we all know bad times are coming… The white dudes will deal with it all far better as a community.

      Further, the black panthers should be brought up on charges of terrorism for telling their folks to go attach the white suburbs. Fuck them.

      I’m getting a bit tired of the black community always getting a “pass”.

      We’ve been giving you all sorts of shit for decades…and you still cannot get your shit together. Time to pull the plug and just let them sink or swim.

      Seems there’s a white paranoia. We’ll..then…..
      Maybe we need to step up and get in their faces and tell them all to work hard, study long and man up.

      Everyone is all concerned about the “black man”.
      I’m tired of these fuckers.
      Grow a pair bitches!!!

      Look…I’m not some white supremacist skin head…I’m just an average guy who works hard.
      I’m Joe America. We’re all tired of having to carry these affirmative action fucks.

      Thanks for listening.

      And yeah… The fuck will continue to print money and destroy our capitalist economy until we are al slaves of the commie jews. I’m just saying…that’s what’s coming.

    65. Defend

      Freedomizer Radio hacked … has been offline for over 48 hours…

    66. MayBeSo

      UH-Oh….more bad news from the Vaults of JPM, which on consideration might well be called in the future, the “New Tales form the Crypt”,

      Hmmm, continuing on the whole ‘Fall of Rome’ theme we have the following. An article up at ZH indicates that JPM has seen ANOTHER ‘rapid fluctuation’ in it’s “declared, eligible” Gold over the last few days…12K ounces on Thursday, followed by ANOTHER 93K ounces (!) on Friday. Seemingly then, as they go on to say, then JPM’s total reserves on-hand have falne under 200K ounces…

      Now, in in fact they HAD almost 3 million ounces on-hand less than 3 years ago (2 years 7 months) in their ‘Big, Bag World’s largest Vault….across the street from the NY FED RESERVE’ then where did ALL that Shiny Stuff go…and why?

      Oops, on the second part of that last question we do have an answer it sesms. Care to guess what NEW marvel of ‘financial engineering’ they came up with along the way to continue to cover thier asses…simple, “CLO’s’ …that is “Collateralized Debt Objects”. Simply put, CRAP that one bank packages up then gets ANOTHER bank to buy….something which is actually WORSE than the infamous “CDO’s” which led to the destruction of Lehman Brotherd and Bear-Sterns back in 2008…and were the source of most of the misery here around us today.

      …And if THAT was enough to ‘perturb your CALM’ then allow me to finish the job I’ve started above… appraently JPM has succesfully SUNK another 400 Billion of ‘stagnant’ depostitor’s funds into THOSE CLO’s.

      Oops, SURELY that isn’t something LIKE what MF Global did to it’s account holders back in 2011 was it? Hehehe, remember, “Stupid is as STUPOD DOES”.

      Gee, does anyone here see a “Pattern” forming, Hmmm?

      And all this going on at a timne when the “Gold Forward Option Rate”, AKA the GOFO, as it is called, has MYSTERIOUSLY turned negative for 9 straight working days…the LONGEST such stretch in recorded history.
      I’m NOT going to bother to explain the significance of the GOFO here directly…get over to the Hedge and READ for a’s all there, in various places over the last few days. What I will say here is this; The last 3 times that the GOFO dropped into negative territory were…

      1980, 1999 and 2008.

      Think about it, draw your own conclusions. Remember this though, JPM NOW has LESS than 1/10 the Gold on-hand that it did at this time just slightly more than 2 years ago…and the Shanghai premium over spot is already PAST 90 dollars per ounce…did I mention at ome point in the past about the supplies of “things” ‘drying up?…and HOW that would look as it happened…

      Enjoy your weekend…one and all. Till later Folks.

      • MayBeSo

        OOPS…MY BAD, in the above,

        CLO’s are “Collateralized LOAN Objests”…and STILL WORSE THAN mere measly CDO’s….SORRY!!!


    67. anonymous

      “They” are going to protest (riot) this weekend. Think & act, don’t react.

      • Sigi

        Just remember that it’s another shove designed to bring about a violent response. If you want more time to prep or to let others do so, hold your horses.

    68. Ugly

      There is zero intentions of Govt to fix economy or the dollar’s devaluation. Both will go and are going south at a fast pace.

      Going, going, going….Gone!

      It is money printing until its over. It is over for us that is; and it is their (now) beginning. The beginnings of confiscation, population reduction, wars, and food shortages (and in the all while that they eat the fatted calves).

      I just hope that we all have enough time to truly prepare. When the last times come, it will come fast just like a flood as the Bible says.

      Hug your family. Say hello to the asshole that treats you wrong. Get things in order. Life is short and be thankful.

    69. Socrates

      Let’s see…the planet and our way of life….runs in cycles. The planet is going to do its thing and we will continue to do ours. The problem with cycles- is some have not repeated in SO long…that mankind has forgotten what that really means. Case in point:

      America was founded on the barter system and then a ‘gold and silver’ standard or PM’s for short. Along comes the Federal Reserve… a PRIVATE entity that all of a sudden starts calling out all of the money decisions. The PM’s are devalued, taken away and the fiat currency exchange system dawns. Greed, corruption and deceit not only take root, but flourish. And here we are.
      History will repeat itself and the cycle will start again right? Wrong.

      China and the BRIC countries are already ramped up for a return to Gold and PM’s and America’s days with the old fiat petro dollar are rapidly coming to a close. America was calling the shots worldwide for currency (just as Rome did) for along long time. Guess what? Time’s up. New countries and alignments will arise but the return to the ‘old USA’ may not happen for longer than you and I will ever know. Prep? Yes, by all means, but more importantly teach. Teach your children and others about what we have done to ourselves and why we are going to face the worst downfall ever recorded in history. Anyone who doesn’t see this… I feel very sorry for you. As Sir Winston Churchill once said-

      “The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.”

    70. The Rifleman Next Door

      fkn savages…..all the good ones will be at work, at school or on the lines defending the country

    71. Watchman

      EU publishes guidelines barring all funding & cooperation with Israeli entities over pre-67 lines, to take effect at the start of 2014
      (Genesis 12:3: Lets watch what happens to the EU’s economies)

      Keep the FAITH


      Things that are different than ever before, and these are the reasons that you should be prepared, for what is coming!

      #1. The earth is changing at a spectacular rate:
      more earthquakes and volcano’s recorded than ever before worldwide.

      #2. Species on the planet are dying off at a huge rate, just the bees alone 73% wiped out in one year alone in the USA.
      Mass die off of birds and bats.

      #3. The Southern and Northern poles are melting and moving at an alarming rate.
      True North has moved 162 miles toward Siberia, Russia. And at this rate will be at Russia’s Coastline in two years!
      A 10km hole opened up creating a giant hole dumping tens of millions of gallons of fresh water into our oceans daily, causing desalinization of the oceans and causing the gulf stream to Halt!, yes it has halted, causing a backwards rotation of our jet stream going across the United States from east to west, something our scientists are calling an anomaly?

      #4. Ocean Creatures are beaching themselves daily in a mass die off.
      Freshwater creatures are also having a mass die off as well.

      #5.Political and social unrest worldwide.

      #6. famine, disease and new viruses are coming out daily.
      Bird flu, MERS corona virus, SARS, H7N9

      But none of the above matters, because these are all natural cycles.

      It is all distractions….

      Everything you hear, everything you read, is all bullshit,
      Propaganda, Disinformation and lies to keep your mind so occupied that you do not know which way is up or down.

      Even the prepper movement itself was created!
      Yes a created event, so A small few will survive, because the governments will need workers to rebuild!

      Comet Ison is in our solar system and it is a Sun-grazer.

      All worldwide economies have been drained financially to build super underground structures, build seed vaults, buy massive amounts of food, weapons, ammo, only to save people that were hand picked out of society.

      Comet Ison’s Core is 5km in diameter, the full size of the overall comet could be over 42km long.

      Comet Ison passing so close to the sun, with its super gravitational forces, will grab up plasma from the Sun’s upper atmosphere and slingshot a massive CME and throw it directly at earth.
      That is where the Barium, Aluminum and Ethyl-bromine
      come into play, it is to (try) to protect the Earth from massive CME, EMP and Radiation, Also please note that when Ison rips past the earth at 56,000 miles per hour, it will start a polar shift from massive magnetic pulls from Ison’s Iron core.
      With a pole shift occurring , the earths magnetic field will be somewhat diminished.
      And the earth will be vulnerable to the CME’s and Solar flares from the Sun.

      This is why all of the worlds economies have failed, they are spending Hundreds of trillions of dollars to prepare for this E.L.E. (extinction level event)




      • sheptical citizen

        Call it ison. Wormwood. the pheonix, Nibru or whatever You want. It is in fact real. The effect and amount of clatyclismic destruction it will cause is unknown. Nobody can say for shure how bad how much or exactly when. The only shure thing is these end of a age earth changing events will certianly increase in magnitude & occurance. This isnt caused by Mans activities Glowbull Warming. Its not The wrath of god punishing mankind for sins. Its not mother nature getting revenge. this event would be occuring even if man had never walked upon the planet earth. Man didnt cause it. Man cant prevent or even mitigate it. Its a new adventure kinda exciting to be alive on the earth during an end of an age. It will not be a complete total extinction event. Most will not survive. Most that do survive will likely wish that they where dead. Nothing to do but embrace the new adventure. Do the best you can with whatever you have to work with. Try not to do things that would endanger your immortial soul.

    73. Tenet

      But hey. As long as Israel gets its money every year, and as long as banks like Goldman Sachs get their money and insider deals. And as long as mass immigration is financed so that the hated White goyim are pacified. Then why worry?

      That is how Tribe members like Alan Greenspan, Ben Shalom Bernanke and Rahm Israel Emanuel think.

    74. Be informed

      There are a lot of individuals out there after stand your ground law. It is only a matter of time before these anti-self defense nut jobs try to go after the Castle Law in which you won’t even being able to defend yourself in your own home. Yeah, when the “poor” criminal breaks in your home and needs to be protected the same as the attacker high on meth on the street. Give the criminal the advantage over every victim just like in europe. Doesn’t matter that hellhole england has 4 times the violent crime than the U.S., “everyone is unarmed over there and everything is soooooo safe over there”. Everyone but the criminal.

      I tell you the masses are going to stop walking upright and start dragging their knuckles on the ground unless they start using their brains and their common sense.

      • OutWest

        Be informed

        I have NEVER let anyone push me or mine around
        in any shape, manner, or form.
        So I find it quite alien that people would let
        that happen to themselves.
        If this is the new way of the world, then they
        can stop the bus and let me out.

        • Goober

          Great reply to the fed. Informed and west need to read the article.

    75. BK

      Ben Shalom Bernanke is a reflection of pus that seeps from an open sore.
      He is a dead cell, a putrid expression of corruption, hubris, and theft, all in the name of serving his masters.
      They stay behind the scenes and laugh while Congress praises Ben Shalom Bernanke and Time magazine calls him “Man of the Year”.
      There is nothing to fix and nothing to stop at this point.
      The system is hopelessly locked down.
      The only way any of this will change is through a total collapse, at which point the whole mess will recycle over the next few centuries, just as it always has.
      This is a prison planet, and was designed to be so.

    76. maudy fricket

      No election will save you from this government. Read that again. Accept it as truth. Now look in the mirror. Do you have what it takes? Why are you waiting?

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