Austin IRS Attacked Linked to Tea Party Movement

by | Feb 19, 2010 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    It should be no surprise that some journalists and media outlets will use the recent suicide plane attack into an IRS building as a way to discredit the tea party movement. And within just a few hours, that’s exactly what happened.

    When suicide pilot Andrew Stack flew his plane Thursday into a Texas building that houses the IRS, killing himself and injuring at least two others, a number of media outlets immediately connected the words of his online suicide letter to those of the Tea Party movement — despite any evidence that Stack has ever been involved in the movement.

    That’s something Levi Russell, spokesman for Tea Party Express, called “absurd.”

    The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart wrote that he was “struck by how [Stack’s] alienation is similar to that we’re hearing from the extreme elements of the Tea Party movement.” New York Magazine wrote, “a lot of his rhetoric could have been taken directly from a handwritten sign at a Tea Party rally.”

    It plays right into the Tea Party narrative that the traditional media sources are out to get them.

    Ryan Hecker, a Houston Tea Party activist at the Conservative Action Political Conference in Washington, D.C., said such treatment is just another example of how the mainstream media is trying to “marginalize” the movement.

    Russell said the media “will seize upon any examples to say you’re irrelevant, or racist, or crazy.”

    “Still to this day, no major media outlet has ever engaged the Tea Party movement on the issues,” he said. “It has always been about rhetoric and personal attacks.”

    It should be clear that the beast will do whatever it takes to keep the two-party system from being challenged – and this is how they do it.

    Take anything that could potentially be labeled crazy, and link it to the tea party movement. The IRS plane attack is just one example. Even Glenn Beck attempted to discredit Texas third-party candidate Deborah Medina, using the same technique, which was to bring up the 9/11 truther issue, and associate her views as sympathetic – almost instantly marginalizing her.

    So, the point here is to reiterate Homeland Security’s position that right wing extremists are a threat to the country. And on one level, this may very well be true. There are certainly people living within the United States – Americans – that would do harm to others based on political views. But is this any different than the threat posed by left wing extremists?

    When William Ayers, the man who helped President Obama start his political career, bombed government buildings in the 1960’s, did the media make the entire progressive movement out to be a bunch of terrorist looking to overthrow the government? Of course not.

    Trying to bunch millions of tea party members together with the IRS bomber or militant extremists is nothing more than a ploy to maintain the status quo and create a threat where there is none.


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      1. It would seem that an association these days with any sort of truth movement or protest to NWO plans will be considered as an affiliation to a terrorist group. Should we expect drone attacks as being members of a tea party?

      2. Damn it…

        This is what I was talking about, Mac.

        First, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

        Second, the attempts at marginalizing what I am from now on going to call the current “third party movement” (because IMO the Tea Party gig has been hijacked to some degree) REALLY piss me off.  The way I see it, the two MAJOR issues these “crazy right-wingers” care about are SPENDING and CORRUPTION.  Sure, like any group of people, there are some nuts mixed in…but overall I think those two issues are clearly legitimate gripes…which are shared by people all over the political spectrum.

        So, assuming that is the case – “these” people who are sick of the political BS, backroom deals, and overriding influence of special interest groups AND concerned that our absurd spending is leading us towards some sort of economic collapse – THEY are the crazy people.  What our politicians are doing is completely fine.  It’s the people who want to put and end to this shit – THEY are the extremists.

        The mere fact that such arguments even manifest themselves is proof positive of just how screwed up everthing is right now.

        By the way…regarding spending – for all intents and purposes, the “current” (for ’09 or ’10) total amount of money being pulled in by our federal government (through taxes, etc.) is essentially equal to the dollar amount of the interest “we” are paying to fund out debt.

        That’s right – as it stands right now, the Feds are only bringing in enough money to cover the interest payment(s) on the debt.  Everything else is being printed and/or borrowed.

        So, the fact that such a situation deeply concerns me, makes me the crazy person, right?

        This is going to end very, very badly.

      3. Rick, you said it. This is going to end very, very badly.

        After the events yesterday I am almost 100% sure that anyone who protests the government corruption or spending/taxation, illegal wars, etc. will be branded something. And that something won’t be good.

        I read this man’s 7-page manifesto and although I don’t condone violence such as what he perpetrated I can’t help but feel pity for him based on the last 25 years of his life and what had been done to him. It is clear from his writings that he understood how the system “worked” and that it was designed and optimized not in his favor but for the rich.

        Nevertheless, the MSM will run with this Tea Party B.S. and feed it to the idiot masses, and before you know it sites like this one will be closed down and half of us will be rounded up. It will be a very dangerous time to speak your mind. Let me leave with two of my favorite quotes:

        “When stupidity is considered patriotism it is unsafe to be intelligent.” – Isaac Asimov

        “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” – Voltaire

      4. Not only that but Tea Partyers are also linked to Heart attacks , herpies, yellow fever , Hair loss , Bad breath , Hiccups , Weight Gain , Beer Bellys , Tumors , Bad feet ,Gout , Erectial disfunction , Head aches , Gonariea, PMS , Poor eyesight , Jungle Fever, Rashes , And one lady in New Hampshire  when told of tea baggers complained of pain in her right side !!!  Oh well comes with the terratory .

      5. There are probably tens of thousnds of people, maybe hundreds of thousands that feel like he did: they LOVE their country but HATE their government. And the IRS in particular.

        I was talking the other day to a kid (in his thirties) who has been audited by the IRS every year for the past four years. He grosses about $25,000 a year, is married with one child, has no investments or assets of any kind to speak of except a BIG screen TV, beat up old car, and a one bedroom apartment. He has had to pay $8,000 in penalties over that time period.

        Is THAT my tax dollars at work for ME? I don’t think so. I think it is just another pointy-headed bureaucrat taking advantage  of an uneducated, working poor American, to justify his/her own cushy position. Think: ” ….. scores of officers, eating out our substance …..”.

        Everyone wants to eschew violence, but until there is blood on the streets of America over the economic injustice and systemic corruption that reigns in Washington and New York, the political and financial elite will turn a blind eye and deaf ear to reality.

        One only needs to look at recent American history to understand that until there is blood on the streets of America, (i.e. The Viet Nam War  and The Civil Rights Movement) there will be no change in the status quo.

        Even Glenn beck has a huge stake in the status quo. He profits from the discussion, dissention, and drama of a broken government.

        Until there is real change, by ballot or bullet, to the benefit of the  American people, the GREED of  Wall Street and Washington will continue to consume America and there will be no confidence in the system until the guilty are indicted, stripped of their ill gotten gains, and punished according to their crimes. And if their crime be treason …..

        Reforms must be implemented by either ballot or bullet.  I say by ballot or bullet because our own history has shown that government in the Colonies has never yielded until it is looking down the barrel of a gun or anarchy in the streets.

        THAT is why THEY want to take our guns. Without weapons there can be no resistance to tyranny. Consider that just the other day a poor Afghan homeowner was interviewed about the Taliban that had taken over his home. “Men with guns came,” he lamented, “there was nothing we could do!”

        I’m sure that the “establishment” of the time thought Patrick Henry was just part of the “lunatic fringe” when he proclaimed
        “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

        What the “Establishment” in Washington and New York has failed to realize is that they have the MOST to lose.

      6. zukadu – Thank You
        It is good to hear from folks who DO know what has to be done.

      7. NO NO NO!!!!!! In his suicide note he very clearly expressed his disdain for capitalism and his high regard for marxism, you need to read for yourselves his thoughts, what the MSM is telling us is misleading, being taken out of context, or blatently IGNORED, he was a LEFT radical if anything….. and yes the level of courruption and lies is so overwhelming, just look at how this is being manipultaed, it is most certainly going to end badly as already stated.

      8. It doesn’t matter if this guy was left, right, center, or indifferent. Actions always speak louder than words.  He clearly hated the IRS enough to crash his plane into their building.

        I believe a large percentage of Americans HATE their government. Not the government that the Founders gave us, but this ABOMINATION that the Democrats and Republicans have created over the last fifty years.

        The IRS is a good example of what is wrong with the system. It oppresses the poor but allows the political and financial elite to ignore their obligations. Need I example people in the current administration, including the Secretary of  The Treasury, HIMSELF, to make my point? The IRS is a parasite on the American people and given the deficits that must be paid, they are going to try to squeeze every last nickel out of the rest of us to maintain their jobs, as the Ship of State sinks beneath the waves.

        Scrap the tax code and start over.  Part of the solution should be that EVERYBODY pays their FAIR share via a FLAT TAX, the SAME FLAT TAX, on gross income. People and corporations alike! NO deductions except mortgage interest, with a cap on the amount deductable, as home building does fuel the economy.

        That would eliminate the 35,000 lawyer-lobbists that are corrupting the system and make them FIND or CREATE real jobs in a new economy.

        What we need in this country is NEW leadership; a bona fide grass roots third party in every state of the union, as the majority in Congress.

        Throw ALL of the bastards out of office. By ballot or bullet, these TRAITORS have to GO!

      9. I am trying to stop being emotional, but tonight….I cry. Tomorrow is another day. Revolution is here and may the governments never know my thoughts!

      10. By ballot or bullet .Elections are only this Nov. 9 months?   But, if,  and just if,  the ballot isn’t available because the govt creates a false flag attack, causing all elections to be suspended till further notice. 
        The dems and repubs want nothing more than to stay in power. postponing an election to vote them out leaves them in office. They know their days are numbered. doesn’t sound too far fetched to me. 
        And didn’t the Chief Intelligence officer just say a few weeks ago that an attack on american soil within the next 6 months was certain. He said this during a senate hearing,  which would make an attack by mid july 2010. Scary stuff. especially when you start connecting the dots. 

      11. PENNA:  As long as you don’t publish your thoughts here, or wear your foil wrapped, rabbit ears in public, the government will never know what your thinking!   🙂

        Join the TEA PARTY and “tea bag” the door of  the office of your local Democrat or Republican Party! Better yet, organize a group of people, go to the office of your local US Senator or Representative and deposit a tea bag on the receptionist’s desk; on the 18th of April this year.

         That coincides with Paul Revere’s Ride. No violence, just tea bags! Ever American should do it. Its the only way these @$$#*/e$ will ever get the message!

        Pass it on!

      12. There is a “Tea Party” that is like a third party like the libertarian party or the green party.

        The the “Tea Party Movement” has nothing to do with a third party or The Tea Party. They are separate and different.

        The Tea Party Movement is about many things, but at the core its:

        Anti-Progressive (As in “Progressive Movement”)
        Anti-Big Government
        Pro-Low Taxes
        Pro-National Defense

        Its fairly “conservative” but not in every way. I chair a small group in my county. Basically we want a safe, happy, prosperous, moral America with a government that is not corrupt and is accountable and leaves us alone.

        The “Tea Party Movement” is about the illegal “laws” and processes that are not Constitutional. We do not believe that “Consensus” = “Rights”. We believe that we live in a republic, not a democracy and that there is a big difference between the two. We believe we have laws in this country and that they should be followed, however, many laws contradict the supreme law of the land and those contradictory laws should be abolished along with illegal actions by federal, state and local governments. 

        So, remember, “The Tea Party” and “The Tea Party Movement” are very different from each other.

      13. Thanks for splitting that hair for me, NetRanger. And I really do appreciate your effort as a Chair in your county, for the Tea Party Movement, which is separate and distinct  and has no affiliation to the TEA PARTY.

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