Banned Video: Get Ready For The Great Reset

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    YouTube has put the pedal to the metal and is banning anything that doesn’t align with the New World Order and the agenda of slavery. They don’t want you to know that the Great Reset is further enslavement to the system and they definitely don’t want you to prepare by exiting the current system.

    There will be a new one-world digital centralized currency. It will be owned by the elites and your transactions will be monitored and controlled by a very few other people.  They will take what they want and call it “tax” whenever they see fit and this will happen. But there are ways to prepare for it. You’ve got to think outside the box and understand what’s really happening though.

    In a video banned by YouTube, Max Igan describes how horrific the Great Reset will be for everyone except those in power over you. He also explains the solution. It’s a simple solution and one we’ve suggested multiple times. All you have to do is wake up and realize you own yourself and you do not have to acquiesce to power. No one has rights you don’t have and you are not obligated to be anyone’s slave. No cop, no politician, no president, no trillionaire, no banker, no other person has additional rights that you do not have.

    Their system is over once enough people figure this out, and that’s what they are truly afraid of.

    This plan has been in the making for a long time, and people still don’t know about it. Many more will accept it without question and become mindless slaves to the trillionaires. If they don’t have the cases, they will make sure they invent them.  The coronavirus is just an excuse to roll out the New World Order, and it starts with the Great Reset of the currency.

    Wake up and stop being fooled. You were not put here to be a slave to anyone, including the U.S. government, who is, by the way, helping roll out the New World Order before too many people catch on. So what can you do about it? It’s simple. Become self-reliant and become self-aware. Awareness means understanding the fundamental principle of self-ownership and morality.

    Everything they have done has been deliberate. It’s time for you to do the same. Stop allowing others to have power over you, and that includes the government. They are not there to save you. They are there to enslave you. People tend to get upset when this fact is presented to them, but you need to be aware of what’s happening so you can save yourself and your family from a dystopian future. “People are realizing now that the government isn’t their friend,” Igan says. It’s a difficult idea to come to terms with, and most resort to cognitive dissonance, Stockholm syndrome,  and anger before realizing it.

    Waking up yourself, and helping to awaken others will be the key. As Max Ian says in the video: “if we don’t wake people up, then they’re going to lead us into this slavery system whether we like it or not. Even if we refuse to comply, everyone else is gonna lead us in there. That’s the problem.”

    There is nothing more important than freedom. There has been “no time in the human experience that humanity has been free,” says Igan. We have that chance if we choose to take it. But again, it will require analyzing, awakening, awareness, and expanded consciousness of more people to get there.


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      1. Max Igan is a self-proclaimed anti-semite. Do NOT support alternative news people like this. They are as bad as liberal media sources because they ALL have the same agenda.

        • Is Igan an anti-semite or is he anti-zionist? Jews are just people but zionists are freakin’ psychopaths. Apples and oranges.

          The world would be a much better place without zionists.

          • Quite so, many cannot differentiate between the two! – even going so far to say that antizionism is anti jewishness – when it isn’t!

        • That would be a reason to support him. Jews are the reason for the shit we are in and you sound like a filthy parasite yourself.

        • Then, is he wrong, or do you just like playing interference for our overlords?

          Who do you think runs the liberal news outlets? Go check, they don’t hide it.

      2. Judging by the amount of people wearing masks at the grocery store I would say the masses will go for whatever they are told to do. On the other hand people that are in the dine in open resteruants hardly wear them (wise to the BS). Now they classify the common cold as covid but the moronic public pays no attention or checks no facts……

        • My cardiologist and GP physicians would disagree with you as I have had conversations with them both, the latest 2 weeks ago with the former. If you don’t have issues, age, weight, blood pressure taking ACE Inhibitors and diabetes (even low level) you’re likely ok. If you have some of the above (I have them all) plus type A blood (O seems to fight it off a bit) the mortality is just shy of 20%. I don’t have the luxury of playing the odds. OBTW it killed by father in April taking out 7 of the 21 (at that time) exposed in the assisted care home he recently entered.

          • Sorry to learn about your Dad. If you have faith I’m sure he’s in a better place. If not, then he’s at rest.

            I still look into this ghost town from time to time and it’s good to see that there are still one or two of the old time regulars offering level headed comments.

        • Only low-IQ selfish, ignorant fools resist wearing a mask in a public space.

          It’s not oppression, it’s not tyranny, it is literally a medical safety measure to help mitigate (not eliminate) the spread of COVID.

          I bet you have no problem with every 7-Eleven in the country having a sign on their door that says “no shirt, no shoes, no service”… how is a mask, during a pandemic, any different in principle?

          Answer: IT’S NO DIFFERENT AT ALL.

      3. Guns and ammo, that is freedom

      4. The truth is anti-Semitic.

        • No. It’s spelled semi-automatic .. elbulleheal

      5. This article is a list of lies.

      6. Max says “There will be a new one-world digital centralized currency. It will be owned by the elites and your transactions will be monitored and controlled by a very few other people. They will take what they want and call it “tax” whenever they see fit and this will happen. But there are ways to prepare for it” …. but then doesn’t elaborate. A lot of good that does.

      7. Here is video?
        Video: “Max Igan: Are You Ready For The Great Reset?”

        Here is what they have planned:
        IPSO Mori. They are telling you.
        Translation: They Die.

        What more do you need to know?
        PUSH BACK
        Do Not Obey
        Turn Off TV/Cable. Cancel them.
        Be Careful of internet fear propaganda
        Prepare to Defend Yourself and your Family
        Find a good church. Hold services. Arm yourselves. refuse to allow your service to be shutdown. Refuse to be arrested.
        Don’t allow vaccination.
        Don’t take the biochip
        Never leave the house unarmed. Have someone on watch while some in household sleep. Be armed while in your home.

        Imagine if the jewish people in 1939 would have done these things when the dirtbags came to round them up.
        Same dirtbags by another name today.
        Refuse to Comply.
        Refuse the Mark of the Beast

      8. Here in Nashville, Tennessee, our wonderful mayor John Cooper cancelled the 4th of July celebrations in favor of a black lives matter anti-america protest, which was organized by a couple of high school teenagers out of Franklin..

        Our wonderful mayor, Cooper, ran on, and got elected for, no new taxes. And yet, he is raising our homeowner’s tax by 34 percent even though a good number of folks still haven’t recovered from the tornado that wiped us out a few months ago.
        We are supposed to pay a 34 percent homeowners tax increase so that the city of Nashville doesn’t have to go bankrupt because the geniuses running the city squandered all the money. WHERE DID THE MONEY GO MAYOR? WE ALREADY PAY OUT THE NOSE IN HOMEOWNER TAXES… WHERE DID THE MONEY GO??? WE PAY MORE IN TAXES IN DAVIDSON COUNTY NASHVILLE, THAN MY PARENTS PAY IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ON A HOME WORTH 3 TIMES AS MUCH.

        Our wonderful mayor, has closed down the bars & restaurants because, according to new’s reports, he has a vendetta against some of the bar owner’s down on Broadway. Kid Rock, in particular, seems to be a real target of the mayor’s venom. God help ANYONE who wants to have fun at Kid Rocks fabulous and exciting nightclub. God help anyone who wants to go to the annual fireworks display downtown on the 4th of July! But the black lies matter protests, trolley cars, with hot tubs and peddle pushers serving up the booze… Well that’s just dandy. No face masks needed. No social distancing… Just have a good time Kiddies… But go to Kid Rocks Bar? Nope… They’ll send in the National Guard.

        Our wonderful progressive mayor seems to believe, it is OK to force a shut down of everything that once made Nashville a fun and magical place. No more concerts, no more fine dining, no more music… NO MORE FUN and then he has the temerity to cry about the fallen sales tax revenue. Hitler would be so proud.

        Our wonderful mayor, doesn’t seem to care that all the folks out of work can’t afford a 34 percent tax hike and the business owner’s can’t afford to be shut down. How are they going to pay the tax if their businesses are shut down and people are out of work due to the forced shut down of our city? FYI… Not a single government worker was fur load or laid off during the shut down!


        This tax hike will HARM businesses and renters too. But I guess, it’s OK to force the homeowner’s and business folks into bankruptcy, so that the crooks who plundered the wealth of this great city can get a free pass. After all, we the citizens of Nashville are replaceable. If we are forced out of our homes and businesses, because we can’t afford the huge tax hike… Who cares… So what… There will always be another patsy to take our place while the crooks in suits continue to pad their pockets on the backs of those they promised to serve with dignity.

        People like John Cooper and the other wonderful leaders in the Nashville city council, look down their noses as if they are superior to the little people who blessed them with their positions, and yet, they are nothing but no good, ignorant, hillbilly crooks and liars who robbed the city blind and now feel entitled to make someone else pay for their misdeeds. God is watching and the devil is waiting.

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