Australia Moves to License Toy Guns

by | Sep 14, 2010 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    In the Ridiculous Category (we don’t have one, but we probably should), we learn from Queensland, Australia that toy guns – or anything that mimics a gun in shape or form – will require licensing and proper storage. Those who break the law will face severe civil penalties ranging from $750 to $4000 dollars (AUD):

    ANY ITEM that looks like a gun will have to be licensed under several changes to the Weapons Act being considered by the Queensland State Government.

    Even guns made out of materials as unlikely as soap or plastic may have to be kept under lock and key if they could “reasonably be taken to be a weapon”.

    The draft act says an imitation is a “reasonable copy” of a weapon that is not capable of causing death or injury.

    “If it looks like a gun and feels like a gun, it will have to be licensed,” said a government source.

    “We just want to know where they are.”

    It is unclear how the draft affects toy guns.

    Failure to license an imitation weapon will carry a maximum $4500 fine under the proposals and incorrect storage carries a penalty of $750.

    source: News Limited Australia

    Hat tip to Ol’ Remus at the Woodpile Report for the weekly Monday wrap up where we were alerted to this story.


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      1. Wow. We thought the British legislators and Greenies were nuts.

        Does it count if a person points his/her finger in a gun-like fashion? Does the fine go up if you say “Bang?”

        Maybe they should just prohibit anything that has a handle. Imagine the fine for brandishing a hair dryer!

        What about bananas? They look sort of pistol-like if you hold them the right way.

        Where does it stop?

      2. What if it is just a finger?

      3. Depends on WHICH finger, and whether the finger is horizontal or vertical.

        Stories like this confirm what Einstein said:

        Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former

      4. Don’t pay much mind to this story. I live here in Oz and it’s a lot less harsh than it appears. Anyone who wants a gun, handgun or otherwise has to jump through a few tight hoops but they can get one. Also if your caught with unlicenced guns convictions are not harsh as long as you didn’t shoot someone.

        A bloke in north queensland was busted recently with a celler full of automatic weapons and what not. Hundreds of guns, all unlicenced. He was a lawer but still, he got off with a good behaviour bond. Over in England some poor sap recently got 4 YEARS for handing in a shotgun that had been dumped in his front yard. Now that is lunacy hey.

      5. Hmmm. I wonder if they’ll try to fine God for bananas?

      6. When one considers that Americans were practically born with guns in their hands and that there are roughly 200 million guns in the hands of 80 million gun owners, I think it would be impossible to ban them politically or physically without anarchy and serious physical threats to those politicians and law enforcement advocating, or attempting to enforce confiscations.

        Even guns made out of materials as unlikely as soap or plastic may have to be kept under lock and key if they could “reasonably be taken to be a weapon”.
        (the type of soap used to brandish the victim to death has not been identified–however it took 6 hours for the murderer to accomplish this feat)

        Be waryof the rumors about licensed guns appearing on 2010 income tax returns….
        We have 4, only one registered(but it’s a scented candle–sarcasm here))so I researched and found this:

        There is a lot of worry going on about a new Senate bill slated for 2010 to force reporting of guns on income tax returns for “tax purposes,” as a not so subtle form of National Gun Registration, which Obama aggressively supports.

        Won’t happen. NRA supports 43 of the 65 Pro Gun Blue Dog Democrats, and most will lose their seats as they did under Clinton, if there is a bill signed in 2010

      9. What’s a “tax return” ??

      10. TnAndy,

        To rephrase your question:
        What WAS a tax return grandpa?

      11. @penna,  then ull have to liscense it

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