Astronaut Scott Kelly Posts UFO Pic From Space Station: “Large Object With Two Lights On Each End”

by | Nov 21, 2015 | Headline News | 119 comments

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    Are we alone?

    For decades the government has denied that beings of extraterrestrial origin have made contact with humans.

    But a wide body of evidence suggests otherwise, including some recent statements from NASA insiders. The latest comes from none other than astronaut Scott Kelly who has spent more time in space than any other American. Kelly often shares photos he takes on the International Space Station via his earth-bound Twitter account and his latest has piqued the imagination of many UFO hunters.

    The picture, taken about 200 miles above southern India, shows what appears to be a large object with lights on both sides.

    Video Report:

    UFO enthusiasts and alien conspiracy theorists were quick to notice the upper right hand corner of the photo where blurry lights can be seen hovering in space…

    Could Kelly be hinting at the existence of aliens? Or is there another explanation for the lights in the photo?

    According to UFO Sightings Daily, though Scott Kelly made no mention of the craft in his Tweet, his message to the general public hinting that aliens are real has been well received:

    Scott Kelly likes to send out photos of the view from the windows of the space station…and they look cool. This one however has a cigar shaped glowing UFO with a metallic body in it. The UFO is about 25 meters long and 150-200 meters away. It looks like Scott was trying to hint at the existence of aliens. Message received Scott, and thanks.

    Of note is that “cigar shaped” flying objects have been documented for centuries.

    Most recently, Chinese officials were forced to shut down Hangzhou’s international airport in July of 2010 because of an unidentified aircraft. Notably, as you’ll see from the picture and video footage below, the craft was cigar shaped with lights on both sides.

    A still image of the UFO over China:


    One could, of course, argue that though the object is obviously of technology not known to most earthlings, it may be the result of highly classified man-made technology initiatives in places like Area 51, which is believed to be a testing ground for secret military projects.

    But then how do we explain the April 1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg, Germany, which happened centuries before the Wright Brothers first took to the skies at Kitty Hawk? If you’re not familiar with the story, scores of witnesses described a “battle in the sky” over their town, claiming that two opposing forces with aerial weapons and crafts were at war.

    The following illustrated news notice was published just a few days after the event on April 14, 1561. Once again you may notice a familiar object which just so happens to be shaped like a cigar… with lights closely mirroring the Chinese UFO.


    A partial translation of the German notice:

    Likewise there stood on both sides and as a torus about the sun such blood-red ones and other balls in large number, about three in a line and four in a square, also some alone. In between these globes there were visible a few blood-red crosses, between which there were blood-red strips, becoming thicker to the rear and in the front malleable like the rods of reed-grass, which were intermingled, among them two big rods, one on the right, the other to the left, and within the small and big rods there were three, also four and more globes. These all started to fight among themselves, so that the globes, which were first in the sun, flew out to the ones standing on both sides, thereafter, the globes standing outside the sun, in the small and large rods, flew into the sun. Besides the globes flew back and forth among themselves and fought vehemently with each other for over an hour. And when the conflict in and again out of the sun was most intense, they became fatigued to such an extent that they all, as said above, fell from the sun down upon the earth ‘as if they all burned’ and they then wasted away on the earth with immense smoke. After all this there was something like a black spear, very long and thick, sighted; the shaft pointed to the east, the point pointed west. Whatever such signs mean, God alone knows.

    Earlier this year an International Space Station live video feed caught three unidentified objects before cutting off abruptly. According to NASA the video feed was cut because of a bad signal.

    Whether the object spotted on astronaut Scott Kelly’s recent picture was an alien craft, a secret government project or some sort of optical effect will likely remain a mystery for the immediate future. NASA has thus far ignored requests for comment.

    Nonetheless, we know something is out there. And perhaps one day soon the truth will be revealed.

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      1. interesting as we and others have several experimental craft in space, but if it was NOT suppose to be seen and was classified they normally don’t make it into a picture, so either it was meant to be seen,( whatever it is ), or someone missed the image detail. could be many scenarious possible.

        • People as uninformed and as gullible as Americans have no future. Americans are a dead people that history is about to run over – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

          While the brute and ignorant masses in America are distracted with the recent “ISIS terrorist attacks” that took in place in Paris (in reality a false flag operation courtesy of CIA + MI6 + Mossad + DGSE), few of them are able to grasp the implications of China’s Yuan becoming the next reserve currency.

          In fact, guns, ammo, gold or silver won’t do any good for those who believe that they will be able to cope with the impeding economic chaos coming to America, and worst of all, challenging the Sovereign –the Federal Government– will be the less desirable thing to do under these extreme circumstances (unfortunately, hundreds of thousands if not millions will foolishly perish as a result of their stupidity, ignorance and gullibility).

          Once China’s Yuan becomes a reserve currency –official announcement to be made by the IMF this coming Monday, November 30th, 2015– anything will be the same in the United States as you know it. As a result of this disclosure, ordinary Americans will finally learn the meaning of living within their means (a painful but needed lesson for most of the populace)…the progressive loss of purchasing power using US Dollars is going to hurt badly everyone in this country, it is unavoidable and that event will be labelled as the real SHTF.

          This blog seems to deliberately ignoring the tectonic shift that will take place in the financial world in less than 9 days.

          • Could not watch the full video.

            How many times is this guy going to say “Um”

            Not a public speaker or teacher. Reads off paper.
            Does not seem to be prepared. Good
            Information is there but BORING.

            I could have done a better presentation.

            Most people in the USA have no idea what A SDR is.
            Thus they will not care till it hits home.

            Are you ready

            Thanks for the video. Agree people should be paying attention as to what is happening to our currency.

          • FWIW: you might want to look up Clearfield Trust v United States, US Supreme Court 1942.

        • The space program died with President Kennedy sadly. A spacecraft could crash into the white house and they would have a bullshit excuse for it.

          • OFF TOPIC: Did anyone here save the poems I wrote last year about shopping or the christmas one? I forgot to save them and can’t find them.

        • Is this the UFO with Elvis or the one with Bigfoot?

      2. Don’t you know it’s ISIS?

        International Shit In Space.

        • Sling, LMAO! Good one.

          • Brave…
            watch yourself…leo alert Atlanta area…

          • Sling has got a good sense of humor. Its the only thing guarding us from believing this absolute bullshit. I swear this rag has gotten as bad as the National AmCryer’er along with Drudge. What a friggen shame. Thank God I know the way to the exit.

            • PO’P

              We have gone from, Repel All Boarders to Abandon Ship.

              It’s not like it use to be. I would rather have more down to earth articles that are hands on type.

              Like I have been saying.

              All that matters is, Are You Ready?

              • With ya on that sling , I can watch aliens on TV.
                Give me some common sense!

                • ymww

                  That’s because they are two different people, they’re twin brothers. That or it could be a reptilian conspiracy. All I know is the gun grabbing pieces of sh*t can stay in space or catch a ride with the zetas to another planet for all I care.

            • A think tank in 1961 determined three possible tools to keep people subject to government controls in a world government scenario. As in a one world order where nations were not fighting each other, as today. This whole thing about national pride and patriotism has been used to support the home team for eons.

              So “The Report from Iron Mountain” concluded:

              A environmental threat to the planet: hence today’s climate change!

              An Alien invasion: hence today’s obsession with alien shows and the likes….

              Blood sports, bread and circuses: hence todays emphasis on college and pro sports…

              Yup, it’s about keeping people focused on things that don’t matter, and making them think it’s necessary to give o their freedom and money to save the world.

              Lies upon lies upon lies. Wake up America.

              And I agree WND is putting out some serious crap at times…… sustaining the message.

              • There is a 4th; drugs including alcohol.

              • Mark,
                good comment, and don’t forget WHY and WHERE the games came from! (Roman) they were developed to keep the people’s minds off what the politicians were doing and the games spread threw out the world and ARE still being used to this day!
                lie and more lies is ALL the governments of today are good for!



            Watch and fucking learn, SHTFers.

            Lebanon was 100% Christian until after WW2. It was almost a first-world country. Then after Israel was created they accepted the Palestinian refugees. As soon as they let fucking Muslims in the country the dark hordes all started massive migration as an act of Jihad and transformed Lebanon into a shithole. Even today they are killing Christians.

            Christians are being genocided in the middle east and not a fucking word is spoken about it.

        • SS .. You should get a gold star for your forehead

      3. perhaps it was a group of conservatives from california, trying to ESCAPE???

      4. The aliens flew across vast distances and when they neared the mysterious, they turned on their lights because…

        Well, just because.

        Has anyone with more then half a brain ever wondered why the fuck aliens can fly across the F-in galaxy, but seem to need lights to what exactly? See where they’re going? See where they are? Are they lost and thought let’s turn on the lights to see where we are?

        An airplane can take off and land without lights, but not an alien spaceship. No siree, they need them lights.

        • I’ve wondered the same but then realized bureaucracy must be universal. I’m betting that UFO’s also have tiny license plates as well and are just looking for a planet to live on without totalitards (the most disgusting race that infects the universe).

        • “Has anyone with more then half a brain ever wondered why the fuck aliens can fly across the F-in galaxy, but seem to need lights to what exactly?

          Who knows? Relative to them we’re an ape. Might as well ask an ape that question.

          The bottom line is; is it there? If the newer is yes the next question is; “What is it”?

          • Damn spell check

            he bottom line is; is it there? If the newer is yes the next question is; “What is it”?

            not newer but ANSWER

        • That is why they are aliens

      5. It does make one wonder, why, where, what, and how did humanity start?

        Have yet got a good answer.

        What if humanity was an experiment???

        • Eppe:

          Humanity started when Adam started experimenting with Eve.

          Science. You got to love it.

          • Ca. That was actually creative and funny. Aside from that, I can’t get into the space invader stories.

        • eppe.

          Then there will be no use for religion if we were an experiment.

          No better than microbes in a petri dish.

        • Great question, no answer as to the beginning. As to the end; my fathers spirit was leaving, I then begged “don’t go!” He said, “but I want to be with the One, don’t worry, for one day you will fallow me.”. So, eppe, don’t worry, be happy

        • read some books by hugh ross. it explains very well how it all started, how come it took 14 billion years and why we are likely it for advanced life in the universe.

          he makes it real easy to understand for the masses.

        • Isn’t Scott Kelly married to former Congressman Gabrielle Giffords, the one who was shot in the head in that AZ shooting incident? A federal judge also died in that incident. At first, I sympathized with her for what she went through, but once she and her husband joined the gun grabbers, that was the last straw. Since he’s one of the gun control freaks, don’t trust anything coming from him.

        • What if humanity doesn’t really exist?

        • No, it wasn’t an experiment. We were created by God.

      6. Aliens are here but they are not coming from outer space.

        This lie is a means of confusing and overwhelming.

        I have heard that the Government wants to stage a “war of the worlds” hoax.

        Don’t be stupid. The distance between stars is such that it is unlikely that interstellar travel will ever take place. Just keep your eyes off the ball in American economic, social, and political current events and instead fear the non-existent little green men.

        • B from CA, if you mean the illegal aliens, I agree.

          • Obama said aliens can come here, they thought he meant space aliens and signed up.


        • In the Milky Way galaxy, it takes a light photon roughly 100,000 years to travel from one end to the other at a speed of 186,000 miles per second. It’s pretty difficult to comprehend what kind of distance that really is for the human brain. Now, take that galaxy and multiply by Billions of galaxies and the all the stars in those galaxies, and all the planets associated with those stars, and it’s beyond anything we can imagine. Do you really think in a universe that vast, with that many stars and planets that only ONE form of life could exist? Do you have ANY idea what the odds would be of that occurring? It’s mathematically impossible for Earth to be the only intelligent form of life in the universe. Google the Drake Equation and get some of the numbers put forth, and you begin to open your eyes to the possibilities that we are NOT alone in the universe.

          Some are scared by this concept so they refute any possibility of it ever being viable, so be it. But I don’t believe you can make an argument based on the numbers alone, it’s just not possible. Now, Einstein has said there could never be travel faster then the speed of light, but now there is exploration into the possibility of time warping, bending time and space which could allow for travel between stars and galaxies. Should we just accept what Einstein said and stop scientific exploration in the possibilities? I think he’d tell us to continue by all means if he were here today. Yes, we have no means to travel like that now, likely not for God knows how long, but that doesn’t mean other races, beings if you will, being around for maybe millions of years longer then humans haven’t figured out how to do it and using that technology to explore the universe and other planets. There was a time when the invention of the steam engine occurred where it was claimed man would never travel past the speed of 40 mile per hour either so obviously somebody thought it was possible to go faster or we’d all be limited to 40 miles per hour on steam engines today, it would be a pretty slow world too.

          • Not only is it mathematically impossible but it is common sense. If we are the most intelligent species in the universe then the universe is a big waste of time.

          • It’s the usual argument: a lot of nothing + time = something.

            I don’t care how many planets there are in the universe. God only created life on one of them.

            • Barn cat, that kind of thinking is only possible from an ossified brain. You dismiss facts for an ” I don’t care” opinion and then say it’s a fact? That’s your opinion, great, but don’t come here and tell us these are the ” facts” of intelligent life in the universe, that ” God” only put life on one and only one planet, it’s mathematically impossible for that to happen, ” God” or otherwise. Some of us actually exercise our ability for critical thinking so your way of thinking doesn’t belong in a science based discussion.

        • We search and obsess over life and amazing oddities in space, when the most miraculous and amazing thing off all is right here, our own planet, our own existence. I enjoy thinking about the great unknown of the universe, but really when it gets right down to it it really makes no matter to me.

      7. Would trolls qualify as aliens?

        • brave…watch yourself..leo alert… Atlanta…

      8. Silly wabbits. It’s the Annunaki. This means the “mass arrests” will be starting any day now.

        • What do you mean by mass arrests?

        • JRS, One thing that gets me about the annunaki story is if they were so advanced and could play god then why the hell would they need humans to mine gold?

      9. Just my 2 cents. We are not alone. For, how can anyone say that, in our vast universe we, here on Earth, are the only “intelligent” life form? And, I say intelligent loosely. For the sheep did vote the dictator in chief into office. Far too many unanswered questions still remain here. Easter Island, The Great Pyramids, Pumapunku, Etc. Just saying.

        • Apparently you’re neather drawing deep enough, nor too much on that bong. Maybe your lip connection was too loosely.

      10. No aliens can exist because the earth is cursed for the sake of mankind, meaning the laws of physics in this universe were altered to make it hurt when we walk into objects, and to cause living creatures to die, etc. Before the Edenic Fall, the earth was a blessed, easy place, so, for any aliens to exist, they would have to be intellectually inferior to humanity, just as humanity is to angelic beings, or else they cannot come from a universe subject to laws of physics that have been altered because of our sin against God.

        However… none of the above excludes the existence of angelic beings posing as ET, i.e., lying about their true demonic nature.

        That all said, it is my view that images such as that posted are designed to misdirect attention from deep events occurring (or coming) on earth.

        • Why would angelic beings need metal spacecraft?

          • It’s for “fallen angels” – For time travel; it would allow them to go between the dimensions, which they lost when they fell from thier place in Heaven, when they rebelled with lucifer. I know there is more to it than that, but that is only one piece of the puzzle I understand right now. It gets quite deep, but thankfully Quantuum Physics has provided additional understanding of our Christian faith, if we read it. Science does not take away from Christianity. . . only the scientists interpretation of their findings.

            I’m still digging into the meaing of some of this, but when one seeks only 100% truth as a Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit, interesting information unfolds.

            • BelieveActs2:

              A friend e-mailed me this website:


              The best gift I have ever received.

          • They wouldn’t need space craft, only the pretense of possessing them to advance their deception. Come on, is it really that hard to work out?

      11. It’s Trump’s new hotel. I guess he can build that wall he’s been talkin about.

      12. It is truly amazing that so many people in this county claim to be Christians, yet have no idea where these UFOs are coming from. The Bible clearly tells us that Lucifer is trying to break through God’s defenses to get to the earth, but that he cannot until He that prevents this is taken out of the way. Then Lucifer will be cast to the earth with great wrath, knowing that he has but a short time (to deceive those that live on the earth). Is this that hard to figure out. It’s very simple. Very elementary, why complicate it? Oh, I forgot, advertisements, that’s why!

        • You seem to forget that Lucifer walked this earth in your Christian beliefs even in the time of Christ. He attempted to tempt Christ or is that also forgotten?

          Therefore Lucifier is already here….

      13. Has it occurred to anyone that aliens need to eat too? Their mother ship is probably parked behind the moon and this is nothing more than a food transport. They’re harvesting humans and replenishing their supplies so they can continue their journey across the galaxy or maybe they just needed to drop off some passengers.

        • No, no, no, they don’t eat flesh, they eat hair. Look at Kelly’s head. That’ll teach him not to wear his helmet!

          • Speaking of human eating aliens search a movie named “Bad Taste” it is from australia and is absolutely hilarious. Warning: it is a non stop bloody gory badly acted but funny movie. 🙂

            • Made, produced and acted in by the same gentleman that later would direct Lord Of The Rings. Also check out Dead Alive… same guy.

      14. It’s at least a week old story. Sorry Matt but hey at least it’s posted! There was another hit about the earth tilting,: a warning from the Inuit – now what made me look at that article was 2 things: 1-the day we moved clocks ahead, the position of Venus in the morning sky moved southward. 2-Being a native north american , I’ll lend an ear to the elders.

      15. looks like a reflection of the glass

        i get the same thing in my glasses when driving at night

        • yeah something in the room behind him

      16. What do we need for an extra terrestrial invasion.

      17. what are the chances that aliens would arrive here and turn on lights that just happen to be the right frequency for our eyes to see the lights ?
        that’s right, zero chance
        so the so called alien ships are actually from earth
        probably some sort of military vehicle

      18. It’s part of the station. Just follow the link to his twitter page. They go into great detail about what it is.

      19. I see weird stuff up there all the time…and I don’t even look up that much. I thought I was watching the ISS flyby one night because it’s not that uncommon, until it did a quick 180 and them zoomed off at light speed. On two separate occasions I saw what looked like an object bigger than the ISS, tumbling, because it was making big consistent flashes heading out eastward over the Atlantic. Maybe it was just a huge piece of junk.

      20. Looks like the STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE

      21. Maybe they were looking for our “Leader”…….any leader.

      22. It’s been solved

        It was Hilkary out testing Broomstick 1

        • Your right!

          The latest broomstick with space directional blinkers.

          Hey, Marvin the Martian. You got competition. Hahaha!

          • (Spoken in True Marvin Voice) get that hag away from me! Immediately or I will shoot her with my Acme P38 ray gun!

            • Disclaimer: The above reply is in no way to be taken seriously. It’s meant as a cartoon.

              • Mac, you you please remove my two previous comments? I don’t want anyone to think I was serious…thanks.

                • Baby,@ least you didn’t mention the Q-36 explosive space modulator,you know the one Marvin was going to blow up the planet with?You did that you would be raided as a terrorist!

      23. After YEARS of being open minded AND of intense study on extraterrestrials, I have concluded the following (for myself):

        – Aliens do Not exist!
        – Our government Has experimented with cylindrical space craft anti-gravity technology;
        – A black budget super secret space program Does exist with superior technology and astronauts trained much differently;
        – “Project Blue Beam” (designed to project holograms in the sky to fool people about Christ’s Second Coming, among other things) is probably what we have been seeing through the years, and it will be used again;
        – It’s rumored one key reason for President Kennedy’s death is that he was going to disclose everything the government knew about extraterrestrial life, but I can’t locate documents to this effect and I wonder if this speculation was ‘published’ to throw us off the trail of the assassins and especially those who “ordered” or had him killed, some of whom are still living;
        – There is theological evidence to support that when demons are released from Hell and travel to our dimension they take on the appearance of these “aliens”.

        I think it was Astronaut Michael Collins who photographed obvious structures on the far (dark) side of the moon.

        Or was that just Disinformation designed to make us think in later years that there are aliens?

        And what about the allegations that Stanley Kubrick was hired to fake the moonshots and in exchange was promised that all his movies would be bankrolled until his death?

        And what of the clues he cleverly left behind in his movies, especially his last film, “Eyes Wide Shut”, pointing to this deal? (I believe he died during the filming of Eyes Wide Shut.)

        Did we REALLY land on the moon?

        When asked point blank, Neil Armstrong never answered that question directly.

        Having said ALL that, what if I am wrong and there ARE aliens?

        If that BE the case, then I just have one final thing to say: who the EFF would WANT to come to Planet Earth with its Massive global instability, nations Fighting each other Continuously,, people getting Very wealthy selling weapons to Both parties in conflicts, hundreds and hundreds of millions of people DISobeying God’s Ten Commandments, and nations who don’t even know the DEFINITION of the word, “dialogue” and who STILL believe Satan’s lies for power and domination which results in suffering, death, misery, disease, and chronic chaos?



        For just ONCE, I’d like to see one of these alleged alien spacecraft crash right onto a Shopping Mall Parking Lot where everyone and their mother can take out their iPhones and their Droids and VIDEO the damn thing and these “creatures” walking around!

        No edited Zapruder film there, right?

        How would the government instantly show up to confiscate a thousand people’s smartphones, the way they confiscated the films shot by pedestrians on 11/22/63 which they Never returned because their films would show where the shots Really came from that killed JFK?

        I’m so sick and tired of over FIFTY years of the lies, my friends.

        And for the record, when I was 13, I DID witness two “UFO’s” after I CAREFULLY searched for OTHER reasons to explain what I was seeing like reflections, weird lighting angles, etc.

        What I believe NOW is that I saw two experimental craft surrounded by orange lights that glowed onto the white shingles in the backyard I was walking in coming home from a neighbor’s.

        You can feel free to say I am in denial but I’ve had it up to HERE with all the layers of deception and lies our own Government has been feeding us since 1963!

        It was the very very first time I saw my mother cry: November 22, 1963.

        She cried throughout the afternoon, and on the phone with my Aunt. I was filled with fear that day because I did not understand what was happening.

        Who ever conspired to have JFK murdered hurt my mother! That fills me with RAGE right now!

        And his death hurt BILLIONS more (including you and me economically) and allowed for Zillions of missiles to be built with your parents’ and grandparents’ Hard earned TAX dollars– all so a few of the elite could get RICH over the deaths of 58,000 of our young people KILLED for the RICH people’s war!

        And his death STILL hurts us with the insane military-industrial complex, the CIA who created ISIS, and I could go on and on.

        And even though “I’m just getting STARTED”, I will stop here.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Truth NEVER damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

        “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who DISBELIEVE it.” – Gandhi

        “I might BE despicable, but when TRUTH speaks through me, I am INVINCIBLE.” – Gandhi

        • well the ranger goes a bit overboard, but he’s right that its most likely some govt that developed something.

          the universes that might even be possible of containing life are multiple light years away which means that unless aliens are traveling faster than the speed of light; they’re going to have to have multiple generations making the voyage and you have to have some real commitment to have beings that have not been born yet agree to that.
          now, it possible that if some aliens lived thousands of years, they could do it in one generation if they could go fast enough; but that’s very, very unlikely.

          most plausible definition is a govt developed something or is putting on a hoax.

        • the Lone Ranger… agree with all you said about JFK’s impact and the loss to this nation.

      24. Dang it!!! I’ve told my son COUNTLESS TIMES that he can’t fly his drone over 400 feet high!

      25. You know,between illegals/extraterrestrial aliens/isis/the fed and all the alphabet soup agencies/black lives matter(?)/all the emasculating transgender nonsense,Warchild needs,no demands,a “safe space”!So Mac,please accommodate me and create a “safe space”,I refuse to accept consequences of my own actions and refuse to do anything to better my own life and perhaps help better the world,so dammit!give me my “safe space”!

      26. With all the lies and disinformation I would suggest that we keep our minds on the problems at hand. Or at least the ones we figure are coming our way. If the extraterrestrials get in the way. Well shit happens.
        I would imagine they would have some respect for primitive weapons like sticks and stones because they can kill.
        They like to stay in their space ships so they can fly away or disappear into thin air. Pretty smart I’d say.
        Don’t know what those humans will do next. ;0)

      27. Space Aliens, The New Long Pork.

      28. It’s the Russians testing some new technology and they are hoping the stupid Americans think it’s aliens.

      29. Its my belief that its illogical to assume that we’re the only guy in an infinite universe. I also believe that Uncle Sam tends to default to hiding the truth if it doesn’t work to his advantage. In light of the fact that US Senator Barry Goldwater once asked General Curtis LeMay for access to the, “Blue Room” at Wright Patterson AFB and LeMay threw a fit of rage from the mere request its improbable that Goldwater was lying. I think something is up here.

        People that have knowledge about things that Uncle Sam wants to remain secret (See JFK Assassination) Sgt Shultz of, “Hogans Hero’s” fame would have nothing on me if I seen one. “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing”.

      30. Calling Art Bell, Calling Art Bell!

        • Norry is pretty good.

          • Noory is the worst host ever! I swear he is sitting there playing online poker while doing interviews, his attention span is about 2 seconds. People are constantly having to repeat themselves because he is off in la la land. “George: So do you think the aliens are here? Guest: Like I JUST SAID, yes they are here.”

            God damm that guy is annoying and stupid. Besides being a shill and distraction msm owned buttpuppet. Nothing but bigfoot or alien shit or some paranormal crap that can’t be proven (which is what they intend to produce).

            John B. Wells was removed from C2C because he actually had good material and asked good questions. John was trying to expose truth and had a very good rating (higher than Noory)and Noory and the network hated it because he went against the protocol of producing things that were just crap and actually went after real things and conspiracies. Noory makes me sick he is such a worthless asswipe and horrible host. Art Bell has his own show now on his own network if you want some Art Bell. I think Art was threatened into just talking about the same topics as George Snoory though.

            • Genius, I used to listen to Wells on occasion and even Art Bell way back when. Nobody is a joke and also a close friend of Alex Jones. Not a lot of radio hosts I listen to that are worth a shit, but John Wells knew his business.

              • Correction: I meant to say Norry, but nobody is close enough.

      31. Braveheart, No she is married to Mark Kelly; Scott’s twin brother. Just gotta keep you straight . Have a good night I am off to bed spent all day battening down the hatches as we are getting snow here in the Ozarks.

        • Mallard hen, thanks for the correction. I knew it was one or the other.

      32. You all know there’s a giant transmitter on the dark side of the moon, installed by aliens.

        Like a sign it transmits a warning message that says; “Stupid human exhibit, please for safety, stay out of the enclosure. Humans can be dangerous!”.

      33. It might also be from the book

        • Satori

          Lots of NFL targets on Sunday. Threat will always be there. Like Asshat says, Holiday Season and shoppers will be all over the place.

        • Satori, looks like they got the date wrong, but it could still happen at some point.

      34. As much as I hate the Isis scum one thing that’s a positive in my book is the effect that threat of attacks causes people to stay away from malls and events which hurts the wallets of the rich. It’s fuckin genius. We are in the peak holiday season of retail sales. The retailers will do bad this year. I’ve said we should all boycott consumerism. Haven’t been in a store in a few weeks now because I’m too busy making $ to spend it. if people stop consuming for just a short time the prices will have to fall to get your ass back in the store.

      35. Illegal aliens are the real problem just saw Christy say they need to create a safe and no fly zone for the refuges and secure our borders! Amen to that, the most important job our president has is to keep our nation safe! Keep calling ,e mailing and writing your govt employees reminding them
        Of this, and that their own families are depending on It! We are in a perpetual state of war and they need to be reminded of that! Just ask the leaders in Paris this can reach out and touch anyone even leaders and their own families!……..

      36. Need a new thread.

      37. Sling you name it and we will discuss it mac just pull something off beforeitsnews

        • Godsoldier

          That would be stealing his thunder. Although there have been times that threads do a full tilt boogie.

          • Ya it’s a little slow. I just had an idea. Something good to have would be a small periscope. You could make one or buy one and it would be good for peeking over things you are hiding behind without getting yer noodle blown off. I think they make collapsible ones you could put in a BOB. Just a thought..

            • Genius

              In WW1 the British issued a mirror that attached to the end of a bayonet by a clip. Three by two inches. Pretty neat and you didn’t get your head blown off.

              Mechanics mirror might do the trick.

              • sling, I think were onto something here. I wonder if you could attach an eyepiece to magnify the image?

      38. Just moar Freemason C.G.I. and STILL not very good.

      39. I was a child when I watched in wonder as Apollo 13 touched down on the moon. I believe it did,mainly because of the skill of Neil Armstrong. If you watch the news conferences after they came back, all the astronauts were visibly stressed and not celebratory. Armstrong dropped out of the public limelight but left cryptic messages about the future when “layers” of truth could be peeled back. None of these guys got to celebrate what they accomplished. Why? I think they saw something, or were involved in a coverup. If you believe for one moment that NASA lost the moon landing tapes because of cluelessness, you are a fool. Now, more than ever, the ability of the populace to interpret images is elevated past what was possible in the ’60’s. Neil Armstrong died protecting secrets. I had a crush on him as a preteen. I love him for what he did and what he risked as a grand dame. Shame on the ptb for not trusting us enough to tell us the truth. If in doubt about what I am saying, watch the original post trip interviews with the astronauts after they returned. It will make you as sick as Robbie Parker (one of the father’s of the victims) cracking up laughing before his Sandy Hook statement after the “shooting”. We just were not looking for these things back then. But the signs were there. We are being fed, and have been fed a constant diet of lies all round.

      40. BALDERDASH!!!!

        I wasn’t going to post anything but I cannot remain silent forever. This article and the resulting comments leave me little choice.

        Gentlemen and ladies, you are being deceived! There is no outer space and there are no ‘aliens’ from elsewhere coming to destroy us or save us.

        The only thing MASA has ever produced is CGI lies and disinformation. They never went to the moon, and they do not have a space station orbiting a planet because ‘there is no planet!’ Before you think that this is just the raving’s of a nut case, I invite you to look at the evidence.
        Here is a good start to finally ‘open your eyes.’

        Don’t discount it until you have seen it all.

        God bless the TRUTH.

      41. Satan’s kingdom is a Global New World Order, Gods Kingdom is an ‘enclosed FLAT earth.’ Make your choice.

      42. We’re alone in the universe. It’s just God, Earth, angels and demons. Demons pose as extraterrestrials just like they pretend to be spirits of the dead. At some point they will be allowed to reveal themselves to the world as the saviors of the world due to their superior technology and wisdom.

      43. According to woman English agent M16 speech on U-tube:

        Lady Diana, Princess, was killed because she planned to come out in favor of the Palestinians in the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis.

      44. Aliens I know for a fact exist, life on earth came from a commit that hit earth. When that happens bacteria spread and evolved across the planet and became sentient beings, and life that exists on earth is an immatation of life that has once existed or still exists somewhere else. AND their laws of physics may not apply because to the quantum foam theory they may exist on other realms or plains of existence. Everything is a fractal. What makes up an atom and what is outside the multiverse, everything gets infinitely smaller and bigger. Hell we may just be a dream the gods manifested into a reality.

        • Well, I certainly hope a ship arrives soon to take you back to your home planet. A ship with nice padded walls inside.

      45. Oh good grief, it’s PROJECT BLUEBEAM, the CIA’s been working on this for decades. Look it up!

        As Jim Marrs documents in his book “Rise of the Fourth Reich,” the Germans had the technology already back in the 1940’s to do the “hovering without moving in the air,” and the “moving straight up/down while in the air” that so many UFO-sightings describe. Aliens my foot!

        This is why Hollywood is so full of alien movies and TV shows, they’re trying to prepare the sheeple for what’s coming. Outed (by Obama) CIA agent Jim Garrow said on radio at least a year or so ago that Obama is already prepared to do a big dramatic disclosure to the world that “We Are Not Alone,” out at Roswell at the appointed time, whenever that is…

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