Audience Applauds As Host Says Dems “Need to Lie” To Get Elected

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    Photo courtesy of Fox News.

    The audience of The View actually applauded when Joy Behar said that democrats “need to lie” in order to get elected.  Basically, people don’t need any integrity or morality to join the ruling class, and people are content with that.

    Behar actually admitted that democrats are going to need to lie in order to get elected. To Behar, O’Rourke’s problem was not his vow to confiscate weapons — that “hell, yes, we’re coming for your AR-15s” — it was that he was stupid enough to be honest with the American people about wanting to wipe out one of the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

    Democrats need to just lie about their Communist ideals and then they can get into office and turn what was once a free nation into a tyrannical authoritarian ruling class even worse than it already has become. On Friday, the former Texas Rep. and communist Robert “Beto” O’Rourke officially dropped his doomed bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

    The lone conservative voice on The View, Meghan McCain, called O’Rourke’s end a cautionary tale for Democrats who let the adulation of the base go to their heads. “Beto, when my husband told me he got out of the race, I think he’s actually like a beta test for why going so national and being beloved by the media is always dangerous. … He raised $80 million, and President [Barack] Obama was drawing comparisons to him,” McCain said. “He did a lot of, like, battleground culture war, and he ran as the most left, most ‘woke’ candidate. And look where he ended up.”

    Behar chimed in after McCain saying he should have just lied about his destruction of American’s basic human rights.

    “They [democrats/communists] should not tell everything they’re going to do,” she said. “If you are going to take people’s guns away, wait until you get elected and then take them away. Don’t tell them ahead of time.” To which the audience applauded. It’s become admirable to strip innocent human beings of their rights now. We live in truly disturbing times.

    According to Western Journal, lying in politics in order to get elected is as old as government itself.  In 21st century America, with a biased mainstream media that no longer even pretends to cover politics fairly, Democrats have raised – or lowered – dishonesty to a new level.




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      1. Hal Lindsey had a good saying, in which the parties were compared to two cars, both headed in the same destination — one at 50mph, the other at 100mph.

        I had no literal interest in using a bumpstock, ever, per se. But, Republicans considered this one more goodie, to negotiate away, recently.

      2. “Foot in Mouth” disease is rampant these dsys. But there are those who have always had this problem.

      3. O’Rourke should have just promised to ‘Find the WMDs! or ‘End Wars in the Middle East’ or ‘Build the Wall!’

      4. Well surprise, surprise! (said with a Gomer Pyle accent) We all know that the Left lies and will continue to lie. The only real news here is that admit they will have to lie to get elected. As for gun confiscation, we pretty much know how that will go. But, I Double Dog Dare the ‘ladies’ of The View to nut up, hop on the bus and try to confiscate weapons themselves. If it is that important to you, it is worth putting your own azz on the line like we Vets did and continue to do.

      5. Their jobs numbers have never been better.

      6. Well, it just shows that we will never be able to trust the stated intentions of any Democrat, ever.

        They may as well not even run for any office except dog catcher or San Francisco street sweeper.

      7. This is the whole problem with politics and current culture to many feel the need to lie about their intentions if only we could “wake” and have ones word mean something

      8. Joy Behar proud of being in BLACKFACE at 21 minutes in. No bitching about THIS.
        Behar’s job is to be the P.C. Bolshevik Political Commissar and screen the T.V. propaganda mush for “Improper Thought Crimes”. .. Brainwashing American Viewers into P.C. Socialist Servitude.
        Joy Behar: Racism Won’t End ‘Until Black People Run Everything’
        Alicia Luke ALICIA LUKE JULY 30, 2019
        Joy Behar: Racism Won’t End ‘Until Black People Run Everything’
        There is only way we can fix racism in America according to Joy Behar. Black people need to “run everything.”

      9. No surprises here. The Dems have always been against everything we hold near and dear. I couldn’t live with myself if I was anything like them. Joy Behar is one of the worst. Yep the Dems specialize in ‘foot in mouth’ disease.

      10. Attempted confiscation will be enough to start a civil war. The dems will try but I don’t see it happening. Body bags will be at a premium if it does……dems,better get yourself the right sized bag when the time comes.

      11. So do the RINO’s, look at the lies that Trump told the world, build the wall mexico to pay, repeal DACA, repeal ACA.

      12. Of course Demonrats must lie to be elected. Their pie-in-the-sky proposals are made by folks that have never had to perform to a budget. They have NO IDEA how to pay for proposals with COSTS THROUGH THE ROOF. These are the folks (with some help from RINOs) that have run the fiscal health of the nation into the toilet. The DO NOTHING “HOUSE” is trying to handcuff the President & his efforts to control & diminish the SWAMP. Eisenhauer was brilliant with his admonition to “beware of the military-industrial complex.” Kennedy was assassinated in the next Presidential term.

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