Banned: FAA Says It Is Illegal To Post Drone Videos on Youtube… But Drone Striking American Citizens Is Authorized

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Headline News | 147 comments

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    drone-banned-by-faaIf you’re like millions of other drone hobbyists in America who like to post their captured videos on Youtube then you could soon be receiving a legal notice from the Federal Aviation Administration.

    Under existing FAA guidelines flying a drone for personal use is completely legal, as is recording video of your drone flight. But if you use the drone for commercial purposes, say for example to record an aerial view of a real estate property listing, then you’d be breaking the law.

    But the FAA just found another loophole in their efforts to curb the popularity of drones. It turns out that if you record a drone flight video and post it on Youtube you may be breaking the law if an automatic advertisement is launched within the video. According to the FAA, because you make a few pennies off of that advertisement you are now using your video in a commercial capacity.

    The consequences, according to the FAA, include fines and sanctions:

    Earlier this week, the agency sent a legal notice to Jayson Hanes, a Tampa-based drone hobbyist who has been posting drone-shot videos online for roughly the last year.

    The FAA said that, because there are ads on YouTube, Hanes’s flights constituted a commercial use of the technology subject to stricter regulations and enforcement action from the agency. It said that if he did not stop flying “commercially,” he could be subject to fines or sanctions.

    “This office has received a complaint regarding your use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (aka drone) for commercial purposes referencing your video on the website as evidence,” the letter reads. “After a review of your website, it does appear that the complaint is valid.”

    faa-drone-letter(Full FAA Letter)

    As is generally the case, the government has created regulations that are not only confusing to the public, but open for broad interpretation by enforcement officials as they see fit:

    Where, exactly, does commercial use begin and hobby use end, for instance? If you fly for fun, but happen to sell your footage later, were you flying for a “commercial purpose?” What if you give it to a news organization that runs it on a television station that has ads on it? What if you upload it to YouTube and Google happens to put an ad on it? What if you decide to put an ad on it?

    The argument may soon be moot, however, as the recent crash-landing of a drone on the White House lawn that was being operated by a government intelligence employee may have far-reaching implications for hobbyists.

    Some politicians have already mentioned banning drones for personal use because of the security threats they pose.

    The deployment of armed military surveillance drones on U.S. soil that have authorization to kill American citizens without charge or trial, however, will remain completely legal.

    Also Read:

    Obama Moves To Authorize Domestic Drone Strikes: “The Rules Outside Of The United States Are Going To Be Different Than The Rules Inside Of The United States”

    US Attorney General Gives the Go-Ahead on Domestic Drone Strikes: May Be Necessary Under “Extraordinary Circumstances”


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      1. Maybe I’m a pompous ass and full of myself, but I say
        what is legal and illegal, according to the Constitution,
        the Bill of Rights, and the Ten Commandments.

            • That’s awesome!

            • I don’t like “drones” (remote controlled helicopters) and I especially don’t like dick weed tech nerds that thing just because you put a go pro on one a film shit, it becomes automatically interesting. And I especially don’t want some lady boy gamer thinking he can film me with it without getting it shot out of the sky. But…these rules and regulations or laws are always intended to be a very slippery slope to further tell law abiding people what they cant do without paying tax. So as long as it “legal” to take a goose gun to one over your property or filming in your private space, then I say..just leave it friggin be.

              On military drones, IMHO get them all back and lock them up in a hangar until we officially declare war again. If it isn’t worth risking men’s lives and treasure, it isn’t worth being over there. We cant just fly remote controlled death machines over other peoples countrys for all eternity, and still pretend we’re a nation of laws and compassion

              • Sorry to be the one to inform you, RH;
                but, the war was declared on American citizens on Sept,9th,2001.

                To TPTB, we are the enemy. It isn’t Israel, the Islamic State or even Russia, and it has never been North Korea and it’s leader plump pol pot.
                It is the Middle Class of Ameican citizens that basically believe in Christianity and Jesus Christ. Yea there are many different views and opinions of just who makes up the majority of the Middle Class in North America, but predominately, casting liberalism aside, there is a majority that are keeping the economic wheels turning and overwhelmingly believe in God and the freedoms originally granted by He and the US Constitution.

                All of which, are a thorn in the side of the evil-doers that want to rule the world under their leadership as a One World System, with their type of religion as the only one observed.

                Until Christ returns, we are fundamentally pursued as slaves to the Beast.

                Until one owns “no” material possessions that require a taxation imposed, then there is no real escape from the system that has been allowed to flourish since the implementation of the Federal Reserve and Property Tax System.

                In some fashion, it will continue until the end of this age. Taxation without representation.

                One can learn how to cope and dwell with some sort of lower happiness, while having a lesser material lifestyle, or continue to gain stuff and borrow like a slave, or buck out all together.

                Those are the options, like them or lump them. But, no one can escape while still in a flesh body, and no body is going to buy their way out, by conceding to TPTB, or buy their way into salvation at the last minute.


          • Question! How do you post these “https” in your comment so readers can click on them and go right to the article. I just recieved an email that is unbelievable, it is a picture of a crowd of thousands and you can zoom right in and almost look an indivdual in the eye. I would post this, but don’t know the proper way to do it. Trekker Out.

            • That picture is several years old.

            • Copy the URL and paste it into your message on here. I think that should work….Mac?

            • I wasn’t talking about the picture, I was actually refering to the technology.

        • OutWest, they won’t have any trouble banning drones for personal use, but they think it’s OK to send armed drones to hunt down and kill US citizens without charge or trial, without any due process of law? My message to the feds is this: READ MY LIPS; GO F#$% YOURSELVES! Send one of your drones over my property and it will be “fair game”.

          • Amen, Braveheart.

            • A govt drone is more of a threat to me, than is my neighbor’s hobby craft. At least I can go tell the neighbor to keep his drone away from me, or else.

          • Too bad most Americans don’t own any RPG.

            Seriously, how would you fight a Predator Drone?

            This is high treason. The coup has been confirmed, yet again.

            • That would truly be a game changer: RPGs would change everything, just like buying grenades or claymores at the local army surplus store.

            • I wish an RPG would work but it wouldn’t. Stinger or it’s equivalent or better would be required.

        • What goes around, comes around, fucking terrorist pigs.

          No one to blame but yourselves.

        • Shadowstats seyz the real unemployment is about 23%.

          150 million working 100 million not working.

          You are LIVING IN the economic collapse.

          • Acid,for once you make sense.

        • If 86% of women do not believe in feminism why do they have a Rasputin-like control over our society?

        • Ready for Hillary?

          I have a question for you old people.

          Will you apologize to Ross Perot?

          • Acid:
            I’m one of those old people. I DON’T have to apologize to you or anyone else!!!!!!
            I voted for Ross Perot. and I donated to his campaign in Illinois, and handed out fliers for the mans campaign.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

            • I voted for him too and you know how he made money? CORPORATIONS! I personally would vote for ME! With my ideology corporations would be banned and central banking and income tax and a shitload of other control mechanisms. People would be people, NOT corporate tools (fools).

              • The founding fathers did essentially outlaw corporations.

              • Genius:
                No corporations??? Then no Kraft Foods or P&G where will we get our Mac and Cheese and dish soap to wash our dishes from.
                No Ford, GM, Dodge, ECT. no cars or trucks. I guess we will have to ride horses again.
                No Corporations no factories or labs or hospitals ECT. to work at so, no jobs???
                We need honest corporations, I’ll give you that one.
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. NReb

                • Why do you think companies HAVE to be incorporated? Do you really think there is no such thing as an inincorporated company? WOW!

              • Genius:
                I agree with you when it comes to the central bank, IRS, HUD, DHS, FCC, EPA, ECT.
                I wish some one would come up with a fair income or flat tax, we do need to pay for our defense of this country.
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

              • You’re supposed to make money with corporations, rather than by being paid off as a politician. Ross Perot was one man who could separate the two.

            • Reb what are all those abbreviations make sense asshole.

              • Acid:
                Figure it out sense you are so da&$ smart.
                I would have told you if you would have asked me nicely.
                N. Reb

                • Reb – I was pretty close with my guess

                  Acid etch , look for the spaces. They do pertain to the saying

                • @Reb

                  While we’re on the subject, would you mind telling me, please? I have been meaning to ask you for a while. I have tried and tried to figure it out, but I’m horrible with acronyms. I still don’t know what the hell is ROFL or whatever it is I see people use all the time. Only ones I know are BTW LOL IMO. You know the simple ones for simpletons like me

                  • There’s a website called urban dictionary or you can google computer acronyms and it comes up with a list….LOL is laugh out loud, for example. Hope that helps

                    • Others are NOMI–not one more inch
                      CATI come and take it
                      ROFL. Rolling on Floor laughing
                      TEOTWAWKI. The end of the world as we know it

                    • @Babycatcher

                      🙂 Thx for answering that ROFL. I never could figure out what the heck that meant. I generally try not to use much more than btw, imo, fyi. Never been much of a cute lil acronym person. But thx again

                  • Richard:
                    Security Through Superior Fire Power….
                    No Retreat No Surrender
                    Thanks for asking like gentleman.
                    I much rather make friends than enemies
                    There are 3 things I will not tolerate for myself:
                    1. Someone laying there hands on me.
                    2. I will not be insulted.
                    3. I won’t be wronged.
                    And do not do it to my family or my friends, if you do it my friends and family your doing it to me. And you will see what this Reb is made out of.
                    I do not do that to other people and I will not have it done to me or my family or friends.
                    I believe in treating people the same way I want to be treated, I don’t care about the color of their skin, were they come from, shape of their eye’s, or their religion, or no religion, or how their bed partner is.
                    S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

                    • Thanks. I would have never got it. As I said terrible with acronyms.

          • Acid, on your first question, NO WAY are 86% of American women feminist. It’s feminists who have rasputin-like control over our society because the communists gave them that power. On your second question, I never voted for Perot or anyone else ever.

        • How much do you wanna bet these are the first pigs to get shot with green-tipped AR-15s?

          This should distract everyone from Hillary for awhile.

          I wouldn’t put it past them.

          • should lay his ass down and cut on his pecker ,, see what he thinks of it first

            • Yep. With a dull blade!

        • Not pompous at all–what is pompous is the myriad of UNELECTED people at the EPA, FAA, FDA, ATF etc etc ad nauseum– these unseen and unelected, control freaks ARE making law…
          Sorry for the use of Caps but I try and use it for bold, not shouting.. but I am passionate about the ridiculousness of how many govt agencies now have the authority to make laws/regulations of which the populace is supposed to bow our heads and acquiesce… infuriating.

        • Faa would nneed to prove that the drone oprator received the compesatin from the ad. Presumably you could refuse the money and thereore not be deemed commercial. I love the ‘we have received a complaint..’ Bs.

      2. Fuck them and their laws.
        These bureaucrats can eat shit and die.

        • Nay, lest ye be deballed and sent to the camps!

      3. This is the new Amerika! Consider everything “illegal” unless our slave masters tell us its o.k.Now…..all of you “extremists” who are on this site…go watch some MSNBC,drink some tap water,and go buy a Prius and be a good little sheep.Mac…I think you should put the thumbs up again…..It was very amusing to see all of the shills that were on the site those few days. Heck,we might even convert a few.P.S..dom’t forget your Vaccinations!

      4. if this isn’t a police state I don’t know what is!

      5. Got news for anyone sending a drone into my airspace to take vids or photograph. Bring a shovel and the necessary sized trash bag(s) to get it home………That’s if I even let you on the property.

        • Well, one can always think positive and positively moon them.

          • ONV, I can always think positive and positively shoot one down.

        • I would shoot it down and confiscate it…unlike Hillery’s e mails.

          • Drones are controlled by frequency. Find the frequency and JAM IT! Drone falls to ground, game over. Frequency generator and directional antenna it’s that simple. Radio techs there’s your mission 🙂

            • I’m on it!

      6. I’ve located JH YT channel. There are videos of a power plant and ports. The letter says they received a complaint. Most likely was from one of the entities over seeing the plant or ports. Seems they don’t like what JH is filming.

      7. I’ll fly my drone over my land to see if there is something moving around. Poachers or game.
        If by some chance I see something else moving around I will let people know. You do realize that when you start seeing things moving around it will more than likely be under Martial Law, or Civil War.

        • or Revolution

      8. I know a few people with these small quad rotor drones, if I ever see them buzzing my house the 930 with extra full choke is coming out with the magnum goose loads i put together with BBshot in them,

        • Kula, I just bought myself a Mossberg 930 at a gun show last weekend. Took it to a friend’s ranch for testing and was very impressed with it. Mine will be loaded with 00 buck.

          • Check out the trulock chokes, i got a few different ones, the one i got can be used with 00buck, creates about a 12″ ragged hole in 1/2″ ply at 30 yds

          • I’ve been running a 930spx for two years now. I like it better than my Benelli I use to run. You can run everything through it with out a hiccup. Its fast…very fast and smooth. You can run low brass bird shot through when running drills and it goes nonstop. I’ve ran 2000+ rounds through it and I have had it fail twice. To be fair I didn’t clean the it the first 1000 just to see what it would do. Mine is all stock, but ATI just came out with six position adjustable stock for it. I may upgrade to that.
            Have a good one.
            Keep your head on a Swivel People.

            • Hell I will just use my .223 for some real range. Do you think they fly at 300 feet? All you need is one rotor out and it’s down. Shotguns are for toy drones. Use tracers to see where your hitting. A thermal imaging scope would help locate at night. Your not up against toys are us drones..

              • The Democrats aren’t giving up on trying to ban the green tip after the ATF backed off, they’re pushing for House legislation this time.

            • Socmarine87, mine is only the standard 930 without a pistol grip. love to have some type of stock with pistol grip. I’ll check out that ATI stock. also getting a picatinny rail and tac light for it.

      9. I wonder if those drones will fly low enough that I can get a shot at them with my 10 gauge goose gun.
        I also wonder, if they are better roasted in wine and garlic or bar-b-Q’d on a grill with my special hot sauce?
        Anyone got a good receipt for drone?
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

        • Actually, they are better shoved up the ass of the agency flying them.

        • Actually, they are better shoved up the ass of the agency flying them.

          • Anon:
            I could not agree with you more. Like in Independence
            Day (the movie) Dennis Quade said, ” UP YOURS” To the aliens, I’ll say it to the fools that are spying on us,
            ” UP YOURS “!!!!!!!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

      10. In unrelated news, the FAA is run by a bunch of totalitarian control freak perverts, and clearly needs to be kicked to the curb.

      11. Lets not overlook the value of these drowns in a crash of society scenario. They allow one to get an over the horizon view of things that may be coming your way, in real time with the “FPV, First Person View”. For $1200 you can have a quality tool at your disposal.

        This has a lot to do with why the government is trying to outlaw them. As a weapon, they are very limited, as a communications tool, they are gold. These days, the money gets one that virtually flys itself… idiot proof.

      12. I should add, the old maximum three is two, two is one, one is none does not apply here. It’s more like three is one for awhile, as cannibalizing goes.

      13. OFF TOPIC:
        A Univision host who compared Michelle Obama to characters in the movie “Planet of the Apes” alleged Thursday that he was fired after the network received a complaint from the White House.

        Hello?? this is the first time the white house has heard this type insult in 7 years??
        What do they read or watch?? Or do they??

        • Let me guess, Dr. Zira???

      14. So is it illegal for me to shoot your drone down if you attempt to fly over my property?

        • The FAA has put out guidelines on what airspace you own.
          You own the air directly over your property up to the “regulated” altitude in your area. In my backyard it is 1000 ft. Kinda vague, but I think this is what most airspace is. Unless you live next to an airport or something government owned.

          If it’s in your backyard shoot it down and if someone comes looking for it, they can be arrested for drone trespassing. Kind of a catch 22 though. Because its cameras will see you shooting. Bad if you live somewhere you shouldn’t be shooting things!!

          We’ll have to think of alternate methods for disabling drones. Maybe piece of weighted rope or cable from slingshot. Or EMP gun.

          molon labe

      15. How soon till they tell us when and where and how often we can fart? Or tell us not to run as then we will breathe faster and have to pay for exhaling C02? These freaks have gone beyond Orwell’s nightmare, or Stalin’s wet dreams.

        • They introduced a bill that mandates a valve on your ass that ties into the fuel system on your vehicle, it records the pressure and taxes you accordingly!

          • If thou wouldest eat gassy beans, then thy taxes wouldest riseth! And thine ass wouldest fart forth noxious gasses.

            Moreover, he that expelleth greater gasses payeth greater taxes….

        • @kyrathyel

          I’m sure if you surf the web long enough you will find someone who has been jailed or fined for farting. I myself have not done this, but just betting it has happened. Would be interesting to find out, though I forewarn you… IF it has happened, the curtain will be pulled back instantly and you will awaken from your slumber to find Freedom was all an illusion and in reality we’ve been living in a totalitarian police state and your life will never be the same. Venture cautiously…Farewell my friend

      16. Well, I guess you people are ok with any jackleg with a drone flying over your property with a camera and posting said video then. And it will not be gubment flyting those drones, it will be your nosey busy body neighbors and corporations and you whiners will then demand the gubment do something. Morons.

        • D and C, I’m NOT OK with anyone flying a drone over me and I don’t care whose drone it is, if it flies, it dies, one way or another. Put down the crack pipe.

          • Braveheart:
            You take the first shots I’ll be your back up if that’s ok with you???
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

            • Northern Reb, that’s OK with me. One of the best offers I’ve had in awhile.

      17. I see the “natives” are restless again now that the justice? dept. has released its report about Ferguson. You would think that the only derogatory words spoken by police is directed at blacks. Think the police talk any less highly of white trash?

        Weather is now warm enough to continue Obamas encouraging words for “them” to stay the course.

        It is about time the police “shoot” a white kid so I can take my gun and matches and burn down my town and shoot the police, don’t you think?

        Personally, they should put a fence around the town and let it burn. Where are all those colored protestors nationwide when their black mayors and politicians have been sent to prison for stealing from “them” anything that was not nailed down.

        Does it not matter when it is a “black” administration that is doing all the stealing from the “brothers”?

        Amazing all over the news that guys at a college were singing an anti-black ditty and they have been castigated just one step below a murderer. However, little “Mikey’s” stepdad can incite a mob to burn the town down and gets a slap on the wrist.

        We are the dumbest generation that has ever drawn a breath on this earth and we are going to pay dearly for being ostriches.

        Those “protestors” are just waiting for an excuse to loot and burn your neighborhood. It is going to be one “hot” year. Pity anyone living in a big city.

        • POG
          My fear is that some one takes a toy gun to the area and a itchy trigger fingers lets go a couple of round of 00 buck down range and the wrong people get hit.
          I wouldn’t put it pass TPTB to do something like this.
          Pray for PEACE, and COOLER heads.

        • Funny how the justice dept. clears the cop but trashes the whole Ferguson police dept. Can’t have it both ways!

        • Granny, isn’t affirmative action wonderful? [SARCASM]

        • @POG

          The police shoot unarmed whites all the time, but WE don’t do anything about it, except say…Oh well he shouldn’t have ran, or well he musta done something wrong…etc. etc. And remember this..

          “To the fucking rich man all poor people look the same”
          -Patterson Hood of DBT

          So unless you are a wealthy elite, you will be a target of the rulers one day as well.

          And on Obama saying “stay the course” correct me if I’m wrong but Obama said “Stay ON course” which has a totally different meaning and has been intentionally misquoted to direct the narrative to gullible whites and race baiters.

          • Richard Head:

            Your last sentence reminds me if “what is, is”. Please explain to me the difference between “stay on course” and “stay the course”.

            I would hope the “gullible whites and race baiters” heard the interviews on Faux news with some of the protestors who said “this is a revolution”. Now do you think that “revolution” is going to stay in Ferguson?

            • Granny says…

              “We are the dumbest generation that has ever drawn a breath on this earth and we are going to pay dearly for being ostriches.”

              That is a true statement if there ever has been one.
              I saw a stat on a Faux News yesterday in a segment about Heil Hitman Hillery. The newest poll showed that 50% of the voting public still think favorably of the Bitch.

              What a phucked up mess of pc dumbshits we have become.
              Not you and i but, the nation as a whole.

              Forget about her putting crack pipes on the White House Christmas tree, and having Vince Foster de-vaccinated, she has help to run this country into the gutters, and i mean sewer gutters.

              But yet, she still has a liberal following. We have my wife’s aunt and her mother as two of those idiots. If hitlery were to suck a donkey’s dong on the White House lawn and have it televised, they would still vote for this crazy bitch.

              But yet, they say they are christians.

      18. We treat drones like clay pigeons at our place…pull!

        • A very good article. Thanks.

      19. okay okaaaay
        please remember to breath when you type-
        dont want people passin out as they rant
        and can we get back On Topic please

        • Pog Lover:

          Go back and count the “off topic” comments on this thread and then explain to the “folks” here why you would decide to single me out for your “off topic” comment.

          Might be the content of my post didn’t make you happy?

      20. Plut, Plut, Plut, ppppppttttt, Fuh, Fuh, Fuh, …..Fuck!

        • yes ppppppttttt is the word.

      21. Hey Mac- how ’bout some prepper stuff

        • Go to and look an the sales category 🙂

          • On sale oops

      22. Drones droning death to dissidents.

      23. Gunfire will probably get you arrested, but if you happen to be flying your own RC airplane, and the intruder just happens to collide with it…..well, gee….

        I happen to have a couple of those foam deltas. I can put one in the air for about $150. With enough power, they will launch straight up. Ram that $1000 drone and it’s gonna come down out of control. It’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel, too, since multi-rotor drones are sloooow. Even easier, drag a streamer thru the drone’s props, with a breakaway link close to the airplane.

        Bring ’em on. It’ll be FUN !

          • ht tps://

            • @old coach

              Gotta say that looks pretty dang fun. Though I think I’d still prefer Dove, get to stay all day in the field and woods and at the end of the day you SHOULD have one hell of a good meal, with a side of mashed taters and peas, maybe a biscuit or some cornbread… shoot I’m makin myself hungry now.

              • You can trap doves with a rat trap and some corn too 🙂

      24. Name 1 time a gov drone struck a us citizen down in this country I can’t find it. If you can show me a news clip or some proof I will be a believer. These remote control drones can get detailed pics of your property from ranges your shotty will not reach. I thought about this myself. It can be rigged to accept a gun possibly but it can drop a explosive devise. That’s why the gov don’t like them. They want to figure a way to jam signal to it so some nut cannot attack the whitehouse. If you want 1 better buy it now for your future intentions. This is a thing that can be used for the wrong reasons. But was intended to take photos from up high realtors like them for property pics. I never understood this google earth does this. I always hoped they would open google earth real time video but people were worried burglars could stake out your place from the comfort of their own home wait till you leave for work and go break in. The drones are kind of scary if someone mounts a glock to it this thing could be used for assasin hits. Maybe that’s why they want to ban guns and drones. Seems to me putting a gun on it would be relatively easy with a 3d printer making components for a rig and RC servos to actuate it. I thought about it myself but would not do it. It would be cool as shit though.

        • “Seems to me putting a gun on it would be relatively easy”

          But pulling the trigger at 300 feet might be difficult.

        • There was a guy on utubular named able danger that had a paint ball pistol attached to his drone and he shot the shitouta human targets with it. Made a guy sit up and say “oh my god”.
          Utube has since pulled that video.

        • @asshat

          I assure you IF it has happened there will be no record and no proof. Total speculation but I always had a suspicion that Dorner may have been droned. Just something about the news coverage and the way they called the media out and then moments later the entire cabin was engulfed in flames and in the center. Of course there are many other scenarios more plausible…like I said just pure speculation

      25. Tomorrow I will see how a drone fairs against 00 ought buckshot…

      26. If the average person makes a dollar in any way shape or form and does not give government and big monopoly businesses their cut, then off to jail you go. That’s the bottom line.

      27. Drones? We don’t need no stinkin’ drones.

      28. Good LORD when is ENOUGH exactly ENOUGH???? How many lines in the sand must be crossed BEFORE ACTION IS TAKEN???? I just do not get it; WTF is worry with us!!!!!

        copperhead out for awhile. (just sick of no ACTION TO STOP THIS SHIT)

      29. Anyone bother to notice that the ruling falls under the commercial use of the drone?

        That means making money from the video, along with other commercial uses, is what is being regulated.

        You’re still free to video from them and show that video for free if you want as long as it is not being used to make money for yourself or some third party using it.

        FWIW, a good number of the responses here seem to be an argument for the need of gun control, at least psychiatric evaluations, with so much advocating of their illegal and publicly dangerous use being made.

        Believe it or not, guns are not the solution to every minor irritation in your life. If something is that serious to you consider a lawsuit before considering shooting at everything you don’t approve of, you won’t end up in prison that way.



      31. In the existing Orwellian tyranny why the surprise?

        An American school child making a gesture of a gun with his hand is crucified, but within a few years the same government puts an actual automatic rifle / grenade launcher in these same hands and condones the murdering of Mideast civilians – mostly women and children. And soon… AMERICAN CIVILIANS!

      32. Mans attempts to regulate physics has always fascinated me. Commercial aviation is regulated differently than private. Regulation considers usage and ownership of the aircraft. Apparently droner proxy pilots are now applicable.
        This letter came into being shortly after Wilbur and Orville’s deeds and has always been the case. A lot of new pilots thought they could snap and sell aerial pictures of farms etc. while gaining flight time. Even if you pay for the fuel for your friend to take you somewhere in his privately registered aircraft. This is considered compensation and as such commercial operation of a “private” aircraft. It has been much argued and has always been a target rich environment for the regulators. And will be even more so with drones.
        Close this revenue stream and they will likely legislate illegality. They inherently do not like your having freedom of flight in or “with” anything now. Commercial registration gives them an address to police that is not easily determined with private ownership as aircraft tend to be mobile.
        Welcome all of you drone pilots to the world of aviation. Keep it up and they will regulate your license, maintenance records, insurance, condition of aircraft, your health, the calibration of everything…..You should let that dog sleep. That aviation laws tend to be written in blood is because men are men and gravity sucks.

      33. Has anyone noticed that new things pop up in the news that they over exaggerate and make it headline news and while this is going on we hear less and less about the situation with Russia and the economy do you all think this is a smoke and mirror show to keep us distracted lol and my opinion is that Michelle obutwhipe could be the leading ape in the next planet of apes

      34. I don’t think an armed drone is stable enough at 300 ft to get accurate rounds on target I could be wrong. This could be a prepper force multiplier for those with remote land. A drone can do recon and security checks without putting you at risk or wasting your time to check something out. I have a camera system on my home I can look around my property without getting out of bed. Anything that gives you early warning is what you need I realize in a grid down this won’t work for me anymore but it is pisser for now. The drones are damn cool and you can get a case for it and take it with you anywhere so it has that going for it.

      35. All this talk about drones, and not one mention on how to cook the damned things…
        Come on now somebody out there has to have a good recipe

      36. I’ve seen that fps Russia video before the only thing that has me questioning it is the gun on the drone looks like just a hand guard and barrel where’s the action and magazine though in the demonstration it sure looks like it is firing and recoil forces are moving it around too. I definetly think the self destruct payload with a 15 foot blast radius is possible. The first time I saw the video on you tube I was like oh shit warfare has changed forever. If this is fake it’s not far off from the future good thing at these ranges a magnum turkey load should deal with it swiftly. That ak shotty will be what you need to get rapid hits on it. It needs to be more stealth though maybe not look like a machine but look and function like a large bird maybe a goose they are large enough to pack a hand gun. Seeing this thing is gonna turn heads but not a dumb bird. Needs improvement still. Look for specialty shotgun loads to counter this.

      37. OFF TOPIC.

      38. OFF TOPIC!

        • Sgt, 4 days ago arround 7 am I went by a convoy of Miltary headed east on highway 14 here in weld county colorado the weird thing is they where not the reg deuce and half or humvees that is typical these where more like what is overseas that the UN uses

      39. I believe I detect the aroma of “prior restraint”.

      40. This just in the gov wants to put a meter on you for the air you breathe they are gonna tax you for the carbon dioxide you put out. The environmentalist proposed this and a bill was drafted in the middle of the night they want to push this legislation through due to budget shortfalls the meter will have a RFID chip so everyone can be tracked. It will be mandatory and Obama care will pay for it if you don’t have medical if you do your medical will pay. You will have a deductible as well. They are not gonna make everyone go to clinic to get it right away. they will charge for it right away they said when you go to the doctor or emergency room they will install it in your airway its a small devise so it won’t be visible. I was shocked when I read this now we gotta pay to breathe. What’s this world coming to. Don’t look like I’m going to the doc anymore I will take my chances from now on. Good luck to everybody on the plan.

      41. I don’t like the idea of anyone capturing via video my person on my personal “state owned” property without permission…..

        But, anyone only owns so much air space above their property and nothing below the ground surface.

        My question is who owns the airspace at XX feet above said property?

      42. Now I intend to buy a drone and commit illegal acts of shooting.. FOOTAGE AND POSTING IT ON YOUTUBE!

      43. when the treason and tyranny piss off enough people, it will begin. I just hope the retired and active military support the american people and the country they claimed to have fought for all these years.

      44. I fly a $60.00 Quadcopter. (For a Hobby) (Nothing else!)

      45. Make a video on Youtube that tells folks the link to go to for your drone video.

        Keep your ads on this video while not hotlinking to the drone video site.

        Place Your drone video on the other site.

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