Armed Confrontation Caught On Tape: Homeowner and Burglar Draw Guns

by | Dec 15, 2010 | Headline News | 52 comments

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    A Pacific, Missouri man was surprised to find two burglars in his garage. He noticed them on a security camera he had installed inside the garage, grabbed his firearm, and went to confront them.

    On suspect made a run for it immediately, while the other one drew a weapon as the homeowner entered the garage with his gun drawn as well:

    While we fully support this homeowners right to defend his property, we suggest that he may have been a little too pumped up to consider his safety and the safety of his family inside of the home.

    If you find someone trespassing on your property, especially if they intend to rob you or do you harm, by all means grab your weapon and confront them.

    Like any emergency preparedness skill, home defense is one that should be practiced with some regularity. This includes heading to the range every couple of weeks to maintain the perishable skill of accurate shooting, as well as “war gaming” defense strategies for your home.

    If a situation arises where you will need to take up arms to protect yourself or your family, it will be a high stress environment. Adrenaline will be pumping and normal brain functioning will likely shut down to compensate for the increased stress levels. The symptoms you may experience are similar to those of anxiety and may include heart palpitations, sweaty palms, tunnel vision, physical body shakes and panic. These are normal bodily responses to external stressors. You need to be aware of them because they can save your life – or they can kill you.

    One of the keys to compensating for the increases stress levels during far-from-equilibrium events is to plan and practice ahead of time. This will train your brain, over time, to respond almost automatically. Your planning and practice should include family members who may be on the property or in your home if such an event were to unfold.

    • Call the police. Yes, it is going to take them a couple of minutes, perhaps much longer, to get to your home. However, if the standoff were to be for an extended period of time, it’s always good to have backup on the way. A responsible adult or child should be immediately tasked with contacting local law enforcement.
    • If your family is in the home, especially young children, consider the possibility that you may be wounded or killed during such a confrontation. This means before you engage in such a confrontation, there needs to be a backup for protecting those who can’t defend themselves. Is there a “safe room” of some sort in the home where the family can retreat until law enforcement arrives? If so, make sure you barricade yourself inside. Your safe room is your Alamo.
    • If you plan on engaging the perpetrator(s), it is always good to have backup. Do you have a second weapon in the house. And are you willing to bring a second person into the mix while leaving your unarmed family in the “safe room”?
    • Take into consideration the layout of your home, property and any external buildings, as well as barriers, brush, large trees and other places inside and outside of your home that could be used for cover (by you or the perp). You will certainly have the tactical advantage. Why run into a garage when you know that there is only one entry/exit point and the perps who are inside are going to have to come out eventually?
    • If a burglar enters your main living area in the middle of the night, when your family is asleep, one important aspect to consider is the trajectory of bullets that may be flying. While you may be using hollow-points or safety slugs, the armed perpetrator may not be. This means that your bullets may not penetrate dry wall, but theirs will. If you take a defensive position near a child’s bedroom, stray bullets may become deadly. When building your defense plan, consider the positions from which you will be defending your home, and even train children old enough to understand where they should evacuate if they hear a confrontation erupt.
    • If time allows, and you have surveillance throughout your property, take a quick look at your video monitors to get an idea if you are dealing with one individual or multiple people.

    Always consider your options, if your mental state allows, before engaging in armed confrontation. Would-be robbers, especially those with violent histories, are willing to kill you and your family – and they may have others with them.

    Ideally, you’ll want to take a defensive position, protect your family, and let the police sort it out.

    But this is not always possible, so be prepared to use deadly force when necessary. Sometimes a good defense requires the implementation of a powerful and unrelenting offense. If it comes to that, keep shooting until nothing is left standing.

    And remember, if your home has been invaded and you’re not sure how to respond: it’s better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.


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      1. The owner shouldnt have rushed in like he did .They heard him coming and if thier intent was to kill, that homeowner would have been in the morge right now .   He should have called police(which he did), got his family protected with a gun and told  them were to stay , then went out the back door and cirlce around to the grage area, quietly  . I find it also ironic that he had a sheet covering the garage door and yet said he was robbed recently , i wonder why ?   Instead of getting a door put on the garage, he bought a survailance system  and they still attempted to rob him .Better get that door , robbers and thieves choose homes that look easy  and are missing doors and windows. One more thing for home protection , In my opinion, thier is nothign better than a home tactical shotgun  , they are small enough to  go through doors and in short range situations, like home defence, they are lethal .Most people when they get hit by a shotgun in short distances are deader than a door nail especially if your useing buck shot  . If they do manage to run out, they dont go far !  But at least nobody got hurt and the photogaphs of the suspects will mean most likeley they will get caught, im sure this wasnt thier first rodeo . 

      2. Call 911 & put the phone down then attend to business with 12 gauge with condition 3 or condition 1 with finger off of the trigger.

      3. Not justifying the intruders – BUT – we see an outbuilding that was secured by a tarp – not very secure.

        Hardening the exterior of your home is essential in the upcoming times.  Putting in security doors and keeping them locked is a good idea.

        I found this video very disturbing, seeing the homeowner confront an armed intruder made my stomach jump.  Best to present a very secure-appearing exterior than to have to go through that harrowing experience, risking one’s life.  Thieves look for easy pickings, and a tarp instead of a garage door was an open invitation in my opinion, given these economic times.  They might have been looking for a place to sleep for the night or something to steal to sell for drug money – and saw a tarp they could easily penetrate!

        To keep anything of value (enough value to risk one’s life) in a tarp-secured building is asking for it IMHO.

        Face it, when the millions on unemployment who lose their benefits, and are evicted from their homes come into force, intrusions such as these will become very common.  Secure your perimeter – don’t present “easy picking”.

      4. Tuco:  When you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.

      5. Crooks gun was unloaded ?  ahahahaaaa….what an idiot.

        You point a gun at me, you better be shooting…..because I will, and I SURE don’t plan to wait for you to start.  I also agree with Cyborg…..a Mossberg 500 is what I reach for when things go bump in the night.

      6. If you are not going to shoot what you aim at, why bother having a weapon.

      7. I would have loaded up..and took a defended stance outside the door, quietly..and barracaded,, and just waited for the perps to exit..than let the lead fly with out as much as saying hello.

        Shotgun is the choice for home protection..period
        If you dont own one and know how to use it..your wasting time.

        If you dont feel you have it in you to shoot to kill, then you better lay low and hope the cops arrive on time..dont bring any attention to yourself and put you and your family in a safe place.

        Tactical training is a major plus..and tactical equipment.
        red dot sight, and a very bright light ready to switch on the second they breech the door way..they will be blinded, but i wont be.

        here is something to think about..this is going to take some intel.

        does a theif tell his family ” hey, if i dont come home after my night of pillaging , rape, and the cops”…???
        No they dont..and for that reason, I dont call 911, i dont need any more whitnesses and I dont need to be in the cross fire of the cops that dont know the situation or who is the home owner..or some cop that is in a major rush or is thinking they are in control..its MY property..Im armed..IM in control.!
        I dont need them to show up and possibly have me as a target, and let the perp get away, or fight him in court..
        see the cops cant kill em like we can,..why pay for these jerks thru our taxes? they need final restitution for their actions, that way the public doesnt have to ever deal with them again in any way.

        If i feel like it, I’ll call when its over..maybe
        like i said , who’s going to miss them or know where they were last?

        oops , fell out of a moving truck out on the e-way..I dont have time to be dealing with our crooked courts either, if a theif takes the risks of his job to my doors..he made a life changing decision, good luck pal.

        If you F up on my property, I dont feel I have to answer to anyone, and i will remain silent

      8. Most people I know,  do not know that I pack.

        I have told my wife more than once,  if you see me pull out my gun, then cover your ears…..If I reach for my gun,  I am using it.

        The best security system is my 2 Dobermans.   If you get past them,  it means you have harmed or killed my dogs, and then you deserve to die,  anyway.

      9. Comments……´´´´i love this guy…finaly some one with some sence…..yaaahoooooo my brother   s s s    shot silence smart
        we think alike….

      10. Comments….. Am I the only one that noticed the burglar’s pants were down below his butt?  What a doofus to carry an unloaded gun, and the homeowner a doofus for not having a secured garage door.  Idiots all the way around.  Never pull out a gun unless you fully intend on using it.

      11. If either one of them had the balls to actually use their guns for the purpose they got them for , somebody would be dead.

        Since the guy wont pull the trigger anyway, he should install a remote light switch to turn on a light in the garage.  That will scare off the potential thieves and keep him from dying with a loaded gun in his hand.

        Instead, he point and froze.  First one to pull the trigger wins.

      12. Those saying he should have a real door up are simply wrong. We should have a society that respects property rights, as most did in the early part of the century. We shouldn’t have to lock up our belongings behind unbreakable steel. Our govt has taught its citizens to use politicians as proxy thieves, so no wonder so many of them don’t see the problem of stealing more directly. We deserve a world where we don’t need to lock our doors, where we use security cameras and shoot thieves on sight, or else keep them apprehended until cops arrive who can force them work for their costs in jail, and then be able to restrict their movement in a city thereafter. We shouldn’t have to pay extra for locks, security systems and defense. Criminals should have to pay restitution for those costs to us. Every lock, security camera and security system should be paid for by those who make us buy them.

      13. Joe Daley is a dumb shit and he is lucky to be alive today to tell the tale of his stupidity. When the burglar pulled a gun Joe should have fired: two or three times.

        End of story.

      14. Those that are sighting about his lack of garage door, how are you going to protect your garden when they come for that?  What if you are depending on that garden to eat.  Would you go out to protect your property?  The garage door has nothing to do with it….  If you lived out in the country on a farm, how are you going to secure every piece of equipment?  How are you going to protect the gas & oil in your car when they come for that as you start up your car and drive down the road with no oil pressure.  What if they burn you house down while your in it?  Just because you don’t have a garage door does one become an idiot.

      15. That event happened in Pacific, MO (Missouri, outside of St. Louis) not MT (Montana). You may want to update your YouTube video description.

      16. You mean the Police won’t be there to protect me and my family if SHTF?  Maybe I can make some kind of weapon out of Mush-heads
        uncirculated $10 dollar bills?

      17. But being as this is a 600 Nitro Express Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I need to pull my pants up? Well, do ya, punk?

      18. @VRF,   very interesting points and perspective.   I like it.

        I have a conceal carry, 12ga, tactical training, and the will to use my defensive firearms.

        All I receive in my inbox is reports from the University in this rather upscale small college(Miami University OH) town of robberies at gun point, burglaries and and muggings.   I now carry when I walk my dog day or night in my student dominated neighborhood.   In my hometown my grandmother’s house just got broke into.

        I warn my family about rising crime,  they look baffled until it actually happened to their Mother/grandmother.

        I offer to loan them a pistol or shotgun after I give them a lesson or two on the range.

        2nd Amendment, be smart, be honest, and defend yourself and yours.

      19. Comments…..If someone is pointing a gun at you, you can either stand there and die, or you can kill the F*$%#@

      20. Lot’s of issues here as noted by comments.  I gotta say if I walked into my garage, door or no door and someone was pointing a gun at me I’m going to pull the trigger and ask questions later.  What a dumb ass kid.  No bullets in the gun…  He’s a punk and should probably be dead.  He’s lucky to be alive and if he’s even the least bit smart he’ll learn from this.  I wouldn’t bet a silver dime on that though.  Hopefully he won’t have any kids.

      21. If the burglar  pulled a gun on me, I would have shot him.  Why the owner didnt shoot him with a gun pointed at him, is stupid beyond belief.  There is no use confronting the burglar if you arent going to shoot him.  He should have just waited for the police if he has no intention of shooting.  The owner was way out of his element and would have been dead if the burglar had a loaded gun.

      22. Wipe your finger prints off the gun & have them sign a release before you loan them a gun.  Have it notarized too.  Ya right, see if that works!  No good deed goes unpunished….

      23. Maybe he didn’t “legally” live there with his girlfriend or separated wife.  Maybe he talked the talk & obviously didn’t walk the walk.  Maybe he had paper on him where he couldn’t own the gun legally, maybe he didn’t think before he acted, maybe he didn’t want to pull with his finger, maybe he didn’t live in the right gun law state, maybe he was a Christian & didn’t think this out.  He got lucky & will think about it for the rest of his life.  Maybe not. Maybe some here do not think.  You are a wise man Bill.  I wouldn’t bet a clad dime.

      24. Girls, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? You? You? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for Santiago, and you curse the people with common sense. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That Santiago’s death, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

      25. I couldnt watch the video,but I do have to comment on the idea that if I have something “unsecured” so to speak, that someone else can hardly be blamed for stealing it….like a couple others here said,I shouldnt have to be counted as in the wrong because someone else is a jerk, I keep my small valuable stuff like tools in a shed but I dont have locks on everything here on the farm,its not realistic!
        If you plan to steal,be it secured or unsecured property,the owner has a right to ventilate you!
        BUT… if you dont plan to kill the guy dont be foolish and point the gun,bluffing is a good way to die.

      26. I’ll bet he has a few kids that don’t know who he is.

      27. This sign is not a joke:

        This is a picture of the side of my house. I seldom enter my home or leave it, unarmed.

        All I can say about this situation is that the punk that was plundering the garage would not have lived. I’m so conditioned, I don’t even have to think, and, all that about stress causing problems. Not in my case. Everything is autonomic. Its a product of having a gun in my hand at least once a day for the last 46 years (Yeah, I’m 49. Yep, since I was three.) I don’t know what order other kids learn things like walk, crawl, speak or whatever, but, all I know is that my parents tell me, crudely, that I learned to shoot before I learned to shit. So shooting is right up there with walking for me.

      28. i don’t believe in firearms. they never solve a problem and often create more problems than existed before they are used. all of us need to practice judeochristian principles of faith, hope and charity. remember the adage “thou shall not kill” and keep these words of devine wisdom uppermost in your mind at all times.

        any jerk can pull a gun and shot somebody else. this doesn’t require any talent. anybody can get a real symbol of macho manhood like a smith and wesson .500 magnum. these guns are really just a psychiatric compensatory mechanism for a small p*n*s and/or an advanced stage inferiority complex. in addition, a powerful gun uses very expensive bullets and can create immediate long-lasting tinnitus and also a helluva mess with brain tissue and fractured skull bones all over the walls and floor. who wants to clean up a mess like this. in addition, it’s very difficult if not impossible to hire somebody else to clean it up.  the lazy police and coroners just laugh and then walk away without cleaning up their damn crime scene.

        everybody would be well advised to use your god-given brainpower when you are confronted with violence. for instance, offer an intruder the use of your wife or girlfriend for an hour  -  no questions asked.  i can’t speak for you, of course, but in my case this would certainly cause any self respecting thief (s) to flee immediately. so i would solve this kind of intruder problem with no violence.

        as a last resort you can buy an intruder off with new crisp uncirculated american federal reserve ten dollar bills. if you offer an intruder silver or gold coins to leave you alone he would almost certainly scream “counterfeits” and then shoot you in anger. this fact actively demonstrate the vast superiority of ten dollar bills over precious metal junk.

      29. the only thing this guy screwed up on was letting the news crew put his camera monitor on the air, now we all know where the camera blind spots are

      30. Mushroom,

        You know, your last paragraph there is pretty insightful. I would just bet that this punk would have much preferred crisp ten dollar Fraudulent Reserve Notes to gold or silver coins. Of course he would! Why? Well, criminals are attracted to crime, and, one of the biggest in history is how the Fraudulent Reserve has stolen the people’s money for about 80 years. This punk would be attracted to such things. Crime is attracted to crime.

      31. NR, you could of at least made a smiley face.

      32. Brave but Stupid,  I was young once as well. 🙂

        Alls well that ends well.

      33. VRF……
        I can’t disagree with alot of what you said.. Got a shotty loaded up with buckshot ? Definitely roll another dice for damage points on the bad guy.

        Don’t wanna call the police before you take care of business ?  Well, that’s on you and hope you got everything covered.

        Shoot till you’re empty ?  Agree with you 100%. That way the only side of the story is yours, and yours is the one that counts.

        Take care of business and bury ’em on the back 40 ?   Bad plan. There are always witnesses, and nobody keeps there mouth shut forever. Bodies always talk except if you’re Dexter. At least call the coppers afterwards so the body can be properly disposed of.

        …..Wow. This guy needs to do some serious reflection if he is a gun owner and can’t pull the trigger if the bad guy is pointing a gun at you. Some people are not meant to carry weapons, this guy is one of them. I wouldn’t besmirch the guy if the intruder was unarmed and he let him run off, that would be understandable. But when bad dude pulls a gun, and ya can’t follow through…Wow.

        ….I think yesterday’s news showed the importance of concealed carry. Imagine if one of those school board members in the meeting had been carrying. That situation is over and done with in 5 seconds. Oh, I suppose the argument could be made that a CCW could have made things worse. That the school board member could have missed and the gunman would have fired alot more, or a round coulda gone through a wall or something and hit somebody. I’m not sure what Florida laws are, maybe a “school safety zone” law prevents the members from practicing their 2nd Amendment rights in a board meeting, but of all the situations that scream for CCW !  And then all those guys are shown up by a lady with a purse…..

      34. I can’t see the video. The homeowner made his first tactical mistake when he charged down to the garage to protect his property. The difference between justifiable homicide and murder is being in imminent lethal danger and having NO OTHER CHOICE. What he should have done is herd his family into the safest room, lock the door, take cover, and call the police. IF the perps were intent on doing him HARM, and breached the locked door, he would have been justified in firing (if he had it in him). Charging down to play Wyatt Earp in his garage made it a mutual combat, a voluntary risk of gun=fight, NOT self defense. Whether your lawn mower or your prized Porsche, you can’t use lethal force on someone stealing yer Property.  Ya don’t want to just survive. You want to prevail. Part of that is knowing when you can use lethal force. You aren’t Dirty Harry and you’re not a SEAL in Afghanistan. Having a testosterone addled idea of what you can do with a firearm is gonna have you on the wrong side of a murder prosecution and probably a civil lawsuit as well. The junkyard dog is conditioned to attack. God gave us brains for a reason.And that “tried by 12 carried by six” refrain … repeat that to yourself while you’re Bubba’s girlfriend for 20 years in the Big House.

      35. Watch the video and count the number of unfinished projects.  That tells you how the guy’s mind works.  No wonder he couldn’t pull the trigger.  His home defense plans never made it past swiping his Mastercard at the gun shop.

      36. Is this funny, sir?
        No, it isn’t. It’s tragic.
        Do you have an answer to the question?
        Absolutely. My answer is I don’t have the first damn clue. Maybe he was an early riser and liked to have a video camera in his garage. And maybe he didn’t have any close neighbors. I’m an educated man, but I’m afraid I can’t speak intelligently about the video habits of the garage owner without a garage door. What I do know is that he was set to leave the house at 0600. Now, are these the questions I was really called here to answer? Cameras and garage doors? Please tell me that you have something more. These two punks are on trial for their lives. Please tell me their lawyer hasn’t pinned their hopes to a gun that was not loaded.

      37. Yes, let’s try him for unfinished projects and take him out and hang him.  Maybe he’s been burglarized many times before.  Maybe he owns his land in full & works a tuff job to provide food/shelter for his family.  Maybe he minds his own business & has been robbed in the past.  Maybe he borrowed the gun from his friend earlier that day with a squeeze at the range.  Maybe he voted during the last election & doesn’t have the time to figure it all out on his own because he loves his wife & family and doesn’t have a Mastercard to create fiat debt.  Maybe the camera system was his Dad’s that died of cancer earlier this year.  Maybe we don’t know all of the facts & it’s none of our business.

      38. 11Bravo..I hear ya, I guess I will have to cross that bridge when i get to it..
        I did how ever come up with suggesting to leave it where it would be found, just not on my property..wink wink

        This should be a video titled what not to do …he definetly needs to stay hunkered down, he was in no way prepaired..the other guy that ran out on the other end of the door as he entered could have been the death of him, not only the other guy that was not prepaired either..
        this is a prime example of how not to deal with this…

        and get a dam door for your shit…what an open invite, to a bad day that didnt need to happen.

      39. @musheadroom…your comment – i don’t believe in firearms certainly defines you as one of the 99.9999% who will among the very first to die when the SHTF.  I sure hope those crisp $10 Fraudulent Reserve Notes will protect you.  Maybe if you stack them up thick enough it will stop the first round or two, but I sure wouldn’t bet on it.

        I know that you feebly attempt sarcasm with your posts, but it also betrays your mindset. 

        Trade your FERNS for beans, bullets and band aids while there is still time and the rest of the 99.9999% is still accepting them.

        Still no apology extended…GMAFB

      40. I’M BACK

        again let me implore you again to avoid violence. violence truly represents  the revenge of the devil upon the civility of decent human life.  violence achieves nothing and in many cases incites more violence. just say no to the wild west gunslinger mentality! ! ! 

        i am amazed at the persistent remnants of our animalistic evolutionary background that still persist in many human minds  -  especially in mr. gmafb. his refudiation of the ten commandments is certainly sharp testimony to the failure of our judeochristian culture to embed cultural biblical mechanisms within our  abilities to conduct ourselves as civilized human beings.

        the use of new crisp uncirculated united states federal reserve ten dollar bills is the most civilized and judeochristian method to quickly achieve desired results. mouths literally water at the sight of these magnificent green emblems of fiduciary excellence. they are always, without exception, vastly superior and make much less noise  than 12 gauge 00 pellets in the conduct of human affairs. 

        before i leave for work this morning let me mention that instead of using #10 cans for freeze dried garbage i use #10 cans to store new crisp uncirculated ten dollar bills.

        best wishes.


      41. Comments….. Our resident mushroom sure does enjoy jerking everyone’s chain.  BTW mush, any $10 bill will do. I take it you will be the first to get on the big white bus when it stops in front of your house and you are ordered to get on it.  Those #10 tins filled with $10 bills won’t do you much good then will they?  Beans, bullets and bandaids–that’s the ticket.

      42. Great restraint but it also proves my point in that the average person can never shoot another human being. What was he waiting for the burglar to shoot him first or the one who fled to reach in and grab him or worse shoot him from behind.

      43. Mushroom,
        Does your name refer to your  manhood size or from too much psilocybin  in those shrooms you are have eating ? 
         Those 10 crisp 10 dollar bills make for some good toilet  paper , because in the future you wont be able to give it away at some point in time .Think your better off filling your #10 cans worth silver, gold  . 10 bucks is worth 10 bucks 20 years from now  but not silver and gold . The buying power of that 10 dollar bill in 20 years from now will have about a buck in purchaseing power .Maybe you can still buy a 40 oz budweiser with it, that is if its still named Budweiser or it just might be called  Chinaweiser,King of beers and Nations . Doesnt hurt to have some food and water stored up either .Its little cost with more greater benfits .Most people can piss out a weeked”s worth of  beer of bar hopping  and dropping 100 or more bucks . So many are really going to get screwed when this all comes down ! 

      44. Nobody is average once they get here.

      45. Maybe the last time he was burgled, they stole his garage door.

      46. A Brazilian-Belgian “InBev” bought out Budweiser in July 2008.  But I get your point.  Who’s next?  Sam Walmart wouldn’t be happy.

      47. annon6.8……..Whether your lawn mower or your prized Porsche, you can’t use lethal force on someone stealing yer Property.

        With respect…I dont know where you live or if thats true there but here in my neck of the woods,I sure can shoot you for stealing my stuff and the sheriff wont make a fuss about none of it.

      48. Joe’s sister is hot!

      49. Ammo price update…

        I recently ordered some Federal 5.56 (NATO version of .223), Fiocchi 9 mm HP, and Winchester .40 cal HP from Ammunition to Go.

        The final price for all of it was under 31 cents/round – delivered.

      50. The one thing all you people who say you will fire first and ask questions later forget that in many places the judicial system is the real enemy.  You shoot a criminal you go to jail for some stupid law they have that takes away your right to protect yourself and your property.  It is ok to keep and bear arms but against the law to use them.

      51. Comments…..Room full of fools……If he wasn’t willing to pull the trigger with a man standing there holding a gun,  he should have stayed with his family and let the idiots have what they wanted…..darwin failure.

      52. Stupid macho Yankee twats who shouldn’t be allowed a stick with a nail through it, let alone a shooter…

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