Beginning Preps: Preparing For A Winter Blackout

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    If you are more of a beginner when it comes to preparedness, a great place to start is by getting set up for a winter blackout.  Normally, these are short-term but prepping for the lack of electricity when it is cold will help you begin to understand what you’ll need for long-term preps too.

    Beginning to prepare is tough for some people.  While many Americans are struggling financially, spending extra isn’t always an option.  But, slowly getting yourself prepped for a blackout could be a powerful first step.  We all need to start somewhere!

    First, consider your source of heat.  If you live in a colder climate, you will want a backup source of heat.  And not just any backup will do.  Without electricity, you won’t have any power to run electric heaters.  You can choose propane, many if these types of heat run without electricity, or install a wood-burning stove. Wood stoves are normally the choice for preppers, as they can be self-sustaining because you cut the wood yourself.  Propane must be purchased in order to use it, but it’ll be better than nothing.

    Off-Grid Refrigeration: Creating an Icehouse in Winter

    Food Preparations For Winter Power Outages

    Next, consider your food and water. Don’t neglect to store a can opener if you store canned goods.  This is a pretty common mistake.  You should also have enough water for all members of your family for at least 5 days.  The ideal situation is a well with a system for getting water from it if you have no power. Admittedly, that’s not something everyone will be able to achieve, but storing water can be done too. You can store bottled water, however, keep in mind the bottles will eventually leech plastic into the water, so consider a BPA-free container. 

    You will also need to consider hygiene.  It probably won’t be a huge deal to go a day without a shower, but you may want to clean up a little.  Baby wipes are great for a quick wipe down, but you should store soap either way.  Bars of soap will allow you to clean yourself and your clothes.  This is a great item to have in both long and short term SHTF situations. As other preppers have pointed out, you can also barter with soap.  It’s an often-overlooked item for too many preppers.

    Take into account medications and stock a first aid kit.  There are several ways to go about this, but I personally would start with a standard, but large first aid kit and add to it as time goes on. You will definitely need to add any prescription medications your family is on, and all necessary over the counter pain killers, such as Aspirin. Consider adding anti-diarrhea medication and constipation medication as well.  A massive change in diet (like eating only canned and dried foods) can have unintended consequences on our stomachs.

    Lastly, add the things that’ll make life more comfortable, such as:

    Use this as a beginning guide to help you out! This is just a way to jump into the prepper mindset slowly while making sure you’re prepared for at least a short term emergency. Add things to this list or change items to fit your personal needs. If you would like a more in-depth guide, consider The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Through Any Disaster by Tess Pennington.  It’s an expertly crafted book that will walk you through ways to prepare for any disaster.

    Preparedness: A Winter Survival Kit for your Car

    5 Basic & Necessary Winter Survival Skills

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      1. It is also important to frequently run water so that pipes do not freeze and burst.

      2. All the “Preps/Stuff” in the world will NOT save you. Fear mongers are always selling you stuff.
        READ THIS: Your black rifles will Not save you. You will be out manned, out gunned, out classed. Your position will be over run. If you guard your preps/stuff you will die. Don’t die for stuff. So run, hide, get to safety. RUN. Leave. Go. Get Out of the affected zone/area.

        – TOP PRIORITY: Get your Body-Mind-Spirit into good physical condition. Do you know Jesus Christ?
        – Can you ruck for 250 miles? Can your family ruck?
        – Can you navigate without GPS? Do you have paper maps? Government/China/Russia will take out gps satellites.
        – Can you run with a ruck and weapon for 3 miles?
        – Can you stop a bleed? Seal a chest wound?
        Do you know how to use a chest seal/blow out kit?
        – Can you grow a garden? Do you have a garden?
        – Do you know how to care for small livestock? Do you have small livestock?
        – Do you know how to keep your vehicle on the road and running? Do you have spare parts on hand?

        Parts for vehicles
        These are ALL important and useful. But ALL are false security. When it gets bad, people without WILL come for your preps/stuff. Don’t die for stuff. Your mindset should be that all you need is you/your Skills, your family, and Jesus Christ.
        Those of us that have seen horror of war, know that often that is all that matters. Everything else is often pilfered, stolen, taken, by other people government jack boot police/troops, or nature. Mother Nature is the real bitch and Most dangerous to your survival. She takes out ENTIRE civilizations without mercy, Fire, pandemic, earthquake, hurricane, storm, maybe meteor?

        In many disasters all you will have left is the clothes on your back. So your physical, mental, spiritual condition, Skills and your Faith in Jesus, is All you can really rely upon.

        Plan on having NOTHING. No one will help you. No one will save you, no FEMA, no gov help. It is ONLY you and Jesus.

        So build your:
        – Physical condition
        – Skills, skill set
        – Faith in Jesus Christ

        You may be agnostic/atheist now. But when you are hungry, cold, evil people are hunting you/evil people trying to kill you, you are injured/dying. You Will call on Jesus/God. There are No atheist in foxholes. Dying men always ask for God to help them, often ask for their mother. Often ask you to tell their wife, mother, family, that they love them. Then they die.

        That is reality. So get the armchair commando nonsense out of your mind now. Get in physical shape, get skilled, get your faith together NOW. While you still can.

        • Hmmmm, well I’ll be damned lol.

        • Well I’ll be dammed lol.

        • Thank you, even if it’s just me that read this, this struck a massive cord with me unlike anything else I think I’ve read before… I need to change my way of thinking.. thank you thank you thank you

        • No but I did stay at a Motel 6 last night. Trekker Out

        • Drink too much corn likker and you’re liable to see Jesus. You may even speak in tongues. Or mebbe that’s cuz no one can understand what yer sayin’.

          But that generally only works by running it twice for higher proof.

      3. Hyssop has anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-parasitic, and anesthetic properties, and has been used by various ancient civilizations, similar to hemp. As a precaution, it can induce miscarriages and ( seizures when in high doses ) so should not be used by pregnant women, epileptics, or anyone allergic to it.

        This could help with the coronavirus epidemic. Healthbenefitstimes has an excellent web page on its uses. I was unable to paste the link to it here.

        • I use elderberry syrup, honey, vit. C, garlic. Some guy with corono in England claims to have cured himself with strong whiskey and honey. I have both. Also have solar and a woodstove so no big deal really. Store a lot of gas and water.

          • Genius,
            I believe that man from England, but I do not drink alcohol. Maybe a shot of vinegar everyday could help for those who wish to remain sober in a state of emergency.

            Tonic water also has anti-viral properties and was originally used for the prevention and treatment of Malaria in India, imported by the Brits during colonization.

            I would suggest that the number one survuval rule in any situation is sobriety.

      4. I also read oregano oil capsules help keep viruses from replicating? Also Oscillococcinum is suppose to be anti viral.
        I Also keep whiskey for coughs and don’t let humidity get low, dry sinuses get sick easier.

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