As the Fantasy Dies: “Panic Will Ensue”

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    (Pictured: Northern Rock Bank Run; 2006)

    The US government may have funded studies and propaganda material which says that people will not panic, loot or go hungry in the midst of a crisis, but the fact of the matter is that history has shown otherwise.

    It’s often the case that, despite countless warnings from those considered to be fringe lunatics, the vast majority of the populace is blindsided by horrific, paradigm-altering events. The signs are almost always there, but people simply refuse to believe it can happen to them. “It” always happens somewhere else, and we get to watch it play out on television from the comfort of our living rooms.

    But, as financial guru and strategic investor Bill Fleckenstein points out in the following highly insightful interview with King World News, America’s fantasy of unlimited borrowing, consumption and confidence will soon be revealed for the sham that it really is. And when the masses realize what has happened – that the government and Federal reserve are trapped and the “great unwind” finally begins – it will lead to nothing short of widespread panic on a level never before seen.

    And this time, it’ll be right outside of our front doors.

    Right now, people continue to believe that the same idiots that created all of these problems, namely the central banks, are going to somehow get us out of it with the exact same policies that got us into it, only at a much higher (aggressive) level of pursuing those policies.

    We’ve had so much artificial stimulus, and we’ve misallocated so much capital.  And over the couple of decades we’ve been doing this we’ve kind of broken the economy and the financial system.  So, I don’t think you can worry about what’s on the other side.  We haven’t even gotten people to understand the charade that we have.

    What the masses have done over and over again is to believe one more time that it’s all going to be OK … We are in a unique moment in history.  The whole world is printing confetti, and (yet) people seem to think that’s going to work out fine.

    The longer you keep pursuing insane policies, the more you pile (them) on top of each other, the worse it gets … So, when the Fed can’t print money and we have to deal with this, it’s going to be brutal.

    The fact of the matter is Americans, in the aggregate, don’t see any reason to own metal.  They believe in the lunatics at the Fed, and the rest of the Western world is that way (as well).  Obviously Asia doesn’t quite see it that way.  But it’s understandable why the average American doesn’t buy gold — If they believe in a fantasy, why would they need it?

    As the fantasy dies, then they will understand the need to own gold.

    Via King World News: Full Interview

    As an investment adviser and strategist, Fleckenstein obviously focuses his dialogue on the financial and economic, and in this case the asset that would protect his investors from the disaster that is coming. This is not to say, however, that he is solely recommending gold as the only crisis-proof investment.

    Read between the lines and if you understand the need to own gold in this environment it means you also understand why precious metals will soar in value during a crisis.

    Likewise, you would no doubt understand that should gold and silver skyrocket in price, so too will other essential assets.

    When the US dollar is crushed by our foreign creditors and our government can no longer support the 100 million Americans dependent on electronic government benefits to put food on the table or keep a roof over their heads, it is then that the whole system as we have come to know it goes into meltdown, complete with panic, looting, and emergency intervention under the banner of martial law.

    Gold and silver are just one of numerous asset classes you should stockpile in your preparedness portfolio. A well developed crisis plan should also include other key investments such as long-term food storage, home defense tools, arable land and barterable trade skills.

    As those around you come to the realization that their world has been built on pillars of fantasy, commerce comes to a standstill and stability turns to pandemonium, those with the foresight to have insulated themselves from the worst will have, at the very least, a fighting chance.

    Prepare for panic. It’s coming.


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      1. The panic is a necessary part of the earth and humanities cleansing.

        …if you feel that you belong here…”don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • What if we’ve already been panicking for years?

          • I have been planning not pannicking for years, those like us will stand a better chance of surviving.

            In fact, I have never pannicked…it is not my nature.

            I am a planner, I always have several backups.

            Even those who pannick are concerned and are thinking of a way out.

            I bet that you have a good plan.

            • There is a disease right now of the brain and mind, call it THE TRAPDOOR. The masses have been so conditioned for a good solid generation right now that money is something with a VISA/MasterCard/Discover or whatever symbol they use. There is no concenpt of what that package of GMO chemical rich balled up chicken beaks, crowns, feet, and necks that they called a sandwich actually cost. They just throw down the plastic and basically eat what the turkey vultures won’t.

              What happens is the bankers have gotten people to understand that a certain product or service cost X number of minutes or hours of work. People when they used cash at least say this to some degree as when the cash left their wallets or purses it meant no more. Now the plastic comes up and no one even sees what they are being charged. I say something that cracked me up awhile ago about how hookers were accepting credit cards using that new system that allows anyone to pay for ANYTHING with a type of notebook pad linked to the credit card companies.

              Like a hangman’s gallows, that trapdoor eventually swings open and the person falls through, with or without a rope around their neck. This system of phantom money cannot succeed unless there is someone willing to fit the bill. The U.S. dollar is basically only supported by the oil dollar, petro dollar. Thanks to the sell off of America to China and India and others, the U.S. does not even have the strong manufacturing base to fall back on. Only really agriculture and food is the only foundation left that the U.S. has to avoid total collapse as everyone needs to eat in the world and the amount of arable land each year dwindles.

              The petro dollar holds up the U.S. dollar as countries use this to purcahse energy. The U.S. dollar is needed then. Problem is that ANYTHING can be used to purchase energy as long as that anything can be used to purchase what the oil sellers need. Precious metals are something that everyone recognizes and can be used as real true money for anything that an oil seller wants to buy with it. The problem with precious metals is that there is a limited amount of them to have the large type of transactions with billions in energy. A piece of paper that says you have X number of bars of gold is worthless unless that paper can produce the tangible product. This is one reason that certain metals are being toyed with as money in the future such as copper, which is more plentiful and serves many uses in industry.

              Ohter countries though cannot trust the U.S. dollar with 17 trillion in debt and derivatives that top into the hundreds of trillions. Countries are trying to protect their own interest and instead of putting all their eggs into one basket with the U.S. dollar, they are opting fro a basket currency of many moneys, including the U.S. dollar. Losing the monopoly on the petro dollar though means that TRUST is lost in the dollar and that means risk interest will be given to the debts owed by the U.S. This in turn means exploding inflation and interest rates that drive the stock market right into the toilet.

              You have a terrible conflict of interest of two countries that want their monopoly in the Middle East. U.S. with the petro dollar, and Russia that wants to price gouge Europe with natural gas. You have two countries that know that they each stand to lose trillions if their monopoly is lost. The more influence that the Iranian and Russian have in the Middle East energy scheme the more likely the U.S. dollar will be dumped for a basket currency. Qatar and Saudi Arabia can destroy the Russian’s monopoly by getting that natural gas pipeline through Syria to Turkey via to Europe. Iran is selling most of their oil not using the U.S. dollar. Pretext Syria, get at Iran to help stop the U.S. dollar from being replaced. All the while the happy little idiots continue to charge everything and just know everything is just peachy.

              This is where the scenario of an economic collapse is far less likely than WW3. Countries of the past nearly always fall back on the military to save their economies. Two massive nuclear powers that have a bleak economic future if they lose what they have now. Throw in China that depends heavily on Iran for their energy to run their economy and NATO that is mostly Europe that needs cheaper energy prices to help their economies and you see the load of sh&* that the world is in. World war 3 will be mostly about MONEY and there is no real way out unless BO backs down and lets the U.S. economy fall into a mega depression. Maybe that is the plan all along, as the plans for a police state martial law is sure in the planning stages for years now. A mega depression or World War 3, nice choice between getting shot in the stomach or the head.

              • People will smash their newborn into the wall instead of listening to their cries of hunger and people will throw their gold into the streets because they can’t stand the sight of it, as there is nothing to buy. Fucking sad.

                WE SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO GOD. I know, looking back, I’m responsible for my sin.

                • Iowa,

                  I don’t need gold in order to prepare for what may be on the horizon, the only thing I need is God in my heart and soul. Just remember, the Almighty is all forgiving of those who truly repent from the bottom of their heart. I honestly don’t understand why any red thumbs for your post.

                  For me, this article is simply a ploy to sell gold, I am not buying it and guess what, not too many people can actually buy enough gold to make any difference in their lives whatsoever.

                  If you want to be saved and live an eternity in a place where gold will do you no good but love and kindness will, then focus your attention on why we were put here in the first place. God speed.

                  • In God, I agree.

                    I remember the infamous wall-hanger that many merchants had that stated:

                    ‘In God I Trust, All Others Must Pay in Cash’

                    In God I do trust. But the others do worry me in that they are great people, just very blind to the events happening today. Some are awakening, but many are still asleep. Basically, living in ‘snooze’ mode.

                    Hopefully and very soon, we become United and stop all this nonsense and expect our Leaders to fix the economic problems and also become Peace-Makers.

                    Yes. I am in the Twilight Zone….

                    Remember that episode, ‘Kick The Can’? And the one about the bunker and the towns-folks laughing until that day hit….

                  • NOT “another investigation”, but a FULL REENACTMENT OF 9/11!


                    Get “Closer to truth”!

                  • Having God in your heart and soul is of paramount importance. But, take your purse, or sell your cloak, and by a sword (firearm).

                  • Good thing Swinging Star that you don’t need Gold:

                    Gold just got thrashed last night by a whistle blower at JP Morgan. Go to:

                    kingworldnews dot com

                    The price of gold futures has never fluctuated so much after hours as it as since Friday night and Saturday morning.

                    Here is a quote from the article:

                    In a stunning development, two JP Morgan whistleblowers have confessed that the bank manipulates the gold and silver markets. This is truly a shocking admission by the courageous JP Morgan whistleblowers. In a blockbuster King World News interview, London metals trader Andrew Maguire told KWN that the two JP Morgan employees came directly to him with hard evidence that the bank was actively manipulating the gold and silver markets.

                    This is a truly catastrophic event for JP Morgan, which up to now has denied manipulating these markets. Below Maguire takes KWN readers around the world on a trip down the rabbit hole as he discusses how he led the two JP Morgan employees to turn over the evidence to a law firm which specializes in high profile whistleblowers, and also to the CFTC. According to Maguire, the CFTC has virtually buried this information. Is this a cover up, or the next LIBOR scandal about to be exposed? Below is what Maguire had to say in this blockbuster interview.


                  • Swinging Star: Thats first thing I too thought when this article appeared. Yep here we go again “BUY Gold” story.

                    Why do they always says “When the fed cannot print More dollars”?…What would happen if suppose after a G-20 economics meeting, the world leaders went on Live TV to announce something like this.

                    “Helo world peoples we finished our G20 meeting, and every nation worldide has agreed that if we fed res banksters Cancel Out every prior debt each nation owes, then all nations agree also to continue use of world reserve US dollar as it has ben doing.

                    And we all can Re start again from ground zero like 1913 again.”

                    What if to sweeten that deal fed res banksters also agreed to Cancel out every mortgage and car and credit card debt owed by Individual Persons worldwide?

                    Those eliet banksters etc will never miss or lose anything. They already made vast fortunes by usury intrest swidnles on all nations and peoples.

                    Their moneys already invested in Massive ten million dollar homes, 1/2 dozen or more homes Each guy. Sport cars like ferraries, Yahts galore worth 100 million each etc etc.

                    Does anybody really believe if such was done to simply wipe out all debts owed to start all over again from zero. Even if no other things got changed just That, all debts canceled paid in full.

                    That ANY nations leadership would say NO? Or ANY persons will reject that offer?…Every person here that still owes huge or small mortgages or car or school loans would Jump at that chance to start over free of debt and all else remains same as today.

                    That is just ONE method they can do to remain in Power and remain very wealthy alot longer.

                    The Only folks hurt would be Gold sellers who are trying to use Fear tactics to get more folks to Buy Buy Buy! so all the piles of Their owned gold will go Back up at least to before gold dropped a 1/3 in values.

                    Even if They bought gold for $300 per oz, they still consider gold value dropping a 1/3 of value so far a massive LOSS to them personally.

                    If They had an oz worth $1800 and today its worth $500+ LESS…Bet yer ass they count that as massive Loss.

                    And the one main method to try to raise gold Back up is generate mass buying from You.

                    They keep saying gold will never lose value as it always held it in past. So That is a certain Future outlook?

                    No its not. Its speculation. There are zero gaurentee’s for gold values or any other commodity unless maybe its Foods.

                    Why dont any articles discuss Plans or Fixes etc?

                    Yeah things are bad today. So what, was bad or worse when Jimmy Carter was prez. I aint yet had to wait for off days, odds and evens lic late number to BUY Gasoline have You?…Or get Limited to 10 Gallons per Day?

                    yet Thats what happened when Carter was Prez. Gas prices Doubled overnite also when that got announced recall it?

                    So yes its bad could be better no doubt. So how does non stop constant daily articles of nothing else But doom and gloom achieve or assist anybody other than those who Profit from Mass Fear?

                    Some here mentioned God…What does God say on it…God tells us to “Fear the LORD” and no others.

                    “trust in the LORD” and Not meere man or men, nor govnt’s etc.

                    As a Christian believer I agree I do stock food and ammo and a generator and fules etc..But to me a 3+ yr supply or close seems fairly swell for preps.

                    I do not ever wish to Profit from Others miseries or due to Their lack of knowlegde or ability to store supplies.

                    And at what point does many preps way exceed also Trusting the Lord to provide for me/us?

                    I suppose since I noted that and how easy the fed res and G20 govnts could do a fix if they desired to stay in control and power alot longer, I shall get tons of Red Thumbs eh.

                    Seems anyone here who points out truth or facts or posts info other than how many seeds are in Your seed packets. Or whats todays cheep beans prices is of late off limits and recieves tons of red thumbs.

                    I wonder how many red thumb types visit here from Glen Beck or hannity sites, and also how many Mossad israeli Paid internet talkbackers of the quarter million they admit to have Hired to sabatoge sites like this site, visit here to red thumb such posts and info They do not like to hear or see of?

                    Oh well I agree with them what says Red Thumbs just means I am doing something correct!

                    In a Public setting them type fools who cannot stand to hear such truth or info, must use both hands to cover ears like small kiddies does eh. So far only ones I have seen in publiic just Stare with eyes wide open and mouths agape when confronted by guys like Me who speak out Loud and Clear even when most of them types hate such info or cannot handle truth.

                    PS for “Be Informed”..BI, You stated Other countries cannot Trust us dollars anymore etc..My Question is..

                    Bi, How many countires that can’t no longer Trust us dollars, Gave Back ALL those Hundreds of Millions and even to some nations, Many BILLIONs of those so Untrustworthy US Dollars america has been and continues to Pass out in such vast amounts, and even More often too, gives away us dollars while they stand their Open handed licking their chops and stuffing all they can personally Loot up their noses or into secret safes?

                    One would think such worthless untrustworthy Cash dollars would get rejected outright before being Printed or computer electronically debited eh?

                  • @Be informed

                    Do you vote?

                  • Good comment swinging on a star——-

                    SCRIPTURES SAY THEY WILL THROW THEIR GOLD AND SLIVER IN THE STREETS—–because it will come down to one thing. The worship of the anti-christ and if you have gold,silver, he won’t care. He wants to be worshiped and glorified as god.

                    On another thought, people should be aware that as the world falls into chaos(social,economic,religious), so is nature and should be prepared for disasters unseen in our time…….

                  • You should still be a good steward of what God entrusts you with. I have half my savings in precious metals. I don’t want to lose it all when the dollar dies.

                  • @ Swinging……

                    A little enlightenment on the human psyche.

                    As to “why all the red thumbs” on Iowa’s comment…..
                    Any time you paint a horrible graphic image in a person’s mind such as “smashing a newborn into a wall”; you may as well have killed their new puppy in front of them.

                    People don’t like seeing innocent blood spilled from a child or even a pet. So when you start off a comment/article with that image, most people are turned off and immediately turn down any thing further from that person.

                    A little “tact” goes a long way in getting readership.

                    Just sayin’


                • Do you own any gold? After all, he made it and for a reason. Get some metal to use in your lifetime.

                • Jesus already died for your sins, Iowa, and he’ll readily take you back. Confess your sins, and accept his gift again…God Bless you!

                  • There was no Jesus, never was. He is myth. Don’t believe me? Fine, find one single mention of him during his lifetime. Fine one mention from of his deeds. Nothing was ever written about him until 30-50 years after his so-called death by unknown authors. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were all written decades after Jesus supposedly lived. They are written in the third person and read like Greek mythology. Sure, it sounds great and inspiring but none of it ever happened. This is not to say there isn’t a god but the Jesus story is just plain mythology. Still lots of great lessons in the Bible but believing in a fictitious Jesus isn’t going to save your soul.

                  • @ Bob….Faith needs no proof. Your statement requires you to prove that ANYTHING in the Bible is false. People and governments have been trying to prove the bible wrong for centuries and have all failed.

                • Think! Muslims, Christians and Jews ALL worship the same god, yet there are wars about who is right. Insanity!

                  Stand on your own two feet and think and prepare. There is no ‘after this’ life to dream about. Nor is there a ‘hell’ to worry about. When the lights go out, you will never know it happened as you will just cease to exist.

                  The world is in the state it is in partly due to religions and partly to the lack of morals in those religions. Yes, lack of morals. Hypocrisy rules, not the Golden Rule.

                  So, use what you have to prepare for the years you have left and don’t waste them asking some vaporous deity to do it for you. Likewise, don’t blame it for your problems. You made ALL of them with every small decision you made in your life. Think about that.

                  • Makati1,


                    2 John 1:9-11 ESV

                    Everyone who goes on ahead and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God. Whoever abides in the teaching has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house or give him any greeting, for whoever greets him takes part in his wicked works.

                  • The word “vote” was not meant to be there.

                  • I am an agnostic and believe there just has to be intelligent life some where because it sure isn’t here! I agree religion not kept personal or private has caused nothing but wars and grief. Sometimes I wonder if religion is used as a tool to create what big brother is looking to achieve? Division? Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, doesn’t God help those who help themselves?

                  • Allah is not God

              • Good evening, Be Informed, and once again I have to agree with your comments. I find your analogy about the trapdoor very interesting. It reminds me of, and I’m sure everyone here can remember, a certain TV ad from the 70s and 80s for Hawaiian Punch. Remember the short guy, dressed in the Hawaiian outfit, always asking the taller guy dressed like a tourist, “How about a nice Hawaiian Punch?” and the taller guy ALWAYS answered, “SURE”. the the short guy knocks out the bigger guy, EVERY time, it NEVER failed. I have a debit card that I use for some transactions, but I ALWAYS use CASH for my preps. A credit card I don’t have and refuse to have. I’ve always used cash to buy even cars; never had a car financed in my whole life. I refuse to sacrifice a whole bunch of other things to pay for some overpriced vehicle over a 3-6 year period. that’s never been my cup of tea and never will be. When you’re debt-free, you’d be surprised how much you can accomplish for yourself. Otherwise, I would only have a fraction of the preps I have now. No, I won’t play the credit game for anything. My latest item on my shopping list has been shells for my new “artillery piece”, but I’m primarily after more food and water now. Everyone please step up your prepping as fast as your resources allow while this funny money will still get something. braveheart

                • @ braveheart. I have one of those DVD’s of the old time commercials and it is very entertaining. Something that this now lacks is that you can advertise without the crude crap that you see now. People back then could let their kids watch TV and not have to be shocked at the garbage. I don’t like censorship, I hate it in fact. The commercials of yesteryear reflected on what the consumer wanted back then. Now they want pure sh^&. This is another sign of the times just how far the people are in rapid decay.

                  How does this relate to the article above? Too much so. It shows how freaken stupid the masses are to purchase exactly what they don’t need with credit that they don’t have. Look at these credit card companies that make the common idiot think that happy times will come to you everytime you pull out the plastic. Thus further speeding up the process of the end for everyone of the human civilization. You look at yesterday’s commericials and you see how much they were focused more on everyday needs and basic life (common sense), with some exceptions.

                  They need to have some commercials with people shredding their credit cards and flipping the bird to the banks and telling them NO MORE. The Hawaiian Punch Guy should be knocking some sense into 99% of the masses.

                  • Good morning, BI. if what you outlined in your last paragraph could really happen, imagine the outcry, especially in the world of “financial services”. A commercial with the Hawaiian Punch Guy knocking out people for being in debt could have a tremendous impact, you would think. braveheart

              • Nice summation. Alas, the wild card being Fukushima.

                • Fukushima is NOTHING as a global event. It’s not going to blow up. It’s not poisoning the Pacific Ocean as a whole. There’s nothing to worry about.

                  • Barn Cat….honestly, what planet are you living on??? You have been so brainwashed that it’s just a little scary! My sympathies to your family….

                  • How do you know that?

                  • Leonard….try reading ENENews dot com for current news on Fukushima. There are also a ton of documented reports about children living in Japan who are developing thyroid cancer, nose bleeds, some children are having a difficult time eating and keeping food down, serious increased incidence of fetal malformations and still births! Are these circumstances happening per chance? I don’t think so and anyone who actually checks into reports from a multitude of sources will see how the health of children in Japan have been compromised.
                    Maybe you and Barn Cat should do some research on your own…

                • The news these days has evolving reports of radiation leaks coming from the damaged TEPCO nuclear power installation at Fukushima, Japan. Concerns have been raised about contaminated food and even rain in North America. Are these concerns based on actual risks?
                  Historically, there was a belief that biological damage from radiation was linearly related to the accumulated dose, the so-called linear no-threshold (LNT) hypothesis, which assumes that even near-zero radiation dosage can lead to cancer death and hereditary disorders. This assumption led to the projection that a nuclear accident in which radioactive contamination was widely dispersed would lead to a significant increase in illness and premature death in the affected area in the ensuing decades. We are now over 75 years into the Nuclear Age and there is abundant data to refute this assumption.

                  I will refer to two studies published within the last few years. The first is “Carcinogenesis from Inhaled (239)PuO2 in Beagles” in the journal of the Health Physics Society, September 2010. Groups of dogs were administered doses of insoluble plutonium dioxide ranging from zero to high. The lung tumour incidence in the ‘control’ group (zero dose) was 18%. The lowest dose, 14.4 cGy (centiGrays, a unit of cumulative radiation dose to tissue) group had zero lung tumours and the next lowest group, 37.5 cGy, had one. From there, the incidence rose to 100% at 2800 cGy. Above this dose, the dogs died from pneumonitis, damage to their lungs, before succumbing to cancer. The researchers suggest that a low dose of alpha particle radiation from plutonium stimulates a protective effect: radiation homeostasis.

                  The second paper is “Observations on Chernobyl After 25 Years of Radiophobia” published in the summer 2010 edition of 21st Century Science & Technology by Zbigniew Jaworowski, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., member of the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) and Chairman of that organization from 1980 to 1982. Dr. Jaworowski states that this dramatic nuclear accident resulted in the deaths of 28 rescue workers and employees of the power station due to very high doses of radiation and 3 deaths due to other reasons but not a single confirmed fatality in the general population. Indeed, he reported that the incidence of solid tumours among the rescue workers and population of the Bryansk district, the most contaminated area, was from 5 to 30% lower than the Russian general population. The UNSCEAR 2000b report stated that no increase in birth defects, congenital malformation, stillbirths, or premature births could be linked to radiation exposures caused by the Chernobyl fallout. The author cites other studies (thousands of residents of Taiwan exposed to cobalt-60 for up to 20 years, 200,000 American, British and Canadian nuclear workers, population groups living in areas of high natural radiation, follow-up on the residents of Nagasaki and Hiroshima) all showing significantly reduced cancer mortality and congenital malformations. Perhaps this is not totally surprising after all. Small exposures to antigens stimulate our immune systems. Limited exposure to the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight is actually beneficial. Even alcohol. People who drink 1 to 2 glasses of wine per day live longer than those who drink not at all.
                  Cancers and birth defects are typically a result of damaged DNA, yet living creatures have DNA repair mechanisms. It seems that low doses of radiation activate these mechanisms.

                  The toll of dead and missing from the March 11 Fukushima earthquake and tsunami exceeds 28,000 people. The long term mortality from the consequent radioactive contamination is likely to be a scant fraction of this number. Efforts to protect health and life should reflect this reality.

              • Good explaination of the mess BI.

              • I will choose a mega depression (getting shot in the stomach) as opposed to WW3 (getting shot in the head). And live to heal and fight another day.

              • Be Informed: By chance are you from Southern Utah? I have read your article in another location on the web under different authorship. Let me know.

                • @ chupacabra. I only use this alias, others that write in a similar manner must feel the way I do. It is so easy to write this way because this is the way I honestly feel. Many will say something that they don’t believe for acceptance, hence the politician. When I say for example that I believe so strongly in freedom and the 2nd. Amendment, this is exactly the way I believe. By the way to your question, much further north.

                  @ you don’t need to know. That area in Atka, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands when it gets active, usually so does Yellowstone. I think both Steve Quayle and Stan Deyp have mentioned this. The recent earthquake on the eastern Africa plate occurred in the exact same spot 2 weeks before the Haiti earthquake that killed about 300,000 people. The Caribbean is in earthquake watch until Oct.1.

              • @BI, totally agree, you tend to be very logical in your writings….too bad you can’t write for some politician.

                I see alot going on in Alaska, the Caribbean and Yellowstone…. Please comment on what you see happening…=)

            • @lastmanstanding, I understand completely. I have proven on more than one occasion, that I’m not prone to panic either. Some others see me as “stoic” or “unemotional” because I don’t lose my head when it counts.

              I guess sheeple have been programmed that it’s okay to be emotional, for so long, that they can’t separate separate when to be emotional and when it doesn’t help the situation.

              In essence, most people are never taught how to CONTROL their emotions, like FEAR. Those of us who can are lucky.

              • Sixpack…I just wanted to get along with everyone…

                I didn’t want any conflict…

                Then one day I woke up and realized that over half the people that lived in my country contributed less than nothing to me, you or our country and especially the earth we live on.

                I realized that my efforts were being taken from me in many ways…and from you as well.

                Then i decided to fight back.

                It always pissed me off that the govt always won and my vote never seemed to count.

                then as an owner of 2 businesses we have always contributed to our community…now we are the problem.

                No way you bastards win…molon labe.

                Stand with my wife and I Sixpack.

                “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

                • I got your six, lastmanstanding. I’ve been fighting this corrupt govt for over 3 decades and I’m not about to let up now.

                  They’ve come for me before over my views and I’m sure they’ll do it again… Just not today.

                  Since I now know what to expect, I’ll be more ready than I was before.

            • I have also been planning for years. It has given me time to get a lot of things done. Everytime you get something done, you think of something else. The only thing I am surprised at is that things have lasted as long as they have. It seems like everybody is holding on by their fingernails. I wonder what the “one” event will be that will trigger the onslaught????

          • Obviously your planning didn’t include traditional studies a.

          • Depends how you have channeled your “freaked out energy”

            On the gov. news this morning they interviewed an older couple (60’s) that was rescued in CO from the flooding.

            “We had nothing. No water, no electricity, no heat, and no food. It was like living in a cave.” They had been stranded a couple of days. They would make good FEMA Camp residents if they didn’t die of exposure waiting for the FEMA Camp bus.

            • Just saw this on drudge:

              “I was thinking about staying. I could have lasted at least a year. I have a lot of training in wilderness survival,” he said, adding that he probably had enough beer to last the whole time.

              Jamestown CO special Ed teacher.

              • I saw that too. Just wondered why he was hesitant about staying and protecting his barley pops? Sounded like he is having second thoughts about changing his name to Jeremiah Johnson.

                • He was all food and no guns n ammo perhaps ?

              • Actually learning the Know How to brew you own beer would be a excellent prep. The boiling and distillation of spirits purifies the water. there are many healthful benefits to beer.

                • Plus the women look better after a dozen or so!

                  • In the morning some are coyote ugly. Almost had to chew my arm off.

                  • Dave in Id:

                    Plus the men look better to the women after a dozen or so!

                  • Never heard any women say they slept with an ugly guy.

                • On the list, will hhave that and wine making equipment, also champaign yeast for quick 2 day booze from apple juice or whatever, also downloaded a MEAD recipe, never had it BUT MY ANCESTORS DID! He He…

                  • @ Pissed off Granny. I figured you would comeback on my comment…. I’ll bring over a 24 pack for you to consume! ( after I looked in the mirror, better make that a 36’r)

          • Hi Mac, about 10 of my posts have never made it here and have dissappeared. Is there a problem?

        • If you want to know what panic is then just read Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Mathew Bracken, specifically book 3.

          You don’t need to read the books in succession.

          The scenario described after a New Madrid quake is horrifying to say the least.

          What’s more horrifying is the publicity of it throughout the unafected country and the governments response to it.

          The detail really opened my eyes to the lengths to which people who are prepared and are not can go and how it can quickly escalate.

          • Brackens books are great I have read them all including the anthologies volume of short stories,
            They are well wriiten by someone that has walked the walk and have an air of authenticity about them. His scenario’s are highly plausible .
            That scenario of the new Madrid quake aftermath was VERY sobering and realistic , even so the actual event will probably be 10 times worse. Some thing is going on everyone can feel it , the warning signs are there for those that see it .

            Be prepared to survive it many will not .

            The basic hints : Collapse scenario , unrest , martial law insituted but collapses into anarchy.

            1. Bug in as a first option , remain where your supplies are only leave as a last resort.
            Make your BIL look uninhibited toss old clothes unused hose hold goods on the lawn , black
            out the windows with opaque materials for light discipline , spay paint with black paint above
            the windows to simulate burned out conditions from a distance this can look realistic. Add a
            dead animal corpse hidden in the front of the property hidden the ranker the better . Be familiar
            with emergency marking used on surveyed building use the number designations for
            UNRECOVERED BODIES INSIDE. The object is to obtain the appearance of an unoccupied
            building if people are about . Do not engage individuals around your residence lead them
            away if persued when out scavaging or on overwatch.
            Prepare a position away but close enough to observe your resisence / hide / catch, if you must
            cook only if no others are around use a low profile fire / stove and only at night to conceal
            smoke be carefully of your light discipline. This is more luck them anything to remain unseen
            let the others kill themselves off first. REMEMBER BE QUIET , USE SOUND AND LIGHT

            2. Bug out only when ABSOLUTELY NECCESSARY you do not want to be a refugee, travel only
            at night to a pre-planed location ( Temporary Evac) . Keep to the tree lines avoid any natural
            lines of Drift others may be taking, avoid being followed. Stop , look and listen , glass any
            distant areas For activity before proceeding onward . Stop and check your 6 from concealment
            to acess whether your are being followed . Avoid any engagement this is survival not war
            fighting it is more of an ESCAPE AND EVADE ENVIRONMENT . If you set up a camp when
            out of the danger area find the most secluded inaccessible spot you can find , conceal it to
            match your envirnonment , keep from creating smells , sound , shine . On all of your optics you
            should use a “kill flash system” , only use your optics WITH YOUR BACK TO THE SUN to
            avoid giving away your position by glinting reflections. Move only at night set up camp before
            dawn and break camp only after dusk . Travel at night using NOD’s if equipped , watch
            your step keep sound to a minimum. You should have the basics in your bug out bag for
            water purification bad water will incapacitate you faster than anything ( KATADYNE POCKET
            FILTER , TABS, CANTEEN CUP/ STOVE) and other
            implements needed for survival, for shelter depending on season I use a HENNESSY
            EXPLORER HAMMOCK 4 season or a KIFARU PARATARP WITH ANNEX for winter with a
            para stove total weight less than 10 lbs each only one system at a time is packed depending
            on season. I through a camo net or cover over everything for concealment. REMEMBER YOU
            TERM . if you do not have a bug out location with prepositioned supplies as most here
            probably are not fortunate enough to have , this can only
            be a temporary measure as a last resort to preserve you life.
            Be prepared to return to your BIL after the threat to retrieve hidden catched supplies to
            continue your survival.

            3. In the event of hostile engagement when on bug out break contact travel parallel lot the line
            of engagement in a flanking maneuver you do not what a protracted fighting situation with
            limited resources if this occures you will have an epic fail in you survival planning live to fight
            another day.
            Use METT in your planning METT= MISSION , ENEMY , TIME and TERRAIN to you
            avantage in your AO. You are on familiar ground they are probably not. GHILLE SUITS RULE

            4. I could probably go on longer but this is only a small idea of what you can do in a controllable
            fashion to increase your odds of survivabilty REMEMBER THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX BE

            READ / STUDY / FORM TEAMS



            Semper FI 8541

            • Sorry about the formatting I do not know what happened DAM IPAD!

              Semper Fi 8541

              • You Forgot Pour Large bottles of Katsup over yourself to look like Blood and that you been shot so folks think you are dead and wont bother you.

                If will try to think up more incase we need act Extreme.

                • I thought I was giving helpful advise for others WITHOUT military training on what could help them when all other options fail and you have to evac or be killed , I really think this could occur in areas where a total breakdown occurs a WROL situation where the only choice you have is to leave or die when out numbered and defense is not an option. We cannot afford to loose anyone we are all important , more important than we can possibly imagine or realize . We so few, so very few will be tested , refined by fire and be expected when all this comes to pass, be the ones to rebuild our civilization based on TRUE VALUES , INTEGRITY, HONOR and not make the same mistakes again. THIS IS OUR HOPE AS A SPECIES IF WE FAIL WE HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME BUT OURSELVES. STOP BLAMING OTHERS YOUR ARE FALLING FOR TPTB TRAP AND ARE BEING MANIPULATED TO WHERE THEY WANT YOU.

                  These hints are based on HARD EARNED SKILLS that are exhibited every day by USMC RECON AND SCOUT SNIPER TEAMS IN HOSTILE TERRITORY and in harms way ,they kept me alive / functional with out obtaining additional holes I was not born with.
                  Believe me if it gets this severe in your AO the bloodshed will be unimaginable and the psychological challenge dealing with it will be unsurmountable for some individuals.
                  The rules of a civilized society will not apply to those on the OPFOR side.
                  That thin blue or green line that keeps society civil will be vastly out numbered by those who intend harm for the sake of doing harm , the sociopaths that run it and the ones on the fringes of society.


                  BE PREPARED

                  RESIST NO MATTER WHAT

                  Semper Fi 8541

              • From my previous post with more eye friendly formatting

                Night breaker says:
                Comment ID: 2184753
                September 6, 2013 at 5:29 am
                Your best bet in that circumstance is to escape and evade at night , you do not want to exfiltrate on any natural lines of drift. I.e. main roads, utility easements , rails etc that’s we’re every one else will be going . Take advantage of the confusion try to travel at night using NOD’s hole up during the day in a temporary hootch in the most dense cover and in the most out of the way place you can find. Keep noise , smells ( food prep to a minimum. Deep bury your waste ) . Keep your profile broken a recognizable shape can get you killed , stop , look and listen before moving and keep to inside of the tree line . Avoid sky lighting your self and if possible glass the area ahead before moving , when doing this keep the sun to your back to avoid reflections from you optical equipment giving you away. Make sure you break camp at dusk and set up camp just prior to sunrise check your site from a distance to be sure it is concealed enough to be prevent discovery.
                When traveling in a small group be sure to set watches when camped during the day. If alone try to find the most secluded spot you can. If evading regime forces be away of thermal signature when in a stationary posture during the day use a space blanket over your tarp to block your IR signature from FLEIR detection . If using radio tactically keep transmissions short then vacate the area imediately upon completion of communication to avoid being DF’d .

                IF you do stumble onto hostile others , break contact with minimal firing travel parallel to the noise avoid line of sight keep below the terrain (local military ridge) Always stop and check you 6 from cover .


                Use METT; Mission , enemy , time and terrain to your advantage.



                Semper Fi 8541

            • His book Castigo Bay was good, too. Interesting description of ft. LAUDERDALE and area after economic collapse.

            • Ive made multiple small cashes of things. accessible only by foot. packed them in with a burro. lots of 100 pound bottles of lp. I made a hose to refill fill a camp stove bottle from the 100 pound Lp. Lp don’t smoke. it don’t require you to gather wood and leave evidence that someone is in the area. Lp will light from a welding striker in the pouring rain. traps & snares they are working 24×7 and don’t make noise. crossbow. several cheap russian 7.62×54 bolt action rifles and a ammo can with a 1000 rounds with each one. paid $35 each for those guns. bought the ammo from the sports mans guide for a half cent per round back when Clinton was president. for food ill eat the burro or anything else. Ive already accepted the reality ill likely have to leave my home. I will burn the buildings when I leave. No great loss a 1967 1000 square foot home that has no loan value. I bought the house and land at a state property tax forclousure auction for a pittance.

            • My plan includes

              Have enough vittles on tap to not need any cooking for at least 18 weeks .

              No “tech sounds” be amazed how sharp hearing can be when one is cold starving and feral.

              Airplane liquor bottles too scatter about , contents best left too the magination.

              hugelculture anything that looks like an organized garden could bring unwanted attention. Drones are cheap and idiot friendly .

              lots of bird friendly growth , birds are good early warning system.

          • Really ? I quite like the idea of so many feral sheep trapped east of the sippi. Far away from me.

            • Well, M…

              Your referance to easterners, yanks and rebs, as “feral sheep” is disgusting.

              No one is safe from everything when SHTF. If you keep that mindset, you may have to eat those words one day.

              Hope you don’t have to ask this southern man for a handout. i would, give you an old leather shoe tongue to naw on.

            • Not a sheep sir if we are on this site.

              You have something against Lobsta people?

              United WE STAND – DIVIDED WE FALL

        • Looks like humanity is going to take out the trash! I’d much rather live simply and poor and free than the shit we have now. Don’t forget to pump CO2 down the ptb bunker airshaft 🙂

          • The have the same air systems used on submarines. That wont work because the vents will be closed.

            • Dave in ID, unless I’m mistaken, I think all of those bunkers can be destroyed by earthquakes. braveheart

              • @ Braveheart…Revelation mentions that.

                • OH,DAVE,it gets way better then anyone thinks,THE LORD OUR GOD,says he’s going to fill their TUNNELS AND UNDERGROUND CITIES with LAVA and BOILING HOT WATER,and not even one will escape…hahhaha………….

                  • Arizona, as I have read that, I asked a preacher’s wife about the scripture and she couldn’t find it either.
                    You have it??

                    God charts our path; it’s up to us to follow it.

                  • @ Arizona….It doesnt say anything about tunnels, lava boiling water or undergroung cities. You had better read the scriptures again. (Or maybe once)

            • Dave, If I’m not mistaken, submersibles must carry their oxidant onboard. As far as I can tell, there is no “star Trek” system of perpetually breathable air, that scrubs and replenishes itself onboard. That means that breathable air HAS TO run out sooner or later and they’ll need to come up for air. That means, PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE.

              • Modern subs make thier air from water using a system called a “air bomb”. They also scrub the co2. If those underground cities have a well, then they can make oxygen. On a sub, food is what determines how long they can slink around down there. But like someone posted, bring in the well drilling rig.

                • OOps, he is right below me with that good idea.

            • commandeer a well drilling rig and puncture the ptb bunker,s. pmnp them full of anything water gas exhaust ect.

              • Concrete came to my mind. Seal the place up and let them rot in their new reality.

          • Hi Genius:

            Just a question for you. Have you done any studying on Rhoades Scholars?

            • Pissed off Granny: Isn’t Rhoades where they give scolarship cash to prospective Traitors such as Bill Klinton, and a few Hundred other traitors to go get educated on How to Best learn to be a Traitor to the usa, and work to get america Back under british rule again as a colony like prior to 1776?

              There sure are a lot of Rhoades scholors mixed in with usa govnt and corporations etc eh. So far every one has shown to be a Traitor to the usa and Us folks.

              • If you could spell Rhodes correctly it would add to your cred.

                • Thank you, Miss Manners…

            • Granny, a little bit basically what Them Guys said. Kind of a factory for future globalists. Many politicians come out of there, Clinton etc.

            • Oh boy…. another A student I see.

              It would be “RHODES Scholar”

              • I think if you want to look into Rhodes, you should spell it right. Annon is doing a favor by pointing it out. Seems a few people here think Rhodes scholars are all against you. Why would smart folk be against you? Klinton etc? Can’t name more? Now google it and act like you knew all along.

                • Urban, just because someone misspelled a word doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Maybe YOU need to google ‘Rhodes Scholars’ to see what they’re really all about. Then you’ll discover that they’re against ALL OF US. They’re not smart, they’re EVIL. Do yourself a favor and get yourself educated.

          • Nope, just water or concrete

        • MAC- TOR is not working here to post comments. Been like this last few days.

          • Not sure the story with the TOR issues.

            Please email me at mac@ and let me know what kind of issue is occurring and we’ll try to track it down. It’s possible that TOR IP’s have been automatically blocked or marked as spam or something — not sure, but will gladly look into it.


            • MAC,a while back there was a gun battle between the longshoreman,and scabs who were loading all the grain from warehouses in washington state on to chinese ships to china,JUST the other day we were told the DHS is going around to every food and grain warehouse in the country and taking all the countries reserve food and grain to the LANDFILLS and BURNING IT,this sounds like a PLANNED FAMINE to me,then it gets worse,DHS is giving SARIN GAS to all the police departments around the nation for use against the people of their cities and areas,THESE POLICE GANGS are ,”WAY TO STUPID” to have something this dangerous,sarin,readly mixes with water,it has no smell and no teaste,and looks like a vapor when in the air,these idiots don’t have a clue about the danger of sarin..and its being given to IDIOTS,who won’t hesitate to use it.BEWARE THE GOVERNMENT HAS GONE “INSANE”……………

              • Arizona, can you give us some links, anything to verify this information?

              • please provide some researchable info…links?

              • Sounds like bullshit to me. Where are your facts?

              • Arizona: the Lord says Tell arizona poster guy to Forget cops with sarin gas, Lord says tell arizona guy of he wants cheepest Gas in town…EAT Bushes Baked BEANS!

              • arizona, source please.

                • howdy, patientmomma, and I’m inclined to agree. I’m calling BS on his info unless he provides some links, video, anything to help verify what he’s saying.

              • No, DHS isn’t burning food.

              • I drive by the grain transfer. Everyone working there been no shoot out. I think the union got what they wanted and the ship and trains kept coming.

              • Sorry, no gun battle up here, and the silos are being filled with the harvests.

                Reality is bad enough, we don’t have to make stuff up out of thin air.

              • Those goverment water systems could be easily compoimized. the tap pressure is only about 40 pounds. hook a power washer to any hydrant and back flush poision all the way to the storage tanks.

                • Check valves are downstream of the booster pumps.

              • Quick back the white van up to that house on the corner ,there’s a guy that has gone completely ‘BONKERS’!! He’s raving like a LUNATIC and running around in circles ,flapping his arms, screaming “They’re coming , they’re coming !!” Yea ,that’s the house ,the one with ‘Arizona’ on the mailbox !!……

            • MAC-

              TOR uses MANY different IPs, and I to have had TOR work on here one day and not the next. I never took note of the IP’s that worked, and the ones that did not.
              YOu will probably need to add ALL TOR IPs to your “OK list”…….. my guess would be that some are seen as spam. If you google some of them they can come up as spam.

              It is unfortunate that you cannot seem to work this problem out, as for a site like this, anonymity would be a very important thing to protect.

              You should fix it, or have someone who knows how to, to add all IPs to a safe list.

              This is the first site that I personally have had a problem with TOR. I do not know about the other gentleman ( or woman) as they did not say.

              You said email Mac@………… Mac@ ? shtfplan?

              • Quote

                It is unfortunate that you cannot seem to work this problem out, as for a site like this, anonymity would be a very important thing to protect.

                I disagree

                That would be exactly what TPTB want is for people to be afraid to stand up and be counted.

                I Refuse to live in fear of this crap. Will speak my mind and domt give a sideways crap what some treasonous fuck thinks or does.

                • KULA
                  that is all well and good, but some of us choose to remain anonymous. That is called OPSEC that so many on here spout about.
                  So speak for yourself. And good luck tough guy.

                  I am also in the stay anon camp and try to use TOR or others.

                  The guy should fix his damn site so it works.

                  Otherwise it is all just BS what he says on here.

                  • Whatever,
                    I will stand with guys like Mac and Brandon S. and JWR.
                    The founders werent anonymous either,
                    As of this moment having an opinion contrary to a few government tit suckers isnt illegal, im sure these guys have bigger fish to fry than one small grower on Maui who has a propensity for independence and may be a bit outspoken, as of right now i am totally legit and way less questionable or threatening than many on the net.
                    But i get what your saying, to each his own.

                • So, your mother actually named you “kulafarmer”, then?

              • NSA compromised TOR from the start. Problem is probablu with one of the NSA nodes that your “secure” packets are being sent through.

        • Gold confiscation is till on the books since 1933! The Patriot Acts & NDAA openly state that, in the event of full blown martial law, YOU & EVERYTHING will be THEIR POSSESSIONS! So not only is gun confiscation on the books, but physical confiscation of all of your possessions are also on the books! Wake up and smell the fascist reality we live in! Food, Guns & Bullets over “precious” metals!

          • …nothing new my friend…they already think they own us…they don’t need ML to act on it…

        • Yeah, and the problem is, if you read and study about ways to survive the approaching crises; if you say anything at all to your loved ones about all this, they attack you, make abusive remarks to you, completely misunderstand you.

          They are in their own little world and if you dare to challenge their beliefs, they treat you like crap!!

        • God bless you lastmanstanding
          Hold tight
          Hang on
          Never give up the truth


        • Panic early, and often. 😉

          Panic is mother nature’s defense mechanism, it is designed to overcome DIS-EASE of normalcy bias.
          Listen to the little voice in the back of your head, or die with the herd.

        • Panic is contagious and panic kills. Panic motivates people to take actions they would otherwise not consider. Preparation and traing can prevent panic. Train like you will fight so you will fight like you train ! Hesitate and you will die.

      2. gold and silver are still a cheap
        right now

        • Just picked up some “junk silver” from a little shop in town yesterday. They were selling pre 1965 quarters for $5.50 each and pre 1965 dimes for $3 each. I laughed pretty hard when I saw the price. The store was owned by an “eastern man”, so I pulled out my phone and checked spot price. Made him an offer on the whole lot. Score!

          • Silver value at market close today was $4.02 for quarters and $1.61 for dimes. I think paying almost double for silver dimes is a bit much. Check coinflation dot com for metal value of coins.

            • Don’t forget, silver is an excellent antibiotic. Pure, NOT Sterling, can easily be dissolve with a 6V alkaline battery. Connect silver to positive, any wire to neg. Submerge silver in cup of water, run until lightly milky. Can be taken internally, or applied externally. This can be found in books and youtube. I only bring this up because I’ve seen it in action, then used it myself. I’ve made it with a 12V solar panel as well. Hospitals are turning to it due to resistance. Just keep out of direct sunlight. Be safe!
              Standing ready in Daytona

              • Hey Daytona, mostly good advice, but you really need closer to 30v and the water needs to be pure distilled water to start. It should not appear milky in color when finished. There is a lot of misinfo out there about producing colloidal silver, so be careful.

              • If it is milky or red, it has contaminants…
                Most likely caused by your using non .999 silver on BOTH electrodes.
                Also, use a mixer to stir the water and mix co2 in, this fixes the silver ions.
                Now… as to the voltage.
                A little more than 1.5 volts is sufficient to cause electrolysis… anything more will simply cause heat and corrosion. This is what cured my leg of sepsis from a dog bite, after the antibiotics failed and the doc said my leg ‘may have to come off’… desperate measures, surprised the doc…

                What you will produce is ‘Holy Water’, this is what the ancients called it. The Catholics corrupted the term by throwing out the science and calling it ‘witchcraft’, and then thinking the water simply needed a blessing. That worked out real well…
                Believe it, or not. (Lookup Baghdad battery)

                • PS: Yes, as above, you should use pure distilled water, NOT tap water.

                  • Thanks for the input guys! I’m just trying to get people to check it out AND then learn how to make it for themselves. The neighbor, was an excon druggie, but was decent to his neighbors, knowing I was watching his EVERY move. He got cancer on his lip. Crack being more important, it spread through his body. Dr.s did grafts, from his ankle region. He would go outside, with his tendons exposed, would let mud & filth splash all over it. He was getting Silvadine, he was noncompliant & ran out. Having a very good working knowledge of chemistry, & feeling bad for videoing his demise, I made some topical for him. Haven’t made any since, & still have & use the remnants. I really do appreciate you correcting me! Like I said, I just want this info to spread! I’ll post the photos & vid’s if wanted. It’s a learning experience! Take care!
                    Standing ready in Daytona

            • Let the thumbs down fly but part of the article stated: “As an investment adviser and strategist, Fleckenstein obviously focuses his dialogue on the financial and economic”. Oh well when “such names” recommend any strategies I always do the opposite. We have gotten screwed over and over by these sort of EVIL Geniuses.

            • Thanks Archivist, see reply below.

            • At they have junk silver for $18.06 per face value dollar. That’s about $1.80 per dime and $4.52 per quarter. Shipping is extra. I usually buy at least 50 face value dollars at a time. The last time I bought them I got quarters.

          • Good god outlaw. You got as brave heart would say…@uck$@. Maybe I have been wrong about investing in silver. How many morons out there like you? I am serious. The eastern man bent you over.

            • I guess I was a little too vague when I stated

              “I laughed pretty hard when I saw the price. The store was owned by an “eastern man”, so I pulled out my phone and checked spot price. Made him an offer on the whole lot. Score!”

              So to clarify for those who did not understand.

              The Eastern man had each one in a nice little stamp baggy like they were something real special. This is why I laughed pretty hard, because the price was obviously extremely high.
              I then pulled out my smartphone and checked coinflation. At that point I made him an offer on the whole lot. It took a little haggling, about 15 minutes worth to be exact, but I walked out of the store paying $4 each for the quarters, and 1.69 each on the dimes. It was only a handful, but I thought I did pretty good.

              • That’s better. For a while there I thought he had really screwed you.

              • Ohhya. That makes sense outlaw.

          • Make sure it’s not magnetic. I’ve seen a lot of “silver” dollars that are…

        • The gold and silver dealio is fine ONCE YOU HAVE ATTAINED SOME FORM OF AUTONOMY/SELF RELIANCE. You can’t eat gold. If things get truly bad, food and survival items will trump precious metals. Once some form of governing system has taken hold, a resurgence in some type of monetary form will take precedence. Until such time, the old adage “he who has the gold makes the rules” will apply. Those with wealth and means will still have station albeit not like what is in existence today. Scary times comin’ people……..

      3. Divide total assets by total paper and you will see what the paper is truly worth. Get into something physical while you have the chance. The unwind will be fierce and those holding paper at that time will find it buys nothing. USA = Wiemar… The only question is when the masses will realize.

        • Think survival tools! I mean farming tools not bug out bag gadgets. Do you have 2 shovels of each kind?, rakes, hoes, bow saws, pruners, wheel barrows, compost pile, seeds, stakes, 2×4’s, plywood, nails, screws, plastic, hoses, hammers, pressure caner, etc. Until you have a stash of tools skip the silver and gold.

          If you have a years worth of food and NO tools/seeds to replant next spring you will be planting gold and silver.

      4. I see you got the first… Thanks

      5. After this crises comes and passes…provided civilization as we recognize it can pull itself together when the dust has settled; if the world goes back to a gold or rare metals-backed reserve currency, those who hold physical metal will be able to buy more of that new reserve currency and get into the reality-based market an grow wealth.

        That reserve currency will most likely not be a western-based one.

        IMHO, The objective here for the prepper is surviving the assured calamity without having to use any gold, platinum, palladium or silver for trade or barter in order to get-by until humanity is ready to get back with a system.

        Hopefully if this happens, it will be more honest, trustworthy, sustainable and predictable than what out complex and manipulated market economy and political control system has morphed into right now.

        • The system will not go back to honest money because those running the system are not honest. They do not want what is best for the people. They want what is best for the top, and that is not honest money. We’ll have the same rebranded crap we have now, not money but a fiction.

          I don’t like this, but we must be realistic.

          • To Sookie Sookie comment 2238319:

            I agree with you. In this kind of world and with these kinds of people…hope is no more than another four-letter word.

          • The system we will go to will most likely be electronic because those running it want control. If all commercial transactions have to be electronic they will know everything you are doing and withdraw what they want when they want for whatever reason they want!

        • “Hopefully if this happens, it will be more honest, trustworthy, sustainable and predictable than what out complex and manipulated market economy and political control system has morphed into right now.”

          Not if you believe in the depravity of man.

          • There will be a global currency backed by gold. Count on it.

        • Yo Rifleman –

          It was back in the early 80’s that I first became aware of the trade in so-called ‘trash’ silver, pre 1965, 90% US silver coins. I was down at my coin dealer’s shop to check out a Walking Liberty half dollar that I was interested in purchasing. This young couple came in and purchased some coins that came out of #10 cans on the back counter.

          The folks out there who are far enough along with their preps & planning to be able to invest in PMs, to invest in bullion, are not, for the most part, buying to trade and sell as the market rises and falls. They are buying it to hold against a time when the FRN is no longer accepted or is worthless in trade. In other words, they buy it in order to stash it and forget about it until needed.

          Anything “old” has a tendency to rise in value, especially if it is in original, ‘pristine’ condition. Do yourself a favor if you are buying American Silver Eagles in less than roll quantities (20). Splurge!!! Go ahead and be a ‘big-spender’!!!! Invest the extra $1.25 and buy an Airtight plastic holder with the foam ring that holds the coin securely and protects it in an atmosphere that is largely devoid of air. This is a MUST for any gold coins. I recently saw a gold 1 oz. Maple Leaf (24k) that had been ‘kicking-around’ loose in a box with a bunch of Peace Silver Dollars. It was scratched, nicked and looked like crap. I wouldn’t have wanted it for any price. If you are purchasing gold & silver bullion coins …….. then please protect your investment.

          God Bless & good luck …… please enjoy your family and friends this weekend.

          • I buy any gold for weight. I can establish purity (karat) on the spot, so I can take advantage of any opportunity. But I’m not trying to be a coin collector.

            I used to collect baseball cards. Unless you have a “one and only” card that some rich collector really wants, the cards end up being useless and worthless when you need it the most. I learned that collector’s items are not liquid assets.

            After all, ‘liquid assets’ are what we’re talking about, right? If you can’t trade it or sell it when you need to, it is of little practical use.

        • Next likly Money system will probobly be Computerized Cashless. If so all you then will need do to trade off for New moneys is accept chip implant and Sell Soul to Satan as price You pay. Its the system they been working to perfect the last 40 yrs or longer ever since first scanners were installed in grocey chain stores. Along with that UPC-Symbol on every item for sale.

          Saw the man who Invented that UPC symbol on some TV special show. he said that the very First LONG black ink line, and the very Middle Long black line, and the Final last Long Black ink line all have NO numbers underneath those Three long lines. He said rason is because those three longer black lines on EVERY UPC symbol on everything sold now all have a numerical value of “SIX” imbedded in the Magnetic Ink.

          We never see those three 6’s but the scanner computers do register it as a 6 value number. Therefore every UPC symbol item avail to buy already Has Three Six’s in its price label. aka “666” Mark of Beast.

          How else can that “666” mark necessary to Buy or Sell anything be implemented unless its all been set up way in Advance quietly on unsuspecting people.

          it will have to be a system ready to operate soon as announced to offset folks from makeing alternative options like preps etc..Even with prepe sooner or later you will need choose the number or not.

          instead of show me your papers like Russian Kommie CHEKA, it will now be..”Show me Your Right Hand or Forehead Chip-Implant device!”

          Jackboots at major squeeze points everywheres and nobody escapes the Mark/666. All that reject it will be Killed.

          Thats very likly the Very Next step or phase regarding monetary practices etc.

          • I’ve been a barcode technician for many years, and I highly doubt this.

            The two most widely-used barcode symbologies in the Western world are the 12-digit UPC-A (used for retail scanning on nearly every consumer product) and Code 3 of 9 (also nicknamed Code 39, used mostly for warehouse cartoning and distribution logistics).

            The Code 39 format has asterisks at the beginning and end of every code, and an asterisk consists of a mixture of five different-width bars. The UPC-A contains only those numbers which are printed right below the bars. THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL CRYPTIC NUMBERS INSERTED.

            There are a few dozen symbologies (or algorithmic formats, to use a different definition) in existence, but 99% of all barcodes used in commerce and retail today are these two. There is no way to insert ‘666’ into them, as all software and scanner equipment across the Western Hemisphere is already set up for the existing symbologies, and they wouldn’t be able to read it anyhow.

            I highly doubt that standard barcoding will be much of a tool for a NWO (or Antichrist) scheme. Look to the superior properties of RFID for that, instead.

            My two cents’ worth…

          • We basically live in a cashless society now. Most purchases are made digitally, with either a debit or credit card.

            Plus, with all the reading I’ve been doing lately about the NSA and wanting to keep track of everything, that would be one way for them to have complete access to absolutely everything you do.

      6. There is a constant checking of ones position. On one side we are told everything will be okay. On the other side, common sense tells us, all is not well, and we must do something to prepare. After looking at both sides I think it is apparent that all is not well. It would be wise to prepare for trouble. Even if you are just doing some lite prepping. Now I see how stories from my grandparents and parents are starting to make sense. Why did I doubt them.

        • Jetwork, welcome aboard to the world of prepping. any questions you have about prepping, don’t be afraid to ask, we’ll be glad to help any way we can. braveheart

          • Welcome and howdy jetwork. Just so you know, brave is a little nuts. Regardless, howdy and welcome anyway. You already fit in but need to expand. The line regarding common sense not being common is perfect. Oldie but goodie and often used here. Referring to your grandparents… Perfect. Predicting trouble coming is also perfect. Now just do these things over and over. Throw in some obammy and chimp lines and you can be braves buddy.

            • Good grief, U dog, can’t you say anything without
              using braveheart as a third party crutch?

              When braveheart is taken out of your comments, it
              becomes very clear that you have nothing meaningful
              to add at all.

              I say braveheart can walk tall with head held high
              since he can dominate your mono-thought train with
              such relative ease that you become the submissive
              cur in this fight over intellectual superiority.

              • I take that as a challenge to include brave buddy in everything I do. How can I stop? You will call me a punk if I do.

              • OutWest, I appreciate the thought, but I don’t think urban dog meant anything bad about it. I’ve been called nuts by other people far worse than him and still take it as a compliment. braveheart

            • Really dude/dudette? The braveheart infatuation is getting kinda pitiful. How bout giving it a break.

            • Urban dog, I’m going to shock you this time. Anyone in the MSM or any other libturds and nonpreppers would call me or any other prepper nuts, but coming from you, I’ll accept it as a compliment. I live in the real world, not the libturds’ fantasy world. braveheart

              • Brave. I will be nicer. Prepping isn’t my reason for calling you nuts. It’s your view on the rest of the world. Pretty much everything is a conspiracy and or a red flag. You and many here are fixated on politics and gun issues. Guns are not going away. Guns, like abortion are a wedge issue and neither party wants them to go away. Of course none of you agree. I own guns and am apolitical. Both parties are the same. One wants in your pockets and the other wants you to line the monied pockets. What you say about the recent presidents could be said about all.
                No problem kicking the right ass. Iraq was stupid and we were mislead. Syria would be the same if we started with them. No doubt we would be bombing away right now if 60 percent of Americans didn’t want to do it.
                It would be nice if this site focused more on prepping than bombastic rhetoric. It gets old and won’t stop. Talking about the right gun for a situation would be better than saying “I would shoot them”. I think pm are bad investments and pro/con has been exhausted. Everyone does what they think is best and don’t need, yet seek validation in the form of snotty comments. ( yes I know I make regular snotty comments). It would be helpful to read ideas rather than angry rants. I
                Don’t think brave and I would be able to stand 5 minutes discussing views and why try.
                Brave, you a huge part of the problems here. Telling people to leave and getting shitty when the disagree with you is infantile. You complain too much when people fuck with you. It gets to the point where you need a tampon because you are a pussy.

                • Urban, if I’m a pussy, then why did I get suspended for fighting in school more times than I want to remember? Even had my share of fights standing up for my wife when she was alive, because she was a foreigner. I’ve always walked tall and held my head up regardless of whatever I went through in life. My wife was the person who sold me on prepping and I’ve never regretted it. I’ve been through more SHTF situations than you can imagine and survived each and every one of them. When I get into such a situation, I roll up mu sleeves and go to work on the problem myself. I’m self-sufficient in my own needs wherever possible. I’ve never cried out, ‘Where’s the government?’. I’ve always handled problems myself. with the exception of my wife, I’ve never trusted anyone. never depended on anyone but myself. I’ll agree with you about PMs. you definitely can’t eat them. My money goes into things I know will help me survive like storable foods, water, water purification items, camping equipment, medical supplies, heavy-duty clothing, etc. I always have peace of mind knowing I can survive anything without depending on government for a damned thing. I’ll also agree that the US needs to get out of other countries’ affairs and bring the troops home. there’s nothing overseas worth one American life. You say guns won’t go away? I sincerely want to believe that along with all of the other gun owners out there. But the fact is there is a group of people who have been working since the 60s to take away our guns under one false pretext or other. we’re living under a federal government that makes its evil intentions toward us known every day through words and deeds. People like us are not the problem; it’s the government. I never saw a politician from any party that was any good, with few exceptions. You say you’re apolitical? congratulations, that’s easier said than done. politics are part of life. sad, but true. there are times when politics can be avoided, but not all of the time. if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Politics comes with the territory, unfortunately. You say i’m nuts because of my views? then, you might as well call the majority of people her the same thing because i’m not alone with my views. that’s OK. we get called the same thing by the MSM sites all the time, so no surprise there. on my reaction to people who disagree, I only get shitty if they act like trolls such as ncjoe and rich99 and start making unjustifiable attacks on people here. if they state their disagreement in a sensible and intelligent manner, I’ll be as civil as anyone can hope for. as long as you’re contributing something meaningful to the discussion, that’s great. That’s what we strive for at this site. I don’t even like to lose my temper with anyone if it can be avoided, but there’s times when someone will give me good reason to do so. that’s also part of life so I know how to deal with it. As long as you don’t act like a troll here, you’ll be welcome. If you act like a troll here, expect to be rebuked by someone here.

                  • Gee whizzer Brave, someone needs a midol.Good quotes on the country song about standing for something. Choosing not to be a fool and play within a corrupt system is not as the country song goes, falling for anything. As far as a scolding from you and others, I live for them. Got suspended for fighting? Goodie for you, and way to stand up to bullies. Now as Eisenkruez would say….blow it out your ass old man. You are still a loser who can’t get a loan and got used in your first marriage in order to scam immigration laws. Unlucky in life I guess. Big Kiss and I enjoy your anger.

              • Genius:

                Hope everyone on this site goes to this link. Isn’t it amazing what a person can find on the net.

        • Yes, my grandparents raised a family during the depression. We grandkids used to laughingly call their basement the “bomb shelter” as it had a bar and shelves upon shelves of food two freezers full. It took me awhile to get it as the stories they told of were true. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

          • Oh my gosh, that sounds like my grandparents, too. They practically had a “store” in their basement. Need maraschino cherries? There were like a dozen jars on the shelf. Same with coconut, chocolate chips, olives, pickles, canned goods, frozen items…whatever was needed was on hand and in large quantity. I’m more a from-scratch cook than the grandma’s were, but they really endured a lot with the Great Depression, the wars, and growing up on farms. I can see where they would want to take it a bit easy with packaged goods. When my mom asked about canning, my grandmother said she already had her fill of hard work in life and told my mom to just go buy canned veggies at the store 🙂

      7. The system will not go back to honest money because those running the system are not honest. They do not want what is best for the people. They want what is best for the top, and that is not honest money. We’ll have the same rebranded crap we have now, not money but a fiction.

        I don’t like this, but we must be realistic about what to expect.

        • Beware: My antivirus program is alerting on that link.

          • SJ, I just tried that link and my antivirus gave me the same alert.

          • Mine also SJ —– don’t go there peeps.

      8. “When the US dollar is crushed by our foreign creditors and our government can no longer support the 100 million Americans dependent on electronic government benefits to put food on the table or keep a roof over their heads,(?????????????????????) it is then that the whole system as we have come to know it goes into meltdown, complete with panic, looting, and emergency intervention under the banner of martial law.”

        The space I created with question marks is the truly scary part, it’s when they cut SS, Military retirements, and go after private retirement accounts in order to stop the bleeding.

        The sheep will believe this a fix, but those of us with even a bit of sense know it will only buy us 6 to 12 months, it will be during that time the prepared will be in the most danger.

        • Should have added by our own government.

        • Howdy, Y99. That’s how I picture things happening. the meltdown with everything else will be MEGA SHTF. It’s highly advisable for all of us to speed up our prepping as fast as our resources allow. I don’t like the way things are shaping up. braveheart

          • I’m with you my friend, and I’ve been working as you to get things in order, but never forget to take time for yourself and enjoy the moment as difficult as that can be at times.

            Regards Y99

          • Brave. You always advise stepping on the gas for preps. Gotta feeling? Again?

            • Urban Dog:

              Never believed in running over dogs however you be the exception.

              I would be delighted to “step on the gas”.

            • Urban dog, all I’m saying is continue the prepping. People can make their own decisions as to what pace and to what extent. My prepping is continuing regardless of what anyone else does. I’ve never gotten caught with my pants down in any SHTF situation and not about to let that happen now. braveheart

            • Urban Dog, it’s really refreshing to see that gays have finally found this site. Keep on keepin’ on…

        • So that could be a reason they are forcibly disarming Vets. The Obama regime doesn’t have the loyalty of the rank and file and has done a great job alienating veterans. So disarming all these trained men and women before bending them over makes sense.

          • What the dipwad(barryo) doesn’t get is these guys are not without backup(in most cases) many felons have guns even though the “law” says they cant…funny how free folks just don’t go along with the “program” eh?

        • @y99, 6 months back, a lightening strike hit a supermarket and took out the computers that handled the EBT card transactions. This happened around the beginning of the month. Management had to call the police because the people were about to riot, instead of just going down the street to the next supermarket.

        • Its okay to have a flashback every now & then right ???

      9. Rural WV is no stranger to hardship. It is basically a third-world country already. We don’t panic when a winter storm knocks out power for a couple weeks or when flood waters wash away the homes in the valley. Many parts are essentially third-world already and about 10,000 households still do not have flush toilets. We simply have less distance to fall and outsiders cannot get into the deep hollers to cause trouble.

        Will there be panic? Some, but not like in cities where people rely on the collective to provide them with meat, heat, power, and water. Our population is essentially the same as in 1930 before rural electrification and The Great Depression.

        • Heehee, you folks will survive , come what may. The rest will only be spoken about down the road.

        • Prepared Pastor you must live in Mingo county or somewhere in the southern part. I live in “rural West Virginney” and I don’t know of anyone who exclusively uses an outhouse, in fact everyone of the hill Williams here has satellite TV at the bare minimum and fancy cell phones and whatnot. The problem will be all the junkies coming off the the pills. I would not want to be in Pineville when the SHTF. That town will go nuts detoxing. 😉

          • KING KRAZY-

            Your right about Mingo, and I would say that is exactly where he is.
            He is also not an old timer ROM there, and as much as he write about his “neighbors” he would be first one to go if anything SERIOUS went down, and the southern parts are not anywhere near where I would choose to be if I were him. But I’m not. That will be a tiny NYC with violence just as bad form the meth heads. I know the whole estate well and like it some, but 1/2 of it are meth heads, and the remaining 3/4 are inbred alcoholic.

            • King Krazy— sorry, I almost forget the 1/4 that are hooked on oxy’s.
              AND all have guns…. GOOD LUCK! Like anywhere else it will have it’s troubles, but they WILL be big ones.
              even the smallest populated areas can be worse than heavily populated for a large number of reasons…

              but those that don’t know, will know at some point if this happens.

              • My Prediction from a few weeks ago looks to be Now Reality. IE: I posted that I believe a Major reason for all of this recent uprisings all over the Mid east regions is to create Two main goals of Israel desires. #1 to get as many muslims and arabs killed off as possible. And #2 to Force all the rest to Flee the region as Refugees.

                Well late last nite RT tv news had a news item about Europe. Seems germany appears to be the First nation so far that is Loudly complaining of mid east muslims and Refugees trying to flood into germany! German folks say NO! They are fed up being so overrun by too many immigrants who refuse or are not able to assimilate.

                And germans are fed up Paying for so many NON german folks that keep flooding into their german nation, so as for more refugees…Forget that idea!

                Just you folks wait. I predicted besides europes nations, Next its going to affect usa and canada when so many tens of millions, maybe Hundreds of millions in mid east region are forced to flee as refugees and OUR fed govnt and do gooder, anti-white-Kommies in america Begin to Demand we allow them to enter usa and live Here same as mexican illeagles does now.

                If I am proven right again, who wants to Bet the first areas selected to place hoards of Mid east refugee muslims into will be…Rural White areas all over america.

                The kommie bastards cannot stand to see 99-100% All white areas in the usa no matter where or what state it is.

                While kommie zionists of israel foment more wars, and our neocon war hawks and zionists kommies Here, inside and outside of neocon and dem lib partys, will cause as many refugees as possible to flood white areas of usa.

                Its All being done there so israel can get their Greater Yisrael they Wrongly believe is a right they possess.

                They want an All/Only Jewish State without anything else but white askanazi khazars to live in that expanded greater Yisrael lands, while for Us white folks in usa, the same zionists kommies there and Here want a total destruction and whiteys as a small Minority in the nation orig founded BY white europeans and christians, FOR white european stock peoples and christians.

                If that is the True plans unfolding and fomented and Front-Run by them zio Khazar bastards(really they are edomites) then I for one person will not shed a single tear, if some arabs and muslims Turn the tables and wipe out massive numbers of said Khazar kommie zionists.

                I for one have really had it with seeing america, and My people, whites continously screwed with and with Their Evil agendas designed to fully destroy and exterminate all or most all of us here in Our Home nation.

                Every day 50 times per day for last 50 yrs we had to listen to them whiny khazar zio jews constant calling us white seperatists and raysis etc etc…When All the while it is They who keep Demanding to own an All white Only “Jewish State”!

                There are No greater raysist, anti christian, anti white European, lying, coniving, scum anywheres on earth than those swindling kommie Khazar zionists Period.

                I hope another Hundred Million americans wake up Fast and begin to keep complaining like They always do. Fight Fire With Fire eh! Use Their methods and ways against Them for a change. This is how They Thank america and whites here for being the absolute best nation and best Peoples to ever have Hosted their worthless sorry asses.

                Just remember You who Seek and Speak Truth, they Are going to call You a raysis and a Nazi antisemite, No matter What!…So You may as well Go All OUT!

        • PP… that’s the good thing about living at the bottom or near it…not far to fall… 🙂

      10. Just remain calm. Relax and remember not to waste your energy on things that you can not change. Use your energy wisely and to the benefit of those around you. We reap what we sew. Let us sew good stuff. We will be the beneficiaries .

      11. You bet it will get bad quick,

        On that aubject, a question…

        Got Milk?

        Yep, and Beans, Bullets, Band-Aids, as well…

        But lately,

        GOT – Chevy Silverado 4×4 HD 2500 DURAMAXX, 105K miles

        GOT – Arctic Cat Super Duty !DIESEL! ATV!,

        GOT – 40′, “Arctic Package’ gooseneck ‘Toy Hauler’ for it,

        GOT – 2ea 500 Gallon Fuel Tanks which are portable (barely) when dry

        More to get yet? You bet, but the list is growing shorter by the week.

        GETTING – Bidding on some multi-thousand gallon portable military fuel
        storage bladders….great items, ranging in in sizes from
        1000 gallon up to 50,000…fuel stored in those is NOT suject
        to atmospheric contamination as they are NOT rigid and so adjust
        to the expanasion/conntraction of any stored fuel naturally…

        I HAVE BEEN a ‘little’ busy’ lately with what I’ve been aquiring (listed)
        so you all will forgive me for being preoccupied, I presume. The 2nd entry
        above is AMAZING…a DIESEL ATV, which I used only last week to pull my
        9300 lb pickup out of a soft spot…GREAT pulling power everyone. I’ve
        put a few miles on the ATV since I got it last month and have just got
        it past the 50 hour break-in period. What’s interesting here is that –
        broke-in – as it is, I am getting almost 55 miles/gallon fuel mileage.
        When I was with some friends last week, out riding our bikes for the day,
        they had to fill-up in the morning and by evening they were dry…I wasn’t.
        In fact, I didn’t have to fill up till the latter part of the following
        week…imagine that!

        Also, I’ve discovered a marvelous bit of kit to go along with that; A
        company called ‘CamoPlast’ makes a set of tracks that convert it into
        a fully tracked vehicle with more surface area on the ground than any
        snowmobile, anywhere; speciically, more than 3 times the floatation of
        a snowmobile! Oh, and FWIW here…Arctic Cat does market thier own
        ‘Tiger Trax’ kit for the same purpsoe BUT IT is not certified for the
        DIESEL line at all; the CamopPlast kit IS certified, so…

        Given that Diesel can be successfully stored for YEARS when treated
        properly, whereas the gasoline being refined today contians so much
        ‘cruft’ that it degrades almost completely after a year or so, I’m
        thinking that I’ve got these bases covered reasonably well.

        I wasn’t kidding when last I spoke here, saying that I’m, of the
        opinion that ‘it’s high time to be going’…you all do whatever you
        like. I noticed a Russian fellow here above, who posted that maybe
        it’a time to quit ‘bugging people about this “Doom and Gloom” stuff:
        I think he’s right…

        By now you’re EITHER in one camp…or the other, Eh? Sooo, maybe
        it’s about time to be solely concerned with the MOST IMPORTANT things,
        which is to say, first – yourself – then whatever Family that is like-
        minded. By now you all have probably intuited that things aren’t QUITE
        what they seem to be, in the World at large. Those who haven’t managed
        to ‘get it’ yet simply won’t in my estimation, so you might as well
        concentrate your effort’s and energy’s on things that will. I remember
        a phrase from out of an old ‘Star Trek’ episode here which goes to the
        heart of the matter. When Kirk is maneuvered into battling Spock for
        the affections of Spock’s betrothed, one T’Pring, he is at a grave
        disadvanatge as the air is far to thin for him. Deforrest kelly, playing
        ‘Bones’, tells T’Pau that he (Kirk) doesn’t stand a chance at the combat,
        to which T’Pau replies,

        “The Air is the Air…What can be done?”

        Here too, perhaps we are seeing – now, today – that some things simply
        ARE, and are NOT amenable to changes we might wish….even if those
        ‘things’ are other people, even loved one’s…desist, they willl EITHER
        BE ‘CALLED’ or they will NOT…such is the process of ‘winnowing’…of

        So too, now perhaps those who ARE inclined to ‘look ahead’ might realize
        that the time to preach is nearly over, and if so, then the FINAL leg of
        preparing may be all too near at hand, THAT is YOUR CHOICE…therefor,

        “CHOOSE, and Profit…or BE DAMNED by that self-same Choice.”

        You do NOT have forever to make your choice, for as others make thier’s
        then so will your options become more and more limited…for the World is
        LIMITED, as is all that is within it and whatsoever another takes to
        themselves will not be there for you when the moment comes that your need
        is plainly evident, revealed.

        Anyway, that’s my ‘Happy Thought’ for everyone here today…Hope you
        ENJOY it!! Till later everyone! (‘Smiley Face’ here)


          • Ya think?!?!?

            Seriously, everyone…IF you haven’t figured out by now the full extent of JUST how much ‘they’- the three letter agency’s – know about YOU, given the revelations – in the MSM of all places – lately, then possibly you shouldn’t be let out of the house…off a leash, that is.

            At this point, it comes down to MAYBE getting a few good folk of the better sort to MOVE thier asses to GET the last of what they need…before something ‘Bad’ DOES happen.

            Whether that will be a type II class 3 ‘Bad’ or a generic type ‘Bad’ is, and has been subject to MUCH debate, as everyone here is FULLY AWARE – well – so frankly, it’s ANYBODY’S Guess,…and since guesses are a lot like rectums; everyone has one and they all stink, then by all means, do as you please…time’s a wastin’ here….thinga to do

            Nighty-nite Everyone

          • Sounds more like boasting to me Genius. I’d hate to see this guys monthly payments. If he paid cash for all of it, then great! However my savings do not run that deep.

            • Doesnt matter how many cool doodads some guy has, a guy with a 308. And a keen eye can end his life in a split second from 400m away!
              I can fit most of my important stuff in my jeep and boogie out of here in minutes if i have to.
              Like Selco says in his course you might need throw gun away and run so you can look like other kind people running away from danger then pick up nother gun from some dead guy, he dont need gun anymore!

              • Kula I definitely agree you have to be able to travel light and fast .
                There was once a writer that wrote; ” YOU ONLY TRUELY OWN WHAT YOU CAN CARRY IN BOTH HANDS AT A DEAD RUN” Robert Heinlein , most of the important stuff I can pack into an ELBERSTOCK TERMINATOR pack and a LCV. You are in one of the best locations to survive this a stable climate makes the world of a difference.
                Being on the EAST COAST in a temperate climate will have its challenges along with a larger population to deal with. Not insurmountable but challenging. Stealth will be the order of the day.
                After Surviving KHAFJI gulf war 1, Grenada , Central America in the 1980’s I think I know what a S&@t storm looks like.

                Ditto on the .308 MBR.

                BE SAFE BE PREPARED

                Semper Fi 8541

              • Selco is full of shit. The lay of the land here is totally different form that shithole he lives in and it would not play out the same.

                He is a money grubbing foreign moron.

        • Very Impressive..I see you thought about what is needed and have the $$$$ to purchase good equipment. Get the tracks for the artic cat, as I see the track marks in the snow when I am snowshoeing in the deep woods. The Chevy should survive a EMP, the artic cat is a maybe as the ecm doesnt need to be shielded like a vehical on the highway. I will assume you have “Fallout” covered as part of your prep.

          • @ both Dave in ID and Kulafarmer,

            @ Dave in ID,

            Thanks for your read here (on the tracks)…I WAS immensely impressed with what I’ve seen thus far in various Vids showing what they can do…your observation goes right to that. While I’m here, another point on the Arctic Cat Super Duty Diesel: beleive it or not…the damn thing runs on Dieael I, Diesel II, Arctic Diesel, !! JP4 !!, !! JP8 !!…and – get ready for it here folks!! “BIO-DIESEL” as well!! “Holy Moly!” Who would have thought that they could do all THAT with a lil bitty ‘ol Diesel engine? Damn!, THAT’S what sold me at the end. As far as the Chevy, the only component that I would worry about in an EMP situation, would be the starter. I THINK. what I’ve seen on the emp thing, on the web, suggest that MOST of the electronics would survive almost anything short of a near-strike (nuclear) but more than once I have seen references to the STARTER’S being vulnerable…and no, I DON’T know WHAT the resson for that IS, just relaying what I’ve stumbled across here and there. Most of the other things we’d need to worry about I THINK I have ‘under control’ (crossed fingers on that one)…time will tell, won’t it?

            @ Kulafarmer…Yep…got that one right. Don’t take much to lay even the BEST equipped folks down in the dust with VERY little effort, but…it’s not WHAT you have so much as HOW you use it – now – start use EVEYTHING you have to best effect, since – clearly – trying to work with what you DON’T have is no more than wishful thinking. As things have evolved over the last year I find myelf coming back to just a few questions over and over again. The primary one that keeps going through my mind lately is this: IF I mis-estinmate WHEN “TSHTF” will happen on the ‘near side of the event, then no harm done, as it were; IF I mis-estimate on the WRONG side of the line then it’s ‘curtains’…the End.

            Where are we at now? Hmmm? Does anyone know for sure? I see a lot of people playing in the markets like there is not even a POSSIBILTY of anything going wrong…that seems a bit too much like things were in 1929 to me, FWIW. Here’s the thing, or rather the point I was trying to make in my original post above; GASOLINE will be utterly USELESS in approximately 2 years from the time you first store it, while Diesel can go on for a very long time indeed. Soooo, – MAYBE, just MAYBE – everyone had better start learning to think outside of the ‘gasoline bubble’ that we all grew up in. It’s hard to do – I KNOW, (Damn, I still haven’t found a DISEL chainsaw yet!) – but it can be done (for the most part) as I’ve found out recently.

            Do what you can, Do what you must…but mostly !DO!…the sooner-the better, I think.

            What I see daily in the markets, is little short of TERRIYING…the “Stoopid SHITZ” that run everything we see around us have leveraged the system up so HIGH that the fall WILL be – in a word – “Spectacular”…that includes the Government, Corporate America as well as the Governmants of EVERY developed nation on Earth….CHINA’s “miraculous” transition to industrialism is s MILLION-FOLD leveraged fookin’ joke, a POS-lie!…why do yo think all those RICH Chinese buinessmen (WITH thier family’s) are leaving China by the hundreds? Things are NOT good…and NOT going to get better Friends…EVER.

            I think about what Be Informed JOG have told us us here (before he left); I read what Satori keeps us up to snuff on – and I don’t think it’s going to improve…and lately it SCARES the SHIT CLEAN out of me. I WILL ACT soon, now…in fact; I AM NOT going to be left on the far side of what is coming without what I need, what mine need. I SUGGEST that everyone re-consider just WHERE they THINK things actually are, right NOW. I did…and I’m acting on that NOW, TODAY…no more delays, as I said above originally.

            Folks, it takes TIME to realign an entire LIFE, an entire family…HOW much TIME is left, do you think…Really?

            • 10-4
              Is also dependent on AO
              All your goodies would be real nice if your remote and surrounded by like minded souls!
              Plus they are real fun in the mean time when things are ok!
              Enjoy life,
              Play safe

              I tend to be a bit of a gear junkie too!

        • MaybeSo: have you heard of PRI-G Gasoline Treatment? It is supposed to increase the life of (and even revive) stored gasoline. It is recommended by Nitro-Pak Preparedness Center ( It supposedly only takes a few tablespoons to preserve gas for quite some time.

          You have a very impressive list of goodies. If you need a good chiropractic physician with herbal remedy experience, let me know!

          God bless

          • I checked it out. Pri-G is three times as expensive as Sta-Bil and has to be renewed every year, which Sta-Bill doesn’t. No thanks !

            • Pay attention Coach! A bottle of stabil treats about 90 gallons, a bottle of pri-g treats 520 gallons! Stabil lasts 3 months, pri-g lasts one year. Learn how to read labels geeeez.

              • In my personal experience of several years, gas treated once with Stabil will last a year with no retreatment, even stored at high temps.

          • @ DRisrealin7,

            Never heard of that one, I MIGHT want to check it out, Thannks. I can only relate what a PE (Petroleum Engineer) friend of mine indicated; that all the alcohol, along with a couple of other ‘things’ they are putting in the gas lately, basically, make any gasoline, a ‘perishable item’.
            Gee…NOW who would wnat to make gasoline PERISHABLE? DOH!
            THE COPRS, of course!

            AS far as Chiropracter, buddy, I’ll sign you on!!…I hate the thought of never getting ‘adjusted’ AGAIN…truly, a fate wore than DEATH!! Again, thanks for the link, I’ll get back in a few days, when I get back from out of town.

      12. I do not believe gold/silver will soar in value , I believe the respective currency units will be printed to make the perceptual value on gold/silver appear to have soared in value.For example if gold was $30 an ounce in 1930 and fast forward to today I say the same goods can be bought with an once of gold now as it was in 1930. What changed? Gold? nope ,just the relentless currency printing by central banks .So if gold goes to $5000 an once what changed? just the value of the dollar ,not the value of gold ,just my 2 ounces. oh and they tax you on the capitol gains of that also lol when no gain was in actuality gained ,just the units got proportionately smaller

        • Ahh would agree but would you rather have the $30 from 1930 or that ounce of gold right now. You don’t buy metals to get rich; just hopefully hold what you have.

        • Al, the current system is going to be non-existent in most places.

          No one in their right fucking mind will be paying taxes and putting up with the bankers bs.

          The bankers and the global economy will be finished.

          How’s that for my 2 oz’s…

        • I agree, but would also like to add that throughout the history of man neither gold nor silver has ever had zero purchasing power. Both have always maintained purchasing equilibrium.

          • Not to mention that silver and gold has always been used to hire the services of armed men to enforce one’s will. Following an economic collapse, my theory is that the major gold holders within the powers that be (those who actually can redeem paper precious metals for the real thing like Soros) will be in ideal positions to take control of this new precious metals based economy and set themselves up as a form of neo-nobility complete with the ability to raise, outfit and maintain their own forces, much like a medieval lord would have been able to.

            After all, it is in the best interests of the powers that be/NWO to control as much of the wealth as possible and a near monopoly on precious metals holdings would definitely follow that trend. After all, a middle class is a bad thing for a would-be tyrant; people with means and who don’t have to worry about the roof over their heads or their next meal have all sorts of time to think about how unfair things are and can stir up trouble. Ask the Brits how that worked for them from about 1770 onwards.

        • True Al, it will keep pace with purchasing power. As far as taxes, don’t sell it to a dealer. Private sales are no ones biz and no reporting. One of the main factors I like about metals is they are PRIVATE. No one knows what you have, no one can take it, it is exchangeable in any currency on earth, it is portable, it is barterable, it will never lose value, it is widely recognised, it outperfoms inflation (usually), and silver can be used medicinally. Pretty good way to save your wealth imo after you have all other bases covered of course 🙂

          • Oh and don’t forget it’s good for bribing your way through checkpoints etc. 😉

      13. Baby wipes for when your tp stock is gone; it’s better than nothing. White vinegar, baking soda and elbow grease will clean almost anything. Stock up on sponges etc now while they’re readily available. Other than the internet CVS consistently has the best first aid supplies in my area. If you have laid aside rice and beans lay aside spices too. I happen to like jasmine rice but eating it 4 days out of 5 would cause food refusal rebellion.

        Vitamins, aspirin, Generic Pepto-bismol, metamucil, laxatives and anti-diarrheals too. Impure water = killer diseases = dehydration = you die. Get those OTC meds now. If raising fish or micro-livestock isn’t realistic for you Met-Rx protein plus powder that serious gym rats use as a protein supplement is better than nothing. Unless you are Bruce Lee, close in a ballpeen hammer augments your own physical prowess. I dropped some change on getting two wood burning stoves. With cook tops. Heat and cooking in one gadget as long as there are trees around.

        Thermal underwear, wool outerwear, and Wiggy’s expedition bags for when the trees are gone. Detergent, shampoo and bar soap. Clean people and clothes are happier and last longer. Whether your values are theistic or natural law based, cherish and nurture them. The survivors need to do better than the mistakes that brought us to this mess.

        Remember to do something nourishing for body and soul. The days when we have the option to do that are finite.

        • Here’s one you forgot, topical antibiotics. Neosporin, tribiotics. For scratches and cuts. A simple common infection will spiral into death for sure. Oral and injectable antibiotics can be gotten from a vet supply. It says, not for humans. But! Our Med kits are two footlocker sized trunks. If you contact the right vet supply you can cut your supply cost in half if not more. Tape, gauze squares, ace bandages things in that line. Walmart is a good place for disinfectants, alcohols, peroxides and band aids, lots of them. Kotex or comp for compresses.
          Tarps, space blankets, small flash lights one that is small enough to hold in your mouth.
          Contact cal vet supply in pahrump Nevada.

          • The following is not medical advice, so first please consult your available* SHTF doctor: Activated charcoal capsules — for shallow/surface skin cuts, bug/spider bites, oozing skin (from whatever) — sprinkle some on and slap a band-aid on it…from experience, this heals things up real fast.

            *hahahahahahahah…yeah, available doctor, right

          • Dammit my post went to error 404 when I submitted it. I was saying, For those of you who are into or want to get into herbal meds go to this site they have bulk herbs and seeds. Alot cheaper than buying store capsules and the seeds will keep you supplied. Also they have capsules and capsule machines. For other suppliments in bulk go to For you smokers go to and check out the supermatic filling machine and tubes. A good tobacco there is the kentucky organic. Labeled as pipe tobacco it is exempt from cig tax. Store bought organic smokes 7.00 Make your own 2.25 a lot cheaper. If your tobacco gets too dry just add a couple of slices of apple to the bag. Theres your prep tip of the day 🙂

          • Ok 3rd time posting, for herbs in bulk (cheap) and seeds go to for suppliments in bulk go to for make your own smokes go to mtn.rose has capsules and machines, rollyourown has tubes and fillers, You can save a ton of paper satans by making your own stuff! Herb seeds will kepp you stocked, tobacco is good for barter, suppliments for health. I hope this time my post works. Theres yer prep tip of the day!

        • I saw three other things I want to add to my first aid supplies: stuff for tooth pain, temporary dental filling replacements, and denture repair. (I don’t have dentures, but a couple of family members do). I saw them at Wal-Mart last week, but I didn’t get them because I wanted to see if they were cheaper on Amazon.

          • Old guy I knew used one of the super glues to fix his dentures…worked well…another I knew used a JP weld type stuff for the same…worked too…safe?…not sure but you can bet that the kits they sell and the stuff the dentists use isn’t much better…and in an emergency itd be better than nothing.

        • the veterinary grade pepto, mineral oil, iodine, etc, is the same as for humans. Novalsan is a good antiseptic. And they are cheaper and come in larger sizes – usually gallons. (novalsan is quite expensive but you dilute a small amount in water, it goes far)

          check you ag dept for med supplies.

          and eating that much rice will cause constipation. don’t forget laxatives as well, or foods that work for you as laxatives.

          • The best laxitive is a long walk up hill. works for colic horses too.

            • Or drink a pot of strong black coffee, or a 6 pack of Shlitz beer, or watch an obama speech!

          • Cant buy iodine…real iodine…around here anymore cause of the laws against meth makers just that sissy 1% crap…just like lye now requires a permit from the sheriff…BS! Im gonna find me some somewhere and Im not getting a permit for it!

            • Lye is just soft water and hardwood ash processed a bit…you can find the instructions online.

              • LA…youre correct and I do have the setup/ability to make decent lye as needed in small amounts…just bugs me you have all the BS to buy it now…used to buy lye and gallon jugs of iodine…heck even dynamite at the local hardware…everythings about control because they fear us…so many things I used to do that are criminal now…using a bogus war on drugs to control our access to chemicals…theyre disarming us in other ways besides gun control…thanks!

                LSB…Basicly, I’m in a state of confusion 🙂 …I wont buy anything on line….OPSPEC,ya know 😉

            • what state are you in? I am able to buy it online. I’m saving it until I run out of soap, then I’ll make my own.

      14. IMHO
        The bankers and their enablers are aware that people are waking up. They know a percentage, though small now understand the monetary system and how it is rigged. They know people are likely to demand some compensation for what has been done to them and their families.
        So since they cannot or will not submit to such a demand for compensation there is a need to deal with the problem of the people. And there are several choices available to them at this point.
        1. Use obama care to mandate vaccines which have the immediate effect of lowering the population and the long term effect of lowering the birth rate.

        2. Chemtrail delivery of toxins to targeted areas.

        3. War which goes nuclear

        4. Race war

        5. GMO foods

        I think you get the picture there is not a plan for the return to normal for anybody but the select few. To get to the new day with a new currency and credible society we will have to make it happen and that means fight for it.
        10 percent of the people support the oppressors, 80 percent are clueless, and 10 percent are awake and know what is coming. Do the math it looks bad. Too many are happy in the matrix.

      15. One of my tasks to get done soon is to break out my sewing machine and make some sleeping bag liners out of twin sheets. I got to thinking about how easy it will be to get our bags grubby, and how much easier it is to hand wash sheets and just have to air out the sleeping bags. Bought some higher quality sheets on sale (I am partial to soft sheets!), and just have to sew some straight seams.

        My wish list includes additional lumber supplies, some deep-cell batteries for the solar panels, and additional water purification supplies. Other than that, just the normal prepping. I hope we have more time to do so, but I’m just not sure we do.

        • Actually saw an interesting vid on how Chinese grads are stuck in apartments the size of shoe boxes. Anyway, they were using ROUND PLASTIC DISH TUBS to bathe/wash themselves up out of…worked real well as bathing facilities. So add a couple round plastic dish pans to your stash: light enough to carry water in/big enough to wash from. 300 years ago, chamber pots, a big bowl and a large pitcher were your “bathroom” accoutrements.

          • Thats what I used in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy be sure you get a large bathing sponge and liquid body wash soap. Also you can look into a camp shower to hang in your tub for rinsing .
            I heated the water in a large pot on a gas stove top . It still worked even thought the power was out. Alternatively you can solar heat the water or heat it by other means . Multiple Sunrocket kettles will provide enough for a sponge bath and are stealthy for heating water.

            Personal hygene will be important to surviving a grid down situation.

            On another subject at work we have been using Gold Bond Friction Defense to prevent chaffing on our shoulders when warring our plate holders vest rigs. It’s a roll on and it also works on your feet to boot highly recommended.

            Semper Fi 8541

          • If you know Anyone who works in a hospital OR…..most hospitals now use plastic trays and basins that their sterile setup packs come in. Also disposable sterile towels. The trays are never used during the surgery, passed off and trashed before patient ever sees the room. Same for the basins. If the surgeon will not be using the towels during the surgery, those get passed off before the patient comes in the room as well. I keep at least a dozen of the towels on hand. Darn good for cleaning, or using to bathe when we go camping. I ask the nurses to save me basins for gardening, processing veggies/fruits and outdoor dog water bowl. The trays have a lip around the edges and are great for cleaning fish, cutting up chicken, seasoning meats with rubs, a place to put handgun parts while cleaning, nuts and bolts when doing engine work I could go on and on.

            Like I said. This stuff is all discarded or set aside for non patient uses before the patient ever comes in the room, or it gets thrown into the trash.

            • Local thrift shop has those trays for a dime apiece, I spent $5 and got a nice stack.

              Very useful for working on the car, on the reloading bench, some in the tool cabinets to separate the tools, and small parts trays for anything with the rifle bolts.

          • …actually those items are still used even here in America by a lot of people…lots of folks still use a outhouse and have a bucket inside for nighttime…

        • TXGranny,

          Your post reminds me that I saw something useful for women on Amazon: washable pads that snap into place in underwear. The design follows the pattern of the disposable kind, the ones with “wings”. But instead of adhesive, they have small plastic snaps. It seemed like a better idea than raiding the rag bag after a stockpile of regular disposable feminine hygiene products is exhausted. Could even be a source of income for someone who knows how to sew.

          • There are a number of patterns for making your own cloth sanitary pads. Easy, comfortable and environmentally friendly…

          • sewing pattern for ladies sanitary towels here:-

            Ideal for using up bits of scrap fabrics (brushed cotton or flannel being ideal fabrics) & if a child/teen makes them, it doesn’t really matter if their stitches aren’t all evenly sized. I think it’s a perfect home ed handicraft project for preppers.


            purchase 2 or 3 mooncups or lunacups (internal reuseable sanitary protection) per female in your household. Amazon sell a variety of brands. These last approx 10 years, apiece so are cheap compared to the cost of disposable products. Also purchase a small enamel milk pan per female for sterilising your mooncup each month after use.

            Don’t overlook the need for a few dozen old fashioned terry square nappies in your preps either. Women still have babies after disasters, and the old fsahioned squares have so many other uses around the house too if needed.

            For the financially comfortable, modern cloth fitted nappies are really easy to use/launder and would be a good prep. The new ones I was given for my son are now on their fourth baby and still going strong. While we still have modern washing machines, they are VERY easy to use and allow you to save the money you would have spent on disposables every week, on more beans and band aids etc.

          • sewing pattern for ladies sanitary towels here:-

            Ideal for using up bits of scrap fabrics (brushed cotton or flannel being ideal fabrics) & if a child/teen makes them, it doesn’t really matter if their stitches aren’t all evenly sized. I think it’s a perfect home ed handicraft project for preppers.


            purchase 2 or 3 mooncups or lunacups (internal reuseable sanitary protection) per female in your household. Amazon sell a variety of brands. These last approx 10 years, apiece so are cheap compared to the cost of disposable products. Also purchase a small enamel milk pan per female for sterilising your mooncup each month after use.

            Don’t overlook the need for a few dozen old fashioned terry square nappies in your preps either. Women still have babies after disasters, and the old fsahioned squares have so many other uses around the house too if needed.

            For the financially comfortable, modern cloth fitted nappies are really easy to use/launder and would be a good prep. The new ones I was given for my son are now on their fourth baby and still going strong. While we still have modern washing machines, they are VERY easy to use and allow you to save the money you would have spent on disposables every week, on more beans and band aids etc.

        • There is a saying in the Canadian Armed Forces: any moron can be uncomfortable in the field. It is amazing how a tiny little bit of comfort, say like a soft sheet instead of the nasty clammy inside of a sleeping bag, can make a world of difference between a good night’s sleep and feeling like you are wrapped up in Cling Wrap. Not to mention the direct effect on morale these little comforts bring.

          And that is beyond the obvious hygiene aspect of things.

          I for one enjoy a clean shave, hence why I invested in a cutthroat razor, a mug, a few good brushes and shaving soap instead of a pallet of Gillette blades. No need for replacement blades, a single puck of soap lasts me over 6 months, just need to strop and hone the blade.

          Keeping clean and comfortable will go miles in improving morale and effectiveness and only a moron would think that sustained living in utterly Spartan conditions with no comforts or small pleasures is a good idea.

      16. You folks area all worked up about nuthin’. This great economic meltdown you envision is simply not in the cards the way things currently stand. The debt that the government owes is mostly owed to us Americans, like to the Social Security Fund. The reason we are in a lot of debt is that our current economy requires a lot of money. We unfortunately have a debt based economy. If there were no debt, there would be no money. What we should do is get rid of the Fed and let the treasury issue money to pay for infrastructure repair and other public needs. Read some stuff on this guy’s site. He’s one of the very few people who actually understands economics. His name is Rodger Malcolm Mitchell. You coudl also read up on something called ‘Modern Monetary Theory’ to confirm that this guys ideas are based in solid economic theory. He is not a crackpot as it may first appear to you when you start reading his site. The truth is often stranger than we can imagine.

        • We’ve already had an economic meltdown…what we are prepping for is when people like you to finally figure it out and the BRIC nations finally take the American dollar out of play.


        Somebody tell the head monkey there’s a depression on.

        St. Louis Federal Reserve Monetary base…

        And they stopped reporting on M3.

        If you don’t know shit…
        Basically this will be a repeat of Weimar Germany in the years 1919 to 1923.
        The final year was unreal.

        Here’s what you need to do.
        Forget canned goods.
        The USD is the global reserve currency. So they could drag this out..the decline for a decade or more.

        I recommend and buy super pails of long term beans, and grains.
        They last 30 years…packed in mylar, purged with nitrogen and have oxygen absorbers.

        Forget the latest Apple electronic shit and put down a grand on this shit and you’ll have no worries the rest of you life. Shit, all could be well, but you might lose your job or have health problems.
        All you are doing is pre buying some long term multi-decade food. That’s it.

        You Do NOT brag to friends or family about it.
        Then…if the collapse hits… you need to move that shit and hide the govt. scum will get the sales list from these companies and come looking for you.

        You’ll also need a shotgun and I recommend a 22 rugar riffle…great for picking off small game..and the ammo is cheap. I also have a compound bow.

        This will be a long drawn out end to capitalism as we first descend into socialism, then into communism…then they third world war.

        I predict a revolution with our own military fighting the UN peace keepers, which will be Russian and Chinese troups. The “peace keepers” will be a scam perpetrated by some flaky Dem president. Folks..the Dems are really commies, even if they don’t know it themselves. They want to economically enslave you with taxes.

        The people behind all this are the Jews.
        Read on …this is NOT about hate..but reality of what these folks have done in history.

        They control the banks, the money supplies and have extended debt to enslave us all.
        they also own the media and many other industries and keep that quiet.

        They refer to us as goyme. sp? their slaves.

        So there you have it.
        Modern day slavery and you did not even know it.
        Your federal income tax is your slave fees as well as your house and loans/cards interest to them. Even when you die, they have inheritance taxes.

        So…. those in the know.. all we buy is gold and silver… These bastards cannot trace it.
        Further, this keeps it out of their vaults, which they use as inter bank collateral for band to bank loans.

        The Anti-defamation league as well as the NAACP was started by them.
        They have done all they can to take the white european males out of power.
        Go read that link.

        I’m tired of all the blind “conspiracy” crap people pull.
        Unfortunately, there was a reason the German people decided to kill off 6 million jews.
        Sick yes…but their actions and policies made them a target. The “slaves” rose up and did something about the people who enslaved them with war debt.

        The Treaty of Versailles set up war reparations that enslaved the German people and was meant to punish them for starting a war. Yet the Rothchilds family was funding both sides of the war.

        We’ll that’s my schooling you for the night.

        To Generation X… you really got fucked over by the jews and also the boomers.
        So.. save your money. In time these fucks will start dying off and you’ll be able
        to buy up their toys.. Say a nice Harley, or sports car..maybe a hunting cabin.

        But be prepared. The generations have been programmed to reject nationalism
        and are being lead into the NWO mindset. People will die off, churches will be for sale.
        The sky is filled with heavy metals to block the UV rays, it’s geo engineering, some call it chemtrails.
        I do think they are just preparing people for the big collapse…then they will spray all sorts of shit to dumb people down.

        It could be a multi-prong approach…
        Chemtrails and codex alementarius us to weaken the immune sys.
        Then they will release a nasty flu virus to wipe out the population.
        Who know.

        Just think small… think your family, your health, safety and be prepared.

        Don’t try and convince any folks. They will just brand you a nut and then your little
        preparedness secret will be out. Not good. security ops folks.

        Think about it.. Where are all the factories now… American has been in a planned de-industrial policy for the last 20 years. They moved all the factories overseas. Then they passed the NDAA bill that can lock your ass up forever and they have drones on battle field America. Thanks Obama!
        Funny, the blacks used to be slaves…now we are their slaves via debt and taxes.

        So I think the next big war will be in the mid east…then they will crash the dollar…have a brief civil war on your soil then it’s welcome to Amerika Comrade.
        When that’s OK to not be nice to dems. They caused it.

        Good luck.

        Mac, thanks for letting us post Annon.
        No way I would ever post this shit…. the Anti Def. league would hunt my ass down and fire my ass.
        Yeah they could track my ip address. But All they’d find is a middle aged debt slave with a shotgun, a few cases of beans and a pallet of grain. I’ve never been arrested and the only group I belong to is the NRA.
        The NRA is the last great hope for America. The NWO fucks fear them as when you add up the fire power of millions. All it would take is one bold general to mobilize us all to fight off any foreign UN invaders.

        To the NWA airport crotch feelers…. you can grab my balls any day bitches. ha

        No…I’m not a white sup. dude.
        I’m just a middle aged college educated guy who read quite a bit.

        You will learn much when you turn off the TV and read books.

        ps. I am waiting for some boomers to die off so I can go buy up their harley.
        See…. There’s a silver lining, at least for me.

        • re:IGNORE OBAMA
          Nobody told me NinaO had kinfolk…

        • Yeah, I’m a life member of the NRA. That being said, I’ve seen the NRA pull some backdoor deals a few times. I wouldn’t hang my hat on their peg too much. I don’t trust the Congress or the president, nor any elected official for that matter, Jewish, Gentile, black or white.

          • In the last 130 or 140 years of NRA’s existence, we’ve lost more gun rights than at any other time in our country’s history. When Obama put up B. Todd Jones (think black Nazi) to head up the ATF, everyone with a brain opposed the appointment – that is, until the NRA said they had no position on the appointment – with that said, how was anyone going to justify continuing the fight against this Obama Nazi and Fast & Furious cover-up man? Even the NRA didn’t oppose the appointment.

            The NRA has sold us out so many times, but people still think they are protecting them! This is how the controlled opposition works, folks. They make you think they are on your side while they are stabbing you in the back.

            Here’s more on the B. Todd Jones story:


            Speaking of the controlled opposition, Ted Cruz comes to mind. Everyone thinks he’s a TEA Party Conservative because he’s against amnesty. He is against amnesty but he wants to DOUBLE the general worker visa and increase the H1B visa FIVE HUNDRED PERCENT. Folks it doesn’t matter if you lose your job to a “legal” immigrant or an “illegal” alien – you still lost your job, and the destruction of the American middle class goes on as planned. Ted is selling us out while convincing all the conservatives that he’s their best friend.

            Controlled opposition – knife in back:


            The fact is there is no political solution to our problems, as many of you already know. Both parties are controlled to the extent that you will never get a true American elected to any office – they will never make it through the primaries.

            The solution to tyranny today is the same as it was on April 19, 1775. Form militias and kill the enemy. What difference does it make if you have all your preps and survive, but leave yourself and your children a tyrannical government that will seek you out and kill or enslave you? This is not just about killing off the zombies, but the machine that created the zombies, and re-establishing our Constitutional Republic on our terms.

            The most important preps we can make now are our strategic and tactical plans to achieving this goal and we need to form the ground work for this in our local militias.


          • Sad but true regarding the NRA. I no longer pay dues to the organization that happens to provide the wording for most gun control legislation. They are the “go to” organization for the overlords to see if the public will “buy it”. The legislation that is. Yeah. Pretty slimy if you ask me. I live in Cali. They certainly have done their best to neuter us.

        • If you had been elected to rule the world, how would you have done better? Just stop criticizing for one minute and think, just to yourself, what could anyone have done to make things better. If you come up with anything, please share that.

          • Well now that we had aprox 70 yrs to decide things.

            It seems General George Patton was spot on when he wrote in his personal WWII diary, and in many letters home to wife and retired military pals he had…That “We Fought the WRONG People in WWII Europe”

            Patton sure was correct too bad patsy eisenhower failed to Listen to patton eh. Instead of exterminating the bolshevik jewish russian kommies, america twice were their allies!…There would have been NO cold war for 60+ yrs with kommie russia, NO zionists takeover of usa in every sphere espeicially MSM medias and fed govnt.

            NO multicult diversity slow destruction of whites and on and on if the fools would have Listened to General Patton.

            Its still Not too late for another Modern day Patton.

            Think of all the cash and fuels we will save by not needing to go back to europe again…Since Most zio jew kommies are Now in america.

            One good general Patton Leader, along with every good patriotic jewish american out there, wherever and whoever they may be to assist in outing all the evil kommie jews and Bingo! End kommies-Take back white ruled america-restore banks by Booting fed res jew banksters OUT. Issue money debt free and Intrest/usury Free like germany did to restore it in Less than 5 yrs time and nobdoy yet was harmed.

            All that guy above wrote on boomers etc is wrong. But hes correct on much of his post info.

            All the idiot red thumbs brigade fools here should at Least First go READ that site he Linked IE: Iamthewitness…You may Learn some truth and regret red thumbing everything You are too lazy or ignorant of knowing.

            I realize asking folks to READ for an hour or two and learn things never taught nor told to them before is asking way too much!….But if even a single person does go Read that info they will be much wiser than Many others here seem to be.

            Which is more important? #1 Know how many pennys more rice costs this week? or #2 KNowing the true enemys and what and How they are operating to Destroy You, your Nation, and if a whitey, you and the kids and grandkids you all seem to Love so much. Prove that Love! READ and Learn…That red thumb mouse click you then save, is one more effort you can redirect to more important issues.

          • Outlaw national banks for one! Outlaw govt. skools for two. Outlaw property taxes for three. The list is long!

          • Alright smart guy..where are all the factories….He would start there.

            The United States has been planned to collapse for years.

            50 angry white guys with baseball bats could completely turn this country around.

        • It’s pretty clear this guy did his research. You’re all slaves to the Jews and don’t even know it.

          It’s hot hate…just realizing that you need to recognize the people that enslave you.

          If you are uncomfortable about speaking of the Jews in an objective light…then their brain worked and you really area a slave to them, their media and their educational control.

          The end result is this guy is going to have a safe full of something tangible and real..silver. All of you will watch your spending power decrease as the dollar is destroyed to bring in the new global currency.

          Good…cheaper silver for those in the know.

          Just like the Nazis that brain washed the German people….you will all go to the NWO fema camps when they send you there for your “flu” shot.

          It’s amazing all the thumbs down from such solid research.

          TV slaves.

          • Nothing to do with “Jews”. It is like saying all “blacks” are thieves. Until everyone realizes that they have been FRANCHISED(In Slaved) by US Inc. nothing will change. Who and what is US Inc? What is DC? Who and what is the FED? Why are you considered a US Inc. employee? Why do you have a SS No.? How come you need to get a license/permit for everything you want to do? Will you ever be a free man as described under the United States Constitution? Do you know what it is to be Sovereign?

          • I know there are some history buffs on this site that are really interested in the Bolshevik Revolution. I have heard history has a way of repeating itself; if the future has anything to do with this article I found on the internet I hope I am not here to see it.

            You will find this article, amazing enough, was written and published in ynetnews dot com/articles and is a terrible reminder what happened to Russia, which at that time was a mostly Christian country.

            I would like to remind the reader that the Ynetnews is a jewish newspaper, published in Israel.

            The article is named Stalins Jews…….It begins…

            We must not forget that some of the greatest murders of modern times were Jewish.

            In the midst of the Bolshevik Revolution Lenin signed a degree setting up CHEKA. It became the largest and cruelist state security agency. It went from being the CHEKA to GPU, to NKVD, and later to KGB.

            Deaths from CHEKA was responsible for at least 20 million. Lenin, Stalin and successors could not have carried out these deeds without widescale cooperation of disciplined “terror officials”. All these things are well known to some extent or another, even though the former Soviet Union archives have not yet fully opened to the public.

            In Russia itself very few people have been brought to justice for their crimes in the NKVD and KGB’s service. Russian public discourse completely ignores the question “How could this have happened to us”.

            And us, the Jews? An Israeli student finished high school without ever hearing the name “Genrikh Yagoda” the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th century. He is at least responsible for the deaths of 10 million people. He was replaced by Yezhof, the “blood thirsty dwarf”.

            One of Stalin’s closest associates was Lazer Kaganovich. The starvation of those in the Ukraine which was an unparelled tragedy in human kind. This slaughter did not even move Kaganovich.

            Many Jews sold their soul to the devil of the Communist revolution and have blood on their hands for eternity.

            One more, Leonid Reishman, head of the NKVD’s interrogation department was a cruel sadist.

            In 1934, 38.5% of those holding senior positions in the Soviet security apparatus were of jewish origin. Turns out that Jews, too, when they become captivated by messianic ideology, can become great murderers, among the greatest known in modern history.

            The jews active in official communist terror apparatuses (IN THE SOVIET UNION AND ABROAD) and who at times LED them did not do this OBVIOUSLY as jews, but rather as Stalinists, COMMUNISTS, and “soviet people”. Therefore we find it easy to ignore their origin and play dumb.

            I (the author) find it unacceptable that a person will be considered a member of the jewish people when he does GREAT things, but not considered a part of our people when he does amazingly despicable things.

            Even if we deny it we cannot escape the jewishness of “our hangmen” who served the RED TERROR with loyalty and dedication from the establishment.

            After all, others will remind us of our origin…..

            End of article…

            We should be ever aware what happened in Russia. If you think evil people are not planning the demise of America, I suggest you do your best to become educated.
            Remember; the greatest prize of all for the Zionist PTB is to put our great country into the One World Order. They made it happen in Russia, they can make it happen here.

            • Pissed Off Granny: Great Find! now what will naysayers and always defenders of zionists and jews think. Hard for them to reject nor refute this article since it was wrote By a Jew that Lives In Israel, and it is Published BY a jewish newspaper from inside Israel.

              My best guess is naysayers and rejecters of factual truth, will use a standard standby one of their favorites!

              IE: naysayers will likly say “OyVeh! its Just a…Coincidence!” or their most widly and oft used..
              “Oh that..Thats…Just…A….FORGERY!!”

              Good find Granny.

              PS: Granny be xtra carefull out there….I hear that there are Nazis hiding behind Every Tree! Waiting to Pounce!

        • Satori: Check This Link out if you aint yet done so. Want a Vast Preview of the Main Basic methods that will be used against americans?….Want to Know the final end Results to especially white america?

          READ and LEARN how it was already Done 70 yrs ago by the Same banksters and evil polititions we still have Today.

          If You think the exact Same things in this Linked Info is not Pre-Planned for America NEXT?…Then Your head’s burried too deep and You are an Official member of americas “HUTAS”(the Heads Up Their Ass-group).

          Heres exactly What is in Store for YOU, Mr. and Mrs. American!

          GRUESOME HARVEST-1947 a quick Read well worth reading!

          • Gruesome. But you are correct. The rape of the German women and children by the black American soldiers was a weapon of revenge and was the reason such a disproportionate number of black troops were sent there after the war. The numbers do not lie; blacks did the vast majority of the raping and murdering of women and children. And now, beginning with LBJ’s welfare programs to increase the black population at the expense of the white Americans and the indoctrination of hate against white people will have the same result here. And of course that is only a part of the total destruction planned for America, but one that Obama seems to desire the most as his race baiting after the Travon incident reveals.

      18. What do you all make of the article in the NY Times a few days ago about the grid shutdown slated for November 13th & 14th. Are they really going to pull this off?

        • mallardhen: perhaps that would a good time to
          test Faraday Cages. Maybee random acts of disabling
          stupid meters?

      19. This society has completely lost touch with reality. In every way possible known to mankind. Moral rot,thievery,murder the list goes on. Is the prepper community the only remnant with a half way zane mind? I am a Bible believer,and I will tell you,judgement is upon this planet. No two ways about it. How can anyone believe mainstream media?! With out being stupid. I think its called Stupid Until Death. Its almost ridiculous on how folks can be so brain dead unto the folding events that are and has been taking place for quite sometime now.

        • Come on, Paladin, it’s not the American people’s fault they don’t know what’s going on. These topics have NEVER been explored on “Dancing with the Stars”, so how would anyone know?

      20. They might just be honest enough to flip the switch lol we got 4 more pay days till mid November keep on buying 🙂

      21. The Article Begins, ‘As the fantasy dies’….

        You mean there is no gold at the end of the rainbow?

        If not. Then I am heading home. No more rainbow chasing for me….

      22. Hi Everyone,

        I traveled quite far today to hear John Leary talk! []

        Since 1993, Our Lord has appeared, spoken to John Leary every day– first after receiving Communion at Mass and then again at night when he attends Adoration (Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament).

        I took lots of notes which I will share at some point soon.

        But for now, this is a super brief summary of what Jesus Christ has been telling John:

        1- The Warning will occur in December– following the heels of the Ison Comet around 11/28/13;

        During The Warning everyone (EVERYONE) will be shown their unrepented sins and where they would be either in Hell or Purgatory or Heaven if they were to have had died an hour before, a day before, etc. It is a Mini-Judgment (that will become a PERMANENT judgment if people do not repent and seek Jesus’ Mercy;

        2- After The Warning we will have a few weeks (perhaps up to six weeks) to prepare before we leave for Refuge Places; bring a tent, sleeping bag, some water, some food, winter clothing, hygiene items, etc.; Jesus said He will multiply all provisions brought including food and that we will have water from a spring at the Refuge places;

        3- We will ALL have to leave for these Refuge Places and quickly! because men in dark uniforms will come to take away all who refuse the chip (= The Mark of the Beast, described in the Book of Revelation, which Jesus told John Leary is an RFID chip that people will be persuaded to have implanted in order to access food most likely after a currency or bank collapse.

        Our Lord told John Leary that the Affordable Health Care Act– Obama Care– has this Mark or Chip in the body of the legislation– “A Class 2 implantable device”! (I read that text of the legislation and saw that language for myself.)

        Jesus said to John Leary that WE are NOT being told the following: that if we do NOT take the chip that men will come to use force to take us away to be killed/exterminated, since the chip will IMMEDIATELY DISABLE your free will and consign you just as fast to hell; also in the chip are diseases designed to kill hundreds of millions of people!

        Jesus told Mr. Leary that thermite was used to bring down the Twin Towers on 9/11; that chipped people carry out the false flag events, and much more.

        [Note: Now we know why the government bought up ALL THAT AMMO since Labor Day 2012 = to give to the men in dark uniforms to round us all up!];

        ANOTHER reason we will have to leave FAST is because these men will come BEFORE Martial Law is declared for people on the Red list and then come AFTER it is declared for those on the Blue list.

        All of us here since they track our I.P. addresses are most likely on that Red list. (I might have mixed up those 2 colors but the point is we will have just a SHORT period fo time to BOLT after The Warning.)

        4- John said Jesus told him there are 800+ detention centers in the U.S. set up to kill or exterminate all Christians and other Americans who will not take the chip through not only guillotines but through gas chambers and crematoriums presently being built! Jesus showed John one such camp in Indiana and the evil will be as bad if not worse (if you can imagine that) than Hitler’s crematoriums, gas chambers, etc.

        5- The already stated goal of the new world organization (NWO) Jesus said is to reduce the world’s population of 7 billion down to 500 million! That’s [7,000,000,000 to 500,000,000!]

        6- They hope to accomplish this through Pandemic viruses being released in Chem Trails; false flag attacks; GMO food; world wide famines they are engineering– famine is coming soon, Jesus told Mr. Leary (& Maria); hence Jesus telling Mr. Leary (as well as Maria) we MUST store up water and nonperishable food; and more. In his talk today (9/13/13) John quoted the Dutch researcher who created a genetically modified super virus that can potentially kill HALF OF THE PLANET’s POPULATION which they plan to use through the Chem Trails;

        7- God’s Plan to Protect us all is this: some time soon after The Warning we will be prompted to leave for a Refuge place but first call upon Jesus to make visible your Guardian Angel so a fallen angel will not mislead you into the detention center (over 800 and counting here in the U.S.); at the Refuge Place all who look upon the luminous cross will be cured and healed instantly of all viruses and any other kind of ailment, sickness, disease; John said Jesus does not want us to use our guns since these evildoers will not be able to see us nor harm us because of the Angels’ protection and shield of invisibility;

        8- Repeatedly, Jesus says to Trust in His Protection because His Angels will put a shield of invisibility over all those traveling to the Refuge Place they are directed to and once there, the Refuges will be made invisible to evil doers AND that His Angels have the Power to protect it even from Nuclear Weapons!

        9- THIS is VERY important: AFTER The Warning, we are to destroy ALL internet communication devices BECAUSE both the Antichrist’s eyes AND his voice will have a DIABOLICAL effect that will be almost impossible to resist watching or listening to.

        So I take that to mean all flat screens, computers, cell phones, radios, all i-Devices, etc. etc.



        How can I explain that? Have you ever been sucked into sexual sin? I have. It just overtook me, it was quite powerful. It had a power over me I could not resist. Literally. Nor walk away from. Literally. Times that by a zillion and now you have the diabolical persuasive eyes and voice of the Antichrist. PLEASE do NOT look at him and do NOT listen to him!

        THAT is a super brief summary.

        I know that MANY of you already think I am nuts and I am not focused on that.

        I am only focused on helping you, as you have helped me.

        I now know the Truth and now YOU do: while only God the Father knows the exact hour, Jesus Christ is returning SOON but FIRST will come MORE evils, some of which we have ALREADY been discussing here the worse of which is the world-wide power/domination of the world by the Antichrist, but God has a Plan to PROTECT all his Faithful!

        NOBODY will escape The Warning. But we ALL will have a chance to repent and turn to The Lord for His Mercy.

        You have a choice: to believe and hence prepare, or to submit comments telling me how duped I am, how crazy I am, etc.

        Just remember one thing: not only will all those soldiers, already on our soil, be “chipped” (as Jesus told John those doing false flags were) but the Antichrist will also attack you through all devices that he can and WILL be able to turn ON through all those ugly electromagnetic towers that pollute our towns and cities everywhere.

        Yes, even if your devices are OFF!

        To me, the choice is clear: to stick to our FAITH, or, to stick to our GUNS.

        The evil ones will NOT tell you their plan or plans because they use lies, deception, scapegoating.

        TImeline: Remember, first will come The Warning; next, division in the Church; next, pandemic viruses; bankruptcy or currency collapse; the MARK (chip); soldiers coming for you; Martial Law; more soldiers coming for others. These will all happen within days or just weeks of each other.

        Our Lord, on the other hand, not only tells us THEIR plans, but HIS as WELL!

        I am choosing, after The Warning, to trust my Faith, to trust God’s Revealed Plan shared with people the world and churches ordinarily wouldn’t consider “prophets”.

        But then again, neither did the world respect any of the prophets of the Old Testament!

        Just take a quiet moment in prayer, discern, and you WILL be led to the Truth. The Ison Comet approaches our planet very very soon. God bless you all!

        – The Lone Ranger

        • Wow……

        • If we are going to flee, what’s the point of storing food and water?

          • I have Known of most everything You wrote of for the Last 20+ yrs except for those “Men in Black attire” Parts.

            Therefore I assume if this “John” guy just Now heard it from Jesus? That means Jesus Must have also gone and Read every website and book etc that I did over the past 20+ yrs!…Because ALL that info or whatever you calls it has been available that long now.

            As for Your #4 issues–showed John one such camp in Indiana and the evil will be as bad if not worse (if you can imagine that) than Hitler’s crematoriums, gas chambers, etc

            Yes! I actually Can imagine a Worse “Scenario-Camp” than Hitlers camps…That would be all those “Camps” like Aushwitz et al in Russian possession Before Hitler was ever Heard of! Since it Was Bolshevik Jewish Kommie Russian who BUILT most, if not All, such evil Camps in Russian territorries and Used them to Torture and Murder Mass-Exterminate 100+ Million white christians in…Before Hitler was ever heard of outside his family or close pals. So YES! I sure can picture Worse than Hitler…That Being, Russian Jewish Bolshevik Kommies that have Mass Murdered More innocent persons than at Any other era in All of world known History!

            THEN Issue#7–John said Jesus does not want us to use our guns since these evildoers will not be able to see us nor harm us because of the Angels’ protection and shield of invisibility;

            WOW! Leave Guns as You will NOT need any guns! now Where have I heard That before?!!

            Oh yeah! I heard this prior when some Pro-Zio Baptist TV preacher was Bragging how he attended FEMA-Pastor Training sessions for a huge group(4000 so far as of several Yrs ago!) of evangelical pastors who FEMA Trained to Keep promoting and preaching Strict Obedience of Romans chapter 13, IE: OBEY ALL GOVNTS! Cause its gods will dont cha knows it!

            That TV Pastor also told how after training by FEMA-Kommies, it was worth it since Only Pastors fema trained get a special “Pass” to place in windshield so when Jackboots and Feds cops see that Plaquard Pass in windshield, pastor will be admitted into the Inner zonal areas usually Restricted or off limits to avg peon folks (like Us folks)….That phony piece of Dirt TV preacher was all Giddy telling his FEMA Training adventure story on tv shows!

            Funny how That pastor says exact same thing about GUNS…Do NOT bring any guns as Fed govnt agents and fema agents Will Protect You and yours!(like at WACO maybe?)

            he also says fema trainers told pastor that while civilians Must exit homes and areas ASAP once a Warning is issued! Citizens are NOT to worry as Feds plan to Station agents(jackboots)in every evacuated area to protect Your homes and posessions etc!(he said you only be Gone to fema camp for 2-3 weeks then return home)

            He never clarified, why it would still Remain safe enough to station fed jackboot agents to protect our homes and stuff, yet was Way too Unsafe for Us folks to Reamin home and Protect Our stuff?…FEMA/FEDS Must now use “Super-Duper” jackboots Immune to the same hazards as we are subject to I rekon…Anyways thats what That pastor says too “LEAVE ALL GUNS BEHIND! when Entering Busses or fema wagons”

            And then when pastor was done spewing his evils TV camaras shifted to the Crowds in the Pews and everybody in them pews said “Amen and Amen”(not sure yet reason to say amen twice? Maybe its to get a Double portion of instant wealth from Jesus eh?).

            Yep thats my only major issues to reply of…All the REST is Bunk just as is Marias Bunkola! Invisable!

            Jackboots in DARK Clothes: “Hey freddy! I just seen a Tent and Backpak strolling past with NO person visible to Carry the stuff!…Freddys jackboot SGT, “No worries Mate! its just them Invisible maria and now Johnnyboy delusional invisible fools passing by us”

            It keeps getting more better each post eh! Can’t wait for the certain to Follow Fatima Cult False Prophets Visionary visions…”Only Mary can save us all!”

            Your Post messg’s reinforce to me why I quit the Roman Catholic church system at age 15 yrs old, 45 yrs ago.

            Maybe You too shall see the Light soon and exit as I did before they really have You hooked for life!

            • You’ve known about it all for 20 years? I’ve known it longer, EXCEPT for the fact that he confirmed that satan is giving all those groups the orders, who, of course, carry out their evil in secret. When was the last time any of us were invited to their closed door secret meetings?

              Again, whenever you have destruction (GMO food, flouride in water, viruses in vaccines, diseases in chemtrails) you have the DEVIL! SENT by these so called elitists/leaders/politicians posing as our friggin’ HEROES!

              Our heroes? BULLCRAP!

              Good point about the guns, I went back to check my notes and they read “there will be no need to USE our guns” and keep in mind I was posting this at 1:00 a.m. after a very long day of travel. In other Messages to Leary Jesus has approved self-defense as a right but once our country becomes invaded by hundreds of thousands of chipped foreigners a shield of invisibility– they are already here awaiting the “wake up” switch to be turned “on”– that shield properly invoked as described above, will make all our guns a moot point. I have NEVER advocated getting rid of them. The point IS that we WILL have to leave our homes because this is the FINAL battle between good AND evil, and with the Book of Revelation’s prophesied Antichrist and his chipped minions, the Lord’s Plan will protect us from being seen and protect us from the diabolical hypnotic eyes and voice of the Antichrist.

              At NO point in ANY Message does Our Lord call at ALL for defenselessness. Defenselessness is unilateral disarmament which is what the globalists and Obama want for us so they can have an EASIER time handing us over to be slaves. Not on my watch!

              As far as that TV preacher, when religion no longer espouses biblical values, and when these preachers no longer reflect the ORIGINAL values EMBODIED in BOTH our Bill of Rights and Constitution then they are wolves in sheeps clothing and frauds!

              FUNNY how no U.S. Senator has asked to have inspections of these 800 FEMA detention centers the way we want to inspect chemical arsenals abroad, nor will the hidden government PERMIT camera crews in.

              Now Why IS that? Because then we would see EXACTLY what Jesus permitted Mr. Leary to see! You can’t get anywhere NEAR those 800 hidden from view places.

              If you don’t take the chip (in Obama care legislation starting 10/1/13 and described as “an implantable medical device) you WILL be carted away UNLESS you leave for the Refuge Place when prompted, after The Warning.

              Of course those “pastors” have been MANIPULATED by the one world organization (old world DISorder) so the SHEEPLE will be led to their slaughter! NOT US!

              Lastly, I DID leave the Catholic Church for about 8-9 years. And yes, I did come back, but on my own friggin’ terms. I don’t follow anyone in my church BLINDLY just like I refuse to follow our President blindly when he’s lied about so much and DECEIVED us about so much.

              And that’s ONE reason I come to this site– to express my FURY at the LIES!

              Without violating OpSec, I can personally tell you that I do not have enough to defend myself AGAINST foreign chipped troops who will keep coming and keep coming and keep coming and keep coming. We wouldn’t be fighting a band of 30 messed up militia people, but legions of chipped highly armed soldiers.

              This is not the only site I visit regularly.

              So imagine my SURPRISE when in February of 2013, after visiting high end sites like this for years I came across both Mr. Leary’s site and Maria’s.

              Did you read about the beheadings in the Book of Revelation? I’m sure you did.

              I ADMIRE your intestinal and other fortitude my friend.

              No bull, I DO admire you.

              In the final analysis, we’re very much alike Except (perhaps) in this way: with all the Ammo the government has purchased [6 bullets for each woman, child, and man in the U.S.] this past year and all the slow-kill that’s been going ON for years and all the LIES TOLD to us from Obama on down, and the Revelations made to two people who do not know each other that the Antichrist is soon to announce himself (posing as a Deceptive peacegiver)I have found it harder and harder to OUT THINK all this cosmic evil.

              Thus, I’m not merely “restating” or “preaching” what Leary and Maria have been told, rather, I’ve researched this, as you have, from ALL angles and it leads me to conclude (for myself) and simply SHARE with my sisters and brothers at this site, that we ARE in THE End Time AND, that no matter WHAT you and I do or do NOT believe about God and/or imperfectly expressed religion, we ARE being told HOW to survive the onslaught and HOW to avoid going to Hell, which really does exist.

              I DO respect you, very much so, sir!

              I just think that for me, The Warning– soon to come after the Ison Comet in December– will have all of us re-thinking how we have strived to keep ourselves alive because the death and destruction have,as you know, ALREADY started– we just keep being lied to! For example, 2 MILLION Christians have had to flee Syria in the past weeks. Yet, as far as I know, NOT ONE of our elected leaders have said anything about that. That behavior of silence is a DISGRACE.

              God bless you!

              – The Lone Ranger

          • Hi Guero,

            There IS a point to storing, collecting water and nonperishable food because we will need to bring it (what will fit in our vehicles) with us to the Refuge Place where Christ will multiply it all.

            This is HIS Plan to protect us from the death and destruction soon to be waged by the Antichrist who will declare himself after The Warning.

            – The Lone Ranger

        • I used to have imaginary friends too…but I grew up and out of them. Seriously? God? Just another sheep amongst the masses, my friend

          • In my research I’ve learned or found out that one purpose of several for The Warning is to prove to everyone, no matter what you believe or do not believe, that there really is a God.

            You have the right to believe what you want or do not want to.

            But during The Warning you will be shown your destination if you do not choose God, if you deny what you will experience or encounter. We will also be told NOT to accept the Mark of the Beast (the chip) nor to listen to or look at the Antichrist.

            Imaginary friends? You can meet Leary for yourself, his website will show you how. I made that effort, a huge one at that, why don’t you consider it?

            Unless you mean God is just a figment of our imagination.

            Well if THAT is true, how DO you explain all the EVIL, the death and destruction, wouldn’t that mean there IS a devil, Satan itself?

            – The Lone Ranger

        • Now I know medicinal hemp should be illegal.

          • Purgatory…. mmkay…

            I’m sorry, but anyone of us here could say the same things. With a little charisma and financial backing we could go on tour too.

            Yeh, its comforting to be around like minded….

            Buy gold from me…


            • Seeing John Leary only cost me gas and tolls. There was no registration fee nor any other fees.

              I would not buy gold from you for lots of reasons, the biggest of which would be you can’t drink nor eat it.

              I respectfully suggest you reconsider your position after The Warning. Do you know what The Warning is?

              • Lone Ranger

                Out of respect I will view/read The Warning links you provided.

                If you also reconsider trying to seek/find:..#7…
                “your ‘Guardian Angel’ so a fallen angel will not mislead you”….Jesus said “My sheep hear My voice” (Jo10:27&18:37) Even Satan can appear as an angel of light(*2Cor11:14*)seeking a guardian angel is a very dangerous proposition…

                Will be lookin’ for ya…here.


                • OK, spent a couple hours last night on the “WarningSecondComing” site… maybe you could clarify a few things…

                  in the 8-15-13 message…”you must not try to interpet Revelation” why? are we not smart enough?

                  in the 8-22-13 msg…”this message cannot be compared to others” why? is this suppose to be the only truth?

                  in the 8-23-13 msg…”when you become obedient and question nothing” don’t question what she said?

                  I read a whole lot of months of her postings, but she really peaked out in Aug and after with … if you believe anything else you are under the control of the spirit of the false prophet, her word is the final say. Spooky.

                  In all sincerity,


                  • Wow, minion, HOW DECEPTIVE of you to quote out of context, especially the LAST one about the antichrist!

                    Next time, try quoting IN context:

                    From 8/15:

                    If you do not believe in the Book of Truth, then you do not believe in the Book of Revelation. Be warned. Those who reject the Book of Revelation forsake My Mercy. But the Truth will be shown to them during My Great Warning through Divine Intervention, for otherwise many would never know Me or understand the great Mercy I bring the world. You must never add to the Book of Revelation, try to interpret it or take anything out of it to suit your own desires, for you will suffer for this. When you do these things you tamper with the Word of God. This Book was promised to you. God has sent His 7th messenger to reveal the Truth. Accept this with trust in Me or you will walk alone, in ignorance of the terrible deceit which will befall those who reject the Word of God.

                    From 8/22:
                    My dearly beloved daughter, I must warn the world of the large number of false prophets, who at this time try to drown out My Voice.

                    I have sent a number of prophets, all with different missions, to prepare God’s children. These Messages, regarding the end times, are the only authentic Messages of their kind, at this exact time, for I would never confuse God’s children.

                    These Messages must never be compared to others, which are being spread everywhere, right now, in order to contradict My Holy Word. There can only be one Book of Truth – only I, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, can reveal the contents. Those of you who believe Me can be so easily fooled. You must know that messages, which contradict these and where it is claimed that they come from God, that this is impossible.

                    From 8/23:

                    Mother of Salvation: The antichrist, upon his announcement, will declare that he is a devout Christian
                    Friday, August 23rd, 2013

                    My child, how Christians will suffer as the disease of sin engulfs the world everywhere in many guises.

                    There is an organized attempt being made to wipe out Christianity and this takes many forms. You will know that when Christians are denied the right to publicly declare their allegiance to God, that every other creed, not of God, will be permitted to do so. These other creeds will be given great support when they plead for justice, in the name of their rights as citizens. What this will do is to spread further the sins which are abhorrent to my Father.

                    People will be forced to accept sin in their countries and it will become an offense for Christians to object to these laws. Christians will be viewed as being uncharitable, right wing and out of touch with the human rights of others. Every trait, desirable in souls, as laid down by my Father, will be used as a front in their efforts to justify such wickedness in your nations.

                    When disease of the flesh grips a community, it kills many. But, after a time of great sorrow and many deaths, the remaining community becomes immune to the disease. Sin will cause disease of the flesh in many nations, as the judgements of the Seals are declared by the Saviour of humanity and poured down by the angels of the Lord. Many will be killed in atonement for the wickedness of man. This purification will continue until there will remain only those who are immune to death because of their love for God.

                    Christians will suffer greatly in a number of ways. Their faith will be taken away from them and in its place an abomination will be witnessed. Their pain, which has already begun, is the same as that experienced by my Son, at this time. Then, they will have to witness an astonishing sight, as the antichrist, upon his announcement, will declare that he is a devout Christian. He will use many extracts from the Bible in his speeches to the world. Weary Christians, who suffered up to this, will suddenly be relieved. At last, they will think, here is a man sent from Heaven in answer to their prayers. Out of his mouth will spill many sweet and comforting words and he will appear to be a godsend, in that he will be seen to amend the wrongs against Christians. He will carefully construct how he is perceived by Christians and especially Roman Catholics, for these will be his main target.

                    All will admire the antichrist and his so-called christian acts, gestures and his perceived love of Holy Scripture will make him instantly acceptable by many. He will draw all nations together and set about holding ceremonies for other religions and, in particular, pagan organizations, so that they can work together to bring about world peace. He will succeed in uniting countries, which had been enemies up till then. Silence will be heard in war torn countries and his image will appear everywhere. His final, great achievement will be when he brings all those nations he unites, into the domain of the Catholic Church and all other Christian denominations. This unification will form the new, one world religion. From that day forth, Hell will break loose on Earth and the influence of demons will be at its greatest level since before the great flood. People will be seen to adore God in the new, one world order church and appear to be devout in every way. Then outside of the churches they will indulge in sin openly, for no sin will shame them. Under the hypnotic direction of the false trinity – the trinity created by Satan – they will crave every kind of sin as a means to sustain their newfound appetite.

                    This wickedness will include sins of the flesh, where nakedness will be acceptable, as man will become involved in obscene sins of the flesh in public places. Murders will be common and committed by many, including children.

                    Satanic worship and black masses will take place in many Catholic Churches. Abortion will be seen as a solution for every kind of problem and will be permitted right up to the day of birth.

                    It will soon become a criminal offence to show any kind of allegiance to Jesus Christ. If you are seen with a true Cross you will find that you have committed an offense, because you will be breaking the law. The law in your lands will become a dual law – where politics and religion will be entwined in the new world order.

                    This persecution will mean that many, unknowingly, will adore the beast and become infested. So infested will they become that they will betray brother, sister, mother and father, to the authorities, if they should remain loyal to Christianity. Your only hope, children, is prayer to sustain you through this period.

                    I urge you to keep all holy objects, rosary beads, blessed candles, holy water, a copy of the Bible and the holy daily Missal along with the Crusade of Prayer book. You must keep the Seal of the Living God in your home and on you if possible. My Medal of Salvation will convert those who wear it and they will be shown Mercy by my Son. I now request you, child, to have the Medal of Salvation produced now and a Scapular of the Seal of the Living God made.

                    This Message is a warning from Heaven of things to come. You must listen to me, the Mother of Salvation, as I must guide you to the Truth, so that you will remain truly faithful to my Son at all times.

                    Go in peace, children, and be calm as this trial will, because of the Mercy of God, be short. Trust in me, your Mother, as I will be with you always during your trials. You will never be alone.

                    Your Mother

                    Mother of Salvation

                    – from

                  • Lone Ranger,

                    I asked questions as to “why”(questions above) Not read again… but I did.

                    8-15.. the end of line 6 beginning of line 7.
                    “You must never…try to interpret it…” Why? This part of her statement has nothing to do with adding or taking away “not one jot or tiddle” of the Word of God. Why would she say not to try to interpret the book of Rev.?

                    8-22.. para.3 “These Messages must never be compared to others” Why?

                    I did error on 8/23 should have been 8-24-13, my bad. sorry.

                    ..out of context…???


          • Cant blame that level of delusion on plain ole hemp…meth maybe but not on one of Gods herbs…naw…

        • If “God” really loved us why doesn’t he just make all this go away and the “bad” people stop doing this. It all seems like a big screen drama for someone who likes to play with his little human toys.

          • I’ve wondered that myself, Ancient Echoes!

            But the answer I’ve found (which I was not fond of) is that IF it has been PROPHESIED about in the Bible, then it HAS to and WILL get played OUT!

            Maria’s “Book of Truth” is found in the Old Testament Book of Daniel.

            And, I’ve done my best to summarize in a concise way God’s Plan to Protect Us All from the Antichrist.

            – The Lone Ranger

        • John also said that MANY of the elites in our world– the financially super wealthy and the political powerful– take their orders from Satan itself!

          Jesus told Mr. Leary that this group is comprised of the Council on Foreign Relations; the Bilderbergers; the Masons; the Trilateral Commission. Some of these people go to Bohemian Grove where they worship satan.

          Their goal: to EXTERMINATE US! They want ONLY 500 million people on the planet, NOT the 7 BILLION people who are here. Satan has promised them a LOT but it is even deceiving THEM once you read about descriptions of Hell and what Hell actually IS!

          He even read a direct quote from Bill Gates on reducing the population through various means (I don’t have that exact quote but I’m sure you could google it at http://www.start

          Jesus told Mr. Leary that they aim to accomplish this through their Culture of Death: abortions, euthanasia, wars, viruses in vaccines to give us cancers; and much much more.

          They have been killing us slowly:
          – Flouride in the water, which lowers kids’ IQ points by 20 or more!
          – GMO food (about which Jesus told both John and Maria we need to much less of or pay more for organic) which was and is a deliberate satanic modification of what Jesus called His perfectly created food;
          – Chem trails with diseases;
          – False flag terror events, Jesus said, carried out through chipped persons in order to bring about fear, control, and the elimination of all our rights;

          And VERY soon they will kill us FASTER through:

          – PANDEMIC viruses world-wide they will spread THROUGH chem trails (between now and 1/1/14);
          – World-wide currency collapse to bring about the Mark of the Beast (already in Obama Care starting 10/1, there are diseases in the chip, Jesus said, which will ALSO DISABLE your free will!;
          – Soon, our country, Mexico, and Canada will be renamed the North American Union, Jesus told John, an initiative started by Bill Clinton;
          – Such continental unions will occur world-wide to give the Antichrist total world domination, which God has permitted, but for a short period of time;
          – Such a union will mean, Jesus told John, the complete elimination of the Bill of Rights and our Constitution;
          – Jesus told John that the U.S., because of all the abortions, will fall under the reign of the Antichrist, but we all are to follow His Plan of Protection (described in my post above) if we wish to be saved;
          – [I’ve read reports of 200,000-350,000 foreign soldiers having been spotted in our country];
          – Jesus told John there WOULD be some martyrs who will say NO to the Mark/chip and thus be brought to the FEMA centers to be gassed, killed, guillotined;
          – The Book of Revelation DOES talk about those beheaded for Christ;

          Now here is a very scary part:
          There will be a period of time we will be at the Refuge Place but Jesus told Mr. Leary that before He returns, the Ison Comet will make a second go round and it will be known as the Comet of Chastisement, a Comet of DESTRUCTION!

          Here is what will happen:
          – Those who repented during or after The Warning will be protected by Jesus;
          – Those who did not repent or do not believe in God when shown proof during The Warning, and/or are evildoers or aligned with the Antichrist will experience 3 Days of Darkness (blacker than black) that NO light will illuminate and Jesus showed John a vision of people suffering a burning sensation– they will be burned continuously and suffering but not killed by that fire and John was also shown how these people will be stung by scorpions the size of horses and ALL this will last 5-months BEFORE they will all be cast into Hell– both people and demons– for even more tortures and complete/entire/total separation from Light, Love, Truth, GOD!

          Jesus told Mr. Leary that Hell was created for the fallen angels and demons, NOT for people, who are ranked HIGHER than angels and demons which make them furiously JEALOUS of human beings and thus they set out to TRAP them in sin so that they can be sent to Hell WITH them! THIS is why God sent His prophets, His Son, and prophets since (like John Leary and Maria Divine Mercy) because Jesus repeatedly tells each of them that He wants to save ALL His children but because of the gift of free will each of us has to CHOOSE to be saved in the ways given in His Holy Word, the Ten Commandments, and His prophets now such as Mr. Leary and Maria Divine Mercy.

          THEN = after those 5-months of suffering by those people– there will be the Era of Peace during which Jesus told Mr. Leary He will make the earth pristine again and renew it fully!

          Oh, before I leave, one last thing: I am calling out EVERYONE who gave not me, but THE INFORMATION I posted a thumbs DOWN.

          You know why?

          Because unless you explain OTHERWISE, you are a follower of Satan sent here to DISCOURAGE all readers of these posts from availing themselves to THE DIVINE PROTECTION OF THE LORD AND HIS FATHER!

          So SHOW yourselves, that is, EXPLAIN your thumbs down because if you can not, then you are in the vice-like grip of SATAN!

          ‘I believe in God but not that crap”– well then you do NOT know the Scriptures where Daniel and Revelation contain references to the above AND you do NOT know that God chooses to Reveal Himself to and through His prophets in order to save all his children from Hell and Purgatory!

          “You ain’t no prophet, lone ranger”– I AGREE, I am only one of the many MESSENGERS and thus by you refusing to READ the Messages at either site, you are consigning yourself to succumbing to literally unfathomable and incomprehensible evils SOON to descend upon us right after The Warning (which will be in December).

          So UNMASK yourself, because you click on thumbs down in order to SWAY the GOOD people here, the GOOD Christian people and the GOOD Jewish people AWAY from GOD’S REVEALED WORD so that they too will perish by succumbing to evil.

          NO ONE who has EVER disagreed with “me” here has EVER admitted to having READ the Messages– either at OR at

          Did you all notice that too?


          Because Satan’s minions are LAZY and will entice YOU to laziness through CONDEMNING God’s Revealed Word!

          Do you see how Satan (whose greatest accomplishment was to convince the world it does not really exist!) uses all TYPES of deception to keep you FROM the Truth? GOD’S Truth? God’s PROTECTIVE Truth?

          So when you see Satans minions comment giving me all sorts of sh– it is not ME they are giving crap to, it is YOU!!!!

          Because they do NOT want YOU!!!! to be PROTECTED from all these DEADLY evils nor from the Antichrist!!!! Those down thumbers were DISPATCHED here so none of us save ourselves in the ways Jesus has instructed. They only care about death and destruction.

          I care about YOU!

          NOT what THEY THINK or SAY!

          I traveled far to see John Leary yesterday in order to ask him questions for myself and all MY doubts are now gone! You can see him too, if you go to where he is speaking (listed at his site).

          So yes, we MUST continue to PREP and PRAY. And PART of prepping means SPIRITUAL preparation because evil is that which destroys and these people will stop at NOTHING to TERMINATE YOUR VERY LIFE, YOUR VERY EXISTENCE– through chem trails, chipped soldiers, virus-laden vaccines and all the other stuff Jesus told Mr. Leary about– and the LIVES AND EXISTENCES OF ALL YOUR LOVED ONES– FAMILY AND FRIENDS!

          Satan is a Terminator and the Antichrist will be the ULTIMATE Terminator and our ONLY protection will be as Jesus has set forth that I have striven to summarize to the best of my ability today, yesterday, and in all my other posts.

          Let me be clear: I do not dislike or hold a grudge against anyone here, and, I’m the biggest sinner I know, but I will call you out if I believe you are part of that deceptive group of people HELL bent on destroying us, our lives, our loved ones, either by your negativity or laziness or cowardice.

          – The Lone Ranger

          • The Lone Ranger:

            My question to you is:

            How many of the things that John and Maria are telling you did you not know prior to their telling you?

            The info about the bilderbergers, tri-laterals, cfr, can all be found on the internet years before their “revelations” to you.

            I would like to think you knew a lot of this information prior to your meeting with them. Was it really “new” news to you?

            A study of the Book of Revelation would reveal some of what these two people are telling you has been revealed to them has been there for Bible students for centuries.

            I think a lot of people on this site are aware of what is rotten in our country and they didn’t have to wait until now for Maria and John’s revelations.

            I would like to think that you knew a lot about what was happening to America long before your meeting with these people. If not you have not studied well.

            As a Christian, I believe in Jesus Christ and I confess my sins to him. By his grace I am saved. I do not have to belong to any congregation or believe in any “hocus-pocus” by your or any other church doctrine.

            • Makes me wonder if the chemtrails were to deflect the electromagnetic from the dark rift..

            • Hi Pissed Off Granny,

              See my posts above, as you ask what others did which I responded to.

              What is NEW to me, and to each of you as well, if you choose to believe both Mr. Leary and Maria, is NOT that the Bible is true, but that what it says in the Daniel and Revelation books IS UNFOLDING RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK and will CONTINUE to unfold in the ways Leary and Maria have been told.

              The Warning, the world-wide famine, a pandemic virus, martial law, the Antichrist are set to all happen this Fall and thereafter, so stay tuned, because I care about you, and I respect your beliefs, Ma’am!

              But as you know, many choose to DISbelieve all what the Bible has prophesised and to DISbelieve that God can intervene and IS intervening NOW to SAVE ALL his children from the death and destruction already begun by the Antichrist.

              As for the hocus-pocus you mention, I was confused by that because surely you must not believe then that while He walked the earth Jesus multiplied the loaves and the fishes and surely you must Not believe He did heal others. Is that not hocus pocus as you define it?

              If you DID believe that, then you would not doubt what He is revealing now. Who am I or you or anyone else to put a limit on almighty God and His Power?

              Lastly, I do not recruit any person into my faith or church. Over and over again Jesus says in the Messages that the Messages are meant for ALL His children. Why do you see it as a catholic church recruiting tool? Did you know that in a Message this past week Jesus told Maria that it would be the catholic church who would persecute her THE MOST???


              I think it’s because the church’s hierarchy likes its power, and as your reading of the Old Testament will show, NOBODY likes ANY of God’s Prophets, at least not in their own hometowns! Only in Leary’s and Maria’s cases, their hometowns have been designated by Christ as “the world”.

              That’s you, that’s me, that’s everyone. I’m not a prophet, I’m just a sharer of their Messages given to them, I am convinced now, by Christ Himself.

              I really do not want to believe any of this stuff myself, but I broke through my personal denial (I’m not implying you have denial) only because I witness every damn day all the death and destruction caused by the Gates Foundation with their vaccines (mentioned in a Message to Maria), the flouride, the chem trails, and I could go on and on, I’m just so friggin’ mad about it all.

              I’m only suggesting that neither you nor I nor anyone else get caught up in the very subtle, ultra slick lies and con jobs that Satan wields on us through politicians, and yes, even some of my own church’s leaders.

              Because I AM the biggest sinner I know, I have no right to judge ANYONE. But we DO have the right to judge behavior! I am just trying, in my own little way, to help my fellow human beings who are also on the same journey I am– trying to figure out life, trying to stay ALIVE, financially and otherwise, trying to make SENSE out of all the darkness that ironically inspired Mac to set up and give us this wonderful site!

              Thank you for your frankness, Ma’am, and God bless you.

              – The Lone Ranger

              • LoneRanger:

                I believe that Revelation is unfolding right before our eyes. No doubt about that. I also believe that a lot of posters on this site also believe that.

                The hocus-pocus I spoke of is everything from a church named Satan, to witchcraft, to the false prophets/churches that Jesus talks about in Revelation. He tells us to “come out of them”. It is up to each individual to discern if the church they are going to is the “true body of Christ”. My personal opinion from attending several different churches is that they are more interested in making enough money to pay their staff then they are about helping their congregation.

                Because of their tax exempt status they have painted themselves in a corner. They cannot tell their congregation what a pathetic shape America is in; or what course of action their congregation should be taking to participate in trying to straighten out the mess DC (and the rest of the worms) are making of this great nation. Seems the church Obama attended is one of the only ones allowed to be political. What a sham, also, what a shame.

                I see posts on this site every day that people are aware of what is happening in this world and the concern they express about it.

                I know God/Jesus is omnipotent; I can see what he has done for me in my life. Sinner that I am he has always had his hand in my life.

                • Prepping site. Not religious. It’s ok to cite a passage but good god not a sermon.

              • How does Jesus contact Leery? Appear before him and they chat? Text each other? Or does Leery take the shuttle on up? LEERY= definitely what I would be of him!

          • The Lone Ranger:

            Your statement that no one has ever looked at Maria’s messages that disagree with you is not true. If you look back through your posts I told you I had looked at that site.

            I am not giving you a thumbs down. Not because I believe what you state is true; but because I believe you have a right (at least for a little while longer) to state what you believe.

            So, please correct your statement that no one has looked at Maria’s site that disagreed with you. I had at least two conversations with you at two different posts.

            • Pissed off Granny, you are absolutely right and I stand corrected, so please accept my apology for my untested assumption I stated!

              – The Lone Ranger

              • What about new Babylon?

                • Same as Old Talmudic Mystry Babylon its modern Israel and zio talmud judaisim.

          • Luke 21: 6-36

          • Okay, Lone Ranger, riddle me this: How come the burning cross in the sky, the “warning” et al aren’t discussed in Revelations? If they are, please correct me with chapter and verse, so I can study them and see that you’re right and I’m wrong. It sounds at the moment, like your “warning” is what we’re warned against in Revelations, as it’s a false christ (capital letter not deserved for a false one) and must be ignored…


          • Believe me if TPTB are going to mobilize for what he talks about it will be readily apparent it is beginning there is NO WAY that type of operation can be kept covert . We will have ample warning, even if they try pulling this off it will take time to move that much material assets and to coordinate it. Once they start there will be no going back.



            Semper Fi 8541

            • Night Breaker, I LOVE your confidence! And I so respect you!

              The problem with what you say is, for example, we had NO time to find out ahead of time that the NSA is tracking all our I.P. addresses and our posts and our emails and our bedroom stuff and all other privacy violations!

              THAT is HOW slick and deceptive and cunning and SNEAKY evil people are!

              Did you know that in my Fema Region III states are volunteering to SHUT DOWN the power grid on 11/12 and 11/13? It’s all about CONTROL and about setting up the perfect stage for yet ANOTHER evil false flag.

              Jesus told Mr. Leary that 9/11 and other cited events were all false flags, mostly done by chipped people.

              I LOVE your spirit, night breaker, the problem is that they got the C4 to break THROUGH our hatches. We got to OUT THINK these evil folk.

              God bless you.

              – The Lone Ranger

              • I do believe the chemtrail sprayers are chipped.
                They’d have to be to spray that on their children, their children’s foods, their children’s soil, their children’s trees growing their fruit….and their children’s drinking water.
                We lost our sun today early about 8 am and then at the pay lake, they came around for another round of sprays with their evil grids around 3 pm.

          • Two words kaynine “drop dead” or “go away”! See, gave you a choice

          • Is that MR.Leary the guys whos Cow kicked a Lantern over and torched Chicago in the 1800’s era?

            Or is he that Professor Leary who took lots of LSD and promoted for college students in 1960’s to also Trip out on massive doses of LSD…”Tune in, Turn On, and Drop Out”! Whoop Der He Go! Timmy Leary just flew past carrying a huge Cow, while totaly Invisible!

            It was a very Multi-Colorfull type lsd cow Too! I mean MOO!

            • The Guys, did you know that upon his death, Timothy Leary had his head frozen so that one day, when the technology exists, it could be grafted onto the body of a black woman? It’s true. He doesn’t however, specify just where on her body it will be grafted, though…

              Also, Timothy Leary, satanist, was a fan of Aleister Crowley. Check out this video:

        • So, Lone Ranger, who is the Antichrist?

          • Great question so if I find a link/reference to who he is I’ll surely post it!

        • TO LONE RANGER-

          I would like to RESPECTFULLY ask you to rad the following link, as I read all that you wrote, and want to suggest to you that you are following a “false prophet” at best. There is NO scriptual evidence to back ANYTHING He ( leary) claims.

          • Thanks, Mac, for the link!

            Mac, Mr. Conte is a Bachelor’s level theologian but to be a (capital “T”) Theologian you need to have a Doctorate in Sacred Theology among other things– as far as I’ve researched, Mr. Conte has none of those things.

            Therefore, his claim to be a “theologian” is not legitimate and while it might not be his intention to be fraudulent, it approximates fraud.

            I have a Bachelor’s in Theology and a Master’s in Pastoral Studies but neither of those alone or in combination qualifies me to be what Mr. Conte claims he is.

            On the other hand, Mr. Leary is under the supervision of a Commission set up by the Bishop of Rochester, Bishop Matthew H. Clark.

            His commission found that Mr. Leary is “psychologically sound and spiritually serious” and that “his locutions are not a fraud perpetrated on the Catholic community.”

            I don’t know who Mr. Conte is other than what I’ve researched and told you above but I know Mr. Leary is and he checks out.


            – The Lone Ranger

            • Revelation, written by man, the rulers at the time, just a playbook of how they envision they’re world takeover. Pretty simple, just organise your manmade events to coincide with the playbook and people go WOW revelation is REAL! I seriously doubt God writes books.

        • The Lone Ranger,
          The Bible clearly states we must here the cry of peace and security before Armegeddon begins.

      23. We are on the cusp of a great age of prosperity. President Obama is playing a very clever game and has basically left the US military and security state with a laughing bag full of dog sh#t. By getting people such as McCain all worked up and believing World War Three is around the corner, he has walked them to the precipice and then handed the initiative to Russia and Putin.

        America is like a bitch girlfriend who needs to be tamed before you go ahead and marry her.

        The use of Muslims as the skeleton key is also critical: their numbers are increasing exponentially in the West and they are taking up key positions across government. These are an obedient people who will live by the words of Allah, not by the sinful dictates of the decadent West. They will discipline the populations and remove the sin from society.

        • Wow…….again!

        • Frank, you are playing right into Lone Ranger’s prophecy because it is Muslims who behead what they see as unbelievers. So they are the chipped MIB soldiers.

        • So Maria’s Full Name is..Maria DIVINE MERCY!?

          Riiiiggghhhtttttt!!! What next? Maria Glows in the Dark too?….Man they sure got You in Deep!

          It reminds me of that Other Comet Cult group, who bought brand new sneeker shoes and wore shiny silver shirts then just prior to the Last comet, Halleys comet was it? That Cult all commited suicide and cops found them layed out on bunk beds(bunk beds get better Bunkola reception without xtra length Antennas!) deader than a door nail.

          And that Comet never did stop off in LA kalif. to snatch em away!…Dummie fools eh. They should have waited for Maria divine mercy and her sidekick Johnyboy and this New comet!

          • I guess you have not read the Old Testament at all, right, because as far as I know and read, most if not all those Prophets were KILLED.

            Christ told Maria NOT to reveal her last name because of threats to her and her family.

            I am not a prophet, I’m only sharing what I’ve read and researched in order to CONTRIBUTE here.

            What are YOU sharing, and contributing, other than constant negativity and claims you cannot give links for or research to buttress?

            – The Lone Ranger

          • Hale-Bopp

            molon labe

          • the heavens gate cult

        • You have obviously never known any real muzzies…they may have a form of discipline as in punishing others but not for themselves and the very core of islam is SIN not a deliverance from it…come on you cant be that stupid for real and still be breathing…THINK MAN!!!

      24. These are the people behind the ZioBanksters and everything evil in the USA today. Take them down and you have a chance. Let them stay in power and you are all PHOCKED.

        “Our race is the master race. We are divine gods of this planet. We are different from inferior races as they are from insects. In fact compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. The masses will lick our feet as slave”.
        Menachem Begin, Israel PM, Knesset, New Statesman 1982 (Begin and the beasts)

        • Dolores Jennings: Do you think Menachem Begin and his fellow traveler zio jews also considers Negroe and Chinese Jews a Part of his so called “race” or Master race Jews?…Or is he just speaking of the askanzi Khazars who are part white? (jew is Not a Race, rather it is a religion based on their jewish talmud books)

          Amszeing even when someone posts a direct quote by and from jews, naysayers and defenders of zios and jews will still refuse to re consider their Blind support of such racial supremecists like zioboy Begin and his pals in israel-chicago-NY etc.

          Thanks for posting a good find in a jew spoken quote as Proof solid how pure Evil those persons are.

      25. Welcome to the Empire

        Taxing and diminishing the poor and working class to debt slavery is nothing new..just new monikers aka social security,local,state and federal withholding’s by decree.

        Hell.our entire system is modeled after the roman empire..

        and nothing has changed for thousands of years..the same lecherous senate still exists in full form becoming nothing but the privileged ruling class profiting on our sweat labor …and caesar is now the president..enjoying the same spoils as always.

        Instead of sharing trinkets and silver pieces to appease the masses..they now shower them with no work, free food, free phones, free health care, and free housing..

        The middle(working) class is now entertained with govt controlled media complexes and bread and circus sports year round,instead of arenas of gladiators and death…while their purses are raided weekly by confiscatory local/state taxes and their central bank enforcers aka the irs.

        All the politicians now, as then, enjoy lavish lifestyles unaffordable by the working class who were either conscripted, or now volunteer, to share in the glory of the empire’s mighty armed forces..

        They still die or suffer debilitating injuries in the name of empire building..and when they return to the motherland, are relegated to dismal pittances for their sacrifices.

        Now, as before, millions still blindly worship their so called benefactors with adulation and cling to false promises for a better life,,more freedoms, more rights, when all along those rights, freedoms are being destroyed before their very eyes.

        They are being deliberately poisoned every so slowly and methodically with fluoride, chemicals, food additives,gmo’s, pharmaceuticals,from the ground(pesticides) sea and air(chemtrails) and are told they have the best lifestyle and health worldwide when in reality have one of the worst lifestyles health wise in the western world..

        They have granted the masses with double edged swords of technologies..mesmerizing them with dazzling gadgets and led screens which mull them to complacency while tracking their every move and thought in the name of national security..

        Surely the Caesars from the past and especially George Orwell would be proud of the modern empires accomplishments..


        • It’s 1:30am. I just got done with a 15 hour straight code session. I’m a software engineer. I’m creating new .com venture…but single handedly. Zero employees, zero employment taxes.

          It’s better to work alone. No meeting and bs.
          No asshole playing “Devils advocate” just gumming up all the shit I’m trying to do.


          The new capitalism is quiet, small, silent, fully automated and not off shore..but up and running on the kitchen table on a leased server. Virtual.
          No building, no real estate taxes.

          Plumbing out a transactional sys. where I get paid millions of ways.

          There you go Obama… I will never create one fucking job for your people.
          And after I get my after slave tax profilts…every penny is going into silver…as it’s Gods money and you cannot fuck with it.

          The new frontier is about the self.

          LIve in books and learn.

          Then implement.

          • I like the way you think!

        • From the London Telegraph

          “this looks like to me like 2007 all over again, but even worse.” !!!!!

          ex-BIS Chief Economist William White exclaims, “All the previous imbalances are still there. Total public and private debt levels are 30pc higher as a share of GDP in the advanced economies than they were then, and we have added a whole new problem with bubbles in emerging markets that are ending in a boom-bust cycle.”

          Crucially, the BIS warns, nobody knows how far global borrowing costs will rise as the Fed tightens or

          “how disorderly the process might be…

          the challenge is to be prepared.”

          This means, in their view, “avoiding the temptation to believe the market will remain liquid under stress – the illusion of liquidity.”

          source :Zerohedge


        • Would like to share a related observation from my experience. Unlike in Ancient Rome, where they were tinkering with PM content of their coins, both USA (since 1973) and xUSSR (probably since inception) were/are printing their own fiat currency, which was/is obligatory to accept.

          I cannot express it more clearly, but beware of massive Theater presentation, when things look and work (and are enforced) like real, but in _reality_ they are irrelevant. And reality soon demonstrates itself.

          OK, see, back in 1983-1984, during kgbist Andropov era, working age people were caught and detained by Soviet police during 1st shift working hours in public places like shops, pubs etc. They had to provide explanations of what they were doing in that pub during “working hours”. And in the meantime, everything was working like a clock more or less – trains going, factories working, soldiers serving etc etc. To my horror, it all was only for the show, they manufactured essentially nothing and wasted time and resources. Why all that trouble with police and detainments, you’ll ask? To create an impression of NORMALITY. Nothing worse for TPTB, when their multimillion sheeple horde panics, runs in different directions and destroys everything remaining.

          To those of you here, that think taxes are making any difference – in my opinion, they do not make any difference at all, your TPTB are preserving the impression of NORMALITY by taxing and persecuting you for “tax evasion”. While in reality, they print as many petrodollars as they need (for as long as your military can keep the hold on…)

          Would it be the PM based monetary system, everything would be more “real”, including taxes.

          I do not know, if I was able to deliver my idea, but in any case, beware of Smoke and Mirrors. I would not be surprised (taking into account gullibility of an average American), that if everything else falls, than your TPTB would simulate and Alien space-ship landing, with those “Aliens” giving speeches on TV and explaining to Boobus Americanus, that there is not food, drink and entertainment anymore, because they are “Galactic Sinners” or something in those lines…

          • X-soviet,
            You hit the nail on the head ,”to create the impression of normality” it’s seems our government is taking the same path , political correctness , surveillance of its citizens , protected political classes etc.

            I am a second generation American my fathers family emigrated from RUSSIA in the late 1920’s
            I have heard all of the stories of the Great Terror . It affects all of us generations removed, my grandfathers nightmare will probably become mine if things continue on its path here.

            What Stalin and Beria did not get of my relatives , the Nazi’s later did we went from a family of 300 to 5 living relatives today all here in the US and people wonder why I prepare ?
            My family has lived the nightmare of Genocide , my family will not go quietly this time .




            Semper FI 8541

      26. Those who are prepared for this coming calamity are going to have a hard time making it thru it, but those who are not prepared are going to suffer. There in lies the difference. I too believe in God, but until the second coming, I still have to eat. Everything in this world is under the sovereignty of God, and nothing happens in this world that isn’t predestined. As one famous pastor said, “It is a terrible thing for a sinner to fall into the hands of an angry God.”

      27. After it hits the fan even a small town in the Midwest will become more dangerous than Detroit is today. People will be breaking into cars looking for half-full bottles of water and french fries underneath the seats. Besides being willing to kill someone for a can of soup. With no police there will all kinds of horrific crimes committed with no fear of criminal prosecution. It won’t be long and there will be decaying bodies everywhere. People who died from hunger or thirst or violence or suicide. It’s going to be a nightmare. It’s going to feel like you’re in Night of the Living Dead.

        • Where did the police go?

          • Has some folks here Forgotten that all those Prepper wrote doomsday books they read like Rawels etc are Just Fiction?…Just because they wrote it and you bought and read their fiction scenarios books does not mean its all going to happen as they wrote of.

            • True words. But neither do we know for certain which side of the hot blade the butter will slide off.

            • Them Guys, indeed I have read a few of those (rawles etc.)and they are like some neocon shtf fantasy. Like a bad TV shtf drama, what are you doing, you idiot don’t do that, why don’t you do this? LOL They are just that.. FANTASY. Maybe get a speck of useful info but other than that it’s just a way to kill a little time. The more I read your posts (Them Guys) the more I see your a pretty smart man. Def. one of my favorites, keep up the good work!

              • Genius: Thanks and the feeling is Mutual. I read all you wrote and your posts most always are good info.

            • Yes Them Guys-Oh Great One-you know all! BS

          • The police went to protect their families after the dollar became worthless and local governments went bankrupt.

        • Funny…my thought is to shelter in place in my home fortress.
          If I need food..and run out… EAT THE FUCKING ZOMBIES!!!

          You just put out a sign saying… Free food and an Obama phone at noon here on Saturdays.

          Then set up your kill lane..and there you go…

          ha ha.
          Of course I’m joking…

          Long life king Obama…
          Now all together.. Kumb fucking ya.

          Funny…there’s not one white man in America willing to create jobs for the blacks now…as Obama care enslaved all the employers…that is what obama care is.
          Legalized slavery.

      28. Can’t remember who posted it, but when the EBT cards stop working. . . When you have an enormous percentage of the population that can’t or will not take care of themselves mixed with a lack of morals, it is a disaster waiting to happen. I come to this site and others from time to time, but I do not need to be convinced of trouble ahead. I just scan for tips and warning signs and continue to prepare toward a self sustaining lifestyle. Personally, I think it will be a slow grind to the bottom, not a big event. For those of us who are older, we have seen the decline already in our lifetimes. But when the “freebies” stop, crime and panic will start to accelerate. Five years ago I taught in an inner city school, believe me I know. Young elementary school children who were as hard as nails and street wise. If this goes down hard, it will not be pretty.

      29. The decline will continue. What happened is the country is full of parasite takers who don’t think they need to produce. They believe someone else will produce for them. Now the producing makers are asking themselves why? Why produce when Im punished( robbed & taxed) and what is taken from me is redistributed to some parasite taker? Myself I used to produce . I would spend $30,000 every spring planting crops. And Just swap nickles My wifes job and me driving truck bought the groceries. We where grossing a $100,000 per year and couldn’t progress. We where selling paid for things Just to stay afloat. Paying the county over $8000 per year in property taxes. then there is 10% sales tax on everything we buy. and 15% self employment tax. Then state & federal income tax. Half of what we took in went for taxes paid to folks who had ought naught to do with us producing that revenue. Then there was the insurance cost and every year the premiums would increase. So I simply quit. Hauled my equiptment and cattle to auction sales. Sold some land and paid off the rest. Sold the big home and relocated & downsized. We rented most of our land to other nickel swappers. We kept a few cows and antique tractors. We got some goats ,chickens rabbits ect and grow a good garden. The Wife quit her job and I quit driving truck. We come and go as we please. Out Of debt and healthier & happier. We produce just enough for our own needs. The amount of tax revenue that is generated by our activity is a pittance. We now can live comfortably on a $100 per week. My wife still has a newer vehicle . I drive a restored 67 PK truck. The economy will collapse. Too many parasite takers and to few producing makers. There are no longer enough makers producing enough to pay for the taking parasites. So the US government borrows over 40 cents of every dollar it spends. Its simply not sustainable.

        • Old guy
          good post. I did basically the same thing about a year ago. The wife and I are still adjusting to knowing what we need and what we want.
          House is paid for and the vehicles are paid for. We grow most everything we eat.
          Bowhunting season started today so I went out to the back of the property. Came home early cause I know I can go anytime I want.
          Life is good when you’re debt free.

        • Youre correct….I made the decision years ago to quit producing except for me and mine…raise most of my food and learned to fix and build stuff…my better half has a job she likes and that pays the bills which are few because we planned it that way…we try to do as much as we can without any money(fiat)involved…staying outside the system as much as possible…aint as many of us out here as Id like to see but I have hope that there are a lot of people about to join us…its a good life,hard work but a good life…I eat good and I sleep good…and I don’t hand my life force over to an illegit govicorp any more than needed…theres not much more I need… 🙂

      30. A lot of talk about CME/EMPs taking down the grid, but if a financial meltdown happens and our dollars are worthless who would go to work and work for NOTHING but worthless paper?
        So no one goes to work, so power plants working and even IF they did how would the plants pay for their suppliers?
        We loose power we loose EVERYTHING plus 90% of the population especially if it’s over the winter.
        A winter with out heat, can you imagine the carnage?
        That’s when we loose 98% of the population.
        And winter is coming and the collapse is coming also, the perfect storm in that regards too.
        I hear this winter is suppose to be very bad, so that is more people dieing.
        Prepare for a HARD winter without power, food, running water, flush toilets, (remember toilet paper, it’s important).
        The time to invest in Gold and Silver is past, NOW is the time to invest in food, water, survival supplies…

        • There is: wood stoves, rechargable lanterns, oil lanterns. hand water pumps, gravity water holding tanks, canned food, gardens, root cellars, generators. alcohol stills to produce fuel, horses, dirt bikes, guns to keep all that stuff that alot of people out in the country have. It will be a hard winter for the unprepared. Not too bad for the folks that already live the simple life.

          • That’s right brother!

      31. I am not sure if the above post about allah and muslims is meant to be funny or serious in support of islam. What I do know is that the belief of islam is not at all funny when it comes to the mass suffering of women, children, and animals that comes from islam. Women are normally beaten into submission, children that are rebellous or question islam often end tortured and sometimes are killed. Animals are beaten and tortured for no other reason than a way to take out frustrations. This all in name of allah (the devil). There are peaceful muslims, as in all religions, but the core of islam is based of savage brutality.

        When I see MILLIONS of innocent Christians in practically every muslim countries that go through being harassed, attacked, and murdered because islam HATES Christians it shows the true colors of this belief. Coptic Christians are just about the most peaceful God practicing people there are, and yet in Egypt and other countries they are attacked EVERYDAY. Little children that have harmed no one are murdered and sometimes raped because the muslims hate their religion so much. Islam goes after other beliefs also, solely based on it is NOT islam.

        I hear this again and again that this hatred of other beliefs is only from the radicals of islam. Well, there are sure a lot of radicals in islam in proportion to the whole population. You don’t see any other religion go out and kill dozens after a cartoon comes up debasing their religion. You print up a million flyers of the prophet muhammad mounting a pig in a cartoon and spread them through just about any arab city and you will have a mass riot and hundreds dead within a couple of days in the muslims countries around the middle east. Killing their own people on top of innocent other religions that did nothing and were not a part of the distribution of the cartoon.

        If this was some cartoon about some other religion’s icon they would rip up the cartoon flyer and go about their day. Islam is about wanton rage. Islam is about one day trying to make the entire planet islam. Islam is about the banning of ALL religions other than islam. Islam is about violence towards anything that is not islam. There is way too much proof each day all over the islamic world of crimes against humanity. Don’t even want to talk about Nigeria and the rest of Africa what is done to non-muslims daily. Radicals usually have the SUPPORT of most of the other members of the islamic community, or they just look the other way.

        How can anyone respect islam when the basic foundations of that belief is to destroy everything that is not into total conformity with the quran? How can anyone respect a religion that teaches automatic hate towards everyone that is not muslim? How can anyone respect islam when in most islamic countries other beliefs are not even tolerated and given the basic decency of just leaving them in peace? How can anyone respect islam with such a high level of attacks on totally peaceful other religions that most of the time won’t even fight back? How can anyone respect such a bully, my way or you are dead, type of belief?

        • Sorry I can only give you one thumb up.

        • Well stated BI. Well stated.

      32. Bankers come knockin on yer door when SHTF ? WTF If you don’t own gold or silver pay sheckie in lead. WTF is in your safe? BE SAFE OUT THERE

        • Calling it a SAFE is kind of a oxymoron. A safe is the first place they will look for goodies! Nothing but a giant advertisement for thieves. BUT, it serves as an excellent deterrent to take them down the wrong path 😉 Just put a few items, old pos rifle, a few junk coins, etc. and they may think thats all you have. Oh and never bury things on your own property. BE SAFE!

      33. I believe those we all refer to as the “elite” have just been “awake” longer than any of us. Maybe they saw how “asleep” we all were, like we see people today-and they grew afraid and prepped.

        Why is it when the “elite” prepare and take care of themselves we criticize and why do we criticize those not yet awake who do not prepare to take care of themselves? I for one want to keep this system/illusion going as long as possible!

      34. Having Gold and Silver is good, but don’t forget to stock up on steel and copper-jacketed lead.

        • Dont forget cast and machined Aluminum and machined steel too!

      35. Off topic:

        Fish report, I crewed on a sport boat for an albacore fishing trip. We left port at 0600 and headed out 38 miles in search of fish. It was a nice ocean with clean warm water, there was a lot of bird action but after a couple of hours of no love we headed north for an area that was 25 miles away. We stopped and fished along the way and managed a few fish. We arrived at the 25 mile north spot and started to cast iron at a small group of jumpers. We scratched out a few more then went began trolling six rods rigged with swim baits and Rapala XRAPs. The fishing wasn’t great but we managed to coax a stead bite for a couple of hours. We got back into port about 8 pm with a respectable catch. We cleaned up the boat, split the catch and split the cost. I got back home a little after midnight. Nice 22 hour day.

        I brought home my fish whole because I need the carks for crab bait. Today I’ll be cleaning the fish and feeding the chickens, turkeys and labs the blood meat and scrap trimmings and I’ll treat myself to some thinly sliced raw tuna dipped in soy sauce and topped with pickled ginger and wasabi. I’ll save some fresh tuna for the bbq and then tomorrow I’ll be canning the rest.

        We seen one whale and one whale spout and just a couple sharks.

        I don’t know if I’ll get anymore tuna trips in this year. 2013 Oregon tuna season started off with promise but ended up being a tough one for me. I managed to get my winter needs of canned tuna but I had to travel many more ocean miles and put in a lot more time to get it done. By now I should be fishing for fun and not meat. Oct and Nov means crabbing time and wild mushrooms.

        • RickinOregon…just curious & a serious question, with all of the radiation from Fukushima in the ocean and coming this way(US)…is it wise to be eating fish? I mean, I used to be the biggest fish lover ever, but once I realized what was coming from Japan, I stopped eating all fish.

          • JP, good question. Until I hear form a reliable source that it’s unsafe then I will continue to fish and eat fish. The fishing community here is pretty tight knit and filled with people from many back grounds. We had Judges, cops, college professors, contractors, businessmen, politicians, lawyers, scientist, biologist. We have lefties and conservatives and people that just don’t care about politics. Fishing is all inclusive, no conspiracies here. The reason why there’s so many professionals is that an offshore boat is expensive and you’re not going to buy one with an ebt card. If there was a health issue with our fish, this fishing community would know and they would spread the word. Some of these guys have the test equipment at their work places, in their labs and they have an vested reason to know, their health and the health of their families and loved ones.

            The following spring and summer after the tsunami we were collecting debris in our waters, I have a couple of floats that I recovered. When we were fishing yesterday there were logs that look like they made their way across the ocean, they were filled with marine growth that you don’t normally see on the local logs.

            The solution to pollution is dilution, this may be the case with the contaminated water. The tuna that visit our waters are born in the mid pacific then come to the northwest as two to three year olds before going to Japanese waters. The tuna here have been tested for mercury and because of their young age have not been able to absorb enough of it to be an issue. The radioactive contaminated water will be very diluted by the time it reaches where the tuna live before coming to the northwest. They are being watched and monitored by NGO’s and by non-corporate interest.

            • Also, I’ve yet to find any abnormalities of any kind, no deformed fins, sores or strange coloration nor have I heard of any being found.

              • Maybe you could stick a rad stamp on the meat?

                • I gave up drinking, fighting, chasing women and smoking, I’m sure in the hell not going to give up the last thing that lets my nuts hang. Some of you might be comfortable being castrated, I’m not. I’d rather die with a fishing rod in my hand than bed ridden with sores in an Obama death bed.

                  When I die I will have memories of good times and adventures and of making mistakes because I was willing to take the risk. I will die knowing that I lived. I have a life philosophy of “Nothing happens to those that do nothing”. If you want to sit around and be scared and having done nothing, then that’s how you will die, scared with having done nothing. Nothing happens to those that do nothing.

                  • RickInOregon….I didn’t mean to suggest that you give up fishing because sometimes the normal activities that we’ve enjoyed for years keep us happy and sane. As you say, there are people in your group who test the fish(hopefully for radioactive substances) and certainly they have a vested interest in healthy and safe fish for their families.
                    You may be right about dilution….I’m going to do some different searches on the net to see if that theory is workable because I would love to eat fish again before the shtf and possibly after!

                    An article that I read more than a year ago on CNN
                    ” Low levels of radioactive cesium from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident turned up in fish caught off California in 2011, researchers reported Monday.

                    The bluefin spawn off Japan, and many migrate across the Pacific Ocean. Tissue samples taken from 15 bluefin caught in August, five months after the meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi, all contained reactor byproducts cesium-134 and cesium-137 at levels that produced radiation about 3% higher than natural background sources”
                    My concern is that “Unlike some other compounds, radioactive cesium does not quickly sink to the sea bottom but remains dispersed in the water column, from the surface to the ocean floor.

                    Fish can swim right through it, ingesting it through their gills, by taking in seawater or by eating organisms that have already taken it in ….” quoted from Reuters

                    These stories from CNN & Reuters were the main reason that I stopped eating fish, hence my question to you.
                    Anyway, your fishing stories are great and look forward to more! Thanks for the response….

                  • Rick…instead of eating the fish, sell them and only accept EBT or Obamaphone minutes as payment.

                  • …you know Im a suspicious person when it comes to the govicorp…and I just wonder how bad this radiation thing in the fish really is…I know some folks will tell me Im nuts and that’s okay cause I am but I wonder if tptb wouldn’t stoop to scaring people crazy of eating wild caught seafood to make them just a bit more dependent on the system…after all you can live pretty well off the sea…Im not a big seafood eater myself but it still feeds a lot of people and if you were a tyrant trying to narrow peoples options aside from depending on you,It’d make sense wouldn’t it?

        • Rick, i love a good fishin story…

          safety in your future voyages…lms

        • RIO….hey man, fishin is NEVER off-topic…if I was anywhere near the big water Id be out there myself…thanks for sharing…

      36. For Genius:

        If you don’t scroll through the articles again I just posted a question to you. I will post it again here hoping you see it.

        Have you ever looked into Rhoades Scholars?

        • Hi again Genius:

          I misspelled the word Rhodes.

          Wonders never cease.

          Go to:

          The Fabian, the Round Table and the Rhodes Scholar
          modernhistoryproject dot org/mhp?article=finalwarning&c=5.1

          Quoting from the article

          The Rhodes fortune, through the Rhodes Scholarship Fund, has been used to promote the concept of GLOBALISM & ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

          Up to 1953 out of 1372 American Rhodes Scholars, 431 had positions in teaching or education adm., 31 were college presidents, 113 held govt. positions, 70 had media positions, 14 were executives of foundations.

          President Clinton and Carter were Rhodes Scholars.

          That article said “1953”. Think how many of these scholars since then have penetrated the US in prominent positions. Your senator, representative, etc. could easily be one.

          The English House of Windsor controls an enormous percentage of this earth and its population. We are led to believe that England is a floundering country. In an article I read about Putin he is actually being funded by the British (or if you prefer, the one-worlders). We are being led down a very slippery slope; the sheeple will never wake up to the intrique until it is too late.

          • Sorry Granny Im having issues posting, I did reply to your post up there ^^^

      37. when you run out of TP-
        stock up now on rubber gloves, the Playtex kind you’d use for washing dishes, then when the TP is all gone, you put on your rubber gloves, wet a washcloth and wring it out, you poop and wipe, fold washcloth, wipe again, fold washcloth, wipe again, then you wash both the washcloth and the rubber gloves OUTSIDE and let them both dry. ONLY use the gloves and washcloth for yourself, never use anyone else’s. Have multiple sets of rubber gloves which you can pick up cheap for about $2 a pair..

        • I’d rather continue keeping a large stockpile and not run out of toilet paper. I recently expanded to a seven-year supply, but after reading what you wrote, I think I’ll up it to ten “just in case” 🙂

      38. Right now I am watching it all happen on my TV and I don’t think it can happen to me either. The one big difference between me and someone else is I don’t have any debt I haven’t buried my head in the sand and I moi have been stacking metal for darn near two decades. That includes Lead. So yeah. Maybe it can happen hear. Let’s dance.

      39. You can prep, have as many guns as you like, save drinking water enough for an army, but if you do not have the ability to step back, analyze a situation, and roll with the changes, you will be just as dead as if you had done none of the above.

        Panic will get you killed. Being labeled as “different” will get you killed. You will have to do a lot of acting to survive. You will have to act like you’re just like everyone else…struggling without food, water, basic necessities of life.

        There are certain limitations that you have to accept also. For example, I live approximately 35 miles away from NYC…if NYC is nuked or whatever, I’m gone, goodbye, outta here. That is one scenario that I already know what I’m going to do. I’ll bring my family here together, and we will go out of the world together, probably sitting on my back porch with a cold drink in my hand.

        For anything else, I will rely on the ability to think fast and not panic. The ability to roll with the punches is going to make just as much difference as being prepped to the hilt. Things happen. Houses burn to the ground for no reason…storms…earthquakes…tsunamis…

        Keep your head while those around you are losing theirs. Above all, don’t get lost in the gloom and doom. There is a life out there to be lived, enjoy it while you can.

        This is the way I look at things. No two people look at things in the same way.

        Enjoy your life, but keep your eyes open.

        You can’t FIX stupid, but it IS survivable

        • Nuclear blasts are survivable for most Americans, IF they know what to do and have modest preparations. When evacuating after a nuclear explosion, travel crosswise to the downwind drift of the fallout. The most dangerous, and most noticeable fallout, falls close to ground zero. Smaller and lighter dust particles arrive hours later as they drift farther, often hundreds of miles. Radioactive fallout loses 90% of it’s lethal intensity in the first seven hours and 99% in two days.

          People in suburbs who survive the blast need to stay in their homes for three days, in the basement if they have one; after three days, the radiation decays and they can go outside for a ten minute trip once a day, and after two weeks they can go outside all the time. Anyone who leaves their home before the three days, even for a short trip to get their child at school, will get a fatal dose of radiation and die a horrible death over the next month, bleeding to death internally.

          Vitamin C and Cilantro both remove heavy metals (as in uranium) from your body. Vitamin also heals some radiation damage. (according to Japanese scientists) Of course, you have to take a lot, but Vitamin C is not toxic.

          • Yup. The body takes the Vitamin C it needs, the rest is excreted.

            I have a lot of herbs and spices…but after what you said I will look at my oregano supply and see if it is up to speed.

            Thank you so much!

          • I have IOSAT on hand. What is your view on IOSAT?

            • IOSAT protects against radioactive iodine only. Its doesn’t protect from any other radioactive element. Radioactive iodine is the biggest threat from a “conventional” nuclear reaction. But if it’s a dirty bomb, or a nuetron bomb, or fukushima, the radioactive isotopes will be different (cesium, etc.). I would use every form of protection I could find, IOSAT, Vitamin C, cilantro, thick dirt walls.

        • Geez prepped in CT, and I feel trapped in central CT. You are really between a rock and a hard spot. My son was watching war of the worlds the other night (remake) and I walked into the room when the son was driving the van and didn’t know to not drive into the crowd at the hudson river ferry, and the chaos that followed. If we bug out we have to do it way ahead of the masses, before martial law. We have to get into and out of New York pretty quickly. Hubby wants to bug in, then head out when things settle down…..ha. Well be like Tom Cruz in War of the worlds…SCREWED.

          I do hope and pray this collapse is a slow grind, and we can relocate before the scum leave the cities.

          • Yup. Caught between a rock and a hard place pretty much describes it, I’m afraid.

            New York State would be a mess. I can kind of understand why your hubby wants to wait, then make your move. But to do that you would have to keep your head to the ground and listen through traditional channels. I would bet one of the first things they would do is shut off the internet, so we wouldnt have access to sites such as this one.

            We live in interesting times. Thanks for posting. I don’t feel so alone.

        • build a fallout shelter for about 1K$. (thats materials) cinderblock filled with concrete, door made out of 1/2 inch plywood multi layered with dura rock (cement board) between layers, about 3 for a total of 3 1/2 inches. puy a portipotti with a shower curtain around it two air vents U-shaped and a small air blower with a hepa filter on the suction side Vacuum cleaner ones are cheap. One drum of water, a LED light, some food, folding cots, Lots of guns and ammo, ass wipe and more guns (I like guns)

          • Dave you are my kind of guy.

            • Im just been practical as a fallout/root cellar has multi purposes like storing food, water, hand tools and potatoes, carrots, beets etc from the garden.

          • Here, they make you fill out paperwork for everything.

            I’ve always wanted an outdoor shed.

            My father built his home with cinderblock filled in with concrete. he always told us he did it that way to keep the house cool. After reading your post, I think I know now why he did it that way.

            My dad was a smart cookie!

      40. PREPPED in CT——

        then you are right in FF county. Good fucking luck with Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk etc etc. right in your backyard. Nowhere is any good in my opinion anyway. Small town or big city…. all have pluses and minuses. Collapse in Argentina, city was not as bad as people here talk…

        get in touch with me if you can…we can talk.

        In the mean time……… blend. Just look as hungry and needy as everyone else might be.

        • You got it! Right in the heart of The Gold Coast.

          Nowhere is good is absolutely correct. My original thought was when we were able to get out, we would head for where I was brought up, which is in northeastern kentucky. Last time I was there I was shown a trailer where the owner was away for a few weeks and drug users had literally torn the outside paneling off the trailer and stripped it to get to the copper wiring that they could sell to buy drugs.

          Meth and alcoholism is bad there too. Not a great place to be when TSHF. I think, even with being so close to NYC, that I am better off here.

          Who am I talking to? I know the nick you use here isn’t “To Mac Slavo”. I assume you are having problems signing in for some reason.

          Sorry…I have trust issues. LOL (laughing at myself, not you)

          • Just think…when those junkies can’t get their drug of choice, SHTF will be an understatement. People will get killed because it might look like they have a rock or pill. Scary stuff.

          • Prepped in CT- you are talking to me. I am just maybe 30 minutes north of you. I aint going anywhere. I know the land too good. I am not far from city but in the woods so to speak.
            The morons in the cities will mostly die off kinda quick I think….. that and they dont have more than pistols, most of em. So to go against rifle would be hard. Also, after a few days they would be hungry.

            But KNOW that there are Crips and Bloods all over FF county, Latin Kings, MS13 and more.
            Too bad we could not email, and get that other person form CT also. Could be fun.
            we could all set up shill email addresses and use that to talk I suppose.

            • PenCRNA is the other one from CT that we have been talking to.

              A shill e-mail is probably good. I’ll sleep on it, and we’ll talk tomorrow.

              Have a good night!

            • I have my shill e-mail set up. I’ll give it to you next time we see each other.

              I havent seen PenCRNA. We will let her know.

        • Would like to talk…lets set it up.

          Thank you!

          • Prepped in CT-

            I will set up an email now, and if I do not see you respond here since this is a few days old now, I will look for oyu elsewhere. Check with Penn CRNA also.

            • I also now have set up a email. Hope to “talk” soon.

      41. Most of the folks I know who are investing in precious metals are buying lead

      42. For any of you out there who are concerned about vaccines and big pharma read Jon Rappaports blog today at no more fake news.

      43. What I don’t see people say a lot, but I have to imagine others feel this way…if things get SO bad that it is literally like living in hell on earth, why would you want to survive that? One answer might be instinct to keep your family/children alive, but what if you don’t have kids? What if your kids die, God forbid? I would not want to “bug out” and live like an animal in the forest, sorry. I understand prepping and attempting to prepare for a short term chaos type situation…but beyond that, I am not prepping a deep woods bug out, I am not creating an arsenal of defense and I am not going to be taken alive to any kind of “fema camp”.

        • “Living like an animal in the forest” sounds like fun. I guess it all comes down to what a person considers the definition of “fun” to be. For outdoorsy types, primitive camping is exciting, challenging, hard-yet-rewarding, and also relaxing. It all has to do with mindset.

          • If I were going to pick a place to die, it would be the Northwoods of Wisconsin where my ancestors lived for thousands of years. I would try to make a go of it, but if I failed and died, I would die being happy I was on ancestral land.

            • LA…agreed…Ive alluded to that here before…my blood is 120% American born from this ground…my Cherokee/Seneca and Scot/Irish ancestors fought the brits in the first war for independence….then the federals in the second one…I expect to fight in the third one defending the land of my nativity from whatever breed of bassturds make up this next batch…if I die I add my blood to the land that’s already soaked with the blood sweat and tears of my forebears….sounds poetic in a sense but I see it as fitting…Ill live free on this ground and Ill die free on this ground and sleep in it till the good Lord calls me back to the land of the living…Im not leaving,Im not conceding one friggin inch to them… good luck in your travels… 🙂

            • A born and raised Wisconsin boy here. I’ve seen a lot of different places in part due to Uncle Sams world travel place, and my own wandering across this country. But there is hard to describe quality of the woods and hills of the state that makes me feel a little more relaxed and at home. Granted the liberals in Mad City and Milwaukee are screwing it up. My kids and their generation will never have it as good as I did. They will not know what it is like to have a wooded area and open fields as a play ground. Lord, thank-you for that gift.

          • Hunter or hunted,
            I think that inner animal instinct and addrenalin take uou to a different place, sorta like rushing big surf!

        • If nothing else, I would want to be a part of rebuilding civilization. That’s why I’m the Archivist. I am archiving all the information that will be needed. Also I’ve learned to do everything I can, such as carpentry, gardening, cooking, etc.

          I don’t plan on bugging out to the woods. I hope to get by until things settle down. I’m good at getting along. As an example, I was once accosted by a gang of “youths” who wanted to beat me up. One of them even had brass knuckles. I was able to talk them out of it by convincing them I wasn’t the one they wanted to fight. I was prepared to hurt them, but I didn’t have to. It might have helped that I was at least a foot taller than any of them.

          Anyway, surviving means you can try to make the world a better place.

          • That’s interesting, Archivist. How are you archiving such that the information will be persistent? Paper, solid state digital, some combination of media? I have enough books in the attic to cause the beams to buckle, and an appreciable number in my office. But all those are just my personal preferences, or they chronicle my interests going back to my juvenilia. They aren’t necessarily humanity’s best and most desirable works.
            BTW, I got attacked as a kid quite a bit because I skipped a grade and was the shrimp. Some of those guys are now Jabba-the-Hutt-looking sorry outfits, or are drug addicts, and many are dead. Strange how the worm turns in life sometimes, isn’t it?

            • I started collecting books back in the 1970s. Used books were dirt cheap back then. Some places even sold them by the pound. I have a few thousand books in hard copy on a lot of topics, including gardening, electronics, carpentry. mechanics, history, philosophy. I have almanacs back to the 1970s and a few as far back as 1825. I have a number of old sets of encyclopedias. You wouldn’t believe how much information has been deleted from encyclopedias over the years. For example, 1970 Britannica has a whole column-length article on Niall of the Nine Hostages. The next full edition, the one with the Micropedia, Macropedia stupidity, had only a couple of paragraphs. And the old books have neat photos and are not PC either. I also have a lot of the classics, such as Plato, Josephus, Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, etc.

              I have 100,000+ digital books. Currently they are stored on multiple hard drives, which get recopied and updated as larger drives come on the market. I would like to put them on solid state drives, but the drives are not large enough yet. It would take 50 or 60 of them to back up everything I have right now, including my movies, TV shows, MP3 files, and uncompressed WAV files of my record collection. I am backing up what I consider the most important to CD. I am printing out a few references, but the price of ink or even toner limits me there. I only use acid-free paper for the printouts. I have found that laser printed documents start sticking together eventually, so I use inkjet for long-term projects. People say the ink will run when wet. I say that if it gets wet, it’s ruined no matter how it’s printed, so I just make sure that my permanent collection is kept safe from water.

              So I keep migrating to new hard drives. I have not lost any files since my first computer back in about 1983. I still have every cassette tape, 8 inch floppy, 5 inch floppy, 3.5 inch floppy, zip drive, and hard drive I have ever owned. So I have copies of everything from 3.5 on back on 3.5 plus they have all been migrated to zip and then to hard drives. All of the oldest stuff has also been copied to multiple CDs and DVDs just in case. The most important files are always kept on two or more separate hard drives, including one set that is kept in foil.

              If there is a collapse and new drives are unavailable, I’ll start printing more of my references. I have stacks of old computers and printers, including dot matrix. I have a supply of ink to reink the printer ribbons.

              Hopefully I can keep the archives intact until a sufficient recovery.

      44. I have quite a significant portfolio in precious metals. and in quite an array of “sizes”.

        Brass and Lead- outperforming all other PM’s since 2008

        You think a round of quality, handloaded .223 won’t be barterable? think again. In a true SHTF scenario, what are you going to do- throw golden or silver eagles at an intruder? bag a deer like that? right. even if i could afford to buy gold or silver- I’d rather take that money and load up another thousand rounds of whatever i have the least of/will use the most of.

      45. “After my reelection I’ll have more flex ability.” Those words are ringing out more and more everyday. That is just the way I see it.


      46. Russian military resumes permanent Arctic presence
        Published time: September 14, 2013 14:51

        The heavy nuclear-powered GM cruiser “Peter the Great” (RIA Novosti/Vitaliy Ankov)
        The Russian Navy’s long-distance cruise in the Subarctic along the Northern Sea Route has become a flagship mission in the region abandoned by the military after the fall of the USSR. Now the once deactivated infrastructure will resume operation.
        On Saturday, Russia’s Defense Ministry officially announced return of Russia’s military to the Subarctic region. The statement was made to mark the arrival of a task group of 10 warships and support vessels to the western coast of Kotelny Island in the Novosibirsk (New Siberian Islands) Archipelago.
        The task group is headed by Russia’s most powerful battleship and the flagship of the Northern Fleet, cruiser Peter the Great (Pyotr Veliky). The group is accompanied by four nuclear icebreakers facilitating the passage through areas with particularly thick ice.
        “For the first time ever, all Russia’s nuclear surface ships – heavy nuclear missile cruiser Peter the Great and nuclear icebreakers Yamal, Vaigach, Taimyr and 50 Let Pobedy, were combined to perform a joint task,” Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov told journalists Friday.
        The task group left the port of Severomorsk and has already covered 2,000 nautical miles, crossing the Barents, Kara and Laptev seas.

        “We have come, or rather permanently returned, to where we belong, because it is originally Russian land,” said Army General Arkady Bakhin, Russia’s First Defense Minister.
        On Saturday Commander Chirkov told reporters that another group of vessels belonging to the hydrographic service of the Northern Fleet has reached the northernmost coast of the Rudolf Island in the Frantz Josef Land Archipelago and landed there. Later, this group of ships is also expected to call on the Novaya Zemlya Archipelago.
        “The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will fully implement the task of permanent military presence in the Arctic to secure the legal access of the country to resources and spaces of this region. This will be a constant presence,” Chirkov said.
        For Russia, this is only the beginning of improvement of the entire route of the Northern Sea Route and the adjacent Arctic zone, Bakhin said. Even though the task is immense, Russia has the equipment and trained personnel to attain its goals in the Arctic, he said.

        Bakhin said that Temp military airfield on Kotelny Island that was inactive for over 20 years will become operable in October, as An-72 and An-74 cargo planes will land there, bringing instruments and supplies for the reactivated Air Force base. In the near future the airstrip will be modified to be able to receive heavy cargo planes such as Il-76 and An-22 Antey military jumbos. This will speed up reestablishing Russia’s military presence in the Arctic region, as the air connection will be regular, all-weather and all year around.
        The Temp military airfield will become the Russian Air Force’s main logistical hub in the region and will be thoroughly modernized, Bakhin said. In the first place this means using special material for the airstrip that will have to withstand most severe conditions and extremely low temperatures of the polar waters.
        “We must reestablish Arctic aviation and infrastructure, both on the mainland and the islands,” Bakhin said.
        In 2012, the Peter the Great cruiser, with a group of Russia’s Northern Fleet battleships, visited these waters and performed its first beach landing on Kotelny Island.

        • Yes, the Northwest Passage has melted open, cutting thousands of miles off ship passages in the Northern Hemisphere. Most of the length is either Russian or Canadian, both nations are putting naval units there.

      47. In a conversation at work yesterday, some of the other nurses were talking about obamacare and the jobs situation. How its only going to get worse, and how terribly folks they know are doing. They were speaking of how college grads couldn’t find jobs, when they did are not getting enough hours to pay rent, get a car to drive, etc.

        I tossed out the concept of Agenda 21. They had no clue what I was speaking of. So I told them to google it, that it was a UN agenda for globalization of the worlds populace, and that through legislation our government is slowly but surely forcing us down that path. I have to say that until I stumbled on this site last December, I had never heard of it. No matter how much I want to I can’t deny it is happening. I started reading the actual UN PDF document recently. It makes me rabid to think how they are using women to promote their agenda. Like they think we are all freaking stupid bleeding heart unwed-baby momma poor mouthers. Well NWO, this woman has a mind and can think for herself. Don’t underestimate me!

        • Howdy, PENCRNA. Kudos to you for being independent-minded. Isn’t it wonderful to have critical thinking skills and not be brainwashed by anyone? It is tragic what feminism has done to the minds of American women. On Agenda 21, I’ve also researched that and it will be horrific if it’s implemented. There’s no way I’ll ever live in something the size of a shoebox. My message to the NWO has always been the same as yours. best wishes. braveheart

        • …whats that ole saw about “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”…the NWO has indeed attacked womanhood and tried to make it into nothing…to make women feel useless and inferior…that’s one of the reasons I hate islam and most of these simular systems because women are treated like chattels like lesser beings instead of beings who are half of the family of man…the better half methinks in many cases…aint nothing weak about a riled up American momma…NWO… you have been warned…glad youre on our side! 🙂

      48. @ Them Guys. Remember the Flintstones cartoon? In one episode the Flintstons went into the future and one of the stop overs was modern day. Fred ask for 4 bronto burgers and the guy frying up the hamburgers at the concessions stand laughs and says that will be 2 rocks. Fred gives him 2 rocks. The guy says a joke is a joke and he asks for 2 dollars, and Fred tells him that is good Bedrock currency. The guy calls the police and they run off and the police give chase.

        ANYTHING can be considered currency as long as people will use it for transactions between each other. The common U.S. dollar will has the words, “this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private”. This is printed on a piece of cloth, yet it is used to purchase everything from a pack of gum to a yacht because it has something that backs it up and says it has worth. In reality the piece of cloth is worth the same or less than toilet paper. You can make something the has value behind it like copper, silver, gold or other metal and put a value to it, but that would mean that the U.S. dollar is strong enough to do so.

        Even if people continue to use the U.S. dollar this cannot continue if the U.S. dollar becomes almost as worthless as Bedrock currency because there is nothing to back it up. What besides oil backs up the U.S. dollar? As I said maybe the agriculture industry, that right now the government pays farmers NOT to produce too much. If you were a country would you trust a loan to the U.S. now? How about after the oil dollar is a basket of currency?

        Just like when loan sharks give extremely desperate people loans at out of the world interest rates, the same goes true with the U.S, to a lesser degree because of all the money owed and because the country is in a downward swing. Another huge reason for lack of trust in the U.S. is the ever increasing number of dependents that come under the word entitlements. The U.S. right now is a bad risk, and when OPEC and other figure out there is much more safety in a basket currency or some OPEC dollar, the U.S. will become an awful risk.

        All of this means an economic death spasms. At one point the U.S. could have money that has fallen to the level of a peso in the 1980’s and 1990’s. I know many places that sell precious metals write articles about the demise of the U.S. dollar, but most of these are true though. If the U.S. was a person with that much owed in comparison and continuing to build up that much more owed, they would be going to jail right now. Cloth money with words, numbers, symbols, and picures on it as worthless as the plastic credit cards that people have become attached to like the implants that they will be getting after martial law takes over. Nice future for everyone, thanks BO, congress, and baboon helicopter ben for pushing the country over the edge. .

      49. USGS Signals
        It will not be a lack of information from the USGS that will be the point of confusion during the earthquakes leading up to the New Madrid adjustment, it will be knowing which quake is the BIG one vs the many minor quakes preceding it. The USGS downgrades almost all earthquakes, to prevent meaningful statistics from being generated from their databases. They also exclude quakes whenever they can, but this is unlikely to happen in the New Madrid area as it is in the center of a populated land mass. Thus you will have magnitude 6 quakes that will be called a 5.2, magnitude 7 quakes called a 6.1, and when a magnitude 8 or greater quake occurs, it will be called a 6.9.

        We would advise that rather than watching the USGS quake statistics, that you watch the adjustment that will incite the European tsunami will involve bridges on the Mississippi breaking, and being impassable. The land to the west of the Mississippi will drop so that the Mississippi will become 50 miles wide in the state of Mississippi. Watch for this. The New Madrid adjustment will be several large quakes of magnitude 8-9, though will be listed as a lesser magnitude. As the N American continent continues to unzip up to and along the Seaway, the quakes will be less than a magnitude 8 but very destructive to Cleveland and Toledo and Buffalo and the inland locks along the Seaway. Thus it is not what the USGS says that should be watched, but the condition of the bridges on the Mississippi, the impact on the cities along the Seaway, and whether the inland locks are reported as inoperable.

        • I’m assuming this info is from Zetatalk correct?

          • The Navy had a map showing this in the mid 1970’s

      50. As both sides of the New Madrid Fault Line are pulled in opposite directions, the entire fault line operates as a slip-slide fault line. In that the land just to the west of the Mississippi River moves the greatest distance, to ease the pressure on the bow currently formed by the N American continent, this creates a void, a stretch zone void, causing the land there to drop, as we have explained. This is the region currently experiencing precursor earthquakes, the region considered the New Madrid region. But the movement is not yet happening, the void not yet being created. Instead, occasional slight slip-slide adjustments are being made, deep within the rock strata, causing minor quake swarms or sympathetic jolts in neighboring areas. The rock fingers are slipping, but not losing their grip.

        When the plate tearing starts in earnest, these slip-slide jolts will be huge, and rise up to the magnitude 8-9 range, as we have stated. These quakes will ride up to the bend in the fault line just south of Lake Michigan. Earthquake damage is primarily done when the rock close to the surface is affected, as is known by man. The quality of the rock along the fault line thus affects the shaking and resulting damage to the surface. A glance at a map of the rock along the Mississippi at Arkansas and Missouri is younger, laid down by sediment, and tends to fracture broadly, thus relaying earthquake jolts over a vast area. Broad fractures also cause post quake adjustments, so the quake includes rock shuffling, all of which translates to a larger magnitude for the area. Thus, the worst of the New Madrid adjustment will be felt in this area.

        The rock strata that hold Illinois and Indiana is older, and more solid. Fracturing of the rock tends to be a single jolt, not the multiple ricocheting jolts that magnify any adjustment in the rock strata experienced by the rock strata in Arkansas and Missouri. The magnitude will still be considered high, perhaps an 8, but the shaking will not last as long, and the damage therefore not as great. Were the bend in the fault line just south of Lake Michigan not at a point where the southeastern part of the US is dropping away from the Seaway, the damage along the Seaway would be much greater. The Equator is expanding in the center of the Atlantic, and has already, by this time, ripped open between S America and Africa. The southeast thus drops toward this void, relieving pressure and friction along the slip-slide in the fault line as it runs under the Seaway.

        By the time the New Madrid adjustment reaches the bend, land to the west of the Mississippi has already dropped, pulled away, but this actually puts more pressure on the fault line as it runs under Michigan. This holds, momentarily, while the southeast starts to drop toward the Atlantic Rift, and then pulls apart sharply. Here, beneath Michigan, the jolts will also not last for long, and will also be considered up to magnitude 8. The fault line thence along the Seaway will unzip, along rock strata borders already established. Where stretch zones such as this normally have adjustments that are basically silent, they do much damage. The unzipping creates crevasses and landslides and sinkholes, and when this occurs under cities is devastating. The quakes will be considered much less than magnitude 8 but the damage will be greater, with consequent lost of life and infrastructure. A building that has collapsed because of a large jolt is no different than one that has collapsed because the ground beneath it sank.
        As is known, there is a fault line running up along the East Coast of the US that attaches to the New Madrid fault line in the Gulf. Both fault lines touch there, in the Gulf, and when the New Madrid adjusts there is a sympathetic adjustment up along this fault line. During the last New Madrid adjustment, church bells rang in Boston and cracks appeared in buildings in Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. These changes are caused by earthquakes equivalent to a magnitude 4-5 or less, not serious.

      51. San Andreas Fault

        The New Madrid adjustment will affect so much area, in a domino manner, that it will not be a single large quake, but a series, separated by weeks and months. The primary adjustment will be within days, after shocks for weeks, but months later still, adjustments. Then, there will be a bow from San Diego out to Arizona. When this bow, which forces Mexico too far to the West for the comfort of the West Coast, adjusts, it will be a slip-slide adjustment of the San Andreas and related fault lines up the coast.

        After the New Madrid adjusts the West Coast adjusts. All the fault lines closely watched on the West Coast will adjust, the volcanoes nervously watched will erupt, and certainly the waters off the coast will be choppy if not generating some minor tsunami during the plate adjustments.

        European tsunami will happen almost instantly after the New Madrid adjusts. Other than indicate that a slip-side adjustment along the San Andreas will occur after this New Madrid. Great quakes, such as magnitude 9, should not be expected, but eruptions in the West Coast volcanoes should be anticipated. A slip-slide fault line usually does not move all at once, but in a domino fashion, a bit here, a bit there.

      52. San Andreas Slide

        The San Andreas Fault line runs up through California and thence out into the Pacific. This is a slip-slide zone through California, so that mountain building occurs on both sides of the San Andreas Fault. Why would this be so, when the Pacific compresses greatly? There are points out in the Pacific, which is not one plate but at least four, that give more readily, thus sparing California from immediate subduction trauma. Yet the plates pushing under the West Coast of N America do cause mountain building all the way to the Continental Divide. How can this seeming contradiction exist? Plates are composed of layers of rock, a fact to which we have often alluded. These layers can pull apart to create a thinner crust in those parts of the globe that are in the stretch zone, thus causing those regions to drop in elevation, to sag.

        Where the various rock layers find they meet a barrier, but some of the rock layers (perhaps the surface layers) have more resistance than the deeper layers, sliding of these layers can occur. This is a deep adjustment within the plate, which like a stack of papers finds it is still just as thick, though parts of the stack have shifted to this or that side. This is occurring in California. The top layers of the Pacific Plate pushing under the West Coast scrape off and rumple, creating the coastal mountains while the deeper layers proceed to push under all the way to the Continental Divide. This process will continue to occur during the pole shift, and thus there will be rumpling along the coastal mountains from San Diego to Monterey, though this new rumpling will occur at a deep level and not likely toss those on the surface about. There will be an elevation increase of perhaps 57 feet for this region.
        For northern California there is a similar rise in elevation but higher, perhaps to 92 feet. The San Francisco Bay area will notice this, as the rivers emptying into the Bay will become a waterfall at their joint outlet. However, as the oceans rise 675 feet within two years after the shift, this too will be covered in water. This rise in elevation does not continue beyond northern California, as the Juan de Fuca Plate absorbs any pressure from the push of the Pacific Plate. Thus the elevation rise for Oregon and Washington is not expected to be more than 25-30 feet. We have stated that Vancouver Island will get an increase of 100 feet and travel 100 miles further north from the Canadian coastline due to the fracturing of the Juan de Fuca and N American plates at this point. The tiny Explorer Plate is an indication of this. The San Andreas slip-slide will drag Vancouver Island along, and rumple this up to 100 feet above where it is today.

      53. A Colorado disaster scenario coming to a neighborhood near you! Get prepared. And stay prepared! Shelter in as much as possible so you may foresake displacement.

      54. To Mac Slavo and The Lone Ranger: I like the links/info you are providing. I’m not one to instantly believe everything I read, but you both certainly provide food for thought and the info is an interesting read. Even though your viewpoints appear to be different in some regards, I do appreciate your passion on this topic. Thank you for sharing 🙂

      55. We are so fucked!

        • AMEN!

        • Finally, some accurate politician “speak”. Still waiting for the day when Obama stands at the “liars podium” and simply repeats: “My fellow Americans, due to my unquestionable treason and that of this congress…WE ARE SO FUCKED!” (The ZIONIST CHURCH OF SATAN MADE ME DO IT. RIP FLIP WILSON)

          UNFORTUNATELY, that pronouncement will probably follow the coming “pseudo flag”. Too little too late, yes. Nice to hear before the final battle, yes. Everything in proper perspective…had the “semi-black messiah” been exposed and deposed from the beginning, who knows at what point on the “timeline” WE would now occupy.


        • C’mon Ted K., you made it up to the surface when the car when over the railing. It was meant to be!

      56. Hey Lone Ranger, I gave you a thumbs up. I think you are sincere and believe what you posted. I have been labeled a nut case back in the eighties when I attended the world wide church of god under Herbert Armstrong. It was the first time a church was able to answer all my questions I still believe the majority of what they taught back then. I still believe the sabbath is on Saturday and don’t eat unclean food etc. We Christians hold onto what we believe no matter how much people make fun of us or ridicule us. I am still struggling with my role In these end days. I have prayed about it. I have tried to go back to my church, called united church of god at this time however I just don’t fit In. They are some of the best people I ever associated with. I have been sick now for three weeks. I question whether that is my father in heaven telling me to chill out because he will watch out for me when the time comes. All I know for sure, if shtf today I could not care for myself or family due to being sick. I haven’t talked to anyone bout this. It feels good just to get it off my chest. God bless. Keep the faith

        • Is that denomination still intact? I never belonged to that group but my step-uncle was one of their pastors in CA.

      57. Are 90% of the population living in fantasy land. Maybe not. A parcel service that delivers to me was asking some evasive questions. Finally I had to ask whats the ? It seams he ID’s shipping address and asks me prepper questions. New at this? Hmmm. Scary. Anyone else had this happen top them. The shipper is probably known to everyone on this blog.

        • When I placed a 800+ pound grain-n-provision order, the FedEx delivery guy asked me if I was Apostolic Christian and why I ordered all that stuff. (It was plain to see most of the order as each bucket was marked, stacked on a pallet, and clear shrink wrapped). I asked why he was questioning my order and he told me, “You look Apostolic” and then asked again why I ordered the stuff. Not expecting this sort of questioning, I just said I do a lot of baking and don’t like to run out. The whole thing made me feel uncomfortable.

          • Now that you brought this up, mike prince, I am curious to see if others have had questioning, as well. I haven’t placed a large order since. I’d really like to order a couple 320 gallon reservoirs to supplement my 55-gallon drums, but can only imagine the questions that might stir up.

            • Leslie Anne,

              When I get large orders the boxes and buckets go from the semi directly into the back of my pick-up with topper. If there is any question I tell them that its basic cooking staples for area church kitchens. The large water storage containers are also for the church. I haven’t had the same driver yet. they don’t even bat an eye…


              • If you had to bug out how much of those large orders could you take with you? If you had to leave on foot how much could you carry on your person? If you has to leave your home in the winter how could you stay dry & warm?

                • I don’t want to be a refugee. My reaction would be based on what the emergency was. I have no fear of death (although I can think of some awful ways of dying that are unpleasant and scary). My first choice is always to shelter in place. If that’s impossible, then it’s time for special prayer for wisdom regarding what to do. A person can only carry so much and can only do so much.

                • old guy,
                  we’re staying put. like Velcro. No ifs, ands, or Monkey butts… like glue… too old to run and hide… we’re the ones that stay behind and lay ground cover..

                  It Is What It Is……


                  • I agree BackSpace. I’m single and in my 50’s. There is not a lot of running or carrying large amounts of preps in my future. Sometimes people just die. Besides, a totally fit person with caches and a bug out plan could trip, fall, break a leg and they won’t be going anywhere either. Life is unpredictable and while a person can plan–until you know what the emergency is–there are too many variables to be able to say what is the best move. You have to just prep the best you can and pray for wisdom should the situation appear impossible.

                  • Respect

              • Thank you, BackSpace…that is a great comeback for snoopy delivery guys.

              • Thank you, BackSpace…that is a great comeback for snoopy delivery guys.

            • Leslie Anne,
              I do have the same UPS driver most of the time. He has never asked any questions, but he has delivered a good bit of ammo that clearly says “ORM-D” (Other Regulated Materials – Domestic) “Small Arms Cartridges”. He’s cordial when I meet him. It might raise eyebrows, I don’t know, but we have a rifle range within walking distance of my house and LOTS of people around here use it. Including myself.

            • Leslie Anne,

              I mentioned this to someone on an earlier post, may have been to you, if so, sorry for the repeat. on Craigs list you can find 275 gallon food grade containers on a pallet with wire support ‘cage’ down south they are cheap here in New England they run $165 or so. No delivery guys.

              Also, there was an article on drudge a while back about DHS ‘asking’ major freight/delivery haulers to ask questions and report back suspicious activity. Just saying. I will look for an article and a link.

              • My bad…it is supposedly only about mail order pharmaceutical ….my @$$….www dot wnd dot com/2013/03/now-big-brother-targets-your-fedex-ups-packages/

                • Thank you for the info. As a side note, the DHS probably is doing that. It would come as more of a surprise if they are not. What a time we live in.

              • Guy in Windsor has em for 125… check CL

      58. What?, and for this whole thread Durango (Krugman) Kidd didn’t tell us all how the economy is lookin’ up?
        What gives?
        I mean, durable goods orders might be down, but what’s that matter if easy money/no money down car loans are up!?

        Focus on wHAt matters, right?

        Yeesh, housing prices in places like Phoenix are rising, so That Must Be a ‘good thing’, right? The two things that take little Or No money down are rocking, aren’t you excited?

        I’m sure everyone who took out a mortgage to get a house are Very happy their property taxes are going Up!?. That won’t affect their Dreamtime joy-ride in the least. Right?

        Whew, and just ignore the increases in the utility bills, will ya? That’s Only in Some places they went Up a shitload. Anyway, wHAt could possibly make them go higher?

        The fact that many (or most?) employers are switching their full time employees over to part time won’t affect anyone’s ability to pay their mortgage or student loan bills, no sir E.

        If a person is lucky they can ignore the fact that many college graduates today are stuck with only minimum wage jobs. The other chumps can just tell themselves how a former mortgage broker told them it was a Great Idea to get a student loan, and a mortgage too. Brilliant even. It’s happy-go-lucky time all around.

        I’m sure people can just ignore the charts showing the growing unemployment rate of college graduates, and scoff at the words of ‘Housing Analyst’ over at TheHousingBubbleBlog who says house prices are 250% over priced. Who The Hell Cares, right?
        And WHY should anyone worry that, The Next Real Estate Bubble Is Already Underway?

        E-Gads, can’t people understand that a good economy is built on part time employment for all? And who needs doctors, anyway, PsFt, who cares if they are fleeing the practice?

        Oh, and everyone should just ignore the fact that the nations largest bank, J.P. Morgan, just said it would stop dealing in student loans. No, pay no attention to the fact that the reason they give is The Exact Same Reasoning They Gave When The Housing Bubble Busted in 2007. That has absolutely no meaning or relevance what-so-ever.
        Just forget about how that’s going to affect colleges and universities (on top of the Obomatron death ray from Obamacare resulting in lower hours) who cares, right?

        Yep, just listen to guys like Durango (Krugman) Kidd when he tells you that you have nothing to worry about and all you need to do is change the head of the snake and it won’t eat you.

        Vote! Vote! Vote! Because it Will change things. The same way the kick from one mafia thug changes and feels “different” when the other mafia thug kicks you from the other side.

        This time, it really is different! Yay! Go team Go! Suck the life out of the economy and we’ll all be better than… umm.

        Anyway, ‘engage’ is the word alright, engage your ability to work without involving the bastard overlords, and ignore them the best that you can.

        • Well said Clark.

        • Love you, Clark.

        • Clark: DK is always slammin’ me (has to pick on someone to feel big}why? I’m encouraging others to form small close knit groups and prep. interact w/ like minded people as America has been conquered by the Elite, as many in the know agree.. Factories gone, middle cl jobs gone, econ. a farce, out of control borders, more on gov dole outs. If he is so smart than why doesn’t he “fix everything?” He is a neutralizer, chasing rabbits. Patriots encourage others to prep. and interact in their community, not chase rabbits. DK like many, just doesn’t see the whole agenda of the Elite, as other rabbit chasers like the JBS, eagle forum, Heritage fnd, other neo con groups.

      59. just try to imagine over 50 million “snitches” all hungry, all needy, all having been abruptly disconnected from the .gov teat being told that all they have to do to obtain minimal sustenence is point out the non-conformists, the self-reliant, the “patriots”… of course, the vast majority of these will be in the major metropolitan areas of our vast nation but how long will it really take for them to exhaust their efforts within the cities and turn to the rural, outlying areas…??

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst

        Prepping Preacher III

      60. People; do you really want to get TPTB attention. Here is how STOP DOING THESE THINGS:
        No more TEXTING about the Government on your Phones.
        No more TALKING about the Government on your PHONES.
        No more POSTING on WEB SITES like these or any for that matter of fact. (Sorry Mac)
        They monitor everything, so stop and when it all goes silent; they will get worried very quickly. As long as we key-board, text and talk they know we will do nothing, but stop all of it and watch and see what happens soon. We need to give them something to think about and worry. Yes I know that it will never happen. SILENCE IS A VERY POWERFUL TOOL!


      61. No matter how secure your stronghold might be. If man built it man can destroy it. The Crusaders built self sustaining compounds inside of castle walls. the equivalent of modern day bunkers and preps. The Invading armies laid siege. If they neared the castle walls arrows came raining down or boiling oil was poured on them. So they cut down all the trees except for the olive trees. They made turtles out of the wood. They stayed under the cover of the turtles and tunneled under the castles. those tunnel,s where stuffed full of the brush and small timber. then they set it on fire and slow cooked the castles inhabitants. Your bunkers and preps wont save you. You are gonna have to b mobile. The very good expierenced fighter,s holed up in the Alamo where quickly routed by the Mexican army. Sam Houstion beat Santa Anna by running and constantly moving. He wore the superior force out by simply letting them chase after him. Those who bug in all probability will eventually succumb to the folks who want their preps. Even with a sizable group of trusted skilled allies those who prep to bug in place are targrets. Its gonna be a struggle(fight to the death) between the very small number of prepared haves and the large number of sheeple NWO Fema have nots. Im simply giving a contrairy opinion to maybe get some folks to realize they better have a plan B. If you make multiple small cashe of preps in places only accessible by foot and can flee at a moments notice your chances might be much better.

        • Well, putting being overtaken and killed for my preps aside…it is rather humorous to think of the hoard then opening a 6-gallon bucket of spelt, dried beans, etc and not knowing what the heck it is or what to do to make it more edible. I make almost everything from scratch, so they’re definitely not going to find canned soup, granola bars, cereal, or other easily recognizable foods at my place. I hope they enjoy delicacies like freeze-dried green peppers with hard red wheat straight from the bucket.

          • Leslie Anne,

            Your stock pile sounds like mine. LOL.. go ahead bust a tooth on that..

            mmmm, spellltttt…


            • I agree with you on the spelt…mmmspeltmmm
              One time I was grinding wheat to make pancakes and when they were hot and on the plate they were the best ever and I then looked over to the preparation counter and realized I accidentally grabbed the jar of spelt instead of the wheat. Now I grind either spelt or buckwheat flour for pancakes.

        • I do appreciate your contrary opinion, old guy. Some people just aren’t able to implement it due to age, health, or other factors. It’s still good you put it out there so people can give it some thought and modify their planning, if able.

          • Dont worry too much about “roving groups of vermin”. It takes food, gas, guns, ammo, and energy to attack someones home who happens to be armed. Nobody wants to be the first to rush in and get drilled with lead. I wish you would stop trying to buy those white POC water containers that grow alge in a week and go to a farm supply store and buy the black or green ones. Same Price, can withstand freezing and sunlight, and doesnt grow alge. They come in sizes from 55 gallons, 200,400, 500, 1000, 1400 etc.

            • To Dave in ID: Do you recommend those farm containers over the blue barrels and blue reservoirs offered by Emergency Essentials? (be I haven’t had algae issues with those. I’m always open to helpful suggestions. The reason I like their new reservoirs is because I’m getting older and those spigots look easier to use for either getting at the water or for emptying and rotating the water. Siphoning water from those 55-gallon barrels is a hassle every three years. The spigot looks so handy…attach a hose, run it to the basement drain, and walk away for awhile.

              • If you have a filtering device, don’t rotate.
                I have (20) 30 gallon drums filled since 2011 with water in the garage.
                They are NOT getting rotated–they are still pristine clean and will be filtered with a Berkey and when emptied, used to catch rainwater.
                Yes, I have extra filters and an extra spigot.

              • If you dont like to spend more $$$ then the farm outlet is the way to go. the 800 gal Tank is about 500$ in my area. They have a threaded bulkhead fitting that you bush down and screw in a valve or spigot. The blue barrels are OK. Its the white ones you have to stay away from, and the food grade containers in the caged pallets are not designed for sunlight and temp swings they will get brittle and crack. We had them at my work and I got a few. The following year I was hauling them to the dump.

            • One fact we cant deny. If you have food electricity shelter ect. you will be one of the lucky few. That fact will make you a target for those have nots. Even the goverment authorities be they local – federal or UN will want to take your preps and redistribute them. If your healthy (think young beautiful females) or have special skill,s they might want to capture and enslave you. In Texas there was a roving band of comanchie injuns that traveled killing burning & raping all the way to the Pacific. No matter who you are and what your defence, I could fugure a way to breach your stronghold. Did you ever see a RC airplane. I could rig a bomb on one and crash it kamakazi style. Or small gas air balloons. Or maybe a concrete & steel reinforced bulldozer like that disgruntled mad man used to destroy the structure,s of his adversarie. No enclave- bunker- compound or neighborhood ect is entirely safe. there are no inpenetrable strongholds. Yes indeed folks will attack someones home who happens to be armed. It commonly occurs today its called home invasions. those druggies will do anything to get their fix. after SHTF take the fact that their starving and zombified to the point that they don’t care whether they live or die and they will attack anything. If you can be mobile and hide for 60 days they will be much reduced in numbers. You cannott hide in your home. If you can detect it from google earth its not hidden.



        • Plan B as well as Plan A is be ready to meet your maker first, and destroy your prep’s in place before they are taken.

      62. For years, Mac Slavo has been using his web site as a public service to encourage people to prepare. Unfortunately, judging by sheeples’ comments, too many are still clueless and making excuses or relying on the supernatural.

        If you want to understand why the Federal Reserve Note (FeRN) will inevitably collapse, relegating the Untied State to third world status, Dr. Jim Willie of provides a good synopsis:

        Here’s a couple more recent, very informative articles:

        To get/stay informed, read the No.1 financial blog, and also InfoWars daily.

        As Mac correctly warned in his old logo, “When the $#!+ hits the fan, don’t say we didn’t warn you.” I will add, “Do not plan on coming to my compound, starving kids in tow, begging for a cup of rice, since I will be forced to run you off at gunpoint, with tears in my eyes.”

        • Burticus:

          Thank you for your link to market oracle. Awesome!

        • And come to your compound they will. and they will rout you and take everything including your life.

          • In the scenario you describe, old guy, I’m fortunate I have no fear of death. I would start praying and ask for it to be a quick one. Dying is fine, it’s the manner of death that gives pause.

            • Hard to cover all the bases when you have a vast amount of people that may do you harm. The question as to stay or go is an individual call. Your surroundings dictate a large portion of the decision. Even if you had a BOL doesn’t mean it will be there. Doesn’t mean you will get there. Things happen fast.
              There was an interesting point made about invaders using a car to smash into your home to gain access. A counter measure is to install you own portable speed bumps. Which can be 4x4x8 posts or longer on the street or driveway. You can spike/bolt (Predrill holes) them into asphault so they are stationary and angled to force tuning. Then be able to throw enough lead to disable engine or tires.

          • @ Old Guy….Who is they? How many is they? How well armed is they? How many of they do we have to kill before they quit? How experienced is they in fighting? I am not defeated until THEY kill me.

            • They are anyone who wants anything you might have.

            • Dave in ID:

              We can only keep asking, WHO THE HELL IS THEY AND THEM?

      63. This guy knows his shit:V – The Guerrilla Economist Updates
        Alert: Petro-Dollar Survival: BRICS, Syria, Russia, Europe and the Recent Metals Beat Down

        Before I begin this latest alert I want to make a few things clear to the readers. Firstly, what is happening in “Main Streets” or the public at large is not indicative of what is occurring with the Banksters and their appartchiks running the central banks. That being said I want to highlight what I have said weeks and even months ago and that is the warning about one more metals beat down which will occur and which will be the final sign before the screws are placed tightly on the coffin of the American pipe dream called an economy.

        The question becomes where is this suppression coming from? Or better yet what is the underlying stratagem that is currently seeing a Precious Metals (PM) price drop? I will go ahead and highlight this for you, remember what a population/general public does and what it’s government/financial institutions do are two different things. With that being said I will say that the reason of this current metals manipulation is none other than INDIA. I recommend all of you to go back and read my alert on August 28 titled “The Implosion Has Begun But NOT Yet” in there I detailed the take down of India from financial insiders thus hobbling the BRICS and the formation of the IMF rival bank.

        Folks be not deceived what we are witnessing here is the very apparatus of the petro-dollar peddlers that are now on a full scale war against any and all rivals. First to fall were the Gadhafi tied African nations that dared to have a gold backed Dinar that will trade against the dollar for petroleum commerce preeminence. We all saw what happened to poor old Mommar. The next card to topple was a Egypt where a disgruntled employee of Globalism Inc. Hosni Mubarak was removed, a fanatical regime was put in his place and on began the “Arab Spring” that is turning into the Arab Nuclear Winter.

        Which brings us to the topic of the Syria. Again for readers please re-read my past alert August 25th “Why Syria?” for an in depth look into this conflict. The pressure on Syria has everything to do with pipelines and nothing to do with spreading “democracy” ( a communist catchphrase) and freedom ( a euphemism) It has to do with the control of the flow of natural gas into the European markets, a very lucrative deal indeed so much so that over a quarter of Russian GDP comes from Euro-pipeline deals.

        Now follow closely, the US is trying to take out its rivals. It has taken out the African nations, now the Arab nations that are not cronies of the petro dollar system are in the throws of conflict. Folks right now the BRICS nations are the biggest target of the banksters. Russia is being targeted via Syria, which if it loses to the US/Western backed forces, they will see a significant economic downturn that will undo much of the growth and prosperity that nation has enjoyed. Brazil is in the process of an economic downturn as many protest even the slightest rise in goods and services. The South African economy has taken multiple hits as it’s mining industry where much of the gold comes from is being hamstrung by labor issues manipulated by outside forces. This leaves India whose currency is in collapse. I feel strongly that Abenomics/ the Japanese induced currency war ordered by the US banking interests, was designed to put pressure on China and Indian currencies. Folks do you see the picture every member of the BRICS is facing overt or covert trouble and pressure.

        The recent gold beat down is nothing more than the Indians who are NOW willing to lease out 200 tons of gold that they have bought from the IMF. The idiots in Indian government purchased this amount back in 2009 from the IMF. Of course there was no real transfer of the metals into Indian vaults. It was just a book entry, the actual physical is being held at the NY Fed/JPM vault. In other words the Indians bought gold from the IMF that did not exist, which is also the same gold that is being loaned out to over 60 entities currently, it is this imaginary gold that the Indians want to “loan” out to as they play Bullion Bank to sell Gold for Dollars!!!!! Who has this sort of power to put a boot to the neck of the Indians and making them scream “Ghandi-Gee!!!” Who but the Anglo-American banking cartel?

        Folks this temporary beat down of gold shall bring it’s price into the $1180-$1270 oz range for the short time. This will not last, even though the Indian government are staffed by docile idiots, the public is continuing to buy at an alarming rate. China still continues to buy precious metals at a rapid clip as well. The Russians as well, they (China & Russia) are being poised and primed to get ready for a dollar take down. See folks, as the US attacks the BRICS using weapons of economic ensnarement, China and Russia will counter act by selling even more US treasury notes. Making the once vaunted and now liable and troublesome US dollar a relic of the fiat past.

        Look for a gold to drop to the range that I stated above, look for silver to drop to the $18-$20 oz range and look for the dollar to go up. Again this is for the VERY SHORT Term. You can not run these tactics in the face of a dwindling supply. This is a last ditch play by the banksters, a hail mary since the Syria invasion blew up in their face. Time is short and conflict is soon and coming.

        Beneficium Accipere Libertatem est Vendere
        To accept a favor is to sell freedom

        Sep 13, 2013

        • Thank you for sharing. There are so many scenarios and predictions out there and so many players on the world stage plotting their next move I believe it’s still rather unpredictable. However, one thing that is easy to predict is all of us regular folks will get caught in the crossfire and will have unpleasant challenges in life as time moves forward. It’s sad. Most people want to live their lives in peace…go to work, raise their family, save a bit, have some fun money…and then there are those in power who view us as expendable.

          • Indio: Funny that expert guy mentions most every nation, and its players. Yet the central insider nation and Its players, israel, he forgot to name.

            Then he names “Anglo-Americans Banksters” which to all uninformed folks will Lead them to form a mental picture of white brit and american banksters.

            Funny he too Fails to make mention of the Vast Zionists/jewish influences that are the True controlers not just of the “Banks” but also Both Brit and usa Fed govnts and entire worldwide Medias in every format.

            IMHO all so called experts who refuse to name those entities, aka zios etc are not telling folks the entire truth. I consider 1/2 truth as bad or worse sometimes than outright lies or false info.

            And it should by now, today, be apparent to all folks who even pay a small atten to whats going on everywheres that unless and Untill many more writers like that guy begin to Out the final puzzle piece of the Full story and include and name culprits like I am doing here.

            Then we will never see any real counter to the evils going down, especially in the usa.

            That Failure to Name and Out the True top controlers etc is akin to a person calling the “ORKIN” man Bug exterminator co. And asking them to send over a bug killer to deal with an infestation.

            Yet the ORKIN Bug exterminator wont have a clue what to bring to acomplish the job to get rid of the Bugs, if the homeowner refuses to state What type Bug is the Main problem.

            Just as folks have zero Fear to name a Cockroach or Rat as a Pest in dire need of eradication…

            It is High time folks LOSE all Fears of naming and outing the true Human-Rats and cockroaches that so infest every major nations control apperatus. And Especially the rats and bugs so deeply infested into every form of mass communications like newspapers and TV/Radio MSM’s.

            I will continue to pray every day that folks everywheres reject Fear of being called stupid harmless vile names like rassis or nazi antisemitic or hate monger, and begin to fearlessly and Openly out those truly evil perpetrators regardless of what race or religious persuasion they may be attached to or from.

            Good article otherwise, lots good info there!

            • He does mention them, just not in this article. He does a very good job at doing it. Also when he says “Anglo Americans Banksters” that’s exactly who is behind this. They are all the same only they have different labels to different people. They are everywhere and all are working in conjunction with each other and he mentions the Anglos here because they are part of the problem too! You can’t separate them from each, they are all working on the same team to bring darkness and evil to all of us. We should know who our enemy is and be able to defend ourselves from them. We cannot accept them because they look like us, they are just as evil and their intentions are the same as any other evil that is present in our world right now. Evil is evil, whether it comes from a Zionist or an Anglo. God is light and in him there is no darkness.

              • Thats good if he mentions them also Indio. I call all those others the non jewish ones, Enablers. Thats all they are is co equal Enablers of the main zionist plans.

                Same for the Few TV news persons that are gentiles. All have sold out to mainly zio masters for big paychecks. Many if not most tv msm news gentiles, especially the women gentiles are married to a jewish man.

                Seems they have wierd rules. All types peoples or nations I ever heard of always goes by the Father passes down Birthrights to His kids. Even laws that regulate birth nation of a child always go by the Fathers nation.

                Except for jewish folks…Its the Opposite and if their Mother is jewish then so is the kids. Even if father is gentile. Thats what israel does to determine so called right of return. Which is nonsensical since 98% are Khazars whos ancestors never were of the 12 israel tribes to begin with. They seem to Love mixing things up to create much confusions.

                • I guess you never heard of American Indians and their matriarchal society.

                  “much confusions”?

                • In a way, lineage through the mother makes sense. You KNOW who the mother of the baby is as she was preggers and the kid came out of her. Until recently, you really couldn’t prove who the father was with certainty.

                • Is that so? Hmmm, Is Hillary Graham Jewish? I always wondered, although it was told that she said her mother is Jewish. As soon as Bill won the first election the press has called her Hillary Graham, instead of Hillary Clinton. I guess she wants to promote her race.

                  It must be, because Israelis and their government love her. Whenever she & Bill have visited Israel, the Israeli spokesperson announced:

                  “Oh, our SISTER Hillary is here,”
                  Or “Our beloved SISTER Hillary blah, blah, blah..”

                  People make fun of Chelsea’s HAIR , Chelsea Clinton’s FRIZZY or KINKY light hair.
                  That’s a genetic TRAIT from Hillary’s Jewish side.

                  Whenever you see a light or blond kinky or frizzy hair, it’s a trait from the mixture of Jews or black persons with a white person.

                  And Chelsea is currently married to March Mezvinsky, a Jewish Goldman Sachs banker.

                  Take TROLL’s advice: “Knowledge is power.”
                  If you have knowledge you’re more able to distinguish between the truth and a lie.

                  • Hillary’s female line is French Canadian at least back to 1649.

                    No Jews.

                    No Graham in her ancestry either. I hope you know her maiden name was Rodham.

                    So there is no “Jewish side” to her ancestry.

                    Not even the frizzy hair is proof. I knew a guy from the boonies of Georgia who had blond frizzy hair. His last name was Smith, and he was no more Jewish than someone from the boonies of China.

                    There was a story on the CBS website in 2009, “HIllary Has Jewish Roots.” The headline was a total fabrication. Read the story and you see that Hillary’s grandmother’s second husband (not Hillary’s grandfather) was Jewish, which has zero to do with Hillary’s ancestry.

                    Before you go to bed tonight, look under your bed. There might be a Jew hiding there.

                  • @ Archivist, you must be kidding.

                    The only JEW under my bed as you put it is the MOSSAD. Unless you are telling me that the American people are living under TYRANNY, like in the days of THE HUNS. 🙁

                    Your statement: “Before you go to bed tonight, look under your bed. There might be a Jew hiding there.” sounds like the SS under KOMMIE HEINRICH HIMMLER, the 3rd REICH.


                    Your opinions are not facts. As one of Hillary’s cheerleaders, you’re defending Hillary, saying that she is NOT a Jew. And why are taking it in a negative way and letting it get you so upset and angry? 🙁 I just brought up a simple question. Who do you guys think you are any way??

                    When anyone is a PUBLIC FIGURE, people have the right to question his/her integrity or loyalty & want to know more about them. It sounds like you guys have something to hide, and your words speak louder. 🙂

                    If you don’t want people to know about you or your politicians, then STAY OUT OF POLITICS or HOLLYWOOD. You can’t have it both ways — FAME & TAKING PEOPLE’S HARDEARNED MONEY BUT DON’T YOU DARE TO TALK ABOUT ME.

                    People question about Hillary’s talent regarding the main (ex) stream media and Hollywood has been trying to make her look bigger than life, with Bush and Obama as the VILLANS. L

                    The media’s trying to portray her as the great leader and being a successful foreign diplomat even after BENGAZI, which she admitted was her fault. 🙂

                  • Didn’t Hillary Clinton say, “this country (America) runs like a plantation, you know what I mean!!!” 🙁

                    But Hillary did not tell you: who owns the fed, who runs the system, and who has added more laws to the system which Republican party has been trying to block her party all along; but Republican party was unsuccessful because their party was not in charge.



                  • I am not angry in the least, and I’m certainly not defending Hillary in any way. I’m merely stating the fact that she is not Jewish. It is not my opinion that she’s not Jewish. It is fact based on her proven ancestry, traced on all lines back to the 1600s and beyond.

                    You almost got one fact right in your rant about Hillary. You got Chelsea’s husband’s name almost right. His first name is Marc, not March.

                • Who were the 12 tribes? You claim all this knowledge from reputable ‘scholars’. Yet, out of your mouth you say ‘they’ love to ‘confuse’ things. Who, then, is doing most of the confusing? Who has most of the money in the world? Jews? Nah, they are poor compared to Saudi Arabia. So, who’s left? Ah, the European Royals and their sycophants, the International Bankers, the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Warburgs, hmm, don’t sound like Jews to me.

                  The Bible, even though a divided work, does have truth within it, especially the prophetic works. If they are from ‘God’, then, they MUST come true. What if, they already have?, but, our preachers were not at the ‘time of the end’? It is written, that all these words are for that time, or else… they’re interpretations are flawed.

                  The lesson of the Tens is curious. Since it aligns perfectly with the Rich White men who run the planet, and, with the Lost ten tribes… why did the ‘lost’ tribes not go back to Israel? Because they hated Judah, their arrogance and their god. And that’s pretty much the way its been since then. But the lost tribes, did not want to have any association with Israel, so they weren’t so much lost, as they were DELIBERATELY FORGETING…

                  The lesson of the Tens, shows that the Ten horns, ten toes, and ten virgins, are the White people of the Lost Tribes. The horns are the Shofars of the Leaders, the Toes divided by Iron mind and Sticky clay of emotions. Half and half, half ‘get it’, half don’t.

                  They, the leaders, have always hated Judah, and still do today, and promote the Confusion you are a victim of. They say the world is screwed up by the JOOS! And give ‘evidence’, most of which, is discredited in time. Having known one of these ‘controller’ types, those who have plans for our future NWO, he, was no jew, but, he hated them with a passion. Documents like ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, were plants, by people like these…

                  That is the root meaning extracting from prophecy, that we, Israel, the Ten, are the horns of money control, on the Beast of Government, ridden by the Harlot of blasphemy(the Churches). This is the Babylonian System; Money, Government and Religion, as One. We learned our lessons from the Elite of Babylon very well… all the empires of the Ten, have been ‘like Babylon, but not as good’. Thus the statue of Nebuchadnezzar, and the Revelation, harmonize perfectly, if seen properly. One interprets the other.

                  Interestingly, it has recently been shown to me, that the black horse rides, now. The riders of the Apocalypse, are the riders of paradigms. First the White horse of the Holy Roman Empire, the Red horse was the Kings and nobles, the third is the paradigm of false money; the ancient symbol for a banker is the balance… which, oddly, the clue in the next verse, is that money fails globally.

                  Then, the Pale Green horse rides. I have never heard this but, the word ‘them’ has been interpreted to mean all the horses ride at one time. When, if you read the Greek, ‘them’ applies only to the green horse, which is 25 percent of the Earth, and ‘worships death’…

                  There is only one ‘paradigm’ that applies to methinks; Islam. But, being pale, it could be joined with the greens, the communists, and others, which, we’re starting to see now. Total rejection and outright hatred of Christians, by their own ‘people’… while lifting up Islam, and giving them favors and they even get a ‘get out of Obama care FREE’ card… they have become the new darling of political correctness, things that make you go hmmm.

                  Are Jews evil? Not all, but they are rational and arrogant as a group, they accept no nonsense and they take care of their own, unlike us. Khazar, ashkenazi, potato-potatoe, all the races have been ‘mixed’ in the many generations since the beginning. Even us, but they have kept their culture intact for thousands of years, who else can say that?

                  We are divided by sense and nonsense because we do not use only our minds, we also think with our hearts(as well as other parts of our anatomy), and it is acceptable to ‘feel’ instead of ‘think’, thus iron divided by clay. This has even been codified into the two legs of the statue, the left and right. And we worship money above God, tell me I’m wrong… the PTB use this against us.

                  We are kept divided by religion, politics and money, the ‘sea and the waves roar’ in confusion, as we have become like sands on the beach in a ‘great nation and company of nations’, ala Abraham. It is a white man’s world, and what a mess we have made of it. But to ascribe all the problems of the world to the single tribe Judah? No, those who still believe that, are the ones who have drank the koolaide of the PTB, the Royal Families of Europe, who want their thrones back, and to keep us as their guard dog.

                  But we, the Ten tribes from the Caucus mountains(the Caucasians), have already found the New Land, and we had to ‘go into the wilderness, on the wings of a great eagle’, to escape the persecution of Rome… and we, the White race, run the planet… all ten tribes worth, from leaders to flunkies. Ultimately, we, the white race, is responsible for all the worlds problems. We love our money, and our leaders, ever since we rebelled against God and demanded a “king to rule over us” in the days of Samuel and Saul. How’s that worked out? Do we understand now, why God didn’t want us to have KINGS? President, is just another word for King.

                  When we look at prophecy in the context of ‘God’s Time, things look completely different, they look more like… history, and preachers have continuously gotten it wrong, for over a thousand years, and then just change their interpretations. But, it wasn’t time yet. Do we now move into the time of the ‘Beginning of Sorrows’, the time of ‘Jacob’s Trouble’? The signs are all there, especially the rise of ethnic trouble, anti Christian bias and Islam’s rise. And remember, its Jacob’s Trouble, not Judah’s, this implies all the tribes will suffer.

                  It is also curious to me, that we began entering a zone of ‘darkness’ at the Galaxies edge 12 years ago, and the direct center of this zone is 20 years from now. Which aligns perfectly with the death of the Messiah, exactly 2000 years, did the Catholics set even the Time wrong? We shall see if the true Millennium is our 2033.5. When, by then, preachers will have seen the fruit of science that has been seen in the last 100 years. A ‘great falling away’ of the Church, as knowledge conquers mystery, in a great spiritual evolution taking place. An evolution of knowledge over old superstitions.

                  At the end of it, the Revelation of John, (one of the two Gnostic works to survive in the Canon) is a message and a warning to the Churches, about the Revealing of the Knowledge of God, conquering the Mystery of God. That “the Mystery of God is finished…”. Only they have rightly or not so much, interpreted this to mean the second coming…(what some Gnostics call the 4th Advent) maybe, its the revealing of what the Church destroyed back in the beginning. The Heretic teachings of Jesus, called; The Gnostic works. The Divine Knowledge, revealed.

                  We believe, this to be true. That is the meaning of the Unified Field of God. An anchor to reality and the meaning of the lady with 12 stars in her crown, clothed in the light of the Sun, while standing on the moon. The lady has a name, and her name was taught by the Messiah; Pistis Sophia, the Aeon(angel) of Wisdom, also called The Goddess, or member of the Elohim. The Elohim being, the family of God, the powers that helped create life itself, and man. Christ is the root of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, what the Church called evil and that is why they will ultimately be destroyed.

                  Their primary doctrine of Mystery is antichrist, anti reason, and is a blasphemy, that keeps the people ignorant of the ways of evil, and divided in ‘submission to Godly authority’. But, I thought God said He didn’t want us to have Kings? This is the voice of the Babylonian mystery doctrine, codified in Rome, speaking to confuse you with divided doctrines… thus the Bible speaks with the voice of Babylon in Rome as well as God. It has darkness mixed with light, and serves the purposes of the Kings and Leaders, because Divided MYSTERY is more useful than Unified Knowledge.

                  And because there is no reconciliation with our souls, because we love gold, and leaders, we are rebellious in all our ways. And shall reap the rewards, the consequences of apathy, and doing nothing in the face of evil. Our cups of Karma are full to overflowing, and the Universe shall reap our justice upon us. The dark energy compression zone is here, the power of madness, chaos, confusion and Earth and Sun changes spread across the world and only those who love the Light of Divine Knowledge, The True Elect, shall survive until the Light from heaven shines on Earth, and our light joins with it, and there will be no more darkness on the Earth. This Event, a mass ascension of energy, under the Vesture Light of Messiah Christ, is the end result of evolution, spiritual evolution, our final destiny, to Know God.

                  And it won’t be just Christians… sorry.

                  But the JOOS being the cause of the worlds problems? Nah, look in the mirror.

                  • Piper Michael:

                    Your statement about European Roysal, International Bankers, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Warbergs not being jews is not the truth. Anyone with the ability to look up their lineage in wikipedia will find your statement not the truth.

                    If your opening salvo is not the truth; how are we led to believe anything else in your narrative is true?

                    Do your homework posters. If anyone sends something to this site that you think “smells funny” let your fingers do the walking.

                  • @POGsays, the Rockefellers and Morgans have no Jewish ancestry as far back as I can trace. The Rothschilds and Warburgs are Jewish.

                    I wouldn’t use Wikipedia as the last word on any subject.

                  • PO’d Granny: Piper is a New ager who discredits the bible as phony and wrong and rome messed it up by changeing or adding or deleting etc etc…Yet Then to suit his BS rants he quotes “parts” of the bible..Like the dozen or more words ten virgins shofers, ten horns etc etc…So ONLY Those words are Good bible cause Piper can twist or spin them into His brand of mambo jambo new age spew spin.

                    99% of all he just said of those particular bible words have NOTHING at All to do with the True and Proper biblical meanings as Any bible readers knows!

                    Next he will tell you he fell off a farm tractor and seen a “light” and was Anointed as THE Piper as in Pied Piper!

                    And I am the dolly Lamma!!!!!!!

                    PS All them top banksters ARE JEW! its so well documented you just must be delusional to say otherwise.

                    Even if their Name don’t sound jew they still can be…What special group changes their names more than all other groups ever has?…Jews. They Have to as they do and did so much Evils and still do evils they must changes last names to Hide and fit in with regular non jew Whiteys…Whiteys who Always get the Blame for what Jews do evil…Like usa slavery for example! Yes Truth! LOOK IT UP! Slavery was Mainly a Jew operation lock stock and african slaves. That aint new ager piper…It Is FACTS!

              • JP: Not sure what you mean by “one of my people”? Also not sure if you mean that hes a good guy or not?

                If you mean his article at Vetrens today is good and Spot On?…I fully Agree his article is very spot on acurate.

                However untill just Now that I went to that article link you provided and read his article, I never before even heard of that guy nor read any other articles hes wrote if any.

                The Only one thing I think he was Mistaken on was where he says the zionists sure Learned alot from hitlers nazis.

                He Should know that zionists today are the children and grandchildren of the real Actual Russian Jewish kommie Bolsheviks, who exterminated more people from 1918 till 1990, than any other group in all known history has ever killed….So I’d say instead of saying zionists Learned from the Nazis…Its more like they Taught the Nazis!

                Nazis and bolshevik jew kommies were so alike, that since jew russian kommies did it all at least 20 yrs Before nazis were even invented as a group…Obviously all credit as to who the real Teachers of such mass horrors are is definatly zionists is who taught Nazis.

                Thanks for that link and great Honest article.

                • Them Guys-I felt that the article touched upon info that you’ve posted here and that you might want to read it. As to whether he’s a good guy or not,I really have no idea, but I usually assume good until I either see or experience differently.

                  I’m doing my own research right now regarding info that you’ve posted and honestly, this is relatively new to me, so I probably won’t comment on that until I’ve finished…if only there were more hours in the day to do everything that I’d like to do…such is life!!!

                  I’ve never read any other articles that I remember by Paul Balles, but I do know that he’s a retired American university professor and has lived in the Middle East.

                  If I may, one other comment to you, and I say this not to be critical, but just as a point of interest.
                  Peoples religious beliefs, whatever they may be and whether we agree with them or not, should probably not be made jest of. I say this because we are all heading into very perilous times and if those religious beliefs are able to provide comfort and help someone not to live in fear, then I see very little harm being done. I also believe that some comments detract from the info that you’re posting about and leaves a little less than complimentary impression of you…just my opinion, so take it as you will.
                  Personally, I’m not real big on channeling mainly because you have no way of knowing whom or where the information is coming from, but who knows….maybe some people are getting messages from God…I don’t know?

                  Honestly, in the last 10 years, 2 other people that I know, have said that God will guide his believers to “safe havens” when everything gets really bad and neither of those people were associated with or have ever heard of Maria’s messages or John Leary’s messages.

                  I hope you won’t be offended by my comments, as they were not meant to insult or offend you….just my impressions!

                  • JP: Good reply. Glad to see you are researching the issues as you stated of. No I was Not offended. Just was not sure how you meant your org post and link since often a reply to things I post are not always meant in any good way. I do not get offended by those type replies, rather I sometimes get kida pissed that the otherwise intelligent persons are still so dumbed down and still adhere to what has been proven a falsehood or swindle or propaganda.

                    For example we All if age 75 or less have been totally brainwashed on all issues german and nazis and hitler etc aka WWII issues. Yet even with so much info available today, many folks still post certain so called quotes by grobels or hitler that are taken OUT of context.

                    Most folks still believe whatever they were taught about those quotes. Yet after actually Reading a few like Grobels quoted to say “Its easy to fool folks by Propaganda etc etc” or something close to that.

                    If they go Read the entire full statement by Grobels they will see that its a full page long nearly, and what hes really saying is a Warning to german people that “propaganda” etc is how the Russian Bolshevik Jew Komies operate!…Grobels is NOT saying he thinks propagandas good as long as he gets desired effects hes after!…he says Thats what kommie jews did and do as in Russia 1918 etc. Two other Falshoods we were taught to believe were #1 Hitler said wants to exterminate all jews! There is NO documented proven anything where he says that. #2 that hitler desired to Take over entire World! Total Falsehood! Hitler wanted All german lands back that were stolen due to WWII versais treaty swindles ON germany etc. And he wanted to Destroy Kommies before they can overrun all europe with communisim. Today its Obvious he was correct about evils of kommies eh.(I do NOT discount any evils nazis did they too did a fair share of evils but Not all germans did was wrong as we were told to believe).

                    Yet try telling folks this. Even with a link to actual documented grobels full statement. Instead of Reading it fully, most folks rather keep belief in falsehoods taught since young and slander the person probiding such info.

                    That is what I get pissoed off about. But what You wrote I have zero problems with.

                    Let me know if you need any more Links or info sources to assist Your searches of such info ok. Thanks for a NICE reply JP….Them Guys

        • Excellent…all in a nutshell.



      64. thank you B.I. for your information re: the dollar…aka Federal Reserve Note. By reading much info from Dr. Edwin Vieira…I now know what a dollar is…a real dollar…from Thomas Jefferson, “the Dollar or Unit shall be of the value of a Spanish milled dollar as the same is now current – that is – running in the market, “to Wit, 371 1/4 (three hundred and seventy-one and one-quarter) grains of silver”…Our fore-fathers did not change the definition of a “year” (365 days), and the Spanish milled dollar is what was used as the dollar…Here is a speech by Vieira in 2003 to the N.Y. Rotary Club..The one who introduces Dr. Vieira gives much excellent info at the beginning…on money and paper money…Vieira’s speech is very educational..and he helps you understand what a real dollar is… It is at Larry Becraft’s personal website, which I will give in a moment. I recommend you read this article by constitutional attorney, Larry Becraft: on the history of our banking.. at the bottom of the article, he has his personal website: If you look down at the many postings, you will see one titled: “Is this the real reason for the Iraq war?” and further down, “Edwins speech”…(the way to get to the one I referenced above.) People used “commodity” money…(salt, at one time..but most went to silver and gold), then “fudiciary money (paper money but gold was in the bank to back these “bills of credit” aka federal reserve notes. They were redeemable at the bank..for $35 FRN’s you got one ounce of gold. In 1933 Roosevelt “took” the gold from the people of the U.S., but foreign countries could still use it..In l944 at Bretton Woods, the FRN became the world’s reserve currency. Around late l960’s the foreign countries started turning in the FRN’s they had for ounces of Nixon had to close the gold window…as many more federal reserve notes were printed than there was gold to back it the “dollar” was then totally backed by nothing..Then the deal was made with the OPEC countries to sell their oil, only in FRN’s..this made other countries have to get FRN’s to be able to buy their oil.. I highly recommend that you read Becraft’s article and Dr. Vieira’s speech…(I am not any kind of expert on money…just reading and getting surprised at what I did not know…)If hitting on the websites does not work, just go to and look at the left sidebar and find Larry Becraft’s name..hit on it, and the article of his I reference is the last one he did.

      65. Off Topic ~ On 11-13-2013, the U.S., Mexico, and Canada
        are to shut off the electrical grid for 2 days. This is to test the current grid status. I would like to know what everyones opinion of this is. Thank you for your time and replies.

        • They are going to shut it off? Or are just simulating scenario and response? I thought it was a coordinated simulation to work out response to possible scenarios that COULD arise if a grid down event happened. They would be real stupid to shut it down and not actually tell everyone, because IF they ever got it back on the people would destroy anyone associated with such a drill,
          I know a few people who would be quite pissed if they shut it down with no warning then turned it back on two days later and said this has been a drill. Cant say what some would do but i know a few business owners with resources who would sue the PTB and power companies back to the 1500s

          • Don’t know if they are really going to shut off power. I have trouble believing that they will. But ERCOT in Texas did just that in Summer 2011. I was there. Businesses, residences, hospitals, all were hit. Rolling blackouts on several peak usage days.

          • I would be simulated. Can you imagine try to Black Start all those generating systems and then sync them. We used to have these drills once a year at the plant I worked at. There is no way we would trip a unit of line and sluice intentionaly.

            • Thats right, what a pain that would be, all the cut outs on all the trunks to get it up soft, and trying to get the various plants in sync, electricians nightmare.

        • How, how, how about a source.

          • google: GridEx II

            It is a simulated drill


        • my thoughts are that the system is so antiquated, wouldn’t it suck if they shut it down and couldn’t get it back up again? LOL. Can’t believe they would actually kill the grid.

        • Absolutely not going to see a grid shutdown for 2 days, it’s not going to happen. Hundreds would die in traffic accidents, falls, medical failures, etc.

          It could happen, but it’s not going to be a planned event.


        Anyone stupid enough to be a non-prepper by choice, this is your ass WHEN it happens to you. Preppers/survivalists freaken rule.

        • Amen Brother BI

        • BI, I just finished reading that article. That’s some of the best evidence ever presented for why we preppers do what we do. Preppers and survivalists do freakin rule and rock! Trolls and nonpreppers, your asses will be grass!

          • Brave. What if a troll is also prepping? Preppers and trolls are not exclusive of each other. Like say for example a troll has had enough of your shit. The troll then engages you on the Internet. Ok? So, then shtf and the troll, while not tormenting your old ass has been prepping for shtf. Then the troll lives in relative comfort with minor withdrawal symptoms of not being on the net fucking with brave heart the warrior old guy. Why can’t that happen? Seems very plausible, but your logic as always, really makes me laugh. Tell me old brave one. Why can’t I have 7 years of TP stored and still mess with you? You spend all day on the net and according to you have a treasure of preps.

        • Amen, BI–I bet the people in those counties aren’t laughing too loudly at preppers now.

      67. Teach the children to be strong and to look inward for truth.

      68. Anybody got any good recipes for goose breast meat? I have it soaking in salt water now.

        • Check food network, they usually have excellent recipes

        • eeder, wild or domestic?

        • eeder:
          I found 6 in typed in search, (wild goose)
          I’ve never tried them.

        • Roast goose is good eating. Just roast or steam it like a turkey breast, use the drippings to make a gravy and eat with mashed potatoes or rice.

      69. Man I can only imagine the chaos when the 110+ MILLION of Americans realize the government cant give them $ anymore.

        • They wont be getting any more sweat from my brow!

      70. Starting a New Elite Club.
        Jews for Jesus.

      71. Slogan of the week.

        Jesus Saves.

        Green Stamps.

      72. I’ve just started seeing around the web that Larry Summers has told Obama that he is not interested in becoming the Fed Chairman.

        I don’t know for sure, but if so…it’s interesting. He’s the one I thought would get it.

        • Summers can see the writing on the wall. Yellen is a dove and will continue to juice the market.

      73. Customary Law.

        It is the law of Rome who preaches Latin customs.

        Costumes of sense such as those of the “Ten Commandments” Christians.

        Laws written by men lately has undermined customary law.

        States to violate common sense of citizens probably go into bankruptcy.

        The thing is close to happening, unfortunately.

      74. Em Português-BR original:

        Direito Consuetudinário.

        É o Direito latino de Roma que prega os costumes.

        Costumes de bom senso como por exemplo, aqueles dos “Dez Mandamentos” cristãos.

        Leis escritas pelos homens ultimamente tem desvirtuado o Direito Consuetudinário.

        Os Estados ao infringirem o bom senso dos cidadãos provavelmente entrarão em falência.

        A coisa está perto de acontecer, infelizmente.

      75. I’ve hit gold! I’ve got GOLD in my yard!

        Honey bees have taken up residence in my tree by the garden. Any wisdom out there on getting them into a bee hive this late in the year?

        • Have to capture the Queen Bee and the rest will follow. Danger if they are Africanised Bees/ Killer Bees. Sensitive to vibrations and aggressive, Call a Bee Keeper. Might be to late to move because the colony does not have a large food source to survive a winter.

      76. NYC cops shoot at a man acting erratic around time square and miss him but got 2 bystanders. They lied too saying 3 shots fired but you can hear 4.

      77. Check out for Firearms and Sportsmen News all in one place. Save time and stay up to date!

      78. Above about 75 comments Anonymous paints a very bleak picture of massive crustal plate movements. First I would like to address that an earthquake on the eastern African plate just occurred. Future major earthquakes have occurred before in the same regions as the previous precursor quakes, so this adds to the probability of the past quakes. However, the exact same spot was hit back at the end of 2009, and two weeks later Haiti was hit with its 7 pointer that killed about 300,000. Definitely add the Caribbean plate region to this future major quake danger region until Oct.1.

        Now about strike slips earthquakes. The reason behind why the New Madrid has earthquakes in series like this is because of the twisting effects of the North American plate that is caused by the Cocos, Caribbean, and to a lesser extent the Nazca and South American plates. This is a rare set of circumstances that causes a type of rebounding release of energy from these sources, PLUS the fact that the New Madrid has been fused together from an ancient plate boundary region that was once as active as the regions of Japan is today.

        Most strike slips don’t have this type of swarms of very large earthquakes as most records indicate. The recent mega strike slip in Indonesia was a result of almost 2000 years of build up, there was the first 8.7 then 8.3 aftershock shortly thereafter. No more earthquakes after that much above 7. The San Andreas at around 1700, then 1812, 1857, and 1906 did not have any future great earthquake swarms. Several strike slips in the Carolina Islands region, Mongolia, Scotia plate region, and many others had their one quake and that was it. The New Madrid is almost unique with this feature, other than a cupole of regions in and around the Himalaya regions down to Burma.

        The amount of the San Andreas regions rising 57-92 feet would be something that has no geological record of ever happening. Doesn’t mean it could not, but the circumstances that would have to occur for this along a horizontal region of movement would be a type of crustal displacement like that of the 2012 movie. Even the Cascadia region would not likely have that much vertical displacement from a 9.5+ earthquake. Likely largest earthquake for the Juna de Fuca plate is about a 9.3, but somewhere between 8.9-9.2.

        Horizontal earthquakes produce TINY tsunamis as proven by the 8.7/8.3, USGS lists this as a 8.6/8.2, mega strike slip quake of last year that produced a 3 foot tsunami. It takes massive vertical movement to produce these mega tsunamis. The Canary Islands MYTH is an example of scientists that don’t factor in all the variables into what makes a tsunami. It would take for example something much bigger than the dinosaur killer asteroid to hit the ocean to produce the fairy tale 160 foot tall tsunamis that they talk about at 3500 miles away. A small moon hitting the ocean at many miles per second. The amount of kinetic energy of the collapse of the Canary Islands is equal to a a building size rock hitting the ocean at many miles per second and would produce a tsunami on the east coast several thousand miles away of several INCHES high to maybe 2 and 1/2 feet tall.

        This is the problem with many of these reports of gelogical upheavals, it is not taken into account the amount of energy required to bring this about. The San Andreas is defintitely being underestimated by the MSM and mainly the california lobbyists. 7.7 for the next earthquake is an utter lie. The region will get hit with a 8.1-8.4 for a break from the Salton Sea to Parkfield area. IF it jumps the creep zone to the north, the earthquake could reach the high 8 area in magnitude. If the whole fault broke from Mexico to Oregon border region it could hit 9 magnitude. It is not the magnitude as much as it is the duration of shaking that brings down everything. It is about 1 second of shaking for each 2 miles of fault that breaks.

        The likely magnitude of the New Madrid region breaking is high 7 to low 8 range. The density of the rock will magnify the impact of the shaking and it will feel like a full magnitude higher, thus feel like a high 8 to low 9 range. The actual seismograph will still show it to be in the 8 range. The New Madrid breaking affects and or is affected by the San Andreas and the Caribbean plate region breaking as the point in 1812 which the San Andreas and the mega quake in Venezuela occur the same year. The Cascadia fault is more directly linked to the southern San Andreas as is the case around 1700.

        Volcanic eruptions do occur when the faults let loose. The Cascadia range, as Mt. Rainer eruptions have coincided with earthquake activity south of it in California and Oregon, and even Mexico. Yellowstone is for example linked to the Aleutian Islands regions. Catastrophic volcanic eruptions like talked about above are possible. I have always suspected the Long Valley Caldera in the Sierra Mountains and Mt. Lassen to be the best odds on favorites to cause the most problems, even more so than the volcanoes up in Washington that are more in range of Mt. St. Helens magnitude. The Long Valley Caldera is more in the range of what Mt. Tambora did back in 1815 that caused the little ice age.

        Now for what the magnitudes that the USGS lies about. The downgrading of earthquakes is pure politically driven. I have noticed that the USGS almost always downsgrades any “SCARY” earthquake located near a population center as to not frighten the voters and the tourist and real estate industry too much. They were able to distinguish between a 6 and a 5.2 back in the 1930’s. There is absolutely no reason for the lack of being able to figure out what a true earthquake’s magnitude is within .1 to .2 of what it really is. It is a pure lie and pure deception. Other seisographs stations are the way to go, as the USGS is just as corrupt as the rest of the government is. The USGS should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for pulling this utter SH&* on everyone and themselves.

        The likely readings of the New Madrid, San Andreas, and/or Cascadia fault breaking will HAVE TO be near correct as too many other readings from around the world will make the USGS look incredibly inept. It is one thing with a little regnoized quake and a killer quake. If anything to gain more public support and more bailout money that congress can tax everyone with, the actualy magnitude might be exaggerated slightly to make it appear even worse.

        The New Madrid WHEN it breaks is likely to break in swarms just like in 1811-1812. The other faults are likely to break just like they have for the past several million years, one section of the fault breaking and then years or decades later the other section. The San Andreas is likely to break from the Salton Sea and stop at Parkfield, this buffer creep zone has stopped it MOST of the time from breaking all the way to San Francisco and beyond. However, the earthquake activity in the Parkfield area has been building pressure as normally there is a 6 pointer every 22 years and this has not been the case since the 1940’s. So a majority break from Mexico to northern California is quite possible this time. It will though break once and that will be it for likely centuries thereafter. Only a very select few strike slip faults break like the New Madrid in the domino fashion because very few strike slips have other plates causing this twisting effect almost like a corkscrew. Most strike slips are fairly straight forward type of breaking along a horizontal plane.

      79. Fukushima bracing for typhoon

        this should be interesting

        and not in a good way

      80. Some Thoughts:
        Israel – This very small Middle Eastern country is not the key to Middle East peace or world peace.
        Middle East tensions – Most Middle Eastern countries are at different stages of internal conflict. Many of the battles are between the Sunnis and the Shiites. A peace deal in Israel will not improve a single conflict.
        Iran – The leadership in Iran believes they are to usher in the coming of the 12th Imam, the Muslim Messiah.
        Russia – The Putin led government wants to be a major world player. They want to control the world’s major oil assets. Russia is rapidly increasing their Middle Eastern influence and providing military weapons.
        US economy – The US financial catastrophe and contagion has numerous sources: Wall Street greed and the lack of regulation; US banks’ lending practices and the funding of corporate takeovers; corporate greed; record low savings due to cost of living increases and materialism; health care costs; the lack of a national energy plan; years of ill-advised legislation, deficit spending, a nine-million word tax code, 11,000 Washington lobbyists, Congressional ineptness and White House policy.
        World economy – The world economies have been devastated by the US sub-prime fiasco and Wall Street greed. Just under $40 trillion of worldwide stock mark capitalization has been wiped out, $10 trillion in the US.
        US moral condition – Man’s free will in opposition to God’s will. Civil rights are replacing morality.
        Radical Islam – Radicals cannot be defeated so they have to be managed.
        One-world order – Russia, China, Iran and radical Muslims will never participate in the move to one-world order.
        Global Warming – Princeton University physicist Dr. William Happer told a congressional committee hearing in February 2009 that global warming fears are “mistaken” and that the earth is currently in a “CO2 famine now” when you look at carbon dioxide (CO2) levels through geological time.
        He said, “At least 90% of greenhouse warming is due to water vapor and clouds. Carbon dioxide is a bit player. The current warming period began about 1800 at the end of the little ice age, long before there was an appreciable increase of CO2. Research papers with scientific findings contrary to the dogma of climate calamity are rejected by reviewers, many of whom fear that their research funding will be cut if any doubt is cast on the coming climate catastrophe.”
        The US Middle East legacy is sixty years of miscalculation and bad decisions.
        US Middle East policy has cost American taxpayers one-trillion dollars in aide and military expenditures, the loss of American lives, and an ever increasing reliance on oil from rogue nations.
        Seven previous US Administrations have been involved in the peace process in Israel. This effort has been extremely costly both politically and financially.
        An Israeli-Palestinian peace deal is not the key to Middle East or world peace.
        Forcing Israel to give up East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights to their enemies would put them in indefensible borders.
        The “land for peace” process in Israel that began after the 1967 Six Day War has empowered the terrorist organizations that are now a major threat to Israel, the US, the EU and other nations.
        Every major problem America is facing had its beginning in Washington. The attempt to correct these monumental mistakes have produced even bigger problems. Sadly, the term “unintended consequences” best defines Washington’s legacy.
        Peace Process in Israel
        Israel’s enemies could not conquer them in the wars of 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973, so they became involved in the US sponsored peace process. The effort has not brought peace, but empowered the rogue nations and the terrorist organizations that are now not only Israel’s enemies, but the nation’s enemies too.
        The American sponsored Quartet Road Map would leave Israel in indefensible borders, leave an even more dangerous Middle East, and risk America’s economic security.
        Clearly, dividing Israel’s land and giving it to her enemies is not the key to world and Middle East peace.
        Moreover, very few Americans are aware of the costly political, financial and national events that have coincided with the White House’s attempt to divide the land of Israel and Middle East policy.
        Take Our Enemies Seriously
        Radical Islam critically threatens the interests of the United States at home and abroad. This threat is not a perception; it is openly celebrated in the streets of militant countries that proclaim their hatred of the United States and call on their citizens to live with harmful intent toward America and her citizens. The actions they have taken and the actions they vow to take must be taken seriously.
        If the U.S. leaves the Middle East, Iran and terrorist organizations will intensify their aggressive actions and overrun the entire region, endagering the Palestinians along with the people of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel and other Middle Eastern countries. This action would jeopardize U.S. interests in the Middle East, disrupt oil delivery and greatly impact world economies.
        Internally, Muslim is pitted against Muslim in many Middle Eastern countries, resulting in serious sectarian conflicts.
        Russia Increasing Involvement in the Middle East
        After a 20-year absence, Russia is increasing political and military activity in the Middle East.
        Russia is providing military equipment to Iran, Syria, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries. They are supplying fuel to Iran’s nuclear program.
        Russia plans to open naval bases on the Socorta Island in Yemen, in the port of Tartus, Syria, and in Tripoli, Libya within a few years.
        Russia said that the bases were needed to support “a permanent naval presence needed to uphold Russia’s national interests in the economic and military-technical spheres and monitor and promptly react to the situation in the explosive Middle East.
        National Energy
        The lack of a comprehensive US energy plan has greatly complicated and unnecessarily burdens our national and financial security, causing us to continually suffer the consequences of inaction or short-term solutions without consideration of their long-term effects.
        Democratic-led Congressional actions and excess environmental restrictions stopped oil exploration programs and halted pipeline and refinery construction on federal and private lands. These actions significantly increased energy costs while introducing unproven and costly alternatives, which has caused an unwise and precarious reliance on foreign oil and the countries that possess the majority of the world’s oil: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Nigeria, Venezuela and Russia.
        Additionally, the use of corn-based ethanol has added 35 to 40 cents per gallon of gasoline and has helped raise the cost of food products significantly, while causing other production, environmental and economic complications.
        International Relations
        The United States funds approximately 25 percent of the United Nations’ budget. This investment must be thoroughly evaluated.
        The United States must lead by example, not by compromising our American values or sovereignty, and not by forcing our beliefs on other nations.
        The movement to one-world order will not contain the actions and independence of Russia and China and the agenda of radical Islam.
        The American People are Paying Greatly for Congress’ Actions and/or Inactions
        Charlie Reese, a former columnist of The Orlando Sentinel wrote:
        “One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one president and nine Supreme Court justices – 545 human beings out of the 300 million – are directly, legally, morally and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country.
        “It seems inconceivable to me that a nation of 300 million cannot replace 545 people who stand convicted – by present facts – of incompetence and irresponsibility. I can’t think of a single domestic problem that is not traceable directly to those 545 people.”
        For examples, look at our U.S. Middle East policy, the lack of a national energy policy, ethanol mandates, the immigration issue, the bloated federal government, excess regulation on business, excess environmental regulations, national security overlaps, the 9,000,000-word U.S. tax code, run away Wall Street futures trading, sub-prime mortgage fiasco, no interest rate limits to what lenders can charge, the funding concerns for Social Security and Medicare, destructive and costly partisanship, and earmarks… to name just a few.
        Corrections or adjustments to their previous legislation almost always lead to even worse situation for the American people.

      81. Divide and conquer, is what they are all about..

        even Miss America is about race… will it ever end?
        even Miss America cant cut a break

      82. Way more to this story than they are telling

        where’s the dash cam video..???

        cops are at a pass where its shoot first and tell lies later..
        with all that they have at their disposal, they shoot first? WTF?
        tazer? gas? hell how many cops they had they could have forced him to the ground, he was probably in shock. Now the family is going to sue us tax payers, because one of the cities animals got off his chain.
        scared little pussies is what im seeing, what are they telling these guys? what is the locker room conversations like? well I can tell you by who I know and what they tell me..these babies are scared as fuck of us, and why? because they push people all the time and act like they believe everyone is out to get them..well if they weren’t suck fuck heads maybe that wouldn’t be true.

        anyone want to argue that they wont kill us any chance they get when TSHTF? They are already doing it..and our pets too

      83. **Active shooter reported on grounds of Navy Yard in D.C.**

        no link yet, just now reported

        • Active Shooter at Washington Navy Yard; Several People Shot
          Posted: Sep 16, 2013 8:55 AM EDT Updated: Sep 16, 2013 9:37 AM EDT

          NBCNEWS.COM – As many as three people have been shot – including a law enforcement officer – in an ongoing active shooter situation on the grounds of the Washington Navy Yard, authorities confirmed.

          The U.S. Navy says three shots were fired at 8:20 a.m. inside Building #197 at the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters, 1336 Isaac Hull Ave. in the Southeast section of the District. News4 reporters were told two people were shot, one of which is a woman, reported News4’s Jackie Benson.

          One victim was reported to be on the roof of a building, reported News4’s Tony Tull.

          Around 9:20 a.m., Tull reported that more shots had been fired, and a law enforcement officer had been shot in both legs.

          The Navy also confirmed there is at least one injury, though that number may be incomplete.

          Benson said the suspect is inside a military building and is armed with a rifle and possibly a shotgun.

          The D.C. Firefighter Union says a victim was found at New Jersey Avenue and M Street in southeast Washington.

          Authorities say this a lone gunman.

          Emergency personnel converged on the scene, “and a shelter in place order has been issued for Navy Yard personnel,” the Navy said. Among the responders was a federal SWAT unit.

          The Navy Yard is located in southeast Washington on the Anacostia River. The Navy says 3,000 people work inside the building.

          • Is this the start of the revolution? Probably not, but we will never know for sure. If it is this guy will be demonized as a right wing bible toting gun nut. We will never know when the trigger is pulled on the next shot heard around the world.

            • ***Is this the start of the revolution? ***
              No way–just another veteran waiting on his 5-year disability claim!!!

            • You don’t start a revolution with wanton murder of civilians.

              You start with the politicians. Sic semper tyrannis.

      84. Gold is more than a protecting investment. Now that the value floats in real-time, it’s a debt free currency that purges debt when it circulates. The introduction to the market must be by the market, however, and cannot be a top-down process because of the real-time factor that would crash the dollar. Rate of change is critical so this process has to be organic, “one person at a time” so to speak. We each wake up at various intervals. The elite are helpless to do this real-time gold-as-money introduction because of their extremely visible position. We must be as wise as serpents

      85. @ Be Informed ~ 6.0
        Andreanof Islands,
        Aleutian Island, Alaska

      86. Navy shooting. Why does this have false flag written all over it? IF there are two shooters than this is likely terrorism. There were rumors all over Before Its News about BO false flag coming because of the debacle with the Syrian situation. Could this be a way to blame Hezbollah somehow, or just a distraction from the economy to go after the firearms issue again? We shall maybe see.

        @ Emily. Earthquake in Alaska is directed towards Yellowstone, but not large enough to stir up anything that large.

        • I suspect the gun issue again..because in all ignorance, that area is a gun free zone, just like the schools.
          Oblaimy, will call it a work place violence issue , just like he did fort hood..

          or he will just let Erick Holdmyears go off on a tangent again

          • Police Chief Cathy Lanier said authorities are seeking two possible suspects who may still be at-large: a white male, wearing a tan military-style uniform carrying a handgun; and a black male, approximately 50 years old, wearing an olive military-style uniform, carrying “a long gun.”

            • The head Al_CIA-Duh punk said we would be dealing with this after how Oblaimy handled the Syria deal..or has O forgotten already?

              or it could be a full out FF, anymore the lines are getting blurred , but you can bet they wont let this go to waste when it comes to our RIGHTS

              • Have they disarmed our military?
                why are they relying on SWAT and Cops to get these guys? No MP’s anymore?

                and how and the hell do you get on a military base with guns? you have to be allowed in, or have some kind of pass or clearance ..something stinks already about this

              • sorry forgot his name until now… AL Zawari / Al Quiada

        • They are looking for two men who witnesses said were around the area about 8:40 am with guns. One black male, one white male, both late 40’s early fifties. The white male was dressed in tan military issue clothing. The black man was dressed in green camo.

      87. Prez. going to flap his gums in a bit.

      88. I wish they would give him his own T.V. show for a half hour each day so if you wanted to hear what he had to say, you could do so.
        His gums flap as he moves his head from side to side spouting bullshit. Like fans at a tennis match.

      89. We are told don’t judge all Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics
        We are encouraged to judge all gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics

        • VRF:
          ” We are told don’t judge all Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics”
          “We are encouraged to judge all gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics”
          “BRILLIANT STATEMENT” Just about says it fuckin all.
          I’m sick of this crap

      90. Its a gun free zone

        say no more

      91. Anonymous:

        Back on September 10, comment #2214833 you wrote “check out my new short story, Alas Brave New Babylon, its floating around the internet.

        Matt Bracken wrote that story, which incidentally, all of us should read.

        Are you claiming to be Matt Bracken?

        If you do not see this I will post this on the next subject that Mac puts up.

        • Not me POG sorry

          • Anonymous:

            Then I suggest we ask Mat how someone could post that using the same spelling as your user name. I will
            email Mac and ask him how this could happen.

            • This is for Mac Slavo:

              I will also e-mail you. How could anyone post a comment using the name “anonymous” on Sept. 10, Comment #2214833 claiming to have wrote the article “Alas Brave New Babylon” (actually by Matt Bracken); not be the same anonymous that I ask if he wrote that post and he says he did not.

              How can anyone post using another persons “name”? None of us would want that to happen to us.

              • User names are not assigned to an individual. Mac only approves messages until the software recognizes that a particular combination of user name and email address is not automatically generated (SPAM). People use the username Anonymous when they want to stay that way and it should not be attributed to any particular person nor do we know who first used it anyway.

                Nice seeing you. . .

                • Sorry, Government Guy, I am not buying what you are selling.

                  • Government guy:

                    I ask Mac for an answer to my question. Looking back at your posts I do not trust anything you say.

                  • I can’t fix stupid without stupid’s cooperation.

      92. Obama to his cabinet members

        “Look, we need to do something about this Egypt thing. If our own citizens realize they can just toss out their leader for being a worthless idiot…than I could be next!”

        Cabinet members…Hummm yes we see what you mean

        • Yes Egypt is a good paradigm for our military evicting Obama from the peoples house; along with several of his henchmen. People just don’t realize what low-life’s they have elected to power. Their one and only purpose for being there is to steal everything they can get their hands on.

      93. What the people need to do is take those people, politicians, bankers, Wall Street tycoons; who have been lying to us for decades while lining their own pockets and slowly pull their brains out through their assholes. Believe me when Joe six-pack finally wakes up there will be blood in his eye.

      94. Have just read through this thread but done so from a perspective in another Western country (NZ).

        There are parts that make sense and parts that read like much foaming of the mouth.

        Yes, things are getting tougher. Yes, real resources per capita are getting scarcer. And no, there probably isn’t a God so best avoid confusing things by bringing apocryphal prophecies into an already stressed situation.

        If you are so worked up about the US and your government to the point of storing guns and food, it may be time you left the US for a smaller safer country rather than try and “survive”.

        Selling your house in the US and buying a lifestyle block or house in provincial NZ (Don’t buy our farms please – we need them) probably makes a lot of sense.

        Things are drifting the same way here towards fascism, but we’re somewhat behind you by the sound of it, and not as worked up about guns and religion as you guys are.

      95. Ha! Pissed Off Granny says:: “Sorry, Government Guy, I am not buying what you are selling. […] I do not trust anything you say.”

        Well, Hell, I wouldn’t trust anything from a guy who chooses the name ‘Government Guy” either.

        Seems to me, ‘Government Guy’ needs a new name, how about, ‘Former Government Guy’?

        Quit yer stinkin’ job, and then tell us how it is.

        I mean, what the Hell(?) you think those LUSH benefits the goobermwnt is promising you are going to be there when you need them?
        Or, are you just doing it for the money now?

        …Do tell.

      96. The world is bankrupt, Period.
        All economic figures that are being published are just figures. An illusion, a mirage of a castle built on a foundation of worthless paper money. The fiat money system is the biggest Ponzi scheme that the world has ever seen built upon debt that needs even more debt to keep the illusion real. The world can’t even pay the interest with real money let alone the debt itself. Of course, anyone with a sane mind would realize that this whole situation is untenable but as long as people are willing to participate, the show will go on and the illusion will look real. Sadly, this will end very, very badly for the world because, when (not if) the music stops and the smoking mirrors come down, than reality will emerge behind the curtain crushing down everyone’s drams. Game over.
        We don’t just have an economic bankruptcy, but we also have a moral and ethical bankruptcy taking place in the last 65 years. Endless Hollywood circuses, media manipulation and conditioning, corruption, sex, drugs and violence, as well as political theatre, is successfully and continuously occupying the minds of the people. The sole purpose is to divert everyone’s attention, away from reality by focusing on the illusion.
        On top of the perpetual wars and a threat of a war in Syria that will lead to WW III, the most governments are taking away freedoms and personal initiatives by making people dependent on state handouts. The state becomes the saviour for the masses by getting involved in all aspects of people’s lives regulating almost anything and everything from food and water, air and land, trade and movement, thinking and speech, all the way to values and morals.
        In the meantime the masters of the game, the players behind the scene are still in the shadow of the darkness taking humanity a hostage. As history tells us, the game is rigged, the rules are one sided and the house always wins. People are usable and disposable resource. After all we are just a Human Resource that never ends.


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