Art Of The Deal Coauthor Says Trump Will Resign By End Of The Year: “Presidency Is Effectively Over… The Circle Is Closing At Blinding Speed”

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Headline News | 186 comments

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    Tony Schwartz, the man who co-authored Art of the Deal with Donald Trump in 1987, now says that the President will likely resign before the end of the year.

    In a series of Tweets earlier this week Schwartz showed his disdain for the President and echoed the sentiments of top Democrats who have claimed that Trump will either be impeached or voluntarily step away from the Presidency:

    There seems to be a renewed interest from Democrats who are actively working on articles of impeachment that could lead to the President’s removal from office. And though such a move would require a majority vote in the House of Representatives and two-thirds of the Senate, it appears that many Congressional Republicans are now publicly speaking out against the President, suggesting that such a measure could have legs.

    Coupled with an”independent” investigation targeting the President as well as members of his administration and former business partners, it is becoming ever more likely that, as Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robery Kiyosaki recently noted, they are going to find something.

    While author Tony Schwartz has an obvious beef to pick with the President and may simply be pandering to the liberal left, the pressure being put on Trump could force him to resign in order to avoid impeachment and/or criminal charges, whether real or imagined.

    The war to take out Trump’s closest lieutenants has been raging since before he was even sworn in and will continue until the goals of The Deep State have been accomplished.

    As Brandon Smith of Alt Market has warned, Donald Trump may well be first used as a scapegoat by the elite in order to usher in the next phase of crisis and a reorganization of the global order:

    I have been warning since long before the election that Trump’s presidency would be the perfect vehicle for central banks and international financiers to divert blame for the economic crisis that would inevitably explode once the Fed moved firmly into interest rate hikes. Every indication since my initial prediction shows that this is the case.

    The media was building the foundation of the narrative from the moment Trump won the election. Bloomberg was quick to publish its rather hilariously skewed propaganda on the matter, asserting that Trump was lucky to inherit an economy in ascendance and recovery because of the fiscal ingenuity of Barack Obama. This is of course utter nonsense. Obama and the Fed have created a zombie economy rotting from the inside out, nothing more. But, as Bloomberg noted rightly, any downturn within the system will indeed be blamed on the Trump administration.

    Fortune Magazine, adding to the narrative, outlined the view that the initial stock rally surrounding Trump’s election win was merely setting the stage for a surprise market crash.

    I continue to go one further than the mainstream media and say that the Trump administration is a giant cement shoe designed (deliberately) to drag conservatives and conservative principles down into the abyss as we are blamed by association for the financial calamity that will occur on Trump’s watch.

    If Smith is correct, and all signs seem to be pointing to such a scenario, Trump will blamed for what will likely be the most epic financial collapse in world history. Once those goals are accomplished, a push to remove him from office may become reality.


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      1. Bannon Banished! Got DAS BOOT. Who’s next? The Chef? What a ClusterPhuck

        • The list is getting pretty short indeed.

          • Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

        • Well, we’ll just have to wait till the end of the year to see if swartzy is right. Ain’t none of them been right yet. What it tells me is that trump is a fighter and they don’t know how to handle it. This left wing hit piece is designed to make the left “feel” justified. Trump has been harrassed and lied about since before he won and he’s not only still here, he’s fighting back and sometimes single handedly. They are lost and don’t know what to do. They outright lie and twist facts and it’s done nothing. I think it’s gonna go against them in 18 and 20, and beyond. The left is disintegrating before your very eyes. Charlottesville is proof. Look what’s coming out, THE TRUTH. They’re running like rats on a sinking ship. DK says September is shtf, as much as I like his thinking, I believe he’s wrong about it. As always, this is just my opinion and I could be wrong.
          Stay quiet Be smart

          • There is pivotal lesson in this.

            By blocking Trump from enacting policies for which a MAJORITY voted (living and legal voters, that is), the Deep State has proven that we cannot redress grievances using the ballot box.

            “Free Speech Zones” and internet censorship prevent us from redressing grievances at the soap box.

            Prosecution of jury nullification activists prevents us from redressing grievances at the jury box.

            ….and the point of gun control is…..?

            • John Q., extremely important observation and very true. Thanks.

            • is it time for the BULLET box yet?

              this HAS to happen….there’s no way out, and the blue-highlited area containing this sentence is how i KNOW it’s coming soon.

              “I have been warning since long before the election that Trump’s presidency would be the perfect vehicle for central banks and international financiers to divert blame for the economic crisis that would inevitably explode once the Fed moved firmly into interest rate hikes. Every indication since my initial prediction shows that this is the case.”

              the fed painted U.S. into a corner, and some of us KNEW all along it would end like this……THIS is why we prep. enjoy the time given to us, for it IS fleeting. keep yer head up, and yer middle finger up HIGHER!

              • Good comments, excellent points. Essentially the NWO elites are trying to place themselves to win no matter what happens:

                They block us at the ballot box.
                We then turn to the bullet box.
                Civil War becomes revolution.
                Wrack and ruin follows.
                Elites become richer no matter what.

                Meanwhile then consolidation of the New World Order then proceeds just as rapidly without the USA while the US is engulfed in War. After the War winds down, and no matter who the victor is, the blue helmets roll their tanks through the streets of our nations cities.

                Can we break this cycle? I don’t know, but Freedom and Human rights and liberty insist that we must try. Molon Labe.

                Somewhere down the line our current enemies, the Elites, will themselves be thrown under the bus. The Soros’, Rockefellers, CFR, Kissingers, etc.. Will just be so much shadows and dust themselves, not even a footnote in the ash heap of history. Little comfort to us now.

                Ultimately, maybe the best revenge that we will have, we who love freedom, is how well we resisted and fought, maybe carving out our own pound of flesh out of the big fat hogs of the New World Order, maybe we’ll gain the same visceral pleasure they experience.

                The ultimate gain for our side is to pass freedom along to our posterity, our children. Even if we feel we are trapped in this role of resisting, fighting even sacrificing our time and selves in our cause, we must. If we cannot have our freedom, then neither can the Elite.

          • Think the Schwartz guy is shallow – blows with his convenience wind – a mercenary ego – a paid op – after all he was happy to hang out and work with Trump and now is happy to add to burden having used up any benefit of kn owing D. J. Trump. “Friends like him who needs enemies”.
            As a business in NYC – Trump the contractor would have been a fool not to network with the Democrats – a business decision. But I do believe as POTUS he himself maybe shocked as to how powerful the Deep State is … and I believe he is on a learning curve as fast as an ejector seat and bet he’s taking it in his stride and I don’t think he will destroy the MAGA/Cultural values he has – (yes some mistakes definitely) But NO LEADER CAN GO IT ALONE – or they wouldn’t be a leader and so absorb the info – discern and know IF YOU GIVE IN TO THE DEEP STATE MACHINATIONS AND METHODOLOGY OF THEIR LEFT WING GOON SQUADS & PROPAGANDA/SLANDER/LIABLE OP AGAINST YOUR PRESIDENT – THEN HAVE THE SELF-AWARENESS TO KNOW YOU LET YOUR PRESIDENT DOWN BY NOT OPENLY SPEAKING OUT – SUPPORTING AND FINALLY BEING PREPARED TO FIGHT TO THE END – STARTS WITH THE PROPAGANDA WAR – “UNITE” 0- why were they so scared of the C’Ville Rally – why so much deliberate chaos around it? Because the Deep State’s biggest fear is a UNITED RIGHT STANDING FAST. “Stand up – speak out – and be counted.Have FAITH hold fast.

          • Excellent! The only way that Trump will quit is if they kill him but they know that to do so would be with extreme prejudice to themselves because the people are awake and they have been exposed. The Bushes got away with killing Kennedy but if they go after Trump, the people will hunt them down and dig them out of their bunkers. This Schwartz clown sounds like a backstabbing traitor to me.

            • RW, the man’s name is Schwartz? He’s a member of the tribe. It figures.

          • Yes jackknife, stay quiet.

            • Peace be with you snowflake

          • Quoting DK positively on ANYTHING shows you aren’t paying attention. He says whatever he thinks makes him looks smart at the moment. He’ll argue against collapse in one pst then for it the next. He is the biggest tool on this site and that’s saying something.

        • You do realize Trump has been pummeled from day one right ? With lies, distortions and manipulations as well as out right crimes by his opponents trying to undermine him. So hard to define his presidency as a cluster fuck, since you seem to be focused on what PRAVDA/MSM and the rest of the deep state have created to undermine him the entire time. They are spoon feeding you their created fake paradigms and false narratives, like Trump is a hater and racist and all the other cliches they use daily ? So for you or anybody else to buy into it all shows a serious lack of intellect and honesty. But that is not uncommon here in USA today ! I do completely agree there have been some serious mistakes and firing Bannon may be the worse one yet ? As well not firing Mcmasters !

          Seems to me this guy who wrote this is describing Hillary and the DEM deep state apparatus perfectly, not Trump. and no doubt time tells all. I know Trump is not the perfect guy , but he is our last and only hope against the deep state shadow government and the DEM cabal. If you cannot see that you are not actually paying attention or even looking, just being spoon fed more distortions and illusions created for you to control you.

          • DowntoEarthThinking, good points. But I don’t think it was Trump’s decision for Bannon to get the boot. My list of suspects are Kushner, Kelly, McMaster, Cohn, maybe even Ivanka? Plus there’s no confirmation from Breitbart at this time that Bannon’s returning. So until we get confirmation this article is pure speculation.

            • I agree it remains to be seen if he was actually fired or simply decided to leave for who knows what reasons. I suspect it was differences between Bannon, Mcmaster and Gen Kelly. And none of that means there was any big negatives. Bannon will certainly still be on the short list to Trump for advice and consults I imagine or we will see him speak out in a negative ? So either way we will know what happened and we will certainly know what Bannon’s positions are going forward.

              My choice of words could have been better and a more in depth explanation. Realize we are now in a very fluid situation with the deep state firing any and all guns they can create daily to undermine Trump, so we will have to really pay attention to filter out bogus data going forward. As long as we clearly understand that we will be fine and will defeat the deep state ! I believe we will see some prosecutions announced very soon and I think Joe Arpaio will be pardoned next week. We need some prosecutions and we all need to hear Joe is set free from the insane political prosecution by BHO and Holder. On that issue I urge everyone to use the links below to help get Joe pardoned ASAP ! There is a link to DOJ and directly to Pres Trump and I am getting lots of feedback this is possibly going to happen. So don’t let up people, I have been on it for over a year and seeing much progress now !

              also see the Nevada kangaroo court matter and take action



            • DBH It was Jared and Ivanka who wanted Bannon out. He’s out for good. It’s not speculation.

        • “Trump Will Resign By End Of The Year”

          LMFAO !!! Wishful thinking on the part of the Alt Left. By the end of the year TRUMP will be fully entrenched and iron-clad indictments will be served and prosecuted. It would have taken TRUMP six months to consolidate power if there were no paid opposition to him.

          Follow the money. 2018 will be a great year for America !!! 🙂

          • Oh. So that means a fast recovery from your September 2017 crash. Go figure.

          • Lmao! Thanks DK for fully validating my previous point about you! Wherever the wind blows…what an idiot.

        • Bannon is going out to be a street fighter. He will be able to put a horseshoe in his boxing gloves now ? I think he is still on Trumps side

          • Agreed. 🙂

      2. More disinfo

        • Exactly, NBanger. Leftists are getting frantic. And whom do they get after Trump, if in fact that ever happens? A Pence who will surprise a lot of people in also not being a pawn of TPTB.

          At the same time, something like this would OUTRAGE us deplorables, and cause us to triple our efforts.

          You see, evil and ignorant leftists (all you leftist trolls monitoring this site0, there is a law (called a “law” for a reason, which you are too stupidly evil to understand) called “the law of unintended consequences.” It WILL apply here, as it ALWAYS and everywhere does (think Nixon’s impeachment indirectly resulting in Clinton’s impeachment, however you want to define impeachment). But not to worry, as noted, you leftists are too stupidly evil to understand this. Or as Talleyrand said about your types 200 years ago, “they learned nothing, and they forgot nothing.” Look at your local fascist leftist to see Exhibit B of that law.

          • leftists? more like globalist neocons/neolibs

          • TEST, if anything happens to Trump, it has to be game on.

            • One hair on Trump’s head is harmed… the shit will hit the fan… and there’s plenty of targets.

            • Hi Braveheart, et al.

              One hair on Trumps head… or some political hanky panky,
              know thisThe System cannot be fixed without cutting off the head of the snake;
              We need to “turn the tables on the money changers.”
              Start at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Rothschild, the Hamptons, let the cry be; GET THE SUITS.
              It has always been my experience that The Suits

        • Mac has tuned in to a lefty, spreading lefty 3EW propaganda. Just when you think he hit the bottom, he again goes deeper.

          I am about to abandon this site for nothing but 3EW BS propaganda to cater to the lefties. Really Mac? You take 3EW BS and turn it into an article. You lost all your marbles?

          The Majority of America is making America Great again. If you like to be an Alt Lefty spreading traitorous BS, good luck, you are loosing readership. Most of these articles lately, you are lucky to even get 30 comments, back in the days good articles had 200 to 300 comments. We want Quality over Quantity. Do you hear us?

          • Reporting news about what leftists or democrats are saying doesn’t make one a leftist.

            This is the sentiment shared by 50 million Americans who voted for Hillary — In my view, it’s important for us to know about it.

            Thanks for your feedback.


            • Exactly. I want to know what my enemy is thinking.

              • Menzo, same here. We have to know what makes them tick so we can anticipate and counter whatever moves they want to make.

                • Mac and All,

                  Thank you for the reports. I for one no longer scour the msm globalist leftist sites any more and appreciate it that there are those who do who can alert us. Keep it coming please!

                  Louisiana Eagle ?

                • Oh so when you find a pile of shit out your door, you bring it inside and feed it to all your family so they know what shit tastes like? Dep BH likes his helping dish of shit. Yum yum give him some more shit.

                  So Mac thinks any weird psycho comment on the left, is worthy of an entire article about? Because that what the entire left thinks? Try TABLOID. Do you know what that is? That’s BS bizzaro to excite the ignorant.

                  • Hey crack sum skulls….the psycho leftie nonsense, that you speak of has become main stream…Mac is just showing the enemy game plans that are out there. This is what we face now.

              • Exactly Mac. I appreciate your even handedness and that you are respectful enough to not reply in the same manner that fellow so rudely did to you.

                • I agree Mac, you do a great job, but let’s get real: JP Morgan Chase is holding those 550 million oz of silver for their global wealth management account holders.

                  JPM Chase is not speculating in silver. It’s a broker/dealer in metals for the Uber Rich. 🙂

            • Right on Mac! If you only report on what people want to hear, Reality will hit them like a sledge hammer.

              • yup yup!

            • First rule of warfare: KNOW YOUR ENEMY.

            • Most of this Lefty Commie BS is coming from certain Cretans on the Left spreading Hate. Most of the Left does not think this way. Many Democrats are not all Lefty Snowflakes. Many Democrats are waking up to realize their party of the Working class has been hijacked by the media, and turned on them.

              So repeating lefty BS Hate quotes is not what the majority of the minority is thinking or feeling. Re-read my statement again what I said. I said this certain group of cretins also known as 3EWS are feeding the flames of division with bizzaro statements.

              By you repeating their BS you are making them relevant. I would guess the Majority of the Left does not feel this way. Even the BS from the Right is not worth repeating. For example, do you think everything Paul Ryan says against Trump is what the majority of the Right thinks? Hell NO!! These hateful people are a slim minority in this country, so stop making them relevant. You are playing right into their game. Gee lets see who can make the most outrageous comment and watch it go viral. Its disgusting and not helping make America Great. We already know who the enemy is here in America, I remind people every day (((WHO))) it is and why they are trying to destroy America.

                • Down to earth. Well some get it, most here seem not to. Reposting BS, is just giving them an audience. I consider it trash talk. If you want to run a tabloid website, then this is the way to go. Keep posting BS. So Any scum out there that says something bad about Trump, Mac will surely print it. That’s playing right into the hands of the Z I O N I S T S. Good Job!!

              • wish the cops would really stay out of these demonstrations and let the patriots kick antifa’s ass

            • CSS scum was exposed on another SHTF post the other day as a troll. I left several sites permanently because there were several trolls who were bashing others against patriotism, pro family issues and assuming some are paid by the left. An excellent reason not to subscribe to emails. Several friends quit this blog and others past month, only because of jerks posting BS. Maybe it’s time since this country is trashed anyway to realize we have all failed to educate the masses for decades, to incl you tube videos. We will soon be like Europe and other hell holes.

              • laura ann, I hope you continue to post comments here at SHTF. Stay for the people who appreciate what you have to say and contribute.

                I just got another education regarding the old adage; Jesus stated that we are not to offer holy things to dogs, nor are we to cast our pearls before swine.

                • Laura Ann, Braveheart also hopes you’ll stay and continue to post here. Braveheart enjoys your posts.

                • Amen ??!

              • Laura ann Psycho B!tcho. I don’t post on any other sites so you are a friggin liar. And I certainly don’t bash patriotism or family of any sort. Did you come here to present your psycho chick crappola to this board. You proved you did, now get lost wench.

              • You know, i wouldn’t put it past the Commies to tell their people to monitor sites like these and to post against what we say. So take it with a grain of salt, and don’t leave here becuz the scum are here too.

            • Mac, Braveheart supports you supports you 1000%. Damn right it’s essential for us to know what our enemies are thinking. And you’re especially right that reporting what libturds say and do doesn’t make you one of them. CSS is sounding like CNN, LOL!

              • Dep BH will agree with any body who pays attention to him. He is half sheep.

            • Mac, it is always ongoing decisions what to put out there and what not ? and in todays world there is a lot of disinfo and pure deep state psyop ongoing. I deliberately go to extreme prog sites like Nation of Change just to see what they are thinking and how whacked they are. I have also gotten some dialogue going on after a few years because some of them start to see you are making good points and then go to your site and realize you are NOT talking in circles, but have valid points and some even realize they have been mind fucked by PRAVDA/MSM. None of this makes me a lefty or prog , just better informed with inside information.

              We are past the point of left/right fake paradigm. Now it is all about the deep state shadow government and their ongoing psyops. So yes it is important to filter what gets printed as it may well be a psyop. I also see it happening over at ZH of all places and I have been there since it was a blog so I know it has changed for sure ! I urge you to promote these matters any way you desire. I think Joe may get pardoned if enough people,act over the weekend.



          • The difference between Mac and the MSM is simple. He reports everything, MSM does not. I want to hear all points of view so I can make informed decisions.

            Please keep up the great work Mac.

            • You can read the Lefty BS all day long on the MSM. Its how you present it here. The difference between Mac and the MSM is Mac is pushing fear to sell add space to click and buy.

              No doubt I can see right through the BS when I begin to read it what is factual, and what is lefty propaganda, who’s goal is to create Hate to divide us as a country, then conquer us. Playing along and repeating their lies, does not help make America Great Again. It creates more division, Good Job!!! That’s not what we need right now.

              How about any hateful quotes against Trump or our couture or symbols or flags, they are the enemy. So if we are on the right or left we can crucify the hate mongers. They are the people trying to destroy us. You are getting sucked into this game, as if it is somehow is what the whole left feels, and that is in no way shape or form true.

              • So make nice with the left? As they slowly circle and destroy us? Invite a canible for dinner . And see what happens? Talk talk fight fight. Negotiate with canibles? We have been brainwashed to the point we think enemies don’t exist.?

              • Crack, it all boils down to what you as an individual believe. I grew up in NYC. The center of the universe for Progressive Liberal BS. And yet somehow, I managed to escape the indoctrination and see Progressivism for the dangerous brainwashing mental fornication it really is.

                You have to let people decide for themselves what is important. That is what is being played out in society right this very minute. We are watching society fail, which is its’ right. It is a war for the very soul of the nation, and we are losing.

                We cannot force a victory upon wayward Progressive Americans. Our society will rise or fall based on it’s innate wisdom and it’s ability to learn from past mistakes.

                In the end, I am not afraid of too much news. I am afraid of no news.

          • I remember articles with close to a thousand comments.

        • Nail – anything that comes out of PRAVDA/MSM is psyop disinfo. That is what they do and that is their purpose, They are the propaganda arm of the DEM deep state cabal and nothing less. No different than Goebbels was for Hitler, only far worse because they are in conjunction with CIA, FBI, NSA and all the other spook agencies here in USA today !

          And as unbelievable as it may seem, given all the evidence of this, many Americans still think their government is working for them not against them to control them ? The reason and problem is very simple. Most Americans are so consumed in their own form of materialism and trinkets they easily buy into all the false paradigms and illusions created for them to control them ! So the spook agencies grow and the people get tyrrany and cannot see it for what it is until it is too late. That is exactly why I have often said many Americans are fat, dumb, lazy and apathetic. Because it is 100% true ! Unless the people wake the fuck up and stand up nothing will change and we will get exactly what we deserve for not standing up against various forms of tyrrany. Including political and mental control mechanisms. My proof of this is simple. Why do we see Comey, Hillary, Holder, S Rice, Koskinen, Lois Lerner, A Weiner and many others walking around freely when we all know they all committed many serious crimes ? And the investigations, ad nauseum, are all against Trump and crew ? Is something very wrong with this picture and completely backasswards ?

          •, BRAVO. You nail it as well as anyone.

            • Deplorable, wouldn’t it be great if everybody lived what they say ? This country and world would be a far better place if we all did that !

          • Very good articles DowntoEarthThinking, thanx for sharing. May I add that the war against Donald Trump is literally a war against all Americans who believe in the traditional values on which this country was founded. The aim of the communist party of the world is to level every country into a godless society where its citizens are controlled and manipulated for their tyrant masters’ good pleasure.

        • boyo, we are watching hard-core Communist tactics. What’s left of the Republic is under assault!

          • I bet before the great racist holiday of Thanksgiving, we shall see the march to the vaults to destroy any founding documents they can get to.

      3. Like the apostles denying Christ when it became tough, those abandoning President Trump are cowards and traitors. We The People stand by him.

        • Voter, I am not a church guy at all because I realize the churches are polluted and perverted today and little more than businesses. But that is a very good analogy to be sure ! And it is clear Trump is not a Holy guy of any kind, just a man, like all of us ! But I do think he sees many truths.

          •, you sound just like me. I’ve stayed away from churches since the early 70s for the same reasons you just mentioned. I can also speak with some authority on the subject but that’s another story for another time.

            • Deplorable, yes it is another rabbit hole entirely ! And a very deep one to be sure.

      4. I think Trump will be forced out by the two party Deep State. It’s effectively over for America. No amount of voting will fix this. The demographics don’t support a fix. Trump and America ain’t got nothing to lose. Declare Martial Law. Call for all right thinking people to come to D.C. and hang the traitors. We are in post constitution America. There are no rules any more. Just survival. The bad guys are about to outlaw what you say and think as hate speech. Civil and criminal penalties. Just like Europe. Destroy the left or try to live as a second class citizen under the rule of the radical left, Marxism.

        • Yes, we have reached a turning point with what’s going on now. It’s over for this country as there are just too many brain dead sheep.

        • @Him, I think he would declare martial law before that would happen. And I’m thinking that maybe what it takes to take on the deep state, shadow government, and all the leftist hate groups…..I don’t know, all I do know is that we’re spiraling down. And I’m concerned for my son’s future.

        • Him, I agree on much of your comment. But it is NOT just the perceived left you see as the problem ? It is the deep state apparatus that comprise the left for sure but also the shadow government that includes left and right players who will do anything to maintain their status quo and their own corruption and control mechanisms. Your perception is a bit simplistic and that is just what they want you to think of the two party sham. See the links I posted above for clarity of these points. None of it is nothing new at all. In fact it has all been up now for all to see for years and most people are just now realizing it all for the first time in any depth or reality. These are very serious issues and far more important than most seem to grasp.

          Also realize the DEM deep state cabal and shadow government apparatus will say or do anything and they are desperate to undermine Trump because they know he will expose them ! So do NOT believe even 1/2 of what they say or do, because it is all a contrivance and another illusion being created to defeat all of us and control us ! The created scheme of Charlottesville is another perfect example of what they are willing to do ! Black lives matter is the same and Ft Hood attack as well as many other serious crimes that have been committed to gain control over all of us ! And all of it was in deliberate conjunction with the deep state spooks we call our government ! I do not think they have won and we still have a chance. But Trump fucked up letting Bannon go and keeping Mcmasters because he is likely the only truth Trump gets in full. see my links above for clarity

          •, I hope you’re right we still have a chance. Regardless of what happens I’ll be fighting the deep state/NWO/globalists/globalists/fascists, etc.

        • I think you are absolutely right.

        • Him, I’m afraid you’re right. Only a matter of time before we have to lock and load.

        • Bravo Him.

      5. TRUMP 2016 & 2020! So step off all you damn clowns…

        • Trump’s 2nd term in 2020 the swamp will really be drained. Trump will declare open season on all Traitors and Deputize Patriots for Shoot to kill on sight, all parasites.

      6. Trump’s election is only a temporary reprieve from the inexorable Marxist Progressive decline the U.S. is experiencing. Trump will not derail the American plunge into Third World mediocrity, only slow it. At this point enough Americans have been indoctrinated into a Marxist culture to virtually guarantee the unravelling of the Republic. It will be left up to the patriots and Constitutionalists to attempt to rebuild what is left of the United States after the collapse. It will not be stopped, only delayed.

        • And it may not be much of a delay either

          • I hope Trump can stay in the fight and not succumb to his Progressive enemies in both parties. Hopefully those who have not prepared, will prepare; and those who have prepared, will continue to prepare.

        • I believe you to be right on the money. With the lamebrain media screaming on the news its like trying to put out a house fire by just pissing on it.

          • Patriot, even though Trump called out MSN by correctly labeling them fake news, MSN still controls the message, content, and volume that the majority of Americans listen to. I applaud Trump for his tenacity and I hope he stays in the fight.

            • YH agree, but what you call the news is far more sinister and serious than you seem to realize ? PRAVDA/MSM is the true power of it all and is in fact the propaganda arm that keeps the people completely mind fucked 24/7/365 !

              Between PRAVDA/MSM and the spook agencies they have created the deep state shadow government that controls everything. This is just our reality. The good news is, they have been exposed, that is why they want to destroy Trump. But they also can be destroyed. So it ain’t over by a long shot. Only of we give up and give in. see my links above for clarity on PRAVDA/MSM

        • I reckon a snowball in hell stands a greater chance of surviving the next 3.5 years than Trump does. For the reasons you, YH, said and more. The only solution is rapidly becoming the same one as this country had when it began. “….But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. ….”

          • Heartless, it is only over and they win of you believe what they tell you ? I do not.

            • Amen! Stay in the fight, we can’t win if we quit the fight.

        • YH,
          This country failed when the 16th and 17th amendments were passed.
          Until we fix that, the US is just a post-it in the history books.
          I got mine, I’m working on taking care of the grand kids, but beyond that, I don’t have a clue.

          • I agree that the 16th Amendment that covers Federal Income Taxes is not needed. It provides too much incentive for immoral people to spend today and bankrupt future generations.

            As for the 17th Amendment which covers the covers Senators, all I can say is Term Limits. No more generational Senators.

        • YH: agree, besides patriots have utterly failed to reach their goals. The bad guys are well funded, politicians are bought off to push leftist agendas.
          Churches are gov. controlled and will not speak out, exactly why Europe is trashed and neutralized by their leaders.

          • Laura , all true !

            The real underlying problem with the supposed patriots as a force to be dealt with is the lack of good leadership and a united and coordinated front or command centralization. Do not underestimate all of the military or prior veterans and even some LEOs as a serious group of warriors. They are out there trust me. But the unification is a problem.

            As is obvious many Americans have already given up and some right here !

      7. If this happens, and they remove Trump from office, there could be blood in the streets. I’ve heard more then a people say that they plan to take to the streets. I’ve also heard them say that they have a long list of names of those they plan to go after. God help those who have not taken the past few months to get ready for what’s about to happen. Keep your powder dry men, because i think your about to need it.

        • Colt M4, there WILL be blood in the streets even before anything happens to Trump. I have a list of my own if it comes to that. Lists do work more than one way.

        • If “They” try an remove Trump from office I will be in the streets. I too have a list of those who think they are “Above the law”.

      8. Swartz, like Soros (real name Swartz) is another Communist 3ew traitor.

        President Trump will piss on your grave, Swartz & Swartz. And he will still be POTUS when he does it.

        _ ?


        • BCA , I surely hope you are correct ! I see many comments here of people who have already given up and the fight is just beginning. What will they do when the fight really gets under way and it is actually time to stand up ? As always there will be 3-5% who will actually do anything except talk shit, as I have explained many times. I know this from first hand experience observing people under great duress and life threatening events. I have always known this since my early youth. But many want to believe what they are spoon fed and that too is a very big problem here in USA today ! What has really happened is that the many illusions created for us to control us have over taken us and replaced reality with sound bites, false narrative, false paradigms and simply lies and distortions.

          Most people are deathly afraid to face this simple truth so it all continues and gets worse. The problem is always with the people and how they think and then act on it ? or don’t do either. We are still in the don’t do either faze, because most Americans are mind fucked one way or another, so that leaves the 3-5% ! All the more reason to help people see what is real and what is an illusion and that is my mission and purpose in every matter and event !

          •, I can promise you I’m not giving up because there is NO viable alternative.

            • Exactly. What’s the alternative?

            • Deplorable, this guy sums up my thoughts on the DEM deep state cabal here in USA today


              In varying ways this has been with me since 1968-69 and only grown more powerful in recent years. So yeh, I am a warrior and already know I may well die fighting these tyrrant bastard control freaks. I learned many years ago what being a warrior actually is and how to accept your death. That makes you even stronger and far more dangerous and effective once you get there because there is no fear any longer. Only your purpose and realization of dying on your feet on your terms and not on your knees to some control freak bastard.

        • B from Ca it looks like someone pissed on your wife.

      9. It is amazing how many people under estimate President Trump. President Trump will not quit as President. As to President Trump being a sociopath, of course he is! One can not be elected to high political office without being sociopathic. The public at large, while composed mostly of rational individuals, as a group acts irrationally. Only sociopaths know how to deal with large irrational groups. Hence, sociopaths are at the top of our major political parties.

        • Red, this part of your comment “The public at large, while composed mostly of rational individuals” I do not agree with at all. In fact it is beyond obvious it is NOT even close to accurate or rational. Most Americans are nearly completely mind fucked and have been their entire lives. I was as well some years ago ! Here is why.


          I do agree that to get to that level it does require certain psychological traits and perhaps he has some of those going on. But I do not think he is a bad man or by any means a psychopath or even a destructive sociopath. His political opponents all display all of those traits in spades and that is what all the power and control issues are about we are all being engulfed with.

          We are now seeing a war between TPTB. On one hand we have the status quo deep state apparatus. On the other we have a man who is NOT completely engulfed in their insanity and crimes. so of course they want to destroy him for fear he will expose them for all to see who they really are and the many crimes they have committed in our name and with our money !

      10. I’m going to wait and see and hope.

        Trump made a deal with America. Don’t think he’s going to walk away from that one.

      11. Anyone wanna bet that Trump will be there in the Black House when WW3 and/or GD2 is unleashed by the Yankees (under false flag scenario of course)?

        He was selected by the Tribe for this specific purpose.

        • Explain what you mean David….

          • Since the removal of JFK (the Israeli angle was one of the pivotal reasons why he was killed as JFK was vocally against Israel having nuclear weapons), ALL US presidents became obedient servants to the Jews.

            If you look closely at the persons who surround Trump, almost half of the key positions are all dual-citizen Israeli Jews, starting with his son-in-law.

            The economic and financial crises in the USA are the DIRECT result of the parasitical effects of the Jews who are in control of your nation since the founding of THEIR Federal Reserve System (nothing federal and there are no reserves, but it is a SYSTEM to fleece the goyim or non-Jews of our hard earned money and savings).

            The Jews control the issuance and flow of money by controlling the interest rate via the Fed. Every Fed chairman has been a Jew (if my memory serves correctly). They also control about 95% of your entire mainstream media from Hollywood to publishing houses with mainly Jewish editors, to television to magazines to newspapers (viz., Jew Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Compost!).

            The Third World War was long prophesied by Jews as they need to destroy the existing world order to bring in THEIR New World Order. Your nation is their blunt TOOL. And Trump is their GUY (he is the poster child of Jewish debt and he was financially bailed out by Jews just like Churchill was, but that’s another story.

            If you care to learn more, I highly suggest another blog site called Darkmoon dot me.

        bit of a back story.
        A feed ago a guy by the name Ezra lavent started a right wing news paper called
        The rebel media. Here in Alberta it is quite popular the left has been targeting the rebel to shut it down utube is threatened to pull their account and now I go to do my reading this morning site can not be found Google pulled it but I think only in my area.
        I ask my fellow preppers to try to log on to this site and if you can pull up any news feeds please share the content with us here in Alberta. I intend on calling Google and asking why they would censor the rebel in my area I will share the results of that conversation

        • “this site can not be reached”

          southern middle TN

          sorry 🙁

        • Angry Beaver, I can pull up the site on YouTube.

          But they got ride of Faith Goldy so I just unsubscribed.

          • “Hear that, Ezra?? That’s the sound of the FINAL nail being driven into Rebel Media’s coffin!!! Seriously…..Rebel is OVER!!! Caolan was right….and he is now vindicated!! I hate that Tommy and Gavin are onboard the Sinking Ship known as the U.S.S Rebel Media”

        • Definitely “off line”, but I also noted a lot of
          his contributors have quit him. He must have upset
          a lot of people. Like standing in a town square
          in Quebec and shouting “the English are your superiors”.

        • Angry B; I googled it and found you tube links and lots of news stories about upheaval in the last few days. They also have a facebook site. Sorry I don’t know how to share it here.

          • Beaver,as of 6 p.m. can hit the site/comes up with articles that are dated today,so,it’s up.I would normally say was just a fact of life as you are Canadian! It seems though as some here in the US also not getting it something up/was up.

            I run linux with some extras and use duck as me search engine,perhaps some engines/OS’s blocking the site.

            Now,wether the site worth a damn or not anymore is a whole nother matter,time will tell.

      13. Yeah, yeah, yeah… Trump would NOT be where he is, if he was a quitter. The “co-author” is a putz.

        • Trump would no be where he is if his dad had not given him $100,000,000 plus real estate.

          • Mouthing disproven propaganda is not a valid argument.

      14. So if you spread hatetrad and devide America, it is ok if you are the first black/chosen one, but a real conservative, who does not take any crap from any liberal, dem or repub, he is a loser.

        You socialists are the real losers, because when our country falls, your print will vanish……………………….along with your late opinions………………

        • Anon, no question the magic negro got away with murder literally more than once for sure ? F&F, Benghazi, and the creation of massive racial animus and BLM, Antifa , Ft Hood and Bergdahl for a very short list !

          Many people have already forgotten about most of it, as if it never happened ? This is why I mention many times that many Americans are nearly completely mind fucked, because they are !

      15. The first problem with this story – it is bogus, it has no credibility. Look at the tweets from that clown Schwartz; he is shrill, frantic, hysterical; no objectivity, a complete ideologue. He sounds exactly like a Bolshevik and one with little imagination at that. He says Trump’s base is racist blah blah blah. That’s BS, and everyone knows that. I voted for Trump, he says I am a far-right wacko. Really? Everyone I know who voted for Trump I guess is a far-right racist Nazi wacko. This is extraordinary, he knows me and everyone I know and we’ve never heard of the guy until now. Sorry you fool, I don’t fit your profile. But I will profile him; just for starters, he is not as smart as he thinks he is, he likely despises the working man, and he must be delusional because he says silly things like “Trump will declare victory and resign before the end of the year”. He apparently believes that if he says something it must be true. And the fact he once coauthored a book with Trump may be compared to a leech feeding off the host until it gets all it can. These type don’t produce anything, they only accumulate like a parasite. In reality, he and his kind are just smug self-important bigmouths. I think readers should look into this man and see what they find.
        Meanwhile, I recommend to the President to please stop tweeting and not be thin-skinned. He is providing these people with points to attack him. Concentrate on repealing the present health care bill and have a new health-care bill passed, then tax breaks, smaller gov’t, help create policies to promote job growth, and halting illegal immigration. If he can focus on those items and have some success there he will be invincible. He should surround himself with highly loyal people and ignore the clowns.

        • Yes, (((they))) generally prefer to ‘work’ as Expertsteins or Spokesbergs.

        • Look at the tweets from that clown Schwartz;

          MAC seems to think the entire Left thinks this way.

          Its basically what he said in his comment above. I strongly disagree. These are certain idiots on the left and their BS tweets, are not worthy of even a mention. Lets make them irrelevant. They will disappear.

        • Everyman, no doubt this article is another PRAVDA/MSM attempt to undermine. It is impossible to keep track of them all so why try, hey ? Everybody should do their own due diligence and believe less than 1/2 of what you see and hear and only then from what you have determined to be a trusted source.

          From the comments here I see a lot have already rolled over and given up and there has not even been any real fighting yet ? What does that clearly tell ya about many supposed prepper types and so-called conservatives ? It shows clearly what I have said all along. Most will do nothing at all except talk shit.

          This is nothing new at all and I have been aware of it for a very long time, so it is all built into my plans and thesis going forward. We all still have many choices and actions available to us. Following the herd blindly is not a good idea. It works well for wildebeast, not not so much for humans.

        • Ilove what you have to say.

      16. President Donald Trump is the duly elected (meaning by the American People), President of the United States.

        Since Friday, January 20, 2017, when President Trump was sworn into office, Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, George Soros, and others, have had the American People watching each day President Trump has been in office as though from Dealy Plaza in Dallas, Texas, with each day being November 22, 1963.

        If anything happens to this citizen politician then it is term limits for the professional politicians. Mandatory Term Limits.

        Meanwhile, John McCain’s tumor is fit for office. John McCain’s tumor is fit to cast the deciding vote. John McCain’s tumor is fit for a standing ovation on the senate floor. But President Donald Trump is not fit? If that is not a metaphor for a cancer eating at the very soul of this country, then I don’t know what is.

      17. Can you find water when no other sources are available?
        YES! Here’s how.
        Items needed:
        shoveling device
        some form of plastic sheeting
        Step 1:
        Dig into the earth until you find moist soil. Once located prepare the area to a bowl shape tilted toward sun exposure with excess dirt piled around the hole. You will need your hole to be somewhat smaller than your plastic.
        Step 2:
        Place your container in the center of the hole. Take your plastic and cover the hole on top of the dirt mound surrounding. Use more dirt/rocks to keep the plastic suspended to create space between plastic/earth.
        Step 3:
        With your hole covered place a weighted object on the plastic directly over your container. This object must only be heavy enough to bow the plastic, but not collapse it.
        The heat of the sun will evaporate the moisture in the dirt. Condensation will form on the plastic, and pool to the center of the weight. If possible create a shaded area on the northern part of your plastic cover to allow condensation to cool quicker.
        Keep in mind this is a bit of labor intensive job, and the results will be minimal. It is also takes quite a bit of time to wait for results. Also the more surface area of the hole means more evaporation. I recommend that you do multiple holes to provide more water. Do this work in the early morning and stay in the shade while you wait.
        This method is mainly a “last ditch effort” to obtain water when nothing else is available.
        Any comments or additions to these plans are welcomed.

        • Dead Meat. Turn gasoline into water. A quicker way to get fairly clean water is to put a clean container with a big hole directly under the water drain hole of your car’s air conditioning unit underneath the car, while you sit in the car and stay cool. Much less work than digging holes. This is water that condenses out of the air intake as it hits the cold evaporator and blows cold dry air into your car and the moisture drains out onto the ground. If possible, boil the water just in case, or put a little hydrogen peroxide or a drop or two of bleach in it per gallon. Don’t like bleach because it is poison but it will kill germs. Hydrogen peroxide is non toxic in small concentrations. In a pinch, the water should be clean enough to drink without doing anything to it. If you have a Brita filter or a personal water filter, there should be no worries drinking the water from your air conditioning unit. Better than dying of thirst.

          • Great idea in an emergency scenario! The more humidity in your location the better. I would recommend a dew catchment if possible, but I live in the dry desert where it is only humid durring our monsoon season. Then it’s just a rain cachment.

        • I’m creating a water catch system. It rained about 2 inched here today. Just bought one of these Alexapure Pro’s Counter Top Filter system. Says it removes .9999% of over 200 chemicals, etc. up to 5000 Gallons / Filter

          It looks just like a Berkey Filter.

          Check it out at www ProWaterNow dot com $98.50 Free shipping. Extra filters are $49 each. Anybody have any experience with this counter top Filter. Comes from My Patriot Supply. Any Pro’s or Con’s let me know. I am giving it a try.

          • CSS…Water cachment…oh, you mean the pot you piss in. Right up your low IQ alley…BTW genius, you buy a filter, THEN ASK PEOPLE if it’s any good. Based on your twisted posts about any and every subject on this board, your idiocy, ignorance and bombastic attitude continues to surprise no one.

      18. Trump fucked himself when he came out as a White supremacist and refused to condemn the racist attack at Charlottesville.

        He lost virtually all of his support when he did that, almost no one is left to stand behind him.

        • He didn’t do any such thing. The media simply portrayed the idea that he did. Whant to know the facts? Go to the Zeta Talk newsletter. Soros paid $25 dollars per hour for people to participate & have the counter protest staged. They advertised on craigslist.

        • Go back to Israel, you dual citizen fifth columnist!

        • Anonymous. You’re just another stupid commie who believes everything the lying msm spoon-feeds you. Learn to think for yourself and hunt for the truth on the internet before you make dumb comments.

          Trump DID NOT declare himself to be a White Supremacist.
          Trump DID denounce the violence and hatred.
          Trump also employs hundreds of people of all races in his former businesses and they all love him.
          Trump DID NOT lose any of his supporters.

          Finally, the entire event was staged by that evil Nazi scumbag George Soros, who is your true enemy, and who hired the Antifa losers at $25 an hour, to cause manufactured hatred.

          The whole idea of pulling down historical monuments is just plain provocation. What do you expect normal people to do?

          • and probly pays anon’s salary TOO.

          • What do you want brown supremist. Move to a brown country and see how you do . If whites don’t rule it’s a third world shit hole. Are you too blind to see?

        • Anonymous. Wrong. Trump does not play into the phony staged sham to get him to react. He ignores BS when he sees it, and so should you. Or are you too stupid to realize it? lol

        • He simply said both sides are bad. WTF are you talking about anonymous?

        • Anon he said no such thing ever ! You are buying into the bullshit you are being spoon fed by PRAVDA/MSM, wake the fuck up or shut up. Your comment is utter garbage and nonsense !

        • Anon….BS. no matter how he answered they were going to burn him. you’ll find that you are wrong. It isn’t over yet.

        • Anonymous, you need to stop drinking that MSM koolaid.

          • probly drinkin’ some 151 bacardi, is more like it!

          • Anon, do you really believe that??

        • another anonymouse troll. go elsewhere with your lies, purty pleeeze?

        • If he came out and said whites are inferior. Would that make you happy.? How can you look at the state of countries ruled by your kind and tell us that’s better?

        • to Anonymous
          you and the crapass phony media are so desperate you have to put fake words into the Donald’s mouth. stop listening to the cnn commie news nitwits and don’t bother trolling your bull guano here. I guarandamtee you even gerbils with only two connecting brain cells don’t fall for your twaddle.

      19. If I had Trumps money I for certain wouldn’t want to be president. However im not him. Its gotta be difficult for him. Now he has done some good. canceling the Paris climate deal saved the USA a lot of money. His pro 2nd admendment position is good. I agree with him moreoften than not. I wouldn’t blame him if he quit. Sadly he took on a impossible job to do politically. Politics will not drain the swamp or Make America Great Again. The Republic is in the past. We are a now for all intents & purposes mob rule Democracy. Deep down I always knew voting was futile. There aint any viable ballot box or political fix.

        • “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”.

        • Trump has not drained the swamp, locked up Hillary, or made much progress on the wall so…enjoy the lies.

      20. The leftists have about run out of ammunition. The Russian collusion meme fell through, the non-stop proclamations of President Trump’s incompetence are not working, and now the week long spewing of NAZI-KKK accusations have burned out. The left is back to “proving Trump is a psychopath” as a line of attack.

        How many times have we heard that Trump is finished. The left proclaimed he would not get the nomination. The left proclaimed he would not win the election.
        The left proclaimed he could not form an administration.
        Now the left is proclaiming he will not make it to the end of the year.

        Yeah-right, I totally believe that.

        • TorresD30 – I agree, Its time we ignore the left and get back to what Trump wants, and that’s to make America Great Again and Unite the American people left and right to take on the thieves and rapists in our government who have hijacked the American Dream for their greed and power over us.

          As long as these jackasses keep us fighting between us left and right they will keep on staying in power.

          Divide and Conquer

      21. Let’s see. The initial report of this idiot’s comments came on a MSM channel. So, let’s give it wings, and pass it on.

        • That’s basically what my comment to Mac was. Why give it wings and repeat it like a friggin mockingbird. Let it stay stagnant and die off as it should.

      22. The time left to fix things by the ballot box is done in the former USA.

        • Trump needs to roll out his agenda and quit playing defense to Lefty Commie schmucks.

      23. Hmmm.have used the soap box/ballot box,there is still the jury box and then we are out of boxes!Hmmm…..,wait,there is somewhere in the back of my mind a inkling of yet even one more box,will post when I remember!

      24. Jackknife – I agree with you 100%. There are plenty of men and women who are quietly, behind the scenes, supporting Trump. I disagree with the writer of this article 100%.

      25. Tony Schwartz practically lived with Trump and his family for almost 2 yrs. He went in feeling lucky to have been chosen, thinking highly of Trump, and then came out sick over seeing who Trump really is. Schwartz shared his insights when Trump first announced he was running for POTUS, before he started campaigning. It wasn’t pretty.

        Everything Schwartz said also corresponded with everything lifelong NYC residents (and those in the surrounding area) have been warning us all along, from the get go.

        During the late 70’s and all throughout the 80’s and 90’s when Trump wasn’t well known outside of the NYC area, he was just a wealthy NY/NJ real estate developer and gambling casino owner from a wealthy family. Any news and info about Trumps latest antics and bullshit was only aired on the local news not on the national news, and the same for local print but not in the national newspapers.

        He made local news then, not national news back then. This was also pre-internet. So for obvious reasons the crap he pulled and crimes he got away with for two decades never made it out of the NYC Metro area because why would it.

        This is why the older (currently 55+ yr old crowd) lifelong residents of the entire NYC Metro area, the most densely populated area of the country, didn’t vote for him because they know shit about him none of you here want to believe.

        FYI, they don’t necessarily like or trust Hillary either.

        The point is, like myself, they were adults in the 70’s/80’s and therefore were certainly old enough to know what was going on with Trump and what was hiding behind the mask; the truth about Donald Trump. I agree with Schwartz. I don’t expect any of you here to admit it but you’ve been duped. Good luck.

      26. The dudes last name is *Schwartz*. I wouldn’t expect any less from one of them.

      27. I,for one, never liked Bannon. He gave me the creeps from day one. My fist thought was, OMG!! Why Bannon. Bad choice. Be that as it may, Bannon had already stated in the beginning he would probably only be there for about 8 months. Well if Trump thinks anything like the people that voted for him, then there’s a method to this madness.

      28. I enjoyed reading the posts on this site and am glad to say I am STILL a Trump supporter. What he needs is our prayers to the God of the Bible. If God put him where he is now, no one can take him down, unless God allows it for His own purposes.

      29. Tony Schwartz can bite me.

      30. I wonder if the left got something on Schwartz and blackmailed him into this?

      31. Resign before the end of the year? HA! Not my Donald J. Trummp.

        The paid leftist shill doesn’t know squat.

        My Donald J. Trump is going to clean this mess up. The LGBTs (Letist Globalist Bolshevik Traitors) are in desperation mode. They are going to come out in force and the patriots in the country are going to show them what America is all about. The cowards think they can just do what they want and get away with it. It won’t be tolerated for long. They’ll be put in their place, whining.

        I’m ready. Lets give this “purple revolution” what it deserves. This “co-author” turn coat is nothing but another asshole that has been deluded by the LGBTs. Suck it Deep State!


        …and down hard.

        • those effen leftists have been underestimating trump all along so far…….TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP.

      32. You ignore the approximately 63 million
        that voted for him, and our respone should
        that happen, at your own peril.

        • I agree… this article is total crap.

      33. So they are going to blame Trump for the past 7 decades of debt and war.
        And most of the people will swallow it.

      34. I wonder if Trump is slowly realizing who his only friends are. And will take desisive action. The fate of South African whites . Will not be ours.?

      35. Dream on the people voted him into office and the people will not sit idle while their will is thwarted by a bunch of traitors. Drain the swamp

      36. Having a mental diagnosis is a disqualifier for holding public office? Since when? Let them all be evaluated and see how many text book cases present themselves.

      37. Heard Schwartz is a real publicity hound.

      38. Hmmmm….

        Putin play chess. Obama plays tic-tac-toe. What do you play?
        What do you think Trump play? NK Kimmy boy play?

        its been years… decades for some and century for few
        but its seems you are still on their board and nothing but their play pieces…
        how many steps can you see into their plan (for you)?
        how to get out of ‘here’?

        a little birdy whispers long time ago…
        Don will stay as long as he wants if the country is still register in UN
        but he will be the last president
        after that the land will have a CEO or chairperson or supreme manager
        or king/queen or emporer or the ultimate benevolent one
        or ‘open to all’ UN new “up for sale” regim
        or chaos with local brotherhood/sisterhood/gangs & bangs
        land of many heads and totally devided
        whatever but not ONE president

        this is what they are playing (you) for… the last president show…
        when seen from the outside…

        for your sake, may this be but a whispers
        but then and again… and again…
        the greater show must go on… and all will play their scripted part.
        destiny awaits you.

        Still the 2 same questions,
        1) Who are you? (to don, to ussa, to your turf, to this or to that)
        2) What are you doing here? (that will have what kind of prefered outcome)

        If this life existence and ‘reality’ experience is all, and there is no ‘next level’, would you do anything differently?

        For the religious: If there is no salvation no paradise no rest but you are send back to re-learn the ‘human experience’ again, would you still believe in christ or god? What is it that you want in exchange of and out of your ‘chosen’ believe? so it is a ‘business deal’ of pay my tributes/confession to the gods and get my divinity when I cross over???

        If this is the last president, what now? whats next?
        whats for you? whats for your family? whats for the future?

        Smile 🙂 you are in history 🙂
        (somebody’s story)

        be safe

      39. Right wing,left wing, they are both the same dragon. Until we stop voting for either party nothing will change.Trump is not a savior or even a decent guy, you don’t get rich and powerful playing by the rules and having a good heart.If you want change you can believe in stop playing their game and realize neither side has the American peoples best interest at heart.

      40. You don’t know how many snakes are in the grass until you cut it. I wouldn’t count Trump out just yet. He is a master at letting the opposition think they have won and put their guard down. In addition, I grew up in NYC. I didn’t care for Trump at the time (I am 50 now). I realize now he played the “Democrat thing” back then to get things done for his businesses. I have never known or heard a single accusation of him being a racist until he won the nomination. BTW, I live up in the Adirondack Mountains for the past 25 years.

      41. For the religious: If there is no salvation no paradise no rest but you are send back to re-learn the ‘human experience’ again, would you still believe in christ or god? What is it that you want in exchange of and out of your ‘chosen’ believe? so it is a ‘business deal’ of pay my tributes/confession to the gods and get my divinity when I cross over???————————————— Ok ive stated im not a Christian. I do believe in the everywhere spirit. And the theory of reincarnation does have merit. So spending several decades with your soul trapped in a human body living on the planet earth. That should be looked at as quite the adventure? Living on the planet at this time when we are having a end of an age earth change that is quite a exciting adventure. being lucky enough to be born in the USA during this time is even better. I would like to live long enough to see the New Madrid let go. Or even Yellowstone. We all eventually die sometime. Are you all having fun yet? I certainly am!

        • Amen!
          but I must agree with you – the free spirit over there is one of the kind – for exceedingly good and as ying must have yang, the opposite end too unfortunately it seems
          if those energy would just channel the right way round…
          was actually dreaming of plato’s republic coming to the new USA 🙂
          was a nice dream anyway…
          dream a little dream with me… Hv fun ppl 🙂
          Pain may be inevitable but Suffering is a Choice

      42. If Trump would just reach out and take it right to the “People of the United States Of America” with a real time speech for Our Support .. and just stop whining on twitter .. It would Switch the script On the Ones who don’t want him as POTUS..

        A No BS.. speech .. denouncing those Judases by name that are plotting and hampering his efforts to make us all safe and economy back on track..

        Soon enough with all of Us rallying behind him.. He’d have the support to lock up all them SOBs and throw away the keys!

        I’ve given up listening to the news .. to me it’s all fake
        And hyped up none sense..

      43. Total Bullshit…

      44. So being elected president does not require revealing past tax returns? That sounds odd. So running for president as once secretary of state does not require releasing content of questionable emails that have been hidden, also shady dealings with the Clinton Foundation. That sounds even more odd. How can anyone support either side? Two enormous crime cabals in it for their own personal take. Theirs and the corrupt bankers and corporate cronies enrichment. Nothing else matters. Let the people grovel for the scraps.

      45. A very good article at explains the insanity: A Total Eclipse of Sanity, America Under the Spell of Mass Hysteria Engineered by a Globalist-Controlled Media.

      46. Meh…. This Schwartz idiot is just another candy-assed whining liberal, that just can’t get over the fact that DJT mopped the floor with Hillary {which, in retrospect, was not that hard– even I could have won the presidency against her}. They will never get over it, and that’s the beauty of it. The more they whine, and the more they resist, the more republicans will get elected and the more demoncrats will lose their seats. Funny thing is, they will not have a clue how this happened!

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