Banned from Britain: Talk Show Host Michael Savage No Longer Allowed on British Soil

by | May 5, 2009 | Headline News

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    Radio host Michael Savage has been banned from the United Kingdom as of May 5, 2009. Home Secretary of Britain, Jacqui Smith, claims that Savage ferments hatred of such extreme views that it is likely to cause inter-community violence if he were allowed into the country.

    Savage responded to the ban in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle and says he is preparing legal action.

    “When I woke up and saw this this morning … my first thought was, damn, there goes the summer trip where I planned to have my dental work done,” the “Savage Nation” host joked. “My second thought was, darn … there goes my visit to the restaurants of England for their great cuisine.”

    “Today it’s me. Tomorrow it’s someone else,” he said. “My first reaction is, this can’t be happening … that the land of the Magna Carta has now become the land of the mini-Carta.”

    Listen to a report on this story, including Michael Savage’s response to the UK ban:


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