Armed Mexican Bandits Enter U.S. Waters – American Citizen Shot, Killed

by | Oct 1, 2010 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    When we read stories like the TSA’s new 72 hour waiting period for travel and the fact that TSA is cross-referencing all US travelers with terror watch lists, we have to wonder what the purpose is.

    Is this about securing America, or is there an ulterior motive?

    We only ask because if the federal government, intelligence agencies, border patrol and TSA were actually serious about securing Americans, then we’d have already installed a border fence, deployed National Guard troops to secure the border and taken an offensive approach at preventing illegal immigration.

    Had we done so, then Michael Hartley might still be alive:

    Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez, Jr. tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS armed pirates shot at a McAllen couple on Falcon Lake this afternoon. The husband and wife were jetskiing near Old Guerrero.

    On their way back to shore, pirates in a boat pulled up next to them and started shooting at them. The husband was hit, possibly in the head. The woman tried to save him and ended up being at shot as well. She had to turn around and leave her husband in the water. She fears he’s dead.

    It is unclear whether Mr. and Mrs. Hartley were in U.S. or Mexican waters at the time of the incident. The mouth piece of mainstream media, the Associated Press, suggests that the a chase began in Mexico and came to a deadly end on U.S. sovereign territory:

    A Texas sheriff says armed Mexican bandits chased an American boater into U.S. waters after shooting her fleeing husband in the head.

    Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez also says the bandits probably plucked 30-year-old David Michael Hartley’s body from Falcon Lake after the ambush, or let him sink so no evidence of his death remains.

    Hartley and his wife, Tiffany, were riding their personal watercrafts from Mexico toward Texas when about six gunmen approached in two boats. Gonzalez says the ambushers shot Hartley as the couple sped away.

    Map of Falcon Lake Area:
    (White line represents the border between U.S. and Mexico)

    There are two separate issues that need to be addressed by Congress:

    • Border Security
    • Illegal Immigrants already residing in the U.S.

    Though the establishment would have us believe these are one in the same, they are completely independent of eachother in terms of execution of policy directives.

    First and foremost, we must secure our borders. Based on actions by our federal government to make air travel and transportation a security priority, it is asinine to not secure our borders. The very fact that American citizens are coming under increased scrutiny by the federal government and Mexican nationals crossing into the U.S. are being allowed to enter unimpeded, suggests that the purpose here is to further erode privacy and liberty – not to provide for the safety of Americans.

    In recent days, European media reported that an Al Queda cell operative was captured and alluded to the possibility of multiple, coordinated attacks on Europe and potentially the United States. Our leaders in Washington made every effort to assure the American people they are doing everything possible to keep us safe.

    Really? How about that 2000 mile hole on our southern border? Who, in their right mind, would think only illegal immigrants looking for work and citizenship for their unborn children are crossing through there?

    Either there is no actual foreign threat of terror against the United States or the politicians in Washington simply do not care about our safety and are implementing these domestic security measures for other reasons. How else can we explain the lack of meaningful action in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California?


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      1. Did you see the article on the Mexican Army bridge incident?
        After being told to retreat several times, they finally complied. All a big misunderstanding , I suppose…

      2. ” …. The purpose here is to further erode privacy and liberty – not to provide for the safety of Americans.”

        Thank you Mac, we feel the same way.  If Homeland Security (HS)  feels any threat from any foreigners to American citizens, HS would make it easy for citizens to own and obtain guns and provide more training classes to its citizens to protect themselves.

        Never buy into their new tactic, which is to use “Unmanned Drones” on the U.S. soil to combat threats.  Drug cartels do not jeopardize the Ruling Elites powers, but patriots do.  They want to prevent any challenges or Revolution to their power.

        The latest news about an “Unmanned Drone was used against a group who were labeled as “Anti-American.”  So who are the ones to decides who is Anti-American and who is not.

      3. Somebody in our government must know that open borders could only be asking for more disasters to come. One after another.  

        Building a fence is one of the most effective ways to prevent or at least to mitigate the problems/damages.  OBAMA, BILL CLINTON AND HILLARY CLINTON REFUSE, because of environmental issues.  It will kill birds and little flowers in a desert ………


        WHAT ABOUT DIRTY WATER FROM MEXICO POLLUTING OUR ENVIRONMENT????  Don’t forget humans, birds and plants can’t take/drink polluted H2O. 

      4. “We can absorb a terrorist attack. We’ll do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 9/11,”

        That phrase hurts me………. If you don’t know who said it, google it!

      5. Why does it matter if they were in mexican or American waters?  How much more of this violence has to happen before the dumb shits in warshington do anything?  What a bunch of worthless trash they are.  What a joke.   Don’t vote for anyone! 

      6. Playing on the Mexican border……….Duh!

      7. Seal the border! If we can secure the DMZ, we can secure our southern border. Ilegals cost the American taxpayer $260 billion in DIRECT costs every year. That does not include the INDIRECT costs. Seal the border, deport Illegals, and pay down the federal debt!

      8. You know what can solve all our problems. It is a small military but a large militia force at home. The blessed seconded amendment gives us the right to bear arms. But it also calls for a well regulated militia.  Now what should be done is to end the military industrial complex. We spend like 780 Billion a year on military spending alone. It would be cheaper if we do what the Swiss do. It would only cost about 25 billion to arm equip,and train the American people.  Have every able bodied man armed (18-49),and trained to be local law enforcements. Think about it would be very cheap for our govt to arm the 150 million American able bodied man in a civilian defense militia. Oh and the president has no power over the militia,only in times of invasion,nuclear attack or emp attack. other then that the states have control of the militia. Then we would adopt a non interventionist policy and maintain a sizable military only to respond to any nation that poses an existential threat to the Republic. Also the militia can keep their fire arm even after they retire.  The militia could also be law enforcement auxiliaries in their own neighborhood. And they could  secure the border.

        America’s Founders admired Switzerland as a “Sister Republic” amidst the despotism  of Europe. The American Founders—like the Swiss—understood the moral implications of a universal militia system: a people who are trained to self-reliance and responsibility will defend their freedom to the utmost. But a people who rely on a professional standing army may not have the nerve to resist tyranny.

        Our founders wanted us to be non interventionist,have no alliances and be in foreign entanglements. If we had a large militia force,the border would be secured years ago. The paramilitary drug cartels would be destroyed if they entered the US.
        We need a very large militia that gives every America a firearm or multiple firearms,training,and the fed could supply the ammo just like they do in Switzerland.  And the govt has no control over it,the states will do. It would be cheap to supply 105 million men and give them some type of boot camp training. We would not have an obesity epidemic.

        We nee a large universal militia with every American heavily armed,trained and a non interventionist foreign policy. With this our border would be secured by the people not the feds. This gives power back to the states and end the military industrial complex we have today. These punks who killed this man would have been caught and killed. So who here agrees that we need a large universal militia  that allows Americans to keep their firearms,and have ammo provided by the feds and/or your local gun store to protect our border. Also a non interventionist policy but sizable military force. This is what the founders had in mind. This would end our debt problem,border problem,and crime problem.

      9. This is what the Founding Fathers envisioned when they called for a robust militia, strong protection of the right to bear arms, and warned against standing armies. With the removal of the false assurances provided by the security state, Americans will need to take responsibility for their own security – personal security; we should follow the fine example the Swiss have set, an example that inspired our own revolutionary founders.

      10. MA: In theory I agree with you, but real, potential threats require a professional military and an immediate response. Still the military needs some very serious reform.



        Kentucky has very few illegal Mexicans…the ones in this town/county run restaurants.

        I pay more taxes than some states….but it’s worth it..

        Welcome anyone!!

      12. I read Mexico is building a border on their southern border to keep out riff-raff….you can’t make this stuff up!!

      13. WHAT ABOUT DIRTY WATER FROM MEXICO POLLUTING OUR ENVIRONMENT???? Don’t forget humans, birds and plants can’t take/drink polluted H2O.

        I think the fraud, his administration, and BP have pretty much taken care of that for us already.

      14. Comments….. for entire letter, follow link..great letter

        Dear Stephen Colbert:

        In preparing this open letter to you, I am literally fighting back the tears! It truly breaks my heart that so many people in positions of power and authority continue to make light of illegal immigration!
        Are you aware of, and/or concerned with the fact, that American citizens and legal immigrants are murdered everyday by illegal aliens? Have you ever spent one second thinking about that?
        In speaking to Congress today, do you think you would have prepared anything different if one of your love ones was murdered by an illegal alien? You think you would make fun of this illegal alien invasion if you lost a loved one to this crime?

      15. you border closing maniacs need to be more patient. it’s too expensive to close the border. we’re already spending  trillions half way around the world to provoke muslims so we can catch that horrible criminal bin laden. after five or ten years over there where we can fix pakistan and a couple trillion more when we catch that murderer who smashed world trade center building number 7 then we can do the less important things like banking regulations. after all the mexicans come here we can close the border so all the americans don’t leave.

      16. The reason our borders are NOT secure is because they no longer exist. Our Presidents have created the NAU and the people have not been told. On Nov 10,2009 the UN stood in Congress and anounced the existance of the newly created One World Government. It became a legal entity on that day. To our “leaders” there is no southern US border because there is no US in their minds. So they do not send troops and do not secure the area. They never will.  They just have not told the people yet and Congress has not ratified the treaty that disolves our soverignity as a nation.  When NAFTA was created it was to allow free trade. Then it was expanded to allow free passage of people. That part did not hit the news did it? They will never secure the southern border because to them IT NO LONGER EXISTS.

      17. As outrageous and incredible as these assaults are, rest assured that it is by design and there are some very powerful people and groups who wish to blend the three nations (Mexico/US/Canada) into one.

        Homeland security and the immigration system is NOT supposed to stop this, those agencies are to ensure that it continues & that there are no viable patriot groups that form to interfere with it.
        Once the dollar is demonetized, we will be issued a single unified currency to seal the deal.
        Habla Espanol?

      18. I wonder about the truth of this story, were their any witnesses?

        It sounds a bit fishy, pirating a jet ski by killing someone seems a bit much. I think there’s much more to this story than what is on the surface. Drugs or bad debt?

        However, ending the “War on Some Drugs” might put a dent in these types of crimes?

        Additionally, if the several States didn’t give away FREE MONEY in the form of welfare benefits and all the other FREE goodies that draw poor people not so many people would cross the border and want to stay here unless they had a job, something that benefits us all. Then there would be no need for a Berlin Wall on the U.S. border, something that is really quite offensive as I thought that was what America was against.

        Removing the give-a-ways is part of solving the difficulties.

        Instead of worrying about how you pay more taxes than the illegal immigrant, how about supporting causes that lower your tax bill to make it equal? Then there would be no issue other than what you might have with anybody else.

        To say that illegal immigrants are just a mob of ready to kill zombies is ludicrous. More to the point, people should be more responsible for their own safety and well being and quit griping that they need more government involvement as that is always a recipe to make things worse. Look what it’s got you so far.

        There are many ways to solve the difficulties we face without the need for Empire.
        For one, form a cattleman’s association of some type for mutual security.
        For two, don’t go out into the wilds without armed friends.

        It seems like some people just want to live life in a carefree manner of bliss while others assume the responsibility for their safety, including the responsibility for their whole lives.

        Long live the Welfare/Warfare Empire???
        You can’t have freedom and Empire.

      19. You are absolutely right, Dave, OUR government wants to give 30 million illegals amnesty so they they can hold a referendum and impose the North American Union upon US using the votes of these “new Americans” (mexican nationals).

        SEE, SHTF America: Illegal Immigration to see what Obam has planned for the American taxpayer. If you thought 30 million illegals have destroyed the American economy, wait until Obama imposes the NAU on US and we get another 60 million impoverished, unwashed illegals crossing the border!

      20. I have a friend in The Valley (Mexican border area around Brownsville for those not from Texas) that owns a real estate company there.  He has told me that over 70% of the houses being sold there are to Mexican nationals trying to escape the kidnap and murder risk.  Of those coming through their office  over half of those have been kidnapped at least once and some twice! This is what is on our border. 

        If you don’t think Mexico is bringing the third world to Texas, you are just wrong.  How long do you think it will take to reach further north than just our southern border?  And the idiots in DC are too worried about offending anyone to protect our border and our security.  Guess we will have to defend ourselves.

      21. We have a similar problem here with Pakistanis, Afghans, Kurds, and whatever.
        Every day around 200 illegals pass the Greek-Turkey borders. The government does nothing other than to forward them to the capital (Athens). Supposeddly they have a month until they return to their countries.
        None of them  is leaving. You do the math. 200 per day for the last 20 years. What is going to happen?
        They are illegal, they take poverty coupons, they are accepted for free in every hospital, they demand education, they demand, demand, demand…
        I’m sick and tired of incapable governments and liar polititians.
        The worst is all those leftist organizations that consider you as a racist if you say something not politically correct.
        “They are human beings, and hard working people and stuff”.
        I’m a human being, i work like hell, I PAY TAXES, i was drafted for 2 years in the army.
        People, we living a reverse racisim.

      22. I don’t think Mexico is bringing the third world to Texas,… people in the U.S. who continue to support The Drug War and big government are the ones doing this.
        Ah well, the world is totally messed up ain’t it?

        Teach Your Children Well

      23. Manos: Only 200 a day?! That’s peanuts! There are more than 1000 illegals per day coming across the Arizona border in a 25 mile swath south of Tucson. And that is just within a 25 mile border length!

        I have a friend with a helicopter who has a contract to COUNT how many illegals cross the border with the US government. Count! Not interdict, or even radio border patrol, just count.

        I say put a 50 on that chopper!

        Nobody free: It doesn’t sound like you understand how dangerous these people are: on a number of different levels. First the sovereignty of the United States is at risk by the sheer number of Illegals. Second, our economy is at risk because they take American jobs, and surpress wages. Wages are a function of the demand and SUPPLY for labor. Third, the crime associated with these people is unbelieveable; and I don’t just mean welfare fraud.

        30 million illegals is not a garden party.

        Since 1999 more than one million sex crimes have been committed by Illegals. 35% of those crimes have been against children. 25% of those crimes have been rapes!

        Read SHTF America: Illegal Immigration and get an education about the macro and micro environment that this invasion is creating in the USA. You need more information.

      24. So it seems like some people are worried that illegals are suppressing the income of low wage jobs, that worry seems to ring a bit hollow. High wage jobs certainly aren’t at risk from illegals because I don’t think this is an invasion of highly educated illegals.

        The low wages of the low skilled jobs results in lower prices and higher productivity, something we can all benefit from and this in turn allows the creation of even more jobs for all the people, including Americans who won’t work the so-called degrading jobs the illegals do now.

        Why is the crime level so bad? Is it because too many people rely on the government for protection rather than be responsible for themselves?

        Why are crimes against children so high? Is it because too many people rely on others to safeguard their children, or they take no precautions at all?

        Think about that.

        Look at the reasons for the 75% and 85% of the sex crimes for the solutions instead of the lesser 25% and 35%. Something is seriously wrong when all 100% aren’t looked at in the same way.

      25. Nobody free:   You don’t have a clue do you? The high wage professional jobs in engineering and computer science have been shipped offshore, or outscource from here over the internet. Don’t believe it? Talk to an engineer. They were disenfranchised back in the eighties.

        Then Big Business moved manufacturing offshore. First it was steel, and heavy industry to Japan, then furniture, chemicals, plastics and metal fabrication to China. 

        After that, they built manufacturing plants in Mexico for autos. After they shipped half the auto industry to Mexico, to destroy middle class jobs, they allowed 30 million illegals into the United States to take American jobs and supress wages in the construction industry, packing plants, and distribution; destroying the efforts of ligitimate contractors to compete with slave, undocumented labor. Did the price of houses go down with cheap labor and low interest rates? NO, not at all.

        The only high wage jobs left in the country are for lawyers, doctors, medical staff, teachers and professors, state county and local government managers, and federal employees whose average salary now is $129,000 per year; or two to three times the average over worker. 

        When illegals surpress wages at the low end of the employment spectrum it puts financial pressure on hourly workers to meet the mortgage or rent, car payment and insurance etc. So what do they do? They apply for family nassistance and food stamps that the rtest of US working taxpayers must pay for. More than 45% of ALL  Hispanic families receive government assitance of some kind.

        Those productivity savings you talk about are not passed along to the American worker, taxpayer, or family for doing a good job. Those cost savings at (our expense) are passed along to CEO’s and top managers in MASSIVE compensation packages in the tens of million of dollars every year.

        Now if you want to talk about crime, we can talk about crime. Oh, you don’t want to talk about the 350,000 assualts against children by illegals since 1999. And you don’t want to talk about the 250,000 rapes of those children, you want to talk about the other 75% of sex crimes that these illegals have committed?

        Maybe you want to talk about the 80 year old woman who lived in Sun City Arizona who was raped and murdered by her illegal landscaper a few years back. Thats right, 80 years old. I suppose you are going to say that she was just too sexy for her own good, right?

        As bad as all of this is, the worse thing about illegals is that they threaten the sovereignty of the USA. Big Brother, Big Business, and Big Banking want to give these illegals amnesty to impose the North American Union on US.

        Get an education before you open your mouth you don’t have a freaking clue as to what the impacts of this invasion is on US! mexico is exporting its illiterate, unwashed masses upon US expecting the US taxpayer to feed, clothe, house, and educate these invaders.

        Is it any wonder that the USA is broke after spending more than 300 billion a year, every year, on these STRANGERS: nationals of a foreign power?

      26. DurangoKidd, can’t you read? This is about illegal immigrants from Mexico entering the U.S., not outsourcing and high tech visas, yeesh. Get it right, will ya?

        As if mercantilism and protectionism works anyway, it doesn’t.

        Those jobs in construction and packing plants, you ask, did prices go down because of it,…
        There were other factors like the actions of The Fed preventing such needed lower prices via easy credit and a housing bubble. Any high wages in these types of jobs are not sustainable without forceful support from the likes of The Fed and such. Or do you want to pay $100 for hamburgers to support high wages? Problem is, no one else wants to pay that much to support those high wages.

        Lots of American contractors made a bundle of money with low wage workers and they all spent their money in ways that created even more jobs and opportunity here in America. Those who were displaced need to be retrained and find other ways to make income. Same as buggy whip manufacturers.

        And, no I don’t want to, “talk about the other 75% of sex crimes that these illegals have committed?” Everyone should be focusing on All the crimes as a whole and not just one segment as you have done.

        It’s terrible what happened to that 80yr old woman, she was a victim of a crime, it doesn’t matter what the status of her attacker was. The real question is why wasn’t she adequately protected in the first place? Lack of a family who cared? Or a family or group home who couldn’t afford security due to high taxes and regulations in other areas of life?

        And, you’re wrong, illegal immigrants don’t threaten American sovereignty, Big Brother, Big Business, and Big Banking do. Haven’t you been paying attention as to who is robbing whom?

        Free Markets Create Jobs

      27. Is it any wonder that the USA is broke after spending more than 300 billion a year, every year, on… Anyone.

        What’s it matter what it’s spent on? It’s taken from you, without any choice, and that’s where the boondoggle is. Fix that first.

      28. Nobody free:  I agree that the culprits are Big Business, Big Banking and Big Brother. Illegal immigration is the major strategy that this trilateral axis of evil is using to impose their will on the American people, impose the North American Union on US, and dissolve America into a one world government with the world divided between the haves, and have nots. 

        I am a “have”. I have mine. As someone who owns the means of production I could profit most from the exploitation of  illegals. 

        Those individuals, groups, and organizations that support Illegals are those that exploit them the  most, and profit the most from their exploitation: like hispanic politicians, teachers, and catholic priests. 

        It is these individuals and groups who want to pass the cost of their exploitation on to US. These individuals and groups that exploit them, exploit them for money, power and sex. Why do you support them?

        The only thing that stands in the way of the PTB’s plan is the American middle class and the American electorate. If they can circumvent the American electorate by giving amnesty to 30 million foreign nationals, these “new Americans” would vote in a referendum for the NAU. And why not? They are primarily Mexican nationals.

        You are absolutely right! Free markets do create jobs …. for the Chinese! What we need are FAIR markets! Fair markets have not existed for at least twenty years. The consequences and impact of that status is why America is broke and unemployed.

        Quit accepting the propaganda from Big Business that free markets create jobs. That is true only when free markets are fair markets. Then market forces will work to the advantage of the most competitive people who are most willing to apply themselves. Without FAIR markets, there is NO level playing field.

        I have always understood that fairness and equal opportunity were the lynchpin of American economic society. When markets are not fair or when minorities receive preferences, fairness and equality are lost.

        If hamburgers were $100 a piece, (which by the way is an asinine example) ranchers in America and around the world would be raising more beef instead of less, which is what they are doing now. 

        You are clueless.

      29. s…Here’s something worth reading,

        How Could Illegal Immigration Make America Any Worse Than It Already Is?

        “This country was turned into a toilet by Americans in the voting booth, not by so-called “illegal” immigrants, and it certainly won’t be saved by spending more time in the voting booth.”

        And what’s with all the personal attacks, DurangoKidd? Yeesh, I’m not clueless, if hamburger cost $100 in order to support the high wages you demand in your “fair market” enforced by Empire and desired by Corporatisim many farmers would be driven out of business because very few people could afford to buy the hamburger. It’s not an asaine example, it’s a perfect illustration of the error of your thinking.

        The Corporatists don’t call for free markets, they never have and they never will. The so-called “fair markets” you seek are nothing but merchantilism and protectionism. Dang, you sound like a union person.

        Did you even bother to read any of the links I posted? Even the electrial union workers have this figured out.

        The banksters who are calling the shots now (the ones who will pick NAU or whatever no matter what the voters think) are all Legal Americans, so it seems the legality has little to do with how people treat the country.

        I support freedom and liberty, that’s all,,..

      30. I think you americans you should stay away from Mexico because just as you cowards dont want our people over there we dont want your american asses over here. Some people who enjoy our country dont care about your legal bullcrap so in that case tell that to those who are over there but its not Mexicos problem when people who know how bad it is overhere are crossing the lake to take picture on a mission. So just stay awayfrom Mexico because we dont want you over here either.

      31. Tiffany shot David then wounded herself and blamed it on pirates

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