Baffling Illness Spreading Among Young Adults in Canada, Causing Rapid Cognitive Destruction

by | Jan 9, 2022 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    A whistleblower in the Canadian province of New Brunswick says that a new “mystery” illness is circulating among young people that is causing swift cognitive decline.

    Interestingly, it has been happening for the past several years and really started picking up once the “vaccines” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) emerged under Operation Warp Speed.

    The Guardian describes it as “a progressive neurological illness” that afflicts young people with no prior history of health problems or triggers. Some of its symptoms include rapid weight loss, insomnia, hallucinations, difficulty thinking and limited mobility.

    Right now, there are 48 official cases of the baffling illness under investigation. This unnamed illness was first announced in Spring 2021 right after Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump‘s fast-tracked injections started reaching the general population.

    “I’m truly concerned about these cases because they seem to evolve so fast,” the whistleblower is quoted as saying. “I’m worried for them and we owe them some kind of explanation.”

    The condition also appears to be contagious, in some cases. At least two people with close contact, but no genetic links, to official cases have developed similar symptoms out of the blue, suggesting that environmental factors might be at play.

    The following recent cases are examples of this:

    • A young man developed symptoms of dementia and ataxia. His wife, who became his caregiver, suddenly started losing sleep and experiencing muscle wasting, dementia, and hallucinations. Her condition is now worse than his.

    • A woman in her 30s who is described as non-verbal now has to use a feeding tube and drools excessively. Her caregiver, a nursing student in her 20s, also recently started showing symptoms of neurological decline.

    • A young mother quickly lost nearly 60 pounds and developed insomnia and hallucinations. Brain imagery shows advanced signs of atrophy.

    Canadians suspect government coverup

    The whistleblower, who is an employee of the Vitalité Health Network, requested anonymity due to fears about repercussions for speaking out. This person did, however, still feel compelled to come forward.

    “This is not a New Brunswick disease,” the person said. “We’re probably the area that is raising the flag because we’re mostly rural and in an area where people might have more exposure to environmental factors.”

    The Special Neurodegenerative Disorder Clinic, also known as the Mind Clinic, is currently the clearinghouse for cases referred from both in the region and in nearby provinces. Doctors say they are “stumped” about the cause.

    In an attempt to quell fears, officials said that eight known fatal cases of the baffling illness were the result of a “misdiagnosis,” not the disease itself. The victims who appear to have “caught” the mystery disease also supposedly died from “unrelated pathologies.”

    Whether this explanation flies in the long term remains unknown. It will probably depend on how many more people develop it and whether or not it continues to grow or tapers off.

    “The fact that we have a younger spectrum of patients here argues very strongly against what appears to be the preferred position of the government of New Brunswick – that the cases in this cluster are being mistakenly lumped together,” said a scientist from Canada’s public health agency who specializes in neurodegenerative illnesses but who is unauthorized to speak in an official capacity.

    New Brunswick officials are reportedly refusing to test for suspected environmental factors, which has led some area residents to speculate that there is some kind of political coverup taking place.

    “If a group of people wanted to breed conspiracy theorists, then our government has done a wonderful job at promoting it,” said Laurie Beatty, the father of one victim who died not long after developing mental confusion that resulted in rapid deterioration.


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      1. “that is causing swift cognitive decline”
        Hey, isn’t that what
        creepy Joe has?

      2. The government covers up a lot of things. They are evil.

      3. We finally have an explanation for Trudeau’s

        • Yes. He’s also a nincompoop. ???

      4. Probably something in the water supply in a specific area of the province. Symptoms sound a lot like Jacob-creutzFeld or mad-cow.
        But if the Gubermint refuses to investigate, they obviously know what it is. I would have independent water test sampling of my water if I lived in this area.

      5. The Trudeau variant of tyrannical socialism?

      6. ““This is not a New Brunswick disease,” the person said. “We’re probably the area that is raising the flag because we’re mostly rural and in an area where people might have more exposure to environmental factors.”
        “This unnamed illness was first announced in Spring 2021…”
        “5G is Coming to Rural New Brunswick a Lot Sooner Than You Think Jul 19, 2019”
        “What Are The Symptoms Of 5G Radiation… loss of appetite or loss of taste restlessness”
        “A loss of appetite and of your sense of smell are two of the milder symptoms of coronavirus people should look out for…”
        “experiencing muscle wasting”
        “now has to use a feeding tube ”
        “lost nearly 60 pounds”


      7. Prion crystals growing in the cranial cavity,…heard that somewhere before.

      8. Finally an explanation for Demonrat reasoning.

      9. Are these people vaccinated? If so how when? You cannot talk about mysterious illness, especially fast developing symptoms, without asking about vaccinations. It’s the latest, most recent medical event in all of the vaccinated people. It’s gene therapy, it’s as invasive as can be. If you don’t talk about that, what’s the point of investigating?

        • I’m sorry, you’re not playing by the rules. Recently developing diseases and illnesses are not allowed to be mentioned in conjunction with vaccinations. It cannot be due to vaccinations because they are safe and effective. The government told us so.

      10. I read that the vax rate in Kanaduh is up significantly since they started requiring it to buy alcohol and pot. Are they too stupid to know they can make both of them themselves?

        • Yes

      11. Tank of compressed hho, piezo ignitor, what could go wrong? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      12. They try to blame The Trumpster….Did any of those victims even get the jab? Sounds like they were exposed to some bad contraband from China or Mexico….

        • Bingo…

          New Brunswick has a meth problem.

      13. Here’s a joke for ya…

        One day a california cowboy and an idaho cowboy were ridin’ down the trail together.

        The Idaho cowboy sees a sheep with it’s head stuck in a fence.
        He gets off his horse and says “thats looks like a good opportunity to me!”
        So he gives the sheep the business and then turns to the California cowboy and say’s ” How bout you, you want some of this action?”

        The Kalifornia cowboy replies ” heck ya, and pulls his pants down and sticks his head in the fence.”

        • @Genius, thanks
          a lot for the laughs.

      14. Covid vaccine syndrome?

      15. I bet these people were vaccinated several times. The government knows why, but they are not going to tell you.

      16. Maybe from eating all that fast food garbage. There’s all sorts of chemicals in there.

      17. I know something about the daily habits of Canadian teenagers and I would venture it is a combination of smoking pot, video games and junk food leading to this ‘cognitive’ failure. Stoner’s disease if you will.

        The solution? Get those kids to get off their butts, get outside, and eat real food. It is noticeable that you never see the vastly increased n#gg?r population out cross country skiing, skating etc. For Christ’s sake, it is Canada, the Great White North: enjoy it.

      18. Lotsa great things come from our Canadian neighbors…Tar sands oil, huge mosquitos and tiny no see ums, and that game with lots of fights they play on ice. What’s it called?

        Oh yeah, curling…

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