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Do you LOVE America?


    This article was contributed by Tom Beck of Portfolio Wealth Global. 

    Yesterday and today, for the first time in my life, I watched the mainstream media in order to understand what people, who are clearly INCAPABLE OF CRITICAL THINKING, allow CNN to brainwash them with. I was an experiment in tapping into the intellect of the average voter.

    I have to say that, at different times, I thought LONG AND HARD about the contempt of the editors and script writers, who come up with the narrative for the news, towards the viewers. Clearly, they must be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that they are speaking to people with the understanding of a three-year-old.

    I sat there and thought this was a prank.

    Two conclusions that any self-respecting American needs to draw in 2020:

    1. The media has NO RESPECT for its audience. They are literally engaged in dumbing down people that already probably do NO READING, NO THINKING AND NO STUDYING and are susceptible to propaganda and mind manipulation.
    2. The media is not media at all. What I saw from CNN borders on a lawsuit that ought to be filed against them for irresponsibly spreading junk around.

    I had to laugh, since it was so awkward. It was troubling to view the words they chose to deliver their propaganda, and my biggest concern is that America is TOO DIVIDED and TOO MISPLACED to come back from this into the realm of real debate.

    There are millions of people who are TRULY SUFFERING and I don’t think that there’s any REAL INTENTION to come together.

    Courtesy:, Deutsche Bank

    The survey above represents THE BEATING PULSE of America; entrepreneurs, who took it upon themselves to start a business in their own community, risked everything and built something, only to be told to SHUT THEM DOWN. There’s a cost to FORCING UNPRODUCTIVITY and the price has yet to be revealed, but it will be MASSIVE.

    Small businesses are bleeding, and creating new currency doesn’t solve the problem.

    Consumer spending is about emotional decision-making, not about getting government aid. Unless Americans feel secured and confident in the future, they will choose to close their wallets and to down-size.

    How can politicians, who have no idea what it is like to DELIVER REAL VALUE to the marketplace, to innovate and put a smile on someone else’s face, know how to LEAD US THROUGH this crisis?

    Government doesn’t lead; it only serves to make people INDIFFERENT to their true worth by offering subsidized social programs.

    Courtesy:, Deutsche Bank

    Since the Federal Reserve took it upon itself in 2008 to “SOLVE MATTERS,” we have witnessed debt issuance by both governments and corporations become a POOR JOKE.

    Debt is death. Debt is leverage. Debt is stress.

    Finally, debt is the problem of both the entity that wants it and the entity that extends it. Certainly, it is NOT MY PROBLEM if Wells Fargo or any other criminal-minded institution decides to push his luck and lend currency to people who can’t possibly repay it.

    Debt will SELF-DESTRUCT and collapse under its own weight, so don’t worry about the fact that these bankers live like kings. In the end, they will pay for their actions.

    The general population is SO NUMB that it might not happen until we get a full-blown revolution, but know that chaos is the result of this monetary experiment these lunatics are taking us all on and FORCING UPON US.


    The world IS PANICKED. You can see it by looking at where people choose to put their money.

    What we need to understand is that we can’t CHANGE THE WORLD, but we must not GET DRAGGED into the foolishness and evil that is attempting to re-program our values and principles.

    Be true to yourself. Be true to what’s effective and don’t allow CORPORATE INTERESTS to influence your integrity.


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      1. Any person on planet earth that actually watches and takes CNN serious are perhaps the most dumbed down people on the planet. CNN has zero journalistic credibility. The number of
        online compilations of their fake news alone is beyond laughable. You can ( if you have the perverted curiosity ) watch them any time and all you see if hate – sheer hate – in all its disgusting forms – weather it be race hate pushing , anti white hate , christian hate and of course its endless trump hate. CNN are the living and breathing example of how hitler got into power.

      2. Do you really want to understand what is going on?
        Then: Educate yourself. Don’t believe media.
        – Study Psychological warfare.
        – Study Cult brainwashing methodology.
        – Study Chritisians In Action corporation’s experimentation methods. MKultra is well documented. Others you research.
        – Study Edward Bernays.
        – Study Joseph Goebbels: German Nazi politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945.

        Now you will have a most “basic” understanding.
        Then add the Social Media Mob mentality. Technological control and censorship. Cult methods.
        Then add classic communist methodology.
        Now you will Begin to see what is happening.

        * Fear used as a weapon.
        * Isolation. Denied gathering of friends, family, Church.
        * 24/7 mass Media/Social Media brainwashing/groupthink
        herd mentality. Continuous 24/7 brainwash messaging to a Captive Isolated herd. The REAL Reason for “lockdowns”.
        * Breaking down your “personal will” with the mask thing. Forced compliance. So as you will accept your vaccine tracking biochip and internal “passport” that is coming.
        You are being “groomed”/prepared into accepting the coming evil Beast System.

        You might want to turn to Jesus Christ while you still have free will. Before the deadly vaccine. Before the tracking biochip. Before the number of the Beast is “mandatory”.

        May the will of the God of Jesus Christ be done in your life, in these interesting days. May you be comforted by God of Jesus Christ.

        … time for garden work and herd tending.

        • Started so well…only to end with some childish rant about religion.

      3. Trump implies more testing equals exponentially more positive cases of covid. He is correct.

        Just the same as testing Americans for moronic behavior would result in an exponential spike in positives, too.

      4. Here we are
        Sir Jim Glubb wrote it right.


      6. This is old news. 97% of the population are useless eaters…

      7. Tom Beck, thanks for the well-stated synopsis of the (MSM) Main Stream Media today. The useful idiots of the 21st century buy the BS spewed by the MSM and they will be used as canon-fodder just like “useful idiots” in earlier centuries. Failure to have a clear head (no drugs or alcohol) historically leads to the subjects own demise. Failure to study history leads to repeating the mistakes of earlier generations.

        Know history. Take online courses from HILLSDALE COLLEGE. Your life depends on knowledge.

      8. All businesses should open immediately and shoot anyone trying to stop them. Just say you’re BLM and you’ll get a pass.

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