BATTLEFIELD USA: De Facto State of Martial Law Declared In Boston *Pics From the War Zone*

by | Apr 19, 2013 | Headline News | 575 comments

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    As news of last night’s incident in Watertown, Massachusetts spread, police from all over the North East converged, once again, on Boston. Along with them were elements of the National Guard and U.S. military.

    Though an official announcement has not been made, and likely will not be made, the entire Boston metropolitan area is now in complete lock-down in what can only be described as a de facto state of martial law.

    By all accounts, law enforcement and military personnel have classified  Boston and surrounding towns a war-zone, especially after a gunfight yesterday evening that left one of the Boston Marathon Bombers dead and the other still at large. In a video of the early morning engagement, rapid gunfire and explosive detonations, believed to be more ‘pressure cooker’ bombs, can be heard as police and residents scrambled.

    This has led to shelter-in-place orders being issued by officials, a widespread militarization of nearly a hundred square miles surrounding Boston, and deserted streets throughout the city.

    Military personnel have reportedly been patrolling streets, performing door-to-door searches, and defusing or detonating suspected explosive devices.

    Section 1031 of the controversial National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 effectively declares the United States a battlefield, suspends the U.S. Constitution and essentially allows the President, through the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. military, to deploy assets in this war zone as he sees fit:

    Section 1031 of the NDAA bill, which itself defines the entirety of the United States as a “battlefield,” allows American citizens to be snatched from the streets, carted off to a foreign detention camp and held indefinitely without trial. The bill states that “any person who has committed a belligerent act” faces indefinite detention, but no trial or evidence has to be presented, the White House merely needs to make the accusation.

    Paul said he saw significance in “the announcement and the arrogance of it all,” making reference to the Obama administration’s claim that it can now assassinate American citizens anywhere in the world and noting that the passage of the NDAA bill is an effort to codify the policy into law.

    “This is a giant step – this should be the biggest news going right now – literally legalizing martial law,” said Paul, noting that the subject did not come up at all in any of the Republican debates.

    Via Infowars

    This is what America looks like under martial law:



















    Images Courtesy: Infowars, Offgrid Survival, 12160, The Daily Sheeple, Facebook, Twitter


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      1. Anybody for catching the Criminals? They are all congregated there. Police State bastards.

        • What can be expected?

          They just need an excuse to stand around and chew the cud, wasting people’s hard-earned money. Some people call them pigs but it looks like they’re just simple cows chewing grass rather than eating shit. Watch how most of them are standing around, doing practically nothing, laughing, joking, pretending like they’re the biggest shit on the planet.

          Someone, please tell me, are they jack-booted thugs?

          • Lew Rockwell calls it an excuse for a mini-totalitarian state to nab one criminal. That puts it in perspective.

            • This is the opening shot, dress rehearsal. Wait till they bring out the razor wire ala Baghdad. Look how easily and docilely the home of the Revolutionary War patriots on Patriots Day, no less, let these Rothschild goons in. Spirit of ’76 is gone for good.

              Meanwhile, to rub it in further, a WACO chem plant has been attacked – on the anniversary of the WACO jackboot massacre- while in the midst of ‘mass casualty drills’. and most of our Pats dont even get it.


              • Subtext of the week- attack on patriots and dissenters- Waco and 1776 in this case used by NWO.
                If anyone is in TX area? we need input real time. Death count higher than Boston. What is going on there?

                • Linton,

                  I can tell you whats going on here in TX.
                  This blast has cause much more damage then is being report or should I say not reported. The amount of people not accounted for is alsmost 90 we know for a fact that all first responseders did not make and probally never be found being so close to the blast.A small town is almost wiped away along with a few friends. And what respect do we get form our Gov. a f–king phone call… Makes me sick..Turn on the news nothing but Boston, which to me looks like a HollyWoood movie gone bad..Ok now rant Over… I’ll take my seat back on the sidelines..

                  CATIYMF- NOMI,

                  • I’m really sorry DPS. Waco, Jarrell, Ft Hood Killean, and now this. You folks don’t deserve all this crap. You’re tougher than f’n nails. But you still don’t deserve this shit. Positive vibe from the high desert of AZ bro.

                  • DPS: My prayers go out to you folks
                    in Texas; feel free to Rant all you
                    want. I have a problem believing there
                    is not a connection between these two
                    Do keep us informed on what we’re
                    Not hearing.

                  • DPS know that many of us out here DO care about West. It would make me mad too if this was my town and loss of life much greater than Boston (also a tragedy) and yet not being reported nearly to any extent.

                  • @DPS, on the flip side, do you really want the Feds to get involved? You might be better just sticking with your state resources imho.

                  • Having watched the funerals of the first responders in TX, I am even more disgusted by a pack of civilian firemen having the nerve to bury their dead under the US flag, something reserved, until very recent times, for US military and a few Federal officials.

                    It started with the cops, most of whom were actually veterans back during the draft days, but no longer are.
                    Then some asswipe decided that cops were fighting some “national war on drugs” and deserved military funerals even if they had never served a day serving their Nation and its flag. Now, it seems to be pretty much accepted, and next it seems that firemen, EMTs and probably the fucking local librarians are going to get the traditional military funerals.

                    I have no unusual quarrel with cops or firemen, other than the fact that cops are largely bureaucratic lackeys for whom the Constitution is made of rubber, and who largely lack the balls to actually defend our rights against their bosses.

                    However, I fail to see why they are too embarrassed to be buried under their own State or City flag, and feel compelled to steal the honor of those who actually put their lives at risk defending their COUNTRY. Instead of pretending that you belong to a military organization, why not grow a pair and JOIN ONE? Take the risk if you want the privileges.

                    I spent 21 yrs on active duty, several combat tours. I earned my US flag burial at FAR more risk than any cop is likely to ever see.

                    I don’t expect to be buried under a NY State or Boston flag, or wearing a cop’s badge or uniform that I DID NOT EARN.

                    I expect the same courtesy.

                • From the people I know there, it is a mess. My great uncle was in the nursing home and did not make it. My cousin’s house and cars were destroyed…but they are alive. With a blast that strong, well, finding the remains of some might not happen. And it saddens me because West, Tx has nothing but good, wholesome, Americans.

                  However, something stinks really bad. Though I hope this is only a horrific accident…the fertilizer plant was apparently in a lawsuit with Monsanto. This should be treated as a crime scene.


                  • @Kynase…..

                    I’m sorry for your loss. The folks there in West are going through a lot.

                    Prayers and best wishes.

                • The exact cause of the explosion at the fertilizer plant in West, Texas has yet to be determined. For all we know, it might…I repeat…MIGHT have been of criminal nature. The law enforcement agencies here are treating it as a crime scene. If it does turn out to be of suspicious origin, then they’ll have to figure out whether it was merely a criminal act…or something more menacing. Nobody knows right now. And to say that it’s one or the other for sure, would be pure speculation. In MOST situations in life….stuff just happens.

                  But police enforcement has been limited to just shooing the lookie-loos away, helping those affected and running off the looters.

                  What we don’t have are National Guard, Military and black suited ninja’s running around in armored vehicles. And frankly…..we Texans don’t want or need them.

                  Were it not for the events in Boston, the story in West would be much bigger. But in a way, it’s a good thing that it’s not.

                  The folks in West don’t need Big Sis or the Kenyan coming down for a photo-op telling them, “Hi…we’re from the Federal Government and we’re here to help you.”

                  Those of us here in Texas will take care of our fellow Texans, you can be sure of that. Because that’s what we do.

                  • Texans can take care of their own but I hope those hurt have health insurance of some sort. Being in Texas, it is a good chance they are on their own with their injuries. Lets hope Texans rise to the occasion and help pay the medical bills of those less able to do so.

                  • Walt, I am sincere in my statement. The way you addressed this was great. Sorry about the stalking, I will move on now.

                • Linton, DPS and others, the media attention in Boston vs. mere token coverage of Texas is just another example of the widening cultural gap between “big city” and “non-big city”. Many say this is the elites vs non-elites, but I think the problem is wider and more pronounced than most realize.

                  Where do most of the powerbrokers/lobbyists/consultants/attorneys in Washington come from? Big cities. They were recruited from big city universities, and were educated by professors from big cities. Many of these people (again, with only a “big city” view of things) migrate to think tanks and lobby firms that help shape government policy. They have no clue about the culture of a small town or city of 100k people, and tend to look down on anyone who does not share a similar background. Much of the policy they dream up is perfect for market #10 (Boston) but is horrible for market #265 (Rocky Mount, NC). We’re seeing this with the policies in Obamacare , Dodd-Frank to name two examples which were pushed through by the democrat elites in 2008-2010. Most recent, Toomy-Manchin gun registration would have been nearly impossible for people in isolated towns and homesteads in Alaska and Montana.

                  Let’s move to the media for a minute. Most all of the big national media reporters AND management have dwelt and existed in big cities only, or are decades removed from their small city backgrounds and act/behave as if big city natives. For instance, Dick Parsons, prior head of Time Warner and now CEO of Citibank, was interviewed a few years ago and admitted that he’s NEVER set foot in a Walmart. Good for him, but when running the largest media company in the world at the time and now one of the most powerful banks on the planet, don’t you think he’d more or less understand or relate to the large majority of his customers (the common man), who shop at Walmart? The boards of both companies hired this man, so is it possible that none of them have shopped at Walmart and are elitist too? Doubtful any of them have ever stepped in cow shit either, much less mowed a lawn, cleaned their gutters, or hammered a 2×4. The Walmart story is just one example of the media and corporate America disconnect from common folks and non-big city types. And I am seeing it more and more in product distribution, telecommunications, marketing and advertising, and banking.

                  The bottom line is this: the media elites don’t give a crap about Texas. The dear city of Boston with 3 killed and 150 wounded are much more important than lil’ ol’ West, Texas with probably over 150 dead. West, Texas is “fly over country.” It doesn’t matter. Big cities come first. Were there major celebrity concerts for the 30,000 combined EF5 tornado victims in Tuscaloosa or Joplin in 2011? No. But hey, the elite celebrities were out for a Hurricane Sandy victim shin-dig, weren’t they?

                  The clash of cultures between the industrial north vs the agrarian south was the crux of the Civil War (it wasn’t slavery, btw). I’m seeing the chasm between the cultures of the big cities and non-big cities widening all the time. We don’t have a mason-dixon line now, but a division of red and blue cities and counties. How is that going to play out?

                  • Well said Spike….You make some excellent points and analysis.

                    To the left and east coast and media elites….Texas is just “fly-over country”.

                  • You don’t know just how right yall are about “flyover” country. The cities would have the boots on the ground while the countryside would have the drones “flyover”! Just something I’ve thought about.

                  • Texas sucks!! Home of the Bush crime family, untold numbers of illegals, RFID chips for school children, ect. You can keep it!!!

                • I would just like to say thank you from Teaxas folks, And for the people that say screw TX. Glad to know where you stand…. Many of you are right, we don’t ask for help, we don’t ask for money, we don’t ask for anything from anybody. We can take care of this within. But even if you don’t ever need a helping hand. Let me offer a hand up to any of you right now..

                  NOMI- CATIYMF


                  • DPS,

                    Are you saying Texas does not accept Federal funds???

            • All of the above coming to your neighborhood in the near future. Doesn’t Boston have police? Maybe the FBI should be involved, but really, the military? God help what America has become. It is now only the US Empire. America is gone.

              • If a teenage Muslim Terrorist and his brother can cause this type of carnage and usurp these types of resources it has been a MAJOR MUSLIM TERRORIST VICTORY. This unfortunately will only embolden the terrorist groups and will see that Soft Targets are an easy way to not only install fear but bankrupt America.

                Keep your head on a swivel if you want to keep you and your family alive going forward.

                • why dont you wake up and learn just who the REAL enemy/terrorists are? THAT is the first rule of self-preservation. pull your head out of your ass and THINK FOR YOURSELF instead of what you have been programmed to “see”.

                  • EXACTLY

                • ?Bankrupt amerika? Amerika is already bankrupt. There is no way we can ever pay back the official debt of ~$15Trillion, much less the more realistic estimate of $100 Trillion. The USDollar is toast and so is the country itself, regardless of what a bunch of disgruntled maniacs do.

                  • You are misspelling it as “Amerika” as an insult to the country, using the North European spelling to imply that the U.S. is run by the “evil right-wing extremist Nazis” (actually “Nazists”, as “Nazi” was a slur invented by the Communist Party in Germany similar to “commie” and then picked up by British media, but I don’t expect you to understand this). Meanwhile the country has immense welfare programs subsidizing permanent welfare parasites who in the Third Reich were sterilized. The U.S. has programs like Affirmative Discrimination favoring non-Whites over Whites, and mass immigration to make sure White Americans become a minority and can’t organize to fight back. Homosexuals and feminists are favored, the break-up of marriage is encouraged, while in the Third Reich people received a medal for having six children or more. U.S. schools are full of the Marxist explanation of the world as a oppressor-vs-oppressed struggle, while in the Third Reich history was explained through the view of how the fight for survival shapes society, and how that should be accepted.

                    No, the U.S. is not “Nazist”, it is Marxist to the core. So you can stop using the “Amerikan” slur. Learn some other part of history, one that isn’t focused on the 1930s like the public schools teach you.

              • After a citizen informed the police of the suspects location all that was required was one good officer and a dog. But then we would have missed the photo-op for the heads of the alphabet agencies and the joyuos Massholes partying in the streets.

              • Military there was national guard. That is one of their purposes. Now after they caught the kid and said that the DIA was involved in the interrogation of him, innocent or guilty, he will be guilty either way.

                A little bit about DIA Interrogators.

                DIA along with CIA are the ones who trained my group in interrogation.
                He is done.

                DIA interrogators are known as hostile interrogation specialists. That is where they give you no human rights at all, yes we are talking acid drips, light electric torture, needles, pins, razors to name a few. Or if they want to keep him pretty for a while they will use a large volume book normally a phone book, and a baton. Hurts like a bitch but leave no bruises also for no marks needles to specific nerve endings. Acupuncture works more then 1 way.

                Personally a video of the old Korean glass rod torture will make most males talk and tell you the truth without ever touching them.( a little mental breaking is needed first )

                DIA are the ones who trained the iraqi blood squads you may of heard of them as death squads er I mean interrogation units.

                I have seen people treated with no human rights before have interrogated this way myself but the blood squads are as I say a lot, they are 1 step further.

                Look up the name James Steele, he was involved in our training and directed t he whole operation of the blood squads and supervised our intel gatheres. He has been active since the early 80’s as far as I know. and honestly not someone to fuck with because he will go one step further every time, he has no soul.

              • SO TRUE, MAKATI…I try to tell my daughter but she believes our government is like a Big Brother and nothing to fear.

                Just saw on AOL news the suspect WILL NOT be read his Miranda rights… so we will never know the truth about this whole incident– just like 9-11. And now, according to Drudge Report: Uncle says mentor’s redicalized older Boston bombing suspect– believes he was pawn in deadly scheme. And Obama has vowed he will not let “terrorists” win. Sounding more and more like 9-11 by the day!

                • AND WITH ALL THE GOVERNMENT’S BILLION DOLLAR PROGRAM TO TAKE AWAY OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES AND “UP-GRADE” THE COUNTRY TO highest surveillance in history of any country, and all the other “anti-terrorist” shit they installed, and with the military and bomb sniffing dogs at the beginning of the Boston Marathon… another “terrorist attack” did occur, didn’t it?


            • With these Boston bombers, what’s missing? Think about it. No firearms, none not a one. No AKs, ARs, pistols, high cap mags, no thousands of rounds of ammo, nothing just a blown up Presto pressure cooker. Not even so much as a past weapons purchase. If there was any they would have been out displayed on a table for the Press to video. They apparently shot the MIT cop with his own gun. You can bet if there had been a gun involved Bloomberg, Feinstein and Obama would be out screaming to the rafters about gun control. I guess this might kind of blow a hole in that argument, so to speak.
              I wonder how many people in Boston in the past week wished they had a gun in the house?

              • Just read an article about the shootout that stated handguns and 1 rifle were used but they did not specify the types. They will bring that up in the speeches to come I’d imagine.

            • Yeah, that’s a pretty unnerving precedent they’re setting.

              If they can put that kind of force on the street for one guy, I guess they can lock down a whole city pretty easily for the short term.


            • Excellent practice for the government. 🙁 It seems like more of a benefit for the coming nationwide martial law not to find this character too soon. You know the government’s old motto, never let a bad situation and the opportunity to capitalize on go to waste. 🙁 🙁 🙁 These times stink and only going to stench more and more as time goes on. 🙁

              • BI, you couldn’t be anymore correct. Folks this is gonna be the new norm/paradighm.

                • Eeyup! Another line in the sand has been crossed (again) and you Gadsen flying, Molon Labe, CATIYMF rabble rousers ain’t doin’ bugger all! Can’t say I blame you though, I mean look at all the superior equipment and firepower of those people who have sold their soul for a paycheque. The future of America – Come uppance is on your doorstep and boots stomping on human faces forever. Enjoy your Victory Gin and Cigarettes comrades.

                  • Gin and Cigs will be in short supply. Grab what you can.

              • ‘Looking for the bomber’ they say. It’s a practice drill to see how Americans react to marshall law and being in lock-down.

              • Exactly BI,
                In my experience, when ever there’s some ‘action’, it attracts cops like moths to a flame…
                Remember this…
                If you ever want to pull off something important, remember to create a sufficient distraction first…

              • @BI… YA-vo ,EL CAPITAN!! Let us see you’re PAPERS NOW!!?? But I know NOTHINGgggg!!!

              • BE INFORMED–aren’t you the one who keeps posting commcnets about earthquakes? Well, the other day I remember you talked about China was going to get hit…and NOW ON AOL NEWS– China got hit! You got it right!!

              • Really!???? Maybe they should allow folks to continue to blow innocent people up all over the place and you can conduct an ol fashioned do it your self find him yourself, we will bury you since you do not have any fire power to back your dumb a up! I don’t live there, but if I did I’m pretty sure I would want the bad guy caught. Public whinners….. oh protect us…. oh wait no don’t protect us. Make up your mind damn law enforcement haters. WE and I repeat WE put law enforcement in place to enforce the freaking law. Sometimes that might be inconveninet. Pretty sure during such a tragic horrific event as what occurrred in Boston, law enforecement doesn’t have time to jack around and play into your stupid conspiracy theories. And if I’m wrong…. go talk to Jesus because HE is the only savior, hero, salvation. There will be none on this planet!

            • No need to go door to door and confiscate people’s guns, MA has already done that.

              • Would not need to go Door to door in my neck of the woods. Everyone around here knows how to take care of themselves.

            • Sorry folks, I am torn on this one. I never wore Police Fatigues and me and most of the old guard understood that in doing so, you are in essence creating a police state. I would tell young cops if you wanna wear fatigues, join the military (Army vet here). However, being ex law enforcement I understand the need for some firepower here. Many of my friends were at the North Hollywood shoot out, and their bullets were bouncing of the body armor of those guys. What wasn’t said is that they had set up a mac-90 on a wall at another BofA and ambushed and murdered an armored car driver.

              I was saying the same things when Dorner was on the loose. This was two (now one) guys, and they have paralyzed Boston. Do you think for one second that if the Govt came after everyone that the Govt forces would be overwhelmed in no time. Add to that, I think at least 1/2 of the police and Military would jump ships and back the Constitution.

              One thing I have found 100% inexcusable is that the news said that the search teams are not doing grid searches. That is how you find people hiding inside a perimeter. That is police work 101. Doing random searches is not how things are done when conducting searches.

              As some have said, this could be a dry run, but I doubt it. Now, if they start doing the new Orleans thing and start trying to seize everyone’s guns or other property, then I would say yes to the dry run.

              Who knows?? Remember, Chechen fighters took over that school in Breslyn, Russia and murdered hundreds of kids. Then Hollywood made movies about Russian atrocities in that war. I have no idea.

              Keep your powder dry,

              • JJsan,

                Your post is sensible, intelligent, thought provoking and well said.

              • when wearing riot gear, everything looks like a riot…

                • It is not Riot Gear. It is Stay Alive Gear.

              • Perhaps you are old and been gone a long time.

                • @freecell You know there’s a difference between being a troll and being a dick you obviously cant tell so there you go

              • I recall many years ago, there was an escaped convict on the loose in the vicinity where I lived. I was just a kid at home with four siblings under the age of 10, we were home alone waiting for our Mother to return from work. My Mother called and said that we had to make sure all the doors were locked because someone told her the police were in our area looking for this armed and dangerous guy.

                My Mother said she was leaving work immediately and would be home in 15 minutes. As I went to lock the back door, it opened in my face and there was this guy holding a gun to my head, I froze and suddenly the guy flew backwards, two police officers had snuck up on him and then grabbed him from behind just in time to keep him from entering our home and doing God knows what. To this day, I am so grateful for those cops and know that they were our guardian angels.

                I still feel the same way today regardless of what others have to say. They put their lives on the line every moment of every day, without them we would all be screwed.

                • Dude, get real. Being a logger, fisherman, or firefighter is much more dangerous than being a cop.

                  • 22winmag Dude,

                    Get real, did I say anything about loggers, fishermen or firefighters? I was simply recalling an incident in my past that in a way transformed my life. After that day, as young as I was, I became very spiritual and thankful. If you can find fault with that then you are beyond reaching.

                    You have insinuated that I stated or believed something that I did not even touch upon, that is quite presumptuous of you. For the record, any job that requires dealing with the public such as firefighters, police, including other dangerous jobs like loggers and of course fishermen, is extremely dangerous. So, I guess you really do not know what you are talking about when you attack me.

              • Good post, JJsan. I remember the Chechens’ attacking the school in Beslan in 2004. They also are responsible for the Moscow theater attack in 2002. I remember a dialog with some security guys after the theater attack about what kind of gas the Russians used to knock everybody out. Some said it was “BZ” (quinuclidinyl benzilate). Anyway, the Chechens who end up getting radicalized are probably mostly Salafi Moslems, and that’s what accounts for their willingness to use violence and terror to achieve their goals.
                My wife first said it, and I agree: this whole Boston thing should teach us that being well-armed and having a bit of skill with a rifle is even more needful now.

              • Police are mercenaries, scum, and the instruments of tyranny. The people are most free when they defend themselves, and not depend on legions of egotistical, self-important, state-sanctioned goons. The whole police apparatus should be dismantled. Freedom and danger is preferable to safety and servitude.

            • Yes, a lot of taxpayer dollars are being spent for just one dude, who should have never been allowed into the country to begin with.

              If it takes this many police and military to chase down one man, imagine (pun intended) the problems for them when 100 million American gun owners decide to eliminate the NWO Globalist Gun Grabbers overnight, and at 1000 yards.

              100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote for real Patriots for office.

              Engage your employees now, or be enslaved by them later.

              • It’s not that there would be so many in number, it’s that IMHO in a real SHTF scenario, most of this “show of force” would be reduced to a “show of farce”,i.e., wholly inadequate to maintain civil order. These troops/police would be nowhere to be seen, except back home protecting their own homes and families.

                So for now, when only one guy on the loose, this is like playing Cowboys and Indians.

              • I understand your point but it would be more like 100,000 gun owners and way under 200 yards. Alot of gun owners would have a problem holding a 8 inch pattern at 200 yards. Not including shooters that practice.

              • The difference is that if you’ve got a revolt of 100 million people going on, they care not one shit about collateral damage. In fact they might make it policy.

                Much of the “incompetence” you think you’re seeing is in reality them not trying to kill everything that moves (unlike the LAPD).

                • Theguy,
                  With what has happened in recent events I can not even dispute that statement…… sigh

            • Imagine: Over 1000 federal, state, and local cops to catch two young clowns and it still takes them 4 days to it. Yeah, they really got me quaking in my boots. This giant cluster-f*ck reminds me of the “Keystone Cops”. A gigantic police force out there and they missed the kid hidding in a boat sitting in some guy’s backyard. The owner found the kid after the cops had already “searched” the area. These “super-troopers” are more like ‘super-poopers’ because they just shit all over themselves by missing the kid and having a civilian call it in. These clowns couldn’t find their asses with flashlights and both hands.

              • Kinda like what happened in Los Angeles. The boat owner was lucky he didnt get 47 rounds shot through his truck.

                • dave b- Therein lies the difference Between
                  Boston and L.A. LEOs… just sayin

            • All of you apologists for the military who think they won’t fire upon US citizens, THINK AGAIN!!

            • I agree Imagine, especiall since it was over a cold, wounded, distressed juvinile that’s probably crying so loud that he gave himself away …….!

            • There is no way they can handle multiple incidents. They never would have caught these two clowns had they just diguised themselves and had the money they would need and a vehicle with a full tank. What are the odds thet the station they were getting gas in would have an armed robbery while they were there. Glad these two dirt bags are not going to do this again, what worries me is the millions of others from the same part of the world that this nation has foolishly let in.

              • Horse’sass: You’re exactly right since all cops and many military don’t have their families in some safe compound/base, they’ll protect their homes first in any major crisis.

              • John W.,
                This event will undoubtedly affect the immigration debate. I have often wondered how so many mullet from hostile countries get in here, yet I couldn’t get a visa extension back in the ’90s for one guy from a “good” country with a college degree who was actually a productive, respectful, and intelligent person.

                • Mark,
                  As someone who lives in So.Cal all I can say is it looks like we are already past the point of no return and that is the case in many other places. Large areas of the country are now American in name only. Once the transfer payments run out they will either leave or riot. Texas is the next big plum that the Stoopid party has given to the left wing. With both Ca. and Texas both voting Dem. the Stoopid Party will never again win a national election.

                • The entire notion of immigration is flawed. The breakdown of Western societies, including events such as this, but also on more subtle levels such as language barriers, mass-scale ethnic cleansing, self-segregation and enclave formation is proof. Nations worked. America isn’t one, and is therefore failing profoundly on all markers of social cohesion and economic stability.

            • chris dorner; ONE MAN…shut down la for what? a week? cops shot 3 or 4 unarmed people because they were scared of their own damn shadow…..TWO MEN in boston and we get 5000 cops and untold numbers of military on the streets…no fly zone over the city and fucking tanks on cul de sacs…”STAY IN YOUR HOUSE OR YOU WILL BE ARRESTED FOR YOUR OWN SAFTEY”……just think what will happen when THREE MEN are on the loose………….random thought: had west coast with LA; just had east coast with BOSTON; next event will most likely be in the central USA….CHIGAGO, ST. LOUIS, DALLAS? GOD help us all.

          • A lot of fat cops!!!!

            • But the dogs are nice looking

            • “a lot of fat cops”

              bingo!!! one of numerous observation I made…

            • LOL…A “PT” program needs to be initiated with some of the Mass Cops…….DAM, Some be SWOLLEN ! I thought you had to pass at the very least a standard “PT” PHYSICAL TRAINING TEST to be one of the Departments elite…..! WTF… ! gUESS i’LL stay in the Army…..!

          • I dnt belive nothing the news say. A bunch of lie. Its.all false flag bs.

            • too bad the deaths aren’t false as well-

          • Guess the cud chewers got the asshole.

        • TO ALL:

          It is about 12:31 plus as I write this. TRhe market will close in less than an half hour. There is a problem and everyone needs to know about. Many things are wrong right now and if you have any chance to take action it must be done ASAP. I will just tell you that the DOW is just turned positive but the S & P is up over 12 points. No time to explain but this is not right. Not right at all.
          Generally speaking if the DOW is at 100 points then the S & P should be up by close to 7 points. The ratio right now is out of whack by 200% of anything I have ever seen before.

          Just a warning to all, this is not good.

          BigB 12:36

          • BigB- Do keep us informed, i for one
            would be interested in your analysis 🙂

          • BigB is the fault of Big Blue.

            • “Big Blue = IBM”

              DJIA = 30 stocks *including IBM
              S&P 500 = 500 stocks.

              Aberration yes. Sasquatch no.

          • Thirty stocks versus five hundred. That is just the way it is as the S&P is probably a more accurate indicator of what is really going on.

          • We have time to listen to you now. Big b. can you explain in detail? You said you didn’t have time to completely explain. We’re listening.

        • The New Normal and the Shit hasn’t even Hit The Fan yet. 😛

          • I have sooooo exceeded my data download threshold this month….
            Already throttled ….

            Keep preppin’ till you can’t anymore!

            • I’m just happy all my Swiss chard, lettuce, spinach, and garlic is up and doing so well.. Even if grown in containers on my apartment balcony . Nothing like the beauty of growing food . Talking about security . Nothing more secure than future meals ..

              Prep like there is no tomorrow .
              Prepare for the worst .
              Hope for the best .
              God bless us all .

              • Corns already a foot high. had something to harvest all Winter. One good thing about coastal So.Cal. Ninety degress today, thirty nine overnight.

                • John W.,
                  I’ve been getting kale, broccoli, beets, and carrots all Winter here in the South.

                  • Yeah but we don’t even have to spray for bigs. Also the humidity does not hit 95% in the Summer when it is a hundred degrees. I have been getting the same as you only I dont grow kale. You do have better sea food or at least when I used to go to Pascagoula that was the case. I really enjoyed the South except for the Summers are a bit extreme. I don’t even need ac here in San Diego as most nights even when it is ninety degrees a blanket is required. Keep gardening and enjoying yourself.

              • Dollar General has a $5 dollar off coupon tomorrow if you spend $25. Print it online. Good place to buy basics. My local one take coupons too! Sorry, I don’t work there, but take advantage of their good deals.

                • I use Dollar General,, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, any place to save and make my limited monthly disability income stretch further Shoot it . Thanks much for the news of a coupon .
                  Bless you!

              • Well, here in Ky, the wind was so righteous yesterday, I had to put my tomato plants in the shed.
                And tonight, the low is 35.
                Spring weather, where are you??

                • @JayJay . I’m in NW Georgia . Ridge and valley . Low here tonight 34°F. Plenty of wind here and storms today . I carried my water soaked pots, window boxes and plastic buckets inside tonight . The wind is still pretty fierce out right now .
                  Got more seed spouting in eggshells . I use them to start seeds . Gives me something to hold the dirt and recycle the eggshells . I just plant them shells and all .
                  Figure it adds some minerals directly to the roots as well .
                  No tomato plants as of yet . Waiting till it gets pass blackberry winter. here ..
                  Then I will get some .

        • I know I’m probably going to get shelled for this but forget about ndaa for a second and then think of what kind of response should be taken to capture an islamic jihadist running through suburban neighborhoods who has murdered innocent Americans. Its a slippery slope. Where is the line drawn? Imagine a whole squad of jihadists?

          I hate the militirization of our police and the Federal and military involvement in this because its precedent will be used in the future in cases much less severe and people will just roll over and allow it.

          But what response should be taken? There is a jihadist soldier of war attacking our civilization.

          On a different note, how would the feds lock down our entire nation with a 100 million armed Patriots when they are exhausting every resource in the city of Watertown which is 8 sq miles and just one man??

          They won’t be able to…

          • Obummer’s idea of a civilian army will come true with thousands of “welfare” types joing the ranks for the “just cause” and becomming TSA agents for the good of America. Most sheeple will accept this due to the emotional fear of multiple “false flag” events such as the Boston massacure, Sandy Hook and others that will take place.

            This is just the beginning with the military, NG and locals doing the trench work and the Obummer civ force playing neighborhood snitch. Got that number on your hand or forehead yet cuz if you don’t the snitches will tattle on you!

            • My secret anonamous fed gov ex military specopps info agent told me, hobammys civilian armed force should be easy to recognize and avoid collatoral dammage, as his civil force will all have uniforms that look very similar to holloween Ape or Monkey outfits. Except Minus Fur and Tails!

          • Judging from the success that the cops have had so far trying to catch the second brother, A NINETEEN YEAR OLD KID, that has been in this country since 2000-2001, which means he was SEVEN YEARS OLD when he got here, he must be the Chechen equivalent of Seal Team Six because he’s making the BPD, the FBI, the Ma. State Cops, the Ma. Nat. Guard and all of the other outlying towns police support, some from as far away as Manchester, NH look like the KEYSTONE COPS they are.

            This kid’s been “on the run” since ~1AM, SIXTEEN HOURS, and they don’t CLUE NUMBER ONE as to his whereabouts and they’ve got 20 SQUARE MILES completely shut down, or so they think. If the TSHTF, I don’t think people that can defend themselves have a thing to worry about because the cops couldn’t find their ass with both hands and a flashlight.

            The rest of the sheeple? They don’t have a snow balls chance in hell.

            My bet is that he’s either in the sewers making his escape or he’s dead.

            Anyone want to bet they haven’t even thought about checking the sewers?

            • Navy dude. You don’t have a clue where he is? “A NINETEEN YEAR OLD KID” as though 19 year olds are children and not dangerous. You make general statements backed by nothing but ages, miles, times. You suggest the sewers but admit you have no idea. If he is dead how would you go about finding the body? You admit you don’t have a clue but want the police to be magic, I guess? How many people would you use to find a 19 year old child? I more look at him as a 19 year old MAN who kills for little reason.

              • I suggest you read for MEANING and not for just an opportunity to show your ignorance. Whether this 19 year old is a ‘boy’ or ‘man’ isn’t the issue. The issue is he is INEXPERIENCED and should not be able to elude PROFESSIONALS.

                Get it?

                I doubt it.


                • 19 year olds can be very experienced. Where did you find out he wasn’t? How many guys should look for him?

              • The Wall in Wash. Dc for the Vietnam casualties if full on nineteen year olds.

          • They could never manage in some of the geographically bigger cities in the South ( say Atlanta).

            • Good point. We are talking about Boston!. I know they have over million people etc… Bzut I would like to see this type of shit in a gun loven state…

              Let’s see how this would unfold in a state like Arizona for example.


          • they’ll get those nato jets to make us behave.

            • Not just jets but NATO jets. Why? Why?

          • Thank you Wolf
            Sounded reasonable to me too,

          • It is the CORP’s fault. Secure the boarder and enforce the laws we have. No new laws. They blew it!

        • Are they knocking on doors or going in to and searching homes? If so what are they doing with people they find contraband in there homes?

          • That’s a great point.

            What happens then?

            I don’t what else they could do until they find him. This situation is entirely unprecedented. We are all assured a whole new domestic set of rules for combat will be written or enforced through NDAA.

            What makes this so interesting is the line between foreign fighter and domestic terrorist is so blurred. This instance has a foot in both doors. Its quite extraordinary in its precedence.

          • Fruit of the poisonous tree. Can’t use it.


          • Taking notes for future action. Once this topic has moved off the front page they are free to go back in and follow-up.

          • I would like to know this also. Is the door to door search simply a knock and question or are they going inside with the home owner’s permission? Surely there has to be at least one person in Boston who has said “He’s not here, it’s just my family and NO you do not have permission to search my house.” What has been happening in those situations?

            • I wondered the exact same thing, when I saw a short video this morning of the jackboots ordering people to get out of their houses so they could go in and search the premises. No search warrants, no legal basis whatsoever – and the people I saw in the video were obediently scurrying out of their houses like they were trained chimpanzees.

              One black guy in the video, an older fellow – was coming out and heading for the street and he actually had his hands up, palms forward, as if he was surrendering and afraid he was going to get shot by the jackbooted thugs.

          • Apparently from what I understand from listening to CNN radio last night the police were searching every house, no asking permission, no debates. They had a few people in the neighborhood that they interviewed and they basically said, the police had them and their families stand off to the side while they checked their houses from basement to attic. One guy said that they were very professional and very thorough in their 2 searches of his house (once in the morning and once again at night).
            Basically they knocked on the door, told the family to stand aside at a specific place, then searched the house….and not one person seemed to have a single problem with that.

            And that’s how freedom dies folks. The sheeple think that the cops are just doing their jobs so they do exactly what they’re told without even batting an eyelash.

            As much as we’d love to think that the people would stand up against illegal searches of homes, if the searches are done under specific circumstances (i.e.- searching for a suspect) and everything seems to be done for the protection of the people the those people just step aside and mindlessly allow it to happen.

            This was a test and the sheeple passed it with flying colors.

            And now the debate is on where “lawmakers” are pushing for more surveillance cameras and drones everywhere.
            I believe that just as Sandy Hook was perpetrated to take away guns “to keep the children safe”, this may have been perpetrated as step 2 in the global takeover- cameras and drones everywhere watching everything “to keep everyone safe”.


        • I wonder what happens if you refuse to let them search your house and demand a warrant???

          Or if nobody is home. Do they break into the property???

          The legal repurcussions and precedence are never before seen.

          Will NDAA be invoked to justify any response and violations of citizens civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution?

          • Conditioning. Get people used to submitting to anything just so they can feel safe. One day those asking will be the ones arresting them. Won’t feel very safe then. Just don’t trust them anymore.

        • A whole week of this planned bs attack. It sad the corrupt tyranny gov is pulling shit like this. Wake up ppl.the news exaggerate shit that makes no sense. They are blaming kids for there action.fucking pigs..martial law in boston cause they are gun less. Bunch of pigs wasting tax money. Fuck all them corrupt asshole.the bombers are call us corrupt official.





          • Hey, Wacko, Eisen… WE AREN’T BOMBING other peoples’ countries… the maffia elite who run the U.S. government are bombing other peoples’ countries… both democrats and republipukes!

            • Both Grasshopper and Eisenkreuz are both right.

              Our ‘government’ is no longer in the control of the descendents of our 100 percent White European Founding Fathers. It’s been hijacked and taken over by the descendents of the jewish Bolshevik Communists who seized control of Russia in 1917.

              • Tucker, they control alot more than fed govnt! Like all forms MSM, union heads, 300+ pro-jewish orgs such as ADL-SPLC-et al. 90+% of all Professors. All Major Publishing houses/companies.

                In the EU Eurozone about six months ago or less, a brand new org was admited into the entire euro 27 nation Parliment HQ, or whatever their version of Congress etc is called. They now have an additional group allowed their Own space inside that EU HQ buildg. It is for 120-All Jewish persons that now make up whats called something like the European Jewish Parliment- Congress(?) or similar to it.

                It is a totally seperate body of 120 jews designed to Represent all 27 EU nations “Jewish Intrests”!

                Picture the howls and whinny crys from them as well as african blacks and mexicans here in america if we had 120 Whites demanding inside room space as a permanant “Congress that will Represent” and oversee Whiteys intrests in All 50 usa states!

                Perhaps if those Jewish folks would simply Halt ongoing,continuous Kommie Soviet Bolshevik efforts to subdue and destroy all white countries as well as the whites that populate said countries, ala 1918 russian murderous antiwhite revolt which ended in 1990, after 150+ million deaths of innocent whites and christiians occured. Then maybe gentiles would stop posing a future threat of retaliation to Jews.

                Like I stated prior. After history shows that every one of 109 nations since 245AD Booted them out for Nefarious Perfidious ways like we see wrecking America now. You Must ask yourself this question…..Did all 109 expulsions of Jews from 109 countries happen due to all gentiles of all nations are simply Evil Nazi types?

                OR! Can it perhaps, maybe be that it was Jews who presented such severe troubles which warrented their being Booted from litterally Every country to ever Host their Tribe?

                Logic= it is One or the Other and zero other options. Either They are real true trouble makers wherever they reside? Or all 7 billion Gentiles worldwide is who are bad and nazis, while a meere 14 million Jewish people worldwide suffer the evils of the rest of 7 billion bad persons. Believe Jews always innocent? I got several old Bridges for sale also!

                Ask Russian and Ukrainian and Polish survivors of the Jewish Bolshevik led Holocaust that began in 1918 Russia. Ask them how nice and allied and friendly kommie bolshevik Jews treated Them folks!

                They, bolsheviks make nazis look like children amatures. Like Cub Scouts with small pocket knives when compared to True Evil that still today Posseses those decendants Here in america. Bolshevik kommie jewsih mentality is truly Demonic, Pure Evil from Lucifer/Satan Himself. Just as Christ warned us of!

                Everybody keep looking sideways for muslims or others acording to all msm sources. That way You won’t notice who our real true enemys are. Bloomberg-Finestien-Schumer-Banksters-are just the Tip of the proverbial Iceberg. A Potential of Their tribe here today is about 7.5-8 million strong. Not all are evil or enemys of course. But when they most all hang tighter together than even Black africans do. How to tell Which are Which? I will leave that up to those “Good” Ones of their tribe. If they fail to come over to our side or quit enabeling those who are truely Evil and Will attempt doing to Us the same exact killings their Granddads and Grandmas did in 1918 Russia. All I can say is its Not My/Our job to figure out which aint evil bloshevik kommies.

                And That is the Primary reason 109 nations Booted them the last 19 centurys. Like usa today, they get Arrogant-Over Confident-and Overstep themselves. Then Massive Majorty awakens in quick fashion. Then as usual they get Booted, or worse! Then the Whinny crys of persecutions happens. Only, due to todays info-age This time it Will be different. No gentiles here or abroad will listen nor believe their Lie/Crys.

                Know the Truth to set self Free from future guilt or doubt when and if You must take serious action due to those Nation Wreckers. But first Learn all about all Their evils the past 2000 yrs. Hollywood won’t make any movie on That issue! You are on yer own to find those truths and facts.

              • The truth hurts these people apparently. America has been stolen from the progeny of the founders. There used to be an attempt to assimilate European immigrants, who were at least culturally compatible. The judaized “elite” don’t even make that pretense anymore. They push wholesale replacement of the ethnic-American community. Just as they push mass-immigration and “tolerance” on every other Western society.

                Liberals are trying to wipe out Western communities using communistic/marxist/bolshevik rhetoric declaring immigration to be a human-right, and resistance to displacement or ethnic cleansing to be crimes against humanity.

                They have made the USA into the USSA. And the various police forces are their Gestapo/NKVD. Welcome to the NWO.

          • …but you do have a point…; )





          • Finally E! You have a good one. Thanks

        • 9000 plus military,dhs,fbi, local and state police all swooping in and still cannot find a 19 year old suspect?

          Please..and you worry about the feds confiscating your guns..or worse?

          Given the recent stats..

          What me worry?

          Thank you Alfred E Neuman..

          • Yeah, but you see how they are going door to door? They could do similarly with the gun grab… Please prepare accordingly!!!!

            • i guess i’ll hide my guns in the boat

          • Talk about an overtime bill. Hate to see Bostons budget after this. Just imagine this going on in ten cities at once. I wonder if anyone in charge has ever thought this through,

          • Think about the difference in military tech in this country, between 1925 and 1985.

            Now tell me again what they can’t do.

        • Something stinks. This came together waaaaaay too easily.

          Any word on what happened if you didn’t open your door for the JBTs?

        • Good intel on the team we’ll be going up against. Pictures are worth a thousand words. When I first saw these, I thought it was colorized versions of Nazis scouring neighborhoods looking for Jews.

          • Me too except I was reminded of 20yrs BEFORE nazis were invented, when in Russia and Ukraine(1918) Russian JEWS were the Jackbooted Cheka(secret police killer squads of Jew fed gov murderers of white christians). Then That thought enlightened me as to Why Nazis gor invented! So Germany could deal with Hoards of Kommie Bolshevik Jewsih persons invading germany to do what they did in Russia and Ukraine 20 yrs Prior! AKA= So Kommie Jews could Murder germanys mainly 99% White Catholic and Lutheran Christian Populations!

            Too bad the usa sided with Russian Soviet Kommies in WWII huh. If USA listened to General G. Patton, and allied with germans to go Finish Off every last fuckin Kommie russian, be they Jewish or otherwise, America could have avoided 50+ yrs of Cold-War, and Korean war as well as Every fuckin wrong headed war america got into ever since!

            And you also would Not see any of todays Kommie Bolsheviks like Finestien or Bloomberg gun grabbers in any power positions in the usa now! Why with so Much Free historic true info available today are so many folks Still so asleep when it comes to truth about these issues? Wake Up Whiteys! or They Will Murder You and Your’s too.

        • Well, at least we now know for a fact that those MRAPS reportedly on that long train were indeed headed for OUR STREETS…I saw some of them in the pics above, I think…they all look alike to me.


        • So much crap is detailed on this page, I can’t even begin to start–but I will. What you point out as Section 1031 of the NDAA really states:
          (a) BRIEFINGS REQUIRED.—Beginning not later than March 1,
          2012, the Secretary of Defense shall provide to the congressional
          defense committees quarterly briefings outlining Department of
          Defense counterterrorism operations and related activities involving
          special operations forces.
          (b) ELEMENTS.—Each briefing under subsection (a) shall include
          each of the following:
          (1) A global update on activity within each geographic
          combatant command.
          (2) An overview of authorities and legal issues including
          limitations. H. R. 1540—274
          (3) An outline of interagency activities and initiatives.
          (4) Any other matters the Secretary considers appropriate.


      2. Here we go, testing one city at a time.

        • American Desensitization Training

        • @GV….

          I said as much in a post on an earlier topic regarding this situation and had one guy say that I wasn’t making any sense.

          What I said was they are “practicing”. And they are probing.

          These guys just can’t wait to play with their toys.

          Funny…..people thought we were tin-foil hatters whenever someone would mention seeing these military vehicles on the move across the country. You know the pictures…..of those black armored PC’s.

          This whole thing is giving them an opportunity to test communications and equipment….and the reaction of people.

          Can you imagine how compliant the sheep will be when they execute the REAL false-flag?

          • @walt
            I agree. I’ve been calling this a live fire drill since it started.

          • Just heard from the live update: They searched door-to-door search of a 20-block radius and they said “We did limited searches of those homes.”

            That’s all the details they gave.

            I wonder if each and every person consented…

            • Actually there are some people who were upset the police didn’t check on.

            • Limited?? That means the suspect could be in any attic of all those homes searched–what a waste of resources and public tax dollars.

            • free $50 ebt or snap card for each unlawful entry.

            • You might have given us the answer we were looking for, GV.

              If these searches were ‘limited’, then that is clear proof that they were never meant to be serious, not in the respect of actually looking for the second suspect.

              This whole thing has been a charade, a trial balloon – an exercise to flex their muscle and to condition the stupid sheeple to submit to their tyranny and clear violations of our 4th Amendment rights.

          • Walt- What do you base your statements on? Can’t wait to play with toys? Why? Pictures of black PC’s? How do you know they were armored? Why would they not load them into c-130 planes and transport the secret PC’s? Why would they move around? Why can’t they test communications equipment other ways? Why gage a the peoples reactions? You don’t make sense and cant answer the questions without invoking conspiracy theories. Nothing you say is true and you can’t explain or back it up. You need to get some power in your life and self esteem.

            • grippen ? you think this is a conspiracy ?
              seems to be factual and easily backed up with more facts.

              • Please share your proof? Enlighten me. You speak generally about “facts”. What are they?

                • These people here, Grippentrog, don’t deal in facts. They deal in the very fear that they say they are not feeling cause they are so baaaaaadass. In fact, they take it about 10 steps further into a PARANOID fear.

                  • I am not baaaaadass…. I am bananas.

              • Um no I didn’t think conspiracy. Wtf? Can you read?

              • Grip was clearly stating the incident was not a conspiracy. In fact, he was calling GV out. He made several points. Maybe you meant you wanted facts to back up the notion this was not a conspiracy. I will give you numerous examples. The photos originally circulated on this site and some media were not even close. The statements made about purposely letting them go we’re wrong. The conspiracies based on the police or government actually doing the crime were wrong.

              • Looks to me like two shitheads decided to kill and maim a bunch of people. Reminds me of a couple that now have access to the White House. How times change.

            • @Grippentrog….

              1. The militarization of our police has been a trend that has been on the upswing for years, but especially since 9/11. Sometimes, it’s warranted. But we are seeing a huge increase in military style operations in a civilian environment. This is not opinion or conspiracy…it is fact. “Dynamic Entry” for instance, has become a tool of law enforcement that is vastly overused. And the results have been on several occasions…tragic.

              2. Look at the vehicles. Obviously, you don’t have a clue about the way those vehicles are equipped. They are armored. If you will dig a little deeper, instead of getting all your news from the MSM, you will understand.

              3. You can train and train but there is nothing like a real event to reveal whether or not your tactics and communications are effective.

              Back up what I say? Open your eyes man. Or pull your head out of your backside.

              It’s not a conspiracy theory when they are doing it.

              I’d suggest you do a little research and learn how tyrannies are implemented.

              • I looked at the military armored yes but they do not belong to the police. Are you still on the training theory? That makes no sense. They would have killed the second guy. Can’t leave him to tell the true story. A dynamic entry? Seriously? That proves the cops are military? Sorry but that has been a tactic since the First World War. You are funny.

          • It would have been a great big GFU moment for me. Once the media goes home I will too. Don’t need you to tell me to go inside…. got my 60′ by 120′ covered. Just glad mine is 2640′ x 2640′.

      3. Even Megan Kelly thinks something stinks.

        • who is megan kelly? Is she a Newscorp shill??

        • Only because they could not find any white clingers to put the rap on. That was their hope that it would be Tea Partiers or some other conservative group. They just don’t realize that whitey is now a bunch of pussies and don’t fight no more.

      4. Yeah, city folk drivin’ in a black limousine
        A lotta sad people thinkin’ that’s a mighty keen
        Son, let me tell ya now exactly what I mean
        I thank God I’m a country boy.
        – John Denver

        • Agree that WV is “almost heaven,” but dude, you guys need to get rid of Manchin.

          • I am from Wv, and couldn’t agree more. He definitely sold us out…as did Rockefeller. But we knew he would. He is a Rockefeller…..

        • Hey PP, good post. Couldn’t help replyin but with some lyrics from a great song from Charlie Daniels:

          “And you never did think that it would ever happen again – in America, did you?
          You never did think that we’d ever get together again…
          well we damn sure fooled ya.
          We’re walking real proud and we’re talking real proud again, here in America.
          Ya never did think that it would ever happen again.”

          I long for these days again.

      5. Better get used to it ! There are a lot of guys that have trained for years and just love putting on that gear. With that many guys doing house to house, you know something bad is going to happen. The two bombers will never see a jury. The rest of us will never get to know the truth !

        • The truth is what the gov’t says it is–Movie “Shooter”

        • Just think about them going house to house….searching every room in the house.

          Oh yeah…..they’re just looking for the bad guy. Right.

          Don’t think they aren’t taking notes of who has what.

          Again I say….THIS IS A PROBE. This is what you do when you are trying to ascertain your enemy’s strength and how they are equipped. (weapons, food, reading material…or anything else they find interesting).

          They don’t have to “toss” the house. They can just observe what is readily apparent.

          Don’t think for a minute that they won’t be looking for “persons of interest” that are totally unrelated to the immediate situation.

          • Exactly Walt! Folks, you better take note of this cause this is gonna be how gun confiscation is going to go down. And then the rounding up of those headed to Camp Fema. All this is is a practice run. The hounds let the rabbit run cause its fun and practice. Ain’t nuthin’ any better than to get the sheeple used to the new norm. The gun totin’ folks in Boston should be askin’ for search warrants. This BULLSHIT has got to stop.

            • When and why are the guns going to be confiscated? When and why are we all going to camp FEMA? Why ask for a search warrant? Why not consent and help the police find the crazy muslim? Can you answer the questions without invoking a conspiracy?

            • My daughter is an expert, so to speak, on criminal investigation– she watches all these crime shows which tell how they collect evidence. If you tweet, use your phone, or write stuff on the Internet, the cops can locate you almost immediately…so be careful when they come for the guns, etc. Also, the little grocery cards with the little lines? They will give you away also. Don’t use them!

              • GRASSHOPPER! Now Ive fuckin heard it all. Your daighter is an expert form watching TV shows. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA/….. maybe they should have called her in to find this other kid.
                Oh man…I needed a good laugh tonite!

              • Yeah. Your daughter goes to Perry Mason university. Grasshopper you really are stupid. Crime shows. Hahahahahahaha

              • Grasshopper. That had to be the single most stupid thing ever written not only on this site but in the history of the written word.

        • so they never see a jury unlike hassan the assassin who single handedly stopped an entire deploymentand murdered how many ?
          and yeah,it was classified as work place violence.
          so would this make what happened at their marathon simply track meet violence ?

      6. The News Propaganda being put out by Fake News Corps that are run by the Govt are doing exactly as they are told, only the news the Govt wants you to know is coming out, What they dont want you to figure out is that this is a GOVERNMENT OPERATION, proof is at infowars dot com and you can clearly see Military US Operatives all over the place with Black Backpack, The US Govt wants to Instill fear and is doing this by Having Boston on a De Facto Martial Law and Connecticut as well, These Operations Further their Plans to get all the Guns and Take Total Police State Power Over the People, as they Did in New York and NJ After Hurricane Sandy, New Orleans after Katrina and every other chance for them to impose Martial Law on us, THAT IS WHAT THIS IS, NOTHING MORE AND TO DEMONIZE PATRIOTS AND OR MUSLIMS TO WRESTLE EVERY BIT OF HATE TOWARDS THOSE GROUPS AND TAKE ALL SUSPICION OFF THEMSELVES

        • Funny but I told a friend this very thing right after it happened. The suspects that put the bombs in their locations were probably paid to do so and will not see a trial if for no other reason than to make sure of their silence. There are rumors that one suspect has already been killed and the other one is at large. I am sorry that the people that live in Boston are under Marshall Law though and I am praying for them. I also told the same friend that things would come to this. What is even sadder is that I dont follow politics at all.

          • I question EVERYTHING now..are you sure one alleged suspect is dead?
            Who says?? The LSM??

        • I have a gut feeling that this Saudi guy is a distraction, and they are trying to get us to focus on him instead of asking questions about what those black ops guys were doing at the Boston Marathon.

          Glenn Pecker is part of this distraction, trying to stir up a big issue and keep the sheeple distracted. This is why this sleaze ball was demoted but not totally fired from the mainstream media for having the nerve to finger Soros as a cockroach turd. They kept him around for a future manure shoveling assignment – and this is likely it.

      7. maybe a bit off toppic, but this needs to get pushed forward..
        two simple rules of how we can clean out the house, senate, and congress. 1 term limits, 2 if they don’t vote for what the people want, and they are brought up on ethics charges, they never get convicted, and if they do, it’s misdemeanour charges, but since they are held to higher standard, they should face treason (citizen revocation) charges for more than 1 misdemeanor charge? If we strip them of citizenship, they can’t own or possess those bank accounts, and they can’t return to lobby for their companies who’ve paid them off! problem solved, Treason they have committed for far too many years, at the hands of corporate manipulation! Insider trading, etc, and such! We can’t pick them out, one at a time, they are like a virus, we leave one, they create another colony as fast as viruses, fungi, or molds, and bacteria like a microbiology lab! They are infectious. Threaten their citizenship, and they might think twice about who they really serve? I would! Remember Eddie Slovak was executed for treason, and his crime was refusing to fight! These senators are doing the same thing! They refuse to fight for the people, and they aren’t ever going to pass term limits!

        • Sounds good.

        • Hey, I for one am tired of all this bashing of our elected officials. We have the best politicians that money can buy!

        • …and practically no one noticed that while the left was shrieking for weeks about gun control along with the propaganda fed MSM, the House and Senate quietly reversed the law they passed last year prohibiting INSIDER TRADING.

          Real nice representation we’ve got in Washington.

        • one big assed problem, ALL ELECTIONS ARE RIGGED, ALL VOTING IS A WASTE OF TIME……….

          • Preaching to the choir. I have been saying this same thing for YEARS. Expect to be “red-thumbed” by the “sheeple express” that still believe THEIR ballot is a patriotic exercise of imaginary control over some aspect of GOOBERMENT!

      8. Like I said, this is the look of Martial law..look at what the alleged cops are wearing BDU’s and flack vests..all out Military garb

      9. this is NOT Marshall law. This is merely the state trying to catch a terrorist.
        I see nothing wrong with the US authorities HUNTING terrorists!

        I hope the good old USA catches the terrorists alive & then execute them!
        When people have been convicted of a terrorist crime, they should be sent to Saudi Arabia, they know how to deal with terrorists!

        ALL terrorists should be executed.
        USA is a great country & they did a great job tracking the terrorists!
        God BLESS the USA.

        • Kev, wake up dude… TPTB only want you to think that this is for your safety. They are after your freedom..

        • kev,

          This activity by the authorities to capture ONE person is not right way to do things. According to them, everyone must give up their rights in order for them to “do their job.” This is a false premise designed to train the masses to accept the coming police state. Please tell us you were being sarcastic. Otherwise, welcome to the new world order.

          “Ah, but there’s a NEW order now. MY order.” – Jafar

          • It worked. You remind me of the anti war people in Vietnam. Tie their hands for stupid reasons.

        • @kev:

          …define “terrorist”….


          • Any person or group of people who use fear to push their agenda on the rest of the people…sound familiar?

            • @sixpack:

              …that sounds like the definition of “in-laws”…just sayin’.


              • Yeah, it does. At least in my family.

        • Why is it that so many cannot spell? It is martial law not marshall law. That was on Gunsmoke with marshall Dillon.

      10. The poor scared people cower behind drawn curtains while the police state grinds the boot. These suspects have already been found guilty without due process…in the MSM and even in this article. Their fate is sealed and it appears America’s fate is sealed too. Save me! Save me! The police are every bit as militarized as the military itself. The uniforms and camo and assault rifles are meant to put the fear of the state into the common man. It would be sickening if it weren’t so sad. All the crowing about “at least we are free” is bullshit. You haven’t been living in a free country for many, many years. Has anyone actually seen the video of either suspect planting a backpack? Or just pics of before and after. Let me know when it is released. I don’t think you will ever see one. It’s so easy to bullshit everyone with little to no evidence. Is there any video of the 7-11 robbery? This stinks to high heaven. Trot out some more “experts” and fill everybody’s head full of propaganda. Pre-emptive guilt is the new normal. You may be next.

        • “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
          – Sir Winston Churchill

          • The quote is from George Santayana not Churchill.

            I love you mom.

        • … and how ironic is it that this is all going down on the 237th anniversary of the “shot heard round the world”?

      11. About the fifth pic down. That is the sorriest lookin SwAT team. I think the fat black guy from saturday night live is there towards the back. I didn’t know he was a cop?

        • Ha! Hysterical!

        • jwoop66

          These SWAT guys would make piss-poor deer hunters!

          Would they expect a big buck to come walking

          down the middle of the street, let alone a terrorist?

      12. They are calling for EOD, not DOD. Bomb squads.

        • The global elite must be in a panic right now. Since the dawn of man, terror has always worked well to manipulate the masses. In the last few decades alone, the fear of mass shootings has done more to restrict the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms than any dictatorship in history. The mass majority of Americans could be easily pursuaded to give up their own freedom without question, simply at the coin of a phrase, and the accompanying collateral deaths of a few innocent people.

          Apparently, that period of time is ending.

          The problem with the elite blending their “technological age” with “gun-crime oriented terror” is multi-faceted. First, the ability for more people to communicate with each other is unprecedented and we all know knowledge is power. Secondly, and perhaps most important—THEY PICKED THE WRONG CROWD TO TERRORIZE with GUNS.

          Adding insult to injury, practically every single American has a cell phone with a camera function…millions of them in any given place. Because if this fact, the elite are definitely experiencing a problem controlling the information, especially photo evidence from the crime scene. Add to that the ease with which one can upload to youtube, facebook and the like, and it’s a media nightmare out there for anyone trying to get away with something dark…including the government.

          Veterans and gun-owners are patently the wrong people to attempt to terrorize with guns, because WE KNOW OUR WEAPONS. We know the capabilities and limitations of our guns and ammo and because of our experiences with guns, we know a false flag when we see one. It only takes a matter of a few minutes for most of us to evaluate the story presented by the government and pick out the lies and inconsistencies in it. In short, we are not afraid of our own tools.

          It wasn’t very difficult to debunk the 2 billion hollow point rounds story, because gun owners know from experience that hollow point rounds are much more expensive than full metal jacket rounds, and that it isn’t feasible to use them for practice on a regular basis. Gun owners know the difference between a “high-powered sniper rifle” and a scary looking black .22 cal with a flash supressor and custom stock. To sum it up, More people ARE NOT BUYING THE HYPE ANYMORE.

          So now it looks like the “false flag” scenario has been changed…BOMBS ARE NOW THE CURRENT “TERROR DU JOUR”. Bombs are not as familiar to a lot of us as our trusty Bushmaster, but just as deadly in the wrong hands. The elite terrorists are counting on our ignorance of munitions to continue their terrorism with public bombings.

          THIS TOO, WILL FAIL.

          It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that fragmentation bombs usually show visual evidence that fragments tore through the container as they were forced outward. That is the general function of any bomb. In the case of the alleged Boston Marathon pressure cooker bomb(s), we are shown a twisted lid from a container they claim was filled with steel ball-bearings, nails and other durable fragments—a twisted lid that does not show any dents and tears on the inside surface, that would be consistent with steel schrapnel being forced out through the container walls under intense pressure. What they showed us, looks (to me) more like what we might see in a pressure cooker that exploded in a meth lab, containing mainly liquid, small aluminum pieces and glass. Materials that would be too soft to do much damage to the inside of the container as the seams burst.

          There are people out there who know about explosions and are not afraid of pressure cookers either. It’s only a matter of time before they start to speak out about what’s wrong with this picture. “NOT ONE MORE INCH” includes all forms of attack, not just attacks on our right to bear arms.

          When the elite finally realize that we are educated, experienced AND awake and we’re not gonna take this anymore, THAT is when the real “terror” will begin—when they know we’re coming for them and there is nothing they can do about it.

      13. I find it interesting how EVERYBODY jumps to conclusions.
        If these two did the deed they need to get snuffed.
        I get why the alphabet guys discount the other “military contractors” that appear to be connected with craft, because they most likely are, until proven otherwise, they are still the good guys, i know ill get the thumbs down and rude comments but not every single event is some sort of conspiracy! So get over it!
        The feds use all manner of private operators for all manner of operations, will give the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise,
        The executive branch and legislative and judicial,,,,
        They are a bunch of assholes period,
        But boots on the ground,,,, well see.

        • @kula:

          Good Day Sir.

          When those boots are at your front door, will you still give them the benefit of the doubt?

          Good guys protect your Rights above all else, ALL ELSE. There cannot be middle ground by use of force, EVER.

          LEO’s do not protect you.
          LEO’s are not here to keep you safe.
          LEO’s protect and serve their paycheck and benefits.
          LEO’s are paid to serve their masters, period, under the color of law.

          It is better to let one guilty man go free, if the cost is to enslave one hundred.

          No disrespect Sir. I do believe most LEO’s are good people. I believe that they believe they are doing the right thing. But, regardless of good intent, trampling an individual Right in the course of their “DUTY” as a policy, is not what good people do. Actions are always the tell.

          Let us just agree to disagree, best to you and yours.

          …I’ll see you on the beach……BA.

          • Agree to disagree,
            See and we are being civil about it, polite civilized society,
            I like it
            Happy friday,
            Back to work…….

        • It will be interesting to see if any financing connection can be made to these these too guys.

          If not, then I am inclined to think this is not some “grand plot”, just two pissed off kids who thought they could get away with it.

          Having said that, I would not take my eye off the ball–the fact is the local , state and Federal forces seem to be able to coalecse into a more intimidating force these days. Whether this would be maintained in a generalized SHTF natiowide situation however is still debatable.

          • Think it will again come down to location.
            If your in a big metrocity you will definitely see paramilitary police, most likely even in suburbia,
            If you are rural or remote or small town, eh, most likely not so much,
            Like they say, stay away from crowds.

        • But Kula, can we see the real, unsolicited, ‘proven’ evidence before we waste the other guy??

          Just saying, the 5th AND 6th amendment and all.

        • Funny that you should require ‘proof’ that good guys are no longer good, but not require ‘proof’ that people who haven’t been proven to have done anything but simply ‘be there’, are bad guys. Sounds a little bigoted to me.

      14. No, no…it isn’t Martial Law.

        It is Shelter-In-Place. Doesn’t that just sound softer and less scary? There, there now. Just stay in your homes or you might get hurt, mmmkay?

        • I think they could improve it even more: “Snuggle Snugly In Place.”

          • maybe pass out some hello kitty sleeping bags for all the over-nighters…

        • Shelter in place is a way of saying if we catch you outside we shoot or arrest you. It’s martial law with a cute bow.

      15. I guess the “tyranny response team” stickers that the patriot movement had fell off the bumper and blew away. Just like their moment. How do those boots taste Boston?

      16. I wouldn’t lose a bit of sleep if every gun owner in Boston spent at least one bullet at one of the targets in the streets in a uniform

        • Why would you want to kill the cops? Do you think they are doing something bad when trying to find a killer?

          • Wake up little sheep

      17. You know what they say, “Practice makes perfect.”

        This provides an opportunity to TEST the updated laws – which ignore the peoples rights as stated in the Constitution.

        “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States.

        A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power, and jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of a law which appears to them unjust and oppressive.”

        Noah Webster, An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution (Philadelphia 1787)

        • KY Mom…I heard from one of your senators named Paul that Kentucky has approved the growing of industrial hemp. True? Time to gear up the rope factories.

          • Do they need seeds? It grows wild around here. Can’t get rid of it. It even grows in town behind my office. Cut, dig, spray, and it still grows. They did grow it around here for rope during the world wars. Makes for good Dove hunting…..

      18. I hate the government as much as everyone else, but c’mon they need to get this guy. Would you feel better if they all went home and didn’t give a shit?

        • From the looks of the comments here, I think most would definitely prefer that they go home and not give a shit. Try as I might, I don’t understand why.

        • I would “feel better” if I thought I could believe any aspect of the official narrative! From what I’ve seen/researched to-date…Patsy time again!

        • Thanks Satori for this info. That is the most stupidest thing. Where is the common sense of people did it go out the window?

      19. Um… is this s scene from the streets of Russia or the streets of America?

        • Amerika

      20. Praying for Boston, all police/guard, etc. and for all of America. God bless America!

        • TO WHO GAVE ME THE THUMBS DOWN IN THE ABOVE COMMENT…I was trying to be SARCASTIC! DUH! It DOES look like a scene from Russia, rather than the U.S… don’t you get that??!!

          • Grasshoper…ahhh yeah we got it. Just thought you were stupid.

            • Grippenfrog– if you don’t think the streets of Boston resemble the streets of Russia/police state, then YOU ARE THE ONE WHO’S STUPID!

              • Streets of Russia. Every day or just once in awhile? I have been to Russia and you don’t know what you are talking about.


              • Um yes you can. A hole? Have you ever heard of the national guard? Do you know their mission? You can also assign anyone in the army to the guard and guard to regular. That how they take guard members to Iraq. A hole. Cite the law or shut your pie hole.

                • Gripertrog needs a good ass kicking by a couple Large size biker types. Just enough to knock some sense into his head. Snap outta it fool. Very Young Fool too I bet.

                  Stop demanding proof of every comment. If you are truly that unknowledgable on so many issues?…Do Your OWN researsh Homework gripperfool. Then return with comments that Add info to this place.


        told ya’ 4 years ago this sheeit was coming .

        now boston is

        UNDER SIEGE !!!

        just like the damn movie .


        this is such bullsheeit AND CONSTITUTIONALLY ILLEGAL at so many levels .

        what kills me the most is none of the ZOG GESTAPO power tripping PIGS has the brain power to see the truth of whats really goin’ on ;0P





        • ” The Tree of Liberty at Times must be Watered ,
          with the Blood of ZOG AMERIKAN TRAITORS and GLOBALIST FASCIST BANKERS alike !!!”


          • @ZOG:

            I don’t get it Brother. It is being played out “live” on the boob tube, and still they cannot see the truth behind the sleight of hand, theater, portrayed right in front of them. Thumbs down, really ? LMAOTIP.

            I guess real, must be too real to believe.

            Dead offers no do overs.

            ….twist and shout……..BA.

          • ZOG
            You appear to have a serious mental disorder, probably brought on by a syphilitic infection you received from your mutha while still in the womb. It was probably compounded by fetal alcohol syndrome. You should seek help from your nearest jihadi cell.

            • I will take and endorse ZOG’s “serious understanding” over your MUTATED normalcy bias, any and everyday doktor Johnny-BOY!

              • Yental
                You also appear to be a sick person. Maybe you and ZOG should get together and make a little YOG. Even so, I still recommend that you check in with your local jihadi cell for further instructions.

              • @ Yental … RESPECT !!! ;0)

                whaddup WarChief ??? and thanks for gettin’ my back !!!


                • My pleasure “bro”, keep-on-keeping on…the TIME is NOW!

            • @drJ:

              The use of the word “probably” in a statement indicates no actual truth, thus eradicating all merit of the statement. You used “probably” twice, indicating the double, dumb ass dumbness, disingenuously displayed during disturbing discourse, designed directly downward, doubting discerning debaters Doctor’s dubious design, Dumb Fuck.

              ..spread your lies and legs somewhere else….

              ..putting your hands down your own pants does not make you a doctor, Dumb Fuck.

              ..another 500 Americans were killed by their doctor today….BA.

              • @BA … RESPECT !!! ;0)

                thats some funny sheeit right there !


                • @NinaO:

                  Just like shooting fish in a barrel, practice, practice, practice.

                  Too bad trolls are like Chinese food, hungry for more after 30 minutes, lol.

                  …where’s the beef……..BA.

              • BA
                You are very humorous in your attempts to discredit. You also expose yourself as a high tempered little sissy that can not stand the 1st amendment.

                • @drJ:

                  I never stated that you could not post, I support your Rights. You discredit yourself, attempt not required.

                  Go back to your cave, your drawing flies.

                  Dumb Fuck.


      22. What a malevolent over-priced costume party this is. On the same day as the marathon in Chicago, four people were murdered.
        Besides the exorbitant cost of all this manpower and resources, shutting down Boston’s economy costs $1 Billion a day since Boston’s annual GDP is $360 Billion. This fascist safety theater is creating a financial holocaust for us all.

        • Exactly.

          People die every day and there are a bunch of sick individuals in the world that feel that they need to inflict pain and suffering. But the reaction to lock-down the entire city of Boston just to seek out a single wannabe jihadist is stupid. Now every future jihadist has just realized that they only need a single attack per major city to basically shutdown all economic activity in the US.

          Israel doesn’t shutdown Tel Aviv when something blows up. Sure they mourn but they get on with their lives. They don’t go crawl under the bed and wait for mommy to say that the monster has left.

          Grow up, America. BAD stuff happens. Learn to deal with it.

        • One of the best comments on this god-forsaken post. If there is any justice in the world, businesses and individuals will win lawsuits over loss of income and denial of civil liberties.

      23. I posted in a hurry above regarding the stock market. Just wanted to get that out to anyone that could do some thing.

        But you add everything that is going on here in the USA and today being a Friday I am worried. Not saying a lot of what we have been talking about happening but:

        1. Crazy numbers on Stock Market.

        2. The city of Boston for all purposes is under martial law.

        3. The President meeting with the Saudi Arabian whatever day before yesterday and an agreement to ship a Saudi National that is in the hospital in Boston under guard back to Saudi Arabia.

        4. Hints from more than one source that the President is considering Executive orders because the Senate did not pass the gun laws he wanted.

        5. To many open questions regarding these two guys in Boston. Where is the guy they arrested early this morning who they made strip because he had a bomb? Where are the couple that were taken out of the house this morning after shots were fired and maybe an explosion or two? If there is only 2 or 3 guys in this cell who are the other guys on Infowars? Did anyone else notice the back packs these guys had on that supposedly had the pressure cooker bombs in them? I don’t know but they did not looked full enough or heavy enough to carry a bomb. Where did these two guys get all the materials including guns and ammo? The 19 year old didn’t work and was a student. What did te older brother do for a living that he caould afford all of this. Was this an FBI sting operation that went bad?

        All of those people in Boston staying in their homes for how many hours now? Shows you the control they can have and that as far as I know is without the National Guard.

        I don’t like it, none of it, and am going to be on high alert all weekend.


        • I’m right by your side all the way BigB

          The bullshit goes on forever

        • But the Supreme court said that an executive order that makes law is unconstitutional,they can only moderate existing law.

        • Howdy BigB,

          How do Friend! We missed Ya there for a couple of days Buddy!…everything OK, I hope!

          “1. Crazy numbers on Stock Market.”

          Yep, I don’t see any of the ‘numbers’ going by at present as being anything other than STRANGE Friend. Whatever is occuring there I can’t but feel that it’s got ‘WRONG’ printed all over it. Oil doesn’t know whether to ‘sh_t or go blind’ , the DOW iw just wrong, metals ALL are wrong….NOTHING is what it should be under the circumstance…Oh, and get a LOAD of what is being put forth at various places on the Web (ZHedge, BI, et al) with respect to the ‘post-game’ on the metals play….considered by most round-abouts to have been a FAILURE to scare us out…it’s NICE to NOT be getting beat with the knobby end of the stick for a CHANGE. Whoever decided that THIS was to be the ‘method’ MISGAUGED things rather badly, Eh?!

          Oh, and get a LOAD of what the HangSeng did before close-of-business Friday, t’ant to be beleived…

          Keep up the ‘Good Work’ Friend…you’re doing a ‘Bang-Up” job tracking it all for us…I depend on your commentary with respect to the markets now as much as I depend on BI for seismic…please regard THAT HIGH praise indeed ir IS so intended!! 😉

          Um, last thing here…you may have noticed over time BI nad I conducting a running discussion of the effects of ‘All that is Above…AND Below’ on general Human behaviour… THAT may well be what is operant now.
          There is a ‘butt-load’ of all such going on, RIGHT NOW Friend.


      24. No, this really is NOT OK, Mike. This looks like a scene from a Communist Country. This is totally against the Constitution! (Possee Comitatus).

        Obama put his hand on the Bible and swore to UPHOLD the Constitution when he was sworn into office. You don’t swear to God to uphold the Constitution and then proceed to DESTROY the Constitution. It is totally NOT acceptable, its TOTALLY not honorable and its totally not honest!

        • “Obama put his hand on the Bible and swore to UPHOLD the Constitution when he was sworn into office”

          How do you know that??? It was done in private so who really knows where his allegiances lie…

          • I SAW HIM!

            • He had a private swearing-in ceremony on Sunday, then he had a for-show for the public swearing-in on Monday. So what you saw was just a ritual for show because the real one had already been done.


        • So you want all the guard arrested when they show up to a natural disaster? Ok?

          • griptrog put a plexiglass window low in your stomach area. That way instead of asking so many questions or for proof of every comment or law spoken of you will be able to SEE whats really going on. It will assist seeing reality while your head is so deep up your ass.

      25. the situation in Boston has the US transfixed

        but the world still goes on

        Sinclair – The US Will Be Cyprused & We Will See $50,000 Gold

        “This has been to stop the revelation of what the central planners are so panicked about, and the fact that the US is going to get Cyprused. They have now manufactured a situation right here at this point in time where it is almost impossible to save yourself.”

      26. Look at all the new toys the cops have. I bet they’ve been dieing to use them.
        Don’t worry this is just a drill, a live fire drill.
        Probably to test if they really could go door to door.
        Can you say gun control.

        • What toys are new? I did not see anything I haven’t seen before. As far as “dieing” (sic) to use them?

      27. I’ve always known something like this was coming to this land, however, it’s still so disheartening, shocking, and disgusting to see this happen in any of our cities. I don’t know their exact strategy, but it appears it’s only a matter of time before it spreads to the rest of the country. Tonight I’m making a final check of my weapons, ammo, food supply, etc. Lock and load. SHTF and revolution are almost here. God save America! NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • Rep. Peter King (NY) already has all kinds of plans, as he has explained to National Review; great reason for even MORE surveillance, and to open another “front on the war on terror” (whatever the frack that is) against Chechnya:

          “Peter King sees the attacks in Massachusetts this week as a wake-up call to local law-enforcement authorities to increase their surveillance and awareness of potential terrorists.

          “Police have to be in the community, they have to build up as many sources as they can, and they have to realize that the threat is coming from the Muslim community and increase surveillance there,” the New York Republican congressman tells National Review.

          “We can’t be bound by political correctness,” adds King, who chairs the House subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence. “I think we need more police and more surveillance in the communities where the threat is coming from, whether it’s the Irish community with the Westies [an Irish-American gang in New York City], or the Italian community with the mafia, or the Muslim community with the Islamic terrorists.”


          The attacks show that “the war from terrorism is far from over,” King asserts, pointing out that many had feared “the nightmare” that someone without a criminal record would be successful in attacking a city. “The new normal,” King says, could be terrorists attacking from within, without any increase in chatter monitored by intelligence prior to the attacks. “The new threat is definitely from within, and we can’t let our guard down.”

          “I’ve been talking about radicalization of the Muslim community,” he remarks, “and I think this is an example of it.”

          King says he’d like to see local businesses alert police when anyone makes a suspicious purchase, such as buying significant quantities of items that could be used to make explosives. In New York City, if “anything unusual, any potential component part of an explosive device is purchased under any suspicious circumstances,” the businesses alert the police.

          The two brothers believed to be involved in the atacks, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, have potential ties to Chechnya. King says that means there may be a “new front” in the War on Terror.

          “There’s never been any history of any threats emanating in this country from the Chechen community,” King says. “So in a way this opens up a new front in the war.”

          King dismissed the idea that the Massachusetts attacks should be a significant factor in considering the immigration-reform legislation.

          Speaking about the attacks in Massachusetts, he talked soberly about how “deadly and brutal” the killers were. “This was solely to cause human carnage and suffering. There’s no other purpose to the attack. It’s not even as if they were blowing up a government landmark and civilians got killed collaterally or as an afterthought.”

          • Wow! Tribe member and jew zionist jwo honcho Peter King warns of every nationality as potential terrorists Except for the Biggest and longest known true evil terrorists…Jews/Bolshevik & Zio varities! And aprox. 1/2 of them are in NY!

            Perhaps he should demand a Yellow SIX Pointed Star be worn on all His tribe members as a warning to ALL gentiles! King is another Beedy Rat eyed kommie bolshevik.

            Ever notice most every major important senate or house committee or sub-committee is Chaired by a dem or repub Jewsih official? King-Finestien-Schumer-Levin and more!

            They represent a full 1.4% of usa population yet have near Total control of entire nations fed govnt and MSM etc!….America is being set up exact same as Russia 1918.

        • You need Jesus my friend !

      28. So this brings up a perfect scenario I have been dreading. I would love to hear some recommendations. If some such scenario happens in a town near you. You are caught at home, not some hillside retreat in a remote forest. Your wife and newborn child are with you, and a defacto swat team pounds on your door. You don’t even get the benefit of them needing a warrant since it’s a “house to house search for some bad guy for the public good”. They threaten to break the door down if you don’t open. What do you do?

        I know if it were me alone I would be able to deal with the consequences of refusing while armed and ready. I don’t care what their reason is, King and castle, and their law ends at my property line where mine begins. However, they have proven over time their willingness to burn a house to the ground with women and children present. Anyway I play that scenario out, myself and family die and are portrayed as crazy fanatics.

        I think we all are waiting for the same thing… to see some news from some town of some patriot who followed through on what we all say, believe, and hopefully have the fortitude to enforce, when their rights are trampled on. Someone for a movement to gain momentum from. We continue to wait. In my opinion, these animals in charge will only blink when their agenda meets naked, unrestrained, brutal force!

        Please let me know what you think. There are simply too many scenarios to plan for.

        • never – not that i disagree with your line of thought.
          but , dude , you take a shot a these guys , YOU DIE .
          lights out , see ya later , i’ll drop by with flowers.

        • @Never Established
          Get out of the cities. Move beyond the sidewalks. (How many more times does this need to be said?)

        • Better to die on your feet than live on your knees. Shoot throught the door…

          • And the saying goes, ‘I felt threatened’ and according to the Supreme Court was within my rights to fire.
            If it’s good for the LEO, it damned well should be good for the American citizen, right??

        • …distract ’em with donuts, then steal their new pimped out ride…

        • @NEVER——– take your medication man. Sheesh.

        • Give them all your fire arms you have in the HOUSE. Dont die today as revenge will be yours tommorow.

      29. I bet this is what Boston looked like in 1775, after the Boston Massacre, and that first battle! Except, the ones who were wearing the uniforms and driving the tanks were the Brits!

      30. @NE
        Call 911 and tell them someone is trying to break in and they have guns.
        Maybe more will show up and kill the ones at the door.

        • I’m just wondering…..what are they doing when they encounter a house where nobody answers the door?

          Do they…..

          1. Just go on to the next house?

          2. Break down the door and search the house?

          If they just move on, then how do they know for sure that the bad guy didn’t break in himself and has just made it look as if no one is there? Perhaps he broke in and managed to overpower the occupants, tied and gagged them and stuck them in a closet.

          Which then begs the question…..If they are not entering EVERY SINGLE BUILDING, isn’t the whole operation of going door to door a futile exercise?

          • Oh….I forgot to add….

            If it is in fact a futile exercise….then it begs another question…

            What is the REAL purpose of what they are doing here?

            • You tell us Walt. What is going on here? Don’t shift the burden to a sane person and ask us to explain it to you. Why don’t you tell us from start to finish. Nope, just a bunch of scary words questioning things with no alternative thought. Just words like..”it’s practice”, Its a false flag etc. Why and how? You are a person of low power and self esteem..typical conspiracy believer.


                • Grasshopper. He made a statement with no reasoning. Ask your daughter to start watching logic shows.

              • I’m trying to get morons like you to actually think, instead of just buying line of BS that gets put out by both the government and the propaganda wing of the government called the MSM.

                But I guess one dimensional thinking is just beyond your capabilities.

                That’s fine. Go back to sleep. There’s nothing for you to see here.

                • Oh Walt. I am thinking and therefor questioning your blanket statements. Simply asking you the reasons concerning why you made the statements. Is it double secret? Can only people who read certain books understand your mystic claims? I am simply asking you to refer me or explain your thoughts. Statements like “they are going to” imply you have something to base your thoughts on. Or are you just talking out your ass and acting like you know something?

                  • I gave my reasons for my statements dumbass. Are you too stupid to read?

                    As for reading….I doubt do it at all. And I doubt you get your information regarding any subject from any source that is not MSM or the government you so obviously worship.

                    Buzz off you statist moron.

          • And I would like to know if they are taking peoples weapons.

            • Since Mass. has such restrictive gun laws, I would imagine that they will be checking to see if people have their guns registered like good little sheep.

              At the least…they’ll be taking notes. If you’re a prepper and have a stock of stuff, you can bet they’ll take note of it….if for no other reason than to profile you for future reference.

          • There is no doubt “they” took a running count on how many resisted the intrusion and by what means…

      31. Yawn.. False flag.. merely an exercise to condition the sheeple towards acceptance of a police state.

        • No time to “yawn” my lady…time to call bullsh*t on the continued LIES. Talk, write, and communicate the same to EVERYONE you can potentially influence.

          The “predicted time” is no longer “coming at some point”…IT IS HERE AND NOW!

          From “this point” forward…noncompliance and OPEN civil disobedience are the best answer to a “gooberment” of NON-representatives…from the “Present-dent” and down the line.

          Time to OPENLY choose FREEDOM/LIBERTY over gooberment oppression and ultimate slavery.

          How much more FREEDOM/LIBERTY/PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS will WE continue to surrender for a false sense of security/safety? Evidently the “bomb sniffing dogs” and “trained experts” in place at the Boston marathon got their combined training at Chuck-E-Cheese. THAT, or you know the rest…TRUTH.

      32. I would really like for someone to rationally explain something. These two ‘suspects’ have robbed a store, hijacked a car, had running fire fights with the police, shot 2 and killed one cop and detonated explosives in an effort to avoid capture. Considering this, just what exactly do you expect the police to do? Just let the guy go?

        • Another funny thing here….

          The guy’s brother evidently had multiple bullet wounds.

          Are we to assume that this guy got out of that fire-fight without a scratch?

          Not beyond the realm of possibility I suppose…but sure doesn’t seem likely.

          If he IS wounded…then one would think that at some point he would need some form of medical attention.

          I’m sorry…but I refuse to believe that a nineteen year-old has enough experience and knowledge to know how to survive in such a situation without extensive training.

          They may end up finding this kid holed up in a sewer pipe or road culvert somewhere….and he may be dead when they find him.

          • It’s either that, or he slipped through their perimeter.

            • or they have him or his body but aren’t going public yet so the after action report on this drill has lots o’ usefull info.

            • They got him. Not out of the perimeter. So it want that or the sewer. Streeerike two.

          • Walt. Yes one person can be hit numerous times and another not hit. He was not in a sewer they just got him.

            • Correct…he was not hiding in a sewer. He was hiding in a boat in what looked to be someone’s yard. So what? It’s the same principle.

              The point is….he was not in someone’s house. And they evidently found him with thermal imaging…..not by a door to door fishing expedition.

              • Ok Walt. What are you up to today? Want to take my sewer for a spin on the lake? Now you change mind. What did you mean by perimeter?

              • Update: It appears they received a tip from the guy who owned the boat AFTER the eased the lock-down. The boat owner evidently saw blood on the boat and notified the authorities. A helicopter used thermal imaging to confirm that he was in the boat.

                Since there was blood on the boat prior to him being captured, we can reasonably assume that he was wounded as a result of the fire-fight the night before.

                So……Grippentrog…It looks like my assessment of this was far more logical than yours. As I said, it was highly unlikely that the younger brother came away from the fire=fight the night before unscathed.

                And it’s also obvious that the “thorough” house to house search for this guy was in fact, unwarranted and futile. The same result could have been had by just sealing the perimeter and telling people to stay inside.

                All they succeeded in doing with the house to house searches was desensitizing people to living under martial law.

                I stand by my argument.

                • Well then, let’s take the sewer out for a spin.


            • @Grasshopper…

              Well I’m wondering how much training a 19 year-old college kid, who has lived here in the states for the last 10 years, (and from all reports was just another school kid) could get that kind of training.

              Reading about it on the Internet and playing video games is not the same as actually doing it.

              As we have learned from media reports…he was hiding out in a boat. And from what I understand, they used thermal imaging to determine that…..not door to door searches of residences.

              A real door to door search of every house, building, and culvert is a very intensive operation. And if you don’t THOROUGHLY search EVERY little nook and cranny, is really an exercise in futility. At best, you prevent the suspect from moving about. But unless you physically clear every house and possible hiding spot, you aren’t accomplishing a whole lot.

              I think sealing the perimeter and telling people to stay in their homes was a good idea. An excellent idea in fact. But I just think the door to door searches of people’s homes was just over the top. The only thing it really accomplished was a desensitizing people to having a militarized police force having access to their homes.

              • Walt: As far as Training, this kid may have
                been trained up Before he arrived in the U.S.-
                pure speculation on my part.

                • @TTC…

                  If they are training 9 year-olds, then we are truly screwed.

                  I understand your point, I just don’t think that this is the case.

                  • I agree we are totally screwed We are so ignorant and programmed by the gov, schools and the media you gotta stop listening to the news

          • He did have wounds Walt. Why did you think he didn’t?

            • I didn’t moron. In fact, I made statements that I found it hard to believe that he went through a fire-fight where his brother “had more wounds than they could count”, and came out unscathed.

              I said that he was likely wounded and would have required medical attention. The fact that the boat owner saw blood on his boat proves my point.

              Maybe logical discussion isn’t your game. Perhaps a remedial reading course would be an investment you should consider making.

        • When these things happen, there should be a well-armed militia of ordinary citizens out in the streets protecting themselves and hunting down the wanted men for the reward money.

          I’m embarrassed for all those Bostonian slaves cowering in their plantation cottages waiting for massa to give them the “all clear.”

          As it stands, we work until the middle of April just to pay for the useless eaters of the feddle government. If we have to fatten up any more public sector pigs, the feed will run out and our own families are going to starve.

        • Ah a reasonably intelligent individual, thank you, like i said, they are the good guys, going after the bad guys, until proven otherwise, reading the article on MSN abot the guy who got his leggs blown off fingering that one prick because he dropped the bag in front of him and walked away then it blew up, gives chills,
          The cops and feds etc are searching for an idiot killer, not trampling on peoples rights, if i saw the fucker running down the street Id cap em just so the prb could let everyone get back to life!
          God bless the republic

        • Looks like thats exactly what they did.
          They have just ended martial law.

          • You don’t have a clue what martial law is.

            • The status quo will continue to try somethin else after this I suggest you study

        • akcoyote, I expect the “POLICE” to catch them, not the military. also I guess you think its ok to violate americans constitutional rights just because some dumb ass is running loose. Hopefully a armed civilian {if there are any left in Boston} will nab the SOB and it will be over. wow imagine a armed patriot catching the terrorist, hmmmmm, I bet that wont make MSM news.

      33. I live just outside of Boston. Not locked down as of yet. From friends: Can’t leave house or answer doors. Shops, Mass trans all shut down. Trains to and from NY shut down indefinitely. Taxi’s were resumed but only to let those who were able to catch Mass trans. to be able to arrive home. Fear is growing. Mostly about the Gov. take over.
        One must understand, Boston is much the same as a mini NYC., just on a smaller land scale.
        Be aware….., be prepared……….., be safe. Coming to a city near you. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it is coming.
        This is Boston, a strong proud people. If it can happen here it can happen anywhere, because as American’s WE ARE ALL PROUD, strong, folks who just want our Country back to FREEDOM!!!!

        • Damn the people who helped. Damn them.

        • You should start thinkin about moving to a small town big cities are traps you see what happpen poor citizens now have no legs , that is because of the our gov

      34. and when the threat has finally been neutralized, you will see all the government “presence” evaporate like the morning mist in the rising sun and all life will return to normal and the conspiracy nuts will have to go digging for something else to complain about. I would say the residents in the affected are are quite happy to have their protectors on site. I have relatives up there and we have been talking via e-mail and they seem more than content to know that the police and the protective agencies are on the job in this horrible affair.

        • Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
          Benjamin Franklin,

          • Sorry, dont think that applies to this sitch, these guys do get paid to go after bad guys ya know

          • Was Ben referring to a single incident or a general mindset?

        • Have you been asleep the last years Mr. Lemming (I purposely chose this spelling by the way) or are you just totally blind and stupid.

          Things are not the same since 9/11. In fact, we are losing more and more of our freedoms every day.

          Go back to normal?

          I don’t think so.

          You may not see machine gun toting cops in Ninja outfits on the streets every day. But you’ll see more and more surveillance cameras. And this will be used as a justification for more TSA pervert-gropers at EVERY sporting event or mall and on every form of public transportation.

          Expect to have your person and effects searched at random. Expect check-points where they search your car. Ask where you’re going. Where you’ve been. What’s your business in the area?

          This is how this kind of tyranny is implemented…gradually….and with “good cause”… keep the public safe. For the children…

          The founders of this country are rolling in their graves.

          • @ Walt Kowalski …. I thought the same ting about “Rip Van Winkle” , er, I mean Mr. Lemming. He certainly is
            still asleep.

            ~~ gardenia

        • @john:

          Keep your “normal” sir, I will keep my Liberty.

          If you can’t say “No”, then you are not free, not my idea of a normal normal normally.

        • Hello, slave.
          Too bad that “government presence has
          not evaporated like the morning mist,”
          young samurai.

      35. Chris Dorner was one man with training and small arms.

        These are two poor Chechnyan guys with training, garage-quality bombs and small arms.

        People keep saying patriots don’t have a chance of confronting the military.

        Keep on thinking that.

        • Yea, and these guys also made bombs out of stuff you can buy at the local wallmart

      36. Chechen Terrorist Networks Trace Back to the US State Department

        * i told ya’ll red thumb mental midgets the chechens worked for the damn zog amerikan cia and jew mossad !!!

        ;0P pssszzt

        • We always knew you were full of shit.

          • @rtb … you and the rest of your traitorous zog adl aipac splc jew crew just don’t get it do you dumb phucks ;0P

            all you are is the ‘ hired help ‘ to the nwo banker globalists .

            in the end they will dispose of you , treat you like lepers with extreme prejudice as they will see you as a threat .

            you too will suffer the same fate as every one else .

            dummies .

            ;0P pssszzt

          • The policy of the idiots in D.C. for years has been one of supporting, arming and funding some of the most despicable and evil people in the world IF it met our immediate agenda. Frequently, this has ended up biting us in the backside…..I think the term they use is “blowback”.

            Some examples…..we supported Saddam Hussein and Iraq against Iran. And we supported the Afghan Mujaheddin against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan….which by extension means we supported Osama Bin Laden. More recently, we supported known Al Qaeda operatives in Libya against Qadaffi, and it would not surprise me a bit that the reason why we are not being told the truth about Benghazi is because we were probably helping provide weapons procured in Libya to support yet more Al Qaeda operatives in Syria.

            I could go on and on with more examples, but I think the point is clear.

            If it is in fact true that Chechen rebels in Russia had our support, then it is possible that our subsequent declaring them to be a terrorist organization may have provided the motivation for these guys to turn on us.

            It seems like we can’t determine whether Al Qaeda (and other organizations like them) are the good guys or the bad guys.

            Like I said….we flip-flop our policies to suit the particular agenda at the moment. In other words….we double-cross people.

            By this, I am not attempting to justify in any way what these cowardly monsters did. I am just pointing out that we cannot hope to be inconsistent in our policies and not expect there to be repercussions.

            If we are going to continue to operate this way, then we cannot continue to have the open-door policy that we seem to have regarding the apparent ease with which they are able to enter our country. (i.e. student and work visas and liberal immigration policy for instance)

            • Not really a flip flop Walt. We supported Iraq at the time due to Iran being worse. ( at the time). We supported the Afghanistan people against the Russian communist. This was pay back for Vietnam. Things change and policies change. Do you want us to continue our wars with Germany, Japan, England, Vietnam, Grenada, Mexico etc just because we fought before? Of course not Walt. Things do change and policies change. Double cross? Wtf? Again, thank god you don’t run the country.

              • @grippentroll….

                You don’t have a flippin’ clue what you are talking about moron.

                Come back when you can refute my points. There are literally dozens of references on the web supporting the claims I have made.

                I could post an argument to your last post, but I just don’t feel like wasting my time on someone who has no desire to really know the truth. I won’t do your homework for you you lazy mindless slacker.

            • Kowalski is 100% correct on this

              red thumbers NEED to educate themselves on this

              for crying out loud
              this info has been out there for awhile now
              read a damn book or two

              Blowback by Chalmers is a good place to start

              • ok CHALLENGE to the red thumb brigade

                if you have ANY facts countering what Kowalski said

                lets hear them

                start posting some links

                I would absolutely love to see them

                I have to admit
                it does concern me GREATLY
                that so many people on THIS site
                are so seemingly uninformed on what their govt is up to

                so lets see the links kids
                start posting

              • Thanks Satori….

                Frankly, I’m growing weary of trying to educate dumbasses who are to freaking lazy to spend the time to research this stuff on their own. In fact….from now on I’m just going to ignore the obviously stupid. I don’t have the time or inclination to deal with them. They can F.O.A.D.

                I’ve got a feeling that most of this recent red-thumb crowd are just Obamazombie focus-group apparatchiks anyway. Some minimum wage slackers being paid to troll the forums for the express purpose of sidetracking the discussions.

                • gotta agree Walt

                  there certainly seems to be a core group of trolls
                  and it is a well known fact that the gov pays people
                  to post on forums like this

                  and of course I’ve actually heard people say

                  “I don’t let the facts interfere with my beliefs”

                  no wonder America is going down the crapper !!!

                  • Warning! I am forced to attach my posts randomly to threads such as this one because the kosher police here are trying to stop me from citing my factual sources by thumbing me down. Zionists control all governments, the Holocaust was a hoax, Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world, 9/11 was an inside job, the Moon landings were faked, and Earth is at the center of the universe. It’s a well-known fact that ZOG pays shills to disrupt forums like this one by, for example, attacking people like me for speaking truth to power.

            • Completely agree Walt! It’s our policy to back whoever suits our needs at the moment.

      37. Section 1031 of the National Defense Authorization Act is about nuclear forces. Get the facts straight before reposting things from Infowars.

        • Two errors. First, the article refers to the 2012 bill. Section 1031 in that bill does not refer to anything nuclear. Only in the 2013 bill does 1031 cover nuclear forces. Second, the original article apparently has a typo. The section number should be 1021.

      38. Cayootte– you asked, “what do you expect the police to do?” THAT’S THE POINT: the military, not the police, are searching for the guy… and they have military TANKS– not cop cars.

        • Lions and tigers and tanks oh my. It is legal to use the military. It was done all over the US in the 80’s to thwart street gangs. You are being hysterical. Oh my!!!!!!

      39. Good point, Eisen!

      40. Hey you, down there dressed in black, do you think you could bring my family food? We’re all sitting up here on the roof.


        ” Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God !”

        GOT AMMO ???


      42. This will be the excuse to roll out the Perverts at TSA to Search your anal cavity everywhere in the city

      43. I’m just curious. How strong is this country? When one man alone can shit down an entire American city? Shut down our way of life. One man. Flat screens and new cars don’t matter at this point right? Whether you like it or not, we are Rome. Strong on the outside and weak within. Many in this country only know the way of life being 9-5 then news. Breakfast, 9-5 then news. Oh how rapidly a way of life can change.

        • My apologies. Shut down not the other word.

          • Shit down is appropriate as well.

      44. This is the police state that is coming. All of these city and county police departments have been gearing up for major unrest. I mean, look at this situation, we got a major region paralyzed because of one person. What would have happened 30 years ago?

        • seriously, back in the day the neighbors would get their guns and help with the search. or be deputized (sp) and help out.

        • 30 years ago Pa woulda got the shootin iron and stood with his feet spread apart on the stoop…”See that there sign (nods toward old torn No Trespassing sign). Now git off my property.” Just inside the doorway ole Hound is heard growling. Some people just aren’t skeerd of the boogie man.

        • But if it goes all at once they won’t have 2000 for every city in the US.2000 to find one person,and almost messed up big time.called all clear then almost immediately someone noticed a shed open .so where was he if he could slip back through where they checked?

        • surveyor: ‘what would have happened 30years ago?’
          answer: Ohio

      45. Lol….We had a saying in the infantry about soldiers whom would buy all of the latest cool tactical gear. We would call them a “Goochie soldier” but at the end of the day,….most of them were “SIMPLETONS” without the James Bond gear, ..just sayin.

      46. Um… Posse Comitatus anyone?

        Nah, didn’t think so. Meanwhile, just down the street, Ben Franklin turned over in his grave, muttering something about giving up freedom for security. Unfortunatly, none of the coward leftists in Boston were around to hear it, as they were all hidin under their beds

      47. I live just a few miles from this event and as crazy as it is, it’s not to bad. You can go just about anywhere you want minus the actuall search grid and must take alternative roads into Boston. It’s not actually martial law by definition.

        The two take always are this:

        1) many people suprised by the number of police and amount of equiptment (armored truck and evil black rifles)

        2) many in the area blocked off and close to the search zone wish they had a firearm.

        More people at work mentioned to me they wanted a pistol or shotgun… they said they would just feel safer. Go figure!

        • That’s pretty funny Spanky…

          I had a similar experience during the L.A. Riots in the early 90’s.

          Had an acquaintance who was “anti-gun” prior to the riots. Unfortunately, he had to drive through some pretty dicey territory to get to work every day. When the riots happened, he was coming to me, asking me if I had a gun I could “loan him”.

          I had to explain to him how that in Kalifornistan, it’s illegal to “loan a gun to someone”, and that if he wanted a gun for self-protection, he would need to go through the 10 day waiting period. I also explained that if he wanted to carry the gun with him in his car, he’d have to get a concealed carry permit….which are impossible to get in CA unless you know the right people, are a celebrity or give enough money to the local judge’s election campaign.

          Funny how reality makes believers out of liberals.

      48. By the way ” While were in here do have any guns ” just sayin……

      49. @ Be Informed,

        7.2 in Russia. Any thoughts?

        • thanks for bringing that up. so easy for folks to forget alot of other things are going on. it is challenging to stay on topic when the things you, satori, vrf, ky mom, etc. link also need our attention.

          ok, cue the “hey mac, how’s the forum coming along?” calls.

          • yup

            ya gotta be able to walk,chew gum AND scratch your ASS
            all at the same time

            life is getting WAY too complicated !!!

            time to go camping…

        • @ Norse Prepper. The energy signatures were coming from central Japan to Kuril Islands like stated in response to Daisy on comment # 1490501. Everyone was concentrated on southern volcanic islands of Japan, but there was nothing coming from here in comparison to more northern Japan and the Kuril Islands. The very worrisome massive waves of energy are coming right from Mexico to Chile, big time. There was another western Nazca earthquake towards Easter Island and when this happens Central and/or South America gets nailed. Remember that the North American plate is directly affected by the Caribbean, Cocos, Nazca, and South American plate movement. The North American plate dictates what the New Madrid, Cascadia, and San Andreas does. There was also too much movement on the Scotia plate recently to indicate that nothing is coming.

          • Thanks BI! With everything going on in the world and US, a major quake would….shake things up a bit. OK..bad pun. Still, as you have stated in the past a major earthquake could tank the economy.

            God Bless,

      50. seemsthis happened once before, on April 19th……..1776.

      51. Didn’t Paul Revere warn us of this – 236 years ago TONIGHT? 😮

        • Actually…it was the night before..

          I remember the poem…

          “Listen my children and you shall hear,
          of the midnight ride of Paul Revere.
          On the 18th April, in Seventy-five,
          hardly a man is now alive,
          who remembers that famous day and year.”

          • Pick a date any date and there will be an event that proves nothing.

            • Like your birthday? That was a big nothing. Ha.

      52. I have to wonder how many of the anti-gun people holed up in their homes with nothing ore than maybe a steak knife or a fireplace poker for defense while they wait to see if they win the lotto where the grand prize is a heavily armed and explodey person kicking in their door are now wondering if their stupidity on the 2nd amendment is going to get them killed.

      53. Notice the guys in multicam standing on the street corner (under that “signal ahead” yellow sign)? They all have suppressors on their M4s — oh and they have 30 round magazines too. What the hell are the military doing patrolling civilian streets with M4s, hi-cap magazines, body armor, and suppressors? They look like they’re going on patrol in Afghanistan! What happened to the good ol’ days of the national guard mobilizing during a national disaster and that was it? Now, they’re walking our streets ready for combat?!

        Hey, common sense easily trumps any conspiracy theorist looney rant in here, but this shit with the military is uncalled for. It ain’t like Boston has an Al Queda cell of 20 hard core dudes in an upstairs apartment ready to take on the world. It is one fucking 19 year old kid. IF (big big big IF) this becomes the norm in our country, free minded individuals will get a belly full, you think?

        • Practice for the goons.
          Conditioning for the peasants.
          Probing for intel.

          • Why practice Walt? Why condition people? and what intel? Just calling you out and asking you to share all your warnings and statements. Walk us through the scenerio in your head. Who, Why and when? Most of all, non of your any day now predictions have come close to happening.

            • Grippen, Walt and I don’t see eye to eye on some things, but any reasonable person has to agree that there really isn’t a need for the military/natty guard to be acting in such a way — armored vehicles, all the tactical bells and whistles, basically dressed for a hot patrol in Afghanistan.

              The overly heavy handed response may be a wonderful training opportunity for the leo’s and guard troops, but it also can be seen as a message to the population, “Don’t F**K with us!”. Well, by golly don’t we all feel so much safer now?

              You have to admit, much of law enforcement’s culture and attitude toward John Public isn’t one of service. And DHS worse — notice the attitude you get in an airport? Those dimwits would get a serious beat down if they abused people like that in any other place than an airport. The culture is alarming.

              I’m not saying the government is about to kick in our doors and take our guns, but I feel they’ve seriously overreached in their mobilization this time, and it’s gonna be a whole lot easier to do it next time. Looking at the progression of leo responses over the last 15 years, it sure seems we’re headed in a wrong direction.

              • Or perhaps they wanted to get the loser. Perhaps they didn’t want to under react and be blamed if others were killed. If they had two guys looking for him, a lot of commenters would say it was due to wanting him to get away.

              • Well said Spike.




              • Cram my head with bullshit? Read books that demonstrate the thought process i see here? I will pass. Walt has no explanations and connects dots that don’t connect. He then makes statements based on useless facts as tho they mean something. Yes Walt doesn’t have to explain himself. He does have a right to be ignorant.

                • If you want to see ignorant….take a nice long look in the mirror.

                  • Or read your bullshit.

          • Who can make war with The Beast?

            • I CAN, I might tote an ass whoopin but at least I wont puss out.

              • It was a Biblical and rhetorical statement. But if you want to go out shooting at tanks and drones, be my guest.
                I would advise gaining some heavy artillery before you attempt it.

        • He is a man and a coward, killer and psyco.

        • Spike,
          My belly is already full, like many here and elsewhere…
          But maybe its just me…

      54. Where do all the homeless people “shelter in-place”?

        • In the ” BUNKER ” , boston has a under ground town where the homeless live called the ” BUNKER ” .

          alot of Veterans live there .

          its a catacombs .

          i’ve seen it .


      55. @Navy Vet – Your post is right on. I’ll admit I did
        lol reading it though. A 19 yr old on the lam, and did
        I read earlier that Obama is in a bunker with DHS? It does make those running around with their AK-15’s appear a little foolish. This whole scenario is starting to become surreal.

        • Where did you “hear earlier” Why is a 19 year old not dangerous? Why is this “surreal”?

      56. Oh how convenient for OBUMMER! Here he just happened to have a “terrorist” fall into his lap that just happens to be from an Islamic Country blowing shit up. Now they can actually try out The NDAA. As a extra bonus they can declare “MARTIAL LAW” in a large American City confining everyone to their homes (BAAAAA) and as yet another bonus; go door to door questioning people. Looks like these schmucks are getting away with it too. Sad. Too many coincidences. I am grateful to be here and able to see this for what it is.

      57. Looks like the drill turned into one giant cluster fuck kid escaped Sure they have been training for something just like this. He probably hopped a train west ya never know ;-/

        • Excellent post there Satori…

      58. and this was predictable

        Gun Stores Seeing A Run On Ammunition

        ““We paid five times the price we would normally pay,” he said, adding that it isn’t just ammunition running low, he can’t even get the parts to make bullets.”

        apparently some people don’t understand the concept
        of building the freaking ark BEFORE the rain starts ??

      59. Mission objective complete.
        Primary Goal: How much will they take?
        Answer: Every incho of it.
        Secondary: Capture/Kill of terrorist suspect.
        Answer: Not that important.
        End Goal: Learn for certain how emasculated,
        effeminate and cowardly most “Americans” are.
        Answer: Completely.
        Refer to cowardly and pathetic Skype
        interviews numerous Bostonians conducted
        from home with MSM, while protecting themselves
        with .gov sanctioned “cowering in place” technique.

        • sorry, was supposed to be thumbs up! times a bunch!

      60. dead men tell no tales….the truth will never be known…bad guys win again…the sheeple just let the gov’t run all over them in boston…this country is done

      61. If this paticular incident was a false flag event then why use islamic jihadists. Why not use the blonde kid with the “dont tread on me T-Shirt”? Considering Obamas love for all things islamic and how he feels about preppers it would make much more sense than a “Chechan???” (did I spell that right) ?

        • Refer to the post two above.
          That could be a reason.

        • rabbit, excellent question. So the most logical answer is that the incident WASN’T a false flag event. BUT, there are those who will go to far out lengths to “prove” it was. Oh well, reasonable common sense points to it being radicalized muslim terrorists and nothing more.

      62. What a sick joke. Thousands more Americans die at the hands of drunk driving illegal aliens than amateur (or professional) terrorists. I wish they put up this kind of effort to stop the illegal aliens who commit vehicular murder on a daily basis.

      63. all of that for one 19-year-old boy?! unbelievable!!

        • By the word “boy”, are you referring to the 19-year old bomb-making Chechen terrorist who is responsible for nearly 150 dead and wounded, many maimed for life?

      64. Let me see, we have good reason to believe a person is on the loose with explosives and we just do business as usual? Your stupidity continues to escalate. Please, step in front of truck or something. Put yourself out of your misery and the rest of intelligent America out of your misery.

        • So many have shared that exact thought in regards to you also joe,yet here you are.


        Guess this shoots all your paranoid fantasies all to shit huh nuts?

        • Be nice. With this administration ‘tin foil’ has gone by the by…

        • For now he is.

        • Martial law was a reality today you fucking moron. What fantasy did you just go through?

      66. 2nd suspect ‘down’. Hiding in a boat on a trailer.

        • Sorry, posted this a couple hours ago… it didn’t ‘work’… satellite went down I guess…

      67. Mother Nature ain’t given this Beantown drama no play

        a 6.0 Kuril Islands

        and a 6.9 in China

        busy night for Mom

      68. The veneer of civilization is quite thin. A whole city was just shut down over nothing. Think about this.

      69. Paul Craig Roberts take on the situation

        “» Boston Marathon Bombing

        By: pcr3| April 19, 2013 | Categories: Articles & Columns | Tags: Alex Jones, Boston Marathon bombing, martial law, | Print This Article
        Boston Marathon Bombing

        Dear Readers,

        A number of you have asked me my take on the Boston Marathon Bombing and subsequent events.

        I am flattered that so many look to me for leadership on so many issues. However,
        I have not followed closely the Boston event. My website hasn’t the resources to field an investigative team, and in my opinion the TV and print news is part of the misinformation or disinformation. While driving (April 19) I listened to a NPR program on the Boston bombing and was disheartened by the absence of hard questions and any thought.

        Alex Jones has made a definitive statement that I lack the information to verify or contest. (See here: )

        The video shows numerous military type guys on the scene prior to the explosion in identical garb–black baseball hats with white insignia, black shirts or jackets, tan pants and combat boots with cell phones in their hands. All have identical backpacks.

        The backpack straps match those on the remains of an exploded backpack, which the media has attributed to the backpack of one of the two brothers who are alleged to have committed the bombing. But they also match those of the guys who seem to move at ease among the police. No cop demands to search any of the backpacks.

        The video also shows prior to the bombing bomb-sniffing dogs patrolling and the Boston Globe’s report that a mock bomb attack would be part of a drill at the marathon.

        These documented facts have disappeared, to the extent that I have paid attention, from the media’s reports.

        What strikes me about the event is the ease with which authorities were able to lockdown entire metropolitan areas, preventing US citizens from leaving their homes in order to go to their jobs, to doctor’s appointments, to the grocery store, or to walk their dogs. This is a precedent. It sets the stage for martial law, although it is not being called that, and for daylight curfews. Is this what Homeland Security meant two years ago when its leader said the agency had shifted its focus from terrorism to domestic extremists?

        All of this is happening because of 4 or 5 deaths including one of the alleged perpetrators of the bombing. The response of the authorities is disproportionate to the crime.

        Lockdowns of metropolitan areas because of a hunt for one guy that might be a patsy? This is a new development. It is ominous for our future as a free society.”

        he’s right
        it sets the stage for worse to come
        the line has been crossed
        next time it will be even easier

        the people of Boston behaved like scared frightened little sheep
        and the corporate media helped

        this whole thing makes us look WEAK
        I have to say
        that I am embarrassed to call myself an American

        • Amen Satori… love Paul Craig Roberts.

          The first picture of the ‘terrorist’ is up on Zero hedge… he’s down on the ground surrounded by FBI and ATF, with blood all over his apparently broken nose?

          Truth flees the area… Truth, it was nice knowing ya…

        • Awesome post Satori.

      70. Ever see the movie called The Siege?

      71. The other day Gopher wrote, “… bought a few coins yesterday… silver eagles, maple leafs and wildlife, all priced at $29.40.

        I thought these were all NEW coins and new coins were not really valuable (beyond their face value). I’ve never bought silver before so please excuse my ignorance.

        I thought if coins were pre-1965 then they were more valuable because they contain more silver (40% silver). And if coins were newer (1965 to 2013) then they were good only at face value. Also, can you get these silver eagles, etc. at coin shops? for $29? and what are they worth? I didn’t see anything about silver eagles, maple leafs at… thanks!


        • try an internet search or youtube if you wish to learn about coins and bullion. pre 65 is 90%. or look at the coinflation website.

          • Grasshopper, the coins referenced are .999 fine silver, an ounce worth, I believe. They are not circulating coins, rather they are for collectors, such as the collectors to be found on this site. Pre 65 dimes and quarters are 90% silver, also referred to as junk silver, but still legal tender although obviously worth much more than the face value.

        • Grasshopper




      73. If you did not answer your door in Boston when the GI Joes came calling, they kicked in doors and searched your home without warrant. If the dragnet was 100 sq miles, why not just make it 1000 miles? What if they never captured the suspect? Then does everyone lose all their rights because of one teenager? Two guys did what the whole of the Soviet Union could not?

        • Of course not. 1000 miles. Really? Teenager implies he is somehow too young to take seriously. He is a killer.

      74. As we’ve heard “Order Out of Chaos” in every crisis according to the NW0.

        His messages on the internet are now more useful for the media outlets to sell his and their agenda.

        This crisis has a much bigger picture and involves several countries and different religious groups. 🙁


        It’s amazing this type of people who want to be doctors. Some special groups of foreigners have all kind of benefits to help them to succeed and the acceptance rate is much lower than for the ethnic American. After our soldiers finished their tours and came home, many of them had no help, and still have to live in the streets. 🙁

        What the real deal here people are wondering???
        Majority of the people believe it’s a false flag.
        This man is surrounded with squat team over several miles and the area is completely shut down, no one has any clue where the 19-year-old’s about??? (BTW, the Police have nabbed the 19-year-old suspected Boston Marathon bomber at 9:10 pm ET and left one police officer dead.)

        Here the quotes from the articles about the two terrorists:

        – “According to the website spotcrime dot com, Tamerlan was arrested for domestic violence in July 2009, after assaulting his girlfriend. His worldview is described as “Islam” and he says his personal goal is *career and money*.”

        – “They were Muslim, but had a secular lifestyle.”

        – “ …. What connection do Chechens have to Islam?
        The majority of Chechens are Muslims, and the Council on Foreign Relations say that there are several ties between Chechen militants and Al Qaeda, noting that the U.S. has publicly said that Osama bin Laden had “fueled the flames in Chechnya.” e identified himself then as a Muslim and said he did not drink or smoke: *God said no alcohol.*…..”

        The stories of 2 brothers suspected in bombing
        Why Would Chechens Want to Bomb Boston?

      75. Use this as a learning opportunity and plan an emergency egress route accordingly. Remember how many times they searched the same place for Hussein before finding him in a hole in the ground. Now you know what it looks like…I wouldn’t expect great changes in their strategy.

      76. The question is,…WHO’S GONNA PAY FOR ALL THIS SHIT !

      77. I have a series of questions now that the suspect was taken alive. How do you people reconcile all the conspiracy theory thought concerning your initial comments. A lot of people made comments they would both be killed so the government could blame them and cover up for the real responsible people. How do you reconcile stating the government was going to use this as an excuse to start a war? All the speculation about the initial photos that were not close to the suspects? The government staging and scripting this. ( one guy is alive making this theory impossible). I could go on and on. I love you people and plan to incorporate you in future writings. I will be around and thanks for the eye opening. I had no idea.

        • they told you one MSM that he was taken alive, right? And the MSM showed you pictures to prove it, right? Wanna buy a bridge?

          • another Jay, I do in fact believe they caught the suspect. I am not basing this on the photo alone. I am basing it on the witness who took the photo, the fact he will live and be held accountable, the fact that again…it would take numerous people to tell and keep telling a lie.
            I do not wish to buy a bridge. (thats a joke).
            As for the future, my intent is not to inflame and I don’t ask rhetorical questions. I have a sincere interest in people who comment here. I do not think you are evil, stupid, ignorant or ill intended.
            I would really like to have a conversation and learn more about you and others. I liked to question and think. I enjoy a real debate with no agendas.
            I am a educator at a college. I realize that doesn’t hold esteem here. I want to be truthful and sincere.
            If I ask a question, I am honestly interested in the response whether I agree, disagree.
            I also have a background as a police officer decades ago but keep up on issues, tactics, training, the entire field. Yes I teach criminal Justice.

            • I’m sure many appreciate how you put that Con….with everything that has been happening as of late many here are quite stressed and perhaps not putting forth the best argument for their perspective on the topic at hand. Being a recent poster some may think you’re just trying to discredit them. As you no doubt have noticed some individuals post here for no other reason but to insult and disrupt.

              • Contheo, whose name means Against God. Hmmm.

                I have reserved judgment on this situation, just watching and listening very closely. I find it to be very intriguing that Russia warned us about the older brother, but with all the data at our fingertips we couldn’t find any suspicious information on him.

                Also, I think it is plausible that they could have been recruited by DHS agents, as has happened in several instances in the past. It was a pretty nice chance to demonstrate the DHS awesomeness to the sheeple, what with catching them so quickly and definitively. I don’t think this is what happened, I just find it to be plausible based on past DHS MO, plus the fact that this government is ridden with power hungry sociopaths who believe in things like “the ends justifies the means.”

                Good luck on your writings. The people posting here represent a fascinating microcosm in the broader crumbling of trust in that is sweeping the country. You may also want to read Glenn Greenwald for the single progressive who is awake to the jackbooted shenanigans.

                Con Theo aside, please do your best to produce moral students who honor and respect the Constitution.

                • Mama Bear. When the bombing happened, I was directed to this site by a student. I was initially interested in comments concerning conspiracy theory. Hence, I took the name ConTheo. I did not consider the theo as theology. (Honest). I will change my name in future comments. Thanks for pointing this out, I strive to be honest and therefore wanted my screen name to reflect my intentions. I also do not want to be mistaken for a anti religious person. Sorry. I also came back to this article and read your comment. I have commented on the following article. I realize the comments are time stamped but Im sure few take the time to read the times.

                • Um, with due respect, Mama Bear, “con” can also mean “with” and “theo” with a small “t” could mean “god” as in a false pagan deity. Even before he pointed out its actual origins, I wouldn’t have gone reading too much into his name if I were you.

                  • Single Dude, I believe all I did was note a translation and indicate that it was interesting. It just struck me as an odd name given his interests. It also occurred to me that maybe he hates the guys who posts as Theo here, although that made even less sense.

                    ConTheo, another site you might want to read, and I should have mentioned it before, is Zero Hedge. A lot of financial articles, but also a very deep and abiding mistrust of the after what has gone down since 2008.

        • Incorporate into future writings? Are we being analyzed and our responses recorded for some publication you’re working on?

          • No, I am not mentioning this site or writing about this site. I intend to explore the anatomy of a Conspiracy Theory. I am hoping to hear how people came to their beliefs. Some people have had incidents in their lives that sound incredible but ended up true. I hope to ask people how they came to believe something others would think to be false. A good example would be a friend of mine who is very main stream yet very suspicious. After getting to know him, I learned he is a relative of the man falsely accused in the Tylenol poisonings. I like to have depth in my beliefs and learning about other people helps to not outright dismiss them and to make others see legitimate reasons concerning their beliefs. ( Even if their beliefs are not correct, sound odd etc.)

      78. “We will not cower!” “We will not give in to the terrorists!” “We are the land of the free and the home of the brave!” “We will just suspend the Bill of Rights and cower in our homes across 100 square miles for one skinny 19 year old!” “We the citizenry of Boston love it when when we’re not home to answer the door when stormtroopers bang on the door and then kick in our doors to search our houses without warrants!” “We love the dozens of reports of jackboots attacking 40 year old men and 25 year old blonde female reporters at gunpoint for looking like The Suspect!” “It’s all gone so well let’s just keep the black tanks on the streets and keep the curfew!” “There’s been no crime for 2 days!” “Let’s do it all over again when someone robs a store and kills someone!”

      79. Millions of $’s to secure Boston race. Millions to track “them” down. Future BILLIONS to change your way of life. Thousands to save him (“free” health care). Millions to judge him. Millions to study him, protect him, feed him & house him.

        A Lotto for conservitives to serve “justice” if found guilty. Millions well spent and made…

      80. @ Satori. One of the fastest and most direct routes to regional or nationwide martial law is from one of the three major faults going off like they have BEFORE. The western hempishere has yet to even feel what is coming. That 6.6 was another result of the African plate giving the Austalian plate some real bad times just as it should from all the boudaries around the African plate that was indicating this 3 weeks ago.

        I don’t like to harp on this, but there has been some major collisions going on down in South America from the Nazca plate and the South American plate moving as indicated by all the swarms down in the South Sandwich Islands which is the Scotia plate. This is one of the few places that the Antarctic plate actually forms a thrust zone. What is concerning is that there has yet to be a 7 or so down there. This could mean a mega quake coming.

        Most plates of the world don’t have such a direct collision as the Nazca and South American plate has. Most plates are slightly or a lot off that 0 degrees to 0 degrees. One plate might be say 15 degrees and the other coming at it is say 5 degrees above or below that even plane. The Nazca and South America plates are also fairly even on the 3 dimensional plane. Look at the Andes mountains as these mountains are quite symmetrical. This on top of the fact that the Nazca plate is fairly large makes for the potention for super mega quakes that gong the whole planet and make for other plates to buckle and twist like the North American plate.

        Now that the government has had a chance to test and dry run their own martial law scenario on the Boston area, they are more confident WHEN they will ruin our lives on a much wider scale. I would keep an eye out in the New Madrid area for the USGS, they will know before it snaps and will send the military down there. Just like that old Earthquake movie with Lorne Greene in it, I think it was made back in 1974, they sent the national guard BEFORE it happened to ready for it. Watch that Mid Atlantic Ridge, it will highly likely have a large earthquake on it before the New Madrid breaks, OR the Caribbean plate will give way and trigger it. Maybe both.

        When you watch the ease at which people behave themselves with the military when the chances of one lone terrorist getting them was highly remote, you can visualize what it will be like after a TRUE manure gets dropped on society.

        • Be Informed, re: New Madrid Fault

          United States Dept. of Defense to Stage Night Drills in Tinley Park Illinois
          The U.S. Department of Defense will be staging training exercises two nights next week on the Tinley Park Mental Health Center grounds, village officials announced Tuesday.

          The exercises will be run the nights of April 23 and 24 and will involve helicopter operations and breaching buildings using live explosives.
          The drills will not be open to the public because of safety and security concerns for untrained spectators.

          These exercises will simulate real-world situations and experiences, along with some of the same sights and sounds that would accompany them, Carr said. That means live explosives will be used, and helicopters will be flying over the village.

          Most recent:

          The Illinois National Guard Chemical, Biological, Radiological/Nuclear and High Explosive Response Force Package (CERFP) team along with 15 local and state agencies conducted a full-scale exercise to better communicate and enhance their training for a potential manmade or natural disaster from April 11 – 13.

          • @Grey Owl- BI: A friend from south central Ill. e-mail said 3 groups of 4 blackhawks each 1 hr apart over few their house yesterday (1-2-3-o’clock). Frist time that has ever happen. Headed due West.

            Keep the FAITH

            • Tx Watchman. Several sightings over residential areas yesterday afternoon, southwest of Chicago.

        • Repost!

          Holy-Moly BI,

          Severo-Kurilsk @ 7.2, Bouvet Island @ 5.4, Uganda @ 5.0
          …32 tremors @ 4.5+, 13 tremors @ 5.0+, 5 tremors @ 6.0+ in 48 hours…

          what up Friend?!

          Firstly, “Tip ‘O the Hat” WITH “Wide, Theatrical Bow Included!” your prognostication as to the China THING was DEAD-ON!! It seems to have been adjusted at least twice by

          USGS…now at a 6.6, I believe. WATCHING ALL now with ‘hawk-like’ intensity, with reason…

          I’ve been off-line for in excess of 36 hours and am only now back – per se – as a first observation, their HAVE been TWO GRB’s, one late the 18th…another just a short bit

          ago. The immediate concommitant here is that almsot immediately (again, I WAS off-line) it appears that the Solar aspect was influenced VERY rapidly…at a time when little or

          nothing was to be expected suddenly the average solar variability has went from ‘flat-line’ to distincly disturbed, quite active. Said activity is yet confined to the C-class,

          and I havem’t had time as yet to look up the current STEREO status…I’ll do so and get back with you later…

          Again, CONGRATS Friend, You called it! Yep, I DID catch your previous prediction on Japan and the Kuril:)

          Incidentally, the casualty count if Sichuan is over 70 on initial reports.


          Revised listing…another GRB added in the last 10 minutes.

          @ 19:00 UTC 18th…smallish
          @ 13:30 UTC 19th…somewhat larger…middliing low,
          @ 07:28 UTC 20th…eval not at LC Repostitory till AM later

          She-it, a hot time in the ol town tonight!

      81. Doomgasm!

      82. “Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.”

      83. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 13but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. 14And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

      84. Sorry, I should haven´t wrote that, I know this is wrong and I hope things get solved peacefully, sometimes I don´t know why I say such things, I should get some help…


      85. Ncjoe, Grippentrog, Hello, Dr. John, Freecell, and kev, all of you go F#$% yourselves! We don’t need any more trolls! Mac, we have more dogs than usual peeing on the carpet! We better replace the carpet with tile. Much easier to clean. braveheart

        • Brave guy. We are not trolls. Maybe it’s time to confront some wild baseless crap. Maybe it’s time to think about what YOU say and back it up. A lot of comments have been silly for too long. It’s great to question authority but do it with facts. You and many others have made statements starting with “I bet they will”. Or “now they will” or ” this is a false flag”. You and others state connect a lot of crap and make horrible predictions. There is no reason for the government to hate preps. They don’t give a shit how much toilet paper you have. On one hand you call them stupid and then you act like they are superhuman. They are not following, monitoring, or spying on any of you. Not for being a prep or having odd ideas. Mac- I have been frustrated with the wide statements and there have been numerous nuts acting like the government is out to get everyone. The gov is far from perfect but not out to get these people. Brave. I am interested in your ideas. This incident made me realize no one here can back up your gonna’s.

        • Stop whining about the trolls.

        • STFU, you cowardly troll-loving basement dweller.

      86. Jjsan, welcome back and you’re on target. Spike, I’ve had relatives in LE who got out because of the militarized culture and the anti-public attitude. They said they never signed up for anything like that and wouldn’t have any part of it. they even said there’s no way the public could really trust them, considering their mentality. We the people will TRULY BE ON OUR OWN when the balloon goes up and I’m afraid that’s coming soon the way things are shaping up. braveheart

      87. All you blogers are next! The government will come to take your guns. Just wait and see.

        • @rt

          that’s a empty threat .

          they don’t have the man power to do it .

          and if they did attempt such a thing .

          they and their families would pay a dear price for it as well as the politicians and judges who support it .

          ” We are Anonymous and we are many !!!”


        • @rs

          that’s a empty threat .

          they don’t have the man power to do it .

          and if they did attempt such a thing .

          they and their families would pay a dear price for it as well as the politicians and judges who support it .

          ” We are Anonymous and we are many !!!”


        • Not everyone here is a coward “Redstate”. There is a respectable representation of Patriotic, Constitutional/Bill of Rights and Justice inclined resistance that will NEVER “give up” without a damn good fight.

          Add this FACT to the readership vs. the actual posters…and a REVOLUTION is one “gooberment mis-step” away. Obama and the two previous administrations were “indicted” by a bipartisan congressional committee as WAR CRIMINALS.

          THIS did not make the “headlines” due to the “Boston marathon incident”. Coincidence? Sure it is. The military, excluding ranks of “GENERAL with something number of stars” KNOW that they are operating under an “illegal” and criminal “commander-in-sheep-dip”.

          The TIME is NOW. This will end badly…especially for TPTB. Bank on it.

      88. @ Grey Owl. They have everyone’s attention on one thing, and then boom here comes the black swan event that very expected. I can try to warn everyone about the physical part of the planet and Just One Guy can try to warn everyone with a degree of accuracy, but the strange is something all of us have a problem with. I could see the NBC response team preparing for terrorism, but they sure could be for the New Madrid breaking. The government is up to something, glad you and many others out there are keeping us all updated on this. We need this information, because it is coming.

      89. 7Eleven robbery, a major component to the official narrative, never happened???
        Was the carjacking a lie as well? Was the shootout? How could they screw up the 7-11 story if they ostensibly had VIDEO and at least one cashier witness????

        “Initially, authorities said the brothers started their rampage by robbing a convenience store. By late Friday, the Middlesex District Attorney’s office backtracked on the allegation, saying an investigation determined that the robbery at a 7-Eleven was unrelated.”


        OK… All you Dems who voted for Obama…
        Personally I think you are really commies.
        When the currency collapses…and the United States ends…
        Maybe all us gun owners will look up the voting record and put all you gun owners in the fema camps.

        hey…what are you going to do… you aren’t armed. ha

        Nice job voting Obama in again…just look at that Failed bank list.
        Still think this jerk is going a nice job?

        When everything collapses…
        And people come to my door for food…
        I’ll ask them one question….WHO DID YOU VOTE FOR?





        • You are right about everything, but you are wrong about putting it all on one man, anyone who is president is compromised, they have to do what they are told or they become Kennedy and thats a fact

      91. People that live in large metropolitan areas are dumb asses. Be dumb ass – Experience dumb ass consequences.

        • Why are they dumb asses? I love cities. I love the country. I have lived in both. One man’s heaven is another’s hell. If you don’t like cities stay out. People have different views and some actually trust others sometimes.


      93. Mrs. O visited the Saudi to be deported in the hospital.
        See the story at

        Keep the FAITH

      94. all of this over a nineteen year old kid. i wonder what urban cities are going to look like when there’s more then one person causing mayhem

        • @ghost….

          Ever read anything about the Battle of Little Big Horn and Custer’s last stand?

          Custer was a man consumed by hubris. He thought he could attack a “village” of some 5000 inhabitants (maybe 2500 warrors) with 650 or so troops, and that they would crumble before him.

          My point is, “no battle plan survives contact with the enemy”. When TSHTF, the veneer of civilization will be gone. Look at the confusion that occurred with a man-hunt for just two guys….and this was with the cooperation of the general population. When TSHTF, that cooperation will be gone…and there will a lot more hostiles. This will cause an escalation and before you know it….you have Bosnia circa the early 90’s. This is how civil wars come about.

        • Howdy Ghost, Walt,

          Ummm, maybe ‘multi-hundred square mile mortuary’s”?

          Ol ‘Yellow Hair” WAS a ‘FOOK-IN’ IDIOT, as Walt has noted. That goes to SHOW everyone what the consequencess ARE when you start bellieving you OWN PRESS, don’t it?

          Hmmm, wonder how that applies to the current Federal Government? Just a happy thought that….


      95. I forced myself to watch MSNBC for a bit to get the Progressive take.

        They interviewed former Rep. Barney Franks, Ole Barney made a very progressive statement.

        “It’s a shame he says, that people won’t give up their Liberties for safety”!

        WTF! Need I say more?

        • Careful Luther…’ll be accused of being a conspiracy nut.

      96. They had a TERRORIST cornered in an area and requested the folks stay indoors, transportation be halted, etc so they could catch him and so no one else got hurt or killed. I’ll say that again…a TERRORIST. Not some junky that robbed a liquor store. Not some punk kid that stole someone’s car radio. A TERRORIST that has made explosive devices, has used these explosive devices, may have other devices throughout the area or on his person, and has killed before. They didn’t want people wandering around not knowing if there were more devices, not knowing where this guy was, not knowing if he’d take hostages, etc. They were looking out for the safety of the people, nothing more, nothing less.

        Stop making it sound like the SS were marching in the streets

        • Really! a thousand to One. Its really amazing how much overtime was spent on standing around hrs.

        • JBT—The problem is, if we give up all our Constitutional rights because of “the terrorist”, then the terrorists win… and so does the Federal government. Always remember that. They BOTH win!

        • Who isn’t after all of you? So far the democrats and to a less degree republicans. The cops FBI CIA. The education system is on it. The Muslims, Jews and commies. The sheeple the illuminati. The anti gun folks, the terrorist, the rich the poor. The blacks and whites who like them. The libtards etc. did I miss anyone?

        • JBT…..

          I have no problem with asking people to stay off the streets.

          I have no problem with them shutting down public transportation. I would have had no problem with them setting up check points at the perimeter to check every vehicle going out to be sure the terrorists weren’t in the vehicles.

          The problem I had was with the door to door searches. I say again….that unless you check every nook and cranny of every home….every building…every sewer manhole cover…every culvert and yes…every boat in every backyard….a search like that is a futile exercise. And it comes at the expense of the violation of the Constitutional rights of every citizen whose home is entered.

          And as it turns out, my point is correct, because they were in the process of lifting the restrictions and had pretty much come to the conclusion that this guy had slipped through. In fact…..all these police…and all the Guardsmen and other alphabet agency guys DIDN’T find the terrorist. Just a regular citizen who happened to notice that the covered boat in his backyard had blood on it found him.

          One wonders if they would have just been better off concentrating their efforts on sealing of the area and then using dogs and helicopters. That would have been far less intrusive to the people in these neighborhoods.

      97. See the pictures? Coming soon to your town.

      98. Repost

        @ BI,

        The morning download of the HMID(C) 48 hr ‘movie’ is striking; at least two areas on the visible solar face are now in ‘very rapid growth’…one of those was a nearly non-existent ‘plage’ prior to the the onset of the the second GRB mentioned above, nearly all the additional solar areas appear growing as well though not at that rate…the timing here is almost EXACT. At – what I roughly read as – noon UTC yesterday, NOAA 11726 was tiny…in the time since it has multiplied in size many times over…it’s current size will not be officially updated by NOAA until later on this evening..I’ll get back then. Oh, and Yes…basically only NOAA (or can ‘read’ the size of a spot…it’s a ‘standards’ thing, a matter of the conventions used regularly…


      99. are they cops or are they soldiers? well these days sometimes its hard for a slave to figure it all out. i am sick of this shit………….

      100. JustOneGuy. You asked what is going on with the quakes all over the planet? Well………, when you have have so many spread out in so mnay different spots something big enough to ring the entire planet is coming. Usually something that will penetrate the entire planet has to be at around 7.5 or more. The earthquakes in the Bouvet area in the past lead to major earthquake all over the place, but still Mexico, Central America, and South America are prime targets. The one in Uganda in central Africa is in the Rift Valley zone and common, but all the others all together in one day or two are not.

        Remember what happened after that mega strike slip last year, the largest one ever recorded. The entire planet had quakes, many large ones, all over the planet. This is happening right now BEFORE a large event rather than after one. I know you are close to the New Madrid, and as I mentioned above the Mid Atlantic Ridge between 14 and 20 degrees in what to watch. However the eastern Caribbean plate breaking and even the Cocos plate bares alert also if it goes large enough. The New Madrid is there because of the twisting effect that is on the southern portion of the North American plate. Any additional large tension can cause the New Madrid to break.

        The San Andreas is actually similar to the New Madrid and is affected by what is going on to the south of it. No coincidence that the New Madrid, the central San Andreas, and a portion of the Caribbean plate broke in the same year in 1812. The San Andreas as I have said many times before is at critical on the southern end of it, and is waiting for some catalyst to trigger it. The San Andreas though and California have not had the precursor locations go off, like down by the Drake Passage to indicate anything immenient is coming there. Still you get a very large quake south of it at the right angle and it could go within minutes or hours. Like a demolition of a building, it takes hitting the right spot to bring it down.

        Watch and wait, it is coming. People from Mexico to Chile need to be ready for likely what will be a very large event soon. Then something much larger could hit after that. We are living in weird times, waiting for the next shoe to drop, and it will, oh it will.

        • Good Morning BI,

          As always, Thank’s for your particular insight Friend. When I got back online I was shocked to see all that had transpired seismically in the time passed. I can say with some frankness here that I have not been worried about the NM during the last year…I can no longer say that, here, today.

          As you recall, we have had multiple conversations about the effects of the various manifestations of ‘changes’ in the environment around us, on us, here…I wonder if st least some of what has been going on for the last few days – Markets gone ‘all pear-shaped, Congress losings it’s mind, Earthquales….yada, yada. yada.. – is not related, CLEARLY.

          In any event, it appears ol Sol is ramping-up again, of course I’ll monitor that; keep us abreast of the ‘what’s below’ and away we’ll go! Truly, watch what’s ‘around us’ for a bit with my proceeding enjoinder in mind if you would…it ALL seems just a BIT too coincidental. Till later Ftiend… 🙂


      101. Military police at picture number 4. Oh fuck.

      102. All this manpower,money and weaponry protected no one. Just ask the MIT security guard. A private citizen found and reported the suspect. All that was required was one good police officer with a dog. But then again, we would have been denied the photo-op for the heads of the alphabet soup agencies and the street celebrations of the Massholes.

      103. Red State, someone will take your guns ONLY IF YOU LET THEM. I’m not giving up my guns or anything else. I’ve been focusing on other things lately. I refuse to be distracted for long on the Boston atrocity because there are other things happening at the same time. Something big is coming and soon, I can feel it. My prepping has already been stepped up another notch. Everyone can get everything you can NOW. We’re running out of time.

        • I agree. Somethings up. Many people fell it also. God bless and prep harder!

        • ;);) “Beta test” for martial law now complete!;)

      104. I used my cell phone on the way home last night to speak with a friend in the Boston area. I mentioned a gun I bought my wife for Christmas and the line started clicking and beeping. Never heard anything like that before. It continued throughout the call.

        Think they were monitoring the call?

        • Yes brotha I’m a former Bostonian Got tired of the terroist drills so I moved to Hawaii Yes they moniter all our cell phones

        • And due to some DHS political correctness directive,
          FBI only allows cock-sucking homosexuals to listen in.

      105. the picture that should have been presented to the world
        should have been of Bostonians out in their front yards
        or on their front porches cradling shotguns


        they saw an entire city cowering behind locked doors
        and defacto martial law in place

        how very very WEAK we must look to the rest of the world

        and much of the American Revolution was centered around Boston
        how things have changed

      106. Americans are so stupid that they actually believe these attacks of all types are those of Criminals, and that is TRUE if You Qualify and Quantify the Marxist Fascist Police State as the Criminals of Treason they really re[present including the illgegal in washington calling himself King and occupying the office of President illeglly as well? Have you ever heard of Hitler and his Nazi Gestapo? They now occupy Washington and the Black House of Nazi Fascist Marxists!!!!!!

      107. So as I said before…they were either both dead or being questioned. I was only half correct- one dead, one being interrogated…er questioned. Speaking of questions, many are still NOT asking the important questions.
        I have access to over 600MB of hi-res photos that clearly show events at the finish line and the presence of the ‘Craft International’ team (complete with their black SUV mobile unit)
        WHO PAID them to be there?
        WHY were there 2 of them positioned approx. 30-40 ft. from the first bomb prior to it detonating?
        WHY did they not HELP any of the injured as civilians and others were so hastily trying to do?
        WHY did they have handheld radiation detectors? Expecting a dirty bomb, perhaps?
        WHERE did they disappear to so quickly afterwards?

        IF the 2 suspects were the same people that setoff these explosive devices, how did they manage to do this with Craft International, the FBI, BPD(and others)all present and in great numbers? (feel safer yet?)

        IF these 2 suspects were able to pull that off, how come they did not attempt to flee at the very least, the state? Professionals dod not hang around and wait to get caught.

        WHERE are the dash cam videos from the squad cars that were supposedly shot at or being thrown explosives at?

        Figure it out yet? This WHOLE event was nothing more than a live fire ‘drill’ that had casualties that were factored into the equation. The BIG takeaway from all of this is those who are easily frightened are even more so and the Gov. got to try out their next step: Fast deployment and enforcement of Martial Law after Oblama signs his next executive orders removing guns and reloading supplies.

        Keep your powder dry…and hidden. You know the rest.

      108. What was wrong with them little doggys sniffers? Dogs can smell a fart a mile away! They should have picked up on all that gunpowder scent, hell I could have smelled all that gunpowder! any help?

      109. This is only a test.

      110. AOL news: the suspect will NOT be read his Miranda rights–so how will we ever know the truth? It will just be the government’s word against his?

        This is very scary to me! Who will it be next with no right to lawyer? Our neighbor or friend? The slippery slope just got a lot slippery!

        • Grasshopper,

          You have your facts wrong, he will be interrogated for probably no more than an hour, then he will be read his Miranda rights. He will be able to get a lawyer and I hope he screams like a girl and eventually gets fried.

          You seem to be concerned with his rights after he was the one who left his bomb right next to an eight year old little boy. He did it, he is an extremist and he is an enemy of the innocent. Sure we want to know more about who he and his brother were associated with but fact is, these two monsters are guilty and will burn in hell for an eternity.

          Don’t worry about him so much, he will get his day in court at the taxpayer’s expense. Rumors and half truths can be very dangerous when they are spread among the idiots.

        • Mornin Grassgopper,

          THERE is a noteable EXCEPTION in Law, to the isssue of “Miranda Rights’…stop over at – Umm, the Hedge, I think – whereat you’ll find a piece on that exception…the “Public Safety” clause as it were…was – and should still be – ‘front page’.


          • The notable exception only provides the authorities a short time to interrogate him before he is read his Miranda rights. Fact!

            • 48 hours…is that a “short time” to you? You seem to have him tried convicted and executed by what you “heard” on the news. Look, whether he is guilty or not is moot. Every common man is (or should be) afforded due process. When you start vacating these rights for “certain exceptions” the next thing you know you are in the same position for something, anything, those that make the laws may deem illegal. He is, after all, an American citizen. As to “…will burn in hell for an eternity.”, I think that be will left up to his Maker, not some random mortal man. The “public safety” clause JOG mentions seems to be a wartime exception (or should be). If they invoke this clause it can only mean one thing. They, in fact, consider America to be a battlefield and it’s people enemy combatants

              • Good Evening Swinging, JRS,

                My apologies in not getting back was slightly ‘involved’ as it were, for me.

                Swinging, you are partly right, partly otherwise. Read the article over at the Hedge to get a rather ‘masterful’ write-up thereon. TO BE SURE, the Threat of the abuse of the Liberty’s of the People IS all around us, everywhere we look, is it NOT? For all that, I am predominantly inclined to agree with JRS here for a single, clear reason…WHEN we – oursleves – step AWAY from the LAW (Pitiful as it may be!) we begin a slide down a very slippery slope indeed.

                What comes in the Future NONE now knows…Truer words cold scarce be said by any here I suspect. Each of us will do what is NECCESSARY in time to come, to be sure…my central Hope is that in doing so we do NOT revert a thousand or more years into something from which Humanity CANNOT recover….VIGILNCE AND PRUDENCE are of “Paramount Importance” now in all that WE DO.

                Needless, to say, “WE MUST have the “Right” on our side, at all times, WITHOUT variance in what comes…else what comes may END US all, as time passes. Thanks to the BOTH of you for weighing in in response. SOON, we must begin to ascertain WHAT will replace this ‘thing’ that we abide in now, I think…and it IS ‘Thinkers’ who WILL be NEEDED…again, my Thanks.

                “Not the Will of One, or even Several…but the WILL of MANY, thence will the ANSWER come and from no other way.”


        • Grasshopper. You have now said several stupid comments. You don’t understand Miranda or the fact this will be recorded. You don’t understand the silver market and you should stay out of it. Your daughter is not a crime expert based on watching TV.

        • It is not the law that one MUST be read their rights…It is the law that if one is NOT read their rights anything they say may not be allowed in court…The exception rule is used rarely…It allows the federal agent to determine if there is a real and plausible threat to national security, to their agents, officers, and to the immediate public…If there is a chance the perp is about to expire in the back of a rig then court testimony is rather pointless…If the perp has already hung himself higher than any gallows can reach then the immediate need to know re: the safety of others right there and then out weighs the use of what they say for those brief moments when it comes to trial…

          In order to properly and legitimately argue the law one must first research and understand the law…


      111. When all was said and done, the suspect was found by a private citizen, outside the area that authorities had cordoned off. Overkill may look impressive, but it’s results that count.

      112. That’s why Military MP’s and their Humvees are stil visible(locking down)in MSM’s continuing live broadcasts from downtown Boston; CNN, MSNBC, FOX.
        Nothing to see here, no police state, no jackbooted thugs, no nanny state, collectivist utopian dictatorship in charge here.
        My dick wants to laugh!

      113. Well Mac Slavo, what would you have done in this instance?
        Solutions, safe solutions, not the B.S. that seems to rule here!

      114. On April 17, New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg issued a statement to the public that he intends to propose a bill or amendment to regulate black powder, and other forms of explosive components, in the wake of the Boston Marathon Massacre.

        by Kenneth Schortgen Jr
        April 19, 2013
        The bill would demand full Federal background checks of anyone seeking to purchase the minor explosive, similar to recent attempts by Congress to require full background checks on the sale of firearms.
        In the wake of the deadly bombing attacks in Boston, U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) today announced that he will reintroduce legislation he has proposed in a prior Congress to require that sales of explosive powder be subject to a background check. He will also file the legislation as an amendment to the gun violence prevention bill currently on the Senate floor. –
        Early indications by analysts and observers of the horrific Boston Marathon bombings show that a black powder explosive may have been the primary element in the bombs that killed three people, and injured hundreds of others. The use of black powder explosives are considered small in potency when compared to today’s high tech explosives and their use has been found to date as far back as 220 BC.
        Of the $27.8 Billion spent each year on firearms, ammunition, clothing, reloading equipment, optics, and accessories by the American public, only about 7-8% of all gun owners reload their own ammunition on a regular basis. This means that only a relatively small amount of people purchase black powder explosives each year, and in comparison to other flammable, explosive, and dangerous household products such as fertilizer and gasoline, the singling out of black powder for stricter regulation bears little statistical evidence that its use in criminal activity is widespread.

        Keep the FAITH

        • PM & Watchman:

          IIRC, there are already micro-taggants in all kind of explosive powders.

      115. Note. These military-types started out tracking TWO people, one of whom died as they were chasing him. They locked down the entire city and sent in all these personnel, armed with high capacity ASSAULT RIFLES, to deal with ONE person. But they say that we the people don’t need assault rifles because… We’re usually only going to be attacked by one or two people…? The narrative doesn’t make sense; It’s all a power grab.

        • Good Day LS,

          THAT, is probably the BEST 4-sentence synopsis of the current state of affairs I have SEEN in a ‘coon’s age’ as the old adage goes…’Beautifully Put!”

          Tip ‘O the Hat Friend!! 🙂


      116. People who wear tinfoil hats ARE to stupid to think for themselves…Thus, the tinfoil hats…And sometimes, from time to time they need help getting them off when they put them on too tightly…But, it IS their right there for so to do…

        is the world all of a sudden a safe and better place without these two boys out there? No…No more so then we were the day before it all happened I would guess…The world turns around and the sun continues to shine and evil will always find the sunlight…What to do?…Prepare, plan, and share your knowledge…Continue to provide safety and security for your loved ones…Teach the lessons to be gleaned from this past week…Keep a vigilant watch on your corner of the world…Sometimes we tend to pay more attention to our lawn than our neighborhood…Evil is out there folks…I does not go away…Its a constant weed picking party…They tend to pop up where they think they will fit right in when no one is watching…But if you ARE watching, talking, meeting, they notice that…They notice it and tend to move on…Anything that has caught your attention is ALREADY there and paying attention to you…Otherwise it would not be there for you to notice to begin with…

        Its easier to see across a field than over a wall…Dont spend your life building walls…You will want to see over that SOB at some point…


      117. Denninger in the AM rant on Boston

        “It doesn’t stop there. Oh no, by effectively occupying a part of the Boston metro area they made an utter mockery of the 4th Amendment. There was no “hot pursuit” and thus no argument available to them allowing searches of private property without consent or a warrant. Not only did they search without a warrant there were multiple reports through the day of seizure of firearms, among other things.”

      118. Please read the article above. Your paranoid fantasies have come true with this particular piece of pornography for conspiracy wankoffs. Clean yourself up when you’re done.

      119. Well, crap! Might as well wade into this comment section swamp with the rest of you.
        First- ‘Shelter in Place’? We used to call that hiding. Damned if I’d want to shelter in place when ‘Defending’ is what’s called for. ‘Shelter in Place’ is just one more in the long line of twisted language terms, accompanied by the forcefully coerced actions, demanded by the one-worlders.
        I shelter in place when there’s a tornado coming. Since I can’t hunt down and kill a tornado. But that’s sure as hell NOT what I’d do if there was a madman in my neighborhood. This is more about training the sheeple to be submissive and has much less to do with security or capturing a supposed terrorist.
        There is something MUCH MUCH larger than the marathon bombing going on here, folks! This is training! For the enforcers, whether local LEOs, federal gestapo agancies, guardsmen, active military, or whatever.
        And it is training for the masses. Believe it! The so-called ‘citizens’ are being subjected to this in order to get them used to it! THAT is the greater objective here for the PTB.
        Now, whether the bombing was a false flag, or a couple of trained and encouraged stooges, or even if they did it completely on their own…hell, I don’t know for sure. The Illuminati won’t let me in their clubhouse. What I do know is the presence of hundreds of military personnel on the streets is real. The martial law is real. The near total ‘Lock-Down’ of a major city is real.
        And that is NO coincidence. Regardless of how much (or how little) involvement the PTB had with the bombing, the use of force and fear to control a huge number of people, is simply irresistable to them. They had the opportunity to do it, so they did! Now, they know they can. And with no pushback from the citizens.
        And, speaking of ‘Lock Down’- there’s another term, whose meaning has been twisted to further the cause of the NWO scum. Lock down used to be what happened at a prison when there was a riot or something. It’s what convicted criminals endured. Or what happened at a prisoner of war camp.
        Today, however, the masses have completely accepted it’s new meaning. Lock Down means your little kids may be forcefully held (imprisoned) in a school under the guise of a nearby threat. It means hundreds of college students may be held, against their will (if they even have any will of their own) because there might be a crazy person with a gun in the area.
        Now, evidently, it means an entire large CITY can be imprisoned until such time as the ‘Rulers’ say they can once again be free.
        Freedom which is under the control of another is not freedom. When someone says you can be free, except when they say otherwise, they are telling you that you have no freedom.
        Now, in all fairness, I understand the need to not have a half million people scrambling all over town when there is a legitimate man-hunt for a criminal suspect. I get that. And, the complexities of a large city, coupled with the sheer numbers of people, force us to re-evaluate our priorities and, sometimes, relinquish some freedom of movement when it is in our best interest, or a dire necessity of the community. I think that’s a reasonable expectation when living in a city. It’s also why I don’t live in one.
        Still, the biggest thing I see happening in Boston, is NOT the bombing. Or even the capture of the second suspect. It’s the actions of those in power. And what that says about America’s future. It is ominous indeed!

        side note to kynase- I’m truly sorry to hear about your great uncle. To you, DPS, and the many other friends here from Texas, my prayers are with you all.
        And we know why the media and the scum in government are not paying much attention to West. It hasn’t the population or the prominence to be useful as a training tool for the PTB. Just a few folks in fly-over country. What they don’t realize is, when the shtf, we’re ALL in fly-over country…

        • From the source of some of the finest humor I’ve had the pleasure to read/enjoy to among the finest intellectual perspectives from that same source. My gut says those “boys” are setup patsies…may never really know.

          “Still, the biggest thing I see happening in Boston, is NOT the bombing. Or even the capture of the second suspect. It’s the actions of those in power. And what that says about America’s future. It is ominous indeed!”

          HOME RUN OKIE!

        • Ola Senor Smokin’,

          Thank You Friend for your thought’s here…before I saw it I was confounded by a miasma of conflicts which I cold NOT see through…your effort has helped at least one person ‘cut through’ the chaff to the other side.

          I would like to offer a few simple thoughts here as well, if I may….

          Today, I AM very Troubled…as we loook about ourselves we see a neccessary action on the part of our duly-constituted governing authority’s coming nigh unto being interpretable as the creation – however temporarily – of a ‘Police State”, ie, the unlimited application of Police Authority… without regard for the most BASIC rights guaranteed by the Founder’s under the auspices of the Contitution and the Bill of Rights.

          Where – EXACTLY – lies the line between neccessary, forceful pursuit of those who have ABUSED the People and the insidious expansion of powers never delegated to those who serve us? THIS IS a troubling place to be sure!

          That there EXISTS a need to apprehend any who so so egregiously are demonstrably “Enemies of the State”, “Enemies of the People” is both PLAIN and CLEAR…is it not? Yet, trepidation courses through me seeing all that has transpired in the pursuit of the individuals who acted so indiscriminantly against the citizens of Boston, at the Marathon. To be sure, none of those have been severely ‘put upon’ in the course of this apprehension – outside of those resposible – none have significantly been deprived of their rights broadly, in lengthy fashion….none has had thier Property seized, except as noted. Hence WHERE is the PROBLEM here?

          If…WE become the very thing we are fighting… IF…WE become – significantly similar – to those countries where such as this is a common occurrance, then have we not LOST the BATTLE?

          Even so…LOST the WAR?

          Prudent thought by ALL concerned is NOW warranted, to say the least! I ask again – as I have asked those here before, repeatedly, “”WHO ARE WE”. The answer to THAT will soon define all that we are, or will become into the foreseeable Future. Indeed, prudence IS here dictated.

          THINK LONG AND HARD, NOW as to what ‘will be’…it IS our decision no matter what ANYONE else, ANYWHERE else asserts…as such is the case with, and in our system with ‘Trial by Jury’; that one’s Peers have the FINAL SAY…PERIOD.

          “Think Thrice…ONLY then, AS needed, Act.”

          Now is the time….Choose, or let it be Chosen for you. For if you do not Now Choose, still, you have made a Choice…


          • While I hope I am not intruding on your thought process JOG, The “Dorner incident” did not result in the “lock down” of L.A. or other geographic areas nearby. (Did however prove that “cops” will shoot first and identify suspects later)

            IMO, “something else” needs to be hidden from cameras and prying eyes while this obvious “cluster f**k” is getting “mopped up”. Your thoughts?

            • Good Morning yental,

              Not at all..I am never ‘intruded upon’ by those who are ‘mindful’…those who think, who put thier argumants together with thought. I have seen your post here… therefor, “Well-Met Friend”. 🙂

              To be sure Dorner’s circumstance was WHOLLY different…for a variety of reasons. The first probable reason that his pursuit differed was simple logistics…LA is a VAST pool of People, No? By my understanding, at least SEVERAL times as much as Greater Boston…

              That said, and here I am operating on the knowledge garnered in Mac’s next successive forum (it’s been up all night, sorry I’m late to respond here) it appears that GB HAS a line on ‘something’..possibly something momentous…possibly not. The one thing of which I am sure is that the media extravanganza which occured in Boston had EVERY last newsman/woman in the country centered IN BOSTON…Yes? What might that imply? As you yourself say above…

              “IMO, “something else” needs to be hidden from cameras and prying eyes while this obvious “cluster f**k” is getting “mopped up”.”

              ASTUTE observation Friend….the ‘dog and pony show’ which is the modern has always one wagging the other, then vice-versa…always.



              • Point taken with respect to the population density of the L.A. metro vs. Boston. Additionally, the “population composition” might prove to be less “receptive” to a door-to-door “we are searching your house” demand by any “enforcement agency”. Parts of L.A. where even Angels fear to tread.

                Thanks for the response and equally “Well-met friend”.

        • Okie:

          I live in St. Louis, MO. Which is a warzone in itself, but that is another story. There has been numerous manhunts of escaped felons, murders, etc. All were handled by LOCAL law enforcement and not once did they EVER have to SHUT DOWN the entire city.

        • Okie, this is brilliant…you have many layers, like an onion, or like Shreck. I love the clear and compelling analysis. Philosopher in a big rig.

          • @ Mama Bear,

            Lawdy…BUT WE DO LUV THAT MAN!!! 😉

            Howdy Mama Bear!…sorry, TOO good of an opening to sing Smokin’s praises here to ‘pass’ on. Have a good one…

            I think it was JayJay a while back, speaking to Smokin’ directly, who said

            “Gee, You sure DO seem to have a LOT of ‘fun’ in that head!” 🙂

            Incidentally, are you new here? I’ve only seen your monicker (handle) a few times…If so, then ‘Welcome, and Well-Met”


      120. if I ever hear the gov is holding some sort of “drill”
        in my town

        I’m grabbing the bug out bag and going on “vacation”

        bad,bad things seem to happen whenever there is a “drill”

      121. This was a PRIME EXAMPLE that the people will KNUCKLE. UNDER !

        When the Saudi was allowed to skip town and no one in Boston questioned it and know an estimate of a million people just sat in a corner while the powers that be ruled and now Boston is cheering being treated like dogs.

        I am certain there are not enough people anywhere to oppose the powers that be when they come showing the force they have.

        How many of your neighbors or family are showing up to defend you when that kind of force targets you if you have food or money stashed.

        My advice is to enjoy things now while things are still relatively calm, take a trip, go to some baseball games because when the powers that be need to impose thier will on you to keep themselves on top; they will and Cyprus and now Boston has shown the people will go along.

      122. The younger brother did NOT run over his older brother to escape.

        THIS IS A LIE!

        Police NEVER tried to handcuff the older brother.

        THIS IS A LIE!

        The Watertown Chief of Police and Wolf Blitzer are spreading on CNN.


        The little brother turned the car around and plowed directly through the cop cars going the opposite direction knocking off their doors and knocking the cars out of the way.


        Also, the cops probably shot their own guy in the crossfire. Who knows?

      123. A poll will probably come out next week which shows 90% of Americans approve of using martial law in Boston in order to catch one person.

      124. Look at the idiots. Sort of comforting to know they aren’t on the public’s side for all intents and purposes: a danger to themselves and others. Laughing.

      125. All together now, Boston, in unison.
        One, two, three, “thank you sir, may
        I have another.”

      126. Phase 1- 9/11 creates DHS and police state begins to protect us from terror and indoctrinate us into the belief that we are all targets and need the gov’t to protect us.
        Phase 2- Sandyhook begins control of guns to protect the children.
        Phase 3- Boston Marathon Bombing begins the call for cameras and drones everywhere to protect us all.
        Phase 4- ??????????


      128. In my opinion, we are observing many different things at once. Primarily 2 false flag operations, and 2 ways that the Cabal will wage war against us. Everyone knows that Boston was the birthplace of the American Revolution, but the whole northeast has been “occupied territory” for years. The British spawned the international banking cartels. The first order of business was to button up any rebellious types. Hence, the north was locked down first, and later the south was militarily destroyed. Boston was chosen as a target site IMO because the same cartel is in the final throes of power. They locked down a liberal northern city where gun ownership has been discouraged for decades. Then they ramped up police activity, and covered it incessantly. Southerners were probably thinking, “this wouldn”t go down like this here.” And they are right. What state is the heart of southern independence? Texas. They can’t go door to door in Texas, but they can destroy a small town with a JDAM missile.

        IMO, we have witnessed this first real shots in the next civil war. The Federal Reserve is almost out of options. They are losing their currency war. Nobody wants their paper. Nobody is buying their CFR/UN propaganda. They will whittle away at northerners, while directly engaging the south. Be safe, Be prepared, and keep your eyes and ears open people. It’s gonna be real interesting from here on out.

      129. Pro 2nd Amendment folks need to take the battle local. Organize locally. Vote as a block.Tell the naysayers that when the SHTF they’ll be praying for a real Patriot to help them and keep them safe. Time is now to draw a line in the sand. Your either with us or against us. God help ya if you’re against us.

      130. Martial law was never declared, habeas corpus was not suspended. There was no military presence, solely armored civilian law enforcement. Civilians were asked to remain indoors, as compliance with a voluntary request for their protection….you know, with the whole guys-with-guns-and-bombs-killing-civilians thing going on. Guess what, some people were actually pretty cool with not being blown up by pressure cooker bombs so they stayed inside! Kill yourselves for your tin foil stupidity.

        • So cops, or whomever, guns drawn entering to search without a warrant is well within the rights spelled out in the fourth amendment.

          Who do work for JBT?

      131. If the sheeple-people would get their heads out of the asses, put down their gadgets, i.e. cell phones, ipods, etc and stop watching the main stream media mockery we now have for news, and start paying some real attention to what the fuck is going on in this country, the next upcoming revolution can begin.

        Most people have no idea of past history and how is always repeats itself. The Nazi’s didn’t lose-they came to America-in 1945-with the help of President Harry Truman and the OSS (Office of Statigic Sevices) which was our Intelligence agency during WWII. This agency brought in ex-Nazi war criminals to the U.S. under “Operation Paperclip”, scrubbed their criminal past and infiltrated every part of American life here. From Nazi scientists, to Nazi space exploration, to genetics and human experimentation-mind control techniques. and more, we are not the country nor government we thought.

        The Bush family is one of the most evil ever and President George H.W. Bush’s father, Senator Prescott Bush was found guilty of Trading with The Enemy under the FDR administration. Most people have no clue about this family nor the fact that they have been involved directly or indirectly with every tragic event in the U.S.A. since the JFK administration. Just starting with G.H.W. Bush, he alone was a CIA operative before he bacame CIA Director under Nixon, involved in Iran-Contra drug and weapons distribution.

        George H.W. Bush’s New World Order announcement on September 11, 1990 declared that “they will be successful in establishing a New World Order” By that he meant-total control of the population here, use of fascist techniques, martial law, population extermination, FEMA concentration camps, slave labor, white vs. black racism, and more.

        We all need to wake up, and start educating our young people who really don’t have a clue or what to do to initiate change. The people need to stop voting for all these pretender, rich establishment bastards, who are all related to each other by blood-Obama-Bush’s-Cheney-Clintons-etc through the King John Lackland Bloodline because they have no intention of helping the American population whatsoever!

        As they say-“the mind is a terrible thing to waste” and if we don’t all wake up-then we will deserve what we get:-(

      132. I have changed my screen name in order to not confuse the Theo for Theology. Now I am Con T rather than Contheo. There are a number of comments regarding the police potentially being involved in a government take over. ( for a lack of a better term).
        I would differ with the idea about the Police being part of the plan for a number of reasons. Police agencies are not agents of change they are in place to protect the status quo. In short, to protect the governmental interest of elected officials. I am not speaking semantically, let me explain.
        Countries where police have been a factor in a forcible overthrow of a government or social order for a new system have been led by a “national police force” These national forces have been controlled by a central official, either military or government. The national police often interchange as military forces.
        The U.S. has local police forces including town, cities, counties, and states. There is no one national figure who runs them. The chief, sheriff, commissioner, etc. are the heads and with the exception of sheriffs answer to elected officials. Sheriff’s budgets are typically (not always) controlled by a county commission. They can squeeze a sheriff’s budget therefore controlling him to a degree.
        The concern voiced by many here has to do with the local police evolving into a national force. This is very unlikely for numerous reasons. The citizens of Seattle have a drastically different view of the world as say, Atlanta and would not agree about much of anything. Being a chief is ego driven and they would never cede control.
        Federal law enforcement does not like or respect “locals” as they call them. The “locals” think the Feds are accountants with guns. The locals would never want a fed with them during any sort of physical confrontation with exception of the DEA.
        If I were asked what I thought would drive a new social order, I would look to the issue of money rather than ideals. Who wants a policy and for what reason. This is difficult to qualify but think of a law, almost any law dealing with regulation. If something is regulated it is to the benefit (financial) of someone somewhere. Liquor is a good example. I have stated this before buy indulge me. I am not here to make a point, I am here to learn. I may agree or disagree with you but I am not trying to fight. If you have a question, think I am wrong, or want to add let me know. I will be respectful and I will not get involved in a fight. I am just very curious about the movement and ideas behind it. Thanks.

        • IMO, you present a quite valid perspective.

          “The U.S. has local police forces including town, cities, counties, and states. There is no one national figure who runs them.”

          This is true, or was until Obama decided WE need a “civilian policing force” as well funded and equipped as the military. The TSA is apparently slated to fill that “hole” in law enforcement that answers directly to “the Present-dent”. Under MARTIAL LAW, the military will also contribute. This aspect makes little to no sense, but I believe some aspects of the military will follow “Present-dent” orders rather than honoring THEIR oath to defend and protect the Constitution against ALL enemies…foreign and DOMESTIC.

          AGAIN IMO, any action by OUR military that violates the Constitutional Oath THEY swore to uphold, will make them “domestic war criminals” for following “illegal orders”. The “Present-dent” already qualifies as a traitor on more levels than I will list.

          Something VERY BIG is about to BREAK. LITERALLY!

      133. If you pay a little attention, just a few days ago, the governor of Tejas was asking for it’s gold reserves from the Federal Reserve. Perhaps this is their answer. I bet the governor shuts up about it and let’s that idea go. I swear that it’s a missile coming in from the left on that video on youtube.

        • I live in Texas, born-n-bred. Olden, you may have a valid, lucid, and researchable point. But Perry’s request for Texas gold holdings being returned is minor to the amounts MANY other countries are “demanding” returned.

          However, from a “domestic standpoint”, there could be a “message” in the West, TX. anomaly.

      134. I wonder how many Oathkeepers are among them. “Yeah, I’m an Oathkeeper, but someone’s gotta do it and this is a special case. We’re trying to find a terrorist! Just following orders man, give me a break. If I don’t do it and get the overtime someone else will just fill my spot.”

      135. Look no further than Mansanto to find out what happened at the Waco plant…

      136. It is Monday, where is the bombshell? Typical shit for brains sheeple.

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