Attack On Arizona’s Internet Was the Beta Test for the Implementation of Martial Law

by | Mar 1, 2015 | Headline News | 140 comments

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    This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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      1. Well, if it gets shut down, it has been great to be here…
        Bless us all…
        Thanks, Mac…

        • I know everyone is probably fed up with politics.

          But I want you all to write your state congressass and demand a bill similar to the one just signed by Wisconsin governor Walker banning pig departments from investigating themselves.

          There needs to be an independent citizen review agency with the power to investigate pigs on all levels.

          • AE
            Have you found that fleece works almost as good as wool?
            Just curious what others have experienced,
            Have gotten soaked in my high tech fleece before and didnt get hypothermia but we dont have the cold temps either

            • I know you referred this question to someone else. This is my .10 cents worth. In the Marine Corps I wore fleece and wool at Mountain Warfare School and Cold weather school. I felt they work equally as well. I’m referring to the grid fleece and my favorite Polartec Powerstretch fleece. When ice climbing and Mountaineering I still wear a powerstretch suit. I love the Merino wool as well. To me there is nothing better than the Arcteryx Rho AR fleece. You can’t go wrong with Icebreakers Merino wool either. My next to skin layer is often merino wool.

              Keep your head on a swivel people.

              • Thanks Marine,
                That was what I was looking for was first hand experience,

                • You’re welcome. One more thing you may not be aware of. The grid fleece or waffle fleece was designed to be regulating by wearing the textured side against the skin or skin layer for greater warmth or turn it inside out with the smooth face against your skin for less thermal properties. I don’t think anyone bothered with it so the reps stopped mentioning it.

                  Have a good one.

                • Kula…for what its worth Ive had wool soaked to my skin and stayed warm enough at temps well below freezing…not much experience with fleece type stuff personally! REB

              • socmarine, I went through Cold Weather training during the
                Korean, Truman and MacArthur, circle jerk. We used layered wool and that’s all you need if everything is wool. We stuffed our extra wool socks under our wool shirts to dry them out.

                Semper Fi and

                f ’em

            • The problem with wool is that if it gets wet or sweated in freezing temps it will freeze stiffer than a damn board, although it will retain its insulating properties and its better at blocking wind than synthetics.

              Likewise down loses its insulating properties when wet.

              Mountaineering: the freedom of the hills has a chapter devoted to learning the clothing system.

              I go mountaineering in subzero temps. As far as I am concerned there is only one right way to expedition in cold weather. And technical clothing matters a hell of a lot in prepping, much more so than people talk about.

              Base layer: highly breathable polyester long john top and bottoms.

              Midlayer: DWR coated fleece top and bottoms.

              Shell: uninsulated coated nylon.

              Optional: Get a 3-in-1 jacket; nylon shell with polyester insulated zipout liner. This replaces the fleece midlayer top.

              Gloves: 2 layers liner and insulated shell.


              Boots: waterproof insulated leather. Don’t use synthetic boots they don’t give enough support.

              • Ass’ed you know you can write some very interesting and informative comments “sometime”, but I’ll not brag on you because your next one will most likely be perverted. But none the less, I like your layering system. and I can speak from experience because I have spent quite alot of time in the Mountains at temps varying anywhere from 0 to -30 below. The only thing that I would add is, that I bought some silk blend long johns from Cabelas some years ago and they are great, no matter what other layers I might be wearing. Trekker Out.

                • Question MT. What do you think of Under Armor clothes?

                  • Old Nam we’ll have to get that report from Ass’ed Itch. I have had very little experience with Under Armor, I have found that there are many different things that work well when layering. From my experience, the temp is not the big factor, it’s the humidity and wind. Last year I was helping trap bighorn sheep and the first day we were on a high ridge and it was around 0 with some humidity in the air and a slight breeze and I liked to froze to death, and the very next day I was dressed the same and it was -30 and dead still, and it was quite comfortable. Trekker Out.

                    • that’s a great answer and much what I need, thanks

          • You know Acid, this is something we actually agree on, without the name calling. I live in Western Wisconsin and Walker is becoming our go-to-guy. I still wonder if he will become a “moderate” and continue the decent to tyranny. I don’t trust any politician.

        • Off topic, To the person who asked me the other day about how much PV is needed to cancel out your power bill here is an easy broad calculation for you… . As I remember you said 925KW per month so here’s a basic assessment.

          11,100 KW per year divided by 365 days a year = 30.4 KW per day.

          30.4Kw divided by 5 peak sunlight hours = 6.08 KW

          6.08 KW divided by 0.72 efficiency factor = 8.45 KW of solar panels you would need to offset your power bill 100%.

          That should be a close estimate for you. You will have to have an inverter capable of that much power or split the array in two and use 2 inverters. Or make a smaller system that won’t quite offset it all but still give you a lot off offset and backup power.

          This is assuming you have 5 peak sunlight hours per day average with a fixed array. Home has a lot of useful info and articles. Hope this helps 🙂

        • OW, if you know where the backbone fiber optic cables are, you could cripple this nation in minutes with chainsaws.
          Problem is there are backbones of all the different big guys in different routes. Quest was a big backbone on railroad lines.
          If you knew points of each MSO where you could cut, it was be catastrophic…

          • Indeed. The frightening thing is that those points have ALREADY BEEN MAPPED over many years by Russian and Chinese hackers. Some teenager a few years ago actually mapped the entire US infrastructure by using basic web searches… I can’t seem to find the story link now, but basically this kid was able to identify all critical infrastructure points for our power grid, water utilities and telecoms and he posted it all online.

            Back in the day I worked for a couple of large telecom companies on the NOCC level (Network Operations Control Center). You would be amazed (or maybe not) at how absolutely vulnerable these networks are. If someone wanted to, they could cut only a couple handfuls of key lines around the country and it would knock out service to pretty much the entire country instantly. I suspect the Telcos could restore service fairly quickly – say 24 hours or so like Arizona – but the point is that a coordinated attack across America against Telcos, Power Grid, Water, and Refineries could wreak havoc. And if is was coordinated across multiple infrastructures like this it would take much longer to restore.

            Imagine America with no power, phone communication or clean water for 10 days.

            Result American Blackout:

            Youtube here:

            Also see:


            “The Chinese have attempted to map our infrastructure, such as the electrical grid,” said a senior intelligence official. “So have the Russians.”

            The opening salvos of any war against the United States will come in the form of an infrastructure attack, I suspect. More than likely on the cyber level as opposed to physical cuts like Arizona (but the physical attack might be a part of it too). So if everything goes down at some point, you must immediately consider the event as a long-term situation and NOT an accident (better safe than sorry).

            • Interesting, because ARPANET was implemented so communications couldn’t be taken down with just a few attacks.

              • Boy this Dave Hodges must be the most “connected” man outside of the cia, with all these “sources” (anonymous of course). And these unidentified security personnel not wearing any agency insignias, you mean to tell me the people who spotted this activity couldn’t have at least got a decent cell phone picture of these implied contractors (mercs). That all being said, the lack of media attention is certainly a red flag and I didn’t realize it happened in 2 other states, though I would have to research it further seeing as how his details on the other 2 were minimal at best. But if true that is all more alarming. In closing, if it does one day go down, its our own damn fault for putting so much of our lives in the hands of all this technology. Heck it’d probably be good, for posterity’s sake, to spend a little time OFF LINE anyway

                • While a cut underground cable is suspicious, the other outages he mentioned that were 20 minutes each were of another nature. In my profession, I deal with multiple ISPs across the southeast. Those short outages are not physical cuts like he tries to imply. More of a equipment or configuration issue somewhere along the way. This happens a lot, but most people never notice. Vandals – well, if the cops put out that vandals did it, and the press parrots are present at that news conference. Guess what the parrots will repeat? I’ve found Dave hodges to be to alarmist about a fair number of things. Plus, he always has to append the same last few paragraphs to every story. He might be right about some things, but this incident wasn’t a large scale coordinated attack as he suggest, just someone (unknown at this time) dug up and cut a cable for reasons unknown.

                  Fyi, there are fiber maps available online. If you want to take out comms, you’d have to decide if you want to disrupt nationwide, or a more local focus. Also, geography plays a role. Smaller towns may only have one upstream pipe, while others may have multiple paths for data to get out of the local area. If I was going to do this, I’d poison DNS and routers, a lot less dependence on digging up cables, and would impact way more folks.

            • “Imagine America with no power, phone communication or clean water for ten days”. I have and then some. Ready, and loaded for bear. Is it enough? Guess I’ll know when it all shakes out.

              • Indeed! We are all just hoping that we have done enough.

                Big Prayers and stay safe!

          • In the first picture, that did not look like a freshly dug hole,nor did the cables appear to be ‘several feet deep’. I’m sure the phone/internet/cable companies are at least as cheap as the electricity supplier where I live. I have seen primary voltage (residential area)8 inches below the surface.

            • You are right. The conduit “protecting” the fiber optic lines appears to be exposed at the bottom of a wash. This area has experienced some heavy rains the last couple of years which most likely exposed these lines. We will most likely never know who cut the lines, but living in the affected area I can tell you it was very disruptive to the businesses in the area.

        • The only thing i will truly miss about the internet, is youtube. Other than that I am content. Make my own fun? how about sticks and stones and knives. lets see i can make spears, i can make a house, i can make clubs, i can draw, i can carve, i can make fire, i can cook, i could even make a harpoon. tada. 101 uses for sticks and stones with the help of a knife by Johnny In Mt.

        • Well, the HAM and the weapons will still work without the fucking internet.

          • Don’t need the internet. I’m only good to a thousand yards.
            I do, however, have two tomato cans and a long string.

            f ’em

        • Hooeey; that was some ‘super-dupper’ operation there. I had to explain to my birdbrained little bother “Chicken Little” that all the tools needed: a couple of shovels, a saw, and some cable cutters, could be purchased at any of our local hardware stores for around $100. Then my little brother asked how they found the cables in the first place and I explained that it could be made from devises, with a few extra parts, from our local Radio Shack. But I then went on to explain that’s only if the ‘Vandals’ didn’t want to bother with contacting the county permits division asking for the location because they were going to do some digging on their property (a little lie). I told my little brother to go inside and change his panties because he wets them every time he thinks we’re under attack; “The sky if falling”. What’s a big brother to do?

        • If this happened as author thinks it did (although I am NOT a proponent of the martial law theory, at least not any kind of successful implementation of it, attempt maybe) then it would behoove every patriot to have a flare gun or flare sticks. If they cut down communications and started rounding up people and you happen to be one of the first, instruct your wife or maybe neighbor to fire flares after the paddy wagon leaves, all that you have. If you see flares going up but are still free, send yours up also(and start firing rounds from your closest firearm to wake the neighbors) then get out of dodge.It may save some from being rounded up.

          Of course this will be useless in a big city situation where there may be three people in the whole city on “the list”, but in many many small towns, it would be better than the 4th of July

      2. Protip: When sabotaging cables, cut out a section and take it with you. Makes patching more difficult.

        If they had planted a cutting charge on a timer, and reburied the cable before detonation, it would have taken a month to find the problem.

        If they had done this in a dozen places to a few dozen cables, we’d have no Internet anywhere.

        Maybe next time.

        • “they” the US government, knoew exactly what “they” did and where “they” cut the cable. ISIS is even a US agency who changed their website from ISIS to SIS but forgot to change their domain name… You can see the ISIS website being changed to SIS on screen capture at – scrol down until you see the big read ISIS and SIS website.

        • I’m beginning to feel like it’s the bottom of the ninth, I’m down by several points with 2 outs, 2 strikes and 1 ball…and somebody just stole my bat.

          • @ Sixpack

            And a couple of people ask me why I use the post of:


            So yes….I know what your feeling Sixpack !!!

      3. I have no technical background. Just my unsupported opinion. In martial law, “they” would no more physically cut a cable than “they” would break into one’s home to tap your telephone. I believe it would be done in the ISP’s server room or in some central routing junction. Point being, it would be done digitally not physically. The analogy, “flip the switch” is closer to it than take a blade to it. They have no need to be that crude. Sophisticate vandalism maybe?

        • Or perhaps they cut it because if they did it electronically it could be traced back to dhs or whoever. A cut cable cannot be traced. If you think about it it is a good way to do a beta test.

          • Genius,
            I would say it is more likely a test done by the ISIS followers here in the states. OR it was done to look like ISIS did it, either way it was done sloppy, as there are many better ways to have done that. I guess time might tell us who did it. and that is more likely to be a false front so the feds can declare more laws needed or martial law. which ever way it goes of course will NOT be good for us!

          • Am I the only one thinking the whole point is there was most likely NO cables cut, that is just the BS excuse to spoon the public. And what the author is suggesting is that this was just our gov’t… testing…testing..1,2,3 of an internet shutdown. Or maybe I’m missing the point and “vandals” or “ISIS(cia)” dug up and cut some cable…Ah hell whats it matter. Yall can believe what you want. We’re all FUCKED either way!! yippy yayyyy!!!, pardon my language.

        • JA: Good point John, no reason for the PTB to destroy the network connection which they CONTROL and monitor continuously with firmware. Its THEIR network.

          AS far as cutting the lines to stop those on the “red list” from communicating with other contacts, I am sure they can disrupt those red list targets computers by flipping a switch in the firmware to shut it down, not unlike the ability to stop a car by shutting it off with a wi fi signal.

          It would more than likely be a Patriot Group looking to shut down a rogue governments ability to use the internet by cutting the cables, and wanted to see the effect from the damage and the time required to fix it; or the process required to circumnavigate the damage.

          Or it could be a real terrorist group hoping to shut down the security capabilities to monitor a targeted facility or pipeline; and they monitored the effects of their actions on that specific security system.

          There is more here than meets the eye and I don’t think Hodges has figured it out yet. 🙁

        • John_Allen,

          You may not have a technical background but you must have a thinking background.

          Look, guys, they will not cut something that they will have to repair later. Government offices suffered too. No, what they will do is they will not even “flip a switch”, they will simply stop routing everything but their own assets. They’ll turn off all the alternative web site and all the social networking. It would take me about 2 days worth of work to map it all out and write a single program to go into whatever central place and turn off every site that I didn’t like. Give that program access to the correct routers and 99% or the traffic gets stopped. …except, of course, the government assets that need to keep running to help enforce the tyranny.

          Why cut a cable and go to all that work when you can simply unroute your enemies by issuing a few thousand router commands in 10 seconds?

          • My theory is this: those cables had nothing to do with it. They just got into the routers and did the deed and those cables and conduits are nothing but movie props. It would take me about 10 minutes, some scrap cable and a backhoe and I’d be showing the world where the cable cut was and drum up some kind terrorist attack or vandals.

            The only information you get from established media, its sources and the government is:

            Half Truths

            Facts never accidentally slip through unless they are used for some other agenda.

            • Remember the blowing palm trees in the desert in the CBS coverage of the Iraq war? Yeah, that kind of prop.

            • NetR: I agree. It does not make sense that it was a coordinated attack. As an attack it was a nonevent and why then did the media and government cover up an attack? And why would an enemy do a beta test and show their hand? They would want total surprise and a much larger event.
              The feds were setting the stage and testing the effect. If they had flipped a switch, every body would know it was the Feds. But this way leaves questions.
              In the future if they have exterior control (which they are setting up right now by the way) and flip a switch, that cuts off the carrier or ISP, they can claim “attack” or “vandals” and use these events as the precedent.
              Cutting communications isolates every body, civilian and local police, making them dependent on federal info, assistance etc.
              This was not an exterior enemy.

            • @netranger

              my thoughts exactly, that’s what I was referring to in an above post. Everybody talking about cables being cut because the news said so, and the pictures if not some old stock photos would most likely be some cut cables they placed in a hole. But some people somehow still want to believe everything their trusty fox and local news tells them. Its all theatre

          • They need the physical damage to justify a crackdown involving restricting movement. They need an enemy. Boston was the test as to how much people would tolerate. What was discovered was that with the right cover story and outrage people will tolerate anything from the govt. if they can make it look necessary.

            • @John W.

              Amen brother, boston was an absolute success for them. You tell the sheep it’s muslim terrorists and or “we’re just sticking it to the Blacks” and they’ll go along with about anything and that’s terrifying. Hell I’m more afraid of the sheep than the shepherds.

              It’s the flock that will be cheering and applauding the shepherd to send his sheep dog to come and take my rights away.

      4. Start saving and printing out important books, manuals, reference materials just in case. Also download and save critical youtube videos as well so you have them for offline use. Load everything on a smart phone / tablet and have a small solar charger to keep that running. The Goal Zero 7w or 13w small panels are perfect for that.

        Keep prepping everyone!

        • Great advice chilton!
          Keep prayin and preppin all!

        • Or load it on a memory stick or sd card. That way it is playable on any computer, no phone needed. Also you won’t be tracked by having your smart phone powered up. Keep it bubble wrapped in an altoids can for emp protection. Smart (stupid) phones can be remotely shut down also.

        • You can also back up books, manuals, etc.. on E-readers that do not have color screens. Amazon and Barnes and Nobles makes them. From my experience the battery lasted for a few weeks with a good amount of usage.

      5. The doomsday clock is at 11:59:45 and it is running. Satan is working overtime. God is saying choose who you will follow. Prepping for nukes is useless. Let me be at ground zero and I will immediately go home to be with the Lord.

        • As long as there is a sale at the mall and a game on TV who needs to worry? Life is good.

      6. Total false flag. Bogus photos too. Look at them. Different old sites and staged photo with guy holding cell phone in a remote area with lots of cell signal? Right. I go with the the idea someone flipped a switch. One site is a wash out and the other old site has grass growing in a supposed new dig up. Wrong! Weather polish, water polished rocks? Really?

        • The one set of “cables” actually looked like a ground loop installation for an AC system, didnt look like fiberoptic or any sort of cable

          • Kula –

            The 2 cables you are referring to are fiber-optics, inside a conduit tube. A lot of fiber-optics are installed in conduit for a reason, but surprisingly this is not always the case with these high profile cables. Conduit is widely used in high traffic areas (cities,suburban living…etc.)

            Out in the country side, not so much. Rarely anything is put in conduit outside city limits. Despite my ‘nose candy’ operations that I had once (CIA took over my distributions) I have gone straight and have numerous years in the Utility field.

            I recall hearing about this story, and the first thought that came to mind was – “h’mm, another disgruntled employee” – It’s happened in my area on more than one occasion where someone gets fired, and they resort to do night time vigilante work on the network itself.

            • Check out the upper photo
              Looks like 2 copper lines, and some smaller com lines of some sort, note the 2 bolt compression coupling on the one copper line, looks like its all in a HDPE conduit,

            • Tony: On another note, you must lay cable in tubing to protect the wiring from rodents who WILL gnaw through the wire. Been there. Done that.

              Disgruntled employee? LMAO! More likely a disgruntled Comcast customer, Tony! 🙂

              • DK –

                No, you must not have tubing in the ground to protect these cables. Gas lines / water lines are not in conduit. A lot of electrical lines are not in conduit. As I noted above, in residential/city areas. A lot of Phone and Cable T.V. are in conduit, same as electric.

                Conduit in these living areas are strictly for protection against any contract digging that may be involved in such areas. A good back hoe operator will know if he has hit something abnormal in the process. This is an “oh shit”, if said utility is not properly marked or has not been marked, these things happen.

                In the countryside, you will not see conduit, because there is lack of other utilities buried in the ground. Most electric is in the air, most cable is in the air. Only thing in the country that is vastly buried is phone, and guess what. No conduit. Even Toll Lines (911) – not in conduit.

                These cables are protected with a non-deteriorating rubber sheath. They are not wrapped in paper, as they were in the turn of the century.

                Think your water, gas/propane electric(if buried) line is in conduit? Guess what, it isn’t. I guess my 14 years in the field and 4 years in the office is all wrong and you know what you are talking about then.

                • The other place they use conduit is if they are running the lines with rocky fill,
                  Or in some instances between pull/splice boxes when crossing roadways or areas where they have dug out big rocks because a puller couldnt get past them. But your right, lots of these lines are direct burial.

                  • That’s right Kula –

                    pending on the territory, and obstacles. A small usage of conduit will be used in such cases as river crossing’s. A lot of bridges have utility lines under them too, if they are given permission to do so. In most cases they do, because the right amount of money exchange is the difference if a bridge is being used as travel route.

                • Ours is, cuz we just redid it! Out water lines were early PEX lines, and as the area has grown, the water pressure was pumped up. Nearly every house in this subdivision has had blown lines, where the pressure( upwards of 150 pds!- should be 40-50) blew the couplings. The utility co. Had to come around, dig up each yard( as the issue presented itself) and replace what ruptured. We had a neighbor who works for the utility come by, he gave us an estimate how much it would cost to replace the entire line from meter to house, and encase it in conduit. We helped, and it was done in 2 days. 300 feet of new line, that shouldn’t ever split again….all our electrical, antenna lines, etc, are buried in conduit in our yard….

                • All I know in this regard Tony is what I have experienced at my mine in the boonies; and what I have experienced is that rodents have eaten through my rubber sheathing and the wires when they are not protected by conduit.

                  A little more expense for me up front saves time and money on the back end for me. 🙂

        • If it was a “false flag” whomever did it didn’t do a very good job of leaving someones flag flying to falsely blame it on.

          I have a suspicion -but only a suspicion and not one I’d care to support- that this and stuff like that power transformer site in California that got shot up are just someone feeling out our weaknesses and tactics to use against them at some point.

          And that someone could be anyone, I’m not going to even speculate on who it may be since I have no idea at this point.

        • I don’t see a false flag, I see vandalism.
          The first pic is fiber-optics buried jointly with another communication conduit run. The second pic is 2 CATV cables without conduit.

          If somebody wanted to do some serious harm to the communication network, then they’ll need to visit the CO (central office).
          Big towns, small towns – everybody has one. Then there are the sub stations.

          The day when these are targeted across the Nation, then you’ll know it is something more than just vandalism. Just one fiber optic cable can disrupt a lot, I mean a lot of people. One CATV feeder cable can easily wipe out 8 city blocks or more.

          So in reality – there is nothing to see here, but some assholes being vandals.

          • But the article says it happened in 3 states at almost the same time. What are the odds? That is the part that caught my attention.
            Also the article did not mention if anything was removed. In our area we have a lot of metals theft and that includes vandals accessing electric vaults and boxes and pulling hundreds of feet of copper wires out and taking them. Why go to all that work and not take anything?

      7. Let this be a reminder to not overlook the importance of alternative communication devices.

      8. Good evening all, meaning citizens,and the feds….. 🙂

        Or should I say the slaves, and the tyrants ???? 🙂

        Lets see we not long ago had a attack on a power substation many ak-47 casing were found that’s 7.62×39 for you dumb asses out there, which had no finger prints on them.

        mmmmmmmmmmm ?????????

        Lets see we found a bomb that did not go off on a back-up power station generator not long after.

        Lets see now someone just cut some heavy communications internet cables. ( WONDER IF SOMEONE WAS PISSED OFF BECAUSE OF THIS NEUTRALITY THING ON THE INTERNET ? )


        So I am going to put down my Bible and be PHIL ROBINSON and SAY !!!!

        FLASH AMERICA !!!!


        Now back to me.


        WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        ooops ! my screen just flickered

      9. It’s jumping to conclusions to think it’s preps for marital law. And Spetsnaz? Really?

        If the gov wants to stop comms for martial law, they don’t have to cut cables, they just send folks to hubs and shut it down, at least for civilian use.

        And the gov will still need comms at some level, they likely won’t all have sat phones or military radios of such wide areas.

        This could be a test run for terrorists, or even a group planning a crime and that wants mass confusion while they do. Lots of more likely answers that gov preps for martial law.

        I also don’t think finding backbone fiber is all that difficult. Someone on the inside and a little looking online likely will give you the right area, and fiber is usually well marked.

        Use of the word “vandals” isn’t surprising since most news agencies just copy the first wire article that comes out.

        • We are using Russian aid here? I don’t think so. Maybe something was not kosher here, but this sounds a little out there to me.

        • There is a lot of yellow journalism out there, particularly on You Tube to create sensationalism, entice viewership and increase revenue.

          In a world where a five year old opening presents makes $1 million a year on You Tube, is it any wonder why there are so many Chicken Little’s on the net?

          Fear porn plain and simple. A big disservice to us from those who do it. 🙁

          • I agree that hype to get viewership/readership can fall into yellow journalism but reporting facts and linking similar events does not.
            A reporter must be careful to distinguish when he/she is reporting facts and when they are drawing conclusions because that is their own opinion. Likewise readers have that same responsibility to read carefully and distinguish between fact versus sensationalism or opinion. If we do not then we are no better than the mainstream media.

      10. I believe TPTB already have total control of the internet via their kill switches. I don’t believe they’d need to go out and literally hack into cables. I think this is either a distraction, or a preemptive cover story in the making.

        I’m not wasting any more time on it myself. If/when they take down the internet, I will be on red alert from that moment on. If it happens it happens and I’ll react as quickly and as best I can.

        I’m trying to not let myself be caught off guard.

        That’s all I can do.

        • Taht’s why I reccommend the baofeng ham radios. They have a 20 mile range with an external antenna, programmable super wide frequency range, repeater ready, many many accesories available, affordable. Have anyone you need to communicate with in a 20 mile radius setup with one programmed to your personal SHTF frequency. Use a repeater for longer distance. Connect it to a Yagi directional antenna for even greater range.

          They have a new version out with 8 watts of output power too. Imo they are the best bang for the buck bar none! Get the 3600ah Li battery pack for double the talking time. You can get car chargers, high gain antennas, headsets, a whole plethora of stuff for them cheap on ebay.

          Another idea is using a regular CB radio connected to a wire dipole antenna stretched about 6 inches off the ground. I have read (and it makes sense) that this will bounce the signal out and up in a 180 degree bidirectional path. During the day the signal will bounce off the ionosphere and back down in a 200 mile range in either direction.

          If you had 2 units with the antennas parallel you should be able to communicate for long distances. A CB is basically a 10 meter ham radio. I have not been able to try it yet but I know a 10 meter radio with only 10 watts perfoms excellent. Dipole wire antennas are cheap on ebay. Theres yer prep info for the day 😛

          • Make sure your local repeaters don’t have tone on them, or you won’t get anywhere. Find your local Ham guys and find out…tones on the radios are being used to protect the system from malicious interference

            • Im not talking about others ham repeaters. They make simplex repeaters that plug right into a baofeng. Using your own personal repeater with no codes it can be used easily.

              • I have a new baofeng, but I’m having trouble programming it. What I need is for someone in my area to email me the Chirp file for the digital frequencies. I have the cable to hook up to my computer and the software (chirp). I just don’t know enough about this device to program it. I managed to get a few channels on my Radio Shack pro-95 scanner, but I can’t get nothing on my ham.

                • sixpack, I program mine manually, you can find your local frequencies here>>> add the www. There are some blogs for the baofeng radios too if you do a search.

          • Genius; right on,our CERT team are using those radios and they are awesome and cheap. Better than the radios(family radios)that are worthless. String up an antennae on the porch and with the repeaters in the area we can reach out 30 miles in all directions.

          • Most CB’s are easily converted to 10 meter, frequently as easily as making a solder bridge across two or three closely located pads on the circuit board. Generally speaking they can operate as either a standard CB or a 10 meter shortwave transceiver after converting, usually by a start up button sequence when turning it on or similar arrangement depending on the model used.

            An SSB capable CB is the better idea, but use what you got.

            This, of course, requires a ham license to use legally on 10 meter under almost all circumstances (I don’t think there is any law about owning it, but I won’t swear to that). A serious emergency situation use is unlikely to cause you problems, chatting for the fun of it is.

          • Genius, I have a CB radio and will try that. I also believe it’s important to have a good portable shortwave radio with single-sideband capability [SSB} for a backup source of information. I keep all the electronics I want to save in a metal trash can [home depot for $25] as a faraday cage and use packing bubbles [the ups store or fedex $15 per roll]. I use 100ft. of wire antenna with alligator clips on each end [from radio shack] to boost the signal on the radio. Radio Shack has a few radios to choose from under $200, but act fast because they’re supposedly shutting them down March 31 since they have filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Another source is They have a huge selection and the prices do vary. And don’t forget batteries, LOTS OF SPARE BATTERIES for that radio. I’m also looking into some kind of solar charger for mine.

            • Maverick, Good on that! Look on ebay for a good used Sangean SW radio (also rebranded for radio shack). I found a DX440 and a DX 330 both together for 85 bux. They both have ssb and AC/DC power. I have been thinking about installing NiMh rechargeable batteries in them and wiring an appropriate size mini solar panel on the back attached with velcro. You can also use a metal slinky as an antenna and tune it by how far you stretch it out. Mini solar panels are cheap on ebay just have to solder the wires on.

      11. Well, guess it’s back to the soup cans and string.

        • Smoke signals and drums!

      12. Note: In recent weeks I have had issues trying to bring up this web site.
        At times the site would not load and I had to reattempt 4 or 5 times.

        Also, Bing has a problem, if you(I have at least) are using Internet Explorer in finding Steve Quayle’s web site: A serious problem. Several comments ask if the site is down.

        It is too late to conquer, divide and confused 99 per cent of the people who come to this site who are aware of what is happening.

        This report and others are the opening shots to censorship of alternate media sites.

        Going to have to develop a mailing list.

        • Who uses Internet Explorer these days?
          I know nobody, and there is a reason for that too.
          Internet Exploiter is your problem and or windows 8 and the like.

          Anybody having issues with internet behaving strange as of lately. This should give you the reason to dump Windows and especially IE. Internet Exploiter already bogs down your machine, which is one of the many reasons why nobody I know of is using it.

        • No problems getting any website here. Change your browser(google or firefox) Check your security too,some don’t pick up the garbage being dumped on you. If Microsoft would work on their browser and security they would make a comeback. Until they do…bye bye!

      13. This is the sort of thing the Earth Firsters used to do. Are they still around?

        This would disable a lot of alarm and surveillance systems. What sort of property crimes were committed during the outage?

        • THATS IT! Burglars did it! How clever of them …

          • Wouldn’t be the first time. Not even the hundredth. It’s a trick going back to WW1.

      14. 7 Reasons Net Neutrality Is a Threat to Your Freedom (cited from 3/1 Newsmax)

        Starting with #6. The commission’s vote wasn’t transparent. Remember the “we have to pass it to find out what is in it?” scam? This is the exact same thing.

        From the article:

        The new set of rules ushered in by Thursday’s 3-2 vote were not provided to the public for comment. Ahead of the vote, one of the agency’s five commissioners, Ajit Pai, tweeted a picture of the 317-page plan that he was barred from showing the public (see the link at bottom). Even after the vote, the rules will not be published publicly for many days. Friday, 27 Feb
        The FCC’s Democrat majority voted on Thursday to fix something that ain’t broken by approving new regulations for the Internet. Republicans are dissenting, darkly suggesting that the new rules in government hands are a threat. The commission’s chairman, Tom Wheeler, said the new rules will ensure net neutrality by barring Internet service providers like Comcast from charging companies like Netflix for priority data transmission. Considering that ISPs don’t do this, and currently treat all data transmission equally, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-California, accused the FCC of trying to “fix something that is far from broken.”

        1. The FCC’s new rules are a heavy-handed government takeover of the Internet.
        Under the new rules, broadband Internet is classified as a public utility for the first time ever. This gives the government wide control of private companies like Comcast, Verizon, and Time Warner Cable, reducing their incentives to invest in their respective networks. Without this investment, broadband technology will develop more slowly, and prices will be higher for consumers.
        2. Net neutrality subsidizes large companies like Netflix and Facebook who don’t need it.
        In November, it was widely reported that Netflix alone accounts for over 35 percent of all Internet traffic in the US. If broadband providers were able to charge Netflix a small fee for the high volume of data they send, they could pass that money onto consumers in the form of lower monthly bills.
        3. The new rules subvert democracy and the will of the people.
        CBS News reported that two in three Americans are opposed to the idea of government regulating the Internet. Other polls show that opposition to net neutrality is even higher.
        4. The new regulations will stifle free speech.
        Lee E. Goodman, former chairman and a current commissioner of the Federal Election Commission, told Newsmax TV that a government takeover of the Internet will chill political speech. “The government will regulate the content — and specifically the political content — that the American people can both post online to express their own political opinions, and the political content and information that people can access from the Internet,” said Goodman, who was appointed to the FEC in 2013 by President Obama.
        5. The rule-making process was corrupted by the White House.
        President Obama and White House staffers used backchannel meetings to pressure chairman Wheeler into creating the strongest possible net neutrality rules over the more moderate approach he originally intended. In this way, the White House operated “like a parallel version of the FCC itself,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

        7. The new rules will hurt the right to privacy, and further empower the federal government to spy on its citizens.
        After Edward Snowden leaked the NSA’s secret PRISM surveillance program in 2013, it became clear that the federal government is interested in snooping around in the private affairs of its citizens. Now that the federal government controls the web, its ability to spy will only increase

        • Tap into your imaginary backchannel…

          Psst! Hey! Yeah, you FCC. This is your master speaking. My name is BCM (Big Corporate Money). Now, here is the deal: the people don’t want me in control. So, we’re going to duke it out with you, in public. We’ll let you win with much complaining. The people will cheer that they’ve won. Then, you’ll have control of this whole thing. Not only can you then use it against the political enemies that you wish, incrementally you can make it not neutral and start pushing those pesky little media outfits that we both hate. Deal?
          Stand by for further instructions.

          The *ONLY* thing worse than giving the internet to greedy megacorps is to give it to the fvckers that just reclassified it. The people that are cheering are cheering for their defeat. The people lost. Government = corporation. Comcast = corporation. Think about it: will they listen to you for Comcast?

          Only low information activists are cheering these decisions.

          • Net Ranger>

            Copy that!!!

            …you NAILED IT, sir!!!

          • Amen!

        • Snowden is a fucking hero! The only problem is he probably accelerated the takedown of our communications grid.They don’t control the web yet but they sure as hell are monitoring it (Right Fed Boys). Sooner or later they will get around to being able to shut down individual computers if they don’t have that capability already!

      15. I enjoyed the 3 completely different causes of this outage/
        1. Car hit a transformer
        2. Construction accident
        3. :vandals’

        REALLY !!!

        • You forgot ‘The dog ate it.’

      16. Free open speech and truth are a grave threat to the criminal usurpers in their plans moving forward. Nip the truth escaping in the bud with internet censorship. Yet we the people are terrorists if we are fed up with the ignoring and dismantling of our constitutional rights. The attack on speech on the internet will make this option with truth and justice available disappear. No need to read the official government take on matters crucial to our future survival. The internet will be dead and of no use to anyone who values some truth. We will have to organize with like minded citizens in person and in public sans the spying their electronic devises allow. There is a quickening plan to render the people unable to associate and organize. If the majority remain helpless and hopeless not seeing the urgency that confronts our existence, all hope is lost to reverse the inevitable. Divided and conquered.

      17. I don’t think that Barry the fairy has to declare “Martial Law”. With all of his Executive Orders and such he pretty much has us all by the short hair now!

        Where in our Constitution is the President allowed to let in illegal aliens, ban certain types of ammo, grab your preps/water/land, or spend BILLIONS without Congresses approval? Huh?

        Meanwhile Russia is building airstrips in the Artic, arranging for airstrips in central America,Russia’s planes are flying nuclear attack patterns, China is building island/airstrips around Japan, and North Korea is telling her people to be ready for war with the U.S. in less than 6 months.

        And Ovomit plays more golf

        Times are getting “real” so watch out fur them hogs!

        • If I’d happen to be in those other countries that you had listed, I would hope like hell my government would exercise their defenses and strategies too. The way the US Government is behaving these days, it’s all about aggression and falsified lies across the board.

          America is economically and financially broke, and it will do whatever it can to ignite WWIII in attempt to elude financial responsibility. It’s worked before, whose to say they won’t do it again?

      18. Yeah right

        Martial law is coming and the web will be shut down..


        I think not..

        This fallacy has been on the web for over 10 years and counting…

        Start planning your garden preps

        Enjoy your damned life..

        Go to the range once the snow melts and keep sending lead down range..

        Prepare accordingly..


        • Possee:
          AMEN!!!!!!!! I really like the part about sending lead down range. After that darn snow melts, maybe June!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

      19. Grids down…do I have to go to my slave job?? Youd think not…come on grid down!!!

      20. Yep we started doing business with the devil. Found out we didn’t like it. Now we’re doing something about it. So now they’re gonna start attacking anything they can to get us to stop the purge. Not matter what, we have to stay the course. It is gonna be painful.

        $10 says the people who did this were part of the crew laying the line. Illegal alien labor. Jus’ a theory. Any takers???

        • Rednek101 –

          I’ll take your $10 bucks, and this is why.
          The only illegal alien type jobs in the utility field would be those burying a cable or phone drop to a residence or a simple small time business.

          Utilities that are considered high profile as in fiber optics are given to those Union workers. Whether it is in source or out sourced, illegals would not have this opportunity to do.
          In some areas, there are strict background checks to be employed in this line of work. It’s sensitive material -as in blueprints-
          Nobody wants ‘Jose to be transferring blueprints to some group who is interested in sabotage.
          Anyhoo – keep your $10 or give it to ‘Jose – it’s entirely up to you.

          • T: I hope you are right. Given how the entire southwest has been “infiltrated” I’m sure people have slipped through the cracks such that a contractor can pay $10/hr and charge $30/hr.
            I work in the refining industry and you would think this industry would be locked down to the nth degree. Unfortunately I have seen illegals working in refineries within the past few years. Several years back we had a crew in our boiler room that could not speak a word of English. Not privy to seeing this the past couple of years however. So maybe my industry is ratcheting up security.

      21. I does not matter who cut them. It just shows you that one day it is really going to happen in a big way.
        For government control, by vandals, terrorist, or just plan accident.
        We rely to much on these damn computers and one day we are going to pay for it in a big way. NO I don’t me sky-net.
        S.T.S.P.F. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

        • that’s mean sky-net.

        • We rely on computer system so much for our economy, businesses etc…. That’s prolly the motive. Hit whitey where it hurts. The more impact they have the more likely our politicians will cave to their demands. Amnesty, NAFTA, oil, on and on. Like i said, we gotta get these SOBs out of our country before they do real damage.

        • Strength through superior firepower
          No retreat
          No surrender

          Was I close?

          • Capt:
            Yes you are very close. Security through superior firepower. but strength work well also.
            S.T.S.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

            • That’s S.T.S.F.P. OOPPS BEEN A LONG NIGHT!;-}

      22. I only want to survive to be the govs biggest thorn. Fucking traitors. I like the internet but I’m sure I would survive without it just won’t be commenting on the plan and checking e mails most of which is garbage anyway people trying to sell me shit. Nobody helping me make $ though. I have projects to work on anyway which make me more self reliant. I guess that’s what they really want us to be . Take the phone internet electric away that’s fine by me I don’t want to pay for it anyway. They fuck with food shelter water and hell will break loose. I guess the public utilities commission wants us to put the utility companies out of business. When my power goes out I look at it like I’m saving$ on my next bill. I knew this was gonna happen that’s why I got a library of books with a lot of how to info older books not the new books that are just regurgitated shit that’s plagiarized. Sue it’s not youboob but still works for me . I’m looking forward to a slower life.

      23. Obolacare, IRS scandal, net neutering, ammo ban, ugh…really?!!! Let me wet my finger and see where this climate is really changing. Could go on and onnnnnnnn…but…what’s the fucking point?

        Gee, that last line almost sounded like Billary. Made myself sick.


      24. Shows how weak the links in the chain of todays life really is…High tech will bite us all in the ass…

      25. My brother in law lives down in Show Low AZ and his internet was down the entire day. Very much of the preparedness mindset. He stays armed to the teeth at all times , hasn’t noticed and muzzies out in the open (yet) but keeping his eyes open regardless

        On another note , just bought my first HAM radio. A BaoFeng UV-5R V2+ dual band

        Looking forward to testing it out. Not that I particularly give a $hit , but do I need a license to operate this radio?

        Thank you in advance

        MOLON LABE

        • In todays america…you need a license to take a dumb…
          Thats whats called a police state….

        • @Captain Crunch….

          Yes. You need a license to transmit on the radio. None required to just listen however.

          • I have a CB radio license from years ago, that’s all I need and it will be hard as hell if not impossible to track down 1 or 2 mobile radios. Maybe they’ll spot my whip antenna and pull me over. I don’t know much of the technology of today but I do know the capable range of my Mosin-Nagant.

        • Yes you need an FCC Technicians license at a minimum. I studied online, there are lots of practice test sites. Passed on my first try. No, the license won’t matter when TSHTF but you need to practice and experiment now so you are ready.

        • Only if you transmit, then you do. Listening is still free.

      26. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m watching the calender … we are 20 months out from getting rid of Obammy …. 14 months we’ll have a better idea of who the party candidates will be …

        Obammy will likely not only become more of a lame duck prez but having to turn over the White House to the Republicans along with good control in Congress …

        if he’s making a play – it’ll be coming soon …. if anyone else has any ideas – they’ll be firing up while Obammy is buzy on the back nine ….

        any way you size things up – that 2015-16 period of time will be critical ….

        • It won’t matter a wit who is President come January 2017.

          Two sides of the same coin.

      27. Its a mystery wrapped up in an enigma……

      28. My question for the police state is…If I refuse to take a nap….Im I resisting a rest????

      29. Sorry but ALL credibility goes out the window when people (as in this article) cannot correctly spell the word “lightning”. There is NO “e” in that word, contrary to all the undereducated juveniles and illiterates who choose to flood The Internet with that diminutive misspelling.

      30. Fellow if all you have to worry about is others misspelling, you must have a very sheltered life.

      31. Could we PLEASE just get this thing started before all my “preps” go out of date!

      32. “The simple act of just finding where these cables also required specialized knowledge”, I say BS on this, most buried Fiber Optic lines & other lines are marked with signs showing where they are, hell they even have arrows on the sign showing which way the cable is running !

      33. Did anyone in colorado have Internet problems today from noon to 5 pm

      34. Seriously…..The russians? nice scare tactic, but its 2015 not 1955

      35. I live in central Florida and never heard anything about any disruptions. It would certainly have made the local news. I was sort of following along until the part about Russian troops came up. I’ve heard this time and again since the late 80’s. Sometimes it was Chinese troops. BS flag thrown.

      36. Better break out the tin foil hats OP!!

      37. Liar liar liar. Hodges, Smith, Snyder, Slavo – all LIARS on EVERYTHING they post. NOTHING they claim has come true – EVER.

        It’s all hype and BULLSHIT and you stupid f*cking fools keep falling for this, keep supporting these thieves.

        Well, you get what you deserve.

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