As Goes Walmart, So Goes America: “Major Holes Are Starting to Form In Its Business”

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    walmart-going-underIf there’s one indicator of the state of the global economy it’s consumer purchasing on the retail level. And if there’s one retail company to watch as a prelude to what comes next it’s always been Walmart. Known for low prices, low wages, and multi-billion dollar profits, the world’s largest retailer is struggling.

    According to a recent report from Motley Fool, the behemoth’s same stores sales in the U.S. have dropped precipitously and internationally they have outright collapsed, signalling serious trouble ahead.

    Wal-Mart has begun to lose its cache with consumers and major holes are starting to form in its business.

    Interestingly, Wal-Mart has hidden its financial problems from the headlines because challenges are different around the world, masking themselves in the overall picture.

    But when you dig between the headlines you can see a company in serious trouble and could be the latest in a long line of leading retailers to go from boom to bust in the blink of an eye.

    The problem for Wal-Mart goes far further than just cyclical swings in retail or a weak economy. Wal-Mart has long been able to lure customers with one-stop shopping and low prices, but consumer trends are now working against that core strategy. For cost conscious shoppers, lower prices can often be found online and more affluent consumers are choosing style and quality products over one-stop shopping.

    Here’s where Wal-Mart’s story gets really interesting. Sales in the U.S. are beginning to struggle, but overseas the company’s profitability is in downright freefall.

    In an earlier report we noted that economist John Williams says a deep recession will likely become official by Summer of this year, when the government releases it latest economic growth numbers.

    According to Williams, consumers in America are strapped because of stagnant incomes and rising costs for food, energy and health care, leaving little money in consumers’ pockets for other purchases. “The consumer doesn’t have the liquidity to fuel the growth in consumption,” Williams says, a serious implication that is a key reason for why Walmart is seeing same store sales collapse and return on investment shrink across the board.

    In June of 2009 trend forecaster Gerald Celente, in an interview on Infowars with Alex Jones, discussed the parallels between Walmart and the United States of America, suggesting that as goes Walmart, so goes America.

    When you hear these advertisements where Walmart brags about everyday low prices, well sure, we’re turning into a Walmart economy.

    With everyday low prices comes everyday low paying jobs. With everyday low paying jobs, comes everyday low quality. So every day America is sinking lower and lower.

    Since then we’ve learned that a large percentage of Walmart employees make so little money that they have to depend on the government for nutritional assistance, joining nearly 48 million other Americans in the process. Morale at the company has always been low, as evidenced by the often sullen faces seen when being “greeted” upon entering a local store. This mirrors the general sentiment in many parts of America as the financial and economic destruction of the last five years takes it toll.

    For many, Walmart has become the soup kitchen of the modern day bread line. One could even argue that the only reason Walmart hasn’t yet gone bankrupt is because of the surge of monthly customers who receive Electronic Benefits Transfers from the government and head straight to the low-cost retailer to spend their taxpayer subsidized income on food, clothing and other knick-knacks they offer.

    Just as Walmart has been sinking over the last several years, so too has America.

    Our national debt has skyrocketed, Americans dependent on monthly disbursements just to survive have hit historic highs, and there are more people out of the labor force today than there are working.

    Taken in this context Walmart’s success or failure certainly seems to mirror that of the United States as a whole.

    Like Walmert, iconic retailers Montgomery Ward, Sears, and K-Mart were once believed to be immune from the busts normally associated with economic downturns and new competition. The United States, another super power in its sphere of influence, also seems indestructible for these reasons.

    Reality is catching up with both of them.


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      1. The collapse of Walmart can’t come soon enough. They mistreat their employees and are in large part responsible for the outsourcing trend over the last 20 years.

        Die Walmart, Die.

        Go local.

        • My biggest regret is that I only have one thumbs up for your comment. Not really regret,but you get my drift.

          • Wow, lots of wallymart Chinese product lovers ah?

            • ChinaMart. Kmart is called KameApart

              • One of the reasons for the decline in walmart is that the prices suck. I have found you can better deals at many of the other supermarkets. People eventually figure out where the better prices are. Another reason is the many zombies no longer shop for food, they just have it ordered pre-made for them by going out or having them deliver it to you. The home deliver services are actually doing pretty good as people reach another level of “slothism”. All of this is a golden indication WHEN SHTF in spades just how many of these imbeciles that have to have someone else feed them will rot quickly like an infant bird that has fallen out of the nest.

                • BI, good evening, my friend, and once again you’re right on target. Pizza delivery and other types of food delivery have NOT gone down in my area at all. they are holding their own and advertise for delivery drivers all the time. The zombies who no longer shop for food will be among the most dangerous people out there when TSHTF. That’s just another example of them being so damned retarded. They will NEVER see the forest for the trees.

                  • Bravehart,
                    I deliver pizza and I can assure
                    you demand is strong. I can’t believe how much
                    some people spend it’s moronic. Say $80 a week
                    is out of control.

                  • @ Bravehart. The stupidity of people wasting money on something like this is unbelievable. Even someone foolish enough not to be preparing could still save so much on the family budget by just purchasing food that needs a little bit of cooking. Pathetic isn’t it?

                  • BI used the right word to sum it all up”slothism” lazy SOB’s who just want to order out or fast food and don’t really know what a supermarket looks like. That’s where most of their money goes,oh yea, and the latest tech gadget!

                  • The trouble with firms like Walmart who jumped on the low wage/outsourcing model is that they forgot that the consumer at the till is also the same person who a couple of decades ago produced the goods being sold in store.

                    If no factories exist in a nation, neither do the wages that buy products in the shops. If firms refuse to pay employees a living wage – neither can they afford to make purchases.

                    Walmart deliberately chose to pursue a very short sighted unsustainable business model and is just now waking up to the fact that it is responsible for killing the golden goose.

                    In the UK too, far too many families rely on tax credits – a form of welfare to supplement wages that are too low to live on. We too have had a swathe of retail chain failures.

                    When you get down to brass tacks it’s clear that the elites, despite their huge advantages over the rest of us have been and continue to be pretty stupid. It’s only a matter of time before they ultimately destroy themselves – the shame of it all is that they seem hellbent on taking so many of us down with them. No fancy college MBA degrees needed to work this one out.

                    The current economic model is one where the parasite kills the host. This is why as members of the host we all prep on this site.

                  • Breathial,

                    Who is the one acting smart? I have never seen a comment where DK referred to himself as ‘Dr.’. Durango Kid was a character out of Western lore. I don’t recall that he was particularly ‘educated’ either. If you read Westerns much you soon realize you can’t judge a man by how he looks or by first impressions. As far as I am concerned most who post here are above average, really actually, exceptional. What kind of Dr. are you?

                  • Ovomit is a worthless moron.

                • K2: I posted my response to you from Creekmore’s article here so you could see it, as that thread is a couple of days old:

                  K2: WE use force to make other nations use OUR dollar? No, I don’t think so. The FED is the Chairman of the CLUB. The CLUB has Rules. If you want to join the CLUB, you must accept the Rules.

                  Rule No 1: The dollar is the currency of the CLUB. It is backed by the largest economy and the most powerful military in the world.

                  Rule No 2: The CLUB protects its Members.

                  Rule No 3: You are with US or against US.

                  Rule No 4: Remember the first three Rules. 🙂

                  • The Military does NOT protect the dollar.

                    The Bilderbergers and others are no longer protecting it as it continues to be devalued. (QE2, QE3, etc.)

                    There is NOTHING Federal about the Federal Reserve– it is a collection of 9 PRIVATELY held banks.

                    When President Kennedy took action against them, they assassinated him, and we haven’t had a true presider since. Read “JFK and the Unspeakable” for more information.

                    The dollar will soon be replaced because we do not have enough gold to back it.

                    Moreover, to pay off debt, all pensions and savings accounts will be seized. So it’s best to cash out and put that immediately into silver or gold but you better be able to stash it securely off or on your property.

                    Your exuberance betrays reality. You wouldn’t happen to be a disinformation specialist, would you?

                    – the Lone Ranger

                  • Surely the fed has enough savvy to integrate a new exchange and let the dollar die on the vine..

                    Yes,for now.. the dollar is still king but many of the world’s major players are moving to their own currencies of exchange…and the ptb(AKA fEDERAL RESERVE) can not utilize kinetic actions via their proxy enforcers..NATO(ie.Libya,Iraq,Egypt,)when they dare to threaten the petro dollar…

                    When it becomes expedient to do so, the fed will let the dollar wither..and surely they have several game plans already in play..

                    Since they are so secretive in their nefarious financial dealings..none of us can actually speculate their next move,..very few knew or expected QE to kick in at initial 85 billion a month did they?

                    Where I digress is do not determine the’s a false paradigm..

                    Financial players determine everything including the stock markets,future wars, and everything respective to geo politics..

                    Nothing is by accident

                    Everything is by design

                    Extraction of everyone’s wealth and assets is the end game…be it dollar,yuan,yen,ruble,real, etc etc..

                    Because in the end..the central banks always win.


                  • “… I don’t think…”

                    A nugget of truth in a mountain of bullshit.

                  • “You are with US or against US”. DK, that sounds like Bush Jr. when he said, “either you’re with us or you’re with the terrorists”. Nothing out here these days is that simple. Look at how many nations have stopped using the dollar and still getting away with it. The US military to challenge them? I doubt it. Look at the budget cuts being done to defense. The Army alone is letting go of 80000 of its personnel. At least half of the Navy’s fleets are tied up in harbor, along with carrier groups, and half of the Air Force’s fighters and bombers are grounded. Go to war over the dollar? hell, we supposedly don’t have the money to go to war for anything. If we were attacked by Russia and/or China tomorrow, it would be CHECKMATE for the USA. more countries will continue to move away from the dollar and there’s nothing that can be done about it.

                  • Hey Ranger…

                    “You wouldn’t happen to be a disinformation specialist, would you?”

                    You didn’t know? 😉

                  • DK

                    No WMD in Iraq but no more threats of using the Euro in trade for oil.

                    No more gold for oil talk out of Libya either.

                    OBTW, Germany’s gold is where? Where ever it is its not in Germanys hands.

                  • Lone Ranger

                    Kennedy’s assassination changed my view of the world forever.

                    Working in Dallas at the time, the images were seared into my young brain and the long journey of discovering how the world really worked began.

                    Earlier during the Cuban Missile Crisis,I saw supermarket shelves completely stripped in 24 hours.

                    These events defined a generation.

                  • Ranger: Of course the military protects the dollar and the multinational companies who use it. Where have you been for the past 60 years? Why do you think the PTB in America spend one Trillion Dollars a year for military equipment? LMAO!

                    QE did NOTHING to “devalue” the dollar. NOTHING! 80% of that “printed money” went to the member banks reserve account at the FED. The other twenty percent went to replace the banks losses, create a profit for their stock, and provide for outrageous bonus’ for the top bankers.

                    That is protecting the member banks and their dollar.

                    No I am not a disinformation specialist. All you do is repeat the internet meme of the doomers who want to sell you precious metals, protect THEIR balance sheets that are highly leveraged and highly weighted toward metals; or purchase their monthly newsletter, for which they will happily exchange for YOUR dollars.

                    Pretty hypocritical if you ask me. 🙁

                  • RB: Yes, it does sound like Bush jr, and that is the mentality of the NWO PTB. Why do you think Liberty Lovers, Patriots, veterans, and average Americans who believe in the Founding Documents are now labeled, “domestic terrorists” ?

                    The NWO and GB’s are all about protecting their wealth, their power, and extending their Agenda. Their Agenda is not an American agenda. 🙁

                  • Posse: You said. “Yes,for now.. the dollar is still king but many of the world’s major players are moving to their own currencies of exchange……….. ie. Libya, Iraq, Egypt) when they dare to threaten the petro dollar…

                    When it becomes expedient to do so, the fed will let the dollar wither..and surely they have several game plans already in play…. ”

                    Yes, other nations want the power of the dollar for their currency; and they want to strip the USA of its power by attacking the dollar any way they can, because they cannot possibly win a shooting war with America.

                    But the economies of the nations you mentioned are a FRACTION of the American economy even such as it is, which tells you what the state of their State really is.

                    It will NEVER be expedient for the FED to release its hold over the world reserve currency. Never. That is why war is coming sooner rather than later. The petro dollar is not losing relevance, it is just switching from Saudi Arabia to the USA as WE choose to move to develop OUR oil & gas reserves now; which are extensive.

                    Alternative energy is coming on strong as I have described elsewhere. WE are in an energy revolution and the PTB understand this. The Russian chinese deal for that natural gas pipeline has been discussed since the early 90’s (check the archives of Oil & Gas Journal.)

                    By the time that pipeline is built and any significant quantities of gas are delivered, it will be economically obsolete and a BIG waste of money!

                    Further, US weapons programs have turned a significant corner. Star Wars is here and it is here now, and the USA has a BIG lead in that weapons technology, making war without nukes possible, and nuke weapons delivered by ICBM obsolete.

                    The NWO will choose war over dollar capitulation. Europe with eastern Europe is over 600 million people. Russia has 150 million. Russia will be squeezed by the NWO and most of the conflict occurring where the soviet Empire once existed.

                    In the end there can be only ONE! 🙁

                  • K2: My point exactly. Membership has its privileges, and opposition has its costs. The carrot and the stick. 🙂

                  • DK, it’s is nothing short of amazing, that you spout so much crap, that is demonstrably crap, and yet you think you’re sooooo smart.

                    Let you in on a little secret, bubba…

                    You’re not even average. For that, you’d have to significantly improve.

                    Your attempts to discuss economics are amusing, unintentionally so.

                    If you were half as smart as you fancy yourself being, you’d spend a whole lot more time reading, studying and listening, instead of opening that fat hole in your face, and confirming for everyone what a putz you really are. Your attempts to pass yourself as somewhat smart and/or educated, seriously annoys those of us who actually are somewhat smart and/or educated.

                    In my humble opinion.
                    Dr. “Breathial”

                  • BTW Ranger: The devaluation of the dollar is an illusion in a capitalist country intended to deceive the Proletariat. Oh the lack of purchasing power by the masses is real enough, but only for the poor and middle class who do not own the means of production.

                    While YOUR dollar has declined in value 70% since 2000, the purchasing power of the Uber Rich and other capitalists has NOT been affected at all. Not at all.

                    Why not you ask?

                    Simple. Follow the dollars. While every dollar has declined in value, those who own the means of production increase the number of dollars that flow to them; mitigating the effects of a dollar decline.

                    Think of the apartment owner who increases your rent, or the candy maker who makes its candy bars smaller and raises the price. Loss of purchasing power for the masses, more dollars and less expense for the candy maker who receives MORE dollars for the same amount of product it sells to YOU! This results in a negligible effect on the purchasing power of the candy maker who generates more dollars.

                    This sad but real economic fact of life can best be illustrated by the charts showing the increasing income and wealth gap between the rich and the poor. This is why the Uber Rich and GB’s will not relinquish control of the WRC or severe their relationship with the dollar.

                    They do not need you to support their economy, dollar, or treasury bonds. 50 million Americans on food stamps evidence that fact. Unfortunately, the average American does not realize that they must own the means of production in a capitalist country; or participate in the political process of the Republic to protect their interests.

                    Until they do, if they ever do, they are TOAST. 🙁

                  • DK, your analyses are right.

                    China and Russia can threaten to bypass the dollar all they want but they will not be able to abandon the ‘almighty’ dollar for long if they expect to trade with the rest of the world. China can flood Russia with Chinese made goods in exchange for gas but that will not benefit the Russians economically in the long run either. Like you said, their pipelines will be obsolete by the time they are ready to be used. China has been building a pipeline from the Indian Ocean through Burma and into Yunnan. They have spent decades doing this and as far as I know it is still not operational. But, in the mean time, Chinese goods have been pouring into Burma while timber and other natural resources have been flowing out of the country into China. The forests are being clear cut and mineral resources are being removed and exploited at a rapid rate. The Chinese are extremely patient and resourceful and will engage only in activities that will ultimately benefit their country. They have a lot of mouths to feed, but they have also learned since Deng Xiao Ping, the power of the free market by allowing the people to feed themselves.

                    It is a rapidly changing world and alliances, science and technology are changing just as rapidly and the world is metaphorically becoming more flat. Countries will not be able to live and prosper in isolation. Even the xenophobic N. Korea, finds it really tough to live in isolation and must employ the threat of extreme force to regulate and control it’s population, it’s markets, and it’s currency.

                    Unlike the yuan, the ruble has lost a lot of value since the days of the USSR. No matter what the individual government does to support their currency, ultimately, the markets will determine the value of their currency and a black market will develop if there is a discrepancy between the true value and the government enforced value of the currency. Look at what is happening in Venezuela. Both China and Russia are afraid to join a truly open market, that is why they are trying to make these country to country deals. Even in China there was a black market when they experimented with a ‘Foreign Exchange Currency’ and the ‘ Renminbi’ or yuan.

                    It looks like we have been blessed by the ancient Chinese, we now really ‘live in interesting times’!

                    Pray, plan, and keep on prepping! As DK says, ‘engage your employees’!

                  • DK

                    “”Club Members” cannot opt out. If they decide to sell THEIR oil in something other than the USD they get a visit from the CIA to overthrow them and if that will not work an invasion from the US Military. The “protection” offered akin to the Mafia. “Nice place you have here, wouldn’t want to see anything happen to it”.

                    We invaded Iraq for what reason? You tell us. Libya likewise. Oh, where did that Libyan gold go?

                    TPTB are desperate.

                  • DK

                    The 45 billion per month that is buying Treasuries finances the US government which through entitlements injects money into the economy that previously did not exist.

                    EQ money is certainly making it into the economy.

                    The Too Big To Fail Banks are getting the remainder which thanks to the demise of Glass-Steagall allows them to invest in equities which falsely increases the price of stocks that when sold become more money from no where.

                    EQ money is once again certainly making it into the economy.

                  • John Q Public: Thanks for that Link of latest mass killing Kalif shooter guy.Once Again we see why TV news don’t name the alledged killer guy eh…Because hes no whitey! No rather again as in Giffords az event and batman movie killer etc etc it is Again a youthfull person playing Out what their Talmud teaches them to DO.

                    IE: to Kill even the Best of the Goyim gentiles.

                    Meanwhile his daddy TV director, directs Hunger Games Tv series where tons of violence and death from kids killing kids is seen!…Yet Daddy director who earns a vast fortune as hunger games director is “Against Guns”!

                    And Blames “US All” for not doing better mental health stuff. Thats Kommie antigun jewish Code for: “What america and the world needs now is, the Same style of soviet butcher scam of makeing use of mental health a priority, with which to Round up “ALL” the Goyim peoples so Our soviet jewish Shrinks can Then declare every Goyim a lunatic for disaproval of Our soviet antigun methods Goy Control. Then we soviets in the usa will have all the necessary reasons to Leagally Disarm all those damn whitey Goyims…because them whitey Goys are Far, far too smart for our jewdeo kommie soviet rulers to get over on otherwise, like we so eaisily can do with those Other Darker race Goyims aka blacks!”

                    FROM Website JQP Posted… an excerpt:But Mr. Rodger, what about those films about children killing children that you got so bloody rich assistant directing? How about some self reflection you scoundrel. We didn’t profit by making movies about children killing children that easily program unbalanced people to act violently. We didn’t pull the trigger. We didn’t drive the BMW you bought with your blood money over bicyclists. We don’t need to change quite so much as the rabid supporters of bloody Counterfeit Israel and Holocaustianity proselytizers Wolf Blitzer, Rabbi Praver, Obama, Eric Holder and Yourself who are shaping this sewer culture that breeds broken minds and souls.

                    It seems that some things could stand to be changed in this rotten society, but the ones doing the proselytizing are the ones most in need of changing.

                    Yesheva School, Talmudic Teaching: “Kill Even the Best of gentile Goyims!….So..His Son DID!…Same as the vast majority of school and shoping store and random mass killing shooters, taught same Talmudic evils, did the Past 20-25 yrs now since the…Klinton Era years!.

                    There IS something radically Wrong with such disproportinate numbers of usa smallest minority groups kids turned into Mass Killers eh….Teaching them to Obey talmudic, Kill best of goyim cannot be it right?

                  • K2: the US invaded Iraq for one reason and one reason only: Saddam was giving “martyrs” $25,000 to their families if they would infiltrate Israel, make their way to a crowed theater, bus, or coffee shop, and blow themselves up.

                    It was a win, win situation for everyone but the Israelis. The Families would collect $25K USD, the artyr would enter paradise where 16 special virgins awaited him, and Saddam could eliminate Israel slow but sure when you consider that there were 60 million Iraqis and three million Israelis.

                    WMD and oil were the cover. ;-(

                  • K2: Yes some of the dollars created are making their way into the economy but not that much, and much, much less than in a normal economic environment.

                    Its a shell game by the FEDS and there is no pea under any of the shells, so no matter which shell you look under, there’s no pea.

                    And that’s why very few understand the game. 🙂

                  • Hey Breathial! Thanks for joining the conversation. Why don’t you refute my arguments with your own? I would LOVE to engage you. 🙂

                  • As Shakespeare incisively wrote, “The lady doth protest too much methinks.”

                    WAY too much.


                    And just who IS dk?

                    I’ll tell ya.

                    You double-majored in English and History.

                    You might even have a Ph.d or perhaps finished as a Rhodes Scholar.

                    After all, the job description did call for a person with a “demonstrated and keen knowledge of history with proven writing skill to restore calm after being incited by online terrorists” (folks, that’s us, by the way) seeking to cause civil unrest”; (we only respond to it, we don’t cause it, dk, but you already know that but you wisely keep your mouth shut so you can keep collecting your paychecks paid for by our tax dollars);

                    A family connection got you a job interview with the CIA because writing for Ad and PR agencies didn’t appeal to you.

                    So just like that you were “hired to protect the national security interests” and joined a different psychopathic bunch of “mad men”;.

                    How do you protect such interests– which really are that of the secret team, the secret government that really calls the shots– to which the articles here uncover?

                    By disrupting and distracting topic after topic here, albeit unsuccessfully.

                    Post after post:

                    – You have a sickening syrupy sweet tone that you were told would pass as optimism and impart undetected false hope (yeah, right, lol);

                    – You juxtapose historical events and twist them to offer a different interpretation as though you were a retired astronaut speaking to a bunch of starry-eyed second-graders;

                    – You deny cogent economic and historical analyses and even when you yourself KNOW you are off-base, you love it when we all respond to you, thinking that you succeeded in misleading most of us (think again).

                    Heck, I could be your boss (hint! hint! putting up posts to keep you sharp while at the same time working against my governmental employer) and you wouldn’t even know it.

                    And guess who is out of a job once they shut down either the Internet or destroy our ancient power grid?

                    That’s right, YOU are, dk!

                    What will you do then?

                    What writing assignment will they then give you?

                    FYI, dk:

                    – Dave Hodges has detailed how a false flag in Chicago, to be blamed on Syria and in the works for 2 years now, could be set off real soon there (within 21-days) to justify the war games of both the U.S. and Russia going “live” thus bringing about Martial Law, militant/aggressive gun confiscation in Chicago, and the start of WW III!

                    – Riots over food will begin to erupt in our country and elsewhere between June 1 and December 1; (try DISproving that HAARP was NOT used this winter to destroy 50% of California’s fruit and vegetable crop, but you can’t, dk);

                    So son, get out while you can. It can be a very healthy thing to fire one’s boss at times.

                    Go teach somewhere and do the journal writing your heart always yearned to do. Fire the CIA. You’ll be ok. I didn’t come here to win no popularity contest but I did get 63 likes to 5 dislikes, so this job ain’t working out for you. Get out while you can, prep up, go home and protect your family, because everything is going hot this summer or even sooner. Good luck to you.

                    – the Lone Ranger

                    “Those that think they know it all upset those of us who do.” – common saying

                  • No I am not CIA and I did not major in History or English. I am a business, econ, and finance guy all the way. I did take an Arizona History class that peaked my curiosity for mining.

                    Family connection? LMAO! I have been on my own since I was 17 and a senior in high school. I did everything the hard way. I wish I would have had a “connection” it would have made life a lot easier.

                    Unfortunately, I had to earn everything I have. 🙂

                  • Dirtypants kidd you act like you know everything comets space economics we see through your bull! I click the red hand cause you dont know everything like you claim. You make yourself feel better because in real life you live in your moms basement unhirable lonely couch potato, whos doesnt sound so intelligent because you cant copy and paste from sites like wiki.

                  • stfukidd: Hey asshole! Thanks for joining the conversation. Refute my analysis if you can. I would LOVE to engage you too! Otherwise its sounds like a lot of sour grapes from a sour puss. 🙂

                • Have to agree with ya! The “Food Stampers” get their EBT cards and use them to buy hot meals from places like McDonalds and other food joints. Just the other day a girl asked me about local Pizza places. I suggested a few and she said “Not those”. When I asked why not those she said “They don’t take EBT cards”. Wow, this country has descended into the lowest of the lows. People are so damn lazy and just don’t care where “Their” money comes from…i.e. free money!

                  • Jim Smith, where do the freeloaders get the idea of the money being “theirs” when it’s really OURS? If you don’t already hold or can at least touch it, IT’S NOT YOURS. THAT MONEY IS OUR MONEY FORCIBLY TAKEN FROM US BY GOVT. AND GIVEN TO THESE PARASITES. AND THEY CLAIM TO BE “ENTITLED” TO OUR TAX MONEY? THEY’RE NOT ENTITLED TO SHIT.

                  • Off Topic
                    or maybe on topic because it will surely be in WallyMart.

                    PINK SLIME ALERT – now breaking on zerohedge.

                  • hey, new ordnance, you talking about soylent PINK?

                • i am lucky here in hi-desert, cali…we have every week in the mail at least 9 BIG grocery store sale ads to choose from….but i NEVER see a compelling ad from walmart for groceries…NEVER a reason to go there for FOOD. their prices can ALWAYS be beat at one of the other stores in town…usually by a LOT….other stuff, yes, i do shop there on occasion, but definitely not for FOOD. i honestly don’t understand why people would go there to buy food at such high prices….and don’t even get me going about vons…their regular prices are roughly DOUBLE some of the other stores sale prices.

                  • Wal-Mart’s food prices are better than anyone else’s in my area except for one. We have plenty of expensive smaller grocery stores around here.

                  • Dry goods..lots lots cheaper. Wouldn’t buy their meats if you paid me. They are cheaper, but I jetted with h2o to make them heavier.

                • i am lucky here in hi-desert, cali…we have every week in the mail at least 9 BIG grocery store sale ads to choose from….but i NEVER see a compelling ad from walmart for groceries…NEVER a reason to go there for FOOD. their prices can ALWAYS be beat at one of the other stores in town…usually by a LOT….other stuff, yes, i do shop there on occasion, but definitely not for FOOD. i honestly don’t understand why people would go there to buy food at such high prices….and don’t even get me going about vons…their regular prices are roughly DOUBLE some of the other stores sale prices.

                  • I absolutely HATE to being saying this because of the nature of the beast, but in the name of keeping food costs down and because at this point, the Mad Hatter is in already in charge and the horse has already left the barn.

                    The reason Walmart doesn’t have newspaper ads is because they will match competitors ads…which is clever because a lot of times, most if not all competitors have the same ad prices…for the same reason that all gasoline stations have the same price within a day: They pretty much call each other or a designated “leader” and ask, “What price ya charging?”

                    From Walmart’s website:

                    “We gladly match the price in the following types of ads:*

                    *Buy one, get one free ads with a specified price
                    Example: Buy one for $2.49, get one free (BOGO)
                    *Competitors’ ads that feature a specific item for a specified price
                    *Preferred shopping card prices for specific items that are in a printed ad
                    *For fresh produce and meat items when the price is offered in the same unit type (lb. for lb.; each for each)

                    *The following are guidelines and limitations:

                    *We will match any local competitor’s advertised price.
                    *We do not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor’s ad.
                    *Items purchased must be identical to the ad (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc.)

                    We do not match the price in the following types of competitor ads:

                    *Items that require a separate purchase to get the ad price. Example: “Buy [item A] to get [item B] for $C”
                    *Items with no actual price that require a purchase to get free product. Example: “Buy both [items A & B] to get [item C] for free”
                    *Items that require a purchase to get a competitors’ gift card. Example: “Buy [item A] to get a $B gift card
                    *Buy one, get one free (BOGO) ads with no actual price given
                    *Going out of business or closeout prices,percentage off
                    example: “All mascara, 40% off”
                    *Competitors’ private label price promotions

                    We do not honor:

                    *Ads when the actual price for items cannot be determined
                    *Internet pricing
                    *Misprinted ad prices of other retailers
                    *”Going out of business” sales or “closeout” prices”

                  • @pwypreach ..thanks for bringing that point up about matching prices with other stores at walmart. i will ALWAYS go with the place that origonally had the cheaper price advertised. they took the initiative to price it low, so i owe it to them to buy it THERE, instead of a place that agrees to “match” ANYONES price. the price COULDN’T go DOWN under such a system unless SOMEONE ADVERTISED a lower price! smart on the part of walmart, but i see what they are up to and i won’t play their game…never have, never will…i don’t care, i’m thankful the ORIGONAL store took a hit to lower the price, and i aint gonna put money in the pocket of the place that HAD the higher price before the place with the lower price “put it on the table”,…hope i explained it so y’all could understand my point.

                  • ok, so i went to walmart last night to try the pricematch thing….they only had 10 cans of the tuna i wanted that is on sale at albertson’s!…they had chilli for 69 cents a few months ago and i got a raincheck(received 3 days later) for 250 cans…forgot to ask at walmart if they would give me a raincheck for 250 cans, but i’m bettin’ NOT.

                • Aldi, Big Lots, and Save Alot stores all beat W-M prices, especially on their weekly sales.

                  • HANDS DOWN!!!

                    No matter what region you’re in…

                    I do occasionally go inland and off the peninsula but can’t wait to get back to the salt… 😉

                • I bought a mountain house just in case container for $55 in Jan from Amazon. That same container is now $65. Our money will soon be worthless.

                • @ BI: agreed! I was just @ Wal Mart yesterday & was shocked @ how much prices have risen. Felt I could get the same thing elsewhere for less.

          • Skid-Mart, for discerning wino’s

            who appreciate only the very least.

            • I call it Wallmart. In honor of all the Chinese who were killed and added to the Great Wall of China.

              People think of the Great Wall of China as some incredible monument. I see one of the biggest abuses of power by a Tyrant. People conscripted from their homes and slaving away and dying far away. And yes, their remains just added to the wall.

              • That’s heavy man…

        • anonymous, I just gave you an extra thumbsup. They have put God-only-knows how many mom-and-pop stores of all types out of business over the years. It will be interesting to see how the fall of Wallyworld turns out. You really do reap what you sow.

          • The young whipersnappers don’t even know what it used to be like when mom & pop stores were everywhere.

          • Wal Mart didn’t. Their customers did.

            • yea, walmart sucks with all plastic shit they sell ,but ya know ,most of the mom and pops in my small town growing up did to ,they rolled the fucking side walks in before the sun set ,couldnt buy shit on the weekends,hell in hunting season most of them were closed,one could also say that home depot and lowes put the mom and pop hardware stores out of buss. also ,what i miss most that went away was the variety stores ,and the 5 and dime stores ,and the family hobby shops ,or how about the sundrie’s ,where you could get a fountian drink and a model car at the same place, boy i miss the old western auto store ,when you were 10 you could get your bike parts there and when you were 17 you could get all the chrome you wanted for your car

              • Think about this. You want it all so you can play on weekends by blaming those Mom and Pops for closing on weekends and for family dinner times during the week. Why shouldn’t the Mom and Pops expect the same fruits of their investment and labor?

                • I support the mom & pop stores as much as possible; I pay a little more to shop at the local feed store, pay a little more for the family owned HVAC/plumbing service, and shop the local farmer’s market when I can. I’d rather pay them than China or the elite. Out in the country you have to plan ahead, but in an emergency, it’s a 30 mile one-way trip to the closest big stores and at least 50 minutes to the closest hospital.

                • im not blaming anyone ,but here’s the deal in a free market economy ,the world doesent exist in a 8-5 bubble ,people work second shifts ,they work night shift ,or hell they may just be night owls like myself,so when there’s a market out there some one’s going to fill that need ,if you have a hardware store and you close at 4:30 and you can ,then bless you ,but when i get home at 6:00 and my water pumps out ,and i want a shower ,ill be damned if im going to wait till the next day for pop to open ,im going to home depot ,shit moves forward you either ajust to the shit flow or get left in its wake ,i never said i like the shit flow ,but thats the way it is ,adapt ,change ,thats what seperates those that do ,from those that dont

                • Hey Anon, I’m old enough to remember when it was breakfest, dinner and supper. Just for fun, ask anyone under 40 when is it dinner and when they tell you in the evening, then ask them, well when is supper. Oh and you never did tell me where I could get one of those mask. Trekker Out.

                • some small stores were great some terrible and many paid there help poorly some did not but there is merit if a person worked a 9 to 5 it became hard to shop so that’s a valid point. but one big thing the local and state and now federal gov putting so many fees requirements permits and other red tape someone like even a successful small store could not afford the expense and time if they wanted to build a big shop so they had to either rent at high rates or let the big stores who had departments and funding take over

              • the last couple sentences describe walmart to a tee, lower40

              • Lower40, you bring back some memories for me. Western Auto, McCrory’s, Woolworth’s….. Ah, those were the days.

          • The ONLY people who put the mom and pop businesses OUT of business were US as individuals and collectively as a nation, each and every one of us who stopped shopping at the local stores and who began purchasing our goods from these large chains like Wal-Marts who bought and stocked foreign-made goods from foreign-made sweat shops….we have put ourselves out of business.

            • If Wal-Mart and the other big box stores were filled with stuff made in the USA the loss of the mom and pops would not matter as much. While we are at it how many of you hating Wal-Mart drive foreign made cars? Yeah I know govt. motors.

              • Good grief, who’s kidding who! Mom&Pop’s went out of business over 50 years ago. I grew up in a small town in Missourah, and as a kid there were 4 small grocery stores within 2 blocks of our house. There were Mom&Pop’s atleast every 3 to 4 blocks. There were a couple of larger markets that were locally owned that would be called Mom&Pop’s by today’s standard, and I can still remember when Safeway came to town how everyone complained about how they destroyed the small stores. And while we complain about Union’s I had a friend that worked at Safeway 30 years ago and made more per hour then, than Safeway worker’s make today. Now in Wyoming, we finally had a Family Dollar come to town, which was a real blessing because the local friendly market would skin you alive before they had any competion., a gallon of milk was $2 per gallon higher than Wal-Mart, which is many miles away. So cuss old Wally all you want, but many a poor person that ain’t on the the Government dole would sure be hurting without them. Trekker Out.

              • Ford and Mopar

                • All our cars are Ford

              • I drive a 2010 Nissan Frontier, made in Tennessee. When I drive to Los Angeles, I constantly see new GM pickups on the side of the road, some still with dealer plates. Might as well be made in China, given the quality. GM is backed by the state. Remember the Yugo? That is where Government Motors is headed.


                • I should have edited my own comment. My Frontier’s engine is made in Japan – obviously why it runs perfectly with 50K miles. I have a neighbor with an ancient Plymouth Valiant. The slant-six engine has 440K miles on it, with a top end rebuild by his father at 280K. He thinks the bottom end will outlive himself.

                  • MP, remember the old American Motors cars, Ramblers, etc? I once had a 69 Rambler American, inline six with 3-on-the-tree. I drove that car until I could no longer find parts for it and traded it for something else. those AMC cars were some of the best we ever built.

                  • The slant 6 was one of the best engines ever made in that time period. Not unusual to have seen those with 200+ thousand miles and never had the head off. For cars in the 60s 200k miles was huge to go that high and jot have been rebuilt once.

                  • i hope the hell it runs perfect with 50K on it thats no milage on a car today ,i have a GMC pickup 350 cid with 280K on the original engine

                  • The ol leaning tower of power is a tuff cat to kill
                    As long as it’s well taken care of , and repaired as necessary , regular oil and filter changes
                    I’ve seen one I know of do over a million miles .
                    Granted not in the same car , but that engine couldn’t be killed , it’s still going to this day

            • In the beginning Walmart actually promoted ‘Made in America’. Sam Walton squeezed many a manufacturer for their last penny. Then China started manufacturing everything and gained status as a trading partner. Poop. Everything Walmart sells is made in China (mostly).

              • What we call today: NAFTA aka Jobs lost to 3rd world nations etc Began in PLans at Least as Far back as, 1952 as This Speech Proves!….

                A report from Europe carried the following speech of Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich before a special meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952:

                THIS Is at very End of his Speech!…

                Our interests in Washington are greatly extending the Point Four Program (viz. Colombo Plan) for developing industry in backward areas of the world, so that after the industrial plants and cities of Europe and America are destroyed by atomic warfare, the Whites can offer no resistance against the large masses of the dark races, who will maintain an unchallenged technological superiority. And so, with the vision of world victory before you, go back to your countries and intensify your good work, until that approaching day when Israeli will reveal herself in all her glorious destiny as the Light of the World.” (Note: Every statement made by Rabinovich is based on agenda contained in the “Protocols of Zion.”)

                THE Beginning of his Speech….

                A report from Europe carried the following speech of Rabbi Emmanuel Rabinovich before a special meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952: “Greetings, my children; You have been called her to recapitulate the principal steps of our new program. As you know, we had hoped to have twenty years between wars to consolidate the great gains which we made from World War II, but our increasing numbers in certain vital areas is arousing opposition to us, and we must now work with every means at our disposal to precipitate World War III within five years [They did not precipitate World War III but they did instigate the Korean War when on June 25, 1950 they ordered the North Korean army to launch a surprise attack on South Korea. On June 26, the U.N. Security Council condemned the invasion as aggression and ordered withdrawal of the invading forces. Then on June 27, 1950, our Jewish American President Truman ordered air and naval units into action to enforce the U.N. order. Not achieving their full goals, they then instigated the overthrow of South Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem, Premier under Bao Dai, who deposed the monarch in 1955 and established a republic with himself as President. Diem used strong U.S. backing to create an authoritarian regime, which soon grew into a full-scale war, with Jewish pressure escalating U.S. involvement].

                The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years is at last within our reach, and because its fulfillment is so apparent, it behooves us to increase our efforts and our caution tenfold. I can safely promise you that before ten years have passed, our race will take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave (Applause from the gathering). You remember the success of our propaganda campaign during the 1930’s, which aroused anti-American passions in Germany at the same time we were arousing anti-German passions in America, a campaign which culminated in the Second World War. A similar propaganda campaign is now being waged intensively throughout the world.

                WHY did we have a “COLD-WAR” with Russia?…READ MORE!

                A war fever is being worked up in Russia by an incessant anti-American barrage while a nation-wide anti-Communist scare is sweeping America. This campaign is forcing all the smaller nations to choose between the partnership of Russia or an alliance with the United States. Our most pressing problem at the moment is to inflame the lagging militaristic spirit of the Americans. The failure of the Universal Military Training Act was a great setback to our plans, but we are assured that a suitable measure will be rushed through Congress immediately after the 1952 elections. The Russians, as well as the Asiatic peoples, are well under control and offer no objections to war, but we must wait to secure the Americans. This we hope to do with the issue of Anti-Semitism, which worked so well in uniting the Americans against Germany. We are counting heavily on reports of anti-Semitic outrages in Russia to whip up indignation in the United States and produce a front of solidarity against the Soviet power. Simultaneously, to demonstrate to Americans the reality of anti-Semitism, we will advance through new sources large sums of money to outspokenly anti-Semitic elements in America to increase their effectiveness, and we shall stage Anti-Semitic outbreaks in several of their largest cities. This will serve the double purpose of exposing reactionary sectors in America, which then can be silenced, and of welding the United States into a devoted anti-Russian unit. (Note: — Protocol of Zion No. 9, para. 2, states that anti-Semitism is controlled by them. At the time of this speech they had already commenced their campaign of anti-Semitism in Czechoslovakia). Within five years, this program will achieve its objective, the Third World War, which will surpass in destruction all previous contests. Israeli, of course, will remain neutral, and when both sides are devastated and exhausted, we will arbitrate, sending our Control Commissions into all wrecked countries. This war will end for all time our struggle against the Gentiles.

                • FINAL PART of How America has been RUINED!

                  We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter- racial tensions.

                  Forbid the Whites to mate with Whites. The White Women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the White Men with black women. Thus the White Race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples.

                  Question from the gathering: Rabbi Rabinovich, what about the various religions after the Third World War?

                  Rabinovich: There will be no more religions. Not only would the existence of a priest class remain a constant danger to our rule, but belief in an after-life would give spiritual strength to irreconcilable elements in many countries, and enable them to resist us. We will, however, retain the rituals and customs of Judaism as the mark of our hereditary ruling caste, strengthening our racial laws so that no Jew will be allowed to marry outside our race, nor will any stranger be accepted by us. (Note: Protocol of Zion No. 17 para. 2, states: ‘Now that freedom of conscience has been declared everywhere (as a result of their efforts they have previously stated) only years divide us from the moment of the complete wrecking of that [Hated] Christian Religion. As to other religions, we shall have still less difficulty with them.’)

                  We may have to repeat the grim days of World War II, when we were forced to let the Hitlerite bandits sacrifice some of our people, in order that we may have adequate documentation and witnesses to legally justify our trial and execution of the leaders of America and Russia as war criminals, after we have dictated the peace. I am sure you will need little preparation for such a duty, for sacrifice has always been the watchword of our people, and the death of a few thousand lesser Jews in exchange for world leadership is indeed a small price to pay. To convince you of the certainty of that leadership, let me point out to you how we have turned all of the inventions of the White Man into weapons against him. His printing presses and Radios are the mouthpieces of our desires, and his heavy industry manufactures the instruments which he sends out to arm Asia and Africa against him.

                  Our interests in Washington are greatly extending the Point Four Program (viz. Colombo Plan) for developing industry in backward areas of the world, so that after the industrial plants and cities of Europe and America are destroyed by atomic warfare, the Whites can offer no resistance against the large masses of the dark races, who will maintain an unchallenged technological superiority. And so, with the vision of world victory before you, go back to your countries and intensify your good work, until that approaching day when Israeli will reveal herself in all her glorious destiny as the Light of the World.” (Note: Every statement made by Rabinovich is based on agenda contained in the “Protocols of Zion.”)

                  Do You Get It…..YET?

                  And Why is it that So Many obviously Itelligent Website Writers, Historians, Economic “Experts” etc…NEVER, EVER, write about some of These Historical issues and facts?…Because anyone with 1/2 of a Brain can tell by simply Reading some of these Well Hidden, suppressed, YET still Available Facts Can and Should be found by sincere searchers of Real truth, as to what Exactly has Created so many huge troubles we Today face in America?

                  GOOD Thing we have SHTF eh! For where Else can readers Learn such vast historical truth of the true Plots and evil Plans, “Others” have been and STILL Do Perpetrate upon YOU, Me, YOUR Family and grandkiddies and neighbors eh!

                  • Them Guys; I and many others salute your untiring efforts to awaken the good folks at SHTF and well do we understand your frustrations in those efforts. I have noted with sadness some of the reactions to your post’s by the Hageeites and others here but I hope you won’t be disheartened. I won’t, because I know that the brain is essentially a computer and if the brain receives any information that is contrary to it’s programming, it will be thrown aside as an untruth. You know, as I know and as many know, who has programmed the entire country and you know that nothing will change until young Americans must look into the eyes of their starving children and know that there is no food to feed them. This happened before in Germany in the thirties and the precise solution was applied by Hitler when he told the Jewish Central Bankers to go to Hell and thereby created what came to be known as the German Miracle. It can happen here just as easily but we have a ways to go in dismantling our programming and perhaps only our starvation will initiate this action, so total is the control over our minds! The knowledge that you possess is readily available to everyone but they choose rather to watch the little fat man Hagee in his Sunday worship of the bandit state of Israel having not a clue that they are themselves, Israel. Try not to be so frustrated for things will change for the better. Our people are conditioned but certainly not stupid and at the end of the road it shall be seen that we, the people of Europe and America, are Israel

                  • You are one screwed up dude. Get help. Ten million or so Jews are going to rule the world? Yeah right. I am betting on the Muslims being the top dogs in twenty years.

                  • CASH RGISTER= JEWISH PIANO and thats a fact

            • mom & pop stores also gave children in the 12-15 age bracket a place to get a job. No one will hire that age group anymore because of Labor Laws and those children have nothing to do except game and get into trouble.

              My hubby and I both worked for our parents and grandparents as young people. It’s where we learned to relate to people and make change the old fashioned way. It’s where we learned to value a customer and what customer service ment. Where we learned the value of a dollar and how hard it was to earn it.

              Maybe after the SHIFT re-set things will be that way again. I’ld be willing to bet on it 🙂

              • Genius:!! Wow! Too funny! Yet 100% Fact truth also!

                Yes jews play a cash register like a Piano. Thats because a REAL piano is a bit more difficult. Where are All of those self claimed super intelligent jew master race music composers that so compare to the Many Whiteman Symphony composers eh?….Like negroe composers thru history…They simply do Not exist!

                Aurelius: I agree on all you wrote. Except that I do not get “Frustrated”. I get totally Pissed off at how utterally ignorant todays folks are when as you said, this info is today very easy to obtain. And they too know this as fact. But due to phonies like hagee and Many others In his Camp, they have allowed themselves to be totally brainwashed and now reject all forms of facts or truths.

                There is about Nothing I can think of worse than, otherwise smart awake folks refusing to admit to truth even when it is proven to them a thousand times and in ten thousand differemt ways. Yet thats precicely what occures to their ‘computer-brains” when fools like Hagee are allowed to penetrate and infiltrate their minds with more false crap then they can realize.

                I mean all these foolish souls need do is to sit down with pencil and paper. Then turn TV on to daily hagee spew shows, and Write Down all the bible verses hagee or other preachers Like hagee always name as confirmation that his spew is bible truth etc…Then Later Turn OFF TV spew of hagee, and READ IN full context those Very same bible verses. It should take No more than once or maybe for lib minded females who’s every idea or thought revolves around and is Dictated by Emotional “Feelings”, Twice at most doing this to finally determine that YES every Falsehood hagee types preach is in Fact False.

                he has tons of otherwise good people, following his fables and Myths based upon a major Flaw. That Flaw or Fly in the Ointment jar, is when Hagee convinces the foolish ones that every place in the bible they see or read the word of “Israel” it should Always be traslated into the word of “Jew” and visa versa.

                Which is as bogus as can get. One would think the foolish souls would at least at some point wonder or question as to Why does hagee et al never or barly ever mention the OTHER-11 israel tribes?…What…those 11 others do not matter?….All that does matter is judah aka jews?

                Even judah today does Not suffice as a good definition to what or whos a jew today.

                Hagee brags he can lift his Phone off the hook, and in seconds have a DIRECT line linkup and Phone conversation with Litterally ANYONE in Israel, including NuttyYahoo and every israeli official and top honcho talmudic pharisee rabbis…That alone should Raise MORE Red Flags then even jewdeo-bolshie-kommie jews has raised since jews invented communism and used it to overthrow christian white Russia close to a century ago!!

                Why would otherwise christian Hater jews IN israel of all locations, be so enamored with and so so eager to do a phone conversation with likes of a john hagee fraud?

                UNLESS! hagee is akin to usa Polititions so willing to SELL Out americans, america, for a FREE Leer or gulfstream jet Plane and tons of jew cash eh.

                Yeah lets all just take the Hagee twisted paths and maintain a dual belief regards them dual citizens right…A true devote’ of hagee Must be wiling to believe at the same time within the same mind or brain that…

                The Only true way of salvation is with and thru Christ and that goes for ALL persons globally Bar none folks!

                Because Gods NOT a respector of persons(nor groups of them) God is Not and never is Predjudice folks.

                And Thats why everybody Means everybody globally Must come to Jesus…Except for them jews…Cause jews are special, self chozens, apples of Gods eyes and matters more to God than the entire universe!

                Total situation of belief in TWO direct Opposites at same time in same brain or mind eh…

                hagees teaching is…You Must ALL believe UP and Down Can Both be done at same time frame.

                Hagee says: when at very END of a Road and Sign alerts driver to Turn Left OR right as Road has ENDED…Good christians MUST turn BOTH directions at same time…

                Because with God all stuff is possible if You believe in Miricles!

                Then same folish souls whine and complain and ask why oh why has so many folks Left so many churches in modern day times?…Gee…I wonder too eh!

                They also whine or wonder Why oh Why does so many Others globally think or see christianity as wrong or a total laughing stock farce today?

                Maybe Hagee has That answer also folks…better Yet Hagees followers actions and displays of Hypnotic madness and sheer lunacy can provide an easy answer to why so many folks see christians as plain dumb fool idiots today and have zero respect for christianity.

                Thats what occures when jewdeo kommies and antichrist pharisee talmudics are allowed to infiltrate into christianity and remain judaics and talmudics. All goes Down hill from that point. Just ask the Catholics how it works! They were infiltrated Long before Protestants or baptists were even thought of or invented. Look how That worked out for the catholics eh…

                Aurelius, I see it like as long as even One individual wakes up even slightly to all the many Lies of religious as well as secular like WWI and WWII events and how bad we was all lied to, then My time or efforts are well worth doing. Your’s too are well worth doing.

                And Thats the type stuff the Lord really Care about and Plans to Bless folks for doing!…not plans to bless anybody for donating cash for a antichristian 3rd temple rebuild to conduct animal sacrafices in again!

                Hagee and all like him that promote hagees agenda to assist antichrist jews do a 3rd temple for animal sacrafices are Pure Blasphemery to the Inth Degree times ten!

                Anybody who agrees with, promotes or FUNDS a jew 3rd temple for animal sacrafices to be done in as hagee demands is so proper etc…Are DENYING that Christs Sacrafice at the Cross Got the Job Done fully, permanantly and Forevermore period.

                Either YES Christs got job done…OR Jews must do animal Blood sacrafices to rid world of global sins…

                So Which is it? one cannot believe Both!…Yet 50 million jewdeowkackos christians claims to believe Both at same time!..What do they Not yet Get eh?

                How can usa ever get fixed when so many refuse to learn or see whats screwing it all up so wrongly? It cant.

                Starvation events wont change them fools Aurelius…They so defend and worship jews they Will take food from own Kids mouth to feed to some atranger if stragner claims he too is a jew!…Then the fools will sit in corner waiting for either huge Godly blessings for that act, or to Cash in on their 401-R, retirment plans…”R” stands for 401 Rapture cashin plans!

                Thats whats gonna finally awaken many…NO pretrib rapture event as hagee so promiced is correct!

                Thats the point “some” will open their eyes at…While fat ass Hagee trys to squeeze his wide load ass into the tiny side door of his private jet courtesy of NY and israeli jews and rabbis funding of it for hagee being americas Number One top SHABEZZ GOYIM!…Thats the point hagee will atempt His escape of the Wrath of Millions pissed off folks eh….

          • Plenty of mom & pops and local stores doing just fine. Those that could not compete have only themselves to blame. But then, this is the new American standard – blame someone else for your failures. Just look at the blamer in chief, still using Bush as his excuse for total failure at everything he does.

          • It’s called capitalism. You should learn about it and understand it. If my store is better than yours, you deserve to go out of business.

            • But when a few Facist soviet kommies Own, Print, Control that CASH money that Rightfully already Belongs to WE the People of the nation that has It’s name ON that Cash note.

              Then also that small FEW are allowd to Charge Us peoples and OUR fed govnt Usury/Intrest to Borrow the cash thats already Ours, which of course makes zero sense to anybody that knows How to Think about the issue …

              What Thats called properly is “Chrony Capitalism”

              And Thats precicely what the REAL true problem is and Has always been, in every Nation State where that group of swindler soviet kommies and banksters has been Hosted within.

              They use Fear tactics to stiffle and Halt ALL forms of outrage and expose’ of their nefarious systems and methods of such Usury. They use name calls such as Racist! and Antisemite! and White Hater seperatists! and their all time favorite name of…”Evil Nazis”!

              And Look how swell and great that tactic works eh! Because even today with so many outlets for learning of such Facts and truths…We still see Less than One of every, 1000 persons in america even willing to speak out or Name those evil culprits!…Meanwhile that remaining, 999-persons are apt to side With that nefarious bunch of swindlers and join their chorus in name calling those who do speak out Truths.

              AMERICA, 2014, where we have today, ONE truth outing-speaker for Every, 999 Shabezz Goyims! aka That Go along to Get along bunch of Cowards. Usefull idiots.

          • While I detest walmart, the corporation, there are many, many good people employed by them and I would hate to see them lose their jobs. I wish that Sam’s relatives had not succumbed to greed and basically sold out their customers and employees. I know many who are employed by them, and in my neck of the woods, they are hard-working, decent, friendly folks —- many are older and would have little to no chance of finding like employment elsewhere. So, while I too wish for wallys to get their comeuppance, I wish it could affect their Corporate officers/owners, and not the employees.

        • LMAO Walfart hasn’t learned they can do business with people who don’t have any MONEY

          The HNIC’s bankers have screwed the middle & lower classes & TPTB at Walfart think they wont suffer LMAO

          • Commercial merchandizing stores and chains need to understand that they are not in the club. The profits all go to the huge global conglomerates, banks, big oil/gas, monsatan and big AG…the corps who are really trying to destroy the little guy for profits.

            These big global corps do not rely on people spending disposable income, they have us all by the short-hairs for things we need, not want.

            We need electricity, heating and gas/oil for our cars. We need food and water. The rest is just gravy and subject to global whims.

          • Yes Walmart has learned they can do business with those with no money. A friend told me that they track EBT sales, and stock accordingly. Also they know the products that are in demand by the ebt shoppers and then raise the prices on those same items, knowing people that buy aren’t concerned as much by pricing considering they didn’t work for it.

            • it because they didn’t WORK for it?…or because they have TOO much money?…or because they don’t KNOW how to shop for best price? or would rather eat prepared, no fuss frozen crap?…or some OTHER reason(s)?

          • Aurelius: I just recalled another Important fact regarding how you said americas folks do not realize it is They that are true israel today etc.

            The bible states that God is going to disperse, and scatter to every place in the world the Kingdom of Israel right. Which IS the TEN northern tribes that DID get taken away from their homelands BY the Assyrians aprox 145 yrs Before the Judah kingdom in the South get taken captive BY Nebuchadnezer TO Babylon.

            HERES the Important parts…God biblically also says hes going to Cause that kingdom of israel folks to LOSE all memory of who they are/were. Lose their orig Languange, Lose ALL prior knowledge of it all untill Israel has NO longer Any memory of who they truely were/are, right.

            SO…How can That Possibly be refering to todays jews?…Todays jewry Brags constantly about their Vast, several Thousand years Long historys right!…What has todays jewry ever “Lost Memory” of?…NOTHING at ALL!

            They have tons of jew almanacs and old historic writings like the babylonian Talmud books etc…

            So that ALL proves Gods promice or warnings to cause Israel to Lose ALL memory of itself, UNTILL He Regathers Israel again Into a NEW lands,(lands that the bible descriptions can Only be meaning america since NO other of worlds areas or nations even comes close to fullfilling every description biblically Of that NEW Lands NOT in Mid east).

            And Gods promice in Last days eras to Restore fully the knowledge of who-what-israel is and was etc…

            Todays Jews Fail the Test at being who thats speaks of eh. Jews never forgot anything they claim as their history….

            I guess those bible verses or parts are also stuff pastors like Hagee “forgot” to deal with or preach on eh?

            If one Traces the steps taken thru history OF the European Whiteman folks, Backwards….Like a Reverse engineering, to locate Where those euro whites originated from, one determins that the Kingdom Of Israel is precicely who todays euro whites and americans used to be.

            The TRUE decendants of ancient israel. Which is precicely Why todays Edom of Esau that calls itself Jewry, and is the synagouge of Satan, so badly Hates Whitey Christianity!….Edomites aka jewry today has always desired to Steal the Godly blessings to compensate for the huge error their orig father ancestor esau made when he traded his orig birthright blessings For a bowl of SOUP!!

            So I wonder How much longer before a majority of americans wakes up to their true history of who they really are/were aka true Israel?…Maybe Thats why today we seem to see so many folks wakeing up to reality in america little by little eh?

            Wait till Enough Majority do wake up, as nobody likes being Robbed Blind eh!…Esaus edomite synagouge of satans going to have Quite alot to answer for by then no.

            Got Boots?…Get some!

        • Sorry but walmart is merely a byproduct of the major problem…and, it is far too late to attempt to rectify it….so, it is what it is and it will be what it will be… ready…

        • Why is WalMart struggling?

          Unionistas posing as defenders of the working man.
          Anti-Capitalists (read “Communists”) posing as “libertarians”.
          Anarchists posing as patriots.

          All buying into the cliché that big business is evil and the source of not only America’s economic troubles but also the source of all injustice in the world.

          All wanting to impose a twisted version of “fairness” by government fiat backed by mob rule.

          All schmucks with zero understanding of economics, the Free Market, or Ordered Liberty.

          • thank you for those oh so helpful comments Mr. C. Douglas McMillon

          • Yuri, AMEN to your comments.

            • I only give half a thumbs up to Yuri. He takes aim at the lower rung on the ladder. You see, dept stores and food chains depend on people choosing to buy their products, so they try to keep the prices as low as they can to attract customers, while still making a profit.

              Who he really should be aiming his ire at, is those TBTF corps that have a commodity so important to most of our lives that they can charge/gouge us for whatever they want to, because we NEED what they have.

              When is the last time anyone remembers EXXON or ANY BIG BANK didn’t make record-breaking profits in any quarter?

              Even as the rest of us slide down-hill, big oil STILL posts record profits…we’ve got to know how to recognize our TRUE enemy.

              • I certainly agree with most of your comment…except the “TRUE enemy” part. I once posted the breakdown of costs in a barrel of oil on here. The government takes more of the cost of a barrel in taxes and fees than the oil company makes in profit. I believe the oil company makes less than $20 per barrel profit out of $110.

                I hope they can continue to profit. Trouble is, these shale plays are turning into losses for the big oil companies. They are cutting CAPEX for exploration and diverting funds to pay shareholder dividends. This spells trouble for the “Red Queen”.

                Sure, they may show record profits yoy, but their costs are going up yoy, too. When they can’t profit, they will stop drilling and the cars will be stuck at the end of the driveway. And I believe that is coming within the next five years. This is what the government is preparing for…unrest on a huge scale when the supply lines break.

                • Fossil fuel industry is a billion dollar per day industry. There has never been an industry with larger profits than the fossil fuel industry– I read this in various places.

                  • And when oil becomes unsustainable for fuel…

                    That new technology we all suspect exists but no one talks about will mysteriously become viable and the cycle repeats.

                    Unfortunately, many will die in the transition period…
                    That’s the part that sucks… but that also plays into their population reduction plans as well…

                    These so called people… are pure evil!!!

                  • The idea that oil is a “fossil” fuel is a myth. Crude oil is Abiotic and is self producing in the
                    Earth. We will never run out of oil…what we will run short on is light sweet crude as it is the easiest crude to refine. In Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay are 5 oil fields; each of them is reactor more the size of all the oil fields in Saudi Arabia…doubt this?…google Lindsey Williams

                  • Fossil fuels (laughing my ass off) wow ok whatever you say Mr. Flintstone 🙂

                  • FOSSIL FUEL? Ha ha ha thats a good one there Mr. Flintstone! OK enough of my poking fun at your statement heres a much cheaper and easier way to have solar hot water!!! This system requires NO plumbing, NO pumps, No freeze danger, 97%efficient, all you need is an existing electric water heater (or use a smaller one next to a gas water heater as a pre heater. This system is kick ass and waaaaaay cheaper and easier to install than a typical glycol or drainback system. CHECK IT OUT! … damn why didnt I think of this lol 🙂

                  • Sorry for the double post, moderation seems to take a while and even with an email hmmmm. Ok back to the solar hot water, a used tank fairly new is 50-75 paper satans on craigslist. 24 volt solar panels new are less than 1 paper satan per watt on craigslist. All manner of connectors and solar wire are dirt cheap on ebay. Solar PV panels perform BETTER in cold weather while flat plate or evacuated tubes perform poorly in cold. PV (electric) solar panels can be mounted some distance away from the utilizing source where liquid filled panels need to be close. Liquid filled panels are typically 65% efficient and require a lot of expensive copper pipe and insulation and are prone to leakage etc. A PV powered water heater system can have the power transfered to electricity for your home making it a perfect off grid or power down system! Grid down? NO BIGGIE you will have hot water or transfer the power to electric for your house or charging a battery bank! The benefits of this system are 10 fold over conventional solar water heating and can be expanded easily! I have nothing to do with this company I just stumbled upon it while researching solar hot water. This is so good it could severely cripple the outdated solar water heating biz. I am getting a setup asap for both our house and the off grid retreat 🙂

                • JRS, I guess I was rather vague. My view of who the “true enemy” is, is the globalist elites who own and control huge corporations, and the banksters who buy politicians to pass laws to bolster their bottom line, at the expense of everyone else.

                  A company must be able to make a profit, but the biggest corps tend to stomp on the little guys on their way to record profits each quarter. CEOs with multi-million dollar bonuses, while the average worker takes home less than minimum wage and no benefits…then get laid off and their jobs moved to China.

                  I see my enemy as being more like the globalists who are buying wars, so Boeing can sell some more planes for the war machine. Those who pay off politicians to go invade smaller countries, so the corps can steal the resources and reap huge profits from raping both the people and their homes.

                  My enemy is monsatan (monsanto), who has no problem killing entire countries, so they can control the food supply.

                  Halliburton, KBR, GSK, BP, Xi, those sorts of monster corporations…the conglomerates who exploit workers, rather than employ them.

                  I’m afraid I always put the blame at the TOP, not the bottom.

                  • Sixpack: You just fully described how AIPAC operates to Buy America, FROM america’s main seller agents aka Polititions and Prez’s!

              • @sixpack…I would like to add the utility companies, who raise rates in order to “improve” their systems, which ultimately fail in inclement weather….just today spoke with someone who worked for the local cable company for 10 years and went to work with the local electric company which Started him out at DOUBLE his ending wage at the cable company…..with only a high school diploma….Someone is making BIG money in many areas….

                • If you dont like the power company, many areas there are solar contractors the will install a net 0 or close to system on your house with no down (they just take your rebate) and the monthly cost is no more than your paying for your power now and the power co. hates it. Don’t like them? Fook them by going solar and paying about the same while not paying into theyre schemes. There are a ton of companies doing this just look them up…

                • Absolutely, FOB. Kinda makes you wonder if some of that “wage increase” isn’t de facto “hush money”…

          • Bingo.

          • I would take a couple of minutes to debunk this tripe
            but I’m not gonna waste my time

            good God

            Teh Stoopid it burns

            • my comment is directed at Yuri
              just to make that clear

              and yes JRS
              it’s all about energy
              cheap energy to be precise
              and the lack thereof

              the UK is an excellent case in point

              UK, France and Italy to Face Energy Crisis within Five Years, Study


              the US military,the Australian,German and British militaries
              have all done studies on peak oil and what the effects will be
              sobering is not the word

              we have entered into a PERMANENT state of decline
              it’s the reason the financial system is being looted and stripped of all remaining assets

              it is the reason that governments across the globe,including our own have passed very draconian laws to control the masses
              “they” know what is coming

              • Yep, and recently an article at (and other websites) posted that the new found oil in U.S. is coming to an end– it was all a big hoax on the part of the fossil fuel industry– they’re good at playing hoaxs on the American public!

                • Fossil fuels again, gawd yer killin me lol..

                  • Trucks, Cars and harleys wont run on solar powered Hot water tanks. Solar is good so is free hot water…But some folks desires to retain travel methods proven best like a harley bike or pick up truck is for.

                    End the total yearly use of Oil/gasoline/disele fules by usa military in Just one single never ending War For israel/jewish istrests and we ALL can power those harleys and cars and trucks an entire year.

                    And we have all we need in alaska, off shore, on shore areas. We have More than all the mid east region opec has and they recently said those opec nations has from 700 yrs oil left to one or two has close to 1000 yrs oil left.

                    Americas combined sources are even greater yet.

                    you all are going to find this out once tree hugger kommie fools and new ager idiots that worship Bugs and snakes and house flys or cockroaches gets dealt with eh.

                    Oh yeah and also those fools dem lib polititions policies are also dealt with once and for all.

                    Once the big Boot Out events begins, those tribe kommie lib dems party members will be so busy makeing a Fast exit stage leftist to their hidaway state of israel…They be too busy to bother with NO drill policy any longer…especially if some of Them are getting “Drilled” by flying projectiles from 200+ million fed up pissed real american folk eh!

              • Don’t know if you’ll have heard the latest on Ukraine crisis. (I was wondering what old Putin was going to do…!)

                Well, there is good news and bad news… the good news is it looks like we won’t have WW3 afterwall, with Putin (at least for awhile). Instead of fighting with the U.S. over Ukraine, he’s now saying that its U.S. and Europe’s mess and they need to fix it. He refuses to get further involved with the situation. That’s the good news. (Smart move, on his behalf. He just averted a nuclear war!)

                The bad news is, instead of fighting over Ukraine, he’s just going to destroy our Economy (the Petro-dollar). This, of course, will have a devastating affect on us citizens…but at least, we won’t have WW3…yet.

                Wish there was someway he could simply destroy the crappy leaders in U.S. instead of our whole darn economy! Oh, well…

                For more info… visit zero hedge (last night’s reports).

                • If peak oil was real facts then WHY are Putin and China signing an agreement worth Over $350 BILLION over the NEXT 40-60 Yrs of Natgas and Oil going FROM Russia Into China?….Why would any intelligent folks of either nation even Bother to hold a meeting to achieve such an agreement “IF” Peak Oil promoters was correct and oil rus DRY asap very soon, like 2-3 yrs or whatever peak oil sponcers Latest number is?…Thats on Top of their mutual already Oil Natgas deals worth $150 Billion rercently agreed to!…Total of $500 BILLION! Likly The largest ever deal ever yet seen.

                  THERE Is NO Oil shortages, and Gas prices today reflect devalued us dollars compared to back 40 yrs ago when we paid alot less per galon gas.

                  Peak oilers has been spewing and touting such oil collapses as long as 50 yrs ago at least. Its a FRAUD Fakeout.

                  No nation globally would place BUY orders at Boeing for 300+ NEW very high cost planes if peak oil was reality.

                  Planes that Cost $150-200 Million Per plane, X’s 300+ planes!….Buy those Planes just to Park em all in Two or three years when peak oil runs dry?…Come on already you folks seem way smarter than that eh.

                  • Simple, Them guys– go to and read about it… I just copied a page from their website to send to a friend.

                    Basically, yeah, Russia does have gas– they’re close to Siberia. But we here in the U.S. are screwed! (Russia doesn’t like us anymore!)

                  • there a western state with coal and a company who wants to make diesel out of it at estimated cost of $1.00 gal but cannot get funding due to Obama war on coal and the epa changing rules without congress and the threat of carbon tax so that’s still a possibility in future remember germany ran ww 2 on coal diesel and we got the research
                    and i have heard peal oil threats since 71 or so

              • The “Hunger Games” are coming to a town near you very soon.

        • There is no longer an option to buy local. Walmart has effectively eliminated the competition. Almost gone from history is the local “mom and pop” stores.

          • So what? If I build a bigger and more efficient store, customers vote with their dollars. If you go out of business because you can’t compete, that’s your problem.

            There are a lot of people here who don’t understand business competition. They see it as bad when the economy has winners and losers. They’ve bought into the lamestream media’s view of economics.

            • I think what I fail to understand, is why globalists sink big bucks into taking over any industry, only to outsource it to China so they can reap more profits from slave labor.

              Along with “competition” comes a relationship with the people who put your store at the top—the workers. Big box stores don’t seem to care about workers once they have control of the industry. “Company pride” is a thing of the distant past…but the stock market is booming!

          • That all depends. We have a hardware store here within 6 miles that also sells farm supplies( feed, seed, etc, no big stuff, although they also have some doors, window, and electrical/plumbing stuff). We spend about $1000 a yr in there or more, even tho 2 miles farther there’s both a Lowes and HOme Depot. We like the service of the small store, we could buy on acct if we wanted( we don’t) and they often have small plumbing pieces that are very reasonably priced and you can get nails by the pound. Or 10 nails if that’s all you needed. I love that place.

        • For the past three decades I’ve been saying Walmart is the biggest blight on the planet and is destroying everything in it’s path. Mom and Pop shops…GONE, cities and towns income level…DOWN….food stamps and other government support…UP…all because of the greedy bastards that ARE Walmart. I hope they go the way of the DoDo bird.

          • And you’ve been wrong for the past 3 decades. I’m sure you have blind hatred for a lot of things.

            People paid too much at mom and pop stores. Every low income person enjoys a higher standard of living because of Wal-Mart.

            • Except for the slave labor workers who flung themselves off of the roof of their plants, so that “our poor” could buy more cheap, poorly made crap.

              Hell, I’m poor, and I don’t consider it doing me a favor, to charge me $10 for something that cost only $1 for an over-worked, 7 year old child to make, for about .25 cents an hour in wages…

              I’d rather do without it. Wally world can’t self-destruct fast enough to please me.

            • Barncat, while I agree about the prices at mom-and-pop stores, where have you been concerning Wallyworld? NOBODY at Wallyworld makes decent money, EXCEPT FOR STORE MANAGERS, and their pay is not that good.

              • Nobody is holding a gun to the heads of WalMart’s employees or WalMart’s customers. If you don’t like how they do business then don’t patronize them. This is America and WalMart is exercising its freedom in the manner it chooses. All you communists want to take that freedom away, while congratulating yourselves on your “wisdom” and “patriotism”.
                Good thing none of you is anything more than a poser. If you had any real power you’d be dangerous.

              • Braveheart,
                I think leverage is a wallyworld troll trying to discredit folks speaking out about their crappy third world experience,,,

                • Kulafarmer, I think you’re a poser who wants to deny others the same freedoms you enjoy.

                  • The British elite families will be OK – they always are, being that the inbred pyschopaths are at the very centre of plans for the NWO.

                    However the British PEOPLE are being set up to suffer, as historically they always have done. I haven’t forgotten history’s lessons on the high rates of child prostitution in the supposedly upright and moral Victorian era, the thousands upon thousands sent into slavery in the New World, or even the 300 year period under the Normans when natives were not permitted to speak their own language in public.

                    Those who control the City of London will still be able to eat Belugian caviar, for the rest of us on this densely overpopulated Island that imports 60% of it’s food we need to prepare as the brief respite from the historical norm of short miserable lives granted us after WW2 is over. For children growing up now – the adult world is going to be one VERY different to that enjoyed by the baby boomer generation.

                  • Leverage, f#$% you! Take your trolling, Obama-supporting ass somewhere else.

                • Kulafarmer, I agree and where the f@#$ does leverage get off calling anyone here commies? He wouldn’t want to meet me face-to-face.

                  • Kiss my ass pussyboy. If you and I met face-to-face you wouldn’t have a face because I would have blown your ugly head off your ugly shoulders.

        • Anonymous………….Completely agree with you….Communist Wally world can disappear into the steam of hell. Outrageous treatment of employees, junk from china to offer. Don’t want it ? Go somewhere else ! Wally World, one giant reason that there are no jobs available in the U.S.

        • Nobody wants to go local because it costs too much. No, they’re not responsible for outsourcing. NAFTA and free trade with China is what destroyed American jobs.

        • This is off subject, but…

          When a burglar came through the window of my daughter’s apartment in the middle of the night, it took about 60 minutes (an hour!!) before the police showed up (she ran out in the hallway and called the police).

          When they finally did arrive, they said they had other more dire situations to attend to and that’s why it took so long.

          And they say, “give up your guns?!”

          • it’s like that old saying

            “when seconds count,the police are only minutes away”

            in this case it was about 60 or so

            well at least they showed up !

            (glad your daughter wasn’t hurt)

          • Anonymous, I hope your daughter has learned how to use a gun and become armed since then. Otherwise she might not be so fortunate next time.

          • She shoulda blown his thieving , raping ass back out that window with her 870
            She has an 870 pump by her bed loaded with buck shot right?
            If not , you need to wake her up , and go buy her one today and teach her how to use it
            She could have saved not only her life , but now the next persons life that , that asshole criminal is going to victimize
            Don’t allow these punks the next breath of air !
            What will really show if you and her take this seriously enough or not
            Is how many hours pass before she’s run 100 rounds thru that pump shot gun and can show her ability to protect herself
            Cops are only here to draw the chalk outline , don’t let it be you or her next

            • PS, don’t buy it from Walmart!
              Go to your local gun shop, and have them help school you and her
              Than pay the money to go get an education in gun safety and self defense
              The life you save could be hers

        • We cut way back last two years going to crap mart. Items were not on the shelves many times and complaints are in vain. Target really crapped out with the breach. Seldom go there anymore. Folks, try to order your stuff on e bay we have saved a bundle this past year. Food items from various companies online also. Even bought an HP Chrome book last month. I shop Publix and local farmers mkts. Dollar gen. sometimes. Dollar tree is crap, years ago, had nice stuff. Family dollar is over priced and had to close close to 400 stores nationwide.

          • With regard to non-food items, I “shop” at local thrift stores and yard sales and often find items made “way back when” that were made to LAST….if electric, I test before I buy…added bonus is books at very low prices. Some peoples’ trash is someone else’s treasure….and as far as cleaning supplies go, I make my own.

        • It seems The State has declared war on Veterans, according to the excellent website, “Western”. But this is understandable, considering the Veterans are most professionally prepared to defend their country– they have the most expertise.

          But the Veterans are not us, and so we do nothing… right?

          • Some of us are Veterans and are doing what we can. Until the commie bastards start rounding us up or shooting us we wait….and wait….and wait.

        • What poorly written article. Where are the stats to back up the statements? What do the latest sales look like compared to prior periods? What is EBIDTA (Op Income) look like compared to prior periods? Are Net Assets increasing or decreasing? What does the Cash Flow Statement show in terms of where the money is coming from?

          Until some sort of statistical reference points are given the is article means very little.

          Please try to supply the What, Where, When, and How a little more accurately. Until relevant and accurate data points are provided this type of writing is just an opinion piece.

          • Of course it’s an opinion piece. You are supposed to get interested enough in it to actually take a few minutes to go look up some info for yourself. If you just want to believe whatever you see in writing, the fed govt is the place for you…otherwise, do your own homework, don’t rely on somebody on the internet, to line up your pins for you.

            You will need these skills for when they stop the freedom of the internet, and you will have to decide for yourself what to think.

          • Check out the Mötley Fool website. These guys are spot on, and I made back more than I lost in 2008 over the last 5 years. I’m hedging my bets now, but these guys ow their shit. They dig deep on these companies. Some of the articles are free, others are in subscription news letters. I’ll bet the Walmart one is free, as it is not a recommended stock.

        • The only thing left on ChinaMart’s shelves still made in America is Ammo. Stock up boys!!

        • If you shop at Walmart, you are weak and have no faith in yourself or common man.

        • PINK SLIME ALERT at Zerohedge.

        • Why just Walmart? Shouldn’t we get rid of KMart, Best Buy and any other chain that has more than a few stores? I’m always puzzled about why people focus on Walmart. No one is forced to shop or work there. Where we’re actually headed is toward more online shopping and fewer jobs. Employees are a huge burden, because of government regulations like ObamaCare.

        • You might ‘hate’ WalMart, however if they collapse, I and millions will become unemployed, hmmm what would that do to the economy!!

          I would rather have a low wage than no wage. WalMart has been good to me as I work my butt off while so many do nothing.

          Price a box of cereal at the grocery store, price the same box at Walmart, millions will suffer it would collapse.

      2. As the economy tanks…so will businesses…who will survive until the end? Those that provide staples that you must have, and are the most competitive…and that may mean owners will have to be content with less. The alternative is to go under..IMHO.

        • The collapse of the USSA, right on schedule.

          The elites think our hearts and minds will falter also.

          NOT !!!!

          A clean slate is the only answer.

          ….no implied consent…
          ….no crime unless there is an injury…
          ….no administrative[admiralty] law on land…
          ….innocent until proven guilty…
          ….Constitutional and Common Law only…
          ….the Rights of the individual outweigh the many…
          ….property rights…
          ….indirect taxation only…
          ….Sovereignty never questioned…
          ….two for Tuesday on all rock stations…

          I wish I gained wisdom as easily as I gain weight–BA.

          …….be safe…stay the course…..BA.

          • + 2 for Two for Tuesday!!

      3. Our disposable society has reached its landfill.

        • You cannot even find a good hula-hoop these days.

          • Isn’t there an APP for that? 🙂

      4. Take a stroll through Walmart for a glimpse of the scum who will be first to riot when shtf.

        • GV Ranch, I know what you mean. My alertness level goes up anytime I go into a walmart these days and I try to stay out of there all I can. If one of those POS attack me, the POS will go down.

          • I laughed and I cried! So many plumber’s cracks, muffin tops, bottom biscuits, pizza and donut aficionados on scooters and cross dressers. Now I need brown soap to wash my eyes out…

        • I usually stay away from that rat infested place but I did visit it a few weeks ago when I discovered they carry Keystone canned meats at good prices. I loaded up on the stuff and headed out the door. Of course I paid CASH for my purchase while I had to wander amidst the “Food Stampers” stuffing their carts with chips, lobster tail, filet mignon and beer.

          I usually shop at Aldi’s or another place called “Woodman’s” grocery. Woodman’s has a much better selection of foods and the prices are about the same….plus, you don’t see the trash at Walmart shopping there.

          • Wow you’re so superior to everyone else. How can you stand even being in the same place as that “trash”? Does God ask your permission to stand next to you?

            • Go Fuck yourself.

        • GV Ranch, that’s one of my favorites right off the shelf at wal-mart. Use it on all my salads “Great Value Ranch” my Cuz loves it to!

      5. At our local Walmart, I have noticed that the shelves are not as full as just a few years ago. Canned vegetables are nicely stacked toward the outer edges of the shelves to make it appear full.

        Have others noticed this also?

        • KY Mom-I noticed the same again last week when I shopped at Walmart. Big store that draws patrons from 100 mile radius, but the shelves were far less than full and they had none of 4 things on my list. We live in scary times.

          • Used to be the parking lots were full any time of the day any day of the week. Aisles overflowing with junk. Not any more.

          • Definitely less food on the shelves. They are often out of many things. I get all my canned tuff on sale there seasonally, and beans/lentils/barley etc.

        • Ky Mom, I was in one of Memphis’ Walmarts this past weekend just to look around and noticed the same thing. and not only in the grocery dept. ALL the depts. were in a similar fashion. Plus, I noticed they’re running short of help. Not as many people per shift as there used to be and we have 8 Wallyworlds in my area alone.

          • Our Wal-Mart has the products moved to the front of the shelves to appear full. Some items are not ordered with no same type product replacement. Not as many workers. Most stores can not order items. Corporate sends them what they think they need. What price you see on the shelves may not be the price at checkout, Store is getting dirty. People are throwing stuff all over as they do not have to clean it up. Parking lot is a like a garbage dump. Diapers and car repair/service parts left on the ground.

            • Product brought to the edge of the shelf…

              It’s a process called “front and face”….

              Standard retail procedure I learned at 2guys from Harrison in NJ in the sixties… as a stockboy…


              • Jeeze….Two Guys. Definitely a blast from the past. I remember them well. Used to go in Monkey Wards (Montgomery Wards) too. Still got pap’s ‘ol 12 gauge single shot Revelation Model 115-A he bought there when I was a pup.

              • Same here back in the 70’s working at A&P in Atlanta.

                • Yupe, the ole A&P grocery store, I remember as a child growing up in Detroit, Michigan going there every Friday evening with my parents. Friday way was payday for my pa.

                  • Ah yes…A&P… Atlantic & Pacific Tea & Coffee Company…

                    Where I lived we had one down the block… the front of that store couldn’t have been more than 50 60′ and it always had what we needed… or what my Mom sent me for.

                    I really long for those days… even when we had to practice, “drop & cover” in school…. 🙂

                • The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company! I miss those days!

        • definitely less on the shelves
          and often its row after row of plastic storage containers

          the garden shop here used to be so packed with merchandise you
          had trouble getting around
          not anymore

          and for years
          good luck getting a parking space
          now payday Friday and Saturday are the only times you
          might have a problem

          we’re in fairly decent shape around here because of the proximity to a large military base
          one of the biggest manufactures here used to have 1200 employees
          now they’re down to about 300

          another manufacturer around here hires a few from time to time
          but it’s a really crappy place to work
          and starting wage ?
          a big whopping $8.50 an hour !

          I drove by what used to be a middle class neighborhood
          full of your typical 3 bedroom ranches
          virtually every other house had missing shingles on the roof
          rotted wood and many barely looked habitable
          but people were living in them

          things have changed
          and they’re NEVER going to be the same again

        • @KY Mom:

          It is called Just In Time merchandising. Having only enough to fill the shelves, with very little in reserve.It keeps retailers from tying up money in inventory. Makes the bottom line look bigger at the beginning. Out of stock product and lost sales vs labor costs are offset by inflation. Big box stores are losing ground to online sales. Hope this helps.

          Thank you again for all of your research and info to keep us prepped, BA.

          ……steadfast and Godspeed…..BA.

          • JIT Inventory – ‘Just Isn’t There.’

          • @BadAmerican
            yeah, I know what your talking about. (just in time) and what a joke it truly is. I used to run a punch press for gaskets for your kitchen sink. either side didn’t matter, the garbage disposal, or regular sink side. when set up right, which took a little bit of work, I could punch out about 50,000+ of those cardboard gaskets a day. this was back in the early 90’s, so people were building at the time. when the order was full, switch to another job, they didn’t want any inventory on hand.
            it drove me nuts, it was their best customer, and I constantly had to re-adjust the machine.
            hurry up and wait…
            as for walmart, ah screw them, no hair off my back.
            they started out an American made product company, then greed took over.
            even mom an pop stores have nothing but imported crap that doesn’t work anymore.
            I’m going to ramble on at your behest BA, but so be it.
            EBT card,
            SS benefits,
            17.6 trillion in debt
            16.6 wallstreet after years of QE
            unemployment at ‘really’ 20%+
            laws that take away from the original intent
            people that serve none but themselves
            gadgets that take away humanity
            Godless country based on God
            even fools have to believe in something. and what is left, is….

            • An entitlement is something you get for nothing, a freebee from the government. IMHO, social security is not an entitlement; my parents paid into it, my spouse and I paid into it and most of the extended family paid into it.

          • BA,
            Don’t know about the tax structure any more, but the low inventories may be due to the fact that corporations used to have to pay taxes on inventories. So, the less inventory on hand, the less taxes. I used to work in a tire building factory and every year at tax time, the corp. would have empty box cars brought to the railroad siding and fill the cars with tires. Since the tires were not on premises, no inventory, no taxes.

        • Wal-Mart’s problem is Wal-Mart’s management. They’ve peaked as a company, and are starting the long slide to irrelevance. Bureaucracy grows, efficiency shrinks. You might say that they have contracted the General Motors disease.

          The WM grocery business in my main shopping town is under serious attack from,(gasp)Kroger. I’ve found Kroger to be cheaper on a number of staple items, like milk, butter, and some canned goods that I stock up on. The small-chain grocery local to me (if 14 miles of back roads can be called local), has cheaper and better fresh meat.

          I do still go into WM for office supplies, (no Staples store within 50 miles) and I do buy motor oil there when I need it in quarts. Groceries – not so much anymore.

          • We shop at WINCO. Employee owned, supper freindly folks, Great bulk section, First store ever to stock prep supplies, and WAY CHEAPER than Walmart, Fred Myers, and Safeway.

          • You must be near Appomattox VA

            • I used to shop at the local Co-op. Its more expensive there but its real food– not plastic, GMO’s, or half rotten, non-fresh food like at you get at Walmart and many other grocery stores.

              Now that I’ve moved out to a new location, I have to buy half-dead, limp food.

            • There’s no Fred Myers in VA, is there? I think the two grocery stores in Appomattox are Kroger and Food Lion. both on 460 W……

          • Old Coach, I had the same conversation with my brother in KY, he realized the same thing my family here in Va has, that Kroger has better prices and their meat and produce is much better as they sell a lot of local products. Another benefit from shopping at Kroger is the ebt crowd doesn’t patronize there as they don’t carry the junk i.e. dvds, tvs etc. I would pay extra to avoid the “gibsmedat” crowd.

            • Virginian, I avoid the “gimmedat” crowd all I can by going to Kroger. On occasion I see just one or two people with EBT cards at Kroger, but that’s all.

          • I go to a Kroger only 10 min. from my home for groceries AND for my prep pantry. I stay out of wallyworld all I can.

        • I have been noticing that in my area also. In times past, there was so much stuff piled up, there was hardly any room to push a cart around. Now, I notice more and more empty shelf space. Sometimes, entire shelves sit empty. it has become very obvious.

        • Yes. Stuff will be out of stock for months. Certain cuts of meat are not available. It’s very strange.

        • I have also noticed there is little in the idea of ‘new’ merchandise’. A lot of their products in the non food sections…such as curtains, scatter rugs and some clothes, …inventory has not changed much except maybe in kids clothes. And the kids clothes, brands we used to love…(Carter’s)….have seriously deteriorated in quality. And another old denim company has continued to engineer out, quality in their jeans products while increasing the price. They have tried to force us to purchase with the concept that ‘planned obsolescence’ will force us to open our wallets. Target profits assures us an inability to save…what we do save in dollars, is rapidly disappearing…

          • Molly,funny you should mention Carter’s,my last name but not tied to business.I grew up in a town next door to where till the late 70’s a lot of their clothes were made,provided decent jobs and decent quality,unfortunately like many companies have gone the cheap quality/price made elsewhere business model.

        • KY Mom,

          Not only at Wally, but at the ‘Big Box’ hardware stores. They are ‘facing’ the shelves to keep up appearances, dropping high-end products for look alike junk and playing silly credit games.

          My canary in the coal mine is thrift stores and dollar stores. Used to be able to find some good-ish stuff in those, but now it’s the crème de la crap. It IS really interesting to see how many military uniforms are piling up at the thrifts, though…

          • I can still find lots of brands that I like at our local thrift stores. lands End, LLBean, Sag Harbor, etc….it’s like Christmas, especially when the seasons change…

            • There are still some good things at ours, too. They are becoming fewer and farther between, though. It seems funny that with a Repugnican Grabbernor, and a Repugnican stupor-majority in our neck of the woods, they still act like lie-berals. If I can see the crapification of the economy, why can’t they? Oh, yeah! They don’t want to.

          • Great screen name Jack Shit. Clever. Nous sommes en le merde.

            • Oui – Jusqu’à mon cou, et marcher.
              Yes–Up to my neck, and treading.

      6. sounds to me like the parable of the man who built his house on sand. our economy and the finances of the largest American companies are following in the same footsteps.

      7. Haven’t really noticed much change at my local WalMart, including the fact that there’s no .22 LR on the shelf.,…still.

        • around here you can pretty much get any kind of shotgun ammo you want now
          40 cal is usually available,although hollow points still somewhat scarce

          45’s ?
          good luck

          22lr ?
          haven’t seen any of those in 2 years now

          most of the rifle ammo can be had
          although .223 is still very limited

          • I’ve seen everything for ammo again except .380 and .22LR

          • Mail order for ammo. Lot’s available except for .22LR.

        • Very little here (Walmart) of the .22’s. Mostly large cal stuff, .45acp, .357, .38sp. They had several 50cal cans of .55gr fmjs for a couple hundred bucks but they didn’t move.

      8. “As goes Russia, so goes the world”- from a book.

        • A few days ago someone said car sales determined how America was doing.

          • Do a search for “Where do all the unsold cars go?” on the Internet. You will be shocked! Supposedly there are over 10 BILLION vehicles on this planet with billions unsold in lots all over the world. You can go to Google Maps once you find the article and type in the locations to see all the cars around the world parked in huge lots…just sitting there.

          • How about retail gasoline sales day on day.

            2008 54 million gallons a day average
            2014 18 million gallons a day average

            check it yourself at the EIA website , and that is making the great leap of faith that .gov is not lying about how bad the numbers really are

      9. Repeat, I know, but it is fitting….

        Wal-Mart announced that sometime in 2014 it will begin offering customers a new discount item: Wal-Mart’s own brand of wine.

        The world’s largest retail chain is teaming up with Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery of California to produce the wines at affordable prices in the $2 to $5 range.

        Wine connoisseurs may not be inclined to put a bottle of the Wal-Mart brand into their shopping carts but, ‘There is a market for inexpensive wine,’ said Kathy Micken, professor of marketing at University of Arkansas , Bentonville.
        ‘However, branding will be very important.’

        Customer surveys were conducted to determine the most attractive name for the Wal-Mart wine brands and varieties.

        The top surveyed names in order of popularity were:
        10. Chateau Traileur Parc

        9. White Trashfindel

        8. Big Red Gulp

        7. World Championship Riesling

        6. NASCARbernet

        5. Chef Boyardeaux

        4. Peanut Noir

        3. I Can’t Believe it’s not Vinegar

        2. Grape Expectations

        1. Nasti Spumante

        The beauty of Wal-Mart wine is that it can be served with either white meat (Possum) or red meat (Squirrel).

        P.S. Don’t bother writing back to tell me that this is a hoax. I know Squirrel is not a red meat.

        • Eppe, I needed a good laugh and you sure know how to provide it. keep them coming.

        • Boone’s Farm, “Night Train Express”.


          • Boones Farm, Tickle pink,
            Man that brings back memories, rolling around in the back of my Blazer with various highschool cuties, yep, the late 70s were fun,,,

            • Yeah. Then I got rid of all those cuties when I put on the Lettermen….how was I suppose to know the cuties loved Diamond?

            • boones farm strawberry hill ,drank 4 qts one night stayed sick for many days ,but yea ,the 70’s were great ,i got married in the 70’s ,1976 ,still with the same girl

              • lower40, I married my beloved on Valentine’s Day in 76′ but lost her to a drunk driver right before Christmas 81′. I drank a fifth of boones farm strawberry hill one night and got sick myself. Never touched it again afterwards.

                • im sorry to hear that Brave ,i met my wife in july and married in november

                • Cuz I remember, you lost your wife to a drunk driver, and then I lost my favorite Coonhound to a drunk driver, remember Cuz, you and that dang Boones Farm.

                  • NGC

                    Why does a person stoop so low as to mention the dead in a mean sort of way in inflict injury on another.

                  • Good idea criticize a drunk driver and then go get drunk.

                  • he never said he went out driving after he got drunk fuck stick ,to compare the loss of your coonhound (or girl friend being your case )to the loss of his wife shows your ignorance

            • Ernest and Julio Gallo…”we will serve No Whinos before their time”

          • Hey Sling, don’t forget MD (maddog) 20-20. You can embalm yourself with that stuff.

        • @eppe:

          Chinamart has two new flavors:

          ….Marbec that ass up…

          ….Chiantell it’s not real…

          Any more folks, to complete eppe’s list ?

          Thanks for the laugh, Sir.

          …..nuttin’ but love…..BA.

        • holy cats , I nearly blew beer out my nose reading that . thanks

        • Scary thought: MD20/20 is now “The Good Stuff”.

          • Maddog 20/20! That was really some cheap, rotgut wine guaranteed to make anyone sick.

        • I didnt know possum was the other other other white meat,,,

          • funny thing, my motherinlaw (from LA )moved down here on the edge of the glades ,had a tag on the front of her car someone gave here that said eat more possum i believe she never knew what that meant

            • Hmmmm….,thought long pig was the other white meat!

            • Tyrone the negore moves North from the deep south…Sees his Bro standing in the middle of a main road in Detroit.

              When tyrone asks his Bro, “Wuz ya be doinz Bro? yall gonna gets Hit by a car!”

              Bro sez NO this is the NORTH states Tyrone! Dem yankees respects us po negores, so whenever I stands in dat middle of da road to Read lic Plates and see where they came from…dem Yankees always hits da brakes and stops so I never gets hit!…go on an You Tryz it Tyrone!

              So tyrone stands in middle of same street, begins to Read next aproaching cars lic plate and see where the drivers from…..A….L….A…BAMA!!!

              Po Po Tyrone never did see what hit him so Hard!

        • Fred Sanford’s version of Boones Farm “Ripple” = “Cripple”

      10. Russia collapsed years ago, after Banksters came in with a debt deal (Trojan horse). The Banksters were in cahoots with the leaders of the country, robbed the people blind… sound familiar?

        Millions died. The Big Banks got filthy rich. It worked so well for them, they continued this game, robbing Greece, etc., one country after the other… including the U.S.

      11. I highly recommend the book titled enjoy the decline by Aaron Clary.

      12. How much of Walmart’s decline is caused by online shopping? I know I order a lot of stuff online and so does my wife. I’d rather wait 3 or 4 days that to have to stop at Walmart. I’d say Amazon and Ebay, etc. is hurting WallyWorld more than economic decline. I don’t think things are as bad as this article implies. With all due respect, was this article written because of economic decline or bc of all the ads in the margins? Honest, sincere question.

        • They are definitely losing some customers to online shopping — but here’s the interesting thing about that particular data point…

          Online shopping margins are dropping — Amazon, for example, while trading at extreme stock prices right now, is in serious trouble in their retail business (they only make any real money on the digital side of things, not physical delivery):

          this isn’t just Walmart — consumption is down across the board… I believe the effect is primarily based on two things, as noted in this article and by John Williams yesterday ( ):

          Income drops (we’re back at or below 1967 levels if you adjust for inflation) and rising prices (food, for example, is on pace to be up 7% just this year)… so, yeah, people are shopping, but they are buying less… and competition at AMZN, Walmart, etc. is driving retail margins even lower…

          I think this is a widespread issue at this point.

          I could, of course be wrong, but much of the underlying data implies that this is what is happening.



          • Mac, I agree that business and consumption are down all across the board. I see this at businesses all over Memphis on a daily basis, not just Walmart. We’ve already lost 2 Sears stores here in the past 3 years and will probably lose the remaining 3 Sears we have before too long. We are down to one K-mart when we used to have 4, but that was BEFORE Walmart first came here [15 years ago]. A lot of people are buying less but I notice some still manage to buy about as much as they did before the economic downturn. Things are scary and getting scarier all the way around.

          • just a thought, but what about those of us that have chosen to boycott Walmart? Any chance having an impact on their bottom line? I can’t be the only one.

            • Both me and my wife have boycotted worldmart for years. we always shop elsewhere cost be damned. Worldmart is on the road we take to other shopping places and a LOT of sheep pull in there all the time. The other shopping places are doing good too though so no it isn’t just us, there are a lot of folks with at least some dignity left thet give the finger to worldmart as we drive on by lol 🙂

          • One little hiden tell, is that Amazon used to offer free shipping for all orders of $25 or more. That has been changed to orders of $35 or more, and more of the items do not count towards the $35.

            • and Walmart’s free shipping is now up to $50

        • Amazon has problems too. Note the chart showing total employees and worldwide revenue growth.

          Among The Perks For Amazon’s Part-Time Workers: Being Homeless

          “Judging by the narrative promoted after last Friday’s idiotically connived jobs report, any job is a good job… however, as The Guardian reports, that does not include a job working for

          Quarter after quarter, we highlight the growth in Amazon employees (and death-cross-like plunge in annual sales growth).

          While Amazon makes no secret of the fact that it relies on seasonal work force…,

          what went unsaid and unnoticed during President Obama’s visit last year, was that the Amazon ’employees’ would not have jobs or prospects after the holidays.

          Many of the people in those Amazon warehouses were among the long-term unemployed – shuffling from one temporary job to another to another; and due to this unstable employment, a growing number of them have found themselves living in shelters … ’employed’ but homeless (or “the working poor” in America).”

          “Work is indeed being punished in America.”

          A “single mom is better off earnings gross income of $29,000 with $57,327 in net income & benefits than to earn gross income of $69,000 with net income and benefits of $57,045.”

      13. its all about the $$

      14. 70% of our economy is consumer spending
        and people just don’t have the money anymore
        what little they do have is going towards keeping a roof over their heads and the heat on

        banks are again starting to offer subprime loans for cars and houses


        we have learned nothing
        banksters/criminals are in control
        are they are going to squeeze out every cent they can
        and with the government being as corrupt as it is
        it’s going to happen

        • Last week the head of the Philly Fed said that with all of the QE cash sitting in bank accounts that the Banking system was ” sitting on a time bomb”. His fear was if interest rates were to climb, the QE money would rush back into the economy and inflation would soar.

          As Lenin said, “Grind the middle class between the stones of inflation and high taxes”.

          You are of course right, “people don’t have the money to spend anymore” but this is just the beginning I fear.

          The central point of Communism is to destroy the Middle Class and place all of the power into the hands of “The Party”, not the Federal Government.

          • Educated Sinner: Yes and at That point is when the “party” Boots Out every Shabezz goyim member, who’s Usefull Idiot services are no longer necesary nor desired.

            Then the Party, reverts back to 100% tribe membership Only…..Then the tribe/party begins to Line up against the Wall those former usefull idiot Shabezz Goyims to face the fireing squads of the party/tribe CHEKA assasains.

            Those stupid shabezz goys never seem to Learn from Past history, and always think “Maybe This time it will be Different since I too have so much Money available to Me”

        • “banks are again starting to offer subprime loans for cars”
          So maybe i should go get that new Super Duty F350

          • Kulafarmer.

            Houses also.

            So again we will have people having their homes foreclosed and banks reprocess the vehicles. Then we pay for the problem while the banks make money.

          • hey why not ???

            I know a couple of people at work
            getting ready to buy new decked out SUV’s

            and they said their payments are only $900 a month !!!

            WTF ???

            that’s double my house payment !

            • Satori, how did they manage to get financing? the banks have stopped lending for the most part.

          • Heck Ya Kula, do it then give me a couple thou to steal it and total it and rake in the insurance lol 🙂

        • Next Best thing to having a crystal Ball to gaze the futue in, is to Read the protocals of the Elders of zion, which will show you not only that what already has happened was outlined in that writting, but Also whatevrs yet to occure soon is also contained within the protocals pages.

          Many folks shriek! Oh Thats all phony and a “Forgery”!

          Weather or not I do not know. However this I do know…#1 a forgery is simply a COPY of what already IS Real, right…And #2 so Much of whats wrote in those protocols pages, basically everything written, has so Far happened as wrote…Far too much has occured as wrote to be a simple “coincidence”.

          No other set of writtings has ever been as acurate of the future issues as predicted…Except of course for the Bible.

          so its probobly The main Best writtings one can Read if one seeks to know what those “Eliets tribe” members has Planned for You, that and also of course the marx Manifesto agendas, since Both were written By the Tribe.

      15. Wal-Mart is downsizing from the Giant Super Stores to local small grocery stores. They are using the buildings of supermarkets that closed their doors in local neighborhoods. Was the Food Lion.

        • We have not seen that yet around here, the paint is still fresh on the big NEW building they just put up while the “old” building sits vacant just a stones throw away.

          I have noticed the rows of shelves with just plastic totes on them or big things of paper towels filling a long set of shelves.

        • Slingshot, we’ve had 2 of those in Memphis since 2004.

        • Got my meds and a few food items, what used to be $2.99 is now $5.99,,, i can buy better and cheaper products at my local grocery store.
          if? they both go under, i must travel 40 or 70 miles round trip with high gas prices,, hum,,, could get a trailer to put behind my motorcycle, for food runs, yeah 60 MPG is better than my jeep (except when the snow flys)


      16. I don’t shop at WalMart. Why? Because I feel a sense of shame and guilt when I see Made in China on the label of any product. I do shop occasionally at thrift stores and if I see something I need and it is labeled Made in USA I’ll buy it.

        • I dont go near Wallmart either, dont like being so close to that many inbred looking creatures! Eesh

          • KULA: White Bread in Aisle #1…Whole Wheat Bread, aisle #2……French Bread in Asile #3…..And…

            Monky INBRED in EVERY aisle!

            • News Flash – neither of you is in any position to look down on anyone else. In fact your superior attitudes actually make you inferior to those you’re looking down on.

              • Said the donkey to the horse, ill keep my opinion thanks

                • Go ahead, Kulafarmer. Get stubborn and cling to your opinion that you’re superior to everyone else. Why should you take pity on those poor people at WalMart who are doing the best they can? They don’t meet your standards, so they’re no more than “inbred looking creatures”, right? They’re far beneath you.
                  It never occurred to you that they might have had a rough go of it. No, their only possible use is to be a target of ridicule for those who are high and exalted – like you.

                  • Pity for people who sit on their a$$es and are receive EBT that is financed by the theft of my hard earned money by the government? Feel compassion for those who reproduce like flies and roaches to obtain more government benefits? Sorry ID rather see those that are healthy enough to reproduce but not healthy enough for work euthanized and the taxpayer savings passed on to those who work. Notice nature if a plant or animal refuses to expend energy to survive they die. Cold and hunger are natures goad to make the lazy work. Welfare encourages laziness and runs counter to the survival of the fittest.

                  • Leverage, go f#$% yourself! None of us here look down on anyone else, but TPTB damned sure look down on ALL of us, even you ‘loyal, Obama-supporting trolls’. You didn’t know that, did you? When the balloon finally goes up, all of you Obama supporters will be sacrificed. Communists always eat their own children. Just google “Stalin’s purges” and read about it for yourself, you commie dickhead!

              • As those we are discussing receive their EBT cards, Section 8 housing, WIC checks, AFDC checks…..via the government stealing money out of our paychecks that we work for and earn with our blood sweat and tears,we have a right to look down on this subhumanity. It is da baby daddy and da baby momma who should be supporting them, not the working man.

              • I’m looking down at you right now. Go away scumbag troll!

              • Kill yoself….TRAYVON! TRAYVON! TRAYVON!

        • I wouldn’t spend YOUR money at walmart. I wonder how much of walmart’s problems is from the several boycotts still in effect. That has to be having some kind of effect in this climate.

          • Where do you think the EBT money comes from that is getting spent at walmart???
            It was yours and mine before .gov took the taxes

        • Panasonic acquired Sanyo recently. Sanyo is a brand name of a line of ductless AC/Heat pumps that we work on and install. The other day I was at a customer’s home attaching the refrigerant lines and glanced at the rating plate on the condenser and it said……..Panasonic Corporation, Osaka, Japan. Manufactured in CHINA. Now here’s two countries that were/still at one time maybe close to war over a couple of islands that both claim. History also will show that there is no great love between the two. Its all about the money/cheap labor.

        • Better stop with the internet posting. That chicom computer is going to get you!

      17. Walmart is just another symptom of decline just like the 50 million people on Food Stamps (Telling my age). Walmart gained customers as the US purchasing power of people declined with Free Trade being both the spear point and catalyst. If one looks at the logical progression from Macy’s to Sears to Walmart the arrow points to Dollar General (with aluminum foil as thick as electroplating) to Trash Picking.

        The evisceration of wealth creating manufacturing is at the center of the root cause with debt replacing income as its trusty companion.

        Da rubber is meeting da road.

        • Please don’t insult DG like that. They are trying to improve their image…;) . I still have my name tag from the Blackstone VA store….

      18. people simply don’t have the money and are cutting back. they don’t eat out as much and when they do it’s coupon and split an entrée. There has been a paradigm shift and believe it or not, folks are hording cash, paying down debit …or walking away from their debit which is putting the F@#$K’s to the banks. What you are witnessing as a slow motion collapse my friends:

        • My daughter has been living in my unfinished basement and hoarding cash. She’ll be using some of the hoarded cash to buy a home—she’s closing on the home in a little over a week. She’ll be paying cash for the home…denying a banker lots of interest money 🙂

          • She should’ve put solar on your house and finished out the basement.
            Order tons of food storage and water. Stay in groups, even if they are small.

            Keep preppin’

          • Hi comrade. Thought I recognized you previously. I have often pondered how your daughter made out.Not bad 1 1/2 years if I recollect right. Congrats

        • Actually people in this country have debt as bad as before the 2008 crash in the US. It’s the corporations hoarding cash because the economy is very uncertain for them.

          I paid off my debts two years ago because I saw what was coming. Now I have saved cash for emergencies. I am not like the rest of the Sheeple who continue to put themselves in debt. They are just following the gov’t’s example.

      19. Our Wal mart can’t keep ammunition and for the past 3 years it has been impossible to get .22LR and limited availability of .223/5.56. The ammunition shelves are almost always empty.
        It seems to be holding its own right now.

        One lady said one day, Wal mart has everything but not what I need.

        J.C. Penney has closed in the city I live. That is sad. For when I was in grade school, my mom took me to J.C.Penney to dress me out for school. It was a tradition.

        But, when Wal-mart is in trouble, well how much worst could it get?

        The President has kept his promise. He has transformed the country.

      20. Their parking lots are empty,low on stock,little help and getting trashy. Prices aren’t that great anymore either. I went in for a battery and no one was in automotive to sell it or put it in the car. Everybody had called in sick. No one in sporting goods so I waited at the counter and used my phone to call the store and have them send someone to the department. They are going down like all other stores,people are tapped out.

        • I would’ve taken one to the fron registers, and put the damn thing in myself. I could install a car battery with my eyes closed, with a fingernail file.

      21. I don’t buy the hype, Wal-Mart is not going to crash. Wal-Mart expects growth every quarter, and if they don’t get it, their top brass and the fans of their stock are crying as if it is a disaster. The company is quite strong financially and, in a SHTF scenario, will likely do better than most companies thanks to the propensity of many Americans to buy from whoever has the lowest price goods regardless of where or how they were acquired. P.S.: I don’t shop at Wal-Mart for various reasons.

        • I would like to know what percentage of Wal-Mart’s net revenue is coming from food vs that from sales of non-essentials like toys, and especially the charts showing any discernible trend

      22. The problem not the symptom, is bad trade deals. We have had a trade imbalance since the mid 70’s. I think if you add the trade imbalances since then up to now. It matches the national debt.

        They need to print up money to replace that which has fled the country. Otherwise we’d have hit deflation long ago as money dried up.

        How long can your household operate at a loss until you get services cut off and cannot pay your bills. For arguments sake, say you can counterfiet. You can go on for longer but eventually no one will accept your money as your FRN are flooding the town. (Fake Reserve Notes).

        So, should there be a new America. We need a sandbox approach on trade.

      23. People need to understand that stores such as wally World, are just a symptom of the major changes that are coming. Our entire system of economics is in a state of change. Soon enough, our entire way of conducting business will be different than it is now.
        As conditions deteriorate, more and more giants such as wal mart, will start to die. a giant reset is coming, and we are seeing the first signs, with many more to come, that things are only going to get worse, from here on out.

      24. I’ve noticed that their ‘Greeters’ are not as friendly as they use to be….

        • They might be security guards.

      25. our store got rid of the greeters some time ago

      26. Been in hiding, no just kidding.
        Been doing a lot of preparing as of late.
        Wally- world is showing us that things are bad.
        I have been trying to keep ahead of SHTF that is coming,
        But looks like I’m starting to lose ground.
        Just bought 3/4’s of an acre next to my place.
        Has a nice garage on it house can not be saved.
        Now to get it ready for some of the group to live in.
        He$& if I make the wife mad I could live in it!;~}.
        Stay safe, get ready, pray and look after your own.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. R. N. S. N. Reb

      27. Many may already know this, but Wal-Mart does HUGE business off the SNAP/EBT card population every month.

        They even have shipping managers direct shipments of goods in relation to particular days of the month. Yes, I know that many cards ‘recharge’ or refill on different days, but by and large Wal-Mart has tracked it all and they know exactly when the crowds will be there.

        If they are starting to feel the ‘pain’ already, what do you think is going to happen when those cards go bye-bye?

        I went to an ACE hardware store and couldn’t believe how many ‘Made in USA’ products they carried. I asked for the manager and shook his hand. He shook mine back and said he was glad I was paying attention to the labels… because not these days are!

      28. Walmart matches Publix and Winn Dixie’s buy one get one free offers here in the Tampa bay area. Way cheaper price at Walmart for single item, so two for one is a good deal. That covers anything in the grocery store that is on bogo at the more expensive stores.

        • aljamo–you surely know slave labor made those products you get so cheaply…you surely know mom and pop stores closed due to chinamart….you surely know how the employees are paid so poorly they are shown how to sign up for government entitlements upon employment…you surely know chinamart pays lawyers to search for every way possible to prevent paying revenue taxes(ixquick Massachusetts and that law suit)….you surely know to get manufacturers to comply with their terms, chinamart approves of using less quality materials to lower the price of their products(Levi anyone?)… surely know of the lost lives in the chinamart owned burning building in one country where slaves slept between shifts to make those cheap items you buy….

          I refuse to go in a ‘Chinamart’ anywhere, any time, for anything.
          I respect myself more.

          • JayJay… I understand your concerns to an extent. I’m talking about food products made here in the u.s., and cleaning supplies such as soaps, detergents, TP, and other paper products. Walmart might not match these bogo’s nationwide, but in Florida it’s a grocery war trying to cut into Publix sales, as they are the leading grocers in Florida. I’m not talking about foreign made goods, although Walmart matches any advertised price on anything. As far as slave labor, is’nt that what the u.s. minimum wage is up against the cost of living in America? Every dollar counts, and with low and fixed incomes, one has to take advantage of bargains.

            • I am all for saving money and my resources.
              I still shopped at chinamart for bone meal today out of necessity and saving gas money not going to Lowe’s, BUT the other items I needed came from Farmer’s Hardware and IGA.
              I will not condone chinamart’s behavior by rewarding them by spending my money there.

        • Publix pays their people a livable wage. Their stuff is much better too.

          • Kevin2… Publix aint all that. Their prices are high accross the board. My neighbor has worked for them for 16 years since he was 16 years old. He makes 9.20 an hour and can’t get 40 hours a week. He said they treat him like crap. I’ve talked to other Publix employees who also are not happy with the grocer and it’s penny pinching the employees way. Publix reaps billions in profits every year. Why don’t they pay their diligent and faithful workers more?

            • In the end they are all the same. Publix, Walmart, Winn Dixie, suck.

      29. 40 years ago, the mantra was “as goes General Motors, so goes America”

        Now GM has become the rust nbelt dinosaur, and the mantra has changed to “as goes Walmart, so goes America”

        Want to get a heads up on what happens next? Read the history of the Roman Empire.

      30. Socrates—if you can’t find it, go to ACE. They have those ‘oh, shoot, where did I see that item??’ solutions.
        I have been shopping there for 40 years.

        Quiz…What store started with the ‘Made In USA’ theme years ago??

        • Sam Walton

          • BINGO!!! And check it out now.

            As stated here several times.
            Chinamart moves in with free land given by the county.
            Chinamart hires the best lawyers to create ways of not paying revenue taxes which negates any resource from them in exchange for that land.
            Chinamart puts all independent mom and pop stores out of business with all those employees; therefore negating all jobs made available with their store ensuring tax revenue.
            Chinamart then raises their prices on all items mom and pop couldn’t compete with, therefore eliminating the incentive to shop there any longer; but, hey, where ya gonna go??

            The Waltons have economists they pay well to make them come out on top. The shareholders will benefit– never the consumer or the employees of Chinamart.

      31. In a sense folks need to live like no one else now, so they can live like no one else later. What I mean by that statement is cut out all un essential expenses, strive to become self sufficient, and prep. So that when this hits in one way fashion or form, your comfortable, safe, and can take advantage of the situation as others panic.

        • Yea, okay Dave Ramsey . He’s is somewhat correct about debit and living below your means- but he STILL promotes buying into the rigged stock markets and so-called “secure” mutual funds- No, He is in denial.

      32. In my county of 120,00 people we have two super walmart stores and both are a 1/2 hour drive away. why spend that much on gas, a total of over an hour in drive time just to go to walmart and save a nickel? I only go to walmart about twice a month to buy certain items…like paper goods. Locally we have a dollar general. we have a grocery store in every town and the county has a wegmans, a tops market and a number of low discount markets like save-a-lot. Why bother driving to a store a half hour away, when gas is nearly 4 dollars a gallon where I live, to save a nickel on an item? It makes no sense to drive that far to save so little, we would spend more in gas than we would save. So, yes…I do go to Wal-Mart still but I cannot justify the gas and time to go to walmart anymore. The savings are not there due to higher gas prices and other more local discount stores. In my area we didn’t have all the local dollar generals before and we would need to travel a half hour to get to any small city to find a major retail spot. But now we don’t have to travel that far and gas is not going down enough to justify traveling so far to save a few pennies. So, walmart will continue to do business but I think they will be shrinking in size eventually as more local “mini walmart” type stores pop up into neighborhoods.

      33. I’m a truck driver and deliver into Wal-Mart distribution centers from time to time. Last one I went into, in the drivers lounge they actually unplug the soda vending machine until night time when it’s cooler. General feeling of gloom when I go in and deliver at one of these places. The workers their know less freight is coming in because less is being bought in the Wal-Mart stores. Wal-Mart is certainly going to have to close some stores soon, probably quite a few that’s for sure. Times are a changing and Wal-Mart made no changes to adapt with the changing times. They did great for a long while, but never planned for the future. Because of no planning, they have zero chance of growing anymore and will only shrink from here on out. Stick a fork in them, they are done.

      34. Sorry it’s there not their. Sorry for the typo. SMH.

      35. Good Morning SHTF.

        For me it is all about cost. Wife clips the coupons and we check the sales papers. Then we make the “Run” to the store that has the lowest price. I have seen the same soup, priced double between stores. Many other items too. We also go to the Farmers Market and Flea Markets for fresh produce. Then there are the bulk wholesale warehouses like B.J.’s.

        I understand those who will not buy at Wal-Mart because they have very few USA items. But in the time of prepping you must get you shit together first. Then you can come particular in your purchases. I mean don’t fuck yourself because they are already doing it to you.

      36. Not yo knock this story , but this is old news
        If you look back a ways in other threads , I’ve posted a link to this off topic , as to the bad health of this company and many other very large chain stores

        Jus sayin

      37. I chuckle at the walmart bashers out there who don’t have a clue about business and free enterprise.
        What starts businesses like wal mart are consumer demands for low prices. Many mom and pop stores thru free enterprise over charged for items to where many people could not afford them.
        Wlamart filled the niche. It also filled the niche for those who decided a high school education was enough to get thru life.
        Sears/Kmart was like GM run poorly. The board at GM was a bunch of old ego maniac dinosaurs who couldn’t see the future like many large and small failed business models.
        I buy 90% of my merchandise on line because dealing with the brain dead population is incredibly irritating. The other 10% is bought from local farmers, Ace hardware, home depot.

        BTW walmarts gross and net income was up in Jan 14 from Jan 13. Walmart isn’t going anywhere. Nice try though. You have many of the zombies convinced.

        • feed the hogs – spot on. Wal-Mart is doing just fine. Wal-Mart haters jump on the bandwagon because it requires no critical thought.

          The items carried by retail stores are mostly then same national brands, or private labels from a major producer masquerading as something unique. People will shop when they get the best value for their shrinking dollar. Wal-Mart is the leader like it or not and keeps the market on their toes. If they shuttered the doors tomorrow the consumer would suffer.

          Just as Starbucks push up the quality of coffee served by others, Wal-Mart pushed retailers to lower their prices.

          • Maybe in your neck of the woods that is the attitude.
            Not here. I had a list of things to buy today–made list for a couple weeks.
            I HAD to go to chinamart for the bone meal…or travel 25 miles to Lowes. 🙁

            Checking prices AND availability or choices, I put the cart away—Farmer’s Hardware and IGA met my needs.

            Chinamart is ALWAYS my last place to go.

      38. Wal-Mart prices are very close to the good old mom and pop store.
        When at Wal-Mart you can’t find anyone to assist you. Just like K-Mart before they went out of business.
        Its only a matter of time and it will be gone, a short period!
        Things are crashing around us but it is so slow that it is like the frog in the pot.
        I’ll miss Wally world because of some of the folks that I know that work there.
        Damn I wanted to be the Greeter at Wally World but they got rid of that job.

      39. I look for a name change shortly from Wal-Mart to FEMA DISTRABUTION CENTER. Form a line to pass through the CHIP READER and then receive your monthly allotment. If you cannot stand that long in line or you cannot get there, a COFFIN will be provided for you. Thank you for relying on your Government for your daily needs.

        On the bank River Rat at the ready!!!

      40. WallyWorld is always packed over here (S. Cali)

        They do have some of the best ammo prices for walk in stores, and I am noticing more availability of ammo on their shelves (except for .22). Maybe people have less disposable income for this as well.

        As FerFal from the Modern Survivalist website (“Surviving in Argentina”) mentioned would be coming to the US eventually: I am seeing more and more packaging becoming smaller and prices increasing on those smaller packages. Crap 🙁

        Homeless population in the area definitely increasing and more people “down and out” and I can see the look of concern (desperation?) on peoples faces.

        May God protect us and have mercy on our souls, Peace out

        • Goodday,same with the wally worlds in my area ammo wise.I believe the ammo availability is more due to folks stocked up that want to be and not so much income though may play a part in a bit less shooting practice and thus demand.I would consider perhaps a air soft to at least help with practice at times due to economically easier on wallet with a few real practices thrown in.

          • Hello Warchild, Thx good idea with the air soft! I was actually in the backyard last weekend with my two kids and we practiced with a low power bb gun pistol, man was that fun and good time bonding with the kids! Next up, is practicing with a low cost daisy bb rifle and once they have passed the basic safety checks, off to the range we go! 🙂

            • Anon,hope you and the kids have fun.A friend has done the same with bb rifle for his daughter,working with her myself a bit with the compound bow,soon she to will be at range for some real live fire when her safety/pay attention skills fully up to snuff.

      41. It seems we blame everyone but those who actually are the cause of the problem. We blame stores that sell at very low prices for the decline of other stores that don’t sell at low prices. We blame successful stores for selling products not made in the USA and call them anti-American. We blame them for paying low wages. This is a misplaced blame-game.

        Wal-Mart, like all stores in business do what they can to make a profit and grow…they succeeded. Have they forced people to work for them? No! Do they force people to take a job that pays low wages? No! When people can’t find jobs paying high wages, they take what they can find. Does Wal-Mart force people to shop at their stores? No! Then what’s the problem? This is capitalism and it thrives. Capitalism will level the playing field at some point in all situations.

        So, where does the blame actually fall and upon whom? The blame falls upon our great(tongue in cheek) leaders of this great country! Our American leaders and the manufacturers of our products have sold the mainstay of the American way-of-life to foreigners. The International trade agreements we have made with other countries did not do us any favors, in fact, it has hurt us. The greedy manufacturers in the USA have taken their products to China and Indonesia to be made for pennies by slave labor and imported back into the States. Americans have quit making products in the USA because it costs too much. China is our manufacturer now! China has pretty much been listed as our enemy and yet we provide them with our business and money.

        So we blame stores for selling foreign products. America sends our products there. The Mom and Pop stores buy the same products that the larger stores buy, those made in China and elsewhere. You will be hard pressed to find many items made in the USA today. Put the blame where it belongs: on the past Presidents who made these trade agreements and upon the greedy manufacturers who have their products made by “slave” labor who work for pennies an hour.

        The Capitalism method takes care of the injustices made by the players in it. It may take a while but it will give payback due. No one is immune to its rectification.

        Then, of course, we have our “glorious leader” who vowed to “fundamentally change America” who is the reason for our nanny state, our police state and our unemployment and welfare state. Obama has killed more jobs than any President in history. He has made it more enticing to take welfare and unemployment monies than to work for a living. Obama is following Saul Alinsky plan to the letter and America is dying! So put the blame where it belongs!

      42. Wal-Mart no longer has a good business model. Unless they make some serious changes they will follow the same course that other failed retailers have followed. On a different note, did west Texas get any rain? This Texans Had Enough said they were in a drought so I hope they got some relief.

        • Swingin Richard-thanks for thinking of us in Texas. Parts of the panhandle got 3 inches, and we got 2 inches with more in the forecast until Monday. Such a blessing but now we need about 25 more inches to catch up!
          My husbands defibrillator restarted his heart twice yesterday. No firm reason why so far. He will wait until Tuesday unless it shocks him again. An unpleasant but life-saving experience when it shocks your heart back to life.

          • TTHH . I hope all goes well for you and your husband. It seems like we are at the point where we have to deal with these things. My prayers for your husbands health and more rain for your area. Good luck young lady.

      43. What I see is an entire Web of change happening. Use to be minimum wage jobs were “starter jobs” not career jobs. Wage pressure is leading to the civil unrest and protesting for increase in minimum wage rates. Obamacare tax is pressuring the folks who need care to pay higher rates for less coverage. International unrest leading to increasing gas prices. Weather conditions leading to higher food prices. Young people in debt for student loans can’t find jobs. Crime exploding due to drugs, financial pressures and the moral deteration. So Walmart sales decreasing should not be a surprise. The only real surprise is how quickly things are excelerating. Hard to stay ahead of things. Our gardens will be getting bigger and the security planning more critical. Really concerned about this upcoming fall and winter.

        • I’m concerned too. I don’t see much of a drive to succeed from some of the youth. People live as if good days are ahead. It is going to be ugly for all….

      44. (1) REPUTATION, People are realizing Walmart is a foul entity and refusing to go there.
        (2) PRICES …. Walmart sells crap, they get products that have been stripped down, then sell for the same price as other stores.

      45. 6.9 in Greece. On comment 3072375, May 11, at 12:31 PM, on Intelligence article this was predicted. The system I use said 6.5-6.7 in Greece, so it was slightly underestimated. This was forecasted to happen within 15-16 days after May 11. This one occurred 13 days later. Comment 3094978, and the danger areas remains in effect still until About June 3 or 4.

        This shows again that major earthquakes can be predicted using the past plate records. Earthquakes follow patterns. Too bad it is not so easy to forecast what these maniacs will do in the government.

      46. Now that our leaders are openly discussing their visions of the New World Order (NWO) perhaps we can take a look at some realities. If we are to be a NWO has anyone of us taken the time to even consider the average yearly wage in the world? Ever consider to become the NWO that all of us on earth will basically need to be making the same yearly wage? To be fair as many of the pundits say. That is fair and average except for the government elite. Get into politics so we aren’t in the same situation as Chinese, Russia or, God Forbid, North Korea.

      47. My small little town is still all Mom and Pop stores and restaurants. It’s nice. Most everything is walking distance from my home. We walk a lot.

        Unfortunately, to get to a grocery store you have to drive 30 minutes away. I hate shopping at Wal-Mart. It all breaks so easy and it gives me a case of shopping cart rage trying to maneuver around slow moving behemoths.

        The thrift stores have went up on prices. Used to be you could get jeans and stuff for 3 dollars each, now used jeans are 6. I think that says a lot right there.

      48. What will happen when China drops the dollar? Walmart will have to raise prices or drop China for their imports.

        Kinda ironic about Walmart employees starving and on food stamps because all employees I see are obese and rather plump.

      49. Having to do a financial case study on Wal Mart a little while back (grad school), they have have plenty of wiggle room to shift around their balance sheet to maintain their owners’ wealth. Hell, just use their usual bullying tactics on vendors and suppliers, chop some stores down, decrease pay raises, etc. Whatever. I started to learn more about their unsavory store practices than their raw numbers. I refuse to give them my hard earned dime. Fuck’em.

      50. I don’t know if it has been posted yet. I have limited access to the internet. Hewlett Packard is laying off up to 50,000 employees. American Eagle is closing 150 stores. Sears will be out of business by the end of 2015. So says the business news on various cable channels.

        • How about retail gasoline sales day on day.

          2008 54 million gallons a day average
          2014 18 million gallons a day average

          check it yourself at the EIA website , and that is making the great leap of faith that .gov is not lying about how bad the numbers really are

      51. I’m a supplier to Walmart, and have been for most of my career. You’ve almost certainly bought my products.

        They’re my #1 account, and I hate them. I’m tired of managing quality to lower my price to WMT (at least annually for the past few years) while they hold retail prices the same or higher. I’m tired of writing checks for promotions they want to do, then don’t do. I’m tired of having any proposal I make to move some product manufacturing back to the US soundly rejected by my buyer while their advertisements and executive speeches say otherwise. I’m tired of having product innovation crushed, and being threatened when I take it to other retailers.

        It’s time for Walmart to go. Despite the short term headaches to my business, it’d be one of the better things that could happen for the American economy.

        Sam Walton wouldn’t recognize the place anymore, and I hope he’d agree.

        • gotta agree
          Sam Walton was one thing

          his poor excuse for a family is another

        • Sam Walton was a man with honesty and integrity and had the best of intentions when he first founded Walmart. It’s a shame his family all fell under that communist-fascist NWO influence. I think he would rather see his creation shut down then to continue on its current path.

      52. Wal-Mart gets a lot of criticism from liberals. They get attacked because they outcompeted the union run grocery stores. The fact is, Target doesn’t pay a “living wage” either. Nobody owes you a living wage. If you don’t like what you get paid, improve your skills so you can get a better job.

        Wal-Mart is struggling because the economy is struggling. People have less money to spend. Wal-Mart’s CEO talked about how their poorest customers are running out of money before the end of the month.

        Wal-Mart is struggling but other major retailers with go bankrupt before Wal-Mart does.

      53. I’ll bet someone is gonna get their hand slapped over this memo getting out

        Federal Reserve Admits Truth In Internal Memo: “Prices Continue To Rise Between 3% And 33%”

        but any average person who grocery shops knows prices have been going through the roof for the last several years

        my local grocery had hamburger “on sale” for $4.79 a lb

        WTF ???

        • Check out oneharvest (dot) com and look at the Menu tab to see their prices. You can buy bulk food from them through a local church. This month they had Angus chuck hamburger patties at $28.50 for a 10 lb. box.

          They have assorted frozen vegetable boxes, assorted meat boxes, and various combinations. A doctor I go to said that’s where she gets a lot of her food and said she saved a lot of money. The food is distributed once a month, you pay in advance, and if you aren’t there in time, the food goes to a food bank.

          Here are the states they distribute to:

          “OneHarvest is currently distributing in Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas (Dallas/Ft Worth & Tyler), Virginia, and West Virginia.”

          You can enter your ZIP code to see locations on a map. There is a location at a church only 2 or 3 miles from my house. If you have to drive further, it won’t be such a problem since you’ll be buying for a whole month.

        • Satori
          I think it is about time that the Texans should put on their most pointed toed Cowboy boots on and place it in the Cartels A#%!!!!
          And If the Texans have a problem. I would be more that happy to come down and give them a hand or boot!!!!
          The Cartel will find that the Good Old Boys from Texas aren’t the week Mexican brothers, (that don’t have fire power).
          For every cop or anyone in his family that is harmed, two of the Cartels family should be should be harmed.
          No more an Eye of an Eye. It will be two Eyes for one American/Texan Eye.
          or use a 12Ga. 00 buck!!!!

          • Okies aint nothing but arkies with the crap kicked out of them and Texans are the crap that was kicked out. You Texans have let the illegals take over.

      54. As bad as wal mart is and was. the mom & pop in my area wherent no better. Their prices where high. they paid thier help less than the minium wage and it was off the books or contract labor. They really bitched if you neded to return something. The local parts store or gas stations charged from 60 cents to a $1 for a quart of oil. Wal mart came to town and the very same Valvoline oil that cost a $1 was 37 cents. Like it or not here in economically depressed Arkansas WalMart was and still is in many instances the best and largest employer in town. Walmart hired many old folks and hired many college kids and worked their hours around the school schedule. Wal Mart was much better when sam Walton was in charge. It declined after Nafta just like everything else. Im not a big fan of Wal Mart however they like everything else has to do what they must to be competitive.

        • The problem with Wal-Mart is that they have deep pockets, so they can sell products below cost until they run the local businesses in the hole. Then they raise the prices or stop selling items altogether.

          In the town I used to live in, there were a number of cross-stitch shops. Wal-Mart came into town and started selling cross-stitch supplies for less than the local stores could get them wholesale. After every single one of the local shops closed, Wal-Mart started getting out of cross-stitch supplies. They started by only stocking the best-selling colors of yarn, which doesn’t work for someone trying to do a project. It would be like a paint store not having red paint just because it doesn’t sell quite as often as blue.

          They also closed down all the fabric shops the same way. We don’t have any record or video stores anymore either.

          The town I’m near now only has one group of grocery stores that still has a butcher. Wal-Mart doesn’t have a butcher. They have someone in a white uniform who is totally ignorant about meat. My wife asked about getting a soup bone, and the guy didn’t even know what she was talking about. I don’t know how many times I went into Wal-Mart to buy something, and they were out. One day they didn’t have a single onion of any kind. Another time they didn’t have any cabbage.

          So I don’t go there anymore unless someone gives me a Wal-Mart gift card. If it would work anywhere else, I wouldn’t even use that in Wal-Mart.

      55. I consider myself an authority on ChinaMart being in Arkansas and in the consumer products for many years. I detest their predatory nature, folks they want all our biz. They have tried for years to enter the banking biz, are now selling auto insurance, pharmacies have been in stores for years (healthcare) and the past decade with smaller Neighborhood Markets and testing markets for convenience stores. They want all our money.

        Their management make millions and the store personnel work 30-hours a week so they do not have to pay benefits, yet they encourage these same employees to seek Fed aid. Notice Wal-Mart Way off the interstate? Yep, that exchange is paid by you and I, they seek and obtain Fed subsidies everyday.

        I cannot tell you the last time I was in ChinaMart. They stock so much sh*t you do not need and are OOS on items that do sell. They built their reputation on low prices and delivered for many years but after Sam fell in ill health the company has gone to poo. F*ck ’em, I can and do shop elsewhere, often for less.

      56. I was in Wal-mart today getting a couple things they didn’t have 3 of the things on my list, and it was a short list. They did have bananas which I have been canning and freezing before they get hard to come by. They had been 53 cents a pound had gone up to 54 cents with a sign saying they had been 64 cents so if a person don’t pay attention to prices they are going to think they are getting a deal. Thought that was a little crappy that they would lie like that then they wonder why people are getting tired of the way they do things.

        • oooo oooo how do you can bananas ?????????

          • grandee,
            First off it is not FDA approved to can bananas, but I have been doing it for years and not ever had a problem.
            So with that in mind here is a link on how to can bananas
            Just remember that you can only cook with them you can not eat just eat them. I just canned some that I cut in chunks and pressured can they have added water. I haven’t had a chance to use them so not sure how well they will work. I will be trying them soon and posting it on the blog.

            • Rancher’s Wife–thank you thank you !!!!!

          • grandee,
            Just wanted you to know I posted a link to canning bananas it is in moderation so should show up eventually.

            • Thanks for that link on canning bananas. I will try it soon.

            • Off topic. I bought rice, but forgot Mylar. Thus, decided to store rice two ways. First bucket I put rice by itself in the bucket with oxygen absorbers and sealed the bucket. Second bucket, I left rice in original plastic bags and stored in the 5 gallon bucket, added oxygen absorbers and then seal the lid. So I have two new 5 gallon buckets of rice. Did I do ok, or not?

              • Ugly,
                I would think they would be fine. If they are air tight with the oxygen absorbers that would kill any bugs. I just store my rice in 5 gallon buckets with some bay leaves ( Bay leaves help to keep the bugs out). I don’t seal mine airtight because our winters are real cold and the rice and wheat are stored in out buildings so they freeze all winter long which kills all the bugs.

                • Thanks RW. Just needed an affirmation that I wasn’t being too stupid.

            • Thanx Connie, bet those bannanas would make great muffins and breads! Will definately try….thanx for sharing, take care, CC

      57. Or it could just be, people are tired of walking two miles inside a store just to buy a gallon of milk. Or maybe they don’t want to buy clothes that last only a month and then becomes trash. Or they realized that it ain’t as cheap as they like to advertise it all the time. Or they don’t want to stand in a line for two miles to buy one item and it takes two hours to get out of it, along with the hassles of parking.

      58. I agree with everything that has been said….a long time ago I was working on an MBA and canned it after the first course…and chapter four of operations…ethics…the concept was that if “its not illegal, do it…” with regards to strategy and tactics. That leaves the door wide open for abuses.

        We all need to remember this one fact…Wally World is a DOW stock. They are also a Dividend Aristocrat. A force to reckoned with while we bash their business practices. They ain’t going down without a fight.

        Also, business often closes shop and lays off when business slumps. They plan for good times and bad times. They have their target profits. Once meeting certain metrics, they close…or stay open. Its called a business plan and typically, they are confidential.

        Their merchandise is deplorable. Their GMO produce is terrible, their meat…unspeakable. I have gotten sick on their food on more than one occasion and now go to the local grocery.

        Tough times sent us to wally world. And we got hooked. They managed to make us need them in good and bad times. I am in a southwest suburb of Chicago…the parking lot of this store is filled with very shiney expensive SUV’s on a late Sunday afternoon…so it makes me wonder….keep preppin’!

      59. Call em what you will but when you get your unemployment paycheck where do you cash it? Walmart…
        When you get your EBT funds where do you run to buy food? Walmart.
        My wife works for Walmart almost 8 years. When she started a can of Campbell’s Tomato soup cost about $.44 now that same can will cost you $1.46
        A steak that use to cost you $4.00 now cost you about $15.00 And it’s not all Walmart’s fault it’s what the government is doing by printing all that funny money and running our economy over the cliff (on purpose) to crash the dollar and (blame us by the way) All so they can join the European Union and make a one world government and a one world cashless currency. Say and think what you will but it’s coming. And now we have passed the point of NO RETURN so it’s full speed ahead to the crash. I am not one to say, “I told you so” – but – REMEMBER – “I told you so”.

      60. My Dad would NOT shop at Walmart.
        He said “It was run by a bunch of Hill Billy’s”.
        He said he could buy his stuff cheaper at Kmart.
        I said NO and so he got out a quart of motor oil and I had just so happen to have gone to Walmart and bought the very same motor oil and we compared prices and I was floored. The Kmart motor oil was $.09 cheaper for the same brand motor oil at Kmart.
        GO KMART

        • I wish we had hill billies in our wallmart, that would be a few steps up from the tattoo, pierced baboons we got,,,

          • Kula, I’ll take hillbillies over the ‘gimmedat’ crowd any day. The hillbillies know how to stand on their own 2 feet, something the ‘gimmedat’ crowd will NEVER understand.

      61. this is for Yuri and his fan club

        I sure feel sorry for those poor mistreated multi-national corporations

        Bangladesh workers face harsh conditions in Abu Dhabi

        take a good long look at that picture
        a good,long f_cking look

        that is where WE are headed if we let them have their way

        and what about this ???

        The Qatar World Cup Is A Disaster: 1,200 Workers Dead, New Bribery Investigation

        want more stories ???

        just let me know

        they are endless

        wake the f_ck up
        or suffer the consequences

        life is hard
        it’s harder when your stupid
        and when your mother f_cking stupid
        there is no hope for you
        Darwin has your ticket
        and it’s gonna get punched

        • Yea, i love that, have a world class soccer tournament in a desert where it is too hot to be out in the sun 6-8 hours out of the day,,,
          Brainiacks in the WSO

        • No doubt, even with our problems us Americans have it pretty easy and are very spoiled. We will soon feel the pain that many have felt for years….

      62. People talking about thrift store shopping. We have some good ones around here in Florida. 1.99 shirts and pants are always to be found in very good condition and sometimes new. The deals are unbelievable. On top of great prices, at least 10 days out of every month prices are cut from 35 to 50 percent accross the store. Every item of clothing I own and wear comes from thrift stores, for decades now. Shoes and underwear I buy new. I’m not a believer in the old adage “clothes make the man”. Even Walmart’s foreign made clothing aint worth the ridiculous prices they charge.

      63. hope your not tired of getting screwed

        Critics call Obama funding plan for health insurer losses a ‘bailout’

        but since Obamacare was largely written by the insurance companies
        this should come as no surprise

        sorry I’m picking on those poor corporations AGAIN
        bad Satori
        bad bad bad !!!!!!!

      64. I resisted shopping at Walmart for years. But they have cheaper pharmacy prices for many of the meds we take so I started shopping there. It is at least 60 miles to any sort of large store from where we live. Can’t even buy milk and bread in my little town.

        • The local pharmacy was charging my folks a fortune for their medicine. They had been a customer for decades. Then Wal mart started the $4 prescription plan. the doctor told my folks that their medicine wasn’t covered by the wal mart $4 plan. So I went and got a list from walmart. Went to the doctor and showed him the list and asked now you meant to tell me their isn’t something on this list that will be ok for my folks. he got angry but caved and changed their prescription. medicine that was $80 went to $4. My folks where happy.

        • Jeesus christ texan, there are tons of natural CURES for most ailments. Obviously your diet or lifestyle created problems in your health. People that go to doctors for remedies instead of doing research and lifestyle changes end up dead! If you need all those meds maybe you need to address the problem and seek a CURE (something doctors will never give you). Od just keep on doing whatever your doing and check out of this world broke and sick as hell……..

          • Same goes for you OLD GUY, fookin wake up!

          • I certainly will keep on doing what im doing. My folks lived till their late 80,s & 90,s. Im 63 and haven’t been to a doctor since I quit driving truck. Don’t need to get the required yearly health certificate. How long you live & how healthy your are is in my opinion 75% genetics and 25% lifestyle. We grow & process 90% of our food ourself. Any road trying to say WalMart is more evil or some other retailer is Less worse is the same as saying one political party or candidate is better or worse. there really isn’t much difference. I simply shop around and buy at the best price for the most value. I stopped buying a lot of things at local buisnesses. I buy my auto parts online. And get good parts cheaper and pay no sales taxes.

      65. Not to be disrespectful towards the victims of that shooting in California, but once again in an area in which someone that is a good guy that is NOT armed can’t prevent a nut job from killing a bunch of people and it continues to occur again and again.

        Simply put, so freaking simply, gun free zone = dead zone when some maniac goes postal.

        • 3 victims were stabbed to death and the other known 3 were shot….

      66. This California shooting is low on my list of news stories to read. Road Rage, gets better ratings.

        • @ Slingshot. The California shooting is being way overdrawn in the MSM news, and of little importance to me also other than the fact that yet another gun free zone is again a target. The next false flag is very likely to occur in a gun free zone.

          I have always believed that an attack on the 2nd Amendment would be from some sort of terrorist attack so intense that BO or any anti-self defense parasite could use it to gravitate the majority of the zombies out there to support all sorts of restrictions to gun rights. What I worry about is that the government uses their loopholing of the law to say that as long as people have single shot firearms their 2nd. Amendment rights have not be violated. Just look at all the restrictions of magazine sizes in these anti-gunner states. They already enforce plugs to limit shotguns when hunting game birds. 8 a$$hole states alreay outlaw simple stun devices that save more people from dog bites than anything.

          It is not beyond the government to limit people to much less with their self defense after an extremely terrible gun related catastrophe. This is what the big problem is, more and more gun free zones popping up everywhere and the idiotic support for these DANGER zones where people are nothing but targets with no reasonable way of protecting and saving themselves or others from a maniac or terrorists.

          • BI

            Good Morning.

            Although this is a tragedy and sets other forces in motion, the fact is for me, is that I am tired of putting up with other peoples Bullshit. Cause and effect and from those results, one may have to suffer the consequences of not only stupidity but their refusal to accept responsibility of their actions. Emotions take over, inflamed by the news. Then others who would perform these acts, still in the shadows, get thrilled at the prospect of them also getting notoriety by the public.
            All and all there is just too much evil around us and one day we are going to have to physically do something about it. Instead of reading and talking about it.

            Not enough trees or rope.

            • Or enough pitchforks and torches.

          • This incident in Cali is evidence of how mentally sick our population has become. We are a society of ME, and ” I want it, and I want it now” and “give me”, “I deserve it”, etc. Collectively our society is selfish and arrogant. There is a desire to hate and point blame. There is a lack of accountability.

            This young man would’ve killed with or without guns…he stabbed 3 of his victims, as most of already know. This isn’t a gun issue, this is a human issue. Somewhere along the way this young man believed that killing people would fix his problem. Is this because our social media, movies, TV, society advocate for violence and not love and acceptance? We are surrounded by hate. Sometimes I even become so fixated on an issue (political or otherwise) that I exude negativity. Maybe this tragedy should be the eye opener we all need to remember to love, not hate each other, to show patience and kindness, to provide a hug and a compliment. Acts of kindness go a long way, especially in a world of bitterness.

            I’m not saying we can’t be dedicated to our causes, maybe our society should start to question the motive of our character.

            • That Shooter guy didnt Lack anything. His daddy is the Director of TV Hunger Games show. Another filthy rich kid with A Dozen of all material items anybody would dream of haveing….Just another example of jewdeokommie Hollywood effects of the past 50+ yrs of its Frankfurt school cultural Marxist teachings comming to fruition again.

              Probobly a Huge Dose of talmudic “Kill even the Best of the Goyim gentiles” added in for better results too.

              Thats why CNN Zioboy Wolf Blitzer, a proven CIA propagandist, had as His tv guest a Rabid talmudic zio Rabbi spewing antigun crap soon as the killings stopped.

              And Blitzers other guests demanding MORE involvement in Mental health matters and how it relates to gun ownership etc….That Same methods as done in 1920’s Russia where the same jewdeo inventors of communism also invented “Psyhcology specialists” to forefully round up discenters(awake folks that speak out and condemn kommies and name the jews as kommie head leaders etc) and then declare such folks Unfit, mentaly crazy and Not able to properly own a gun.

              Thats reason so much recent concerns of Pill popper ahdd and add type school kids and adults also has been front and center after EVERY recent mass shooter killing event.

              What they do NOT ever mention and can be easily found by researching it all, is that a vast Disproportionate Number of such Mass killer Shooter perps were…jewish.

              I believe its directly due to their talmudic teachings to Kill goyim gentiles, mixed with a lifetime Paranoia in most of them due to further teachings that They are the Best and Only real “Humans with a Soul” and that ALL non jews are Goyims aka Herd animals like Cattle, who deserve being robbed, lied to and even Killed off with zero Sin nor crime attached to the master race jew perp killers or thieves etc.

              That combo of You are number One best, all others do NOT count at All, and…Paranioa to the exterme due to teachings that say “All the Goyims are nazis out to GET you for being a jew, a always 100% innocent jew that never does wrong and even when it is done is always Okay as long as its done to a non jewish Goyim”

              They think a Nazis behind Every Car, house, Tree etc…Waiting to Pounce on some innocent as awlays jew passer by, because their tribes Always persecuted simply for NO good reasons as the tribe never does wrong period.

              Nobody can deny Thats the Main message we all been taught to belive in all we were taught in schools, on TV shows, Hollywood movies and from our own fed govnt agencies our entire lives now…Its why most goyim folks also believe thats true that the tribe is innocent always yet for some uncanny ironic reasons none can yet figure out…The non goy tribe keeps being harrased, persecuted or pogromed and booted out from every Host nation and peoples thru all known history…yet “some” of us goys has figured it all out!….We know its All pure Hogwash Bullshit galore.

              But for youth tribe members like so Many Majority of mass shooter Perps who also believe all the Lies and propagandas….They Really go off deep end and begin to Live out such teachings and actually Kill the goyims even the best of them gentile goyims as talmud instructs them.

              it wont ever change for better untill a vast Majority Learn such facts and Speak freely on it all to expose it all widely eh….Thats a Real solution.

      67. Walmart has several problems that are not an economic bell weather. Have you ever seen various photos and videos chronicalling the people who shop there? Most normal people have moved on to other stores not wanting to be in a low class joke of a store.
        There are people of all walks that disagree with the business model. Import crap and put local stores out of business. Walmart health care in a word sucks. They pay low and employees go to Medicaid or the like for coverage. In short, we all subsidize walmart.
        The prices are not as good as they advertise. The quality of a lot of merchandise is poor. Target, costco, he’ll even k mart are better choices.
        To say the economy follows Walmart is a reach to the point of a hysterical lie.

      68. THIS…is pretty sad. Even IRAN knows what to do with corrupt, evil banksters. America? Nope. America has truly become the evil thing we used to think only others were.

        Even Iran Knows How To Fix The Corrupt Banker Problem
        (from ZeroHedge site)

        Having watched Tim Geithner’s disgusting defense of the tax-payer-backed re-inflation of a corrupt and knowingly devastating banking system on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show, and watching the US fine (no jail time for anyone) a Swiss bank which admits its guilt over billions of fraud yet allow them to remain a prime dealer of US Treasuries; we thought the following story from a ‘3rd world banking system’ would open a few eyes in the US this weekend as ‘we remember’. As AP reports, a billionaire businessman at the heart of a $2.6 billion state bank scam in Iran, the largest fraud case since the country’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, was executed Saturday, state television reported.

      69. Doesn’t anyone remember the “see something say something ” campaign they endorsed? Doesn’t anyone know about their facial recognition cameras that are watching you constantly? WalMart is the first Communist entity that enforced all that crap. I would never go in there ever again for those reasons alone.

      70. The slow decline continues. There are insta-killers like EMP. But the fact is this. The market goes up and then crashes. And it due anytime. When that happens, watch businesses dump half a million employees A MONTH for six months or more and then decline before it levels off.

        Then we will be in Mega-depression land. Probably leading to food riots some months into the crash. I don’t think unemployment is going to keep things stable.

      71. Wow, another Cali shooting (about 1 hour and 30 minutes away from us)….Can’t wait until all of the local tv talking heads start talking their ignorant gun control smack again. Was there psychotropic meds involved ? (Of course we won’t hear too much about this angle like in past mass shootings).

        If our idiot leaders really cared about life and stopping violence, they would be fighting hard to end abortion!!! This issue sets the stage for everything else we can expect in our society. As someone famous once said (I am paraphrasing here): “A country that cannot protect its most vulnerable, is a country without hope”….something like that.

        I can imagine in our present world it may be very easy to fall into sadness, depression, desperation, etc. If you ever feel this way…..and you need a moment of total peace in your heart/mind….Do not hesitate to walk into a Catholic church, and kneel before the Holy Eucharist and pour your heart out and concerns to our Lord. An hour will seem like 5 minutes. Some not understanding this will probably laugh and think this childish. The ones that understand this, will have a childlike smile and know what I am talking about. 🙂

        No need for any hate responses, I know Jesus/God is only a “phone call away” through prayer, which is also awesome….but there is something very special regarding the Eucharist. Even satanists/occultists understand this, and they try to disrespect the Blessed Sacrament during their ceremonies etc.

        Do not limit the creator of heaven and earth. 🙂 He has wonderfull things planned for you. Have a blessed Sunday everyone! (If you have any doubts, research the Eucharist….very very Biblical and many many miracles throughout history…..YES we do have an AWESOME God that does not stop communicating with his people!

        Carry on, enjoy the day! One last thought: Don’t forget to have a cold one for all of the dead military (especially us vets, that have the blessing to wake up this morning). Their sacrifice is not forgotten. I know I know…..especially in most recent years, our military has been used for corp. goals etc…..But keep in mind, most entered this system at a young age, dang just kids! And I believe most of us entered with good intentions. Along the way we learned a thing or two….and some of us have not forgotten our Oaths …..And one day we may have to pay dearly for it once again….. Maybe some of these skills will save our ass against evil doers one day, and will help to rebuild a more just society. Don’t stop praying for our country and world just yet. All is not lost.

        Peace out

      72. Welcome to Sunday…lets ‘ponder anew what the Almighty can do’!
        Back to politics and wally world….If my memory serves me…prior to the Clinton presidency, wasn’t Mrs. Clinton on the board of directors of Wal Mart, back in the 1990’s? Sometime around the Whitewater investigations?

        More recently, wally world’s management teams went to Target if the news was accurate. The supply and other merchandise problems seemed to occur about the same time.

        A can of Folgers at Jewel is 12.99, at wally, its 8.58…that is why many continue to shop at the one store…the significantly lower prices. I have pretty much quit discretionary spending…but so far, coffee is not discretionary!

        • You have no idea what Folgers puts in that jar to meet chinamart’s price requirement–I read one company puts grass, etc. and you don’t even know it.
          Just saying–if Levi manufactures for chinamart using seconds in denim, what’s to say Folgers isn’t using grass?
          Think about that next time shopping chinamart.

          • a lot of companies are now mixing in the cheaper robusta coffee
            you no longer see the term 100% arabica on a lot of brands
            that’s why

          • Years ago, I lived in Panama…their own coffee was fabulous…I recently had some…same brand…it tasted like any other brand….succumbed to corporate farming.
            Am thinking of learning to roast my own beans, but those beans and a roaster are expensive.

            I have heard the coffee shops also use bottom of the barrel beans…

        • “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after low pricing is forgotten!”

      73. Yes the people of walmart videos are full of disgusting looking fat tacky looking folks. But those folks are everywhere. Go to the public swim beach. Go to the annual easter egg hunt at the local park. Go to McDonalds ect. We have always had those type of folks. We now have more than ever. they breed faster have lots more children. The quality more educated higher caliber type folks only have as many children as they can afford usually one or two. I reciently went to a get new eyeglasses at West Plains mo. The place sells quality glasses at a good price A set of bifocals is $125 and the eye exam is $45. And you get your new glasses within two hours. That place was full of the lowlife type junk food folks with their unruly fat kids because the welfare was paying. That why we have private places like country clubs and our own pools or lake & river front property.

      74. Iff topic
        Real good read over at Sipsey Street Irregulars,

        • Off, not iff

        • Kulafarmer-I read Sipsey Street Irregulars almost every day. Vanderbough is no-nonsense and I agree with much of what he says.

        • Kula

          Best be careful perusing that site as well as westernrifleshootersassociation…

          The articles presented just might give one food for thought

          I never, ever read those nor link to them as they are counter intuitive to state run media..or the 4th estate.

          Enjoy the day


      75. The biggest problem with Walmart is their filthy stores, their long lines, their crappy cart that rattle, squeak and thump through the stores and last but NOT LEAST, the disgusting clientele. You know, the 300 pound moochers and their 7 welfare kids, all from different baby daddies.

        Walmart lobbied for massive increases in food stamp recipients so they would have more customers. Well they got them, and they drove the rest of us off. I get pissed off every time I see them – I think about the fact that I have to pay for my food AND theirs!!

        I do most of my shopping at Publix or online now.

        Good riddance Walmart. You sold your soul to the government devil. And you are reaping what you have sown.

        • Cosco & Publix for me too.

      76. durango kidd

        You said:

        “QE did NOTHING to “devalue” the dollar. NOTHING! 80% of that “printed money” went to the member banks reserve account at the FED. The other twenty percent went to replace the banks losses, create a profit for their stock, and provide for outrageous bonus’ for the top bankers.”

        The above is absolute nonsense as the Federal Reserve bought $543 billion of Treasuries in 2013. In 2011 it purchased $656 billion in Treasuries and it accounted for $71% of net Treasury borrowing that year. This influx money from nowhere financed the US government paying wages, buying goods and equipment and welfare / EBT cards. It is stimulating the butcher, baker and candlestick maker.

        Do not say that QE money is not making it onto the economy or that its not stimulus. Take it way and EVERYONE will see just how stimulating it is. Hell the US is surviving off of it.

        • Source Document for the above is the Wall Street Journal.

          I think they know.


          Since 2009, the Federal Reserve banks have been sharply increasing their holdings of Treasury securities and as of March 31, they held just under $2 trillion of the national debt, or about 12 percent.

          That DK is 2 TRILLION that otherwise would not be there. How many people are employed with that input of money?

          Money not stimulating. Sorry. That is bullshit.

          • The Source was the NY Times.

            Regardless the same figures are all over the financial pages of the various financial news sources.

      77. and it’s back

        The Solution To Record Meat Prices: The Return Of Pink Slime

        Worldwide cancer cases expected to soar by 70% over next 20 years

        any correlation ???

        food isn’t food anymore
        it’s a witches brew of chemicals,hormones and drugs

        fed to us courtesy of corporations and the their employee the FDA


        seems Wally World is in good company

        “This isn’t some doom and gloom prediction based on nothing but my opinion. This is the inevitable result of demographic certainties, unequivocal data, and the consequences of a retailer herd mentality and lemming like behavior of consumers”

        read the statistics and weep
        wages have been flat or declining for the middle class since about 1973
        and it ain’t getting better

        we put off the collapse by buying on credit
        taking out second mortgages on our over inflated real estate
        subprime lendding etc

        well as of that is by by now

        it’s up to the 1% to keep the economy afloat
        at least according to the trickle down IDIOTS
        good luck !!!
        let me know how that works out for ya

      79. @ kynase. The anti-gunners though have shown the plight of the father of one of these victims over and over again vilifying the NRA and gun rights. If someone had been armed they might have saved his son from being murdered as the MSM doesn’t even bring this up.

        Compassion does go a long way with those people that just don’t take advantage of someone that is kind. There are many ENERGY LEECHES out there that literally feed on people that are good towards others. This may be cynical, but you have to truly watch whom you are kind and compassionate towards. I myself rather try to be fair to everyone I met, but always be wary of the fact that there is a high level of people out there that will attack you when your guard is down.

        I have known people that are pure saints, and some of them have been deeply hurt physically, mentally, and spiritually by human demons that go after goodness because the person is not thinking about what COULD happen to them. You can be kind to others, but always have “the trusty revolver at your side” analogy. There are lots of people in graveyards that trusted the wrong person and let their self defense down and paid for it. On top of this loss of a good person, there are many other people worthy of help from this person that was taken out by evil, that will never get that help.

        Beware of bad people that CANNOT be helped by kindness.

        • True…very true. I have time and again helped many people, exposing myself. I had to learn the hard way to keep one eye open, always.

      80. @ Be Informed ~ I call these people Psychic Vampires.
        Or, Users.

        They will call me up, the conversation is a monologue, all about them, and then they end the call. They never once ask about you, or how you are doing. I immediately block their number on my landline phone, and sever all contact.

        I do the same with those that are my ‘friend,’ but after a while I do not enjoy their company. I am just a warm and breathing person to be used to provide company for them. So, they don’t feel alone. After a very short time of this, I too, sever all contact immediately and permanently.

        Who the h*ll needs it? My time is precious and valuable to me. In all regards.

        Bottom line, trust your 6th sense. Tune in to your intuition. You will quickly weed out the jerks.
        There is a saying, ‘The amount of close friends you have, you will be able to count on one hand.’

      81. The benefit of the doubt goes out the window and trust your instincts becomes paramount.

        Yes! When the balloon goes up, it’s a whole other ballgame.

      82. DK

        You said Saddam was invaded because of paying $25k to terrorists?


        From Time Magazine

        Foreign Exchange: Saddam Turns His Back on Greenbacks
        By William Dowell/New York City Monday, Nov. 13, 2000

        The oil peg dwarfs all. It is the sin guaranteed to remove you from power if at all possible. The reason Libya bit the dust was what in your opinion? Well just so coincidently they wanted to trade oil in gold and bingo…..the government is removed from power.

        Yes the US uses force to enforce the oil peg.

        Regarding the Federal Reserve QE and Stimulus first you say its not a dime, Now its a ‘little bit” when the reality is that its $2,000,000,000,000. TWO TRILLION! (and growing) that funded the government. Its spent. Its stimulus. Its a whole lot of stimulus and is roughly about $7500 for every man, woman and child in the US.

        • Hey DK..

          Remember that line ..”engage your employees?”

          You know.. get out and vote..

          Well, it seems,actually is,that all the so called anti big guv/big bank crowd upstarts from the Tea Party were all handily defeated by their incumbents from the gop..

          you know, that wonderful group that did vote to bail out the banks..yesireee..

          the banks and all their well paid off illusionists have won once again!

          Hmm..go figure..

          How’d that work out for all the other nations in the E.U?

          Established former imf/goldman sachs execs now running their countries to further extract what little wealth is left..

          I think I’ll continuing opting out..

          Have a nice day..


        • Kevin2:

          Seems we both had to come to the “bottom of the barrel” to seek out DK about his post on Sadam hiring his people to kill israelis.

          I want some proof from DK. Some links please. This statement, unless backed by lots of proof is outrageous. So DK, prove what you have posted is true.

          I am waiting………

          • State Dept of usa, #2 Honcho at Top is Victoria Neuland, her Husband is Notorius PNAC, Head originater writer of the famous PRE-9/1 PNAC docs that stated that Americans are NOT now ready for another war, and will NOT be Unless and UNTILL a “NEW pearl Harbor” event or one as drastic and Large amount of American deaaths On usa soil occures.

            Shortky After that Robert Kagan aka jewdeo Khazar synagouge of satan zioboy PNAC Honcho’s Documents got done…..BINGO! Their wishes came Tue on 9/11!!!

            Just Another jewdeo zio khazar kommie “Coincidence” DK?

            Right yep lets just simply Add that “jewish run coincidence” to the Far too many thousands of others thru history to count and call it a day eh.

            America has ZERO Hope of ANY good or reset thats good occuring EVER again…UNLESS and UNTILL a Majority of the american “Goyims” awaken to what and whom is behind most every problem we face nationwide, racially wide(for whiteys) Culture wide, MSM Media wide, and Fed Govnt wide and ALL that I left out inbetween thats related in any way shape or form to the ongoing, Destroy america and white folks By Design Jewdeo-kommie soviet plans, that huge Majority so far continue to Refuse to Admit as Facts.

            And like ALL things that matter…Time for Now is on Our side perhaps…but Just Barely now and soon time will cease for a meaningfull wake up event.

            If I were to wager a bet?…I’d wager that NO we will NOT see a majority or even close to enough wake up in time, if they Ever do wake up at all!

            Their minds are simply too badly infiltrated by a lifetime of falsehoods from EVERY avenue in every walk of their ignorant lives….When it Should be as obvious as hell that The number one most often promoted agendas, are usually The main problem causes. And none can any longer deny that most often promoted agenda is the Holyhoax events, six million jews, WWII a great good cause war for america!…And.. its all just a huge conspiricy when ANYBODY claims jews are to blame for anything other than being worlds greatest “Victims” of ALL non jewish folks aka Goyims(Thats You whitey and blacky).

            Anybody waiting for jew run/owned MSM TV and Hollywood and TV News shows to Out these facts for a wake up?…Or for Fed Govnt to Ever admit finally to all the many Hoaxes etc?…Are Akin to those who promote us to Vote and write to senators etc!!!!!

            Iraq and EVERY mideast War for israel/jewish intrests, IS, Has been, Will continue to be BY jewdeo kommie and jewdeo zionists Designs to create THEIR full control/ownership Globally of the JWO aka nwo.

            And soon Nobody will be able to keep their denial up once its a done deal. Even the folks who subscribe to “maybe if we Keep pretending that elephant in our living room is NOT really there it wont be!”…That huge zioinist jewish elephant that determins everything You do, act, Think, are or will be…in More ways of nefariousness and evils than you can begin to comprehend…At least untill You too awaken to Truth eh.

          • Pissed Off Granny

            If he did or didn’t pay $25K to terrorists doesn’t matter. The leaders of oil producing nations that cannot thwart the US that threaten to trade their oil in something other than the USD get disposed of. Its not coincidental. The US uses force to maintain the oil peg and has been doing it more and more.

            The Federal Reserve buying Treasuries is an established fact and that money is spent and goes into the economy. First its none, then its a little bit and the reality is its two trillion. That is not only stimulus but a hell of a lot of stimulus. Keep repeating “none” or “a little” does not make it true; its reminiscent of Joseph Goebbels.

      83. Redheaded Tom on the Res.

      84. Let me get this straight. On on ehand, you bozos complain about the materialistic ways of the American people which requires them to buy stuff. On the otherhand, you complain when Americans don’t buy enough stuff. What exactly do you people want?

        • Dazed and Confused.

          There is nothing that requires people to buy stuff. Much of the stuff we don’t need. Impulse buying. Things that make our lives comfortable. Nothing wrong with that.
          People spend beyond their means and rationalize the cost because they can not live without it. They go out to eat and take vacations that they can not afford except by a little plastic card at whatever interest rate. Again because of others I have to pay for their mistakes. Companies pass the losses on to the consumer. Taxes like sales, gas and property that are raised because the town spent like drunken sailors in the good times that were to last forever. The sky was the limit. For some it is not about discretionary spending but if they are going to be living on the street.

        • “You bozos” ? In what bodily orifice has your head been lodged ?

      85. Wow, a four day Walmart post-a-thon. I think everyone has been to Walmart at one time or another. People have their reasons to like or dislike the retailer. Retail competition has become a thing of the past as far as pricing. It’s all about collusion now. They all charge the same or nearly the same, the evolution of capitalism. Not much innovation and competition is necessary to inflate prices and bottom lines. Like the early robber baron said “competition is a sin”. The prices are fixed to only ever go up. Is’nt capitalism great?

      86. Going on seven years ago I needed a job, bad. Late fifties. Made some bad choices, none criminal or illegal, but I left the workforce for almost three years after the company I worked for merged and done GTT (gone to Texas). Wally hired me. Starting pay was almost a buck and a half above minimum. Hell, I would have worked for less than minimum. Work gives a man a sense of doing, and participating. Sitting on your dying ass (and, yes, it is dying)is asking for depression and self loathing. How do I know? Do I like my employer. Damn straight I do. Is it the perfect place to work for? C’mon gimme a break. What place is. Do I buy the stuff we sell? Only if I need it and I can’t find it cheaper elsewhere. You folks can get down on Wal*mart all you want they rose to the top by giving people what they want. How they did it is another chapter. And you might Google our company to take a look at Wal*mart’s response for aid in disasters. It’s easy to take pot shots at the biggest, especially when they have many flaws. But a lot of good folks would be on the street if it wasn’t for our employer.

        BTW. I have to line up like anyone else to buy ammo. So your chances and mine to buy rimfire rounds is pretty much the same.+

        • Forgot to add: “But I do get a discount on my 22’s.”

        • ”’But a lot of good folks would be on the street if it wasn’t for our employer.”’

          No, the way I see it is more would be employed with the mom and pop stores if chinamart hadn’t come in with lower prices putting those retailers out of business just to later raise their chinamart prices after closing those stores….


      87. Watch the 3rd of the month, June, when prices go up. As predicted by economists, this fall food prices are going to be horrendous.

      88. wal mart has a problem they have gotten too big it happens to all large chains and it is in sw Florida the stores inventory is terrible out of stock is absolutely ridiculous and i was in the store many of the shelves had haphazard merchandise scattered to fill space and it was an item i was somewhat interested but could not find a price
        the clearance isle was chocked full but most prices were the same as when on the reg shelves but packages damaged the auto battery shelves for deep cycle boat batteries boating is very big here sat empty for 2 to 3 months
        so there lack of sales is not just economy its there own incompetence contributing to drop in sales

      89. MANY WalMart employees are Obamunist supporters. Looks to me a lot like a case of either just desserts or be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.

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