Assassination Drones: A Tremendous Threat to Law Enforcement: This Technology Will Reshape the Meaning of “War”

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    Editor’s note: The following article from Mike Adams of Natural News delves into the topic of micro drone technology and how it will shape the future. We know that the U.S. military has been using drones to effectively kill scores of enemies (and innocents) in the middle east, and some local police departments have begun utilizing drone technology for surveillance here at home. On the commercial side, we’ve seen promotional videos that depict Amazon drones delivering boxes to customers and real estate agents using them to promote homes for sale.

    But these implementations only scratch the surface of what’s to come. With advancements in drone technology now leading to smaller, faster and easier-to-control drone systems like quadracopters, it is only a matter of time before these robotic devices are used for other, not necessarily legal purposes.  

    As Mike notes, one of the first up and coming uses will likely include the ability to assassinate individuals remotely, either through launching a projectile at a target, or simply going kamikaze and blowing it up. This will undoubtedly spur new innovations in the self defense  market as well, as high value individuals the world over rush to protect themselves against the possibility that they will be targeted by a swarm of deadly drone bots. It is an interesting topic to explore, because it will happen in the very near future. Micro-drones won’t just be able to kill us or protect us, they’ll be capable of watching us everywhere we go. In the next few years, when someone says “I wish I was a fly on that wall,” they may well be able to realistically make it happen.

    There is no stopping this technology. It’s coming whether we like it or not. Counter technologies that can remotely shut down these systems would be the only plausible solution to those concerned about the threat. Portable non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse defense guns, anyone?

    Citizens strike back: Tiny, low-cost drones may one day assassinate corrupt politicians, corporate CEOs and street criminals
    By Mike Adams (Natural News)

    This is an important analysis article on what I believe will be a coming wave of “Kamikaze assassination micro drones” which will soon be affordable enough for everyday citizens to deploy against selected targets. Why is this discussion important? Because these micro drones have the very real potential to re-shape the distribution of power across our planet… and they may pose a real danger to public safety and security across society.

    (As you read this article, please bear in mind that I do not in any way condone the tactical applications described herein. This article is a WARNING, not an endorsement, of this very dangerous convergence of trending technologies which may threaten us all.)

    Tiny assassination drones must be understood as a revolutionary new kind of weapon, and there is firm historical precedent for dramatic sociopolitical shifts rising out of such revolutions.

    For example, the invention of the gunpowder-based rifle radically decentralized military power, making firepower affordable and available to the masses. This caused a global wave of popular revolutions that ultimately lead to modern-day representative government, where those in power were suddenly forced to listen to the needs of their armed citizens. (Before the invention of gunpowder, kings simply deployed heavily-armored knights against citizens, forcing the peons into obedience thanks to a vastly superior weapons and defense system that was completely out of reach of the masses.)

    Today we have large-scale militarized “drones” — unmanned aerial vehicles or UAV’s — enjoying widespread deployment by the Pentagon, which plans to spend $2.5 billion next year on these drones (1). These UAVs conduct mission reconnaissance, target acquisition and weapons delivery all on the same platform. For now, they represent a battlefield tactical edge for the United States of America, but that advantage is likely to be short-lived for reasons discussed here.

    Drone miniaturization, facial recognition systems and kinetic kamikaze missions

    From studying trends in drone development, both in terms of software and hardware, I am now predicting the development of facial-recognition “kamikaze micro drones” capable of carrying out targeted human assassination missions with remarkable precision and reliability. The four trends that will lead to this are:

    1) Drone miniaturization: The development of mass-produced, affordable “micro drones” about the size of a common bird. These will likely be produced as hobby aircraft which will be easily modified to take on a more aggressive role.

    2) Facial recognition systems: The miniaturization of facial recognition software / hardware systems which may be deployed on micro drones and powered by very small on-board power supplies.

    3) Rapid advances in drone manufacturing efficiency, resulting in greater affordability of drone platforms by smaller and smaller groups, including corporations, smaller nations, universities, vigilantes and even activist groups.

    4) Incremental improvements in the power density of on-board batteries, allowing greater flight time and more CPU-intensive on-board computations.

    These four trends will ultimately result in the creation of “Kamikaze assassination micro drones” with the ability to search for, identify and terminate a specific human target. It is likely, in fact, that many governments of the world are already working on this technology.

    This technology will reshape the meaning of “war by allowing rogue nations like North Korea, for example, to simply ship tens of thousands of such drones into the USA via China, marked as “toys” on import manifests. Once in the USA, these micro assassination drones can be dropped from low-flying airplanes or released from vehicles in city parks to carry out their pre-programmed missions of targeted assassinations across U.S. cities.

    Future Air Force battles may be carried out by palm-sized aircraft

    The United States Air Force already appears to be developing such devices, by the way. As journalist Susanne Posel writes at (2)

    Under the Air Vehicles Directorate branch of the US Air Force, research is being conducted to perfect remote-controlled micro air vehicles (MAVs) that are expected to “become a vital element in the ever-changing war-fighting environment and will help ensure success on the battlefield of the future.”

    See this promotional video about MAVs under development right now:

    How Kamikaze micro drones will work

    Kamikaze micro drones do not need to carry conventional weapons or explosives of any kind. Instead, they may simply carry an on-board serrated puncture weapon such as a crossbow hunting broad tip, affixed to the end of a shaft in a spear arrangement.

    As shown in the image on the right, these devices are commonly available right now on, where they are called “Killzone broadheads” and boast the following marketing claims:

    * The new Killzone Crossbow is a 2 blade rear-deploying broadhead that packs a devastating 2″ cutting diameter
    * 2″ cutting diameter for devastating wound channels & excellent penetration
    * Heavy-duty, Razor-sharp .039″ blades

    These crossbow hunting tips can also be purchased with cash at any sporting goods store.

    Next, the Kamikaze drone’s on-board operating system is loaded with the facial imagery of the intended target, then released in an area the target is known to frequent (such as near their home, a restaurant, or their place of employment).

    The micro drone expends energy to fly to a “perch” location from which it can conduct covert facial recognition surveillance without being spotted and without expending the enormous amount of energy needed to hover in place. From this perch location, the drone will observe faces passing by, comparing them to its intended target.

    Once the micro drone spots the intended target, it can either “dial home” and transmit a picture of the target to a remote operator for a human kill decision, or it can be programmed to make that decision autonomously based on a threshold of certainty in the facial recognition match.

    Once the kill decision has been made, the micro drone deploys its serrated spear and launches itself toward the target at high speed, aiming to thrust the spear into the neck of the subject. A two-inch-wide cutting pattern almost guarantees the blades will slice through an artery or possibly even sever the spinal column. Although the micro drone’s mass seems quite small, the human neck is especially vulnerable and can be easily penetrated by a serrated short spear carried with the momentum of a small object flying at high speed.

    Once the attack is complete, the drone is simply abandoned, having completed its job. It can be pre-programmed to wide its own memory, erasing any traces of its programming code or flight history.

    What if anyone could kill almost anyone else for about five thousand dollars?

    In time, such drones could be purchased or built for less than a thousand dollars each. With an estimated mission success rate of 20%, that means the out-of-pocket cost to successfully kill someone with one of these drones might only be $5,000.

    Before I explain why this matters, let me be clear that I am wholly against the use of violence to achieve commercial or political gain, and in no way do I condone the use of Kamikaze drones as described here. In fact, this article should serve as a warning to what’s coming in the hopes that we might achieve some globally-observed limits on drone deployment.

    But until that happens, here’s where this is headed: At $5,000 per assassination, there is a very long list of corporations, politicians, activists and individuals who would be willing to deploy these drones to assassinate all kinds of targets: members of Congress, corporate rivals, political enemies, competing drug dealers, ex-wives or ex-husbands… and the list goes on.

    These kamikaze micro drones could even be used as weapons of war. Imagine Iran or North Korea, for example, deploying thousands of such devices around Washington D.C. with the sole purpose of killing as many U.S. Senators and members of Congress as possible. Tactically, that’s a very low-cost war with a very high “return” in terms of “enemy casualties” from the point of view of the attacker.

    But individuals and vigilantes could also use the technology for their own purposes at a local level. Ponder for a moment what happens when anyone with a mere $5,000 and a few photos of their intended target can simply release a small drone out of a backpack and set back while that micro drone locates and assassinates their intended target (using commonly available killing weapons, no less). The ease of operations is shockingly low, making such solutions readily available to anyone willing to surf the ‘net and download the operating system that carries out such activities. (Source code will no doubt be posted on many hacktivism sites.)

    It’s not difficult to imagine local neighborhood watch groups pooling their funds and deploying drones to kill local drug dealers who terrorize the streets, for example. Even vigilantes who seek to protect their fellow citizens might see themselves as some sort of “drone superheroes” who deploy kamikaze drones to take out local crime bosses or dirty politicians who violate the law.

    Everyday citizens would have the power to assassinate Presidents

    What we are really looking at here — and again I must repeat and urge that IN NO WAY DO I CONDONE OR ENCOURAGE SUCH ACTS OF VIOLENCE — is the rise of a decentralized, affordable technology which could someday allow ordinary citizens to quite literally assassinate Presidents.

    Which Presidents? Any that you can imagine, of course: Presidents of nations, Presidents of corporations, Presidents of universities and so on. It is very difficult to imagine how highly-visible people could be protected against such attacks based on present-day defensive tactics and weaponry. Handguns and rifles, for example, would be very hard-pressed to shoot down a fast-moving micro drone making a kamikaze attack.

    The U.S. Secret Service, a group of incredibly well-trained and highly-dedicated individuals, probably has never faced a micro drone attack and very likely has no training for how to deal with such an attack. Clearly this is going to have to change in the very near future as such drones come within reach of everyday people. Every high-ranking member of every government around the world, in fact, is going to need to start thinking about how to be safe out in the open once these micro drones become a reality. (I have developed some detailed ideas on defensive tactics against such attempts, if anybody from the U.S. Secret Service is interested…)

    The bottom line on this is that anyone who appears out in the open — giving a speech, taking a walk in the park, or pursuing a campaign trail — could be easily assassinated with one or more such Kamikaze micro drones. No one is immune from such attacks.

    Another key “advantage” of this weapon system — from the point of view of the attacker — is that the attack is virtually untraceable. The person who launches the attack could be miles away by the time the drone actually strikes, and there’s no trail of gun registrations, ammo purchases or explosives to track down. In fact, the drone could be programmed to wipe its own memory clean after the attack is carried out, erasing any on-board evidence of the executable code, target images or operating system. The only evidence left behind would be the hardware platform of the drone itself, which is likely to be based on a readily available “hobby” drone chassis that’s impossible to link to any specific individual.

    As you can see, this would create real nightmares for law enforcement investigators. And in a society that we all would like to see remain peaceful and safe, the idea that some individuals could operate deadly assassination drones with near-impunity should be downright alarming. Because many people would use this technology with some highly destructive intent.

    A tremendous threat to law enforcement

    As Natural News readers already know, I have worked closely alongside law enforcement in the past, engaging in fundraising, defensive martial arts training and more. One of my greatest fears with this kamikaze micro drone weapons platform is that it could easily be used by even a poorly-financed drug gang to eliminate local law enforcement personnel en masse, right before a major drug run activity takes place.

    A small air force of such drones — say, 100 drones at just $1,000 each — could swarm a small town and kill any member of law enforcement spotted in public. That’s a mere $100,000 investment for a drug gang that might be making a multi-million-dollar smuggling run through a small urban chokepoint.

    Similarly, an activist group committed to acts of violence could quite literally launch a war on the CEOs or employees of any targeted corporation. If some group didn’t like an oil company, or a factory farming operations, or even a weapons manufacturer, it would quite easily purchase and launch a swarm of micro-drones to kill employees as they walk through the company’s parking lot each day, for example. It doesn’t take very many casualties of key corporate scientists to derail R&D programs.

    In all, the potential for a “micro drone Wild West” is very real and very concerning. And here’s why it could be even more wild than you might imagine…

    Mass chaos because there’s no personal risk

    The availability of low cost but highly effective kamikaze micro drones could unleash real chaos across society for a reason you may not have anticipated: the attackers do not put themselves at risk.

    Allow me to explain: In a town where everybody carries a loaded gun, you have the widespread available of weapons, but each person puts their own life at risk by deploying any such weapon. That’s why an armed society “is a polite society,” as they say. Guns are everywhere, but nobody wants to die in a gunfight, so the guns stay in their holsters. In summary, you can’t deploy the weapon without the risk of getting killed in the process.

    But kamikaze micro drones take the risk of personal harm out of the equation. The weapon is no longer attached to the person. They are physically far apart. Now you have cheap killing machines with zero personal risk of harm on the part of the attacker. If the drone gets destroyed, they’ve only lost whatever money it costs to replace it. Even if the drone gets captured, it’s not easy to link back to the attacker, so personal risk is minimized.

    So with micro drones, we have a society where everybody can have a deadly assassination weapon without the risk that would traditionally accompany an attempted assassination. In effect, we now have “anonymous assassination weapons,” and as we’ve seen in online gaming, the results of anonymous actions are often disastrous: when their own real life isn’t at stake, people will behave in erratic, power-hungry ways that would never be pursued if their own lives were at risk. And because the micro drone does the killing for them, “killers” no longer have to do any killing themselves. They don’t even need to know how to use a knife, or a gun or explosives. All they need is to buy a micro drone, download the kamikaze software, load up a couple of pictures of their target, and let it loose on the sidewalk.

    That makes killing frighteningly easy, affordable and accessible to the masses. For obvious reasons, this is not something we would ever want to see in a civilized society.

    Drone anarchy?

    In the minds of some people, this might in some ways be argued as a good thing. In a world where power is increasingly centralized in the hands of the few, the ability to easily acquire and deploy affordable, targeted killing machines might be called by some a “leveling of the playing field of power.”

    Yet I would urge a careful review of all the implications of such technology before reaching any firm conclusions. The widespread availability of anonymous, autonomous killing machines should be treated with extreme caution. Because in a world where autonomous killing machines are readily available and affordable, those who already sit in positions of centralized power would also have access to these machines in very large numbers.

    Anyone the authorities wanted to eliminate could simply have their face images fed into a network of micro drones deployed across any given city. A few hours later, they’re all dead, and the city didn’t even have to involve human police officers or court judges. The drone killings of citizens might even be sanctioned by the courts as a sort of “affordable justice” in a society increasingly burdened by runaway debt and bankruptcies.

    Remember: President Obama has already built the “legal” framework for the drone killings of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. Now it’s only a question of the technology catching up with the lawlessness that has already been embraced by the government itself (where due process is now considered ancient history).

    When considering the implications of these drones, it’s important to look at all the various parties that might be tempted to use them (and for what purpose). It’s not difficult to imagine all the following groups wanting to deploy assassination drones: corporations, vigilantes, drug gangs, the military, the CIA, local law enforcement, federal law enforcement, terrorist groups, nation state enemies of America, anarchists and possibly even entertainment junkies who would stage drone killings just to post the “drone snuff films” on the ‘net.

    How to hide from drones

    All this means more and more people will someday need to hide their faces if they wish to venture out into the open world. This may soon include important political figures, celebrities, corporate leaders and almost anyone with a publicly-recognizable face.

    A number of strategies are already being explored for this purpose. For example, artist Adam Harvey is currently working on the CV Dazzle project which explores face paint camouflage patterns that confuse facial recognition systems:

    Here’s another face camouflage strategy that uses hair design and makeup to deter facial recognition systems:

    See more patterns at

    Another inventor has also developed a printable face mask that he calls a Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic.

    His company is Urme Surveillance, and he also has an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the project.

    As the Urme Surveillance website explains, “Our world is becoming increasingly surveilled. For example, Chicago has over 25,000 cameras networked to a single facial recognition hub. We don’t believe you should be tracked just because you want to walk outside and you shouldn’t have to hide either. Instead, use one of our products to present an alternative identity when in public.”

    With the rise of kamikaze micro drones, protecting your identity in public may be more than a privacy tactic… it may mean the difference between living and dying.

    Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is the founding editor of, the internet’s No. 1 natural health news website, now reaching 7 million unique readers a month.


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      1. Rise of the citizen machines, beware politicians and others who would upsurp our liberties.

        • Beware the MASTERS of the “politicians and others who would upsurp our liberties”! They are middle men and deserve their time in the docket for their crimes against humanity, but do not overlook the deceitful MASTERS, the earthly command and control.

          “The thesis of this book is that Judaism and Christianity do not form a common tradition, ‘the Judeo-Christian tradition.’ They are not compatible … only now, FOR REASONS OF POLITICS AND SOCIOLOGY, have some representatives of Judaism maintained otherwise….”

          Jews and Christians: the myth of a common tradition, Rabbi Jacob Neusner, ISBN 1-586841-08-4, Binghamton NY: Classics in Judaic Studies

          • U.S. Federal Gun Control Legislation, 1968 — present

            Emanuel Celler(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Representative from New York(1923 — 1973)
            Howard M. Metzenbaum(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from Ohio(1974, 1976 — 1995)
            Carl M. Levin(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from Michigan(1979 — present)
            Thomas P. “Tom” Lantos(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Representative from California(1981 — 2008)
            Arlen Specter(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from Pennsylvania(1981 — present)
            Charles E. “Chuck” Schumer(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from New York(1999 — present), Democratic Represenative from New York(1981-1999)
            Frank R. Lautenberg(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from New Jersey(1982 — 2001, 2003 — present)
            Barbara L. Boxer(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from California(1993 — present), Democratic Representative from California(1983 — 1993)
            Herbert H. “Herb” Kohl(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from Wisconsin(1989 — present)
            Dianne G. Feinstein(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Senator from California(1992 — present)
            Jerrold L. Nadler(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Representative from New York(1992 — present)
            Steven R. “Steve” Rothman(Ashkenazi Jew), Democratic Representative from New Jersey(1997 — present)

            HOLLY SMOKES!! OyVEHY! Just..Another..”Coincidence” folks?

            PS: thats a Partial List! theres way More Khazars where these came from thats also involved in every antigun attempt!

        • This is good, but if I ever choose to kill without it being in self-defense, I’m going to seek the person out and let them see me and look down the barrel of my weapon before I squeeze.

          • All ready on the right? All ready on the left? All ready on the firing line. Mark your targets.

            Fire! 🙂

            • We need to fight against this. Anonymous murder in anyone’s hands is not what America’s about.

              • This world is looking more and more like those terrible science fiction movies that few of us thought we would actually see. The bad part of this is that the evil will use these devices against the innocent and against those that don’t just bow down and conform to what a tyrannical government, not just the U.S. government, says is “proper behavior and proper thought”. Sure seems like the end times are rapidly approaching like a runaway train.

              • Hey MAC,

                Not such great timing on posting this article with the recent killings in Las Vegas.

                I tend to be big on love thy neighbor and thou shalt not kill, so I’m with Grafique in his statement. I’m not looking forward to seeing my boys grow up in the midst of a civil war of this type.

                I also think most leaders are monomaniacs, or sociopaths. So I just don’t have a lot of confidence that the next one will be in the same line as Washington and Jefferson. But then I guess there will be a drone with his name on it huh?

              • “…The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists…

                …Keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”

                — Noel Ignatiev, Jew Harvard professor and founder of, Race Traitor

                “Political Zionism is an agency of Big Business. It is being used by Jewish and Christian financiers in this country and Great Britain, to make Jews believe that Palestine will be ruled by a descendant of King David who will ultimately rule the world. What seclusion! It will lead to war between Arabs and Jews and eventually to war between Moslems and non-Moslems. That will be the turning point of history.”

                — Henry H. Klein, “A Jew Warns Jews,” 1947.

                “BLESSED Are The PEACEMAKERS”, bible verse, that These jews must have not gotten the message of eh?

                “The Jewish Question is being discussed by statesmen in a way more acute and compelling than ever before in the history of the world. They can do whatever they want, but the nations of the earth well never be able to get away from this question. The Jewish serpent will show its hydra’s heads everywhere, blocking the way to a relaxation of international tensions. We Jews will not allow peace in the world, however hard statesmen and peace advocates try to bring it about.”

                — London Jewish Chronicle, March 3, 1939

                “World War II was a Zionist plot to make way for the foundation of the Jewish State in Palestine.”

                — Joseph Burg, an anti-Zionist Jew

                “The Roosevelt Administration has selected more Jews to fill influential positions than any previous administration.”

                — Brooklyn Jewish Examiner, October 20, 1933.

                “We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races of Europe. Taken as a whole, everything is Jewdified. Our ideas animate everything. Our spirit reigns over the world. We are the Lords.”

                — Dr. Kurt Munzer, “The Way to Zion.”

                (At least the tribe still has a small few willing to be openly Honest in these revealing admitions eh).

            • RC Frequency Jammers will be selling like Hotcakes as the sky rains down with drones. Everything runs on a Frequency Range. Alternative: Practice up on clay pigeon shooting. Same thing. There are other Federal Agencies like NOAA getting into Flying Drones. Monitor the airwaves folks, that the key to all of this.

              • No one is allowed to buy or sell, unless they take the Mark. This is where we’re at. No barter. No buying. No kidding.

              • Guard dogs or dogs that defend herds and flocks against predators are given thick collars around their necks for protection.

                I guess everyone will have to wear thick metal collars around their necks whenever they go outside. Or dress up in suits of armor like in medieval days.

                • What if the drone is carrying a 1 watt IR laser to illuminate the eyes of the target and cause permanent blindness? Since the effect takes some time to come to fruition, it’s execution is nebulous. Since it can be accomplished from distances without moving from a perch, it can sit and “do” everyone looking in the “right” direction all day or night until its power runs low. It could “do” anyone using an employee only door. It could be programmed to recognize specific uniforms. It can certainly be used to “do” security cameras. Killing state operatives is less demoralizing than crippling them and less costly, too.

            • $5,000.00… my two buddies Gwedo and Vini will “DO” someone for $1000.00 each and I get a thumb as proof. I have ordered my mask though and will get a nice kevlar scarf…. they have them in charteuse……
              PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

          • They can make these drones so small, we might not even be detected until it is too late.

            From the Wall Street Journal…

            “Harvard University researchers have developed a still tinier drone, the RoboBee, which has insectlike wings that span the diameter of a half dollar. The whole machine weighs less than a third of a penny.”

            Potential uses of these tiny drones include surveillance and traffic monitoring.


            • The govt aint the only ones who can use drones. Sometimes Karma has to be a well planned strategy, not just a possibility.

            • And they will be able to mass produce them cheap too!

          • JUNE 8th, 1967 was a Historic event Day….

            Jun 8, 1967:
            Israel attacks USS Liberty

            During the Six-Day War, Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats attack the USS Liberty in international waters off Egypt’s Gaza Strip. The intelligence ship, well-marked as an American vessel and only lightly armed, was attacked first by Israeli aircraft that fired napalm and rockets at the ship. The Liberty attempted to radio for assistance, but the Israeli aircraft blocked the transmissions. Eventually, the ship was able to make contact with the U.S. carrier Saratoga, and 12 fighter jets and four tanker planes were dispatched to defend the Liberty. When word of their deployment reached Washington, however, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ordered them recalled to the carrier, and they never reached the Liberty. The reason for the recall remains unclear.

            Back in the Mediterranean, the initial air raid against the Liberty was over. Nine of the 294 crewmembers were dead and 60 were wounded. Suddenly, the ship was attacked by Israeli torpedo boats, which launched torpedoes and fired artillery at the ship. Under the command of its wounded captain, William L. McGonagle, the Liberty managed to avert four torpedoes, but one struck the ship at the waterline. Heavily damaged, the ship launched three lifeboats, but these were also attacked–a violation of international law. Failing to sink the Liberty, which displaced 10,000 tons, the Israelis finally desisted. In all, 34 Americans were killed and 171 were wounded in the two-hour attack. In the attack’s aftermath, the Liberty managed to limp to a safe port.

            Prez LBJ did massive cover-Ups on it! To This day, usa sen McStain has led the charge of a continued vast cover-up, even rejecting Dead sailors Family members Crys and pleas during several offical senate hearnings.

            If I recall correct during one crying family member womens pleas for John Mcstain to at least open a true investigation and allow sealed records info be finally revealed etc…John Mcstain ON Tape and Video angrily began to cuss and swear at that weeping crying distrought women…McStains Daddy was the Top naval Admiral in control of 2/3rd entire navy fleet during Nam war etc..

            Amazeing how swell israeli jewish Bribe $$$$ works to Buy even the souls of a us senator eh…

          • Calm down keyboard assassin!

      2. I’d wear an Obama mask but everyone would be after me!

        • Unless you’re surrounded by a phalanx of linebacker sized bodyguards, I’ve leave the Obama mask on the shelf at home.

      3. Loved this!

        • That’s because, as we all or should know, it’s an oligarchy…

          You me and most here know this…I just wish everybody knew…

          Kudos for the link!!

      4. Those drones are fair game if they get within rifle range. If they get close enough to me, I will shoot them down.

        • The tactic will be to send a swarm of them at the target, so you’d better get yourself a Sea Whizz or something.

        • Sir, unless you’re Bob Munden, I would stick to something full auto….. oops, already outlawed.

          12 gauge might do the job, but then we’re back to semi-auto maximums.

          Looks like we’ll have to look to 3D printing to get the job done.

          FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE :u]

      5. I had never thought to compost some of these items.

        80+ Items You Can Compost

        “Composting is a key component of the eco-friendly puzzle, because it takes waste that’s destined for landfills and turns it into usable, nutrient-rich soil, which is perfect for gardening.”

        Most people focus on kitchen scraps, but that’s just the very tip of the composting iceberg. Did you know you could also include the following?”
        1. Dryer lint
        2. “Dust bunnies”
        3. The insides of a vacuum bag (just empty the bag into the compost bin)
        4. The contents of your dustpan (just use discretion)
        5. Coffee grounds
        6. Coffee filters
        7. Tea bags/loose leaf tea
        8. Soy/rice/almond/etc milk
        9. Nut shells (but not walnut, which may be toxic to plants)
        10. Pumpkin/sunflower/sesame seeds (chop them to ensure they won’t grow)
        11. Avocado pits (chop them up so they won’t sprout)
        12. Pickles
        13. Stale tortilla chips/potato chips
        14. Stale crackers
        15. Crumbs (bread or other baked goods)
        16. Old breakfast cereal
        17. Bran (wheat or oat, etc)
        18. Seaweed/nori/kelp
        19. Tofu/tempeh
        20. Frozen fruits and vegetables
        21. Expired jam or jelly
        22. Egg shells
        23. Old, moldy “soy dairy” and other dairy substitutes
        24. Stale Halloween candy and old nutrition/protein bars
        25. Popcorn kernels (post-popping, the ones that didn’t make it)
        26. Old herbs and spices
        27. Cooked rice
        28. Cooked pasta
        29. Oatmeal
        30. Peanut shells
        31. Booze (beer and wine)
        32. Wine corks
        33. Egg cartons (not Styrofoam)
        34. Toothpicks
        35. Q-tips (not the plastic ones)
        36. Bamboo Skewers
        37. Matches
        38. Sawdust
        39. Pencil shavings
        40. Fireplace ash (fully extinguished and cooled)
        41. Burlap sacks
        42. Cotton or wool clothes, cut into strips
        43. Paper towels
        44. Paper napkins
        45. Paper table cloths
        46. Paper plates (non wax- or plastic-coated)
        47. Crepe paper streamers
        48. Holiday wreaths
        49. Balloons (latex only)
        50. Raffia fibers (wrapping or decoration)
        51. Excelsior (wood wool)
        52. Old potpourri
        53. Dried flowers
        54. Fresh flowers
        55. Dead houseplants (or their dropped leaves)
        56. Human hair (from a home haircut or saved from the barber shop)
        57. Toenail clippings
        58. Trimmings from an electric razor
        59. Pet hair
        60. Domestic bird and bunny droppings
        61. Feathers
        62. Fish food
        63. Aquatic plants (from aquariums)
        64. Dog food
        65. Rawhide dog chews
        66. Ratty old rope
        67. The dead flies on the windowsill
        68. Pizza boxes and cereal boxes (shredded first)
        69. Toilet paper and paper towel rolls (shredded first)
        70. Paper muffin/cupcake cups
        71. Cellophane bags (real cellophane, not regular clear plastic)
        72. Kleenex (including used)
        73. Condoms (latex only)
        74. Old loofahs (real, not synthetic)
        75. Cotton balls
        76. Tampon applicators (cardboard, not plastic) and tampons (including used)
        77. Newspaper
        78. Junk mail
        79. Old business cards (not the glossy ones)
        80. Old masking tape
        81. White glue/plain paste

        • 82. Jimmy Hoffa
          83. Obama’s birth certificate
          84. Warranty card for your made-in-china electronics
          85. America’s self esteem as a nation
          86. Morality of modern society

          These all decompose to the point of non-existence.

          sorry, KY Mom, I couldn’t resist! 🙂

          • LOL 🙂

            • LOL!!!

        • Wow…never knew those items could be composted either! Thanks KY Mom for the info!

      6. Oh please.

        The tech for an RC kamikaze attack has existed since 1984. Tamiya Frog packed full of… whatever.

        I don’t recall anyone flipping out over that (or even attempting it for that matter).

        • It’s the facial recognition/decision-making ability that makes this a new threat.
          It gives the capability for anonymous murder. Now you don’t have a guy with a remote controller near the scene of the murder; it’s all programmed into the drone without any potential witnesses.

          • State Motto of Israel: “Thru Deception you shall cause Wars”…Deception? aka LIES? how do they do that stuff?

            Like This!

            “Terrorism and ‘revenge’ were…to be glorified as the ‘moral… and even sacred’ values of Israeli society. . . . [T]he military symbol was now Unit 101, led by Arik [Ariel] Sharon. …The lives of Jewish victims…had to be sacrificed to create provocations justifying subsequent reprisals. … A hammering, daily propaganda, controlled by the censors, was directed to feed the Israeli population with images of the monstrosity of the Enemy.”

            — from the dairy of Moshe Sharett, Prime Minister of Israel, in Livia Rokach’s “Israels Sacred Terrorism” p. 44 (1980). Rokach’s father was Sharett’s minister of the Interior and had access to inside information. She was later found dead in a hotel room in Rome under mysterious circumstances.

            Meanwhile as her dead body lay cooling off still…Hillery the Mad Dykstress was reported to have been seen by several astute witness’s…Reports claim the deranged Hillery K, was going at least 40MPH On Foot! as she scurried away from the crime scene, like a trapped RAT!(No not really! just wanted to add that part in for some humor)

      7. Of course anarchists would be lumped in with law enforcement.

        However, anarchism is not about violence but more about liberty through the absence of freedom stealing governmental agencies like law enforcement.

        Empire doublespeak from someone who has worked side by side with the oppressors.

        • I noticed that, too, JRS. Lumping vigilantes, anarchists and such in with the likes of governments, universities and corporations. I think we’ve been insulted, maybe even slandered!
          Not that I’m a pure anarchist as such, but I do favor a tiny, accountable government over the evil behemoth we have.
          Another term that caught my attention was “ordinary citizen”. I see this all the time and it kinda bugs me. NO true citizen is just ‘ordinary’. The very nature of the word bestows a recognition of personal responsibility and freedom that, sadly, few in the world today, actually have.
          If only there were so many millions of ‘citizens’ that they were simply ‘ordinary’ by virtue of their abundance. What we have today is not ‘ordinary citizens’ but an extraordinary number of ‘ordinary sheep’. Citizen is a concept they’d have trouble even defining, much less living out in daily life….

        • Anarchists are naive enough to think that the world would be a peaceful place without government. In reality, without a strong and effective government, we’d be under the control of cartels or warlords.

          • 10-4. dozens of thumbs up.

            • “We killed them out of a certain naive hubris. Believing with absolute certitude that now, with the White House, the Senate, and much of the American media in our hands, the lives of others do not count as much as our own….”

              Ari Shavit, an Israeli columnist, reflected sorrowfully on the wanton Israeli killing of more than a hundred Lebanese civilians, (from the Israeli paper Ha’aretz) in the May 27, 1996, issue of the New York Times.

              Jews for Jesus?..Yeah!…Riiiggghhhtttt!

              “One of the finest things ever done by the mob was the Crucifixion of Christ. Intellectually it was a splendid gesture. But trust the mob to bungle the job. If I’d had charge of executing Christ, I’d have handled it differently. You see, what I’d have done was had him shipped to Rome and fed him to the lions. They could never have made a savior out of mincemeat!”

              – Rabbi Ben Hecht

              Feelin that jew Love yet Grafique?

          • Not even warlord status, just the last gang to pass through your area.

          • I get it, BC.

            “Without a strong and effective government, we’d be under the control of cartels and warlords.”

            Like we aren’t now?

            Anarchy simply means the non-aggression principle in action. “Except in SELF – DEFENSE one does not have the right to use violence against another.”

            Apart from existing by coercion and theft, government exists to force the will of a few upon the rest of us. It isn’t there to protect our private property or liberty …it is there to destroy them.

            How many carrier battle groups do anarchists have? None, because we don’t need any.

            Government … causing more violence than it has prevented for 10,000 years.

            And as a throw away, read what the Founding Fathers had to say about standing armies.

          • Like we aren’t already under the control of cartels/warlords. They just give themselves a different name, and most people are naive enough to believe them.

            • A Mr. WHITEY Public Service Announcment:

              WAKY WAKY Whiteys!

              Ask yourself this: What if you discovered a poisonous and criminal letter targeting you, but somehow everyone attacked you for merely bringing it up — would that make any sense? They’ve turned everything so around in our own countries (not just America), that Whites now literally fear opening their mouths to each other.

              These people have long been in a silent race war against the White race and Christianity — no question about it. They just don’t want you to figure that out. This has got to change — will you have the courage to speak out about these hugely subversive people?

              Do You know who the Khazars are? Why Not? Perhaps You Should!

          • Government is a cartel that controls most everyone as things are now. It really doesn’t change much if another cartel takes over instead. Once an individual has the power to stand against a collective there will be no more cartels/governments/warlords. The robot, drone, wireless communications, and home manufacturing technology that is right around the corner will me anyone can kill anyone, anytime, for any reason. Resources and number will no longer offer any security. The only effective security will be anonymity and secrecy. Too big to fail will soon become too big to survive. Everyone in the puplic eye will become a target good and bad alike because people kill because of greed and envy more often than liberation and self defence. This future is set in stone because the technology is here today. Once the pricing is low enough and the first few remote attacks show up in the media any sort of collective control will be impossible.

      8. They can have my drone when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.

        Drone-fight at the OK Corral.

        Have drone, Will travel.

        When drones are outlawed…

        • Peter Drone.

      9. So strap an emitter onto yourself emitting garbage instructions in all the frequencies of the typical RC… carrier… wave… thingy… whatever.

        Amplify the crap out of it.

        Presto drone goes apesh*t and flies into the ground.

        Whoopie doo this is too easy.

        • But thats what is the little bit different from 1980s (referencing your previous comment). No one needs control it with RC. Drones can be autonomous. Set these tiny guys loose to find and destroy. And the quad rotor types don’t necessarily fly in straight lines like old RC planes.

          • OHHH you are assuming autonomous???

            … well bad news there… or good news… or something (bad from the point of view of peaceful applications of computer tech)…

            You got about 20 years before you get an AI smart enough to straight up PILOT that thing. If not longer.

            The military ones are RC, to my understanding.

            Facial recognition is just a “capture” event that links to a database and does a pattern match (likley BADLY at this stage of tech).

            So you are talking about an onboard database, and a facial recognition program, and a cell phone of some kind (hint: traceable) for the “human kill order”, and an AI that can mash all this together AND fly the thing regardless of wind conditions.

            Yeah… well. I wouldn’t worry just yet.

            When you finally DO need to worry… in 20 years… I assume Radar works on some kind of wave that gets reflected back and that is in a certain spectrum. Just plop up all sorts of little radar emitting thingies all over every telephone pole. Bingo it’s blind. Effective ban-hammer.

            • I think you are about 10 years behind ind your assessment. In 2004 I’d have agreed with you. Go check youtube for UAVs and face recognition.

      10. The hell?

        “3) Rapid advances in drone manufacturing efficiency, resulting in greater affordability of drone platforms by smaller and smaller groups, including corporations, smaller nations, universities, vigilantes and even activist groups.”

        You man cheaper thatn the $150 I can get one for right now on Amazon?

        Look. This analogy is badly flawed. For real. This is not gunpowder by any stretch of the imagination. This is a toy RC helicopter that is stable enough for a kid to fly. And that’s all.

        Just overpower the control signal. It’s not hard. When I used to run RC cars, this happened all the time just by accident. Someone at the track would be on my frequency and I’d command forward while they were commanding reverse and it would burn out my speed controller.

        • There is no control signal. These new drones are autonomous, meaning they fly based on a computer program. Nobody is flying them. They might not necessarily even be sending video back to home.

      11. I’d prefer the dread locks hair over the rubber mask. That mask must be hotter than hell in the summer time. Besides, when every one around you is sweating, and you’re not, your cover is blown. Good article. Thanks Mac.

      12. Tactically, that’s a very low-cost war with a very high “return” in terms of “enemy casualties” from the point of view of the attacker.

        Um no.

        And then they backtrace the parts manufacture location since the sucker’s still in one piece… and back trace the bills of sale. And voila, it was Iran or some known agent operating for Iran.

        Suddenly Iran’s “cost” of this “inexpensive” war goes through the ceiling as their country’s ambient temperature exceeds that of the surface of the sun…

        • These people are not going to Radio Shack to buy parts, and they’re not going to use a credit card and leave a convenient paper trail. They will manufacture drones from raw materials using nonstandard processes and nonstandard tooling, so there will be no way to trace anything.

          It is possible to construct things without leaving any forensic evidence.

      13. See… one makes a drone body out of an explosive poly.or simply attaches 1lb of c4 to it…even the anazon drones that xan hold digi cameras can be lethal… shit some quarter stick

      14. Great once again another “possible in the future” article to keep people scared and buying those #10 cans and that precious metal huh?!?

        While anything is possible, what happened to this site?? Where is the prepping, preparing, helping those who have no clue to prepare for the most likely and real threats we face.

        The scaring of the average sheeple is getting dam old!!!

        • @Cb so you are sure NONE of this stuff can happen? as far as “the prepping, preparing, helping those who have no clue to prepare for the most likely and real threats we face”, where the hell have you been?…you haven’t seen any of that here? almost seems like you have an agenda.

      15. I would like to take this opportunity that Jesus Christ gave me and say YES, I A CHRISTIAN…

        God hates a coward.

        • I’m a Christian too.
          I’ve been ridiculed by some who say that “religion is just a crutch for the weak.”
          They don’t know how right they are. I’m far too weak to live the life of Christ – that’s an impossibility. My “religion” is not just a crutch; it’s my entire strength and life.

        • Iowa and Grafique, standing for the belief of our Savior Jesus Christ, is increasingly unpopular. In America today societal attitudes are moving from ignoring believers, to hassling them, to downright persecution.
          Though most of us haven’t experienced anything like the treatment of Christians in muslim and communist countries, we are moving in that direction. Stand fast in the faith. And teach the younger ones to be prepared….

          side note- as feeble, faulty and lukewarm as I sometimes appear, I, too, place my eternal future in the hands of Him who conquered sin and death at the cross. “I have determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.”

          • Ditto, ditto, and more dittos. The ONLY thing which has withstood the last 6,000 years is God’s Word and His Elect people.

            No I’m not speaking of the Jewish race, just those who live by Faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and His Son.

          • Amen and Amen!


            • Heres a bit if that proof some here were so demanding of.

              “The modern Jew is the product of the Talmud.”

              — Michael Rodkinson, in preface of Babylonian Talmud, page XI.

              “The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs, or ceremonies we observe — whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or merely spasmodic sentimentalists — we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.”

              — Herman Wouk, “This is My God.”

        • I see many comments on Chritianity, Jews and AntiJews, I also am a Christian first and foremost. But this continuous fighting back and forth by Christians or So-Called Christians on this “public forum” is a very poor example of what a Christian should be or do. Some times it’s better to let a fool rant than it is to get caught up in the fight and then be brought down to their level. So please don’t HiJack this site with petty bickering. Trekker Out. Jesus Is My Lord!

          • I stand up for the truth against those who deny it. Anybody who hates Jews is an enemy of God.

            • Frist off, I don’t hate Jews, why should I. Secondly Barn Cat and the rest of you Dispensationalists, your theology is a made up by a con-man about 125 years ago, named. He was a defrocked Church of England Priest who needed a “new twist” to fill up his church.

              Before then all Christians knew that “Israel” is a body of Believers, not a nation. If you knew your Christian History, YOU WOULLD KNOW THAT!

              Try reading The Letter to the Hebrews, as it makes it clear that we are justified by Faith not by our race!

          • Earnestly contend for the faith.

          • MT: I agree with one caveat….if we know the Truth and certain persons are trying to subvert the Truth, then is it not our responsibility to defend the Truth? Not to mention that won’t it be on our heads if we allow someone to be led astray because we said nothing? So, I’m not thinking “poor example,” I am thinking “stand strong,” and “refute lies.”

            Just my humble opinion.


            • “IF”…you know the truth.

              If that If would just stand stiff eh.

              Just as the two words of “israel” & “jew” are Not always interchangable to always mean jew.

              There also exists a vast difference between the Two words of…”Know” & “Think”

        • i didn’t think god hated ANYbody?

          • He says he Hates ESAU though. A rule for christians to follow/obey as per Paul in the bible is for “Women to Remain Silent in all Church matters..If they do have any questions, they are to wait untill they get a chance to ask their Husbands to Explain it to them…If even their husband cannot explain it well, then he is to wait untill the Next church gathering and ask the Apostle(pastor or priest today) to explain it better.

            Cannot right this moment recall that exact verse…but Its In there! somewheres in the new testement books its there…Too bad due to modern day femmiNazi kommie libs women movnt, most women of todays christianity have totally rejeced this Vital teaching mandate eh.

            Am thinking it may be a verse in Corinthians I or II???

      16. Off Topic…

        Judge Jeanine Pirro to Obama: “Your Actions Demand Impeachment”
        (Short video with full message at link below)

        “JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO: There is a sacred trust between a country and its leader, between a president and the people he leads. When a leader violates that trust, the people from whom he derives his power have the inalienable right to remove him.”

        “Whatever the context, when you let things slide – one after another – the foundation deteriorates. Even water sliding down a rock begins to wear at it and break it down. And like that rock, our very existence is in jeopardy. Barack Obama has put us in that jeopardy yet again.

        The latest: exchanging a man whose own platoon soldiers call a “deserter,” who voluntarily left his unit during combat – in itself a death-eligible crime – for five of the worst Taliban terrorists in Gitmo.” …

        “But when key senators didn’t buy the “ill” excuse, a new narrative emerged: the Taliban would kill Bergdahl if you followed U.S. law and told Congress. Seriously?

        Mr. President, my sources tell me you knew Bergdahl’s location for months. Why didn’t you send in SEAL Team 6? It would have made another great photo op. Why didn’t you send in those drones?

        Could it be, Mr. President, he was your excuse to release 5 Taliban terrorists from Gitmo? Those five men, the worst of the worst. Some wanted by the U.N. for mass murders, killing thousands, al Qaeda-connected, these are the guys who behead their enemies, including children.

        They hate America and everything we stand for. And you release them – knowing many return to the battlefield – because Arab country Qatar assured you that they do not pose a threat to us? And you’re good with that? You buy it? You think 12 years in Gitmo has softened their resolve to kill us?

        Mr. President, you didn’t just release them, you unleashed them, and you and you alone will be responsible for the hell that will be unleashed on us. You have teed us up for death and destruction.”

        “Here’s the bottom line: you negotiated with terrorists. You broke the very law that you signed. You have shown terrorists that they can win concessions by kidnapping Americans. In the history of this country we have never traded mass murderers for a deserter.”

        • They could use some of the drones proposed in this article.

        • Correction: Israels doing the work of their daddy satan!

          SEE: JOHN 8:44 as Proof.

          For extremely Dense and in vast denail?..Also SEE: REV.2:9 & 3:9…

          Esau’s Deranged Khazar Imposter “jews” at it again.

          My People Perish…For being so in denial of Real truth, that even if I sent my Top Arch Angel, Michale to smack their ignorant snouts with a large 2X4, it would never penetrate their abject stuborness in denial of factual truth.

      17. thanks for the info and the in depth evaluation. Yes, it is obvious that technology is only for implementation. The counter technology will be interesting, especially those who will utilize it. Everything is traced, so we will see. Your wide ranging efforts to inform us is very appreciated. CYA. The effort are noted. We need you. Love and Blessings

      18. I would like to own a “Deer Hunting” version of this drone. Man could I lay in some venison for the freezer!

      19. Perfect example of technology being used against the technology *masters*. What’s good for the goose IS good for the gander, turnabout being fair play and all.

        While some on here have chimed in with talk of jamming and frequency flooding, you are thinking OLD style technology. Newer drones and RC aircraft can use WiFi with encrypted signals (AES256 anyone?)on their own private WiFi network. These are *not* even close to the same frequencies you used back then. An operative in the field using a cellphone, tablet or other small handset can control them for quite a range. One I have seen in action is the Parrot AR Drone ver 2.0 that can stream, capture HD footage as well as fly a GPS programmed flight path…quite a long distance away to boot….all from 1000 ft above ground.

        I can see these being used as the new Mafia ‘hit squads’ as well as destruction of resources on a grand scale.

        I’m not going into details here, but I can see private drones being used for recon, and assault roles with major implications. Imagine if traffic or security/surveillance cams were taken out by armies of drones, very easily.

        What will happen when people start using technology against the police state? The gov will outlaw all private ownership of drones, that’s what. I remember after 9/11 the BATF tried to shutdown the world’s largest private rocketry maker, ESTES. Estes promptly told the government to go f#%! themselves and they are still here today. Now a homemade drone with Estes missile rockets on it…now you are talking!


        • Now THAT’S funny!

      21. It’s believed possible to “fry” product ID chips at close range by placing a suitable coil in series with an electronic flash tube, so when the flash is fired, an EMP is fired at the chip, blowing it’s circuitry. That’s the theory anyway.

        I have to warn people NOT to try it unless you’re competent at working with high voltages (200 to 4,000 volts) because an electronic flash unit is capable of holding a charge that could kill.

        For those with the necessary skills, it MAY be possible to develop the idea into something that can kill a drone’s electronics.

        Alternatively, I’d imagine a baseball bat would be quite effective at close range.


        I’ve noticed a couple of comments recently regarding the true mening of the word “anarchy”

        While not strictly accurate, I find it convenient to define the word as follows.

        AN – as in ANti.

        ARCHY – as in hierARCHY.

        AN-ARCHY = Anti Hierarchy, or in plain English, “Who are you to decide what’s best for me?”.

        We’re all individuals, soverign beings whose rights originate with the fact that we exist. We have to live within what our local society deems acceptable behaviour, but it’s a local matter and no business of greedy, corrupt, lying politicians. If I’m harming nobody, I’m living within God’s or Nature’s laws, and that’s the ONLY thing that matters.

      22. you will need a permit for that.

      23. Killer Drone Warfare is not a new concept. It’s concept has been around since the times of Leonardo da Vinci.

        The fact it has been modernized just makes it easier to create , assemble and apply.

        Like all weapons of death, Morality is that which will control this technology use by Patriots , Terrorists and Agents of Tyranny.

        History shows us Morality and Public Opinion “Wins” many a Human Struggle.

        So if you do intend to use such destructive technology for your own agenda please keep in mind to avoid it’s use around children , non-combatants and the innocent.

        Only target those who are players, controllers in this struggle of Global Tyranny vs. Individual Self Freedom.

        Otherwise you might just win the battle, and yet still lose the Revolutionary Civil War for your Freedom by public opinion by damnation.


      24. And then they came for the ones that had guns.

        But I did not speak out, because I didn’t have a gun.

        And then they came for me.

        But there was no one to save me,

        because they already took away all the guns

        and those willing to use them to defend me.

        * If you want to live, don’t give up your guns.


      25. This article droned on and on. Let this government take out just one u.s. citizen in this country by a drone attack and the American people will unleash hell upon the corrupt fascist tyrants at the top.

        • Sorry to thumb you down but the “Government” won’t be the perp. Some false flag lackey more likely.

          Those at the top are coated in Teflon and know how to deflect such discovery to their benefit.

          We will watch the first assassination captured live by the media (how convenient) and a scape goat will be named and blamed.

          Government will be called upon to do something……and that they will! More security and loss of freedoms all round.

      26. I can see micro radar stations that scan for MAV’s. And then beam radio interference or maybe a 1 watt IR LASER and burn out their optics.

        There are some DIY paintgun controllers that track movement. Not a stretch to have one that beams IR at a MAV. Man I feel sorry for real birds.

      27. I ran into the hermit again recently. I have no idea how the old guy gets around (private jet maybe?) but he shows up at the strangest times and places. Like yesterday, in a warehouse parking lot near Albany, NY. Just as we were about to back the rig into the docks, there he was, weaving across the lot, steadfastly looking down, like maybe he’d dropped a quarter on the pavement or something.
        I called out and, at first, he didn’t seem to notice. That’s his way, he ignores me (mostly to irritate, I think). Then he looked up and, instead of his customary scowl (he does that to irritate me too) he broke into a broad grin.
        “Hey there. oakster! I thought I might find you here. About time you showed up.”
        ‘Hermit, how’n the heck do you know where I’m gonna be!? Are you tappin’ my dispatchers phone or something?’
        He looked back down and stomped his worn old boot toe on the pavement. He seemed to be snuffing out imaginary cigarettes. Or doing some weired new dance.
        “Never mind that. I came a long way to meet you here. Got some news you might be interested in,” he said, twisting his leg on the ground.
        (I thought back to the last time I’d seen him… Georgia in February… and before that it was Phoenix in December… or was it Flagstaff? How does the old guy do it!?)
        ‘You got some news?’ I asked excitedly, thinking maybe he’d finally decided to spill what he knows about the future plans of the powers that be. If anyone was privy the the nefarious workings of the world tyrants, it’d be him.
        He twisted his boot toe on the asphalt again, then said, “Yep. This is big, okie boy, BIG! Maybe you’d better write it down so’s you don’t forget.”
        I was offended. ‘My memory’s fine! What makes you think I need to write-‘
        “Memory’s fine, eh? Like when you turned off the gps, then missed that exit in Cincinatti the other day. Went 14 miles out of the way, as I recall. Or that load of ice cream from Nevada last summer. ‘Sposed to set the reefer on minus 20, not plus 20. That’s one almost got expensive, good thing your trainee noticed it. And speakin’ of trainees, just who’s teachin’ who these days? Have you learned anything from ’em yet?”
        I ignored his smirk and pulled out my pen and pocket notebook, ‘Now I KNOW you’re tapping my phone or something! But, forget that. What’s the big news?’
        He twisted his toe on the pavement again, “Before we get to that, have you heard about the new drones? Especially the micro sized ones? I guy has to be careful these days”
        For the first time, I noticed he was smashing bugs every time he twisted his foot, There were little bug smears all around him. I laughed, ‘So that’s what you’re doing! Killing imaginary bee-sized drones!’
        He scowled, “Laugh if you want. I’m just keeping myself safe. Any one of these things could be a drone, armed and ready to attack. If that’s your attitude, you may not be ready for my big news… and it’s really big.”
        ‘Sorry, Herm. I didn’t mean to offend you. Honestly. Now, what is this big news you have? Is it the economic crash? The Iranians finally got a nuke? The price of gold going back up? They found the real birth certificate? What is it!?’
        He grinned again, and I got the strangest feeling he was reverting to his normal, cantankerous self. He smushed one last bug, then looked me square in the eyes, “I just switched to Geico and saved fifteen percent!!”
        With that he stalked off without another word. I watched his zig-zag path across the lot. He was still smashing imaginary insect sized drones.
        The old geezer is a wealth of wisdom and insight to the modern world. He knows things few in the prepper community do. But, once he walks away like that, there’s no getting anything more from him. I wondered when I’d see him next… and how he seems to see my every move (at least the screw-ups). I made a promise to myself- next time- I don’t care if he’s doing the ‘ghetto-spasm’ dance and carrying a live duck under his arm, I will NOT say anything to offend him!!

        • Too funny Okie, hope all is well with you and your family. Keeping you in our prayers.

      28. The world is becoming more and more like Blade Runner and Terminator every year.

        What a horrible lie we were told. We were told there’d be flying cars and people would no longer suffer because of such advanced technology. In reality, said technology is being used by governments to execute innocent people who don’t agree with the political ideology and views.
        So? WHO’S the terrorist organization???

        • No kidding.

          Flying cars, free electricity from nuclear power, population topping out around 375 million in 2100, then dropping to 250 million, free college education, health care for all, full employment, ad nauseum.

          The reasons we don’t have any of the above? Government got in the way.

      29. Non-violence is the only way. But here’s the issue, about those IDIOTS developing this stuff. I won’t cite Robespierre, who also fell victim to his own violence, but I will quote , Jacques Mallet du Pan who wrote about the the French revolution, another evil, socialist era: “la revolution devore ses enfants” – the revolution always eats its own young.

        And yes, as Santayana said, these violent people are too stupid to learn from history, and will thus be doomed to repeat it.

      30. A few quick points:

        One: SkyNet has BEEN here– multiple ways (cell phones, street cameras, drones, etc.)

        Two: Assume ALL Drones are weaponized. Failing to assume that might cost you your life.

        Three: Drones are SATAN’s WINGS because there is no theologically or politically sound reason to have them fly over our 50 States. They are part of the death and destruction system, alongside their siblings such as GMO food, toxic vaccinations, chem trails, and everything else. Drones, therefore, are Terminators of our Freedom.

        Four: Don’t hesitate to use a baseball bat to WHACK a Drone in your proximity, the way Babe Ruth WHACKED baseballs outside the park.

        Your defense: “Your Honor, it was self-defense. I had to assume the Drone was in the process of mis-identifying me and was going to kill me. Since I follow the Commandment, “Thou shalt not kill”, failure to DESTROY the Drone would have made me complicit in my own death and I would have broken one of the most important Commandments God Almighty has given us.
        Your Honor, this I cannot and will not do. Therefore, on the grounds of this very Commandment, on the grounds of self-defense, on the grounds of Religious Liberty, and on the grounds of our Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches, seizures, and surveillance, I not only declare myself “Not Guilty”, I also declare myself INNOCENT!”

        “When people fear the government, it’s tyranny. When government fear the people, there’s liberty.” – Ben Franklin

        “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.” – Thomas Jefferson

        “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi

        “Since WHEN have we given the State the right to terminate any human life through an animated object known as a Drone? WHO has GIVEN the State this right? For what purpose, other than to eliminate ‘undesirables’ and those deemed ‘enemies of the State’, DO Drones exist?” – the Lone Ranger

      31. The US leaders will be the 1st to adopt STRICT GUIDELINE POLICIES – and 1st to heavily enforce these policies.

        Meanwhile, they will pay only lip service to such, and continually use them in every way, shape, and form for illegal and unconstitutional, sanctioned murders.

        Our ‘rulers’ are unquestionable, and are only looking out for all our best interests.

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