As We Predicted: A Globalist Totalitarian Pig Calls For the ARREST of JOURNALIST Glenn Greenwald

by | Jun 13, 2013 | Headline News | 219 comments

SHTFplan Editor’s Note: Nevermind that operatives within the U.S. government, authorized at the highest level, have been snooping on Americans’ phone calls, emails and personal lives in direct violation of the fourth amendment of the U.S. Constitution. That’s NOT the issue. The issue, according to our lawmakers and many within the intelligence community, is that we the people found out about it. The only people that need to be prosecuted here for their transgressions are the individuals who leaked the damning info – former NSA analyst Edward Snowden and the journalist who broke the story, UK Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald. If it were up to the state, these men would be hanged in a public square for treason… and those who broke the fundamental laws of our nation would be promoted and given medals for their actions. This is the America in which we now live.

Well, it took less than 72 hours for our latest video Urgent Message From The Totalitarian State: Arrest Journalist Glenn Greenwald to move from the edges of satire to full blown tyrannical reality.

In the video we stated specifically “we are calling for the immediate arrest of Journalist Glenn Greenwald. The recent actions of Mr. Greenwald, a reporter for the Guardian, cannot be allowed to stand in a Totalitarian state.

Knowing that our once great Republic is now more interested in silencing whistleblowers and preventing further “leaks” than it is in honoring the Constitution and the rule of law, we figured it would be just a short leap to the Orwellian proposition of arresting journalist Glenn Greenwald in order to guard the Totalitarian state from that pesky Fourth Estate.

Well, it has happened. Totalitarian pig Peter King, who previously called for the arrest of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, today jumped the shark. In an interview with Fox News the New York Congressman proclaimed that “No right is absolute” as he demanded the arrest of The Guardian investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald whose apparent “crime” was giving Snowden the international platform from which to blow his whistle.

If it wasn’t clear before, let it be clear now, the Republic has been overrun by corrupt, totalitarian pigs.


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    1. Blankone

      One would expect no less from Peter King….

      • John Q. Public

        Really. What else would you expect from a male who gets a college degree in feminism?

        • Constitutionalist Feminist

          Feminism is the notion that WOMEN ARE HUMAN BEINGS, asshole.

          • yourmotherwaswrong

            @Constitutionalist Feminist


            “The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.”

            Q: Would you use the “State” and it’s “Guns” to push Feminism on your fellow “citizens”?

            • BlueH20

              And for both of you, the ideology of Feminism has been warped into a policy of Female Supremacy by the Progressive Left, who are never satisfied with equality, fairness, or justice, but have to keep pushing everything to illogical conclusions in order to Balkanize the populace as they pursue total control of them.

              The State has used media and education to punish males for inherent advantages and keeps inculcating male guilt, just as it has punished whites for inherent advantages and does so by inculcating white guilt. The same tactic is being used to punish heterosexuals for their inherent advantages by sneeringly calling them *breeders* while making taxpayers liable for gender-changing surgery for those purposely confused by the media and academic advocacy of homosexuality. Insult to injury: these surgical transgenders are then favored for adoption with no thought at all for the children involved. The *fairness*, for example, of restroom and locker room usage is always about *fairness* to to the transgender and never about fairness to the majority who are quite content with their birth gender. No progressive pursuit of justice ever considers all participants. Instead, it locks onto the perceived *minority* and in its name marginalizes the majority. This majority can never, in the eyes of progressives, atone for the circumstances of their own birth reality, be it regards to gender, pigmentation or sexual preference.

              Constitutional Feminist: just look at how the Left treats Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann as examples of them using ridicule against any accomplished female human being who isn’t on board the progressive train. Nothing Constitutional about that, at all. It is simple political ideology in the service of control. Take one step outside the proclaimed political correctness of any given moment and any person of any gender, pigmentation or preference will be savaged by their former compadres and it will be done without a whit of apology.

              Authoritarians like King are not interested in anyone’s humanity. If they were, there is no way they could say “no right is absolute.”

              Here are some absolute rights:
              Self Defense.
              A few others can be found in the Bill of Rights to the Constitution of the United States. Prior to that, some could be found in the Magna Carta. Humanity has been fighting totalitarians for a very long time.

              Anyone wanting to qualify these rights and to impose a state mandate or test upon any human being in regard to them is neither a feminist nor progressive. The political left has manipulated every human concept and status to the extreme in their fight for total control. They will then abandon any of their former constituencies as it suits them.

              “Totalitarian” is apt. Pig is as pig does. It is predictable that as the backlash builds against King, he will walk the statement back, so, were I defending him or the policies of institutional feminism, I would take great care.

              I look forward to your justification of any qualifications of essential inalienable rights. This board is filled with actual critical thinkers who will not be impressed with cant.

              • sixpack

                Well said.

                • Them Guys

                  Blue H2O: Where you been hideing such an articulate Mind?! Very well spoken. Only thing better than reading what you stated, would be to observe you Telling some femanazi the exact Same in Person!

                  Best weapon to use is Truth as it acts like if you took a Heaping shovel full of Red Hot Coals from the furnace and dumped it over the opponents Head. Christ, a Year before AD era began. Not sure how to write that? Maybe Year: Minus one?

              • yourmotherwaswrong


                Well said.

                Statists [government fetish worshipers] always seek to use the apparatus of State [police/military] to control and force others to bend knee.

              • lower40

                damn blue

                you get the prize hands down ,if i spent a week i could not of said it better

              • Grasshopper

                It is true that the creep in the video is for totalitarian gov’t– he is so disgusting, I couldn’t even finish watching his bull sh–

                However, as far as Palin goes, she is just as disgusting as the male clown… she makes me sick. All she is good for is a good laugh– no brains!

                Obama is a traitor and I have no respect for him whatsoever for what he’s done against the American people– However, at least he does have brains. Unfortuantely, he has used his talents and intelligence to further the agenda of the Bankers, who put him in office.

            • Nehweh Gahnin

              Wow! Nice pick-up KY Mom! If what Snowden has revealed so far is “just the tip of the iceberg,” and the spying on Americans is “far broader than most people realize,” AFTER these leaks… what does that mean? What, are they in the room with me right now?

              • Grasshopper

                Well, for one thing you could go to stormcloudsgathering website and read about the internment camps.. doesn’t have anything to do with the surveillanc–or actually, it does. At any rate, as astounded and outraged I was to learn of the EXTENT of the surveillance state, the article about the “camps” was infinitely more upsetting to me… I had read about these camps before. However, the article at stormcloudsgathering goes into very, very deep details and it is absolutely mind blowing! America is gone! Obama is a dictator!

          • wrong


            Better read up on things around here before you make stupid comments!!!

            fem-i-nazi YOU!

            • wrong

              opps!!!!!! That was directed @ Constitutionalist Feminist. Not Yourmotherwaswrong or KY Mom! My Bad!

          • RickE.

            Feminist, when you can explain why the women’s lib movement/feminists have NOTHING to say about the way women are treated under Sharia law, then I will give you some respect. (including the ones here that have been “honor killed”).
            Otherwise you are man-hating swine that doesn’t deserve the respect given to a pig.

          • Musashi

            You’re a tool.

          • NMBC

            The Caring Leaders take action, and salesmen sell words.

            Another useless & ineffective suggestion is to file a LAWSUIT, which takes time.

            Democrat congress which controls the Upper house (Senate) can stop any of Obama’s bills, or the military can court marshal high officers if they violate the law.

            1. Any honest Politicians will STOP all the unjust bills from coming to law,
            2. But the do-nothing politicians will speak the language you want to hear.
            and they would not ask for your EMAIL:
            – to sidetrack you in different directions,
            – to promote themselves for reelection,
            – or for the upcoming presidential election in 2016
            – to spit conservative party’s votes
            – to skew you away from the talented conservatives.

            3. And the Media outlets are always promoting their people; therefore, you see some politicians are constantly in the media. They are nothing more than actors. 🙁
            – Their politicians are just playing their parts, and their speeches are already written for them.
            – The GUARDIAN (UK) is extremely Liberal and is part of the powerful group who control the media in England. 🙁

            Snooping and recording have been going on since who knows when (???), and WITHOUT our govt’s knowledge.

            Lately you see alot of LEAKS, they are staged, and nothing more than propaganda, but propagandists fabricate things to make it appear real. Using guerilla tactics to skew you in a different directions and away from the real culprits. My previous posting explains in further detail, link to follow.

            • NMBC

              So before you donate to the tea party or give your email support, you better think twice. 🙂

              Why The Surveillance State Must Be Erased
              (And Where are the Tea NUTS?)


              I hope Iranians choose chief nuclear negotiator SAEED JALILI 🙂 over his rival — Hasan Rowhani 🙁 (former Iranian nuclear negotiator.) Rowhani is a shill and NOT Shiite.

          • j Stuart

            A worthless degree if that is the basis of it since that is self evident.

          • Leonard

            And some of “those” human beings happen to be assholes…

          • Honey BOOBOO

            Thanks to you feminist bitches, my daughters will get to register for a military draft. I can only hope that USA disintegrates before then.

          • Mike

            “Feminism is the notion that WOMEN ARE HUMAN BEINGS, asshole.”.

            Not really. At one time, feminism was what you said. This was back when women really were treated as less than men and condescended too. Not that it isn’t still happening.

            Regardless, feminism has morphed– ESPECIALLY feminism as a study of “feminist theory”. This is the nonsense you’ll run into in colleges. This is where they’ll tell you that if you’re male, even if you aren’t sexist, you actually are sexist because you’re a male and you enjoy the “privileged” position of the “patriarchy hegemony” and that you enjoy the benefits of “institutionalized” sexism. And feminist theory has pushed it’s way into all liberal arts studies. Any artwork, any essay, any piece of work whatsoever a college student produces is going to get scrutinized for whether or not it supports feminist theory.

            It is fair to ridicule someone that chooses a field of study that treats every male as a patriarchal oppressor. Anything like this, whether it’s feminist theory or African American studies, etc., is not really a field of study in that there is no real investigating going on. ALWAYS, a predetermined conclusion is reached: white male heterosexuals are privileged and they are oppressors and the oppression is institutionalized. So long as you repeat the mantra, you are in. You can create the crappiest artwork depicting dildos , and it will be celebrated, so long as you say you were seeking to investigate the tool of male aggression, or whatever.

            On the other hand, I understand the irritation of Constitutionalist Feminist. It seems like in order to be a member of the freedom movement you are supposed to not like gays and not like women in positions of power and also must be a Christian?

            • Tucker

              Feminism was primarily designed to target White females and brainwash them into decommissioning their wombs for reproductive purposes, because the ethnic tribe who invented this disease craves the genocide and extinction of White European people. Thus, the objective was to brainwash White females into thinking Motherhood was a fate worse than death – get them to rush off into the workforce and put their entire lives into their careers and to hate the idea of having cute little White babies.

              Just yesterday, I saw an article on the web by the Census Bureau and it was filled with all sorts of gushing glee and excitement over the news that for the first time in American history, more White people died than were born.

              Meanwhile, General Mills puts out Cheerios commercials that show White females with their mulatto crumb crunchers and their African ‘husband’ snoozing on the sofa – and these nitwits wonder why millions of angry White people posted their revulsion for this clear promotion of White European genocide?

              What’s next, people? Charging any White female who gives birth to a White baby as a ‘hate criminal’?

        • yourmotherwaswrong

          This is what you get with Statism.

          A statist is one who believes that some men have the right to force, coerce, enslave, rob, and murder others. This belief has to be implemented by the political doctrine that the government… the state… has the right to initiate the use of physical force against its citizens. How often force is to be used, against whom, to what extent, for what purpose and for whose benefit, are irrelevant questions. The basic principle and the ultimate results of all statist doctrines are the same: dictatorship and destruction. The rest is only a matter of time.

          Our time is comming.

        • OutWest

          Treason to the government, Heroism to the people!

          • yourmotherwaswrong

            “Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies!”

            • Prescott

              So much for the “all powerful” NSA. They didn’t know they had a Chinese mole with a hero complex working there. Yes, I know he was a contractor, but he wasn’t vetted worth a shit because his personality profile should have been a red flag. And where were these “all knowing” super-spies when he was accessing all that data from their own computers? TPTB and their minions: NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. aren’t nearly as good as their press makes them appear. It’s all a ploy to scare us into thinking that they are invincible-THEY ARE NOT! They are all highly over-rated.

          • Kulafarmer

            We The People,
            Not we the government shills,
            REJECT THIS CRAP

        • Anonymous

          Peter King = Closet Homo


          • Them Guys

            Peter King=Member of self chozen/self worshiper tribe.

            Fox’s Meagan Kelly=Sold out Shill hasbara for same tribe.

      • DRD5508

        If no right is absolute, then neither is the NSA’s right to prosecute a whistle blower or Glenn Greenwald.
        Always a double standard with King and his ilk.

        • yourmotherwaswrong

          Governments make “law”.

          Government EXEMPTS itself from the “laws”.

          The “law” is applied to you and me.

          If you or I violate the “law”, we go to prison

          If the government violates the law… you and I still go to prison.

          Any questions?

        • Sigi

          Greenwald is not a US Citizen is he? And isn’t he outside our nation’s jurisdiction? Our lawless leaders cannot touch him.

          • yourmotherwaswrong


            Glenn Greenwald is a US citizen currently residing in Brazil.

            And… Our “lawless leaders” can touch him.

            It’s called a “drone strike.”

            Thats what you would call “due process”.

            American style.

            • Sigi

              Thanks- I thought he was a UK citizen.

      • Wolf359

        Well, if this guy Greenwald is in fact going to release names of agents, assets and safehouses of AMERICANS, who will be compromised and theyre lives put in danger then he should be prosecuted.

        That is a massive difference btw breaking a story.

        • Wolf359

          How about a reporter release the codes to our nuc silos and locations of nuc submarines to Russia and China? Thumbs up that then?

          There is a distinct difference btw breaking a story about government unconstitutional practices and releasing tactical security information of live assets.

          Whats the difference from some liberal activist releasing the names and locations of US Special Forces in Afghanistan for the Taliban to see, use and find American targets. Its a security leak not a breaking news revelation.

          • Tucker

            How many regular readers of this website would shed even a single tear, if the Russians dropped a mini-nuke smack dab on top of this criminal and corrupt and out of control Congress?

            Maybe a better question might be – would there be enough champagne available to quench the thirst of the millions of Americans who would feel like celebrating?

        • sixpack

          I don’t think many of us are concerned with ‘safe houses’ and the names of agents…what we are concerned with, is the government spying ON US, and what they want OUR DATA for.

          This whole massive spying issue would never have surfaced, if the government had just stuck to rooting out foreign terrorists and LEFT WE THE INNOCENT PEOPLE out of it!

          Reading MY emails and listening to MY phone calls will NEVER produce a terrorist.

          If this spy government spent HALF AS MUCH time and energy LOOKING FOR REAL TERRORISTS as it does SPYING ON CHRISTIANS, PROTESTERS and GUN OWNERS, this country might be more secure.

          • Wolf359


            I agree complety, unfortunately,as well as releasing damning info about a blatant gov overreach Greenweld is alledgedly threatening to release names and locations of safe houses with American agents.

            That is something you want to be concerned with. If this guy has actual intelligence about our overseas assets then AMERICANS will probably get killed.

            Those assets fight a secret war every day not talked about in public. And its faught against Terrorists, Russians, Chinese and anybody looking to limit our interests.

            You will be less safe if that network is exposed.

            Ive referenced a few scenarios a couple posts back regarding the dangers of exposing our intelligence network abroad.

            • common sense

              I feel the point that needs to be addressed is
              “Those assets fight a secret war every day… anybody looking to limit our interests”

              I believe a bunch of question begging goes on here.
              What are our interests?
              Do those interests allow us to carry out covert aggressive military action overseas?
              Do our interests outweight the interests of citizens of the countries we interfere in?
              Can a secret war ever be in the best interest of we the people?
              Does perpetual war serve the best interests of this country?


              If covert operative of any foreign power were exposed in this country and resulted in the death of those agents would anyone shed a tear?
              How can you justify the difference between american lives and all other humans on this planet?
              Do we not have explicit proof that it is our government who is the biggest and most imminent threat to our safety?
              How can you reconcile anger with damage to your biggest threat with the anger you feel towards someone who actually did damage to you enemy?

              Think about it that way. Someone has done/could do actual harm to the single largest threat to your person and yet many are amazingly angry with that person due to a misplaced sense of patriotism and defense of all things american.
              This internal inconcistancy must end or your best interest and your loyalty will be forever at odds.

              • JRS

                Thanks commonsense…I think many still buy into the “official” version of 9-11 and all the ensuing boogeymen.

              • Anonymous

                Common Sense,

                Sadly we don’t live in a world where every human soul is considered sacred and cherished acrossed borders and cultures. I wish it was dont get me wrong but it is not and you should realize that.

                We live in a violent dog eat dog world. And that is across the planet in all cultures. Now this hidden secret war which is being waged is against enemies who could care less about you. They represent their own set of values and ethics in their own cultures unlike ours in America. Do you consider extremist Islam on par with American culture? I don’t and the reality is the two will never coexist. Can a constitutional patriot stand with a progressive marxist? Again, never.

                So this secret war being faught out of public view is for control of resources and strategic partnerships for the next hundred or two hundred years. It is a clash of civilizations. You have the West vs the islamic world and you also have the rise of the East. All parties are jockeying for position on a chess board before WAR breaks out.

                So i consider any intelligence on our national security being leaked a criminal act beacause it could jeapordize american lives. That is a huge difference btw breaking a story on unconstitutional government spying.

                I agree with you the most imminent threat comes from our government but you shouldnt dismiss millions of patriotic americans who do work in government and the military who share our beleifs. Not everybody is a statist jackboot foaming at the mouth to stomp freedom out. There are countless patriots out there who take their oath serious.

                In fact Constitutional Patriots will need the like minded individuals in the government and military when the time comes to defeat the globalist marxists.

                • JRS

                  The DC corporation is the biggest terrorist organization on the planet. From Latin America to Africa to South America to the ME they have spent decades supporting insurrection, overthrow of sovereign governments and outright massacre of civilians. You can try to justify it by calling it a strategic war for resources or fighting the big bad Muslims or whatever you want to call it. You can excuse it by saying there has always been war…so be it. Do you consider USA drone killings of civilians to be on par with Arab cultures? You better step back and consider your thoughts and stop fist pumping USA, USA, USA. Government workers are mostly pigs feeding at the public trough. I have no use for any of them.

                • Wolf359


                  Give me 1 other culture or country more free than what America has? I agree our gov is out of control and corrupt to no end but America is the worlds last bastion of hope and freedom and if its lost here ( its on its way) then world will enter a New Dark Age where freedom, individual responsibility, private property, capitalism will be extinct.

                  Is it any wonder to you that the last 200 + years of American culture and freedom have given the world the marvelous technological, industrustial, medical revolutions which hsve lead to a massive increase in human population and quality of life?

                • common sense

                  So because some people act like barbarians we must as well?
                  Sorry, don’t buy that argument.

                  And this war waged against people who don’t give a shit about me is waged BY people who don’t give a shit about me, so why should I be on their side?

                  You agree the imminent threat comes from our own government but somehow think I should give a free pass to those people who do the work of attempting to enslave me? You don’t need to be a fanatic statist to do the work of a fanatic state, you simply have to value your paycheck and comfort more than everyone elses freedom. For those whose job is to keep the machine of state running smoothly so it can effectively harrass, fine and incarcerate my fellow man I have nothing but scorn.

                  The battle for freedom goes on every day. There is no coming battle, it is here and now and forever will be. Those who think they can assist a tyrant because a potentially worse tyrant might come along some day heed to screw their heads on straight and stop doing harm now. We may all get wiped out by an asteroid next week so don’t try and sell me the idea that the evil done to me today is to keep me safe from worse evil some mean guy on the other side of the earth would like to do to me, I stopped buying fear more than 20 years ago and have heard all of its sales pitches.

            • sixpack

              Actually, Wolf359, what he SAID was that he “HAD ACCESS TO” that kind of information, NOT that he had ACQUIRED it, or would release it if he had it.

              That kind of misinformation makes spin-masters proud.

              • Wolf359

                Common Sense, By your flawed logic you are assuming everybody who works and gets paid from public largesse, school bus drivers, police officers, ems, military, all the up thru the high halls of government government are the ones trying to enslave you? You’re absolute disdain for anybody working for the machine is wrong bc as I pointed out they aren’t all jackboots trying to enslave you. You’re villifying the whole lot. Maybe I’ll change my position if you can elaborate how my kids lunch lady is contributing to your enslavement? AND please, I’m not selling you any ideas about justification of evils done. In you’re limited view everything done by everybody in government is evil and an act of enslavement. It seems to be pretty uncommon sense to judge everybody as evil for the acts of a minoroty of evil doers in government. So save your anti American self loathing for somebody you can lament over the horrid life you lived growing up in the most prosperous and just civilization this world has known with highest quality of life.

                • common sense

                  First who is more free than america? Any of the 100’s of indiginous cultures in new guinea. Also if you want to dismiss “primitive” people an argument for swizerland could be made. Or if you simply want to compare the volume of “law” I could expand that list quite far.

                  Again you also use the phrase “standared of living” as though it is a simple straight forward answer. Standard of living os a very subjective thing. How much is individual freedom of action worth to you? Does your level of freedom get included in your SOL? Does an life spent living in a golden cage, with all the modern convienences, tropical vacations, and fine food outweigh a tough, sweaty, few convienences life if to live in that glorius high end life requires submitting to asking permission for every act and living according to anothers schedule while the hard life is one where you are in charge?

                  Now to the nitty gritty of blame and and what you call my “anti american self loathing”. Firstly what you would call anti american I would call pro honesty or pro truth. I do not allow myself to exist by a differnent set of moral criteria than my fellow man and do not allow the country I reside in to either. Right and wrong do not depend upon who is acting. An invasion is wrong no matter who commits it. Both russia and the USA were wrong when they invaded afghanistan. I find holding all actors to the same standerd simplifies the rules of existence and prevents hipocracy when discussing what is right “for america”.

                  As for self loathing I would not go that far. I would place blame upon myself as , though very few, I do pay some taxes which help to fund the police state being built around me. As for government workers they hold more guilt as their very existence requires a system of violent coersion in order to fund their jobs. Thus, passively, they justify and likely will defend their meal ticket. Perhaps not through actual violence but will gladly see the gov thugs enforce what is seen as our social duty. By directly attaching their own self interest to the very mechinism that must by its very nature extort money and cooperation through implied and actual violence they must be help accoutable. To what degree is debateable.

                  We then get to those who, in my opinion, hold the true state of criminals. Those who actual jobs will require the use of “I’m only doing my job”. When someone works at a jobwhere they force themselves upon the public where the only consent can come from “you live here and thus must obey” and truly vile and unforgivable.

                  I will close where you ended. “The most prosperous and just civilization this world has known with the highest quality of life”. I already explainedwhat. I see as the flaw with the quality refernce so will touch upon the rest.

                  Once again, prosperous is a subjective measure unless you define what is meant.

                  Just is a flat joke to apply to. This country. The land it occupies was taken by force and deciet. Broken treaties and genocide are the foundations and aggresive war the standard. We love to act like all those conflicts were in our best interest but this opinion can only be held if ones ignores the entire story. Invansions, coups, and puppet regeims our method of foreign policy. Washington march troops against his own country in the “whiskey rebellion”, the first of many times corp interest outweighed we the peoples. I could go on and on with the wrongs done by this country to other and its own but I digress.

                  Simply look at switzerland for how a country can exist without constantly killing those around it.

                  But I think your insistance on claiming I have flwed logic and self loathing tell me you will refuse to acknowledge what US history is actually made of and find it in yourself to whitewash what this nation has done. Perhaps I am wrong but you seem to be willing to hold america to a different standard than other countries and to that I cannot argue. If your intent to is to defend america without regard to harm done I cannot win. And as we are all guilty when it comes to this state of events perhaps your defense of the3 luch lady is simply a defense of yourself.

                  I am guilty of assisting this rouge nation but do everything in my power to limit the funds it extorts from me and would rather die than actually work for it. To put it in religous terms, we are all guilty of sin, but some of us sin bigger than others.

                • Wolf359

                  The world is neither perfect or fair. At some point in time one people pillaged and conquered another. That is an absolute truth that extends to your primitive cultures as well. The Swiss were Nazi bankers and facilitated the escape of many Nazi to South America. No people on this planet are any less culpable than another. But you dwell on Americans heinous past instead of trying to learn from it and create a more perfect union. The system isn’t perfect but it’s the best out there. You persistently fail to see past the bad and look for good in you’re own country. I’m well aware of the atrocities America has committed and certainly not excusing them but for you to consistently denigrate America and American values, culture and way of life for mistakes and not see the good America has brought then you are more than just blind. You are just UN American and or willfully ignorant or a blind ideologue.

                • common sense

                  I am curious where I ever stated the world is perfect and fair since people seem to need to inform me of this fact.

                  I did not say the indiginous cultures were not violent only that they were more free than america. Feel like addressing that?

                  Perhaps I should simply use incarceration rates as a test of freedom? Then I can use facts to show america is the least free nation on earth?

                  I simply cannot agree that no person is more culpable than any other. This would make the entire idea of a justice system impossible as any crime commited and wanting to be punished would thus need to have the3 punishment dealt to everyone. Obviously an incorrect assumption.

                  So as I perdicted, you simply say everyone does bad stuff, america is no worse than any other nation, look at how good we are.

                  Ok, so I have shown several things which I believe show america to be less just than some nations, rather than simply say “america is so good” argue it. What are all these supposed things great about america, during the past 50 years, that I am missing?

                  It seems I am having a hard time getting people to ackowledge any wrong about america. As we must first admit something is wrong before we can fix it, I feel you are more a stumbling block to a more perfect union than I. I do not need to be just another of the many “usa, usa, usa” voices here, there are plenty. I see plenty of good in actual people but ideologically have issues with government and this gov specifically because it is the one I am forced to deal with due to accident of birth. And what is sooooo wrong with being an idealist? Is it not neccessary to want something to be better to even have a chance of success? You already feel america is the absolute best nation ever? How can you be a force to actually improve it?

          • Them Guys

            SixPak: They cannot spy on Real terrorists since Thats who They claim is their bestest friends and allies over there.

            • sixpack

              You got it, Them Guys! And that leave, well, you know who…

              • Wolf359

                Also, using incarceration rates to judge a nation’s level of freedom doesn’t work. Here in America an individual makes a choice to follow or break a law. You break a law and you are punished. A lot of countries across the planet just lock you up for speaking out, stone you for being gay, abort your children, jail you for singing a song in a church,cane you for keying a car, imprisoning you for drinking a beer,cut your hand off for stealing, or honor kill a raped woman..etc…yea we have it so bad here huh?

                • common sense

                  Really? You have got to be bullshitting us?
                  Since you have a choice to obey or not somehow laws are not an infringement upon your personal liberty here in good ol’ ‘merica. And besides they only lock you up in a cage and/or fine the crap out of you. In wolfland you only have a CHOICE to obey ‘merican law. All those other countries laws are an actual detriment to freedom.

                  I simply see no way of combating this level of doublethink. Enjoy your freedom in the greatest, most just, best country to ever exist. Just be sure you choose to obey all the laws.

            • Wolf359

              Common Sense, I did not refer to you as an idealist. Instead I called you a blind ideologue. In which that applies to you when you only see America faults and nothing else. That staunch refusal is blind ideaology. If anybody is an idealist it is myself. I believe in a constitutional republic, as a form of government, I believe in personal responsibility, individualism, free markets, private property, rule of law, honor, justice, high moral and ethical conduct, charity, etc… These aren’t just punchlines to me. I strive on a daily basis to better myself, family and others around me to follow those principles. Those are ideals and at one point was the back bone of the greatest nation ever conceived on this earth. I try everyday to live by those principles and in doing so I am one less useful idiot or hungry mouth to feed. Like myself there are many more who would use those principles to restore our country from the throws of tyranny and oppression. AND many are in our government and military.

              • common sense

                The idea is that you do not get to choose who I am. Because if it worked that way I could work up some decision about who you are and pretend like my opinion of you overrides who you are. Like this.

                I did not say you were an idealist. I said you are a person who knows the meaning of words but intentionally misapplies them with the intent to cause a person to come to an incorrect conclusion about a situation. Or that you are a bald faced liar.

                Because when a person needs to resort to person bashing and gives up on the subject at hand they have admitted defeat on the intelectual level and resorted to elementary school argument. “You are a poopy head”. But when I see how you tried to defend the prison system and our “jusctice” system I see why you need to call me bad names. Don’t worry, you are not alone. It seems many here need to resort to personal attacks as a method of debate and you fit right in with them.

                Because I am not arguing your worth as a human being but simply how we choose to interpret the world around us.

                • Wolf359

                  We don’t live in anarchy. There is structure to society. It’s called civilization. The anarchist utopia you dream about will never be. And people like you will always whine about that. Do you believe in the Constitution? Do you want to restore it as I do or is the Constitution an infringement on you’re rights?

        • Eisenkreuz

          FUCK YOU.

        • j Stuart

          Our borders are wide open to any terrorist that wants to show up and you try to tell us that Greenwald put us at risk. Had we kept these vermin out of our country the attacks couldn’t have happened and there would be no excuse for this excessive invasion of our privacy.

          • sixpack

            j stuart, perhaps you meant to say, “if we kept those vermin out of our country, the attacks couldn’t have been blamed on them by the govt, and there would be no excuse for this excessive invasion of our privacy…

      • JustMe

        “No right is absolute.”

        Darn. That’s what’s wrong. We thought we had “Rights”.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t blame king. Blame those who keep him and other scum like him in office. We get the government we deserve.

    2. BigB

      King is such a piece of liberal crap! He hates freedom.


      • Walt Kowalski

        There is no longer any practical distinction between the Democrats and Republicans.

        Actually….there hasn’t been for a long time, but these recent events just reveal it more clearly.

        • yourmotherwaswrong

          Don’t vote!

          Don’t support the false Left/Right Paradigm.

          Voting only encourages the bastards.

          Every vote cast supports an increasingly totalitarian government that is both power drunk and out of control.

          Withdraw your consent!

          A non-vote IS a vote.

          • BlueH20


            I disagree. If we don’t vote, we aid and abet the rigged elections where the bots vote and and have no opposition.

            Instead, put up candidates who pledge support to Constitutional values. If there aren’t any, find some. If you can’t, stand for office, yourself. Look to the Brits and the UKIP for examples. Start at the lowest municipal and county levels. (BTW, I was going to advocate pledges for one term, but that means no one can gain experience and rise in the polls to higher office.)

            I will get some flames, but withdrawal of our consent does not mean there is no consent. We can refuse to play, but the game will continue while we are marginalized.

            What we can do: unsubscribe from all political party communications. Do not donate. Give sweat equity to worthy candidates at lower levels. Turn off the propaganda machine of !!BREAKING NEWS ALERTS!! Learn precision in written and spoken speech so, no matter how furious you are, you simply smile, enunciate more clearly and state truth succinctly, without epithet. Politicians are taught “The bigger the ahole, the bigger the smile” because it works.

            Work to create alternative communities. Infiltrate every open community organization available, establish bona fides and work relentlessly to gain respect and a cadre of like-minded citizens. Be generous, kind and understanding. It can take decades to undo a lifetime of inculcation. Be there for that moment when a former bot suddenly sees the light. Never preach. Always do.

            It took them 40 years to get here. It will take them another five-ten years to betray their true selves to everyone. That is the window we have to become the rock, the foundation for a decent society.

            • yourmotherwaswrong


              The population of the US is estimated to be 314 million.

              The estimated total of registered voters is 229 million.

              In the 2012 Presidential election, it is estimated that 114.5 million registered voters voted.

              If this country is roughly split 50/50- Republican/Democrat, then approximately 56 million people voted for Willard, and slightly more, maybe 58.5 million voted for Barry.

              The bottom line is this: About 25% of eligible voters voted for the current regime. And 18% of the American population has subjected us to Obama.

              That is not a CONSENSUS, let alone a MANDATE!

              IMO, the current government is illegitimate.

              Consent of the governed is a myth.

              OBTW… don’t comment that if we all voted we would get the government we wanted. That is fantasy as well as a sick JOKE!

              If voting changed anything at this point, they’d label it Domestic Terrorism and call in the DHS.

              If voting has made any difference, why are we [America] swirling around the bowl, going down fast?

              Just get out the NO VOTE.

              • BlueH20


                No argument on your stats.

                The election was manipulated in the swing states. We have concentrated areas of bots of all types. We cannot fight that.

                The people in charge now took “The Long Walk Through The Institutions”, starting 40 years ago. Doing the same is the only way I can see to counter them.

                It took marginalization of the counterculture, on one hand, and complacency of the former establishment, on the other, to mobilize the progressives. Now, we are marginalized and, shortly, they are going to find that _they_ are complacent. Their elite cadres are aged. Their youth cadres are disengaged. There are viable and vibrant Indie movements in all the arts that include preppers and Constitutionalists. Look at Snowden: 29 and a techie nerd. There is a window and there is leverage through the culture. History shows us that we lost this country when we lost the culture. Organizing is the way to proceed and I outlined some methodology above. Consistency and discipline will win out, especially as people suffer under the totalitarians.

                Voting will only make a difference when we can peel off percentages of the current bot constituencies. That is done one heart and mind, one interest group at a time.

                In time, our window of opportunity will close, because people will become dispirited and fighting the heavy hand will just be too much for one individual if there isn’t a counterculture community from which to draw strength. We can seed that counterculture. The people who mentored the hippies of the 60s/70s were all old at that time.

                Not going to repeat myself. Go back to my earlier post. The blueprint is there.

                • yourmotherwaswrong


                  Let me say it this way:

                  The government operates on legitimacy and consent.

                  If we can get the voting percentages low enough [hell, 18% is low enough], the government can’t claim legitimacy or the consent of the governed.

                  I believe that if enough people see the government as having no legitimacy and no mandate, the government [as it is today] will simply fade.

                  If enough of us simply don’t comply, what are they gonna do? They can’t arrest us all! Government is a very small minority of people compared to the rest of us.

                  In my view, voting supports the established system. They are desperate for us to vote. Just look at all the “get out the vote” campaigns! Voting provides the illusion of legitimacy, and thats how they have enslaved us.

                  One more thing: It’s too late to “vote” our way out of this mess. Voting is their game. They own the game.

                  Take the vote away from them, and they lose.

              • Steven

                No matter who you vote for or who is elected, the government is still in control.

          • sixpack

            Refusing to vote just gives the illegals and ‘gimme-dat’ people more power to vote themselves more, while voting away our rights.

      • Be informed

        It is my imagination or when someone like king and feinsteinless become more and more freedom haters, that they become more ass ugly physically. It seems like the more some idiots hates freedom, their faces turn into a Medusa or in the case of king, a gargoyle. I never give a capital letter to total pieces of rat crap, king deserves a small case k.

        Let’s hear it:

        Everyone that thinks king looks like a fascist butt unsightly gargoyle. Green thumbs up.

        Everyone that thinks king is a wonderful good looking patriot, a red thumbs down.

        • Nia

          Don’t know man..Medusa is pretty HOT..just have to get over the hair of snakes, etc ^-^ LOL!!

          • OutWest

            If I had a face like Feinswine,
            I would shave my ass and walk on my hands!

            • Nia

              I just spewed my coffee reading that comment..LOL!! Picture, ugly fat-ass all wrinkled and scrunched up..either way, BUTT-ugly is an understatement!! Wouldn’t touch it with a 10′ pole!!

              Bottom line, yes, it appears that those that intentionally do our country harm, are transparently f’ugly. THAT is the ONLY transparency we’ll get from these sickos…sad state of affair our country is in!!!

              • lower40

                that why she wears a hat ,so she doesent forget which end to wipe when she takes her ugly ass to the can

        • pissinwiththewind

          Agreed BI.

          What really gets my goat is this? People are all of a sudden acting as though this “spying on people” is a new concept.

          The American people have been monitored thru the late 60’s and 70’s. The “illegal” wiretapping began in the 80’s with the renewed interest in finding out how so many drugs were coming into America without TPTB getting their cut. The phone companies have been in on the whole thing since then.

          Project Echelon was the first “big” spy satellite gig, that became public knowledge. A watchful person had to be living under a rock, or playing ostrich to have not heard of this type, of big brother spying on it’s citizens, operation. The rise of geostationary communications satellites in the 1960s presented new possibilities for intercepting international communications. The report to the European Parliament of 2001 states: “If UKUSA states operate listening stations in the relevant regions of the earth, in principle they can intercept all telephone, fax and data traffic transmitted via such satellites.

          British journalist Duncan Campbell and New Zealand journalist Nicky Hager asserted in the 1990s that the United States was exploiting ECHELON traffic for industrial espionage, rather than military and diplomatic purposes.

          It has been going on for decades. It is just that since 2001, the damn thing has run wild with the modern capabilities of storing so much information on a tiny microchip. It has been broadened now to include profiles of everyone and “learn” what makes them tick.

          The Antichrist has his little stage set for him when he arrives on the scene. With the click of a button, he will know almost everything about a person and how they can be bought.

          Don’t believe it? Just hang around a while and everyone will see. We ain’t seen crazy yet. The current admin. can’t hold a candle to the antichrist’s leaders. all demonically possessed.

          All I can say is; better have the “covering” of Christ on your head. With that protective armour a person can escape the “firey” darts of ole Lucifer; No Problem!

          • Steven

            “What really gets my goat is this? People are all of a sudden acting as though this “spying on people” is a new concept.”

            I think it’s more a case of people finally waking up and realizing what’s happening. Because it’s been going on doesn’t make it any less offensive.

        • Mark

          This is what happened to Smeagol, the Hobbit. He turned into “Gollum”, the misshapen homunculus who was transformed into an ugly being because of his covetousness and treachery.

          Evil people DO seem to become ugly, physically.

          But that’s not an absolute. Sometimes handsome and charming people are among the most evil sociopaths (or, when I was young, “psychopaths”).

          cf: “The Sociopath Next Door” by Dr. Martha Stout.

      • yourmotherwaswrong


        Aah… POS Peeter King is a Republican Statist!

    3. Walt Kowalski

      All out assault on the Constitution.

      I’ve been saying this a long time…..This government is illegitimate. It no longer works for us. It is a criminal cartel.

      Want to know who they consider the terrorists when they talk about defending against it?

      It’s you.

      • BigB

        Yep, anyone who threatens their elitist station in life.


      • Luther

        So what you’re saying is that there is no trust between the People and the Government?

        That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

        Hey Trolls & NSA, it is “Legal” to recite the Declaration of Independence, this is what authorizes the We the People!

      • Barterman

        Grahm does not reflect south carolina views…Just so its been said…his ass is gone soon.

        • Nehweh Gahnin

          Hope you’re right. I’ve been wondering. Of course, we have the same kind of morons representing us here, too. They’re just not as noisy.

      • Walt Kowalski

        Lindsey Graham is a toad.

        “May his days be short upon the earth, and may another take his office.”

        • sixpack

          tastes like chicken…

    4. cjmartel

      When the SHTF two categories of people I do not want to be anywhere near, politicians and banksters, talk about drawing heat!! In light of all the snooping being done by this regime, we are going to have to learn to talk in code, or risk being cuffed and stuffed in the middle of the night. What I find appalling is that the so called average person sees absolutely nothing wrong with these grotesque violations of the constitution. I wonder if all the obama lovers in the media will stand for this, after all, if history is an indicator, the “useful idiots” who have been braying about that kenyan will be the first to go, stupid asses!

      • Mark

        I know some Ukrainians and they have all said that they “talked in code” growing up and I could see that they continued to do so, even unwittingly, when they talked to me. It is very hard to recover your personal honesty and frankness after having been required to hide everything and lie about everything just to stay alive.

    5. Libertat

      Fuck the Fascists regardless of the (R) or (D) by their names. They can all go to hell because they have all destroyed America and our entire Bill of Rights.

    6. Cameraman

      Peter King is from New York what do you expect from that Communist Enclave?

      Lamp Post Meet Rope!

      Semper Fi

      • BeSure2Vote

        The Republican running in dead heat for Mass. Senate seat is FOR GUN CONTROL, FOR ABORTION, FOR HOMOSEXUAL WEDDINGS, FOR AMNESTY, FOR EVERY LIBERAL THING the Democrat is FOR.

        Only difference:
        Liberal Republican guy is a Mexican.

        • yental

          THE ENTIRE “SYSTEM” IS CORRUPT BEYOND “BALLOT REPAIR”.  It simply doesn’t matter anymore.  It hasn’t mattered for decades.  (Ron Paul could have “saved us”.  One man with NO SUPPORT in the HOUSE/SENATE would have “saved/changed” NOTHING.  Israhell doesn’t like Ron Paul as exposed by the constant derogatory MSM COVERAGE)

          It NO LONGER MATTERS what “party” or what “Liar” is supposedly “elected/selected” by the “illusion of choice”.(I’m starting to bore myself repeating this same observation for YEARS)  LOOK at the decades of “voting history” and illuminate the difference regardless of the ASS CHEEK of THE SAME ASS that occupies the White House or the Senate/House. 

          What has changed, improved, provided A REAL DIFFERENCE, and improved the sovereignty of this “REPUBLIC”.  You cannot name ONE THING.  I can name a multitude that have continued to get worse every year!


          The “electronic system” that now determines YOUR VOTE is exactly what Stalin said:  Who votes doesn’t matter, only HE who COUNTS THE VOTES MATTERS!  (“Rosey”, the rigged computer program)

          NO INDIVIDUAL is going to make a difference in the current SEWER that is obviously Israhell first, District of Criminals mafia organized crime against ALL OF US.

          Your F-N “vote” is less than a fart-in-the-wind.  The sooner the “tax-paying idiots” realize this FACT… the sooner the APPROPRIATE ACTION can be taken! BUT, the APPROPRIATE ACTION is still “too scary and uncomfortable” to contemplate.  “Please don’t cause me to actually engage”, because I’m far too busy watching the “idiot box”.  “I worked hard(ly) all week and “I” deserve my “time off”.

          But, YOU VOTED, and are thereby exonerated.  :)!!!!!

      • j Stuart

        “Lamp Post Meet Rope!” Nice sentiment. 🙂

        It really gives you that sense of nostalgia. The good ole days.

    7. cjmartel

      Just for the record the reason I come to this site is the lack of “anonymous” posters, people here speak up and post their names or monikers, more than likely because we have known all along that the government has been snooping on ALL of us, and they called us paranoid!! One thing about paranoia, it will keep you alive, so here’s to all the paranoid tin foil hat wearing preppers, “Don’t say we didn”t warn you!!!”

      • Barterman

        For crimes aganist the people of these united states…Double tap.nuff said!

    8. Satori

      thoughts on the Keystone Pipeline aside

      this is an incredibly disturbing story

      TransCanada Caught Training Police to Treat Peaceful Anti-Keystone XL Activists as ‘Terrorists’

      “HOUSTON – June 12 – In the midst of recent national controversy surrounding government surveillance of the public, a recent Freedom of Information Act request to the Nebraska State Patrol has exposed evidence that TransCanada provided trainings to federal agents and local Nebraska police to suppress nonviolent activists protesting the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline by arresting them on “anti-terrorism statutes”

      using anti-terrorism laws to arrest peaceful protesters ??????

      WTF ????

      it is quite clear the road this one great country is on

      without question
      the end goal
      is a totalitarian state

      it may be a “soft” totalitarian society
      but make no mistake about it

      we will become a police state

      the # of people in Congress fighting this
      is a mere handful

      both corrupt sides of the aisle are rubber stamping these laws as fast as they are written

      and in most cases the Courts are rubber stamping them too

      • OutWest


        It isn’t just the U S anymore, is it?
        How many countries have we seen now
        where peaceful protests over wrong
        doings by their respective governments
        have been met with tear gas, rubber
        bullets and water cannons.

        There seems to be a similar thread
        of commonality running throughout the
        governments of the world.

        When they start using live ammo is when
        we’ll know it’s game on for real.

        • Satori

          absolutely correct OutWest

          the question is why this big move to police state status?
          why the need for this microscopic control of individuals ??

          • Kulafarmer

            Because You and I and most of the little awake people also work and have posessions and assets and the political monster and government are bankrupting the country and need us to keep working and paying their way, if not voluntarily then by intimidation or force, most people wont grumble because they dont want to get labled or put on the list, then theres guys like me who dont give a crap!
            TomR out

          • OutWest

            Satori — Thanks my friend

            I do believe we are a full-blown police state now.
            I sometimes quiz my “intellectual peers” to give
            me just One example where we have a so-called
            freedom that doesn’t have the sanctioned approval
            or permission of the state. They stand mute.

            One could argue to the degree of the police state,
            I suppose, but as we can readily ascertain on
            almost a daily basis, the noose of tyranny is
            cinching ever tighter around the neck of Liberty.
            A shackled people are a compliant people.

            I for one, do not, and will not comply!

    9. InsanityISContagious

      I find it amusing that four hot spots of American communism (California, Colorado, Illinois, and New York), are currently dealing with horrible Drought, Multiple Devastating Fires, and a huge Derecho storm….all at the same time. Coincidence? I think not!!

      • Anonymous

        karma ia a bitch…. I

    10. slingshot

      The D-Day invasion plans would have not been used against Americans. They were not a DATA MINE. Could only be used once. That point he made was stupid. Americans can be Killed? What about Benghazi?

    11. Satori

      pseudo patriots like King,Guillani,McCain,Graham,Feinstein,Peolosi
      are continually making the claims that we have prevented
      dozens of attacks

      yet when pressed to give a few details
      NONE are forthcoming
      one NSA official did say evidence would be released by next Wednesday

      I can’t wait for that

      probably more stories about how the FBI created/recruited “terrorists” and then busted them
      YAWN …..

      • DRD5508

        Satori, the prevention was probably the fat contents at McDs, Burger King and so on.

      • Kulafarmer

        Yep, that is such crap,
        We foiled an attack that we engineered and executed and convinced this idiot who cant even speak english to carry out, then we BUSTED him for “terrorism”
        Total crap
        FBI or whoever probly set up the Boston bombers, gave them inert ingredients and the Chechen said FU and did the real thing. The drill then backfired on these gov jacks….

      • Walt Kowalski

        Hegelian dialectic in action.

        Create a boogie man and then provide the solution to get rid of him. Of course…..the “solution” also involves taking away your freedoms….and your life if you resist.

    12. Anonymous

      Bring back the gibbet!!! Both king and feinstein would look awesome dressed in a gibbet. I bet they would absolutely hiss and growl with glee.

      • slingshot

        Not to be confused with gimlet or giblets.

        I’ll go sit in the corner now. Hahahaha.

        • Sigi

          I’d pay to see Feinstein dressed in giblets and doused in gimlets!

          • Mark

            I’d pay to see Feinstein’s giblets boiled in her blubber and fed to the hogs.

    13. Be informed

      Just like predicted on Comment # 1764735 on the World War article posted last week, a major earthquake just occurred on South Sumatra of 6.7. This one was a dead ringer as the comment shows. I am hardly trying to brag about this, I am trying to prove to people out there that there is something absolutely horrible coming. When this system can pinpoint an earthquake like this, it can also show where a terrible quake is coming.

      I hope people in the areas mentioned on comment # 1764735 will take this seriously, because I really worked on getting the locations as narrowed down as possible. VRF, please make sure your family down in Peru is on high alert. Please show them this post as proof, so they will believe it, should Peru be the target for the likely mega quake coming to this hemisphere.

      • Kulafarmer

        Thanks for your efforts BI
        NOAA and the USGS would have us all believe that this stuff is un related, in reality the planet earth is the most complex interconnected organism there is, the planet is alive and it is changing and moving.

    14. ScoutMotto

      Sorry for the off-topic post, but it seems right to advise folks and make them aware.

      There is a gun show at the Outlet Malls in Loveland Colorado this weekend. 9A-5P on Saturday and 9A-4P on Sunday.

      • Walt Kowalski

        So…..what will the be getting on slingshots there ya think?

      • Kenneth Kohl

        Speaking of firearms, have you seen what the “BACKGROUND CHECK” bill contains? Here is a snippet that should make all gun owners crap their pants:


        Here is what the “BACKGROUD CHECK” bill really contains:

        The “most popular” part of the defeated-but-sure-to-come back Senate gun control bill (background checks) sounds like a good idea at first but is more restrictive than anyone anticipated and will have significant unintended consequences.

        There is a huge push to get it through Congress before the public has a chance to consider its contents.

        Common activities that we take for granted will become federal crimes. These are not irresponsible exaggerations. Please take a moment to review the requirements of the bill.

        Here are a few examples of the restrictions in the bill:

        EXAMPLE #1

        Loaning your buddy a shotgun for a duck hunting trip will be considered a transfer. If the following requirements are not met, YOU HAVE BOTH COMMITTED A FEDERAL CRIME.

        1. He must have already purchased his hunting license

        2. Season is already open (and will not close before he returns it)

        3. He cannot travel with the firearm through a county where season is not yet open or any area where hunting is prohibited and certainly not across a state line.

        He CANNOT stop by your house on the day before season opens, pick up the shot gun, go to the sporting goods store to buy a license and shells then drive out to the hunting lease. In this scenario, YOU BOTH WOULD HAVE COMMITTED MULTIPLE FEDERAL CRIMES, YOUR WEAPONS WILL BE FORFEITED AND YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR RIGHT TO BUY OR OWN A FIREARM.

        EXAMPLE #2

        It appears that only you may relocate your weapons. If your weapon leaves your home without you, the new legislation considers it a transfer of possession. ALL transfers require going through a firearms dealer, paying the transfer fee and a background check for the transferee.

        Putting the weapon, even temporarily in someone else’s possession, requires a transfer through a dealer. There is no exception for putting them in a friend’s truck while moving to your new house or packing them unloaded, locked in a gun safe into a moving truck.

        Any scenario in which your weapon leaves your home without you is considered a transfer. Failure to properly transfer the weapon is a federal crime which can result in a prison term AND WILL RESULT IN THE FORFEITURE OF YOUR WEAPON.

        In the scenario above, your buddy’s truck was used to commit a federal crime and WILL BE CONFISCATED just like with current Fish and Game violations.

        EXAMPLE #3

        Infractions as above which involve 2 guns of any type are considered weapons trafficking. You will be prosecuted under the same federal laws as a terrorist arms dealer.

        EXAMPLE #4

        Any of the infractions above (or hundreds of other routine scenarios) may result in federal charges, confiscation of ALL your weapons and being prohibited, like all felons, from ever owning a weapon again.

        Please read the text of the bill yourself. Most of it is boring legalese but the sections on transfers and trafficking are critical.

        Take a minute to think about all the routine activities like those above that will make you a federal criminal and result in prison time plus the confiscation of your weapons and other property.

        A link to the bill is included below on the official Senate website. See Section 122 “Firearms Transfers”.

        Bill Text – 113th Congress (2013-2014) – THOMAS (Library of Congress):

        Read it and call your congressman’s office. Talk to their staff. Tell them how you feel about this.

        Keep in mind, none of the above would have stopped the tragedy’s in Columbine or Newtown . The proposed law makes you a criminal and opens the door for confiscation of your weapons and property for otherwise routine activities.

        Think and act. Congress is hoping that you will do neither.

        If you found the patience to read the entire text, you also learned that exactly $100 million per year of your tax money is set aside to enforce these restrictions.

    15. Emily

      Thank you Be Informed for your hard work and intelligent
      posts. We all appreciate it.

    16. GoodGrief

      We need to consider the possibility that Organized Crime has siezed control of enough of the federal apparatus that it poses an existential threat to not just the peace of America but indeed the peace of the world.

      That it’s operating a surveillance state not to prevent harm but to detect awareness of it’s crimnal activities by groups and individuals. The Mob using the entire government edifice as a front.

      Viewed in this way, the motives are clear.

      • Butterknife

        meh, I reached the conclusion that organized crime runs this country in 96, they are just more blatant about it now

        • Butterknife

          oops 86 *

      • Arizona Dude

        You hit it on the nail. Crime syndicate runs this country now. Central command is in Chicago.

    17. Merlin

      you know, I rarely use the word “hate” or “hatred,” or experience in my body the ill effects brought on by feeling hatred, but I gotta tell ya, I have such hatred for politicians! and I mean all of the rotten pieces of human waste! it actually truly raises my blood pressure.
      despicable, pathetic things!

      • DemonicBeckDevil

        God’s Will.

      • common sense

        Neither, simply theatre.

        All these “stay tuned because coming up we will reveal something very important” is bullshit.

        And yes I am refering to the sherrif joe, obama story here.
        What sort of honest person would pass on an opportunity to actually release “ground shaking news” and simply say, “we will tell you tomorrow”. A liar is whom

      • Tor Munkov

        Word is, next show, Glenn Beck will reveal sources and proof that info gathered by NSA’s PRISM program was used to blackmail Justice Roberts into casting the deciding vote that upheld Obamacare.

        • JRS

          sigh…is this the Irish adoption story?

    18. yo sam

      Do not take your eyes off the IRS scandal,this
      latest thing is just to take our focus off the crimes.
      George w. started this when he passed the patriot act
      and all blame will and should be placed on him. BUT
      THE Obama IRS scandal is all his and Federal voting
      crimes were committed.

    19. Satori

      and let the smear campaign
      and character assassination begin

      this is SO PREDICTABLE a response
      it is laughable
      but it’s the best they got

      “High-School Dropout Snowden Is Lying” Chairman Of House Intelligence Committee Claims

      and for virtually anyone in Congress to attack someone elses
      character ????

      HA HA HA

      too funny+-

      what’s next ?
      a child molester
      telling me not to look at pictures of naked tribesmen in the National Geographic ???

      these corrupt,incompetent douche bags in Congress
      certainly have an inflated sense of their own value

      • Walt Kowalski

        So they are saying that Snowden is lying?

        Oh jeez….what a surprise. I would never have guessed that they’d come up with that one.

        Stand back and watch the Saul Alinsky tactics on full display.

        It’s all they got.

    20. Satori

      well this was predictable as hell

      the accusation that is

      Syria’s Assad Used Chemical Weapons Against Rebels, U.S. Officials Conclude

      but Syria is on the PNAC list
      so they’re toast

      PNAC’s neocon agenda continues unabated under Barack Obama

      the only question to be answered is
      will we fight this war using third parties ?
      will we be needin’ us some new meat for the sausage grinder ???

      • Walt Kowalski

        I saw on Drudge where we are going to give military support to the Syrian rebels. And Drudge Report also had an article about how these same rebels executed a 14 year-old boy this week because they thought he had insulted Islam.

        We just make friends with the best people don’t we?

        And what is our reason? To free the Syrian people of repression of the Assad regime.

        Yep…makes perfect sense to me too.

        • OutWest


          They must have dug out the old blueprints for the
          strategies of the Vietnam War.

          Started out going over there as advisors to free
          the S. Vietnamese people from the repression of
          the communist N. Vietnam ……. Remember?……

        • Shootit

          There is no such thing as the lesser of 2 EVILS. We should be against both sides. Either you are Good or you are Evil, no room for Grey.

    21. Anonymous

      “NOW” … can we start shootin at ’em ???


      • wrong

        Soon. Very, very soon.

    22. Satori

      this thing has went from zero to 100 miles an hour

      It’s On: US “Finds” Chemical Weapon Use Against Syrian Rebels; Military Proposes Arming Rebels, No-Fly Zone

      the good news is that Lindsey Graham and John McCain
      who are leading the call for war

      are gonna be first off the choppers as they land in Syria

      oh wait

      change in plans

      their gonna be sending YOUR sons

      never mind…..

    23. Kevin2

      The American public has not previously seen this side of their elected and appointed officials. Prior to this the leaked story’s involved US conduct on “THEM” and that was pretty much ok. THEM are those people from over there that are not like me. Its ok to abuse them for my “freedom”. Now its not a foreign group or a minority be it at the top middle or bottom of the economic strata or even a demographic of a sub culture or even just mainstream Americans but rather all of us. Every last one of us, butcher, baker, candlestick maker and of course the unemployed. All of us with our faults we like to keep hidden. All of us that are part of a growing number of people that feel slighted by government either not doing enough for or having done far too much against our interests.

      This situation is different when it was the hippies against the hard hats, black against white or labor against businessmen. This time they shit on everyone. This is going to be very interesting watching it play out with the establishment trying I think vainly to persuade the body politic that this is the proper course of action. They’re trying to now, “fool all of the people all of the time”.

      In the end they will give promises to back off. Of course their word is worthless.

      • common sense

        Not seen this before?!?
        Only if they were in a cave.
        Bank bailouts- %90 plus of the us was against it, passed anyway.
        Spying- when the bush wiretapping was exposed (95 I think) it was a crime. Congress gave the telecoms retroactive immunity from prosecution.
        Insider trading- exposed, passed transparency legislation in response. Wait, pass legislation that lets them hide it again.

        If you have been paying attention you will have seen how they can magically pass any authoritarian BS they want in record time while they keep the partisans busy arguing about abortion, gays, and welfare.

        And just because I can’t help myself. This is not different from when they suppress a minority. Shitting on our rights is shitting on our rights. The differance is that most people don’t give a shit if your rights are trampled on, only if their rights are trampled on. This is the crux of one of americas problems. We don’t care about our fellow mans rights, only ourselves.

        • Kevin2

          common sense

          Many don’t relate to Wall Street / Banking abuses having no investments themselves to loose. They do have a phone and many have an E mail address. We’re looking at this through educated eyes having become informed over a decade or two.

          This is far more reaching into society at large that knows a fraction of the posters here know.

    24. Plarvo

      Being a data junkie I try to look at all this analytically. If you notice all the recent scandals have been about data, IRS – data, AP scandal – phone data, NSA – Absolute data. Cyberwars going crazy all over the world. Data is the new battlefield and the powers that be are terrified in my opinion, because it is almost uncontrollable. Anyone like Snowden (who I feel was a feeder by big powers that be)can take down the whole thing. Do you really think that the people in control would still be in control if everyone know about how the markets are rigged and that the govt know everything about you. If you aren’t squeaky clean, then anything can make you a criminal, and that is a scary scary premise.

      I personally think, that all of these scandals are being thrown out there all at once to overwhelm everyone so people just accept the fact the world is now data driven, even if it is totally illegal and wrong. We’re being basted and massaged to accept this as the new world. Do you really think that anyone will be prosecuted or processes will change. Of course not. This is the new reality and we are being coached that this is the new world and it is okay, when it certainly isn’t.

      Data is a scary thing when used in the wrong hands. As people said before if Stalin had what we have. . .

      • Kevin2


        “If you aren’t squeaky clean, then anything can make you a criminal, and that is a scary scary premise.”

        Here is a more scary premise: If you have no flaws they will fabricate them if necessary. You don’t think only the guilty get convicted do you?

    25. Cowdoc

      Russia has troops in the Golan Heights and US has troops in Jordan along the Golan border area (1000 Marines)I believe. If this is true, we are engaged in WW3. This has been coming for a month.

      Say goodby to life as we knew it. This is the beginning of a world wide upheaval that will end with the prophesies of Revelation being fulfilled.

      • Butterknife

        it was 1000 troops last week, this week there are 4500, next week I suspect there will be 15000, and in 2 weeks I suspect 50,0000. then the war will begin

        • Tucker

          One silver lining in this cloud might be that the more of these ‘troops’ of ours who are stuck in Syria, fighting another war for the Israelis and neo-cons, the fewer troops the commie at the top will have available to slaughter American patriots who refuse to surrender their firearms.

          And, please don’t hand me that flag waving baloney about how our military is going to ‘be on our side’ in the coming second American revolution. I’d say that the most optimistic estimate would put a maximum of maybe 10 or 15 percent of active duty troops on our side.

          The rest will gleefully mow us down, drop cluster bombs on our communities, rape our daughters, wives, and even our dogs (factoring in the illegal aliens who joined up so as to get their citizenship), and while they are doing this – they’ll be using rolls of toilet paper with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights printed on them to wipe their rear ends.

      • pissinwiththewind

        The first prophetic fullfillment will be of the Psalms 83 (war), and the total destruction of Damascus prophesied in Zechariah 9. Somehow it will become so desolate that it never will be inhabited again. Nukes maybe, or some bad chemicals?

        Then Revelation starts unfolding like a movie. All the heathens had best hold on tight, cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

        • Them Guys

          But Keep in mind that Most old testement prophets as well as their Prophecies were Meant as warnings to either the Northern 10 tribes called “The Northern Kingdom of ISREAL” or the Southern kingdom called the “Southern Kingdom of JUDAH”

          And “Most” OT prohecy is about Assyrian’s warring against the 10 northern tribed Israel, or aprox 145 yrs Afterwards, the Nebuchadnezzer kings Babylonians nation warring against Southern tribed Judah(Jews).

          BOTH occured back around, Northern ISREAL 10 tribes was= aprox 687 BC era….Southern jew or Judah tribe kingdom was aprox, 540 BC era. NONE of it has ANYTHING to do with Today 2013 era.(dates I wrote are Not exact as I do not feel like looking up exact dates as it is not important for making my point).

          Also keep in Mind: Most times in the OT when prophets stated “In the latter days” or “At the appointed end days” etc. They were refering to THEIR era and speaking of the final end game or end of a War(that I mentioned above) that played out sometimes for a Century or Two!

          Danial’s book is great example. Todays false preachers false prophetic claims are used to Justify and get folks to believe in all their spew regarding israel and jew issues Today. Danial chapter’s 7 and 9 describe events that will unfold and did already!

          That Statue of nebukanedzer Gold head-silver chest-bronze thighs-Iron Legs is about the 4-world govn’t of the PAST.

          Gold head=Babylon/nebuchanedzer as King. Silver=Meades…Bronze= Persian…Two legs of Iron= Greek, alexander the greats empire.

          The Greek or alexander the greats broke into 4-seperate kingdoms after alexanders death. Of that 4, Danilas Main concern was during His times and the Two main iron legs,2 of that 4, seperate kingdoms which concerned the jews or Judah.

          They were the Kingdom of the North=Syria…Kingdom of South=Egypt. the 10 horns represented the sucession of 10 kings of the Seleucid dynasty. The ONLY part of the Hellenistic empire that concerned Danial the author was those of Syrian and egyption aka North and South.

          The LITTLE Horn is Antiochus IV Epiphanse(175-163 BC),the worst of the Seleucid Kings, who usurped the throne.

          Danials long written chapters are about the ongoing historys covering centurys of entire empires etc.

          in Danial ch 7 vs 23 -27 was Done back then. When the jews were persecuted By Antiochus. And he placed a statue of ZEUS, the “God of Strogholds” aka god of War. In the Jews Temple to Defile it. aka the ABOMINATION of Desolation.

          Besides biblical history, Other secular historic records also shows that these events did happen as foretold.

          BUT! Todays preachings that it all pertains to Our times? well unless those pastors can show us where the verses are that state as Fact, they all will happen Again?

          Sorry, but as long as folks accept whatever these modern false prophet preachers teach, they will be sorly Deluded and Misled Badly.

          These false preachers have many good folks, christians, falling for a series of events waiting for any day now to unfold, that already did happen over 2500 yrs ago! And as Jesus said. He FULLFILLED the Prophets. So to were those old test. prophets predicted events got fullfilled when they occured back Then.

          Anybody who automatically buys into the false prophecy of so many preachers today, and is awaiting such events? You are being taken for a ride and Used to promote and advance evil and wrong agendas. Agendas that basically bennifit One main group. Khazer Fake jews now occupying israel in mid east. Or as Christ called them the Synogouge of Satan(Rev 2 vs 9).

          All that nebuchadezers statue with gold head stuff etc them preachers use as “proof” of Their versions of prophetic events etc for Todays times, are already a Done deal long ago and had to do with Judah, Their temple Back then, and the final era when the jewish SECOND Temple got destroyed in 70 AD era as Christ predicted it would.

          I know many folks Want to believe all them preachers are correct. But they aint. They use Historic Past events and out of context interpretations Mixed with New testement text and mix it all into a New made chapter called Our Future end times events. Sells lots of books-videos and makes vast wealthy Multi millionaires out of many pastors. But regardless, it still is False Prophecies and we was Warned in advance to look OUT for such Wolves and False teachers who were Ordained of Old to come out from Amoung Us(christianity) and to DECIEVE all who allow themelves to fall under deception. Untill the entire world will be decieved, Except for the “Elect”(thats Us true believers aka the Real church/body).

          You can believe whatever you care to and Whoever you choose to believe in. But try Re reading it all again, with these historic eras already done or fullfilled and see if maybe you come up with a little different scenario than any false preachers mislead with.

          PS: In Danial he mentiones a statue like a Man, head of gold etc, and later mentiones the exact same stuff. Only then Danial uses Animals to describe events and world empires etc. a Bear-Lepord-Lion with Wings-etc.

          BUT in Both times danial is speaking of the Same things. Danial repeats his future prophecies useing two different methods. #1 statue and #2 animals meaning the same world govnt empires. And remember, most danial describes with all that back and forth about king of north vs king of south and wars between both, is an ongoing description that covers Many decades and even Centuries!

          But culminate in aprox 165BC, thats Danial Ch 9 vs 24 to 27 when Antiochus Desecrates the Temple. Todays preachers call it Danials “70 th week”. And say its YET to be fullfilled etc. Sorry, that verse ch 9 vs 27 describes what Happened already back in 165 BS. That “Abomination” is the staute of ZEUS Antiochus placed inside the temple, and he made an End of their Daily Sacrafices. ALREADY happened and not meant for Our days or end times events.

          Pastors like john hagee use misleading BS false prophecy to convince folks to contribute vast amounts, many Millions of dollars to send to israel for jews to rebuild a Third temple. But thats Not biblical. Weather they call themselves jewdeo christians-zionist christians-kingdom Now builders-or etc. It is all of Falshoods preached by Wolves who worship Mammon(money) same as their cohorts, those jews who worship their race as a “master race” and also worship mammon/money as Their Main Gods.

          Re read those OT books like danial, with a book full of historic events as a reference guide to see what I wrote of here is factual stuff that already happened long ago in history. Christianity is supposed to be more concerned with the NEW Covenant aka the new testement. Because we Are Living it now and ever since the “end times” began, or the new and Final age or era. Which began when Christ gave us Chrstianity, and His death on the cross usshered in the Final age of mankind. His return will bring with it His Kingdom that HE shall set up here ON earth for Us to share in for eternity etc.

          Christians get caught Up to MEET Jesus in the air. Ok so where is Christ headed to when That happens?…he is Headed Here to Earth. Not to disapear for “7 yrs” and come back again a second time!…Meet Him in the Air, and travel Back Down With Him. Got it yet?

          If you think you are a woke up on fed govnt issues etc as a prepper?…Wait to see how wide awake you get after clearing your head Out of all that false prophecy stuff we all been bombarded with by so many false preachers, and then you re read the bible and understand it as wrote. Without any more false prophetic mambo-jambo like hagee spews etc. You will feel like you had an huge epiphany of awakening!

    26. Satori


      Graham and McCain pounding the table
      like petulant little brats

      Statement By John McCain and Lindsey Graham On Syria

      so we’re gonna arm these so called freedom fighters
      knowing full well that in a few short years
      these very same weapons will be used to kill Americans ???

      oh well
      that seems to be our strategy doesn’t it ??

      you know
      when Syria saw that they were on the PNAC list

      they should have surrendered right then and there
      Assad should have packed his millions into a couple of suit cases
      and headed for Saudi

      • Happy,Happy Fun,Fun

        If someone were to privately donated to the terroris…er rebels they would rightly be prosecuted for aiding terrorists, but insane mccain and lindsey grahamcracker want us tax payers to give our hard earned money to Freaking AL QUEDA! What the hell is wrong with them? If they love FSA so freaking much let them give their own money and sign their wrinkley old asses up to fight.

        We need to stay the hell out of the M.E. So what if Assad stays in power in Syria and if Russia sells them advanced surface to air missiles. Let Russia have Syria, it’ll bite them in the ass anyway. And let Saudia Arabia and Quatar fund all the rebel terrorist, they’ve got plenty of money and when they get the blowback from them a la al queda style they will get what they deserve. We should not be their henchmen mafia enforcers. If they want to buy F16’s and Patriot Missiles, fine, but the price is double due to supply and demand during the in season they started.

        Do you think if Syria were to go Sunni as well as Iran they would all be a big happy family. Hell no they will go after us. We need to be Switzerland for just once stay neutral and try to promote peace but without direct involvement. Let these sand fleas either figure out how to get along with each other or kill each other off.

        Thank you and have a good night!

      • Walt Kowalski

        I think Graham and McCain should pick up a rifle and join up.

        • Tucker

          I would rather see these two assholes picking up their suitcases, climbing aboard the next plane to Tel Aviv, and go live where they can kiss their master’s asses every day right after they brush their teeth in the morning.

    27. Watchman

      On Drudge Report: Obama and family are going to Africa for an extended vacation later this month. Please keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground, because there just might be a FALSE FLAG that will make 911 look like a dropped box of tooth picks. He and his family will be safe from what may be coming our way. Also look who else may be leaving the country or some city for a vacation.
      Very well could be anything, but I fear bio, or dirty bomb in a major city, or just may be a manmade earthquake, who knows, but the potential is strong. Again this is my speculation on the very near future. (Something happening in the U S A while the POTUS is visiting his home Continent would seem proper to him I feel)
      Continue to prepare for the enviable that is coming.

      Keep the FAITH

      • slingshot

        What is the cost of this one?


        • Walt Kowalski

          100 million

          • Satori

            estimated cost 100 million

            and the country has schools with leaky roofs
            and 20 year old text books
            crumbling roads
            bridges falling down
            and a national debt that will never be repaid

            • lastmanstanding

              inconsequential brother…

              “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

          • Tucker

            It would be a 100 million well spent, if that commie rat would stay in Africa and never come back.

      • Vicky

        Thanks, Watchman! I really appreciate your choice of name. For some reason, it really makes me feel that someone has my back. Same with BI. I had wondered the same thing when I saw that the Obamas were taking another million dollar vacation and this one would be to Africa. Oh my, the symbolism, and I wondered what he might be planning. We’re always alert, but will be hyper-vigilant now that’s there such an obvious “in your face”. Thanks again!

      • Former Cal Girl

        Sorry watchman, fat finger meant to hit thumbs up. Good observation.

      • wrong

        Moochell wants to go back and visit her relatives.

        • Archivist

          They aren’t going that far back into the jungle. Senegal and Tanzania are both coastal countries.

          • lastmanstanding

            took the words right out of my mouth…

      • Shootit

        He is just going home on a Mission Trip to build his brother a bigger shack and play a round of golf with the Hyena’s.

    28. Steve

      I use the network news for dry fire practice with my rifle ,pistol and shotgun “shoot the commie” its a target rich environment. Lindsey Gram gets a double tap
      Feinstein, Pelosi , Biden switch to shotgun, alternate rifle and pistol, if you see a Hollywood actor execute a butt-stroke with the rifle

      Stay in shape, fine tune your skills “shoot the commie”

      (credit to Col Jeff Cooper)

    29. Satori

      the MSM makes me want to throw up
      I don’t know if your familiar with the Aaron Swartz case

      but now the odious TIME magazine has labeled him an “informer”

      this is a truly disgusting piece of yellow journalism
      I wonder if the government wrote the whole article for them ?

      and wanna know who controls virtually everything we see and hear ?

      and lets not forget
      our own taxpayer dollars are used against us

      and you know all those retired military officers
      who appear on news shows to give “their” opinions ?

      guess what kids

      bought and paid for government shills
      Goebbels would be proud

    30. Butterknife

      French revolution and reign of terror here we come

    31. braveheart

      Constitutionalist Feminist, welcome aboard, but I have to respectfully disagree with the concept that you have to accept the feminist ideology in order to accept the idea of women being human beings. I’ve always recognized women as human beings and LOVE women, even before I first heard of feminism. I have researched what you believe in [women’s studies, I think you call it] but all I can see in it is poison for women and evil intentions toward men for some imagined wrongdoings. Treating men like children or 2nd-class citizens is not the solution to the problems between men and women. A prime example is the domestic violence law. while I’m also against domestic violence and prefer to see disputes between men and women settled peacefully, NO WOMAN HAS ANY RIGHT TO PHYSICALLY ATTACK A MAN AND EXPECT HIM TO BE PUNISHED IF HE ACTS IN SELF-DEFENSE, WHICH IS HIS RIGHT TO DO SO. Studies have shown in more than half of all reported domestic violence cases that the woman was the perpetrator, but if the man responds in self-defense, he gets punished BECAUSE OF HIS GENDER BUT NOTHING HAPPENS TO THE FEMALE PERPETRATOR. WOMEN DO GET SPECIAL TREATMENT UNDER THAT LAW AND CERTAIN OTHER FEDERAL LAWS AND YOU KNOW IT. WOMEN CAN GET ANYTHING THEY WANT OUT OF LIFE JUST BECAUSE OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION AND THAT IS WRONG. DOUBLE STANDARDS CAN NEVER BE JUSTIFIED. Feminism has not benefited women in any way, shape, or form. it’s only made problems between men and women worse. braveheart

    32. Satori

      well well well

      I hope Peter King looks good in an orange jumpsuit

      seems Mr Douche has been a long time supporter of the IRA

      a WELL KNOWN TERRORIST organization

      that should be good for a trip to Gitmo should it not ???

      Rep. King and the IRA: The End of an Extraordinary Affair?

      I guess some terrorists are just better than others ?????

    33. yental

      TESTING, can’t seem to post.

    34. jim in Va.

      Shoot me now,the news ain’t getting any better!

      • SmokinOkie

        (grabbing chest) Oooouuucchhh! Quick, somebody hot-wire the garage door opener and save me!!!

    35. JayJay

      I’m just really peeved(clean version of pi**ed).
      The idiots in charge can leave 4 men to die horrible deaths in a foreign country– and get away with it–but we are focused on a journalist telling the fricking truth?
      What’s wrong with this picture??

    36. SmokinOkie

      And now for something completely…the same.
      Here comes the next round- ‘Administration Considers Resettling Thousands Of Syrian Refugees’
      Interesting tidbit from the story- Among the 76,205 Iraqi refugees brought to America since the 2003 invasion, the unemployment rate for that group is 46%. And (drum roll please) 95% are on food stamps! (link at Drudge)
      So, since that was such a screaming success, why not bring in a few (hundred) thousand from Syria. Makes you wonder how the next batch on non-assimilating immigrants are gonna do, doesn’t it?
      Folks, make a note of this: Among the many tactics used by the scum-sucking, lying, thieving, carpet-munching, new-world-order sob’s, is the IMPORTATION of many, MANY more people who ain’t, and never will be, any kind of American in their culture, customs, politics, or anything else. Their only use is to further dilute this nation to accommodate the increase of government control in the citizen’s lives.
      They aren’t being brought here for any other reason than that it helps the NWO scum to finish off this once-great nation. These new ‘citizens’ or refugees, or whatever the hell you want to call them, are ALL from origins that have never know American style freedoms. And, they will be VOTING once they get here!
      CLOSE THE DAMN BORDER! Put a “NO VACANCY” sign over that plaque at the statue of liberty. We don’t need that kind of immigrant!

      • Tucker

        They’ll all be eligible for tax payer provided subsidies for Obama Care, plus you can bet the farm that every one of them will immediately hop onto every other social entitlement gravy train under the sun.

        1.6 million new, permanent DemoCRAP voters.

        • Them Guys

          All this Multicult equality fiasco crap was planned and in a Book written back in 1912. Written by a Real bonafied Admited Member of the Communist Party of England, where he resided then in 1912.

          The Book title is something like “The 20th century Racial Plans for America” written by ISRAEL COHEN. One Guess as to which “Tribe” mr. Cohen is with. If You said “Jewish”? BINGO!…A Admited Kommie Jew. With a Planned BY Design events we are seeing occureing in the usa, since Another kommie, an american CPUSA/Demacrat party US Senator from New York(where else) who Also is Jewish, by some strange “coincidence” I guess eh, got his Bill/law to Overhaul illeagle immigration law policies Passed in 1965!

          US Sen. Javits of NY! with His newley elected us senator sidekick, sen Teddy Kennady! as his mouth piece to Convince Our parents in 1965, that doing so WONT change americas Main Population White culture nor cause whites to become a minority etc. LIES! LIES! all LIES!

          This began as a 100 year old plan back in 1912, 5 yrs before the same kommie jews in russia did the russian takeover revolt to begin EXTERMINATING WHITES AND CHRISTIANS. In 1900 era Worldwide white population was aprox 35%…..TODAY in 2013 is is more like 6.5-8%…

          Just in last 100 yrs whites have become near extinct. Mostly due to Killing off whites by their OWN Kommie govnt’s. No matter What anybody can say good about them…The FACTS are that Communisim, used to Gain govnt control and Kill so many folks off, was Invented BY–Run BY-Bennifited BY—Profited BY…Jewish persons. A Jewish Invented mass murder machine aka Communisim.

          In the usa they also Invented-Funded-Began-Ran-Bennifited from-and used it to brainwash Negros in america with- the NAACP….They did the NAACP back around 1906 or 1909.

          5-6 Russian Moscow KGB-Jewish men came to the usa, found one Single Black negro who was a bonafied CPUSA member, and used That single negro kommie as a “Front” man immage, while the 5-6 Russian jew guys Funded-started-Ran the ENTIRE NAACP Org. untill aprox late 1980’s when truth came out. Thats when them jews bowed out and got more negros to run naacp org. BUT, them kommie jews are still behind the scenes of it all.

          The Kommie jew plan was and IS to destroy whites period. By whatever means works! Death by thousand cuts!

          Murder-Mass Murders-Genocide Murders!-Mix races-Mixed Babies-Invent victim blacks and victim Women(womens lib movnt). Use mass media, hollywood and TV, to create in folks Minds a New type White man. A Whimppy-Stupid-Dumb-Ignorant-Piss poor excuse for a real Man-Moron. As daily portrayed in EVERY sit com tv show-Comedy acts-Movies- TV NEWS Casts-Store catalogs ads-Bill boards-Magazines-articles-newspapers-everywheres possible to cause all peoples everywheres to View all Whites and especially Male whites as idiots and buffons, or Evil victimizers of Poor Poor Negros and feminists, as well as mexicans etc too. And let us not forget the absolute WORST of ALL White Males…The Antisemitic Naziwhowantstokillsixmillionmorejews.

          its either white males are evil racist antisemitic seperatists and KKK bastards or Nazi bastards…OR…Imbecilic Moronic Stupid Foolish Buffons, who are way TOO Whimpy to defend their Own wives or kiddies! Let alone their Nation america!

          It looks as if Mr. Israel Cohens 1912 Book on Destroying america thru REVERSE Racisim against whiteys, with the assistance of Kommies/jewish kommies/negro african jungle bunnie animalistic thuggs, has been adopted and used to quite an affect so far no? Especially with the Help from So Many stupid Deluded White Demacrats who for Decades rejected every single person or group or Org. that TRIED to warn of the impending Doom to America.

          Once this THIRD time(1965-1986 reagan era-Today 2013) these clowns do the kommie jew wall street controlers bidding, and Pass Illeagle immigartion Amnesty again the THIRD Time since 1965….America will be FINISHED!

          All African blacks and kommies and dem lib kommie jews who really think they can Maintain a Civilized society and Prosperous nation such as the usa, but do so WithOUT Whites? or barly a few White Minorities? Has their heads stuck up their collective Asses way too Deep to fix it.

          America was NOT invented or founded to exist as another Jungle Bunny run 3rd world shit hole full of competeing Tribes of Brutal Savages and Pagans and Heathens. And That IS its soon to be future scenario if amnesty gets passed again.

          Do NOT be fooled by swell sounding BS such as “melting Pot”…”We are a Nation of Immigrants” etc…WRONG!

          The Original Melting Pot consisted of European Whites, mostly christian, folks from a wide varity of euro cultures and customs that ALL were Compatible and easily melded into ONE new type person…An…AMERICAN who speaks ENGLISH!…And NO! we are NOT still a nation of “Immigrants”…We ARE a nation of mainly NATIVE Born’s and Natural citizens. The REAL DEAL!

          Next time some asshole lib dem cry’s nation of immigrant spew…Ask them to Name a single country that did NOT begin with Migrating folks going into an area that later became a Nation?…There are NONE such! All nations begin with Immigrants. Nobody today calls England or Germany nation of immigrants right? WHY Not?! Because like the USA they too are native Borns Mostly.

          Folks better worry for Their kids or grandkids Futures! if they are Whites that is!…America is Finished like that Kommie jew bastard Israel Cohen salivated for in his 1912 book on How to destroy white america, if these Tea Party repubs like RUBIO-CHAZ ET AL Pass amnesty.

          And Make NO Mistake, that EVERY single Tea Party repub, all 87 in house and senate, KNOWS the MAIN Issue of Concern that got them elected was “ILLEAGLE Immigrantions”. None can deny it. That was Issue No. One #1, Uno(for greaseball cuban boy Rubio and chaz). If they are at all Honest? They will REJECT all except CLOSE Borders and BOOT out as many as can be found. Passage of amnesty= Traitors period. Tea partys may as well Disband after that. It will be done and finished and take a short time to be so.

    37. 3n3my of th3 Stat3




      N.O. ;0p

        • 3n3my of th3 Stat3




          N.O. ;0p

      • Shootit

        You need to quit blaming everything on the Jew. Get a life and start blaming things on SATAN. You are a racist. Everyone in life can act like a pig, but does not make them a pig because they happen to be German or have 4 3’s in their name. It is everyone’s choice on how they act.

        • common sense

          I think you both are delusional.
          People hurt us.
          People are the cause of the evils of this world.
          People of every color, religion, and sex.
          Not just jews.
          Not the devil.
          Human fucking beings.

        • Tucker

          Here is a message to ShootIT:

          ‘Racist’ is a word coined by the Communist mass-murderer Leon Trotsky, whose constant aim was to cow political opposition and stifle political debate.

          Trotsky was a jew. Thus, anyone who spews the word ‘racist’ is clearly following Leon Trotsky’s template, i.e., attempting to stifle political debate.

          In reality, any race who is NOT a ‘racialist’ in their thinking, is a race that is not going to survive.

          Read the book ‘Defensive Racism’ by Edgar J. Steele.

          Note: It doesn’t require a box of crayons.

        • Them Guys

          How can you blame Satan, and Not also Blame his Synogouge of Satan, as Jesus warrned about? I agree not all of their group are bad or evil. But which is which? If You can tell up front tell us the big secret.

          What if say, black panthers start a real true race war in usa…Tell me How will you know by looking at negros which are which? When most look almost the eaxct same.

          Christ warned us in advance to expect wars and rumors of wars. Kingdom vs kingdom(countries or nation states) And “nation against Nation” greek word used was Ethnos. aka RACE. So Jesus means Race wars. Most jews call themselves a Race apart from ALL goyim/gentiles races.

          99+% rejected and Still Reject Christ. That makes Them all antichrists as per John in the bible books. The synogouge of satan IS who are the commies running america like it or not. Not all jews are so. But Most are. And how many “good” ones will actaully Choose Our patriot side if it comes down to choosing sides? I bet 99% will side with israel and jewish causes etc. Its the reason they are known as “Internationalist Jewery” for several thousands of yrs. Whats commies? “Internationalists”!

          Look at Litterally Every head of every us reps and us senate commitee. Especially foriegn policy-war related-finance-state dept-pentagon-etc etc…ALL heads of all such commitees are jewish. Just a “Coincidence”? when their entire group equals only less than 2% of usa POP?

          Sorry, nina O is right. It is Not racist nor nazi nor antisemitic to state the Facts. To Remain silent of such is the problem. PC correctness and worry of harm to their “esteem” has destroyed america almost fully.

          And the worst Blame goes to a majority of phony jew firster Preachers nationwide who have shirked their duty and calling by refuseing to Out americas True problems and enemys. PC-Pastors! Teachings so many Falshoods about israel in mid east, and jewsih issues that the bible proves are falshoods as well as true hisotry proves, are the absolute worst and share the Most blame. Wolves in Sheeps clothes Big time! and Plenty of dumbed down sheeples to fund such Fakers.

    38. Watchman

      Barack Obama and his family will go down in American History as the Ultimate WELFARE FAMILY!

      This little vacation is going to cost the taxpayers (us) 100 million big ones, well I don’t know about the rest of the people, but for me ENOUGH IS ENOUH. The time is has arrived.

      Keep the FAITH

      • OutWest

        Watchman — Watta Joke!

        The ME first family must be related to the Kardashians

    39. The Rifleman Nex tDoor

      no survival bunker would be complete without Megan Kelly in lace lingere on an endless ecstacy.

    40. 3n3my of th3 Stat3


      and so are YOU !!!

      YOUR CHILDREN WILL DIE in a illegal unconstitutional unprovoked global banker war … WW3 … FOR THE ZIONIST SATANISTS OF ZOG ENGLAND , ZOG VATICAN AND ZOG ISRAEHELL !!!

      N.O. ;0p

    41. ponomo

      add Scott Tipton–Colorado US rep to WDC congress to the list. Tipton voted for NDAA.

    42. 3n3my of th3 Stat3

      THIS IS … AMERIKA !!!

      Scores of Christian People Murdered Massacred Kidnapped and Raped in Hatla Village by AMERIKAN CIA ISRAEHELL MOSSAD Western Funded AL-CIA-DUH FSA TERRORIST Death Squads

      Syria Militants Massacre Christian Village Population (Graphic Images)

      According to sources, around 350 heavily armed militants entered the village, broke into homes and assembled residents in the main square of the village where they were executed. The final death toll is not known but photos show severe damage to property in the village.

    43. WhiteHouseDOWN

      US Military will be headed to another war in Syria…
      stupid bastards don’t have a clue who their enemy is.

      • Kevin2

        They’re not stupid. They have an agenda. AQ is a creation of the intelligence community to be used to start trouble requiring US intervention and to be used as cannon fodder.

        They’re anything but stupid.

    44. slingshot

      The whole world needs an enema!

    45. braveheart

      BlueH20, AMEN to your comment #1784845. Nothing there I can dispute. It burns me to no end to see what feminism has done to the minds of American women and to relations between men and women. To the fascist pig who says ‘no rights are absolute’, apparently he’s never read a Bible in his whole life. Our rights come from GOD, NOT FROM ANYONE’S MANMADE GOVERNMENT! None of these politicians have a leg to stand on. Nothing any of them do has any legitimate basis to it. revolution is coming. braveheart

    46. braveheart

      Eisen, who were you saying FU to?

      • common sense

        I think you need to start using the “reply” button instead of the comment section.
        Might help in the flow of the forum.

    47. NeverSayDie

      My first post here…I’ve been reading and thumbs up/down for quite a while now. I can’t remain quiet any longer.

      It seems to me that Peter King should take a long walk off a short pier for going after Griswold because he gave Snowden the opportunity to share his reasons to expose the internal spying on U.S. citizens. That is what a patriot should do…help other patriots and expose covert, corrupt practices against the American people!

      Now, on the other hand, Griswold shouldn’t be committing blackmail technically, to say he would release “live asset” names and locations to endanger others lives who are not involved in this, but protecting and fighting for our freedoms!

      The spying, lying, corrupt actions “some” are taking to “preserve our precious liberties” is deploring! It must stop. Exposing those who do these atrocities should be highly commended!

      Thumbs UP Snowden! Half a thumbs up Griswold.


    48. Muley

      I’d write something,but the NSA will put me at the top of their list.
      Im much safer down at the middle to bottom where I am now…

    49. Piper Michael

      Piper says ‘told ya so’.

      The question is WHY do they need to gather all this BULK metadata in the first place, and the lying NSA chief who said; he “knew no way that could be done.”

      The Echelon system was known about 10 years ago. It was installed in back rooms in AT&T primary internet router hubs… with these devices, they can vacuum the entire internet. I’m sure, these are now old hat. But you need to realize, that the ‘old’ land line phone network doesn’t really exist anymore except locally… EVERYTHING GOES OVER THE INTERNET… and that means you WILL go over an AT&T router at some point.

      And our ‘leaders’ lie to congress, and say they don’t know how it can BE DONE?
      WHY is it done to begin with, when, if they want the data from a suspected individual, AND have a warrant, the phone companies and internet companies HAVE to give it up right then… it is because this ‘metadata’ IS what they want. Trust me.
      There is only one reason my friends… linked groups forming dynamic maps of who you know, and who they know, and on and on. More importantly, your HISTORY, of which, they can go ‘back in time’. This is very important when you’re wanting to be Big Brother.

      But, this Scandal Storm, is just too much. Too much…
      Ever since Fast and Furious, its been one lie after another, and now the lies are so thick and deep, the true republican and democrat scum rise to the surface. I hope, you’re keeping lists yourselves… This government is out of control, they have lost the moral legitimacy, they are lost in their own schemes of power in an organization that nobody knows nuthin’… except ‘traitors’ and ‘leakers’, while simultaneously now… we enter into the beginning phase of WWIII… as this muslim lover government allies itself with our enemy AL QAEDA, to overthrow the Syrian Dictator?… and the Russians are Assad’s ally? After this Black Caesar has a secret meeting with the Chinese leader? What did he promise them, after an open mike revealed him making back door deals with the Russians?(Remember, he would have more flexibility after the election…)

      Are you left with the warm and fuzzies, have we forgotten so much so soon, or are we overloaded with scandals?

      I know… as many of you know… I used to work for No Such Agency… now, add in 30,000 heat seeking FLIR drones that these lying bastards want to deploy, and you know what you’ve got? Project Gorgon Stare. This is my info, use it wisely. The new utah data center is not simply about the virtual world my friends… it is about the integration of worlds. All you guys who think, that they will be able to be a Militia Of One? What they are building is a M.O.O. Catcher… So, I suggest you become familiar with physical GPS to IP mapping and the electronic and infrared world you live in… then add the remote operation of cell phones and most other comm devices nowadays, and even Big Brother looks like an incompetent hack.

      Just remember, in their brave new world, don’t forget your tin foil ponchos and also, to pull out those batteries when you’re moving from point a to point b.

      PS: also learn about Open Stego

    50. Grasshopper

      This sh– is just unbelievable! the other day in the paper they said the spy agency was still accessing the damage done by the whistleblower… damage?? The only damage he did was to Obama because now the world knows exactly what Obama is!!!

      He is a hero to us citizens because now we know the horrible, scary extent of Obama’s power grab…

      Listen folks! In Germany at first no one knew Hitler was turning the democracy into a dictatorship.. but when they finally woke up and congress tried to act to stop him, it was too late! Congress no longer had any power– the rule of law had been subverted. It was all over.

      Someone needs to take this clown out– now!! And if congress won’t do it then it should fall the next person in line down from congress. Talking isn’t enough– someone needs to act!

      Read Naomi Wolf’s book “Letter to a Young Patriot.

    51. Uzziel

      Why aren’t we shooting, yet?


      Smedley Butler ftw. and i love how when we were/are at war the news stations tell Americans who and how we attack the enemy. it is so hypocritical. arguing with a liar is futile. the idea that the government can give you freedom is the biggest hustle i have ever seen or heard of in my life. the American government is a pimp telling the “citizens” not to question what “daddy” does. the conspiracy of silence is a movie that really describes the “hidden” agenda. America was never a free country. if you think that America has Ever been “free,” then i have a burning bridge in Detroit to sell you. if anything, we should be seeing all this as what has always been. the externalization of this corruption is by design. all in my opinion, of course. we wrestle not with bloods and flesh…

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