Arizona Sniper Suspect: “I’m The Wrong Guy… My Gun’s Been In The Pawn Shop The Last Two Months”

by | Sep 20, 2015 | Headline News | 157 comments

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    leslie-merritt-2 leslie-merritt

    When Phoenix police arrested suspected freeway shooter Leslie Allen Merritt Jr. on Friday they victoriously tweeted, “we got him.”

    But immediately after the arrest doubts began to surface, namely from Merritt’s father.

    “He has been raised with too much respect for life and too much for firearms to have done this,” he said. “Whoever said my son is the freeway shooter is a moron.”

    On Saturday a judge set Merrit’s bail at $1 million.

    According to the Associated Press, Merrit asked to make a statement to the court:

    All I have to say is I’m the wrong guy. I tried telling the detectives that. My gun’s been in the pawn shop the last two months. I haven’t even had access to a weapon.

    Police dispute the claims, saying that the evidence speaks for itself.

    Though Merritt says his gun has been at a pawn shop for two months, reports claim he was arrested after attempting to sell the gun in question at the pawn shop.

    A special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives says that there is no doubt they have the right gun:

    Tom Mangan, a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which has been assisting in the investigation, said the evidence gathered by DPS leaves “no doubt” the gun used was the one owned and pawned by Merritt.

    According to Mangan, a bullet contains certain land and groove impressions after it’s been fired that are unique to a particular firearm. Firearms examiners would have test-fired the suspect’s gun and found impressions in the bullet that matched any ballistic evidence recovered from the shooting scenes.

    “That’s a very lucky investigative lead that that gun wasn’t destroyed or thrown into the bottom of a river or buried,” Mangan said.

    Investigators may have the right gun, but do they have the right man?

    If Merrit’s claims of his rifle being at a pawn shop for the last two months are true, then he should be vindicated as soon as those records are released.

    What do you think? Do police have the right man in custody? Or has Leslie Merritt been framed?


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      1. That’s not a gun… it’s a clock!

        • They arrested the wrong guy! that dude looks like chris pratt!

          • Guess I’ve not been keeping up with the news, I didn’t even know they “got him”. Last I heard they had some Mexican in custody. I’ll have to look this up and see what really happened. Are they saying this guy was trying to pawn the gun when they arrested him, 1. how stupid would you have to be to pawn with records a gun used in multiple crimes, 2. How the hell would they have even known about it to begin with, last I checked pawn shops don’t run ballistics and send them to atf everytime somebody needs to borrow 100 bucks. I don’t know, something don’t add up yet. Guess we’ll see. Remember innocent until PROVEN guilty, people seem to forget that these days.

            “WE GOT HIM!!!”…..real professional

            • 1 Million Bail?????? Didn’t the old archaic constitution say something about “excessive” bail?

              • GenEarly, it sure does, but TPTB doesn’t care about the BOR or any other part of the Constitution.

                • Ya know, it would figure that one of the few times they actually CATCH SOMEBODY ALIVE after one of these false flag events, it appears they may have caught THE WRONG GUY?

                  After all, if they didn’t instigate this event and set up the perpetrator themselves, they have no damned clue what to do. They’re used to handling the perp every step of the way, up to the arrest. They already HAVE the evidence, because THEY CULTIVATED IT themselves.

                  This time it appears they go caught up in a REAL event.

                  …a bunch of inept cowboys.

                  • Sixpack, this is a FALSE FLAG WITH TWO CAPITAL Fs. When I saw ATF involved in it, that clinched it for me. I’ve always believed the antigun lobby is involved in all of these shootings for the purpose of disarming us. someone would be VERY hard-pressed to prove otherwise to any of us.

            • There were two Mexicans being investigated for ‘copycat’ shootings. They’re still being held.

              They’ve been putting a few hundred cops on this case, one part of it was doing a ballistics check on each gun of the right caliber that came into area pawn shops, in the hope the shooter was stupid enough to pawn his piece for the bucks instead of just getting rid of it.

              There has to be a receipt trail, even the cops aren’t dumb enough to make an arrest for shootings that occurred while the gun was in pawn.

              • “part of it was doing a ballistics check on each gun of the right caliber that came into area pawn shops”

                Got any proof of that claim?

                “even the cops aren’t dumb enough ”
                pffft, boy o boy do you swallow. Cops are the worst of the worst because they claim to be pure as the driven snow, they aren’t, and they protect each other.

                • You’re not reading the news, the cops were visiting pawn shops checking on guns.

                  Get a life, bud, all the cops aren’t the evil thugs you would like them to be.

                  Next time you have a problem, call 911 and tell ’em they’re the worst of the worst. See how far that gets you. Even better, just take the law into your own hands. With your know-it-all bigotry and hatred of authority, that should serve you really well after you stand your ground against some kid that dissed you.

              • YES< the pigs are sometimes that stupid. Hungry to place someone in custody for the PR value. In light of the current social/political climate (faricCON's statements for 10,000 murdering niggers) the MO fits a spick or nigger behind the trigger.

                I've seen enough of this shit to know better than most.

      2. Is this the same ATF that slaughtered Christians at Waco? Yeah, thought so.

        • Stormy: No, it was the ATF that got its butt kicked by the folks at Waco when their surprise attack at dawn wasn’t a surprise. The FBI was the agency that came in and took over from the ATF after they botched the job. The FBI is the agency that burned all those people alive. The sick joke was that the FBI now stood for the (F)ederal (B)ureau of (I)ncineration.

          • Wasn’t there govt fatalities at waco? “Execution style” shots to the temple likely by other govt employees.

            • SP, yes, as I recall, the first 4 ATF agents to storm the compound were shot from behind by their own people, NOT by the Branch Davidians. supposedly served on a bodyguard detail for Bill Clinton beforehand and saw something they weren’t supposed to see.

              • During the Branch Davidians compound raid i saw footage of at least two or three ATF guys going in an upper floor window, than another ATF guy throw a grenade right in behind them, fragged his own team.
                no one seems to have caught this, but i reviewed the tape multiple times, now when you go on to youtube, the examples are all cut off but before the fragging.

        • And never forget Ruby Ridge. Vicki Weaver murdered by a sniper while holding her infant. Son Sammy murdered; shot in the back. Even Sammy’s dog was shot. Never forget Ruby Ridge.

        • And don’t forget the nine riders slaughtered in Waco a few months ago.

          They were murdered from cover in a restaurant parking lot as they arrived on a Sunday for a FOB publicly advertised and scheduled meeting and get together.

          A setup… by the ATF and local Waco blue mafia who were there before the riders and set up in cover with automatic weapons.

          There were at least six different clubs represented at the meeting, including a Christian club and a veteran’s club. Most were already seated and eating inside the restaurant when the ambush took place.

          Around 162(?) riders were arrested under RICO statutes and placed in jail with one million dollars bond. None could come up with it. Many lost jobs and they all had their bikes seized by the .gov pigs.

          Chain wallets and penknives were classified as “weapons” (lol). Hammers and legally owned firearms from parked trucks were also confiscated and added to the weapons pile.

          The government and the tyrannical police state it imposes on the people are the single biggest threat to all of us.

          Sure, maybe you think bikers are the scum of the earth…but that’s just your opinion. All should be afforded a trial BEFORE a death sentence.

          Makes you wonder when your group or affiliation will be targeted by the .gov pigs for elimination because they were just “doing what they’re told to do”.

          • Exactly.

            • Ummm…lol…no. I was in the area and you have to admit that it doesn’t take much for some of those clubs to start blasting away.

      3. it wouldn’t surprise me if the police falsify the records and threaten the pawnshop owner to play along. There’s the high chance if it was the right gun, the pawnshop owner is involved and should be investigated.

        • Initially, I figured they had the right guy. Then I read that the ATF was involved. That instantly changed my opinion. They are the lowest form of scum and should never be trusted.

          • Peter Snow… Right, as soon as I realized the ATF was involved I knew something wasn’t right…they are a mob-gang of psychopaths.

          • Oops…the reply I sent to Peter was intended for you SWIFT.

          • We should not even have an ATF. The AT part could be handled by the DEA and the F part can go away when we get rid of 95% of the unconstitutional firearms laws we have in the US.

        • Peter, with all the corruption in law enforcement and among prosecutors, judges, and even some defense attorneys, anything is possible. Even if this guy’s weapon was used, it’s possible someone else was using it.

          • I look at all criminal Investigations this way, now that we live in a POLICE STATE. All people eligible for jury duty must learn this if we are to ever have any chance of breaking free from this tyranny. You cannot convict someone if there is a shadow of doubt, any doubt at all. If the FBI, Cops, DHS, or any policing agency is involved in this case, there is a shadow of doubt. You cannot convict unless there is multiple witnesses that are convict an innocent person set up by the government agents.not tied to the government. This guy should be found not guilty even though he might be, rather than convicting an innocent person.

            • I was on an assault case and I had more than a little doubt that they guy did the crime. I was the only no vote. Everyone in the jury was nice and seeming sensible until the first vote. They knew it was me that voted innocent and started to put all sorts of pressure on me to change my vote.
              The guy was a big really ugly and fat black guy. He was in prison for a year for drugs and hadn’t had any trouble in 6 years. It seemed that the cops brought him in whenever there was a crime in the neighborhood for a line up. In 6 years he was in 14 lineups. Finally someone picked him and that was the only evidence they had against him.
              Everyone wanted to convict him on the grounds that he was a big ugly black guy and nothing else. There was intense pressure on me to change then nothing but evil looks and comments from the cops and other jury members. I still voted innocent. There was no evidence. A year later his sister approached me and gave me an invitation to a concert that he was in. He was a classical violinist. Very good too. Apparently he was at another such concert the night of the assault that was over before the assault but there was no where near enough time for him to get from the concert to the assault before it happened. There seemed to be lots of suppressed evidence that was in his favor.
              Don’t convict without plenty of evidence.

          • Corrupt, like forcing children to strip?

          • Corrupt, like forcing children to strip?

        • It crossed my mind: if it wasn’t the Merrit guy then it might be someone working in the pawnshop ‘borrowing’ the gun for some freeway fun. I wonder if the police in all their excitement, fear and desperation to do something, anything, didn’t pursue that lead.

      4. Tell them you’re Muslim and it’s a coat rack and maybe the white house will invite you over for tea and cookies..

        • Ain’t that the truth.
          100.000 “Syrian” immigrants to be installed into America by the year 2017.
          Multiply that by at least six!

          • Won’t that be three army groups, 600,000 of “ISIS” being positioned in the USA to terrorize the people into accepting anything the powers-that-be want them to accept? That’s how many the Feds murdered when they forced their institution of slavery on the Confederate States, which they called “preserving the Union”.

          • You’re behind the times. On Drudge they yesterday reported it would be 200,000.

      5. And a white man controversy right when we were trying to decide whether or not to rob the people of their second amendment to the Constitution. That’s only slightly suspicious. But I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. May be a young white man actually broke the law. So what. It isn’t newsworthy. Go look for the pawn broker’s receipt and tell me more about which foreign country is about to invade us? China?? Mongolia?? Korea?? Russia?? The Virgin Islands??




        “Between 1530 and 1780 there were almost certainly 1 million and quite possibly as many as 1.25 million white, European Christians enslaved by the Muslims of the Barbary Coast. Enslavement was a very real possibility for anyone who traveled in the Mediterranean, or who lived along the shores in places like Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, and even as far north as England and Iceland. From 1500 to 1650, when trans-Atlantic slaving was still in its infancy, more white Christian slaves were probably taken to Barbary than black African slaves to the Americas.”




        • Acid, another damn good post and videos. keep them coming.

      7. I live in Phoenix, I know about much of the corruption out here. There is a strong possibility that this guy is telling the truth and that he might be a patsy. Imagine what might happen (God forbid) if another shooting happens? Of course, they will probably try to cover it up. Time will tell, but I think we need to keep an eye out on this case as it develops.

        • I learned from experience that, even if you think it’s safe at the pawn shop, doesn’t mean it was always where you left it. They can take that stuff out whenever they want to, especially if THE COPS want to ‘inspect’ it.

          I had them once tried to take a diamond/platinum necklace from me. They claimed that the in-law of the pawn shop owner identified it as being stolen in a burglary. The problem was, I had also pawned it before, and it was in a pawn shop vault on the day it was supposedly stolen!

          The detective gave them one hour to return my property or face arrest for fraud. My point is, they had my property out of the vault messing with it, while it was pawned. Even if they claim the pawned gun is the murder weapon, I’d need more proof than just FBI ballistics that have been proven to be flawed and false science.

          I personally think this guy may have been set up. Maybe not. It’s too early to tell.

      8. Only a fool would trust the legal system and mr police officer in the USA these days and the media is in on the act too.

        These are farm workers, you are the sheep and most sheep know just who did 9/11 but are too scared to do anything about it.

        The argument is should the black sheep be sent to market before the white sheep.

        You own that land under you feet and it’s the bankers that are stuffing everyone and making you fight for each blade of grass.

        • That’s right, they want to keep everyone, except their own children, as indentured servants, from cradle to grave, and then keep that same game going on, with the children that follow; on both sides.

          Better be glad they don’t have a Dad like mine. He tried to keep all his children as indentured servants to him, up till he got too old to bitch and moan, and threaten all the time. Luckily he has done well in the markets for the past twenty years, or we would still be putting up with his….”I raised you and paid out my hard earned $$ to do it, so you damn kids need to say, “how high”, when i say jump”.

          “Yea, right dad, that worked on us until we got our own children, 30 years ago, now you need to get a new slave”.

          Think I’m joking, oh hell no, I wouldn’t joke about something like that. We have lived it. All, five of us.

          On a brighter note. Was at Cabela’s yesterday, and 22 ammo was available at near regular prices again. Not a big inventory of it on the shelves, but got a few hundred rounds.

          The CCI solid points were 3.00 for a box of fifty, and they had winchester hollow points for 20 bucks for a brick of 333.

          • Pissinintothewind, Ever think that’s why you are easily indoctrinated into your cult? That submissive behavior instilled into you from birth gives you that mentality to become a slave to authority. Ahh, the simpletons and their ability to show them true colors.

            The four chicken shits on here prove true colors daily. You have the Georgia joker, the mall security guard, the bully cop and the subservient God freak. If these four are prepping to be the only ones left, would you really want to live in that world?

            • Wudda, if a poll was taken 90% would want to be part of the 4 shits. No one would cover your 6.
              Stay in ur swamp.

              • That was not my post. I say Jebus. Also the last time I posted was several days ago when respinding to Kula’s Waffle Framing hammer. I posted twice and they posted but the next day Mac deleted my comments. Its was nothing but how well the waffle hammer grips the nail. Im over this bs site. Its for useless fish. The bestvthing tjis site has going for itvis the links on thr left column to other more useful info like Off Grid Living. I just thought of lookin at this atticle. Forget helping anymore with dolid info. Let the fish flounder in their own pitty.

                If the dude pawned his gun who is to say a pawn shop employee took the pawned gun out of hock and used it to commit the sniper crime. Its chain of custody, and thr dumb shit copd probably never thought of that f-n duhh!!

                Bagged a nice Turkey Gobbler yesterday opening crossbow season and slow smoked it for 3 hours hickory wood. F-n delocious.

                The comment by Jesus talks to me was pretty accurate. Funny!! Now back to my BOL duties. Got the Gautlet gate up today. Life is good.!! Later Fish…..

            • JSTM, you’ve already shown your true colors as another useless troll, so GTFOOH.

              • Relax Paul Blart, you are going to get excited and fall off your Segway.

                • JSTM TROLL, go get yourself victimized by the system and THEN you can come back here and tell us what you think. ALL of us were MISLED about the system as kids. So you really think you can trust a cop or a lawyer? Go right ahead and be our guest.

                  • And yet you trust the resident PO SgT Dale.

                    • JSTM, I’ll trust him or any of the other regular posters here anytime over a useless troll like you, so go f#$% yourself!

            • Pick the tree you want to swing from when SHTF, Speaks. Decent people are not going to put up with arrogant bigmouth bigots when your place can be given to good, hardworking refugees with community values.

              • Smokey, AMEN. These trolls will never learn.

                • BH, it’s not that he’s a troll on the net, to me. It’s pretty obvious he’s one of those folks who do not work and play well with the other kids on the playground. There’s too many folks who seem to go out of their way to be insanely obnoxious, and when SHTF they plan on using the circumstances for petty personal vindictiveness.

                  My old man would say ‘there goes one of those people who are alive today only because there’s a law against killing them’.

                  • Smokey, even if he’s not a troll, his stupid comments aren’t helping anyone. If he’s just another prick on the streets somewhere, those are always easier to deal with. His day is coming.

                    • Let us hope that he and others like him are just smart enough to mind their own business when SHTF occurs.

          • Sounds like a stern hand kept you honest and hard working. What are you bitching about? Wonder how you would have turned out if your old man had been a bum and you grew up in poverty in a trailer court?

            • I would have been just fine, growing up in a trailer court, because i found Jesus at nine years old, thanks to my very Christian granny….not from Dad or Mom. They were church socialites, and didn’t give a shit about teaching us right from wrong.

              In fact all they taught us was how to quarrel over a dime, and how to be sneaky and two-faced. It wasn’t a stern hand, it was slave driving hand from a greedy parent.

              i don’t look down on kids that had to grow up in a trailer park. Evidently you look down on people by their living arrangements and conditions. No compassion for anyone?

          • Passin, the only .22L available in my area for the most part for the past year has been target rounds. Hollowpoints in that caliber are scarce. all the dealers in my area and at the gun shows for the past year have told me it’s a lot easier to get the target rounds than the hollowpoints. I’ve got another gun show scheduled for my area next weekend, Sept. 26-27, and I’ll be after some more ammo plus a few more mags for my Ruger SR22. I’ll snatch up whatever hollowpoints I can find. I already have plenty of target ammo.

            • I hear you Brave, and thanks for your kind words from before. The idiots are lacking any spiritual connections in their lives. They do work for the dark side, because they are all about scoffing and trying to tear down the truth.

              Well, soon their little cheap shots on SHTF Plan, will be distant memories and they will disappear from these sites because they will be too busy trying to scramble around and figure out where to run and hide.

              They pick us Christians out like a cheap drunk picking up suspects out of a lineup. They don’t know the true Christian people nor care to because it goes against all they believe in and that is themselves and a fast fading world. Once they no longer have the facade of the backing of all the worldly minded people, their own devices will not save them.

              Then it will be a stark reality that all their snide remarks and mockery has gotten them nowhere, and they are standing alone or along side Satan. And; we all know where he ends up.

              • Passin, you’re welcome and it’s always my pleasure to come to the aid of a fellow member of this site. People like you and I are like the Energizer bunny; take a lickin and keep on tickin. Once the balloon goes up, these trolls days on earth will be numbered; A VERY SMALL NUMBER. they will be toast.

                • Passin, BTW, I NEVER look down on anyone less fortunate either.

                • So tough! While you were guarding the Piggly Wiggly I was leading soldiers in combat. No doubt you will fill those trousers with a yellow stream as soon as the currupt Sgt. Dales of the world leave you to your own safety in the Beautiful city of Memphis. You will be in your security uniform, praying to an imaginary figure while the brothers parade you around Beil street. Poor cuz will be eating all your goldfish at the bOL by herself.

                  • JSTM troll, I’ll be at the BOL EARLY BEFORE TSHTF. and my family are NOT the kind of people you think they are, moron.

                  • You know I’ve witnessed this troll tactic a lot lately. One troll starts heckling people and before you know it, they’ve hijacked the entire comment section from the subject. People are too busy with he verbal attacks to make coherent comments on the article. IT WORKS EVERY TIME.

                    Mac, perhaps you should quit worrying about people using the word “jew” and put a stop to these trolls hijacking your threads.

                    • The comments section is ALWAYS hijacked, either by religious nuts, Nazi’s, or people who repeat themselves every day in and day out, if you’re going to advocate censorship as a way to keep the comment section from being hijacked, you’ll have to include all those as well.

                    • Sixpack, if I ever meet any troll in person, I do know of a more ‘permanent solution’ to that problem.

                  • You know I’ve witnessed this troll tactic a lot lately. One troll starts heckling people and before you know it, they’ve hijacked the entire comment section from the subject. People are too busy with he verbal attacks to make coherent comments on the article. IT WORKS EVERY TIME.

        • Mr. Smith,your post gets me to bring up a group am now forming,any interested,tis titles”Black Sheep Matter”,this is a offshoot of my other group,the UFLA!

      9. Just playing Devil’s Advocate. But what if all forensics such as dna, fingerprints, bullet lands and groves, tool markings, etc. were false props used by governments to convict people the government wanted convicted?
        I mean if the WTC buildings were brought down by people that “hate us for our freedoms”, the possibilities are endless, right?

      10. Pass,have also seen plenty of .22 which is nice.I still though hold a brick @500 count,will not consider a brick with any less a true brick.I have grown weary of smaller sized products for same or higher price,screw that noise!I have also seen a real brick with bonus 50 extra,call it a bonus brick!

        • thats some dumb shit

          • Yea, it doesn’t really make sense to me either.

            And btw, i mis-spoke about the 22 ammo a little. The hard nose bullets were actually Federals and not cci. The cci’s used to be cheaper years ago, but not now.

            The winchester hollow points are fine for squirrels or plinking, but i chose the hard nose because when I shoot at a stinking coon or possum, I want something to crack his skull from fifty yards.

            The price was only a penny more @ .06 each.

        • Warchild, spot on about the bricks being a true 500-count. I haven’t even seen a true brick of .22 anywhere for the last 2 years. I’m also sick of the smaller-sized products at same or higher prices but just like everyone else who wants .22LR ammo, when I find some I go ahead and get them while the getting is good. the good ole’ days of being more selective before sandy hook are gone forever it looks like so get what you can find while it’s available. once the balloon goes up, all bets are off.

        • Warchild, 550 rounds hmmm sounds like federal! If you discount the 220 fail to fire rounds you have 330 rounds so it’s the same lol. FYI I recently fired a 20 rd box of federal 5.56 and only had 3 fail to fires! Looks like they are getting better 🙂 I wouldn’t buy federal even if it was half price. Now goldfish crackers are another story 😛

          • Warchild, I almost forgot, I looked into some deck coatings from rustoleum and got a bucket of the 10X and some of the rustoleum deck primer. I scrubbed the wood and cleaned it good and put down a coat of the primer. The primer dries clear and has a tough plastic like coating. I liked the look of it so I put down a second coat of primer and decided to not use the top coat. So far so good, the primer is holding up perfectly (we’ll see how it does in winter). If it holds up I will just use the primer as it is like a hard plastic shell and if it doesnt then all I have to do is apply the top coat.

          • Genius, you just reminded me of something missing from my shopping list. GOLDFISH GOLDFISH GOLDFISH!

            • Dude,you need reminding of that most basic prep staple Brave?!Time for a few days off would say!

              • Warchild, no problem. Just picked up some more earlier this evening. GO GOLDFISH.

                • Do you really eat gold fish. What do they taste like. I had them as a kid. They shit a lot. Just remember cleaning all those shitty goldfish bowls. I’m not trying to be funny. I’m wondering if it is worth having them.

                  • B, LOL. No, we’re talking about goldfish snack crackers made by Pepperidge Farms. You should try some. They also go well in soups. I fell in love with them and they are now part of my preps.

          • Federal 22 rounds are a lot of fun. Half of the powder does not burn so it sits in the barrel and builds up. After a couple of rounds the build up finally burns so there is a massive flash explosion. So not only do you kill the squirrel by shooting it but you light it on fire.

            • Once again,hear the papers rustling in the legal dept. of federal regarding cease and desist!

            • John
              It’s even worse in a revolver ,Remington thunderbolts are just as bad , , but I do have a Marlin 39A that thinks they are match rounds ! Must be those micro grove barrels. LOL

              I think the days of 7.99 bricks are gone forever.

              Semper Fi

          • Uh Genius,your moniker needs changing!I would like you to point out where I stated 550 round brick,hmmmm……..

            Glad your coating worked though hard plastic makes me think slippery in rain/condensation type weather,be careful first few outings in inclement weather.

            On a side note,as time permits will have a new chatroom up,gonna go by the moniker”Auribus Tenere Lupum”.Any interest in joining my off shoot group of UFLA,”Black Sheep Matter”?!

            • Warchild, heres where I got the 550>> ” have also seen a real brick with bonus 50 extra,call it a bonus brick!”

              As far as the deck, the wood has grooves cut in it about 1/8 inch apart for traction and if it was wet out I would not be on the deck anyway.

              And sure I would like to join your chat but I have my own group “black cows matter” lol. Hope all is well with you!

              • Sigh,you proved me point,I said”Bonus Brick”,,not 550 brick,bonus which was offered by Remington(am sure federal copied as originality not their strong point!).

                We are the black sheep as a earlier poster mentioned,hence”Black Sheep Matter”,we go with black cows kinda gives us a weight image issue,eh,but whatever works for ya’s!

                The grooves hopefully will give ya’s the traction ya’s need,if not,you have a future weekend with a belt sander/random orbital/dare I even mention,a hand sander,hopefully not!

      11. If he was a Muslim he would be release already.

        Perhaps someone that works at the pawn shop is the shooter?

        • You can bet the cops are doing an anal exam on the shop employees, too.

      12. dicks sporting goods has 550 rnd bricks on Black Friday for$20 that’s when I get my 22.

      13. I hope Law Enforcement, whatever branch, catches the Right Person. You can bet that all these crazy actions will be on the up rise. Freeway and Beltway shooters will become common. Why? Because our society is SICK. Too many Drugs. Not enough Morals being taught and many basic rules that we use to live among ourselves are being phased into grey. No Black and White. No Right or Wrong. Then there are those who will defend their position when they know they are absolutely WRONG.
        Now I’m going to tell you all that you better listen to what people say. People have CHANGED over the past 30 to 40 years. What they say today does not necessary mean what you think they are saying. When they say it. How they say it. Why they say it. What they say is the most important.
        How can you tell. Later on when you question them about what they said, they will answer, I didn’t mean it that way. And they will say those words ALOT. I have also heard, “I was only Joking”.

        Make sure that all of you are on the same level when discussing issues that involve life and death.

        Don’t want no misinterpretation later on when things get tight.

        • Morals? Drugs? Really, get that shit outta here. How about too much government stealing wealth and making people poor from cradle to grave and causing a downtown in society.

          • Government does have a part in it but the way younger people think today it shows they have a “Beavis and Butthead” education and their cognitive and decision making skills are way below levels to maintain a decent standard of living.
            And the drugs don’t help either.

            • true.. i’d agree on that. especially public education. It’s not so much the psychedlic drugs tho. Anti depressants and other psych drugs for sure. These actions are a symptom of a dysfunctional corrupt central government and central banking destroying real wealth. It’s not the kids growing up in this shit storms fault. They are a product of a bad time.

              • oruval.

                Alright I can agree with that. I can see government destroying Jobs and interfering with forced education.
                Even the unequal distribution of educational funds like Grants and Scholarships. Even go as far that what the student is paying for in college, turns out to be a poor education or filled with bullshit courses that will do him no good in his choice in life. Drains his wealth and produces nothing. One more thing. If government and business sends jobs overseas, what initiative does a person have to better himself because he can not find a good paying job that he has paid dearly for.

          • Oruval I agree about your point on what govt. has done but everything else Slingshot said is true. You been living under a rock or something?

        • Slingshot, you ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie with that post. This case stinks to high heaven with ATF being involved and I suspect this guy is being set up as a patsy but there’s not enough info for me to pass any judgment. I’ll have to wait for more info to come out for that. Whatever the facts are, this man is entitled to due process and should have his day in court, but it’s possible considering the nature of the system these days that a corrupt prosecutor will try to railroad him into a plea bargain. That’s one thing he needs to avoid at all costs. He doesn’t even have an obligation to enter into any plea bargain; no legal requirement for that whatsoever. I myself live by a set of rules called The Bill Of Rights, not by any draconian crap. BTW, one thing I did miss about this case is what caliber was used?

        • You’re right, Slingshot, the public has changed over the last 50 years, and for the worse.

          It’s quite obvious to anyone who is old enough to have seen the changes occur. To younger folks, they are like the frog in hot water, having no idea what life is like outside of the kettle.

      14. Well if you read the news stories it wasn’t a rifle at all but a 9mm handgun this guy was supposedly “Sniping” with. Really? Remember the Georgia security guard during the Olympics who was framed by the police? He was innocent and won a huge lawsuit but at a high price. I don’t doubt the criminal’s in the government set up this guy and are forcing the pawn shop owner to go along. Remember this happened in Arizona where many gun shops were forced to sell weapons illegally by the criminal federal government to illegal’s and felons. Gotta wonder if the 9mm handgun in the pawn shop is one of Holder’s “Fast and Furious” guns.

        • The BATFEy has “their’ man! After Waco and Fast & Furious I’m sure they are correct and if there are any complications the FIB will step in to cover their bureaucratic cousin’s A$$.(As they have done repeatedly in the past)

      15. Not saying up or down on whether or not they got the right person with so few facts available. However it’s a known fact that innocent people have been wrongly convicted and set to prison. If he is innocent the facts should bear that out during trial.

      16. OK …. they have a half dozen time periods and corresponding locations from the shootings ….

        Where was this guy at those particular times?

        • Yep, they have to have more than just ballistics. I would think absences from work, security footage of his car in the areas, maybe some conversations with folks, stuff like that, is on the plate, too. Then you check the ballistics and get a hit, then you check it all over again while following him everywhere, then arrest him.

          Every bit of clothing he owns is probably in the labs right now, checking for powder residues.

          • i don’t know, these days just an accusation, arrest, a heavy dose of circumstantial speculation, and a sheeple jury can get the job done pretty easily.

        • Illi

          I don’t know but I’m sure his PUBLIC “defender” will work tirelessly to find out 😉 😉 😉

      17. “FBI headquarters in Washington. (Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post)

        By Spencer S. Hsu April 18 

        The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000.”

      18. Hopefully the authorities are more interested in finding the truth than easing the public’s fear. A person shooting at the cars of innocent people need to be dealt with harshly.

      19. What the ATF did not say was that the gun used in the shootings was traced back to the failed Fast and Furious Operation.

        • Man, that would be a headline!

        • The reality is also that today with computer aided manufacturing and machining there can be a match between the marks left by a slew of firearms from the same batch. They have found that barrel and bolt lots leave microscopicly similar marks and that no definitive variations can be detected,
          Ill find the article, was a big deal when it broke and was quickly burried but i copied it to PDF and stored it in a stick,,,,

          • Kula, say it ain’t so! “Ballistic testing” has been used for so long people think it’s foolproof…I mean, look at all the cop shows on tv….if this gets out, what are we gonna do..Innocent people might walk free!
            The media will ignore the truth and bury it, and that will be it.

      20. So, seems the lunatic fringe is going full retard on this one… it’s not a muslim, mexican, or a black so it must be a government setup… lol!

        And with threads like this one, it’s only a matter of time before the government starts shutting sites like this down completely… yes, sorry to inform you, that hate and bigotry do have a limit.

      21. “When Phoenix police arrested suspected freeway shooter Leslie Allen Merritt Jr. on Friday they victoriously tweeted, “we got him.”

        What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

        • They GOT him for 4 of the 11 shootings.

      22. This is my last time on this computer, I have been using a connection at a local McDonald’s and I have a feeling that I am being watched. I cannot stress this any more. Go NORTH! As far North as you can go! Please! I am not crazy and I do not do drugs. I work for the government, and they are planning for some very major events. I am just a lowly security guard. I will not tell on myself any further. I just came back from another nation and we had the same detail that we are having here in the states. Only here it will be even worse. From what I can tell and from what I can see, this is going to be done both with human interactions and something outside of us. This thing that is coming, it is bringing something with it. It is going to cause a chain reaction that will not stop on it’s own. It cannot stop! It will enter our solar system in a couple days and it’s presence will be felt soon after. A quake so harsh, unlike anything that the earth has ever felt will be the first sign that what I am writing here are not the rantings of a lunatic. I cannot sleep, I have not slept well for over 2 years now. I will tell you what I saw, over two years ago, what I was shown and why our mission is so critical. I saw what looked like a swarm of battleships as far as my eyes can see. Only they were not on the ocean. Oh! God! If only they were we would have a fighting chance! I write this with tears running down my cheeks. These battleships were in space! They are coming towards us. They are behind a shield that blocks them from view. They are able to warp? Whatever that means. They were just outside our solar system in the 1960’s and they were sending scouts out to observe us. They have made contact with us since the 1800’s that we know. They have decided to invade us. They are coming as friendly, in peace. But they are not friendly at all. They are evil they are the devil and their intention is evil. They want to destroy us. We represent to them the creator that made us. They do not look like us. They are truly evil and only wish death on all of us. If you will remember in the 70’s a cartoon that showed a battleship in space? If you remember the president Laura Roslin? Well, she actually exists. She is in her mid 80’s now. She has been running this detail since the 70’s. The government put all this out here for us to start getting used to the idea. All these movies that you have been shown, they are not coincidence. These all had a purpose. I do not know what else to say? Just keep your eyes open. Go north, as far NORTH as you can go, it is what they told me is the safest place on earth to escape the oncoming slaughter and attack they are going to unleash on us after this thing strikes earth. They knew this thing would strikes us and they are riding behind it, using the energy from it to thrust themselves towards us. I cannot go further into this.

        • well, since we live in PR we’re screwed, myself, wife and dogs. No way we’re going north, we hate the cold. Nibiru crashing into us, now an invasion…what comes first?

          By the way, since it seems to be an extinction level event you’re talking about, why not let out a few more details?
          I mean, what ‘ya got to lose? It’s not like you’re going to survive the invasion, either. At least in the long run.
          Seriously, let’s have it!

          • Ketchupondemand.

            I was singing, Way down upon the Suwannee River. Then changed over to, The Yellow Rose of Texas.

            Covering both bases.

            • That boy (USASECURITYGUARD) needs to get a job with Marvel Magazines. Him an hcks must be pulling off the same crack pipe.

        • You might be telling the truth. As you have heard it and know it. But I still have some questions.
          Questions: Why would the cold have any adverse effects to beings that have mastered interstellar travel? Why also would they need to watch us since the 60’s, they clearly have technology that is far better than anything we have, so why wait for an invasion. 50 years?
          Why and how are you hearing about this? Like you say, you are just a security guard.
          This doesn’t really make sense to me. Our gov’t is great at compartmentalization. Privates in the military are not included in brigade level briefings, things get filtered down so that the privates only know what they are responsible to do at a squad or platoon level. I am curious if USA isn’t getting fed some poor information as a cover, to either find leaks or pass blame for something else that has happened. Or is full of crap.

          • Anon,

            Your last guess is the correct answer, whenever some asshole says ” I cannot say anything further about this”, you can bet your last 10 bucks it’s just some kid playing games, yes, there are a few regular morons on this site who will believe ANYTHING doom porn, but PT Barnum was correct when he said there’s a sucker born every minute.

        • I was also reading your post with tears streaming down my face from laughter! Your buddy hcks says Texas is the place ya’ll wanna be so we’re loading up the truck and move to the Big ” D”, no not Dallas, Des Moines, it’s a lot closer for me and you’re both full of shit, although there’s a really high probability you’re the same crazy kid in mom’s basement. Yeah, you’ll catch a few idiots, there’s a couple of resident doom porners who are stupid enough to believe ANYTHING as long as you say we’re all doomed soon, but most will just have a good laugh on you.

        • USA security guard:

          I love reading comments.

          This reminds me of the time I was out minding my own business, walking my pack of wolves; when out of nowhere, a spaceship came down and pulled me up just like the ascension of Jesus. It wouldn’t have been so bad except those little men just wanted to impregnate me so that I could return and give birth to the anti-Christ. Well I stood up to those alien invaders. I told them that I wasn’t going to let them have their way and bring on the end of the world so they let me go and here I am. Now I know that this story may be a little hard for you to believe and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t believe me but that would just prove that you weren’t brain dead.

        • Thanks for the warning, dude, we’ve all been wondering what was going on and your post cleared it all up for us.

          You don’t happen to know what these alien guys like to eat, do you? Thinking maybe a big mountain of Cheetos or something in the middle of a Nevada testing range could be a really good idea.

      23. Who knows probably one more fall Guy for gun control
        On a much lighter happier note hunting season is in full swing now.
        I must say I feel quite blessed to be where I am. I drive oil tanker in and out of the bush I’m able to do my scouting and tracking at work.
        So beautiful here and quite. Well 4 hours legal light left I’m headed out for a drive in the woods. Maybe find that black bear rug I’ve been after never hunted bear any tips pointers I think Canadian bears are the same as American ones lol wish me luck

      24. boy has the human race ever screwed things up

        The Climate Change ‘Pause’ Skeptics Love to Cite Never Happened

        ht tp://

        “It has been a bad week for global warming skeptics.

        On top of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s announcement that 2015 will almost certainly beat 2014 as the hottest year on record (not to mention the U.K. Met Office’s projection that 2016 will smash heat records), new research out of Stanford University is trashing climate skeptics’ “hiatus” theory, which claims there was a 15-year lull in rising global temperatures between 1998 and 2013.”

        the butcher’s bill is due boys
        the butcher’s bill is due

        • satori You post is lies and more lies. Global warming is a myth lie religion. Total bull crap. Go to Watts Up with That? for the true facts about the temperatures.

        • You’re right, Satori, the only thing that will save us poor, knuckle-dragging climate-denying mouthbreathers from our well-deserved doom is to turn over control of our lives to people like you, who believe they can save the planet by taxing carbon and spending the money on themselves.

          How could we doubt your sincerity and resolve in the face of imminent planetary doom?

          Please, please, tell us what to eat, what to wear, what size house to live in, where to live, what we should do for a living, if we should own a motor vehicle or stand for two hours waiting for a bus, what we should read, watch, and believe, and by all means, take our children from us and train them to believe as you do. Only then will you be happy, and your happiness is something we should give up everything we have to improve.

          It won’t save the planet, but you’ll feel better, won’t you?

        • The operative part of the URL you listed is “new-stats.” It has been demonstrated that they have been taking historical records and “adjusting” them so that the older temps are colder and the newer temps are warmer, so that they can show an increase overall. I have seen comparison charts showing the “before” and “after” figures.

          The scientific consensus has been wrong for over 100 years. In the 1890s, we were supposedly about to enter a new ice age. Then in the 1930s, we were going to burn up. Then in the 1970s, it was back to ice age. Then it went back to global warming. That’s four different wrong predictions.

          NOAA and the Met office have both falsified data. I won’t believe a word they say now.

          They make predictions supposedly accurate to 1/100th degree, but the temperature measurements the predictions were based upon were only accurate to a degree or at best 1/10th degree. Anyone knows from math that you can’t take numbers with 1 or 2 significant digits and get results with 3 or 4 significant digits. So if they say the temperature is going to rise 1/100th degree, it could actually go down many times that.

          • Here’s some quotes from the website, showing that they did, in fact, change historical figures to match their predetermined outcome:

            “they reworked the data”

            “corrected measurements”

            “inaccurate data points”

            If the original data was incorrect or inaccurate, it would be impossible to really tell what it should be. So I suppose they can take a thermometer reading from 10 years ago and decide it’s incorrect and decipher what the correct reading should be, even if the thermometer doesn’t even exist any more and the location has changed with new construction, etc.

            If you go to the government weather site, you can find a monthly report for your location called a “Preliminary Monthly Climate Data (CF6)” report. If you access a report, you will see this at the top:

            “These data are preliminary and have not undergone final quality control by the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC). Therefore, these data are subject to revision.”

            These reports contain original data that they will later revise to fit their global warming scam. That’s why I have collected these reports for my location for over 20 years. I also have the old archived data for my location all the way back to 1935.

            On top of everything else, they use an irrelevant photo of a stupid man trying to put out a brush fire with a tiny garden hose. As if a 1/100th degree rise in temperature can make dry brush burst into flame.

            You have to think logically about these things. Also, man is just a speck of dust compared to the earth. Nothing man has ever done or ever could do can change the climate nearly as much as nature has.

      25. You really believe that horsecrap, Satori? (Or are you just being sarcastic? I can’t tell.)

        There is no such thing as global warming. It’s the term the evil doers use to manipulate us with their carbon footprint bullcrap so they can try to control us all, limit housing, and impose their Agenda 21 on all the wrong people: the majority of us!

        Heck, don’t you remember that ICE CUTTER last year that got STUCK trying to rescue another ship?

        And I froze my BUTT off last year, the winter was that horrible.

        The only thing warming the globe is the hot air coming out of politicians mouths.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Lone Ranger, so that’s what global warming really is? No surprise there.

      26. If this guy was black I think the situation would be different. But because he’s white male he’s shit right.

      27. Anyway today I went down to the local ford dealer to talk to a salesman about an f150. I get there park and walk around looking at the trucks nobody comes out and approaches me good at the time I’m just looking with my pop. So after a little while I go into the front lobby to find a salesman the lady at the desk says they are all busy at the moment what are you looking at. So I tell her and said what rebates and incentives are happening right now. She says oh I don’t know but it depends on what you wanna put down and trades if any. So I’m scratching my head thinking ford gives the rebates not the dealer fucking scammers. So I decide to wait a few more min to see if a salesman is coming to help me. Finally the guy shows up now he tells me and my old man to come in to his office at the same time he tell two other guys that are looking to get a f1 as well to come in. What bullshit cocksucker thinks he’s gonna do two deals. Before my ass hit the seat in front of his desk he says that I gotta test drive the truck or he won’t waste his time. So I said thanks have a nice day and leave. I was ready to work a deal for a new truck and was getting some bullshit nonsense right off the bat. This isn’t my first new vehicle I’ve done this many times. It seems the sales teams are getting stupider every time I go to do a deal. Couldn’t get an answer on the question I asked. I needed to know what rebates and incentives are on the vehicle before I decide if I’m interested in going further with the process. So this was a loss for the dealer of a sale I wouldn’t buy a vehicle there now ever and will tell people I know not to either. I know the tactics salesman use on customers and I’m not gonna spend a day pissin back and forth. The longer your there the more they try to fuck you over. My truck runs fine it only has 77000 miles on the clock and I haven’t had a car note for 5 years so I haven’t lost anything. Just thought of upgrading that’s all but hey I’ll just put $400 a month in my bank. Never got screwed on a deal yet and not gonna start either. So only 1 hr of my time wasted today. Tell me about your car purchases.

        • Ass,unless you failed on maintenance/had a really bad accident your truck is good for years to come,better things the money can be spent on,the sale idiot did you a favour in my book!

          • Asshat, I agree with Warchild on this one. Keep your old one since it’s paid for and don’t bother with another note that would most likely cost you more now than your last note. Use that money you save on preps. I’ve always bought my vehicles from private owners for cash only. I won’t even talk to a stinking car salesman; they’re leeches with dollar signs in their eyes. Never had any stinking loans or credit card bills to worry about. the money I’ve saved on that over the years has gone toward other things like keeping my jalopy running and getting preps when possible. I’ll take a 20-year-old vehicle and rebuild the damn thing over paying $600-$900 per month and notes and insurance on some overrated toy. I don’t let anything interfere with my prepping. the most I ever paid for any vehicle was $3000 and that was for cash from a private owner. You always get a better deal from a private owner than from a car lot.

            • Brave, I take issue with you saying car salesmen are stinking leeches with dollar signs in their eyes.
              I HAD to try car sales after having my shtf event and many of the men and women (also) were not as you described. Many were in a similar position of just trying to make an honest living. Since we were paid minimum wage, one had to be a little aggressive to survive. Which is why I quit after enduring it for 5 years.
              It’s easy to rag on salesmen/saleswomen in almost any industry for some reason or other.
              I remember hearing a logger in a Pacific Northwest bar bitching about salesmen one time. Had I not been carrying a (legally) concealed Beretta, I’d have told him that without a salesman, nobody would be buying his company’s logs, and he’d have no work.
              Like it or don’t, sales people make the system work.

        • I spent a few “seasons” in the car sales business. It sucked. Mgmnt. steals from the sales people routinely, by hiding gross profit, actually showing a loss on many sales, so salesman makes a min. commission, $35.-50, whereas in a true sale, they might see 20% of sale profit. Quite a difference.
          So, the good salesmen/women went off to work in some other trade, leaving idiot morons to work the lots.

          Another dagger in the car business was someone’s brilliant idea to, back in the 90’s, post the invoice prices of every car make to the internet. Now you had people coming in demanding to pay invoice price…as in, zero profit to the dealer.
          That was the beginning of the end for a lot of dealers as new car profits stayed flat, and used car sales took over as the main profit center for dealers.
          A new car dealership has a ton of overhead, and new car sales weren’t paying the bills. So, service depts. and used car sales took up the slack. As in, higher prices for service work.
          And when you go to sign the papers on that car, be aware that that F&I guy (finance and insurance) and his dept., are a separate profit center. Mainly, the warranty they sell you on a used car. It’s very profitable!

          • Ketchup, I didn’t mean to imply ALL salespeople are like that. I’ve known some good salespeople in other industries. I’ve actually tried a few times to get a car from a dealer back before 9/11 when we had a good economy and was turned away because of no previous history on paying off any kind of loan, credit card, etc. I’ve been barred from playing the credit game; well so be it. I damn sure don’t care about it now in this crappy economy. anyway, I’m in a company vehicle so I don’t even have to buy anything.

          • That invoice price is a farce. Go to This guy was an industry insider. With the advent of the Internet, they reworked how they give the kickbacks to the dealerships, and invoice is not what was traditionally considered invoice. I know several people who’ve paid below “invoice” for their cars.

        • Drive your rig until the axle falls off, then replace it with a good used rig.

          Don’t buy a new rig, ever, ever, ever. For an F150, you’ll lost about $15,000 driving it home. Add the interest on the loan to that, you’re spending the down payment to your house on a truck. Only fools do that.

          Don’t play the dealer games, either. My last rig, lot price was $12,500, nice used SUV. I offered $7,000 and some time later got it for $8000.

          • Smokey, spot on. The last vehicle I owned was 90′ F150 with the 5.0 liter engine that I bought from a private owner for $3000 cash. that was back in Nov. 99, 2 months before Y2K. It only had 80000 miles on it when I got it. didn’t have too much trouble with it. In August 2004 I was struck head-on by a U-HAUL rig at an intersection. I only suffered minor injuries and walked away from the accident. Paramedics took me to the hospital to treat my injuries and I was released. No air bags on the F150 since that technology only came out about 1995; it was a 90′ model. That was really the best vehicle I ever owned and I was going to rebuild it a little at a time but the moron in the U-HAUL killed that plan. I’ve had a company vehicle ever since. They furnish the gas, insurance, maintenance, etc. and I’ve never regretted it. Unless I can get something for cash I saved up myself, I don’t even bother buying another vehicle. I’m not desperate. No loans for me ever. I don’t let anything interfere with my prepping.

            • You were lucky to walk away from a head-on, good thing it was low-speed, I’m presuming, at the intersection.

              You’ll find another good rig at a good price. To me, 100,000 miles is just getting broken in, there are still lots of folks that think they need a new rig every 8 years, or before they reach 100,000 miles, that kind of thing.

      28. Yep, that Global Warming is just hogwash…a plot aginst us right wing zealots.

        It’s that HAARP thingy they got goin’ up thar in them Alooshun Islands that’s causin’ the California drout.

        Why? Cuz they wanna herd them all into the cities…uh…hmmm…guess not. Mebbee they want to git them to plant GMOs in Central Valley…ummm…guess even they won’t grow without water… Green zones fur the Chinaman? Nahh…

        Now why are them liberal commie scudders in DC causing the worst drought in 1200 years and the least mountain snowpack in 500? I spose they want more immigrants to move east so they have more Democrat voters…yea, that’s wut.

        Fuck NASA and NOAA…them dudes didn’t even go to the moon. It wuz just a picture show. They lie bout erything.

        My head’s splodin’…

          Control the Weather. Control the world. ;o)

        • Sarcasm aside, think about that ‘worst drought in 1200 years and the least mountain snowpack in 500’ statement. It’s true. But, how is that evidence of global warming?

          What it is, is evidence that it has happened before, and the planet and mankind both survived the CLIMATE CYCLE, not global warming, without the doom and gloom.

          Might want to consider how the previous drought and lack of snowpack was even able to occur, given there were no automobiles and factories at the time. Kind of disproves the entire basic premise of anthropogenic global warming, doesn’t it?

          Let us know when your head explodes.

          • There’s a lot of global warming coming from the Western fires, especially Cali.

            All those houses and buildings sent plumes of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. All those people that built in the woods and had their lives go up in smoke might be held responsible by the same idiots that want a “carbon tax” attached to everyone.
            It truly is a screwy time we live in.
            Everyone is trying to screw someone over, or up, and in AE’s case, screw them blind.

            • Ironically, if they were cutting trees and making lumber out of them, essentially locking up the carbon for a century or more, and replanting with quick-growing seedlings that sequester lots of additional carbon, it would have been much better for the planet than allowing them to grow so close together that a fire not only released all the carbon back into the atmosphere, but destroyed the soil, ensuring at least a century before anything close to the destroyed forest returns.

              A double whammy to the environment, thanks to environmentalists.

      29. I knew there was a person or persons taking pot shots along I-10 on the news. Marlin made a carbine using 9mm. I think it was called the camp model. Could use S&W pistol magazines too. Did not read about it till now.
        As I have stated before we will see more of this along many interstates and what are you going to do if you are going to your BOL or are being forced to travel along a sniper infested road. Raining terror down on innocent people would be a class 1 offense in the reset. Meaning if I catch you, you die. Stick the rifle or pistol up your ass and blamo. Done.
        You might provide some protection with thick books to line some portions of your vehicle. Also many are buying up Flak jackets and using them like seat covers and door protection. Be able to notice flashes at night in the distance and to be aware to the sounds of rocks hitting your vehicle. You may not hear the report of the weapon. During the day you might see the spray of dirt in short to target shots, as the sniper is trying to range in on the road. What if the bastard has a silencer? No Flash or Sound.

        I do want the right guy caught. I was caught off guard when Fast and Furious was mentioned.
        Meanwhile a few precautions some may want to consider.

      30. Cops are being very tight lipped about how they caught the guy (good police work – right?). Any time you hear a cop NOT giving every detail you know something is fishy. I think the dude may well have owned, then pawned the gun two months ago. His mistake was being white and posting pro gun stuff on Facebook. The dude was arrested at a Walmart – not the pawn shop. But it is inconceivable that the dude pawned his gun that same afternoon – (a 9mm pistol of all things) – and that the pawn shop notified the ATF, the ATF got a warrant to seize the gun, the ATF tested the gun, the cops tracked the dude to a Walmart, and assembled and sprung a SWAT team on him — and did this all in 4 hours or less???

        It is easier to believe that the cops searched for specific Facebook posts, got the gun from the pawn shop, fired it in order to get ‘evidence’ to plant so that they could say it was used in the first four shootings, returned the gun to the pawn shop to ‘adjust’ the dates on the paperwork and to remind the pawn shop owner how easy it is to revoke his license, tracked the dude by using his cell phone, grabbed him at a Walmart (why not later at his apartment), then trashed his apartment on Friday night to grab or plant evidence. Hope the dude has a good lawyer!

        • Well, that’s easier for some folks to believe.

      31. Thanks for the input about the vehicle my truck does run fine really hasn’t costed me a lot to keep on the road. The big problem is it’s a ranger and there is not enough room inside to put the kids anymore. When I bought it 11 years ago it did hold me wife and son but I have two more kids now. I do agree I’m better off with no monthly payment however. I looked up book value of my truck and I’d say it’s worth $4500 to $5500. It’s not junk by no means just a few holes in the bed and need a new muffler. Which can be fixed fairly cheap. New tires battery and all services were done and I’m the only one who ever owned it I bought it new for $15,800 now they want $30,000 for a new ford. I can swing it without any trouble really. I have a substantial down payment. I like fords my self but the gm s are nice as well. But if I’m paying I want what I want. Wife don’t see it that way though she always tells me a new vehicle is a new vehicle. There is definetly no urgency to trade. I think a good truck is a prep. We have a minivan for hauling the family.

        • You’ve got the van to haul the folks around, just make that truck payment to yourself for a while longer.

          You’ll find a really nice used one and save about $15,000, something very important to do by folks with families.

          I remember reading once, over a lifetime, the difference between buying a new car and a good quality 3-to-5 year old car added up to over $150,000. Having the extra $150,000 to save or spend during your lifetime can make a big difference in your lifestyle or retirement, no doubt about it.

          • In the last month I have seen three jeep style vehicles with snorkels. Big tires with wenches, racks/brush grills and gas cans. Must be some mudding going on.

        • Asshat, I would still keep that ranger and run it till it literally dies. Use that extra money for preps instead of a truck note. You have enough reasons to do so by your own admission. I’m working on getting another one myself and it will be 90’s technology. I don’t need any bells or whistles.

      32. Look around for Kevlar blankets, the army uses them to cover engine hoods and such in bivouacs, against shrapnel. A couple of those can be very useful.

        • Smokey’

          First I have ever heard of Kevlar blankets being use by the military.

          I see the price tag between 1200 and 2000 dollars.

          Learn something new every day. Thanks.

      33. What else is “custody” for other than for framing someone?

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