Assad Blames U.S. for Syrian Exodus: “Worried About Refugees? Stop Supporting Terrorists”

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    ‪Irish Defence Forces / Wikimedia Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0‬

    ‪Irish Defence Forces / Wikimedia Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0‬

    Embattled Syrian president Bashar al-Assad gave an interview to RT yesterday, blasting covert American support for terrorism in Syria and throughout the middle east region.

    “For us, ISIS, al-Nusra, and all similar organizations which carry weapons and kill civilians are extremist organizations.”

    Assad argued that Turkey is pouring Western-sponsored terrorism across the Syrian border and prolonging the violence, by delivering weapons, money and training. This synthetic terrorism is what is directly enabling both ISIS itself, and dubious organizations linked with violence on the al-Nusra front and inside the so-called “rebel” groups fighting Assad in a Cold War 2.0 proxy war.

    Assad told RT:

    To say that the border with Turkey should be free of terrorism means that terrorism is allowed in other regions. That is unacceptable. Terrorism should be eradicated everywhere; and we have been calling for three decades for an international coalition to fight terrorism. But as for Western cooperation with the al-Nusra Front, this is reality, because we know that Turkey supports al-Nusra and ISIS by providing them with arms, money and terrorist volunteers. And it is well-known that Turkey has close relations with the West. Erdogan and Davutoglu cannot make a single move without coordinating first with the United States and other Western countries.

    Al-Nusra and ISIS operate with such a force in the region under Western cover, because Western states have always believed that terrorism is a card they can pull from their pocket and use from time to time. Now, they want to use al-Nusra just against ISIS, maybe because ISIS is out of control one way or another. But that doesn’t mean they want to eradicate ISIS. Had they wanted to do so, they would have been able to do that. For us, ISIS, al-Nusra, and all similar organizations which carry weapons and kill civilians are extremist organizations.

    The reality is harsh and stinging. The use of the terror card by the United States has captured the population and held them in a bizarre ‘War on Terror’ that is based upon reacting to manufactured violence and horror, justifying the comment that “terrorism is a card they can pull from their pocket and use from time to time.”

    . . . . . . . . . . . .

    “Worried About Refugees? Stop Supporting Terrorists”

    Via the Daily Sheeple

    Russia Today was recently granted a rare interview with other foreign media outlets at Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s home, wherein he summed up the entire refugee issue:

    “It’s not about that Europe didn’t accept them or embrace them as refugees, it’s about not dealing with the cause. If you are worried about them, stop supporting terrorists. That’s what we think regarding the crisis. This is the core of the whole issue of refugees,” he said.

    After all, you do realize the US helped fund and train ISIS, right? (the daily sheeple)

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    Assad: “Worried About Refugees? Stop Supporting Terrorists”

    ISIS Fires American-Made Missiles At Syrian Army: “U.S. Funding, Arming ISIS From the Beginning”

    Putin Sends Tanks to Syria: “Largest Deployment of Outside Russian Forces Since USSR Collapse”

    The Game Changer: Syria Will Strike Israel Should U.S. Attack

    Russia:”Syria Will Be Armed With Weapons That Have Never Been Seen Before In the Middle East”


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      1. The middle east is like a dead dog. The more you kick it the more it stinks. Those crazy bastards have been killing each other for 1,000’s of years. Let them fight it out, and stay in the 1700’s.

        There is no way you can change them into being more civilized.

        The more we mess with them the more they hate us. The more some one messes with us the more we hate them. Can we say U.N.

        One day we will have to fight the over our Faith. It is coming and very soon.


        • And Assad is 100% correct. The USSA has wanted to keep Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and the entire Middle East in check with a “divide and conquer” policy by means of destabilization, chaos, war, violence, NGO’s, home grown terrorism.

          The problem with seeding home grown terrorism is that it’s like trying to control 500 roaches. Eventually many will escape and continue to breed and expand into new territories.

          The USSA was voted #1 as the world’s greatest threat to Peace.

          Ya gotta protect that Petrodollar and world’s reserve currency at all costs even if it means millions dying. Because the Banksters who run all the eCONomies around the world would not be happy.

          • Rodster, I have to agree although I’m not a fan of Assad. When Saddam was running Iraq, he was no better but at least he kept that part of the Mideast stabilized. Then Bush Jr. invaded in 2003 claiming Saddam had WMDs and was partially responsible for 9/11. All he did was to destabilize the region and no WMDs were ever found. all the real evidence pointed to the Saudis being responsible for 9/11.

            • Let’s remember who instigated the genocide and terrorism—the Zionists of Project for a New “American” Century.

              Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

              • You’re a fool.

                • Buy lots of bullets. If you are relying on your wits for survival, you’re a dead man.

              • You are 100 % correct. PNAC changed their name to Foreign Policy Initiative in 2006. But it is the same group of genocidal maniacs. PNAC planned 911 in order to justify the “war on terror”. The war on terror is a hoax. Not only are the Zionists destroying the middle east, they are using the crises to undermine western nations. Send all refugees to Israel and Saudi Arabia and the war on terror would end.

              • John Q…let us hope & pray that the innocent among them (for now & into the future), do NOT morph into the satanic caricature of their currently guilty brethren….later on!

                As unfortunately… such seems to be the historical-record / evolutionary process of their genome.

            • STATE OF EMERGENCY: Police Fire Tear Gas At Rioting Migrants Chanting “Allah Hu Akbar” Trying to Break Through Hungarian Border

              “Hungarian police have opened fire with tear gas against 1500 rioting migrants who are attempting to break through the country’s border fence.

              Migrants have been chanting “Allah hu Akbar” while pelting police officers with missiles including “really big rocks”, bottles, and even food, leading to the crack down. The news follows Hungary’s state of emergency declared yesterday.”

              Breitbart dot com

              • All I’ve got to say about that is, GO HUNGARY! Protect your borders. I’m relieved that finally, enough information has come out for people to realize we were being misled about our govt’s foreign policy in the middle east and Ukraine.

                When people call other leaders “butchers”, “dictators” and “murderers”, I cringe. We have absolutely no idea what went on over there, we only know what we were told. Just look at all of the govt lies and misinformation we’ve seen lately—why would any rational person believe what we were told prior to this, by the same govt?

                They lied to us about The Balkans, Vietnam, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, Russia and Putin, (just the short list) which we now know for a fact, but should we assume they wouldn’t have lied about Assad, Gaddafi and Mosaddegh, or even Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden? We now know there was much more to the Bin Laden and Saddam stories than we were led to believe, so why should we take stock in ANYTHING we’ve been told?

                How can we think with any certainty that what we’ve been told about ANY foreign leader, is true? We can’t even be sure we’ve been told the truth about OUR OWN LEADERS.

                We need only to look at the U.S. agenda to ascertain the truth. We need only ask ourselves “How Did It Benefit Our Govt’s Secret, long-term Agenda”?

                It is for this reason alone, that I NEVER jump right on any bandwagon that they roll down my street. I refuse to shout “USA, USA, USA” on cue.

                I prefer to just sit back and wait until the truth shows itself…it always does.

                Control your hate and wait. You won’t feel like such a tool later.

                • Amen sixpack!!!!!!!!

                • Sixpack, DING DING DING DING DING! We have a winner! I’m the same way. I investigate bandwagons as thoroughly as possible before I make any decision on them. Last time I checked it’s only fascists aka neocons who jump up and shout USA USA USA on cue. I don’t even own let alone fly a US flag anymore considering what it REALLY stands for. I also keep a cool head and wait because the truth can NEVER stay hidden forever as you said. I also know our own leaders are the real scum of the earth who need to be overthrown and dealt with SEVERELY.

          • Praise the Lord!!!!
            Finally a real article about “isis”. But I wonder how many people will really believe it. Or how many will support war hawks when the pres debates turn to defeating “isis”. Like Rand Paul said “if you want to stop isis stop arming them”. They roll through in millions of dollars of American Humvees, new uniforms and new weapons, just a few months after the public told Obama HELL NO on an intervention (war) in Syria, and nobody even questions where this group that nobody ever heard of just popped up out of thin air???? The gullibility of the American people is disgusting to me.

          • Assad, through massive US PsyOps, has been ruthlessly painted up to be the villain of a war that the west has propagated from the beginning. It’s a bankers war and they want Syria, a sovereign country minding it’s own business, and not participating with the corrupt west, to fall into their vampire laps. Anyone who listens to Assad, in an unedited non-MSM video, will clearly hear the truth. The west is licking it’s chops for Syrian Resources and they want to ram their policies for spreading their noxious form of “freedom and democracy”, like they did to Libya, down the throats of any sovereign country that gets in their way.

            • BINGO! ours and Richard Heads comment just above are both spot on as far as I can tell. I firmly believe that if we uncover and stand up for enough truth, we can clamp down on the NWO. They seem to be spinning like tops right now. they know their plan is falling apart right before their eyes. I feel desperation in the air—and danger, because cornered animals fight the hardest.

              Nice to know the shoe could fit ON THE OTHER FOOT for a change…

              • i meant yours and Richard Heads comment…

              • Sixpack, I have the same feeling that something deadly serious can still happen. I fear the globalists will really get desperate and lash out in a way none of us would expect. Whatever it is, we have to find a way to counter it so it will backfire on them; clamp down on the NWO like a bear trap.

            • EA, good to see you back, and your analysis is spot on.

        • O/T but last night I watched the movie “The Road”. Although just a movie, the scenario definitely gives you some food for thought. The scenario could very well become real someday. I highly recommend the movie for anyone who’s never seen it. A must-see in my book. I also have a copy of “The Book Of Eli” I plan on watching soon.

          • Hey cuz, ya’ll knows ya luved that thar ” rode’ movie ’cause it ‘twern’t nuthin but doom porn and ifn’ it twern’t fer doom porn ya’ll woodn’t have nothing ta liv fer!

            • Cuz, I have plenty to live for regardless of what happens. You’re full of shit as always so go back to your crackpipe.

          • Brave
            Both movies are good. They are just that movies, but it does make you think!!!

            • Sarge, I’ll watch “The Book Of Eli” this weekend. Good entertainment but there’s no way you can watch such a movie and NOT think about the scenario. You just couldn’t avoid asking yourself, what if?…..

        • SPOT ON SGT.

        • Well the majority of Americans are not supportive of our Govnt hijacked by the ZOG gorilla Tribe. Death to the FED of Zogs POS aholes. And our zionist controlled foreign policy is sooooooooooo unAmerican


          • WWTI—

            ..(ancient, mind you)…THUMBS UP, dude!!!

          • “the majority of Americans are not supportive of our Govnt hijacked by the ZOG gorilla Tribe”

            (giggle) yeah, ain’t it great? Maybe we do deserve to survive as a species, after all…

            • Sixpack, hell yes we deserve a chance at survival. I want to see the NWO fail just like everyone else here. I’ll be doing my part to “help” them fail when the time comes.

      2. The refugee crisis is just an added benefit for the Globalists. Google the “Rivkin Project”. The plan has always been to destroy sovereign nations by any means, including massive migration. Then these idiots think they can rebuild the world in the manner they like. Heavy on the Marxism.

        • Prophet, I checked out the rivkin project earlier this evening. I’ll do my part to “help” those scum to fail and fail big time.

      3. Wednesday. Hewlett-Packard announces layoffs of 30,000.

        • Oh yes and all the worlds markets are showing green, everything is A-Ok, and going as planned.

          Assad is a cruel dictator, but he is right on blaming the USSAG.

          The Sunni-saudi regime has been at the heart of American politics for decades, while crushing the throats of the American people, to get leverage against the Shias (Iranian) regimes.
          The Illuminati are hiding behind the curtains while laughing their asses off at the whole mess of madmen that shuffle to scheme and seize the people’s dollars to eventually get to the NWO stage.

          The Illuminatist leaders are the World banksters and oosters of the synagog that will snap the necks of muzzies when they are through using them, as pawns in their plan.

          • “Assad is a cruel dictator”

            Please elaborate your findings of Assad being a Dictator, otherwise all you are doing is agreeing with the narrative of FOX/CNN propaganda.

            • EDIT: CRUEL – please elaborate your findings of Assad being a “cruel” dictator.

              Dictator: yes

              Cruel: ??? no

              • In the 1980’s he ordered the city of Homs bombarded by artillery due to an insurrection. 20,000 people were killed, nearly all of them civilians.

                Hundreds of people are executed in Syria each year for anti-Assad activities, such as demonstrating against the price of flour or cooking oils.

                Assad is a cruel dictator. So is ISIS/ISIL a cruel dictatorship. The situation is similar to choosing between Hitler or Stalin, both choices will give the same result, different only in degree.

                • “So is ISIS/ISIL a cruel dictatorship. The situation is similar to choosing between Hitler or Stalin,…..”

                  Difference is were backing them. Where does that put us?

                  If a gas pipeline was not in question the Assad’s activities would not be debated one bit.

                  • Kevin2 is right. Pipelines rule. The US let 500,000 Rwandans die in just a few months. No need to interfere, no pipeline going through.

                  • People keep talking about the Countries being responsible. The USA Isreal etc. It’s not these countries. That implies that you have the knowledge and the power that is actually in the hands of a very small number of people. The rest of us are either impotent, ignorant, or both. TPTB are the trillionaires (Rothschilds) and billionaires. What we really need is a “distribution of wealth”.

                    Since I am basically a self interested narcissist (ask anybody) I’ll keep the vast majority for myself. With what is left; I will bring home the troops. Let the Middle East and the rest of the world do whatever they want that doesn’t require a nuclear bomb. Build a wall to protect the USA from invasion. Give every American a free College education. Eradicate disease. Really reform prisoners or dust off all those guillotines and put them to use. That includes anybody who opposes My dictatorial regime. After twenty or thirty years ( or when I’m on my last breath )
                    We reinstitute the Constitution etc. And try not to screw it up on the second try.

                    • On second thought:
                      I would reinstate the Constitution immediately.
                      I don’t really want to be Dictator.

                      Just need to take the money from the criminals and give the people a fair chance. There are enough intelligent people in America to make a go of this Republic. You don’t need me or any other fool.

                    • On second thought:
                      I would reinstate the Constitution immediately.
                      I don’t really want to be Dictator.

                      Just need to take the money from the criminals and give the people a fair chance. There are enough intelligent people in America to make a go of this Republic. You don’t need me or any other fool.

                • A Cruel Dictatorship is a place called Saudi Arabia.
                  They behead more people in their country, then ISIS could ever dream of doing.

                  Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia is a US ally.
                  I guess they get a “free pass” on unethical practices and it all looks like acceptable behavior per US Standards of Humanitarian compliance.

                • “Hundreds of people are executed in Syria each year for anti-Assad activities, such as demonstrating against the price of flour or cooking oils.”


                  I say this to make you THINK—where did I hear that from? Oh yeah, it was the lying MSM! Maybe it’s not so “true” after all, since to the govt, TRUTH IS RELATIVE.

                  They did not just start lying to us RIGHT NOW. They’ve been lying FOR DECADES, if not centuries. It’s time to rethink everything we thought we knew, and change the channel.

                  • Sixpack, I NEVER go to MSM for anything. I do know better.

                • apologies for the double post. don’t know how I did that, exactly.

                • smokey—


                  Is your yarmulke too tight/heavy???

                  …squeezing/weighing-down/overloading the cranium…and other anatomical nether parts is reserved for rabbis only…

                  …so cease & desist RFN**


                  ..**FRN = Right F**KING NOW!!!!!

                  • Hunter, good to see you back, and as always you do have a way with words.

            • Once again you are showing your liberal idiocy.

              • Having trouble answering the question?
                What makes Assad a “cruel Dictator”?????

                You can’t use the “gassing” his own people theory either, that has been proven false.

                Resorting to labeling me as a Liberal(name calling)
                Says to me that you do not have an answer.

                • smokey has it covered. Ha.

            • Putin backed down his oligarchs. Haven’t seen a US President do anything but ask, “How High” when globalist business interests want something like no prosecutions for laundering hundreds of billions in dope money, manufacturing eviscerating “Free Trade” and de-regulating the Financial Sector essentially allowing thievery with a pen to do what Dillinger did with a gun. Actually his policy of a flat tax of 13% is more conservative than our conservatives. He increased the standard of living 250% (I’ll be fair here its easy to get a gain when your starting from the Soviet bottom and oil prices rising), wages increased 300%, poor decreased by 50%. Looks like populist to me and with an 85% domestic approval rating, apparently to the commoners in Russia too.

              Does he have some thug in him? Hell he came out of the KGB. He backed down their oligarchs. I tend to think he might resort to the Al Capone negotiation strategy; “You get a lot further with a kind word and a gun than just a kind word”. One only need to see the body count surrounding the Clintons before passing judgment. When you live in a glass house you shouldn’t throw stones.

              Make no mistake I Love the USA and prefer living here but I’m quite suspicious of the real power structure.

              • kevin2, same here. We need a civilwar/revolution to bring down the existing power structure and start over from scratch.

                • Braveheart

                  Oh no you don’t .

                  The phenix that rises from the ashes would be ugly.

                  We have the framework but an ignorant electorate. The Achilles Heel is the political primaries, cheap, few voters. Put populists in in both party’s with an America First platform. That’s a you and me commoner platform with commoner leadership.

                  • Kevin2, I have to respectfully disagree. The existing system is so far gone with corruption and is impossible to reform, same for both major parties. A new party with a populist America First platform is a step in the right direction but has to be part of a rebuilding process. Do you honestly believe the current system has any chance of being saved?

                    • Yes we inherited a fantastic framework from the Founding Fathers. The problem isn’t the guide book known as The Constitution and Bill of Rights but not following said rules.

                      Revolution means starting from scratch. No thank you, I’ll start from where we are now. An ignorant electorate is no better and potentially worse under a new system than using the great one at our disposal.

                      The Political Primaries are their weak link. A couple of thousand votes puts your neighbor on the ballot as a Democrat or Republican and removes the party hack incumbent that’s been milking the system. If he/she doesn’t have top billing their chances of winning is slim to none. If we can’t get a few thousand per Congressional District to pull this off I damn sure don’t want an insurrection.

                      Think Jessie Ventura on a colossal scale but not an independent but rather within the party’s. Its grassroots political guerrilla warfare. No money, no problem.

                    • Braveheart

                      ” I have to respectfully disagree”

                      I respect you because your posts are based on thought so there is no need for that intro. We’re well allowed to disagree. Hell if we all agreed the BB would be damn boring.

                • BRAVE

                  Sounds good the this country has turned into a bunch of pussies.

                  The only way you are going to get any uprising is you start taking away rights.

                  Or your home or money or food.

            • “Assad is a cruel dictator”

              I would imagine fox “news”

              • Kevin2, I’m sorry to have any dispute with you over anything. I always enjoy your posts. I guess I wasn’t thinking 100% straight when I posted, but there’s got to be some way to save this country and take it back to what it was intended to be. I’m just so sick of what TPTB are doing and I want to see them fail. If there’s a better option for us, I’m willing to explore it. I don’t want a war, but what else can be done?

            • Passin’>>>>

              FYI…the current version of the Assad dynasty is in truth, the cream-o’-the-crop! Dude was/is an “eye-surgeon”…par excellence!!! He’s smart, articulate, compassionate and has a pair of real stones…when it comes to recognizing “WHO” the enemy of GOD & mankind…IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              (((…ditch the neo-con belief system(slamming him), pal!!!!!)))

              FYI #2…he had a thriving & profitable practice in London(UK)…prior to his younger bro’s (see idiot/stupid)***death.

              When Papa asshole dictator, par excellence…called ‘Bashar'(sp?) on his death-bed, pleading for his Western trained & educated son to assume the throne. He did so…w/ much reservation!!!

              ..yeah, he stepped-up (unwillingly) & honored his dad’s request, closing his London practice & assuming power over a nation besieged by the judeo-satanic/Neo-con cabal (israel/US/UK etc.)..and now he’s between a rock & a hard place…I pity the poor guy & his family.

              Methinks the militaristic sodomy tactics against him/his country, by NATO writ large..are pure TALMUDIC in nature…see evidence to date!

              I truly hope the Lord protects him/his family from the evil assaulting us all…on manifold levels & via myriad fronts,..that 99.7% of readers here, fail to recognize as an application of full-spectrum dominance/subjugation, at the ++C-cubed level.


              ***..the younger ‘Assad’ protege’/brother (daddy’s favorite) was also educated in the WEST..but ‘HE’ was rather fond of the decadent/sleazy side…stupid-ass wrapped his Euro-muscle car around a telephone pole in heavy FOG @ +190k/hr outside Damascus, shortly before henchman dad…croaked!!!

              ..hence Bashar(sp?) getting thrust into something…he really wanted no part of…

              ..cut the dude some slack..& kudos to “PUTIN” for having the “BALLS” to support him!

              • Hunter, I was wondering what happened to you and if you were still reading here.

                I see you are back but something seems different about you.

                It sounds like you are supporting Assad and Putin?

                That is not good, to support evil men that follow an evil religion.

          • Several years back Assad and his wife were in the news in the US all of the time. They were portrayed as good people. All of a sudden Assad is subject to all forms of character assassination. Makes you wonder what he did to invoke the ire of our press/admin?

            We have wrecked several mideast countries. Iraq and now Syria. I’m sure the list will continue to grow. We destabilized a stable government. Saddam, yes he was evil, but the Iraq remained a fairly stable area. Syria was the same until we started poking our noses into their affairs. There are some types of people who do not recognize rule of law unless you ram it down their throat. They don’t get it. You literally have to beat them with a bat before the catch on. This is the way with most of the middle east people. So two of the “evil’ dictators who most definitely employ harsh methods of government have been pushed to the side by US policy. And the rise of ISIS and other greater evil have taken their place.
            We meddled in their affairs and have made a friggin’ mess of the whole area. Now we have “immigrants” riddled with ISIS spreading throughout Europe and now the US. Wonder if we should have chosen the lessor of two evils way back when?

            • Anon, TPTB would’ve been better off staying out of it but they never know any better.

              • Braveheart

                “We meddled in their affairs and have made a friggin’ mess of the whole area.”

                The mess is intentional to produce disorganized governments all one step away from revolution (which we can make happen) with oil, gas and / or distribution of both under their feet. Screw the people in those countries. No more worries about abandoning the US dollar, no more concern about doing anything we don’t like including really governing successfully.

                Don’t ever assume that TPTB are foolish or stupid because they’re actually brilliant. One just needs to look at the final outcome and think how it effects them.

                • They may be “brilliant”, but they’re not so far out of reach for some of us. Some of us can see over the tall grass too.

                  • Power comes two ways; a lot of people or a lot of money. If you don’t have a lot of money, you need, a lot of people.

                    Interestingly, “The People”, retain some power that TPTB prefer them to not have. This infers that they’re not omnipotent and must operate within a parameter that could be, and was supposed to be controlled by, “The People”.

                  • Sixpack, reminds me of an old commercial, “Reach out and touch someone.”

            • FDR said this, “He’s a son of a bitch but our son of a bitch”, about Anastasio Somoza García. The guy and his son that succeeded him had death squads that killed Roman Catholic Priests that used the Alter to discuss the condition of the poor.

              Same stuff different day.

      4. I’ve looked all over for a reason bashar al-assad is being overthrown and I can’t find any.

        • You’re not looking very hard, keep trying.

          • Go twirl a chicken, smokey!!!***

            ***..the wise here..will comprehend!

        • He says

          Save you the trouble. Natural Gas Pipeline.

          • Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to put one through Syria. Assad said no. Now he’s evil. Before he said no, he was a blue eyed Oxford trained opthamologist. And a nice guy. See how it changes?

            • You got it.

            • And Russia backs Syria, because right now Russia has the only pipeline Into the EU zone

        • You’re problem is you were looking all over, out in the light of day, when you should’ve been looking through the cracks into the dark back rooms, where the globalists wheelin’ and dealin’ goes on. You didn’t think they’d hand it to you on a platter, did you?

          Lies are easy. The truth takes some work.

          • Sixpack, getting to the truth has taken a helluva lot of effort for me, but I didn’t mind making the effort. IT’S WELL WORTH THE EFFORT TO HAVE GOOD, SOLID INFORMATION ON SOMETHING. TPTB CAN SHOVE THEIR PROPAGANDA UP THEIR ASSES.

      5. We might have to fight over over faith, huh. What faith? The Jewish faith? Isn’t Israel the entity all these mideast wars are benefitting? So they can keep expanding greater Israel, they have nearly stolen all of the Palestinians land since 1948. Why is the U.S. fighting Israel’s wars? That’s not the Christian faith. Israel is responsible for nothing but bloodshed worldwide, with U.S. backing. U.S.S. Liberty, 9-11 are direct attacks on U.S. citizens, no investigations, WTF! Multiple those attacks by scores throughout the nation’s, who is the enemy of mankind? Call that faith what it is, pure evil. Who in their right mind could have faith in that?

        • The answer is any faith other than Islam.

          We’ll see you jew-haters lining up at the mosque for Friday prayers when push comes to shove.

          Some of the nutjobs on this forum are absolutely amazing. The world is beset by muslim terror and they rant about jews.

          Imbeciles. Stupid, moronic, maladjusted imbeciles.

          • smokey… you mean smokescreen apparently. Your last five words of your 12:59 post describe you perfectly. Can’t face the truth can you? Where are the muslim terrorists that haven’t been created by U.S. and Israeli deception and subterfuge? You are exactly the mindset that is the biggest threat to humanity. Bow down to your NWO master smokescreen.

            • Why don’t you guys try to relax a little before you blow up and kill each other. Let me send you all some brochures on my latest survival commodes that double as hatches to go underground. You set it out in the woods and no one would think it was anything but a regular old porcelain toilet you see all the time. But the real secrets are unknown to all but the owner. These toilets come with a lifetime warranty on the seat, lid, and ballcock mechanism. If you all would sit down together you might find a common commode interest. Well, gotta go……

      6. U.S. Federal Government Program: Pay Minnesota Muslims Not To Kill People….

        If you thought Secretary Kerry’s 2013 “Jobs for Jihadists” program was goofy, wait until you read about this one.

        The U.S. federal government is announcing a new program called CVE (Counter Violent Extremism) in Minneapolis Minnesota. Under the U.S. program, authorized by President Obama, Somali Muslims living in Minnesota will be paid not to go on terror rampages. or blow themselves up.

        ht tp://

        • How ’bout we just give them each a big pipe bomb and a bic, and have them go play outside instead?

      7. Heard someone say something pretty profound recently:

        “Most Muslim Arabs’ typical reply to anything is violence. It doesn’t matter the situation. So it goes to reason that the only thing that Muslim Arabs respond TO is violence. Hence, basically, the only leader who can control them is a violent leader such as Khaddafi, Al-Bashir, etc.”

        That opened my eyes.

        Anything Arab is way out of Congress’ league…sheep herding wolves.

        • Same could be said about the US Government.

          Instead of using “most Muslim Arab’s”, replace it with “US Government”

          US Government typical reply to anything is violence. It doesn’t matter the situation.

          The above statement OPENS MY EYES even more, compared to anything else that is going on in this world.

          The above statement is the one to focus on, instead of the other distractions that are taking place.

          The above statement sets the precedence of World Policy, because Washington D.C. and it’s collaborators sets the pace for everything else to follow in it’s path.

          • Sorry, bud, but Arabs were violently conquering Europe way before the English Crusades. What do you think the English Crusades were for = the taking back of European lands that Arabs had conquered from them.

            Why did you think ISIS talks about going back into Italy and Spain? History, pal.

            Again, I repeat: Our government is just the sheep thinking they can control the wolves…what a surprise this will be for them.

            • Agreed, but it is our Government that is funding the ISIS Agenda. History is repeating itself, but this time around. The US Government is encouraging it’s(isis) conquest.

              Without US Government support and aiding them(isis) with equipment ….. = no Agenda.

              As I’ve said, there has always been problems in the Middle East, but our Government has been destabilizing the Region even more and at the same time, enabling it too!

      8. More madness. Just on a worldwide scale.

        Does anyone honestly believe “these refugees” are going to Germany, France etc. to assimilate and become good Germans, French etc. ?

        These people have no intention of assimilation anymore than our South of the border invaders are looking for a white picket fence lifestyle in America.

        We are witness to a world of pick and choose laws.

        Nothing political happens by accident, whether it is our border or Germanys, our politicians are allowing this transformation

      9. Texas ninth-grader makes a clock to show his engineering teacher, gets arrested for making a bomb

        ht tp://

        blithering idiot “educators” and “law enforcement”
        can’t tell the difference between a clock and a bomb ???

        stupidity personified

        • Satori, did you see the ‘clock’ he made? It’s a circuit board attached to some other parts contained in a briefcase. It appears like any bomb you would see in a movie or TV show.

          If you left it under your chair in the auditorium, the bomb squad would be called in, that’s how ‘bomblike’ it appears.

          It’s not so simple as ‘blithering idiots’.

          • Once they figured out it wasn’t harmful and the kid wasn’t trying to pass it on as such all that was required was a discussion with him and his parents about the reality of the world today. As someone bright said, “Just because you have the right to do it doesn’t mean its the right thing to do”. In the end there were no charges.

            The above being said, before its over, this kid if bright enough will get a full ride to MIT or Cal Tech complements of someone. The power of social media is tremendous.

            • Let us hope he gets a ride to MIT, instead of Yemen…

        • Yeah, because its totally unheard of for stinky little brown guys named “Ahmed” or “Achmed” or “Mohammed” to build bombs and bring them to public areas.

      10. Clearly the Middle East is not ready for representative type government. Thus the dictators or strongmen ruled. We removed the leaders who kept the terrorists under control. Now the world is upside down. The US government is not the solution, it is the problem.

        • “The US government is not the solution, it is the problem.”


          The Middle East has always had problems, why would any country interfere with their Religious and Territorial problems?

          ANSWER: Resources & Control

          Taxpayers are funding this “fake” War On Terror!
          Some have even died, lost limbs, and developed severe mental problems over a bogus lie. All pure fabrication, developed by Washington D.C. & the Military Industrial Complex.

          When it comes to US Foreign Policy on Syria.
          It has always been about removing Assad from power.
          Problem is …. the lies have finally caught up to Washington D.C.
          They are having trouble debunking the fact that they themselves have created, funded, and give continuous support to ISIS & Al-Qaeda.

          • We already knew that. Tell us something we don’t know,please.

            • Evidently you do not know Passin’

              You said above that Assad is a ‘cruel Dictator’, but you still fail to mention why he is. You have been lured in by the MSM narrative without doing any fact checking on your own.

              Removing Assad is not about him being a alleged “cruel Dictator”. It’s all about him, not wanting to play along with the NWO.

              It’s was the same with Iraq, as it was with Lybia, as it was for Afghanistan, as what has been going on in Yemen, and soon to be for Iran, and possibly Russia.

              None of them want to play along with the NWO and the Western World Policies.

              Instead, you rather troll my post with “we already knew that. Tell us something we don’t know, please.”

              It’s alright Passin’, you are not alone on this board.
              Many here still cannot break away from the MSM narrative that Russia is bad, and Iran is evil, though Iran hasn’t invaded or instigated a War in over 200 years.

              Yet, it seems that Washington D.C. and Israel cannot go six months without doing the same. Who is the root problem and determined instigator in the World?

              These countries in the Middle East were doing better, or should I say better off, before US Policy (promoting democracy) got introduced into the region.

              Most of the problems in the World could be easily fixed by removing most, if not all of US Foreign Policy measures.
              Follow the path that the Founders warned us about


              It should be obvious to most, that the more the US Government involves itself overseas and abroad. The more problems it creates for us here on the Mainland.

              Can’t fix the Worlds problems, when we have a rogue Government here at Home!

              • You sound like a cross between Jimmy (I love muzzies) Carter, and Ron ( mind our own business ) Paul.

                That way of thinking would have worked if North America would have used her own natural resources, instead of making deals for cheap crude, about 65 years ago. Crude was at the heart of all the international problems before “we the people” developed the lust for cheap Asian bull shit.

                The gov/USA did not hold a gun to peoples heads and make them purchase cheap Asian crap, that they thought they needed.
                90% of that crap is at the bottom of landfills and waterways.

                We chose the leaders, we wanted the cheap gas, and we bought the cheap imported shit. Now, blather along with your pithy rebuttal, but it won’t change the facts. And the facts are, that we “all” will pay the piper for what we have become as a society that will not accept responsibility for our actions and those of our ancestors.

                • Partially true.

                  One reality is the globalist steering of the entire western world and the rest of the world being adsorbed into it. Its like The Borg, “Resistance Is Futile, You Will Be Assimilated”.

                  The US survives, and in reality thrives, (abet through trickery and not for everyone) living much higher than our productivity because of its usefulness in being the enforcer for the globalists. Think of it as a global cop that takes bribes. MIC is so linked to America its become America.

        • “Clearly the Middle East is not ready for representative type government.”

          Maybe they just don’t WANT the same things we THINK we want.

          The govt we have right now, IS NOT WHAT I HAD IN MIND as “representative” either. I know it sure doesn’t represent ME.

          If I can’t recognize this as a “representative” govt, then why should anyone else?

          That would be like watching the guy ahead of you get car-bombed, then pulling up to the window to get yours too…NEXT?

      11. This may seem to be particularly insensitive, But I would kill every Male Moslem on the earth. As soon as they become Moslem they cease to be human. Feed them to our pigs.

        • ‘This may seem to be particularly insensitive”

          Na? Think? Insensitive? Its like saying NAZI SS were insensitive. Communist thugs were insensitive.

          Mass murder is well beyond “insensitive”


      12. the western governments do not want peace in the Middle East

        U.S. Rejected Offers by Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria to Surrender … and Proceeded to Wage War…oceeded-wage-w

        • Dead Link

      13. What if Americans Had Known in 2013 that U.S. rejected Syria Deal in 2012?

        ht tp://

        • That would not faze the Obama voters, they follow him slavishly and insist he can do no wrong, godlike as he is.

          • smokey

            WE AGREE…….

            I always wondered how Hitler puled off what he did swaying an entire nation. Hell he did it increasing the standard of living of the masses. Obama can back TPP and unions forgive him, no white collar criminals charged, plenty of excuses for it from Democrats that hate business people. Bill Clinton has the same allure for them.

            Democrats are a bit more susceptible to hero worship. They like to, “See what they believe” instead of, “Believing what they see”; Idealistic, illogical. Conservatives do it too but to a lesser degree.

      14. Its simply an unarmed invasion and the host nations will never be the same. It is happening here too with mexico…

      15. I think the only thing Countries can do to fight ISIS
        is a quote from the DOGS OF WAR movie 1980


        I think you would not have a problem getting VOLUNTEERS

        around the world.

        I think the world is coming to that since no one wants to commit a countries ARMY to fight this evil.

        • I think the main reason they don’t want to commit their armies to fighting ISIS, is they know damned well that they’d be secretly fighting the USA also. I think other leaders know what we’re doing, but are afraid to stand up and become a target also.

          If they stand up—they get bombed.
          If they play along—they get bombed.
          If they just play stupid—they get bombed.

          All they can do is ignore it for as long as possible, and hope they don’t get bombed just because.

      16. Only women and children and the elderly should be allowed to immigrate , the men should be fighting for their country, these men fleeing are cowards and false immigrants in it for the money$$$$$…..

        • They are too lazy to work or fight. They are 90% faggots that lay around all day and night, unless there is a good anti-America or Israel protest/march going on.

          At least the mexicans and other Hispanics will work and make it with females.

      17. When it comes to the axis of evil we have Israel, USA , Turkey and the Saudi government who are beind these so called ISIS terrorists who drive UN trucks and use US weapons.

        Banker in Isreal pull all the string because they control the worlds money supply and bribe anyone they like or use blackmail to achive there goals.

        We are being set up for a wave of false flags attacks to be blamed on ISIS in Europe because government want to take away our freedom of speech and to spy on the popultaion even more than they are doing now because it’s us who the state is at war with and they want us all to work for slave wages without complaining.

        Fences without machine guns or 5000 volts have never kept anyone in or out, our goverment knows this but want to pretend that they are doing all they can to stop the flood of immgrants across europe when in fact they want them let in.

        The US occupation force in Europe should be past the bill for taking care of these immigrants for not only attacking syria, Libya, Iraq but for being behind ISIS in the first place.

      18. In the end the greatest terrorists are in the white house disguised with bodyguards and red carpet.

      19. Not only do Mexicans work and usually are descent families looking for a better way of life; most are Christian (Catholic). These Muslim men are going to cause problems. May be that’s why they are working so hard to take away guns from Americans. Afraid some little girl’s Daddy is going to go bonkers and start WW3. What a mess.

      20. No matter where these people are coming from, they are leaving a third world cesspool and have no intention of returning.They are planning on taking what we have and turning our world into a third world cesspool as well. Even the wealthy will not be able to enjoy it here if that happens.After thousands of years nothing has or will change for them as they cannot even coexist……..

      21. Load up the able bodied men on big carriers,transport them back to the war and unload them in
        A working army camp. Fight or die and pass the ammunition. Our guys are not, should not have to fight and die while they run away…….

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