At Least 27 Dead: White House Responds: “Obama remains committed to trying to renew a ban on assault weapons”

by | Dec 14, 2012 | Headline News | 686 comments

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    Our hearts go out to the families of those slain in the senseless shooting this morning at Sandyhook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

    At least 27 people, including 18 children, have been killed. Reports indicate that most of the children were of kindergarten age. They never stood a chance once a gunman entered their classrooms and indiscriminately opened fire.

    Many of our readers have children, and most of us are engaging in conversations with family and friends about the horrific shootings.

    This morning, parents in Newton dropped their kids off at school like any normal day, expecting to see them when the Friday afternoon dismissal bell rang.

    We, like most of you, can’t begin to imagine what these parents and relatives of the deceased are going through now.

    No sense can be made from a senseless event such as this.

    There is nothing that can prevent a psychotic breakdown such as the one the shooter must have experienced prior to entering this school. We will never be able to stop random acts of violence, because they are, in most instances, impossible to predict.

    The White House has already issued a statement on the events in Newtown:

    “We’re still waiting for more information about the incident in Connecticut,” Carney said when asked about the president’s reaction to it.

    Carney called the event “tragic” and said there would be time later for a discussion of policy implications.

    Obama remains committed to trying to renew a ban on assault weapons, Carney said.

    We will never be able to protect everyone – even if lawful ownership of firearms were to be banned altogether.

    Though we can’t prevent someone from going crazy and opening fire on innocents, we may be able to limit the scope and scale of mass shootings.

    The solution, though unpopular in many political circles, is to train teachers and administrative staff how to deal with active shooter situations in schools in addition to existing security policies that involve such emergence response plans as sheltering-in-place.

    To prepare properly, schools must assume the worst-case scenario in planning their security protocols. They must develop response plans based on the assumption that a crazed gunman is randomly targeting victims with no intention of backing off until he is stopped.

    It may be a controversial approach, but had a teacher been trained by local law enforcement rapid response units like SWAT or by Department of Homeland Security on how to disable this shooter, preferably with a licensed firearm, the tragic consequences and number of dead may have been reduced.

    We’ve seen it over and over.

    Columbine, Colorado: 13 dead, 21 wounded

    Virginia Tech: 32 dead, 17 wounded

    Aurora, Colorado: 12 Dead, 58 wounded

    Newtown, Connecticut: At least 27 dead, including 18 elementary school children

    All of the venues where these mass shootings have taken place had published NO GUN policies. 

    Security protocols that include arming teachers and staff will work.

    In December 2007 a gunman entered the New Life mega-church in Colorado Springs killing two and wounding two others. He would have continued on, had he not been stopped by Jeanne Assam, an armed volunteer security officer who stood between the shooter and the rest of the congregation that Sunday morning.

    If we had not had an armed person on our campus, 50 to 100 people could have lost their lives yesterday.

    Brady Boyd, Pastor of New Life Church

    There are an estimated 875 million firearms in the world, 270 million of which are in America.



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      1. “Obama remains committed to trying to renew a ban on assault weapons, Carney said.”

        Never miss an opportunity to push your agenda…

        • Trust me, it WILL NOT stop at assault weapons, THEY want to ban ALL firearms. Then THEY want to ban ALL non-lethal wepaons, even pepper spray. These are what you call total tunnel visioned radicals that have this strange idea that taking away every single last wepaon will lead to a peacefulk society. BO wants what these other ant-gun advocate wants, to get rid of every last weapon, starting with firearms, bows and arrows, stun batons and TASERS, etc. right down the line.

          What is so terrible is that these anti-gun radicals should be doing is trying to find ways of making it easier for the families and especially the chidlren. NO they will use these people to the maximum way they can to further their agenda to take away ALL self defense and turn this country into another Greece that won’t even allow someone to defend themselves according to Manos over there. The economy is collapsing just like Greece, so I guess they want to turn the U.S. into Greece where the criminal is empowered and if you are a victim, I guess that is just too bad.

          GO AFTER THE EVIL AND THE MENTAL ISSUE, not the rights of people that are completely responsible with firearms and would come to the need of victims to save them and help them if they can.

          • As bad as our healthcare situation is I can only imagine what the government would do if they decide to “go proactive” on mental health. It’s an area that’s in desperate need, but not interesting (profitable) enough for private industry and the idea of the government putting it on their agenda is truly frightening.

            The one thing I’m sure of is the ripples will all work out badly for 99% and the other 1% will make a lot of money off this tragedy.

            • Its almost like the radical left has been sitting back waiting for a class room to get mowed down by a lunatic with a gun.

              Bloomy is out already, Gov. of Colorado, and protests at the “White House” already….almost like this was orchestrated.

              • Evil exists. I don’t know if this is the result of the evil of one man or the evil of many, but it does seem like the tragedies get more and more visceral.

                It is only a matter of time before legislation hits the floor to the detriment of the 2nd amendment. What better time than now? The Statists will label anyone who doesn’t support the legislation as someone who doesn’t care about the children.

                In one generation or less I am sure anyone who believes they have a right to own a firearm will be labelled a terrorist.

                My 5 year old daughter was listening to the radio and asked why they were talking about kids getting killed. I made sure to tell her that there are bad men in the world and WE have guns to make sure they don’t hurt us.

                God be with those families.

                Esse Quam Videri

                • If one of the conservative justices on the court keels over with a heart attach in the next six months it will be pretty clear – anything is possible to get their way.

                • ~~The Statists will label anyone who doesn’t support the legislation as someone who doesn’t care about the children.~~
                  Then your response is you do care about the children–yours, and you’re staying armed to protect them from tragedies like this.

                • Screw it. We’re all preaching to the choir here.

                  Bottom line. They’re running out of time to disarm the populace before the SHTF.

                  From your cold dead hands, folks…

              • And all the shooters just happen to be dead except the major muslim that did the shooting at Ft.Hood. No witnesses can be left behind Waco. Oklahoma city exsplosion. Ruby Ridge, if you have a gun or baby in hand, you are dead. In other news the union violence is ok, killing our economy, jobs, and constitution is approved by the gov’t.
                What happened to the shooter in Arizona that shot a congresswoman? The gov’t is ready to pounce on us.
                Did you notice all the law enforcement in Conn.?

                • The one who shot the congresswoman is living in the Federal Hospital in Springfield, MO and doesn’t have a care in the world. He no doubt has a stero, TV and Pizza Hut whenever he wants

                • You left out the Sikh murders at Wisconsin.
                  Well now, church members, children, adults, soldiers–have we covered enough areas yet??
                  Next?? Hollywood??

                • exactly. The fact that plenty of people witnessed/watched the muslim murder our servicemen in live time. Why is this not enough proof to hang the bastard. Oh, the witnesses where white…silly me.

                  i could care less what color or ethnic one is, wrong is wrong.

                  i am more disappointed in law enforcement with each passing day.

                • What happened to az shooter guy?…I will tell you.

                  First as per usual in these shootings if a “whitey” is confirmed as the bad guy, the MSM, ALL msm, rant-rave-accuse-insist-that the white bad guy shooter is/was a Hater! Racist! member of a cultlike skinhead Christian Seperatist org or group!

                  You get the point eh…BUT after the usual rants and distorted biased msm propaganda “experts” going full bore against arizona shooter guy for 4-5 Days 24/7 non stop.

                  They “Discovered” from his pals-neighbors-family etc that He, the badguy worked summers at a Camp for ONLY jewsih kiddies….AND the said “Summer training Camp” ONLY Hires folks that are Proven to also be jewsih themselves!

                  So…Once msm idiots realized they could No longer label shooter as a crazed “white” christian “seperatist” and racist and antisemite due to His jewsih “identity” etc.

                  What Else could MSM do?…besides DROP it ALL like a hot potato and “Move on” to another mindless MSM report of much insignificance or meaning…..For example to be sure viewers do Not find out of badguys jewishness, and employment at said Kiddie camp,

                  Switch All Major MSM reporting To: how Fed Gov dept. of faggies and queers spent $2 Million to study drinking habits of Chineese prostitutes located in Columbian bars.

                  This just In…Forget of the badguy killer who aint any type white christian or skin head nazi etc!..Instead we got full findings on the not heard of as yet WASTED Millions spent by feds to study what type and how many alchaholic drinks are usually consumed by Chineese Prostitutes working the South American Circut, in Columbia!….We will return promptly with all the relevent factoids after this Comercial Break! Stay Tuned folks!

                  Meanwhile Today 12-2012 we see OVER a full year passes by with ZERO mentions of arizona badguy killer!

                  If he really was a “whitey” racisit and NOT jewsih you still be hearing it 24/7 nonstop because after all it was a US Rep nearly killed no?…Very Huge news!

                  Unless the “Badguy” shooter is a “Tribe” member eh…..

                  Ok call CIA-MK Ultra handlers to send another mind kontrolled “badguy” just intime for Antigun libs to foam at mouth with Rabid like evils and head sickness’s of more antigun crap.

                • Could they have created this monster to move thier agenda forward at a quick pace

              • I don’t think they are “sitting back waiting”.

                Start looking at the PATTERN.

                Guy goes into a public place, shoot a bunch of people, and commits suicide.

                Yeah….once is an instance.

                Twice is maybe a coinsedence.

                Once you hit 3,4,5,etc, it’s a pattern, and SOMEBODY is actively orchestrating it.

                You see that guy in his arraignment hearing after the Colorado theater shooting ? He was stoned out of his mind.

                I think SOMEBODY is actively recruiting losers, brainwashing them along with drugs, and turning them out with weapons and the end game of suicide. The Colorado guy simply failed to get the last instruction down pat.

                • I’m not much for conspiracy theories, but you make a good point and this has been tugging at something in the back of my mind. There’s definitely something not right going on.

                • Good points, I have had some of the same feelings about all the shootings. Whatever the truth one thing we can count on and that is that a full court press to ban all firearms will now be mounted. I suspect that this time there is a good chance of a total ban being implemented.

                • Suicide and mass murder is NOT a remotely normal human state of mind. WHY are young men in various corners of the globe deviating from the norm like this?

                  I cannot adequately describe my disgust that this Carney toad would use the deaths of CHILDREN, just to score some political point. I realise politics is a dirty game but this crosses a hard line for me into the bounds of sick and inhumane. Both the event itself and the political response is horrific.

                  How DARE he insult those poor angels to such a degree? How have we sunk so low collectively as a society, that this point scoring from human misery is tolerated?

                  All we can do as a group is pray.

                • I cannot but help to think that closing all the mental institutions in America has to have something to do with this. There is essentially nowhere that mentally ill people can go to be treated or placed for more than just a few passing moments…how sad this all is.

                  They will continue to shout and scream about gun control, but as irony would have it, this was also in the New York Daily News today: “As reported a knife-wielding man injured 22 children and one adult outside a primary school in central China as students were arriving for classes Friday, police said, the latest in a series of periodic rampage attacks at Chinese schools and kindergartens”

                  When people want to kill, they ALWAYS find a way.

                • The UN wants us unarmed..thats the end game
                  and with orchasrated events like this it will give this failing administration the fuel to push it thru

                  than guess what happenes….Freedom over and major loss of life from the hands of this admin. History is repeating itself and we are not stopping it

                • TnAndy

                  Neal Knox an Attorney and 2nd Amendment advocate tracked nut case shootings with pending anti gun laws. You intuitively see what statistically Mr Knox showed.

                  If it walks like a duck, flies like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s probably a duck.

                • Look up scopolamine

                • @

                  That “SOMEBODY”… actively recruiting…. is the master of evil. He’s ramping things up and we, ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
                  The evil spirits are loosed and searching for the “weak” minded to follow and then fully ‘overtake’ at their weakest moment. Be it drugs,alcohol,chemical imbalances, or birth defects that have caused their weaknesses; the demons don’t care.
                  I know there are plenty of skeptics and critics that won’t accept the truth of my explanation, but things aren’t getting better anytime soon. We are facing a whole lot of hurt for the way “modern” society has become. Especially, in this country where we allow the killing of innocent lives everyday. Where we allow the killers to be protected from that same death they have imposed on others. God don’t like it one bit. He has told us that there will be a day of reckoning that is soon approaching.
                  I am saddened by the deaths of those yesterday. I accept that the innocent ones were instantly with their Heavenly Father and fell into his loving arms immediately. I also believe that same loving Father took the ability to feel pain away from their little bodies before the lethal shot was fired and their blood was spilled. I feel in my heart, the blood that is spilled from the innocent bodies of the unborn is also done without them feeling any pain.
                  The pain of their loved ones can’t be erased. If they, the parents and friends, are believers, then they can find comfort knowing He has His children with Him.

                • Psy ops, I wonder how long until the gov calls martial law and tries for complete confiscation? I pray for the families, but God willing, give me liberty or give me death

                • Agree. Something I forgot to mention yesterday. The news reported the type of weapon before they knew the shooter’s ID. Yes, one can determine the type from a distance but still too quick to report on the weapon and not much on the care of the wounded.

              • Jim,
                The Governor of Colorado was talking yesterday about gun control, and action by the state legislator in the new year. Let’s not get carried away here.

              • Strange, isn’t it???? Agenda? Probably…..

              • They are being orchestrated and very conveniently timed to coincide with certain pieces of totalitarian legislation moving through Congress.

                Reports are revealing that the gunman was autistic and was being given a variety of Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as fluoxetine, which have been associated with suicide attempts and violent acts.

                I don’t claim to have all the answers as to how our government zeroes in on and then selects these patsies that they use for these kinds of operations, but I am 100 percent convinced that the CIA has maintained a very detailed database of people who are known to have a few screws loose and who are on these dangerous medications.

                Mk-Ultra and Gladio have merged, folks.

              • What was this guy doing 48hrs. before this happened? Same with the guy at the mall days earlier. The mall shooters girlfriend said he was happy go lucky, loved life, made his friends laugh. But something happened, he spoke to someone, or heard something, saw or watched something that set him off. Think about this, ever seen those adds in mens magazines or like soldier of fortune, about hipnotic power, adds like buy my DVDs and I’ll show you how to get any woman you want, or control anyone with mind power, or make your boss make you manager in one day. I know everyone has seen those adds at one time or another. But think about this how many people really order that stuff. Most likely it does not work for them, but it might for 1 out of 100, or work really well for 1 out of 1000, which in my opinion is very dangerous. Because a person knowing they can do that, it wont be long before they will be doing nefarious and evil things. Same with the government they can also to forward an agenda. And I would’nt put it past the media either. God be with all those 27 and their families. It should have never happened………….Eyes Open Fight Evil……

              • Jim:

                The Progressives and Liberals foolishly believe they can strip away all the good virtues from society, i.e. the 10 Commandments, Christmas, etc., without there being any consequences or repercussions. Then when evil rears it’s ugly head they blame Conservatives, the Constitution, and inanimate objects for the acts of maniacs gone berserk.

                Liberals are gaining support through the federal government’s use of taxpayer “seed money” to buy votes, and we will see an exponential increase in horrific crimes going forward.

                The debate is over. We are in the end game period now both economically, politically, morally, and socially, and we better brace for far worst things to come. Cheers.

          • Hey! Let’s not stop there…ban all vehicles so there won’t be any hit-and-runs, or drunk drivers! To all the libtards: See how dumb that sounds?

            • Don’t for get to ban pencils so there won’t be any misspelled words.

            • Spoons make people fat!! 🙁

            • I agree. If one person abuses a car, say hits a school bus, flips it and kills 18 children, we should then ban all cars.. We would prevent it from happening again. Oh wait. I forgot that there are trucks, mopeds, tanks. Let’s go govt, we’re waiting. Isn’t it convenient that this happened(tragic I must admit) almost immdiately after the announcement of QE4? A distraction? Why are all gunmen using assault (.223/5.56) rifles and handguns?

              • Gloria Bunker-Stivic to Archie Bunker;
                “there were 2500? people killed with handguns this year alone daddy. that’s terrible.”

                Archie to Gloria;
                “would you feel better if they was all pushed outta windows, little girl?”

                moral: let’s ban any building over one story.

            • I get your point…youre right but the idea that the marxists bassturds running things dont want to ban all cars is a mistake…oh they will have them but the peasants wont…THEN there wont be nearly the car wrecks…as for hit and runs?…the elite will run down you,your families and your livestock in the streets with impunity just like they do in any 3rd world hellhole…naw they plan to reduce the masses but not themselves,regardless of what it may be!

            • Yes of course it sounds dumb, but that’s certainly not going to stop it from happening. One major problem here is that nobody seems to be looking at (nor is anyone interested in) the ROOT causes…because it’s all about modern American culture. America LIVES violence, beginning with family violence (often blessed by christian “ethics” as recent cases are showing), abuse in schools, violence on tv and in video games, treating the warrior class as “heroes” (when they are actually just servants of the corporate/state empire), and militarization of police forces. ALL of this feeds into the culture of violence. Likely this post will challenge some of your “values”. Instead of voting me down, look in the mirror.


          • When the elite want to push gun bans, there is always some conveniently sensational event.

            I wonder how many of these deranged mass murderers were programmed by MKULTRA.

            As for me, I believe that the MILLIONS of innocent men, women, and children killed by the US-Israeli axis is reason to disarm both the US and Israeli military.

            • Starting with”BOTH” of their nuclear arms

            • Anybody recall “Colin Ferguson”?…Aprox, 15 yrs ago he was the NY Train shooter guy. A 45(?) yr old Black with very heavey Jamaican accented voice. recall him yet?

              He bought a beretta 9mm 15 rnd handgun in AZ, returned to NY, and proceeded to carry out his “Plans” IE: he Hated and Despised ALL whiteys badly!

              So…He arms up, takes a few xtra magaz, full of 9mm ammo and boards the commuter train. Once train speeds along tracks at 80+MPH and nobody can posibly exit train or escape…Colin the hater of whites begins to Stand up in middle of isle, and Calmly starts to shoot as he walks down train car isle killing all whites hes able to.

              WELL a man was shot in head and killed, his son shot in head but son survived as a wheelchair bound veggie type.

              And the Mother/Wife of said victims is Carolyn McCarthy!!!

              A lifelong repub, untill Sara Bradys pals ran to NY to “Console” Carolyn, and convince her to switch partys, become a Demacrat lib, and Run for Office!!

              She gets feministic pals and handgun kontrols cash$$$ to easily win and become a brand new totally inexperienced NY U.S Rep!!!….And her one and ONLY campaign issue was……MORE Antigun Kontrol LAWS!!

              Fast fwd to Today… Recall how after 250 yrs of ZERO school shootings in america, all a sudden when Klinton as us prez goes all out antigun?….Then like MKULTRA CIA Clockwork programing, we get not one nor two but 13 schools shot up in TWO yrs time frame!

              All while Both Hillery and Bubbaboy Klinton Rallied sara bradys crew et al, along with ALL forms of MSM to demand outright bans…An End to 2nd amendt. etc.

              THEN as fast as it occured outa nowheres, the school shooting Ended, but Only after dem libs passed the Assualt weapons Bans recall?

              Heres where US Rep Carolyn McCarthy Again enters scene!

              After aprox. TEN full yrs of Zero schools or malls etc shootings in entire nation…Carolyn goes Live on 7am CSPAN to announce MORE antigun crap laws much needed etc!

              Tons of viewers calls in to cspan to inform her what a dupe and total idiot she is…But as a Liberal she will NEVER admit she or her agendas is wrong period.

              THEN Just aprox. TWO weeks After her cspan appearence what happens next?…I will Tell you what!

              The Korean foriegn exchange “student” out of nowheres goes to shoot and murder 35 Folks at Virgina Tech Univ!!!

              How convienient eh?…Just another “Coincidence”? See any Patterns yet?

              MKULTRA Has been admitted to by the cia itself! But they claim it was cancled after $50+ million spent over 35 yrs it ended in an Failure as a cia mind kontrol subjects program!

              $50 Million AND 35 yrs to determine its a “Failed” program?….Hmmmm….Shooters phone rings on a avg Tuesday at noon…Hello who is it?….its me!

              “Rosebud”!!!! Ehgads! trained mental subject finally gets his “Coded Signal”! By Noon Wed mr avg cia trained killer goes on rampage, kills many, Lib Dems like Carolyn Jump for Glee while dancing in fresh blood of new victims!

              Ban guns!! Its gonna end All Crimes fast!..And get her re elected again for another 2yr term(aprox 8 terms so far! since her hubby got whacked by a whitey hating negro!)

              Folks can believe whatever they chooses but I for one Refuse to believe in such types and so many “Coincidences”. Planned? yep…With much more avail if needed.

              PS: our African Black, jamacian accented, Murderer guy Colin(long island ny train shooter above) Was his Own Lawyer in court! Recall the idiot now/yet?!

              And he too ended up declared unfit and sent to spend awhile at the NY LonnyBin hosp. Untill dem libs like carolyin again need another “Coincidence” eh. Where perhaps Colin boy will magically be rated a Cured maniac with help from ACLU attnornies eh…..

              • The earliest known United States shooting to happen on school property was the Pontiac’s Rebellion school massacre on July 26, 1764 at least angelo got the yers close to right only off by 2 years BUT.
                November 2, 1853: Louisville, Kentuck
                June 8, 1867 NYC.
                March 9, 1873: Salisbury, Maryland
                May 24, 1879: Lancaster, New York
                March 6, 1884: Boston, Massachusetts
                March 15, 1884: Gainesville, Georgia
                June 12, 1887: Cleveland, Tennessee
                June 13, 1889: New Brunswick, New Jersey
                April 9, 1891: The first known mass shooting in the U.S. where students were shot, when 70 year old, James Foster fired a shotgun at a group of students in the playground of St. Mary’s Parochial School, Newburgh, New York
                I can list many more school shootings withing the last 250 years if you like 🙂 So angelo which of these didn’t happen in the last 250 years? nice fact check work you did 🙂

                • Get Real! I said the last 250 yrs or whatever not as solid fact..Rather as I am certain Most folks here get it,

                  As to consider how for so long it never happened…UNTILL LIBERAL antigun assholes like Klinton as prez began all out war on the 2nd amendt…

                  You sure like to Nit Pik none imporatnt issues anaon L…

                  I notice you also enjoy blame whiteys even Now today for indians a couple hundred yrs ago killed by white western settlers alot eh!

                  You always post nonsence such as how BACK then Whites never learned Inians languages and instead tried to get Them to speak english and assimilate to White standards etc.

                  Well gee wiz! You seem to believe advanced Civilized white folks in settlers times out west should go BACWARDS and be more like Brute Savage Heathen indians eh!

                  Which of the hundred+ indian dialects was best suited to “convert” civilized advanced whites back into cave dweeler savage days like them savage indians was eh…

                  Please do not consider that as a real question as I refuse to further this idiotic nit picking crap you do so often.

                  Even when Ahab or others who are Far more inteligent and articulate than I OR You are try to explain it you keep ranting much like Al Sharpton blames todays whiteys for 200 yrs ago(just an estimate timeline Ok )


            • There will be no way they will take away our rights. If we all stick together and make our voices heard the outcome will be in our favor. The line has to be drawn. This is part of everyones freedom and I for one am not giving that up easliy.

          • Be informed

            You are so correct…perhaps you can split your time with geo physical findings and monitor the end game of this tragedy as it will not bode well for the rest of us I am afraid to say..
            This just might be the catalyst they have been hoping for..

            Meanwhile the pos potus has murdered 100’s of innocents with drone strikes throughout the world with nary a tear in his evil eyes as he portended today..

            We are indeed screwed..

            and my God bless the innocents who suffered today and their families..and may the rest of us pray for our own safety from this evil which emanates from our leaders and their global masters we are manos so eloquently warned so many times..

            Get ready folks

            as Mac so eloquently warns..

            “don’t say we didn’t warn you”


            • @ Possee. If there is not some geophysical event, war, some outbreak, or other black swan event, the end game of this horrible event will be ugly for gun rights. I can see BO using the fincal cliff and this together to push through all sorts of sweeping firearms restrictions. What BO will do is paint all those in Washington into a corner by using these poor little children as examples of how horrible firearms are. He and others will use those pro gun rights in Washington and their own personal families as the next targets for more violence. He and others will ask for a small sacrifice to protect the children, to get rid of “military weapons” in the hands of civilians. He will likely use similar words.

              BO will site that there are several states, yeah anti-self protection states, that have limits on how many rounds in a magazine can hold, and only those with special permits can own assault weapons. He and others will use the notion that guns are not suppose to have that many rounds for hunting, as plugs are used anyway with game birds to limit how much a shotgun can hold. He and others will tell the public you need only a few shots to defend your home. He might even try to lower the .50 caliber maximum that is sort of on the books to .45 caliber or less that a person can own. Probably though stick with limiting the amount of ammunition.

              This will not only be for semi automatic rifles, but also hand guns. No more 15 or 16 round magazines. This horrific incident will serve the purpose and likely pass because many will compromise, not to look like inhuman monsters that would support psycho killers, so people can still keep their guns. Of course this is ONLY a first step to totally disarm the population.

              An experienced terrorist can load in 10 round magazines faster than you could believe. Then after another shooting disaster there will be further call for more gun restrictions, like how many firearms a person can legally own. Handguns would be on the chopping block even if the incident did not involve a hand gun. BO and again others will say they don’t want to stop hunting, they just want to stop mass killings of people. They will only focus on anything not-hunting level. BO might even go hunting like that kerry goose hunting stunt before the 2004 election.

              Next would be a limit on the amount of ammunition you can purchase, just like the golden turd california does, each month. You will have to actually have to have a background check to purcahse ammo and the ammunition will have serial numbers on each box. You will also not be able to stockpile a certain amount of rounds at one time or face many years in prison.

              Then will come the yearly tax of each firearm you own, which all tax dollars will go into some supposed victim of gun violence fund. It gets worse, as almost all carry permits are not allowed. The penalties for any gun violations will also be increased. Less than felony counts will forfeit all rights to own a gun.

              Will this work to curb violence and make citizens safer? HELL NO . This country is porous and the firearms will still reach the criminals. Now the criminals have nothing to fear, and crime and violence will go up. Look at a state like Wyoming in which most people own a firearm, criminals not dare take their chances with a well armed home owner or someone that is legally allowed to carry a firearm as this state is one of 4 that allows citizens to carry without a permit. Not too much violence in Wyoming, nothing like Chicago or other states that take away the citizens’ rights to defend themselves.

              Ugly scenario but the writing is on the wall, the masses support some gun restrictions and they are the ones that vote and these politicians want to get re-elected. Can gun lobbies and the NRA protect gun rights, YES to a point. I just don’t see enough support to stop some firearms from being restricted. I hope I am wrong, as the first steps to restictions of the 2nd Amendment lead to a lot of restictions of it.

              So depressing on top of these poor kids that were massacred by a devil and the poor kids traumatized that went through this seeing and hearing their classmates dying. The world is getting these hard core demonic pieces of pure evil and that is truly what is worrying me a lot, like some gateway has been opened or something.

              • Mac, please check your system, I tried to bold just part of what I was saying and it got crossed out for 3 paragraphs. This is way too important in support of gun rights to have lines through it and have it crossed out. Thank you.

              • Why do we have to go along with any crap the feds hand down? Perhaps its time for some REAL change?

              • The UN and Agenda 21 want us to be disarmed. They will try to use this tragedy to advance their plans.

                On Drudge Report…
                Although previously prohibited by law, attorney general Eric Holder secretly granted the government the ability to develop and dossiers on innocent Americans. This data is to be “analyzed” and can be stored up to 5 years.

          • These commie pigfuckers would take from us everything, and leave us no rights.
            It’s in their nature, they can’t help themselves.
            They see this as a time to strike! The 2nd is in danger as it will be till this commie is
            Out of office.
            The incidious liberal progressive is the culprit. But…
            Do we make the destinction?
            I pledge to be vocal with these assholes at all the Christmas party’s I will attend.
            Don’t be steamrolled by nonsense, it was a person that killed those kids!
            Not an ar15.
            Have your argument prepared and be tenacious ! For they will.
            Tyrent’s love an unarmed populous!

            • @ slick. This is what I am so afraid of, THEIR NATURE. These liberal extremists want to take everything away, not just guns. They want to make it just like Greece in which you become the criminal for defending yourself. They want to make it like Greece economically also. I just hope there are enough people supporting the 2nd. Amendment and don’t start making all sorts of compromises. The ONLY thing that will satisify these liberal radicals is if everyone is walking around without any rights to even have pepper spray to defend themselves, even against an attacking animal.

              • BI,
                I am proud to say I will be taking 2 different people out to help them
                Pick out different firearms (most likely AR’s and a solid 9 or 40cal) as these
                People have been on the fence about exercising their 2nd amendment rights.
                This is the only thing that is positive to come out of this tragedy, as it is clear
                That their window may be closing to be able to acquire any of the pieces that
                Are available to us as of today.

              • BI…if I might interject…youre correct they want to take everything away from us including our lives…these devils from hell intend to not only rule it all theyll own it all and the rest of us will do without and die…sickos! “If you gotta die at least die free”

          • I didn’t hear all the details but my one question is, how did the guy even get into the school???
            I live in an affluent yet rural area with very little crime but even so, my son’s school is still harder to get into during school hours than fort knox.
            Son of a teacher or not, do they just let anyone wander into the school without question???

            • He went through a window.

          • What would a real-world, realistic new “gun ban” look like? There are millions of handguns and rifles out there now. Several options below, but none seem really plausible to me:

            1) Clinton-style ban: regulations on “style” of weapon (go after the evil black rifle). Would do nothing to prevent gun crimes.

            2) magazine ban: limit rounds per mag to 10 or something similar

            3) ammo tax, ammo restrictions (make guns a rich man’s toy through pricing)

            4) REAL ban, with confiscation (likely to be a complete disaster in my opinion)

            5) prevent private sales, all guns must be registered, all guns must have ballistics card on file..again would do nothing to prevent gun crimes, BUT would allow LEO to easily seize weapons without recourse, since they could hold the weapon for “testing” or “ballistics” forever.

            So, wise ones of shtfplan…what’s likely REALLY going to happen here? Should I continue stocking up on my PMags? What about issues around .223 vs.308 Should I buy 5 or 10 SCAR Heavys as an investment??? And lastly, what’s the likely timeline to all this? How long would it take to get some new gun laws passed? How much time do we still have?


            • Mr Lib ( doesn’t matter which one), yapping on MSNBC: “guns like these are intended for active combat zones, and have no place in society”. Okay, let’s run with that, shall we?

              Mr Lib, Do guns, in particular, assault “style” weapons disturb you??

              Yes, very much. They have no place in our society.

              Did you see any weapons in Conn. on TV coverage??

              Well, the shooter had assault rifle, handguns, blah , blah….


              Question: If these weapons are banned for the average Joe, will the police scrap theirs??? After all, no place for these weapons outside of an active combat zone!! eh??

              Wanna know what scares me more than a wackjob mass murderer???

              All the ” above the law” cops and weekend warrior types of EVERY ABC agency in the country, Fed, State and Local, that can’t wait to put on their SWAT gear and go out in society in OVERWHEMING FORCE!

              Did you see see it?? Did you god-damn see these assholes, ready for war? Like a battalion was going come out of the woods at any minute. Why, after it was CLEARLY evident, this situation was over, the order was not given to stowe the combat gear?? Because these guys can’t wait. They can’t f*ing wait. And when the order comes down to go after us, they will do it with glee.

              They scare me.

              And that’s why the 2nd Ammendament was written. Period.

              • Rick I noticed that and it happens More and More with each tragic Shooting, they Parade Around in all the Military Gear, like they are expecting a WAR!..What a Bunch of PIGS,,and they would LOVE to start Shooting the Public with the Blessing of the Fed/Gov..their benefactors if the Flag goes up..THEY are the enemy….No more Free Waco”s or Ruby Ridges…

          • This terrible tragedy is all of OUR fault!

            The 2nd ammendment was placed in the Constitution for a reason. That reason being when the government no longer represents the people, the people have the right to use force to replace the government.

            I don’t know when that date was. It could be Korea or Vietnam when we decided to attack other countries that had not harmed us. Again, I don’t know what that day was that our Government decided to use our strength / monies for outside our own country.

            The point being that we should have used our 1st and 2nd ammendments privleges many years ago but have been to complacent. The majority of these shootings have been by all ready identified mentaly disturbed individuals. But we in our wisdom closed down the insane asylums a long time ago. Now these people are left on the street or worse yet kept at home by indulgent single parents who pamper them and make excuses for them.

            For Gods sake look at the picture of this guy. He has bangs! Anyone know of any guy who has bangs who is not a mama’s boy? I don’t think so. BTW don’t ever trust a guy who uses a straw to drink out of a pint milk carton.

            With all that said we have missed the opportunity to change things or else it is now time to abandon the vote as a way to make changes. We cannot wait any longer.

            • America is the military power of the world England is the banking capitol and Vatican city is the religious capitol.
              The three points. We keep saying TPTB and the ones running the puppet show. Well they are and these are the three centers.

              Hmm not sure if anyone heard of the Prophecy of popes.

              This priest who was much like other mystics making predictions, but he made them of the 112 popes to come.
              So far he has named them perfectly all the way to the present 111th pope. The 112th he named the antipope, ( antichrist )Just another theory to toy with on the shtf scale.

              • Anon L: as such a Stickler for Factual details as you are when complaining of My prior posts…Where is YOUR fact Checking eh?

                The pope stuf you posted is not of the “Antichrist” man.

                Rather it IS about the “Second Beast” in the bible book of Rev…That being the FALSE PROPHET figure/Man!!!!

                Swell “Fact Checkin” you’ve done there anon L!!

                PS You seen the info on how many american Injuns a few previous Popes killed with their bare hands?

                Think it happened in Texas? or new mexico in 1849 era?

                (Sarcazim, not real info!)

          • Obama is not even legally our president, he is a fake president and we do not have to give up our guns. This country is a joke, we are letting this man who is funding enemy with our tax dollars and our weapons Al Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood. On top of him not ever proving to the American people he is a natural born citizen , he has shown the American people he is aligned with our enemy. He watched Ambassador Stevens and three other men in our military get slaughtered in real time by these terrorist and Obama’s orders were for us to stand down and not use our weapons. This may be the worst crime a president in our nation ever committed- treason. Obama needs to be punished for treason. He is working with our enemy. America is in danger of their own president and he is still occupying our White House trying to get all our guns. We need to get our soldiers out of Afghanistan now their lives are in danger because our president is planning on releasing photos of them engaging in war with our enemy , Obama friends. There is something wrong with this picture and that is Obama is our enemy. Our military needs to get discharged, if I were them I would just get out all of them and come home. We stand by our military no matter what photos Obama releases.

        • This was a false fal gov’t op, no doubt. Media changed stories 5 times within minutes, 2 shooters, then one. Happens to be all the weapons they want banned, they found, just like all the other shootings. THEY WANT OUR GUNS, pathetic scum. I pray for the victims and the families involved. black combat/tactical gear with bulletproof vests like usual, YOU WILL NOT GET OUR GUNS. Then right away, the liberal state run media have already started the gun control debate, they want us disarmed before they implode the economy

          • JMO, you have hit the nail on the head on every count.

            All they had to do was trot out one of their MKULTRA patsies.

        • Business Insider is reporting that the shooter was a 20 year old AUTISTIC kid carrying the ID of his older brother.

          Ok the kid was retarded. Mentally incompetent individuals are not suppose to have guns. Apparently it too belonged to his older brother.

          The older brother has SOME liability here.

          • Wow. I am a huge fan of your financial comments, but this one is well off here.

            Autistic is not equal to retarded. They can overlap but it doesn’t always. Historical figures often considered to have been autistic include Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Bill Gates may well be.

            However this Lanza guy clearly hadn’t formed appropriate social attachments and skills. And I do agree the older brother has some liability if the facts remain (they seem to be changing hourly).

            • Cbs news just said guns belonged to mother. This is a horrible thing but as stated, is fishy.

            • Agreed, autistic does not always equate with “retarded”, but in most cases it does and I had serious exposure to autistic kids as a youngster. Dozens of them at a time, and they can be emotionally unstable and easily aroused.

              Autistic kids are not normal and his brother should have had his weapon secured.

              • His brother lived in Hoboken NJ and is saying that he hadn’t seen Adam for two years. The guns were registered to the mother.

                I’m trying to understand how a schoolteacher could afford a house in Connecticut that had to cost at least a millon $$, maybe more.

                • Thanks for the correction about the gun ownership coach, I have seen that now too. Also, the mother was a “teacher’s AIDE” according to an article at Huff Post, so an “aide” would make even less than a teacher.

                  Eventually it will all come out.

                • I’m still trying to understand how Lee Harvey Oswald got into the USSR and back so easily in the height of the cold war.

                • Okay–I’ll be the first to ask–did these murderers have fathers??

                • Might have an answer to my own question. Parents reported to have been separated ten years, give or take. Now, there’s more than a few high-roller NYC financial types that live in Hoboken. It’s a very convenient commute to Wall Street, or was until the Tube got flooded. So maybe Mommy was sponging off Daddy all these years? $10K a month for life? Work a volunteer job, so no income that compromises the alimony? Great example for the young’uns, eh?

                  Autism and all that aside, broken homes rarely do kids any good.

                • the teachers aide’s” previous husband (who was also killed by the kid) was the head “tax guy” for GE’s tax and financial division…there is a link on sgt report about who the kids father was. Sorry, not very savvy at posting links.

                  He definitely had the funds to set mamma up in style.

                  His position at GE also an interesting tidbit.

                • JJ…look at who the colorado theater shootings father was…”another guy who may have known to much.”

              • DK
                You are correct: kids with autism are NOT normal, and sometimes they are VERY NOT NORMAL. All the thumbs down you got are from those who think that autism is just a “different kind of normal.” I have seen many, many non-austic kids’ school time WASTED by autistic kids being “mainstreamed” in their same class. The normal kids have to sit while the autistic kid acts out, melts down, gets “redirected”,etc. This is the same tack liberals take: “we are all the same…” when we are all NOT the same.

              • And if you had an autistic kid wouldnt you make sure your guns were locked up good?

            • How can you tell what is a “fact”? You can’t believe anything the media or the government says, and I’d like to know who held that onion under Barry’s eyes so he could squeeze out a tear for these over-privileged little white kids. Somewhere, Jamie Foxx celebrates.

              • He’s been in training with our first “black pResident.”

              • Screw Jamie Fox with a sawbriar. People should boycott his movies. Anyone that would make a reference towards another human as being a “saviour” over the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, needs to have their head examined, cause they definitely have a screw loose in there.

          • Autism has nought to do with this event. A rules based concrete thinker is likely to much more likely to adhere to gun safety than your average Joe.

            Mental retardation and autistic spectrum disorder are two totally different clinical diagnoses, though in some very unlucky individuals they can be co-morbid, just as an individual can be blind, or deaf, and sometimes both.

            My life is immersed in the daily realities of autism. Even the UK authorities don’t automatically link ASD with gun violence, (& we have some of the most stupidly restrictive gun laws in the world!) Please do not blindly accept the meeja BS, but use a little critical thinking here please as to why events like this are occuring with increasing frequency.

            • Thanks for that professional input lonelonmum. I was not aware.

          • Apparently they were “registered” to his mother. Note that this was ascertained within minutes. does anyone know if CT forces registration of firearms, or if they are talking about the form 4473s she filled out? If they are talking about the 4473s, it exposes the lie that these records are not centralized and computerized.

        • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

          People in NYC and its environs are EVIL monsters. I wish someone was there to gun down that monster before he got to the children!

          And before they start talking about “gun control” as that Limey CNN bastard talks about everyday…

          Why didn’t any teacher, principal, vice principal, staff psychologist or even security guard carry a concealed weapon? Same thing for the other shootings!

          People need to arm themselves to PREVENT a massacre, and not cower into fear and ban weapons from law-abiding citizens!

          • Ironic that so many lib dem elected types are so Rabid antigun Here in usa…While their Cousins and other pals are fully armed as Teachers and janitors etc in every school in…..ISREAL!

            Every hear Finestien or schummer or boxer et al rabidly rail about their bestest allies and friends of isreal arming school teachers There?…I sure aint heard one peep outta them about that.

        • How about a ban on the mind-bending drugs these maniacs are almost invariably taking? This sort of thing did not happen until these drugs became commonly “prescribed”.

          Listen to the advertisements for these drugs. They even mention things like hostility, suicidal thoughts or actions, driving and not remembering it, etc. They then list as side effects things like dry mouth, rashes, etc.

          Somehow ($pharma/medical) it has been concluded that the fault lies with the semiautomatic firearms that existed for almost a century before these massacres started happening.

          • Bob,

            Well done!! One plus one does equal two!

          • To profitable for those in the loop.

          • First semi auto gun was made in 1718 the puckle gun. Pistols about 1883.

            The earliest known United States shooting to happen on school property was the Pontiac’s Rebellion school massacre on July 26, 1764. Granted it was not a semi auto gun that did this.

            April 9, 1891: The first known mass shooting in the U.S. where students were shot, when 70 year old, James Foster fired a shotgun at a group of students in the playground of St. Mary’s Parochial School, Newburgh, New York, causing minor injuries to several of the students.[11] The majority of attacks during this time period by students on other students or teacher, usually involved stabbing with knives, or hitting with stones. still not a semi auto but the massacres happened within less then a 100 years. I agree with bob about the pharma bs going on, but use truth to back up what you say.

        • Takes your mind off of the inaction of solving the fiscal cliff problem, don’t it? Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors. Recent shootings at various place in such a short time frame? Just saying.

          • my thoughts too.

        • Of course! Never let a good disaster go to waste!

          But, what do you expect in a country where 1/3 of the population is on perscription tranqualizers, 1/3 are alcoholics, 1/3 are using illegal drugs, and 1/3 are under huge stress from job/home/retirement loss and are being told that the economy is growing, unemployment is falling and paychecks are getting larger. Yes, I know, it adds up to more than 100%, lol, because many of those people overlap into several divisions.

          Throw into this mix, the fact that there is one firearm for each of the US citizens over 16 and you get what we saw today. And This is just the beginning. I don’t remember who said it first, but: “When you have nothing to lose, you lose it!” Many Americans have nothing left to lose…

          • “When you have nothing to lose, you lose it!”

            Gerald Celente

          • The “illegal” drugs appear to be less dangerous than what Dr. Quack “prescribes”.

        • Once they collect all the guns they will be able to make you work the cotton fields and have their offspring.

        • Why don’t they just outlaw Satan?

        • Look at the other side; Its the only thing he has done to expand American industry in 5 years, Colt, Sand W, will make a fortune. It’s just a shame no one had a gun in school and shot the bastard.




        • Connect the dots folks..

          Both recent shooters fathers were high level executives both slated to testify regrading the recent LIBOR scandal…

          The father of Newtown Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza who is a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial.

          The father of Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is Robert Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO.

          Both men were to testify before the US Sentate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal. The London Interbank Offered Rate, known as Libor, is the average interest rate at which banks can borrow from each other. 16 international banks have been implicated in this ongoing scandal, accused of rigging contracts worth trillions of dollars.



          • Not likely co-incidence. Good intel possee. All the more reason WE need to verify a second shooter or not.

            To paraphrase an old axiom, fish and The Company smell in three days.

        • Morgan Freeman’s brilliant take on what happened yesterday :

          “You want to know why. This may sound cynical, but here’s why.

          It’s because of the way the media reports it. Flip on the news and watch how we treat the Batman theater shooter and the Oregon mall shooter like celebrities. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are household names, but do you know the name of a single *victim* of Columbine? Disturbed
          people who would otherwise just off themselves in their basements see the news and want to top it by doing something worse, and going out in a memorable way. Why a grade school? Why children? Because he’ll be remembered as a horrible monster, instead of a sad nobody.

          CNN’s article says that if the body count “holds up”, this will rank as the second deadliest shooting behind Virginia Tech, as if statistics somehow make one shooting worse than another. Then they post a video interview of third-graders for all the details of what they saw and heard while the shootings were happening. Fox News has plastered the killer’s face on all their reports for hours. Any articles or news stories yet that focus on the victims and ignore the killer’s identity? None that I’ve seen yet. Because they don’t sell. So congratulations, sensationalist media, you’ve just lit the fire for someone to top this and knock off a day care center or a maternity ward next.

          You can help by forgetting you ever read this man’s name, and remembering the name of at least one victim. You can help by donating to mental health research instead of pointing to gun control as the problem. You can help by turning off the news.”

          Making a Killing – The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging

        • @ GW

          I wish that TPTB would use some logic, and understand that firearms have been around for centuries. But of course, they will instead use this as convenient excuse to push their pet agenda of crippling our 2nd Amendement rights. I wish they would look at the real source of the problem, as related here:

          Having worked in the mental health field as a lowly worker in a “behavior house” while I pursued my teaching degree, I can vouch for EVERYTHING this mother of a profoundly mentally ill child is going through. Been there, seen it all, got the t-shirt.

          What I want to know is, when will the SHEEPLE ever figure out that even though we have had guns in this country for centuries, we have only had these massacres in the past 20 years? When will they draw the connection between the mass “de-institutionalizing” of the 80s and 90s and the rise of all forms of deviant public behavior, not just mass shootings?

          The point is, we could ban every gun in the country, and it still won’t solve the problem. It will, however, leave us defenseless against the criminal element, both in and outside of the government

        • What makes so many people think that a discussion about limiting or prohibiting assault weapons means that “THEY WILL BAN EVERYTHING FROM STARTER PISTOLS TO SEMI-AUTOMATICS!!” That is absolutely ridiculous.

          In his entire first term as President, Obama did NOTHING to limit the sale or ownership of guns. Everyone who claims otherwise is a LIAR. Trust you? Not hardly.

      2. This person needs to sent to a deep dark spot in hell and spend eternity there. I know that the Lord forgives everything, but attacking and killing children is the lowest form of cowardice out there. I know everyone doesnt believe in God, but it is incidents like this that makes me believe the Lord is coming back soon, or makes me wish for it. One of the two. Be safe everyone and keep prepping!!!

        • God has the power to forgive, but if someone dies in their sins, there is no forgiveness…only judgement. Our society has turned its back on the Lord. He will not bless those in rebellion.

        • When you take God out of peoples lives, what you’re left with is the Devil. 😉

          • @Rodster: Ditto on what you said. There is no other explanation for what this monster did. How else can you explain such an act?

          • Rodster: It’s quite interesting, isn’t it, to be alive in not only environmentally and societally history-making times, but to also be alive during biblically historical events…i.e., the “end of times.” This is only just the beginning.

        • There is no God.

          • If there is NOT a God, I will have lived my life for the better and it will not matter to me.

            If there IS a God, the choices you made in your life will matter A GREAT DEAL to you.

            This is not condemnation because that is not my job. It is just an observation.

            1 The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”
            They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none who does good.
            2 The Lord looks down from heaven on the children of man,
            to see if there are any who understand, who seek after God.
            3 They have all turned aside; together they have become corrupt; there is none who does good, not even one.

            Psalm 14:1-3

            Esse Quam Videri

          • says you

          • No God eh? Man I don’t know where you went off the path in life. I say to everyone who gives you a thumbs down that they should not judge you till they have walked in your shoes. Not just in your shoes but on the same paths. I truley feel sorry for you and know that God forgives you because he and he alone knows what terrible circumstances brought you to the conclusion that there is no God. May you find peace one day and forgive yourself.

          • Life must be hard for you without God.

            • Those that choose to believe there is no God will soon find their God here on earth. He will be known to us believers as “antichrist”. He is coming “first” with a message of “rapture” and “flying away” to the churches. They will follow him because that is what they have been taught and believed, by the deceived preachers.

              The atheist and secularist will become believers in God the instant he, antichrist, snaps his fingers and brings lightning down from the clouds. Only problem, it’s the wrong god. It’s the one making sick people do sick things to other human beings. It’s been ramping up over the past few years and it will “ramp” some more before he returns for his “evil doers”.

              Better be ready and know the truth, for the “truth” is the only thing that will set you free.

              • “Judge not, least you be judged”, apparently never applies to “God fearing people” only the rest of us. The Church starts wars, tortures, kills thousands of Indians, burns 200,000 witches, buggers every little kid it can, but needs to spend it’s time improving our outlook? Yeah, sure. If I do 1/1,000,000 the evil the Church has done and never even apologised for, I’d out due the whole ,10 most wanted, by a lot.

        • Its situations like this that make you believe in god, and
          Situations like this that make me not believe. The way i see it, no loving all knowing god would create beautiful little children just to plan their massacre.

          • God didn’t “Plan” them kids deaths like this. And if the shooters Free will granted by God should have been cancled prior to shooting?….Why should YOU keep YOUR free will?

            Every person decides how to use free will…Good or evil.

            God don;t intervien in them choices. And He sure aint planning innocents deaths.

            • One more item…Most folks consider an false “Idol” to be some type statue or carved idol-god etc..

              But there is another and worse “idol” false God..It is the one folks create in their Mind when they say stuf such as “gee if Gods so good or loving why did he allow this or that”?

              That is creating a false god “idol” based upon a person thinks he can think as God does, and goes on to declare such a statement. Or says “If I was God I’d do this or that this way instead”.

              It is pure Folly and ignorance to think any person can “think” like, or “Out-think” God. And it most always leads to person creates a false idol “Image” of That persons type or form God is. Just a FYI to consider is all.

              • We don’t always agree, but you are right here. It’s not for me to tell God what is right or fair according to how I think. It’s also not a requirement that God answer our questions as to why He does things. This idea that God’s Love=No Pain is false. We place ourselves in too much importance when we assume God’s will means MY life will be great.

                From my perspective, this whole existence, the good and the bad, comes down to God’s will for His glory. That may seem simple or hokey, but it’s an answer I can live with. It’s also an answer that can apply to reasons God allows things that are, to us, unthinkable.

                Esse Quam Videri

            • Then what good is he? If he has some great plan let us in on it. If I had the power to stop all of this evil and didn’t, what kind of a devil would I be called? Nope, you want all the credit for good, you also get all the blame for the bad. After all,IF you are ALL POWERFUL either stay out of it, or make it the way you want.

              • We cannot have good without the opportunity for evil. We cannot have love without the opportunity to hate. The reason is free will.

                If you FORCE me to be good or to love, then I am not really being good or loving. I am only doing what I have no other choice but do. Real love must come as a choice. Choice, like sin, has consequences.

                Esse Quam Videri

              • He, God, does have a great plan. It’s all laid out in the letter He sent to us. It’s there for those with eyes to see and hearts that desire the truth.

                The evil will be stopped for good after all souls are born into the flesh. Some souls don’t get a chance to breathe outside the womb, but they are still born into flesh. Everyone will understand the complete plan during the millenial reign.

            • IF he’s going to stay out of it. THEN STAY OUT OF IT, I will not worship anyone or thing that kills little children or doesn’t try to stop it. Because that thing is EVIL.

      3. First: Our condolences to the families, friends, and community. Brutal tragedy, unacceptable to us all.
        Second: This reeks of three things: a) this is what collapse looks like; b) Celente, “When people lose everything and they have left to lose, they lose it.”; and c) expect more of this as this has all the hallmarks of a false flag.
        Third: Hug your kids, kiss your spouse, keep prepping.
        Fourth: Live with love.

        Gold Leader standing by.

        • Couldn’t have said it any better Gold Leader.

        • My Christmas lights will be dark tonight.

        • False flag. If they gave the cartels .50 cals, they would let children die also.

          • Idiot cartels already have a shit load of .50s hand grenades rocket launchers grenade launchers ps90 name it they got, the reason they dont use them on kids is because their not retards like you or the idiot that did this last shooting

        • You too, Gold Leader, hit the nail on the head on every count.

        • My only question is, how many more innocent children will they prey upon to meet their agenda?

          And they don’t care if we see the false flag waving anymore—they know we can’t stop them now.

          • My question to you then sixpack, is when are the people of your country going to grow some nuts to make sure no more innocent children are preyed upon to fulfill that agenda?

            They don’t care that everybody see’s it for a false flag, not because you can’t stop them, but primarily because you WON’T!!!

            Get off your knees. The worlds laughing at you all. Home of the brave indeed?

            • Well said.

      4. Evening All

        I am so dreadfully sorry to hear about the loss of so many innocents today. I am sure I speak for the whole of the UK when I say our thoughts and prayers, sympathies and condolences are with all of you tonight.

        God Bless

        Burt x

      5. First thing POTUS should do is put TSA in the schools to eliminate guns and drugs, and where they can complete their GED’s!

        Just saying. 🙂

        • I’m sure a lot of the TSA would love that, fresh meat!!!

        • Trouble is, virtually all these shootings have happened in gun-free zones…read that, “criminal safe zones. How come you won’t find this happening at gun ranges, where everybody’s armed?

        • Sucky idea, they already molest enough of our kids in the airports

        • That is a preposterous idea. This was an elementary school. TSA employees cannot be expected to keep up with something so academically advanced.

      6. It is a tragedy on the highest proportions. But unfortunately one must be opened minded to conspiracy. And that scares me. We were told the Benghazi attacks were because of a YouTube video which was a lie. The gun control advocates will scream to ban guns in this country. Though countries that have banned guns have tragedies such as this.

        • This scares me too. It really seems like there’s been all these shootings, but none have created the right emotion. Now that there are small children dead, I’m seeing my Facebook go crazy with people yelling for gun control. They’ve got the response they wanted now… Sure seems to lend itself towards conspiracy. I’m sweating like crazy at work right now…

          • Also, a couple of general points need to be made.

            1. This isn’t a left/right, lib/cons, repub/demo issue. It’s an issue of being played by two heads of the same hydra.

            2. I wonder if Barack the Bloody, or ANY politician for that matter, will shed a tear for the hundreds of thousands of innocent children they’ve condemned to death in other countries?

            3. I wonder if those same ‘authorities’ will shed a tear for the millions of innocent people in THIS country they’ve condemned to a life where the only thing left is to resort to violence because they’ve been robbed of everything else?

            Cowardly hypocrites, the lot of them. And they’ll soon be seen by MANY more for what they really are.

            • Ranger too! Lots of people hitting the nail on the head tonight.

          • My daughter set up a FaceBook account for me and I’m amazed at the outpouring of hysteria. Hysteria with no sense to offset it. I would suggest arming teachers, as well, but most teachers are libs and terrified to even be in the same room as a GUN, which, we all know, will go off by itself and kill everyone in a five-square-mile area. Convenient false flag crisis.

            • Reports are also surfacing that the O’bummer Administration and Congress dropped funding last year of a program that cost only $200 million over the past ten years to fund school safety and put cops on school campuses.

              I say Congress and POTUS are responsible for these deaths!!!

      7. This just pisses me off. The son of a bitch lowlife coward, killing children. I’m so freaking angry with this lowlife. His body needs to be desecrated and fed to the fish. No grave, no marker, no ceremony, just a bag of concrete, high flying helicopter and a deep ocean.

        This country has bred a sickness that runs deep. No amount of gun control is going to cure the sickness.

        • Throw his body in a wood chipper and feed him to the fish.

        • No one will ever see his body.

      8. This is very very sad. Killing anyone is unacceptable but killing children is crossing the line!

        • Use the proper word this was “Murder”.

        • Columbine didn’t have the effect they wanted with high schoolers, Aurora didn’t have the effect they wanted with mixed ages, so the next logical (yet evil) step is to kill young children in order to have the intended effect.

          We live under the rule of very evil people.

        • The ultimate hypocrisy laid bare by this tragedy, is the fact that the same LIBERAL SCUM calling for weapons bans also feverishly support INFANTICIDE as a Constitutional right…under the guise of “a women’s right to choose”.

          …its coming folks!

          Each one of us here, will soon be forced to make “the Decision.”
          Will you comply with the coming bans…or will you ignore them?
          Choose wisely, for tyranny will not grant us a 2nd chance!

          Remember this…YOU ARE, WHAT YOU DO…WHEN IT COUNTS!

          • As an addendum to my above post, I ask everyone to consider the numerous & nefarious ‘quiet’ endeavors undertaken by our gubbermint. Recall the following:

            Patriot Acts I & II.


            The purchase of nearly 2 billion rounds of HP ammo.

            Mil-spec domestic drone flights (ramping-up now).

            The purchase of threat-level IIIA portable guard booths by DHS/TSA.

            DHS/TSA’s stated intention to monitor the interstate transport highway system.

            …and so forth, ad infinitum!

            By hook or by crook, they’ll pass some manifold weapons ban. Then you’ll see the road/highway checkpoints pop up, much like the current sobriety ones we’re familiar with…only this time they’ll be after firearms! They’ll have booths, body armor & select-fire MP-5s.

            …the only thing missing, will be the phrase:

            “Your papers please, comrade!”

            • This has ZERO to do with liberals or conservatives, republicans or democrats, and has EVERYTHING to do with being deliberately pitted against each other by puppet masters that most people don’t even know exist. They have painstakingly created this environment to gain control over the masses….BOTH sides are their vehicle, and I ain’t dumb enough to fall for it any more. The veil is being lifted more everyday. Wake up, people. It’s a game and large-scale incidents like this one are meant to polarize us in superficial issues that play right into THEIR hands.

              • …and you’re spot-on, Anton, when you describe the levels of social control ‘they’ are already planning for.

            • I definitely got your back.

          • Way to bootstrap your own political issues onto this tragedy. Good grief.

            • @ Another Commie

              Ahhh…I gather from your ‘screed’ that I should don sack-cloth & ashes, then publicly wail & howl over the misfortune of innocents, on these boards.

              FYI asshole, I said a quiet prayer for the children & their suffering parents. GOD bless & help them.

              Was it a tragedy…yes!

              Could I have done anything to prevent it…NO!
              I’m 617 miles removed from that location.

              Per the ‘bootstrapping allegation’…your opinion falls on deaf ears! This episode is DESIGNED to grease the skids for gutting the 2nd amendment rights of my fellow countrymen & myself.
              …and if successful, slaughter of said countrymen will reach biblical proportions! Never doubt!

              …and you’ll be included in the final tally!

              History documents the ‘execution of the useful idiots’ as SOP(standard operating procedure)…once tyrannical power is solidified.

              If I were you, I’d sleep with one eye open.


              • Anton, Another Commie knows someone who has a friend who knew someone’s somebody, thus is “involved”….

                Just look at alllll the Progressives already propelling their agenda by hooking onto this tragedy. “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid,” sayeth The Rahm.

                The circumstances, and on a Friday, no less, are all too commonplace now. I wonder if the Mother will be found to be a “Doomsday Prepper”.

                • Yup, and I know how disappointed you are his son was OK.

                • BTW – I never said I was involved but when a tragedy affects friends or family, it affects you on a different level. At least for those of us who aren’t classified as a DSM-IV psychopath it does. I think we all understand why nothing affects you.

                • Another Comment, Your delusions are working against you again. Can’t keep up?

                  Another Comment says:
                  Comment ID: 944591
                  December 15, 2012 at 3:31 pm

                  BTW – I never said I was involved but when a tragedy affects friends or family, it affects you on a different level.

                  Another Comment says:
                  Comment ID: 941203
                  December 14, 2012 at 12:39 pm

                  Worse, a former boss and good friend of mine has a son there who was a buddy to my oldest. He’s totally offline at the moment. So I have no idea what’s going on and I am just trying not to throw up. Can’t work.

                • Well, that’s not “involved.” I am nowhere close to Sandy Hook any more, just was extremely worried for my friends and their son. At this point I am in no different position than anyone else who is horrified by the event (not you, clearly).

                • Another Comment = Hateful trolls like you and JoeNutCase don’t have an ounce of empathy for others. You’re both disgusting shit-disturbers and you come onto this post thinking you might curtail or subvert some of the pro-gun sentiments. You’re at the wrong place. Your “S” hit your fan years ago, Psycho. The large majority of viewers and posters here are affected by the CT murders and for some, the images are all too frequent and resemble other murders. For me, it’s the VA Tech shootings, not far from here with 2 friends involved. Be sure to add that to your Zoltanne-watching-timeline, Psycho.

                  Now do us all a favor and STFU. The only place we have for someone like you is downrange. Go back to MoveOn with your other comrades.

                • >> The only place we have for someone like you is downrange.

                  God help if you ever get near a school with a gun. Violent and mentally ill.

                  It’s people like you who do more damage to the cause to keep the 2nd amendment intact by making those who want to keep their guns seem absolutely psycho.

                  It just amazes me that on the heels of a mass shooting you are happy to scream about doing the same thing yourself. PLEASE, go take your meds.

              • Thought of by, and about, the hidden true evil insane perps of the demise of america…

                “I’ve never seen a President — I don’t care who he is — stand up to them. It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what is going on all the time. I got to the point where I wasn’t writing anything down. If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they would RISE UP IN ARMS. Our citizens certainly don’t have any idea what goes on.”

                Thomas H. Moorer
                (1912 – 2004)
                US Navy & Chairman,
                Joint Chiefs of Staff during interview on
                24 August 1983

                “The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers,(open borders) the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.

                In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property(UN & Agenda 21) and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

                — Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, ‘La Revue de Paris’, p.574, June 1, 1928

                “It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . .

                I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . .

                The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews.

                The anti-Semites shall be our best friends”

                — Theodor Herzl, Founder of Zionism in 1897

                FROM: usa’s Best friends and Allies!!

                Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

                — Menachem Begin – Israeli Prime Minister 1977–1983

                If a Gentile exposes Zionism, they are called “anti-semitic” which is nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the Zionists actions.

                But, if a Jew is the person doing the exposing, they resort to other tactics.

                First, they ignore the charges, hoping the information will not be given widespread distribution.

                If the information starts reaching too many people, they ridicule the information and the persons giving the information.

                If that doesn’t work, their next step is character assassination. If the author or speaker hasn’t been involved in sufficient scandal they are adept at fabricating scandal against the person or persons.

                If none of these are effective, they are known to resort to physical attacks.

                But, NEVER do they try to prove the information wrong.
                Jack Bernstien,,Assasinated by MOSSAD…

                “Never before in the history of the United States Navy has a Navy Board of Inquiry ignored the testimony of American military eyewitnesses and taken, on faith, the word of their attackers.”

                — Captain Richard F. Kiepfer, Medical Corps, US Navy (retired), USS Liberty Survivor

                “They are the so-called neo-cons, or neo-conservatives. A compact group, almost all of whose members are Jewish. They hold the key positions in the Bush administration, as well as in the think-tanks that play an important role in formulating American policy and the ed-op pages of the influential newspapers….

                Seemingly, all this is good for Israel. America controls the world, we control America. Never before have Jews exerted such an immense influence on the center of world power.” Uri Avnery, “The Night After,”

                Counterpunch, April 10, 2003

                These quotes should suffice as an answer to Why and How can so many idiots and Marxists think and Act as they always do!

                These quotes are based upon the evil training they recieve, begining with their first taste of Mothers breat milk when newborns!….And it Originates in and From Their evil Tamludiac “Holy” books….Wake up!

                • @ Zoltanne

                  >>> “The only place we have for someone like you is downrange.” <<<

                  Awesome comeback!

                  *(note to self)…never, ever piss Zoltanne off!

              • Yes, clearly the 2nd amendment is now under fire. There is no bootstrap there. That is direct and obvious. Here is the bootstrap problem (maybe you should google words you don’t know before posting next time):

                >> The ultimate hypocrisy laid bare by this tragedy, is the fact that the same LIBERAL SCUM calling for weapons bans also feverishly support INFANTICIDE as a Constitutional right…under the guise of “a women’s right to choose”.

                Trying to start a soapbox on THAT. I’m sure there is no end to the issues that can be attached to this tragedy, and this is a disgusting example (and quite a leap). This is purple prose and uncalled for. And frankly, does damage to the more valid arguments. You’re just as bad as all the politicians. Hell, you may be one. Well fuck you if you are.

                • Another Commie

                  Nope, wrong again as usual.

                  …and I apologize for my ignorance of your phase, “purple prose”.

                  Although I suspect you actually meant ‘lavender’…you know, the pigment closest to ‘pink’…as in homosexual color preferences.

                  Your WEAK rebuttal reeks of limp-wristed faggotry & a mindset belonging to a liberal femo-nazi dyke or a shallow-chested rump ranger, who likes to catch…more than he likes to pitch!

                  Why don’t you hook-up with Joe-in-NC…you’re made for each other.

                • Old man, you are an idiot. If you (and enough of your ilk) go out wildly foaming at the mouth like this, the 2nd amendment is done for. You are the poster child for what the public at large fears about the “gun nuts.”

                  You’ve taken a tragedy that almost everyone is completely horrified over and attached abortion and homosexuality to it. What the fuck is wrong with you?

                  It appears your agenda is to alienate every 2nd amendment supporter who isn’t some skinhead neo-nazi like you. Well, go ahead. You won’t like the result. There WILL be a national debate. And the momentum is with the anti-gun folks now. You need to STFU and stop making that coalition bigger than it already is.

          • I propose that Congress and the People of the United States amend our Constitution with the following Amendment:

            Section 1. After one year from the ratification of this article the manufacture, sale, or transportation of all firearms within, the importation thereof into, or the exportation thereof from the United States and all territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof for any purpose is hereby prohibited.

            Section 2. The Congress and the several States shall have concurrent power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

            Section 3. This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of the several States, as provided in the Constitution, within seven years from the date of the submission hereof to the States by the Congress.

            Oh, by the way, did anyone notice that this is the 18th Amendment WORD FOR WORD with the word “firearms” and “any” substituted for the words “intoxicating liquors” and “beverage purposes”, respectively. We all know how that worked out.

            (Posted at Cast Bullets forum)

            • @ Zoltanne

              AWESOME post!

              Initially, I felt my blood pressure rising…your last paragraph returned it to normal.

              Sorry I could only give you one thumbs up!

              • Anton, I didn’t write it, but yes, it is awesome and should serve as a reminder (as should so many of the comments in this post).

              • Anton: Dont let ur blood pressure mess with u, I’m having a blast reading these, have not laughed this hard in a while, thanks. AC just diggin hole deeper………….Train Hard Fight Easy

                • Ryback:

                  Ditto here…and thanks much for the phrase: “Train hard, Fight easy”.

                  With your permission I’ll adopt those words & incorporate them in discussions with others I run with!

        • You must “not” be voting for democrats then.

      9. Obama gonsta strut like a peacock after the fervor dies down and gonsta save us all. Yet the thieves and the murderers that have been elected to run this country will beat their bony chests saying, “We need to do something”. In the end they’ll pass a law and fuck up even that. We’ll be less safe from the elected murderers and thieves’ henchmen. Ain’t NO DIFFERNCE in the president calling for a drone missle strike to kill one “so called” terrorist and killing an additional number of children that happened to be in the strike zone. How many children Barack are you responsible for killing with your drone strikes? Look the American people in the eye when you tell us.

        • I would not joke about this. I suspect that this is the incident that the control freaks have been hoping for and will indeed result in a total gun ban.

          • I ain’t fukin’ jokin’ scooter.

        • I saw crocodile tears today while Obama spoke about the massacre. How dare he while he supports abortion policies that murder more than a million babies a year in the U.S.

          If you play his speech backwards it says “satan accepts your offering”. Creepy stuff.

          • Remember, Dear Leader and his pal Holder are responsible for 300 dead Mexicans through Fast and Furious. When is Mexico going to extradite Holder for his trial??

      10. They’ll never mention the psycho-drugs he was on.

        • Thats what im waiting for is the mk ultra sessions to be released to the news.

          What sick bastard does something like this? I’ll bet you could go into a prison and ask one of the baddest s.o.b.’s in there to go and kill a classroom full of kindergardners, and I’ll bet his response would be, “your crazy man, Im not doing that sick shit.”

          Unbelievable, and thats why it will succede in banning guns. just like the UK and Australia. Same program, different country.

          I might add, Obama has killed more Pakistan children than this with his drone campaign. Just sayin, beware the tears of the crocodile.

          Remember, they have to get the guns for tyranny to work. The death toll after they get the guns will be alot more horrendous. because they will have no resistance, or at least very little.

        • MK-Ultra…again.

      11. So, I’m a little scared today. I’ve invested quite a bit of money into a couple firearms. If they get banned, will it just be that you can’t buy them anymore? Or will possession be a crime? If so, I really don’t want to do jail time for possession. But I don’t want to give them up. For the obvious reason of needing them after SHTF, but also because of the money invested, eep!

        When you buy guns, you fill out paperwork, so it’s known what I have. Can I just hide them and if they come knocking tell them that I sold them? OOF!

        • Here’s your answer:


          • @ Southron

            Much thanks!

        • Well most of us have taken our gear out camping and fishing. But we are terrible canoe-paddlers and we invariably tump over and loose our stuff.

          • PP-“It could happen?”

          • If you think that lame excuse will work think again. You clowns need to stop making that claim on a public forum. It can and will be used against you when the time arrives. They know who you are.

        • @ NA

          I am going to a gun show tomorrow. I will bet the lines are long. Prices will be high. And all sorts of guns will flying off the tables.

          • Oaks gun show?
            I’ll be there on Sun.

        • Not in florida , or so im how are they going to come and get those?

        • It will be a daunting task to disarm THE largest standing army in the world. It’ll be like trying to hand out speeding tickets at the Indy 500…and somewhat deadly.

        • Yeah.


          I wonder about that too. Kind of a lot.

        • bury em deep and say you sold them…

        • What are you scared of? Confiscation? Isn’t going to happen. That would be the biggest political mistake they could ever make. Short-term political gain would turn into long-term political catastrophe for the left.

          • There are alternatives to door-to-door confiscation. You could:

            1) outlaw magazines
            2) outlaw ammo
            3) outlaw gun ranges
            4) outlaw hunting
            5) outlaw travelling with a gun
            6) allow police searches of vehicles during traffic stops, and legalize confiscation of all weapons found regardless of a permit or registration.
            7) outlaw ownership of guns to anyone with a conviction for any crime, including traffic violations
            8) outlaw reloading supplies
            9) outlaw private sales of firearms

            …and I’m sure a sociopathic politician could think up many more ways to do it.


            • Dboy, none of your nine alternatives are going to happen. The only credible one is 9.) Outlaw private sales of firearms. Even this would be only a mandate for a NICS check on private transfers.

              None of the nine things you mention will keep the wrong people from acquiring or using firearms, all that will happen is the general public would be burdened with a requirements list that is designed to reduce the legal ownership of firearms.

            • You just described california

      12. What kind of world do you live in when you have to give your 12 year old a refresher on tipping her desk on its side and hiding behind the metal part in the event of a gunman in her classroom?

        • back in the cold war days we had drills to hide under our desks in the event of a nuclear bomb attack..yeah no kidding, as if a desk is going to save you from that

          • VRF ~ We used to have tornado drills where we crouched down and stuck our heads in our lockers. Yeah. And I know that the desk isn’t much protection, but better that a child feel like they have SOME kind of plan of action than just be paralyzed and stand there in fear.

            • very true..yes they do need a plan and not to just stand are right.

              also I have taught my daughter to be more aware of her to have to have these talks with her, but if it saves her life one day it was all worth it.

              people today in all walks of life just do not pay attention to the signs of “something aint right”
              and they end up caught up in something bad going to worse without making a move to protect themselfs.

              • On the same topic, VRF – we talk about trusting your instincts and listening to that little voice, even if that little voice sounds irrational sometimes. People always say after an event like this that they “had a funny feeling” – but unfortunately too many people ignore those feelings.

                I’d rather bring my kids up with a healthy self-preservation instinct than worry about people thinking we’re paranoid.

                • right on!

                • A very sad day when so many “innocents” die at the hand of what appears to be “lunatic”. Unfortunately, in the day we now live in…nothing can be accepted at face value. My heart breaks for the parents and family of these children. Children have become the preferred target of the deranged agenda. NOTHING can engage more emotion and outrage.

                  Children of a different nationality die in higher numbers daily…in places WE supposedly defend. When the “heart of America” mourns their deaths with equal outrage…hope for peace may become viable again.

                  This activity/example will become more prevalent as as the NWO agenda continues any/all desperate measures. We are standing on the edge of the cliff…this will continue to become worse. ANYTHING to distract attention from the REAL reality that is about to consume us all.

                  GUN FREE ZONES produce “killing fields” for the deranged…or “controlled”. This incident has and will be politicized for ALL the wrong reasons. ONE rationale person with a gun and the ability to use it could very well have saved 20+ innocents. You will NOT hear this on the lame-stream-media or from a “white house” spokes-person. But, the TRUTH stands regardless.

                  I could also speak to the influence of the pharmaceutical industry and “doctors” that prescribe “poison” with both hands. But this assumption remains to be seen. And less likely, reported in context.

                  Welcome to OUR WORLD. Question everyone and everything…24/7. May the “unified field” provide eventual solace to those in much pain!

            • we only had fire drills at my school. this is crazy shit going on today. We didnt worry about terrorists, tornadoes or anything like this. we fought sometimes , some guys that hunted even had guns in the back window of their trucks.there was never any suggestion that anyone would shoot someone. im sure some druggy types may have been packing heat, but it was never really a threat. we live in a sick sad world daisy.

              • Right you are eeder. And the rest of US need OUR weapons to protect OURSELVES from the drugged out zombies and the crazies (not to mention a rogue administration).

                An armed society is a polite society.

        • Same kind of a world I lived in where they had air raid siren drills?

          Really think about that one. That damned turtle.

          I don’t even know where to start with this one. There’s the MK Ultra thing. There’s the ever increasing media violence thing per the Zombies entertainment article a few days ago… this will affect people to varying degrees. There’s the meds thing.

          What you need is a form of deterrence so… unthinkable that no one would ever think of doing shit like this. As the people doing this are suicidal, that’s going to be rather difficult to manufacture.

        • Come home. You are my stinker.

      13. I personally don’t see a ban on all guns happening. Maybe a ban on any more sales of assault weapons and/or a crazy tax on ammo but I don’t see the government going door to door collecting guns in America.

        • Mac,

          First, this is horrible. The families of those kids will never be the same. I just got home and hugged both my kids.

          Second, the line “preferably with a licensed firearm” made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. None of my firearms are “licensed” as my state, rightly, doesn’t license any guns. Licensing of guns historically is a prelude to confiscation and should be resisted.

          Though I have a carry permit, I would dispute the need for one. When we need a license or permit from government to do something, it becomes a privilege. I’m not willing to concede that point. Only Vermont, Alaska, Arizona and Wyoming have gun laws which do not infringe on the 2nd Amendment in my opinion.

          Thanks for your work on the site. I read it daily.

          • As I recall, Oklahoma just passed Open Carry. I would think you’d have to add OK to your list. And what about Texas? And Open Carry goes in exactly the opposite direction from where the fedgov wants to go…so hopefully that conflict will work in our favor.


        • Chief Nunzio

          Expect weapons they wish to include to be rolled into NFA34 under a new designation. A $250K fine and 10 years in Federal Prison for non compliance tends to insure people will by and large obey. Once registered into the system confiscation at a later date is relatively efficient and easy.

          It’s boiling a frog and the thermostat is about to be turned up.

          • Refuse. Resist. Rebel.

            • Wal K,
              You first. Care to have your home burned with your wife and kids inside? Remember Waco and Ruby Ridge before you take the step with no going back. Pisses me off too but when the hammer comes down there will not be much that can be done. Fineswine who started the first ban after the Stockton school yard shooting is already getting the machinery in motion.

              • @johnw:

                No Sir.

                Me first.

                You don’t often have a choice on the day or way you get to stand up for what is right and make a difference.

                OPSEC…combat multipliers…have a plan.

                If your willing to give up your guns, send them to me, I’ll make sure they are put to good use.

                When the hammer comes down, make sure you the hammer.

       safe…stay the course…you are the weapon..BA.

                P.S. Sir…got anything in a 45-70 ?

              • @ JohnW. ….When I think back on the people who founded this country….who mutually pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor… can I be unwilling to give any less and still call myself an American?

                Many of those founders…and their families indeed paid the ultimate price to give us this Republic. If we are unwilling to do the same, then we don’t deserve it.

                I remember Waco and Ruby Ridge. It was those events that awakened me to the tyranny that threatens this nation. And it was those events that solidified in my mind that there are certain lines that I will not allow to be crossed.

                The right to keep and bear arms is one of those lines…..perhaps the most important, because without it, we lose the ultimate obstacle and deterrent to that tyranny that threatens the last best hope of mankind. All of our other rights will become moot, and be relegated to the dustbin of history.

                We truly live in an age where those with a backbone and courage are a rare species.

                I can only hope that if the time comes that I am put to the test, I will have the courage to honor those who have paid the ultimate price to ensure our freedom.

                • Beautifully said, Walt.

                • Walt,

                  I agree with your sentiments one hundred percent. things have changed in that now it is damn near impossible to do anything without the GD govt. having knowledge of it. Thank you GWB and your Patriot Act, what a joke that name is, more like treason act. I have no idea how this whole thing will play out but the solution better be reached by electing better people to positions of power. Then again what hope is there for a nation that knowing full well what a poser Obama is and with four years of failure for a record re elects him?

              • John W = not one of the brave ones. May live in california. Certainly not a Texan.


            • Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

          • And any arrest or maybe even lesser infraction will be used as a reason to search your home.

            • @Bob…..

              “When a legislature undertakes to proscribe the exercise of a citizen’s constitutional rights, it acts lawlessly, and the citizen can take matters into his own hands and proceed on the basis that such a law is no law at all.”

              Justice William O. Douglas

        • The thugs in power have shown that they are tired of baby steps.

      14. Like NinaO said on the previous article, this whole thing reeks of “false flag” – what could possibly be more horrific to more people than a room full of 5 year olds being shot point blank? What could possibly rile up the people enough to get them to agree to more gun control?

        We’ll never get confirmation on this, of course – but I wouldn’t put anything past the current regime.

        • I agree with this totally. If I mention this to my wife, she’ll think I’m an idiot. But like I said above,

          It really seems like there’s been all these shootings, but none have created the right emotion. Now that there are small children dead, I’m seeing my Facebook go crazy with people yelling for gun control. They’ve got the response they wanted now…

          • “NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE”. They may/may not have been behind this, but they sure as hell are going to “use” this.

            Anyone who doubts that the goal is an assault(semiautomatic) weapons ban, ask Australia how it went down there.

            They’ll be some tough talk telling the G-men to “Come and get them” ect. In the end, the American people will roll over like a $2.00 whore.

            • Port Arthur Massacre, for those who want to search up information about the advent of stringent gun control in Australia.

              • Daisy, Thanks for the advice. In Australia it was done by a guy with a very low I.Q. Isn’t our MSM also reporting that the POS that did this was also impaired?

                In Australia they banned semiauto’s in like a month.

                • Obummer likes to move quickly, before a defense can be mounted.

            • NOT this American….FMCDH!!! Nuff Said…

                • @ BA,

                  I STAND duly corrected, many thanks Brother!! After much thought I find that I am glad that the ‘parting of the ways’ is soon to come…that which was will pass and be no more. Our children WILL live in safety, for WE WILL watch over them…neither shall WE sleep anymore!

                • @J1Guy:

                  I stand with you, Sir

                  There is no spoon.

                  ..aim small…miss small….BA.

            • Gold Leader,
              Nicely done!!

              As far as arming teachers, that is a patently absurd idea and a knee jerk reaction. The last thing needed is a bunch of Barney Fife teachers running around armed. You can certainly have drills for various emergency situations ( Tornado drills, Fire drills, ect.),but you can’t live in a protective bubble and gain the life experience that leads to growth and wisdom. Freedom and Liberty are wonderful ideas but they come with no guarantees of a safe cocoon in which you may live.

              That being said, Saved By Grace, you are correct on all counts!! It matters not which party is in charge, when the time comes, they will get most peoples guns. Yes, there will be a few who hold out, but they will be made a very public example of and most others will fall in line. Why do I say that, I simply look at all of the examples in history. Human nature does not vary much from country to country, regardless of the language spoken.

              • I have not seen recent numbers, but the last number I saw on the California “Assault Weapon” registration was 13% compliance.

              • My furious two cents—we can have damned assholes at airports abusing and molesting law-abiding citizens with our tax dollars, but can’t have security guards at every entrance at every school in our nation??

              • So what is wrong with a few teachers at a school carrying a handgun? Surely, there are some who are already licensed and available.

          • I couldn’t agree more!!!! Besides all these incidents being in gun free zones, the shooters are also between 16 and 24 roughly ( don’t know exact ages but young adult). The one thing they have in common are the video games, these kids are totally into them and it numbs their right and wrong….. This one will brin the emotion none of the others could….. We should all be very nervous!!!!!

          • Don’t fret over those calling for gun control, NA. They’re just the dumb bastards that voted for Oflamer. They’re the mindless sheeple that run with the rest of the flock. They’ll be culled at the camp fema entrance and put in their respective pens soon enough.

          • Facebook…that is why the internet hasn’t been shut down…they use it for issues just like this…and the other main reason of the www is to continually increase everyones debt load…it is to easy for the weak to use there plastic.

            When they feel these issues have been sufficiently addressed…gone. better be ready.

        • Maybe I’m just naive but I simply cannot imagine that. Really? I just cannot fathom any person sane enough to function in normal society giving such an order. While this could be categorized under “evil” I don’t think that solely covers it. I just can’t get there.

          • Another Comment,
            You need to read some history. By historical standards this would be a very minor act of barbarism. A very minor case of govt. directed violence. For a good cause don’t you know.

            • I know. I’m just having a striking problem with cognitive dissonance right now.

              • Why the hell do you post here ? your just another commie. take your psychobabble some where else.

        • @ Daisy- Yes you psycho…the US GOVT hired this 18 year old kid to first kill his family member at home, then take his ow mothers car to where she teaches kindergarten ,and kill both his mother and her whole classroom of kids. You fucking ididots are WHY we need some kind of gun control…. you are the types that SHOULDNT own them in your fucking paranoia.

          • Hey! go shit and fall back in it you troll! I got guns to wipe your kind out when the Civil War starts up. When you turn in your neighbor I hope he catches you in his sights.

          • @ Hey

            Hey! that was uncalled for and your the Fucking Psycho. Pick on me MF.

          • Hey,

            Who the fuck do you think you are talking to? Daisy is one of the most informed, sharing and caring people on this board. You on the other hand appear to be some jerk commenting very rudely with no knowledge of who you are speaking of. Eat shit and die.

          • Thank you very much for speaking up for me, gentlemen.

            Its okay, though. It’s not the first time I’ve been called a psycho. Heck, it’s not even the first time this week. 🙂

            ~ D

            • Daisy, your a psycho! But you are my kind of psycho. Just wanted to make sure that “label” was applied at least 3 times this week! Otherwise, your enthusiasm might wane. WE can’t have that!

              • Yental,

                Actually, Ms. Daisy is far removed from the ‘psycho’ definition. I categorize her as a ‘ferocious hottie’…

                …she knows what I’m referring to! *(big knowing grin)

                • Daisy knows I’m just adding a some satire to offset the “whack-job” that started the idea of her being a “psycho”. (:

          • @Hey! , go to hell you fucking pile of shit. eat shit and die you fucking knob.fucken pshycho collectivist pile of trash. you are vile.

          • Uh, Hey! – who are YOU calling “ididots”?

            Just back slowly away from the ADD meds and no one will get hurt.

            Damn, now where did I put that can of Troll spray?

          • Lets meet up.I want you to talk to me face to face not behind a computer you piece of shit. Who’s the real paranoid MF?

        • Daisy

          “but I wouldn’t put anything past the current regime.”

          I doubt that something like this would have the inclusion of the President. The shadow government pulls the strings on this one. The Administration just plays the cards that appear.

          It’s called “Plausible deniability”.

          • “Plausible deniability is a term coined by the CIA during the Kennedy administration to describe the withholding of information from senior officials in order to protect them from repercussions in the event that illegal or unpopular activities by the CIA became public knowledge.”

          • Barack Bamboozle Obambi

        • false flag or not people have to realize if someone wants to do mass murder they can. Look at all the backpack and car bombs in the middle east. People don’t need guns to do mass killing if that is their goal. But I too believe it seems a little strange so many are happening now.

        • Fast and Furious certainly tends to support your suspicions. Too bad that will never be vetted for the public. Unlike if a republican had been president when it went on.

      15. Some idiot in China slashed up 22 childen and adults….should all knives be banned? This murder of children is sickening, and at this moment as a father and grandfather I’m trying hard to come to grips with it. But to blame guns, any kind of gun, for this is to blame spoons for obesity. Tonight, we all mourn.

        • The logic doesn’t matter…this is about never wasting a good crisis. Recent events will add weight to the agenda that we here are fully aware of (fascist police state). This crisis will be used to help attain that goal regardless of anything else. Modifying a “democratic” culture to accept tyranny takes time. Gun restrictions now, with the goal of an eventual TOTAL BAN is going to be REQUIRED for the globalist agenda to be realized.

          BTW, why do I say both “fascist police state” as well as “globalist agenda” above?? Simple. Look at the EU. Power was removed from each former country and shifted far away to Brussels where the common people have no influence or control. That’s how to destroy democratic rule, by keeping the illusion of it (through elections), while the real decision-making is done at some remote location out of the public eye. Local police state control of the population, with remote decision-makers….THAT is how we will lose America to the globalists.


      16. This country was created with violence and murder. It will end the same!

        • So…what country wasn’t?

        • It would have been a peaceful creation had it not been for the tyrannical government across the ocean from us, at the time.

          • I think the Native Americans had a lot of problems with the government of the USA. Trail of Tears, Wounded Knee, ect.

            Just sayin’

            • can you trust your government?
              Ask an Indian

              yah, I am one..the answer is F*&K NO!

              • Ditto on that vrf.



        … ” The Reason the Connecticut Attack happened is because the Recent Oregon ZOG CIA FEDGOV FALSE-FAG Attack failed to get a BIG enough body count to Scare The Sheeit enough out of You All into giving up your Guns !

        WAG THE DOG … this is simple very open ZOG FEDGOV CIA MOSSAD PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE “COLD BLOODY” MURDER UPON “YOU” THEIR OWN PEOPLE CITIZENS “YOU and your CHILDREN” – CAUSE AND EFFECT … they will continue to attack you with their CIA FBI MOSSAD trained moles DOMESTIC terrorists till you KNEEL bow your heads consent TO THEIR NWO UN ZOG “No Firearms Weapons for the Tax Debt Slaves civilians citizens” you are All disarmed and helpless to defend yourselves from the NWO ZOG UN FEDGOV STATEGOV TYRANNY EUGENICS DEATH programs .



        PREDATOR or PREY of the NWO ZOG UN fascist zionist FEDGOV STATEGOV the choice is yours .

        ~ N.O. ;0P

        • can’t use a drone in the US to make a point…yet.

          • @lastmanstanding … don’t “Fool Yourself” in your very false perception thinking you are secure “Safe” on ZOG FREEMASON owned controlled ameriKan soil … just because MSM mainstream zog controlled propaganda media hasn’t reported it yet doesn’t mean it hasn’t Already Happened !

            The ZOG FREEMASON Predator killer flying Drones are already flying over all of your/ OUR heads AmeriKa and they ARE ARMED !

            ~N.O. ;0P

      18. “”

      19. Prohibit guns, violence continues to exist through means of archery, knives, swords or you name it.

        Do you judge the Germans as criminals just because an extremist group slaughtered millions? Do you condemn the Muslims because a few extremists brought down a building killing a few thousand? No you don’t. Just like you don’t blame weapons for the extreme actions taken by the few people who have massacred others.

        Humans kill, weapons simply obey (unless made in China).

        • You said it Gregor; why not ground all planes.
          Heck, 3000 victims in one day was a pretty big loss.
          Okay, it’s settled, no more planes and fine all those that have flown since 9-11-2001.
          Liberal reasoning 101.

          • libs need planes to go to Europe on sabbatical…that can’t happen.

        • unless its a faulty remington

      20. You people are so stupid. 20 kids dead and all care about are your guns. It would be nice if one of your kids were among the dead. That stupid saying “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is indescribably moronic. People kill people WITH GUNS. Guns make it easier for people to kill people and easier to kill more people. I am a gun owner. I have a concealed carry permit and do carry where legal. Guns are part of the problem. Many of my fellow gun owners make me ashamed to be a gun owner because of the sheer stupidity seen here. Guns are part of the problem and stupid gun owners like the ones who post here are part of the problem. I see no reason why it is so hard for you idiots to see that you would be doing yourselves as gun owners a favor if you entered into an honest discussion on how to minimize incidents as today’s. But, therein lies the rub, honesty. You fuckheads are not honest, just selfish. Your guns are more important to you than anything else. You must have a frustrating sex life and try to make up for it with your phallic symbols. Again, if you are one who had s kneejerk response about Obama’s statement, you deserve for one of your children or grandchildren to become a vicitim of an incident like today’s.

        • JoeInNC

          Did you not see my post about the death penalty for unlawful killing. Was that not a honest statement?

          • Joe in NC. Great idea, let’s all turn in all guns and we can be peaceful and holding hands like they do in Chicago where guns are banned right?

            Have you ever heard of the constitution? It states that my RIGHT to own a gun SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON!!

            How about we trade. I’ll give you my hunting rifle if you give up your right to free speech and shut the hell up.

            You come on this sight all high and mighty chastising us because we are speaking out about our second amendment rights. You call all of us the problem because we talk about this and not about the horrible tragedy. WELL WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JYST DO? You didn’t post to talk about the tragedy, you posted about gun control as well you idiot!

            Judge not lest ye be judged.

            If you want to find someone to while like a baby about talking about gun control and not the tragedy try Bloomberg!

            The people on this sight are some of the best people in the world. The kind that you would want as a neighbor or to watch your back when it hits the fan.

            Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!

            And God Bless

            • @ Norse Prepper. I truly enjoy your comments. As I wrote above it is not just enough that these liberal radicals want to get rid of assault firearms, they want to get rid of ALL guns, and then ALL self defense from everyone. It is like the story of a scorpion and a fox that were going to cross a river, and the scorpion asks the fox if he could ride on the fox’s back to get to the other side. The fox said why should I trust you, the scorpion said because I need to get to the other side like you. The fox agreed to let me ride on his back, about halfway across the scorpion stung him. The fox said now we will both drown because I can’t reach the other side of the river. The scorpion said I can’t help it, this is my nature.

              Liberal turds have a nature, and that is to take away absolutely all self defense from everyone because they have this spaced out notion that utopia exists when everyone is disarmed. They can’t help themselves, like that “sludge mouth piers morgan”, it is their nature to destroy your right to defend yourself. They see a women fully able to defend herself against any man. The fact is a women without a weapon becomes a victim to a bigger man. People like in Switzerland that are armed to the teeth and can protect themselves have little crime because it is a deterrant to criminal slime.

              Give these anti-self defense characters an inch and they will try to take it 1000 miles. This is why the gun lobby and NRA so strongly supports no compromise with gun rights, because these nut job liberal individuals will try to use ANY ground gained in their cause to fully make all citizens helpless like over in Greece against the criminal scum. These liberal fanatics want to take ALL of EVERYONE’s self defense away from them, this is their nature.

              • Likewise @ BI. I got pretty hot last night when I read the verbal trash above. Just wish I was on my computer instead of my phone so it didn’t look like I was 3 sheets to the wind while I was ranting.

                It just makes me so infuriated to see the liberals jump out and the first thing they want to do is talk about gun control and whe people who respect the constitution speak out in defense of their rights people like Joe in NC are the first one to come out and tell us to shut up. They should spend time elsewhere because if they truly know people on this site they should also know that his comments would be met with a lot of backlash and no minds on this site have been changed.

                Take care BI!

              • hey bi by what your saying republicans are liberal radicals. Look what a republican did to Mass. Mhmm liberal radical all the way 🙂 conservatives in power want the same thing. They pretend to not be with the program but, non stop they prove that conservatives can fuck shit up too. Or was romney a democrat?

          • Joe In Nc..You make me ashamed to be an American! Where do you get off saying all this trash, and then claiming to be a CCW Gun Owner? Your Nothing but a Loud Mouth Punk!I wished you were the Shooter..Get the Picture asshat!

            Semper Fi

        • Joe in NC,
          You are a f-in psycho. You own guns and even have a carry permit. Therefore you are a big part of the problem. Go shoot yourself before you hurt someone you f-in nutbar.

          • I think he’d probably miss if he tried…with a drum magazine.

        • JoeinNC

          “you would be doing yourselves as gun owners a favor if you entered into an honest discussion on how to minimize incidents as today’s”


          “It would be nice if one of your kids were among the dead.”

          “ deserve for one of your children or grandchildren to become a vicitim of an incident like today’s.”

          OK here are my thoughts.

          You seem a tad unstable to say the least.

          That instability should justify a confiscation of your firearms and in the future it probably will.

          You asked for an honest discussion. Should government wait for you to flip out or save lives by taking your weapons before you do?

          • Kevin2

            Might I add that the suggestion to have us put a bullet in our heads.
            But if he does have a permit and a gun but wants gun control. Sounds like a famous senator. Wouldn’t you agree?

        • Joe: There are 7 billion people on this planet. The PEW organization says that 3-4% of the population in America is gay.

          It is likely that 1% of 330 million Americans are mentally disturbed (not including the gay and lesbian community).

          That means there are potentially 3.3 million crazies spread across the country, (ok, more are likely to reside in blue states) but statistically it wouldn’t surprise me to see a mass shooting of one or more people every day.

          The Drake Equation shows that it is a statistical certainty that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe (not here of course).

          Be Informed, can you take the Drake Equation and give US an idea of how many mass killings WE should expect a year?

          And then a spatial distribution to ID the blue states where this is most likely to occur? 🙂

          • WOW DK, you lost me at PEW.

            not sure what you said…but….cool.

            spatial distribution–had to look it up.

            My spatial distribution to JnNC it one up and four down on my right hand…guess which one is up Joe ? xxIxy

            keep up the good safe….BA.

          • @ DK,

            “The Drake Equation shows that it is a statistical certainty that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe (not here of course).”

            Brilliant observation……the LAST part, of course.

        • The lives of those children are totally insignificant compared to the ability of the people to defend against fascism, communism, and slavery.

        • Go fuck yourself Joe.

        • JoeinNC, you are calling for personal violence here, you need to seek professional help. If you own firearms, you need to have them taken from you, JoeinNC, until you can be successfully treated for your illness. Your thinking that we need to enter into an honest discussion about how to minimize incidents as today’s, is a good thought, but you are failing to recognize you need to enter into some honest reflection that hatred and thoughts of violence like yours are the problem.

        • Joe, I live in NC, and I am very concerned about you and anyone near you. Therefore I have forwarded your post to a friend @ the SBI. Maybe you need to tone it down a bit. Meanwhile, you should be expecting a knock at the door very soon.

        • @ Joe-in-NC

          While reading your ‘hidden due to stupidity’ comment, I couldn’t help but visualize your “Phallic infatuation” carrying over to your conceal carry choice…

          You play a .22short derringer in your pants-pocket while out & about, don’t ya?

          • …play with a .22short derringer in your pants pocket while out & about, don’t ya?

            (damn fumble fingers)*

        • Hey! JoeNC and another Commie infiltrated SHTF. Do they think they can break us? Make us turn over our rights? Hell no! We protect and defend to the end.

          • 50bmg do we protect and defend to the end our rights?

            Im guessing you defended against the patriot act and ndaa ( 2011 )til the end too since they took away our freedoms. You must have 9 lives tho because they still took them and your still typing. As for joe wtf? seriously just wtf? do you really feel that if there were no firearms at all in the hands of the populace, there would be less violence?

            We have been killing for thousands of years without 1 damn gun being invented. Burnt at stakes, thrown into pits of lava, knives, swords, blunt objects, bare hands, rocks, little metal balls, pens, pencils, cement and a waterway, pillows, feathers, spikes, bamboo sticks, fishhooks, rope, horses, plants, insects, blankets, food.
            Should we outlaw all these items they have been all used to kill ppl in the past. Sorry mr joe you must give up your hands they can be used to strangle punch kill pull a trigger stab light a match pour gas on shove a pillow over, someone.

        • Generalize much jackass???

      21. Black racist Barry is on the telly, weeping over a bunch of dead White kids — somehow, I doubt his sincerity. Besides, he has killed countless innocent civilians at wedding parties in Afghanistan and Pakistan, without so much as batting an eye.

        Incidents like the one in Newtown CT are seen as a windfall by the Washington politburo and its Merkin police state minions, who see these tragedies as useful tools to advance their long-term policy goal, the TOTAL disarming of Amerikans.

        Obama doesn’t care about 18 or 20 dead White kids, though he finds their tragic deaths USEFUL. Furthermore, he and his friends Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer and Lautenberg are fully aware of the death toll they WILL chalk up when they move for their long-planned confiscation of privately-held firearms — which truly are the last check and balance on the HIJACKED Merkin regime’s power — and they’re even more aware of the body count they will accrue once they can do WHATEVER THEY WANT to a helpless and disarmed populace. After all, it’s happened before — in Russia, China and in the last 20 years in red-ruled, ANC South Africa.

        In light of Obama’s Chicago mentor- and ex-Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers’ statement to the effect that twenty five million Amerikans would have to be interned in concentration camps in the desert southwest following a successful communist revolution, disarmament of the people MUST NEVER be allowed to happen.

        For his masterfully delivered crocodile tears, I hereby nominate that noble thespian Barry Davis-Obama-Soetero (and all of his social security numbers as well) for an Oscar AND a Golden Globalist Award.

        • I heard he’s up at Conn today. Hope he polished his act, he didnt have the emotions down to be on the tube Friday. Hes a cold sonofabitch. cant even cry unless its about him.

      22. Spoons made me fat! Ban all spoons!!!

        • Penises are responsible for rapes..cut off all penises!!

          • Dam Woman, don’t even joke about that!

          • Ouch!!! jayjay, Ouch!!!

          • Bitch!

          • @ jayjay,

            …gotta go with SBG on this one jayjay…shew, just the thought!…

        • Academic Communists ruined OUR life!! BANISH ALL ACADEMIC COMMUNISTS WORLDWIDE!!

      23. For the Police to stop a mass shooter averages 18.8 deaths, for an armed citizen to stop a mass murderer averages 2.2 deaths. FBI statistics.

      24. I bet the moderators wil not allow my post because you idiots are dishonest and are the worst sort because you scream about alleged losst of liberties but are among the most oppressive and bigoted organisms on the planet. I did not use the term human, because you are not.

        • GFY psycho.

        • @JoeinNC…..Take a chill pill moron. And stop projecting your own dishonesty and bigotry on everyone else.

          Why don’t you take the rest of the evening and brush up on your Nazi/fascist doctrines? I’m sure you’ll feel much better in the morning.

          And by all means….if you own a gun, do the right thing and turn it in now. People with emotional problems like yourself should not possess dangerous weapons.

        • JoeinNC = FedGov Troll – don’t waste your thumbs on him .

        • @JoeinN(ut)C(ase):

          not enough petite marshmallows in your hot coco ?


          if you play nice, mother might take the cork off of your fork, dork.

      25. Ms. Assam stands as the definitive example ot the thesis that having a trained, firearms competent individual on-hand at the instant the ‘All Hell breaks loose’ IS the correct answer. By the very nature of Law enforcement the probability that even a fraction of the crimes committed in the country can be stopped in-progress or prevented by same is a fallacy of the first Order and Magnitude. Such is simple impossibility.
        As such then the only recourse at all is to secure your own safety (and possibly that of those around you as well) and the safety of your loved one’s is to become participant in that process….GO GET YOUR CC NOW folks.
        Tofdays horrifyting events are utter proof of what is said above…..20 tiny corpses because NO one present had the wherewithall and skill to act
        To the Federal goverment, sorry boys, the ‘jig is up’ NONE left are going to beleive the hogwash and liberal crap anymore… the day of judgement is here, now. “Think, think, think…then ACT!” folks….civilization is completely incompetent to effect your defense; Today is proof of that, May God have Mercy on those small ones, Amen!

      26. Moral break down. Family unit destruction. A Media that glorifies violence. Video games and TV and Movies and Music with death and killing. Politicians that get power by division and hate. These things are the REAL causes. A gun is a tool. We have had them from the beginning. Only in recent decades have we had these mass killings. A symptom of an underlying sick society.

        • A large number of unstable people walking around among us who are “medicated”. Look at how people joke about “take your meds”. I would go to prison for smoking a joint but not for eating mind-bending chemicals that Dr. Quack “prescribed” for me. His state medical license makes it OK.

        • Today I was physically sick. This travesty can be debate on many levels, but this news has brought a new darkness to our world.
          +100 thumbs up VRF. I recently stated this very fact.
          You can’t dumb down a society with complete acceptance of violence in video games, on-dammed movies, parents so tired from the daily grind they can’t even make meal from scratch – much less care about the teaching of the child. Every one claps when we send our babe to MURDER folks ‘over-there’ for reasons most care less WHY. USA,USA,USA, as we give our patriots a hero homecoming in body-bags because they gave there life for the ’cause’.
          We here at this gathering site feel the hum; its why we prepare even if we might mumble to ourselves – just crazy talk, tee hee, ahem. That hum can not be ignored; you feel it coming like a freight train in the pitch black. Can’t see it, but you know it’s coming no less. It’s why we come here seeking camaraderie.

          My soul is weary from it all. It is a heavy heart that cries – we do indeed reap what we have sown. If any wonder how the hell this happened? my only response is – really? Can we blame anything except that which is a nagging guilt. No accountability, have babies without a care, no honor, no morals, acceptance of atrocities and care not… I could go on but it’s really not necessary.

          I can’t remember the last time I was this heartbroken that I couldn’t find a tiny glint of clarity in a world working feverishly to self-destruct. Each day I think it can’t get any worse, yet it does. I wonder when I realize ‘worse’ has yet to be realized, the train hasn’t actually arrived yet as it is still a’coming and bringing a hell on board that will define….

          John 11:35 Jesus wept.

          • This is the portion of a wicked man with God, and the heritage of oppressors, which they shall receive of the Almighty.
            If his children be multiplied, it is for the sword: and his offspring shall not be satisfied with bread
            Those that remain of him shall be buried in death: and his widows shall not weep.

            Now for clarity

            Though a sinner do evil an hundred times, and his days be prolonged, yet surely I know that it shall be well with them that fear God, which fear before him

        • lol i love it do not blame the gun it is a tool, BUT BLAME MOVIES GAMES AND MUSIC. sorry VRF we have had this shit going on well BEFORE movies, and video games. can not say music because music been around longer then guns lol 🙂

          The earliest known United States shooting to happen on school property was the Pontiac’s Rebellion school massacre on July 26, 1764 no video games there and no movies there eh?

          April 9, 1891: The first known mass shooting in the U.S. where students were shot, when 70 year old, James Foster fired a shotgun at a group of students in the playground of St. Mary’s Parochial School
          Movies but not the modern day ultra violent type and still no video games.

          Put the blame where it belongs in all situations, and stop lolligagging.

      27. I can’t imagine the anguish the families of those little children feel. My heart breaks for them having grandchildren that age. Things are very different this time. I saw the live newscast; Obama was truely saddened but he was also very angry. After 21 in Law Enforcement of reading people, I can tell you his emotions were real and that he will take some action very soon. He is already conferring with the AG on what steps he can take through immediate executive orders to be followed by mandatory, and likely permanent, legislation on all forms of controls for firearms, ammunition, and all related items. Some of these things (EOs) could come as soon as next Monday. Look for severe resrtictions on the number, and types, of firearms that may be purchased per month and per year. Also look for limits on the amount of many types of ammunition that may be sold. Look too for kevlar/body armor reastrictions on anyone who’s not LE. Look for Obama to outline these short term actions to be followed by intermediate, and long term “solutions” too. Intermediate actions will probably cover closing all sales at gun shows if the sellers can’t do a backround check like stores can. This will likely be coupled by the requirement that all sellers of guns, private and public, be licensed by the ATF. I think we all know what the long term are so I don’t need to expound there. If none of this occurs between next Monday and New Year’s, I’ll be surprised. If anyone lacks anthing, now is the time because of what I saw on the Presidents face tells me the door is about to close-HARD.

        • If you have anything that needs sighting in or tested, get busy.

        • Go ahead Ostupid; take away guns –then murderers will use cars(ask Clara Harris)or knives(ask 24-year-old Edward Lee Starcher) or baseball bats(ask Derek and Alex King).
          Stupid is as stupid does..and you can’t fix stupid, especially a liberal stupid.

      28. There is a special place in hell for people who hurt little kids, Christ even said so. “Better that a mill stone we placed around their necks and they be cast into the sea”.

        • be placed, not we placed. Bad keyboard, bad!

      29. Should we ban cars, as thousands are killed each year using them? Should we totally ban alcohol, tobacco, sugar, and any other thing that can harm us? That is the logic of these psycopaths, and it will sadly never end. Any person with a little common sense can see where this is going. What will be the societal tipping point before all private ownership of guns are instituted? It’s certainly coming.

        • I should have said what would be the tipping point before the private ownership of guns, was banned. sorry

      30. Trying to prevent mass murders by banning guns is like trying to end drunk driving by taking cars away from sober people.

        I fear that until we as a society get serious about diagnosing, understanding and treating mental illnesses, tragic events like today will keep happening again and again.

        To be honest we dont know the underlying “reason” for this (not that it excuses the actions)
        but there is way more to this story than we know at this moment, or will probably ever really know, if we are even told the truth.

      31. Condolences to all parties.

        Damn, if you are going to do it anyways, so many corrupt people out there why the innocent children you idiot.

        It seems the more that people are being controlled, the more out of control they become.

        A precursor of what’s to come. Kids spend their childhood in front of video games and TVs. Taking mind altering prescription drugs. Then get dumped into a 50% youth unemployment rate to further manifest their feelings of worthlessness. The shooter was struggling for purpose in life and couldn’t find any. He felt life wasn’t worth living and was to scared to die alone. So of course he pulled off the young man ego play today. Idol hands. Folks sitting around with nothing to do, but be depressed and go crazy for entertainment.

        Don’t forget to carry and stay preppin!

        P.S. The shooter was a prepper, just prepping for the wrong cause. Participating in this site would have been a much better hobbie and gave him purpose. This sites type of prepping is “love” you love your neighbor so much your committed to not being a zombie on their back in the future. good luck.

      32. @ Mac, a well written piece… @ you other guys, can you stop the typical zealous anti govt crap and take a moment to write something in memorium for a horrible tragic event in America? This is exactly the majority of preppers are seen the way they are. Give it a rest.

        My flag is at half mast and there will be no Christmas lights tonight.

        • ~~My flag is at half mast and there will be no Christmas lights tonight~~
          Hope you remembered to do that for the millions of civilians of other countries our wars have killed for poppies, drugs, and oil resources.
          You think bombs discriminate?? Geeze!!!

        • DtD, Well ain’t you just the one. Take them christmas lights, shove em up your ass, and plug them in, you ass wipe.

          • Wow. Hillbilly politics. Thank God I can’t reach out and touch you. I am WOMAN, so while I am lighting up, I’d still be able to do the same to you and make a Christmas light display no one would forget.

        • Sorry….but the gun-grabbers give it no rest.

          People who see preppers in a negative light, will do so regardless of what we say or do. There is no longer any point in trying to convince them otherwise.

          The gun-grabbers need to be shouted down every time they open their lying mouths.

        • And another thing, PO’d, your over the top response to my thoughts gives definition to “crazy preppers”! AND WHY IS


          • Bwaaaahhaaaa. My response was about your pathetic response to apparently the school shooting. Lets just light candles, sing “Michael row your boat a’shore”, hold hands and sway side to side, paint muriels on the side of city buildings……. and all this shit might, just might go away. For christ sake woman, I know you ain’t got “a pair” and probably never will (unless you undergo an operation) but try and show a little backbone. Next thing you’ll probably suggest is that we all go out and vote for the so-called conservative candidate, BTW, lady you ain’t seen anything near “over the top” yet.

      33. The irony here is that gun sales are at record highs. The more they talk about banning guns, the more it backfires.

      34. ok
        this kind of thing i have expected, and this why… here we are in 2012 and many people in their teens and 20s are waiting for the end of the world based on the mayan calender, and i have told many people that these kids believe that on or around 12-21-12 everything ends, so now they act on it… expect some kind of hevens gate cult to do some suicide thing on or around the 21st and or soon after because the end didnt come…

        i dont like to say this, but this is the world we live in today.. its evil, hateful self consumed and very shallow in mentality.. it is very sad what has happened and when i say i know the pain of loosing a child it is something i had to go thru in 04, so i can feel their pain but only to a degree because everyone pain is different..

        get ready for more of these things to happen and increase in frequency,, society is on a downward side and there is no bringing it back from the brink of the hell hole we are now living.. and yet we have not seen anything yet..

        and that is a shame we will be destroyed by our own hand 🙁

        • I agree with you. We need more consealed carry permits. Not strictor gun laws. I give this a 50/50 chance of being a staged false flag event brougfht to you by Eric Holder and the dark side of the FED’s. Time will tell.

        • Deano,

          I hate to make comments like this but…YOU ARE PLAIN STUPID if you really believe this

          “Here we are in 2012 and many people in their teens and 20s are waiting for the end of the world based on the mayan calender, and i have told many people that these kids believe that on or around 12-21-12 everything ends, so now they act on it”

          I am in my 20’s and there is not one single person that I have ever met in their teens, 20’s, 30’s, ect, that actually believe in the Myan calender BS. More people believed in Y2K. I know more people in their 20’s that still believe in Santa Clause than Myan apocalypse.

          Now I’m not saying my generation isn’t filled with a bunch of brian dead morons, becasue IT IS. I guess thats what you get from kids growing up products of 4th generation TV babysitting. But let me be perfectly clear, 20 something ARE NOT shooting up the place because they think the world is ending. I’d give more credit to a false flag theory than the mindless garbage you just put out there.

          • @ john ina box
            i see i hit a nerve, not my intention.. what i wrote is what i see and what i have found with the people i deal with on a constant basis. when i say act upon it that goes in many different ways NOT solely blowing people away with a gun, anything else..

            i will not retract anything i said and i stand by what i said with every hope and desire that i will be proven wrong.. because i do know that there is some good in mankind and it is my prayer that good will defeat evil.. please understand the differance between dumb and stupid before applying it to people

          • johninabox..ya might wanta get some new friends!!! 🙂
            Santa Claus still?

        • deano – Some good thoughts…

          I try my best to stay out of society. I get angry out in the world because of some of what you said. I can not believe the anger that people have. I never thought in my life time I would be able to say “the good old days” and really mean it. It’s a sick world we live in. After coming home from work and finding out what happened with these children I feel sick.

          Like other comments posted, there are pages in this story we will never know. The government will use this to their advantage in every way. I wouldn’t put it past some of them to have set the whole damn thing up. That’s pretty sad to imagine.

          My prayers are with the families. What a tragic thing to go through. Very, very sad.

          I wanted to say “God Bless America”, but I don’t think so anymore.

          • Now, if you stay away from the sick, depraved society, you are “disconnected” and merit “observation by professionals”.

      35. These mass shooters are sick individuals who are bent on murder and suicide so they can go out in a blaze of glory. The media is largely responsible for enabling them because the perps know they will be made famous around the world after their deaths. If the media were to voluntarily begin following these simple rules for reporting these incidents, the perps would be robbed of their motivation and the incidents would dry up. 1. Never mention the killer’s name. 2. Never show the killer’s picture. 3. Never discuss in any detail the killer’s motivations/grievances.

      36. How far will are fascist government (PsyOps) go to ban the last thing between them and total control? You saw/heard it today. Only the demonic would intentionally take the lives of the innocent and pure of heart.

        • ~~~How far will are fascist government (PsyOps) go to ban the last thing between them and total control?~~~
          Here’s your answer, if you have the stomach and the time. I found the time and it was well worth it–but I only read sites like these to know what’s coming–I can’t stop it..that’s in God’s hands.

        • EA
          How about Fast and Furious? Ask the Mexicans.

      37. Sorry guys. This reeks of false flag. I don’t believe this was random, not one bit. And I must say that I abhor the very thought the my own government would do such a thing.

      38. VA Veterans Administration = Eugenics Veteran DeathCare


        * Pittsburgh VA under scrutiny after Helpless Veterans sicken and die of Legionnaires’ Disease deaths .

      39. “There is a special place in hell for people who hurt little kids, Christ even said so.”

        Will there be room given the number of Catholic priests that’ll be going there ?

        Welcome to gun control in America people. Port Arthur “massacre”, Dunblane, now this.Get your M16’s out of the safe and kiss them goodbye for good.
        It’s over. Next handguns, then replicas, then crossbows, catapults,knives,baseball bats, etc etc, Just like Australia…

        • Modern Australians are a disgrace to their ancestry. Girly men and their pretty little pink panties.

        • @ZD:

          not a chance……..ever…..Sir.

      40. As tragic as this is. I’m waiting to find-out more about the shooter(s). Too much uncertainty right now. I will say this, this has all the hallmarks of another staged shooting like the Denver theatre shooting. I need all the evidence. Obama came out way too fast and starting attacking the 2nd amendment. An armed teacher would have saved lives….. Just saying.

      41. Another thing i would like to see done is
        every news story when something like this happens call them..” the gun man” the shooter” etc…

        lets start calling them what they are


        • The perpetrator.

      42. VRF, but these ugly mass events seem to be a 70’s and on thing?! Drugs- prescribed or not?

      43. Horrific police dashcam video shows cop EXECUTING WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE fatally shooting man ELEVEN times outside his home over a seatbelt – but the officer was CLEARED of any wrongdoing .

        * I’LL GIVE UP MY FIREARMS WHEN THE fascist zog ameriKan GESTAPO NAZI DHS POLICE give up theirs .

      44. I keep hearing and seeing people call for an assault weapons ban today even though he supposedly only used handguns. Are pistols going to become the next assault weapon??? SMH I’ve been telling people that we need to spend more money as a nation on mental health because apparently he killed his father then drove 2 hrs from NJ to Newtown to do this tragedy. That is alot of time to think and only a crazy person would have thought to kill more people in that two hrs especially innocent children. I do think that we should train our teachers and staff to handle these situations but of course there will be outrage if “guns are allowed in our schools” so it would never happen.

      45. The spiritual war is relentless.If not a gun,well we are smart enough to know the true answer.Id be curious how the House R’s when confronted with the ban will handle it.Will they wheel and deal with it at cliff time.



        ~N.O. ;0p


          U.S.S.A. FedGov “HEAD zog fascist commie freemason CIA puppet DICKTATOR in CHARGE – barry the limp wristed druggy fairy”

          Declares a “FireArms Ban” starting 01/01/2013 .


          “The U.S. government declares a ban on the possession, sale, transportation, and transfer of all non-sporting firearms. A thirty (30) day amnesty period is permitted for these firearms STARTING JANUARY 1ST 2013 to be turned over to the local authorities. At the end of this period, any number of citizen(s) or groups who refuse to turn over their firearms.

          WILL BE FIRED UPON BY U.S. MARINES , “Those AmeriKan Tax Debt Slaves who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the U.S.S.A. FedCommieGov WILL BE MURDERED in COLD BLOOD by your own ZOG fascist commie freemason zionist CONTROLLED U.S. MARINES !”




          ~N.O. ;0p

          • Hide ur stuff? Ur an IDIOT! U dont hide it, USE IT! Fight! UR big talk about taking back this country, then do it when they come for ur guns u wuss, Stand Up, Walk The Talk…… Thats the problem nobody does, It takes REAL MEN to do something, and there is not very many around anymore. Maybe because everyone has their head stuck in this idiot box typing on it all day, when they should be out doing real things and enjoying life. I really hate to say this but I think we’re all a bunch of losers.

            • I did not mean we were all losers. I just think we are fighting a losing battle, need to get out in the world and face the problems, and fight for what we believe in.

            • @Ryback ;0p Whoa Boy I’m on your Side … Chill Dude !

              We all Fight the NWO ZOG UN Fascists IN OUR OWN WAY … AmeriKa is still just “luke warm” , it’s not even scalding hot yet , THE MAJORITY of people are still living in denial on HOPEISM things will get better .

              “The Nail that sticks up GET’S THE ZogFedCommieGov FBI DHS HAMMER – BLACK BAGGED AT MIDNIGHT !”

              * Be Patient and Wait … Prepare Self Educate Stock Up .

              THE COUNTRY IS NOT YET BOILING (On Fire) AND THAT WONT BE HAPPENING FOR ANOTHER 2-3 YEARS . 2015 is the projected year to Prepare for THE COMPLETE CRASH !

              UNTIL AmeriKans have a combined triggering solidifying unifying moment causing All to Rise Up in Anger , ARE HUNGRY HOMELESS PENNILESS SCARED BAT SHEEIT CRAZY OF THE ZOG COMMIE FEDGOV … you’ll just be wasting your energy resources and life DOING ANYTHING STUPID till that moment happens !


              Be Patient … it’s Coming !

              ~N.O. ;0p

              • Ok were cool!

            • @Ryback …

              Fools Rush In where Angels Fear to Tread !

              Alexander Pope’s An essay on criticism, 1709:

              Such shameless Bards we have; and yet ’tis true,
              There are as mad, abandon’d Criticks too.
              The Bookful Blockhead, ignorantly read,
              With Loads of Learned Lumber in his Head,
              With his own Tongue still edifies his Ears,
              And always List’ning to Himself appears.
              All Books he reads, and all he reads assails,
              From Dryden’s Fables down to Durfey’s Tales.
              With him, most Authors steal their Works, or buy;
              Garth did not write his own Dispensary.
              Name a new Play, and he’s the Poet’s Friend,
              Nay show’d his Faults – but when wou’d Poets mend?
              No Place so Sacred from such Fops is barr’d,
              Nor is Paul’s Church more safe than Paul’s Church-yard:
              Nay, fly to Altars; there they’ll talk you dead;
              For Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread.

              ~N.O. ;0P pssszzt

          • Good luck finding them.

      47. We have reach the point of no return. Again Lawful gun owners will be made to pay the price for others misdeeds.
        Too many cover ups. Bengaszi,Fast and Furious, Inflation rates, unemployment, banking scandles,ENRON, Corzine, Bernie Maydoff, mortgage signatures, dollar carry trade, LIBOR rates, QE to infinity,National Debt. Just go down the list here at SHTF.
        I have to ask myself is there anything more they can do that is more despicable.

      48. My heart and prayers go out to the children, the teachers, the childrens parents, their families.

      49. @VRF – You are right, in response to my post,
        Where are you Safe? School, shopping mall, movie
        theater? Good points VRF, what is next, a concert,
        a baseball game, a stadium? Be Aware of Your
        Surroundings is a good practice to begin.

        • lately I have been packing my Smith Airweight 442-2 with crimson trace grips..I take it everywhere, its light, small and very easy to hide. screw the criminal empowerment zones, I take it anyplace there isnt a metal detector, if there is a metal detector, i dont go there.

          I really hope one day soon a packing member of the right minded society ends a rampage like this..we really need it in this country, and the criminals need to be sent a message..were no longer obeying the no gun zone laws that get us killed

          • Colorado springs is prime example!

      50. what is it about industrialized society that keeps producing these monsters ???

        our society
        our culture is SICK SICK SICK

        there HAS to be a better way for us to live

        • @ Satorim

          “Sick” indeed. Our culture has become ‘diseased’ with some awful, spititual malaise for which no word yet has been found with which to label it. Minds are becoming more unstrung by the day and each that passes leaves us in a darker and darker place – a pit – from which there seems no exit. I have begun, for the first time, to fear the future and what lies ahead. I have thus far not succumbed to hopelessness, but this….Merciful Father! One cannot fight something which one cannot name….this must be named, this must be ran down and the ‘Coup de Grace’ deleivered thereon, soon, lest we all falter and fail utterly.
          Such as those – the small ones – taken today are recived by Him directly, being innocent wholly…it is our only comfort in the face of this Horror…and it is not enough.
          Merciful Father, How long will the Innocent and the Righteous suffer? How long O Lord, how long?….

      51. Two quick anecdotes about guns and schools:

        My father was one of the founding members of my high school’s rifle team back in the mid ’50s. Not only would he drive to school with his rifle and ammunition, but he would walk through the high school with the rifle (cased but not locked) to get to the rifle range in the far corner of the school basement. Nobody thought ANYTHING about it. Of course, back in the 50’s, we were still a God fearing nation and most kids were raised with a strong sense of morals and ethics. There was no reason to even contemplate someone ‘losing their mind’ and using the rifle to commit mass murder at a school.

        About ten years ago I took a few years off from my current profession and taught history at a high school in Virginia. The school had more than its share of tough guys and I was threatened with violence quite a few times. It didn’t take much of an imagination to see one of the little pukes ‘going nuts’ and bringing an arsenal of destruction to the school. The school had ONE armed sheriff to patrol a school that held over 1,500 students. It was better than nothing, but if an armed response was necessary, he was alone. Meanwhile, one of the VPs was retired Navy, the head of the Special Ed. department was a retired Marine and three of social studies teachers were either currently serving in the reserves or recently retired. That’s five teachers or administrators with weapons experience, but they were not allowed to be armed. Simply nuts.

        And that’s where we find ourselves today. We, as a society, continue to yield to nutty liberal ideology that’s been proven time and time again not to work. School shootings will stop when school districts allow their teachers and principals to arm themselves. But we all know the White Tower Liberal Know-It-Alls will never allow that to happen… and so the circle of violence will continue. At least until they successfully convince American Society to disarm. I was living in Germany when that evil little sh!t shot up the school in Dunblane Scotland. And it didn’t take long after that (a year, I think) to convince the Brits to give up their sidearms. In fact, a conservative, John Major, introduced the legislation himself. I think they piled on the long guns after that, but I’m not sure… Maybe Burt the Brit could elaborate. At any rate, the PTB didn’t let a crisis go to waste. And I’m guessing they won’t here either.
        News of this massacre needs to be countered with news of firearms used in self-defense. Anyone remember the 911 call of the young mother at home with her baby when to Meth Heads tried breaking into the home? She defended her body, her house, and her baby with a 12 gauge. That audio needs to be dusted off stat. And every other example of guns being used to defeat evil… and not cause it.

        God bless,

        • I learned to shoot when I was a wee lad…..In my schools gym after school and every weekend

          no one ever got shot, no one ever thought anything of it..many many kids were there, we all learned to hit the bullseye and gun control and gun safety.

          I have never given up on the skill, and its fed me, clothed me, and protected me and my family..There aint no way im ever going to give it up, its part of my freedoms. and rights.

          There is really something wrong with this story, there is too much possibility this was planned , and not by the one who pulled the trigger

        • At the high school where I taught, at least 4 of us on staff, including the principal, had carry permits. Of course, the laws would not allow our guns on school property.

      52. If there were one concealed-carry at that school, the tragedy could have been minimized, if not prevented.

      53. I wrote this two days ago.

        Kevin2 says:
        Comment ID: 936725
        December 12, 2012 at 8:36 pm

        I would like to really know that “nuts” whereabouts for the last few years. Truly know.

        These “random senseless shootings” tend to appear when anti gun legislation is on the burner. For a roughly 8 year period it was extremely infrequent when the political composition of the Presidency and Houses made anti gun laws highly unlikely to pass.

        • If this is a true random nut case this madman went to the head of the line of kooks. If this is as I suspect it may be the amoral capacity of those behind it hold no bounds.

        • China isn’t worried about knives. Government is concerned about weapons that have the potential to threaten government from most effective to least in that order. Those governments that don’t outright ban firearms often prohibit military types and calibers and require a “sporting purpose” for ownership so their well to do can have a toy.

          The Chinese people are industrial cannon fodder that are very compliant. They’re the “new standard” for how to run a country. We’re “old school”.

          Cease looking at any of this from the perspective of protecting people. Rifles of all types are used in less than 400 murders / yr. Semi Auto rifles are a fraction of that. Lightening kills about 88 people per year. Lets ban Semi Auto rifles; lets mandate individual lightening protection, same payoff.

          Don’t look for logic because true public safety is not included in this debate. This is agenda driven and public safety is not part of that agenda.

      54. America leads the world in gun ownership.
        America: 88 firearms per 100 people. Next best is Serbia with 58. Next best 1st world country is Switzerland with 46.

        As a country, either we are sicker than the rest of the world, more prone to violence than the rest of the world, or allow mentally unfit people to own guns more than other nations. Whatever, something is definitely badly broken here.

        • We just had a guy in China slash up a school, a mass shooting in Norway (killed 77), a mass shooting at a school in Germany in 2009 (killed 17) and you’re trying to say Americans are sicker than anyone else? Get a grip. The Evil is enveloping everything. Western Civilization as a whole has turned its back on God and His commandments, and it will suffer for it.

          If you want to go by sheer numbers, according to Business Insider, the 10 most violent cities in the world are:
          10. Belem, Brazil
          09. Durango, Mexico
          08. Chihuahua, Mexico
          07. Torreon, Mexico
          06. Caracas, Venezuela
          05. Distrito Central, Honduras
          04. Acapulco, Mexico
          03. Maceio, Brazil
          02. Juarez, Mexico
          01. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

          Wow! Not a single city in the US. In fact, the first US city (New Orleans) doesn’t show up on the list until #21. We all know how tight gun control is in Mexico and look what it’s accomplished. Mexico has five of the top 10 cities on the list. So clearly, the number of guns civilians own in a country are not an accurate predictor of violence in a country. Your stat is meaningless… unless you want to confiscate guns from the US populace. Good luck with that…


          • Great response Mal !!!

        • America eats more mind-twisting “prescription” drugs than any country on Earth. This kind of incident was unheard of before the use of these poisons.

          • I agree 100 with Bob the biggest change in America in 30 years is the amount prescription drugs most of them untested.

      55. The dear leader wiped away a tear today at his news conference, he is using this horror as a pawn in his plan for gun confiscation from all in America. For him to mention this in a round about yet political way, shows how he will use even little children to make his agenda come to fruition. The masses will buy it, but the believers in the constitution will not and they will not allow it. In the coming days, the progressives might try to produce an immediate bill, while the country is still in shock, to take your right to carry and own a gun. They will try but they will not succeed. Then again, because of the impending fiscal cliff and of course the christmas break coming up for congress, they may wait until after their vacations to try and stomp on our rights. There are millions of real tears for the slaughtered children, we do not need a fake tear from the dear leader. Sickening.

        If you look at the history of school shootings, every one of the perpetrators were either on meds for attention deficit, mood control, depression, anxiety, or had at one point in time been on meds, probably as a child. This society is now paying the price for the drugged up psychotic sociopaths that we have created. They will never address the real cause of the problem, only the one that fits their agenda. I would imagine that the psycho murderer who massacred the innocent children and his Mother, was one of those sick drugged up monsters that we have gone out of our way to produce. Instead of realizing how we are destroying our children’s brains and futures with drugs that were never intended for children, we are focusing on one of the weapons of choice that these monsters use to perpetrate their heinous crimes.

      56. Who among us remembers the names of the 17 innocent children murdered by our government at Waco!
        This list could go on and on………Obama murders children every day….war…drones…..lets ban Obama!

      57. I wish the media didn’t report on things before they know what’s going on.

        There are twenty children that were killed. The mother was shot at home before she got to the school. She was a kindergarten teacher at the school.

        After the gunman killed his mother, he went to the school, where he was buzzed in by someone, went to the administrative offices and got into a fight with the principal. The principal turned on the speaker system to the school during the argument, there was a scream that went out to the teachers and children, at which time most teachers went into lock down in their rooms. The killer targeted the children his mother was teaching.

        The guns did not belong to the brother. The guns belonged to the mother.

        They have no motive for the murders as of this moment.

        The principal was a principal in this town before taking the job in Newtown. She was much liked and respected.

        When you get your loved ones together, hold them tight and keep them close. You never know when everyone in your house is leaving in the morning to go to work, school…you just can never say with any certainty whether any of them will be coming home at the end of the day.

      58. I wonder how long it will be before the bleeding hearts start painting the murderer as another “victim”?

        I think we need to bring back public desecration of the perpetrator’s body.

        I’m thinking, dig a hole in the ground and erect a public latrine over it.

        As it is….these pathetic excuses for human beings get tons of publicity. They get what they’ve always wanted….mass amounts of attention and notoriety. Committing great acts of evil are no longer considered shameful. I guarantee you that had this piece of human excrement given himself up, instead of taking the coward’s way out, it would be no time at all before he’d be getting fan mail and marriage proposals from disturbed little pinhead groupies.

        These “shooters” ( I prefer to call them what they are…murderers ) are the product of a society and culture that has abandoned all objective truth and values. This culture has fed a whole generation the line that they deserve to have everything…that no one has the right to judge them and that they are victims and deserve recognition and praise for accomplishing nothing more than breathing, eating, fornicating and taking up space. Narcissism is their only core value….Narcissism and contempt for anything good and decent…..goodness that by its very nature condemns their own soulless and dark existence.

      59. One other point….

        Has anyone ever noticed that these cowards never launch their murderous rampages against police departments?

        Gee….I wonder why?

        Maybe it’s because the victims can shoot back.

        These murderers always pick places where the weakest and most vulnerable can be counted on to be available to them….schools…malls….places that typically are “Gun Free Zones”. They should be called “Free Fire Murderer’s Zones”.

        • Your comments are indicative of the stupidity of you and your ilk. For one, guns have no place in a school. Two, these events are rare. Get your head out of your as and think. Oops, there is that wokr that is astranger to you and your ilk, think.

        • I wonder if deer feel the same way, Walt?

          • @SD Mule…..What a stupid comment. Thanks for adding absolutely nothing constructive to the discussion.

            • I’m here for you, Walt!!

      60. “No sense can be made from a senseless event such as this.”

        I disagree. A number of people were providing clear explanations for exactly this type of event last night BEFORE this happened:

        “join us tonight on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report with our very special guests Russ Dizdar and Steve Quayle as we discuss the spiritual onslaught of doomsday 2012. No, we are not talking about the Mayan calendar or “New Age” beliefs, but a very real spiritual war that is taking place in heaven and on earth. Hell unleashed upon the world that is clearly evident by today’s headlines and firmly rooted and prophesied in Bible scripture. In these days of physical and spiritual turmoil, knowing how to stand against the forces of evil and darkness is vital to your eternal salvation.”

        • Brent–I listened today. Sent to all my contacts.
          Scary as hell; wow. We are in for one fight for out lives.
          Endure till the end, saith the Lord.

      61. To furhter show how ignorant you second amendment extremist jihadists are, you hide behind an amendment that is so vaguely and ambiguously written as to be meaningless. If anyone in any school were to write something as vague as the second amendment, the writing would have been given an F or forced to rewrite the peice to make it clearer. I again assert you people are STUPID!

        • Joe in NC,
          Yet you own a gun and have a permit to carry. Who is the real fu-kwad liar here bozo?

          • Joe is just one of those first-rate hypocrites.

            Typical Marxist.

            • marxist = liberal = and others.

              Rosey O’Donnell – Rabid anti-gunner yet fired her bodyguard because he wouldn’t carry a gun. When called on the carpet for it, she said, and I quote, “I wanted the best protection for my children.” The bodyguard refused. She fired him. Rabidly anti-gun because she doesn’t want YOU to have one. But, for her, well, its different.

              Essentially, they want the best for them but to H E double hockey stick with the rest of us! This is liberalism born out of the northeast that has spewed over into other parts of the country. Embodied by the statement, “There ought to be a law against that! …but I still want to do it.” And that is EXACTLY how it works for our lawmakers. They make laws for “everyone else”.

          • JoeInNC

            Don’t tell me you have a permit and own a gun.

            Is that the truth, John W.

        • The second amendment is crystal clear to anyone who can read and understand plain English…..which evidently JoeinNC…you can’t.

          I’ve seen stupid Joe. I see it every time you post.

          Some village somewhere is missing its idiot.

        • Dear Joe,

          A little lesson for you, who apperantly, could not pass a immigration test for citizenship.

          Its difficult for me to be civil, here, because you saying any part of The Constitution fails as literature is just, well, beyond ignorant. It was not written as a novel, sir, it was written to convey information. It was not written in 20th century English, it was written in 1700s (18th century) English.

          “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringe”

          So, for those who just cannot comprehend this “poorly written” piece of “literature”, let me explain.

          There are several objects in this single sentence law. (Yes! THIS is law. Not the bullshit congress pisses onto paper: THIS IS THE LAW.) Now, I don’t expect anyone one that needs to read this will. You’re all proably pre-disposed to hate this law. In that case, I have only one classification for you: Traitors. You neither deserve citizenship nor qualify for it and you should be barred from it. You are a danger, a menace far greater that Mr. Lanza. Read it and weep. It means what its says and this is not MY enterpretation. There is a such thing as fact and these ARE facts.

          So, lets just look at these objects so Joe and others who refuse to do their own research will have the benefit of superior intelligence:

          well regulated – Normal. Regular. The word “regulated” in modern language means, essentially to “irregulate” or to make abnormal. In the 1700s, “to regulate” would be to make sure it operated normally, to remove restrictions and and controls. For example, if you wanted to “regulate” a creek you would not put up a dam or change its path. If a log fell accross is, you would remove the log. If a hillside caved in and re-routed it, you would put the hillside back. The meaning of this word has changed MASSIVELY and it is a point of contention because it changes EVERYTHING. It is a process known as “Word Magic” that our government has used to screw us over. But, thats for another discussion…

          militia – Known to be defined as the pretty much everyone in the community willing to protect and defend. Usually the men aged 16-45 but also any others willing to consider themselves a part of it.

          necessary – If its necessary, without it what comes next won’t exist with any permenance or will not happen.

          security – Free from threats to its existence or existence without pain or injury.

          free state – A community of people that are free and neither intimidated or enslaved.

          right – Something someone can do, making no appologies and not asking permission for nor being taxed for doing.

          the people – Everyone of age. In America, typically it was 16 years and older. In other cultures, 13 years of age.

          keep – To have, to own.

          bear – To carry and use. Like a load BEARING vest.

          arms – The word “arms” is known to include “guns” and “ammo”. They’re both arms. And, by the way, it also means bombs, grenades explosives and such. …and since it doesn’t specify which arms, it means ALL ARMS!!! EVERYTHING!!!

          shall not – will not, cannot, its a no no.

          infringed – to restrict or manipulate.

          If after reading the above facts, you should understand that the Second Amendment:

          1) affirms a right that is not given by government but pre-exists and is assumed much like we assume the sun will rise in the east.


          2) says that right shall not be “messed with” in any way by the government or others.


          3) specifies no specific location or area, it must mean everywhere.


          4) specifies no weapon type or limits, it must mean ALL TYPES.


          5) specifies all the people in the land that are of the age of consent.

          If you don’t understand that by now, you should renouce your citizenship and move away. You’re too dumb to be an American.

          So, Joe, regardless of what you want or are too ignorant to understand, the Second Amendment means that you, the government, the county, the state, the federal gun grabbers, whatever, cannot take my guns. You can’t even tell me what guns I can have, how I shoot them, how big they are or what they do.

          THAT IS THE LAW.

          Transgression of a law, means there is a victim and, in this case, that would be me. They can say whatever they want and pass whatever color of law, pissing on paper with ink, they want. It just means its not valid, because the people have the right regardless of what you say since the Second Amendment trumps them all.

          It is not vague. Only people that are stupid or don’t want to face the reality of the Second Amendment think its vague.

          • Thumbs up X100

          • Why are you quoting that relic of the past? According to George W. Bush, it’s just a “god damn piece of paper”.


        • JoeinNC

          The Second Amendment is only vague if your absolutely ignorant of the English language or intellectually dishonest.

          Every word is defined, the meaning is transparently clear.

          Militia codified: (Note ALL)

          The reserve militia[3] or unorganized militia, also created by the Militia Act of 1903 which presently consist of every able-bodied man of at least 17 and under 45 years of age who are not members of the National Guard or Naval Militia.(that is, anyone who would be eligible for a draft). Former members of the armed forces up to age 65 are also considered part of the “unorganized militia” per Sec 313 Title 32 of the US Code

          Well Regulated:

          Well equipped as in “referring to the property of something being in proper working order”


          Not a privilege.

          The People:

          The very same People in the 1st, 4th, 9th and 10th Amendments.

          To keep:

          To have possession of.


          Carry, Transport.


          Weapons hand held, individually transportable (see bare).

          Shall Not:

          Forbidden to.

          Be Infringed:

          Inhibit, thwart, make difficult.

          • You got it! Thanks K2!

            They say its vague because if they admit is succinct then they’d have to acknowledge it, which they refuse to do.

            Isn’t it odd how people want to ignore REAL LAW but love to read the long, convoluted COLOR OF LAW bullshit inkings of dishonest men and call it law? So strange.

            • NetRanger

              They’re intellectually dishonest not ignorant. It’s like careless verses reckless. Careless is oops; reckless is intentional. They accept that which furthers their goals as truth regardless of validity and disregard everything else. The Rule of Law is bypassed because it stands in the way of their agenda.

          • At least as I interpret the 2nd amendment, the two most salient features are the words “to keep” which means no govt can come into one’s house and confiscate his guns. They are scared cows.

            The word “infringed” means to encroach upon. It is a more prohibitive word than “take possession” of or “confiscate.” “Infringe” basically states that the rights “to keep” and “to bare” are so sacred that the government can’t even talk about registering them, taxing them etc., as even these actions, well short of outright confiscation, represent an encroachment or infringement of the 2nd amendment right. It basically states that the government can not even voice an anti-gun opinion.

            My concerns come with the issue of the phrase to “bare arms” in the context of a “well regulated militia”. This would imply that people would have to organize as a “militia” in order to bare their arms, not just walking around as individuals today do with open carry.

            However, the 2nd amendment has certainly recognized a potential need for a militia to form-in the event of overt government armed tyranny and /or to preserve the security of a free state. Certainly, to form an effective militia, the members would have to be armed. So they would be expected to pull out their guns they kept at home and bare/use them in a show of a defensive force against the government.

            The founding fathers have carefully daisy chain linked these issues so that no one can isolate one aspect of the second amendment and exploit it as justification to disarm the public.

            Again, the only issue that I can see room for debate is over the right to open carry. If only the founding fathers had included language such as ” …essential to the security of a free state and a citizens natural right to self defense” then we would be totally in the clear.

        • Joe in NC. You are everything you say you’re against. You are indeed one fucked up individual.

        • JoeinNC,

          What are you going to do to address this Joe, the fact that evil lurks even among the innocent children, the evil is not only the vile perpetrator but the society that counts on drugging our kids and changing their brain processing. So many of our children are not getting the help they need with therapy or other non invasive means. We have a pill for everything today and most of these drugs were never intended to be used on the developing brains of children. Guess what, these kids grow up to be unstable, unemotional and psychotic. Do you think addressing this monumental issue is racist or that it will go away if you take all the guns? I believe that when they address this national disgrace and stop treating everything with a mind altering drug, then I may not need a gun. Until then, everyone should have the means to protect themselves from these sick perpetrators, this is only going to get worse and you bet I hate this administration for not addressing the root cause of all of this. They know what is going on yet they will use this as a means to leave us powerless. You don’t get it, they do but will use it to fit their agenda, so therefore evil will continue whether we have our guns or not. Sad and sick society, you are the racist and you are the ignorant one.

        • It’s vague for you because you have no understanding of history. You’re most likely relying on what the Public Education system fed you, which is little to nothing. In other words, you’re a moron.


        • JoeinNC

          “you hide behind an amendment that is so vaguely and ambiguously written as to be meaningless”

          The US Supreme Court in the recent Heller and MacDonald decisions didn’t think so. It had plenty of meaning.

      62. There is no way around this but to have a civil war. They will make laws too invasive upon the Constitution and that will be the driving event. Get use to it, JoeInNc and Hey! You will not separated Law Abiding people from their guns no matter how you describe us. I strive to destroy the criminals and not the Constitution.

        • It’s not that we want conflict, but if tyranny raises it’s head it is the Peoples responsibility not just us Vets to knock tyranny down.

          Those who would disagree are most likely those who looks at the Constitution as a road block to the Global agenda/control.

          People, the Constitution is yours to defend, so defend it. If letters don’t work then use your voice, if the voice doesn’t work use the voters box and if the voters box becomes corrupt, well, then understand the “Authority of the Declaration of Independence”.

        • I am as pro-gun as they come, however, there are some people who should not have guns. There is talk of this latest shooter being developmentally compromised. It may be a exemplary case to show why people with certain disabilities should not keep and bear arms, however, thats not what the law says. It doesn’t say ….shall not be infringed, except for felons. Or …shall not be infringed, except for crazy people. Does is? So, if it can’t be infringed, how can they infringe on those people’s rights? The fact is, our government has been criminally breaking its own laws since it was created. But, the reality is, as unlimited as the Second Amendment is, there HAS TO BE LIMITS. The problem is, those limits should be for direct threats only. Crazy people not owning guns? Definately. Felons? Maybe. But, what if the government then decides it can just classify anyone, that, say, bites their nails as “crazy”? Bit your nails, lose your guns. This is the problem of government. Always looking to overreach. Obey the law. The Second Amendment puts no limits on times, places or types of weapons or safety factors. None. In fact, it SPECIFICALLY SAYS: Shall Not Be Infringed. Its an absolute right and ANY infringment by the government is automatically classified as criminal. End of discussion.

          Hey gun banners! The discussion is over. We had it in when the 2nd Amendment was written: NO INFRINGEMENT. You can keep beating it if you want too, but, this dead horse is going to just lay there.

          • Sorry, but you’re DEAD WRONG about this one, NetRanger. Who decides what’s crazy – maybe prepping is crazy to the elite. And what is a felony? Maybe one day it could be someone who bucks the establishment and home-schools their kids? The slope is a slippery one, and you have to realize that any infringement upon another persons freedoms are an infringement upon YOURS as well. These no gun zones are BULLCRAP! People do not go willy-nilly into a suicide mission!

            • Whoops LOL, sorry NetRanger! I read the first line of your comment and reacted. Lesson learned; read the whole comment!

        • Civil War: You might very well be right about this…because not much has really changed since the first civil war. Well, a few things have. The demographics are changing due to illegal aliens getting driver’s licenses and eventually voting rights. And it should be obvious that both republicans as well a democrats see advantages to illegal immigration. It’s only the people who want it stopped.

          So, civil war? What would that look like? First, you’d need to start seeing people opening discussing it. The people will lead their Governors, if it is to happen at all. And it seems to me that Texas is the only state that could take this lead on this, due to deep water ports, energy supplies, prior history, state pride, libertarian politics, and strategic location. The downside to Texas is that federal troops already have Texas under occupation.


      63. I still have nightmares concerning incidents that dealt with the death or injury of children.

        In addition to the families keep the first responders in your prayers as well.

        Having walked in blood over the soles of my shoes to later be asked, how was your day? It was just another day baby, but enough about me, how was your day… all while wondering how long the smell of death would linger in my nose and dreading sleep knowing that the day would return to haunt me.

        It’s not all donuts and harassing innocent people, some days for lack of better terms, it sucks.

        I’m not asking that you befriend a first responder, but I know for a fact that a little prayer would be greatly appreciated…

      64. Did you ever hear of a shootout at a gun show? There are litterally thousands of people around and guns everywhere. Ammo is everywhere. NOBODY grabs a gun or brings a gun and. starts shooting. Why? Here is a situation where anyone, deranged in any way could really make a scene, yet, IT NEVER HAPPENS!!!

        If banning guns at a school make it safer then a gun show would be the MOST UNSAFE PLACE ON THE PLANET! Yet, nothing ever happens.

        Do you have a feeling that the world is upside down? No, the world and reality aren’t but government education and government media have made you feel its that way in an attempt to control you.

        Politicians that want to ban guns are the enemy of safety and security. There is a reason the founders wrote the second amendment. Besides knowing that it was a devine right for men to have the best self defense possible, they knew that evil men (government) would use other evil men (like this elementary school shooter) to prove to you they shoudl take your guns.

        Get a clue, big government: Even thinking about touching our guns will put you on the path to collecting unemployment.

        • NetRanger.

          They always ask if they can pick the weapon up to look at it too. Very curtious.

      65. I don’t know this cowards background, but I do know a lot of teens and young adults and am appaulled at their so called entertainment. They sit at home 24/7 watching violent movies and playing video games where they rack up death tolls. While not everyone would be effected by this, it has to have an effect on the minds of a lot of them. I could understand where after a while it is hard to differentiate real from fiction. We need to start taking a good hard look at how we raise our children and allow them to live.

        • Blaming TV and video games for mental instability is ridiculous. If a person cannot differentiate the difference between fantasy and reality, then there is a pre-existing problem. That is the same mindset as that blames guns for killing, instead of the person using it. We cannot afford to allow the deferrence. That is the mindset that passes laws to take things from us they dont want us to have, for our own good, of course. Dont buy into the bullshit.

      66. Satan has landed.. And his deciples are doing his work..

      67. The American Government is likely responsible for more deaths a year than all the criminals and psychos killing people combined. And many of those deaths are innocent civilians; little children, fathers,and mothers. Of course, you don’t see that on the news.
        This event is horrible and saddening, but it did not happen to me therefore I can only empathize so much. I see the political repercussions of this event and am now more worried about the future. Those kids are no longer suffering.

        This event will be used to restrict gun laws. And once they start to limit gun laws, over time they will further clench their fists until some new presidential yahoo coins the slogan “War On Guns.” By then we won’t have a 2nd amendment.

        • If “they” ban guns, it will make it infinitely easier for them to advance their longer-term agenda. I’d add a few other tripwires too..such as capital controls, outlawing ownership of gold, IRS control over issuance of passports (which Diane Feinstain already tried to do this year). ALL of these must be done in order to prevent people from being able to leave. Atlas must not be allowed to Shrug. In other words, the government must gain the power to prevent people from moving themselves and their wealth to safer countries. As long as we are still free to protect our wealth, there’s a limit on what government can do against us.


      68. The largest-number-dead school killing – Bath Township School disaster – 38 grammar school children killed and some adults – by a bomber with three bombs – in 1927.

      69. Does anyone know what weapons were actually used? According to the news two handguns were in the school where I presume the murders occurred (I believe). A .223 rifle was found in the backset of the car.

        It appears that the handguns were used and not the rifle.

        Anyone know anything from an update?

        • Is there some kind of auto thumbs up? How do I get a thumbs up for asking a damn question?

          • Thumbs up to a question means we have the same question and appreciate you asking it — duh!

        • Kevin
          Whether the shooter used a semi handgun or a semi rifle is beside the point..this piece of shit murdered innocents in cold blood..period.

          Whether it was co opted or beside the point.

          Was it mk ultra or beside the point..

          The point is this..

          TPTB will use this as an assault against all of us to ban all guns as Australia just did recently..

          All it will take is public sentiment to rile up the masses and instigate a national ban via executive order on all guns semi automatic…and then face voluntary turn ins or.. face severe financial penalties and/or long term incarceration by the feds..

          This will be the tipping point should any of this come to fruition..and then they will have the civil war they oh so long for and release the billions of rounds and armaments they have recently acquired..

          and all hell will break loose

          and ndaa and martial law will be warranted according to them..

          This whole scenario reeks beyond the smell test..

          Wouldn’t surprise me in the least for them to arm and deputize all the able bodied ebt recipients of 47 million and come after the rest of us..

          just saying


          • possee

            Is there anyway out of this?

            • I don’t think so. Did you see Piers tonight. He had pictures of the sig, glock & bushmaster. He made a point of showing it repeatedly. He erred in saying it was the bushmaster that was used to murder the kids. Bushmaster was found in his car.

              There will be no stopping his kind.

            • slingshot

              I have no idea..honestly..only the fact that the ptb have used either real or staged?false flag tragedies throughout history to further their agendas dating back to the Roman Empire ..this is not a new agenda..history proves otherwise.
              The recent spike in mass shootings over the years has the anti gun crowd foaming at the mouth as always..and now they have the perfect scenarios to initiate draconian measures in response with public support..and of course the perfect administration to administer such.

              We have a society now so divided on so many issues promulgated by well planned and executed media/govt propaganda ..

              We have generations of mind altered citizens by pharma at alarming rates..brainwashed zombies with no cognitive thought..drugged up on serious chemical concoctions..

              We have 50 million dependent upon govt alone..millions of illiterates with no conception of the Constitution/Bill of Rights/1ST AND 2ND amendments or any idea of history ..

              We also have millions of citizens dumbed down via fluoridated waters,gmos,excessive tv and fascination with bread and circus to fulfill their otherwise empty lives…who in turn always look to the central planners to solve life’s problems..

              We then have the rest of us..believers in personal liberty,ALL THE AMENDMENTS,self sufficiency,individual and state govt,Bill of rights..etc etc

              AND WE ARE NOW THE ENEMY…

              What’s next?

              God only knows..but we all must remain steadfast in our core beliefs and stay ever so vigilant nowadays..

              They’ve destroyed our Constitution and most of our God given rights by legal decrees…but they will come after our last vestige of personal freedom sooner or later..the right to defend our homes and family..once that is initiated..then all hell will break loose..


              • Posse-

                Great post, you are exactly right. Self-governing, liberty loving folks like us are now the enemy.

                You hit on something else- state sovereignty. I see this as possibly the only way to avoid any coming Federal law or executive order. I would hope the States would use their power to nullify anything that violated the rights of that state’s citizens, similar to what is happening in 20 plus states with Obamacare. Of course, it depends on the State and it’s leaders, and how much they are dependent on the Fed’s.

                It is truly sad how far off course we have gone, as a Constitutional Republic, and as a society.

          • My heart goes out too.

            If he only used the handguns a bit of the “assault gun” ban argument is negated. It appears that is the case.

          • Right on cue. It’s all playing out like Possee and so many others on this board have described.

            All the groundwork has been laid…now they just put it into action.

            “something wicked this way comes”….uhmmm no, it’s here.

        • A Sig, don’t know what caliber/model and a 9mm Glock, don’t know which model.

      70. My heart goes out to the families, I am sickened to know end.

        What also sickens me is the fact our Government/NWO has an agenda. An agenda to disarm a Free People, remember once there is no way to defend Freedom, “Tyranny” will rule.

        It is not about the safety of others as it is to dismantle the road block to total Globalism, that road block is our Right to defend whether it is to defend ourselves, family or the Constitution.

        Remember, the Bill of Rights can not be taken away from us, it belongs to the People not to a Government that feels they “grant” us these Rights, Liberties & Freedoms.

        I don’t know anyone that salivates for a conflict but that does not mean we won’t RESIST. This is our God Given Right, to resist tyranny.

        Those who may pass law to restrict our right to bear arm, to those who may attempt to enforce UN Constitutional Law are not Oath Keepers. They are Oath Breakers!

      71. Give me the control of money
        and I will help solve these problems.
        God will wipe everybodys’ tears
        but I will try it anyway.
        Just keep doing good people.

      72. One thing the Merkin regime will NEVER do — and that’s to “control” the FULL AUTO AK-47’s and AKM’s in the hands of the BRUTHAS in DA HOOD. Gun “control” is only for middle-class honkies and their semi-autos, you see.

        South African conditions will soon prevail here in Amerika, cheered on by Obama’s White college girl supporters of BOTH sexes.



        • Ahab, you speak the truth.

      73. How the bloody hell did this guy get “buzzed in” to a locked school building carrying (so they claim) an “assault rifle?” Hard to conceal, that. Not suggesting that’s evidence of a false flag operation, like our resident anti-Semites have done. Suggesting it’s evidence of criminal incompetence on the part of the school.

        When Israel had problems like this in the 1070s, (Musloid terrorists shooting up crowds), they had a solution. Armed populace. Responsible citizens open carrying, not Glocks, but effing full-auto UZIs. Even at the beach. The Musloids quickly gave up on that tactic.

        Every society since the Sumarians has had “muckers”. (The word derives from the Malay “amok”.) The ONLY defense is counter-force. Which is of course impossible in “gun free zones”.

      74. Just listened for a few minutes to Michael Savage program.
        He believes anyone on anti-depressants should not be allowed to have a gun. He believes that the majority of the youth killing masses were on drugs or these type of medications. He than asked how many guns per home, should a home have? I guess good thoughts or points,
        but how many police are on anti-depressants? Mike says
        “Enough is Enough.” He does not believe in brainwashed people coming out of Langley to do these deeds either.

        • Michael Savage is a fraudulent communist. A self-hating gay Jew behind a microphone, where he vents his loathing for life.

        • Savage sometimes takes a break from promoting israel and American-funded wars against enemies of israel. It sounds like he was making some sense there about the anti-depressants. Very true.

      75. I’ve seen people who are hypnotized do weird stuff. All of these high profile shootings fit the Obammunist’s agenda too well. So drug the dude up, hypnotize him, and get him to murder a classroom of kids, then off himself.

        Dead men tell no tails.

        • That’s how the musloids do it.

      76. Emily

        “He believes anyone on anti-depressants should not be allowed to have a gun”

        I don’t know of Michael Savage but since when is not allowing someone to have a gun prevent them from having a gun?

        If this guy is making a living on radio I was certainly in the wrong line of work.

        “He does not believe in brainwashed people coming out of Langley to do these deeds either.”

        I would like to hear his take on Lee Harvey Oswald / JFK and the Gulf of Tonkin for starters.

      77. Google has one small ‘lit’ candle under
        its logo in remembrance of todays victims.
        I stopped watching this hours ago, I am


      79. Anyone else find it strange that a Substitute teacher who was living w/ her 20 year old son who is on meds and suffers from alleged mental illness; just happened to have a glock, a sig seur, and an assult rifle within reach of her son? hmmmm. . . . sounds fishy to me

        • The media showed a picture of a Bushmaster AR-15 Assault weapon. The type of weapon” That the only use for it is killing people.” Anyone notice the trooper clearing the weapon in the trunk of the car on video. They dont show it often but it is there. Strangly looks like a many .22 LR firearms. At MOST it could have been a Mini-14 as when the officer was clearing the action he was doing it on the right side of the weapon. Pay attention.

        • Maybe she was a prepper?

      80. When they come for your guns, give them your and ammo a
        ll first the. of they surprise will you……..then tell them they will(your guns) were in your canoe guns….and there at the bottom of the lake.

      81. OK everyone, I’m all fired up on this one. First, my condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims. Second, if any shooters survived, i hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and given the death penalty. Third, this is definitely another false flag perpetrated by the antigun movement and government working together for only one purpose; to take away our guns and make us vulnerable to the coming holocaust in this land. Fourth, it burns me to no end that they will sacrifice any number of innocent people’s lives in pursuit of their evil agenda; they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. My rights come from God, not from any manmade government. I’ve said it before and here i go again: ANYONE WHO COMES TO MY HOME TO TAKE MY GUNS OR ANYTHING ELSE I HAVE WILL GET THEIR DAY RUINED PERMANENTLY IN THE FORM OF HOT LEAD! It’s high time for the gungrabbers to get a dose of their own medicine. Let them start suffering from muggings, rape, losing their own loved ones to crime, etc. and they’ll start realizing how real crime victims feel. let’s see how they respond after the fact since they don’t believe in self-defense. I live my life according to the Bill of Rights, not some draconian policy. I don’t give up any of my rights for any reason, period! They will confiscate guns only if the owners allow it. I have this feeling of dread, a sense of impending doom coming to this nation. When “The Great Attempt At Gun Confiscation” is finally made, an awful lot of LE, military, and civilians are going to be killed in the process. This will start a civil war in this land faster than anything else would. Everyone hurry and get your supplies now while you can; I feel time is running out. There’s a gun show here in Memphis Dec. 22-23. I’ll be looking for one extra gun, some more ammo, gun cleaning supplies, plus any other goodies. Gun shows in Memphis over the last 2 years have been more crowded; they’re definitely doing more business than ever. best wishes to all. Braveheart

        • events seem to be accelerating..all on the downside for us as a nation. love how its so taboo to question whats going on- ‘u must be one of them conspiracy nutjobs’. because we all know that false flag events would never ever never happen right? and no one would take advantage of that assumption (no never). all i kno is things are happening too coincidentally,, heck a few weeks back the US resurrected the UN small arms treaty, talks due to reconvene in march ’13. wonder what will come of that, anything good??lol. i laff at my own comments.last but not least. in light of what our conutnry is goin thru presently, culutrally, economically, politically.. would love to know what the deatiled events were leading to the nazi and communist take overs of govt. how similar is our trajectory 2 theirs.i am pretty sure i know the answer. would be interesting tho. in the end, i just wanted to wish the best to all, something wicked this way comes.forward!

        • @braveheart:

          don’t forget the charlie vergos for the trip home,mmmmmm

          ……its not a dry heat, its a dry rub….BA.

      82. can’t ban the evil in mens hearts or the sickness of there minds tho

        • no you cant. However we could stop pushing globalism, feminism and socialism on the masses causing many of these young men to become hopeless ,and mentally deranged, not too mention the drugs they give them throughout their childhood. This does not get better by banning anything. other than globalism.

      83. Um YEa….IM one of those “COLD DEAD HANDS” people and unilke so many that spew retoric they dont mean, I mean it. I was born free and American and i will gladly DIE THAT WAY. I find it ammusing that they will promote dope and alcohol etc but a drunk runs over someone they dont move to ban alcohol or cars yet the 2nd Amendment is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT and they want to violate it at every turn. Clearly communists/facists in control of our Goverernment.

        • Rhetoric: (in writing or speech) the undue use of exaggeration or display; bombast.

          To say one has the God Given Right to defend our Liberties, Rights and Freedoms is not rhetoric, rather it is our Right.

          Talk away my Brother!

      84. I live in CT. I am about 15 mins from this school and drive by it to go to my dentist. While not in the same town, my childs schools were locked down due to how close it was. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this senseless and evil act. One person commited this unspeakable evil. How many precious lives could have been saved if ONE person was able to carry a CCW in school. These rampages happen in areas where guns are not allowed. Clearly the posted signs do not work. Time to arm the people that are dieing protecting our children. Give them a fighting chance.

      85. I wonder if Obama considers drones as assault weapons, and how many tears he has shed for the innocent children killed by them.

      86. Guns can be hidden or stashed.
        It can and will be done if people come
        to get the guns. That is why many have
        the pistol permits to carry, when the owner
        of the permit dies, the police show up at
        your door and want to take the guns away.
        I have a p.p. to carry just to keep our
        guns in the family. Just like prohibition,
        where there is a will, there is a way.

      87. I’m on the fence on this one. While I realize rights are only rights when they are defended, getting killed kind of defeats the point.

        I would like to think I would fight back if they tried to take my guns, but it would be selfish of me to get myself killed, leaving my girl alone, or possibly getting her killed in the process and leaving my family in tears.

        It’s a tough call I hope I never have to make. But I think there would be time to prepare and a resistance would be built up so that people wouldn’t have to go it alone. Or at least I hope.

      88. I heard today that the word among those with inside information, is there will be something major that happens in Washington Dc in the next 30- 90 days, that will cause alot of death and destruction. This was supposed to happen this summer and originally was going to be alot of pinpointed assassinations including the president and VP.Make no mistake , the stuff thats going on with Patraeus quitting and all of this other crazy stuff is not a coincdence. I think that Israel and the CIA are going to do a false fag attack and it could very well be nuclear.Than the gates of hell which have been opened already in the middle east will trampled to the ground. I dont think there will be much left of the middle east once these monsters get done there work.

        • Yeah, right. It’s all the plan for world domination by those evil Jooooos. Get a life !

          • Old Coach might want to take an anti-arrogant-asshole pill, and then surf over to Brother Nathanael Kapner’s website and watch his latest video, which discusses the question of who rules this rapidly decomposing, massively screwed up World we all live in.

        • thumbs down all you want ladies. This is serious stuff. and its designed to drag on until you are fully asleep. you are. they know this. this isnt little boy that cried wolf stuff folks. There is something there and its a matter of when, not if.A few things have put it off. Patraeus decided to bolt for the door at first opportunity. I would follow his lead. Your lives, depending on where you live, DO DEPEND on it.

        • eeder,
          I think your post is full of crap however I will state that should any attempt real or contrived take place againt Obama or Moochelle there will be all out civil war/race war. Anyone who would even contemplate such an action should think real hard about it. John Wilkes Booth and his shooting Lincoln did nothing but harm the South. His action set in motion almost a hundred years of hard feelings against the South and the Jim Crow laws against blacks that the South fought back with.

      89. I think they will use this latest shooting to install a bigger version of TSA rather ban guns. Banning guns would be counter productive for the politicians who rely on weapons industry for donations. The anti-depressants are a link and anti-depressants should only be given out to those few who really need it but then the drug companies would be out billions in sales. Leaving the TSA to expand, expand, expand. Body scanners in malls, train stations, bus stations, theaters, schools, colleges, ect. This will be used to put the TSA on steriods and totally gut the 4th.

        • Sadly the firearms industry is pretty small in the global scheme of things. Microscopic compared to the drug industry, energy industry, transportation, public sector unions, etc., etc. The money the gun industry can contribute won’t save us.

          There is indeed a large sector of the political/business world that would love to disarm the entire population. The “Dictator Class”. In which I include the public sector unions, most business giants like GE, GM, big drug companies, ADM, Cargill, the Vampire Squid, Citicorp, Bank of America, and of course most of the Democrat Party and 50% of the Republicans. Those politicians aren’t competent to manage a lemonade stand, but they think that by sufficient application of brute force they can run the country. This suits the large corps just fine, since dictatorships can suppress competition even better than our current “system”.

          Notice that I did not include oil companies? There is still enough competition in that sector to keep ’em fairly honest. Yep, not at all what you thunk!

          Go Galt!

      90. The latest news is that no “assault weapon” was used. The semi auto .223 rifle was left behind in the guy’s car and he apparently only used handguns.

        Focus on the probable real culprit – seratonin reuptake inhibitor cocktails like Prozac mixed with who knows what else that leads people to lose touch with reality and lose any sense of compunction about killing kids. They make you lose the negative feelings of the day to day grind, and lose any feeling about killing children too. In every massacre whether by gun or some mother or nanny butchering the kids, they are always on prescribed meds.

        • Is there sound evidence that he was taking antidepressants? There been so much Bravo Sierra about this on the net today that I trust nothing. (Have no clue what’s on TV, since I won’t own one.)

          • Much as I enjoy Mike Savage in small doses, he ride his personal hobby-horses in defiance of facts too often.

        • Latest is all the killings were with the .223. Who knows the story changes every hour, all I know is those little kids are still dead and should not be. Cannot imagine how their families are handling the grief.

      91. This the wrost act to date. I send my prayers to all the children that faced that fear before the passed and those poor children that had get this dumped on them. All the peronel that are dealing with aftermath. To all the parents i feel so sorry for your loss/. Of course they will use this to tak away our second admenmant ..i have never had a officer knock on my door telling me my shot gun was down the street getting into trouble. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE> He could have used anything. I saw a report there was a attack in an asia country that killed 20 kids with a knife. What they will do is make it a ban and turn in or face time and penalty if no comliance by us. This is where the blue berries will come in. I really doubt the local law nor millitary want to be involved of removing guns from their own brothers etc… So do not be surpirised that they blue beerries show up in the coming months, If they would just let the screened teachers have a pistol locked in a bio metric lock box on there desk. these thigs would not happen. STOP LETTING THE CRIMINALS HAVE GUN FREE KILLING BARRELS> LET US PROTECT OURSELF EVERY WHERE>> I do not and try not do businees if you can not carry. Its time to ban gun free zones and let us protect those that can not do it themselve..Or we can be sheepeople an trust the gumbernuts to do it..NONO Let us free up so we can do what they can not do. The gubbernut need to start leadin and not fighting. All this seperation class, racial hate seperation coupled with the bad economy has made our great nation divided it has become a preasure cooker. We need real leadership from all the morons that have been elected by us. HeeLLOOO dumb buts you work for us so START .. Do not take away our guns let the good law abiding people step up.. Free up the gun free zones. God bleess the children and parents tonight. Hug you wife huge your child prase god. And hug you gun as well. All those that you hold dear. becasue any one can be taken from you by a stupid scum bag looking for a one way ticket to HELL Burn in Hell Scumbag

      92. Tragedy today and all our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by todays events in Conn. to the followers of Christ I say we need to ask our God “how much longer do we have to suffer these atrocities” and those Saints and Followers who have already “passed” cry from the hidden world these same words “how much more must we endure” I have a message to all you parents of the past several decades>>>>abolish all your children’s destructive video games don’t support TV programs supporting vile and suggestive acts or violence>>>>stop supporting Hollywood glorifying war,destruction,sex and vampire crap>>>get them to Sunday school and Church and get them active in summer camps and youth groups like the Scouting programs and learning circles to seek vocations and teach them to love and respect one another and have empathy for those who don’t have the luxuries they enjoy…kids Love your mom and dad and honor them>>>>this is our only HOPE for future generations by the Grace of God>>>>>let it happen PEACE to you all

      93. plain and simple

      94. Americans are pretty crafty. Take all of their guns and they’ll start to make their own. Disarming the public will only polarize the people against tyranny.

      95. This is not a gun control issue period. The vast majority of people who killed or harmed with a fire arm had it illegally (inner city thugs aren’t going and applying for a carry and cenceal permit. If this guy didn’t have access to these guns you can only imagine what else he could have and would have resorted to. Though his mother was rather irresponsible gun owner allowing another person to have access to her weapons. These poor children didn’t deserve this. All I wanted to do after hearing this awful news was go grab my kids and buy a gun.

        • The mother knew her son was taking mind-twisting drugs and apparently bought him guns anyway.

      96. First of all… Obama et al have no idea what an assault rifle is, and that real selective fire assault rifles are already heavily regulated and cannot be obtained by anyone without a class 3 license… kinda rare. They’ve lumped all firearms together into one category of “anything that keeps them from totalitarian control” like the Nazis and Soviets.

        Of course the fascists were harping on taking away all the guns before those little childrens’ bodies were cold. Obama stood at his press conference doing a bad acting job with his crocodile tears.

        Obama doesn’t seem to know that “executive orders” only apply to the white house and Washington DC… really! He can’t just say something is law. Besides that, no credible cop would consider going door to door sweeping for guns… not just unconstitutional but also puts the cop at odds with the entire populace. Nobody is willing to be a fall guy like that.

        Obama also doesn’t seem to understand that we have “Oathkeepers” in our armed forces, and the majority of our troops say that in the event of such a gun grap, they would break ranks and go home to look after their families. No enforcement is possible here.

        This 20 year old drugged-up kid in CT had to kill his mother to get the weapons… he was another year away from being able to buy any guns himself. CT has some of the most draconian gun laws around. There is no way you can keep weapons out of the hands of criminals… only keep law-abiding people from being able to defend themselves.

      97. Lament not that those children will never have a life. For now, surely the innocent little ones will be with the Lord for all time. Father, into thine hands we commend their spirits. Your lovingkindness endures forever.

      98. The sheer dumbass stupidty expressed here is mind boggling. No wonder the U.S. is going down the tubes. With such stupidity, we do nit deerve the survive as a nation.

        • @JoeinNC…..Feel free to leave at any time.

          Need help packing?

          • Come on, Walt!! Just because Joe has a different opinion than yours he has to leave. How very Stalinesque of you. Not much of a Freedom and Liberty person , I see.

            • I’m just suggesting that perhaps he’d be happier elsewhere.

              I know that I’d sure be happier if he’d move somewhere where people think more him…and probably you as well.

              Besides….I didn’t tell him he HAD to leave. I just offered to help him pack if he’s unhappy here.

              Read Joe’s posts carefully, and you will find that the only “Stalinesque” player in this game, is Joe.

        • Joe in NC. And you highlight the stupidity expressed here. You are a WINNER!

        • Well start the ball rolling and leave. that will raise the collective IQ about fifty points. You own a gun and even have a carry permit but act so holy. Loser.

      99. This is a sad period in the world’s history. Some would say the age of Kali Yuga. The blitz of 24/7 news coverage and minute by minute instant info on the internet lead to knee jerk reactions by people. This is not the worst school massacre nor the last. The worst one was in Bath, Mich. in 1927 where 45 people were killed…38 of them children. I will say this again…If you value your right to bear arms DO NOT brag on the internet forums about them. You are singling out yourself. They know you and what you post. The time and place will come for their use….make sure you still have them. It serves no purpose to call attention to yourself for confrontation. They will be trying to find people to declare “unstable” by what they post. A little OPSEC goes a long way.

      100. GUN FREE ZONES

        When the power of good people to protect themselves is removed by the state, the power of evil rushes in to fill the vacuum. This has been proven, over and over, in history and in statistics. The state knows this yet keeps banging the drums of gun restrictions, yet, those restrictions only apply to those willing to follow the law. As this progresses, evil smiles. …and murders. …and stupid attempts to ban more guns.

        The most dangerous thing created by man is not the atom bomb or guns or poisons, it is government that, when it becomes big enough and powerful enough, to disarm or coerce the people into giving up their ability to protect themselves. At that point, government partners with evil and becomes part problem.

        Like we cannot completely remove evil, we cannot completely remove government. We must, however, put it in its proper place. That place IS NOT a place to endanger the people.


      101. want to reduce the horrific human loss rate in such events…?? want to reduce the cost to taxpayers for such events…? want to reduce the urge in this minute few to committ such heinous acts..??

        instead of buying worthless junk from sneering crowds, budget money to train and arm teachers, helpers, principals, maintenence personel, guidance counselors and anyone else connected to schools… THAT’S HOW TO PROTECT our nation’s kids

        • Will never happen. Why? It won’t happen for the same reason the Catholic Church still sees contraceptives as sinful.

          What am I talking about?

          Years ago the church council realized that the anti-contraceptive mandate was wrong and wanted to change it. They decided against it. Not because the decision was wrong but because it would throw a bad light on past decisions of the church. Admitting you were wrong, to the Catholic church, is not a godly attribute.

          …and believe me, faith in government is a larger leap of faith than that in Christ! Therefore, entrenched religions will not go back on their previous decisions until the body count is way higher than it is. Through the mandate to disallow contraceptives and through the muddying up of the waters of keeping and bearing arm, the Catholic church and government hold on to more power than should be allowed. Its subtle but it is powerful.

          Government: Coercing people to kill and be killed since the beginning of time.

          • Tom Monaghan, a devout Roman Catholic, says contraception is not health care and instead is a “gravely immoral” practice. He’s a plaintiff in a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court, along with his Domino’s Farms, which runs an office park in Ann Arbor Township.

            Monaghan offers health insurance that excludes contraception and abortion for employees. The new law requires employers to offer insurance that includes contraception coverage or risk fines. Monaghan says the law violates his constitutional rights, and he’s asking a judge to strike down the mandate.

            The government says the contraception mandate benefits women and their role in society. There are similar lawsuits pending across the country.

        • I’d rather see emergency medical training offered as a middle school/high school class. Perhaps if people learned to CARE about other people, through the vehicle of emergency medical training, we could all learn some EMPATHY and stop shooting each other. Just a thought.


      102. Horrible!

        They really need to BAN Schools. It has been proven over and over again that they kill people. I Home School…

        I for one call BS! This kid had to be MK ultra! They call the house all the time with that ‘beep’ (activation tone) crap trying to activate me. I just hang up…and get this strange look on my face…Like I’m someone else (A joke between the wife and myself)

        All kidding aside..
        They will get my Semi Automatic Rifle with High Capacity Magazine (Assault Rifle is a media term) when they pry it from my cold dead hand!

        X-mass list:
        More Semi Automatic Rifles with High Capacity Magazines
        Moisture proof gun boxes
        55 Gal Drum of grease (for packing)

        Yeah, yeah, I know I just went up another tier on the watch list…

        • Kitty Litter..for the smell.

      103. Additionally, I could maybe, ‘maybe’ make sense of killing the boss that laid you off… or the people at the light company… or the folks at the cell phone company that over charged you… or the Doctors and Nurses at the Hospital that gave you crap service and charged you 100k for a 1 night stay.

        But to go to a school and shoot kids makes ZERO sense unless your going after GUNS…

        This is a SICK GUN CONTROL STUNT pure and simple!!!!

        They will ban guns mark my words…

        jtk The same could have been done with your run of the mill 12 gauge hunting shotgun.. In the right hands.. So a ban on Semi Automatic Rifles with High Capacity Magazines will do little good for public safety.

      104. NEWSFLASH

        Adam Lanza School Shooter Suspect Had Personality Disorder, Report Says

        No kidding?

        • Oh, wow! I’m shocked. Someone who murders 27 people in cold blood has a personality order? Really?

          I’m just being a sarcastic ass. But, as Suzanne above says:

          You cannot keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

          You can, however, keep law abiding citizens from defending themselves.

          Thank you Connecticut! I wonder if the politicians that advocate for these gun free zones recieve additional campain funds from coronors and funeral homes? I know, its a morbid thought, but its becoming so obvious that these GFZs are an attractor to this kind of slaughter that it makes you wonder.

          Gun Control: keeping law abiding citizens from defending themselves and empowering evil since 1968 (or before).

        • Back in 1978 here in San Diego a young girl named Brenda Spencer started shooting up Cleveland Elementarty school across from her house. She is still in prison and to this day all she will say is that Mondays made her depressed and so she shot up the school. I knew people who had known her and they stated she was a nice kid with seemingly no problems out of the normal teenage hormonal ones.

      105. ssri drugs..kill pills..all these sudden shooters were on em.

        • 50+Million Others take meds yet NONE ever kill others.

          To Blame these shootings on meds is akin to blame more car accidents on Unleaded gas since 1970’s.

          probobly 1/2 as many as own guns is the likely number whos on various meds and never harm others.

          Some folks is just plain Evil. They do not need anything to do evil. Their sheere existence is enough.

          And theres no method to know who in advance till they do evils.

          • Angelo–every individual reacts differently to drugs-heck many react differently to aspirin and Benadryl!!

      106. This event is nothing less than unthinkable, tragic and horrific, yet, to put it in a perspective that may not be popular, and certainly not ‘politically correct’, I offer the following :
        1) Pyscho goes into elementary school and massacres 20 children and several adults. (yesterday’s actual event)…. absolutely horrible! Yes, indeed.

        2) (hypothetical)
        Suppose this same POS had drove up to the school with a van packed with highly explosive materials and taken the entire school of seven hundred students??….
        Extremely Horrific! Yes, certainly!

        Now consider this actuality …

        3) statistical average – 3,562 innocents, savagely taken EVERY DAY in the good old USA ! (from what should be the safest place for a child) …
        Their Own mother’s womb..

        Oh, that’s ok… freedom of choice, right?

        That’s what’s wrong with us, IMHO.

        • Watcher69, you made a very good point. They allow Freedom of choice to kill innocent babies, I wonder how many of them are anti gun because guns kill?

        • What’s so unthinkable about it? All you have to do is dialup the Youtube and you can watch our “heroes” dropping bombs on wedding parties. Look at the drone strike videos. Look at few AC-130 “Spectre” gunship videos. Why on earth do you consider a school shooting “unthinkable”? This exact same act is CELEBRATED by most Americans when the CONTEXT is right. And making that observation should get one closer to understanding WHY these shootings are happening. This is NOT a peaceful culture. This is a culture hell-bent on self-destruction.


      107. Over the last two decades, it appears that anti-depressant psychotropic drugs, Hollywood’s culture of violence, roll playing extremely violent video games, and the break-up of the family has created a cowardly psyco mass murderer for the 21st century.

        Read the warnings on these pharmacuetical drugs and the side effects mixed with our modern culture is the prescription for this type of disaster. This is what needs to be investigated not the infringement of the 2nd ammendment.

        I wish there was something that I could say or do for the victims and families of these senseless tragedies sweeping our nation. With heart felt compassion and a deep sense of sorrow… “I am so sorry for your loss”

      108. Early American 1800’s Frontier History – boys and girls the age of 8 and above back in the day use to carry ole’ muskets , colt cavalry pistols , deringers , shotguns and henry repeaters to the one room county school house .

        I was a matter of self survival .

        Maybe it’s time again … lil’ suzy and johney America packed more than a lunch to school to protect themselves from their own FREEMASON ZIONIST CIA CONTROLLED FedCommieGov !!!


        * the ZOG FedCommieGov , BIG PHARMA and their banker masters ARE KILLING US … TERRORIZING KILLING OUR DEFENSELESS CHILDREN !!!

        When IS Enough Enough AmeriKa ????


        ~ N.O. ;0P

      109. Over 300 Dead

        from the hands of Eric Holder and Obama……whats being done about that? wheres the outrage?

        Not a god dam thing..and that was a blatant gun grab plan from the get go..

        Hundreds or thousands of kids dead in middle east countries…from the hands of this adminisratation and its president…
        whats being done about that?


        yet that hypocrate stands there and acts like he cares about 20 or so kids…please dont patronise me.
        death of us citizens and citizens of other countries is their plan people.

        the moral compass of this leadership is broken, and has been for way too many years, and they have the gall to stand up there and say what this mental kid did was wrong, when they are doing it daily.

        you cant have it both ways

        so, if the PAB decide to take away our arms, than the reciprical of that action needs to start first with them

        I will give up my arms, when every government including this one gives up thiers
        they need to go first..because I dont trust em one dam bit.(gee i wonder why?)

        Obama you cant point your finger at anyone until you clean up your mess first, false tears from a Tyrant, you get no sympathy from me.
        you have kids too..they will be living in this world you and your type have destroyed..and they will have kids too. grand kids are to be a gift for not destroying your own children.

        you better wake up to the distruction that will no matter how sheltered you think you are, will someday affect you personally.

        What is the point of having your entire past locked down for no one to know who you are…???

        It starts with you..when your honest, people will trust and listen to you, until than you are no different than this kid. Or any other mass murderer

        I am so done with the hypocrates of this admministration
        they talk out of both sides of thier mouths with forked tongue.

        you have no right, to do anything with my rights..clean your house first!

        • Now you’re suddenly worried about the children in the Middle East? Where were you when the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan was being sold to the public? You’re nine years too late!!!!!

          • I didnt agree with it than, and I still that for being consistant?

          • Well? So just what did you do about it? Funny I don’t remember anyone ever asking any of us what we thought about the whole stupid idea. I watched them load the gator freighters at NAVSTA San Diego and felt then that it was a real stupid move. The legacy of GWB will be hosing us for a long time. Best part is there is serious consideration about running his even dumber brother Jeb.

        • Your numbers are WAY WAY off! If you add both Bush (Shrub) deaths and Obama’s continued policies (both Iraq and Afghanistan), you’ll find that “we” as a country have killed over 1 million Muslims since 2001. And that doesn’t include the covert actions that are going on right now (Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Mali, etc). Nor does it include the political cover the US provides for Israeli’s actions in Palestine.


      110. Parents, insist on at least one armed guard in every shcool. Sue, if you have to. They say this town had very little crime. But they forgot about the mentally ill. They had no sick people there? The security plan for that school was written by an incompetant. They lock the doors, then if someone rings the bell they have to show a picture ID to get in. Really? Then an unarmed staffer will let you in. Really? Another one could happen today. Normalcy bias kills. Stupidity kills. They can pay janitors and school bus drivers, but not a penny for armed security. I’m disgusted with this country and everyone in it.

        • An armed guard is not the answer.

          Having the principal armed is not the answer.

          I work for a school corp. I do IT. The main IT offices are in one of the high schools. We have an armed guard, he’s a sheriff’s deputy, there all the time.

          If I were to decide to kill dozens of kids, there is NOTHING he could do about it. He’d be the first to go. Buzz in, blast him and then continue the rampage. I was thinking of that the other day.

          I can think like these evil bastards. The only way is to have a variety of armed people within the building. Take the gun free zone sign down and burn it!

          Maudy, I don’t want to be excessively critical, but, your idea of an armed security guard will make them less safe because you will increase the normalcy bias and cement it. Respectfully, I would agree with you that normalcy bias kills and yours is getting the best of you.

          Either we have armed guards (2 at each school that has only one entrance) with metal detectors and a frisk every time you come in for EVERYBODY or we allow people to be armed at random.

          Either we ignore the color of law rules that have caused these deaths or we spend tons and tons of cash in equipment and personnel to run checkins.

          …and even with security checkin points, there are problems. I could ship myself a gun. So, we’ll need xray machines to, to examine the parcels.

          No, the overwhelmingly best idea is to remove the Victim Rich Zone, uh, I meean Gun Free Zone sign off the front of our schools because WE ARE BROKE. As in out of money. We can’t afford xray machines, more personnel and more bs. Thats the thinking of a statist and its dangerous. We must have armed people but another armed color of law enforcement officer is a recipe for failure. It would be almost like a challenge at that point and continue to be big attractor. Not knowing who is going to land a chunk of lead in your brain is what will keep them away. Is that little old lady a crack shot or just a little old lady teaching kids? Does that janitor with a mop have a Glock strapped to the back of his mop bucket or is he just a normal guy? Anyone attempting to do something like this would not get far. I wonder how many people had guns in their cars at Sandy Hooke Elementary that could have changed 27 into 5 or even 23 or maybe even a big fat ONE, only the shooter. We may never know.

          No, you tell people you may be armed and only a few people know who is armed. YOu minimize the possibility of a tactical strike. You make it difficult to move. Maybe everyone is armed. Maybe no one is armed. That will be a BIG deterrent. But, regardless, it will still happen, eventually. The goal is that if it does happen, the people will slow him down. In this case, someone with just a little training could have taken this guy down. He assumed no one had guns and walked around with people fleeing that the sheople that they are. One armed person could have taken him down with just a couple shots. Sure, he had body armor, but that doesn’t stop the pain. Especially from something big. A few full throttle 44 mag rounds in a gun pulled from a secure place could have been handy. Body “armor” might save your life but you’ll still go down. It would have stopped him.

          Your next reaction will probably be – You’ll turn our schools into a war zone!

          Yeah, well, the way we have it now is a lot better, right? I wonder what 20 kids would say about that, if asked? Oh, wait! They’re dead. See, thats another advantage: the dead don’t have a say in this so the government can keep lying and distorting.

          It is impossible to stop this. It is, however, possible to mitigate the damages. This could be done by having random people armed within a building. Even if they’re not carrying, there could be a gun in a drawer or a locked case loaded and ready to go. Key in the number and you’re ready to defend your area.

          Cowardice, stupidity and tyranny have prevailed until now under the guise of “safety”. Its time to drop the normalcy bias and do what we need to do.

          • An armed guard is better than nothing. It’s a step up from what they had (nothing). Yes, I would take out the security first. It appears the nut jobs want no resistence at all and they appear to go after gun free places. I don’t see how wanting more protection for the kids is normalcy bias on my part.

            • OK. I made a mistake. You don’t have normalcy bias in this case but putting a security guard out from would cement every one elses normalcy bias. They would stop being security conscious because now, security is handled by the security guard.

              Its not a good solution. A quick study makes a tactical hit too easy. But, you could be right. That small amount of resistance might stop some of them. I, however, want to stop all of them.

              A building full of people, not knowing who is armed or trained would stop them. No tactical response would be possible without months of study and probing. How about both? A guard doesn’t cost that much and allowing people to arm themselves costs NOTHING! Double sure.

              I like win-win ideas, don’t you? Thanks for your response.

          • Very well said NetRanger….

            I had some of the same thoughts as I listened to one of the security “experts” talking about posting a police officer at every school. Dumb idea. As you said, the officer would be the first victim.

            I’m reminded of a motto that I believe was used by one of the gun-rights organization. It went something like this….

            “America is safer when criminals don’t know who is armed.”

            I’ve had similar discussions about this in to those who advocate “open carry”. There is currently a movement afoot to pass an open carry law in my state. While I have no problem with open carry in theory, and on principle (I believe the 2nd amendment is clear on this), I would not choose to carry openly if given the option, because I believe it leaves a person at a tactical disadvantage.

            Let’s say for instance, I were in a convenience store when some low-life decided to rob it. If I am carrying concealed, there is a very good chance that I could possibly neutralize the bad guy, since he wouldn’t know I was packing. On the other hand, if I am carrying openly, I’m going to be his first target. At best, I can assume I will be disarmed….or possibly even pre-preemptively taken out. Carrying openly makes you a target because the bad guys typically don’t tell people in advance what they are going to do.

            For this reason, I think if they are going to have some kind of security personnel on a school campus, that person needs to be in plain clothes…and preferably known only to administration. If it is common knowledge as to who the security officer is, then a bad guy who is familiar with the school would still target them first.

            The bottom line is, the only effective deterrent to these animals is if they don’t know who is armed.

            I made the point in another post that I find it interesting that the supposed mentally deranged, “insane” people never seem to target police stations. That was not a frivolous comment. One would think that if these monsters are really insane, there would be a least some occasions where they did attack the police. Since these murderers usually take their own lives anyway, self-preservation does not appear to be their motive for attacking the defenseless and vulnerable in these schools. No…..I suspect that their motive is that in attacking a school or some other “gun free” location, they are assured of a target rich environment where they can maximize their death and destruction without having to be distracted by someone shooting back at them. In essence….they want “soft targets”.

            I also suspect that these murderers get off on inflicting the maximum amount of emotional pain and trauma on the survivors of the victims. When it comes to emotionally destroying the maximum amount of people, the slaughter of innocent children has the highest impact.

            • Walt,

              My thoughts on the guard came from the very same source you cite: thoughts about open carry.

              Open carry is a good thing in some situations. I would say that it would cause most criminals to move along. The ones that are highly motivated and well armed, you’ve got it you’d be their first target much like the security guard.

              But, Even when open carrying, you’re only about 60% open. Most people don’t notice it and just think its a cell phone and you can only see it about in about 60% of the rotational angles. It much faster and much more comfortable. When you weigh it in, I prefer to conceal carry when there are lots of people around (or when I’m carrying against color of law) but when there are fewer people around, I prefer open carry. Either way you slice it, you have to watch what you’re doing. Since I’ve got my LC9, I most often just pocket carry.

              I think Maudy just meant that at least there would be some resistance. Guys like Adam Lanza might not be discouraged but some others might be. Maybe its a step in the right direction as long as we can be sure that the people behind the security guard realize that that security guard is not an impenetrable shield. If they think that, then its a step backward, or maybe, sideways.

              • I guess when it comes to open carry, I just don’t want to roll the dice that the bad guy is going to be both intent on committing his violence and has the presence of mind to take out the immediate threat to his doing it.

                I prefer stealth. I think if I were in a situation, and saw the guy with the gun getting ready to use it, I would try to position myself where he could not be a threat to me, and would try to take him out immediately. Guys like that would get no warning from me. I’d just try to put a shot right in their brain bucket.

                When it comes to stuff like that, I don’t play fair.

                • One of the kids was named Kowalski. No relation I hope.

          • NetRanger

            While this does not have a political motivation from the shooter (anyone reading my posts know I suspect a political objective behind the scenes) to call it terrorism that is exactly what it is. That being said hands go up and question, “What to do”? I think there is no need to reinvent the wheel to find a solution. Go to the masters at thwarting terrorism Israel and find out how they protect their children. They were ahead of the curve arming their commercial pilot’s. A couple of snub nosed .38s would have had 911 with a different outcome.

            Regarding new gun control laws to stop this in the US nations with far stricter gun laws than the US had mass shootings.

            • K2, you are correct. The only thing this lacks to qualify it as terrorism is a political agenda. Honestly, there does not seem to be any agenda. With terrorism, the aftermath of the act is the goal.

              However, I’m right there with you. There isn’t an APPERANT goal, however, if this is really false flagrancy (HA! I just made up a term!) then we can combat it by discretely arming people like the Israelis.

              Good call: don’t re-invent the wheel. The method of this, however, is a bit different but the Israeli tactics could be adapted, if only slightly. I just wish people would wise up and stop blaming the guns. To me, it the most ignorant thing. Its like banning spoons because people are getting fat. It is so INCREDIBLY DUMB. Whatever the solution is, lets get it done. Its been proven that its not restricting guns because that seems to make it worse.

              As I have said before, if removing guns makes a place safe, a gun show (like the Indy 1500 a friend of mine talks about) would be the most dangerous place. Yet, way more people get massacred in gun free zones than in a gun saturation zone.

              I think the reality of it is that people watch too much television and believe what the tube says. They see the westerns (fake), the cop shows (fake) and the murder/suspence shows (fake) and think that its like that. In those shows the only people who have guns are the cops, the agents or the bad guys. Seldom do they show a guy stepping out with a hand cannon and giving a guy what he deserves.

              I pray that if I am in that position, I don’t have to resort to manually inserting that AR up his butt when I take it from him and beat him sensless with it.

              Just remember: YOU ARE NEVER DEFENSELESS!!! Your range and accuracy may be compromised but you can still break his neck if you have to! I’ve killed wild dogs with a crescent wrench and hunted groundhog with a hammer. I prefer a varmint rifle but your favorite tool is not always available.

          • My solution to this is to home school. But just hypothetically, (this is probably way out there as an idea) what if we created schools where the children learn about guns and self defense starting in the early years of school. It seems to me that children are expected to be obedient to authority figures and they are forced to ignore their own internal warning signals. This makes it easier for adults to abuse, injure and kill children and it leads to children growing up to become sheeple. Maybe someone should experiment with a different educational environment.

            • Its a good idea! …but it will never happen! Government schools are Drone Factories that depend on that obedience to produce their products. What you are suggesting is counter to 90% of everything thats taught in school. Personally I agree, it would help. But, government does not want independent thinking people. Do you think they have guns banned in schools because they’re dangerous? Thats what they tell you but in reality its because the gun gives you independence from the violence of the state. The state wants you to call their agents and beg them to help you.

              What you are saying here is we reverse the sheople programming. I think its pretty much unreasonable to even think of reversiong the path of government schools. But, we can, individually teach our kids how to combad sheople programming.

              My son gets in trouble all the time for telling them exactly what he’s going to do and then doing it. He’s been in detention several times in middle school for his lack of sheople programming yet he makes straight As. The last trouble he got into was he refuses to capitalize his name. He says its his name and he refuses to capitalize it. One teacher got the principal involved. They were worried that it would affect the standardized testing. OMG! What a bunch of Droneys!

              Don’t let your kids grow up to be drones. They’ll get slaughtered by creeps like Adam Lanza or cops who have no respect for your rights.

              You are doing a good thing in your home schooling. Good luck and God bless you!

              • I think that if we try to analyze this and come up with some sort of way to defend against it, we are barking up the wrong tree.

                There is no defense against this kind of event, short of turning schools (or any other “gun free zone” )into fortresses with TSA agents groping everyone before they go in the door and guard towers bristling with machine guns.

                Do you want that kind of society? I don’t.

                What has to happen….and which won’t because it would slay too many sacred cows and offend the pinheads…is that we must examine the cultural and moral conditions that produce guys like Adam Lanza, Dillon Klebold, Eric Harris, Jered Loughner and James Holmes….and on and on.

                A generation ago, this kind of thing was almost unheard of. Not that there were no mass slayings. But they were definitely less frequent. And I believe that they lacked the common denominators that seem to be present with the ones we have today.

                It seems that with the current crop of murderers, the common denominators are mental disorders, psychotropic medications, strained or non-existent personal relationships, a steady diet of violent media input of one sort or another…and in some cases..above normal intelligence (which kind of belies the adage that “education” is the solution to violence)

                Again I say that a generation ago, this kind of thing was almost unheard of. In fact, when I was growing up, I think the only event that comes close was when Charles Whitman shot all those people from the tower at the University of Texas. Whitman, it was later learned, was suffering from a brain tumor, that may well have contributed to his murderous rage.

                I remember when I was in high school, that it was nothing unusual to see pickup trucks in the school parking lot with rifles in the rear window gunrack. Nobody ever even dreamed of going on the campus and shooting up the place. And if we saw a police officer on campus, we knew that somebody had done something to get in trouble. Because he sure wasn’t there to act as security. Virtually every boy in the school carried a pocket knife. I think they did limit the blade length to 3″.

                The point I am trying to make is….if we didn’t have school shootings back in the 60’s and 70’s, it wasn’t because of a lack of opportunity. It’s because the culture was different. We didn’t have these monsters….or if we did, there was some constraint on them that prevented them from committing these evil acts.

                These murderers were not born the way they are. THEY WERE MADE.

                Today….it seems as if darkness and evil are embraced. It’s in the music of the popular culture (eg. gangster rap), movies, video games, etc. At the very least the attitude is, “Well, I may not like that kind of music,game,movie…but that doesn’t mean I have a right to say that it’s necessarily bad.” There is no objective moral standard. People are afraid to say, “That’s sick….and you’re sick for liking it.” In fact, if you said something like that to someone, the response would likely be, “Who are you to judge me? Your a bad person because you’re judging me.” This is how twisted we have become.

                When you compound all of this with the pop-psychology that tells kids that they are entitled to anything they want. That they can do anything they want. And that they are free to set their own values and morality, you have fertile ground for the kind of evil that we have seen with these murders. And then when you pump them full of psychotropic drugs….well….you get what we’ve got.

                And evil is what it is. These people are not insane.

                While we still don’t have all the facts regarding this Lanza kid…it is obvious that he was filled with a deep seated rage. How else do you explain shooting innocent 6 and 7 year-old children multiple times? Any forensic psychologist will tell you that when you have that kind of attack on someone, it is a very personal thing. This monster was mad at the world. And I think he attacked these young children because he knew that such a vile thing as that would cause the maximum amount of hurt to everyone….family…survivors…and any other decent human being who heard about it. Who has not had their heart ripped out by this?

                This is the level at which we have to deal with this problem. But as I said, a lot of people won’t want to do it, because it flies in the face of years of secular indoctrination and theory that has been put forth by pinhead academics and bought into by the general population.

                Some of you won’t like this. But this is a spiritual problem. And the solutions are spiritual.

                Trying to prevent these things by beefing up security….banning whole classes of firearms….and passing new laws…is not going to fix this. The murderers will simply hunt for another type of helpless victim at some other “soft” location.

                • WaltKowalski.

                  That is the best explaination I have ever read. Extreme light years ahead of which I could put down in print.


                • Mac! I have been a visitor to this site for sometime and have learned from the diversity of your community Thanks to all the community of survivalists/ preppers here and the information that keeps me focused on the task at hand. But today i am like “smokin okies” friend I m pissed! and agree with Walt in his words We all know that the tptb are behind all of the shootings, as well as every other false flag that comes about to further one form of the agenda or another. But without going into a long process of thought on everything. I would like to put out a scenario on the senseless killing of what “could have happened”which i think is no more from the truth than what we are getting from the msm,and the daily change of stories? Is it a possibility that this kid could have been coached (as well as many others) thru video games and there many levels of online interactions?
                  We were told that first there were two shooters,second that they were dressed as nuns.Which could hide the guns and get them to the office without raising an alarm? He would have passed as female very easy,and maybe the other suspect was female either a gf or other online player?The gf wanted to get closer with the shooter and the mother wouldn’t allow it,and she was killed, and the rest of the malay continued. Until such time that the shooter realized that this was all to real (and not the game that he had been told) the other shooter shot him, then escaped after all witnesses were taking care of. The same way the second shooter in the aurora massacre happened!
                  Maybe not this way exactly but i think very possible? Maybe he was angered at how his indoctrination through the education system and as well as the drugs had more of an affect than he could take?
                  I believe that we all need to be more responsible for ourselves, and are children than to allow the evil tptb to continue with there agenda, We are all losing our freedom and liberty,even to think for ourselves!


                • ~~~How else do you explain shooting innocent 6 and 7 year-old children multiple times~~~

          • There are some technical solutions too. You could have remote-locking mechanisms on the classroom doors that could be fired during an incident. That could at least reduce the number of dead during these events. You could also “man trap” the entrances. you could do alot of things really, but the unfortunate end result is that you end up creating a prison, not a school….the problem is the society.

      111. To try and put this horrific senseless tragedy into perspective –

        In the last year in the United States –

        30 infants died from being left in the car while the parent went somewhere.

        68 men women and children have died from mass shootings.

        300 children died from drunk drivers.

        6,000 people died and over a million injured from texting while driving.

        32,000 people died from firearms.

        75,000 people died from alcohol related accidents with millions injured.

        100,000 people died from prescribed drugs.

        443,000 people died from smoking with an additional 50,000 from second hand smoke.

        The problem isn’t with the instruments, it’s with the inherent stupidity, selfishness and greed in the human race. The things that tell us it’s okay to shoot children, to drive drunk, text while trying trying to drive a 2,000 lb vehicle traveling at 60 miles an hour, of people acquiring firearms that shouldn’t, of it being an acceptable social thing to walk out of a bar and get in your car because you’re not going very far, of pushing drugs without valid need int he name of money and ignoring the fact that what you’re doing kills you.

        If anyone has a fix for that, you’ll win the Nobel for saving about 700,000 lives a year and millions of people from serious injury.

        • Yeah…ban cars….it’s safer… duh.

      112. Guess my 2 cents wasn’t worth posting?

      113. Don’t let the Dems have this conversation. If this nut had killed them with a bat, baseball would die from bats being banned. They have been waiting for any excuse any issue to advance their agendas. The press has let out a lot of misinformation on this event. journalism is dead. Its about the first one to scoop the story. The picture of the nutcase is his picture when he was 10 years old. He onlu used two pistols in his crime not an AR-15 like it was reported. Many facts have been wrong but the libs don’t care,ban everything before the facts get out.

      114. Of course Obama wants to turn the grief of others into a political ploy to ban guns. Let’s face it, if you had been screwing over people as long as our leaders in Washington have been, would you want them armed?

      115. Hey NetRanger, what about an armed guard/security in civilian clothing kind of like those TSA guys on the planes that just blend in? I dunno, just trying to figure this whole thing out

      116. Oh my god I am so out of here! It is so unfortunate that there are so many paranoid schizophrenics here!

        Continue on with your insane theories. TPTB will see your true colors. You who get into a frenzy, demonize the ones who don’t support you, advertise your pro-violence tendencies along with your weapons. I wish I could see your faces so I could know who to stay away from if SHTF!

        Sayonara, God Bless.

        • Um….uh….huh? okay…Have a nice day, DollarstoDonuts.

        • Well……bye.

          • Don”t Let The Door Hit Ya where the God Lord Split Ya!

        • Bah! BaBaaaah! Baah! Bah! Bababaaaah!

          (That was sheople for see you later. Don’t let the slaughter house entry door hit you on the butt on the way in…)


      117. Arming teachers will not help to reduce these kinds of problems, it will only make it worse. The more guns in the schools, the greater the danger to children will be. The two 9 mm handguns used in this tragic killing spree were registered to a teacher, the gunmans’ mother. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, they just make it really easy.

        • I agree Jimmy, less guns, less crime.

          • Yeah….that’s worked so well in places like Chicago, Detroit and NYC.

   you people ever think?

            • Yes Walt, they do. They see a picture of the gunman and they scream to their lawmakers, “I want a law to take the gun away from that guy!” They lawmaker responds with, “Send me money and vote for me and I will.” …and they do. Of course the people making the request don’t realize that ITS AN IMPOSSIBLE REQUEST TO FILL!

              When it comes to law and guns most people are towering ignoramuses having neither knowledge nor experience. As such, it is their thinking that is the problem!

              • Net Ranger,

                You know, you might be onto something!!! Sorta like Pavlov’s dog conditioned response theory.
                You’re probably right concerning the ‘gunman’ meme.

                Betcha a beer that those same cretins would instantly ORGASM if you showed them a photo-shopped picture of Obama & V.I. Lenin or Karl Marx holding hands.

              • That’s not thinking. That’s “emoting”.

                That’s what substitutes for thinking with the liberal left.

                Everything is an emotional reaction.

                Only at the higher levels of the leftist program does any real thinking take place. At that level, the level of thought is geared toward how they can take any given situation and turn it to an opportunity to reduce individual responsibility and individualism, and increase dependency, while destroying people’s ability to protect themselves. If they can do that while increasing their own power, so much the better.

          • Thats right! Thats why there is so much violence and carnage at gun shows other gun events.

            People with historic blinders cannot seem to grasp the fact that gun free zones are much safer than other places because of the lack of guns. You know,

            Like Columbine.
            Like Virginia Tech.
            Like the Aurora Theatre.
            Like Sandy Hooke Elementary.

            …and more.

            All gun free zones. So, since you have the answer to all our gun violence problems, please explain a few things that confuse me. I’m not very smart, you see and I’m puzzled by these facts:

            99.9% of the mass murders (mass murder = 3 or more people killed) in which a gun was used have been committed in gun free zones. If gun free zones are so save, why do mass murderers target them?

            In cities where guns are banned, there is more gun violence than in cities where guns are not banned. No, not just more, A WHOLE LOTE MORE!!! Washington DC, for example, has a murder rate of 270 in 100,000, guns are banned. Another city, Indianapolis Indiana, has a murder rate of 68 in 100,000, guns are legal. In fact, guns are sold in Indianapolis with only slightly more restrictions that shovels or tires. Indiana is known to be one of the most gun friendly states in the union. But, there is one area where there is a lot of gun violence in Indiana. Its in Gary. Guess what? Personal protection permits are not recognized there. So why, in those areas of Gary, does the gun violence jump to over double the rate in the rest of the state?

            Please, oh, pleaes explain these anomalies to me. Since I is just a poor ole redneck that cain’t hardly reads a page or nuthin, I need hep to understandin these things…

            Mac! Its killing me being nice to these people. But, I keep trying to take to heart what the new system said about community and civil discussion, but, when you have people like this I want to put on the fire suit, light up and PUNCH IT!

          • Congratulations to the 7 people who thumbs downed me above. How you could believe I’d use a play on the title of a best selling book on gun statistics that proves guns stop crime and not realize I was being sarcastic truly puts you in the 1% – on the left side of the IQ bell curve.

            • Give us a break. Sometimes, sarcasm does not translate well into print. We can’t see you roll your eyes or plant your tongue firmly in cheek.

        • Oh gee…I must have missed something. I thought the killer’s mother got shot in the face by the killer and was dead. I didn’t know she was the one who killed those kids.

          And how do you know that having someone inside the school who was armed would not have prevented…or at the very least reduced the number of deaths in this situation?

          Again…I repeat my point. You never see these sickos attack police stations.

          Why do you suppose that is? An overwhelming love and respect for cops?

          C’mon man…use your head for something other than a place to put a hat.

          • Thinking about this situation “logically” won’t get you anywhere. This isn’t about logic. This is about human behavior and emotion. This event will cause many Americans to DEMAND that the government “do something”. So they will. An event like this, however unfortunate it may be, is a goldmine for the political class.


        • People have been killing people since the dawn of time. I don’t think it was chronicled that Cain killed Abel with a gun, and he didn’t seem to have any problems getting that job done. Guns are the unfortunate invention of a semi-barbaric population. But until some way can be devised to ensure that a) criminals NEVER get guns and b) whack-o’s NEVER get guns, some other solution needs to be devised. Taking away guns from rational law-abiding citizens just puts them at a handicap in the arena of protection. If all the guns were taken away and some lunatic lobs a few Molotov cocktails into a school and kids die, will we be talking about outlawing gasoline?

          • Every tool can also be used as a weapon.

            • don’t forget the canned hams.

        • Wrong Jimmy, the kid’s mother is not a teacher and was not affiliated with the school at all. Get your news from something other than the MSM.

      118. pt1 If people on anti depressants should not be carrying firearms then a lot of soldiers in Afghan will be sitting and twidling their thumbs with nothing to do
        pt2 I have nephews and the type of violent TV games they play is truly worrying I have tried talking to my brother and sister and they always reply its only a game and just a little bit of fun but surely one reaps what one has sown. I believe there are repercussion for hours upon hours of playing violent TV games.
        pt3 What would you do (seriously) if they outlawed private firearms USA wont be the first country to do so, can you survive without a firearm how will it affect your confidence and your sense of security have you got alternative plans will a Bowie suffice you. these are all questions i ask myelf what if they take my trusty 44 away i may not be able to get another so what will i do. when the screw begins to tighten i hope to be at best prepared for the events but all i can realy trust in is the grace and mercy of my Lord and Saviour Saviour

        • There is an alternative.


          If every gun owner in America makes it crystal clear that they aren’t giving up their guns, they will NOT be able to take them. Period. They don’t have enough goons to do it. They will run out of goons before they get all the guns.

          But….I guess we can be a nation of sheep. In which case….we’ll get exactly what we deserve.

          “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen!” –Samuel Adams–

          • But…this HAS become a nation of sheep. People want a social “safety net”. They want big government. They want wealth redistribution. They don’t want to be makers..they want to be takers. They DON’T want personal responsibility. So that’s really our problem…you might end up being the only one attacking when somebody yells “charge that hill!” This has already become a country of “happy slaves”.

            And here in Texas, which has historically been a freedom state, libertarian politics has been diluted by the california scum moving here after ruining their own state…that along with illegal immigrants and Katrina refugees. The socialists/communists are diluting out the libertarians/anarchists.


      119. Need to have a national discussion about SSRI (anti-depressant) pharmaceuticals given to kids. Every killing spree has a link to these drugs, but the corporate media will not discuss it. Likely because of the tv advertising money coming in from the drug companies.

      120. This may very well be the event to start the CIVIL WAR that’s coming to America. The NWO must act quickly to disarm us, so I’m sorry to say that I feel this is not the last school shooting to happen in the very near future.
        I pray for the people that has been touched by this.

        • I don’t think this shooting was orchestrated by the NWO. But I DO believe that it will be used by them, just as any good crisis would be.


      121. I just have to say this. STOP blaming gun rights on the violence. If these liberal anti-self defense want to blame someone, blame these sicko video games and the grotesque movies and TV shows that show the bloodiest of perversion then the character just gets up and is okay. Children and young adults lose in touch with reality what it really means to die and for someone to kill someone else. These games don’t put into context what it really means to suffer from being shot. I am not at all into censorship, but the parents and other guardians need to start distingushing to young people between what is real and what is fantasy.

        It is a fact, if firearms are not available a deranged and or someone completely out of touch with reality WILL find another means of killing. I am not going to give anyone out there ideas, but there are a whole slew of regular household chemicals that can be made into high explosives, propane tanks, gasoline, etc. It is stopping the crazy person in the firstplace. I heard this idiotic analogy of the Chinese knive stabber of 20 odd some children, and these anti-self defense characters say those kids are just injuried and not dead. Well someone well skilled with sharp objects has already killed many people just as horribly as if they had firearms over in Asia.

        Again, it is this lack of reality that is driving many of these whackos. Not to say that this demon yesterday was out of touch, he could have just been a pure devil as what he did sure was demonic. This nut would have found another means of killing, with or without firearms. Video games are far more to blame than firearm rights, and the way to solve this is that people have to realize what reality is.

        TO ALL ANTI-GUN and ANTI-SELF DEFENSE advocates: Time and time again in Israel a terrorist with weapons from outside Israel have been stopped from killing hundreds because a citizen had a firearm to stop them. In Switzerland because households are armed with automatic weapons, very rare does a criminal break into a home in fear of the people there that are well armed. Criminals here target homes in which they don’t feel the owner is armed. Very seldom are there break-ins to homes that have a NRA sticker on the home, or one of the classics, “forget about the dog, beware of the owner” with a drawing of a gun.

        Criminals are predators and target those that can’t defend themselves. Just like predator animals that go after the weak in the herd, criminals target someone that is unlikely to fight back. Why is it that you never hear of one of these serial killers going after an off duty policewomen? Now those anti-self defense tunnel vision ass heads want to take away people’s protection, just like that helmet head piers morgan that said he wants ALL 300 million guns gone out of the U.S. This foreigner wants to empower the criminal and give them the advantage. Put the blame where it belongs on society, not on the most basic of freedoms, the right to defend yourself against criminal slime and someday a potential tyrannical government, or even someday foreign invasion. Whatever happened to a citizen army to back up the armed forces. Last count the Chinese outnumber the U.S. by about 5 to 1. Just a thought.

        • Be informed

          “In Switzerland because households are armed with automatic weapons, very rare does a criminal break into a home in fear of the people there that are well armed.”

          Guns in civilian hands do aid defense however in many nations crime is stopped at the source which is limiting poverty. Switzerland pretty much has no underclass. Their manufacture of very well made goods was not disrupted by Free Trade with slave labor nations not producing for that market.

          When good employment was abundant even Camden NJ was a pretty safe city.

      122. So you all want guns to protect yourselves? Mmmmm.

        You live in America, yes? Mmmmm.

        So it’s your fellow Americans you don’t trust then and that want to shoot at? Or people that your wonderful DHS has checked out and let in – there ain’t anyone else there! Mmmm

        Ah, so that means you’re a country of untrustworthy people. Great, glad I don’t live there then.

        • Hey guess what…..We’re glad you don’t live here either.

      123. Oh, and talking about patterns – how many of the massacre killers have this profile: quiet, keep to themselves, live alone with a Mom (that they are in awe of), often interested in martial arts.

        Hey, backtrack. In the UK too the Hungerford and Dunblaine killers had the same profile.

        Don’t ban guns, ban Mums!

        • The pattern seems to be mentally disturbed individuals on some kind of medication that is supposed to “help” them.

          We don’t have all the facts yet, but I would be surprised if this murderer wasn’t on something.

          Such “help” seems to be contributing to a lot of deaths as of late.

          What do the murderers at Columbine, Tucson and Aurora have in common? Mentally disturbed individuals on some kind of psychotropic medication.

          • Speaking of patters there is a pattern of mad man multiple victim shootings when anti gun legislation is pressing. For the 8 year period when GW Bush was President with Republican controlled Houses they were very rare.

            OBTW. This nut gut the guns from Mom. Where did he get the body armor?

            • Kevin2 is right. I remember when the Waco Killer Clinton was in office, and this vile rat was hot to pass every anti-gun piece of legislation that Feinstein and Schumer and their fellow ethnic pals could dream up, it seemed as if there was a school shooting almost every week or two for the entire 8 years that evil rat was in office.

              And, every time one of these tragedies would occur – Slick Willie would rush to the scene, and with his feet planted in the bloodstains of the victims, he’d have his ugly face on TV – squirting gigantic crocodile tears, demonizing all guns and supporters of the Second Amendment and screaming how we needed to ban guns and abolish the Second Amendment.

              I probably hate Bush just as much or more than I hated Clinton, but Kevin is right. As soon as Clinton’s evil hind parts left the White House, bingo, these weekly or bi-weekly school shootings seemed to disappear almost completely.

              The Bush agenda of waiting for 9-11 to occur, and then using it to start wars all over the world apparently took precedence over staging MK-Ultra caliber school shootings.

              Both parties are evil. But, they seem to have different agendas in some instances.

          • You may not like the true answer to your question Walt?

            But one thing they all had in common is an upbringing in and of their tribes favorite books…IE: Their Tamlude influences.

            Disclaimer: Stateing facts even if unpopular is NOT racist nor is it Antisemitic.

            Antisemite= A Code word used by zionists and others for those THEY hate! and whoever disagrees with or OUTS them!

            If you go above to read various quotes I posted BY and About several zionists and jewish folks, Famous ones at that! You can see the type “Mindset” Taught by their talmude beliefs IE: They alone ARE the Master Race, while all gentiles are Cattle(goyim) and Insects! and one even said Goy Gentiles(all non jew “races”) Are…Human Excretement!!!!

            Now we got Over 1/2 of their “tribe” in amerika. How many are youths who Believe such crap?…THEN ACT ON IT!

            Like columbine killers! AZ shooter! Batman movie shooter guy! and on and on….What horrible things to teach them from Birth age onward!

            “You(jews) count but Others do NOT! You ARE a master race os super special “Chozens” yet Nobody else matters!”

            OVER 3000+ Pages of such Filthy Deranged Pure Racist and anti gentiles training…Then we all ask Why? How?!!!!!

            Go check for yourself if do not believe me..Most all shooters like columbine and recent events Was by That “super Group” aka zio trained jewsih.

            Compare Their holy books messg to the New testement of Love neighbors! Golden Rule etc!

            Their exists an evil “race” which isnt a race but rather a “religiuos” belief…Jesus was speaking of Them when he accused them of “Teaching Doctrines of MEN(pharisee rabbi’s) and making GODS WORD of No effect!

            Perhaps instead of ban guns…BURN every copy of that talmude in amerika!

            No wonder DHS Homeland security dept Has gave aprox 97% of Hundreds of Millions fed tax funding to Them to Beef up security at sinagougs and various buisness’s they own eh…They expect a huge backlash once a majority gets wise to their tactics of nation wreckings!…Like 109 countries so far since 245 ad era!

            Sorry if my info upsets you?…But truth Is what need be said.

        • Hey Capt, I appreciate hearing a well presented side of a debate. Thank you for bringing it. We do have a lot of issues in this country, as does every country…yours included. One of the most current objections of the liberals in our country is to eliminate profiling. Most of the major terrorist attacks against our country have been by Arab muslims. I have nothing against muslims, I have nothing against Arabs. But if an arabic looking individual is given an extra look at an airport, it’s profiling and a big stink erupts. By that logic, what you are doing by trying to look at patterns for what a mass murderer life/attitude is like is just that. How dare you be so insensitive to think that just because someone is quiet, keeps to themselves, has an obsession with their mum, etc., it somehow makes them a mass murderer.
          See the rationale we deal with?

          • I think your statistics about the majority of terrorist attacks in the US being by muslims is quite off. MAYBE if you are going by number of victims (9/11). But that’s doubtfull as well.

        • @ Capt. kepthome

          What’s wrong foreigner, you have a bad case of Oedipus complex?

      124. I have made the comment on a different thread of paying attention to the politicians and leaders etc.. steping down and such

        well I wonder if this is Hillary’s way out? or soon to be?

        Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who skipped an overseas trip this past week because of a stomach virus, sustained a concussion after fainting, the State Department said Saturday.

        • VRF- I ike your posts and you make sense. Hillary lying clinton, has all the time in the world to go on vacation in foreign countries and talk to everyone in other countries but she has no trust or balls to speak up to even our own people about the mishaps and false truth with this Obama POS lying snake did to our own people. I’m getting to the point these soldout leaders can pass whatever law they please but I don’t feel like I will not follow anymore.

          I will always do right and help people but Fucking retards like bloomassburger who thinks sodas or more of a problem than Mcdonalds double cheesburger has gone too far and now wants an immediate ban on our guns. He needs to be taken out of power asap ande shut his mouth. We all know adding more laws will only make things worse. Just like in the old days during prohibition they made alcohol illegal and gangs and crime soared. They will never learn and Democrats mainly are trying to grab way too much power and authority way too quickly. I wonder if they are going to now try to ban all high capacity mags or what they are going to say in the next few days. I have many weapons(very good ones) but I went out and bought a 5.56 yesteday with aa bunch of mags and ammo.

          They can pass whatever laws they want but I hope people hold their ground on this. Im very curious what new laws they will be trying to sneak in over the christmas holidays or whatever laws they have already got ready to do. I know High capacity mags will be on the hitlist. So get what you can preps and you don’t have to spend all of your money. We might not have a full blown chaotic collapse and it might be a slow drawn out downtime for us so don’t blow all of your money thinking it will be over in the next few months. This could go on for many years of hardship. We are in bad shape but we still have time to prepare so don’t spend all your money and be left with just preps, keep some for doing things you might need to do. You know what i mean. I hope all of you are safe and ready to crack some thugs that try to do wrong to us.

          • Thanks for the accolades Clint, same back at cha.

            I try not to piss in too many peoples wheaties, glad I have not offended you, I just try to keep it grounded in reality even though it seems to be going to hell in a handbasket all around us.Gotta keep a cool head.

            I just got back from a Gun Show, And have had many a talk with Brothers in Arms that have either served in the Armed Forces or Mercenary, and Security Contractors that I know and associate with. The opinions do mirror a lot of what is being said on here..there is something underfoot and an adgenda is being played out.. to keep the conversations generic for here and not to go into too much detail. These people I stay in contact with are Oath Keepers, and I trust them..with my life,..again without going into details.. I have

            Prices are going to go up, and availability on things are going to go down, you can bet on it

            P mags were already 4 to 5 dollars more then the last show I attended last week, and few of them to be found, and .223 projectiles and ammo is becoming expensive and scarce or hard to obtain, it could be hording, it could be the government buying up stock, it could be companies and people holding out to see where the market goes, im not sure yet.

            Hi-cap mags for my .45-.40 have gone up in price too

            Im sure a lot of this is to get what ever the market will bear in this uncertain times, some possible gouging too im sure.

            Will there be restrictions coming? possibly, will there be outright bans on some guns, possibly..who really knows until the paper is cold and the ink still wet..

            One thing I know is that I have prepped for this senario many many years ago, the only items that slow me down is projectiles for re-loading, and the ability to get enough to keep training..sooo i have entertained the idea of going to a very small calibre, a .22LR to stay in good practice and keep proficiant inexpensively.

            I also love a good Skeet and Trap shoot, and am a member of a Sportsmans Club where I run the range for these events, Im wondering if it will affect the price on that ammo too? and sporting guns..probablly will.

            This tragety was way too avoidable, but TPAB will not hear the cure for it.., and neither will some of society.

            its the old “failure to communicate” montra

            My local Sheriff and School Liaison will have a sit down with me once the smoke of this settles down a little, we had a brief talk Friday when I saw him when taking my Daughter to the Library, Im sure they are staying very guarded about what they say to the public, as it were, recently our township let one of the 3 Police Liaisons go, due to funding..makes me wonder if he will be back after this event or not? They understand that it might of not been possible to stop this with just a few cops in the building, but it may have been enough of a deterrent..who really knows.
            As it is in talking with him I found out my kids school is not a “locked down campus” when in session..this could change, and more than likely will , especially if Im listened to.

            At this point in my head, I am saying a prayer for those who were lost that day, and for those who will be lost in life from having thier child taken from them so early in life and so horribly..,

            We as a society have got to come together to fight this, and our oppressive government, they know we are divided, and in that gives them power to screw us into the woodwork..this has to stop.

            Im not really on my game tonight, probably have mis-spelled words or broken sentances..scatterd thinking, Really wish there was something I could do to make what happened right, or to help those in need feel some human compassion, too much pain.

            I do know one thing, this government is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites, as they go and kill innocent children themselfs,and act as if these kids matter to them. ..I got no patience for it anymore.
            I am waiting for someone to make that statement and fact known and in the face of the so called “leader” of this once free country, wonder who is going to call them out on that one?..who has the balls big enough and the noteriety large enough to be heard? because I know they dont give one shit about my opinion on the truth!

            May Peace be with you thru the holidays, and from that point forward, stay vigilant, and aware.

            Im at the point where there are no more Gun Free Zones for me, screw that . if they cant guarentee my safety as I see they cant, then I will do what I have to do.

            wish I could say Happy Holidays, and mean it

            • Hey VRF,

              Take a breather dude! I would be honored to have ‘your six’ any day.
              We’ll get thru this ‘charlie-foxtrot’, one way or another…

        • @VRF….

          Hillary gets a stomach virus, passes out and whacks her head, giving her a concussion.

          How convenient.

          • And now when she testifies at the congressional hearing for Benghazi, she has no recollection of any events of that said event.

          • yeah no kidding…(rolls eyes)

        • VRF…I read somehwheres(?) Maybe neswithviews site?

          That Hillerys been diagnosed with some type illness that causes a person to faint and lose balance alot and can’t be controled nor halted etc…But that she warned her aids to not reveal it to msm etc…

          What I read was right after the time she seemed to faint and lose ballance getting off of her plane at a stop off somewheres.

          I guess an aid of hers blabbed anyways is how others learned of it. They also said its reason she WONT be running for prez again…Not certain if true facts or not?

          But I seen pics taken from video showing her loss of ballance and faint spell at plane deboarding event…

      125. My Heart goes out to the families of the lives lost, except the shooter/


      126. Where’s the Tears for the other Children being Murdered by AmeriKa amd Israel ???

        What’s Sad and Pathetic Preppers is “Every Day ” AmeriKan CIA and Israeli Mossad Agents Moles “EMPLOYEE’S” use your billions of AmeriKan Fiat Dollars to Kill ;0P Hundreds of defenseless Women and Children around the World with Sprayed Poisons , Depleted Uranium Munitions Radiation , White Phosphorous burning flesh eating ChemBombs , and millions of round of munitions .

        And Where’s YOUR “Out Rage” then ???

        But if One AmeriKan eugenics chemical poisoned created Autistic ReTard doped up on Psycho Drugs who been created by our VERY OWN mentally physically poisoned environment sick society kills our own AMERIkAN KIDS on Sacred AmeriKan Soil … “Oh the Horror Inhumanity of it !” ;0P

        Seriously ???

        We AmeriKans KILL and celibrate the death torture mutilation of MILLIONS “MILLIONS” OF DEFENSELESS BABIES CHILDREN WOMEN MEN EVERY DECADE IN OUR ILLEGAL WARS around the World , even here on AmeriKan Soil and no one says “boo” .

        They even paint it Red White and Blue wave a Flag and call it “ZOG AmeriKan Patriotism” to Murder Kill Death so many poor defenseless babies children women and men in illegal ZogFedCommieGov domestic terror operations False-Fag falsely justified Eugenic Genocidal Wars MILLIONS ARE BEING KILL BY YOU AND YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT .


        “There is something truly wrong with OUR world today !”

        ~ N.O. ;0P

          • your right and people will never believe the government does such things. your completly right on this and suprised people dont get these people out of there who orders this stuff. All the lies and misleading bullshit they do. I think if they ban assult weapons from further sales it will skyrocket prices and most of us have them, if they tell us that more than 10 rounds is illegal it will be semi war, if they collect these guns it will be a civil war.

      127. Sometimes I get exposed to people who think much differently than I.
        They announce to me, (forming at the mouth)
        that HILLARY is GOING TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT in 2016.
        Gads, I Hope Not. Please tell me it ain’t so!!

        • 1) Look at the demographics and how that fits into the electoral map! 2) And then look at the republican party. Not only can Hillary RUN in 2016, she will likely win it! As long as the republican party is a party of big government christians (they have no other members now, they’ve pushed out everyone else), they will continue to get their asses handed to them as a fringe party. And the demographics get worse and worse for the republicans the farther out you look. The only hope for true “small government” is a new party…either Libertarian, or Justice or whatever. Christian conservatives poisoned the republican party to such an extent that they are no longer competitive in national elections.


      128. Arm the teachers, arm the principals, arm the crossing guards and arm yourself. Yesterday, the shooting range near my town was a mob scene. We don’t feel comfortable going anywhere anymore. A real thug scared my wife a while back, she was getting ready to put groceries in the car when this guy came out of no where, during the middle of the day and asked her if she had any money because he ran out of gas and forgot his atm card. My wife kept the ass at a real distance, left the groceries and ran back to the store. She won’t pack a gun but I will and I escort her now wherever she goes. I live in a rural, decent area but now it doesn’t matter where you live, you are at risk for a multitude of crimes. People are broke, drugged out, desperate and brave. We homeschool and in this school, we are armed.

        • F YEAH.

      129. How many of you noticed that during Obama’s address last night that he wiped away tears from his left eye 4 times…twice with his middle finger. His voice didn’t crack or sound like he was fighting back real tears. Pfft…I’m not buying it!

        • Its not the first time Ive noticed a politician or president for that matter use the middle finger in a somewhat un-noticeable gesture

          yes I do feel he was flipping us all the bird

          Right back at him

          • I will have to watch that. Why or what was the middle finger directed at guys?

        • If that evil rat did manage to shed any real tears, they were tears of joy over how well his Mk-Ultra staged shooting went over and how he now has some momentum for new efforts to disarm law abiding White men.

      130. Perhaps a lawsuit/wrongfuldeath/accessory “Before” the fact) should be brought against ANYONE who facilitated this tragedy by violating the rights of the people to protect themselves,every anti-gun idiot in the country has blood on their hands….

      131. Is it just me,I mean the pic is kinda small at the top on the left side but …are these guys looking way too happy for being in a place where a massacre just took place…is this pic even from there?…they look like theyre posing…. (Caption…”Im telling ya they had a huge honkin big pile of jelly-filleds but they said we couldnt have any…”Is that so ?..well we’ll just go see about that eh”…oh well no suprises here anyhow eh?

        • yeah I noticed that too

        • I agree. What bugs me is that someone took the photo, thus the media is a faster responder than the SWAT team. Also, where are their helmets? Looks like they all forgot them.

        • They were thinking: 1) job security 2) increased police budgets


      132. NinaO’s Prepper Book of the Month Suggestion is …

        Domestic Enemies – The Reconquista

        Author : Bracken, Matthew

        DOMESTIC ENEMIES: THE RECONQUISTA is a novel set in the not-too-distant future in the American Southwest, during a period of low-intensity civil war. The action takes place between Texas and California, but the story is mainly centered around New Mexico. Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista is a sequel to Enemies Foreign And Domestic, but it may be enjoyed on its own.

        ” This Book Rocks !” BIG TWO THUMBS UP ! ;0)

        * a certain other well known zealot christian veteran “alternative prepper author” could learn something from matt’s writing skill and style .

        Worth Reading Preppers ! ;0)

        ~N.O. ;0P

        • Hey Nina-O,

          Good recommendation!

          Better yet, check ebay or Amazon for a copy of: “Unintended Consequences”…by John Ross

          …its a blueprint for liberty!

      133. How come these things happen just as they want to introduce or pass a major gun control revision ?

      134. “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”

        THE ANSWER IS….

        – Adolph Hitler, 1935, on The Weapons Act of Nazi Germany

        Imagine a United States where the government went black and decided to exterminate the white population in the name of revenge or “racial purity”.




      135. Did this school have a security gaurd? I can find no info on this….

      136. NinaO’s Prepper Word of the Day :

        * BOHICA – Bend Over here it comes Again . ;0)

      137. Charlotte Bacon, 6

        Daniel Barden, 7

        Rachel Davino, 29

        Olivia Engel, 6

        Josephine Gay, 7

        Ana Marquez-Greene, 6

        Dylan Hockley, 6

        Dawn Hochsprung, 47

        Madeleine Hsu, 6

        Catherine Hubbard, 6

        Chase Kowalski, 7

        Jesse Lewis, 6

        James Mattioli, 6

        Grace McDonnell, 7

        Anne Marie Murphy, 52

        Emilie Parker, 6

        Jack Pinto, 6

        Noah Pozner, 6

        Caroline Previdi, 6

        Jessica Rekos, 6

        Avielle Richman, 6

        Lauren Rousseau, 30

        Mary Sherlach, 56

        Victoria Soto,27

        Benjamin Wheeler, 6

        Allison Wyatt, 6

        Go In Peace

        I dont want to see or hear the COWARDS name ever again

        • A long list of very brave kids and teachers. I just hope and pray that they are not used for political gain.

          Jesus has them now….

        • theese children are in the arms of safety. they have won their battle. we who remain are still fighting ours. thank God the battle is allready won.

      138. Give this a read…

        It’s the year 2039.
        The United States dollar has collapsed long ago.
        The entire United States government congress is of African decent.
        A charismatic leader of the UN is preaching hate agains the white population.
        Need I say more?

        No matter what you say.. I will not be disarmed by anyone due to the
        stupid acts of someone. I will not pay for the crimes of others.
        Its my RIGHT to own fire arms and I will.

        Thanks for listening.
        I live in peace.

        “What are you afraid of?” A cop asked an 89 year old lady armed to the max.
        Her reply.. “Not a fucking thing!”

        Sorry, All this Kumbya black president crap…I don’t buy.

        Obama is a commie who will try and disarm us.

      139. Can anyone tell me why all the whites are scared to speak out today?

      140. (yawn) And Obama kills innocent Muslim children with U.S. drone strikes every week….uh, so, what is the difference between U.S. government sanctioned drone strikes killing children and a mentally ill individual killing children? The mentally ill individual has a excuse. Obama, no excuse. Sorry Barry, that’s “the way what it is” as my old German friend used to say.

        • “what is the difference between U.S. government sanctioned drone strikes killing children and a mentally ill individual killing children?”

          The only difference is the context. And this is a HUGE blind spot for 99% of Americans. Well done for pointing it out. The “culture of violence” does not originate with Hollywood movies. It begins with celebrating the warrior caste and American global domination. It’s a power fetish. It’s “might makes right”. And it permeates the American culture and value system.


      141. @ VRF. I was watching Geraldo on Fox News and he describes this THING as the devil’s pawn to the apocalypse, a mini holocaust, and that if you bury this demon that it will burn the ground. This is pure evil, those poor children were shot 3-11 times, this blackness of devil finished off these innocent children while watching the shear fear of the ones that were not yet hit. It is unbelievable to have no mercy at all to children that have harmed no one. This is frightening to me because it shows pure evil that is here right now on this planet.

        Durango Kidd asked me about the Drake Equation and what to expect, I didn’t see it until just recently (sorry durango kidd), and just how many mass killings you can expect based on this equation. Really the real equation here is an extremely highly variable based on mathematics. You can expect based on murders to go up with the population increase, and what Kevin 2 said in regards to the poverty rate going up that it is less common in well to do countries. Then there is the evil variable, that in my opinion is the absolute opposite of light and what is right and fair. Then you have to factor in the copy cat factor that God Forbid will likely occur. I also wonder about the amount of chemicals, such as mercury and other heavy metals that are more and more getting into our diets that affects brain activity.

        With all of this I can see a steady increase, a less gentle slope of these monsterous abominations. Maybe 50% to 150% more next year based on this. This is a wild estimation though. It won’t matter in regards to firearms. These psychos will find some evil way of killing innocents. This is the next victim of this horrid tragedy, that there will be all sorts of attacks on people’s rights to defend themselves. AND these poor victim’s families will be “used” to push the anti-self defense groups against guns and other means of protecting yourself.

        I know I am harping on this, but I totally believe that not becoming a victim is to be able to protect yourself. Taking away the self defense of the 99.9% of people that would never even consider becoming a criminal just doesn’t make sense to get the less than .1% that MIGHT use a firearm to commit murder.

        Then when I see states and countries that ban EVEN non lethal devices, it shows me that evil not only wants these muderous events, but evil also wants people (victims) to be as defenseless as possible. People become victims and defenseless when these liberal turds take away self defense of the innocent. It takes rotten evil to not allow a woman, a person, to carry even pepper spray to defend themselves against an attacker. Please someone explain to me how a liberal turd can take away even non-lethal self protection from the innocent other than they are sh&8 stupid or evil. Please someone explain what is going through these character’s minds all over governments in europe and some US states here that want to make the innocent as defenseless as possible.

        • @ VRF. For some strange reason I got an anonymous heading on the above comment I sent. I was looking at some of the pictures of these children and I just can’t believe that anyone could shoot them like this, and over and over again. The evil that this takes is what is scary, that evil can exist in this world in this form. God help the next time this evil poisons something.

          I was looking at some of the comments on the more liberal networks and oh SH$%. There are some characters out there that what to disarm even the police, and yes even the military. There are some individuals that you would classify as dumb as mud, no dumber than mud. I just could not fathom what these ass clowns were talking about. It is not good because this is a large section of the population. Thankfully it would take at least 38 states to override the constitution and the 2nd amendment, and they are not going to kill the core values of the constitution with just 25-30 states. What is not good is that they can limit gun rights like they limit the firepower to 50 caliber, etc.

          BO can also use executive orders to destroy firearm rights to an extensive level. It is horrible that such a tragedy will most likely turn into an attack on self defense for exactly the type of victims that criminals will target more often that these libtards are suppose to be trying to protect. I just hope that peace will fill all those families for the coming days, weeks ahead, and the suffering will dimish a lot, and that people will not forget them and continue to offer their support, they sure need it.

          • BI, the one basic question that none of us are asking is why are these mentally ill people free to cause problems in society? Years ago, these people would be in facilities or institutions. But with Liberal ideology and Progressivism, we must have “social justice” and these disturbed people are living among us all.

            A recent study showed that approx. 75% of America’s psychologists and psychiatrists are Liberal. These people have generally determined a person’s mental state and have had some responsibility in shaping the “mental health” in the US. Their Liberalism has created the free society for psychologically-ill people who can (and do) cause a number of problems. Looking back at each mass murder event, every murdering shooter was mentally ill. Some were medicated and some were not engaged in the prescribed medications (or therapy required).

            The overall problem is NOT guns. The overall problem is the mentally ill who are “free” in society. Mental illness is an enormous problem in the US and mainstreaming the more dangerous ones into society has failed. The proof is undeniable. Mentally ill people, including autistics, cannot always function in basic society. And the dirty little secret about autistics is that they have a preponderance toward violence. Are they all criminals? No, but the violence is well documented and should be planned for and dealt with, not unleashed on society. We The People need to come together on this issue and force the government to follow the constitution by protecting its people FROM some of its people. These people, as adults, need to become wards of the state or managed in various types of facilities because too many are unable to function well in society.

            I’ll bet that none of the comments on those Liberal networks you visited mentioned anything about mental illness and how it has negatively affected society. Nope….it’s guns…’s all about guns.

            • +1 Zoltanne. Overnight I began to realize that, in the 1960s and ’70s, our culture began to glorify being crazy. I was there – I remember it well. 40 years on we have the psychiatric community rationalizing unspeakable perversions, and at the same time categorizing normal reactions to them as psychotic.

              Millions of us watched Westerns with lots of gunfire, and did not become a mass murderers, because Westerns were morality plays; the bad guys always lost. Now we have massive violence for profit glorified as “getting back at the man”, or even just a lot of fun.

              All this has made coping with violent mental illness far more difficult than it used to be.

              Until we relearn how to manage this, we will not be on the road to recovery:

            • @ Zoltanne. There are some real nut cases out there that have lost in touch with reality and they must be kept away from weapons, not just firearms but other weapons. There is a real danger though of the people that the mental community begins to classify as a non conformist person as a danger to society. There are many individuals that just want to keep to themselves, but how will they be calssified or labeled? I have seen many children that for example like playing alone for whatever reason, and these whacked out psychologists will force them to interact. This is an awful liberal concept of assimilation.

              You know Zoltanne, when I hear this word “assimilation” I think of the Star Trek’s fiction Borg that in the series lobotomize the brain to gain full obedience, a mindless slave. The mental “doctors” can decide whom is “crazy” or not based on what society decides is right and wrong way to think. This throws the constitution in the outhouse cess pit on freedom to believe and think. I don’t care if someone wants to howl at the moon like a coyote or worship some tree, as long as they don’t infringe on other people’s pusuit of happiness.

              I was listening to this libturd talking about what to look for in a dangerous person. They said if they are a loner and don’t interact with others like the rest of society does then that sets up a red flag. This is like saying that if you don’t conform with the sheeple of society you are dangerous and can be set up for metal evaluation. This would be a total violation of civil rights and constitutional rights, but these liberal retards are floating this around. What about someone that is a completely responsible gun owner that is someone that keeps to themselves? I can see these psychologists having a field day on them.

              I want the true nuts safely put somewhere so they don’t hurt anyone, but what is that fine line definition that snag the “true” individuals that are dangerous. I sure don’t want some liberal head shrinker deciding on this. It reminds me of the Planet of the Apes, it which the head ape used this definition of “crazy” to lock anyone away or lobotomize them that he “deemed” a danger to the close minded society norms. Didn’t they lock away Galieo for speaking of something, that the religious dogma decided accept at the time.

              I again want the psychos locked up and given help, but not a witchhunt for those that society doesn’t like, to have to answer for their differences to the masses. Most people here on this site would be a likely candidate for a mental evaluation from some liberal retard shrink, because they would not base their opinion on science, by a totally biased slanted dislike of someone that was not what they personally “liked” in a person. In other words they would use their “authority” to go after those that they personally felt were a problem. This is another danger to losing gun rights, the right to live your life as you please so as long as you bring no harm to others.

              It seems like tragedies like this only bring more suffering from losing basic freedoms, rather than the government and state looking for the most constructive and fair to ALL, like the constitution demands, to solve a problem. Let’s hope that from this horror to those poor children, that we all don’t lose freedoms that we have now and possibly never get them back again.

        • WOW!!!

          This LIBOR thing is amazing…..people need to wake up!

      142. I smell a Rat!!! The medical examiner says that all died from rifle wounds. But the bushmaster AR-15 that belonged to the supposed shooters mother was in the trunk of her car and never fired. So where is the weapon that was used and the shooter? I blame the lawmakers for making schools a gun free zones and leaving those people defenseless. You never hear of some one going to a police station to shoot up people do you? You know why? If you want to commit suicide that would do it. Where is the shooter? I hate the MSM!!!!!!!

        • I’m seeing conflicts in the story…probably because the info is still coming out. I see CNN reporting right now that “all victims were killed by semi-automatic rifle fire”, but yet the weapons found with the perp were both 9mm handguns. the .223 was found in truck of car. So some of the reporting is likely wrong. Likely the reporters don’t know anything about guns and therefore don’t know that they are saying stupid things.


        • Exactly there is even news footage of police retrieving the .223 rifle from the trunk. The medical examiner has said the victims were shot by .223 rounds. This leads me with two conclusions. The medical examiner does not know what .223 rifle wounds look like or there is definitely a second shooter. Too many things do not add up here.

        • old southern

          “I smell a Rat!!!”

          Where did he get the body armor? Mom had body armor?

          The Batman Movie shooter had thousands of rounds of ammo at home? Why? He had very expensive equipment including body armor but he was unemployed. Where did the money come from?

          The dots regardless how incomplete tend to draw a picture no one desires to see. Hence the picture is not painted. The same collective ignoring of information and the acceptance of unsubstantiated “facts” had occurred with JFK. To fathom the alternatives goes well beyond the comfort zone of the majority of the body politic. Ignorance is bliss.

      143. VRF
        Your last post is what should not be forgotten.
        Their deaths were tragic and senseless.
        They were the act of a senseless killer.
        Not a plot, not a conspiracy, just a crazy bastard.
        If we let the government railroad this event into a gun ban or stand by for a gun confiscation we do not deserve to be called American.
        Our founders gave blood to be free, now may be our time.

      144. beware, your advisarie, the devil, walks about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. don’t let him devour us.

      145. As we consider the origins of this tragedy, we have to reflect on the downward moral trajectory this nation is on.

        And it is not just guns – they are a result, not a cause. The very same day as Sandy Hook, a man in China attacked 22 children in a school in China – with a knife. Since 2000, there have been around 27 cases of mass murder, as opposed to 20 combined during the 1980s and 1990s. And before the 1980s, mass killing sprees were extremely rare, no more than one or two per decade. Violent crime is up 460% since 1960. The real cause is that this country is in a moral skydive without a parachute, and the locus of the problem is the dissolution of the family. Ruth Dafoe Whitehead’s seminal work on this issue, Dan Quayle Was Right warned us of this over a decade ago.

        The destruction of the family leads to psycho-social pathologies – as evidenced by the disturbed young man who conducted this rampage.
        In a turn-about, we have made a whip of cords and drive God, Himself, out of our real temples of worship, the shopping mall. God is banned from our schools, our courts and our city halls. CS Lewis warned long ago that “we continue to clamour for those very qualities we are rendering impossible. … In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests [hearts] and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful. “

      146. Too many things are not adding up to this event being done by one crazy person waking up in a rage on friday morning. Yep, it’s possible. But…..
        When you start connecting the dots it really stinks.
        There are too many “coincidences” just to ignore that this whole thing may have been staged by TPTB to get their “agenda” pushed thru. They did it with 9/11 and more recently Obamacare, just to name a couple.
        TPTB have no conscience. They answer to a higher,dark power that allows them to gain a self-fulfilling sense of accomplishment and control. What they don’t see is the bitter end. It won’t be a pretty picture for them. It’s the same mindset that believes there will be a whole truck load of beautiful virgins awaiting their entry into eternity. LOL.

      147. Gun Control quips
        1. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.
        2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.
        3. Colt: The original point and click interface.
        4. Gun control is not about guns; it’s about control.
        5. If guns are outlawed, can we use swords?
        6. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.
        7. Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.
        8. If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any.
        9. Those who trade liberty for security have neither.
        10. The United States Constitution (c)1791. All Rights Reserved.
        11. What part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand?
        12. The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore the others.
        13. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.
        14. Guns only have two enemies; rust and politicians.
        15. Know guns, know peace, know safety. No guns, no peace, no safety.
        16. You don’t shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.

        • Oh Yeah, ‘On the Nose’ EA!!!

          THIS was good enough I’ve copied it to my ‘quotes’ library, GOOD job!

          I live in one of those states that never succumbed to the misguided notion that the police exist to ‘Protect and Serve’…this unspeakable act, against the most defensleless of us is the final, incontrovertible demonstation of the fallacy which is the first part of that statement. Those small ones were NOT protected. As far as the ‘serve’ part I’m rather sure that ‘being carried by six’ is poor comfort indeed for those who lost thier’s to a madman. I have no gripe or grieveance with the LEO in this country….it is the presumptions of the people as to what those can and cannot do that utterly mystifys me.
          When did Human thought go so very, very Wrong?

      148. You fuckheads are sick. You value your guns more than the lives of children. My evil twin half hopes one of your childen or grandchilden falls victim to gun violence. But my other half does not wish such agony upon even such pathetic and deserving morons as you. You idiots do not even realize how irrational your arguments are and are so stupid that you do not reaize you are beig manipulated by the NRA and and the gun and ammo idustry to separateyou from your money.

        • I would suggest that you get back on your meds, but these days I suspect that people taking these meds may just be part of the problem.

          Maybe you should just sit back and have a good toke. I’ve heard of few people getting all wound up when they are stoned on pot. And you are definitely wound up.

          In fact….if you own a gun, you should probably get rid of it. Do the right thing and take it down to your local PD and turn it in to them before you hurt someone.

      149. A weapon, (any type) is just a weapon. It cannot operate without intervention. The weapon just look pretty, all blued, chromed etc., until called upon. Being ex-military, I have seen collateral damage at all levels. ANYBODY can pull the trigger and fire a weapon, only the trued can dish out the damage of the weapon(s) full potential. Therefore, guns are NOT the issue here, nor has it ever been, the true issue is the holder of said weapon. Guns rights will never be over turned; else all gun owners will become OUTLAWS. Mental cases as the MEDIA wishes to call it will never be predictable. It truly is a sad state of affairs that these types of incidents occur; however, they will continue whether by gun, knife, fists etc. The so-called gun issue is just that, MENTAL.

      150. GOOD TRUTHFUL article.

        To bad that “Those In Power” will probably laugh at it when it is 100% TRUE!

        They don’t want us SAFE, they want us disarmed so that the eventual Total Control Take Over can be done without much fear of retaliation!

        The End of Life As We Know It in this country is getting closer every day!

        The Ballot Box didn’t work of course, the time to open the Bullet Box is soon to come. So damned sad to see what has happened to our ONCE FREE Country.

        Young people think “We’re FREE”, what do you mean “Once Free?”

        They don’t know that before 1968 I could order any gun and have it delivered right to my door, NO gun dealer or FFL’s. Sears, Montgomery Ward, Herter’s, Gander Mountain all had catalogs with guns in them for sale. There was NO law that said I HAVE to wear a seat belt, although I would anyway. There was NO law that said I HAVE to have insurance. Many more such things that are now laws that say we “HAVE” to do it or get arrested but the young people of today grew up ALREADY UNDER the “one step at a time control” so they have no idea what FREEDOM really is!

        “Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?” Patrick Henry 1775

        The world did not become a different place because of the Second Amendment. It became a different place because of the perverted and evil philosophies that have been sown into our culture consistently for the last 40 or 50 years through pornography and mass media. –-Christian J. Pinto

      151. We have created our own self perpetuating Hell.

        We have turned upon ourselves, like a rabid dog, chewing off his leg. There is very little rational thought. Instead we are reactionary to every painful event. We are a highly indulgement nation that believes it is someone elses fault.That someone else should take care of us. Nobody takes a good look at themselves and we would rather medicate than to find the root of the problem. We have failed to take respondsiblity for our actions and therefore the spectors of poverty, unemployment, homelessness, crime, corporate greed and government intrusion assail us from every angle. Will we continue to embrace the material things instead of Life? Are the Play Stations and X boxes our new invisible forms of re-education?
        Can we change the course of History? Maybe? It will be like a heroin addit going Cold Turkey, only in many forms.

      152. FIRST : BAN the VIOLENT Video Games. Than lets remember the 500,000 dead children since our WARS began. Next do Vigil everyday for the 3.5 MILLION children that vanish every year.
        NEVER FORGET that 6 million would not have walked into those Death Camps & Gas Chambers if they had 2nd Amendment rights & protective arms……
        I MOURN these Innocent deaths at the hands of a addled brained Monster.

      153. Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post (which, along with his odious FAUX-News propaganda network, lied us into the Iraq invasion in 2003) is now demonizing the deceased mother of this worthless maniac as “gun obsessed.” Simply put, she owned firearms and was proficient with them, so that AUTOMATICALLY constitutes an “obsession,” according to the logic of the yellow journalists of the Murdoch gutter press empire.

        Demonizing this woman, who was the victim of TWO crimes — theft of firearms and murder — is tantamount to the old practice of sleazy defense lawyers asking rape victims “why were you dressed that way?” and alleging that “she provoked the alleged rape” on cross examination. And it helps the regime’s bigger program of declaring war on gun owners AND preppers. Let’s hope Amurikans are NOT as STUPID as these LIARS think they are.

        The TIMING of this incident is certainly VERY CONVENIENT to certain parties, especially in light of dual-citizen Dianne Feinstein’s renewed and ongoing moves to institute gun confiscation in Amurika that were reported a little over a month ago. She, Schumer and Lautenberg, in their seething hatred and SCORN for us, intend to put normal middle class Amerikans in the surreal position of paying taxes for FULL-AUTO US military rifles to be handed out to Israeli “settlers,” while being totally DISARMED ourselves.

      154. Its a disgusting shame that those poor inocent childrens bodies were still warm going to heaven and politicians for their gain start talking about gun control instead of finding out why this pos nut did this

      155. Greetings Everyone
        Sad times we live in.
        While everyone has discussed the “Gun” issue,the CAUSE has been being overlooked.Drugs,scripted mind altering DRUGS.Almost every “nutjob” who commits these acts were on Big Phara,doctor prescribed,DRUGS.Little Johnny is given dangerous mind altering drugs because “he doesn’t get along with his peers well”.When he either stops taking or “over-medicates” himself things get real,real bad.I’ve known people who were put on these meds and the results are rarely a good outcome.You won’t hear what drugs this kid was on on the Fox-Sheeple News.And I won’t even get started on the reasons why ALL these shooters seem to be “found” dead afterwards.Dead men can’t begin to explain why they did what they did(because Big Phara might have a massive lawsuit against them).
        Best to All

      156. How come early reports said there was a 2nd shooter who ran into the woods and was apprehended adn now I haven’t heard another thing about that??

        So an autistic kid was able to shoot 26 people, successfully killing them all? Knowing what I have learned about shooting guns at targets that don’t move under no stress….I am finding that kind of hard to believe

      157. In reference to Adam Lanza:


        Social interaction
        Further information: Asperger syndrome and interpersonal relationships

        A lack of demonstrated empathy has a significant impact on aspects of communal living for persons with Asperger syndrome.[2] Individuals with AS experience difficulties in basic elements of social interaction, which may include a failure to develop friendships or to seek shared enjoyments or achievements with others (for example, showing others objects of interest), a lack of social or emotional reciprocity (social “games” give-and-take mechanic), and impaired nonverbal behaviors in areas such as eye contact, facial expression, posture, and gesture.[1]

        People with AS may not be as withdrawn around others compared to those with other, more debilitating, forms of autism; they approach others, even if awkwardly. For example, a person with AS may engage in a one-sided, long-winded speech about a favorite topic, while misunderstanding or not recognizing the listener’s feelings or reactions, such as a wish to change the topic of talk or end the interaction.[8] This social awkwardness has been called “active but odd”.[1] This failure to react appropriately to social interaction may appear as disregard for other people’s feelings, and may come across as insensitive.[8] However, not all individuals with AS will approach others. Some of them may even display selective mutism, speaking not at all to most people and excessively to specific people. Some may choose to talk only to people they like.[29]

        The cognitive ability of children with AS often allows them to articulate social norms in a laboratory context,[1] where they may be able to show a theoretical understanding of other people’s emotions; however, they typically have difficulty acting on this knowledge in fluid, real-life situations.[8] People with AS may analyze and distill their observations of social interaction into rigid behavioral guidelines, and apply these rules in awkward ways, such as forced eye contact, resulting in a demeanor that appears rigid or socially naive. Childhood desire for companionship can become numbed through a history of failed social encounters.[1]

        The hypothesis that individuals with AS are predisposed to violent or criminal behavior has been investigated but is not supported by data.[1][30] More evidence suggests children with AS are victims rather than victimizers.[31]

        A 2008 review found that an overwhelming number of reported violent criminals with AS had coexisting psychiatric disorders such as schizoaffective disorder.[32]

      158. I don’t know about you guys but between the evidence that there may have been more than one shooter at the school in CT, evidence I’ve seen that indicates a plane never really crashed into the Pentagon in 2001 but more likely a missile, as well as reports I’m now hearing about Feinstein using this latest incident to pass a ban on assault weapons, I’m feeling very sick to my stomach, and honestly a little scared for what’s going to happen in the future. I fear something big is on the horizon and I’m no where near as prepared as I need to be. Something needs to be done to pry the facts from people in the know. I want to know who the two idividuals the cops had handcuffed outside of the school in CT are. What was their business their? Whith multiple cameras set up outside of the Pentagon, along the wall that was supposedly hit by a jumbo jet, why has there been no video footage of the incident taking place? How do you fit a jet that size into such a small hole and not leave any debris from the plane behind? May God help us all in what I feel is going to be a bad situation for the American people in the future.

      159. Pray for all of us and continue to get ready… I fear that this is only a small sample of what we have to look forward to.

      160. Some of my comments are 100% true. Many, obviously, have a healthy dose of poetic license. This one doesn’t.

        I met one of my fellow company drivers about a year ago in Salt Lake. We were both delivering freight to the same warehouse and, as drivers always do, we struck up a conversation. Maureen is about 50, and she reminded me a lot of my sister. Thin, short, and kinda frail looking. But a tough-as-nails bobcat on the inside. We even talked a bit about the future of America and I discovered she’s a (more or less) prepper. Later, I saw her a few times at our company terminal in Texas.
        My student and I were back in the terminal around noon on Friday. We were standing outside where the drivers and office workers congregate to smoke, trade jokes, and cluster in little groups to talk. Neither of us smoke, but the best liars and comedians are always among them, so that’s where everybody goes.
        As we walked up, I noticed that everyone was eerily quiet, or talking in low voices (pretty rare out on the ‘party patio’ as we call it). We saw Maureen, standing a few feet away from the others, by herself. Before I even said Hi, I saw she was upset about something. She looked scared…or maybe it was worried…or depressed. I couldn’t tell. Then I saw the bottoms of her eyes were full and about to run over.
        “What’s wrong, Maureen?”
        She moved close to me, like she’d found a desperately needed friend at that moment, “Oh, Okie! I just saw on the news, some crazy bastards went into a school up in Connecticut and shot the little kids.”
        She leaned against my shoulder and her eyes finally spilled over. I instinctively put my arm around her. She raised her head, but didn’t look up. It was as if she was talking directly to my shoulder, “They haven’t even caught the shooters yet. Why would anybody do that to little kids and…,” her words were lost as the sobbing began in earnest.
        I didn’t say anything. Just held her while the flood came. I felt my own eyes getting full and blinked a dozen times to stop it. My student, feeling a bit uncomfortable (or maybe needing to address his own emotions) quietly excused himself and went inside.
        It took a good five minutes, but she finally collected herself and pulled up off my soggy shoulder, reclaiming the distance between us that propriety demands. I still hadn’t said a thing. My student returned and, since our truck was going in the shop for service, we had a couple of hours to kill.
        Maureen looked at me, She still looked frail, and her voice halted a little, but the bobcat was beginning to return, “Okie, you still got a car here?”
        “Yes. As a matter of fact, we were going to town and get some supplies for the truck. You wanna go?”
        “I sure do. I need to stop by the… uh, the store for some stuff.”
        An hour later, we were driving back from Wal-Mart. My student and I had our bottled water, food, and other things we’d need on the road. Maureen sat in the back with a small sack held in her lap. She opened it and began to quietly inventory her purchases. “Let’s see… two boxes of .45, two boxes of 9mm, and three boxes of .308. I guess I got everything I needed today…” The bobcat was definitely back!
        Nobody said it aloud, but I kept hearing this echo in my mind: ‘Yesterday we cried. Tomorrow we may laugh. But today, I’m just pissed!’

      161. An article worth your consideration….

      162. Keep JoeInNC around. He may go into hiding a bit but he still comes back. Don’t like his talk of self infliction or harm. Is he a troll or a person deeply moved? I believe he is a “Halfback”. That is a “Closet Yankee” that came to Florida and could not stand the heat, so he moved halfway back to home.

      163. The comments on this site show Ron White is absolutely correct whe he says you cannot fix stupid. Your intellect is irrepairably broken and you are stupefyingly stupid.

        • Thanks for another nonsensical post. We are all dumber for having been exposed to your utter lack of coherent thought.

          It is amusing though. And when I want to illustrate to someone the vacuous mentality of those on the left, I just show them what you have to say.

          So….keep posting. Guys like you are the best example out there of the idiocy of the left.

      164. Halfback. Been a while since I heard that one !

      165. And now this happens yesterday:

        Gunman fires shots outside California mall, no one hit

        I love conspiracy theories yet I always take them with a grain of salt.
        Buuuuut, I’m wondering now if MKULTRA really has been fully activated to help TPTB push for an all-out firearm ban to disarm the public before the impending collapse.

        • afterthefallpa–if you want to go steps further and hear the truth for what’s in store for us, listen to Steve Quayle’s 12/13/12 taped show.
          Interestig, very, and well worth your time.

          Are you among the many who has recently awakened to a feeling of foreboding, that something is tremendously amiss and presently unfolding before our very eyes? Something that extends well beyond what we can physically see? Something happening not only in a real “physical” sense but something spiritual? Something stirring just below the surface of what we can see, but undoubtedly feel deep within our spirit?

          With every evening newscast, we are assaulted with troubling images of great global turmoil, and many of us struggle to make sense of the events we see taking place in the world. Indeed, something wicked this way comes, we can feel it.

          Link below–skip first 10 minutes.

      166. The way I see it, you are either on one side or the other in this country, very few in the middle. The socialist government has made this happen to a degree that is quite frightening. They have divided the classes and now they will try to admonish and disarm the ones who believe in their constitutional rights, all of them. This is not just my opinion, this is a fact and if anyone could argue this then they have an agenda as well. The freedom lovers, the god worshiping americans, the backbone of this country and the clear sighted, are quickly being singled out and systematically quieted through intimidation, and more devious means.
        There is a huge red alert headline on MSN,( MAN WITH 47 GUNS IS ARRESTED FOR THREATENING TO DO HARM AT AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.) If this is true then he should be disarmed permanantly and in jail, however the main part of the headline is the amount of guns he has. This is it folks, they are going to try to take our guns and our freedom. Instead of solving the root of the problem by addressing the mind destroying medicating of many adults and children, they will blame mental illness, psychosis, sadism, racism, anger, hunger, chaos, confusion, unemployment, and everything else you can think of, on GUNS. This is, their golden opportunity.

        Why do they want to take our guns, well that is simple, not to protect ourselves from ourselves, it is all about control, power without confrontation and herding the sheep without any stray lone wolves around. Then they can force more medication on our children and groom them to be worshipers of the new world order. If you think I am nuts for saying this then just wait a while and see what is coming, like a freight train from hell.

        The saint of a principle at the school, confronted this psycho and she was executed. I wish she had a gun to stop him and save herself. At the very least, all principles should be armed, maybe then the cowardly bastards would think twice before they entered a school. Unfortunately that will never happen because it makes too much sense and it would be considered a conservative agenda, doesn’t mesh with the progressive dehumanizing of American Citizens.

      167. What a horrible thing that happened. The answer is more guns…not less.

      168. Let all the socialists move west of the miss.
        the rest on the right.

        Then we’d see what economy does better and who is safer.

      169. If I remember correctly, Kain killed Able with a rock

        So, there you have it, rocks kill people, and Kain, should have been banned from owning rocks.

        So if GOD could not protect, Able in the garden of Eden , WTF makes the police, government, military, Poly effin tissions! Think they can protect us in any way shape or form by their effin laws!

        The laws, are not there to protect us all, they are to give the “authorities” a way to punish those that rebel against their tyranny.

        the Watcher

      170. It’s like Benghazi all over again. They are tripping themselves up by presenting too many inconsistencies in their stories. Granted, this might just be a case of the different media outlets trying to be the first to scoop the story and going about it half cocked and misinformed.
        But more and more I’m starting to think: “Back and to the left, back and to the left”.

      171. My E-mail to FOX News, although it applies to all of the media outlets:
        To whom it may concern,
        STOP IT! Newtown, Columbine, etc. These events are virtually ALL YOUR FAULT! Stop turning loser ass loners into superheroes whose names are household words. Some troubled loner kid with mental issues who in the past may have chosen to kill himself and become nothing m…ore than a local story can now be a household name; lionized in the nation’s history. “Yeah they will all finally know who I am!!!” he’ll think to himself. When we’re dealing with day after day 24hrs of NEWTOWN TRAGEDY on TV, How can you and the rest of the media not realize that you are the driving force behind much of these mass shootings? The real tragedy in all of this is you have sold your souls for ratings and money.
        Fox news I realize is not responsible for 911, or Syria, the fiscal cliff, etc. This is a different story. Here you have some direct connection to the next guy who will try to one-up this event as he goes for “the record” in attempt at going out in the next blaze of glory. He’ll be expecting his own 24/7 coverage, with his own “tragedy graphics”, and “theme music” on all the major media outlets. His face will be all over the internet, his every utterance since birth analyzed, and Shepard Smith or Greta Van Sustren talking about him like they were old friends. The President of the United States will talk about him on live TV and millions around the globe will know and marvel at what he has done. You’ve interviewed 8 year olds at the scene of this shooting. How heartless is that?! The coverage is disgusting and exploitative.
        Who pays for this in the end? Who pays for your epic ratings and “scoop”? WE DO! My children in school, the teachers who have to worry if their classrooms are safe, and the community at large all have to worry about the next disturbed attention whore because you made the last one a celebrity! I have a gun safe with a few weapons. What will I and millions of other law abiding Americans do when you have sensationalized us into gun control frenzy and the ATF shows up at our doors to collect up semi-automatic weapons? What will the unseen consequences be from your irresponsible reporting? Some people will not willingly give up their guns. Will thousands of people again be killed in an effort to collect these guns? Think of the ratings from this. WOW! You will make millions. The coverage by my favorite media outlet, FOX; and all the other networks has been disgusting and put the American people in danger from the next mentally unstable loner nut job. You should be ashamed.
        Dave Ayer, Texas.
        Facebook and share this

      172. Is it true that all the killers in the Sandy Fork, Columbine, Va. Tech, Fort Hood and the Arora Co theater were all Democrats or belongng to parents who were?

        I received an email stating this and would like to check it out.

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