Australian City Council Halts Construction Of Synagogue Over Fears That ISIS Could Target It

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    People living in the West have given up a lot to satisfy their government’s concerns over terrorism. Here in the US for instance, our right to privacy in our homes, on our persons, and especially in our communications, has essentially died since 9/11. Everything we say on our phones or search on the internet is catalogued by the NSA without a warrant, we can’t fly on an airplane without being groped and prodded by TSA agents, it’s now fairly common to be forced through police checkpoints many miles away from any border.

    The US isn’t alone in this regard. Across the board, every Western nation has sacrificed essential freedoms in the name of combating terrorism. The only difference is that unlike in the US, most Western nations have sacrificed more speech related freedoms rather than privacy (though all Westerners have lost both rights to some degree). This is especially true in Europe and Canada, where expressing right wing opinions or criticizing Islam is now considered a hate crime, and is believed to be an invitation for more terrorist attacks.

    Australians however, seems to be close to losing their right to practice any religion they want. That’s what the Jewish community in Sydney learned recently when they tried to build a synagogue. Residents and city council members decided to not let the structure come to fruition because they feared it would invite terrorist attacks.

    The temple was to be built in Bondi, a short walk from Australia’s famous Bondi Beach. But locals worried that the space would pose a security risk to nearby residents, motorists and pedestrians. As evidence of that threat, the council pointed to the synagogue’s own design, which included setback buildings and blast walls. They also said the design would have an “unacceptable impact” on the street and neighbourhood.

    “A number of residents agreed with the contentions … and provided additional evidence against the development of the site,” the council said in a statement.

    And on top of that, the courts complained that the building’s design would only protect the worshipers inside.

    But the court sided with the council. In its decision, the court explained that western countries are under threat from Daesh, also known as ISIS or ISIL, and that the potential of an attack in Australia is considered “probable” by government officials. The court also noted that the designs would serve only to protect those inside the building, not those outside.

    You know the West is slipping into collectivist madness, when you can’t construct a building that is only designed to protect the people inside of it from an external threat. That would be like saying that you’re not allowed to own body armor because it doesn’t protect bystanders from gunfire. (Oh wait, body armor is highly regulated in Australia and most people who aren’t cops, soldiers, or security guards can’t own it? Color me shocked.) But worst of all, the refusal to let this synagogue be built is nothing more than an admission that the terrorists have won.

    “The decision is unprecedented,” Rabbi Yehoram Ulman told “Its implications are enormous. It basically implies that no Jewish organization should be allowed to exist in residential areas. It stands to stifle Jewish existence and activity in Sydney and indeed, by creating a precedent, the whole of Australia, and by extension rewarding terrorism.”

    It’s such a big win for terrorism that I doubt any terrorist organization ever expected to have these results. Here’s a country of 24 million people that has lost less than 10 people to terrorism over the past 20 years. They all died at the hands of Islamic radicals, who are known to despise Judaism. Sydney’s response is to prevent a Synagogue from being built in a vain effort to prevent more terrorist attacks. The city is doing exactly what Islamic terrorists want them to do, and these terrorists barely had to lift a finger.

    If this kind of moral weakness isn’t overcome in the West, then our freedoms will not survive the next generation.


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      1. In a related story: UK: Acid Attacks Now at ‘Epidemic Levels’, Says Burns Surgeon

        h ttp://

        They are using acid attacks to drive white people out of “their” neighborhoods in England.

          • Angel, once the shooting starts WWIII will have begun and it will escalate quickly. Those cruise missiles are a threat to our aircraft carrier battle groups. NK will nuke them!

            China still supports NK and is trying to stall/ delay US action.

            I find it very interesting that China is being very aggressive with India now as well. I told my Mom when the Indian Prime Minister visited Washington DC recently, that I have NEVER seen a world leader so visibly happy/appreciative/inappropriately demonstrative with an American President and that something big happened or was agreed to.

            War is on the brink BECAUSE economic collapse is closing in. The two events are tied together. Remember China did not build those artificial Islands, runways and missile silos for “squatters rights” for some oil. China JUST had a major military march where they displayed ALL their NEW AND IMPROVED military hardware for 6 hours.

            People WAR is at the door!

        • Sadly, this is true. There is a quiet campaign underway to move and nudge people by race into new neighborhoods: an Apartheid of sorts. There are ‘dirty’ neighborhoods for the people from the third world: filthy streets, overcrowded, polluted; and then there are the ‘clean’ areas for the wealthy.

          Nobody in their right mind would live in the ‘dirty’ neighborhoods because of the culture there is the same as you would find in any third world country: a place where women are bought and sold, forced into marriages, harassed and assaulted, where disputes are resolved with acid or knife attacks.

          • FT, the only I relocate from where I’m at now is of my own accord. Nobody TELLS me where the f#$% to live.

          • Sorry Frank. I lived in Bondi for five years and was invloved in the campaign to prevent the 70 year old tennis courts on a delightful quiet reaidential street from being turned into apartments as was the developer’s initial plans. Later he upagraded them to include a synagogue ehich is wholey inappropriate for the site. The council offered the developer another location but this was declined as it was too close to an exisiting synagogue.
            Bondi Beach and Sydney’s other Eastern suburbs have large well established Jewish communities totally integrated into Australian life with many synagogues in the area. In fact one woman who i worked with on the campaign to prevent tbe loss of the courts is Jewish.

        • Oh My, looks who’s whining again like professional victims that they are.

          The headline is ALL Backwards and exactly the opposite. Australia has seen how America has been Hijacked and destroyed by Garbage Synagogues. America has been infiltrated, and many Synagogues haven been built in the US allowing the real Nation Destroying Terrorists take foothold over 100 years. And We Americans have allowed this with an open society, and now 2.1% of this population sector, has infiltrated nearly every sector of our society and government and destroyed it. They now dominate 33% of the US Supreme Court, Hijacked our Foreign Policy, Taken over our Money system and banks, Our Entire Media and fake propaganda news and Hollywood entertainment, Most of our Main Sports teams, like BasketBall and Football teams and commissions. They pollute the minds of young children with garbage homosexual TV Shows. All by design to destroy the American Family. They created the NAACP to promote racial Hate, Women Liberation and used Gloria Steinem to divide and split the Family unit up. Where now 50% of marriages end up in divorce. They redefine the rolls of spouses, and why America has so many broken up families. I think Australia Nailed this one BIGTIME, and America needs to clean up its own filth that we have allowed to pile up for 100 years. There is no justice in America anymore since they dominate the courts. They only consist of 2.1% of the US population but dominate the US Supreme Court with a 33% foothold. George Soros is still loose and destroying America by sponsoring more hate groups like Black lives matter. Russia also sees how America has been destroyed within the USA, by these bloodsucking parasites and have stopped this sector from holding any meaningful government roles in Russia. Putin is a smart guy and loves his country. And why Russia is the Wests new enemy and is now using the US Military to Start WW3 by our hijacked foreign policy. And to top is off American Tax payers are supposed to dole out $38 Billion dollars to fund these terrorist parasites to attack us more and divide our country and culture up. We need to stop funding these parasite terrorists who are destroying us from within and bankrupting us with perpetual wars. You want the TRUTH here or more Garbage Propaganda? Has ISIS done any of the Above which I just described? Only a ignorant fool would believe that.

          Any BTW, Many US Airport security companies are run by Israheelli Security companies, and the TSA is also run by this 2.1% cult. The Boston Marathon Bombing was run by an Israeli Security company and every single hijacker on 9-11 came through an airport run by Israehelli Security company. So Who are the terrorists and who is allowing and promoting the destruction of America?? Wake up Sheep. You all have been fooled by “Operation Pull the Wool over Your Eyes.” And when you look at (((WHO))) is trying to ban gun in the USA, its the Bloomberg, the Polosi, the Schumers, and on and on. Why do they want to disarm Americans so bad? Answer, to completely make us their slaves so that can we offer up no resistance to their Tyranny.

          • And never forget the 5 Dancing Mossad Israhelli’s that were sent over here to film the planes hitting the twin towers on 9-11 and Silverstein who profited off 9-11 to about $5 Billion dollars in insurance fraud. Did ISIS do this? Not. Do you want the truth or more Professional Victim propaganda?

            • CSS, you make some damn good points but what concerns me is that government allows foreigners into our country to start telling the natives what they can or cannot do in their own country. The aussies ought to overthrow their government and kick out all the foreigners. America is OUR country, not the damn foreigners’. If the foreigners don’t like what they see here then they need to get the f#$% out. There’s planes, trains, buses, and ships that leave this country every day.

          • up yours nazi pig

            • The Truth sucks for you eh paquo… Make America Great Again. Identifying the enemy, is the first step to defeating them.

              • CSS, paquo sounds like a libturd.

        • Justice:

          I have long considered the Royals failure to defend the white Christian ENGLISH people.

          Apparently it is because this family is African and 3ew. Yes, they look white. But in fact the Royal Family of England is mixed blood. The Queen married a 3ew with some small African blood. The Queen, herself, is the direct descendant of Queen Charlotte. Queen Charlotte was the daughter of the white Portuguese Prince and his black Moor mistress. The Moors were an African tribe who invaded Italy. Which is the European Country closest to the Continent of Africa.
          These blacks raped and left some Italian women pregnant, much as they are doing now. The Italians drove them out of Italy. The black Moors settled in Portugal. That is how this mixed race Queen Charlotte came to be. Unlike the Italians who would have none of it. The white Portugese accepted the black Moors. That is why today some Portuguese are very dark. Some have a high mixture of African DNA.

          Anyway, being mostly white English, King Edward considered himself white and wanted to protect England from the invasion of non-whites. He was deposed under the pretense of love. But in fact it was by force. His brother and his brother’s daughter, the current Queen were sympathetic to the black-3ew conspiracy for the overthrow of white Christian England; and the plan for total genocide of pure white English people.

          The Queen, the Rothschild 3ew banker gangsters are the traitors of White Christian England. They should be arrested and tried for treason. They are responsible for the rapes and the acid attacks. At, the very least, they should be taken from power and their wealth given to the white Europeans whom they have so bitterly betrayed.

          At worst, they should all be executed. I favor leniency.


      2. Mac, if you get a chance look at this. China Threatens “Small Scale Military Operation” To Remove India From Bhutan Border

        “In the latest escalation between two nuclear powers, China has turned the war threat amplifier up to ’11’ by threatening India (in an article published a Chinese state-controlled newspaper) that it could conduct a “small-scale military operation” to expel Indian troops from a contested region in the Himalayas.”

        • Thx Justice — Definitely an interesting report and one that suggests we are, globally, inching closer and closer to a large-scale conflict.

      3. Bullshit alert:
        this decision was simply kissing ass to muslimes.
        Sorry. Appeasement won’t work. They’ll get to You IN GOOD TIME. Muslimes NEVER reward any who help them in their conquest.

        • DBC, any foreigner who tries to tell me what the f#$% to do in my own country will find himself ‘ventilated’.

      4. Any reason to halt the construction of a Synagogue is fine by me! End ZOG!

      5. Australia committed suicide when they disarmed their citizens.

        Since those insane gun laws were passed, the murder rate, violent crime rates, and gun deaths have skyrocketed because only the bad guys have guns now.

        I visited Australia about ten years ago, really nice people there. This sh!t shouldn’t happen to nice people.

        • Australia is a beautiful country but like Canada, they have massively increased their importation of Muslims in the last 10 years. This has led to a rising terrorism threat. As you can see in France, this inevitably leads to Jews being pushed out of society because of the threats. Most Jews in France have migrated to Israel because they could no longer live in peace in France. This will happen in other countries as anti-semitism rises.

      6. Go take a stand against Soros and Barbra Spectator Lerner.

        This invasion of predominantly white Countries is being orchestrated by Jews like Soros and Lerner.

        This is a crime against humanity which must stop or it will get so bad that people begin killing the invaders and the traitors who brought them. Australians will get guns illegally. They will fight back. I have no doubt about it. The Jews will be attacked and killed along with the invaders unless they start sending the migrants refugees terrorists Muslims back to their homes, and stop instigating wars.


      7. Every time I use the word 3ew, with the proper spelling, I am censored. Even now when the subject is about them.

        “To learn who rules over you, find out who you can not critisize.” Voltaire

        Well, I can’t say shit about 3ews, whether it is good or not.


        • Exactly B of CA, Its editing freedom of speech, and why they are promoting a bill that if any American criticizes them they are fined $1 Million Dollars and sent to prison for 20 years. Un-F-n Believable. Who are the Terrorists? They are already here and well embedded in every sector of our society and Government. And its Not ISIS is it?

          • Crack:

            A small correction, if you don’t mind. The minimum fine is only $250,000.
            I think you are referring to the business boycott of IsRealHell. That fine is $1,000,000.

            So, on the subject of boycotting. I don’t have a T.V. It is not a boycott in the strict sense of the word. I just got fed up with the low quality of very stupid, destructive garbage that was polluting my consciousness. Then I stopped going to movies for the same reason. For nine dollars, I could by a book and learn something important. I started buying books on clearance at the book store.

            Here is a good book, although I don’t recommend eating too much flour based foods, never-the-less it is imperative to know how to bake bread, cake, etc. There is a recipe for sour dough starter. It is basic. And this book got the prestigious James Beard Kitchenaide Award.

            “The King Arthur Flour Backer’s Companion”


            • B I’m not necessarily a part of the BDS movement but I still do business only with who I choose as long as there’s mutual consent between us. I’ve never done business with anyone from the tribe and don’t plan on it, either. No one in govt. has any damn business telling me what to buy or even who to get the product or service from. Just like Obamacare. I never signed up for it and never will. I make my own f#$%ing decisions. No one else makes them for me.

            • Thanks, yeah, who acting like the Nazi’s? Our Freedoms are exploited to pollute our society with garbage. No TV here or TV Cable for 30 Months. My head and brain have been rejuvenated. Once in a while I see TV and its like watching poison brainwashing. Parents, don’t let your kids watch garbage TV. Go do some interactive family time instead. Your kids will remember those good times forever.

            • Bakers [not with a ‘c’]

        • What a fucking imbecile you are. Just recently a township was prohibited by a federal judge to mention the word Islam or Muslim in a zoning dispute. You are correct saying the ones who prohibit anything bad being said about them,rule over you. Their MUSLIM you fucking idiot.Go back to your bunker seal yourself up,and die.

          • Southside, this case you mention, did it happen here in the US? Links?

            • Deplorable, it was in New Jersey. Township did not want a mosque built because of noise,traffic,etc.Iman sued the township,Obamas DOJ got involved citing discrimination. In town mtg. mayor says townies cant use words ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslim’. 9th circuit court backed them up.Try to gogle New Jersey band words Muslim and Islam

          • southside:

            Still falling back on that age old tactic of switching any disagreement about a topic into a personal attack. That is because your argument alone is so weak.

            “recently a judge ruled (in favor of Muslims)”

            That is the problem. The judicial system is currently controlled by((( 3ews))). If we can get you 3ews and your pedofile allies out of positions like judges, maybe sanity will prevail. There are many good people who happen to be born 3ew. So what. Nobody cares. This is about the ones who are engaged in maintaining a master-slave relationship between 3ews and the whole world.

            3ews are engaged in a battle against Christianity and against white Christians in particular. It is their dominance over the money system and the industrial defense complex along with the propagandizing media that holds the world prisoner. The industrial defense system is manned by non3ews who regularly die for 3ews who despise them. 3ews know it is nearing a time when the soldiers turn against them. That is why they are so frantically engaged in replacing flesh and blood humans who might come to their senses about who the real enemy is. That is why 3ews are working to replace human soldiers with robots.

            Artificial intelligence is part of this strategy, but scientists have come to the inevitable consequence of machines. The machine(robots) designed a language and began strategizing in this language between themselves. The scientists could not understand the language. The artificial intelligence of the robots outsmarted scientists. Scientists were forced to pull the plug and deactivate the robots.

            3ews have unleashed the Muslims onto the white Christians. Sooner or later it is bound to backfire unless they wise up and give up their pursuit of world dominance. The slaves are going to kill the oppressive masters, the 3ews. Sorry, southside, it is not Muslims, it is 3ews.


      8. Just remember folks, you may not like the gews but next time it could be a Christian church that is refused. Just like everything else that we take for granted, our right to worship as we want is under attack.

        • JAS, excellent point. If something like that can happen to Jews it can also happen to Gentiles. It’s the principle behind it that I’m most concerned about. We’re getting closer to civil war 2. I won’t take any orders from any foreigners. I don’t care where they come from or what they believe.

          • I won’t take any orders from any foreigners.

            I hope you won’t take any orders from anyone born in the U.S. either, unless you have voluntarily joined into a boss/flunky relationship with him/her.

      9. I do not have one particle of sympathy for these people. They have wrecked our country and I am sure they have done the same to Australia. Screw them.

      10. I’d like to know (((WHO))) the Author, Daniel Lang is working for, with this POS Propaganda Hit Piece on Australia? Making Australia the new enemy. The (((Squatters))) in Palestine have their tentacles of Hate spread across the Globe, setting up shop, to spread their hate everywhere. And American Tax Payers need to cut off ALL Funding to (((them))) for this Nation Destroying Terrorism. (((Who))) along with the CIA Created ISIS?

      11. Always remember: H8TE, violence and being nasty is bad… UNLESS you are a leftist, Muslim or feminists. Then all this garbage is “understandable,” “justifiable” and even “good.”

        Remember the time tested fascist left philosophy re. this: Heads I win, tails you lose.

        • TEST, the libturd fascists can have their philosophy all they want but if any of them try to impose their will on me, THEY will be the losers. F#$5 the libturds. I don’t owe them shit.

      12. The Holocaust Museum in D.C. was built by taxpayer dollars. It was built to commemorate foreigners. It was built before the memorial for American WW2 vets. The American WW2 Veterans Memorial had to be payed for with donations. And, like I said, it was built after the memorial to the foreigners. Hey, who’s more important to the US government, anyway?

        • HoloFraud Museum of “How to be a in a full time Professional Beggar Victim Status.” The Russians lost over 20 Million people in WW2. You don’t see them out there begging for money or sympathy do ya.
          Man up B!tchez!!!

      13. Question: Does the same city councils allow Mosques to be built.? If so, then Islam has absolutely won. In my opinion, the govt’s should be allowing (and encouraging) as many synagogues & churches to be built as possible, and NO mosques.!!!!

      14. Real simple answer to the question of ISIS attacking. ATTACK FIRST!!!!!!!!


      15. I like Australian people and things, would have said that both sides of the debate were generically-white. To the best of my understanding, the Anglophile nations descended from the half-tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. I am not saying it as a matter of racism; I am tested and can compare genes with you.

        The story of the Exodus, and fall of Egypt, began, when Jews were not allowed religious observance. Goliath was slain, not for his stature, but for blasphemy. That proverbial hand started writing on the wall, when a vessel from the Jewish temple had been used, in vain, and the first Babylon fell, overnight. You knew all these sayings, without even realizing it. Where do they come from.

      16. (Presumably stuck in moderation-limbo for use of the dreaded J-word.)

        I like Australian people and things, would have said that both sides of the debate were generically-white. To the best of my understanding, the Anglophile nations descended from the half-tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. I am not saying it as a matter of racism; I am tested and can compare genes with you.

        The story of the Exodus, and fall of Egypt, began, when J*ws were not allowed religious observance. Goliath was slain, not for his stature, but for blasphemy. That proverbial hand started writing on the wall, when a vessel from the J*wish temple had been used, in vain, and the first Babylon fell, overnight. You knew all these sayings, without even realizing it. Where do they come from.

      17. I lived on Wellington St, Bondi Beach, one minute’s walk to the 70 year old tennis courts, the site of the proposed synagogue, that resided on a quiet residential street. I was invloved in the campiagn to prevent the courts from being developed into apartments and spoke against them twice at local council meetings. Our main strategy was to hgihlight the increasing lack of recreational space in the area, with most open sporting and recreational areas being targeted by ruthless developers.
        The developer in this case was offered a perfectly good site for a synagogue elsewhere by the council, but declined it as it was too close to an existing synagogue. The developers initial plans for the site was only for apartments, but changed them to include a large synagogue after the land was rezoned by the local government from recreational to residential. The site of the six courts is appropriate for low rise apartments, but wholey innappropriate for a large synagogue on a quiet residential street. The approach to include terrorist threats was a last minute anything goes strategy to try and prevent the loss of much needed recreational space and to prevent turning a residential street into a traffic clogged, noisy, crowded meeting place.

      18. Why the hell doesn’t the stupid council ban the building of Mosques due to the fact that they encourage terrorism. And while they’re at it, BAN PISSLAM OFF THE FACE OF THIS EARTH!

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