As MSM & Hollywood Quackery Continues, U.S. Government Quietly Prepares for Nuclear War

by | Aug 27, 2018 | Headline News | 60 comments

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    The MSM (Mainstream Media) and Hollywood forms a conglomerated consortium of Marxists, Socialists, creepy-refugee professors from Woodstock, and wanna-be left-wing revolutionaries. They have two different paths. The MSM forces non-news down the throat of the public while decrying the true news in the alternative media.  Hollywood is shaping the formation of the public consciousness and forcing a paradigm shift (Overton window principle), a shift to the left through popular culture, film, television, and the music industry. Both of them have one end objective in mind: the dissolution of the United States, and the destruction of its borders, language, religions, culture, and society as a whole in all of its forms.

    You don’t receive news anymore from reporters or journalists. It is a collage of sensationalism coupled with reality TV shows, all sans morals or any form or semblance of decency. This has been repeated throughout history. The Visigoths were at the gates of Rome, yet her citizens would not drag themselves away from the chariot races to man the walls and the battlements. Now is the same, merely fast-forwarded. In all this, if you have not noticed, the U.S. is quietly assuming the same footing they did during the Cold War, and more.

    On 8/24/18, BuzzFeed News published an article by Dan Vergano entitled The US Government is Updating its Nuclear Disaster Plans and They are Truly Terrifying.” I strongly recommend reading it.

    The article begins with this:

    “Amid concerns over North Korea, federal emergency managers are updating disaster plans to account for large nuclear detonations over the 60 largest US cities, according to a US Federal Emergency Management Agency official.  The shift away from planning for small nuclear devices that could be deployed by terrorists toward thermonuclear blasts arranged by “state actors” was discussed on [8/23/18]…”

    “The North Koreans have really changed the calculus…we really have to look at thermonuclear now.”

    “In response to an audience question, [FEMA Chief of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Branch] said the agency has also considered scenarios where a nuclear bomb, a cyberattack, a coordinated electromagnetic pulse, and biological weapons all hit the US at the same time.”

    I have written numerous articles on the threat posed by North Korea, especially with regard to an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) strike against the United States. I did not arrive upon these assertions without research and study: the conclusions of such notables as Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Former Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD), and others of the (now-disbanded) Committee to Assess EMP Threat against the United States…their research provided a great deal for the basis of my assertions. I stand by what I wrote.

    We are in a difficult time currently in the world situational arena. Russia and China are strengthening their militaries, economies, and influence, and the reformative acts by President Trump may be too little and too late. The midterms may turn him into a tiger without the teeth to enable the passage of any laws. Even with the teeth…and current Republican control of the Senate and House, it has proven to be a battle between a combination of turncoats and fifth columnists that has slowed down the reforms considerably.

    Now the “conga line” of communists follows after smear tactics such as “Russiagate” and election conspiracy accusations, the endless “witch hunt” by Mueller, and the Stormy Daniels nonsense. All of these actions are taken to derail the President and deny a turnaround for the country after 8 years of Obama.

    With all of this in consideration, though, the threat of a nuclear war is real, and (as I’ve mentioned in the past) a first strike would be precipitated by an EMP attack. North Korea is the perfect source as an individual “aspirant” or with the prompting of the “state actors,” singly or in unison. The last sentence in the referenced article summarizes it simply yet eloquently: an attack would be multifaceted and simultaneous.

    The summit with North Korea was one of those George Bush Jr. moments, where he declared victory in Iraq a decade before the U.S. withdrew its forces. Everyone made fun of North Korea and said the game was over with the summit because Kim Jong-Un and the President shook hands.

    With the reassessment: nothing has changed, except North Korea has now gained time to prepare that it did not have before.

    The Russians and the Chinese have a major joint military exercise scheduled to commence on 9/11/18, in which for the first time drills will be conducted to include responses to nuclear attack. In addition, many nations are dumping their holdings in U.S. debt and there is a lot of volatility in the world, such as the Brexit actions, the trade status of Britain with the EU after it occurs, NATO instability, and the continuing influx of Muslims into Europe.

    Trouble usually arises in the midst of confusion or where one side assesses that the other is ripe to attack. The President was elected and the leadership redefined, but the country has not been extricated from the quagmire that Obama and his cronies (including such as McCain and Graham) placed it in. At such times and when beset by difficulties and a looming midterm election, a lack of policy is potentially worse than bad policy. The information from the referenced article is serious. Threats have not reemerged: in fact, they never left. The Potemkins of the MSM and Hollywood managed to screen them, yet the U.S. government is altering assessments and plans to address those threats, and the potential for a nuclear war is still very real.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. The threat of mutual annilation so far has prevented nuclear war for about 70 years. When someone has nothing to lose or some leader thinks that nuclear war is survivable or winnable is when it might happen.

        • yep OG….and they still have 2 sat’s flying over head…what’s on them…what are they there for?,,,the weather?

        • I think that time has come, OG.

        • Stick with me through this post, Old Guy:

          I was privy to a recent (ie- last week) teleconference I thought was geared towards 3rd generation cybersecurity, and ended up sitting in on what ended up being a fascinating sitrep on the first stages of WWIII.

          Let me repeat that, and let it sink in: The official word inside even the lowest classified circles is that we are currently involved in the Third World War, and the first advances and attacks have already been made online.

          Our primary advarsary is China, supported by at least 5 other hostile nation states. The meeting focused primarily on China, its techniques, its military theory, its assets (which are considerable, and its current hooks in this country which are bleeding us of 5bn annualy of our GDP. This is all based on an ongoing program begun in 1986 named “Program 863”.

          I’m mentioning this because it directly ties into what your saying: that no hostile actor would resort to nukes unless they thought they could win. THAT IS NOT THE CASE.
          China seeks to dominate the world powers at all cost. whereas the western theories of war are similar to how we view sports (win/lose), the Chinese theory is all or nothing, (literally live/die). They have currently engaged DOZENS of harmful attacks on this country from intentional food contamination, to mass drug smuggling, to subversion of our media, with the intent of weakening us morally, physically, economically, and socially. Successfully.

          If you dont think China (or one of its allies in the interest of scapegoating) would eventually reort to nukes (or more likely a concert of cyberwarfare, emp, thermonukes, and then ground warfare), you are fooling yourself.

          That confrence snapped me out of a cold war view on nukes (among other things) I’m hoping this post does the same for you. good luck brother, we are in this together.

        • An EMP (even perfectly executed) does not remove the enemy’s ability to retaliate. You can’t EMP a submerged SSBN. Also, the effect varies geographically, and the precise results are very difficult to predict on the day.

      2. Times have changed. Hollywood was filled with leftists, communists, homosexuals, weirdos but they limited discussing their subversive beliefs out of shame and guilt. On top ofwhich, the studios would have kept them from performing by making two third of their consumer outraged.

        Vietnam, war protestors,civil rights agitators, feminists, atheists, drug addicts, free love proponents, subversive terrorist groups like the Weather underground, the student free speech movement and occultists all made it out in the open.

        The people supporting films and televsion were the young and so actors became very vocal. And it was a routine aspect of rock music to be open iconoclasts.

        Watch nearly all films or televsion. Who are the heroes? There are none. They are all varying degrees of sociopaths and psychopaths. And they are violent. And when angry, they justify any corruption. Take the Sopranos or the Hannibal tv series.

        Watch practically every guy on televison who is married or a father and they are cuckolded by their wife. Weak men is all the youth see. Weak tolerant men. That is as bad as sociopathic characters.

        But meanwhile the neocon movement that started as a postVietnam response to Communism, then infected the Republican party.

        You have these fakes who should have formed their own party running the government within the legislative branch. Decades of neocons in league with the military-industrial complex.

        It’s weird and why the youth have become bizarre weaklings who are sociopaths joining Antifa and thus have no shared identity with the power structure in Congress.

        Meanwhile conservatives are aging. Sure we had gains among Gen X as they came to their senses. The Tea Party really helped but many are libertarian and their message is confusing versus the direct supporters of a constitutional republic.

        These necon morons think in terms of high tech war but we don’t have the numbers in the infantry to win. When was the last honest time we won a war? Honestly won? WW2. Every other time it’s either been a stalemate or even if we thought we won, say in Gulf Wars, it’s a morass and a debacle with no positive outcome.

        You can’t win a war without crushing the enemy. Bombs do not crush the enemy particularly Muslims. All that does is convert western civilization to Islam and then a flood of muslim refugees to the West. Great. You moved the very people into your nation while they build mosques.

        Atheists are the worst. Look at the UK. They had effectively a state religion and no one attends. Now they have a growing Muslim issue. Atheists destroyed the faith in Christianity and then the people embraced Islam.

        Atheism is not growing. What is growing is the number of confused folks who are unbelievers and over time, they are joining Islam.

        • Atheism is growing, because of loons such as yourself.
          Adjust your Medication or admit yourself to a padded cell.

          • NOPE. Atheists like to pad the numbers because they include nonbelievers and others who simply don’t care. These groups specifically do not include themselves as atheists.

            Whenever polls are taken on which groups are the least trusted, it the atheists who have the dubious prize.

            Atheism exists in communist nations but at the first opportunity, they embrace spirituality. And Christianity exists in China in spite of atheism. The same thing happened in Russia!

            Go study archaeology. As soon as human civilization exists, so does religion. Atheism is always despised and associated with evil and immorality.

          • I tell ya, Pal, a lunatic atheist believes that nothing whatsoever created all the mass in the universe. A lunatic atheist believes that by trillions of accidents, life began.

            Atheism is devoid of logic and fails in philosophy as it violates infinite regression.

            You might as well believe in magic.

            What is really funny is, if atheism is true, then what difference does it make? It makes zero differece what anyone believes.

            That is the problem with atheism. It’s illogical and pointless. Heck it’s not possible to develop ethics with atheism. If life has no underlyimg morality, the strong should kill the weak until only one survives!

            And that is what happens with atheism. The encouraging abandoning morals. They on purpose implode civilization.

            • WTF is your issue? You call everyone that doesn’t believe your BS an athiest? I’m NOT an athiest but I sure as hell don’t believe your crap! I believe what I was born with (you too) not some man made shit that incorporates parts of natural law into a mechanism for control and power and wealth. Here is YOUR BS belief system…


          • Anonymous, although I’m not religious myself, I respect other people’s rights to do so. That’s something you don’t know anything about so stop picking on Maranatha.

            • That is a lie, you don’t respect those who believe in Islam.
              It’s one thing if a religious group is affecting you personally, which I doubt any group does.

        • Karnataka,

          You have spoken wisely. That is why your are receiving so much negative feedback. Nobody wants to believe they may have been wrong. Fewer still will admit it.

          Continue speaking wisely…..Many don’t post, but DO read your words. God bless you.

          • Auto incorrect changed Maranatha…..sorry….

        • Maran: Wow, you definitely hit it on the head!! These filthy, vile Muslim rats are a serious problem and they are literally spreading like wild fire in a wind storm all over the god for saken place. Things seriously cannot continue the way they are and have been for ay too, too long. Folks, this is the do or die moment of your lifetime, think about it.

        • Thanks for your analysis on 8-27. You’re correct on everything. God bless you!

      3. Horse Hockey!

        • Thank you, Col. Potter….

      4. OFF TOPIC: Nothing like a good gun discussion to make things interesting!

        I saw this YouTube video yesterday and thought that it was interesting. The Best Apocalypse Gun in the World: If you could only bring one gun to survive the apocalypse, which one is the best pick?

        He explores the options and rightly considers the need to at least be able to penetrate soft Level III body armor.

        He has another video that is even better entitled “The Best Handgun Caliber – A Real World Study.” This video uses the data from Greg Ellifritz’s 10-year stopping power study of real-world gun fights to shed the light of actual data on several common beliefs about handgun calibers including: 22 rifles are the best bug out guns, 45s have the best stopping power, 380s are too small to be effective, 410 guns are gimmicks, and more. Here is the link to the original data and study by Ellifritz:

        h ttp://…

        • “45s have the best stopping power, 380s are too small to be effective, 410 guns are gimmicks”.

          Wrong on all accounts.

          • Any gun is the best gun if it is the only gun you have.

          • Infidel: No, YOU are WRONG on ALL accounts. Let me guess you love 9mm, like all of the other typical queers on that bandwagon. Christ, what is it with so many of you people anymore.

            • better question, why are you jumping his sh1t simply because he’s posting a differing opinion..?

              I’ve worked with GE at TDI. He’s an ok shot but his theories on stopping power and “worth” are silly.

              to judge worth, as yourself what job you need your tool to do?

              and to the OP, blackpowder rifle and wheelgun. I can make my own black powder and cast boolits long after you run out of ammo.

      5. Watch Fight Club again. What is the message? It’s about emasculated young men raised by single moms who rather than become healthy American men, they are turned into consumers.

        What is their response? They realize they have been robbed of their normal role, robbed of respect, disempowered, and made a slave class to buy things to massage their ego through worthless shiny toys.

        So they rebel with violence.

        Rather than understand the message, the Millennials embraced consumerism but now are listening to Antifa.

        It’s the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) all over again.

      6. If they sincerely believe that NK poses a credible threat, and that the West has the moral highground, all of those preparatory measures are reactions and not proactive, to avert the situation.

      7. Condolences to the McCain family. I’m sure this war mongering evil man will find his special place in the afterlife. One down, many more to go. How many humans do you need to kill to get into heaven?

        This is not hateful or uncivil. Just a recognition of the many lives lost due to McCains actions

        • I dunno how many lives lost, but I hear the NVA awarded him an honorary ace for all the planes he destroyed.

          Well, it used to be the three stooges… McCain, Lieberman and Graham… that were always calling for war. Two of the three are gone from public “service”…one to go.

          • Arizona isn’t too far off. Maybe worth a trip to dump my dog’s shit on his grave…

            • Genius: Nice! Or you could go and just take a nice fresh, warm piss all over his grave and the fresh, broken earth and on I am sure what will be some ridiculously expensive stone or whatever.

        • Tpat, I’m sure there are some former POWs who are relieved of McCain’s passing. McCain caused an unknown number of deaths among POWs at the Hanoi Hilton. He collaborated with the commies during his captivity and ended up getting better treatment than all the others because of his treasonous activity. His father, a 4-star admiral, was in charge of the coverup of the USS Liberty affair. Treason apparently runs in the McCain family.

        • I am so, so glad that the “monster” in McCain’s mentally damaged brain had its feasts worth on that 1/2 empty brain of his! The buffoon was a real puke of a mutt. Too bad Mr. Tumor did not do him in like 20 years ago. Folks, we need a genuine PURGE!! There is NO other way to real, really make actual, downright positive change, just no 2 ways about it.

      8. I’ve done just about everything I can do. What will be Will be.

        • I hear you Sarge. I have done what I can do, it is what it is.

          I don’t know if any amount of prepping will save us from the storm that is coming. May God have mercy on us.

            • Genius, thanks for that old song. “What will be will be.” Plenty of truth in that statement. Doris Day’s biggest mistake was marrying a member of that tribe who later JEWED her out of her entire fortune. She went into bankruptcy for awhile but made a comeback later. Gotta watch that tribe.

            • Genius, thanks for that old song. Doris Day’s only mistake was marrying a member of that tribe who later jewed her out of her entire fortune. She went into bankruptcy for awhile but made a comeback later. “What will be will be.” ESPECIALLY with that tribe.

      9. The MSM is ignoring what the US military is doing in preparing for nuclear war? No clue what YOU watch, but the Mainstream media has had 14 articles in just the past 6 days about what the US is doing. Unlike the moron trump that says the North Korean threat is over because of his “deal”. On a side note, one of my friends in the Navy said their whole ship sent a message to Trump about lowering the flag to half mast. Most of the US military men and women actually serving is pretty upset about trump as they know what McCain has done for them. Higher pay, better benefits, advocating for benefits for their families, higher budgets, etc.

        • Of course he did. Got to take care of the attack dog mercenary NWO loving knuckledraggers. A force for good? God damn thats so funny it aint funny…. What comes around goes around, you WILL find that out oh shallow non critical thinking grasshopper…

      10. Nukes from Korea?

        What is already happening is that the Italian President who turned back the invading ship(s) from North Africa (paid for by 3ew billionaire George Soros), is being attacked by the Judiciary. I guess it’s their way of impeachment, otherwise known as a coo.

        And in South Africa more innocent white people murdered. The ANC has given blacks the right legally to steal any property from whites. That includes the clothes on their backs. A few days ago, three members of a family murdered after five hours of torture. War is almost a certainty.

        Rhodesia was once a white run paradise. Now, after white massacre, under black control and renamed Zimbabwe, it is a disaster. Why, is nothing being done to assist South African white people? Could it be that our msm and government support the Communist ANC genocide of white people?


        • It’s becoming open season on White People. As you stated, in South Africa the white people have been subject to rape, murder, theft and all kinds of abuses and the MSM remains silent (i.e. complicit). Much like what is occurring here in the US.

          What I do here “them” say is payback is a bitch and the White South African are just getting what they had coming.

        • B from CA, I just had a post go into moderation. I guess I can’t talk about r*ce issues.

          • Mac does not like freedom of speech.

            • That’s why I only occasionally read and comment on this site.

            • It’s not Mac. It’s a Discus algorithm. It keys on certain words or phrases.

          • Everything I post on here goes into moderation (including this one).

      11. Marantha,
        First off…. the Tea Party was a power force in the beginning.
        What happened? Liberals and Fake-Repubs (Rinos) who stole the
        concept. Like everything else they have done they had the whole
        news media (MSM)…TeeVee…movies…school boards, G. Soreass,
        muddying the water. There were some strong leaders but not
        strong enough to fight the billions held by the Globalist Cabal Mafia.

        This is what they do. Feed us FLORIDE to make us passive. And
        turn up the heat til we are done boiling. like the proverbial ? Frog..

        I have a big problem with schools who tell parents that their little
        boys need to be drugged. THEY ARE LITTLE BOYS!!!!
        Little boys are rambunctious, testing everything, everybody. That
        is it what little boys do. They need discipline, love, examples,
        and responsiblities.
        Give that boy a rake, a shovel, build something with him,
        demand responsibility from him, give him a job that he
        can master, take pride in. Don’t buy candy or sweets, skip
        These things work. DRUGS CAUSE BRAIN DAMAGE!!

        Testosterone is more powerful than estrogen…..we are built that way
        for a reason.
        Teachers who are “involved” know this, but some teachers barely got
        thru college themselves and many have no patience. They want pills!

        My first grade teacher hit me hard on the head with a ruler because
        I made a mistake by coloring a flower BLUE instead of PURPLE.
        She would have been fired next day in our system today.
        But, I did learn the difference between blue and purple
        from then on!! hahaha??
        (I wish I could show her some of my finest paintings.
        ? people used to beg for my work.) lol
        (I don’t ever condone that kind of behavior, ever.)

      12. Justice, I just had 2 posts go into moderation myself.

        • Free Speech is getting harder and harder to find. That’s not a good sign!

      13. Justice… speech is hard when the truth hurts.

        • Agent “chosen” is to blame for the moderation.

      14. I wonder if it should be obvious, that , only neutron bombs will be used, no blast no radiation no survivors? Except for the ones with or lucky to be under shielding when the , no one knows the hour, comes. Dial a nukes , are the way to go. Expecialy at no goes.

      15. I truly despise everything and everybody LIBERAL.
        Its a cancer on humanity

      16. People are probably given a quality of information, similar to the info pamphlets at the doctor’s office or city hall.

        ‘So, you’ve got (chronic condition)…’
        ‘What we’re doing to make (low energy town) a better place…’

        The rest is color of authority, urban legends, campfire stories, and the telephone game.

      17. I’d like to point out …. In order to “feel safe” the government “needs” 7,000+ nuclear warheads ,,, at least 11 aircraft carrier battle groups and hundreds more ships , how many multiBillion$ F35s, how many Troops “under arms” and tanks. The government is spending $700BILLION every year on GUNS. The Liars swear we are “immenent danger” of being overrun by Barbarian Hordes and that we should be terrified and give Them all the money they want …..But we are “crazy” to want semiauto weapons to defend ourselves …….. then it surrounds it’s self with 24/7 ARMED bodyguards …. and even THAT is not enough as they constantly tell they need MORE weapons and BIGGER weapons ….. then tells YOU that YOU are crazy for wanting semiauto weapons …… “they” have hidden bunkers, stocked with tons of food, medical supplies, equipment, but YOU are a NUT-CASE for prepping. …………… FTG. excellent video

        There is a great deal of denigrating “preppers” …. but EVERYBODY except the Bhuddist monk with nought but a begging bowl is a PREPPER.
        IRAs are “prepping”.
        OBAMAcare is “prepping” … fumbled and USELESS but PREPPING nonetheless.
        LIFE INSURANCE is “prepping”
        CAR INSURANCE is “prepping”
        getting an EDUCATION is “prepping”
        going to work everyday/HOLDING a job is “prepping”
        The whole point is Some People “prep” in a manner more “immediate” but EVERYBODY is PREPPING.
        In a way, even the MONK is “prepping” for the AFTERLIFE.

      18. Nukes are a hoax.

        • Nukes are real. You know this.

      19. Yes a HOAX, like the Russia meddling, the fake news at cnn,nbc, mn…blabla and the two party bulshit!

        the tech monopolies are th propaganda and brainwash tool of the globalist and the indutrial military complex to transform STUPID people who use them into slaves and zombies.


        If you’re not happy, GET OUT OF THERE AND KEEP YOUR KIDS AWAY

      20. Of course the gov is preparing for nuclear war, that’s been the plan for a while. The question is can they control the genie when he gets out of the lamp, I think not. Watch the dinner party discussion in the movie Failsafe. It is as relevant today as when it was made 50 years ago. These are the kinds of people in power right now and their calculus of 100 million dead versus 50 million dead is the way our current leadership thinks. We are just digits to them , as Stalin said “ One death is a tragedy, a million dead is a statistic”. This is coming , very soon I’m afraid, not sure prepping is as important as location in our coming brave new world.

      21. i would advise a kowtowing coward like yourself to reinforce your cabin in montana. Your nothing more than a trump schill , racist mofo GI joke

      22. the elected government of the us is not the real government

        real government is a secret one not the puppets who can get blown away

        the congress and wh could be nuked and the true governing authority of us would not have been scratched

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