Back To Work By End Of March? Kudlow Pushes To Reopen Economy In Non-“Hot-Zones”

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    As Bob Luddy writes in The Spectator, “America has no choice [but to reopen for business soon] if it is to avoid total disaster…”

    China and Russia are open for business and working at close to capacity, as America shutters most businesses and industries in states such as Pennsylvania, New York, California, New Jersey, and Connecticut. In many cases only select manufacturing companies are allowed to operate, which means most manufacturers will be short of parts and services necessary to produce goods.

    Our leaders are creating an economic crisis and a major national security risk with limited data. The cure is far worse than any perceived impact by COVID-19. Our economy is both fragile and interdependent, an economic reality not understood by our leaders as they order mass closings of many states’ business and industry.

    Thomas Sowell wrote, “There are no solutions. There are only tradeoffs.” Sowell was informing us that wise and sound judgments are imperative during any crisis.

    An opinion piece by John P. A. Ioannidis, professor of medicine, epidemiology, and population health at Stanford University, is headlined, “A fiasco in the making? As the coronavirus pandemic takes hold, we are making decisions without reliable data.”

    This season the flu has killed 22,000 Americans versus 388 dead from COVID-19. This the hard data available. There has been no national discussion about the flu but complete panic on the coronavirus.

    The restaurant industry, which is the largest employer in America, is closed in most states. Now we will begin to witness the industries that support restaurants and hotels begin to shutter.

    Marriott Corporate in Bethesda, Maryland, has furloughed 66 percent of its employees and cut the pay of the remaining employees by 20 percent. Such actions by major employers will have a devastating impact on the U.S. economy.

    The Big Three automakers and their suppliers are closed, which means hundreds of thousands of workers are laid off and at home. This will quickly lead to more layoffs and many small business failures. There is no amount of government money that can make up for an economy closed and workers staying home.

    We all know that food and supplies are critical to families. Most individuals assume these products and services will be available. But as we have witnessed, when demand exceeds supply and businesses are shuttered, supply runs out.

    Supply of goods and services is quickly becoming a more important national issue than the COVID-19 panic. The virus will not adversely impact most Americans, but they will sustain substantial financial losses and at some point supplies will run out.

    Schools can shut down, and sick people should stay home, along with older or at-risk individuals, until the panic subsides, but the healthy must be allowed to work.

    Every family, state, city, and business can make the best decisions during this crisis, but we cannot have simplistic top-down mandates.

    We are quickly moving toward a supply problem. Just-in-time inventory means we make products as needed. If the producers are closed, we run out of goods quickly.

    Wiring $3,000 to most Americans may seem like a solution, but unless we have a supply of the goods families need, the money will not help. The best way for families to have income is for America to be open for business and not risk shortages and civil unrest. It is noteworthy that liquor, ammo, and guns sales are robust.

    The federal government has no money and is $23 trillion in debt. Now Congress contemplates a $2 trillion economic bailout, which is pushing the limits of how much Congress can borrow and will eventually create a major financial meltdown. The solution is a robust economy producing goods, services, and financial stability.

    All healthy Americans who want to work must be allowed to return to work no later than March 30. This common-sense approach will allow new production and for the healthy to support those in need.

    I urge our President Trump to speak to Americans from a Midwest manufacturing plant, away from the Swamp, and appeal to all governors and Americans to overcome their fears and take reasonable precautions, but allow America to open for business by March 30.

    *  *  *

    And it seems Luddy’s cries (among many others) have been heard as White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow tells Fox Business that the Trump administration will take a look around the end of this week at areas of the economy that may be safe enough to reopen.

    Kudlow said that, in consultation with health experts, the administration would look at where it’s possible to open places that aren’t “hot zones” in order to expand business reach, adding that “a declining economy is unhealthy.”

    “There’s no question we have to think seriously. I would say, after the 15-day period is over, which I guess ends after this weekend, we will take another look at targeting areas that are safe enough,” Kudlow told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney.

    “A lot of people in business and finance, small business people too, that’s very important, have called us and talked to us to see if we could liberalize and perhaps target more and stop as many shutdowns as we have,” Kudlow said.

    That doesn’t mean we’re going to leave social distancing, that doesn’t mean we’re going to walk away from the mitigating advice that we’ve received from our health specialists. It just means we’re going to take a slightly different look at this.”

    “We’ve just got to make sure our businesses stay alive as much as possible”

    Kudlow said Trump is interested in doing “something in the next couple of weeks.”

    Watch the full interview here.


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      1. “There are no solutions only trade offs”—Thomas Sowell. Go for it,any longer and we permanently go over the cliff. Then we all die.

      2. America is showing it’s lack of resolve and it’s drug like dependency on the dollar and debt. This country is only ONE WEEK into a request to shelter in place by the Federal Govt (not mandatory like some state Govt.’s) and already showing signs of weakness. They (Govt) officials knew full well that this bio weapon would do and failed to act appropriately and in time to keep the infection rate to a minimum. India, which is #3 in world economy and has a larger population that the US, has ordered a 21 day quarantine no exceptions. We can’t even pull off one week without bitching. Now here is what I want to know from each and every person calling for America to immediately return to work; what is the monetary value you place on your son, your daughter, your spouse, your mother and father, your grandparents? What dollar amount will you accept for their death? The virus doesn’t kill everyone, but you don’t know which one it will kill. Roll the dice if you value the economy over human life!

      3. censored comment of the day

        Just read article saying that some countries now hoarding food and not selling food resources on the open market.
        FYI: Famine killed more people in WW2 than bullets and bombs.
        So maybe the hoarders aren’t so crazy? YES they are crazy. The shutdown PANIC REACTION will cause more problems than if a natural course taken.
        FYI: Toilet paper still being made. Water still flowing from tap. Groceries still arriving via trucks. Panic by sheep causing problems. (Yeast. The sheep are buying all the bakers yeast. And these people probably can’t even bake bread! So now sourdough for our bread.)

        What is our World shutdown attributed to a flu is really about??:
        * Is it about a Economic financial market failure collapse?
        * Go to YouTube and Search the following title:
        *** “The Crisis Going On Right Now, That You Are Not Being Told About…”

        Far more deaths/financial ruin are about to occur due to the shutdown than who would have died from a flu.

        Lost Jobs and Broken homes cause these:
        Depression, Suicide, Boozers, Dopers, all cause Broken homes/Broken marriages. You must have a stable income/job, if you want to keep a family together. This is near impossible task with the world shutdown.

        This world shutdown is a Farce False Flag PsyOp Politician Power grab. The constitution now null and void without a shot fired. Just make the sheep afraid. How about all you “Patriots”? Why have people followed this idiocy blindly? Fear. Just make sheep afraid of the Bad Wolf of the moment.

        You are being Played: Problem-Reaction-Solution

        – What are people going to do with all those masks in a few weeks from now? Halloween Costumes with everyone in nothing but BioSuite mode costumes for next 20 years?
        – What are those people going to do with All that Toilet Paper? “Maybe Move to Mexico and drink the local water?”

        Does anyone here have useful info? Post it. Thanks.

      4. So far the Coronavirus, for all of those people who have carried it from start to finish, has a 15% death rate
        Larry Kudlow seems to be very concerned about your stock portfolio and economic numbers. If he can give any evidence whatsoever, on what the death rate will be from a sinking economy for a few months, which is probably non-existent unless self inflicted by people who think the same way, then I just can’t take him or his economic team seriously.
        They are not virologists, epidemiologists, they are economists. As far as I am concerned, exactly zero people will die from going into lock down. I’m waiting for their numbers that say different and a demonstration as to how they tabulated them.

      5. See any out of State NY license plates in your State, they may be sick and need to be quarantined for 2 weeks minimum. Like little human cockroaches, scurrying out of NY spreading their sickness across the Country. You are not welcome here in FL. Go home!!

      6. The Government tells us to stay home, yet they send us a check, hows that check getting deposited into your bank? Osmosis? Then how can you spend it if you are supposed to stay at home? lol.

        We are entering into some very interesting times folks. Watch for Civil War to erupt when there is not enough food to buy, and there is no Rule of Order. They LEO’s will be busy protecting critical infrastructure. People are not critical infrastructure, we are on our own. Got your liberty tools lubed and tuned?

      7. #NotDyingForWallStreet

      8. We need to man up on this.

        a) We are at war with China and this is a clearcut bio attack by them (including the deliberate spreading of the virus around the world through flights)

        b) They want to economically destroy and dethrown us so China is Number One.

        c) We need to fight this scientifically and medically but this involves detecting, tracking and isolating the infected but otherwise life for everyone else must go on. Yes, some of the people who have been kept alive through the miracle of modern medicine (the old, seriously ill, the disabled, the mentally ill etc.) will die in higher numbers but that is life.

        d) We need to strike back and hard. this means two prongs: China itself and Chinese people in Western countries. We can seize assets and hold them hostage (there are more of them here than we are there), and we have a suite of off the shelf measures ready to go and it is now time to unleash them.

      9. Listening to Gerald Celente over at Trends Journal, he was commenting that it is already too late.

      10. If workers test negative for active corona virus infection, then let them go back to work. Retest weekly unless antibody test indicate immunity, then stop retests.

        • Not enough test kits for that and there never will be. Germany started massive testing middle of January. They have a lot of cases and few deaths because they quarantined positives early.

          Trump boohoos about not knowing early enough to prevent spread. He is a liar since Germany and US have the same intelligence. He probably took advice from the wrong people like Pompeo who told him how exceptional he was and the virus was “just the flu bro”.

          He is an idiot.

      11. If anyone knows a disaster, its Larry Kudlow

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