Beck Warns Of Mass Chaos: “The Likes of Which the Globe Has Never Seen”

by | Aug 14, 2013 | Headline News | 304 comments

There will come a time this decade when everything that we have come to believe about the stability of our socio-economics system will be revealed for the underlying disaster that it really is.

When the US dollar is rejected by our lenders, when EBT distributions no longer cover critical expenses because food prices reach unattainable levels, when our debt burdens overwhelm our government, when America’s polarized political factions starting pointing fingers – it is then that we will experience a collapse unlike anything we could ever imagine.

The Constitution and the rule of law will be thrown out the window.

And the people will turn on each other.

I am telling you, we are about to have an economic impact the likes of which the globe has never seen.

When… not if… when the chickens come home to roost you will have mass chaos, not just in the middle east, but it will slide the entire globe into chaos. And, that means an economic impact – because of all of the things that we have done – the world has never seen.

And then comes the giant reset.

If you don’t know history, you are about to repeat it.

And if you think you know American history, where it’s all sunshine and lollipops because we had the Constitution and that we were always good… if you think we’re past the lynching in the streets…

It’s not about black or white. It’s about who has power. Forget racism. Try to put this into the context of humans. Racism is a human defect, not a white defect, not a black defect, not a brown or yellow… It’s a human defect.

And whoever has power lynches the others in the streets…. blames them… and kills them.

If you think I’m wrong on that then read history for ten minutes.

History has proven this to be true, and if you think humans have changed in the last 5,000 years because of modern conveniences and ideologies, then you’re kidding yourself.

This is coming. The government knows it, and that’s why they have been simulating the collapse of our economic system and its aftermath. That’s why they have militarized our local police forces. That’s why they are stockpiling food, ammunition, weapons and other supplies.

We have created the largest financial and economic bubble in the history of humankind, and it is clearly unsustainable.

Widespread chaos is coming, just as it has done so many times throughout history.

It’s time you take measures to prepare for it, or face the inevitable horrors that will follow.


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    1. hillbilly SC

      Don’t much like Mr. Beck.

      Just a pot stirrer of a different strip.
      As I say “Shuck and Jive” to make a dollar.

      Y’all enjoy your day.

      hillbilly SC

      • Iowa

        I concur hillbilly sc.

        • Peterson

          Also! Beck rolled over on Ron Paul, that’s when I gave up on the guy.

          • Peterson

            Other side of the coin, Glenn has taught me a lot over the years. Maybe I just him a lot less then I use to

            • Facebook Page

              We see how much he has taught you by you thoughtful posts.

              • Peterson

                Well I am more a fighter then old Beck.

            • Not so Much

              now if only he could somehow permeate that thick skull regarding AGW.

            • Jim(another Jim)

              Anything you have to say Peterson is trash after the comments that you have been making

              • Peterson

                Well its too bad you feel that way James.

            • freespeach

              Glenn’s okay but I much prefer to listen to Prison Planet (Alex Jones

          • Rodster

            Beck is Pro Israel and Ron Paul just thinks Israel needs to handle it’s own shit. I tend to agree with Ron Paul because look at all the bogus wars we’ve created all over the world and the trillions we have spent. What did it bring us other than debt?

            We have also gotten our noses into other Nations affairs where Ron Paul states according to the constition not to mixed mixed up in foreign affairs and entanglements. I agree with him their as well.

            I have learned a lot from Beck that other hosts don’t bother covering other than Dems vs Repubs, belch. So I can at least separate the info from the messenger when it comes to Beck.

            • stevo

              Agree with the Rodster, Beck does great job at sounding the alarm on toxic
              or politically incorrect issues- just look at Benghazi
              where he correctly called the arms running thing right after, now we find it to be true. My major problem with him is his silence on the phony B.O. b.c. and sel. service card issue. Guess that was too toxic for him to tackle??
              Is that issue dead and buried?

              • Sue

                I think it would be too much to expect that we are going to ever like one journalist/news commentator, etc 100% of the time….but, I have to say, I learned a TON at Glen Beck’s school—about American history, how the Constitution and how it was supposed to work….and, especially, when he began to connect the dots between all the czars, and cronies, and who went from this liberal organization to the next one….invaluable. Made me see the bigger picture. Do I wish he would have tackled that pesky eligibility issue? You betcha. But, that being said, I have appreciated what I have learned.

            • Gods Creation


              The fact that you (and others) continue to say “we” have done those things, and are doing them, tells the world you are accepting a part of it as your fault, your doings, or being done for you.

              That’s the problem. The people causing these events are NOT us, or we. It is a small gang of criminals acting in their own interest AGAINST us.

              I cant imagine anyone wanting to be a part of the corp is doing, or even implying through their words that they are. But I see it all the time, even on this board. It’s what “we” are doing in the world.

              We are not the enemy, and We the People are doing absolutely nothing to cause harm to anyone in the world.

              Unfortunately, because too many people still think they are part of the enemy, and that the government functions in some way for their benefit, the People will continue to do nothing. Including identifying the enemy, a small cabal of banking families, and standing against them.

              The banking families want nothing more than for you feel you have in stake in the “government” corporations they finance, own, and use to fleece you like a frightened sheep and treat you like the lowest of slaves by regulating every part of your life.

              We the People are not responsible for the doings of the deeds of a cabal of banking families seeking global control through the perpetuation of monetary fraud.

              We the People do have a responsibility to stop it. Especially since they are doing it in our front yard first, and spreading throughout the neighborhood like a street gang.

              Unfortunately, the masses have been conditioned to believe they are a part of the criminals organization and have an interest in keeping it going. Many will fight and die for it never realizing their ignorance and betrayal of their fellow Man.

              Think twice before you include yourself as a part of the evil being done. You may as well come out and say you are doing it yourself.

              Instead, start fighting for the right side. Separate from the corp, mind, body and soul. Never say or think that you are a part of it.

              From now own when you speak of we, speak from the side of the victims, the People of the United States of America and the rest of the world.

              At some point, the situation will reach critical mass. Enough people will understand the scam, and will rise up to put a stop to it.

              History is, in fact, repeating.

              • sixpack

                Thanks GC, for articulating my exact feelings so well.

                • Them Guys

                  Thinker: Wow! that 6 hr long yutube video you gave me a Link to is awsome!! Just finished watching the entire 6hrs and even after 20 yrs of my intense reading and research of truth and factual history etc..I was still able to view and Learn a few things I never knew or heard of before!

                  Every person that posts Or reads here shuld see that yutube video. Its called “The Greatest Story NEVER Told”.

                  Its been up at yutube only since March 2013, and has over 3000+ reply posts and comments.

                  It is basically a 6 hr long full documentary that is all about WWI and mostly WWII era…But more from the Germany’s side of how it all went down, and includes most Every facet of everything we were either Lied to on WWII, or were denied to know of. It has actual Newspapers headlines-USA State dept-Russian state dept/KGB-British head office dept-etc Documented info WITH Proof solid, from recent decalsified stuff from all the sources I just named and More.

                  I wish I caould do a Prez exec order, and if I was able to, I’d make it fed Law that all usa and british citizens Must watch the Entire 6 hrs, before they can continue to trash and bash anyone who posts Truth info on most controversial WWII Issues etc…

                  And the actual old film footage with war scenes I never seen or knew of prior, as well as actual photos and film reel footage of the main leaders and players.

                  Such as FDR-Hitler-Churchill-Stahlin….Footage that was not shown in the usual normal History channel type productions etc…This is so well done and so Professionally made with the most Perfect Voice over telling the story etc as it moves along is puts most Every previous History chanel WWII docuemntary to Shame…Litterally!

                  Not to mention No history chanel TV will Ever show or Tell folks the truth info it contains…IE: at the 4th hour point, see Real Jewish Aushwitz survivors DEBUNK the gas chamber lies, and talk and show Pictures of Camp money-Movie house-Artists section-Complete Symphony musians fully equipped Concert instruments etc avail For jews in aushwitz to Use! and alot more info from Jewish folks refuting the Lies we were told to believe in!

                  I hope Many folks view it and learn what many Lies we was all taught…This video Vindicates those of us who post such factual onfo, and always get bashed or called vile names for posting Truth some folks cannot Handle.

                  Bravo Thinker!! Thank you again!

              • REB

                I agree…I used to get right in the faces of the USDA and state ag people when theyde start talking to a group of farmers and call them/me “stakeholders”…screw that! I/we are not “stakeholders” we own the freakin farm and you are trying to bamboozle us into allowing you (govt) to claim a share(stake) in my/our farms with your fancy smancy lawyer approved tripe…I/we had nothing to do with making the debt…its their debt and theyre trying to sloghf it off on all of us with their commie code words/language…amen to your post GC!

              • lemmingsrnotusdamnit

                You’re wrong. It’s not a small group of people. It’s a large group of people (Progressives) who have infected every aspect of western society with their leftist dogma and anti-capitalist and ant-western propaganda. You people who think a small group of banksters or globalists are doing this are simply lazy thinkers looking for the easiest scapegoat possible.

          • The Rifleman


            You’re a retard. We all know it. Glenn has his faults, but we’re certain you’re a retard from your previous posts. Please go away and be a retard somewhere else.

            Semper Fi,

        • Iowa

          Glenn Beck is no Ron Paul!!!!!!

          • durango kidd

            Glen Beck is not an original thinker. For years he and his producers stole ideas from Alex Jones, Mac, and myself and profited from them, without giving credit to where the ideas were generated.

            WE all know all about Revelation so nothing should come as a surprise to any of US. No collapse this year and probably not next year as the GB’s want another 100 year Agreement to spend OUR money.

            Beck profits from YOUR fear, to the tune of more than 30 million a year. If he were a true Patriot he would have established a new political party for Patriots, funded it with his own money, and rallied Americans to the cause using his platform and his base to give US a real alternative to the status quo.

            He hasn’t. That should tell you all you need to know about Glen Beck.

            Engage your employees or be destroyed by them. πŸ™‚

            • Orion

              “For years he and his producers stole ideas from…and myself” what an ego.

              • durango kidd

                Orion: Not ego fact. Mac and I discussed it at the time. There was also a BIG stink with Alex Jones topics with a threat of copyright suit, for plagerism, prior to Beck’s exit from TV.

                Ask Alex. πŸ™‚

                • Facebook Page

                  Dk are you saying people/Person can’t make 30 million a year.

                • durango kidd

                  FBP: Not at all. I would that all of you could make 30 million a year. Not everyone is that blessed as it is Almighty God that gives the power to get wealth.

                  How we use that wealth after we get it is that for which we will answer.

                  With respect to Beck (30 million), or Limbaugh (50 million), or Hannity (22 million); they are entitled to earn all that they can. But they are earning at our expense. Limbaugh and Hannity are tried and true members of the Retards, and the Retards are part and parcel of the NWO.

                  The NWO is destroying this country through “Free Trade” and you can bet that these big earners profit from and promote “Free Trade”. These men are not Patriots. They are Capitalists, and NWO Capitalists at that.

                  Glen Beck is questionable, and I questioned him here. πŸ™‚

                • Facebook Page


                • Not So Much

                  “they are earning at our expense. ”

                  I’d LOVE to hear your rationalization.

            • Glenn Beck

              After looking through my library I have failed to find any of your books there. Am I overlooking your writings? Perhaps a nom de plume?

              • durango kidd

                Glen Beck: Yes a non de plume. Personally, I don’t care because I hope my ideas are accepted by as many as possible; to inform and inspire others, and become common knowledge.

                I don’t need the money and I don’t need personal psychological reinforcement, because I have a healthy self confidence which you will have noted if you are a regular reader here.

                While I do understand that you are doing some good with your money, there is soooo much more that you could do with 30 million a year, that you are not doing.

                I hope you fired the producer that I mentioned. πŸ™‚

                • Glenn Beck

                  It takes a great deal of money (and fortitude) for the new venue and much is going on in the background that I’m not at liberty to discuss.

                  On capitalism, remember the poll showing that only 53% of Americans believed capitalism was better than socialism? That same poll found that 20% of Americans felt socialism was a better system.

                  I ask you, if not capitalism, then what? Capitalism isn’t about money, it’s about freedom — the freedom to try and fail that made the United States the richest industrial nation in the world by 1905.

                  Be careful here. By shunning capitalism, then socialism will take over as the default system. Those who are enamored by socialism are saying they prefer to be led and fed by the state than be free.

                  I am a capitalist. I also help people and communities. Must you assign a dollar value to signify purpose? Or is that the learned competitive side of capitalism you use?

                • durango kidd

                  Glen Beck: I am not shunning capitalism. I embrace capitalism. What we have in this country is Crony Capitalism by the rich for the rich. Do you call what we have Capitalism?

                  We already have socialism in this country for the very poor. And fascism for the very rich; while the Middle Class pays for both the rich and the poor. The rich and the poor are subsidized.

                  It is the Great Middle Class that has been hosed. πŸ™‚

              • durango kidd

                NSM: All of these three are Retards and Retards is the party that has pushed the NWO Globalism down our throats, beginning in earnest with GHW Bush.

                NAFTA, WTO, etc are the Rules under which the PTB / GB’s have stolen the American means of production and transferred it offshore. Almost 60 thousand factories and 70 million jobs have been offshored.

                The Retards and Demturds, both of which are part and parcel of the NWO have deliberately destroyed the American economy and impoverished the American people under “Free Trade” which is a euphanism for the crony capitalism that enriches the very rich.

                Do you think that Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck are NOT heavily invested in offshore multi nationals? Of course they are!!! I don’t have to look at their individual stock portfolios to know that. With that much cash, year after year, a blind trust would still invest in BIG business.

                These globalists profit from manipulated currencies and cheap labor. Beck, even if he is a Libertarian would support Free Trade; as Libertarians do support Free Trade, like Republicans and Democrats do.

                Beck (and Hannity and limbaugh)sells their audience fear and opposition to O’Bummer, so if you listen to these guys they sound like great Patriots, but what are they doing with all that money (year after year) to preserve American Liberties?

                Nothing that I can see and if any of them would like to respond to this post I would LOVE to hear it. These guys are the status quo and the status quo (on both sides of the isle)has destroyed the American economy and our personal liberties.

            • Outlaw

              I dont often agree w/ ya DK. I also dont agree w/ 100% of your above post.
              I do agree w/

              “Glen Beck is not an original thinker. For years he and his producers stole ideas from Alex Jones”.

              “profited from them, without giving credit to where the ideas were generated. ”

              “Beck profits from YOUR fear, to the tune of more than 30 million a year. If he were a true Patriot he would have established a new political party for Patriots, funded it with his own money, and rallied Americans to the cause using his platform and his base to give US a real alternative to the status quo.”

              Yep, agree w/ those parts.

          • JayJay

            Glen Beck is NOT superman–poisoned darts or heart attack darts penetrate his skin too.
            Displaying what he more than likely knows about the illegal (p)resident would get him breitbarted for sure.

            • durango kidd

              JayJay: Yes he is as mortal as the rest of US and while he does some good, there is so much more that he could do with 30 million year after year, you have to wonder what he and Limbaugh and Hannity are doing with all the money they are making from their opposition to O’Bummer.

              I don’t see them making much of a difference with all that cash, do you? πŸ™‚

              With respect to his knowledge about Illegal O’bummer, that is common knowledge now and was documented by Sheriff Joe’s Investigators. So unless Beck paid for that investigation I don’t see him doing much but collecting cash while Americans suffer.

              If I had 30 million coming in year after year after year, I would be dangerous! How much does one man and his family need? πŸ™‚

              • tmedlin

                How much does one man need? My god! You sound like freakin Occupy! And if you spent 5 minutes you could see how both Beck AND Hannity have helped thousands of people – people who need AND deserve help, not those that sit around and bitch about how much money somebody else has, and what they should be doing with it. Good grief! You can simply go to this site and see it for yourself – I made it easy for you!

                • durango kidd

                  tmedlin: America doesn’t need another charity. Business Insider recently did an expose of Charities in America. The national chairman for the American Cancer Society, as just one example, makes $1.2 million a year. Charities are by n large SCAMS!

                  America doesn’t need another Charity.

                  America needs a political party of patriots to restore the US Constitution and fixx DC. The Retards and Demtards have controlled the country for almost 100 years; and what they have done is divided up the spoils leaving the American taxpayer to hold the bag and pay the bills!

                  I don’t care how much money they make but I just wish they would put their money where their outh is when they claim to be Patriots.

                  Beck makes 30 million a year. If he were HALF the Patriot he claims to be the he should donate 10 million a year, year after year for the next 5 years building the infrastructure of a Patriot Party targeting Congress. (tax law allows 30% of all revenue to be tax deductible).

                  I believe that 100 million American Gun owners if given a rational third choice would donate 100 dollars each to a new patriot party and build a political arm to target Congressional seats.

                  If that status quo in Congress is not addressed, your kids will be speaking Spanish as their First language and living in the North American Union!


              • Not So Much

                “I don’t see them making much of a difference with all that cash, do you? ”

                Just one question you occutard moonbat.

                How much does it cost to build a TV/Radio network as well as a big charity org? Sounds like you’re talking out your ass. Oh that’s right, Glenn Beck stole all your ideas so you know something.

                • durango kidd

                  NSM: I don’t care how much it costs to build a tv/radio network. Or a charity. Most charities are scams! Do the research. I have.

                  And on the Left there is TIDES, which is an umbrella organization for liberals. The top four executives each received $264,000 in compensation in 2011.

                  The question at hand is if these guys, and Beck in particular, are such freaking Patriots, what are they doing with all that money year after year to defend our liberties and the US Constitution?

                  I don’t see much do you? πŸ™‚

        • KY Mom

          β€œThose who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
          – Edmund Burke

          • M

            How does one repeat the toba eruption ? Or the younger dryas , maunder minimum , dalton minimum ?

        • Iowa

          First time Ive been outthumbed. Probably because my dad is Ronald W Guthrie…Next head International Cryptic Mason in the world. Joking…my dad doesnt visit this site

          Lol!! My name is Justin…figure it out!

          Mason City, Ia BITCH!

          Try living my life!

        • Paranoid

          Not a problem, I’ve worked in a kindergarten class; Chaos is nothing.

          • Paranoid

            Ask 86 or 99

      • Not so Much

        Just a pot stirrer?

        So the mercury one charity, the Restoring Honor, Courage and Love events, the constant verify for yourself, reminders to love your neighbor and wake people up? It’s all Bullshit?

        • hillbilly SC

          Not so Much,

          Mr. Beck can wave the flag and support anything he wants. If he truly believes what he is selling, he would already be deep in a bunker waiting for the Lords return.

          Me and mine keep our eyes open and wallets closed. Been prepared for many years, we see bad times coming, so we don’t need to listen to the salesman speech.


          Only been to C. Town twice.
          Went to see Fort Sumter and Patriots point. Great places.

          We live up in the “Golden corner” of the state. Oconee county. Outside of a Lil’ town called Walhalla. They still string the lights up at Christmas and have the Octoberfest each fall. Great people to live and work with. I feel blessed to have I what I do, and to be able to work at what I enjoy.

          Y’all play nice now.

          hillbilly SC

          • Not so Much

            ” If he truly believes what he is selling, he would already be deep in a bunker”

            utter bullshit.

            So what you’re saying is if he believes hard times are a comin’ he should have given up and ran away.

            Why aren’t you doing that?

            Where has that attitude been reflected on this site – story or comments?

            • hillbilly SC

              Not so Much,

              “Why aren’t you doing that?”

              I have done that. I live in a place that I believe is safe. I have great neighbors that have our back and we look out for them. We work together today, and if the time comes to be more active, we will be.

              I don’t post that often as I don’t have the time to.

              My feelings are the same for all those who just “Shuck and Jive” instead of producing something real. The Rev’s Jackson and Sharpton come to mind. If you make your way in this world by just talking to the mindless sheep and keep them bleeting (Animal farm comes to mind) then you get what you deserve. Our country is in for a very rude awaking soon.

              If it bothers you so much that I said, I don’t like Mr. Beck, then I apologize to you for offending your delicate sensibilitys.

              I still hope y’all can enjoy the rest of the day.

              hillbilly SC

              • Not So Much

                Never once gave a shit that you don’t care for Beck. I don’t care much for him sometimes.

                You accused Glenn of being a liar because he isn’t ‘already deep in the bunker’. Is that not correct?

                “I live in a place that I believe is safe. I have great neighbors that have our back and we look out for them. We work together today, and if the time comes to be more active, we will be. ”

                So, you ARE ‘deep in the bunker’ because you have done that.

                So lemme ask, if Glenn built a huge, expensive studio in NYC and then immediately LEFT NYC to do EXACTLY what you did by building his business and an off the grid ranch in Texas with all his friends, who’s full of shit, you or him?

                My vote says you.

                Producing something real? OGL, you don’t have the first clue about GB.

                • Glenn Beck

                  Appreciate the support. If you can’t mean what you say, if you show no integrity to yourself, what have you?

                  I’m a dad. I want my kids to love me and respect me. If I can help others along the way, I will try.

                • durango kidd

                  Glen Beck: I appreciate your posting here and your personal response to any criticism of you. That takes courage and I respect you for doing so.

                  What America needs to repair the damage is political power in the hands of her people again. Anything you can do to encourage that is greatly appreciated.

                  The Tea Party within the Republican Party holds some hope for US. They need to concentrate on Congressional seats to stem the tide.

                  Thanks for what you do, do. But I think you can do more. To whom much is given, much is expected. πŸ™‚

            • T man

              Come on guys.

              Glenn Beck was trained as a shock jock by the company then known as ARS later purchased by clear channel. They trained their people that it doesn’t matter whether what you say is true or not as long as it gets people talking and brings up the ratings. I know this because my best friend used to work for that company and I did a talk show in the bay area for a rock station owned by Infinity in the 70’s.

              yes, these guys work on fear and controversy and whatever will suck you in and keep you listening, that’s it. They couldn’t care less what happens to you.

              Now, get this. These guys are entertainers. PERIOD. I’m sure Glenn and Rush believe some of what they are telling you and some of what they say is true, but a lot isn’t. True patriots will use critical thinking and research what any of these guys say and blow off the bs. The problem is Americans are too lazy to go past what they hear on the radio or what their respective blogs will tell them to tickle their ears and get them to come back. There are a lot of lies on the internet spread by all sides. This keeps us divided by things that don’t matter and puts us under the control of the very corporate broadcasters that they are using to break this country apart, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re liberal or conservative. When you have 90% of the broadcast media owned by 6 largly conservative companies, this is what you get. Complete BS
              Use your heads and critically think things out before accepting whatever the broadcast or internet media tells you. Do your own research.

          • Tom

            Love Walhalla. They’ve got a little restaurant in that town called the Steak House which serves some of the best fried chicken. Visit once a year on the way to fishing on the Chattooga.

            • hillbilly SC


              Yup… πŸ™‚ Only Steak house I have ever been in that you can’t get a steak. πŸ™‚ I always get the macaroni cheese pie, green beans and the deep fried yard bird.

              I love this area. Great people who will still stop and help you if you break down on the side of the road.

              I’ve tossed my line a few times up at Burrells ford and sleep under the stars there.

              Enjoy what we have today my friend. Tommorow will be a new day.

              hillbilly SC

              • mountain man 6-1

                Hey Hillbilly……what I like is takin a folding chair & my 12 pack cooler of Beer and walking down to Bull’s Sluice ,below th falls. Love watching th rafts come down and th pretty gals layin on th rocks !Right above th Hwy.76 bridge…….mm

          • REB

            Nice area…in my top 3 if I ever decided to leave this place…Mom&Dad had a place over in Ga near Lavonia…I spent time up in the mountains west of you just acrossed the Ga line and some time in your area…some of the nicest country and folks anywhere…glad youre at home there! πŸ™‚

            • hillbilly SC


              I worked for a Lil’ bit over in Lavonia several years ago at the ole’ Bestco plant making the video poker machines. Great bunch of people who understand what hard work is really like.

              We love being in the foothills. Could not see us being anywhere else.

              Enjoy the evening.

              hillbilly SC

        • Gonetoolong

          I think he means all of the “this will shake the very foundations of America when we unveil it” talk. He has cried wolf many, many times and sold a lot of gold and ads in the process. He too am a little skeptical of Beck.

        • durango kidd

          NSM: “Restoring Honor, Courage, and Love” events are not going to reverse the damage done by Free Trade and Crony Capitalism. Those are propaganda “feel good” events without any concrete substance attached to them. They accomplish nothing.

          Only a viable third party of patriots targeting Congress and the NWO Globalists therein, can restore America and protect our liberties. the Republicans and the democrats ARE the problem.

      • Iowa

        Been all over this nation and never been to Charleston. Are people there really the nicest people in the world? God Bless.


        • PO'd Patriot

          Charleston has its good and bad sections. Love the Haymarket area and the pubs. Humidity in the summer is damn near unbearable. Makes you really appreciate a cold draft in a frosted mug. Love the Guinness/Harp and the Guinness/Killian combos.

          • hillbilly SC


            What I enjoy is a Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout (about an inch in the bottom of the mug with a Bud Light poured on top) Makes a great black and tan. πŸ™‚

            Killians or Newcastle when I’m feeling extra rich.

            You ain’t lying about our humidity. We also have the no-see-ums round’ these parts, nothing but wings and teeth. πŸ™

            Y’all play nice.

            hillbilly SC

            • 11011110000

              It takes skill pouring a black-n-tan, so I will now have to refer to you as SChillbilly!

            • Harley

              Try the humidity over here in Horry county. Bleh. I’m going to miss air conditioning.

              • GV

                Hello, Harley, What part of Horry County are you in?

            • JustMe

              You ruin good beer by pouring budwieser in it!? Sacrilege!

            • sixpack

              “nothing but wings and teeth” —yeah buddy.

        • Molly P.

          I lived there a long time ago and very much long to go back…but I wonder if people are still the same as I remember…truly gracious…

      • Rodster

        At some point a violent economic reset will occur. It’s basic MATH. You don’t anyone to tell you that 1+1=2 when the govt wants you to believe that 1+1=12.

        As Jim Rodgers said the other day on RT. The US national debt is NOT 17T. It’s actually between 50-100T and could be higher. As he said he reason we are sold 17T is because both the Fed and US Gubmint has massively cooked the Books.

        You don’t need Beck, Limbaugh, Levin or any others to tell you what commonsense says. We as a Nation and the Global fiat based economy are in decline.

      • Forrest

        Humanity Is Drowning In Washington’s Criminality β€” Paul Craig Roberts

        By: pcr3| August 13, 2013 | Categories: Articles & Columns | Tags: bradley manning verdict, | Print This Article Print This Article
        Humanity Is Drowning In Washington’s Criminality

        Paul Craig Roberts

        Americans will soon be locked into an unaccountable police state unless US Representatives and Senators find the courage to ask questions and to sanction the executive branch officials who break the law, violate the Constitution, withhold information from Congress, and give false information about their crimes against law, the Constitution, the American people and those in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Guantanamo, and elsewhere. Congress needs to use the impeachment power that the Constitution provides and cease being subservient to the lawless executive branch. The US faces no threat that justifies the lawlessness and abuse of police powers that characterize the executive branch in the 21st century.

        Impeachment is the most important power of Congress. Impeachment is what protects the citizens, the Constitution, and the other branches of government from abuse by the executive branch. If the power to remove abusive executive branch officials is not used, the power ceases to exist. An unused power is like a dead letter law. Its authority disappears. By acquiescing to executive branch lawlessness, Congress has allowed the executive branch to place itself above law and to escape accountability for its violations of law and the Constitution.

        National Intelligence Director James R. Clapper blatantly lied to Congress and remains in office. Keith B. Alexander, Director of the National Security Agency, has also misled Congress, and he remains in office. Attorney General Holder avoids telling Congress the truth on just about every subject, and he also remains in office. The same can be said for President Obama, one of the great deceivers of our time, who is so adverse to truth that truth seldom finds its way out of his mouth.

        If an American citizen lies to a federal investigator, even if not under oath, the citizen can be arrested, prosecuted, and sent to prison. Yet, these same federal personnel can lie to Congress and to citizens with impunity. Whatever the American political system is, it has nothing whatsoever to do with accountable government. In Amerika no one is accountable but citizens, who are accountable not only to law but also to unaccountable charges for which no evidence is required.

        Continue reading:

        • Anonymous

          Great, now we have back to back cut and paste jobbers.

      • JustMe

        About a month ago, he was supposed to release some kind of information that was supposed to bring obummer down. Still waiting to hear what that info is.

        I’ve listened to Glenn, and Rush (now, there’s a real hypocritical, controlled shill…), and perhaps they truely believe what they say, or maybe, like you say, they are just out to make a buck. At least Glenn, unlike Rush, will face some of the unpleasentness. Don’t think Rush ever made such a speech, don’t think he has the guts, or the wiggle room, even on “his” show…

        Even if they embraced the hard, cold, brutal truth, they would never be allowed to speak it publicly. For that reason, they can only be regarded as “half-correct”, or in Rush’s case, nothing but a steam valve.

        • Glenn Beck

          That information on the missing missiles is surfacing now. It was timed for the Obama vacation.

          • JustMe

            I hope to see it, and stand corrected.

            • Man on the inside.

              We are beeing breifed on it… 400 missles now in the hands of syrian rebbells… AKA AQAP……

        • Them Guys

          Consider it like this: Rush earned from Radio alone for 10 yrs, $25 Million Per Year…Not counting book deals-speechs paid xtra for etc. Thats $250 Million in Ten yrs time, then his newest radio contract is for 15 yrs and at $40 Million Per year!…Rush also has his Own Gulf Stream G5 Jet, seats aprox 45+….Glen Beck earned aprox $32-Million in 2010, plus many more book deals since and a new TV/radio show he now Owns outright.

          Hannity and O’Rieely are in Same boat-boatloads of cash for decades ongoing.

          Now I say If they were true patriots and cared for america and us type folks 1/10th as much as they claim to, they Would speak fully the truths and care Not if they get fired. They all have so much cash and assets, especially if all of them combined, joined forces as One, they could travel across the nation doing FREE speaking Tours and speak out what they Must know after a lifetime each being included DEEP inside the TPTB-Polititions/Both partys-Wall street-Billionaires clubs-etc.

          They all can QUIT jobs and speak factual truths and Out the real culprits like us “peons” here do. Only due to their name recognition factors, all sorts of folks would believe every word spoken by each of them.

          If true patriots they could turn america upside down and all around and awaken many tens of millions of sheepels so fast we could have a real opertunity to Fix the usa. And fix it in Record time.

          I think same as the crooked pols and wall street assholes Beck-Rush-Hannity-O’Rielly-and many more are simply as greedy and self centered as the rest.

          I wish I can have a radio show 3hrs per day! Not only would I speak out facts and truths, I’d work for $100,000 per year OR Less even! $60,000 per year!

          But thats the major difference from Us type folks and Them guys…$$$$ is all they care about more and more $$$.

          And do not tell me all about the cash they give to charities etc…Most is raised from reg folks like You! then They pass it off to the charity and get the Praises.

          Sure they give of their own cash too no doubt. But after decads of such vast earnings?….They are set for 30 lifetimes if need be and we all knows it.

          I refuse to listen to any of them combined swindlers.

          Beck and hannitys main claim to fame is they get tons of listeners from the christian right jewdeo zio crowd, and they both earn it with non stop ass kissing of israel and zio jew issues galore. Without them christian right fools and idiots support, their radio shows will fold like cheep tents. Stop trusting Swindlers.

          Better plan is try believing Reg avg guys who NEVER ask for money donations Nor for Votes!

          Oh gee ya has a few such guys Here already!…Except them you reject most often eh. Just wait you shall see whos right and whos wrong!

          • gatheringbird

            60,000.00 a year? You would say the same things they do, you just havent agreed on your price yet.

            • Them Guys

              Read the Posts I have written here, and you shall see just how Wrong you are!…They never tell you the entire set of facts or full truth. They are afriad of being called sladerous names designed with the sole intend to stiffeling debate or discent. (IE: they fear being called a nazi antisemitic and raysis. Both are designed to stop all truth speakers. Antisemite is a Vile Hatefull name used because its been brainwashed into masses of folks minds to think it is as bad as being called a pedophile. Yet its only that way due to so many folks approve and live by PC crap mind control. I laugh when called such vile names and I never stop saying or writeing truth. I never invented communisim, jewish folks did. Then used it as a political weapon to mass murder exterminate and Genocide as many whites as possible. They aint finished yet neither!)

              They always fully and Unquestionably support and Promote all things israel and jewish. Beck speaks volumes on bolshevik kommies in russia 1918, yet never ever has he evn one single time told you or anyone else Who were all those inner circle Top soviet controlers during the 75 yrs of their invention of communisim They used to kill off aprox 1/3rd thats One THIRD of a BILLION innocent mainly Whites and Christians folks all over eastern europe begining in 1918 russian revolution era untill 1991 when Real Native Russians and russian christians retook back full control of russia, and Jailed or Booted the vast majority of the bolshevik jewish komies.

              Now today Most came to america and joined forces with the orig 1880’s to todays bolshevik and zionists kommies already here. If you refuse to believe them kommies aint planning to do the exact same Here and attempt to Murder and exterminate 200 Million More whiteys and christians…You better yank your head out and get wised up.

              No you never shall hear beck-hannity-palin-O’rielly-Rush-Levin! None shall ever tell you of these issues I write of. They all prefere 1/2 truths which are as bad if not worse than outright Lies.

              So….What have You wrote about lately? gatheringbird?

      • Beck is a fake

        Watch Glenn Beck is rat poison on youtube. For those who don’t know, rat poison is 90% food and 10% poison. He’s right on the day to day issues to lure listeners in and folds on big issues. Beck supported Tarp, Patriot Act, VAT tax and more.

      • Sensetti

        I also agree with you. Just a couple months back Beck claimed to have information that would bring down Obongo’s administration. What happened to his sensational claim? What always happens nothing.

        Is the bottom going to fall out? That’s an easy call, hell yes it will.

      • Eyesopenanddisgusted

        Why would Mac post anything on SHTF with anything the liar, drama queen, controlled
        Opposition Glen Beck says. I think we are true truthers, so it troubles me that Beck would
        Be posted on this site. Last month an article about a financial advisor on here. The advisor
        Gave really bad info. That nobody in the comments agreed with.
        So why would Mac post stuff from known dis-informants? This makes me question Mac’s
        Integrity and true agenda. I will be spending my time with Westley James Rawles over at
        survivorblog dot com and listening to MAINEPREPPER on YouTube he is great. Both of
        These two give great how to do, tips, demonstrations.
        This site seems to be a measuring gauge on how the people awake are reacting to daily
        Events. Kind of like Godlikeproductions all owned and operated by the gov.

    2. Ted Kennedy

      That rodeo clown needs a Peace Medal.

      • JJsan

        I was reading a thing on Drudge where the NAACP wants the DOJ to look into filing charges. Anyone think there are still 1st Amend freedoms??

        • braveheart

          The black NAACP wants that because the rodeo clown is white. If I could, I would buy that clown a steak dinner. braveheart

          • Glenn Beck

            Come to Texas. He’ll be on with Pat & Stu while he’s in our great State.

            • REB

              That clown did more to earn my respect than that cabal of clowns in DC and Missouri could ever do…I didn’t notice the folks at the fair there getting upset at the act either just the libtards getting their hypocrite panties all twisted…I hope the rodeo clown makes out on this deal as well as anyone else damaged by it.

          • durango kidd

            No one ever complained about Reagan, Nixon, or Carter masks. Methinks they do protest too much.

        • Canadian Vet

          We have a basic right to freedom of speech, association and religion here too, except that just like for you my southern neighbours, those rights are denied or curtailed unless you are part of a politically protected group.

          Say, if you are white, male, able-bodied, sound of mind, nominally Christian and straight, your rights are more like privileges you only have if you are very well connected or filthy rich.

        • Smokey

          Doesn’t look like it anymore. The clown is banned for life, he’s going to have to find a new career. The announcer has resigned, the rodeo association head has resigned, and the school district is looking to see if the local principal, who moonlighted as the announcer, violated any school district policies at his second job, which may have been volunteer. So everyone involved is going to be the victim of a McCarthy campaign by the tolerant and gentle left.

          • Justice

            Ridiculous ! If the guy put a Glenn Beck mask on would he of been banned. Of course not ! This reverse racism crap is maddening ! How much longer do we put up with this type of crap ?

            • Smokey

              We’re going to have to put up with this type of crap as long as we allow the left to control the language, the message, and the media.

              If you live in Missouri, get ahold of the Sedalia School District and find out who is involved in examining the principals’ conduct and demand they be fired for engaging in partisan politics on taxpayer time. File ethical complaints against them. Raise a stink about it, they’ll think twice next time.

              Remember when a lady in Alaska filed several ethics complaints against Sarah Palin, for such things as wearing a shirt with a logo on it? That’s what needs to happen to them.

              It needs to happen until the day anyone can wear a Bush, Nixon, Clinton, or Obama mask at the rodeo and nobody loses their livelihood as a result. If all the rodeo clowns had been wearing the presidential mask of their choice, not just one, they’d still be squawking about it.

              • JustMe

                A rodeo dummy with a Bush mask was used during Bush’s installation, I mean “presidency”, and no complaints from anyone…

              • Man on the inside.

                Vote with your dollar… Its working for Chick Fillet

          • Ted Kennedy

            What about the bull. Will they execute him, send him off to gitmo or use him as a beer summit. I wonder if he has his papers in order.

            • Cowdoc

              I heard today on Limbaugh that the clowns biggest mistake was that he revealed our presidents real name which reflects his true character. Turns out it is GOOBER. Everyone who has the backbone to do it make this characterization stick to our silly leader of the free world.

            • Them Guys

              Ted Kennady: That Bull? several Pharisee Rabbi’s are now checking him to see if its a Perfect “Red Heifer” so they can transport the Bull to Israel for use in their 3rd Temple soon as its built…They will need to Consecrate it with a red heifer per talmudic laws etc.

          • Them Guys

            All them RODEO idiots are a Prime example of whats wrong with whiteys today!….WHITE GUILT! and PC crap.

            Typical fools cave in to african black Kommie naacp demands. Total fools and a Prime example. What role models for their kiddies and grandkids eh.

            Just once I’d Love to see a White Male, appear on Live TV MSM news as if hes going to appoligize repeatedly to al sharpton and naacp blacks….

            Then without warning just say something like “All You African black savages can Kiss my WHITE ASS!!”

            Then real quickly follow up with this too.

            “And That goes DOUBLE for ALL You Zionist Jew MSM assholes too!”

            Because if You are a whitey, They are Going to call You raysis and antiselmtie nazis No matter What…So you may as well go All Out.

      • JustMe

        “If you’re demanding a redeo jester be thrown in the dungeons for mocking the king, don’t pretend you support a free country.” – Texas Congressman Steve Stockman

    3. Iowa

      I’ll admit it. Beck helped me wake up with his chalkboard for a year and I realized he was a neocon leading sheep to the slaughter. He is a fear mongerer.

      After the last 5 years of waking up, I will still follow The Way, Jesus Christ, Amen.

      • Glenn Beck

        My chalkboard has revealed organized truths that helped many visualize today’s reality. Just study history and your insight will improve.

        Fear monger?
        No, I am a realist with facts to support the truths.

        • babycatcher

          Is this really Glenn Beck? If so,howdy.I’ve learned a lot from you. Thanks for the insight…

    4. JJsan

      Glen Beck is a tool, regurgitating what others have been saying for a while, but he is a BIG name saying it and he is right, like him or not. There are better sources (Like MAC), but Glen is a main streamer that is now saying the same things this blog has for years. There is no longer a way to deny it.

      Oh well. Keep your powder dry,

      • Not so Much

        “gurgitating what others have been saying for a while,”
        That’s a pretty big claim considering this is just a blog that mainly posts news stories from others and from other sites.

        I’m not gonna knock Mac or this site tho, the more the merrier, but please cite what mac has “done” vs what Glenn has “done”

        I’ll start first.

        Glenn saw the corruption of libtard media and the false left-right paradigm so he founded his own TV and news network to help get the truth out.

        Now you.

        • yental

          At “Not so Much”, IF BECK is such a “hero of the people”, why did he STOP talking about 9/11 TRUTH and the FEMA camps?

          Beck is an NWO bought/paid for shill. He puts just enough “chum, stars/stripes, and phony tears” in the water to keep you following his bait.

          I would turn my back on a “pissed-off rattlesnake” before I would the likes of “Beck”!

          • Not So Much

            He completely discredited the FEMA camps in an hour long show when he was at CNN (or early fox).

            9/11 truthers discredited themselves with their idiotic fire cant bend steel BS. Other than their theory is idiotic anyway.

            Other than that, your opinion of him falls right in line with what an utter moonbat you are. Have a good one.

            • yental

              By “discredited” I assume you mean that “Sir Beck” disproved their existence?

              While still difficult to believe, apparently there are individuals, even on a site like this, that still believe “Saudi’s with box cutters pulled off the GREATEST subversion of the GREATEST air defense system on the planet…with “landing lessons” at some “wannabe terrorist flight school in the USA”.

              Moonbat?…check the mirror and then do some actual research. I can’t believe I still have to address this issue with the mountains of information that completely refute the 9/11 commission “fairy tale”.

              To summarize: FEMA CAMPS don’t exist. 9/11 TRUTHERS are all “moonbats”. Got it! A large number of intelligent, professional, and experienced individuals will no doubt be dissuaded from further pursuit of the TRUTH now! NOT!

              • Sigi

                Sarcasm is your argument? Better than the pseudoscience and fantasy usually trotted out to defend the 9-11 conspiracy I suppose.

                • JustMe

                  Building 6 fell by “sympathetic collapse”…LOL

              • Not So Much

                “defeated the greatest air defense system on the planet”

                WTF are you talking about? Me thinks you’re trying to conflate ‘took over a plane with box cutters’ with ‘defeated our missile systems with boxcutters’.

                Yep, you’re a moonbat. farking nutbag.

                • yental

                  You are becoming amusing. These supposed passenger airliners flew off course with no tower communication for nearly an hour…headed toward major urban centers, including DC.

                  Plenty of air bases in the vicinity could have and should have scrambled interceptors. The few that were scrambled, were sent on a “wild goose chase” in the opposite direction.

                  Apparently you are additionally unaware of the high tech air defense systems LOCATED AT THE PENTAGON, which were told to stand down by Cheney.

                  You should really consider doing some actual research. Your complete ignorance on this subject is becoming glaringly obvious.

              • durango kidd

                Yental: While I often appreciate your comments, 911 was planned and executed by the Mossad, who conspired with Larry Silverman to bring down the three towers, and for the few hundred thousand dollars down on a long term blanket lease, recieved 4 BILLION DOLLARS with their destruction.

                Silverman has admitted in Court documents that he had blding 3 rigged for demolition.

                911 was an inside job. πŸ™‚

                • yental

                  Agreed, and the point I continue to attempt to expose. The “Mossad” is indicative of “anti-semetic rhetoric”…even though it is 100% accurate and true.

                  Still pisses-off the Zionist NEOCONS though. Not to mention AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, and every other “dual citizen” Israel first storefront within OUR borders.

                  When and if the truth of 9/11 and Israel planning/involvement is FINALLY REVEALED…Samson option???

            • Sigi

              Tensile strength gives out at a far lower temp than the melt point. We had a truck hit an overpass in our neck of the woods. The truck caught fire and the overpass collapsed because the steel was compromised by the heat, but no melting.

              • yental

                Okay Sigi, the towers that “dustified” and left months long rivers of molten steel (this is verified) beneath the rubble…all a result of kerosene jet fuel, which was consumed in the initial blast. So now, we are only left with physical building content fires that “melted/weakened” this “iron reinforced concrete structure” to the point of EXPLOSIVE collapse…straight down at the speed of unopposed gravity. WTC 7, no jet impact, and reported as “collapsed” 20-25 minutes prior to the actual “demolition” by the BBC.

                ALL coincidental and easily reconciled by the likes of Beck. I was unaware that Beck was an Architect/Engineer, demolition expert, and “mouth of god” all in one.

                I must reassess my original “thoughts” concerning “Sir Beck”.

                Honestly, I believe the actual “players” behind 9/11 could come out on ALL lame-stream-media channels and ADMIT “yeah, this is a scam”…and a really “special” group of fanatics would still NOT BELIEVE IT!

                I’m done, I really believed this ridiculous adherence to the “official story” was dead on the internet…especially informed sites such as this one.

              • messianicdruid

                If a truck hit an overpass and then two overpasses in your neck of the woods fell, would you think that was normal?

                • Smokey

                  We just had a truck hit one frame member of a steel bridge over a river on the Interstate. The entire bridge, two separate roadways sharing the same footings, fell into the river.

            • Them Guys

              Every single one Beck Jones Hannity ET AL: Only tell 1/2 truths…And 1/2 of the facts and truth is WORSE than outright Lies. Period.

              Beck is same as FOX idiots. ALL fully promote and support ALL issues zionist jewish and israel Bar none.

              That makes every single one a Unpatriotic Deciever and NWO star Player for msm and fed govnt and of course for them antichrist jewish zionist kommies.

              Go watch that Yutube video, all 6 hrs of it, “The Greatest Story Never told”….Them tell us a thing or two.

              That Yutube tip is for NOT so MUCH. Educate yourself, watch entire 6 hrs of that video…Then try and debunk what several of us says. You wont be able to after that video!

      • OutWest

        This is looming over our heads like a great
        dark cloud. For anyone at this point to not
        heed what is so glaringly obvious is merely
        an ostrich with it’s head stuck in the sand.

        • braveheart

          Howdy, OutWest. That’s about 98% of the population. There’s going to be dead ostriches everywhere in post-SHTF. Tragic, but true. braveheart

          • t-zulu

            ostrich jerky anyone?

        • RICH99

          The problem is you have NO IDEA when or if chaos will ensue

          • Sigi

            Actually we do know “if” and it will. ‘When precicely?’ is the question.

            • yental

              Before “Turkey day”, or I’m the “ghost of posting past”!

            • RICH99

              Please tell me HOW you KNOW cuz I know your full of shit !!!!

              • yental

                I am “forecasting” Rich99, based on research and observation. If I knew “for sure”, I would hit the next “Powerball” and be done with it.

                Statistics and probability. Simple as that. Too much “deceit” and outright LIES must very soon be covered…or some BIG NAMES are going down.

                NEVER underestimate the Israel influence/desired outcome factor. It will play a crucial part of “my forecast”.

                Damn, I should have been a meteorologist, THEY get a pass “all the time” whether “their forecast” is accurate or not. ;)!

                • yental

                  BTW, I thumbed you “up”…cuz I like your “moxie”!

                • braveheart

                  Yental, we all know that MEGA SHTF is coming. Just don’t know how or when until it hits. RICH99 is starting to sound like ncjoe. braveheart

                • RICH99

                  That reply was directed at SIGI ……you and I know our deal !!!

              • Sigi

                The economic situation is unsustainable. The policies of this administration cannot be backed out of nor continued without severe consequences. It’s damned if we do damned if we don’t. That’s how me know something will happen. As for the rest of your comment, grow up.

          • JustMe

            History is cyclic, so “if” is not the question, but it’s being nudged along, so “when”, is the issue…

            • RICH99

              That’s right and like I have been saying for a LONG time is …WHEN can be 50 years ….can’t it ????????

              • RICH99

                The SHITHEAD ho simply gave a negative rating because he CANT debate me on it

              • yental

                From a “probability/statistics” standpoint…NO WAY. From a “possibilities standpoint”, anything is possible R99!

                • yental

                  I’m thinking you may have “jumped the gun” on the “SHITHEAD” statement. I have NOT “thumbed you down”!

                • RICH99

                  Again yentel…..the SHITHEAD statement was not directed at you if you weren’t the one ……too many DOOMERS who love to thumb you down but CANT debate you on the facts and the FACT is YES we are in big trouble but we do not know how long they can keep this up …they have already done it for 5 years and who would have ever thought that would happen back in 2008 ….aren’t I correct ? …so this CAN go on for another 5 years and longer … wasn’t sustainable back in 2008 but here we are

                • yental

                  Message received R99…I must have become “discombobulated”!

              • JustMe

                Sure, it could be 50 years, but I would’nt wager on it, having watched this mess brew for a while now. I can offer you no timeframe, except to say that many events have been coming to nexus over the past 20 years. Yes, many predictions have been made for a very long time, but events are unfolding exponentially now.

                I would wager it will be a lot sooner than 50 years, though πŸ˜‰

                • RICH99

                  Your right…..49 years !

        • Shootit

          Take a look at Egypt. 150 dead… Unarmed protesters shot by the Military. The power hungry bringing freedom to a neighborhood near you.

          • BackSpace


            Those unarmed protestors with Molitov Cocktails are Radical Islamist..

            For 6 weeks these Muslim Brotherhood Radical Morsi Supporters barricaded themselves in the city streets of Cairo and elsewhere licking their chops waiting for the chance to retaliate and put the blame elsewhere..

            Remember.. Morsi threw out Egypts constitution and replaced it with oppressive Islamic Law…

            Oh, and now that the Muslim Bro’s are no longer in power we/ussa no longer supports Egypt…

            Put your thinking cap on and sort thru the media BS..


        • Survivor in waiting

          Problem with the ostrich types is, they never see the guy with the cleaver coming their way.

          • RICH99

            REALLY ????? where is this guy with the clever that’s coming ???

        • wrong


          Or merely a libtard with their head stuck up their butts.

          Great Weather we’re having here! September come early…

          Stay Strong


          • OutWest

            Wrong— staying strong, Brother

            I used the ostrich metaphor as a libtard
            conundrum because they don’t know their
            ass from a hole in the ground.

        • sixpack

          …and usually while one has his head stuck in the sand, there’s a line forming up behind him waiting for their turn…

      • Rodster

        I’m no fan of Beck or any of the other talkers but he’s been on this bandwagon since 2007. So to say he’s just now seen the light and is capitalizing on the obvious is not correct. πŸ˜‰

      • JayJay

        Exactly, JJsan, and if even one of my neighbors watches Beck and heeds the warnings of a total economic collapse, then he is to be commended in my view.

      • Glenn Beck

        I’m no match to Mac. I have too many things going on to compete with him. The radio show, TV show, the Blaze, and the books keep me fairly busy when I’m not being a family man.

        Buy gold.

        • Glenn Beck

          This one was a sure bet. Who took it?

    5. braveheart

      I don’t trust Glen Beck, but I also don’t trust the libturds who call themselves “People For The american Way”. they should be called people for the communist way. The only thing I can agree on is the message that was presented in the article. Beck is just another cheerleader for the neocons. BTW, he looked like a sissy with that big, stupid-looking bowtie. Anyway, MEGA-SHTF is coming, like it or not. everyone get everything you can now before it’s too late. braveheart

      • Not so Much

        I’d believe Beck was a neocon to,

        that is if I completely ignored the fact that he pretty much wants to bring our entire military home and doesn’t believe in using our milt for everything.

        other than that tho…

      • Glenn Beck

        I happen to like wearing a bowtie. Don’t you believe in individualism?

        And what’s with so much name-calling there, Braveheart? Have you sunk that low to not choose your words more wisely? Haven’t you been a sissy a few times yourself with your own set of griefs? Do we not, as men, afford ourselves the right to shed tears?

    6. Iowa

      I feel for all the new parents out there that have to survive whats coming with a blindfold on. Sad. Sad. Sad…

    7. Will Martin

      On this issue Beck is telling the truth.

      It’s old news if you listen to

      • yental

        Yahtzee, Beck is “parroting” long established TRUTHER SITES and then denigrating them in the process.

        I can still remember, before Beck became “baptized in the lame-stream-media”, when he actually spoke of issues his new PAYMASTERS forbid. Now, HE IS ONE OF THEM. An Actor extraordinaire. The very best LIARS base most of “their” spiel on facts. But there is a LINE that Beck WILL NOT CROSS!

        Propaganda at it’s finest.

        • Glenn Beck

          You apparently know me better than I know myself. Only the brazen fool would assume to know another person so well.

          But I left FOX. How does that fare in your synopsis?

          • yental

            It “fairs” quite well. The appearance of “dissension” can be a powerful aphrodisiac. “Brazen”, guilty as charged. When “Beck” acknowledges the MASSIVE inconsistencies related to the “government conspiracy theory” regarding 9/11 and the ABSOLUTE existence of the FEMA centers…then we can engage in legitimate conversation.

            Until then…pointless futility!

            • Glenn Beck

              We visited one of those FEMA camps, interviewed locals, filmed it for one of our shows back on FOX at 5.

              Where are these elusive FEMA centers you speak rhetorically of? Then we can engage in legitimate conversation.

              • yental

                Okay “Beck man”, here is the most recent list available.


                Additionally, if the “camps” don’t exist, then why this recruiting ad?:

                “Correction Officer Internment / Resettlement Specialist

                As an Internment/Resettlement Specialist for the Army National Guard, you will ensure the smooth running of military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility, similar to those duties conducted by civilian Corrections Officers. This will require you to know proper procedures and military law; and have the ability to think quickly in high-stress situations. Specific duties may include assisting with supervision and management operations; providing facility security; providing custody, control, supervision, and escort; and counseling individual prisoners in rehabilitative programs.”

                Ready for that “legitimate conversation”?

                • Glenn Beck

                  There is no credible source on this compilation. Staff did some research and learned that the original list came from a group associated with far right ideology and it was from the mid-90’s. Essentially this list and other suspected sites include military installations. There simply is no fact to this and its been a perpetual myth.

                  Do you recall the tents set up in NJ after people were displaced from hurricane Sandy? Government employees who worked there might have been those specialists you wonder about.

                  Think logically on this possibility. There are 310 million Americans and less than 3 percent are in government service. Out of that group, even less are armed.

                • yental

                  You still fail to address the definition: “Internment/Resettlement Specialist” for the Army National Guard.

                  “Internment” is now the acceptable label applied to survivors of catastrophe, natural or otherwise? That particular label still implies “prisoner” without the ability to “leave at will” in my understanding. Simply a “poor choice” of adjectives perhaps?

                  Perhaps a continued effort to “hide/misrepresent/deny” the TRUTH.

                  I am becoming convinced that I could list 100’s of credible sources with thousands of pages of government referenced documentation, and “the staff” would still find only the pre-targeted results.

                  The mandate for, and existence of Army Reeducation camps are very well documented now. (Can’t wait to read the “staff explanation”). I will presuppose that “THESE CAMPS” are strictly for captured “Al-CIA-DUH” enemy combatants. The same ones THE SECRET SHADOW GOVERNMENT CREATED, SUPPLIES, AND CONTINUES TO UTILIZE AS THE “GLOBAL BOOGEYMEN”. YOU know, like the FSA currently being supported by the same “players”. The ones murdering Christians and opposition religious sects in Syria as I type. (But we gotta get that nasty Assad out of the way before proceeding to Iran)

                  You disappoint me. YOU already know this “war on terror” is a FAIRY TALE, initiated and perpetually propagated by the 9/11 LIE.

                  This “sticking point” will ultimately be YOUR “achilles heel”. Care to have “the staff” explain how the 9/11 commission report is still the “Bible of Facts” with respect to “the events of that day”? This should prove quite interesting and enlightening…at the very least, humorous!

                  I do enjoy our little “chats”, but at least do as you requested and provide some links to explore.

              • yental

                LIST on the way, currently “in moderation”!

              • durango kidd

                Glenn Beck: Again thanks for your personal posts. Just know that if WE are willing to tar and feather one of the “good guys”, you can only imagine what we would like to do with the bad.

                Where is Robspierre when you need him? πŸ™‚

          • Liam

            I thought you were fired, Glenn.
            When you first started out on Fox, many enjoyed
            watching you. It was interesting how you were able
            to depict the ties between the Chicago gang and the
            Presidency. It started to go South when you
            ‘found religion’ and started telling your viewers
            to prostate themselves on the floor before God
            and pray.

        • Them Guys

          YUTUBE has a Video on Mike Rivero I seen a week ago. Hes another shyster swindler hypocrite. Like many other so called “patriot” sites, he has a Day job, which basically is doing whole lots of Hollywood Movies Computer immaging work from his Real job/self owned buisness.

          But all his video info supposedly is Outting MSM and falshoods etc right!…While hes earning Millions From those very same Elitiest TPTB Hollywood swindlers. And hes also a Bonafide member of the “Tribe” of zionist jewsih folks….While pretends to be another patriot website full of must see video info!

          You just can’t make this stuff up eh…Is Mac the ONLY True patriot site left?

          I can’t now recall the video name that outs mike rivero, but I am sure its not difficult to locate at yutube.

      • Outlaw

        “It’s old news if you listen to”

        Lol, Love it! That should be AJ’s new slogan! Or at least a bumper sticker!

    8. Pagan Dad

      I have learned a lot from Glen. Not that I am a huge fan but there is info that can be learned from him. Every body has their take on things, you just have sort out the facts. Any info, even mis-info is better than no info.
      You just have to be smart enough to find the facts in all of it.
      Life is tough, it’s even tougher if you’re stupid- John Wayne

      Pagan Dad

      • Rodster

        I’ve learned a LOT by listening to him. Things I wasn’t aware of, like Agenda 21, Cloward and Piven, Soros, the Occupy “anonymous masks” and the meaning behind it, just to name a few. In fact I think he covers more topics pertinent to our future as a world than the other hosts.

        With that said i’m not a fan of his but he at least makes you think out of the box and encourages you to look up the info to verify it.

    9. Anonymous

      Beck lost credibility with his recent “i have information that will bring government down” announcements, then nothing much to show! At one time he did have good things to expose, but now has become a disappointment.

    10. Boss Hog

      I dont get it guys??? The man is saying pretty much what everyone here has/is/will say at one time or another and your bashing him for it? Really I dont get it, he just issued a SHTF warning pretty much like the one this wonderful site gives on a daily basis and your bad mouthing him. WTF.

      Go ahead with the red thumbs but ask yourself if as many Americans would be awake and prepping if it was’nt for Glen Beck. Heres another notion for you to ponder, would anyone with as much celebrity clout be saying such things? Maybe Peirs Morgan, could set us up for the comming storm.

      Beck is an alarmist and he frequently gets it wrong but give credit where its due, no one else has had the balls to say what needs to be said on such a large scale with so much at stake.

      We all grow tired of talking heads making noise and nothing happens as they said it would, but at least hes making the right noise. Im thankfull for Glen Beck if it wasnt for him I may not be as prepped as I am.

      • OffTheGrid

        Well said and I concur.
        As preppers and those just merely paying attention, the narcissism soars when someone comes out and simply states what we’ve know for a while. Not only here but across the spectrum. Drives me crazy. Leave to the commies.
        Let us not eat our own.
        It’s never been who we are and we always have to resist bashing our brothers as tightly wound as we all are. It’s mind-bending and heart wrenching to watch the country our fathers fought for be ripped away so suddenly.
        Beck is only doing what I used to do everyday. Don’t tear him down for it or for Mac posting it.
        We are at Defcon1 now so the awake thingy is not something I worry about like I used to. The pain has to come. Republic’s never have more that about a 200 yr life span. It was glorious, but what comes out on the other end may be someone who is inspired by Glenn. I sure as hell hope so. Resistance is not futile, yet.

        Preach on Brother!

        • Youdontneedtoknow

          Thank you Boss! Don’t listen him too much anymore since I’ve moved to AJ, but he got me thinking and prepping!

          I don’t care what reasons he has or how much money he makes. I would NEVER do his job!

      • maddog

        I agree boss. Beck was spot on about the mid-east and Europe and he said it years ago. He’s map of n. Africa and Europe three year’s ago was correct. The commie\ hippie news channel’s (nbc, cbs, mslst) were all saying how wonderful the arab spring was. I see Egypt is now in a civil war as is Syria. As for anyone who thinks America will be anything like the US was during WWII better take a good look around. These are no longer the same American people. The greatest generation would have never taken an Obama phone.

        The bad news: The greatest generation is gone.
        The good news: The hippies will soon follow.

      • C Howard Fields

        Amend BH
        Thanx’s Glen For the DC venture! I was on one of the buses from the valley of the sun.
        The complainers on the site needs to Ben Dover

        C Howard Fields

    11. Trailer Park Investor


    12. Man on the inside

      As I sit here with my Obama mask on …. I know Beck is different but he brought Prepping to the for front and on most things he has been proven correct on most things. People make fun of him but he has made many good points and has been right on many. Him, Lavin, Savage, and Rush were my first exposure to the conservative lifestyle a decade ago and I thank them for it.

      • yental

        Yes, Beck has joined a “fine” list of Zionist NeoCons. Ask anyone of them about 9/11. Ask anyone of them about “re-education/FEMA camps”. Ask anyone of THEM about ISRAEL’S influence in America (AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, ETC). Ask anyone of them about Palestine. Ask anyone of them to investigate the “banker bailouts” and an audit of, AND END TO, the nonFederal Reserve.

        ASK ANYONE OF THEM ABOUT A “PREEMPTIVE” WAR IN SYRIA AND IRAN! “Of course we must stop the crazy Iranians from developing nukes, no matter how much of the American Military need be sacrificed”. NUTTYYAHOO says so, and WE ALL KNOW ISRAEL owns TPTB in this once great, INDEPENDENT country.

        Never mind WHO owns/controls Israel!

        • dave in Id

          @ yental and Man on the inside…. Beck, Rush, Levin and the rest had a choice to make… a reservation at the Denver International airport, or wait outside above ground. They have at least awakened quite a few folks to prep. Want to bet JOG is in his own BOL built in a hill side?

          • Them Guys

            Levin is most likly to bug out to israel since he gets gaurenteed “return” policy open to all jewish persons who want to live there.

            Ironic they call it a Right to Return, when its been dna proven that their ancestors were Never israelites nor of any of the 12 orig tribes of jacob prior.

            They are Khazers who Converted to Talmudic Judiasim back around 800 AD era.

            So how does that return rights function? What if for example Al Sharpton and Jessie jackson decided to Convert to be Catholics ok…Will they automatically become bonafied Italians? due to vatican is located in Italy?

            Will Al and Jessie soon change and become Whiter skinned like italians if converted to catholics?

            Or does it only work for conversions to a religion if you are jewish?…Very confusing times we live in no.

      • KY Mom

        Man on the inside,

        Glenn Beck also brought prepping to the fore front for me. While some here may have known many of these things for many years. He exposed me and many others in the general public to many things that were going on.

        No, Glenn is not perfect. He is human.

        My husband and I also attended the 9/12 and 8/28 events in Washington. We shall always remember them.

        Thank you Glenn Beck!

        KY Mom

        • REB

          One can learn from anyone if theyre willing…Ive heard Beck/Hanity/Rush/Levin/Savage and others say some of the dumbest things…and some very good things…heck Im guilty of that myself but mostly on the dumb side…to the extent they get it right I must credit them…most of the time anymore I don’t pay much attention to the news just work this farm and visit here and a few other sites as I can…believe me if you eat/sleep/breathe politics like I have for the last couple decades you tend to burn out…anyhow credit where credit is due critisizm where its due!

      • Sierra Dave

        This is why the embassies were emptied.

    13. king krazy

      It’s high time we thinned the herd of all the scum and deadbeat assholes that we are over run with. We have too many bipedal animals that would have never made it with out leaching off the taxpayers. When the “big one” hits natural selection will kick in with a vengeance. It will be glorious. πŸ™‚

      • maddog

        Bring on the EMP. Lets clean up gene swamp.

    14. JRS

      Sure Glenn Beck speaks much truth

      However, the day he plopped his cowboy boots on the desk and showed the US flag on one and the “Star” on the other was the day I quit listening. Zionist shill.

      Time for those that have influential positions to stop putting Israel’s interests ahead of Americas.

      • Rodster

        I understand and there are things I like and don’t like about Beck but I have learned a ton by listening to him. To me that’s what’s more important.

        • OffTheGrid


        • Tactical

          @Rodster, Would you please share some of the learning from GB? The last I heard from him was to trash Ron Paul. Is that considered to be learning? Remember, politicians always say and perform positive speeches but the real character is the key here.

          • Rodster

            He never trashed Ron Paul. In fact he said it was just ONE thing holding him back from supporting Ron Paul and that was Israel. The two saw it differently.

            He went on to say that apart he thought RP was the best candidate who got most of it right especially the economy and the Federal Reserve.

            He did however poke fun at his supporters for his lack of support towards RP and that was only because he got several angry calls he put on the air. I think that’s where people think he was trashing RP.

            I was listening at the time everyday because of the election. But no, he never went after RP. He did however trash Mittney and later went back to support him.

            • Youdontneedtoknow

              And if you are preparing for something to happen, than he got that right too…

            • REB

              I remember that…I couldn’t understand how Beck could be in agreement with Ron on almost everything(that was constitutional and beneficial to America)and part ways with him over that one issue in support for a foreign power..and yes even Israel is a foreign power…(Im an America first/second and third type person and unless another nation supports and defends those same principles I care very little for them…don’t care who they are or who dislikes it)it still bugs me…most of the founders ideas today are rejected by people today as unworkable but I do not agree…we are not in this mess because we followed the constitution but because they(govt) dismissed them and mocked them…to restore America we gotta restore the intent and defend liberty against all comers!

    15. PO'd Patriot

      I thinks we’ll see some of the best and some of the worst from people. I also feel it will vary day to day and region to region. I really don’t get all lathered up, foaming at the mouth over what I hear from the Becks,
      Jones’ and the others. They say it because it sells and pays their bills, as well as puts them in the spotlight.

      • Them Guys

        Yental: This Beck article has Proven my Suspicions corect. You may recall a few weeks ago how I posted to someones reply, that I tought so many red thumbs down for ANY post about zionists-jewish issues-israel, in it, were Mainly red thumbs from the Glen Beck crowd who likly comes here and is whos down thumbing those type posts alot.

        Well just look how many pro beck types are red thumbing all you posted on beck and jewish issues or zios. Seems my Hunch was right eh. Its mostly beck loons and fools which By default are zionist supporters who Never question any wrongs done by zio jewish orgs or persons etc. So typical.

        I think they like beck and rush et al so much precisely because while yes they desire some truth…They do NOT want 100% truth if it in Any way shape or form exposes facts on zionists or jewish issues which will force them to RE think their current beliefs of those issues. Thats the Ticket! They wiant ‘some” truth and some facts…Not Too Much though!!! Certainly not 100% truth

        • yental

          I appreciate positive feedback as much as the next “poster”. I also know going in, that certain topics will always garner additional support from the “red thumb” brigade.

          I don’t have a problem with that. Some readers simply disagree, others have a personal vendetta, and some, as you alluded to, simply cannot accept certain truths.

          It keeps “things” interesting.

    16. InsanityISContagious

      I have to weigh logic with a side of “he’s making money off of what he’s saying” because he gets a following of people who hang off his every word.

      The question that I have is three-fold (#1 is just out of plain curiosity):
      1. Why are so many people so in love with Obama to the point of rapturous worship, since he exudes evil with every stroke of his presidential pen?
      2. Why HASN’T the economy failed?
      3. Since the economy hasn’t failed, is it because, while we all know everybody’s current monetary system is based on BS, the whole world is currently worshiping BS and BS is what is holding the world economy together?

      Money only works if everybody believes in it and if everybody believes that infinitely printed money works, why wouldn’t it keep working?

      • JustMe

        1)People are not in love with obummer, that is media spin, and indoctrination by those who promote him…

        2)The “economy” is not an entity, but a mindset, a faith-based mindset, of fair value-based trade, that can be managed…

        3)The coming war is about the control of the world’s “economy”, and one side will lose the coming war, then everyone will begin worshipping a new BS monetary system…

      • JoeRepublic

        Yep, there’s actually a great write-up on the con-job over at from yesterday. It’s nothing most of us don’t already know, but the basic gist is, “Everybody believes that everybody believes that the economy is in recovery”. The everybody is not the average person, but all the muppet masters on Wall St. and idiot day traders looking to cash in. It’s a perpetuated fantasy kept afloat by 2 parts bullshit, 1 part QE Infinity and 1 part pure Hopium (The drug of choice for sheeple and wannabe day trader chumps).

        However, with the SF Fed coming out and saying QE is having only a moderate effect, looks like the house of cards will be coming down soon. This is the Fed’s way of getting out from being in front of the inflation train. Most sheep will believe the hocus pocus media horseshit when things start to come unglued. Then to put the icing on the sheeple cake, some massive event will occur and it will probably be a coordinated false flag attack that makes 9/11 look like child’s play. This will cover over nicely the tracks of the thieving liars and we’ll probably wake up one fine Monday or Tuesday (Need a full week of media spam to thoroughly brainwash the droids) to a massive attack of some sort.

        Who the hell knows for sure and if it comes to mushroom clouds, ain’t no motherfucker prepped for that shit. Game over, reset planet Earth and goodbye human species, nothing left but corpses, soon to be corpses and the newborn mutants that die before the age of five. However, I suspect a more managed scenario that doesn’t destroy the planet to be the order of the day. Something like a nice global EMP blast that gets blamed on a solar flare (See recent Woolsey solar flare bullshit warning from a few weeks ago, pure propaganda pre-staging). We, the slave class, will be left without power and the shielded rulers will have all their toys in tact. This solves so many things for these scumbags, just use your imagination, they want you dead. You are obsolete to them, got it?

        Anyway, as I’ve said before, this zombie economy is Frankenstein’s monster that the thieves no longer have full control over. They keep barking commands at it, but it half listens to the orders. Eventually, no matter what they do, the natural order of statistical probability will step in and Yin and Yang will find balance for them. Of course, expect a lot of blood, gore, death and disease before that balance returns. The rulers can’t have this and will do whatever they can to control the aftermath, which is doomed to fail since too many of us are awake now. Are those war drums I hear in the distance?

        This is the shit I attempt to prepare for, not some rainbows and unicorns revolution that ends with the people restoring their Republic, which would be great, but this isn’t some fantasy world psy-op movie starring some douche leading asshat actor as your fearless revolutionary leader. It’s called reality and reality is a dark, cold bitch right now. It’s going to be a whole lot of pain before it gets better, but it always gets better, eventually. Many of us won’t live through it, but you better at least try to. It won’t be until this mass die off is over that we have a chance at restoring a damn thing.

        This is hard shit for a lot of people to hear, but it’s the way I see it. The storm is coming, prepare. Timelines are for idiots, always be ready.

        • JustMe

          Awesome post.

          • JoeRepublic

            Thanks man, just venting.

        • dave in Id

          @ joe…good post. actually you can prepare for a mushroom cloud. A airburst would be far more my choice as the radioactive fallout is a whole lot less. but if it happens to be a ground burst, then size of bomb, distance and wind direction, (usually west to east/north are critical to take cover and stay until enough time has passed. If you are say, 75-100 miles from a city target (pop less 3-5hundred thousand) A mirv would probably have a 800 kilo ton warhead headed for it in a all out war. Big cities get the big mega ton bombs. A airburst would be very survivable. Ground burst will have all that nasty fall out spreading for over 100 miles exposing you to rads. Over 1/2 rad per hour is unhealthy which is acummilated. You can search the net for all the info, maps, jet stream, and terrain to understand more on how to survive and get FACTS to properly prep for such a thing….Of course all bets are off if one lands on your house while you are at the dinner table.

          • JoeRepublic

            Hey Dave, you make some solid points for sure. What I meant by mushroom clouds would be the global wad being dumped. I don’t think there is anywhere to hide if every nuke in every arsenal were detonated on the same day around the globe. Air burst, ground burst, hell, we don’t even truly know what a neutron bomb will do when detonated. How about a nice slice of Tsar bomba? Anyway, surviving a small exchange is one thing, surviving the global wad would probably be unlikely for most of us. I guess it all depends on what plays out in that event.

            Have some fun with your area:

        • Man on the inside.

          And when the house of cards finally falls it is going to take Europe, Japan, China and Russia (to a lesser degree) with it. One big S*^T storm. 12-24 months…..

          • dave in Id

            I dont see how Japan can hold on for 12 more months. If the Japan gov steps in @fukushima for the clean up/containment, the cost will hurt the economy. If they continue QE1 which is not returning the inflation they need, they fail. I think japan is going to fail and bring everyone down with them.

    17. lena

      beck always takes it to the extreme.

      is there likely to be something coming up really big because the world over has taken on so much debt, that countries will have to do something radical(like start WW3 or have some countries default or just starting taking 401K money) to get out from under it ? yes.

      is that likely to start a period of years of things being real tough, yes.

      BUT, even during WW2, with most of europe still in a depression; in many areas people still held jobs, went out to dinner, watched movies in theaters.

      i wouldnt want to be somewhere like detroit or chicago when the SHTF, but places that still have some flexibility to absorb tougher times like texas and oklahoma will be relatively incident free imo

      now parts of houston and dallas may have it rough with too many people together with no resources to handle tough times, but just think about it; how many people head over to the rich part of town to lash out ? very few, people usually lash out right where they are.

      • Anonymous

        No disrespect intended as my method of response lacks class, but that is the biggest bunch of bs I’ve read in this entire thread. Then on the other hand this must be the thought process of many because people are swarming to Texas in droves! Obviously you have not thought this out vey well because by the time everything goes crazy Texas will be overrun with people looking for survival and resources. Texas will not be the answer for a place to “hang out” until the crap smooths out, lol…hate to say it but I can’t help it, read your comment several times…you me lady, are an idiot.

    18. Tactical

      Glen, You are a bad boy. Are you skipping your medications again? Last time you said some jack ass prince from Saudi will cause the USA to be changed forever. Now back to work.

    19. Be informed

      Glenn Beck surely wants what is best for the country, but too many times what he has said has not come to happen. He has some good ideas. The real question is the everyone should be asking; is the country and world too far gone? Might just be a better idea to get everything into order before the hammer falls. Wish I knew the exact time frame here on everything.

      • slingshot

        Be Informed.

        You said.
        “is the country and world too far gone?”

        I have a bridge to sell you.

      • Sigi

        You admit you don’t know the exact time frame yourself, why be upset that Beck has the same weakness? A lot of what he’s said has happened after he thought it would rather than not happening at all. Those things that have yet to happen? TPTB (or God) are holding them back until the right time. Personally I believe the latter for the sake of those who are still getting ready, just as He held back the rain until the Ark was ready; Noah, family and animals inside.

      • Glenn Beck

        Yes, Mr Be informed. You are more correct than I could ever hope to be. My next thrust will be writing a few blog posts itemizing how disastrous events will affect people. Though I will predict, but won’t have the dates correct, I am certain of that. Would that make me a better person then? More adept, like you?

    20. TXRNGER

      The facts have been there since records have been kept. The issue is the Government will NEVER give you the TRUTH. As a citizen, your rights have been dwindling since Obummer took office, Are you still ready for a CHANGE. Do something about it…….

      • slingshot

        LONG before Obama.

      • Anonymous

        So typical, that blind ultra conservative view that everything was good prior to Obama. Please don’t misunderstand, I’m by no means a supporter of a US president that doesn’t even qualify to be one, one that was inserted into office through massive corruption.

        However, there was never in my lifetime, such a blatant level of corruption like what I witnessed during the Bush administration. Corruption has always existed. The difference was that is was grey area, covered tracks well, left to interpretation. Beginning in the eight years of Bush jr, and even on some level with his POS dad, these folks became so blatant in their corruption that they could stand on National TV, look the people in the eye and lie on a whole new level. Why a whole new level? Because no only were there lies, but the people knew they were lies, the folks telling the lies knew the people knew they were lies, and yet the lies continued. Use the sub-prime mortgage scam as an example, use 911 as an example, use the war in Iraq as an example.

        Lets be truthful and clear here, IMO Obama and Bush are now, and have been for quite some time, partners in these crimes, partners on every level of a corrupt US government, and partners in purpose.

    21. MX Mike

      This is just more of preaching to the choir. I remember Beck’s last “huge” event that “would change everything”. Didn’t happen. He is not quite a chicken little personification, but close. Really, nothing will happen until the EBT cards fail to function, the obamafones’ fail to operate, and the yuppies can’t afford to fuel their Escalades. There are any one of a hundred things that could send the world into a collapse. Sensationalizing some rumor from an unnamed source does nothing but stir the pot. Hard info is the most needed thing now, not theatrics. Yeah, evil’s coming, but panic never helped anything, or anyone. When in doubt, fly the plane………

      • agent provocateur

        Yea I remember that!, And I questioned him about on his board and was attacked by his worshipers . Whatever you do, don’t ” question with boldness” anything Glenn says!
        Yes Glenn Beck has done much to awaken folks but I get the sense that he milks it- I get the feeling that all he is doing is hyping to sell tickets to his many events.

      • Sigi

        I’ve never seen him instil panic in anyone. Alex Jones, however….

    22. sunshine

      Here is a speech that Ron Paul did before the House of Representatives in 2006..titled: “The End of Dollar Hegemony”… he does an excellent overview on “money” or currency through time, to the present system used by the U.S….fiat money and the Federal Reserve… If you will read it (it is long), you will get the picture that many are talking about..why we are facing an economic collapse in the future… and why we need to get back to sound money…and honest banking. You will get the picture of why our military is all over the world, and why it is involved in all these wars in the middle east…here is the direct website..I suggest you print it out to read it and keep to refer to later …

    23. Carrying the Fire

      I don’t think much of Mr. Beck after he predicted that our cities would be “on fire” 2-3 summers ago.

      OFF TOPIC: Was in my big box hardware store today and saw a Survival Guide from Outdoor Life the hunting/fishing magazine. It had a section on survival guns, how to make your home stronger to prevent home invasion, and self defense. To me this speaks volumes about prepping and the state of our Nation.

    24. Ctpreps

      Watching “Faux News” just now. Three months since our prez announced heads will roll in IRS scandal. Guess what? Nothing.

      Just kick the can til they forget. Works everytime.

    25. lonelonmum

      Questions about Egypt as Beck isn’t saying anything new enough to hold my interest:-

      1. What idiot decided to appoint Ford as Un ambassador to Egypt, given his previous associations with death squads in Iraq and Syria? The ordinary people HATE him with a passion, and this will fuel anti-US and therefore Western hatred in a nation that historically we’ve rubbed along with just fine. Someone who is regarded as the worst type of war criminal cannot foster friendly relationships with anyone who considers themselves to have a shred of integrity.

      2. Who are the snipers on the roof tops working for? They are murdering individuals at a rate of knots, including Western TV reporters and cameramen. (The civilian death toll is estimated at 150 -2000, depending on which faction of this mess you ask).

      3. Is the army really refusing to go to Syria to aid the “rebels”? If so this is significant, as until recently they could be considered a reliable extension of US foreign policy.

      4. Word is the army is pro the ordinary population & anti-the government and that various elite factions from Mossad to the US have major issues with this. Are we witnessing the early stages of a military coup?

      5. Are we also witnessing the start of a domino backlash against the West that will have the kind of repercussions across the region that the initial Tunisian protester created?

      Egypt is Israel’s neighbour and students of history will know, very strategically important due to it’s geographical position. Prolonged trouble here could have a major impact on global oil prices, something that should concern every prepper. The declaration of a state of emergency is not filling me with confidence, that this may not yet turn out to be the tipping point into SHTF we’ve all been anticipating.

      My thoughts on Egypt:-
      A nation that also, like the old Palestine has a significant Christian population btw, lest anyone turn this into yet another anti-islamic rant when really the rabbit hole goes way, way deeper than that – all the way to the issue of Central banks. Coptic Christians are in real trouble right now, as are their traditions & practices that go right back to biblical times.

      The “old ways” in the global Christian community are in danger of being lost forever, and with them, the reminder that USURY is actually forbidden to Christians. This is of critical importance for us to remember in the TV evangelical age.

    26. squodgy

      All these issues are created for the benefit of those who control the world’s finances. They are Zionists.

      They are from Azeristan between the Black & Caspian Seas.

      They own over 60% of all the World’s assets.

      It is their aim to cull us.

      We must make sure their identities and location are publicised to ensure they do not get satisfaction.

      • Smokey

        Do you mean Azerbaijan, not Azeristan?

        I didn’t know the Azeris were Jews, can you check on that?

      • Them Guys

        They are originally from Khazaria. the Former Kingdom of Khazers back untill 800 ad era when their nation became Russia. Khazaria was what we Now today call lower russia-moscow and areas related nearby. I posted the newest, as of Dec. 2012, DNA evidence Published by John Hopkins Hosp and hebrew univ Bio ethics labs etc that Proves at least 98% of those who are today called “Jews” are actually DNA Proven to be Khazer decendants. aka Turkic from Esau aka Edmoities not jacobs 12 israel tribes. Look back a few articles and Read that info.

    27. slingshot

      “Break On Through, (To The Other Side)
      The Doors.

      Beck, Beck, Beck. I have heard enough. The problem is that what ever the subject is, is does not reach the multitudes. The medium is severed and the young does not comprehend. Tell me what type of music reaches the young?
      Far out, Man. Case in point. How many do I bind with when I mention a song? Older people for sure. What newer songs have been said here. NONE! Complete disconnect.
      Ha! From the past.

      Cities have turned into Jungles.
      And corruption is strangling the land.
      The police force is watching, the people.
      But the people can’t understand.
      We don’t know how to mind our own Business.
      Cause the whole world has to be just like us.
      Now we are fighting a War over there.
      No Matter who’s the winner.
      We can’t pay the cost.
      Yes, there’s a Monster on the loose.
      It has our head into a noose.

      And it just sits there, Watching.
      Steppenwolf. Monster.

      • Tactical

        @slingshot ,

        Soon we all be ” Riders on the storm”. Next: “They got the guns” , we got the numbers”.

        • slingshot

          I have no doubt there are good people here at SHTF. I wish more would comment on the issues at hand.
          In any case, to include those that grace this site, life in the future is going to suck. Depends on how you prepared. How efficient you are to bring force against force. Most will play this as a game and I can assure you it is not.
          Another issue is that what people post may not be of importance to some, still it is relative to the subject. I exclude nothing. All encompassing so to speak.
          What I do hope that those who post and within their opinion are truthful. I can accept that. Those that hide behind technicalities and not fact is where I have a problem.

      • JustMe

        “Today, I have good news, und, I have bad news…” -Earsplitenloudenboomer, Steppenwolf

    28. Steve

      Love him or hate him, Glenn Beck gets the
      Word out via his radio broadcast .

      • yental

        Yes, he does get “the word” out. But, “the word” is diluted, incomplete, and half truths. If this is “beneficial”, I must be missing “that aspect”.

        Historically, EVERY propaganda machine mastered the “art” of getting “the word out” and convincing the “sheeple” to “follow the current shepherd/leader. I don’t find it necessary to further expand/explain the inherent meaning of this observation/statement/opinion.

        This is not intended as a “put down”, more of a “wake up” call. The TRUTH is one thing…a “version of the truth” is not only less valuable, but potentially destructive. IMO.

        • sixpack

          MSM “gets the word out’ — it’s just THE WRONG WORD…

          • dave in Id

            @ sixpack. Your red thumbs down proves we have infiltraitors/trolls because no one can dispute your statement.

            • sixpack

              Not without a thesaurus in one hand and an NSA playbook in the other…

        • Steve

          I,m not a fan of Beck, the giggling,laughing,crying drive me crazy
          But my neighbor is, and he has been prepping as a result.
          That benifits me.
          You know as we’ll as I do that America is being led down
          The path, and I believe a scant 5 or10 present have
          Any interest in why or who is responsible.

          • Them Guys

            Steve: What you said of the neighbor guy is how Controlled Opposition like msm and radio persons like hannity and beck and rush function. Yes they wake some folks slightly. And Thats where it usually stops. Controlled opposition is so folks not dumbed down enough to believe liberal crap, have a seperate, or they Think it is a seperate, option ir place to turn to for support.

            The vast majority who slightly awaken due to a beck speech or talk. then believe “gee I found a true good info sight, now I Know theres a few Others out there like me who get it etc”…And Thats usually as Far as they go down those rabbit holes to seek real truth.

            Beck types Only give out just enough info to Capture the Lesser dumbed down folks. But they the becks Never go all the way with 100% facts or truths.

            Beck spent almost 3 yrs on FOX tv and radio with Non stop Russian 1918 bolshevik kommies etc. He names stahlin-trotsky-lennin etc…BUT You and Me never ever heard Beck tell anybody that for example: Leon Trotsky’s true Birth Name was Lev Bronstien, and also that of the top 500+ inner circle soviets of 1918 revolt that destroyed russia and 1/2 its people made dead was run and invented By all But 13 members at very top were all jewsih.

            Like trotsky and lennin(cant recall his true birth name now)…Yes beck spoke endlessly on kommie russia etc…Yet while beck Has to know what I am telling you if beck read even a single book he shows off so often of his 150 books collection he claims he read em all. Then he Knows that communisim is and Was and always will be a jewish invented political-mental-Spiritual system, method to Destroy christianity and Exterminate whites worldwide.

            Yet Who does beck Promote More than all other persons or issues?…Israel and jews and zionists.

            Becks akin to if Your neighbor act’s as if hes concerned for Your safty so he warns you about some armed with a gun bandit in the neigborhood running around killing folks…..Yet he Fails to tell you that other truth part….That hes who Armed that killer with a gun!

            Folks believe becks on Their side do to warning of kommies etc…Yet they emain dumbed down to the Facts that becks favorite folks he so worships non stop are the very inventors and todays controlers of still alive communisim!….Some calls that type a Hypocrite.

            Or a person who speaks 1/2 truths, which is worse than a liar in many ways. Controlled opposition like a steam valve to release folks pent up anger by believeing all will be swell with Beck as our lead info man.

            While becks heading to israel as often as hobammy takes a vacation, to sell Out america and its patriot folks to zionists-kommie-Bolsheviks-who are the grandkids of Lennin and Trotsky alias Lev Bronstien ET AL jewish zio kommies.

            Beck speaks of God often too. Well Christ said “Whos Not For me…IS Against Me”!…Christ was talking to and About talmudic judaic jewish jews and their head rabbi Pharisees. Todays Pharisees and head rabbis are Yesterdays russian jewish bolshevik kommies…Beck Loves zionists and their HQ israel More than he cares of america.

            Try asking that awake neighbor if hes done More truth research reading etc? Or knows all he need due to becks wakeing him? If hes like Most folks who support beck, hes gotten onto a Road thanks to becks talks…But likly hes never yet questioned if That beck led road which is Very Wide-smooth paved-and filled by many other beck supporter types, is the Narrow Righteous path the Lord advised us to be on. A True study of beck and all them other radio jocky patriots popular today, will answer that question, and in the negative aka no its Not that Righteous Narrow path hes led folks onto.

            Good thing beck aint a Faith Healer, as hed likly heal the blind man but Only so he regains sight in One eye!

            Same as 1/2 truths and a job 1/2 finsihed eh.

            • Steve

              Sorry brother I’m not much of a
              Jew hater, I don’t blame Jews for
              Our current situation , I blame a zombie
              Like , reprobate population who have been
              Only too eager to shit can there children’s freedom
              In exchange for some empty promises.
              If Americans were force fed the truth
              every night at 6:00 nothing would change!
              Not much point in getting POed at Beck,
              I don’t give a damn about Beck,or
              The whole Medea complex for that matter !
              I also don’t give a rats ass about my
              neighbors likes or dislikes,while he
              Is farting around with his Beck inspired
              canned goods, I can go about my
              Steve business .

    29. cellar spider

      yup, old glenn’s hierarchy charts got him fired. Most of the masses couldn’t understand those boxes but looking closely at them, I soon recognized that there was a few boxes missing at the top; namely Rupert Murdoch (News Corp/Fox), Sumner Redstone (Viacom/CBS), General Electric…soon to be Comcast (NBC), and Disney (ABC).

      When they realized where he was going with his analysis, the TPTB shuffled him out of town real quick and replaced him with a hot piece of ass, a Democratic Punching Bag, a wealthy ex Baseball Player, a Cutie Pie, and a Contrarian (Better Known as The Harmless Five).

      The TPTB didn’t bury him, they just fired him because he was a Mormon….and since the TPTB wanted the other Mormon to run for president (and lose), they didn’t want to make waves….so they just made him out to be a kook.

      Good for Glenn, I’m glad he’s making a few bucks. He’s a prepper. It’s a requisite of his faith.

    30. De Oppresso Liber

      We have been in a multi-decade collapse; slowly over time, economically, morally with ongoing abuse of our liberties. The only difference between now and 2009 is that a pile of money has been printed. I think that is a stall, but I am not an economist. In the real world things break. Sometimes catastrophically, sometimes more predictable, they yield and stretch letting you know something bad is about to happen before giving away. Then when a failure occurs either slowly or sudden – often what occurs is progressive failure. A roof fails, falls on the floor under it and that floor not being able to take the weight, also fails – then the next and so on.

      I believe we were on track for a catastrophic failure in 2008/2009. This was delayed – one of the folks I have read over the years was Mohamed El-Erian (not a doomsday prepper). But what was occurring gave him cause to tell his wife to start pulling money out of ATMs. This is one of the most reasoned persons that writes about the economy.

      We are seeing failures, now – maybe it drags out for another 100 years. I don’t think so though because in the previous decades the bubbles in the economy have come unglued vigorously in a short duration. Printing money = gigantic bubble. Not just in the US but Europe and Japan as well. We are witnessing progressive failures, and attempts to keep the economy from failing. Eventually the weight is too much. The better fix would have been to allow the smaller failures rather than adding more weight (debt) until you just have a larger failure. No one accepts the idea that sometimes failure is best. These are folks who do not understand that going ahead and vomiting is better, rather than trying to stifle it and then vomiting out their nose. (I want to be descriptive for the NSA). Get it over and restart.

      When does the US debt get so huge that it is a joke and the dollars are a joke as well. For many here that has already occurred. I admit this thought may be way early, but how many trillions can you print before it is green Charmin?

      I bet El-Erian keeps more cash around now. I hope he reads this because I don’t think what can be spewed out of an ATM will assist him in the long run.

      De Oppresso Liber – We are the oppressed now.

      • Carrying the Fire

        Yes we are already in a SHTF situation. It just hasn’t turn violent yet. Consider all of BHO’s Executive Orders shredding the Constitution, the huge amounts of ammo and other items that Homeland is buying, and the continued devaluation of the dollar. Let us not forget Fast and Furious or Benghazi.

        Since 2008 anyone who is a Military Vet, Ron Paul support, evangelical Christian, and/or anti-abortion is considered a “Terrorist” by the Department of Homeland Security.

        Anybody try to by house paint of late? Lowes brand is going for almost $40 a gallon. My wife’s nail polish has gone from $4 a bottle to almost $9 in a year.

        • sixpack

          Whitewash must be dirt cheap, considering the amount used in Washington DC…

    31. JL

      Well quite frankly he is right as to “we are about to have an economic impact” when is about? Most of us agree that our economy is unsustainable, we don’t know exactly what the catalyst will be. Or when it will happen, TPTB are trying to continue on as long as possible until their asses are covered.

      • Sigi

        Wages are down, prices are up and the standard size for packaged foods gets smaller daily. The economic impact is here, it’s just that the snowball is at the top of the hill and no one is taking it seriously… yet.

        • messianicdruid

          Are you still buying packaged foods? Why?

    32. slingshot

      Here is one for you all. Especially the most informative posters to which I address.

      What would happen if you just stopped Posting? Or what would cause you to stop you from posting?

      How would you feel? Posters Like Braveheart and BeInformed. Very Prolific in posting.

      I am comparing you to regular media like Glen Beck.

      • OutWest


        Well, I’m nowhere near the caliber of Be informed
        or Braveheart, either one, and my prose is less than
        mind bending or earth shattering besides.

        But what I will say is, when I stop posting and
        trying to communicate my message of life, liberty
        and Mom’s Apple Pie, then that will be the canary
        in the coal mine for me.

        If we should be shackled by martial law and thrown
        into a chaotic quagmire such as Egypt is struggling
        with at the moment, there will be no free voice
        coming from the internet. So the prolific writers
        which you speak of here are saying as much as they
        can, as fast as they can, in hopes of saving as many
        as they can.

        In the end, we can only pray that their tireless and
        unrelenting efforts fall upon willing and receptive
        ears and that their wisdom wasn’t for naught.

        • slingshot

          Thank You, Out West

    33. swampratt

      This comment is not intended to piss anyone off but it
      will MAC puts out some good articles but they expose
      a lot people here WHEN the shit hits the fan most here
      will not survive no matter how prepared you are because
      you talk to much and want to be noticed instead of packing your shit and becoming a Jeremiah Johnson and hauling ass you stay just to be seen and will most likely
      die those that don’t talk and don’t want to be seen will

      • Ted Kennedy

        Well, Mother Gue never raised such a foolish child!

      • cellar spider

        We post to provide enlightenment and argument between like minded people. Prepping and self-sufficiency are lonely activities. This is a pretty fun activity to take part in while waiting for the funds to replenish (or the resin to cure).

      • sixpack

        swampratt, if they’re gonna come for us, they’ll come for us. The only difference is, they might save the quiet ones FOR LAST.

    34. Forrest

      True, we used to have public lynchings– just like in the old days, people had public squares where “criminals” had their heads chopped off and families–young and old– came to watch with glee.

      And there were public arenas, where people were thrown into a lion’s den– a time of great revelry and fun for those seated in the grand stand.

      The point is, people have evolved. Humans no longer enjoy watching that type of stuff! Only a psychopath would enjoy that nowdays. We have grown as a people. A lot of us even object to animals’ being treated inhumanely.

      Humans evolve… spiritually as well as mentally/ physically… we become better, more perfect, in accordance with our maker. And because we are constantly striving to become better (evolving), its false to conclude that we would automatically revert to former times just because TSHTF.

      Sure– some people would stoop to that level– they’re already at that level. But to assume we all would suddenly split up according to ones’ color or ethnic background is just ignorant.

      For some people, (and the Bible shows this), some people become MORE humble, more spiritual, more better, more loving when times get rough. Not everyone reverts to animalistic behavior.

      We could go either way– we could devolve or we could evolve. I tend to think the latter will occur. God has a way of humbling people. Sometimes he makes our knees bend– we change for the better in order to survive. I think this is what would occur. I don’t have much respect for Glenn Beck– he doesn’t appear the brightest kid on the block.

      • Not So Much

        “The point is, people have evolved.”

        The fatal flaw in progressive philosophy.

        • messianicdruid

          Some people have “evolved”; grown up would be a better way to say it. Some people have not grown up. You are a People of the word or a people of the image.

    35. Flash Mob.

      Wow! What this article is about might be the reason 22lr. bullets are in such high demand.

    36. Canadian head shaker

      I shake my head at you Americans. Do you really think your government WON’T protect you? That’s their job. And they know more than gun nuts loaded with bags of ammo and MREs thinking they know more than the real experts. Things like drones are actually a good thing and will help keep you safe from genuine bad people. The gov doesn’t give two shakes do what gibberish you people email or so in your back yard. You honestly are not significant, just face it. Nobody cares. Our Canadian gov is full of smart people who take care of us, and actually you people also have smart people looking out for you, even when you do not think you need it.
      Do not have hubris, it’s a Achilles heel. Accept the help and direction from actual gov professionals and not from deluded Internet doom junkies.

      • Gonetoolong

        What a Canadian dillweed. I don’t want the fed govt taking care of me or my shit. I also don’t want your attitude that a federal body of smart people is my mommy and will take care of me. We are not Canadians and don’t want your nanny state. If it works for you, stick with it, but stay the hell on your side of the fence. It is obvious why your mindset among your people makes for such a pussy of a country. No thanks. We are 18 trillion in debt and you have the balls to say our govt is run by smart people that are looking out for us and our interests. More I think about it, you are either just trolling or the whole comment was sarc.

      • JustMe


        • Them Guys

          Canadian: Ask Ernest Zundel how that Free speech is workin out for any folks like him who ask certain questions about for instance that famous “Six-Million” WWII number. Canadas so wonderfull, is why usa fed raided zundle at his TENN US home, transported himn to canada where he was Held in Solitary Confinement a Full TWO Yrs, with zero formal charges, then Canadain fed govnt transported Mr. Zundel to germany where a Kangaroo Court was able to sentence him to 5 years in the Penitentiary, all for asking or saying he did Not believe that Six Million WWII number was accurate!…USA fed govnt is bad, very evil bad….yet Your canadian govnt is even Worse! Just ask Ernest Zundel!…5yrs prison for questioning a faked number, proven to be Faked, and Canada tried him Twice after he Won the first Trial!…Then sent him to germany for a Third trial!…5yrs Prison at the age of aprox 70+ yrs old! for asking a question!

          Yeah canada sure respects free speech, as long as its fully zionist approved first Eh?

          So tell us all whats it all Aboot eh.

          • sixpack

            I saw a few videos where your canadian cops look just as bad as ours. How many global banks do you have in your country?

            • Them Guys

              SIXPACK: If you aint yet seen it, check out the yutube video Thinker, a poster here, gave me a link to yesterday on a prior article. Its a 6hr long full expose video of WWII, with some early parts that begin with WWI to show reasons For WWII 20 yrs later occureing.

              It is more from the German side perspectives, and exposes everything we was all Lied to about by our govnt and british govnt liars etc. That video has actual newspapers headlines and recently released documents from usa state dept and englands secret papers archives etc.

              Even has at the 4th hr point real aushwitz camp survivor jewish folks who tell the Truth and Debunk most of what we were all told to believe since end of WWII war.

              I Promice You as well as all others it is well made, better than any history chanel doc you ever seen, as good or better than any hollywood movie ever made, and once you view it entirely…You will Never think the same way again regarding WWII and germans. The massive expose’s of usa and british war machine swindlers is amazeing to say the least. Things you will Never see on any TV or msm or hollywood movies!

              Its titled “The Greatest Story Never Told” Go view it!

              • sixpack

                thanks TG

      • Not So Much

        “Our Canadian gov … take[s] care of us”

        Ooof, talk about missing the entire point.

      • ScoutMotto

        Canadian, I got news for you. Your government is not there to protect you. They are there to keep you in submission to YOUR central bank, just the US government tries to keep all of US in submission to OUR central bank. You think your government is benevolent and caring?

        I’d like to introduce you to a hot beverage known as coffee. When one wakes up from sleep, one smells it. I would encourage you to give it a try.

      • lonelonmum

        The Canadian government has taken care of a lot of it’s most vulnerable via forcible sterilisation (mixed race or disabled in the 1970’s?) Disenfranchisement (first nation and wanna retain your culture and work for yourself on your own lands instead of being a junkie at the gubberment teat?). Be careful what you wish for as sometimes being looked after by the gubberment doesn’t end too well, as the millions that died under Stalin would tell you if they could.

    37. Tactical

      @Canadian head shaker,

      Well, Your name says it all. Plus…don’t forget that you are still the colony of the UK and their queen decides your fate.

    38. swampratt

      A Canadian nut case your government programed you years ago

    39. slingshot

      Chopping their heads off or hanging in a public , for crimes committed against the public is priceless.
      Dracronian as it may seem the public fails to comprehend what the punishment fits the crime. Put the offender in jail for twenty years. We pay for it.

      • JustMe

        The muzzies are doing that to thier POWs in Syria…

    40. Truth

      Beck is a proven scumbag. This site loses further credibility by repeating anything uttered by that cretin.

    41. Ha Ha

      From my arm chair and safe place I’ll watch the entire world turn to shit..and frankly…it’a all just a big chess game to me.

      Yeah….fun times when all the Obama folks wake up and realize the whites are refusing to create jobs for them. That’s the new backlash. Try and enslave us and fuck you…we won’t create any new businesses. Or…if we do… full fucking automation and zero employees… family only.

      I talked to a pizza shop owner…he’s firing all non family soon.
      Cash only mother fuckers!

      Back to the plantation with all you Obama anti white fucks.
      You all bit the hand that feeds you.
      Even corporate America shipped the jobs to China.

      See a pattern here?

      • Hedge

        Well put ha-ha. It’s the law of unintended consequence slapping the chimp in charge upside his ole’ negro haid. You would think a law professor would be aware of this law also, but maybe his law degree is as legitimate as his birth certificate, or perhaps sealed by court order.

    42. DungeonMaster

      Beck is not perfect….just like the rest of you Beck haters..he is a human being. Even with his warts, he is still a patriot that wants what is best for the US.

    43. 10mm

      And the Elites look forward too the chaos, no doubt. Further rule and outside forces intervene.

    44. BB

      ‘Humankind’ is a homosexual propaganda term. You should not use it.

    45. 22winmag

      Spare me the chicken litte crap. “They” wouldn’t stand a chance against “us” in a nationwide, do-or-die, shtf crisis.

      Besides, our friends and neighbors wearing the uniform in the U.S. military would put the smack down in Washington long before any sort of FEMA camp mass roundup kind of scenario took place. It’s just a dark fantasy, so get it our of your head.

    46. BRAD3000

      Okay – Lets not shoot the messenger again!

      Snowden had a message, remember ?
      He threw away his career & a well paid normal life to get it out. Don’t fall for the media spin aimed at the person and downplaying the message. The Govt has gone rogue and is working against the USC and citizens all in the name of security.

      Remember that cliche about what happens when we give up freedom for security? We get neither. And these days the stakes are high and very likely permanent.

      Beck has been warning about a collapse for years.
      But have you listened and checked the why for yourself?

      The USD has been trashed – diluted to 20% of its value since 2008 but its been propped up by the Fed.Res and when they even hint at pulling back the markets tank. The recent flap about “tapering” is just a publicity mechamism to give the markets a warning that they will have to do it soon or the outcome will be even worse.

      The Debt Ceiling will be an issue again in a month.
      What are they going to do and who & how will they spin it?

      Will they want to raise it to $19 trillion? Hell, we almost cant our offshore interest bill of $500billion and haven’t a icecubes chance in hell of being ever able to pay $10 trillion let alone $19. But they will have to raise it or the Govt will either run of money or go for massive increases in indirect taxes. OR stop paying for social programs & benefits – Political Suicide of the highest order these days with 49% on some form of welfare.

      Beck’s warning is basically a plea – he trying to tell you that you need to have your own contingency plans. Its very likely all your liquid assets are tied up in electronic bank accounts, 401k’s etc. Your house and car titles too. Those accounts are susceptible to many events – from bank collapses to EMP or CMEs. And that deed to your house is likely also digitized and filed in some computer system by your mortgage lender. All of the above is vulnerable to a dollar collapse or catastrophe.

      If any major emergency event occurs, you wont be able to use your credit cards or access your check accounts, maybe for weeks or even months.

      What are the odds we will have a soft landing… who knows. Could Beck be 40% right or 80% right?

      Either WE all need to have a Plan, Sam !!

      Think about it.

    47. Matthew

      Can’t take him seriously though. That debacle after the Boston bombing.

      • Them Guys

        Why can’t the usa govnt copy and do what germany did to get out of hyperinflation wiemier era?…In less than 5 yrs they went from worst nation worldwide, to Top economy of entire world while entire rest of europe and usa etc were stuck in great depression mode for another 10 yrs longer!

        In the first year that national socialist worker party got elected, with hitler as prez, they put 3.3 Million Of the total 7 million unemployed back to work. And most german families were taking Vacations for an entire Month long abroad while the rest of world was in great depression. Plus in 1920-30’s for a full 14 yrs time frame Berlin was the sodom and Whore of Babylon of europe.

        berlin was the sex depravity capitol of the world back then due to the Bolshevik Kommies who like in russia were led by jewish bolsehi kommies. Once germany booted the Banksters Out and halted all forms of kommie bolshevik subversion and devestations and Depravities, it took just Under 5 yrs to Fix germany. That ALL occured before anybody got hurt. Before one single hair of any jewd head was harmed. Before a single military arms or weaponery or ammo was ever made again.

        That and way more info how to fix usa, and retake Our cash control Back and END usury intrest totally is in that yutube video I mentioned a couple posts above this one. Check it out. Stop believing all that economy stuff of we owe this or that to bankster swindlers etc…Thats a smoke screen so You wont learn how to really Fix usa bank troubles and all others too.

        • Not So Much

          Is that because Hitler started building the huge war machine he then used to cause chaos the world over?

          No? So exactly what is it you’re pointing to as the great success of Hitler?

          • Them Guys

            NOT SO MUCH: Listen up fool. I will not supply You any further links nor facts info, Untill and Unless YOU First go to Yutube and Watch that ENTIRE 6hr long expose superb made documentary Video that ANSWERS Every Question You ever asked regarding like what You are now again asking about.

            Educate Yourself, Do Your Own homework and then You too shall be wised up and NO longer need ask questions intended to irritate folks like me so often.

            The movie video is “The Greatest Story Never Told”

            Watch entire 6 hrs. Then come back and tell me that did not answer Your assinine questions.

            If you Refuse that offer? Then it simply Proves I am correct that You do Not really desire nor want Real Facts and Truth answers when you continue to ask so many similar questions. So there ya go fool…I gave You your Big fat chance to Prove me wrong and Educate yourself at the same time.

            ps: No need to Thank me. I do fine without any.

            • JC

              My Grandmother was in the camps and personally witnessed the gas chambers. She had the tattoo on her forearm. She told the stories of what happened and cried every time she spoke of it. The six hour movie I’m sure has an agenda. My grandmother did not.

              • Smokey

                I don’t need to watch your 6-hour bullshit propaganda film, I already read Mein Kampf many years ago. Threw it out of a second-story window into the street in Seattle. If some illiterate jew-hater like yourself had been there, I’d of thrown you out the window as well.

                When it does hit the fan in this country, don’t come outdoors.

                • Them Guys

                  Smokey: Hey asshole…I am tired of idiots such as you who reject every type link or info or video WITHOUT Ever reading or viewing it, yet you then call me or others Jew Haters…Well FUCK YOU Jew Lover.

                  Like all zionsist and jew orgs etc…You act the exact same way. You CANNOT debate truth nor Facts. Instead like them zios orgs you yell antisemite or jew hater.

                  Smokey you do that because like most folks YOU are brainwashed by a life long msm and usa schools and fed govnt propaganda swidnle. You ironicly believe in the same entities, msm govnt school text books are truth when its jew info or WWII camps crapola BS.

                  Yet all other info from same entities oh yeah Thats all bs right!….You call people jew hater because like 99% of braindead fools you have fallen for PC lib crap which has convinced folks to think jew hater or antisemitie is akin to pediphiles.

                  “IF” You ever educate yourself and awaken to reality and real truth based on real facts on these issues, then you will realize just how Stupid you have been for allowing yourself to do the Jews dirty work for Them every time you use such vile name calling. “IF” You ever awaken that is…..You are likly to when the same jewish led crap as in Russia 1918 comes to america fully. See how swell them jews treat you then asshole.

                  It is You type Enablers of zionists and bolshevik jew kommies who has so enabled Their devestation of the usa. Yet You are too braindead Lame to see it. You are a Fuckin Anti american anti patriotic zio jew lover and of the enablers who so defend it all. A True Fuckin asswipe whos too delusional to learn truth.

                  PS your idle threats of do not come outside etc?…You wont be so eager to defend vile kommie zios by that point. To make threats to folks you know not, so to unquestionably defend zios jews kommies etc shows the TRUE Smoky!….I bet Mossad Pays you weekly huh!

                  All You pro zionists pro jewish bolshi kommies makes me sick enough to Puke. Asshole enablers too fuckin stupid to see the truth…”Those with eyes and ears, who cannot SEE nor Hear truth”….Jesus Christ…Boy did He peg you correctly smokey!

    48. NMBC

      The warning about the coming 2nd civil war (chaos) is nothing new, that’s old news. But most people don’t know who is/are BEHIND the scenes creating the chaos.
      Glenn Beck, he is being used and manipulated to sell the plutocrats’ agenda. He is not bright and not knowledgeable enough to understand the hidden agenda of what he’s doing. πŸ™ Basically he’s just reading from a teleprompter where someone else is giving him the words.

      Yes, chaos can be orchestrated and controlled. if you have GOOD leadership, it can be contained, and avoided (when it’s properly prepared for). THAT’S WHAT LEADERS DO. Basically chaos is a tool used to achieve goals. In the past they eliminated the old, the disabled and the useless in a society because they deplete resources, and because of their weakness and non-productive; πŸ™ this is the liberationist ideology of the leadership of a PAGAN SOCIETY.

      Chaos will happen when FOOD supplies, MONEY, etc.. are being controlled and manipulated. Silencing the masses does not help either, it only makes it worse. Because the masses are being suppressed; they will eventually break loose and chaos will strike. πŸ™

      Safety, justice and happiness for all. πŸ™‚

      • NMBC

        The Yankees have never gotten over the civil war.


        The VOTING results changed significantly and so did LAND OWNERSHIP. πŸ™

        We’ve seen the gigantic stone or WALLS (especially, the Weeping walls in Jerusalem ….) or STATUTES of the elite’s REVOLUTIONISTS, like Abraham Lincoln, V. Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein (Revolutionary leader of the Socialist Baath Party), etc.. in the aftermath of all the wars (WWI, WWII aka the Great Patriot War) or the civil wars during the last 300 years. πŸ™

    49. M

      G. Washington didn’t debate his oppressors. He shot them )

    50. cabinfever

      Stop listening to the “TV people”. You already know what is coming. Stop following anyone in the media. You don’t need that. They have nothing to do with you life. Just be ready and turn the tv off. It’s scary to me how some people follow a cult personality. You don’t need to. The people in this world that are getting paid gobs of money are getting paid gobs of money for a reason. Anyone earning gobs of money is “placed”. It’s to serve their master’s purpose. It’s not to help you. It’s not to “clue you in”. It’s meant to instill fear. Do not fear. Again, TURN THAT TV OFF.

      • JayJay

        ***Just BE READY and turn the tv off???***

        Then, you lost already. It should already be OFF.

    51. maudy fricket

      Beck talked about racism. He repeats the Marxist lie. The word racism was invented in the early 1930’s by a German national named Magnus Hershfeld. Hershfeld didn’t like westerners (white Christians) because he self identified as a Jewish, homosexual, Communist. He stated the purpose of the word “racist” was for intimidating white Christians out of the political process. So, the word racist is nothing more than a Marxist perjorative for argument thru intimidation. To continue to use the word as if it actually describes anything is to further the Marxist lie. There is such a thing as racial motivation. You may have noticed that White people are not permitted to have racial motivation in this country. Other races are encouraged to be racially motivated, but not whites. Why? Because the communists have won. The communists have convinced us they are dead and gone. In reality they were victorious. They must have read Sun Tsu and his Art of War.

    52. BK

      Beck is probably stockpiling Vicks Vapor Rub so he’ll be able to “weep for his country” on short notice.
      The national tear duct will be really busy, that is, when he isn’t laughing like a hyena with his toadie “Stu”.
      He’s is faker who specializes in low grade theater.

      • Them Guys

        Beck can always return to his older Original Shtick. Before his big CNN job break his “act” for the tons of radio stations he worked an avg of two or less yrs at prior to being fired. Was that Beck had a Huge Bright Yellow Banana costume, he’d wear every I mean EVERY sunday after all week long telling his radio listeners fans to be sure to come see his Latest big secret deal in some Kmart emply parking lot after kmart closed noon sunday.

        Beck put the same banana costume on, acted foolish(whats new) and did real dumb shit to try and impress those stupid enough to waste the gasoline to go to kmart parking lot and watch his same old same old worn out antics as a yellow banana. Theres a color photo of beck in that costume somewheres online as I seen it before.

        The banana suit covers him head to toe with Just his face showing at an opening at face level. An Orig clown and still a clown. With a devoted following of typical foolsih idiots to stupid the do further research or question becks spin.

    53. wonderin

      Like /Dislike his method of delivery….bottom line is he has been very alarmingly accurate. If you are a perceptive person, it’s not hard to see the process our leaders are using to advance the nation in accordance with their chosen agenda and the end results that go with such a process. Read Overton Window. I think the BEST of all Glenn’s books. I really learned more from that book on seeing the motivation beneath all the strange political posturing.
      They have reasons for everything they do – every move/lack of move is a calculated choice – all to promote
      what will best serve *their* interests. The American public is not even an afterthought. And if you think they (current leaders -both parties) have America’s best in heart for her people – think again.

    54. Prepperdude

      Glenn says to challenge him…Gerald Celente and Mark Faber are who I go to for trends and forecasting. Glenn was awesome until he started ripping off material from other journalist, as his own. Also, his criticism of Ron Paul was ridiculous.

      • John doe

        Why Celente? Guy has been saying the collapse is coming within a year for three years now. He has yet to be even close to marginally correct on his predictions. I believe we are headed for something big, but Celente has no better clue about when something will occur than my kids do.

    55. DieselDan

      Ol Beck helped my eyes open a little more to the word, got me more interested in preparedness and most likely pointed me in the direction that helped me find this site, along with you fine folks. The way I look at it Beck, AJ, Mac along with a bunch of others and even us commoners here helped me get going and keep going. If that helps me or my family survive a little longer or live a little better than I owe them a debt of gratitude, at least!

      For all of the stones thrown here, I was not aware that so many have walked in glens shoes, people would do things so much better if they only had the life Glen has kinda reminds me of whiny school children.

      P.s howdy braveheart been a while buddy, thanks for the welcome back a few posts ago. I’ve been reading regularly,just my busy season!

    56. Pissed off Granny

      Glen Beck is ALLOWED his own network because his is a shill daily keeping us “American loving patriots” on the edge of anarchy. He uses the words “they”, “them”, any description other than the truth about who is bringing this great country and the world to its knees. He praises MLK; a known communist, so that he can have his foot in the door with the blacks in America. He cannot slobber enough about Israel and the Jews, knows his goose would be cooked if he mentions the zionists that are the root of all the evil in the world. Hell, he has been presented award after award from these evil people and is proud of them. The Lord is going to have a very special “pressure cooker” in store for this boy. And worst of all I used to sing his praises too. Shame on me for leading even one person astray. All of us have the tools of the internet to look up who really owns the president, the congress, the federal reserve. As Beck says “do your own homework”. When you do you will be as mad as I am to ever believed he could be part of the solution for our freedom. If he wasn’t serving our enemies he would have been given the Brietbart treatment.

      Thanks for all the wonderful posts on this site. It is refreshing to know there are still some real thinkers out there.

    57. Spook89

      “The chickens come home to roost…” Redneck solution: Fried chicken…and don’t forget the bacon grease!

    58. Norris

      Our current global economic system is designed to be made to collapse. It doesn’t have to happen and believe it or not the majority of the globe would be more than happy if we just wiped out our debt so things could carry on as always. The individuals who set this into motion decades ago, did so for the purpose of creating absolute collapse that results in massive financial gain that is only in their own favor, the kind that only happens when you make everything worthless except your own equity. So Beck’s right on this one and it’s not even hidden, the majority has chosen to wear the goggles of cognitive dissonance that only shows them what they want to see, Beck won’t like this correlation but Joseph Smith once wore these goggles, which enabled him to interpret scripture to fit his wants.

    59. FightnGear

      You know, I listen to Beck a lot and really don’t find him to be that bad. All radio guys are entertainers and are in the business to make money. I don’t think Beck is any better or worse than the others, just different.

      He may push gold and food insurance because he is paid to, but that does not mean it is not good advice.

      He may use scare tactics, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to be scared. All in all, I don’t think he is too bad, and think any adult needs to learn to listen and decide for themselves what parts of the message are worth heeding and what parts need to be ignored.

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