Battle Lines Are Being Drawn In Venezuela As The Socialist Nation Inches Toward Civil War

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Headline News | 100 comments

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    You may recall this bizarre incident that occurred last month in Venezuela. A rogue police officer by the name of Oscar Perez, who is also well known in Venezuela for starring in several B-rated action movies, commandeered a helicopter, before dropping grenades on the nation’s Supreme Court building and strafing the Interior Ministry with gunfire. It was without a doubt, the strangest moment to come out of that nation’s ongoing civil unrest.

    But this brazen attack isn’t just odd. In fact, it may portend something much more serious that is simmering under the surface of Venezuela’s slow motion social collapse. It’s a sign that Venezuela is very close to erupting into a full-blown civil war.

    Recently, a stolen police helicopter attacked the Venezuelan Supreme Court with grenades and automatic weapons. While no one was hurt, the incident should serve as a wake-up call for the entire Western Hemisphere, including the United States. The attack demonstrates a quantum escalation of the hunger-fueled conflict that has consumed the country for close to a year. Hunger is the key word. Hunger is the most basic of human suffering. Remember that rising food prices helped fuel the Arab Spring, which has left the world with a chaotic, fractured, refugee-hemorrhaging Middle East.

    Obviously, the lack of food in Venezuela is a key factor in that nation’s unrest. Multiple studies have shown in the past that when food prices escalate to a certain point, riots and revolutions become very likely, even in cases where the population isn’t specifically revolting over the price of food. But in any case the lack of food, skyrocketing crime, rampant corruption, and flippant tyranny that are all fueling the unrest, and giving people like Oscar Perez lots of support in both high and low places.

    Is Venezuela in danger of becoming another Syria? Maybe. The helicopter pilot, Oscar Perez, posted a bare-faced declaration online describing himself as representative of a group of “nationalists, patriots, and institutionalists.” The fact that he has been allowed to slip quietly back into the shadows illustrates how much of the population is willing to hide him. Even more distressing is the fact that his group even had access to a helicopter, a fact illustrating how much support they may have within Venezuela’s government institutions.

    We can deduce from Perez’s attack that there are battle lines being drawn in Venezuela right now, and those lines run right through the middle of the civilian population, the military, the police, and the political class (and yes, that line does run through the middle of society, because there are still millions of people who support President Maduro).

    And that’s what makes civil wars possible. They don’t usually occur in countries where millions of unarmed civilians hate the government, and the government is staffed by plenty of loyalists. These wars tend to happen in places where the soldiers and cops are also divided along partisan lines. That way, you have a lot of people armed to the teeth with the best weapons government tax dollars can buy, and those people become two separate armed camps with divergent views and political goals.

    You can’t have a war unless there are two sides with a lot of firepower, and that’s what we see in Venezuela right now. That nation is a powder keg, and it could blow at any time.

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      1. How mush longer before the war breaks out and righteousness prevails ?

        • No idea, how mush? lol

          • War, yes,
            righteousness, no.

            There are not two sides in this civil conflict.
            There are 15 sides in this conflict.

            Here is a list of the 15 parties represented in the Venezuelan Congress:

            United Socialist Party of Venezuela
            Justice First
            Democratic Action
            A New Era
            Popular Will
            The Radical Cause
            Progresist Movement of Venezuela(es)
            Project Venezuela
            Communist Party of Venezuela
            Progressive Advance
            Clear Accounts(es)
            Fearless People’s Alliance
            Come Venezuela
            Emergent People(es)
            Republican Bicentennial Vanguard

            • What about bachelor party?

        • Mark this article point out the connection between HUNGER and civil unrest. Righteousness and political considerations are non-factors compared to hunger.

          The article rightly states, “The attack demonstrates a quantum escalation of the hunger-fueled conflict that has consumed the country for close to a year. Hunger is the key word. Hunger is the most basic of human suffering.”

          As a prepper two factors must remain of primary importance:

          (1) Personal safety: Primarily from crime, burglary, home invasions and kidnapping.

          (2) Hunger/Starvation: Food, food and more food must always be of prime importance. First focusing on filling the belly. Then focusing on quality of life foods and drinks.

          For example a asked a Russian I knew from work about what it was like after the Soviet Union collapsed and what he missed most. One of the thing he said struck me, “he missed tea most.” He said that the water was not good and he got so sick of that being the only thing to drink.

          Needless to say, I have enough tea to re-enact the Boston tea party!

        • If Russia and China have anything to say about it, and they will, it will not be righteousness that prevails. It will be military bases and exclusive oil rights that prevail.

        • Mush be pretty soon.

      2. get to za choppa!

        • Dooo eat, dooo eat nowww!

        • Luke ouuuttt nyaaaaaah!

          • The US military will step in under the guidance of the globalist mafia and kill a bunch of people and steal their resources and occupy their country. Just like they ALWAYS DO! A global force for good ya know….

            • The US Government will tell the US Army, if they follow their orders and kill us, they will be rewarded can keep our land, resources and women. This has been happening from the beginning of mankind and in every corner of the world. NDAA and Martial Law basically suspends Rule of Law and the Constitution, and then its all out Lawlessness. Are you prepared to defend everything you’ve got now? Life Liberty and property.

              Obama had this all set up, in the end of this last Presidential Election period, with the False Flag Election Hacks, blaming Russia, when it was his own DHS who got caught hacking several State’s Election Offices, and then the DHS Tried to declare Elections a Critical Infrastructure sector and Hijack the elections away from the States in a coup. Obama Failed Miserable of course.. But many of the markers were in place to do so.

              • I agree, Crack but what you said about women struck me as funny! 🙂 As if women were things…he, he, he! Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps women will be fighting back too??!! We WONT go quietly into the night.

              • Crack, Agree on all points and yes we dodged a very serious and close bullet in the election. That is why we are seeing so much extreme psyops. They are being exposed and of course do not want to be. what criminal does ?

                I see some similarities in VZ and USA. But the American people have NOT suffered enough to do anything except complain. VZ has been unwinding for years now and they have suffered seriously. So it shows how they were mind fucked by the socialist garbage they were spoon fed. They are likely at the breaking point and about to show it. Remains to be seen who supplies the arms ? There is no shortage in S America already from east and west. I am actually surprised they have not rebelled a long time ago.


      3. Yep Cops and Soldiers here in America better choose wisely too. Do they follow the US Constitution and their Sworn Oath or some Rogue Tyrant Leader who is off the rails. Because the population here in the USA is armed to the teeth and eben better that the Cops and we Patriots will watching what side you take. I have a feeling many Cops and Soldiers will take off their Uniforms and jpin the Patriots to defend our Country. And the paid Whoress will do anything for a buck and choose wrong and will die sooner than later. We will be watching very closely how you choose.

        • If you think you and every Joe Schmoe are better armed than the police you should read a little about the militarization of police forces. It’s old news by the way.
          And the National Guard is going to be a big player, too.
          But let’s hope they choose sides ‘our way’.

          • Obamas call for an internal force just as well armed as the military was chilling. Armed against who? Its obvious that bringing in minimally vetted Islamics presupposes that they’re not considered the threat to warrant such a force so who’s left?

            And behind door number three:

            The American Public


            being such in appearance : plausible rather than demonstrably true or real the ostensible purpose for the trip

            • And your local Sheriff can tell the FEDS to Go back to Washington or face arrest if they step foot in our Counties. Choose your Local Sheriff wisely as he is more powerful than the Feds. And the Local Sheriff can ignore Federal Laws if he chooses in many instances, not all, but many.

              • as if those chicken shits would support anything against their paychecks and lost pensions .. they aint going to support the citizens they have been stepping on for the past 40 decades..when they finally do , it will only be because they realize they are out numbered, or because their acts are no longer supported or popular with their handlers ,, or ,, they wake up to their loss of financial security.. IT WONT BE FOR OUR LIBERTY, I CAN ASSURE YOU OF THAT!

              • In event of something like this anything remotely resembling the rule of law is out the window. The idea that the Federal Government would concede to a local sheriff is naive.

              • You mean like the sheriff did in Burns ? That was a serious fail of your thesis. And there are plenty more like his sorry ass ! As well, all the fed agent criminals.

                The other issue that concerns me is our own people ? 300 mil + guns are worthless unless you are willing and capable to use them correctly and seriously. Other wise they mean almost ZERO ! How many of those owners are in fact capable of any actual fight or any kind of physical confrontation. You do realize you must be fit and strong to be any kind of warrior right ? Simply having guns will not cut the mustard. There is much more to that equation and I see very few who are actually capable of much of anything ? How many here or any prepper type site can even run 1 mile or even 100 yards with your gear, then setup a defensive position and start firing accurately without falter ? Not even 5%. So there in lies the problem or at least one of the major problems of such an event.

                What I find strange is that many of you think I am being negative or something like that or maybe arrogant ? The simple truth is I live exactly what I say and nothing less. I am in fact trying to help those who are not good to go or thinking clearly and personally honest. I see many of you go to the site, so I know some of it is working. Those that are stuck on stupid and get defensive and let their own egos control them and their short comings will simply fail on their own merits or demerits as they case may be. Not just in some potential calamity but in everyday life. I mean seriously if you cannot run a mile you are likely not very healthy much less a warrior of any sort ? Just the way it is, not anything to do with my works ! Why not enjoy your physical attributes and confidence everyday now ?

          • Collectively we in the USA hold hundreds of millions of small arms and tens of billions of rounds of ammo. Dwarfing the DHS stockpile and what would be available to the military. We also are on our land, have other resources and have many reasons to be highly motivated to fight these traitorous fucks. Many of us would die but we do stand a hell of a good chance. Not to mention we are in the right.

            • The only real solution is to unite in small groups locally and nationally. And of course be seriously good to go ! If you are serious and have your own shit together people will follow you for guidance. They will not follow fat guys , guaranteed. Those that have their program together stand out for good reasons. Would you follow someone you can clearly see is not physically capable ? or the other guy who is and does not hesitate. Simple stuff.

          • C-4 from apples?
            Apples to apple juice to apple cider to hard cider to acetic acid to acetic anhydride.
            Drywall to sulfur to sulfuric acid
            Manure to potassium nitrate to nitric acid.
            Chicken manure to ammonia.
            Ammonia + nitric acid = ammonium nitrate.
            Corn to alcohol to formaldehyde to paraformaldehyde.
            Paraformaldehyde + ammonium nitrate + acetic anhydride =
            Cyclonite i.e. RDX i.e. C-4
            Now I am as well armed.

            • We have brains and we have guts. You’re damn right we are well armed. Many have already been defeated in their heads though. Our enemy is not invincible! They are fucking cowards to the core.

        • CSS,, but because they denounce after they start the fight, still makes them traitors and to be delt with as traitors.. why should they be given a pass after the shit they started goes hot?

          or the support they have been giving to the destruction of our Republic , and when they see their efforts fail they are allowed to jump the fence? Fuck that!

          • I hear ya, take each case as it comes at ya.

      4. Looking at the map of the Caribbean, it struck me that Venezuela was the last to be “closed” as a possible escape destination from north.
        – Mexico
        – Cuba
        – Colombia
        – Venezuela
        All of them closed or almost closed!
        The only one open is Canada… but if SHTF in winter, then, better stay where you are.
        If civil war erupts in Venezuela, there will be pirates everywhere in the Caribbean looting everything of value.
        Tell me what you want but to me it looks like a diabolic plan is being put in place.

        • bobane, interesting observation!

          I know that many of us watch what is happening down there very closely because we expect the same or similar circumstances too occur here. One thing I notice is that it has taken, what 7/8 year for things to finally reach a boiling point.

          I expect thing will reach a boiling point in half the time in the US because we have many other issues dividing us.

      5. How can they stop individuals armed and motivated. One guy with a scoped deer rifle.. fire one shot and dissapear to repeat at random times and places.. American patriots are better armed than most militaries minus the full auto which is a waste of ammo anyway.. the libtards want a civil war.. I pray they don’t get it but it seems a collapse is coming and then all bets are off. I pray it doesn’t happen but mathematics says otherwise… good luck God bless you all.

        • God bless you too.

      6. Not an expert on Venezuela. But it seems neither opposing side is a freedom loving good buy. Tell me if I’m wrong.

        The whole Venezuelan situation needs to crash and burn until they learn free markets best feed the people.

        • Dave kinda like most of our elections. The choice is between a pile of poop or a heap of turds ?

        • Sierra Dave, people need to learn that you cannot expect others to do for you, you must do for yourself!

          • “Sierra Dave, people need to learn that you cannot expect others to do for you, you must do for yourself!”

            in every event and matter !

      7. *Everywhere*, and at ALL times, socialism has ALWAYS brought poverty, despair, violence and anti-human attitudes. From Robespierre to Detroit, from Zimbabwe to Mao’s China, from the morally and economically bankrupt EU to Venezuela, from Cuba to North Korea, from the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinos to Kirchner’s Argentina (formerly one of the richest countries in the world, until Peronists go a hold of it), it is ALWAYS the same. Always.

        • TEST

          Detroit wasn’t destroyed by socialism. It was destroyed by Free Trade as the rust belt shows.

          Northern Europe and Switzerland is socialist by US standards. Certainly more socialist than Detroit and they’re ok. Because someone gets a pension and health care doesn’t condemn them to misery. Conversely spending 25% of your budget on the Department Of Offense on the other hand does not a wealthy nation make.

          • “Detroit wasn’t destroyed by socialism. It was destroyed by Free Trade as the rust belt shows.”

            and who sent all the jobs out of country that created the rust belt as well the massive corruption in those cities ?

            You are missing at least half of the equation.

            • “and who sent all the jobs out of country that created the rust belt as well the massive corruption in those cities”

              The agenda was born out of fascist neo conservatives who did not have the political horse power to make the touchdown. They brought in Bill Clinton as quarterback. He made the winning NAFTA, China Free Trade and abandoning Glass-Steagall. Do not lose sight of who formulated the plan and its wasn’t communists but internationalist bankers who are fascist.

              I’m missing nothing. Read and learn.

              Corruption in the cities is pocket change next to corruption on Wall Street / Financial sector. The cost as advertised for the bank bailout was $700 billion from the tax payer but with little accounting its well over a trillion. Are Rockefeller, Warburg and Rothschild communists? Is the Bilderburg Group communist? They are all fascists that contract to communists for administration. The Powers That Be, The NWO, the Establishment are not communists. They are fascists.

              I been studying this for 25 years.

            • I suggest reading these for a start, they’re eye opening.

              Secrets Of The Federal Reserve Eustace Mullins
              The Creature From Jekyll Island Ed Griffin
              Trading With The Enemy Charles Higham
              None Dare Call It Conspiracy Gary Allen

              The above just scratch the surface. However bad you think it is keep reading and you’ll find out its far worse.

          • Kev, sorry, but I will have to very respectfully disagree with you on this one. Detroit was the first major city to adopt the Model Cities Program, a sister of the socialist War on Poverty program. Detroit has not had a Republican mayor since ~ 1960, and the main reason they went bust is that they told Ford, GM, etc. that they were going to raise taxes, upon which they started to leave. Taxes are meant to pay for socialist redistribution, as we just found out in the People’ Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois a couple weeks ago. Denmark’s leader categorically denies that country is socialist, it is true, but yes, as you note they are more socialist than most US states. However, Kev, I speak Swedish, worked for years for a Swedish company (in Linkoping), and have been in Sweden multiple times. Sweden was the FIFTH richest country in the world 100 years ago. Today? Meh, not so much. Certainly other factors are at work, but their Nordic welfare state didn’t help. In fact, the kroner absolutely crashed in the mid 90s. I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, and the same thing happened around that time in Canada, under Paul Martin, with the loonie dropping to th low 60 cents range. I agree that spending beaucoup bucks on a military empire is very bad, as you note, but disagree with the pension stuff. I have a sister in law who is a regular teacher, who retired making 110k/yr (working 9 months a year), and is pulling in $7 PER MONTH! **She retired at age 57!!** So.. she gets 7k/month for maybe up to a half a century, of of whom? Well, gee… it’s redistributed off MY utterly MASSIVE property taxes, that’s how. I don’t blame her personally, but I certainly DO blame the system. Perhaps you define socialism differently than I do, but where other people endeavour to live off of someone else, that to me is socialism. In this case, I am going to leave the state of Illinois, and soon. What then? Who pays for these nice pensions?

            Re. free trade, I support it, but it MUST be fair trade, and no disgusting TPP. In other words, I don’t think you want Smoot-Hawley, do you? So, somewhere there is a balance between that and what we have today. But again, our ability to compete is hampered by costs and, e.g, if you look at the Federal Register – which houses all Washington regulations – is 34,000 pages in length and weighs in at more than 340 pounds.” per Randy Forbes in 2011. How do we compete with that???

            • “Ford, GM, etc. that they were going to raise taxes, upon which they started to leave.”

              The “big three” fled out of the USA, not just Detroit for dirt cheap labor. That sir is capitalism run wild.

              “free trade, I support it,”

              We’re polar opposites there. Smoot-Hawley cut trade with like nations. We’re in a whole different world. You can’t compete with $1 / hr labor and zero environmental laws. Thats a fact. Pre TPP has eviscerated US manufacturing. Even the relatively low paid Textile Industry $15/hr fled for Asian sub $1 / labor.

              Sweden ain’t Venezuela nor Cuba (which is far above Haiti in standard of living and most of the Caribbean Islands). Break a leg in Haiti and a witch Dr does VoDo on you, not so in Cuba. Seen a Swedish city comparable to Camden NJ? Think Sweden is a tad more socialist than Camden? If Socialism is the cause in Detroit how come Sweden which is far more socialist (And Norway, Finland, Germany, Holland) doesn’t have comparable disaster cities?

              The only reason the US is not Mexico is because of the USD being the worlds reserve currency. Our industrial evisceration via the free Trade that you support has destroyed our wealth creation. We now make currency and currency credits and force nations to use it at gun point. See Libya and Iraq.

              “under Paul Martin, with the loonie dropping to th low 60 cents range”

              The drop in oil prices (Canada is a huge exporter) has a lot to do with that, likewise Venezuela.

      8. If anyone actually thinks the Leo’s are good guys and would join the ranks of the so called patriots they are badly mistaken. and the military? forget them also. Take a look at Katrina. The Cops and National guard violated the citizens rights and disarmed citizens. The robbed and looted also. Good grief they at present are mostly just revenue generators for the government at present. The Military are gullible fools who are willing cannon fodder for the UN &NWO. DTA Don’t Trust Anyone.

        • I concur

          • I also concur

            • Concurred too!

            • Kevin, I’ll have to differ with you here, respectfully. One example: WHY did the troops not fire on the protesters in Leipzig, which is arguably the seminal event in the fall of the Soviet empire. These troops had had over 40 year of indoctrination since youth, yet they still didn’t fire.

              Also, as note, I don’t think there is a majority, or even a plurality of cops and soldiers who have drunk the leftist Koolaid. And even if there is, who among them might reconsider when push comes to shove?

              I am not a defeatist, any more than I would have been in 1940s England. Are we behind? Yes, due to the fascist left at the Frankfurt School, the vile, evil leftist media, the ignorant, co-opted teachers, etc. But people forget: MANY times in history, the battle was lost: Hitler had beat England in 1940, and was even getting his hands of deuterium oxide for nukes; he had jet planes, V1s, etc. on the books. The US, had it not been for some miraculous events at Midway, even above and beyond the code breaking, would have lost. Hitler was in the suburbs of Moscow during Operation Barbarossa, and Napoleon was IN Moscow. The vile Muslims were at the gates of Vienna under the Sultan, and only the timely arrival of Jan Sobieski saved the day. Battle of Tours was saved by people SHOWING BACKBONE, as well as some providential happenings.

              So, no, I respectfully do not concur. You MAY be right, but you may not. As TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) purportedly said (at least as related by the movie) “NOTHING is written. This was said in response to a *fatalist* comment, vis-a-vis the question of true human agency in life and history, by one of his companions; I am *not* here alluding to the authority of Christian Scriptures, which I believe in fully, and which do NOT, in contrast to the Qu’ran (which I have read twice, BTW) belittle true human agency in history.

              • TEST

                I have little to no faith in authority having seen its misuse over my lifetime. I just don’t see the optimistic side. I think “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is the cornerstone of human behavior. On occasion, very rare occasion, a few with power do the right thing for the right reasons; Its atypical. If the US military were draftees I would agree but for the most part they’re mercenaries with the veneer of patriotism who need a pay check. The true constitutionalist patriots / populists / nationalists within the military in positions of power have been purged. The “patriotic” enlistees are, for the most part, believers in authority and if told to fight Canada (over some fabricated cause) they would do it because they, “Believe in their country”. The Achilles Heel are National Guardsmen. Thats somewhat a wild card. They might not be 100% “domesticated”.

                • A family friend, USMCR,E5, Iraq vet was asked in front of me, “Would you fire on Americans if ordered”. His reply, “Marines obey orders”. That was a reservist.

                  Just my observation.

              • TEST

                “The US, had it not been for some miraculous events at Midway, even above and beyond the code breaking, would have lost.”

                Lost? Preposterous. Set back, definitely. Lost? Impossible. The Industrial might, energy independence, indigenous resources, technology and population sealed Japans fate. Japan was incapable of achieving an invasion of the US that could sustain itself and they never considered it. US mobilization in WWII was at best 50% of its real capacity compared to what was done by the USSR. People were 4F in the US that were well draft worthy. The toughest man I knew was WWII F4 who post war was a champion rodeo rider. Another had a heart murmur and he lived until 90.

                • TEST

                  IF the US lost the battle of Midway they were still getting the A bomb.

                  The US wasn’t losing against Japan or Germany. The USSR was keeping Germany sufficiently occupied to forestall any German invasion for years. Assuming either decided to invade by the later 1940s the US military build up would have been beyond comprehension. The US had all of the aces in their hand, food, fuel, oceans,energy, technology, population, iron, coal.

        • Just a few Military obeyed these orders in Katrina, and sure there will always be some bad Cops that went and looted as well. However the majority did not. The safest bet is stay away as far from LEO’s and Military as you can in any grid down situation. That’s why we Prep and have no need to go to Camp FEMA. In my area of FL when it flooded many years back, the National Guard handed out MRE’s to people stuck in their homes after a freaky Hurricane that swept up lake water into streets. I also wonder how Mayor Nagan of New Orleans is doing now in Prison after being convicted of his criminality? NOT!!! Bwhahahahaha.

          • Nagan is probably at one of those country club prisons.

            • Better watch what you say about israhell….
              ht tps://

              • 250,000 to 1 million fine and 20 years in prison. Who runs the show?

                • A mass of VIPs with dual citizenship.

              • With John McCain in the Hospital, that IsraeHell Program of destroy America and Nation Destroying and in Ukraine, and demonize Putin and Russia, is now OFF the table and flying out the window. Now get rid of Lindsay Graham, and all the rest of the shills in the Democratic party, Pelosi, Chucky Pedophile Schummer and the rest.

            • That’s little comfort to the 75 year old woman who was attacked by the army (national guard) and had her gun taken and her leg broke. Of those who where forced to leave their homes and the very people who made them leave looted their homes.

        • Sorry, old guy. You, yourelf, are mistaken. Yes, there are some, many even, that will indeed go over to the bad side. But you don’t know about the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Assoc., do you? The sheriff for the LARGEST police district in NY refused to implement the fascist gov. Cuomo’s anti gun laws is another example. I have two close friends, both now retired, both LEOs. One was a very senior IL.state trooper, the other just a regular cop. Both are as conservative/libertarian.

          So, in sum, you are right, but only to a limited amt. And there is the rub. What IS that percent? Who will, when push come to shove, decide to follow their oath and constitution? Yes, there are some who will indeed follow the fascist left path of darkness. But many won’t. Who will and who won’t? THAT ALL DEPENDS on how effectively and winsomely we communicate to those that still have open minds. The truth is, the left’s ideas SUCK. Ever hear of Detroit? Venezuela? Greece? Zimbabwe? All we need to do is get truth out, past the fascist left media, and their lies will fall like a house of cards.

          And no, New Orleans is NOT the rest of America, nor did everyone participate in that garbage.

          While your post is important, and you may wish to throw in the towel, I’m not. Washington was all but defeated. Hitler clearly had the war won. Except that he didn’t. Our battle is one of non-violence, communication and education. We do our job, we win, hands down. We don’t do this, we lose our freedom.

          • Ok then how about all of those Leos who trampled on peoples rights after that Boston Marathon bombing. conducting warrant less searches. Swat teams rode rough shod over the citizens & their rights because those who write their pay checks told them it was OK. They will require very little excuse to justify their disregarding our god given rights.

        • I agree as well!!

        • I don’t fully concur. That was then and this is now. We have seen a lot since Katrina and people are far more well informed. Some of the LEOs and military will not side with the gov or TPTB and some will. It all remains to be seen how many ? Things have changed considerably since Katrina but it is an example of many bad acts. Also if things get really shitty most will stay home to protect their families. I do not see the majority of the military siding with the criminal control freaks. Some yes, but not the majority.

      9. If this country was ever faced by a government as oppressive as in Venezuela, a successful civilian overthrow of that government would need the defection of some of the military units. The civilian population may be better armed than the civilian populations of other countries, but it would be terrible mismatch.

        Many of the wealthier Venezuelans have already left. A civil war like in Syria, would create a flood of refugees. The surrounding countries could not support them and they would head north. The US could find itself in the same situation as the European Union is now. A peaceful solution appears strongly unlikely so let’s grab the bull by the tail and face the situation!

        • Brian, you are right that “many of the wealthier Venezuelans have already left”. That is the smart play when things get really bad.

          I tell you guys the truth, if I had more money I would flee the country before the fireworks start. It may be cowardly, but it’s the smart play.

      10. If you haven’t noticed. LINES ARE BEING DRAWN HERE ALSO!!!!!

        • maybe so, but we didnt start the fire pal

        • Sgt. Dale, I just told someone close to me that it’s time to pick a side. Side ARE being drawn NOW!

          Sarge welcome back. Haven’t seen you post in a little while.

        • Only in your head, Sgt.

        • Basically what I meant, SGT, was that when one is racist, they automatically assume that civil war is here/coming… Because THEY see division.

          However, from the point of view of other people, who are NOT racist, we see just the opposite: everywhere I go, I see whites, blacks, Hispanics and Chinese all mixing, befriending one another, etc. Its a GOOD thing!

          • “I see whites, blacks, Hispanics and Chinese all mixing, befriending”

            Does that include the illegal aliens that have killed and raped many thousands and the blacks in Chicago and every other big city killing each other and whites as well ? Just curious. Your thesis is not only false, but harmful for a lack of truth. You are apparently very naive or dumb. Not sure which? does it make me a racist to even point this out as a fact ? I said nothing that is not a fact ?

            • Maybe It makes me a racist. However if every brown skinned person on the planet disappeared overnite. The next day those remaining would have fewer problems. If the opposite occurred those remaining would have more problems than ever. Now Im not the original author of that statement. It was made by a successful black business man speaking to the Million Man March. There is a black man on U Tube E T Williams. The Doctor of Common Sense he tells it like it is.

      11. Venezuela is what the liberals want to turn the USA into, a very wealthy nation literally starving to death, pathetic. Civil war is bad for everybody, yet the left in the USA continues to push Americans against a wall, higher taxes, more rules, regulations, and laws to strangle any ambition. Forcing Americans to not only accept LGBTQRSTU etc., but to LOVE it, or else.

        • About the only thing that caused the down fall of Venezuela was the crashing of OIL Prices for an extended period of time, just like the sand fields up in North Dakota, and Western Boycotts and political chaos influence internally into that country. So don’t be naïve in believing half of these articles. Look at the bigger picture cause and effect. And Yep, Venezuela failed to diversify with other economic productivity and relied way too much on the sale of oil. They were a one trick pony, and why everybody here needs multiple streams of income, not just “One Job or income source” as one day you get fired, and the next your personal world turns into Venezuela also.

        • cj, correct but the right is going along with all the things you mentioned, too. “Go along to get along” as they say in DC.

      12. I thought Venezuela had a socialist government preferred by the majority of the citizens living there. Chavez then Maduro won on that platform. That government now cannot provide food for the people, what gives? The wealthy class wanted the socialists out of power because of greed, helping the poor was forbidden. I don’t buy that depressed oil prices are the reason for the fighting, making feeding the poor the result of lost revenue. Likely Maduro is globalist compromised thus controlled and the situation in Venezuela is of their making. I side with the oppressed people in that nation.

      13. Now maybe you can understand why I really hope for something like HICK’s NIBIRU to happen on a global scale. Every nation country & every person would be in the same situation. The Leos & military would know its over. They will know the pay & pension is gone. They will have to worry about simply staying alive just the same as everyone else. No group or race could blame anyone else. Certainly it will be a terrible event the loss of life very great. Those Elete will die in their bunkers. Guns and bullet’s will not solve the present situation. Those who are lucky,healthy, self reliant & have Know How will survive. Parasites and culls will be no longer. It,s eventually going to happen that there is a great culling and die off. I would prefer a great world wide clatyclismic event to the NWO Agenda 21 plan that’s already happening. Its taking place right under our noses!

        • Problem is that when the smoke clears people will end up going back to their old ways. Ready for yet another round of humanities epic failure…

      14. Many liberals are changing sides. Our Zio-Government is turning into a full blown Zio-dictatorship. Portman co-signed the bill that is the worst thing to be proposed since the Federal Reserve Act brought us the Zio-Bank aka Federal Reserve Bank. The Masters are dropping their masks. Now, they start the torture. Twenty years in prison with psychos who have legalized torture.

        This bill makes any criticism of Isreal punishable by 20 years in prison and exorbitant fines.

        Can’t critisize Isreal.

        “If you want to know who rules over you, learn who you can not critisize.”

        Any doubts about who is behind your planned enslavement.


        • B from CA, I agree 100%. Plus, I cannot believe that they would even propose such a bill. Almost every day now I see things that I thought I would never see. We are near the end. Check please!

      15. One of the reasons things fell apart in Venezuela was that the socialists didn’t put the funds into repairing and replacing any form of capital equipment. The idea was to live for today and assume your infrastructure would last forever. (sound familiar?). When oil prices started to fall, money to repair and replace capital equipment dried up. In addition, a lot of the jobs involving fixing anything were filled with Maduro supporters who are totally incompetent.

      16. Free South African whites from torture and murder.

        The Zio-media has flooded the airways with bullshit stories about white privilege. Never reporting the 30,000 rapes of white women in America. Almost all these rapes by black men. Black people in America have been used as a tool by Zio-Communists. The plan for a Zio-Communist take over includes the deliberate cultivation of hate towards whites in America by blacks. The Zio-plan for white genocide includes the temporary elevation of status of blacks. Once the white people are overwhelmed through migration/immigration of non-whites and interbreeding with non-whites as a planned result of integration, then culling the herd and enslaving them completely will be possible.

        All these plans are documented.

        This is real. This is not Alex Jones talking about FEMA camps.

        It is not conspiracy theory anymore. With this new bill the Constitution dies. Not only as a legal concept, but as a practice.


        • B, I am so sick of them pushing interracial relationships in every TV show and movie. I cancelled cable and could not be happier. We must starve the BEAST!

          • Their goals are world wide economic equalization and human homogenization. The banks facilitate the former, the media/entertainment “industry” the latter.

        • B from CA

          “This is not Alex Jones talking about FEMA camps”

          Don’t mock Alex Jones. For the most part he is often far far ahead of the curve. If it hasn’t happened yet it doesn’t mean its not going to or being planned as a contingency. Alex Jones or CNN? No brainer.

      17. “You can’t have a war unless there are two sides with a lot of firepower”…
        That’s just what I was thinking last night. The MSM keeps talking about the “Iraqi war”, the “war in Lebanon’, etc… but really, wasn’t it just the US invading those countries and destroying them?

        I’m a female and don’t know a lot about warfare but since the people of Iraq, etc. had NO CHANCE of giving us a real fight back, were they really wars?? We simply obliterated them, destroyed their infrastructure, killed hundreds of thousands, etc…. like we did elsewhere.

        • Anonymous, you might want to check out Pat Buchanan’s new article at TownHall: Are America’s Wars Just and Moral?

          h ttps://

          • Justice

            Thanks for the link. Buchanan is a real America first conservative as opposed to the globalist neoconservatives that rule. Its sad that I do meet people that are knowledgable that apparently believe, I assume by reflex, that they must support each and every US military action. They know about globalist control, bankers, MIC but that flag sways them like a pavlovian beagle.

        • Agree we made a mess in ME by meddling in a culture we do not understand. Trying to force our morals and social constructs an people who did not want them at all. Any who disagree simply ask is the ME and the world better off today or worse from our meddling and attempt to dominate ?

          And 9/11 was not a good reason as it was allowed to happen by our own government. Just like many others since, under BHO and crew.

          • When the US / West repeat an action and get the same result, they desire that result. The goal in the ME isn’t stability. Quite to the contrary, its instability. Unstable governments don’t dictate what currency they will accept for oil payments. Unstable governments don’t stop gas pipelines that the internationalist financiers want to run through their nation. Unstable governments require a US military presence. Unstable governments are in turmoil, things are broken, they need to borrow money. In Libya infrastructure was bombed, water treatment facilities, by the US in its regime change in which AQ took over and ISIS was born from.

            Its all bullshit. The war on terrorism is bullshit. The US literally supports ISIS both financially and materially.

            Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

            h ttps://

      18. This will not happen in a vacuum. Russia and China will be there to establish a serious presence on the South American continent.

        • Russia couldn’t care less. China is ambitious needing resources for its manufacturing base.

          h ttp://

        • Could happen, they could also simply ask us for help with a new regime in place. Notice Trump has been more or less mum on the matter. I suspect Trump and Putin have already decided that each others continent is off limits more so than in the past. NK may be an example or a turning point, remains to be seen ?

      19. Got to remember Aaron Russo (rest his soul)gave an interview, about a conversation with a “rockafella” who named Venezuela as one of several countries that P.T.B. will take over.

      20. More Ugly CIA shit.

        Just like Ukraine. Just like Syria. Just like Libya.

      21. Their big mistake was to follow the thinking of Naomi Klein. Three Latin American countries tried it: Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela. Argentina abandoned it after Crazy Kristina was kicked out of power; in Bolivia they are too busy snorting coke to notice their economic model is screwed; and Venezuela is going down hard.

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