Austria Says Crossing Russia’s “Red Line” Is “Permissible”

by | Jun 18, 2024 | Headline News | 0 comments

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    Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer says that it is “permissible” to cross Russia’s “red lines.” Nehammer said that he is unconcerned with NATO’s (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) decision to allow Ukraine to strike Russia with the weapons it’s been gifted by the West.

    Given that there’s been no retribution from Moscow for the West’s constant disregard of Russia’s “red lines” the sociopaths will continue to cross whatever lines they want. Fortunately, Russia is still showing incredible restraint and has not retaliated for the constant crossing of its “lines.”

    Ukraine And NATO Urge U.S. To Cross Another One Of Russia’s “Red Lines”

    The West doesn’t even appear to be in agreement on what Russia’s “red lines” are, even though they appear to have been made fairly clear. Neuhammer said he disagreed with Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner, who said earlier this month that the United States and its allies had crossed a “red line” by granting Ukraine such permission.

    The chancellor said the debate on the use of Western arms had gone “in the wrong political direction” in a shameful way. His stance is that “under international law, such attacks on Russia are permissible.” Moscow could withdraw troops and see Western military aid to Kiev “automatically reduced,” he said.

    The previous restriction on Ukraine’s use of US weapons was imposed by President Joe Biden to “prevent World War III. According to the media, Washington relaxed it and allowed limited strikes on Russia’s Belgorod Region due to Russian advances in neighboring Kharkov Region. Multiple NATO nations have made similar policy changes regarding arms that they donate to Ukraine. RT

    Sadly, the only thing currently preventing World War III isn’t the U.S. or any of its decisions. It’s Russia’s restraint in retaliating against the West for the proxy war.

    President Vladimir Putin has stated that Russia could send weapon systems similar to those provided to Ukraine to enemies of the U.S. and its allies to be used against Western military assets. This path of escalation leads to an outcome that neither side will like, he warned.



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