Be A Victim: When Your Kid Is Being Attacked, Teachers Are Just Minutes Away

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    I am a Victim

    Should your child go to school and make a gesture with his hands resembling a gun, under zero-tolerance policies you can be 100% assured that  he or she will be promptly suspended or expelled.

    However, if a student bully or random attacker should throw a desk at your child’s head, leaving a hole in his skull, that sense of urgency turns to apathy and indifference.

    A mother is outraged after she says no one called 911 when her teenage son suffered a skull fracture at the hands of another student. The alleged incident happened on campus during school hours.

    Victoria Canales says what happened to her son at Beechnut Academy is unacceptable.

    “They should have called 911 when my child had a big hole in his head instead of waiting for me to go pick him up,” she said.

    The seventh-grader did not want to be shown on camera. His skull was fractured on Friday when a classmate hurled a desk at his head. He says it was the fifth attack he endured at the hands of school bullies.

    “I was pretty freaked out and scared,” her son said. “It’s violent, it’s a violent school.”

    Canales said she’d repeatedly contacted the school, but was ignored.

    KTRK Houston

    This so-called movement against bullying touted by school districts across the country is nothing more than propaganda:

    The schools like to talk a good talk about their firm stances against bullying.  They make a big deal of having  the kids wear pink to school for International Stand Up to Bullying Day.  They hang colorful posters and spend classroom time discussing bullying.

    They even have the students sign pledges saying that they will stand up for the victims of bullying.

    But what happens when a kid takes the message to heart?

    Source: The Organic Prepper

    If you are 13 year old Brian MacLean, who disarmed a knife wielding bully by body slamming him and leaving him incapacitated as he attempted to harm another student, you get to spend the entire day in the principal’s office, have your locker searched and undergo questioning for your heroic actions.

    In fact, the school attended by MacLean issued an official statement in response to the incident in which he may have well saved the life of another student, saying that they do not “condone heroics.”

    What they do condone, however, is being a victim.

    And that’s exactly what they are teaching our children is the proper behavior. Common sense in our schools, as stated so succinctly by former teacher Ellie Rubenstein, is extinct.

    Early in the school year our 10 year old son, having just entered a new school, was attacked by a classmate. It was a typical 5th grade scuffle. The other student ran towards him and started kneeing him in the ribs and leg. Our son, who has trained Karate for nearly two years, simply threw up a ‘block’ (in our style of Karate, a block is equivalent to a strike). The closed fist block struck the attacking student in the jaw, laying him out on the pavement.

    As you may have guessed, we subsequently received a phone call from the principal’s office advising us that our son was being suspended over the incident. After further questioning, the principal admitted that our son acted in self defense (according to reports from student witnesses), but stressed that the proper response would have been for him to contact a ‘yard duty’ teacher.

    When I pressed the principal on how that would have been possible under the circumstances, he simply responded with, “Sir, our policy is that students who engage in physical confrontation, regardless of the circumstances, will be suspended or expelled.”

    Would the principal have taken the same stance as our son had he come under attack in the ‘real world,’ or would he have responded according to his school policy and ran for police help in the middle of being beaten? Maybe he can take Janet Napolitano’s advice, and just ask the attacker to stop.

    When he returned home from school that day our son was terrified about the consequences he would face at home.

    Suffice it to say, he not only didn’t get into trouble, but was commended for taking his personal safety into his own hands.

    I explained to him… when a bully is attacking you and causing you bodily harm, your teachers are minutes away.

    There’s a saying I related to him:

    It’s better to be judged by twelve, than to be carried by six.



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      1. All teachers can’t be Morons, right?

        • You can’t teach common sense. You either have it or you don’t

          • The strong have always exploited the weak.
            Nothing new, nothings changed.

            • Common sense and common fairness is dead, replaced with a type of let the authorities handle everything, and they do such a “wonderful” job at this. It is not just some symbol of a gun made either that can get a student expelled. You just watch the “witch hunt” that begins if some student does not want to hear about homosexual relationships because he or she thinks it is morally wrong. Doesn’t use any language such as faggot, queer, dyke, lesbo, or other wordings, just they think it is wrong because of whatever belief they have. If they express their First Amendment right and tell someone that they think that homos are sick and perverted, get ready to be suspended or expelled.

              This political correctness crap is beyond awful in this country and the poor, poor, poor students that have to go through this manure day in and day out. The social crap literally forces (bullies) someone to accept someone else based on the asinine notion that if they don’t they are being a bully. After all bullies are suspended. What the hell is the definition of a bully now? I can tell you. Someone that doesn’t bow down to every last rule and conform completely without question to the “authortities”. These kids go through a virtual police state each time they go to school. Wait until the kids have to wear more than an ID card at all times around their neck like some cattle.

              Home schooling kids is so practical now. You keep the kids out of the “prison” system they call school. Plus they will probably learn a lot more common sense and be fair to other people based on real life.

              I also feel sorry for the teachers that want to teach, that have to operate under the big brother of authority. Use to be that teachers could be a friend to the students, now especially in pro BO states, that could get you in trouble. Suffocations of laws that make the old Soviet Union look freer is where this sh^& is going. It is not even the strong exploited the weak anymore, it is the system and government exploiting everyone.

              • BI

                That’s just a matter of semantics.
                It’s still the stronger claiming
                dominion over the weaker.

                • And the weaker being told they can’t fight back.

              • Mac, good job being a teacher to and for your children. Tell your son from me (and others) good job. My grandfather told me that their are 3 things worth fighting for: your family, your country, and your self. Defense is common sense.

          • Amen sister.You got that right!

          • My daughter got in a fist fight last week with a bully. She was receiving texts and calls (ain’t social media great) where the other girl was calling her a “cunt”, “whore” and “slut” and was threatening over the texts to kick her ass. I made her go to the counselor and report it and for two weeks nothing happened. Last week my kid had enough, confronted the bully, then hit her with a left cross and gave her a black eye (she is my south paw).

            When I went into the Vice Principals office he was reading the texts on my daughters phone that the other girl sent (with my daughters permission) and we talked about what happened. My daughter was suspended for the rest of the day for fighting (a total of 1 hour) and he told the other kid that she deserved it and that she was saying “some pretty vile stuff!” and to knock it off.

            Overall, I thought it was handled pretty good. I will take a one day suspension for my kid standing up for herself. It was an hour, big deal. I was actually shocked that common sense was used, and used in the Peoples Republic of California no less.

            But I think this article is right when you say that they want victims out there. The VP asked my daughter what I had taught her, and she replied “My dad says we are not allowed to be bullies, but we don’t have to be victims.” The VP agreed and we moved on. But I think this guy is the exception, not the rule. I also think that the “victim” status comes a lot from the homes as well as schools and society. On that issue, I could be totally wrong, but I have watched way too many parents up here preach “victim mentallity”….

            Oh well, Keep your powder dry,

            • Why pay attention to that crap anyway. Why did you allow your daughter continue to participate in social media? Sounds like a case of stupid parenting on your part. You gave the bully just what she wanted, attention. Way to go you thin-skinned, hyper sensitive moron.

              • Dude, you got issues

            • you’re lucky you were not fined $250.00 for the violent actions of your daughter, and forced to go to anger management training.

              same scenario, harrassment for weeks by social media, girl grabs daughter by ponytail, daughter decks her, knocking her to the ground.

              this story was related to me by someone else, although I have told my kids that they are under no circumstances to NOT defend themselves because of fear of repurcussions by the bullies in charge.

              • Agreed

        • When my kids attended public school, my philosophy was, if someone touches you physically then you have my permission to take them down. When I finally had enough and pulled them out of the insane asylum, they had blue belts in Karate and still enough confidence in who they were, not who they were bullied into being. Fortunately, my kids are now home schooled and guess what, they are happy, well adjusted and way beyond their peers educationally.

          Homeschooling was the best decision we ever made as a family. It’s pretty cool to take your kids to the Grand Canyon on a field trip in the middle of the school year.

          • Nothing more beautiful than the Grand Canyon after a fresh snowstorm on a clear day. I’ll bet God really takes pride in himself for that ….

            • durango kidd:

              This site has been over run WITH “IDIOTS”

              Public school “OK’,” HOME SCHOOL OK” PICK AN CHOOSE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU.




              • DK:

                My push is for the site not you: “Sorry”

              • school board/…..? hahahah more morons!

                good one
                ..that was sarcasm right?

            • I once hiked the Grand Canyon, back in 1997. And, you’re right – it is one of the most awe inspiring examples of Mother Nature’s handiwork on this entire Earth.

              However, preserving nature and being concerned about preserving & protecting the environment seems to be an almost exclusive concern of White European people. Thus,
              if this amnesty legislation gets passed and if our filthy stinking nation wrecking politicians in D.C. fail to seal our border and PERMANENTLY halt all third world immigration into America, in 20 years time or less – the Grand Canyon will be filled to the rim with empty beer cans, discarded chicken bones, crap filled pairs of baby diapers, and old urine and semen stained worn out, bed bug infested mattresses.

              How is that for a visual, folks? Oh, and if anyone doubts my predictions – simply hop on the web and surf around for a few hours and you can find thousands of photographs that look exactly like what I just described and they were all taken in third world cesspools.

              • “However, preserving nature and being concerned about preserving & protecting the environment seems to be an almost exclusive concern of White European people.”

                In case you didn’t know it, the ones who are fighting hardest to stop the infringement of the “Corporate World” on mother nature, are the indigenous peoples. You need to do your homework before you start flapping your jibs. Start with Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, where they are giving their lives to protect ‘Mother Nature’. Nothing like showing how stupid a racist can be.

        • the thing that is hurting our school system is the zero-tolerance policy. their is tolerances for everything. but when you make a system without tolerance you are making a system that will fail.

          • I had to go into my son’s high school one time when I was informed that my son, along with some of his friends were being pulled in to the vice principle’s office for wearing camo t-shirts/camo jackets. She obviously thought that it was some type of cult or gang clothing. The vice principle admitted that she was a newcomer to the area and was disturbed that some of the students were wearing camouflage clothing. I then informed her that quite a few years back I wore camo clothing to school, carried a shotgun in my truck while attending, so I could stop by the farm that I hunted on the way home, and maybe take a deer before the sun went down. I also informed her that the Eastern Shore of Maryland was the Goose hunting capitol of the world and it would be in her best interest to get use to it. I also went on to remind her that during our annual Waterfowl Festival that the world goose calling championship was held in this school’s very auditorium. After I said what I had to say she said that maybe she was a little hasty in judgment and that the matter would be closed regarding camouflage apparel in school.

            • Note: I know this subject primarily deals with student on student, but sometimes it doesn’t and the results are just as detrimental.

            • I wear camo clothing all the time, once I had figured out that seeing camo clothing somehow makes the sphincter muscles of liberals launch into a hysterical and extremely painful spasms.

              • Think ill go put on my multicam!

              • Thata sum funnie sht !

              • It’s even more fun when they see my Kimber at my side.

          • Zero Tolerance is easy to administer. Heaven forbid a school administrator be asked to weigh the facts of any given situation and make a rational judgement. In the last 18 years of guiding my children through public schools, I can count on one finger, the number of school administrators that weren’t complete morons. One. Out of dozens.

        • Memo to the parent. When your child is well enough to go to school. Have in stand in front of the class and make a gun sign with his hand and point it at the kid who threw the desk at his head. And have him keep doing it until he’s PERMANENTLY expelled.

          Then home school him.

          • Unfortunately if you have enough income to have a stay at home spouse you probably have the money to send your kids to a private school. Private school if nothing else puts the child around a better caliber of fellow students with often better parents that one if need be can communicate with.

            • Unfortunately?

              • Its unfortunate that only those in an economic position to home school are the same that are in a position to send their kids to private school. If Mom has to work to contribute you might afford private school but no one is there to home school.

                As the economic system erodes so do options.

                • Kevin. You are wrong. I worked my butt off for 12 years while my wife stayed home to school our kids. There is no way we could have sent them to a private school. We went without a lot of things in order to pull it off but it was the best thing we ever did.

                  • My mistake. If your determined enough it can be done. Too many families need two incomes today just to be above water. The second income assuming full time if fortunate may be sufficient for private school after household bills are covered. Once the spouse works at all be it full or part time the ability to home school is usually not possible.

                    Interestingly home schooling would have been far easier in the 1950s and 60s but it wasn’t necessary then. Now that its value is far greater the opportunity is far less.

                    As I said, “As the economic system erodes so do options”.

            • In my experience, these well to do types are more of a problem.

              They act out because their parents are chasing the money train, working the social events and just throw money at their children. Neglecting to love and train up properly, just as bad as crack house children except with $$.

              The teachers know who is affluent in the community and side with the $$.

              Sad it is.


              • Yoda! Buddy! Where you been little guy!! Good to hear from you it is!
                (sometimes…these fingers get a mind of their own!)

                • Dark evil avoid I must… Going now I will…

                  Safe Be


            • private school is not really better, they are all indoctrination centers. Parents should band together and find stay at home parents who homeschool and pay them to let their kids home school along with them…or parents could get a pool together to each provide a day of the week for home schooling – or something else..

              Having your kid in public school is dangerous and abusive – because neglect is abuse… and neglecting the care of your children by giving it to the state is also very stupid…

            • You obviously aint got no children

              • ‘Aint got no Children’?? Really when we’re talking about proper education? Classic case of what kids learn in public school.

            • Not always teur. Catholic schools are now no less PC than public schools. Anything to keep parents paying.

            • How in the hell can Kevin2’s comment get 22 negative put-downs?

              “Private school if nothing else puts the child around a better caliber of fellow students with often better parents that one if need be can communicate with.”

              Have the regular readers of suddenly morphed into hardcore, left-wing, Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxist indoctrinated haters of the TRUTH?

            • private schools start at 13 grand a year and can go to as much as 30 grand..I don’t think that’s a good option in this day and age.

              besides most families would have to get funding to do this, and that means another debt.

              online schools and home schooling techniques are the future for the kids who really want to do something with their lives and futures..the drama ,and bullshit in a public school or even a paid private school is still not going to get it anymore, they have become irrelevant in this day.

              fact: 50% of a school day(public or private) is spent wasting time and not learning necessary skills for real world use

        • @wtfRick

          Not just no, but HELL NO! I’ve been a teacher for 13 years, and I was a substitute for four years before that.
          Ya know how so many here say “NOMI”? My initials are “NGH”
          which stands for


          No one bullies anybody in my classrooms. Not ever. Not once. Not even if “they’re just playing”.

          Some kids don’t like this policy? Let ’em eat shit, in someone else’s room if need be. Not allowing garbage attitudes in my room

          Their parents go berserk? Fuck ’em in the ear; let ’em get their navel gazing, stuck up, whale-sized sense of entitlement brats on a leash.

          My so called superiors piss and moan? Let ’em holler: unless they stop paying me or ban me from the school grounds, I’m going to do things the RIGHT way. I’m there to teach and the kids are there to learn. Anyone gets in my way, I’ll flatten them and leave them to rot

          I have told everyone involved, from the brightest honor student to the janitors picking up the trash at the end of the day, this simple truth:


          In every school in America, the percentage of these people is very small: not more than 2 or 3% from what I’ve seen. And yet, far too many “adults” in position of responsibility fall all over themselves crying great big rivers of crocodile tears over these repulsive little thugs. They terrorize smaller weaker and more timid students and NOTHING happens to them. Administrations give these punks pass after pass, make endless excuses and ya know what: most of these POS drop out or flunk out. But not before making the lives of so many GOOD kids utterly miserable, and ruining the learning experience of countless children. To the extent that this country is full of ill educated people, this policy of letting the thugs and bullies run rampant is greatly responsible for it.

          The needs of the good kids out there far outweigh the needs of all the “misunderstood” punks out there

          • While chasing erery lost lamb, American schools let the whole flock suffer.

        • Hit the school where it hurts. Homeschool. You still pay property taxes but the school gets money according to butts in chairs.

        • Most teachers don’t want to help. I’m an educator, and it’s astonishing how hard teachers try to avoid any confrontation. They’re afraid of being fired, not renewed, or being sued. Teachers and administrators “urge” teachers not to intervene. That’s the absolute truth.

        • Most teachers are not Morons. Their hands are tied by the administrators, who take dictation from the gov.

          One day I walked into my wife’s class and one of her students wanted to flick a pencil at me. I politely told him to put the pencil down in his own best interest. He said you can’t do anything and proceeded to flick the pencil at me. You can’t touch me! To his surprise I caught the pencil and did touch him. He went to the office screaming hanging from his shirt. My comment to the principle was do you want me to press charges? My wife had no recourse, but I did.

        • Most folks do not know American teachers come from the bottom third of their class and flunked out out of their first major. They drop back to the Education Major because all that is required to get one is a pulse.

          • @Tator

            Whenever you have the moral courage to back up your scurrilous nonsense with hard facts and the links to show where you go your information from, I’ll be more than happy to take a look. In the meantime, I won’t speak for every teacher in this country, some of whom are indeed clueless chuckletrouser jackasses — something that can be said for EVERY OTHER GROUP OF PEOPLE IN THE WORLD — but I CAN speak for myself. As you have chosen to so thoughtlessly and randomly disparage my credentials, here they are:

            A) I learned to read at the age of three. By the time I was eight I was helping my babysitters with their science and history homework. I read books like 1984 at the age of ten; I read the Gulag Archipelago ( all three volumes) at the age of 12.

            B) I got to go to an elite private school which my parents couldn’t possibly afford. Plumbers don’t make nearly as much as you might think; secretaries make even less. I got to go – for zero, zilch, nada, no money down ever — because I placed fourth on an entrance exam taken by 3,000 other boys. Yup, tator, I beat down 2,996 other kids. I went to school with many of ’em: not too many dumbbells in that lot

            C) I didn’t get nearly so lucky for my first college, and I had to work two jobs while going to school fulltime. Still managed to be the first person in my family to go to college, never mind graduate

            D) My dad wanted me to be an engineer. My mom wanted me to be a lawyer. I CHOSE to become a high school teacher. I chose it so much that I went back to school and got a master’s degree. I went fulltime (and then some) and finished the job in less than two years. I worked a weekend shift Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 12 midnight the entire two years. I began with one child; by the time I was done I had three

            E) Speaking of which, my children were a great part of the reason I chose this career path. I love my kids, and I wanted to help other people’s kids the way I have helped mine. Plus, I wanted to be home when they were home so they wouldn’t light the house on fire

            F) While I have mostly taught computer science — including computer programming, website design, CAD & 3D modeling, networking/networking administration, radio production, Linux live CD mastering, etc etc — I have also taught history and geography, and have recently become certified to teach math

            G) I set a good example for my students by being curious and continuing to learn. That’s why I’m here: I’m working at acquiring the skills which many of the people here grew up with and and by all accounts are damned good at. I’ve learned that I like guns. I mean, I REALLY like them.

            I’m a firm believer that you can either fix the blame, or you can fix the problem. Rather than sitting on the sidelines and jeer — which is what a gutless pussy would do — I prefer to step up and put my back into it. That’s the ultimate reason I became a teacher: rather than just piss and moan about how lousy the schools are, I decided to DO something about it.

            In conclusion, it would seem to me that all the people named tator here have no fucking clue what they’re talking about.

          • You are clueless. My wife earned a 35 out of a 36 on the ACT. Has a Masters Degree in of all things reading. She has a Heart for the children and not one child passes 7th or 8th grade without being able to read. She catches all of them earlier than that by working with the other elementary teachers.

            You may be talking about some/most college professors at major Universities that could not make it in the real world. I ran into many of them in my college years.

        • Nope – just the ones with teaching degrees…

        • I think the union requires this…

        • No, but if they want to keep their jobs they will act accordingly.

      2. This is the Mindset of these Libtarded ass holes… Nothing is right to them… They will walk into a Fema camp and be put in the ovens with a smile on there face, because the Government tells them its alright.. You now see this Retarded Shit everyday and everywhere from these fools.. Look what they are doing to there own childrens futures… GOD HELP US ALL!!

      3. Teachers are scared of the students and then the paperwork and then the confrontation with parents. It’s so much easier to say you didn’t see it happen whoops!

        Move away from the city country schools are not this crazy the kids rarely walk around armed to the teeth or you can keep living in Chicago and watch the gang bangers shoot at anything that moves like your kids!

      4. A fool pays for his education.

        – Proverbs

      5. This is why you need to home school or form parent driven privit schools. Deny these idiots children to teach, and the money that comes with it. Go run for school commitie and school bords positions in mass. Overwhelm there system and it will fold due to the fact they are weak. Then change it from the inside.

      6. I really shouldn’t read stuff like this
        it just makes my blood boil

        public schools USED to be a place of learning and discipline

        over the years
        for a number of reasons
        this has changed

        administrators play a large part in this
        most teachers I know are caught in the middle
        they really do want to do a good job
        but “school policy” literally prevents them

        the other side of the coin
        are the parents who are MASSIVE failures at child rearing

        used to be the discipline you caught at school
        was NOTHING compared to what happened to yer ass when you got home

        • I agree with you satori. My daughter is a first grade teacher in a public school and the BS that she has to go through is astounding.

        • Back in the late 50′ early 60’s, elementary school was like a boot camp. No nonsense teachers back then. Many of the female teachers were built like tanks. In 3rd grade I saw one teacher of mine pick up a dude (who was already about 120 lbs because he flunked three years in a row) with desk chair and all and slam him into the floor about 6 times. Shook up the floor in the whole school. The dude froze and I think had an accident in his pants, scared to hell of this lady afterwards. This teacher I won’t mention her name out of respect to her, meant well, just didn’t mess around. She had that class in check !

          Later on my own son went to same school in the late 80’s. went to visit his class one day. What a pathetic difference. The kids in his class we uncontrolled maniacs. Total disorder. His class was run by some gay teacher that would ask the chaotic students to quiet down and be nice for our guests. Needless to say I took him out of that school.

          The schools were invaded by all the liberal psychologists, administrators and attorneys. Corporal punishment went out the door and so did our schools.

          • I went to grade school in the 60’s and it was yes mam. Had my desk dumped, knuckles smacked with a ruler, and butt spanked. This was all before we saw the Principle with the paddle. Never met him on those terms because the ruler got my undivided attention.

            • I grew up in the South, and just about every teacher I had had a wooden paddle that sat on full display on the little tray at the bottom of the chalk board in the front of the class room. Positioned so everyone could see it.

              One history teacher I had, who was my favorite teacher at the time, had painted his paddle bright blue and had the words ‘Old Blue’ written in red paint across the business end of the paddle. Another teacher had a paddle that he had drilled a few holes in, so as to reduce wind resistance when he whacked your ass with it.

              We had very few disciplinary problems in that high school, by the way. And, one other aspect worth mentioning was that this school was 100 percent White.

              Oh, and teenage boys who were old enough to drive to school would almost always have their squirrel rifle or shotguns hanging on the gun rack across the back window of their pickup trucks, which were parked in the high school parking lot during fall hunting season.

              This was what America was like before the Cultural Marxist jews injected the nation and culture destroying venoms of ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘desegregation’ upon our nation, folks.

              • We used to take an extra school bus bird hunting before school with the ag teacher. Then bring the kill back to first period to clean then proceed to clean our shot guns in class. Once clean they/shot guns would sit in the corner of the class all day. After football practice we would pick them up or leave them for morning and the whole process would start all over.

                I learned a couple of things from this process. How to hunt, process food, clean a gun and that guns don’t kill people.

              • Just graduated high school in VERY rural autauga

              • Just graduated high school in VERY rural autauga county alabama last month, I cannot tell you how many rifles and shotguns were in gun racks in mine and others trucks.
                Guess we were lucky:)

            • Same here. In the early 60’s we had respect for our teachers. (Most) kids don’t have a clue what that is now days. When I deserved it (most of the time) I got whacked on the ass by my teachers and especially my pops. Most of the time if I got it by a teacher I got it again at home. My parents loved me and I never gave thought to the fact I didn’t deserve what I got. I’m a better man for all the punishments I got. I feel bad for kids now days and how lame they’ve become.

              Lots of good comments about this.

              God Bless.

              • the kids dont’ have respect for themselves, so they won’t have any for their “elders”.

          • i had one of them tank teachers part way through first grade ,that was 1963 ,that was when the first wave of liberals moved into the school system ,the second 1/2 of first grade i had one of the new teachers ,but had a tank for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ,but by time i was in 7th grade (1969) it was all one big experment in peace and love ,no disipline do your own thing ,my grades went south fast ,luckly i had parents that didnt join the big experment and still had a good rearing , BTW inregaurd to getting your ass beat in school your biggest fear was that your dad would find out ,because he wasent going down to the school to sue them he was walking your ass into the next room for another wave off it

        • Nuns. Now there is a school time adventure.
          Penguins all of them!

      7. Good reason to go to a private school or home school. Might even learn something!

        • jim in Va, getting reading to head over on 66 to 81 and get down to see the folks in the Knoxville(Tenn.) area for Pap’s 80th birthday that falls on Father’s day. He and Maw don’t know we’re comin’. We’re going to lay up at my sister’s farm not far away and surprise them (Maw and Pap) and take them out for dinner. We’ll probably stop in the Front Royal/Strasburg area and Stuart’s Draft to see some kin. I definitely will stop at the mill in Elliston Va. to pick up their famous seasoned flour ( great for drudging the chicken and fish in) to bring back home). Always good to hear from someone from the “Old Dominion”.

          • Coming to Knoxville area……welcome POP. It is beautiful here right now, not too hot and very green with all the rain. Happy Birthday to your Pap. Travel safe, Patriots always welcome here!

      8. If nothing else it’s always the teachers fault, no matter what the circumstances are. enuff said before I have to get out my soapbox and preach to the choir.

      9. Or just stop paying your property taxes en masse and defang the liberal vampire squid monster.

      10. Bussing has worked wonders to export inner city trash to the suburbs.

        • Now the prevalence of rental houses, many of them with section 8 tenants, is doing the same thing.

        • Thanks to Democrats. Mr. Johnson and friends.

        • Come on, Kevin2! You need to cut the Cultural Marxists a little bit of slack, dude.

          After all, how could the Cultural Marxists manage to increase the number of mulatto crumb crunchers if those nubile, innocent, impressionable, and gullible White teenage girls were all enrolled in 100 percent White public schools and living in 100 percent White, Leave it to Beaver & Ozzie & Harriet, clean and minority free White neighborhoods?

          All of these things and issues are all connected, folks.

          And they all are elements of the war being waged to genocide White European people.

          • I have no gripe with black people. I have an issue with black culture that finds it acceptable to father children with no intention of being a father. A group that Dr King God rest his soul had to fight to get an education only for it to be scorned with record HS dropout percentages. A group that decries crime within their community committed by themselves upon their own people. A group that believes violence between adults is often the preferred method to settle disputes which has resulted in record felony records for its young adults.

            Bless those that took the opportunities and climbed the economic ladder.

            When it comes to minority’s my people were Wops and Polocks unwanted by the established “real” Americans. No brass bands met them at Ellis Island because they were the underclass. They had their internal problems but they worked hard to shed the negative image like organized crime and become professionals and solid American citizens not blaming others for their plight. Don’t believe for a second that one race is superior but do believe there are superior cultures. The proof is in the results.

            • when a boy grows up without a father in the house, odds are better than even he’ll grow up to be a mouthy punk. ESPECIALLY if he can walk block after block in his own neighborhood without seeing anyone else’s father anywhere.

              Once upon a time, there WERE intact black families in this country. They survived slavery and “Jim Crow”; what killed them was the bullshit so called “war on poverty”. There’s no way a working man of any color can compete with Uncle Scam and his giant check writing machine. Black men in this country have been emasculated… why do you think all the rappers call each other “boy” or “homeboy”? Its a recognition that they’re not real men

              But’s let not for a second think that TPTB were doing this for anything other than experimental purposes: they are already in the process of emasculating white men now. They want to destroy AL families so that we are all atomized loners standing all by ourselves in the shadow of a monster government

      11. Public education is no place for a true American. It’s not the go’s job to educate and raise children. Schools are a breeding ground for violence and de-education. Save your kids and remove them! By getting your kids a good education what’s the worst that could happen? They turn into informed productive citizens.

        • buzz

          “informed” citizens are a threat to the government
          and that will not be permitted

          hence the reason for the dumbed down “educational” system

          • @Satori, I know. If you have kids withdraw them. Best thing you can do.

      12. When my son was in high school, he was involved in an altercation not of his making. He was called into the principals office and “counseled”. After the principal was done, I calmly informed the principal that I did not advocate violence to settle matters, but if my son was struck first in any given situation, he was free to defend himself in an appropriate manner. I also stated that should I find that he started the altercation, there would be repercussions. I also calmly informed the principal that if he suspended my son for defending himself, that HE would suffer repercussions. ‘Nuff said, there were no further calls to the principals office.

        • That’s about how my dad handled it—only he punctuated his point by “adjusting” the principal’s tie…


        huh ??? damn school commie teachers …

        it reminds me of that colorado senator who told the women of colorado they should just lay there .. not fight back … let themselves be Raped !!!

        WTF ZOG AMERIKA ???


        • Russia wants Steven Seagal

          FACT: A KNOWN KIDNAPPER RAPISTS of three different women who each sued him for the molestations and won their cases or settled out of court .

          to be new face of its weapons industry

          * very appropriate for a Arms Dealer Merchant of Death PR Front Man , real good choice russia .

          sigh …


          • I actually once believed that the movie “IDIOCRACY” was intended as satire/comedy.

            Who knew it was a DOCUMENTARY!

          • I used to like Steven Seagal movies, back when he first got started in the business. But, then I began to notice that all of his movies began to take on a virulently anti-White tone. The villains in them suddenly all became toothless, moonshine slurping, White Southern ‘rednecks’ who would always be driving pickup trucks with several Confederate Flag bumper stickers on them.

            This is typical Hollywood Cultural Marxist anti-White propaganda – this constant demonization of everything to do with the South, it’s culture, it’s people and their values and traditions. Oh, and his movies began to always feature a poor, innocent, noble and sympathetic minority character who was unjustifiably being tormented and abused by one or more ‘racist White Southern Rednecks’, who Seagal would have to beat the living daylights out of, or just simply kill them off.

            Thus, Steven Seagal movies no longer enter my house.

            • Dang! He’s so fat now days he probably rips his pants every time he tries to raise his leg…

              I agree. Use to enjoy his movies. Now there so bad I can’t watchem any more.

      14. This is so stupid it’s beyond belief.

        Having kids, especially boys, put on pink as a way of “taking a stand” against bullies….why don’t you just pin a bullseye on them saying “Please kick my ass.”

        Please….the minute a kid actually stands up for themself (or someone else), the school admin will revert to its “no tolerance” policy for fighting. In other words, if a dude punches you, and you punch back, you both go to detention. Geez….are we in hell or just bizarro world?

      15. New Jersey’s Christie is playing it like the politican that he is. He could have appointed a Coservative Republican for Senate and let him serve until Nov. of 2014 which would have given us a non-liberal for 18 months in the Senate plus a shot at being reelected come the next election to fill the Senate seat. But no he is think about his future as a Pres. canidate and his future in his next NJ. election so he says let’s spend the money and have a special election which will be filled by another Liberal Democrat. And this way he figures he can count on those cross over Democrats in his own race. They can brag on this jerk all they want, he’s just another Mccain or Romney, and he will probably be your next Republican canidate for President come 2016. Have you ever saw a Liberal in any position appoint a Conservative? Trekker Out. Freedom At Any Cost!

        • Christe… is just another pontius pilot….who will betray us as well.

          • “pilate” not “pilot”

          • Christie is a fat slob. He’s no pontius Pilate. He wouldn’t last ten minutes in ancient Rome before someone ran him through with a Gladius.

            • Christie is a Cass Elliot waiting to happen

          • I was taught pilate said of Christ ‘I can find no fault in him’ The Jews demanded crucifixion.

        • MT , as a conservative prepper in this rotten state we are way out numbered, The FAT ONE is just a DEMOCRAT in a republican suit. We’re are waiting for him to sign the new gun control obomination that was passed by the state senate last month, its a real Libtard wet dream!
          remember – Confiscate, Confiscate, Confiscate?

          New Jersey leave your liberty at the state line.

          Nothing surprises me in this state anymore.
          I am stuck here until things improve elsewhere at least I will have a front seat in the coming collapse.

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Night breaker,I always thought of NJ as a we dont take crap from anybody state,kinda thought of NY too ,howed these places get so Liberal..and Christy, Aka,Crusty is nothing more than Trailer trash Wanna be. GOOD LUCK.

        • This guy Christie is one piece of work.. I guarantee he will not ever win the White House. He is in the middle and that dog won’t hunt. Dems will never vote for him and only half of the Repubs will vote for him. He will loose as an independent if that were the case. People like me will not forget the shit he pulled with Sandy. Long live Hillary (we are screwed so you better get ready). He’s the ferryman of The Outlaw Josey Wales.

          • perfect analogy

        • If he is a candidate in any electionin 2016, he will lose. Just dig up Dole and run him again.

        • Chris Christie is a filthy, stinking RINO slab of human scum. Notice that the gang who organized CPAC refused to invite this fat slab of RINO manure this year?

          Christie is now sucking up to the Communist Obama and from what I have read recently, is raking in tons of dough from Democrat fund raisers – which ought to be all we need to know about this fat toad.

          RINOs have to be purged, folks. I am sick and tired of seeing these rats get elected by conservative minded voters who failed to do their homework on these Judas Goat SOBs and then, once they get elected, they start shoving one dagger after another into the backs of the very people who voted for them.

      16. At that point, I am talking to the kids parents and probably going to end up in jail. I would also file a lawsuit and press criminal charges against the parents and school.
        My cousin dropped out of high school because he was being bullied, he got a diploma and is going to college now. But my aunt and uncle allowed him to because it was so bad.
        If you don’t stand up for yourself as a child how are you going to be able to as an adult? You are not, that’s a huge problem with society now.

        • THEY don’t want people o stand up as an adult.

      17. Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.

      18. American education today is nothing more than BRAINWASHING CENTERS. Kids today are taught by HIGHLY incompetent; stupid; unmotivated leech bastards. DID YOU KNOW; that in Mass.; teachers were given a teachers Enterance Exam from the early 1900’s? Over 76% of the teachers who currently teach that took that exam failed. So much for confidence in todays teachers. The kids are suffering everyday; by being taught by unqualified azzhats.

        • My daughter’s 5th grade teacher was telling the class the other day how there was 51 states in the US. What else can I say.

          • Wait, i thought there were 57…

            • The fact that the “President of the USA” is clueless about what HE is “presiding over” would seem to be an ALARM BELL to the general public. Let us say it as it is: We are dealing with some really stupid/ignorant “peers”.

              COMEDY, the general public “at large” may very well think there are well over 100 states.

              Perhaps the “extra states” were sovereign nations already on the “borg acquire list”.

              Pathetic…or worse.

            • 57 sauce… Hate it.

              A1… Love it.

              • Gah! Both are nasty shit.

                I’ll never be able to explain the logic of ‘just burn the shit out of the meat and then douse it in sauce’. Just a suggestion, but try not burning your steak you wont need that shit.

              • If you stop burning your steak, you wont need any of that garbage.

            • @ Mac. BO thinks of the District of Columbia about 600,000 people, America Samoa about 55,000, Guam about 160,000, Mariana Islands about 54,000, Puerto Rico about 3.8 million, Virgin Islands about 107,000 all states including the 50. Where number 57 comes in must be some atoll with a few hundred people living there. Yeah, BO would love to get these territories, DC already gets 3, into counted for electoral votes and get two senators and a house member for each. Puerto Rico would get about 7 electoral votes, the same as Oklahoma, and the rest would get 3. Not counting number 57, that would be Puerto Rico with 7 and four others with 3 each, that would be 19 from new “states” that are more blue than the sky.

              The real issue of getting 5 states that are totally democrat would be the senate. You would have 5 new states that would mean 10 extremely liberal senators to add to the new 110 total instead of the present 100. If they ever let DC have two senators and a house member that would be 12 for sure votes in the senate out of 112. This is a real BO dream, and a true fantasy for the democrats to gain these territories, ratified into states for their column. Again, I don’t know where BO throws in number 57.

              • 57 Muslim States around the globe. Don’t forget he is Christian. Barf Barf

      19. {{{After further questioning, the principal admitted that our son acted in self defense, but stressed that the proper response would have been for him to contact a ‘yard duty’ teacher.}}}

        As a former public school teacher, I am thinking whistles.

        Not only alert the ‘yard duty’ teacher( and I’m snickering here), but all other students a heads up??

        Blow that thang, son.

      20. The land of the fa-tal-i-teeeeee, and the home… of the…slave.

      21. That is exactly why I always vote to cut the school budget when it comes up. They are nothing but festering cespools of missinformation. All they teach the kids today is what they need to pass the state school rating exams. I can remember my kids coming home and telling me that the teachers were going over what would be on the exams so the school would get high ratings. They should shut them all down as far as I am concerned.

      22. That’s why we have whistles. That’s why we have safe zones. Ask your attacker to stop. Urinate on your rapist. That kinky shit really turns ’em on.


        Send your little bastard to Pankration, Sambo, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, or BJJ.

        I used to carry a lead sap in school and I still do.

        • Karate may not work, but Aikido does. When my kid was in the ninth grade a blustering bully tried to grope her. He was the class tough guy who liked to pick on girls. She almost broke his wrist with a hand grab and said he whimpered like a baby afterward. He never fucked with her again.

          • Aikido doesnt’t work. Watch the early fights of the UFC. Anybody can get a lucky shot.

            • Eisen, I respectfully disagree on this. I often hear UFC fans making reference to Karate and other Asian arts as being inferior to mixed styles. Now, with world class fighters in the ring I agree, but only because the UFC and MMA has rules.

              Shorin Ryu Karate, for example, which is the training I undertook, is a battlefield tested martial art. That is, on the field of battle there are no rules. The techniques in this particular art (and I suspect the same can be said for Aikido, Kung fu, etc.) have survived battlefield implementation… Otherwise they would not have been passed down simply because the practitioner would have been dead.

              One simple example is a rule-restricted MMA fighter in a ring could go for the legs for a traditional MMA takedown. In a battle martial art, the response would be to strike directly at the back of the neck with the intention of breaking the spine or severely injuring the attacker. This, of course, is a technique that cannot be used in sport. Furthermore, in a UFC ring there are no weapons, whereas in a real life scenario a simple stick, or even a finger nail or toe nail, can be a deadly implement if used properly to target weak points on the body.

              One thing I mentioned in the article above about the block used by my son was a ‘closed fist.’ Kids under 13 or so learn to utilize closed fist techniques, as opposed to the more dangerous open hand. As an example, if I were attacked, and my attackers intention was to disable, maim or murder me (which I personally assume is the case should anyone attack me) then my response would not be to punch this person, but to disable them with whatever means necessary. This includes eye gouges, throat strikes, knee breaks, improvised weapons, etc. Basically, no holds barred.

              There is a significant difference between a highly trained Krava Maga, Aikido, or Karate expert in a UFC fight versus a fight in which there are no rules. ( I have seen Krav Maga fighters get destroyed in a sporting fight — however, the techniques are extremely deadly in real life scenarios where one has a gun or knife pulled on them and I certainly wouldn’t want to come face to face with a trained professional in a ‘death match’ even if I were a highly trained MMA fighter.

              I won’t disagree that some arts and fighting styles are better than others – and we could argue for days about what’s better than what – but when we are talking about street rules, which is no rules, then the entire playing field changes with respect to the techniques being applied.

              Just my personal view.



              • @ Mac. Hollyweird and TV have completely distorted reality. Seldom if ever in a life or death situation does any of the rules or misconceptions of closed arena fighting ever come to play. People more often than not freeze up or fight without any controlled thought, much like a cornered animal. This is true even with trained fighters that have practiced all their lives but not been in a real life scenario.

                I say the best defense is to be able to keep the attacker as far away as possible from your physical body. Be it a stick, or something such as a stun baton, or the best, a fire arm, you want that attacker not to come into contact with you. I would be very worried at getting bit by some disease ridden crack head for example. This is why I get so upset over these anti-gunners trying to take away our self defense and make it like that cess pool england. Over there you can carry a personal sprayer, (not even pepper spray) to mark your attacker so the police can identify them later after the attacker has killed you. Wonderful, a complete police state like this isn’t it? By the way excellent comment you made above.

              • Mr. Slavo,

                Empirical evidence may be found in the vale tudo matches they hold annually in Brazil. There are only two rules: no biting or eye gouging. Many masters of putatively super-secret ninja kung fu death snake fist styles participated and were unable to execute their deadly techniques in real life, while simple wrestlers excelled. Just look at what Mark Kerr did to everybody with no martial arts training whatsoever! Having trained in Tang Soo Do, Japanese Jujitsu, Pankration, Shotokan, and Sambo, I have reached a few axioms:

                1. You have to be sparring regularly at full force or something close to it with pads.
                2. You have to spar regularly at moderate force without pads.
                3. You have to exchange real strikes with your training partners to harden up your body.
                4. You have to practice at least occasionally for realism in street clothes, in shoes, being jumped, disarming somebody, having your sensei scream and curse at you, do drills in conflict resolution, etc.
                5. Learning katas and choreographed responses to strikes is a waste of time.
                6. Calisthenics are important. If you’re not fit you can’t fight.
                7. You will break you hand by punching someone in the face. And the training to harden your hands is so grueling it’s almost not worth it.

                A few hundred years ago, the differences between martial arts styles were miniscule. Today we are overwhelmed with the ridiculous. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that my black belts in traditional martial arts were completely useless and I had been ripped off. Now I want to expurgate asian styles from the public knowledge to spare others that experience.

                • I’d never guess you were a young buck eisen… seems you’d hafta be at least 60 years old to have aquired all the experience you claim. Not just martial arts, but all you post on here.
                  Reminds me of a guy I used to work w/ as a kid. We were both in low-level, low-pay labor jobs. I was about 20, he was 40 and I had seniority over him at that employer. This guy would constantly go on about all his experience and knowledge. He worked on the rails 20 years, was electrician for 20 years, etc. etc. I added it all up one time and figured he’d hafta be 80-100 years old to hold all the jobs/experience he claimed. I brought this to his attention, best thing I ever did at that job. I know longer had to hear about all his experience, in fact he rarely bugged me at all after that.

                • My friend’s friend was a cage fighter. Ended up dieing from staff infection. After many bouts with it from so many fights.

                  • Colt New Service I believe probably in .45 LC or a Model 1917 in .45 ACP.

                • Eisen, I agree with all 7 points you made…. And I can atest to #7 personally — It took me a solid 6 months before i could even fist bump someone due to a broken knuckle (my self diagnosis) suffered because of over training on the Makiwara Board.

                  Ferfal, (author of Surviving the Economic Collapse) made it a point in his book to discuss many of the points you mention. Training in scenarios that simulate real life is absolutely essential – sparring, conditioning, body conditioning (hardening), etc.

                  Thanks for the great discussion on this.


                  • I broke 3 of my knuckles as a teenager. That was the first time when I really started to question what my mentors were telling me. There is a great book on the subject called “The Bare-Knuckle Boxer’s Companion.”

      23. It’s pretty simple.

        Bullies are something that the school administrations can relate to. They’re kindred spirits, as it were. Nearly all of those in authority (schools, governments, bosses, etc.) can understand the bully’s point of view.

        Simple – might makes right.

        What they fear and do everything they can to squelch is folks defending or standing up for themselves. That’s considered a major threat to a bully (bullies by nature being cowards for the most part) and the bully herd will quickly join ranks to protect one of their own. Strength in numbers, you know, and that’s the way they like it best.

        Self defense is to be eliminated at all costs. It makes it more difficult to manipulate the masses when its not promptly stamped out.



      25. OK, I’m on a roll again. The article doesn’t mention what happened to the attacker; I’ll bet nothing. I’ve lost count of how many times I was suspended for fighting in public school ONLY BECAUSE I WAS ATTACKED FOR NO GOOD REASON! That’s how my Dad raised me: if someone hits you, you hit the SOB right back! When I was in school back in the 60s and 70s, they were totally different from today’s schools. School policies were actually based upon some common sense. Educators back then actually cared about the students. Whenever there was a fight, the perpetrator was always punished and nothing happened to the victim, WHICH IS EXACTLY HOW IT SHOULD BE! The victim should be helped, not punished. I remember one particular fight in my senior year. We started that school year with a new principal who was a prototype for today’s educators. I was attacked by another student who came at me with a switchblade. I carried a leather sap at the time. I grabbed his arm with the blade and pushed it out of the way and hit him in the forehead with the sap. That took the fight out of him. Despite testimony from a teacher and other students that I acted in self-defense, he wanted to ha me locked up. I told him to go f#$% himself, go ahead and expel me; I’ll make up the school year later. He finally relented and punished ONLY the attacker instead. Kids today need to be taught that they have rights; especially the right to self-defense. If I was that kid, I would engage in self-defense regardless of any consequences. I would also tell anyone who thinks I should be punished for self-defense, go ahead and try it but ONLY AT YOUR OWN PERIL; YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO HURT ME! Oh, yes, I’ve thrown down that gauntlet before and I’ll do it again. braveheart

        • Braveheart, you are about my age, I see. We were taught that in the even we are attacked, make damn sure you hurt them bad enough, that they won’t want any more from you, ever. This was sound advice that saved me and my brothers a lot of torment. This is the same advice I gave to my daughter.

      26. A DEA officer stopped at a ranch in Texas, and talked with the owner – an old rancher.

        He told the rancher, “I need to inspect your ranch for illegally grown drugs.”
        The old rancher said, “Okay, but don’t go in that field over there…..”, as he pointed out to the fenced in location.

        The DEA officer verbally exploded saying, “Mister, I have the authority of the Federal Government with me!”

        Reaching into his rear pants pocket, the arrogant officer removed his badge and proudly displayed it to the old rancher.

        “See this f*****g badge?! This badge means I am allowed to go wherever I wish…. On any land!! No questions asked or answers given!! Have I made myself clear……do you understand?!!”

        The old rancher nodded politely, apologized, and went about his chores.

        A short time later, the old rancher heard loud screams, looked up, and saw the DEA officer running for his life, being chased by the rancher’s big Santa Gertrudis bull, (a mature bull may average 1,700 to 2,200 pounds).
        With every step the bull was gaining ground on the officer, and it seemed likely that he’d sure enough get gored before he reached safety. The officer was clearly terrified.
        The rancher threw down his tools, ran to the fence and yelled at the top of his lungs…..

        “Your badge, show him your f*****g BADGE…….. !!”
        Y’all Beware! Reminds me of The Arrogance of Authority

        • As always, Y’all

          🙂 GOOD ONE!


        • Still laughing from the last time I read that one, and so are heaps of my clients. Thanks.

        • @Y’all Beware ….ROLMFAO !

        • Brings back old memories

      27. Well, I can tell you from experience (my 6th grade son’s experience) when a kid at his grade school had another student down on the ground, was sitting on him and beating him up, my son shoved the aggressor off. You know darn well which kid got in trouble for the incident. Yep, my kid. The one who stopped the bullying/harassing was the one who got in trouble by the school officials. I told them – and my son – that he did the right thing, I had no problem with it and he wasn’t in any trouble as far as I was concerned. They had no response for me, other than he should have just left the kids to fight and gone to find an adult.

      28. Was fueling up the old rust bucket this morning, and an off duty LE seen my Kimber in its holster, then proceed to ask for my permit. I showed it to him and he asked this question; why do you guys want to carry a gun? I then ask him a question. Do you carry a gun when you’re on duty? The answer was yes I do you know that. I said well I do to; I’m on self-protection duty 24/7, because I can’t count on you to be there when I might need you. That sir is why I carry 24/7. He just looked at me with the deer in the head-light look and walked away shaking his head.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Mucho kudos to you brother. THEY don’t have to “get-it”…but THEY damn sure best start understanding it. Some do. Too many still don’t. But that is why WE ARE HERE doing our best to “edumacate” the government sponsored products of “public” school that have now become “ENFORCERS” vs. “PEACE OFFICERS”.

          I’ll give MINE up about a year after THEY give THEIRS up.

          Who am I kidding. I’ll “give-mine-up” when the second amendment and ME are both DEAD!

        • Off Duty?
          fuck him I aint showing him shit..your too nice.

          but your dead on in your explination

      29. The purpose of government schools is to teach kids how to be submissive as adults to government. Teachers don’t care if their students beat each other up. They only care about not getting sued for actually taking charge of a bully situation.

      30. If I had a 7th grader in the Houston ISD, I’d be sure to provide him a cellphone for him to hide, so he could turn it on and use it in an emergency like this.

        This problem goes fairly deep, and can only be mitigated, not solved. Your kid will either have to get permission to use the phone, or else be clever enough to use it without getting caught.

        The best system is for your kid to have someone designated by you to call so that when the S Hits The Chalkboard someone can come to the rescue and take him home.

        The kid and adult protector will need to be able to concoct a plausible exit excuses, it’s imprudent to risk official over-responses and escalations from things like injuries from violent student confrontations.

        When you’re in the Borg Cube, you’re on your own. The school staff, other kids, police, hospital, and anyone else your child can supposedly look to for help, will mostly see him as someone who needs to be assimilated.

        Your kid is obligated to serve the greater good of the Collective, whatever that is. You and your child will not be seen as someone that should be listened to or to have your best interests taken care of.

        As far as “International Stand Up to Bullying Day” goes, isn’t that sponsored by the International Bullies themselves? Isn’t it merely a mocking ruse from the Bully Cartel who have been beating us up from birth and stealing however much of our lunch money they feel they are entitled to?

        • don’t waste your time on all that, just get the kid out of that more worries and no more of this kind of BS

      31. Cutting back on the amount of coffee or soda you consume?

        Caffeine withdrawal is now a ‘mental disorder’.
        Philly dot com
        (Also posted on Drude Report)

        • Psychiatry is a mental disorder.

      32. A sign of the times:

        I expressed my concern for my son’s safety, as he lives twenty miles from the Mexican border.

        His response: “The drug cartel is not a threat unless you try to disrupt their trade.”

      33. Got suspended in the 5th grade for “fighting”. Guy was 2x my size and said i hit him first. He put me in a full nelson, lifted me off the ground and threw me several feet. I got 3 days off of school he got detention. F’in hated that school, 3 teachers were arrested for molsting students in the 2 years that i went there.

        Im kinda sad that i havent made millions yet so i can send my kids to private school or homeschool them. At least theyll be the biggest in each of their classes and able to handle all of the crap other students are going to give them.

        Self defense will never get them in trouble with me, nor will protecting another student regardlessnof the outcome.

        • If you did not hit him at all you were still fighting according to them but just an unwilling participant which is more commonly referred to as being a victim. Fighting back with “spirit” and getting in one good hit often gets respect in those years and that one “fight” was the last one necessary throughout school.

          I went to school with a small kid that bit (drawling a lot of blood) another much bigger bully in a fight and was trying to gouge out his eyes at the same time. The bully retreated. Needless to say that “Crazy MF’er” was never messed with ever again by anyone however he was called cannibal after that.

          “Its not the size of the dog in the fight but rather the fight in the dog”.

          • Kevin2… In 7th grade,(1970) the school bully, a skinny little MEAN kid picked a fight with me. Being half again as big as him, I told him several times I didn’t want to hurt him… well, he hit me so hard with those BONY knuckles that I immediately grew a knot on my forehead, making me go the rest of the day looking like a unicorn! As I WATCHED the knot grow, I got him in a headlock and beat him until he “said Uncle” …. from that point on, we were good friends, and he never bullied again. Since then, I told all my children NEVER run from anyone no matter the consequences of school “officials”. No moral to this story, except a teacher witnessed my last son beat the CRAP out of a school bully and the teacher did NOTHING to stop the beating, knowing fully well the bully needed it.
            P.S.- the bully never even looked at my son wrongly again!

            • Generally I agree but its dependent upon the school, area and “quality” of students. We’re of similar age and “that was then and this is now”. I never seen a weapon used back then and I went to a pretty bad HS one town over that one could say was socially and economically disadvantaged. If I lived in that area when we had kids there is no way they would be going to that school. Lets say the students couldn’t find Texas on a US map but damn sure knew their we’re 28 grams in an ounce.

              Sometimes its best to run. Of course running does little good if you have to return. Communication is vital to have with your kids and some schools are just too dangerous. Bussing can take a 1st rate school down.

        • I’m planning to augment with the Robinson curriculum and Ron Paul curriculum. Probably will make the move out of the public babysitting system when my kids reach 6th or 7th. Right now, we have a great neighborhood but 80% of the parent either move, choose private, or homeschool when their kid reaches school age. Public school is dumb-downed and babysitting from what I’ve seen.
          But, actually, I’ve talked to some of the teachers at the school and they give me the inside scoop that if your kid is smart then they will accelerate them. I’ll bet TPTB didn’t see that coming! Nor know how to squash it!

      34. Good evening, BI, and once again you’re right on target, especially about political correctness. it burns me to no end to see what PC has done to people. People these days are afraid to be themselves, to speak their true feelings, etc., for fear of “offending” someone. Well, here’s my take on “offending” someone: All throughout life we see and hear things that we don’t approve of, and we all have our own reasons for not approving of such things. I don’t submit to PC, period! I speak my mind on any given subject and if someone doesn’t approve of my statements, that is their right, but I have every right to my feelings and to make my statements. If they don’t like what they’re hearing, they’re free to just move on; nobody is forcing them to hear it. NEVER, EVER, TELL ME WHAT I CAN OR CANNOT SAY ABOUT ANYTHING OR ANYONE! I WILL SIMPLY TELL THAT PERSON WHAT TO DO WITH THEIR ATTEMPT AT CENSORING ME! I don’t sub mit to censorship, either! I never violate anyone else’s right to free speech so don’t interfere with mine! It’s also tragic about the death of common sense and common fairness in this country. The “authorities” are totally useless. their way of handling things only makes matters worse. There are always better ways to handle situations than getting cops involved. braveheart

        • Well said.

      35. A 6th grader of the 1800s had a better education than folks today with a Masters Degree. How do I know? I have a Masters Degree!!!!

        I am impressed with what our fellow Americans knew back then.

        We need to go back to the chalkboard!

        We need real science, math, English, writing, and innovation.

      36. Good evening, Watchman and Yental, same sentiments here and I’ll go a bit further. I don’t give up anything to anybody, period! braveheart

      37. Good evening, Eisen. I used to carry one in school and still do. I keep one in my truck 24/7 along with some other “Self-defense tools”. NOBODY HAS TO BE A VICTIM! I don’t care what anyone says. Everyone has the natural-God-given right to self-defense. anyone who tampers with self-defense is tampering with life itself. It’s the same as being an accessory to murder. it’s even justified and mandated in the Bible. Check out this site says it all! braveheart

      38. Good evening, Enemy of The State. Did you know Steven Seagal is a darling of the neocons? He supported Bush and everything he did after 911. I didn’t know about him being accused of rape; very interesting. I hope his victims managed to get something out of him. BTW, Seagal has a home in one of the suburbs of my city in a VERY EXCLUSIVE AND WEALTHY AREA. braveheart

        • Enough with the lies BH !

        • @ Braveheart, the moving company who moved us said they handled his move from the state when his kid was done at St Jude? Does he still have that house?

      39. Bullies — if they bleed, we can stop them. Ever fought a bully before? Seriously, not scuffled with him, really fought one. They are ALL pussies! I moved every two years of my life until I was 18. Think I fought a few bullies? The really funny part is that once they see their own blood, it just sucks the very life out of them! And believe it or not, they will approach you a day or so later, wanting to be friends! Yes! Just make sure you tell your kids, STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES! Screw the School District. Home School your kids. They’ll be able to read, write and do math when they’re your age, and fend for themselves, and pay their own way. Otherwise, you are raising slaves for the empire.

      40. ”Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. When you give up that force, you are ruined.” — Patrick Henry

        “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, departs from us in peace. We ask neither your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”—Samuel Adams

        Keep the FAITH

      41. interesting off topic article

        the use of the military to defend corporate interests

        has been around for a LONG time

        Field of dreams: A remarkable exhibition sheds new light on the dark history of the opium business

        “The implication of opium in Clive’s death is appropriate, as it was the general’s victory at the Battle of Plassey in Bengal in 1757 that allowed the East India Company to take over and start growing opium poppies on an industrial scale.”

      42. Good job kid, If your being attacked and you didn’t start or instigate the attack you not only protect your self you teach him a lesson that he will remember for the rest of his life.

      43. Those bells haven’t rung in years.

      44. Tom Brokaw is a has been & LIBERAL… FH

      45. If you put some puzzle peices together, it seems that a great majority of those high in power such as CEOs, city officials, school officials, politicians, etc, are absolutely on the same agenda. While those lower on the totem pole are receiving layoffs, these high in position persons are receiving raises. AND Punishing those for heroic moves such as this one.

      46. Thats just ridiculous, I live in western Washington state and have two son’s one is nine and the other fifteen…they have both told me their school rules are ” you can’t fight back” I.E. Defend your self….This is a rule made by people who don’t live in the real world…Its a GOD given right to defend yourself…And if you don’t like GOD look at nature…a bunny rabbit will fight when cornered…Ive told both my sons…Don’t be the aggressor, But you aren’t anyones punching bag…you defend yourself…and do it HARD…Ill deal with School and those phony Pus*ys that tell you can’t defend yourself….Thats the reality of it in a nutshell…

        • If you get suspended, does it count as absent days? I know it doesn’t because I remember the dudes who used to get suspended back when I was in jr high. So, to me, its really just a vacation for your kid.

      47. Solar Report,

        There i little at this time to note. Some several days ago it appeared that the spot complex 11744-1750 wq yet quite active, thankfully those are now revealed along the Eastern limb to be little more than spotless ‘plages’. Further, current STEREO imaging off the SECCHI feeds indicates that little – currently manifest – exists with which to be concerned for at least the next 8 days.

        As such, then here at a quite point, just prior to my departure I will officially declare this Solar Report to be the last and final of the series….


      48. tptb want everyone to be victims… it reduces everyone to the lowest human common denominator – cowardly… if you learn to accept being shoved around and beaten down as a young person, you’ll be a compliant candidate for the camps when the time comes…

        my best to the kid with with k-o punch to the face of the bully… pull him and home-school him…

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst


      49. Large US Marine force lands in Aqaba to deploy on Jordanian-Syrian border

        US Marines landing in Aqaba

        DEBKAfileExclusive Report Jun 5, 2013, 8:06 AM (IDT)

        A large American military force disembarked Tuesday, June 4, at the southern Jordanian port of Aqaba – ready for deployment on the kingdom’s Syrian border, debkafile reports. The force headed north along the Aqaba-Jerash-Ajilon mountain road under heavy Jordanian military escort. The 1,000-strong 24th Marine Expeditionary Force unit is the largest the US has deployed in Jordan in the more than two years of the Syrian civil war. They disembarked from the USS Kearsage amphibious assault ship.

        Keep the FAITH

      50. Here in Wisconsin they don’t punish the student who threw the first punch, they punish the student that hits back. I had to tell my stepson to do whatever he had to do to protect himself and we’d worry about the consequences later.

      51. It’s another Great Day in good ol’ St Lou..
        82 degrees,
        Haze and lots of N.W.O. Chemtrails.
        60% chance of HAARP thunderstorms flooding the Mississippi River.
        Does anybody know who is authorizing this #$%$?

      52. I was bullied regularly in my junior high school by a group of about a half dozen morons. Being smaller and younger (December birthday) and a bit of a geek didn’t help matters, but my father, God love him, decided to get me some judo and karate lessons. This was in the 60’s, so this was kind of off the beaten path. Just before high school started, a went looking for the punks at the local beach, confronted the biggest one of them, threw him to the ground when he tried to hit me, landed on him with my shoulder in his gut, and was never bothered by them again. Fight back, fight back hard, and damn the consequences from the “authorities”.

      53. O/T but a heads up for Iowa preppers

        For much of last year, Iowa’s most pressing agricultural problem was a drought that baked farm fields and parched crops, turning them brown and crumbly. Then the skies finally opened up, providing one of the soggiest springs on record.

        But the rain has created a new, unexpected problem: The deluge is washing fertilizer off the farms and into rivers that provide drinking water to much of the state. Public officials say the problem will pass, but others worry about the potential risks of a compound called nitrate, which has reached levels never seen in Iowa.

        “These numbers are so high that they’re not only problematic from an ecological standpoint for the rivers, lakes, ponds, and reservoirs, but they become a real issue for human health,

        The Environmental Protection Agency requires nitrate in drinking water be kept at less than 10 milligrams per liter. Above that level can be deadly to infants younger than 6 months because the chemical can reduce the amount of oxygen carried in their blood. Pregnant women are advised not to drink water above the EPA limit, as well as adults with reduced stomach acidity.

        • Soon…the government will tell them that nitrate is as safe as sodium fluoride (imported from China and dumped in the drinking water system nationwide). Don’t worry, Monsanto crops will save the day!!

      54. Years ago when the yougin’s were in school our middle daughter had issues with a Bully. Both me and her mother are veterans and taught our children to take NO Sh%t off anyone. One day the Bully started again and our daughter broke the other Girls arm and nose. She was suspended for 3 days but it was well worth it. However this was 15= years ago. Times have changed!!

      55. I attended Catholic school in the 50s and 60s, and we had quite a bit of freedom to goof off (not bullying, picking fights with teachers, causing damage to the school, or selling drugs; just typical kid stuff), but there was a limit that teachers would put up with. If you exceeded that limit, the nuns, lay teachers or Christian brothers would put you in your place physically with a slap or fist across the face. If a fight broke out between two students, my high school teachers would march them to the gym, give them boxing gloves, and tell them to continue until they were too tired to fight. Naturally, most became friends after that because they would realize how stupid they were to fight in the first place. Back then teachers were not just teachers. They played the role of parent when kids were in school.

      56. This year, graduation has become a battleground for some school officials and students. With schools tightening restrictions on who gets to walk, seniors are fighting for their rights in the last hours of their high school careers.

        Take for instance 17-year-old Chelsey Ramer. Her private school, Escambia Academy, is holding the Alabama grad’s diploma and transcripts until she pays a $1,000 fine—all because she hung a lone eagle feather alongside her cap’s tassel during her May 23 commencement ceremony.

      57. HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — State lawmakers passed an 11th-hour compromise bill early Wednesday, the final day of the legislative session, preventing the release of crime-scene photos and video evidence from the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre

        because they would be found out to be a hoax too

        What’s the point of passing the freedom in information act when you can turn around and block it down the road if you want to?

        Okay to hide proof and evidence? Sounds like a false flag cover up to me!

        • aint it funny and just like this admin and how obama could use children and the families of this so called shooting for his gun control speeches but the press, or any one is not allowed to share any information with the public?

          Nahh they aint covering up a dam much for transparency ..
          more proof its been nothing but a gun grab stunt

      58. oh and wouldn’t the gun grabbers benefit from these so called pictures?…wouldn’t this admin benefit?
        yes, yes they would..if they were in fact true, this confirms it..lies and more lies.

        they would never let this go to waste, they would use this to jam gun control down our throats big time…and that’s the reason they arnt using them, because its FAKE!

        • this is just a freedom of information right grab
          Our government is exploiting the memory of those children( real or hoaxed) and using them as excuse for this “compromise” on our Freedom of Information Act. Again…just one of many small steps toward taking the power away from the people., more power away from the people

          and one more step in the direction of never getting the truth about anything ever again..just exactly what they want so they can do what ever they like with impunity

          and it plays right into the fact that it was a set up from the get go, and they are so bold about it, that they will do it right in your FACE!

          • They definitely have something they don’t want us seeing, and it aint blood and gore. Because we see that all the time anyway. That alone raises suspicion. Never mind the fact they rewrite the law to do it. How American. And they want us to trust them?

      59. forewarned is forearmed

        I’ve made mention of the fact
        that in a WTSHTF situation does occur
        that SANITATION or the lack thereof
        is gonna be a MAJOR THREAT

        being able to treat your water
        dispose of sewage
        and keeping yourself clean
        will be of the utmost importance in helping you and yours
        stay alive

        here is just a little more proof

        Syria Ravaged By Outbreaks Of Disease: Typhoid, Cholera, Measles And Tuberculosis

        educate yourself NOW about these and other WTSHTF diseases
        because you WILL be experiencing them

        “The WHO says outbreaks of diseases carried in water – specifically hepatitis, typhoid, cholera and dysentery – are inevitable, given the severe disruption to Syria’s health system.”

      60. FBI Agents Testify To Congress With Hidden Identities In Fear Of Retribution From The IRS

        If the ZOG GESTAPO MAFIA FBI is scared of the ZOG IRS what chance does Average Zog AmeriKan Tax Debt Slaves have ???

        FUCK THE IRS !!!



        FIGHT BACK – SUE THE IRS !!!

      61. World War 1: What Happened?


          • Balfour Declaration

            Balfour Declaration

            Created 2 Nov 1917

            Signatories Arthur James Balfour

            Purpose Confirming support from the British government for the establishment in Palestine of a Homeland for the Jewish people

            The Balfour Declaration (dated 2 November 1917) was a letter from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild (Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild), a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland.

            His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.[1]

            The text of the letter was published in the press one week later, on 9 November 1917.[2] The “Balfour Declaration” was later incorporated into the Sèvres peace treaty with the Ottoman Empire and the Mandate for Palestine. The original document is kept at the British Library.

            N.O. ;0p

        • Jews caused the extinction of dinosaurs.

      62. Central TX Mom, as far as I know he still owns it. there could be some other information I’m missing out on, so I’ll have to research it, but I personally know someone who lives in that area. I’ll contact him first and see what he knows. Hope you’re doing well. braveheart

      63. in The Know, my info on Seagal’s residence could be out of date and I’ll research it to reverify it, but I DO STAND BY MY REMARKS CONCERNING HIM SUPPORTING BUSH AND EVERYTHING HE’S DONE SINCE 911. He’s even supported the militarization of civilian law enforcement and been known to hang out with feds on occasion. maybe you should do some research yourself. braveheart

      64. I was fortunate to have seen Steven Seagal at a pro Second Amendment fundraiser dinner in NJ about two decades ago. His speech was to the point regarding the true intent of the Second Amendment. He did this pro bono. Whats funny is someone in our pro gun ranks is a personal friend of his and we needed a speaker the guy says, “I’ll ask Steven Seagal”, we laughed not knowing the guy wasn’t kidding. Fortunately he was scheduled to be in NYC around that time and the rest is history.

        Being a very hard working Second Amendment advocate had some perks. Our table and seats were a dozen feet from him.

      65. Between the crap that is being taught in the schools, and the idiots teaching that official crap plus their own crap opinions and theories, and the overall lack of real education, I can truly see that most thinking parents will tend to move towards home schooling or schooling co-ops and then giving the kids their social time through team sports and church.
        Adding to the mix this theory of teaching the kids that they can never fail and that every thing they do is wonderful… boosting the self-esteem at the expense of real performance to create a generation of twits that think they are geniuses.
        My parents insisted we go to public schools in south Houston, never mind the crazy standards and lack of credibility… it was mainly to give us the “real world” education of dealing with diverse other people… never mind the bullying I suffered or my brother getting hooked on drugs. Yeah… real world. Brother got the karate class and I got nothing.

      66. Why would anyone bring their kid to school, I don’t understand. School is youth militarization, and it’s only purpose is to disconnect the the child from its family and brainwash it.

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