Behind The Scenes Is The Real Play: “There Is Always A Hidden Agenda If You Dig Deeply Enough To Find It”

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    The comments that readers post are always valued, and many such as myself spend a lot of time reading them and gaining both insight and knowledge from what is presented and what you, the readers have found.  These excerpts from two comments at SHTFplan are what gave me the desire to write on the topic of what happens behind the scenes being the true agenda:

    Relative to China/Vietnam, my only point is that Marxism was supposed to transcend everything, and was the end of history. Point being is that it did nothing of the sort.”

    TEST, December 17, 2016              

    Chinese arms poured into North Vietnam. Granted China had a much smaller economy and hence less to give. Ho Chi Minh was largely a nationalist that adopted communism as a vehicle to remove the French and later US occupation. If one was in their shoes, seeing the absolute worst of capitalism in it colonial form, being denied the promise of the French not returning post WWII for their help fighting the Japanese, where else would he turn? Communism post WWII was largely the expansion of the USSR and consolidation in China.

    Kevin2, December 18, 2016

    My thanks to both of you gentlemen, as your comments and the information you present are always really great and thoughtful.  You’re both spot on in your analyses.  The roots of a problem (especially relating to the United States) always lie within facts that are intentionally either redacted or obfuscated to remove true responsibility for those actions.  In this instance (with Vietnam), Kevin2 correctly pointed out how Ho Chi Minh was a nationalist who wanted the French out of Vietnam.

    Even deeper, after World War II came to a close in the Pacific theater, Col. Aaron Bank met with Ho Chi Minh, who wanted to model Vietnam after the U.S. Constitution and asked for U.S. aid regarding the French.  Truman refused to listen to him, and in order to keep close ties with the French, the aid was refused.  The result was the Viet Minh and the French-Indochina War that eventually led to France’s expulsion (termed a “strategic withdrawal).  Subsequently the U.S. followed suit and had a war of its own in Vietnam.

    The hidden agendas drove the war: Johnson’s rubber plantation holdings there, along with contracts to supply the U.S. military with textiles produced from those holdings, and Johnson’s interests in Sea-Land Container corporation…all of which enriched him and the MIC (military industrial complex) at the time.  Indeed, Rockefeller built an aluminum plant in the Soviet Union for half a billion dollars, and the Soviets sold products from that plant (and other firms) that supplied the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) during the Vietnam War.

    The point is that there is always a hidden agenda if you dig deeply enough to find it.  These hidden agendas are not random or coincidence: they are driving factors, not resulting factors in the shaping of our country and the world.  Two excellent works that illustrate these principles are the books Confessions of an Economic Hitman and The Shock Doctrine: Fundamentals of Disaster Capitalism.  Both works have numerous examples that illustrate the true reasons the United States government (an empire in the truest sense) has fostered the current world climate in its rapacious and unending quest for power and promulgation of the system.

    The book The Ignorant Armies chronicles the fact that the United States under Woodrow Wilson sent American Soldiers to fight against the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution.  The American North Russia Expeditionary Force (ANREF) was a contingent of 5,000 soldiers of the US Army that fought the Red Army in the area of Arkhangelsk, Russia from September of 1918 to July of 1919.  This action set the Soviet Union and the US at odds for generations; however, most of the history books conveniently leave (and over the decades, left) it out.

    Confessions of an Economic Hitman chronicles how the US sends operatives to destabilize a country through loans that are impossible to repay that enable the US to ensnare the foreign country with debt and use that financial obligation as leverage to obtain political, military, or economic favors or concessions.  The book stresses that the system of education in the United States grooms its citizens to maintain the rigid social system that is in place with politicians, banks, and multinational corporations that seek a power and dominion that is best termed as “imperial” in nature.

    Therefore, it is important that we question the true motives for operation, especially in this time of transition between Obama and Trump.  Look at what Obama did to destabilize Libya, Egypt, and Ukraine:  The IMF and World Bank were (and still are) right on the heels of the U.S. State Department and NATO, ready to financially ensnare more serfs in their quest for global hegemony.  Some have commented that my articles are against Trump, and I must state that they are not.  My desire is for him to succeed and be a president that will place us on the path to a Constitutional Republic.  I also state that Trump is far better than Hillary Clinton, and his election gives us a chance to take that path.

    The odds are against it, though, because of the moneyed interests behind (and around) the throne.  Only time will tell.  The important thing to do, while we await the transition and subsequent actions is to keep our eyes on the surrounding parties and players and all the details and reasons behind selections to one position or another.  This can be said for the big picture internationally.  Who has an interest in seeing a guy such as Mnuchin, or an Exxon executive, for examples, take a cabinet position in Trump’s administration?  What foreign leaders are lining up with lips puckered for the back of Trump’s hand, and why?  What money connections are being fostered (or considered) regarding these nations?

    See, these people on the world stage steal billions of dollars, and they are (through election, coercion, or outright force) leaders who are responsible for millions of people.  Those are not the problems, however, but the harsh realities that surround all nations and leaders.

    The problem is that they are responsible, but they are not able to be held accountable.

    I highly recommend reading some of these works that give basic illustrations and examples to provide readers with a framework of reference on how these things occur and the “why’s” behind them.  Once again, my thanks to all commenters, such as Kevin2 and TEST for your insights.  Keeping abreast of the underlying impetus shows the extent of the iceberg that is submerged, and not just the tip that juts out of the water.  No matter who is in office, we need to be aware of who is pulling the strings attached to that office and why, at all times.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. Sir I am flattered.

        • Hey Mac, there is no way to leave a comment in the article Silver to spike in 2017.

          Let me correct this statement in the Silver article: “Silver may be down 10% from its peak of $20.67 in Q3, but the sell-offs were based on sentiment, not fundamental reality”

          Wrong. it wasn’t “sentiment” that made Silver prices fall in Q3, as demand for Silver NEVER went down. It was the PM paper manipulators, that beat the crap out of it after the Q3 that forced the price to go down. Everything was clicking along just fine and Silver should be sitting at about $28.50 right now with free market fundamentals which was correct. So I still see a $12 Upside from here in 2017 just to get back to normal free market trading.

          • That wasn’t a real article. It was an infomercial.

            • zeus doesn’t have that keeeen sense of the obvious.

              • You are both wrong. Its not an info commercial its an article. You wouldnt know it if it smacked ya in the face. It was also posted on Freedoms Phoenix like any other article. Do your research before you open your fly traps.

                • Read the part “paid advertorial”, Zeus? You didn’t see it?
                  The one who sees all and knows all?
                  Here it is, right at the beginning, in bold print:

                  This report from is a paid advertorial.

                  If you would lay off hammering people personally perhaps you would drive less people away from SHTF.
                  Archivist and bcod await your apology.

      2. With all of the surveillance that is performed on Americans, the hidden agendas are generally known to somebody in Government. The problem is that the people who know them work for the people who want it hidden. The most feared person in the circles of power is the whistleblower as well as the hacker.

        • Regarding this Article. After 9-11 the US Govn’t surveillance State such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, where pummeled by piles of Big Money Cashola. Example: The FBI after 9-11 received sumthing like $36 Billion Dollars. So what happened to all the money? A lot of it was to build many brand new FBI Field Offices that look like Palaces, Complete with Marble Floors, Solid Core hard wood 8 ft doors, and security systems put in place like Fort Knox and many sitting on water front Properties with views only Millionaires get to see. I know because I was given access visit one such facility.

          It’s all a friggin Fleecing of Tax Payers so the Bush Insider Building Contractors could fill their pockets flush with BIG money Cashola. Like those from Halliburton and many other well connected corporations that reside in Virginia where they can closely wine and dine their congress shills. This is a fraud perpetraaded on the American tax payer and a transfer of wealth to a few big contractor companies.

          So let me ask you all this. For $36 Billion Dollars, dollar for dollar spent, How many Terrorists did the FBI catch since 2001? No, not the patsy set up scams where they gave some dope a dummy AK47 with no firing pin, to go play jihad. Real Terrorists Caught? The Answer is = ZERO Terrorists caught. And why this is nothing more than a Fleecing of Tax payers. ZERO benefit. And all we got was more spying on our private affairs with illegal tools like STINGRAY – aka Fake cell phone towers scooping up everybody’s cell phone data without justification or even a court ordered warrant.

          I’m a Plenty Pissed off American Tax Payer and I ain’t gonna take it any more. Spread the truth on all of this Government corruption.

          • Zeus, damn right. The “war on terror” and “war on drugs” is really a war against we the people. I have a problem myself with all this surveillance shit and especially the civil asset forfeiture. That’s just a fancy term for police theft, plain and simple. And what good are cameras? They don’t reduce crime one bit. The most you can expect from them is a positive ID of a perpetrator and even then not all the time. And nowadays to get inside any govt. building, some corporate office buildings, and even sporting events, you have to go through metal detectors, empty out your pockets, then let some stranger play with your private parts ala TSA. It’s a real shame what this country has come to.

      3. Communism and Globalism are both international in their nature. The US and The West are caught in a pincer movement by these two enemies of everything human.

        • In the end the very top are fascist capitalists who made a fortune in the free market and then, once at the top, proceeded to pull the ladder up behind them. As John D Rockefeller said, “Competition is a sin”. They use socialism, in the end communism, as a means to placate and thus control the masses. Globalism is the expansion of their efforts. It can be looked at as inter-governmental socialism, as the wealth of the developed world is syphoned off to spread development, at the formers expense, with the intent of global equalization.

          Communism is not an end; its the means to an end.

          • Kevin2:

            #1. Liberalism
            #2. Socialism
            #3. Communism

            Kevin, you are a gentleman and a scholar. I forgive you for being Italian. Perhaps you can do better in your next life. Just kidding. You, really do bring a lot to this site. Thanks.


            • B from CA

              Several ladies in my past, long long ago, might dispute the latter.

              The fuel to the above is uncontrolled capitalism that manifested itself in the industrial age with the likes of Henry Clay Frick being a poster child example. The best recruiting agent the communists ever had was the ultra greedy capitalist. Rearranging a few words and it applies to gun sales and Obama.

              Gross injustice has social repercussions that may be driven by nobel intent but have unintended consequences. The masses in Russia in 1917 and China in the late 1940s did not fight and die so Stalin and Mao could slaughter millions. Likewise idealistic American youth, the sons of WWII veterans never knew the true roots of the Vietnam war. The “Establishment” is going apeshit over the availability of information to the masses via the internet. Trump’s use of Twitter is a small step to a direct democracy cutting out the corrupt main stream media. We’re certainly living in changing times. I believe in substance unparalleled in US history

              • Oh I’m half Italian.

              • corrupt main stream media is obsolete and they know it.
                Who has time to sit and listen to their lyin drivel anyway.
                Trump has more followers on twitter than all the leftist propaganda news media channels combined have viewers.

            • A liberal is a leftist who believes it takes a village to raise a child.

              A socialist is a liberal who believes that the village should pay for the needs of the child with someone else’s tax money.

              A communist is a socialist who wants to take your guns and indoctrinate your children.

              Just saying. 🙂

              • durangokidd…

                That was pretty good…I believe that is what Obama did (on steroids)and stepped on the accelerator committing our “blood and treasure” in support of the southern hemisphere of the world.

                The southern hemisphere is still corrupt, violent and hate us, and, the US liberal villages(Sanctuary Cities) are still corrupt, violent and hate “us”.

                Regards, Dave

              • DK

                I love the socialist v communist explanation.

                • Definitions are always important when trying to understand the players (your enemies). Feel free to use those definitions wherever you like.

                  No acknowledgement required. 🙂

          • “In the end the very top are fascist capitalists who made a fortune in the free market and then, once at the top, proceeded to pull the ladder up behind them. As John D Rockefeller said, “Competition is a sin”. They use socialism, in the end communism, as a means to placate and thus control the masses.

            … so to placate and control the market, thus increasing their profits.

            An interesting idea: Crony Capitalist Limousine Liberals.

            Kudos for being recognized by Jeremiah Johnson, Kevin2.

            Also, major props to TEST, an ardent disciple of Jesus Christ.

          • Very good statement regarding Communism is not an end but a means to an end. Thanks!

      4. JJ, one of your best articles ever. Some books that first awakened me were “Tragedy And Hope” by Professor Carroll Quigley [BILL CLINTON’S MENTOR IN COLLEGE] and “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by the late Gary Allen. Both of those books are available free online. I learned more about socialism from my late wife than I could ever learn from any book. She and her family were victims of socialism. Half of her family were killed by Fidel Castro’s butchers in Cuba.

        • So this Guy Called Jeremiah Johnson SPF and Green Berret, spent his career in the Military and probably still on the Military Payroll in retirement, but now all the sudden calling out, exactly what he did in his military career, to promote and protect fascism, and now tries to call the kettle black.

          If you are really a True American JJ, you would not accept a single dime from the US Government and send it all back including all your medals you can throw in the trash. Put your money where your mouth is, otherwise you are just a Hypocrite Fraud.

          Even as a child in the 60’s I saw that Viet Nam was a scam, and why I refused to even step foot in any friggin fascist supporting Military recruiting office after I turned 18. Sure I registered for the draft as required by law, but I surely did not participate in Genocide or murdering 3rd world people to support Wallstreet profits, unlike JJ did. He now lives his life in a big lie and a fraud, and now tries to call out the fraud, which he participated in. You are either Low ID or a hypocrite. Explain yourself please.

          • Post this comment above. I call a spade when I see it.

          • Pretty tough and angry comments directed at JJ. Did you geniuses who excoriate JJ ever think for one second that JJ very likely has loads of lonely moments where he ponders over his participation in the military and what that might have entailed? I wore the uniform 68-71, been there, done that. Unlike some of my buddies, I was not a rabid military hater, per se. I will say, however, that years of reflection have made me realize ol’ Smedley Butler was right about the military as a racket for the banks and MI complex. We live in a notably imperialistic, hegemonic and crazy nation. Greedy, cruel, rapacious, nothing to be proud of when we look for wars to start so we can make mon-ee! So we can control other nations.
            No reason whatsoever to lambaste JJ, look at yourself first and how noble you think you really are. Unless you are demonstrating daily down at the courthouse in your home town against US imperialism, you are just blowin’ smoke.
            Let’s all realize the US is a hard piece of work and let’s hope Trump realizes this and can do something about it.

          • You obviously know nothing of JJ and being a child of the sixties, like so many of your era you still seem to stuck there!

      5. Kevin2, truer words were never spoken. If my wife was still alive, she would agree without question.

      6. AMEN Mister Johnson!!!
        After we signed on to the UN action of the Korean War how many of these conflicts and regime change came under UN jurisdiction. How much do we the American people consider that it might not be our army any more. We are now referred as northcom and the likes. Hey how long after the Phillipines rejected little “o: did that hurricane hit. Coincidence??? Little o started off with divide and conquer. Could this narrative start over again. Yes i have become quite cynical. I like you will try to maintain a wait and see attitude. I M not very computer smart but I got a tidbit that ppl might want to check out In the late 1800s there was an org. that was called Lucifers trust, around 1900 changed name to Lucis Trust, from there it became league of nations, and around 48 i think they became the UN. I haven’t figured how to find it in the archives over at the website NOW THE END BEGINS.COM LUCIS TRUST

      7. When are these murderers going to reinstitute the military draft? A failed economy is good news for military recruiting. Your choice fight and die for tyranny might be your only potential survival option. Let the old bastards fight their own wars I say.

        • aljamo

          A two time MOH recipient USMC Major General Smedley Butler would agree with you. If you get a chance, if you haven’t read it yet, read his book, “War Is A Racket”. He said, “I was nothing more than a high class racketeer for Wall Street”.

        • aljamo,

          Military draft…when the establishment (democrats as the VP and republicans as “W” the Air Force deserter) start sending their children to combat I will rethink it. I am tired of luring the American public into these situations. And, I am tired of deployed establishment lawyers receiving the label of combat veterans.

          The 2 “W” girls should have been platoon leaders as MP convoy security or prison guards.

          Too many draftees are placed in the infantry and “black bag business” (both admirable). That is where the true soldiers get the credit for commitment.

          Establishment politicians – prostitutes to lobbyists – are money oriented and self serving…


          • Back in the day the King led the charge. Even as late as WWII the children of the powerful often put themselves in harms way. As the wars go more bullshit the chickenshit sat them out.

      8. If all the agendas were dug up at once this place would look like an archeological site.

      9. We need a revolution of truth. It’ll be like throwing acid in water. But remember it is the acid that is rejected.

      10. Thanks again JJ for the history. I highly recommend Strauss and Howe’s “The Fourth Turning.” The most prophetic book I’ve ever read. I believe we are in the midst of the fourth turning now, and I hope the Deep State will not be able to reverse this. Clearly the rise of the alt right media on the web has totally changed America, and I fear that the Deep State will soon censor this and other very relevant sites. This whole thing is far more than just Trump, it is a sea change in attitudes by a majority of folks and their now almost total distrust of the fakestream mass media. I simply do not see this reversing.

      11. follow the money….it really IS that simple.

        • So that why Buttcrack is always broke.

      12. Wilson fought against the Bolshavik Jews . After he gave them the FED.with a 100 year lease that was up for reinstatement in 2013. Did anyone hear any opposition to its reinstatement? In 2013 ? They are like their father Satan all they know is the lie. 8:44. And I’d bet that we left the rubber plantations as soon as silicon rubber was invented as a substitute ? I know the blasphemy of those that call themselves Jews but are of the synogouge of Satan . Plain enough? Carl Marx the inventor of communism . His real name was . Moses mordicia levy. The son of a Jewish rabbi. Plain enough? Leon Trorsky. Real name lev Bronstien. Stalins last real last name translated means . Son of Jew. FDRs real name . Rosenfeld. Eisenhowers year book nick name was. The terrible Swedish Jew. And it goes on and on. Plain enough? What group ownes 90% of our media? 40% of the Supreme Court ? And almost all of Hollywood? And the banks and FED? Plain enough? Watch. Ambrosekane Jewish rabbi explains it all.

      13. Watched RT News a bit last night. They were talking about the Dakota Pipeline. The guy being interviewed was none other than Wesley Clark, Jr. The son of Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark. Clark, Jr. is against the pipeline. In fact, he is one of the leaders of the movement. He stated that the movement was going to stop America from using fossil fuels in the next few years! This coming from a guy who’s family is pushing their own coal energy investments in the stolen country of Kosovo. You need a scorecard to keep track of all the traitors.

        • Him

          I believe the underlying reason to thwart US use of that Canadian oil is so that it is exported to China which puts the US in a position to close the spigot. You are correct about the scorecard. Also look at who wins and who loses. Ostensible is the strategy. Little is done for its true intended purpose. To a great degree the environmental movement is co-opted. When an action facilitates globalism, regardless if it drags down the US, forces at the very top are using the useful idiots unknowing to them. Fossil fuel is being inhibited in the US for “environmental purposes” but in the end this action is dropping in global price because of less demand thus facilitating its increasing use in the developing world. An example is China surpassing the US in carbon to atmosphere in 2010. The net result is more carbon fuel burned in a completely unregulated environment. The “tree huggers” can’t see that they are being used.

          • K2, ten four.

      14. JJ,

        Great article… in alignment with your writings an iconic statement from someone I know:

        When visiting a small town in Wyoming there is a monument with the names of those killed in action up to the present. When visiting a small village in the German Alps (Tegernsee) there is a monument with the names of those killed in action up to 1945. I guess the Germans learned something.

        (And yes I am aware that some Germans gave their lives in a NATO cause.) And, yes I am not a fan of Merkel.

        Dave…(from a family of multiple generations of combat veterans.)

      15. All this talk about us being sitting ducks just because our carriers are in port. We have
        nuke subs on the prowl 24/7. Enough with the Pearl Harbor retro rumors. If they hit us,
        its going to be a EMP strike followed by a nuke strike. Because if you wound somebody, why wouldn’t you finish them off.? Stay thirsty my friends…

        • joeybagofdonuts

          If the US is attacked proper there would be no limitation it would be
          EMP, Nuke, Bio/Viral……..all of it. The carriers exist to do the bidding of Wall Street intimidating second tier and lower nations. Your correct that the most survivable leg of the Strategic Triad, missile “boomer” submarines and even cruise missile fast attacks are the deterrent.

      16. JJ,

        Liked your idea to look behind the curtain. You mentioned the US latest excursions. I think this guy, George Webb, is on the right track.

        Remember, Gen Wesley Clark came right out and told the world what was going on.

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