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Australia’s Outbreak Worsens Despite Authorities’ Draconian Lockdowns

Mac SlavoTyler Durden
August 17th, 2021
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This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, suffered one of its darkest days yet over the weekend, as it reported 478 new cases, and 7 deaths, during a single 24-hour period. The worsening outbreak has raised concerns about the potential impact on Australia’s mostly unvaccinated aboriginal population.

Elsewhere in Australia, public health officials have confirmed another 19 new cases in Canberra, which imposed its first lockdown in more than a year last week. That lockdown has already been extended by 2 weeks, as paranoia over the delta variant is amplified by Australia’s relatively low vaccination rates.

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, asserted Monday that authorities wouldn’t hesitate to go “door-to-door” in their efforts to help carry out mandatory COVID tests on Australians.

Andrews made the comments during a press conference, where he doubled down on his commitment to pursue Australia’s ludicrous “zero COVID” policy, which requires draconian, economy-crushing lockdowns in response to just a handful of new cases.

“We’re not at a point where we need to be going door to door,” said Andrews. “We’re not at a point where we need entire suburbs to come out and get tested. If we get to that stage, then we won’t hesitate. I think we’ve shown, in fact I know we’ve shown that we’re prepared to do what has to be done, popular or otherwise.”

Summit News’ Paul Joseph Watson mused about members of the Australian military helping to enforce lockdowns, and wondered how members of the military and the public who refuse vaccines and tests might be treated. PJW warned that going from door-to-door testing to door-to-door testing might be too big of a step.

“This is a difficult conversation to have with people now, in an almost threatening tone, when people who want to get vaccinated can’t because we don’t have enough stuff. There will come a time though when I think restrictions will apply to those who have not been vaccinated, rather than restrictions applying to all of us.”

Andrews also signaled that those who refuse to take the vaccine could be forced to submit to lockdown rules indefinitely.

“This is a difficult conversation to have with people now, in an almost threatening tone, when people who want to get vaccinated can’t because we don’t have enough stuff. There will come a time though when I think restrictions will apply to those who have not been vaccinated, rather than restrictions applying to all of us.”

“Now if that’s not an incentive to go and get vaccinated I don’t know what is. But I can see a time when to get into a venue, to attend a major event, to participate fully as a customer, a client, a ticket holder, a patron, a viewer, however you want to look at it, being vaccinated will mean that you get in, and being vaccinated will mean that you don’t.”

Aussies have also been told not to go anywhere near their grandkids and not to engage in conversation with each other, even if they’re wearing masks.

Let’s not forget: one Australian was involuntarily admitted to a mental institution in Australia after refusing to get the COVID jab. The patient was “involuntarily” taken to a hospital in Perth, where he was told that he had suffered a “nervous breakdown.”

Sydney, Australia’s largest city by population, was the first major city to enter lockdown seven weeks ago.

So far at least, it doesn’t look like it’s had much success. But Australian authorities are unfazed.

In other lockdown news, Victoria, which includes the city of Melbourne, tightened its lockdown restrictions, imposing a curfew of 2100 local time to 0500 and closing outdoor playgrounds. The Northern Territory, whose capital is the city of Darwin, went into a snap 72-hour lockdown after the discovery of a single asymptomatic infection.

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    Author: Mac SlavoTyler Durden
    Date: August 17th, 2021
    Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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    1. The vaccines caused the mutations to flourish as per legitimate virologists have stated, they want this to spread evidently.

    2. Yeah says:

      Well, the curfew should help
      because as we all know
      phony 19 can tell time 🙄

    3. toony loons says:

      Everything is upside down 🙃
      in the land down under
      The tyranny continues…

    4. Crikey mate says:

      Hopefully by now the
      kangaroos and koalas
      have developed immunity😏

    5. SomeDude says:

      We know what to do. Take em all out.

    6. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      A few developments in Afghanistan have led me to be suspicious that the supposed Taliban led coup was sponsored by the CIA, and is just another puppet regime. Pepe Escobar reported that one of the government officials in the “Taliban” was a Voice of America employee, which is run by the State Department, in addition to NATOs complete and immediate aquiescence to “The Taliban”, the reporting by Pepe Escobar that “Taliban” is dealing heroin to foreign countries which is not in line with Islam, and the amusement park coup that they considered to be the first order of business, joy riding on bumper cars. Maybe I am wrong, but this could spell trouble for Afghanistan and the region  over all. Isn’t that all that NATO ultimately wants?  Everyone knows the hand in glove relationship between Israel and NATO, and that Israel wants to destroy Iran, and many countries in the region, This makes the U.S. and NATO look good for “worrying” about the “Taliban” that was able to overtake them and the Afghani government, and overthrow the Afghani government and Afghani military in a day. This is just extremely suspicious. China and Russia have been playing along, like they did with 9/11 and the scamdemic. But, this is just based on what I read online, so who knows?! 

      It is looking a lot like the Iraq invasion did in the first days. If it is too good to be true, it probably is.

      Andrea Iravani

    7. Anonymous says:

      Someone catches Covid?

      What to do?

      Execute them and burn the bodies, it’s the only way to put an end to the disease , and they deserve it anyway.

      Their the same as enemy collaborators and spies in a war.

      Horrid diseases like this, ones with the potential to wipe out mankind, need no nonsense measures to defeat them.

      Something like that.

      • vincente pox says:

        You mean “they’re”, NOT their!! The Pfizer jab is accelerating your dementia.

        No wonder you post as anonymous! Anyone posting CCP nonsense should stay in the basement and keep the mask on…

        • Anonymous says:

          Man, that was one intelligent response, probably the most intelligent thing you have ever said.

          But I place the blame for the wrong term on Old eyes, arthritic hands, and spell checkers.

          Which I’m sure you’ll find a way to snidely object to, your intelligence being what it is.

          • @Anonymous I agree with you. With all of the horrible
            things happening in the world
            the last thing I’m worried about is if someone spells a word wrong. People seriously need to get a grip. Peace.

    8. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      The U.S. Has Been a War Zone Since 9/11.

      The Terrorists Are Here. We are Surrounded by Them! They Have Infested All Power Structures at All Levels! Local Governments, Police, FBI, and InfraGard Are Terrorist Sleeper Cells! I Know For A Fact that the Grafton, Ozaukee, and Wisconsin Governments, FBI,  Police, and InfraGard, and the Medical Mafia are Organized Crime Terrorist Networks! Not Only Because of What They Have Done to me and Members of my Family, but Because of Many Other Crimes, Most Natably, the Scamdemic! 

      The United States government has proven to be worse than the Taliban! To be clear, I do not support the Taliban! The police are running child pornorgraphy websites, 9/11 has proven to be an inside job, all of the seven recent wars were false flage wars, the 2008 bail outs, $21 trillion was stolen from the Pentagon and has never even been investigated over it, and of course we now have the scamdemic, which all prove that the U.S. government is more corrupt, authoritarian, and evil than the Taliban!

      The stock market is a gamble! Why in the hell are these evil, mentally incompetent high rollers being bailed out constantly?! 

      I am pretty sure that the Taliban would have killed those evil monsters long ago if they were here, while most Americans in any position to stop the blood letting, just opportunistically engaged in the blood letting and rode the gravy train through the Wall Street economic fraud machine and chose to enrich themselves at everyone else’s, including their children’s expenses. 

      Oh, and of course the fact that DHS said that it considers anyone that celebrates religious holidays to be a terrorist threat and many may be under round the clock surveillance for it, which is illegal to do, but illegality never prevents the government from committing crimes.

      Honestly, I would rather be in Afghanistan than in America. There is more freedom and less corruption in Afghanistan than in America.

      The terrorists are the Wall Street investors and firms, the medical mafia, and InfraGard, which includes the government at all levels, They act like the Gauls did. Stop paying them off! Just kill them! Paying them off only encourages them! Obviously, the only way to make them stop killing, torturing, and terrorizing is to kill them.

      Want more proof?


      Stocks are up 100% since the last dramatic selloff. Here comes the Delta variant – CNN

      The Gauls invaded countries and terrorized countries and kings paid them peace dividends to stop terrorizing their country, and also hired them as mercenaries. Just kill them! We cannot survive this way! Enough is enough! They have left us with no other option, and have shown us that it is either us or them, because they are killing us! They have already killed my Father, Mother, a brother, and my dog, and have done sick sadistic, illegal, surgery on me without my knowledge or consent while I was unconscious in the hospital, falsely diagnosed me, and they have been torturing, terrorizing, stealing, vandalizing, hacking with vault7 technology tools on me, censoring, spying, gas-lighting, and blasting me 24/7 with shortwave radio signals that are being broadcasted from the police emergency alert speakers because they use to test the siren/alarms every last Saturday of the month at noon which they stopped doing when the shortwave radio signals started being blasted at me, but I also heard this in another town.

      They are sadistic, serial criminal, psychopathic terrorists guilty of high crimes and treason. 

      They are operating on the economic principals as the Gauls. Appeasing terrorists only leads to more terrorism, obviously! They obviously have no intention of reforming themselves, governing themselves, or regulating themselves in any way at all!

      We May Be Wrong, But We’re Dedicated to it and Stubborn About It- is the InfraGard Lifestyle.

      Evidently, this strategy paid off for them in the past, so they will just keep doubling down. They are behaving like alcoholics. They would have a couple drinks to feel better, when it didn’t work anymore, they would drink more, eventually, no matter how much they would drink, the drinks just didn’t improve the situation any more, and only made things worse, at that point if someone does not stop drinking, which they really should have done long before reaching that point, they will literally enter a death spiral. That is where it is with InfraGard now. They have to stop lying, as difficult and as uncomfortable as that may be for them. These are not normal individuals. They are not superior individuals either, but have convinced themselves that they are. They are living in a different dimension, and live by different rules. They are gamers, literally gaming the system. The only meaning of life to them is winning at all costs. It takes precedence over everything and everyone else in their lives. They are gamers, with event 201 event 221, and they are always playing these stupid expensive military games that tax payers are forced to pay for. Many of them believe that life is not even real, and is just computer simulations, within computer simulations, within computer simulations, making killing even easier for them. If someone is just a set of computer algorithms in their minds, they are not killing people. Game theory and its adherents are pretty messed up individuals, in my opinion. RAND corporation, Neuman, and Nash were some of the main backers of it. I think that it has been proven to be complete bullshit. It may work for poker, but not for life. Somewhere along the lines they have blurred the lines in their minds between games and life, and that will ultimately prove to be their fatal error. Not only are they stubborn and incompetent, they are full of hubris.

      Game Theory is Bullshit because KARMA. 

      If Karma is too much of an eastern or metaphysical concept for some conservatively western individuals, some so much that it has even offically been outlawed in Arizona, which made me laugh hysterically. Let me know how that works out for ya, then think of it as the law of unintended consequences, or the boomerang effect, which are widely accepted in all western schools of thought. How did the west enter another dimension that no longer accepts, believes in, or practices the very simple Golden Rule, do unto others as you wish them to do unto you? If America could get back to that and the Constitution, we would be on the right track, but the game theorists have convinced everyone that the risks of being evil and corrupt outweigh the spiritual, and emotional rewards of living by the golden rule, and the constitution. 

      I have seen it play out too many times in hind sight, not knowing what they were doing at the time with 9/11, the seven false flag wars, robbing $21 trillion from the Pentagon, and currently the scamdemic, which I knew from the start was complete scientific, economic, and political fraud.

      Game Theorists in InfraTard are evidently going to have to learn about Karma the hard way.

      They can’t say that I didn’t warn them. 

      I know that the surveillance/police state is an organized crime ring. They only destroy, steal, terrorize, torture, and kill. 

      Nobody has ever been held accountable for any of the crimes that I mentioned that were actually guilty of any of those crimes, and nobody has ever been held legally accountable for the crime spree perpetrated against me, members of my family, my dog, and my property either, despite the fact that I have contacted law enforcement, politicians, health care, and corporations, at every level, and since many people have been spying on me in my neighborhood, in the media, and in government which I know because they have repeated and done too many things that I have said or done in my home for it to be coincidental, and everyone knows that the surveillance state exists to spy on people, but they will only reveal that they were spying on people if and only if they are able to catch them in a crime, and the Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot was a prime example of the way that the InfraTards operate their organized crime ring. Othewise, they just claim that someone is crazy, which is typical criminal behavior for a criminal to accuse his/her victim of being crazy. It’s the old and nuts and sluts defense. It is old and worn out. Nobody buys it any more.

      Obviously, these people have made the German Nazis pale in comparison. Monsters like that are not entitled to be forgiven. They have mistakenly been forgiven by people for over twenty years. Their crimes only become more monstrous, sadistic, and evil. This is just way too much to overlook and sweep under the rug. They obviously have no intention of changing their behavior, because they would have done it by now if they had.

      They are not fooling anybody but themselves, and self deception can be the most deadly of all.

      The InfraGard mindset, is that they are essentially playing a game of truth or dare, and will always choose dare over truth, even though the dares involve violating many laws, and are hell bent on destroying their real lives, just in order to win a game of truth or dare.

      They are in helter skelter death spirals. They will not get back to the top of the slide to go for another ride because they will be destroyed or dead. 

      It is different this time, because of time, because time has exposed them for who they are, and because time has destroyed the economy, country, and the world in the process, and because time has allowed Russia and China to benefit off of InfraGards illegal, sadistic, predatory, destructive behavior.

      A poll by the Morning Consult revealed that 49% of self-described Q Anon believers, 32% of all right-leaning adults, and 8% of left-leaning respondents do not understand the difference between liberalism and fascism. 

      As I have stated previously, InfraGard has targeted white Christian Americans strictly because it is the largest percentage of the population and we are justifiably outraged in large numbers by the destruction of liberty and justice, and the sick, evil, sadistic, homicidal, crime spree perptrated by InfraGard. InfraGard has enlisted minority groups to fight white Christians so that the minority groups will destroy white Christians for InfraGard. There is also a civil war going on within InfraGard with competing groups of various sectors, corporate, political, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. They are battling it out for DoD grants, and control. InfraGard is the problem. Of course the wealthiest people in the country and world are Jewish, and Jews own and control the financial sector, tech sector, media sector, and foreign policy, with increasing control demands by tech, media, and Zionist foreign policy hawks to clamp down even harder on the white Christian population since everything is just a complete disaster that has made the German Nazis pale in comparison. 

      I wouldn’t recommend taking the grants though, because there are so many strings attached to them that they will literally turn you into a puppet, like Pinochio, ( “The truth ought to be protected by a body guard of lies.”- Winston Churchill and John Bolton ) in addidtion to the fact that you will essentially be in a virtual marriage with all of InfraGard and sworn to secrecy through an NDA, which is illegal, since all crime is legally exempt from all NDAs. Some things just aren’t worth it, and that is definitely one of them! 

      Andrea Iravani

    9. Jocko says:

      The virus has been found deep in the Amazon jungle, on isolated Pacific islands and in wild animals. Common sense tells you lock downs will not work. But then when did the government ever use commons sense.