Are You Ready for Riots?

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Do you LOVE America?


    Editor’s Note: With America’s middle class being destroyed on a daily basis, and low wage workers seeing reduced hours and experiencing more difficulty with making ends meet, it is only a matter of time before people snap. We may think we live in a stable society, but as Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends points out below, no country is immune to civil unrest when the right conditions are met. And if you’ve been paying attention, it’s not that much of a stretch of the imagination to suggest the signs of discontent are starting to appear from sea to shining sea. As the situation continues to degrade in the United States we, too, will experience rioting and civil unrest, something the U.S. government has been actively preparing for. In the very near future, riots won’t just be some far-off event you watch on television from the comfort of your couch… They’ll be front and center, right outside your front door.


    This article first appeared in the Future Money Trends Weekly Wealth Digest

    This past weekend a country with one of the highest living standards in the world saw rioting in the streets!

    According to Credit Suisse, Singapore ranks 8th in the world in terms of personal wealth. Since the year 2000, Singaporeans’ wealth has more than doubled.

    It is clear that this is a very prosperous city state that is the gem of Asia. I know that when I have looked for offshore gold storage in the past, Singapore comes up as one of the top areas along with Hong Kong, Zuric, Perth, and Toronto.

    However, on Sunday a riot was sparked in Singapore, the first one in more than 40 years. Long story short, an Indian national was struck by a bus and killed, the surrounding neighborhood went out by the hundreds to set fire to at least 6 police cars and the ambulance that responded to the young man who died.


    Now I don’t know every detail of race relations in Singapore, but I do know from what I have read that about 25% of the workers are transient workers, the city state is made up of immigrants, of which about 8% are Indian.

    The reason I bring this up is because sometimes just like an individual who snaps, so can a large group. in their coverage of the incident titled their blog post, “Riots Break Out In Singapore; Think Your Country Is Immune?

    This is definitely something to think about living in the United States. Many people think that the U.S. is safe from mass riots across the country due to economic civil unrest, but I don’t think anyone should rule out widespread rioting in the streets.

    America is like a pressure cooker as my friend Doug Casey has often noted. We have 49% of the population not paying taxes, 23% of the population not only not paying taxes, but being paid to live here in the U.S. No matter what you believe or how much money you have, our health care system is screwed up. Our welfare and warfare state is robbing the middle class, and the entitlement ponzi-schemes are robbing our young of opportunity.

    A lot of these thoughts and more are weighing on Americans, will they snap one day and take their grievances to the street?

    I think there is a good chance during this depression, with nearly 48 million people on government food stamps, long term unemployment near records, and real unemployment closer to 20%, anger and frustration is building up.

    A recent poll by ABC News and the Washington Post revealed that the dissatisfaction with the U.S. government was at 80%.

    There are a lot of legitimate grievances that can add a lot of pressure to people who are barely making it or who are literally sliding out of the middle class and into poverty.

    I for one am very tired and extremely annoyed over all the fraud and waste I see on a daily basis. From the U.S. getting involved in everyones’ business around the world, to me paying taxes only to see millions of people cash out on MY money so they can live a lazy lifestyle. A welfare mom in New York for instance revealed that she collects just over $38,000 a year, this is more than the starting salary of a teacher in the state. Although the actual welfare queen state is Hawaii, where a person with two children can receive up to $60,590 per year in benefits.

    Then we have the government workers…Not even going to go there.

    My point in all of this is prudence, be prepared, especially now as the depression drags on destroying what was left of America’s middle class.

    Daniel Ameduri is the President of Future Money Trends. He is the producer of some of the most informative and viral videos about the financial crisis, coming trends, and strategies you can implement to shield yourself from economic disaster. You can follow more of Daniel’s commentary, analysis, and recommendations by subscribing to his free weekly Future Money Trends Digest or his premium Smart Money report.


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        SSG U.S.M.C. 1965-1971

        • No one’s ever ready…

          But some are much more ready than others…

          • Perhaps some will be “sheltered” from his “anger.”

            Gather together, gather yourselves together,
            you shameful nation,
            before the decree takes effect
            and that day passes like windblown chaff,
            before the Lord’s fierce anger
            comes upon you,
            before the day of the Lord’s wrath
            comes upon you.
            Seek the Lord, all you humble of the land,
            you who do what he commands.
            Seek righteousness, seek humility;
            perhaps you will be sheltered
            on the day of the Lord’s anger.

            • There is so much that can bring on riots, this country, the world is tettering on the brink. The masses have no idea just how close to the abyss society is at and just how small of a push it will take. Prep and then prep more. This is so uplifting to talk preparedness, it is hope and it is THE ANSWER.

              Something very positive are ideas on how each of us can better prepare for what is coming. I would like to suggest a couple of items that should be in every prepper’s/survivalist’s stockpile:

              Epsom salt. Along with regular salt, this little miracle has tremendous benefits. Epsom salt is fantastic for first aid. Bacteria HATES salt. You can see this with how these sodium filled foods such Hickory Farms sausages will never rot away, just mummify. Sodium is something that bacteria cannot live in. Wounds soaked in epsom salt will heal. I have had infections under the toe and finger nails from various dirt getting under them especially from planting things. Soaking in epsom salt works so well to “boil” out the bacteria. Plain salt is something else that will work and by the shear desperate state of so many animals such as porcupines that will crawl up into a car to get a salt lick, salt is something that is a must to be stored as well as epsom salt. People will get as desperate without salt as animals are, as people without enough salt in their bodies will have a severe and life threatening electrolyte imbalance.

              People can soak tired muscles and sprains and bruises in an epsom salt bath and because of the magnesium sulfate MgSO4.7H20, your skin won’t dry out like a desert tortoise as magnesium is a softening agent for the skin. This is also something that can be used for occasional constipation, as magnesium is what relieves this and main ingredient in those over the counter constipation liquids. Epsom salt also works wonders with tomato plants and other vegetables and other plants as a plant food. It costs about 50-75 cents per pound depending on where you purcahse it. A very valauble prep.

              As most preppers/survivalists know, liquid gold is HONEY. Not only is honey a sweetner, but its first aid qualities are many. I accidentally picked up a drunk jumbo size black bubble bee this last summer when I was cleaning out debris and that sucker stung me right near the base of the fingernail on the index finger. I immediately got some honey and heated it up in the microwave so it was hot and soaked my finger in a small glass with the honey and within a half a hour no more pain and no more swelling. Honey helps to neutralize the bee’s venom. It works with hornets, wasps, and other insects. Meat tenderizer also works but not quite as well.

              Whenever someone gets something stuck in their throat and it is burning awful, honey will help comfort it and help the throat recover. As well when someone eats something with too much cayenne pepper in it. This is true with coughs and sore throats as why they use this in cough drops. Honey has anti-bacteria properties like salt does also. I have known people that have packed wounds with honey packs and it helps them heal quicker.

              Anyone with allergies to spring time pollen will find that honey helps with easing of the allergies since bees use the same flowers to obtain that pollen for their honey. A person should try to get honey from their immediate areas for this allergy relief. Honey from some far away place imported in will still have some benefits, but local honey is best.

              The nice thing about honey is it last forever and can be stored as such. One really nice way of storing honey is in smaller containers rather than those huge tubs or barrels. This is just convenience, as it is nicer to be able to soften a small amount when the weather is very cold than trying to dig out near frozen honey from a 50 pound barrel. The heat we are use to now will be a luxary come the aftermath of mega SHTF. This is why it is easier to break down certain items into more rationed sizes that you can heat up with less effort and less energy.

              There are many other items that should be stored for the coming nightmares. I really enjoy learning from others about something I did not know. I like other people so deeply appreciate people spending their free time talking about other ideas on what we need to store. Any other items that have such wide uses such as honey and epsom salts anyone else can think of?

              • ya can also make mead out of honey!

                • In an Emergency, I dial 1911,
                  with a full clip…..

                  • Well said!

                  • In an emergency I just break the glass and drink from the bottle.

                  • Actually it is call a magazine

                  • Clip?

                  • “Then we have the government workers…Not even going to go there.”

                    And an example of government workers would be…. all active duty military, and let’s not forget the military retirees who can retire after 20 years with a pension. Let’s see, enlist at 18 and retire at 38.

                    I can hear the screeching now, like fingernails across a blackboard as the race to give me a thumbs down begins.

                  • Heh…

                  • Point of order! It’s a magazine not a clip. (Unless it is a M1 Garand)

                    Sorry, pet peeve with me.

                  • By the time I get to call 911, the only reason I’ll have a full Mag is I presume I’ll be reloading. “When seconds count, the police are only minutes or hours away.”

                  • I call my mommy duece she gives all 9 yards
                    Got beltfed?

                  • magazine- not clip… (sigh)

                  • It’s a clip and will always be a clip since I was 10 with my first Marlin 22 and I’m going on 80. Remember you can’t wipe your ass with a clip when in dire straits but you can with a magazine. Magazines… Bullshit it’s a effen clip. lol

                  • clips are for your hair,mags are for your gun

                • This would cause riots.

                  Part 6 – How Likely Are Bail-Ins? Bank of England Says U.S. “Could Do Today”

                  “The movement by international monetary and financial institutions towards a bail-in regime and the extent of preparation for bail-ins suggest that bail-ins will happen should banks get into trouble again.”

                  “The U.S. already has in place plans for bail-ins in the event of banks failing. Indeed, the U.S. has conducted simulation exercises with the U.K. in recent weeks and will do so again in 2014.”

                  Zero Hedge

                  • You keep watching the wheels on the bus go round and round there KFC!

                  • For one who continually complains about comments, YOU fail to contribute ANYTHING useful.

                  • @KY..So does Canada.

                  • Once…. (if ever)….. you accept that things are going to be pretty darn shitty, and all the shit you poach and focus on doesn’t affect you enough to worry about… You’ll be in a better spot in life.

                  • …. figured me pointing out how useless you are would piss ya off pretty good!

                    You see it yet?

                  • KY Mom

                    Far more violence would occur if $5 was taken from someone in the underclass than a $100 grand from someone in the middle class. The people that have a few legal bucks obeyed the law their entire life and will be pushed into abject poverty and starvation before they reply with violence.

                  • Got anything else to share today?

                  • Ky Mom

                    Based on that thought TPTB will bleed the upper and middle classes into poverty to suppress an insurrection knowing full well that they better continue feeding the underclass for as long as possible.

                  • When they (YOUR GOVERNMENT) pull the plug on this fake economy, make sure you have a stopper (gold, silver, etc). They will come in handy while others struggle to avoid the drain.

                  • I just wonder how people who can dress like the “police” in that picture can justify it to themselves. If you are having to wear that much protection, you are obviously working for someone intent on causing trouble. If the their bosses had the interest of the people at heart, the problems would be solved instead of instigated.

                    Thus, they are nothing but well armed criminals until they attack the bosses causing the problems.


                  • Was thinking this for a SWAT breach. Laugh if you want but would work, after they break the front door, they come in fast. What if you put rebar#10 size about 1-1/4 inch thick! like monkey bars in the narrow entryways. Have 2×4′s with holes and mount them up and down and nail in and run rebar(thick stuff) at waist level and by feet and alternate. They would have to crawl over or duck under and pull their weapon over etc. Get my point. stagger them. They will not be able to get thru the entryway for at least 15 sec or more. And a couple of years ago someone said to put marbles a lot of them all over the floor. Maybe do both. YOu would have a swat or police or national guard stopped in their tracks. YOu could set up a dummy in a chair with a gun to throw them off for about a sec as well. It all adds up quickly.

                    I even thought if you lived in a house that had a basement 6-10 feet below to cut the rafters out underneath above would be 1/4 plywood with vinyl. Soon as they step on the floor they would drop 6 feet down. Another trap they would not expect. YOu could boobytrap a bunch of firework morters that shoot in a tube but if you light them and throw them on the ground they just hiss them blow big. Wire 10 of theose together in your house with gas canisters everywhere, that would be a distraction that no person could keep focus on. Just throwing ideas out there. Not saying to do this but just brainstorming. The idiots laugh all out want but real prepeprs you get what im saying here. If you can take someone out of synch in your home even with multiple people you would have a better advantage, that depends too and many other things of course. And most important, if this goes down do not engage these bastards at your house! Once they call radio they will bring more than anyone can handle or burn it down and all your preps will be gone right there and now if they are all in one location. spread stuff out if possible. Engage off your property if needed.

                  • As soon as I saw KY Mom I knew Peterson would follow ere I saw him. You’re become predictable, knave (OK – we’ve been watching too much Shakespeare of late).

                  • KY Mom: The only problem is that unlike the so-called “civilized” countries, most folks in the U.S. would surround their banks and just take the money by force if it weren’t handed over on demand. And there aren’t enough cops, even in the big cities to stop more than a few riots, the rest of the banks would be on their own. NYC for example has over 330 banks/branches within the city to serve over 8,000,000 people and only around 35,000 cops to cover the whole city: do the math. At best, the cops will protect Wall Street, a few government buildings, and key power, communication and transportation hubs-that’s it. The city will burn as, will most others. That’s just one reason why I moved from a major metro area to a small rural county. Being your own bank will save a lot of heartache.

              • I personally store lots and lots of ammo. When the price of ammo goes higher, I get much satisfaction by just looking at the thousands of rounds I have stored. When the hordes come by I will happily spend those rounds knowing that I didn’t spend a ton of money waiting until the prices skyrocketed before I started stock piling. Yes, they may have taken a ton of my money in taxes, but dispatching them will be very cheap for me. I can’t eat my ammo or use it for cuts and bruises like you can with honey, but somehow it seems as sweet. Yep. Ammo. Best investment I ever made.

                • You reveal yourself as a sick hypocrite!

                  In this very thread you congratulate yourself for not being a hater, but now you revel in the bloodlust of “happily” dispatching human lives cheaply.

                  It seems you are just one more psychopath.

                  • BJinME & William

                    C’mon guys, we’re old gunnys.
                    Slang in the gun world is beyond
                    count. As Americans, we call
                    everything by a different name.
                    Think about it for a minute. You
                    are on a site that ISN’T called
                    “When The Feces Hits The Fan plan.”

                  • I didn’t hate the antelope I shot. If these idiots come to my door I won’t hate the ones I shoot. Shooting people is actually anti hate. It’s the ones I don’t get to shoot I don’t like. Just like the Jonestown idiots; bunch of them I’m sure were people I wouldn’t have liked, now, I think all of them are good idiots. Worked with the Indians also. You just need to be more flexible in liking people.

                  • Only Truth So when the EBT gibbs me dat crowd start to riot and then carry out home invasions to get some more free food we are supposed to welcome them and gibbs them dat food? If these parasites are terminated while committing robbery, home invasion, rape, car jacking, it would serve them right. And as an excellent bonus to the producers of our nation, they and their parasitic bastard ghetto children would no longer need the federal government to extort money from our pay checks to feed them. Time to derail the gravy train, free men and women work and provide for their famlies and themselves.
                    People who feel entitled to my hard earned money are less than nothing, and should rioting occur be terminated
                    as useless eaters. No man is entitled to the fruits of another mans labor. Now I do no begrudge helping the sick, elderly, military vets….but people who just dont want to work and have visions of taking that I have worked so hard to acquire, should be terminated.

                  • There is an enormous moral difference between (a) reluctantly killing someone in self-defense and (b) “happily” killing someone.

                    Know the difference.

                    What stupendous hypocrisy then to chide others about “hate.”

                  • For Only Truth…

                    You know…if you ask your Doctor….he will be glad to adjust your medications for you….and while your there you might want to ask him/her if you could possibly get a script for some ” DAMN REALITY PILLS !!! ”

                    Now go back and finish watching ” WrestleMania !!! “

                • Went in to Big-5 today for some new running shoes. Was surprised to find they had all kinds of ammo. Bought a couple of boxes of 5.56. Next thing you know they will have .22 which they did.

                  • John did you get that red thumb for buying running shoes or buying ammo? Makes me scratch my head! Trekker Out. Confused!

              • America is dying because the banksters that run this country want it to die!

                The Fascist at the FED have inflated (printed) so hard and fast in the past few decades that the economy will never recover.

                The USG is in the process of destroying what is left of both industry and civil society with a flood of authoritarian regulations.

                The “War on Terror” is a “False Flag” intended to justify the governments “Jack Boot” and the rapid deployment of a full-blown “Police State.”

                Move past the “how” has America declined, to the “why,” and it’s clear that Americas’ destruction is by design!

                But in the meantime… FSA… FSA… FSA.

                • They don’t just want it to die. In their minds it MUST die to achieve their goals.

                  They don’t want it to die, they want to kill it.

                  • They want to grow their own food and bury their own turds? I hope they have fun working for themselves.

              • Nice post, shopping oriented… but at least it had some content.

                Anyone living near the coast it would be wise to learn how to harvest salt from the sea. (evaporation)

                • Radioactive fukashima salt? Are you insane? Why do you think all the marine life is dying, starfish, all tuna has radioactivity, etc. If you want to mine salt do it inland from a dried seabed.

                  • Ya those dry sea beds are all over the place right?

                  • Radioactive Fukashima Salt…man I know thats serious but that made me LOL for some reason.

                    Perhaps it was because the idea of making it came from Peterson/Trent.

                  • Well, you can mine all you want under Detroit. One of the largest salt mines in the world.

                    If you can get past the rioters…..

                    And BTW the Fukushima radiation in the ocean is so small as to be almost below the detection threshold, so stop it already with the fear-mongering.

                  • Also a great many oil wells bring up brine. Sometimes all they get is brine.

                  • You might want to actually do some research Coach. Or don’t and just chow down on seafood. Go to the all you can eat seafood bar. Have a crab salad and a nice big tuna filet. Good luck!

                  • You are delusional unless you live in Japan within fifty miles of the reactor fail. I bet you believe in man made globull warming too.

                  • I read research by real scientists, not stuff on Alex Jones.

                • Any bets that KCF shows up with a news story about bees?…..

                  • Any bets that you might not suck on one but you would surely put it in your mouth and roll it around some.

                  • LOL….. Good one!

                  • hope so !!

                  • Did you not meet your government quota on trolling posts last month and get reamed for it? Is that what all the posts today is about? meeting the quota?

                    Seriously put down the keyboard before you hurt yourself and go back to your World of Warcraft, I think your character is dying from your neglect. Hurry up, go on, play until dinner when Mom calls you up from the basement. Go on, streetlights aren’t on yet, you might have time to play outside in traffic first.

                  • Pekerson any man who talks to a lady the way you do is no man. I bet your mom is real proud of the douche bag that she raised. Whether or not your right or wrong on the subject you should still show some respect. You are a little man.

                  • And for the 8 folks that thumbed me down…. well apparently your minds were in the gutter as I was referring to Tootsie Roll Pops.

                • Take a hike,you take up oxygen that better people than you can use Peterson

              • Tidbits from my internet research:

                Antidote for pepper spray:
                DON’T RUB IT IN – it is oil based and rubbing it makes it hugely more miserable and long lasting.

                Remove contacts and throw away, if wearing.

                If you have several gallons of whole milk available you can cool skin/eyes with it, although this does NOT remove the burning oil.

                Rinse skin and eyes copiously with huge amounts of 1/4 Dawn detergent mixed with 3/4 water. Will have to rinse for 10 minutes or more. Have also read that you could use baby shampoo (sounds more comfortable but it is not going to have the oil-cutting power of Dawn). Just rinse and rinse, do not rub or scrub.

                EMS apparently also uses 50% liquid Maalox with 50% water (not recommended for us regulars for some reason, will research).

                There is a commercially prepared towelette called Sudecon
                available that promises relief in 10-15 minutes.

                If you know you are going to be caught out in the riot, wear face mask/shield or at least goggles, even some swim goggles. Best would be a formal gas mask (which you can get on Amazon surprisingly reasonable, Israeli type for $25 to $40).

                Bandana or wide brimmed hat will provide some protection from spray short term, or pull neck of you shirt up over your face.

                Get out of clothes as soon as reasonable, ideally wear lots of layers so takes longer for the oil to soak through. Wash clothes separately the first time.

                Tear gas can be neutralized by breathing through a bandana saturated with cider vinegar, but you have to re-wet it periodically as continued exposure neutralizes the vinegar. Or you could just use a water-saturated bandana, per some sources.

                Is is tear gas or pepper spray? They kind of do the same thing, pepper spray appears to be more misery causing. Clues could be that tear gas comes after a big boom as it is dispersed like a grenade. Pepper spray comes from cannons and hoses and hand held devices. Best I can tell, anyways.

                I read once where stick deodorant applied to the face would protect the skin from the pepper spray but I cannot find that information again, so who knows.

                • If they use CS on you, your eyes will involuntarily close, exposed skin will burn, especially if sweating, and you will probably vomit.

                • Flush eyes with water——-continuously——-do not rub—pat face. One of the ingredients in OC pepper spray, is the pepper in tabasco sauce on your kitchen table.
                  Will clear your nasal congestion.

              • B.I. I’ve been looking into pure sulfur. It seems to have a lot of uses. It’s an ingredient in Epson Salt, it’s used as an insect repellant, can be used on chiggers, ticks, fleas. Good for the garden, can control the fungus that infects some garden plant like zucchini and squash, good as a medicinal product for treating many skin ailments and there’s a human grade sulfur that can be ingested that you can give to your farm animals to treat some issues and to help with digestion.

                • critical ingredient for black boom powder too…..

                • Rick,
                  The fungus on squash is powdery mildew, and it can be treated with milk diluted with water, foliar applied. this is one of the most effective treatments, and prob easier to find.

                  • Don’t get the plants wet at night and this will not happen as often. Overhead watering is asking for problems especially late in the day where plants get wet and stay wet.

                • Do you spray the salt on the plants or put it around the plants. I had that problem with my zucchini this year and it killed them all and did not know what to do for them. Thanks a lot for the info.

              • BI, good afternoon, sir, and once again I wholeheartedly agree with your post. braveheart

              • I have a 12 page document saved and printed on 160 uses for coconut oil and that does not even include burning it as a lamp fuel.
                I also have 25 uses for raw apple cider vinegar.
                And the uses for baking soda go on a long list too.
                Too much to post here though…

                • apple cider vinegar rubbed on a burn/sunburn does wonders to soothe it and to stop blistering/peeling

                  • A 223 to the skull will remedy the entitlement mentality,instantly. Cold and hunger can be useful means to make the lazy work. A 45 acp is most effective when dealing with home invasions and burglars,(one application is usually all thats needed). When a hoard of ghetto rioters come to seize all of the things you have worked for a riot control shotgun is most effective at quelling rioters. Large dogs are a time honored remedy as sensors of looters as well as,(depending on the hound),the ability to chomp a looter into full retreat. Chomped looters do make a horrid amount of dries and screams.
                    A flare gun works in a pinch to induce major heart burn in an attacking primate,(baking soda and rolaids provide no relief from such heart burn).
                    Wasp spray directed against the eyes of an attacker,will make the attackers eyes water for some hours,(however be prepared for invective and profanity form the attacker after use). A baseball bat,(my personal favorite a hard rock maple Louisville Slugger),works well in a one on one. Knee surgery or replacemnet is needed,(for the attacker),if one can use the baseball bat with proper skill. Many people overlook the usefullness of a domestic house cat, when a cat is thrown upon an attacker the cat lands on the attacker with its claws extended,thus buying you time to seek a better weapon.
                    (This remedy does tend to cause an attacker to use language that would make a water side bartender blush).
                    There are some products that will burn if ignited with a lighter while being sprayed. Please note that such a defense causes the defenders nose to curl from the ungodly smell of hair and skin burning.

                • Is it on pdf anywhere?

                • And believe it or not they help heal hemoroids…its true…fantastic to the mind but true 🙂

              • {{{Honey helps to neutralize the bee’s venom.}}}
                Also toothpaste rubbed on instantly takes out the sting.
                I don’t know why –but it works great and quickly.
                I also use it on burns–instant relief!!! 🙂

                • Bees venom is an acid…most toothpaste uses baking soda as a base(an alkaline)so it neutralizes the venom…so plan soda works good too as a paste…

                  • Thanks for that explanation!!
                    Toothpaste is easily accessible for kids’ burns and stings.
                    Another reason to stored baking soda. 😉

                • Toothpaste applied to a pimple when it’s just a raised red welt will help it clear up. Of course, so will Neosporin.

                  • Actually you can just shoot it off: 1. Estimate the size of the zit. .22,38,.44,.45. Take weapon and cover zit with hole in barrel, taking care to align hole with center of zit. 3. Shoot gun. NO ZIT. Improves IQ every time.

              • Also invest in a neti pot (4 to 6 dollars) for sinus infections. Just add some salt to warm clean water and irrigate the sinuses. Will remove all the nasty’s and dry them right up. Instructions on how to use one is in the package.

                • Make sure you boil the water first and then cool it to warm just in case there are any nasties in it. I used tap water once and got a worse infection because some bacteria had gotten in the local system. Others in the news have gotten the brain-eating amoeba that way.

                  • Infection very common in DC? Brain eating bug would explain a lot.

              • Be sure NOT to give honey internally to a child under the age of 1 year old. Their bodies are not ready for it and can cause serious health problems for them.

              • I bought seven quarts of what I assume is local honey from a road-side vendor. At least he had bee hives around his house. Commercial honey is usually corn syrup, so look for the local guys. The info on epsom salts was valuable and I’ll buy more.

                Is anyone ever ready for riots?? Braveheart, maybe. I doubt that I am, although our family has trained for this. Am sure it would be different in real life.

                BI, what do you have to relate on the Oklahoma earthquakes? My family back home has been rattled around and I told them I would ask. We’ve assumed this has been due to fracking, but many of the fracking companies have pulled out and the incidence is less than it has been, but the quakes seem to be increasing. Any input will be appreciated.

                • where I live, they would have to bus in some people as there isnt enough population. Or they could have a gun show to bait us, then start a riot by handing out Obama stickers. I could drive down to Spokane which is about 3 hours away to watch the riots. Coeur d alene has a excelent sporting goods store I would stop by on the way back and buy something I already have. I see they had a quake in Kentucky too.

                • Vicky, I hope your husband has a few guns and been stocking up on ammo plus training all of you in the use of those weapons. I’m not as ready as I’d like to be for riots but I’m still working on that. On the earthquakes, BI, I’d like to know also. My Dad is retired in the Twin Lakes area of Northern AR.

              • One thing about honey, some of what is sold as honey, is actually high fructose corn syryp, with enough honey in it, that it looks and tastes like honey.

                Cayenne pepper is good to have to use on meats, and vegatables that are questionable. Yes, it will taste hot, but the pepper should kill bugs in the food.

                About the article, yes, riots will come, it’s only a matter of time. Many people are stretched to the limit. many people who even prefer to look the other way, rather than pay attention to current events are starting to grumble.

                Today, I spoke with one of the last people I thought might be aware, tell me, he is really sick of paying for the welfare state, among other things. There are others who still pretend that as long as they look away, all will be well. Woe to them when the riots begin…

              • thanks again BI.

                youre one of a gem here at shtf!.

              • Maple syrup, natural scurvy fighter especially on those cold winter nights, thank you

                • All maple species can be used for syrup, but those with less sugar-rich sap will take longer to boil down. Just one of the things learned about forage when studying last year.

              • Right on!

              • Hey be informed,braveheart and durango kidd here is my 2 cents tonight, im 42 and been in the Navy spec war field. i have bad discs and took many pain pills over years, I mean a lot, enough to kill a normal person. I saw a show on dr oz dont watch but stumbled into it, castor oil really cheap at wally world, put that on your lower back or a injury really think, its very sticky but it does really releave pain! GOogle it. Also used as a anti-constitpation mainly and for hair loss. People put on eyebrows to thicken up.

                Was thinking this for a SWAT breach. Laugh if you want but would work, after they break the front door, they come in fast. What if you put rebar#10 size about 1-1/4 inch thick! like monkey bars in the narrow entryways. Have 2×4’s with holes and mount them up and down and nail in and run rebar(thick stuff) at waist level and by feet and alternate. They would have to crawl over or duck under and pull their weapon over etc. Get my point. stagger them. They will not be able to get thru the entryway for at least 15 sec or more. And a couple of years ago someone said to put marbles a lot of them all over the floor. Maybe do both. YOu would have a swat or police or national guard stopped in their tracks. YOu could set up a dummy in a chair with a gun to throw them off for about a sec as well. It all adds up quickly.

                I even thought if you lived in a house that had a basement 6-10 feet below to cut the rafters out underneath above would be 1/4 plywood with vinyl. Soon as they step on the floor they would drop 6 feet down. Another trap they would not expect. YOu could boobytrap a bunch of firework morters that shoot in a tube but if you light them and throw them on the ground they just hiss them blow big. Wire 10 of theose together in your house with gas canisters everywhere, that would be a distraction that no person could keep focus on. Just throwing ideas out there. Not saying to do this but just brainstorming. The idiots laugh all out want but real prepeprs you get what im saying here. If you can take someone out of synch in your home even with multiple people you would have a better advantage, that depends too and many other things of course. And most important, if this goes down do not engage these bastards at your house! Once they call radio they will bring more than anyone can handle or burn it down and all your preps will be gone right there and now if they are all in one location. spread stuff out if possible. Engage off your property if needed.

                • I think a full clip of 9n’s would slow them down a little and after that it wouldn’t matter. Pity the first one thru tho. Imagine them flipping a coin on your doorstep to choose the first one thru. Poor bastard….

              • I’ve now lived through 2 sets of riots – The Brixton riots & the more recent London riots of 2010.

                What I learned:-

                1. Ignore other people’s opinions and go with your gut as regards situational awareness. My dearest friend & I KNEW there would be riots in London that year, we had differing opinions in the January as to the month it would kick off, but when they came we both knew the signs & were ready to implement our plans.

                The days before both London and Brixton you could slice the tension in the air with a knife. This is why I’m telling you to go with your gut & ignore “logic”, which give you the false impression every thing is OK. Oddly animals can feel the tension too – watch for the moody moggy or suddenly tempermental dog. Ours became overly protective in the week before the London riot (a whippet is not a guarding breed by nature).

                I spent the riot period camping on a beach with my kid. BBQing crabs and drinking home made country wine is far preferable to being in the middle of a riot zone. However bugging out ONLY works before it kicks off, escaping a city DURING a riot puts your family at extreme risk.

                2. FIRE – every riot means that sadly, someone, somewhere loses their home to fire. If you do as we did & bug out, ensure you take documents such as passports & insurance, & property deeds with you.

                Ensure your home is as fireprotected as possible and that if the worst happens you have somewhere temporary to go straight away, a coworkers 4 blocks away is better than anything being out on the street during troubles with young kids. You can always move further away to your country cousins AFTER the major violence has died down.

                3. If you have to go out, then for some reason the period between lunch time and tea time is the safest time of day to move around. During the Brixton riots we walked to friends houses and collected their valuables during this time frame. I was only about 6, and there is no way my parents would have placed me at risk, yet my job was to wear loadsa jewellery under my clothes.

                4. When real civil disorder breaks out, know who you are dealing with. I was shocked as a child to see perfectly respectable church going NHS nurses sitting making molotovs in their living rooms. Gave me new respect for these ladies I can tell ya!

                5. The poshest neighbourhoods are NOT always the safest. During the London riots my own neighborhood was left alone. This is because the Afghans, Somali’s and the white working class stood guard together with their metal bats at either end of our high street. The scummy trouble makers went elsewhere to find easier pickings for their looting.

                Remember sensible minorities have EXACTLY the same goals you do – to keep their homes, wives and children safe. This is achievable even in the inner city if people work together.

                (Despite the ability of my area to work together I wasn’t the only woman/child combi that left early).

                5. Again situational awareness. Prior to the 2010 riots 300 young men had been killed in police custody in London that year. The mainstream news channels weren’t advertising this though!
                When the levels of injustice get too much for people to bear a wick is lit, it is then only a question of time before the pressure cooker blows. The Brixton riots were also caused by over zealous policing, racist authority attitudes in all walks of life. People were living in such hovels, that they didn’t mind if they burned to the ground!

                Be very aware of the REAL news in your locale. Has there been one too many cases of police oppression recently for your liking? One too many gangrapes or cases of knockout nearby? Often local official news stories do not cover what’s really happening so keep your ears to the ground across ALL segments of your local population (so chat to people who do not attend your church, go to your kids school etc,) Don’t live in a bubble, often local tradesmen, bars and shopkeepers are a good source of “the word on the street”.

                Many rural areas have a problem with what I’ve heard described as meth heads and pill billies on here, so don’t assume that because you are in the country things are totally safe. I’ve recently relocated away from Londistan, but in my new locale in certain neighbourhoods there is a heroin problem, something that has led me to reject a couple of otherwise very nice homes. Obviously estate agents etc don’t advertise this, you have to work it out for yourself.

                Don’t assume that even the nicest area is totally immune. One bad family or small group of hoodlums can ruin your peace of mind.

              • My husband works for a small company that builds bee houses. The business is booming. We’re storing honey too. My daughter got a bee sting last summer. The first thing I did was put honey on it. Pain was gone in a few seconds, swelling, and she was back to normal within minutes. Honey is very potent.

                Thanks for the info on epsom salt. I’ll be getting this as well.

              • Buy only raw honey from a local or regional source.
                The mass produced and brand name stuff is blended from global sources with little regard to pesticides, herbicides, gmo’s, etc. Think China.
                Find and get to know your local beekeepers! They’ve suffered greatly of late with all of the challenges bee colonies have been facing, and will appreciate your business.

            • Exactly!

          • Remember, they have billions of rounds…But I bet between all the gun owners of America, we got even more rounds than they do.

            • There is no reason to think that America could forever avoid the riots that have been part of Europe for a long time, but I disagree with the author that they will be happening outside the front door of those who don’t have side walks.
              GET OUT OF THE CITIES!!!

              • Yep,, too much concrete

                • Too many people with shit for brains too!
                  If we are having riots in our area, we got bigger problems, were nowhere near a town and even the town were close to is puny and the only riots thell have is at the supermarket! All one of them!

                  • Kulafarmer, I’m with you, but if I had to go upAgainst one of these jack boots. It looks like from the pic’s they have all the gear, I dont know if its all bullet Proof like the Turtleneck, but think I would just Physically take him down and try to brake his arm on the way down, then make him wish he woulda called in sick. These guys cant move with all that crap on.

                  • The idiots and even some of the smart one in certain cases will riot walmart first in huge numbers before they start robbing people. Usually thugs are thinking to take out where all the stuff is a guarantee like these places or big businesses or close to where they live possibly first before they get desperate and attack your home. It won’t be the first day of looting I would say. If you need to get things for yourself,not saying to do this at all or don’t want you to but remember to bring a heavy duty crowbar and a hammer if you need to pick up medication. Pharmacies tend to not leave the good stuff on the shelves. There will be controlled 3 drugs like vicoden on the shelves in most states and all blood pressure and antibiotics. amoxicillian is a good broad spectrum drug that takes care of many infections and doxicycline is another good one. The narcotics will be usually locked out of view like oxycontin, morphine,hydromorphone fentyl and ritalin and adderall which are stimulants that hit the same receptor sites as cocaine, in ADD people they speed up the brain to actually slow it down to normal focus in people with it, people that dont have it will experience increased energy and motivation with it in fatique conditions or lack of motivation.

                • VRF

                  I befriended a contractor from Louisiana that was working in an oil refinery in the north east. He said, “The problem is concrete”. “In New York City there is all concrete and all problems”. “Here there is some concrete and some problems”. “Back home there is no concrete and no problems”.

                  Interesting analogy.

              • Amen Pastor,
                Get out now. Run. Flee. No matter the cost, make it happen before its too late. The city is a giant gulag once it starts, no one in no one out. Food water heat all gone in seconds. Gangs, extortion, kidnapping, rape and on and on it goes. Or “shelter in place” like a good little commrade. Can anyone believe that the very city that heralded Paul Revere and the famous Tea Party was placed under marshall law without so much as a squeek from anyone in opposition. Nope they all went out with thankyou signs and cheers, “oh thankyou so much for placing us under marshall law and killing the bad muslim” good greif people wake up. Nothing spells hopeless quite like the battered wife that claims “he can change”. He aint gonna change, hes going to kill you one day and everyone will have seen it comming except you. Get out now, sorry for the rant.


                • Boss Hog – Please, it is Martial Law not marshall law.

                  • Oops my bad thanks for the correction

                • Yep. The cities will be turned into districts just like hunger games, once all the rioting, pillaging and killings are done, and everyone left is whipped into submission.

            • Keep in mind the Largest Army in the World is the American Hunter. 600,000+ Deer Hunting Permits sold in Wisconsin Alone on an Annual Basis. And They/We are all familiar with stalking throug the woods and taking long range shots 300+ yards away. I fact I bagged one at 365 paces from the one rifle shell on the ground to the gut pile I left there, after I dropped the Buck at morning’s dawn. lol

              • 365 paces….for me thats about 365 yrds…I say yhat because I killed doe years back with a 30-30 Winchester 94…170gr bullet as I recall…anyhow iron sights and only one shell to my name(hey we were poor) I held right on her back as she trotted off at a 45* angle to me and fired…she went down with a severed spine…finished her with a rock as I recall…years later I was given that rifle…next to my 10/22 I use it most and it still reaches out and connects…figure one day itll be dopes instead of deer but itll still bring em down….got ALOT more shells nowdays… 🙂

                • forgot to add that I paced it off and it was 365 paces from where I fired to where she was…not a super long shot but decent at the time…

            • They are trained, work in teams, are always awake since they sleep in shifts and we have to leave to go to work etc. They get paid to be assholes and fuck people and things up. They will always win in the long run. The best that can be hoped for is to make them hurt a lot. I would just as soon never find out first hand about this stuff.

          • You nailed it. Wish it didn’t have to be, but the sooner the better as far as I am concerned.

            • From Mac’s intro,
              “…workers…experiencing more difficulty with making ends meet, it is only a matter of time before people snap.”

              Unfortunately many are already in survival mode. Many are living off their preps just to survive. Every day that passes we lose any advantage that we may have had and the opposition grows, on our tax dollars. Some people say we need to wait, the time is not right, more people need to awaken.

              The problem is that they WILL out wait us, if we don’t start taking action NOW. I hope that I am wrong, but they have had this plan in motion for decades in not centuries. We have only began to become aware of it, in mass, this last decade due to proliferation of information. The mass of the future generation is brainwashed. This rests upon our shoulders.

              • plan in motion for decades IF not centuries

                • Educate the children or lose the war.

          • Hopefully the American people will wake up to the criminal Bankster cartel of mass destruction that controls or manipulates the governments on every side of any war or trade agreement/disagreement leading to war. We have to remember that it was the bankster cartel that got Nixon to start trade with China, gave them MFN status and drafted the laws that favored companies off-shoring of their operations, building up their economy to the detriment of the American worker who was now competing with slave labor. They also got Ted Kennedy to push the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 that further increased the labor supply in the US, stagnating wages and increasing the Democrat marxist voting block that made it possible for a Marxist like Obama to be elected president. This massive foreign invasion has fundamentally changed America for the foreseeable future and there seems to be no end to the invasion with both parties supporting it, claiming that we are a nation of immigrants, when in fact the colonial Americans had been here some 200 years prior to the American Revolution and had lost any identity with the European countries from which their ancestors came. And up until 1965, had very limited immigration by comparison and a very unique culture of limited government and individual freedom.

            Riots hell, more like the New American Revolution.

        • The EBT payments will not stop until America is a socialist communist country. Then they will stop because the fools will no longer be needed.

          • They stopped for 8 hours on 10-12-13 in 16 states and videos of the chimp outs show us what we can expect.

        • Talk about stirring up the Commandos…. My Lord! LOL

          • Yep. Just remember, todays comment, tomorrows history. For everyone but the NSA. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, Para bellum!

            • Today is gonna be another day where everyone beats their chest and talks about buying more food… Oh Joy!

              • Today I’m going to beat on my chest and buy more food!

                • Peterson’s Gay Boyfriend???? I thought Peterson was dating Anderson Cooper!!!!

                  @ Paterson. YOU SLUT. Now we know where you live and what you do for living…..How is managing the bath houses pays these days in San Fran?

                  Nancy loves you btw. Keep voting for her.

                • today I’m going to say that Peterson loves Obama.

                • A nap sounds good. Keep it simple.

                • Lol. Whoever came up with that is hilarious!!!!

              • Oh, Look honey. They are burning down the Court House!

                If you are already home. STAY HOME.
                Gear up and Get Ready.
                Every thing outside your Home is a potential Threat.
                If you engage. Let them Have it. Otherwise keep at the ready.
                Know that Tears Gas and Stray Bullets can be a problem.
                Fire has no boundaries.
                Be mindful of Home invasions and other crime.
                Listen for barking dogs, gun shots, people screaming, breaking of windows in homes or car alarms.
                Large crowd gathering in your neighborhood and running amuck.
                Smell of smoke or glowing flames in the distance.

                • Hey there ya go!

                  • Everything Peterson says is smart assed waste of time.

                • I will have my white flags and don’t shoot signs ready to go. Also I give up in English and Spanish.

              • @Peterson. And you do what? Just stay home, beat your meat and snipe?

              • @Peterson –
                Don’t like it, don’t read it. How hard is that? I’d think even you could understand that much.
                Maybe I’m wrong.

              • Today is another day we have to listen to your BS.

            • Guily by association?

        • SWEET! That will fill the fema camps and keep the thugs busy. Less of them to mess with me! I seriously doubt any riots will happen in my area (one of the reasons I moved here). I would estimate 90%+ of homes here have gunzz. Should make for some entertaining watching on you tube and boob tube. Here’s a cool plan to make your own cheap radar system… and a site to track radiation in your area… Looks like I better stock up on popcorn 😉

          • Thinker, if you see this post I would like to contact you to try out a radio experiment. I can lend you the equipment if you don’t have it. Let me know if your interested and want details, thanks

            • Genius; Sure i m game ! I have a tower and antenna that i got awhile back,but haven’t purchased the s.w. or ham base yet.So what do you have in mind?

              • I want to test something I read using a cb and a dipole mounted horizontally just off the ground. The idea is that it will reflect the signal straight up and bounce off the ionishere and back down in a 200 mile radius. It would only radiate in 2 directions forward and backward from the antenna position. This would make it good for short range comms and hard to triangulate. So we would both position the dipoles to radiate north and south. Supposedly the closer to the ground the better, just stretch it between 2 non conductive stakes. If you want we can talk on the phone, I thought of a way to give you my number without sacrificing opsec. I can call into the local radio station between 9-10am and advertise that Im looking for something (you probably know the am station) and say Im looking for a liberty tool 😉 this should work and be fun too! Let me know, I am looking forward to it! Thanks!

                • Genius: 104590 tra deo time?

                  • 10-4 around 930ish 😉

                  • Ok Thinker I called, it was the one for the 300winmag.

            • Genius & Thinker let us know how it works out for you guys I am looking for away to get in touch with my parents if shtf without traveling there if possible.

          • Better make it organic! Regular corn is full of GMO’s.

            • Define regular and organic. Most corn is hybrid and not GMO. Golden Cross Bantam is a long time winner. The organic crap is pathetic. Unless you live in the San Diego/So.Cal area bugs are a serious problem for crops and some kind of spraying has to be done.

        • Plutonium leaking from Fukushima is going into the Pacific ocean…. Lovely. (News in Two Minutes).

        • On line at BJ’s today, woman in front of me paid for her groceries with an EBT card. Only had $235 and change left on it so she pulled out a regular credit card to pay for the rest. Among items in cart, potato chips, soda, cookies, candy bars and ice cream. Glad to know she is having a party that I am paying for.

          • Tom I hate seeing those kind of people, mooching off our hard earned paychecks. Shame irreversable surgical sterilizations cannot be carried out when a career welfare moocher had thei first bastard child.
            And not just sterilize da baby momma, but da baby daddy too.

          • In some states child support is put onto those EBT cards as opposed to welfare payments. I personally think all fathers or Mums without custody) should feed their kids so feel this is a darn good idea that I wish the UK would adopt.

            If daddy is funding his kid’s birthday – good on him! If it’s the tax payer then hoiking up your judgy pants is justified ; )

            I’m saying this as one of the ways to spot civil unrest on the horizon in time to protect your loved ones, is to first realise that not everyone is as they seem on the surface. (eg gang members & the military).

        • i dont think so,..when was the last time you went to a mall,..70 percent of americans are obese,..and sick with diabetes,..they can barly walk,..forget about rioting

          • Went to Phils BBQ in Santee tonight. There were so many morbidly fat people there it as disgusting. Several women that must have been pushing 270 to 300 pounds chowing down on ribs and fries.

            • Sorry John, but man that sounds good. Love them ribs, just can’t afford them. Trekker Out.

        • SEMPER-FI Staff Sgt. The people of our Country don’t know what
          trouble is, but it’s coming this way !

        • World War One Hundred and Eleven? 🙂

          I’m with you though, EBT breakdown presents a serious threat and is held together by a very small collection of strings. We are still a long way from people having to pick off wild bands of looters from a sand bagged rooftop fighting position though. Let’s keep this all in perspective and remember that another “expert” predicted riots and food wars by April of 2013 (in 2011) and many of us thought it was happen WAY before that time…

        • Those billion rounds of ammo that the Homeland Security bought is not for us, it’s for the folks who are on the government dole. Just look at it as an extortion fee we paying to keep folks happy. Once the unemployment checks stop and reduction in the EBT dollars kicks in, watch for civil unrest. Also, look for Chicago to go bankrupt, now that Detriot has set a precedence. There’s going to be a lot of unhappy campers all over.

        • EBT nothing, wait until they don’t get it together on The Farm Bill. What good are EBT’s when a gallon of milk will be $8.00. Even on SNAP people won’t be able to afford food. So riots will happen because people aren’t prepared.

        • It goes a lot deeper than that. Detroit used to have a population of over 3 million , now its less than 800,000.It has lost its tax base because the people have emigrated tho the suburbs. Now the suburbs are going bankrupt as well! the real estate bubble and the collapse of 2008 created the urban decay and now here comes sub urban decay! Cities like Roseville, Eastpointe, Warren, hazel Park, or any city that borders Detroit are next!The rioting will be everywhere!NO MIDDLE CLASS CITY IS EXEMPT! Those who still see the writing on the wall have already made other plans! They wont be rioting,they will hunker down or they will flee to the country! Remember we will have a 24 to 72 hour window to make our minds up to implement our plans! We are at the apex of where and when potential energy becomes Kinetic energy! May God bless us all!

          • Dead on as regards Detroit. And Pontiac, and Flint, Lansing, Bay City, Grand Rapids, and-and-and. You sound like you’ve been there, Steve. I was, for 15 years.

            I got ready four years ago. Retired early and got the H#11 away from Michigan ASAP. No place in MI is safe, except the U.P. I fear for my many friends who are still there, but they have made their choice. So it goes.

      2. The way society is with the me first mentality, The cities will indeed be a mess! When availability of basic necessities are not there, as Celente says ” when people have nothing to lose they lose it.”God Bless, James

      3. Look, there is not going to be a peaceful solution to all of this nonsense (like an IRS tax strike) because people are just big pussies when it comes to doing the “right” thing, or doing the “easy” thing.

        People will most ALWAYS take the path of least resistance mainly because it is much easier to be lazy than it is to be smart.

        So, in my opinion, “WE” should either learn to shoot, or learn to run faster than a bullet.

      4. May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor – Part 1: The Reaping

        “The concentration of wealth in the hands of the few if achieved through superior work ethic and/or intellectual advantage would not cause discontent among the masses. Henry Ford, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were admired for creating businesses and employing people. They earned their wealth. Today, it has become clear to all critical thinking people that a small cabal of super-rich men constituting an invisible ruling class have captured our financial and political system. They are the .1% who run the Wall Street banks, control the Federal Reserve, buy off the politicians of both parties, and pay lobbyists to write the laws and tax regulations. They use their ill-gotten wealth to maintain the status quo and further pillage the wealth of the working class through financial market manipulation, man-made inflation and outright theft. As 47 million Americans depend upon food stamps and other welfare programs to get by and real unemployment exceeds 20%, the wealth inequality in the nation has reached levels only seen in 1929, prior to the Great Crash outset of the last Fourth Turning. The mounting anger and discontent among the former working middle class is palatable. Those at the top of the food chain have rigged the system and get richer by the day. They bribe the lower classes with welfare benefits, taken from the working middle class, in an effort to stave off riots in the streets.”

        lets repeat that last line
        “They bribe the lower classes with welfare benefits, taken from the working middle class, in an effort to stave off riots in the streets”

        • Satori, they can do that for only so long. guess what happens when there is NO LONGER a working middle class? BINGO! MEGA-SHTF!

        • Nuremberg 2… for genocide and economic crimes against humanity.

          Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

        • Well, yes, that’s what it’s come to.
          But if they hadn’t started giving ’em free money in the first place, then they wouldn’t have become addicted to it.

        • Henry Ford was reviled among the unwashed masses, at least the unionized ones.

          Middle class folks respected him, yes. He deserved respect. That was a man who made multi-million-dollar agreement with nothing but a handshake. (Harvey Firestone and Harry Ferguson come to mind.)

          Does Gates deserve respect? Judging by the way he stole the Apple man-machine interface, and a few dozen other deals he’s managed, I’d have him on a gibbet in a New York minute. Ditto Jobs, although you have to admire a man who can sell shiploads of crappy hardware, made by people who are little more than slaves, by doing nothing more than putting a shiny cover on it and using slick mind-control advertising methods. For three times the price of comparable performance, too.

          • From what Ive studied Ford was at least an honest man as you’ve eluded to… Bill gates is anything but a good man…look what hes up to and been up to in the eugenics/birth control field for starters…look what his second so called green revolution working with gmo in africa has done…monsanto was on the rocks and he bailed them out by buying in big time and on and on and on…ya Bill and Malinda are definitely NWO…

      5. @ Silversax and Barncat

        I read a couple articles ago where the usual Jew haters were on the attack against you and others. Just wanted to let you know I agree with you POV and if there behavior continues, it will hinder the growth of this sites message.

        I’ve basically quit posting here because I don’t want my IP address associated with their KKK hate. I told me brother about SHTF and expalained it’s a good site if you can get past the nazi comments…. He later agreed. FYI I’m not Jewish and have maybe met 2 in my life.

        Lets see, you guys hate: Jews, Blacks, people that understand the Bible, Mexicans etc.

        Grow up! The world is what you make it and blaming others you have never met is childish. You get what you work for in this world. Ever think those your jealous of got where they are because they earned it?

        FYI: The holocaust did happen

        • Yeah, I don’t get all the Jew haters. I guess some people just have to hate someone, but wouldn’t it be better to aim it at the criminal cartel that deserves that hatred rather than a whole group of people that have nothing to do with anything? I bet they don’t hate all white people just because some of them are also in the Bankster cartel.

          • @Warriorclass

            I believe it’s one of those situations where someone told them something that one guys uncles brothers son lost his job because a Jewish company bought out their corporation.

            And a black dude married his daughter.

            The hate they speak stems from fear and fear is a weak emotion. So who’s the sheeple in this equation? The one’s that read 40 paragraphs of hatred and then stroke each others ego for another 100 posts.

            • Yeah , A lot of mis-directed hate that sure could go to a good cause.. Like a Revolution

            • A few days ago I posted this, from Eric Hoffer’s “The True Believer”. Hoffer was writing in 1949, and his basis of experience was the Nazi movement, still a dripping, bleeding memory, and the Communist movements appearing in the USA and Europe.

              “Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life. Thus people haunted by the purposelessness of their lives try to find new content not only by dedicating themselves to a…..cause but also by nursing a fanatical grievance.”

              Boy that set the neo-Nazis on the forum off! Let’s see if we can go for an encore!

          • “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.”

          • Most of them are shills and disruptors who do it for various reasons. Since sites like these are classified as hate sites those posts are saved and will be used at a later date if the hate speech laws ever get to that point. Anyone who advocates certain things better remember what happened to Tom Metzger when some moron blamed his actions as being influenced by something he had read on Metzgers site.

        • You can’t let it bother you, Indy. Gotta have a thick skin. But I’ll defend the people of God every time.

          • I don’t let it get to me. I just don’t pull up this site on my IP address at home.

            The reason I come to SHTF is to conversate with like minded people. I don’t think some understand that every word we speak and type on her is being read by someone who wishes to do us harm. We must use our energy on positive issues instead on spreading a hate message to outsiders.

            • Indy, this is just the reason a Christian should never use this forum to (argue) the Bible or Christianity. Trekker Out. Deo Vindice!

              • Nothing wrong with the debate, as long as you remember who your friends are when SHTF. Like I said, you have to take the attacks and insults with a grain of salt.

            • How ya doing on the firearms end Indy? Anything new? I haven’t bought anything since the new law in MD went into effect on Oct-1st. Getting ready to unload a couple of “safe queens” onto to gunbroker and buy some more silver. I did pick up another 10/22 Ruger (Mannlicher stock) off gunbroker. I have a slight fetish for .22 rimfire and own several long guns and handguns. I always say, “Give me a .22 and a .308 and I could could kill and eat half o’ hell.

              • PO Pat

                Bought a AR a couple months ago and got to shoot it once so far. Other than that, no new toys to report. The wife got me a nice tactical scope with a lazer for Christmas. Been buying ammo like crazy but had to slow down with all the Christmas spending.

                Maybe one day I’ll get a 10/22 but with the price of 22 long, I’ll wait and see what happens. I think my next purchase will be a 308 bolt action.

                I’ve been trying to size up the men in my neighborhood to see if we could actually make a fighting force if we had to. I think we have about 10-20 that could fight if forced too. But you never know how people will act when SHTF.

                I gave the guy 2 doors down some de-icer the other day and it turns out he’s in the military. He will be a nice add to the group hopefully, but I never really bring up prepping because you can’t always trust people that close to you. I usually just talk guns and keep it chummy.

                • That’s smart, but if he’s a shooter/gun collector, odds are he’s a prepper, or at least sympathetic to prepping. Invite him to go shooting a couple of times, and when you’re sure of him, ask him about his preps.
                  By the way, Indy, was it you who ordered the JustWater purification system, or am I thinking of someone else?

                  • @SILVERSAX

                    I haven’t bought a water purification system yet. I have a lot of water reserves and figure my land sits very low on the water table so eventually I could dig a well in SHTF. I plan to get something soon but funds are tight right now.

                • Nah, save up and get a Marlin 39a. I sold my 10-22 a year or two ago, after years of fussing with it. I did finally get it down to almost as good as the Marlin is right from the box. Besides, semi-autos induce ammunition waste.

                • With that many people. Watch a movie called Dead and Breakfast. A survivalist chick makes a 12 Gauge Bazooka out of 3/4th inch pipe and some vice grips.

                  Not illegal to make your own 12 gauge one shot zip guns. As long as they are 18″ and not sold or given away. Post collapse, won’t matter.

        • While you fools are patting yourselves on the back for your tolerance of evil behavior, a small, but organized and powerful group is committing genocide and economic crimes against humanity. What you are are tolerating is genocide, usury, fiat currency and fractional reserve banking fraud, economic crimes against humanity. Proud of yourselves for that?

          Stop lying. We judge people by their actions. We do not hate people for their skin color or the name of their tribe. We hate genocide, Master Race creeds, and economic crimes against humanity.

          Nuremberg 2 !!!

          Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

          • AMEN.

          • I wish I could believe that you mean that, JQP, but your earlier rant lead me to believe that you’d murder my doctor/artist/musician/professor/scientist Jewish friends as happily as you would Lloyd Blankfein.

            People like you are what destroyed the French Revolution.

            • For over 1 year, Old Coach, you have seen me emphasize, “Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.”

              If you have difficulty understanding that, then it is best you look inside your own heart.

              As if the Judeo-Masonic “French” revolution was a good thing? raping and beheading cloistered nuns? murdering thousands of priests? neighbor falsely accusing neighbor to settle old scores? You cannot whitewash any of that.

            • Further, I have NOT advocated murdering anyone.

              I have advocated fair trials and just punishments for genocide and economic crimes against humanity.

              That is not murder according to any honest moral code.

      6. All the jobs “created” this year, were either part-time in private industry or government hiring. Part-time workers don’t buy homes or new cars. Part-time workers require money from the taxpayers in the form of one or more of the social programs. This problem is increasing every day. The republicans indicated that they are going to go along with Obama on an increase in the debt. We are not even paying all the interest on the debt. The government indicates, by it’s actions, that they will spend until the system collapses. Slow death. But death just the same.

        • maudy,
          Did you see that story about how much the US Gov borrowed the first 6 weeks of fiscal 2014? From 1 October to 14 November, it was 1 trillion, 14 billion in new bonds, notes, and bills. Of that, 880 billion went to pay off newly-matured obligations that had just come due!

          Borrow a trillion to pay off almost-a-trillion…in six weeks! Boy are we glued, screwed, and tattoed!

          • A trillion here, a trillion there. Pretty soon we’re talking about real money.

      7. My advice is stay as far away from a riot as possible. For when this starts, not much will stop it. The tinder box is dry, fuel is pouring on day after day. Now all that is left is a spark…

        • Logicrazy

          Hell, I thought I’d jump right in.
          I’m really pissed off and don’t
          want them to have all the fun. I
          havn’t thrown a brick in a long time.

        • Thats reason #1 I won’t live in the city. It won’t be the hard working tax payer who has the most reasons (and should be rioting) to riot, it’ll be the entitlement/welfare recipients pissed off cause their EBT card doesn’t work anymore.

          I was young during the Detroit riots, but I remember my Dad taking us out to our camp about 40 miles from the city. The national guard will come in and have their hands full of the crap in the city, and unless they (rioters) defeat them, they’ll never get out to the country. If the NG does get beat down, it’ll still be days, maybe weeks before they flow into the country side. By then we’ll be locked and ready to rock ’cause we’ll know their coming.

      8. “America is like a pressure cooker”, “We have 49% of the population not paying taxes, 23% of the population not only not paying taxes, but being paid to live here in the U.S”, ” Our welfare and warfare state is robbing the middle class, and the entitlement ponzi-schemes are robbing our young of opportunity.”, ” nearly 48 million people on government food stamps, long term unemployment near records, and real unemployment closer to 20%, anger and frustration is building up.”, “A recent poll by ABC News and the Washington Post revealed that the dissatisfaction with the U.S. government was at 80%”.

        Me; “Doctor, it hurts when I do this.”

        Doctor; “Don’t do that”

        Seems simple.

      9. After watching the latest budget “deal” in Washington
        everyone seriously has to start questioning whether there is an “agenda involved” or simply self-serving politicians using their time in Washington to make a fortune.

        We see one opportunity after enough wasted and as both Red/Blue agree to business as usual. With each opportunity wasted more debt is created nothing is seriously addressed.

        The economic train wreck is well underway and its business as usual.

        Too many coincidences

        • NONE of the so called “representatives” get what budget means.
          They dont understand that you cant spend more than you make and if you beat a slave too much they stop putting out! Personally, im done putting out.

        • I’m with you, Idaho. Watching our “representatives” is truly amazing. I’ve personally sworn off voting. Doesn’t matter who gets in there, they just further the NWO agenda while enriching themselves.
          There’s nothing wrong with “government” per se. The Bible speaks in favor of government to provide peace and security. But this government is deliberately damaging the nation.

        • After the Ryan/Boner thing today it is very apparent that there is only one party mainly the fascist party tied to big business.

      10. Race rioting happens all too often and thats the first thing most people think about here in the US.

        But wait til the govt cheese is gone, then all of the freeloaders will be pissed. Itll be 48 hours before all hell breaks loose in the citified zones. Aint it great that the govt is running the drills so theyre prepared and ready to control the riots.

        Anyone know if the bids are out for mass body disposal yet? Theres so much training, ammo and military equipment distributed, where will the dead bodies go? Any military centers building large crematoriums yet?

        • They won’t be burying everybody in traditional graves with all the attending ceremony, that’s for certain. Maybe they’ll give us cement over-shoes, Chicago-style, and sink us in the Marianas Trench. Gotta give all them Sealift Command salvage ships something to do!

        • Open pit..

          Back-Hoe and a few hours

          • I’ll bring the hardwood, pig and ‘shine.

            • Now were talkin’

              • Gawd Almighty I can smell it cookin’!

                • Cook it REAL good, now. You gotta assume they’re carrying some mean diseases.

      11. don’t worry! we’ve still got a Trillion dollars each and every year for war and the military industrial complex. that, I’m sure, makes all of us good citizens feel cool, calm and collected. don’t worry, be happy! right?

      12. “Middle class” is just some name made up within the last hundred years or so. For thousands of years it was only the “working class” and the “privileged”.

        Things are reverting back to the norm.

        The “wanna be rich” middle class will again be the working poor. Their lifestyle has only been a product of cheap hydrocarbons and the “Industrial Age” economy.

        The Industrial Age, exponential growth and the middle class are OVER. Cheap oil is gone.

        Back to work serfs.

        • I hear ya but the big farms are corporation owned now.

          We be screwed.

          Move BBQ sauce into #1 prepper item.

        • Middle class was nice….

        • Actually the post WW2 middle class had it pretty good. First time in history that the peons got a shot at living well as group. Then the stupid, greedy pols and business types hosed the deal. The cold war never ended just the tactics changed as those who think they will get all the marbles will find out as the end game reveals itself.

          • John W.

            The best year to be born in the US was 1936. By the time you realize that there is a great depression it was ending. Your too young for Korea and too old for Vietnam. If you can walk and chew gum add and subtract and read and write a little a good job(s) were a given. If you put the stock page up and threw darts at it and bought anything it landed on you did well. By the time it was all coming to an end you got your time in with a decent pension.

        • JRS

          WW2 pretty much set the stage for the post war US boom. We had 90+% of the worlds gold, self sufficient on oil and actually an exporter while the other hemispheres are destroyed taking two decades to effectively rebuild.

          It was more of an aberration a historical quirk of fate.

      13. I’m preparing for a Crumble, not a collapse. Many preppers stock up food and hope that when the S hits the fan that they will be able to survive. BUT, the good news is that if the S truly hits the fan, there may be no electricity but there will also be no mortgage and no taxes.

        But what if it takes the next 15 years for society to crumble? Never underestimate the power of the machine to perpetuate itself, or the desire of the masses to keep the machine going in any way possible.

        What if we have to defend ourselves, but still have to worry about the cops coming afterwards?

        What if we lose our jobs but the banks still exist? What if we have no money but the parasites still try to take more through taxes and other fees?

        That may be one of the worst case scenarios besides nuclear. At this point, a massive solar flare would be a blessing for humanity because it would be a clean break with industrial civilization?

        So what you can to learn skills for the new world that is coming, and use what land you have to grow food and livestock. Pounds and pounds of food and rice won’t cut it in a crumble. You will need to be able to grow food and sell it. Food is inflation-proof.

        • Obama will have reduced this nation to the status of Cuba by the time he leaves office. Already the congress is irrelevant and as he is packing the courts due to Reid and his removing the filibuster power we will have a single branch govt. of, by and for Obama. Hail Ceasar.

      14. Riots. Don’t you just love them?
        Political, Financial, Food, Sports, Racial and those who want to cause mayhem and steal merchandize. About as organized as Occupy Wall Street. Brings out all types including the Fire Bug.

      15. I know there will be one group pissing in their pants when it goes down big time around them, and its not the preppers

        • I wouldn’t go telling yourself that! Totally the wrong attitude to have.

          • Ok

            • You don’t think you sounded like ” I got my buckets of chicken, I’m on easy street”.

              • Hahhaahah, yep..I probably did..and im not sayin’ why or who the group is I was talking about either , have you guessed who?

                • I don’t know, who?

                  • Yer supposed to guess who , dam another one that can’t follow directions?

                  • Do you know the 4 kinds of orgasms a woman has?
                    1: the positive orgasm.. oh yes oh yesss!
                    2: the negative orgasm… oh no oh nooo!
                    3: the religious orgasm… oh god oh godd!
                    4: the fake orgasm… oh peterson oh peterson!
                    ha ha 🙂

                  • OK OK 1 more… Peterson went to the proctologist,
                    Doc: ok I want you to pull your pants down and bend over this table..
                    Peterson: ok doc
                    Doc: Ok now I need to stick one of my fingers up your arse and see what the problem is..
                    Peterson: (thinking about it a minute) well gee doc, do you think you could stick 2 fingers up my arse?
                    Doc: well I suppose so, why do you want me to do that?
                    Peterson: I just want to get a second opinion 🙂

                  • VRF, my brother is just a useless troll; he doesn’t have any brains.

      16. those that think there can’t be any rioting in the U.S. streets can’t remember what happened after King was killed. Please for your sake do not believe it.

        • Hell just refer them to the videos taken on 10-12-13 when the food stamp card went down for 8 hours.

      17. This country has been building up many freeloaders and when the SHTF the riots are inevitable, civil unrest will take down all cities. We are already in a premature police state all it takes its civil unrest and martial law is going to be declared. If you have family in the country it would be best to network with them now and have a plan to bug out. All of the gun culture and preppers are going to know exactly what to do, can’t say as much for you liberals and city folk good luck and godspeed.

      18. When half of the people realize they don’t have to work because the other half will take care of them and the other half realizes it is no good to work because they will not receive what they work for, we are finished as a nation.

        • Worth thinking this through – will it be the non-working “looters” who break and riot, or will it be the producers who have been driven from middle class to lower class?

          The “new poor” played a large part in the early years of the Nazis. They were people who had been comfortable until Germany lost WW1. They remembered what had been taken from them, and they were seriously pissed. Some became Communists, some became Nazis, all wanted to regain their previous lives.

      19. Im waiting for these city pension deals to spark a riot

        It’s not the vision of a world-class city that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel typically likes to portray, Because Shitago, is looking more like Detoilet as each day goes by

        More teachers losing their jobs, thousands fewer police and firefighters on duty, less frequent trash collection and miles of potholed roads going unrepaired – all as property taxes soar.

        But that’s the scenario Emanuel and others have said could befall the nation’s third-largest city if the state Legislature – which passed a landmark measure last week to address Illinois’ severe public pension shortfall – doesn’t deal with Chicago’s own multibillion-dollar pension problem.

        • Shitcago public pension system is only 35 percent funded

          good luck with that

      20. I know that every time I hear obummer open his lying mouth, I feel like snapping. I’m not sure how much more shit I can take out of that SOB, before I snap. The lies are so blatant, yet NOBODY calls him on them—not even one person. You don’t even have to read between the lines now, IT’S ALL LIES FROM BEGINNING TO END. The shit keeps piling up deeper and deeper.

        The only reason I can fathom that that SOB hasn’t been sent to Guantanamo, is the entire congress HAS TO BE blackmailed out of their minds. The upper echelon of the military has been replaced with more obummer loyalists. The Supreme court is compromised.


        It’s all I can do to keep my blood pressure on the chart. I’ve never wished to see anyone harmed in my entire life—but I could easily make an exception for barack hussein obama…or soetoro, or whatever the fuck his name is.

        • Don’t let it but you too much! Stay focused on yourself

        • Trust me…I know how you feel…and it aint good!…deep breath…exhale…there,better?…me neither!

        • Nobody speaks out because they’ll forever be labeled racist. It’s my biggest pet peeve. Most blacks are extremely racists, simply by I stating that I cannot disagree with a person whose skin is a different color on intellectual grounds. Many believe and state If a white person disagrees with a person of a different color they must be racist. How freaking racist is that? I’m getting off my soapbox now before my blood pressure boils. I cannot even begin to start… guys don’t have enough time to read a rant of that magnitude!

          • Yep. My feelings exactly.

        • Just remember that Obama is merely the Mouth of Sauron. A useful idiot. There’s some genuinely evil people behind his pResidency. Saudi Islamists put him through college, remember?

          I keep likening him to Zaphod Beebelbrox, installed as President of the Galaxy not to wield power, but to draw attention away from it.

      21. Along with many things a riot could start over the littlest thing.
        What we watch last summer with the Martin case. Media tried to start a riot.
        EBT cards in Nov. If that wouldn’t have been fixed in two days we would have had riots.
        We are on the edge every day. There are no jobs, unemployment is going to run out on many in January, congress is talk about adding more time to unemployment checks. Congress will have to raise taxes more to pay for that. Who has the money to pay more taxes?
        Obullshit care is coming on line in January, and the 26 to 31 year olds are saying to shove it and they will pay the fine. I hope they wait until June 15th to pay it that will cause Obullshit care to collapse.
        There is no Farm bill Milk at $8.00 a gal. Food will go up at least 50% to 90% in coast. Yep that brings me back to EBT cards they are not going to get 6 bags of food they will only get 2 bags of food and when they start going hungry. Look for the riots to start.

        As for me I will get the call to go to another agency to back them up. Well Its going to happen. I’m going to stay home and protect my family and group. I live in the country and I don’t think its going to get to me like in Chicago and the surrounding large cities,
        But when the food and water runs out the Zombies and Leaches will attack.

        I have always said that TPTB wants that to happen. They want Martial Law, and the UN to come in and take over the country. If I’m right the PATRIOTS of my country will show them what is to be a TRUE PATRIOT!!!

        God Bless you and Keep you and yours in these times.


        • Barbed wire #2 prepper item.

          • Gotta get me some ASAP.

          • Prepper item—clear fishing line. Use for fishing, traps and concealment…it’s your imagination, use it.

        • I guess you missed the videos from 10-12-13 when the food stamp system went down in 16 states for 8 hours.

        • Good evening, Sarge, and I’m getting the same feelings about the 1st quarter of 2014 as you are. Robberies, muggings, and home invasions are already up to some degree in my area. First, they usually do at this time of year because of the holidays and second is because of the cut to the food stamp budget. We’ll supposedly have ‘govt. shutdown’ facing us again in February. Something is coming; I can feel it. I’m still prepping and hope you are also. God be with you and yours. braveheart

      22. “BUT, the good news is that if the S truly hits the fan, there may be no electricity but there will also be no mortgage and no taxes.”

        I wonder how the Romans gathered taxes with no electricity.

        • Believe it or not, people carried on their activities of daily living quite well before electricity was harnessed. They cooked, cleaned and bathed without hot and cold running water too. They ate just fine without big box stores.

          We don’t NEED any of that stuff, but we WANT it for the sake of convenience.

          Life isn’t always convenient.

      23. Almost everything in Singapore is being suppressed and controlled; so it is not surprising that observers have little or no idea about the diversity of Singapore life.

        I am a local Singaporean who has been jobless for quite some time. My close friend has been jobless for so many years. People I know are either unemployed or underemployed. The government and media continue to spin partial truths or disinformation to project positive image to the entire world.

        There is no doubt that common men (people on the street) like me, remain suffering with insanely high inflation and influx of foreigners and immigrants. We do not feel safe while in public transportation or on street. I do not know how long I remain jobless, but many of us feel disgusted by foreigners and immigrants who rob our jobs and peace in my country.

        • A Mr NUH..We are also being invaded by foreigners from the south with the help of our own politicians.

      24. Prepping for riots –
        For me, it all comes down to organization and cooperation. No one man can stand against a mob. He could take three or four with him, but the mob will win.

        So how to defend you and yours? In my case, I live in a typical middle-class subdivision in the suburbs of Atlanta. If it all came apart, I’d gather the men of the community together and try to start an organized patrol of our neighborhood. If we could get half a dozen guys on patrol at all times, I think we’d be okay. Since we’re in the south, I’d bet 99% of these people are gun owners and probably half are preppers, to one extent or another.

        Suppose a mob of, say, 100 men was working its way toward our subdivision. I think 30 – 40 armed men could hold them off. My personal choice is my Mossberg 500, loaded with buckshot, at about 75 – 100 ft. It’d take a hell of a determined looter to charge through that cannon blast. I’d hope to string out 10 – 12 groups of 3 men each along our subdivision’s boundary in the direction the mob’s coming.

        Can that many non-military men be organized? I don’t know. Everyone might want to be in charge. If it comes to it, it might be me at the front door and my wife at the back with shotguns. I hope not, because a little cooperation can not only prevent disaster, but make the situation livable.

        Having a cooperative attitude is the key. I’d be willing to submit myself to the orders of an experienced military or law-enforcement individual. But I’ve been studying basic military firefight tactics in case nobody else steps forward.

        • keep in mind, the rioters are broke, gimme-gimme, freeloading, Obama voters.. most rioters will not own guns, and IF they have one, it will be a 6-shooter or glock that

          honestly, I think 5 preppers could hold off a group of 100(they will scatter like cowards, and move to the next neighborhood). especially if you have a good plan for it.

          I plan on backing my truck into my garage(heavy duty grill guard facing outward) and holding my ground until I need to bust out of there. a group of 200 wont stop 6000 pounds of truck. (just DONT stop- like the trucker during the LA riots)

          • Agree totally – except for the part about Glocks jamming.

          • Studded tires help when the surface is slippery.

            • …and good shocks helps with the “bumps” in the road…

              • …and a good screen in the grill keeps meat bones and hair outta the radiator… 😉

                • Yup.

          • Some of the rioters will be highly organised, military trained gang members. DO NOT underestimate them!

            • Don’t even underestimate a moron—even they can get lucky once and a while.

          • My glock has never jammed. Probably the most dependable weapon I own. I did however have to replace some OEM parts to make it run better.

        • Silver Good idea.
          I would like to add just a little if I may.
          #1 fight your fight on your terms.
          #2 use a flanking maneuver. (remember you are fighting this on your ground, you know it)
          #3 Arm your women as you would the men. (only use lighter weapons). (ie) men with heavy rifles like the 7.62×51 and the ladies with 5.56 & 12ga.
          #4 1/3 of your units with 12 Ga. loaded with buck shot
          #5 have a second line of defence.
          #6 have a rear guard.
          #7 When they retreat don’t go after them. (There is a good chance that they will tell everyone how BAD ASS You are.)
          #8 Don’t waste AMMO
          #9 Keep good communication
          #10 You will have wounded. If they are yours you will have to take care of them. If they are the ZOMBIES, LEACHES, you will have to decide on what to do.

          Here is just 10. We need more info to stand up against the ZOMBIES, LEACHES.


          • Right, Sarge. I’ve found many websites that teach good, basic military defense tactics.
            Good point about the wounded.

            • Save a bunch of glass containers. One person with Molotov cocktails can hold off many.

              • sierra:
                Thanks for adding on to the list.
                That is why I put on the bottom for more suggestions.
                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

                • FYI the best bottles for M Tails are non reusable Beer Bott. Regular ones usually don’t break when thrown. Use a rolled up P Towel for a wick

          • Sarge, allow me to add something to #10. Of course, it’s right and proper to take care of your own wounded, but I would disregard the wounded of the other side. Remember, it’s the ‘other side’ who will approach having bad intentions toward you and your loved ones, so nothing is owed to the ‘other side’ except some hot lead. braveheart

            • Hog Splitter

        • Just think high powered rifles and guerilla tactics. Boobie traps etc. Never go face to face. Most people are way too stupid to fight anyone armed with a brain!

          • Genius:
            Thanks for adding on. High powered rifles will do well when you have long range shots during the day. You could have a couple set aside with night vision.
            Guerilla tactics are great Ideas day or night.

        • Silversax you’re living near a riot center. (Why are you there at this time)
          Your #3 prep item needs to be fire extinguishers. Rioters and looters make do with bottles and siphoned gas. You can figure it out from there. All the ammo in the world cant put out the fires theyll hurl your way.

        • @ SilverSax….Just remember ,a leader is elected, not the bully who steps up and says ” Listen guys .here’s what we need to do” ! So I guess it’s safe to say you don’t live in ‘Buckhead’ ?? With Atlanta being mostly Black and highly emotional people ,you may have your hands full !! Good Luck on that !!…….mm

      25. RE: The Photo of Police in Riot Gear above. I’d like to see the Cops in Florida try to Dress all up in those HOT Black Costumes, and stand in formation in the 90+ degree heat and sun for hours on end. It will be a waiting game, just be patient folks, as these clowns will eventually drop one by one, with heat exhaustion, and then we will watch flies eat them alive. Sounds like a YouTube vid in the making. Camera Ready!!

      26. Unemployment benefits are not going to extended again past the 26 weeks. It expires on Dec 28. That will put 1.3 Million people off the unemployed stats which will make the US employment numbers look better, In turn the FR will say “good. now we can taper back the 85 billion a month. So the Market will Correct itself.side note….I cant believe I let my son talk me into dumping 300$ for a new logsplitter engine (honda, Small Engine Warehouse) and I can split wood almost fast with a maul and dont have to hear that engine, move the wood to the splitter or vice versa and dump gas in it.

        • I hear ya on the log splitter, but to be honest there’s days I wish I had one. Same here, I use a maul with an 8lb sledge. At the end of the day I’m not good for much else.

        • Hold on to that hydraulic system—you can’t even begin to imagine the other uses it could have.

          • A lot of stuff I make is from other peoples “scrap”.

        • My 30 tonner at a tick over idle will split more in a day that you can do in a month… Stupid talk from you…

      27. I had some squirrels rioting outside my door. We had shortages of bird seed in our preps. They ate all the food and now want more. They’re pretty fat little things. I’ll bet they’ll do good with dumplings…

        • If you dye them white, you can pretend they’re rabbits.

          “Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!”

          “That ain’t no rabbit! That’s a white squirrel!”

          • Awesome index Max!

        • Squirrel fries up just like rabbit. In a stew, you’ll never know the difference.

      28. Peterson.

        So what should we focus on? I can relate there are things beyond my control. When there are plenty of assholes you have to put up with a lot of shit. My impact to change things by voting or organizing made no difference. I keep getting more shit piled on top of me.
        I figure with all the warnings I have given, “THEY” deserve what happens to them. I just want to stay out of the way while they get screwed and then adjust for the future. I don’t care if gas goes to $10 or food goes through the roof. Stupid Fuckers didn’t listen about NAFTA,GATT or WTO. Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations, Glass Steagall or Derivatives or Most Favorite Nation Status. Deficits Don’t Matter? A trillion here and A Trillion there.
        Bring on the riots. I don’t care.

        • Survive Its Death

        • Just because a situation might be beyond your control, doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to mitigate the situation. You might not be able to control the attack, but you CAN control your response.

          • sixpack.

            I agree. I like the, “Control your response” part.

      29. Do you think that when they cut the unemployment and EBT cards that I am going to fight to put them back on the take, with my tax money?
        I don’t think so.

        • Slingshot:
          Good point, When the riots start and it all goes to hell, Maybe we won’t have to pay any more taxes. We can only hope!!!!

          • SGT Dale.

            There are only three things I will get me off my dead ass and fight.

            One. They come for the guns.
            Two. Foreign troops on our soil.
            Three. Interment of US Citizens by foreign or domestic troops or Law Enforcement.

            • Slingshot I have one more
              Someone hurts any of mine.

              • Slingshot and Sarge, all 4 of those things will get me up to fight also. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • 5. They mess with Chocolate.

          • Why wait?
            I didnt cut my production for giggles.
            Gone Galt,

            • Don’t know about you Kula but since I cut back it seems Im working harder for less…you?

              • Working less, making nothing, just breaking even, life is good!

                • Work less for The Man, more for the self.

                • That’s IT !! I’m going on STRIKE for longer hours and lower pay !! HMmmm….I said that right , didn’t I ?? Yep!! Now I work 24/7’s ….24 hrs. a week -7 days a month !! And I can sit home and make NOTHING !!……mm


        Guillotine Crew.

        Razor sharp skills needed.

        Will need to be able to distinguish heads from tails.


        1.Whetstone and broadaxe (for breakdowns)

        2.Rope and stepladder (for overflow)

        Excellent wages in hard currency.

        Must be willing to relocate to the Potomac area.

        • ME ME! Have: Broadaxe, stepladder, 600ft yellow rough poly rope, black blindfolds, tar, feathers, lots of stuff and a whoopee cushion for fun during intermissions.

        • What do you think the paracord bracelets are really for?

      31. Ready,well as ready as will ever be though keep stocking on the smalls,they add up.Food/tools/camping and hunting /fishing gear,well placed home plus have friends for bolt holes,eh,could always use more supplies and knowledge but reasonably ready.Oh,and plenty of self defense items plus food for em!

      32. As someone said above, no one is ever ready. Just remember what you stand for and believe in when it happens because the line gets very distorted very quickly. Remind those that are with you as well. The absence or perceived thought of absence of order and wright and wrong can be tempting and dangerous.

      33. Winter is here. Hope everyone got their larder full.

        Just canned up a bunch of “Corbett beef” and pork this weekend. Hopefully there will be more where that came from this weekend.

        Lightly seasoned and breaded backstrap fried in some lard. mmm…mmm…mmm.

        Got two tons of nut coal and two cords of wood stocked up in the basement.

        The nearest sidewalk is five miles away. Let the riots commence. I’ll watch on teevee.

        • I love the smell of a freshly-delivered load of coal!

          • Happens every christmas huh? (sorry I couldn’t resist)..

        • Just finished up a hog…freezers overflowing and getting low on canning jars :0 put up some decent lard too…doing some more herb drying but Im running out of room for all those spices…what a wonderful predicimit 🙂 got another hog ready but no rooms she gets a reprieve for a few weeks….

          • Pork taste good but it gives me gas real bad. Even the dog gets up and leaves when I “accidently” rip one.

          • How do you put up lard? How long des it keep? Enquiring minds want to know!

            • Fresh unused lard will keep in a food grade bucket or lard can (if you can still find any). As long as you keep it cool, it lasts a long, long time. Mine lasts all winter in a “root cellar” room off my basement. It has never went rancid.

              If you keep used lard you need to refrigerate it. You can also divvy new lard up into smaller containers and freeze it if you have room. I generally don’t have room over winter in my freezer.

              To render lard you cook the fat and skin in a kettle and run it through a press to get your cracklins. REB probably has his own butcher shop since he raises hogs. I don’t, so I either help the Amish butcher or I buy my lard from them.

            • I put all the lardfat trimmings in a big pan and set it in the oven at about 275F-300F(gotta watch it too hot and the lard will be off color though still usable)…as it cooks the clear lard flows out the fat…when theres enough to pour off I do and then I run it through a good piece of cotton cloth(t-shirt is good)while its still hot I pour it into clean hot mason jars and seal(I dont press it)…after they cool they go to the root cellar and I keep some in the fridge…Ive had lard that was not sealed that was over 5 years old that was fine…cant say Ive ever had any spoil, wont say it cant but just use common sense as with any foodstuffs…sealed I reckon it would keep many years…mine generally doensnt get to get more than a couple of years old as we use it in everything and give some away to family…it isn’t hard to prepare and the fat(cracklins) that are left are tasty with some sea salt/pepper/cayenne…thanks for asking…hope that helps!

              JRS…wish I had a shop…naw my butchershop is a jinpole comealong setup in/under a maple tree…an old army field office table…a handsaw and some knives and steels…build a tent in this area and they tax/extort you so I make do with my hillbilly setup…works just fine and the meats just as tasty as any of the nice setups Ive worked in in years gone past as a meatcutter…main thing is keeping thing clean…aint that hard really

      34. Been ready 3 years now! But I don’t plan on protesting

      35. Geez …not again with the riots !!!!

        • Geez…not again with Rich99 criticizing everyone else instead of simply minding his own business and going somewhere else!

          • Is that the FREEDOM LOVING form of censorship ?

            • Don’t say what we don’t want to hear and IF you do …please go somewhere else ………FUCK OFF silver sax

      36. Lord prepare the crags in the mountains for those who you have chosen!
        Peace to those who are HIS. Hail Victory!

      37. Then there’s the “other” mob scenario – a few hundred thousand hungry people coming out of Atlanta for my food.

        That’s when the local sheriff needs to step up and organize patrols of the county line on a massive scale. There’s a scene in the book “One Second After” where the community has to fight off the thousands who are trying to invade their town.
        It would probably take thousands of people working together to keep out that big a mob.

        • @ Silver Sax…youll be fine…I doubt they will be leaving the city. Average car has a 1/2 tank of gas with a range of 180 miles. Average dirtbag I would guess has 1/4 tank of gas. They may have guns, but they usually buy thier ammo one box at a time. Watch some You Tube vids on rioting world wide in the last few years. I didnt see any out in the country, just the cities.

          • No food, limited fuel, roadblocks and no organization; they aren’t getting too far. The few that do will be pretty damn worn out from the journey.

            Now those people that live not too far away with all the toys and nothing of substance is a different matter. Its a big shit sandwich and everyone is taking a bite. Some will just have to digest more than others.

      38. I know this ain’t gunbroker, but what’s the best price anyone has seen on a new Beretta M9 or 92FS think I might like to have one before the next big scare on Hi Cap guns. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • Buds guns got 92FS for $536. Not bad since last winter after Sandy Hook Gander Mountain was asking $900 and I paid $435 (out the door) back in ’94 for mine.

          BTW I know I’ll hear a lot of flack for this but good choice. I know it ain’t a .40 but I love the feel of it even with stock grips and its pretty damn accurate even out to 25yds.

          • You’ll get no flak from me, even though I like .45 ACP and .44 Special better than 9mm.

            There is a reason to have a high-capacity pistol and 9mm is the best choice you can make, trading some power for capacity.

            The Beretta 92 is a fine pistol, you won’t be sorry.

            Be sure to stock up on magazines, minimum of six.

            • Glock Glock. No get a Glock. except that 92 are the best sub sonic suppress semi for the 600 range

        • I recommend a Browning High Power any time. My oldest has Hitlers mark on it my others are from the 1970S and 1980S, never had a problem. Have heard good words about SIG, only poor comments about any gun ever made in Italy.

          • The only bad thing you’ll ever hear about a SIG is the price. They are not cheap. I own two of their rifles, a 5.56 and it’s matching little brother in .22, plus 3 of their pistols.

        • Hey thanks to all. I prefer a .45 which is what I open carry at all times, I also own a Browning Hi Power in 40 s&w, but I have a Kahr in 9mm which I use for conceal carry, but since I have a good supply of 9mm ammo I thought I would like a gun with more capacity and as arco says the Beretta has a good feel and seems very accurate. See Y’all in the next Article this post is history! Trekker Out.

      39. This is something I don’t see get talked about enough, the importance of having a high quality CBRN respirator i.e. a gas mask. For protection from tear gas, pepper, other riot control chemicals and one that has a polycarbonate ballistic outsert lens will shield against flying debris, shrapnel, and blunt force. During the Occupy Wall Street movement last year I saw a lot of the college kids with the cheap military surplus masks and their leaders were stockpiling them, mostly Israeli civilian and USSR ones like GP5s. Now I know most of us are smart to not take part in a riot situation to begin with but if not for riots, then the possibility of an NBC event. If that’s the case then you should also have a chemical suit like for instance a Tyvek, P100 HEPA NBC or NIOSH CBRN filters that are unexpired, as well as butyl gloves and boots.

        For respirators and filters be sure to get factory condition ones unopened in its original box and packaging by a reputable company like Avon, MSA, 3M, Scott, Honeywell, or Sperian. A size medium will fit most people. You can find them online or at industrial supply stores like Grainger. I personally like and recommend the MSA Millennium, Avon FM12, Avon M50, Avon C50, and 3M M40B. Though a caution with masks that don’t use NATO 40mm threaded filters like the M50, their proprietary bayonet filters can be hard to find.
        If money is an issue then of course anything’s better than nothing, even military surplus but be sure to check for defects or dry rot and that it’s airtight. I suggest the M40A1 with the butyl second skin, MCU2P or MCU2A/P with microphone plug if there’s no yellowing of the lens or disbonding-even better if you find one that has the butyl second skin, Israeli M15, Israeli Civilian preferably with nose cup to prevent lens fogging and drinking tube, Scott M95, and the South Korean K1. Use US C2A1 filters in the unopened tin cans. Or the Swiss ones sealed in the green plastic cases, be careful you don’t slice open your hand opening them.

        -White Fox

        • Weapon compatible side cannister Gas masks with hydration tube and bite valve, hoods, mil spec camo chem suits, decon kits, replacement cannisters, boot covers, extra long rubber gloves

      40. MT…..92 FS new in box $549.99 – $699.99. The high side is for 92 Inox model. I have the inox model made in italy. It is a beautiful piece but the down side is way too large and way too heavy.

        • Tact, I don’t mind the size or weight if it’s accurate and dependable, I carry a Para on my belt every day with 14 rounds in the mag. Don’t think the 92 will be that bad. Trekker Out.

          • MT, It really is accurate. Don’t doubt its quality or reliability.

      41. S. Carolina Aims To Nullify Obamacare: Legislation Would Prevent Implementation, Sue to Protect State Residents

        Ixquick(google) it.

      42. All I know is that The End won’t be as pretty as The Beginning.

        • I think the end will be the same as the beginning. Screaming and covered in someone else’s blood.

      43. May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor – Part 2: Hope & Defiance

        “Once a politician attains office and does what they are instructed by the financial interests that fund their campaigns, they become rich and powerful. This is why 90% of incumbents are re-elected despite Congress having a 12% approval rating in polls.”

        “The last 13 years has confirmed the country is run by one party, as the Republican figurehead rolled out new trillion dollar entitlement programs, fought undeclared wars, created an Orwellian organization to spy on Americans, and drove deficits to staggering levels. Now the current Democrat figurehead has rolled out a disastrous new trillion dollar entitlement program, continues to fight undeclared wars, drones innocent people in foreign countries, secretly collects data on every American, and has driven deficits to epic heights.”

        why the rise of the police state ???

        because the propaganda is failing
        the bread and circuses are failing

        “The ruling class leeches lost their blood sucking grip on the financial markets in 2000 and again in 2008. As the common people have lost their trust in the financial and political leaders and their propaganda techniques wear thin, truncheons, guns and a vast treasure trove of weapons and surveillance equipment are being prepared for use against the people.”

        ““The risk of catastrophe will be very high. The nation could erupt into insurrection or civil violence, crack up geographically, or succumb to authoritarian rule. If there is a war, it is likely to be one of maximum risk and effort – in other words, a total war. Every Fourth Turning has registered an upward ratchet in the technology of destruction, and in mankind’s willingness to use it.” – Strauss & Howe -The Fourth Turning”

        • Thanks for all your insightful posts. Always look for your comments and links. Your a cut above and live up to your id there.

      44. Quote of the Day

        ““The original American patriots were those individuals brave enough to resist with force the oppressive power of King George. I accept the definition of patriotism as that effort to resist oppressive state power. The true patriot is motivated by a sense of responsibility and out of self-interest for himself, his family, and the future of his country to resist government abuse of power. He rejects the notion that patriotism means obedience to the state.” – Ron Paul

      45. Saw a democrat congressman talking on tv today about how the dems aren’t going to run for office on Obamacare, but on how they’re going to help the middle class. Really? They hurt the heck out of us with Obamacare. I shudder to think how they’re going to help us now. I can’t afford their help anymore.

      46. “911 please hold while your call is being transferred “

      47. In one of my earlier posts I posted that a former head of the Russian KGB, General Yevgeni Primakov, had been hired by the Dept. of Homeland security to help set up their program as well as a General Alexander Karpof, former KGB station chief.

        If the United States government is not planning on using Russian tactics to take over the US why would they hire these two men (and who else have they hired) other than to help pave the way for the takeover of the US by TPTB?

        I would like you to read an E-book written by Frank L. Britton in 1952 called “Behind Communism”. Then you might pause a moment and reflect on what has been happening to American since the Patriot Act was passed and especially the speed at which we are being sold down the river, especially by Bush and Obama.

        Just a few highlights from the article about the Russian Revolution and how the same thing will be accomplished in America.

        The revolution actually began with a RIOT. At the same time 90,000 exiles were filtered into Russia almost to the last man, revolutionaries and with few exceptions they were Jewish. (We hear Russian and UN troops are already here.)

        Soon the returning hordes of Jews would exercise the power of life and death over 150 million Christian Russians. Every factory, every school district, every army unit would function under the gimlet eye of a Jewish Commissar.

        Soon the blood of human beings would be oozing from under the doors of communist execution chambers, (FEMA camps?) as tens of thousands of Christian men and women were butchered like cattle in a slaughter house.

        Five million landowners were deliberately starved to death as part of the PREMEDITATED plan. Soon a move would be underway to exterminate the gentile leader class of the entire nation by murdering every Christian factory owner, lawyer, government leader, and every other person who had been or might be a potential leader (purging of our military leaders who might disagree with the PTB here in the US?).

        Soon the standing populaton of the slave labor camps (FEMA?)would exceed 15 million. Soon every church and cathedral would be gutted and every priest and preacher would become a criminal in his own community (hate speech?, political correctness?)

        Soon Russia would have a zombie-proliariat, docile, willing to work, easily controlled, incapable of revolt….such was the Russian Revolution. (We discuss zombies and what they are doing to our nation daily on SHTF).

        When the Bolsheviks came to poweer, they systematically undertook to destroy every vestige of opposition by exterminating the upper class of Russian society. The fury of the RED TERROR can be explained only as a manifestation of Bolshevik (Jewish) hatred against Christian civilization.

        The tragedy of all this cannot be measured by numbers alone. These people were the best that Russia had. They were the leader class. They were the priests, lawyers, merchants, army officers, university professors –the cream of Russian civilization.

        The total effect was much the same as it would be in any country, even America. With its small middle/upper class exterminated Russian peasants and worker population ACCEPTED Jewish Bolshevism without any way to protest. The Russian masses, deprived of its spokesmen and leaders were simply incapable of counter-revolution. AND THAT IS WHAT THE RED TERROR SET OUT TO ACCOMPLISH.

        Does anyone here see any corelation to what happened in Russia and what is happening right before our eyes here in America?

        Under Obama we now have more Jewish Czars than Imperial Russia:

        Economy Czars – Larry Summers and Paul Volker
        Regulatory Czar – Cass Sunstein
        Pay Czar – Kenneth Feinberg
        Military Jail Czar – Daniel Fried
        Car Czars – Steven Rattner and Ron Bloom
        Border Czar – Alan Bersen
        Health Rationing Czar – Dr. Donald Berwick
        Food Czar – Sam Cass
        Climate Czar – Todd Stern
        Global Warming Czar – Carol Browner
        Afghanistan Czar – Was Richard Holbrook
        Science Czar – John Holdren
        Drug Czar – Gil Kerlikowske
        Government Performance Czar – Jeffrey Zients
        Anti-Semitism Czar – Hannah Rosenthal
        Domestic Violence Czar – Lynn Rosenthal
        Aids Czar – Jeffrey Crowley
        Central Regions Czar – Dennis Ross

        We are slowly but surely being herded the way of Russia. The PTB are just waiting for the right time to start the bloodletting here. What false flag will they come up with to take away our guns…..when that happens the “naysayers” of what is happening to America are in for a horrible rude awakening.

        • Well i guess we will need to use Vietnamese tactics to resist.
          Live free or die fighting for it.

          • Kula…Vietnamese tactics won’t work against satan.

            • Tactical

              I’m a personal fan of Lech Walesa in Poland in the 1980s. Even the communists were dumfounded on how to deal with him.

        • Give it a rest, will you? An e-book written in 1952? By, as far as I can find out, a nobody with no credentials, except that he self-published a racist newsletter called the American Nationalist? A rag that couldn’t even get advertisers? This is your authority?

          Please, spare us.

          • Old Coach:

            Are you denying the history of the Bolshevik takeover of Russia and the majority of Jews involved in it?

            There are hundreds of articles on the internet proving my post is true. Anyone wanting any more proof of my post only need to Google the Russian Revolution and the Bolshevik Jews involved in it.

            Also I want the posters here to know that when you said that Muslims financed Obama’s education, that has been denied.

            There is as much proof that the Marxist Ayers family financed his education as there is proof that any Muslims financed his education.

            Google both subjects posters; and then you can decide on your own what the truth of these two subjects is.

            • POG…The accusation of racism is always being used by the left since they simply don’t want to argue the facts. Note “Don’t Want” since they simply can’t. Actually Them Guys was accused of being a murderer on earlier comment on top.

              Thank You for your post and your fact based comments.


              • PO’D GRANNY & TACTICAL TOO: Granny Great info and Facts Based Truth! Glad to see “some” here actually Do the research and refuse to be stiffled by the true Haters IE: These pro jew clowns that even reject the Many articles and quoted statements that are FROM jews and Rabbis themselves!…Their tribe is Raised since birth to believe that they and they alone are the worlds only victims and the Only victims that matters…However one quick research on how and Why that tribes has been Booted from EVERY nation and city they have infiltrated for at least he past 3000 yrs. Proves beyond all doubts that it is They themselves who bring it upon their selves in EVERY example of being BOOTED Out…England was the Last nation to allow jews into it, and Ironically the First to boot em out! Thats when looking at the nations of europe that booted them out…Obviously when you travel farther back in history it was Other nations who booted jews out prior to england…Even that guy who wrote “The Fall of Rome” massive book credits Jews for the final Fall of Rome….

                Like America Now today and past 100 yrs, Germany pre-WWII, France French revolution and on and on…Every time, every nation, every war or revolt was due to Their presense prior to the troubles…And due to their overwhelming Hatered of White Christian society and their Inbred desires to utterally uproot all that we call “Normal” and “Good/Godly” Morals etc…Their tribe Deconstructs whatever good or godly christian society erects or builds..Of course what Else would one expect from Satans Children? (John 8:44)

                And just Look at a few foolish idotic stuborn types Here who continue to reject everything we post as solid proof…Same as Lib dems with gun control issues act…You can refute with Facts and documented evidence galore every issue or claim by these idiots…Yet same as antigun lib dems act, no matter what, they reject it all, make fun of You for being truthfull, call you Vile names designed to Halt speech and stiffle Factual Truths…

                They then act all smug while patting their own backs for a Job well done in defending the, Most Undefensible peoples to ever walk this earth….They Demand “Proofs” yet when given those proofs what do they then do?

                I will Tell you what they then do..They either #1 Clam Up go silent…OR..#2..They reject it again and Change subject!….But never will these fools ever accept Truth and Admit it is they who are wrong. Then they have the Audacity to believe “Gods gonna bless me/us”!!! For defending AntiChrists and Anti christians of such vast acts of Pure Satanic Hatred against Christians as exemplified by the Many, Many articles, Books, websites, Real Historians, etc etc that has over and over proven and shown that it was None Other Than a jewish enterprise called communisim, which jews invented, that led to THE Worst most Massive Hundreds of Millions of Brutal Tortures and Deaths of said christian folks.

                Ironic what total Hypocrites these clowns can be no…They daily Rant on how you should never trust or believe anything from MSM or Hollywood…But then every facet of everything they ever learned of the wild claims from the worlds only “Victims” aka jews, came direct From MSM and Hollywood!!!…So msm etc Lies always…Except when the issue is jewish?…Okaaaaayyyyy!

                Face Facts what we have here are folks dumbed down and brainwashed very deeply by False Preachers mainly to believe all they claim is “Biblical” while they Reject all Other bible verses that prove them wrong!

                If You do NOT Trust a Politition that takes bribe cash and gifts…Why would any of You Trust any PASTOR that gets a FREE Jet Plane from a combo of jews and state of israel thats worth over $50 Million?!

                Does anybody Really believe jews so well Known as Money worshippers(besides self chozen self worshippers too) who’s Lust for Money is exceeded by NO Others, would actually “Gift” a Jet Plane free to some Fat ass Baptist preacher from Texas? Especially when jews are the number One Most antichrist folks ever?..UNLESS!! That Free Jet Plane will/Has Bought the jews in general as well as state of israel More Positive spin and propaganda than even $50 million spent for TV ads can possible do to benifit them so swell….Yep Now we are getting Very warm eh…Nobody in the entire History of christianity since Christs days on earth 2000 yrs ago has Killed more innocent christians, mostly the white varity, than the tribe calling themselves, Jews…Thats Facts…Thats Documented…And the vast Majority of said deaths has happened just within the Last 20th century when the mass exterminations of christians began in Russia as Granny so well docuemnts….These fools are going to be singing from the other side of their Master jews ass once reality like Russia Hits Home in America!…That can be counted on 100% since no amount of facts or truths is ever going to sway or change minds of aprox 50 Million evangelical christians who so worship all issues jewish, and keep rejecting truth of just what evils said kommies are truely capable of…Tossed under that Buss is what they will Wish for instead of what awaits their sorry asses when they find selves At the vicious hands of their kommie bolshevik Master Race jews they now so defend!

                Enablers and defenders of Evils and those who Do said Evils are The Most despicable and foolish amoung Us all…I Pray they awaken before too late…But I also Pray for Their ruin and destructions if they keep rejecting all forms of Facts based Truths.

                It Is the Truth tellers that God will truly Bless you idiots…God NEVER Blesses enablers of evils! Wake Up what do You types Not Yet Get.

                • Never yet seen the verse in the Holy Bible which says that God replaced Jewish Israel with the Church – because it isn’t there. That fantasy was made up by the Ignorant Bigots Club.

                  • Romans 11 is clear we are grafted into their promise so if they don’t have one everybody is screwed.

                  • The answer is found in Galatians 3:29. Read it for yourself:

                    “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.”

                    Those who are Christs ARE the Church you fool.

                    READ that entire Galatians chapter and it may be one other galatians chapter also that fully describes that the abrahamic promice to bless abraham and his “seed” is singular seed, NOT Plural as in “seed’s” but rather singular “SEED” and that its speaking of Jesus Is that Promiced Seed…Thats New testement, and part of the New covenant that replaced the Old covenant.

                    Paul in Romans or hebrews new test I think its at, fully details that the new covenant replaced the old covenant, and is a better covenant that will Never again need nor be replaced ever again as it IS the Final and ONLY covenant…READ That also…Its Plain as day whats written…Unless you cherry pick what to believe like libs…..I also Posted that Jew scientists DNA Proof from dec 2012 published by John Hopkins in cahoots with Hebrew Univ bio labs IN Israel BY jews, that Proves todays “jews” are really Khazar Imposters!

                    it states that they have ZERO DNA-ZERO Blood line-from ANY of 12 tribed Israelites Period…You gonna reject That evidence proof too…Probobly. You do NOT want proof or evidence unless it goes along with Your warped delusional fantacy reagrds jews and jew issues etc…So..Typical.

                    Those who accept it will be saved..Those who reject new covenant will Perish into lake of fire period…There is NO other choices, NO middle ground…Not for gentiles NOR for jews period…What do you not yet get…TRY Reading It all!

                    PS Your Main Major Concern Should be that You cannot find ANY bible verses that say “bless the jews” since NONE exist!…Yet some of you foolsih deluded souls continue to insist it does!….Its…..NOT….In….There…

                    Then instaed of Admitting You are wrong…You types simply Ignore the issue! Typical Liberal dems eh.

                • I have a lot of compassion for those who just don’t know. I have compassion for those who can’t understand. I even tolerate those who don’t care.


                  • Amen x 1000 Sixpack.

                • Putting aside all the hatred for a moment.

                  One of the nicest things about the fall of the USSR has been the resurgence of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Churches in the years since.

                  Proof that ultimately good does triumph over evil.

                  • Truth & Facts: Are NOT Hatred, Racist, anti semetic, period. Those words like hatred of and evil nazis and racist were all Invented to Stiffle all debate and halt all facts based truth tellers.

                    Its NOT Hatred to point out such Facts. Stop falling for it. Lev Bromstien aka Trotsky invented that word “Racist” Precicely to Halt all free speech about said issues.

                    Why do you think so Many. Most, kommie russian jews back Then and even today change their neams from a jew name to a gentile name? Funny for folks always so Proud of being jewish no?…It is done to HIDE that Fact that its Jews guilty of inventing communisim and Use of it to mass Exterminate several Hundred Millions just in the past century(20th)…They Want You to believe russian kommies were white folk that are atheists and spoke russian, but otherwise are same as white usa folks!…WRONG! They were and Still are Kommie jews. Name changes wont change facts.

                    Name changes and nose jobs plastic surgery will never change whats to be viewed by wised up folks as they Gaze into those Two Black holes with zero “Light” emitted from within…AKA their EYES that are the doorway to their dark souls…Check Bloombergs dark holes where eyes should be!…PURE unadultered Evil emitted from DEEP within their souls, souls of Satan their daddy as per biblical verses galore. Compare them to Other Jews that have truly converted to be a real christian…There you will see a vast difference as that group of converts Has Light from within as shown By the eyes.

                    Its The ONLY true method of discernment between evil ones and the other “good” ones. The eyes are the windows to the soul…Souls are Light or Dark no in between or middle ground. Learn this as it just May save Your life someday! this includes ALL races etc of folks…All.

          • OLD COACH: Hey You want Credentials? Ok Your eailier Post mentiones how YOU think Henery Ford was a Great Man, and obviously You will consider Mr Henery Fords credientials Impecable eh… So…I Recomend if more Proof From Credientialed sources is what will convince You?

            TRY READING a aprox 120 page Booklet, BY: Henery Ford the auto maker, called “The International Jew” from around 1922…As well as Preserved actual copies of Henery Fords Own private owned Newspaper from the same 1920-30s era called “The Dearborn Independant” in which henery Himself Wrote an ongoing Outting of all issues regards jews-kommie jews-Bolshevik jew kommies-Russia events etc…Henery Must have wrote too Much Truth back then since he got death threats, threats to His wife and Family, and at least One actual death attempt car accidnt done against he and his wife in their car!

            Whenever jews try to silence a person, especially a well known high placed person such as Henery Ford was, thats proof positive his truth and facts on issues jewish and communist Were Truth 100% eh.

            So if more credible folks is Your desire to get You to finally admit Our postings are correct and truth…READ this book Henery Ford wrote I named above…Or reject That also and Remain an “Old Fool” instead.

            PS You several Other naysayers and foolish ones who reject true historic documented truths should Also Read Henery Fords book from 1922 “The International Jew”.

            Heres a sample quote from Henery..

            “if somebody could round up and contain or jail the top 50 Jewish bankers, all Wars would Cease”!

            Ok all you clowns reject it all, go back to “Blessing” whatever evils Past-Present-and yet future to Certainly occure by Your favorite tribe of demonic devils helpers, then go to your hidy holes to await a pre trib Rapture event as I assume you also believe that falsehood as taught by same wolves/preachermen who taught you all that false jewish info etc.

            Oh yeah! None of you guys as yet has found even a single bible verse that says “bless the jews” have you…Because there Is NO such bible verses!!! I did Provide You an answer/proof you demanded.

            • Them Guys gets his doctrine from that great and noted theologian, Henry Ford.
              Not me. I prefer The Holy Bible – specifically, Romans 11.

              • Silver Sax: MORE PROOF! What do You not Get?

                axe laid to the root Matthew 3:10
                cast into the fire Matthew 3:10; 7:19; Luke 3:9
                condemned Mark 16:16
                cut down Matthew 3:10
                in vain do they worship me Matthew 15:9; Mark 7:7
                judgment of Hell Matthew 23:33
                shall be broken Matthew 21:44
                shall be ground into powder Matthew 21:44
                the kingdom of God shall be taken from you Matthew 21:43
                woe Matthew 23:13, 14, 15, 16, 23, 25, 27; Luke 11:42, 46, 47, 52
                wrath Matthew 3:7; Luke 3:7; 21:23; St. Paul in I Thessalonians 2:16
                your house shall be left desolate Matthew 23:38
                you do not enter the kingdom of Heaven Matthew 23:13

                What part of all that don’t the Judaizers understand?

                Wherres YOUR Proof verse to “bless the jews” ? aint one fool!

                • The last verse of Amos foretells that God will restore Israel in the last days.
                  Revelation 6 foretells that 144,000 Jews will be sealed for the Tribulation – and even NAMES THE JEWISH TRIBES!
                  Revelation, Ezekiel and Daniel talk about the Temple and sacrifices being restored in the last days.
                  Where’s the verse that says God will replace Israel with the Church? Ain’t one, fool!

                  • Here’s my verse – “I will bless them that bless thee and I will curse him that curseth thee. ”
                    That’s my verse – the one you asked for. Where’s yours? Ain’t one.

                  • Both of you knock off the trash talk, there are countless numbers of non-believers on this site and we are instructed to be the light (Matt.5).
                    Silver; read James 1:1 with 1:18. I would be more than happy to dialogue with you concerning your interpretation. Yes, I’ve written on the ‘deception of pre-trib. Romans 11 actually destroys your reasoning. Before I become your strawman allow me to present what is understood. Amos is a poor choice to use for what you are presenting. Question for you: Is there now a distinction between Jew and Greek/Gentile? Use this understanding as bases for any interpretation of prophecy before you promote what is called Israel today.

                  • Romans 11:1 – “I say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid…”

                    Romans 11:2 – “God hath not cast away his people which he foreknew.”

                    Kinda says it all, doesn’t it?

                  • You use the term “Judaizers” a lot, but you don’t understand what it means. A “Judaizer” was a person who wanted to forsake the New Testament gospel of grace and put people back under the old Judaic laws.

                    A Judaizer is NOT someone who recognizes and blesses the Jewish state of Israel.

                  • Them Guys, your entire doctrine is built on hate. It’s doomed to failure, because God is Love. God will have mercy on whoever asks for it. He excludes no person or group – even those who ignorantly curse his chosen people.

                    And that’s another point – you seem to think that being the “Chosen People” means some kind of special favoritism from God. That’s simply not true – being the Chosen People is a great burden. It means an entire nation being devoted to nothing but the oracles and ministry of God. It means delivering the gospel to the world – a duty in which the Jews failed. That’s why God sent the Jews into the Diaspora and turned to the Church to evangelize the world.
                    But here, at the end of the age, God has restored Israel to his land. What that means is that God is preparing to remove the Church (via the Rapture) and turn once again to the Jewish nation of Israel. That’s the thrust of Revelation 6.

                  • So are you going to reply or just continue to thumb me down? Because I’ve got better things to do.

                  • He’s busy writing a book with half truth hate that’s coming to a page near you. Who gives a crap if Henry Ford said any of those statements. Are you going to hate a dead guy or just everyone that is of his race because he felt a certain way about a subject?

                    Again I say: I could care less about Jews or what they do because even it I did believe any of your writings it wouldn’t do me any good to fill my heart with hate. Shame on you posters that agree with this filth.

                  • Silver Sax, you are 100% correct.

                    Them Guys writes long, boring, evil falsehoods and promotes Satan’s cause.

                    He is gonna be mighty embarrassed in the next life.

              • For those who are using labels such as Racist, Anti Semite, and most recently the murderer instead of being able to intellectually offer a valid counter view but fact based…..take your time and read some of research, articles and live interviews by:

                Professor Norman G. Finkelstein.

                As name applies, he is a Jewish Man. However you would be surprised with name calling and lies that are taking place against this Truth Teller and yes he is Jewish.

      48. How many here have been to Sing-a-poor? Who can find it on a map not marked.

        • Anyone who has been on a WESTPAC cruise has probably been to Singapore…and Okinawa, and Sidney…

          • yokuska.

        • What is it about Pennsylvania L.E. ? They seem to be competing with Long Island for depravity and corruption.

        • I think that Daily Kos story is mistaken or is poor reporting. The police chief that was shooting at libtard targets was Mark Kessler of Schuylkill County. This guy used to be police chief of Brecknock Twp. but was fired in 2012 and moved to Bucks County. His name is Robert Geist.

          Not the same person.

      49. Russia modernizing and building its defenses in response to modern threats

        The Russian Federation is responding to developing and current threats to its security and attempts by the West to shift the global strategic military balance in its favor, with US/NATO’s missile “defense” shield being cited as one of the key threats faced by Russia in maintaining a strategic balance and one for which against which measures are being taken. Attempts by the US/NATO to militarize the Arctic are also being addressed as well as attempts by US/NATO to tip the balance of the nuclear deterrence and project its “force” globally, in particular with regard to the Middle East.
        0President Vladimir Putin, speaking to an expanded meeting of the Russian Ministry of Defense on Tuesday stated that plans by US/NATO to expand its missile defense plans in Europe have not stopped and continue unabated, hence Russia is forced to respond. Speaking of the continuation of US/NATO missile “defense” plans is clearly in response to statements by US/NATO that despite the supposed threat of Iran (the pretext for the ABM shield) being eliminated they will not change their plans for installing missiles in Europe.
        0President Putin has publically stated and now confirmed what many have been saying for years regarding the ABM shield being installed in order to neutralize any response from Russia. The fact that with minor modifications the missiles making up the shield could be converted into first strike weapons were not touched upon by the president but given the context this is clear and is something he is no doubt aware of.
        0President Putin said that the West is attempting bring about a shift in the strategic balance.
        0″ There are ongoing attempts to violate, “blur ” the strategic balance . First of all, they are related, of course, with plans to build a US missile defense,” President Putin said.
        0With regard to the massive modernization taking place in the Russian military and across the entire spectrum of the Russian armed forces President Putin underlined the fact that leading countries are actively modernizing their arsenals, investing heavily in the development of weapons including in are where new generation technologies are being used. He stated that Russia is no exception .
        0Regarding exercises that have been held in 2013, President Putin said confirmed the reliability of Russia’s nuclear shield and he spoke highly of the increased combat capabilities of the aerospace defense forces, especially with regard to Russia’s own missile defense warning and interception systems.
        0Regarding continued upgrades the President stated that in 2014, the Armed Forces will receive more than 40 most advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles, more than 210 aircraft and helicopters and more than 250 armored vehicles . In response to threats the nuclear missile carriers Alexander Nevsky and Vladimir Monomakh and part of a constellation of six new satellites, will be deployed and on active watch.
        0Recently the Head of the Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Alexei Pushkov also spoke about the US/NATO “shield” and said that NATO will now have nothing to justify the need for the creation of a European missile defense shield if the Iranian “problem” is solved.
        0Mr. Pushkov stated the: “The NATO missile defense system in Europe needs the so-called ” Iranian threat to explain its existence. If the Iranian problem is solved, there will be nothing to explain (missile) defense.”
        0Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also recently made a similar statement at a media forum in Rome, stating that “… if an agreement on Iran will be realized, the reason for the creation of a missile defense system in Europe will disappear.”
        0US/NATO are recalcitrant however with a source in NATO recently stating that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization sees no reason to revise plans for a European missile defense arrangements in relation to Iran’s nuclear program. Despite claiming for years that the ABM shield was being built against an Iranian threat US/NATO has regrouped and updated their clearly false claims taking them one step further.
        0A NATO spokesperson in Brussels recently told Interfax that: “We know that more than 30 countries have or are acquiring ballistic missile technology that could eventually be used as carriers of not only conventional warheads, but also weapons of mass destruction”.
        0One might ask US/NATO if it is possible for countries with more primitive technologies to change their configurations to deliver, even nuclear payloads, why are we supposed to believe that US/NATO cannot do the same with their Advanced Capability 3 interceptor missiles and their own missile defense elements. The answer is that they can be quickly changed into first strike weapons and Russia knows this. Who these now “30” countries are that US/NATO needs to defend itself against are in not clear nor was it stated, but clearly it is a disingenuous argument needed to justify their continued plans to surround Russia with missiles.
        0President Putin made the connection between diplomatic efforts and military strength underling Russia’s staunch position in always seeking a diplomatic solution to conflicts. He noted in his speech that Russia has consistently advocated settlement of international and regional issues exclusively by diplomatic means, adding that the “factor of military deterrence” often plays a significant role.
        0It is important to recall that President Putin also recently disbanded the Kremlin working group which was seeking to find ways of cooperation with US/NATO on missile defense. Clearly surrounding Russian and oneself with US/NATO rockets is not something that the Kremlin is too keen on being a party to.
        Read more:

        • Nice post. Everybody seems to be buying into the rhetoric that the Russians are positioning themselves to take over the United States, or even the world. This article sounds more like the Russians are taking steps to keep the banksters from taking over their country, using the U.S as their attack dog.

          I keep saying this, over and over again: THE WORLD KNOWS OUR GOVT HAS BEEN USURPED BY FOREIGN INTERESTS, and they are pulling for “We, The People” to decide take our govt back.

          Until we do that, the diverted, usurped cabal that masquerades as the United States Government will continue to be a threat to the entire world.

          OUR GOVT IS THE TRUE TERRORISTS…and the whole world know it.

          • Sixpack, Gene’s friend called last night, and Gene told him he was reading a book, blah–blah.
            We read a lot of the friend wanted to send a book on Islam, blah, blah,—I told him to keep his book, they haven’t invaded my country yet, and I’m more worried about this nation’s rogue government than Islamic across the ocean!!

            • Absolutely.

      50. The sheriff is the only law enforcement official with the authority to summon the power of the county. The sheriff has the right, granted by Posse Comitatus, to assemble a militia or posse, and the power to deputize citizens and require them to assist in the keeping of the peace and the enforcement of laws.

        • You cannot blame Putin being so concerned when after all most of the Bolshevik jew kommies that he and others Booted out of russia,are Now resideing in America and Israel…Or is it More appropriate to call both israel and usa….The Beast(usa) that has a Woman Babylon Riding the beast(israel/telaviv) spoken of in Rev.

          Plus when the very inventors of bolshevik Kommunisim now liveing in Israel also have 300+ Nukes, and repeatedly refuse to sign that nuke non proliferation treaty, while at same time Hypocritically complaining of Iran seeking Nuke elec energy use nuke power. And one can only imagiane how royally Pissed off them kommie jews are for their Loss of the Largest nation on earth, Russia, along with its Vast amounts of Oil, Nat Gas etc resources, and seeing Russia being Rebuilt into a Mainly White Christian nation as well as very Nationalistic, that well, that simply Must really piss off them kommie jews eh…

          Perhaps pissed enough to actually fire Nukes against Russia! Or Have Israels BITCH nation of amerika do their jews dirty work as done prior in Both WWI and WWII.

          Got to give credit where due eh…So it’s only proper to again Credit jews and state of israel along with all the libs and neocon polititions in amerika, totally Sold Out to jewish and Telaviv influences for being the worlds greatest threat dangers again…Man I almost wish I never sought real truth and could reside with the sheeps again.

          Today we, america are at the proverbial cross roads..If somethngs not soon done to 100% stop the full control of Our nation by them bolsheviks and zionists, we are headed for calamity most certain.

          General Patton was corrcet when in his personal diary he wrote about WWII: “I now realize We fought the WRONG People in WWII”…Indeed if only usa would have assisted germans eliminate that kommie bloshevik element and threat for good before we were even born, picture how different our world would have been without any cold war, no kommies left alive, etc etc…Picture what Else could have been done and accomplished with all that Cash money spent since end of WWII in fighting endless wars to halt communisim, defend against future attacks by kommies etc etc….The entire World would today be Far better off, if the usa would have eliminated kommie bolsheviks instead of wrecking the best other whiteys alive then and now…Germans. Yet even today with all the evidence and facts laid bare for All to see…A Vast Majority continues to believe the very same lies told since Before WWII erupted!!

          • Amen, Them Guys.

          • If your on the receiving end of either Communist or Fascist tyranny it matters little.

      51. Yellowstone: the super-volcano that could blow up America

        “- A super-volcano under Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is an even bigger threat to the U.S. than previously thought”

        ” If the volcano were to erupt today, scientists predict that the resulting ash cloud would affect areas 1,000 miles away, leaving two thirds of the entire U.S. uninhabitable”

        • So? Has been exactly that condition for 600,000 years or so. As Geologist, I suggest if you want to worry about something: Tidal waves from the Big Island, or in the Atlantic, or the Big one in Cal, or the New Madrid. If the Data that’s building is right: CME’S hit Earth every few hundred years. Not hundred thousand. Carefully chew your food. It’s more likely to save your life than Yellowstone is to get you.

        • @ Satori. ANY volcanic eruption the masses don’t realize is hazardous to life if the ash is close enough and deep enough. ONLY one inch of ash will collapse a house roof. Ash is not like ash from a wood stove, it is pulverized rock. This acts like cement in the lungs and airways when enough is breathed in. Ash from volcanoes is very abrasive as people will tell you that had to replace their car windshields downwind from when Mt. St. Helens blew. Ash clouds destroy cropland temporarily and causes water to go sour. Years later the ground is actually very fertile as seen around Mt’ St’ Helens, but that takes years.

          Yellowstone is much bigger than previously thought. While a mega super eruption, that one of 5000 cubic km or bigger is probably not going to happen. The atypical super volcano eruption of 1000 cubic km to 3000 cubic km is more than enough to lay waste to most of the U.S. for a long enough time to kill off much.

          It has to be remembered that a large enough earthquake can tear open a fissure that can start the whole process. This is why people got real nervous with how close the day after Christmas Indonesian/Sumatra 9.1 earthquake was to the supervolcano Toba that erupted about 74000 years ago with 2800 cubic km of ash. Yellowstone 2.1 million years ago had 2500 cubic km. If Yellowstone did blow with 5000 cubic km it would be equal to the La Garita Caldera that erupted 28 million years ago in what is now Colorado. That was the largest volcanic eruption is recent geological history.

          Fortunately about supervolcanoes is that the time line is very long between eruptions. Still Yellowstone is dangerous in regards to a smaller eruption of VEI of 7 instead of an 8. That would be between 100 and 1000 cubic km of debris and equal to the 1815 Tambora eruption that caused the mini ice age, or the Long Valley Caldera eruption in the Sierras that went off about 750,000 years ago. Such an eruption would severely destroy agriculture and destroy hundreds of thousands of square miles of the the U.S. These eruptions are actually much more frequent. Watch Atka, Alaska for more Yellowstone activity, and any earthquake about high 6 within a few miles of the Yellowstone caldera for any immediate action on it. Supervolcanoes absent a sudden tearing open usually take a few weeks or months of build up before they blow. There will be time and some warning in this case.

        • One thing about it Satori, if Yellowstone blows I won’t have to worry about prepping, I’ll just wave as I go by Paranoid’s house. All my earthly worries will be over. Trekker Out.

      52. @ Everyone. Each one of us has something to add what we each know that can aid everyone in someway before, during, and after the disasters begin. Each time, no matter the article’s topic, people light up when you talk about preparing and the vast number of ideas that goes along with this.

        Many trolls and those that make the prepper/survivalist as selfish and blood lusting. Yet each time the topic comes up of what someone knows they take their time to let others know what they know that can help others. This is not for attention, it is concern for your fellow person. This puts the misnomer of preppers/survivalists being all for one and one for none sort to rest doesn’t it. Yet shows like national geographic Doomsday Preppers and the mass media continue to portray people that plan ahead as outcasts not in touch with reality.

        Yet the accumulation of knowlegde and wisdom of the typical prepper/survivalist is that of hundreds of more of those that of the masses that float along hoping that the waves of life NEVER spill over their make shift rafts and capsize their convenenient little poor excuses for existences that they have made for themselves by their own choices. Touche’ to that all those that berate those that sacrafice much for themsleves and their families to prepare.

        To Vicky, braveheart and all those near the increased earthquake activity in the heartland. If you go to a map of the recent activity you will find only TWO earthquakes in the past 30 days, one in Oklahoma and one in Tennessee, not directly on the New Madrid have one thing in common. This would be the depth. All of them are about 5 kilometers deep. If you check out the depths of the earthquakes around known fault zones, these are much deeper, 10 km or more. The shallow quakes are most likely for fracking as this is very common.

        The New Madrid is going to have small earthquakes, especially when the Mid Atlantic Ridge earthquake activity picks up. The large earthquakes down in the Scotia Sea region was a symptom of the plates of the Mid Atlantic Ridge moving. Still the focal point to watch for the New Madrid is between about 14 to 20 degrees noth on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Just like when Atka, Alaska has bigger earthquakes and Yellowstone gets active, the New Madrid has points to watch for also. The earthquake activity in Oklahoma and adjacent areas is much likely form fracking. Look at the depth of each earthquake, shallow ones about 5 km or less are probably nothing to worry about, just nuisances.

        Again, the one word to the article’s title above is key here, READY. The more each one of us knows, the more ready we will be. The prepper/survivalist will act on information and why everyone should be encouraged to share what they know. Many people out there that have not chimed in know a lot and are very encouraged to with additional ideas on preparedness that is always appreciated and will be used by many.

        • B you are more up to date than I am. Parkfield in Ca is way late. Do you think the Big Lander Quake has started to bypass the San A and that’s what’s going on, or is something else up? Thanks.

        • BI Ive stated it before its my opinion the New Madridis being held together by the west & east coasts. The east coast isn’t likely to move. however the west with the san andreas & Cascadia is ready and has the whole pacific to slide off into. when that lets go the New Madrid is likely to happen. I think the whole Mississippi river delta from southern Illinois to the gulf will liquefy and sink. If your located in this region it would be prudent to move to high ground.

      53. What I can’t believe is that the supporters of this regime are still firm in their thinking that everything is ok and only getting better. When will they finally bite into that cake and find it only saw dust. Its these people that make me want a gun, not the cops, I know these cops. They are good people and if they come for my gun I am handing it over, I live in Michigan and am out numbered by Obamabots,…you’ve got to know when you are beaten.

      54. Unbeknownst to the likes of Peterson, the world is in a great upheaval. Singapore, the Ukraine, and other countries all have riots of their own, going on right now. The world is NOT getting any better…but far,far worse, every single day. Be Informed and many others here know this deep down.

        I truly feel sorry for the trolls and idiots posting here that cannot see or admit that openly…may your masters put you out of your misery quickly, as you are already dead, intelligence wise.

        The U.S. had some serious riots of their own in the past, but nothing like what is to come. Anyone remember the Detroit riots of 1967?

        How about the LA riots and Rodney King? Those were nothing compared to the ones yet to occur. Why? There are simply more people now and growing more desperate everyday. I’m sure not everyone on government assistance likes it. Some even loathe the circumstances they are in for one reason or another. But you can be assured that when it hits the fan blades hard this time, the numbers of dead and injured will be staggering.

        People send messages across Twitter and social networks now with the words “Ima gonna riot!” These messages spread instantly in real time and encourage others to take part in the fray. The savages know that there is power in numbers and will play that hand out to the end. It is the only card they hold, after all.

        IS going to be a huge concern for any living in the cities. If you do not have a clear firebreak around your home and property you better know how to do it fast.
        Fire is the weapon of choice for any rioters or mobs and it is very effective. The smoke screen and chaos doubled with fast moving flames makes the perfect diversion. If this happens in a crowded neighborhood, it can all go up very quickly.

        The great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was not that great…but the fires burning out of control certainly were. ‘Fire is the devils only friend’ for a reason…it destroys and consumes all in its path. Make sure you are not in it!

      55. We have 49% of the population not paying taxes,

        Actually, this is incorrect. In 2007 (the last year we have numbers for) the poorest fifth of househoulds paid on average four percent of incomes in federal taxes.

        They also pay state and local taxes.

        With federal, state and local taxes combined, the bottom fifth of households pay an average of sixteen percent in taxes.

        However, that is much less than many others pay, and they get perks in the form of Medicare, etc. The only just tax would be one that taxes every dollar the same, no matter who earns it. Because the point of taxes is that government should get a part of all wealth that is created, which doesn’t have anything to do with who creates it or how much he creates. If anything, someone who creates more wealth, as proven by his higher income, should be lauded – not cursed.

        Alternately, the tax should be on goods and services only, a value-added tax on things for sale. Then you wouldn’t have to do tax returns, and the tax would be the same for everyone. Even those who get illegal incomes by selling drugs etc would have to pay taxes this way.

        • Tenet one fact that many don’t realize. If a persons stipend, wages, dole Whatever you wish to call it comes from the government coffers. That person in actuality never pays any tax. Shure they pay sales tax, property tax, fees ect. However since their money doesn’t come from producing. That money sent to them from the public coffers must be first robbed (taxed) away from some producing maker. Or in the case of the government borrowed money some future producing maker. So being the public coffer money robbed from the makers and redistributed to the takers was tax money in the first place those receipent,s never really pay any tax. The taxes they incedentally pay are merly a recycling of public coffer tax dollars. Its like getting a dollar for free and paying a 10 cent handling fee. The root of the problem is Too many parasite takers and too few producing makers.

      56. You can order Priority mail boxes from Get the most you can. Should be about 20-25 boxes of boxes. You’ll think this is stupid, but they’ll be shipped FREE and cost NOTHING! The PO believes you’ll use these for shipping thru them. They stack nice or you can use hot glue or construction adhesive to secure together. They’ll help with obstacles to impede “trespassers” inside, as bullet “resistant” barriers for small calibers and/or for stacking as columns for structural support. Did I mention FREE and shipped right to you?!! Just a thought. God bless

      57. I can offer some insights on modern, urban rioting in the 21st century. Having lived in the middle of the UK’s 2011 riots, I can tell you the state will not be able to respond and will leave whole neighbourhoods to burn. The police and the state security forces are on orders to hold the line at the wealthy neighborhoods and government facilities (this means live rounds). But, like a brush fire, the poor neighborhoods are the brush that will be burned to let the anger peter out. It took 4 days in the UK for the state to take action and regain control of the streets. Think about: 4 days.

        My advice? Don’t live in those places unless you like being robbed, mugged, raped or, as occurred for some poor souls, murdered by a mob of animals.

        • Too bad we cannot capitolize upon riots and do like Spain with their “Running of the Bulls” event eh…We could call our american riot events “The running of the Monky Apes”!

          • Please stop telling people you’re a Christian.

        • I have a theory Frank Thoughts that those riots were allowed to run on so that the authorities could analyse the flash points etc.

          After that London was made so the m25 can be locked down in an instant. Next go round I think the states response will be ruthless, and that mobile phone comms will be switched off at the very start.

          The British establishment has a long history of destroying dissenters by an means possible & in the final analysis will NOT relinquish ultimate power.

        • I have a theory Frank Thoughts that those riots were allowed to run on so that the authorities could analyse the flash points/key players etc.

          After that London was made so the m25 can be locked down in an instant. Next go round I think the states response will be ruthless, and that mobile phone comms will be switched off at the very start.

          The British establishment has a long history of destroying dissenters by an means possible & in the final analysis will NOT relinquish ultimate power.

          • Violent student protests in London a day or two ago.


            The kids aren’t giving up, they are the generation that are being really screwed over. It’s only a matter of time before the police fail to contain an isolated youth protest and we have a repeat of the country wide unrest of a couple of years back.

            Adults with children are being threatened by child protection services at the fracking protests in other parts of the country. No-one with children is going to risk joining a protest march if they think they risk losing their kids as a result.

            • I agree the British state is a pussy cat and has its hands tied by human rights law. They will ‘let it burn’ because it would be too much trouble with the courts to do anything else.

              But what we saw last time was something very interesting happen several days into the unrest (and law-abiding Americans and family folks can take hope): community self-organization. Businesses and strong community members formed informal community defense teams to protect streets and shops. They physically chased off the scum as the scum tried to penetrate other neighborhoods. I suspect this will be more pronounced next time.

              People also learned a bitter lesson: they saw politicians away on holiday and show little concern for what was happening and also saw those who had their businesses destroyed caught up in legal problems trying to get compensation.

              I don’t think people will be passive next time and just roll over….

      58. Anybody besides me notice how he danced around the all-important subject of race?

        I recently sent a NumbersUSA fax/email to the RINO cockroach who represents me in my House district, and then got two copies of the same snail mail letter from his office where he ‘thanked’ me for sharing my views on illegal immigration and said that he was strongly against illegal immigration, but 100 percent in favor of ‘legal immigration’ and then this jerk parroted the same old malarkey about America being a nation of ‘immigrants’ and that we needed to keep bringing in millions of immigrants, as long as we can find a way to do it legally.

        This RINO maggot appears to be a White man, although I have not done any in-depth research into his genealogy to determine whether or not he might have any non-European DNA in his makeup. But, clearly, just like in Britain – these ‘White’ elites just do not get it. They are totally out of touch with the realities of race.

        News Flash: There is one and only one word that can be used to describe what ‘diversity’ brings to any nation which is foolish enough to impose it on their people. That word is ‘conflict’; preceded, of course, by an inexorable (and predictable) rise of racial and ethnic tension. Ethnic division leads to ethnic identity politics, as each group realizes that they are direct competition for power, influence, resources, and dominance over their community, city, state, region, or nation – it is the old ‘Who Pecks Whom?’ principle, folks. This is not rocket science. It is human nature.

        Hence, this RINO piece of IQ deficient dog manure who calls himself my district representative advocates that it is his belief that adding even more ethnic tinder to a potentially explosive ethnic caldron of barely simmering ethnic tension is a grand idea?

        A good example is another article that appears on today where some black leftist is whining about Santa Claus being a White man. This presents a perfect opportunity to revisit a quote from Jared Taylor’s reply to Father Tacelli, back in the January 1995 edition of American Renaissance magazine:

        “At every opportunity, blacks and Hispanics rename our schools, pull down our monuments, rewrite our textbooks, and revile our heroes. Groups that are destroying our heritage cannot be expected to hand it on to future generations. We may yet fail to do this ourselves, but only we will even try.”

        This is what these RINO white elitist cockroaches refuse to understand, with regards to this issue of supporting non-White immigration into the native homelands of White European people. Not only do we oppose illegal immigration – but, we also strongly oppose any and all legal immigration – when that immigration is coming from the non-white third world. We do NOT need to further exacerbate an already dangerous and unsustainable caldron of incompatible races who are clearly hostile to one another already.

        Here is a news flash: Whites are entitled to having and protecting their dominance in their native homelands, just as much as are Israelis like Netanyahu who does not apologize for wanting to prevent Israel from being overrun and swamped by blacks from Africa.

        Granted, in the rapidly decomposing turd dump that the left has transformed America into with their deliberate and malicious scheme to import millions of third worlders who would be more amenable to their evil socialist and ultimately Communist, totalitarian ideologies and political agendas – which is the same basic template that the Labor Party in the UK engineered when the native born White British refused to go along with their left-wing, Marxist, nation destroying, ideological bullshit – the old America has effectively been destroyed beyond any hope of salvation.

        This means that this turd dump is going to collapse and then broken up into ethno-states. This is not going to be avoided – and, I for one, cannot wait for the day to arrive where I can move into an exclusively White Ethnostate and free myself from being forced to subsidize the parasitical lifestyles and dysfunctional behaviors of races of people with whom I share zero genetics or history. Where I will be able to turn on my TV and not be forced to listen to non-stop anti-White hatred and venom and demonization being spewed at me from the mouths of hate-filled, anti-White racists like Chris Matthews or Melissa-Harris Perry.

        Oh, and guess what? All of you self-hating, white guilt ridden, self-loathing, White Obammy voting morons out there – you’re not going to be permitted to reside inside the White Ethnostate. No, you have demonstrated where your loyalties lie – and they most certainly are not with the race that spawned you. So, look forward to having Chrissy ‘Mr Tingle’ Matthews as your next door neighbor and maybe Piers Morgan will move in across the street from you and help keep an eye on your non-existent firearm collection.

        Tip: Better enroll in an ebonics language class, so you’ll be prepared to converse with your new ruling class.

        Hey, maybe Al Sharpton will become your new Santa Claus?

        • Tucker:

          A post that gets right to the heart of the matter. Refreshing indeed. Thanks!

        • Tucker-

          A modest word of advice.

          ..follow the money ($$$) and thus the electoral financing of your specific RINO’s rise to prominence/position..

          I’ll bet the farm, its mostly “KOSHER” (sanctified)!

      59. I don’t think there will be any rioting in the area where I reside. We have less than .05% population that is non white and that one person claims to be a cherokee. and the county to my east is Boone County National Headquarters for the KKK. might be some sneak thieves but no rioting. this region is under the protective wing of a secret society. the criminals low lifes & undesirables are encouraged to stay away. If someone rents or sells to a low life or undesirable the property is burned down. Nothing happening here. the County loses population every year. The public coffers ran dry. So they have combined many elected offices, the assessor & collector. One office for recorder circuit and probate clerk. I relocated here because I like it just the way I is. Progress is a dirty word in my book. Rioting simply wont be tolerated here.

      60. Okay so this is for Them Guys, Granny, and Silver Sax. I’m not well read on the Holy word enough to read all of your verses out of context and form a whole picture. Because of this website, and posts made here several months ago I did download an e-bible so I can flip back and forth while reading posts here. I’m more aware of things I was never taught in my church upbringing. One reason I don’t go to ‘church’ anymore. Pastors are human and teach what they want to teach the way they want to teach it.

        I know many of you have sporadically posted about historical books, letters etc being written regarding “—s”. I have no specific dislike or hatred, but would like to be more informed of the historical aspect on what’s happening today. I would like to see a bibliography of sorts of these writings/documents, or opposing sources that lists these types of documents so I can read and form my own opinion. Are all of these links conjecture or are they based in fact? It remains to be seen in my eyes.

        Thanks in advance…..

        • The best thing I can tell you is to just read Romans 11. In this chapter, Paul discusses this very topic. Put it into context for yourself.

          The problem with Them Guys and his pals is that they have been taught “replacement theology”, which states that God replaced Israel with the Church. Well, God did disperse Israel throughout the world during the last two thousand years, but now God has restored Israel to the land. This was prophesied in Amos 9:15. Again, put it into context for yourself.

          Here’s another truth – while Israel was dispersed, the Jews retained their religious, cultural and genetic identities. Think about that – while wandering from nation to nation, in search of a home, for two thousand years, the Jews retained their identity! That’s absolutely astounding! No other group of people in history, which has been removed from its home, has ever done that. It’s simply miraculous, and points to the direct intervention of God.

          NOWHERE in the Bible does God EVER say that he was finished with the Jewish Nation of Israel, and that the Church would replace it. Romans 11 speaks the exact opposite.

          • Their genetic identities?

            Most of the modern mob are a small sub-section of inbred ethnic Armenians who stole someone else’s identity!

            The original ethnic Jews are the poor souls sitting in Palestinian camps or have been genocided in the many pogroms up to and including WW2.

            The fate of Christians since the creation of that abomination Is-ra-hell, never reaches the MSM, but it hasn’t been pretty. They were faced with 2 stark choices exile from the home of their ancestors or exile. Every penny donated by the West deepens their plight.

            I’m not drinking the imposters kool-aid, though I’m happy to support those who still follow their religion honestly as opposed to a Satanic political doctrine (

            Unlike many on this site I do not blame the Jews. My beef is more specific than that, and I understand that included in that cult are the House of Saud, some of the current Black ANC leaders and others who are essentially the parasitic deceitful sociopaths the good book warned us to guard against.

          • This is where You are so so wrong. What I know or believe was Self Taught. Now all you just wrote is a close to 100% Parroting verbatim one would expect to hear from a pastor such as john hagee or pat robertson et al.

            The number One biggest Mistake you all make is this. You think its okay to switch wordings from israel to jews and visa versa. You keep posting that Israel, the tribes all 12, are all jews. That is NOT true. And the bible makes that very clear. The 12 tribes have been seperated into TWO distinct groups. Southern kingdom of JUDAH vs Northern Kingdom of ISREAL…ONLY the TEN tribed North, called Ephraim in some bible sections kept that name of “ISRAEL”…Judah is and Has been what the TWO tribes of judah and benjamin has been called ever since King solomon died. Aprox 1000 yrs Before jesus was even Born.

            Thats what Christ meant when He told the people IN Jeruselem etc “I was Sent ONLY to/for the Lost sheep OF the HOUSE of ISRAEL”….Now “If” He came for “jews” and “if” all 12 tribes decendants were all “jews” why then would Christ make That distinction?…He had Plenty of jews right amoungst Himself then and There where He stood as He stated That.

            Christ also ordered the apostles and the other xtra 70 folks sent out to spread the gospel to “Go Seek out the LOST Sheep OF/From the House of ISRAEL” to spread gospel to…When he stated “MY sheep Hear MY voice” Thats who He spoke of. NOT “jews” which by His era were a mixed race of most every race BUT israeliteish!. This is also Secular Historical Facts as wrote of by Many various authors from just after Christ died, up to Todays writers and many more spread thru the past 2000 yrs of written history.

            YOU state “gee how amazeing that jews Kept all knowledge of their race and language etc..YIDDISH is NOT Hebrew. Thats the language that Khazars has spoken in all society they lived in and every nation since they got Booted from russia aka prior to russia was called “Kingdom of Khazaria” with a King named Bulan. Thats historical Facts and I have posted tons of documented infos regards khazars etc…INCLUDING DNA Results as Published by John Hopkins and by a Jew scientist IN Israel and conected also to Hebrew Univ bio labs etc…DNA that PROVES at least 98% of todays “jews” are really Khazars with ZERO dna or blood ties to ANY of the orig 12 tribes israel.

            The Bible has sections I cannot now from memory recall where exactly…That state that when the 10 NORTHERN tribed Israel, got Dispersed BY the Assyrans a full 145 yrs BEFORE, the “jews” of Judah/jeruselem, were taken captive BY king nebucanedzer/ taken to Babylon etc..

            When 145 years Prior to jews taken to babyylon For 70 Years, the Northern 10 ISRAEL named tribes or kingdom, got scattered BY assyryans aprox 727 BC, God stated that a part of Their punishment was they are going to LOSE Track of : Not just who they are, which of 10 tribes came from, but Also Lose their orig Language!…And it is THEY who will be scattered to every nation etc..

            NOT the “jews” of southern kingdom who got taken to babylon for Just 70 yrs THEN Returned and built a 2nd temple etc…PLUS it was mainly only the Upper class jews taken to babylon…The avg joe types and riff raff types were Left there. Not taken captive to babylon.

            It was after Christ died in 70 AD that Again the 2nd jewish temple of evils and mony changers and Satanic Pharisee and ALL their Followers got killed off, sent packing, and their temple destroyed.

            When the Curtain that seperated the holiest of holies was Torn in Half from TOP to Bottom, a 6 inch Thick Woolen curtian got torn in half at the VERY Moment Christ breathed His final breath, was when all concerned jews present, joyfull as their father satan was, to see Christ dead, were ALSO able to LOOK deeply Inside Past where that curtain “Used” to be, and see that their swindler Pharisee had NO golden “ARK” inside that temple!…Plus several Other important items related to jew holy worship was MISSING! GONE! and gone for over a Century at minimum!

            They knew then the pharisee and entire “upper” ruler class of jews were totally scamming them for their TITHES $$$$$ etc!!..Sound Familiar today? Tithes was part of Mosaic law hence done away with by Christ and Christianity aka new covenant…Ironic todays preachermen agree Moses laws are No longer valid…BUT for that One Single moses law of Tithes of 10% eh…Yeah lets swindle folks and KEEP that 10% mandatory church “tax” to Fleece the stupid sheeps who believe whatever falsehoods we teach(like bless the jews!)…

            You silver sax are whos Uneducated of the bible issuea. You is who trust and believe whatever your wolf in sheeps clothes pastor says to…And you Fortify your foolish falsehoods by Ignoring Much of the new testement as well as ignore All old testement parts that disagree with all your pro jew nonsense…Most of which was Never taught prior to aprox 100 yrs ago when that Vile Drunkard and gambler names Cyrus Scofield, in cahoots with a Banker Son of the orig “Rothschild Sr.” Funded the Printing and Publishing of that scofield bible, filled with scofileds Own translations and explainations of most every verse in that bible…And as one would exepct when a Khazar fraud jew like Rothschild’s Paid for it and Bought a publisher firm because NO reputable publishers in 1900 era Dared print such vile Blasphemic crap interpretations etc!…As one expects to find in that situation…Scofileds bible is chock full of Only Pro jew, Pro israel stuff as well as Phony Pre trib rapture nonsense never before preached untill early 1900’s era…Yet You believe you can Throw Out entirely all, that Other Gifted true men of God has wrote about the Past 2000 yrs of entire church history.

            And its YOU silver sax and Your type “christians” who believe You can simply ignore 1/2 of the bible now, and 100% ignore and disown all whats prior written about these various issues, espciecally issues that revolves around Fake “jews” aka Khazars aka Esau’s Edomites(turks) that Mixed Racially with HUNNS + MONGRELS(asiatics like gingis khan) and Caucasian(white) in a racial Mixture that became first Khazars, then AFTER Converting to Talmudic Judaisim began to call themselves…”Jews and Jewish”. That Talmudic judiac CONVERSION religiously Occured around 750-AD…Get it yet?…They been “jews” ONLY the Past 1200 yrs since Converting to Talmudic religious beliefs…Beliefs NOT centered on the Old test Bible… NOR on Moses, since when Talmudics claim they go by their “Torrah books” They mean the Babylonian Talmud books, along with lesser jew religious books of cabala and zohar etc…

            It is YOU silver sax that need take the same attitude that “No Pitty party” has when he/She has stated “I need MORE info and website links to Info so I CAN Make up MY OWM MIND whats truth and whats aint!”….Thats the Same method I self educated myself upon…

            Now its Your turn silver sax…Reject ALL phony pastors that Today Prove Jesus’s predictions correct when Jesus said “In latter day You WILL have Tons and Tons of False prophets, False teachers and false preachermen…You silver sax, as well as a few others that post uneducated drivel and abject copy cat Parrotings of those Very Phony pastors falsehoods Today…PROVES that Christ was Indeed Spot-On 100% Accurate correct in His Many, Many Warnings to avoid like a Plague such Pastors and false teachers…Oh and also to avoid even More so those “Judiazers” type pastors that try to get YOU to go Back under the Old covenant laws etc…They are the absolute WORST of the entire Bunch…And “Bunch” it be today eh!…Now Please get to Work Learning truths based on Facts…

            We here that post such info have Repeatedly stated that we hate NOBODY, what we do hate is Lies, swindles, communisim and communists like them russian bolshevik jews were…As well as kommies decendant and alive Now today Here Ruining america and trying to wipe out whites and christianity as was done BY their Gradnfathers and Grandmothers in Russia 1918 etc…

            I do NOT hate any individual blacks or jews or pastors etc…I DO hate that they Lie and scam folks…And promote evils of zionisim and bolshevisim aka kommies in exchange for cash bribes and Free Jet Planes while selling Out Real christians.

            Why any sane folk would be an Enabler of such evils even AFTER so often others Like me and Granny and JQP et al has tried to wake you with bible verse, actual quoted statements and articles and Books BY jews themselves! BY Rabbis and talmudics! and Recemt DNA-PUBLISHED Evidence, like I again Posted at that article of “This army Col wants disarm You”, if I recall right its located close to very Bottom of comments section its article that has over 800 comment replies done a few days ago…GO READ THAT DNA stuff info…YOU Cannot Argue with DNA, just as neither can HEBREW Univ and JOHN HOPKINS Prestigious Publishings eh!…Oh yeah YOU can argue it I am certain! But NOT with any Validity, NOR with any logical Proofs nor Historical proofs…About All You argue with is a combo of Falsehoods You believe in as Taught BY phony scamming preaachers and their always attendant Rabbi next to their side, to make certain that pastor Keeps teachings as a good,Sayanam Goyim “JUDIAZER” types we was WARNED about!…..

            Silver Sax and several like him Must have Not Gottem the Memo yet?…Good thing they has folks like Me and JQP and Granny to assist in Their Rehabilitation to know real facts based Truth eh!….

            We are just doing as Christ Commands us to do. IE: Discern(know truth from falsehoods) then Reprove(out frauds etc) and Rebuke(condemn falsehoods and jewish lies and swindles etc)….Hopefully it Will Sink in to awaken folks such as silver sax and those other deluded souls here, and elsewheres. Either way We have been Good Watchmen be they awakened or not.

        • Please also read Hebrews 10:25.

        • No pity-party-

          Much congrats to you for possessing the desire to decide for yourself, via weighing all the evidence.

          The best starting point per scholarly analysis from a historical, facts only point of view, goto:

          ..and browse/research deep down the rabbit-hole archives.


          A good counter-weight of ‘by their fruits, ye shall know them’, versus the myopic dogmas of the intellectually-neutered Christian-Zionists, can be found at:


          Best of luck to you, NP Party!

          ..always remember to THINK FOR YOURSELF.

        • NoPityPartyHere:

          Thanks for your interest in persuing the Truth. It is a long journey for sure. I was where you are at a lot of years back and it was through reading and hard research that I have come to believe what I do.

          I would like to point out these Bible verses to you which get right to the HEART of this discussion:

          II John 1:7-11

          7 – For many DECEIVERS are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus is come in the flesh. This is a DECEIVER and an ANTI-CHRIST.

          8 – Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have wrought, and that we receive a full reward.


          10 – If there come ANY unto you, and bring NOT this doctrine, RECEIVE HIM NOT INTO YOUR HOUSE, NEITHER BID HIM GODSPEED.

          11 – For he that biddeth him Godspeed is A PARTNER OF HIS EVIL DEEDS.

          So, Nopityparty, I think you know that the Jews have their own Torah and Talmud (you can find both online) and they not only deny Christ but they blasphemy both He and his Mother.

          Christians, who believe in the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost are the people Israel. Look up what g-d means to the jewish religion; you have seen a few posters on shtf use that g-d. Be curious and look it up for yourself.

          God did not lie about all the BLESSINGS he was going to and did bestow on his people Israel, and if you look at the list of those blessings you will see there is no way they were given to the jews or that stolen piece of land, Israel. Those blessings were given to all the tribes and those tribes disbursed all across Europe and into America. Those tribes were and are Christians.

          It must be said that any human being can become a child of Christ by adoption. All mankind must accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah to be saved period. THERE IS NO OTHER PATH TO SALVATION – NONE!

          Nopityparty you might find the Watchman Bible Study Grouop a great way to find the truth. Bible study and history are all covered there. biblestudysite dot com.

          • POG, just to be clear, you don’t think that I am saying that the Jews’ Temple worship and keeping of the Old Testament laws is a valid road to salvation, do you? Because I’m not.
            But that doesn’t mean that God is finished with Jewish Israel either.

            • Romans 11:26 – “And so all Israel shall be saved…”

            • SilverSax:

              God will never be finished with his CHRISTIAN people, Israel. What he has in store for the Torah/Talmud believing jews are a different story and you will find that in verse after verse in the Bible.

              • Again, you weren’t thinking that I was saying that Jewish Temple worship is a path to salvation, were you? Because that’s what your post above sounds like.

                • SilverSax:

                  As long as you continue your support of people who deny Christ Israeli/Jew you are guilty of John 1: 10-11. What in the world makes you persist in supporting Christs’ enemies (those who do not believe in Jesus)? Can you not read what Christ says will happen to you because of your support of non-believers? Scary to say the least.

                  • Again, are you saying that I believe that Jewish Temple worship is a a path to salvation? I’d appreciate a direct answer.

                  • First, I do not support any system of non-belief in the finished work of Christ.

                    That said, I do support the Jewish nation of Israel because they remain the Chosen People of God (and the kinsmen of Jesus).

                    I’ve quoted an abundance of Scriptures which make it plain that God is not finished with the Jews. First and foremost is Romans 11 – “God has NOT cast away his people.” What do you do with that verse? Ignore it?

                    If you’re truly a Christian, how can you hold such hatred in your heart for any group of people? Don’t you realize that Christianity is ALL about forgiveness, love, mercy and grace?

                    What about the verse that says, “Blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fulness of the Gentiles…”? Can’t you see that word in there – “until”? Can’t you see that means that God still has plans for Israel? That he will heal their blindness once the fulness of the Gentiles has come? What do you do with that verse? Ignore it too?

                    Suppose you have a relative who is not a believer. Do you despise them and turn away from them, refusing to share the gospel with them or pray for their salvation? Of course not! You love them and beg God for their salvation!

                    What about Revelation 6? In this chapter, we see 144,000 Jews being “sealed”. They are even listed by their Jewish tribes! What do you do with that Scripture? Ignore it?

                    God has not cast away his people. The Bible says it and that settles it.

                  • Something else – you say that God is going to do something “scary” to me for my support of Jewish Israel.
                    That is a lie straight from Hell. Jesus Christ took ALL my punishment, and if I sin in this world, it’s already covered by the Blood of Christ. Got it? NO punishment remains. He died for the sins of the world – mine, yours and the Jews’. The Blood of Christ is Enough for the Father and it should be enough for you too. If you don’t believe that Jesus’ Blood is enough to cover all your sins, you probably aren’t saved.

                    iT IS FINISHED!

                  • SSax-


                    Lessee now…-(flipping thru Rolodex of known Talmudic schemes and tactics)-

                    Ahh…here it is!


                    Since a HUGE PERCENTAGE of those whom you (& others) so reverently defend and who just so happen to be the purveyors, authors, anarchistic enablers/provocateurs and especially the FINANCIERS, of everything detrimental to TRUE Christianity & Western Civilization..

                    ..I must ask you, how do you intend you defend your position/belief system..come judgment day?


                    Do you intend to stand before the Throne of Judgment & utter the Nuremberg defense of:

                    “I was only following (your) orders”, ‘cuz my preacher/pastor/priest said…blah-blah-blah….


                    ..never realizing that said orders/beliefs were compromised/corrupted by certain wicked operatives sourced among the the guise of the “SCOFIELD BIBLE.”

                    ..which was written by a convicted felon(Cyrus Scofield), financed by jewish money, published in 1909 & forced into manifold bible schools/colleges and congregational pulpits (via massive kosher bribes $$$).

                    Call it the greatest Psy-op and stealthy usurpation of the Savior’s real purpose/message.


           reminded of a widely known axiom employed by a certain agency, inherent to his modern day detractors.

                    It goes thus:

                    ..By way of DECEPTION, thou shalt do WAR!!!!


                    Hence, the false/deceptive satanic screed, penned by Scofield, will be the source/downfall/condemnation of many souls..come JUDGMENT DAY!!!

                    ..because on this day, you’ve heard/read the TRUTH..

                    ..and have chosen to ignore it. Yet alone, to take it upon yourself to refute it, via “HONEST” research/study, outside your definitive ‘zio-religious comfort bubble’..


                    If I were you, I’d start thinking real f%#king hard about the Almighty’s merciful side, rather than regurgitating the PSYOPS of satan & his modern day earth-bound disciples.

          • NoPityParty:

            Please go to Jewcy dot com/watch another great Hanukkah video jewish vs goyish

            “Made by writer/performer/activist Josh Healey, this new video is a spin on a Lenny Bruce classic. In jewish vs goyish Healey breajs down the DIFFERENCE between jewish and goyish. AND IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY CLEAR ON THAT, ITS GOOD TO KNOW AND ITS A METHOD YOU CAN EMPLOY WAY PAST THE HOLIDAYS”.

            By watching this carefully you will learn some real truisms about the difference between Jew and Christians.

            • Granny-

              Addition ‘logistics’ can be found at:


              • Damn, intended/meant to type…”Additional”

            • PO’D GRANNY: Its quite Obvious from Silver Sax’s repetitious same questionings, and the Facts that even when we answer his other prior questions, he either repeats the same qusetion like doing Here Now, or simply Ignores further conversation because he Knows we are correct but is unable to ever ADMIT hes wrong.

              Its so Obvious silver sax by his repititious same questions here now, shows hes either a Very Young person, perhaps fresh out of liberal kommie univ or colleges…OR if indeed is an older folk, is a dyed in wool Lib dem same as those Rabid antigun clowns that reject everything We who are progun show as Proof that every claim antiguners make is Invalid, Lies, Fraudulent, and a scam.

              Silver sax’s non stop same questions are Akin to very Small children that ride in the Back Seat of the car and constantly keep asking again and again…”Are We There Yet Huh?”….OR..”Can I get More candy? why Not? Huh Huh Huh???”…..If I am not correct here? Then silver sax is a full blown Delusional Loon to far gone by belief in falsehood teaching preachers, akin to the main players on TV christian network shows 24/7, that constantly Pump out spew after spew like “bless the jews” and “Send ME $$$$$ cash so I can transfer that cash to jews in israel to rebuild a 3rd temple(thats nowheres mentioned biblically unless they spin and pervert out of context verses of danial etc)….NONE of them preaches ever teach Truth like we speak of here…None will ever speak truth on issues jew or israel state of.

              Who else BUT a deluded Loon can possibly believe or trust soch Fraud pastors?!….Specially when they has so many folks HERE showing them the real facts based truths…

              “Are we there yet? Huh Huh Huh Huh!!!” Go Away Little Boy ya bothers me too much.

              • You’ve never answered them once.

                • Neither have you refuted/answered my post!
                  What’s up w/ your ‘silent/ignore the truth’ strategy S-Sax?


                  Can’t help but wonder…are your lips forever wrapped around the input of a musical instrument…

                  ..or something that’s zio-religiously…circumcised???

            • Bible does NOT state that all 144,000 in REV are “Jews” fool…YOU are stateing all 12 tribes are jews…The Bible Never states that Disinfo crap.

              Blindness has come to israel…Right, the 10 North tribes that KEPT the name of “Israel” Lost all knowledge of language and who they really are after they got disperssed in 720;s BC era when Asyrans made War against ISRALE aka ONLY the 10 North Tribes.

              God promices to RE gather them all and send them into a NEW Land to call their Own etc, Thats AMERICA You Fool!…A “NEW LAND” Not of their Forefathers!

              AMERICA is That NEW Land. And many of the ORIG 10 Northern Tribes called “ISRAEL” who were scattered all over Europe after wandering around all the OTHER lands besides Europe, are the white folk europeans who Founded Europe, England etc and THEN Came to America from ALl them euro areas/nations aka the REAL “Melting Pot” Before African and mestizo and arab got added to that pot and screwed it all up royally as Tucker explains so swell.

              Plus some of whatever remains of REAL jews WITH Real Judah DNA and REAL Benjaim DNA has come to america as well…HERE is the Regahtering God Promiced for the Latter days. YOU are too BLINDED By Jew spew and false info or disinfos to accept it.

              Make a LIST with TWO colums…In One side write everything you recall of Gods Many blessings on various white americans like inventions etc…And how so MANY Others in Other Nations got also Blessed due to Our Shareing of those great blessings etc…

              THEN on Other side, LIST every nation or peoples and events or times or things that You recall atribute to Jews blessing of OTHER folk or nations?!!!

              There are Exactly ZERO times or blessings FROM any jews, TO anybody Else or other nations!…Rather all nations jews been in and Hosted by has BOOTED jews OUT due to jews= Nation Wreckers Galore! Thats NOT debatable, It IS Historical Documented Facts that has occured..In EVERY place jews been the past 3000+ yrs!!..

              Is That due to jews so well Bless Other folks and Their nations?…Come On get wised up already just ADMIT it.

              NO other Race or Nation or Peoples Has ever so blessed other nations peoples, been as charitable as, Given aide to for FREE when needed, as often as,…Us white european based Christian americans PERIOD.

              BECAUSE: We are whom Recieved all that God Promiced in those “Material Wealth and LAND” blessings God promiced first to abraham, then issac, finally to jacob whos name changed to “israel” and jacob/israel IS who Blessed ephraim and manessah and told all there that from NOW ON! These Two boys are MY sons and THEY are who Retain MY name of ISRAEL Forever!…THATS reason ONLY 10 North tribes Kept name Israel and were widely Known of as israel by name.

              NO judah folk, nor benjamin folk nor levites nor “jews” were called ISRAEL…Its all IN your Bible fool..Yet You reject all that stuff in order to Maintain a False belief regarding todays “jews” who like in REV 2:9 Christs says..
              They Call themselves,,,JEWS…BUT! They are NOT as they ARE Imposters and the Synagouge Of SATAN!!

              And silver sax ET AL here want You to Bless that satanic synagouge?…So God will then Bless Us/You?!!!

              One cannot make up such nonsense even when designing a new COMIC book series!

              Why do your preachermen Hide that Fact of 145 yrs Before jews went to babylon, the 10 OTHER Israel tribes were delt with BY assyria?…None of todays pastors mentions this Fact. Jew as a word does NOT Pertain to every person from the 12 tribes. Yet You ignore all proof of such and insist on calling them jews as you just did with that 144,000 spew…WAKE the fuck UP already.

              NONE are as BLIND as they with Eyes to see and Ears to Hear yet do NOT see nor hear when Real Truth is presented!…That…Fully…Describes…YOU silver sax.

              • That’s one ugly mind you have there.

              • That’s one ugly mind you have there.

      61. For those who would head out into the hills to escape shtf in solitude a long term warning lest bychance you should survive:-

        A brother and sister did just that a few generations ago down under. The impact on future generations was NOT good.

        It’s as good a reason to impart BI’s lessons on personal hygiene, and Barn Cat’s on personal morality as ever I saw. We may not all make it through, if perchance our children should survive then let it be with dignity.

        I suspect many of us will be murdered defending our children/grandchildren before all this is over. We owe it to them to leave them with SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE, so that they do not devolve into animals once we are gone.

      62. YES !

        • And a quick web research of Just Who are the todays and Past Leadership of all that pertains to incest, fags, lezbos, dyks, transgenders, and every filthy Vile hollywood and TV presentation as well as Politically every new demand for passage of new laws to ALLOW Adult sex with small children, pedophilea etc…

          One will fast determine From the Vast supply online of info, names, orgs, groups like NAMBLA ET AL etc, that every single org, group individual, in all prior mentioned Perversions we see of today are…Jewish folks as the Leadership…

          The exact Same as happened to Germany in 1920-30’s era, that turned Berlin into modern day Babylon, and Soddom and Gomerah!…Same Then in germany as Now today in usa…Was german jews than and There, and its nation wrecking jews leading the charge to fully pervert and corrput america. And with the exact same perverted SEX agendas and new laws methods based on “equalitys”.

          Their Talmud Allows for Pedophile sex between jews and gentiles small kids. Talmud promotes all for jews yet NOTHING for goyim gentiles…Talmud thru mostly jew judges today, is being Used to Replace the us const and BOR with Talmudic judaic rulership…Thats called Communisim. Communisim IS Judaisim For gentiles.

          Get that Memo folks! Wake Up! Your entire nation, Childrens and Lives are systematically being RUINED by and due to their evil influence that is as antichristian and anti whitey as is humanly possible to achieve…Past history of nations Abounds with solid proof galore of this as Facts. Do NOT Repeat such evil History upon america folks.(I can and will supply such historic evidence, more than one person can ever read in several Lifetimes! Just ask me and I will provide it).

          Turning a Blind eye and Deaf Ear to these facts and truths will Not halt nor remove it from america…it WILL enable it all to grow Far Worse though!

          Research also every nation’s Reasons for Booting out such nation wrecking jewish folk…Then see whos really being “persecuted”. Note also the mass prosperity and regaining of Good Moral Fiber in every said nation After they Rid themselves of that vile infestation of a Plague from Satan upon their nations…Time to RE-Think ALL you were prior told was fact or truth eh.

          To do any Less is to allow for and to Enable a small less than 2% of usa population to do the exat same as they did to Russia, Poland, Hungery. Ukraine, Baltics. several more eastern european nations, and of course as done to Germany, France, England and now today to America! YOUR/OUR Nation Home! No good reason exists why Our 98% should ever allow their 2% to Overthrow all we have built and replace it with their satanic talmudic evils. None.

      63. Much ado about nothing. If problems break out, I will just call for my “free” chicken from my “free” Obamaphone, while chanting “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” while I sit on my fat socialist arse waiting for someone to come rescue me… and wipe my arse when done.
        Next problem!!

      64. I think we can all agree that eventually the citizens of this nation (USA) will get fed up. There will be riots, there will be violence, and there will be needless loss of life. Perhaps before we get fed up, there may be other kinds of civil unrest sparked. There are many scenarios out there can are leading up to this. Economic collapse being the most likely (in my opinion), but other possibilities are out there too (you don’t have to scratch around to much to uncover the possibilities).
        Whatever the reason, most of us agree that eventually our times will come to meet civil unrest. The question of the blog was are you ready for riots??
        Not many of us can say we are ready. Those who are truly prepared have several months worth of supplies. They also have a safe place to hunker down while SHTF. A underground bunker can provide a perfect place to defend against civil unrest. When the riots happen, you don’t want to catch yourself outside fighting the looters over a loaf of bread. The prepared people of the population will be safely tucked away in their bunkers living off the grid with plenty of supplies.
        A bunker provides excellent riot defenses as apposed to fortifying your home. After all, how much protections does your sheet rock, windows, vents, wood, wires and some plumbing provide? A under ground bunker from Rising S Company are made of fortified steel. Everything is constructed of high grade thick American steel. Take a few minutes to look at their home page, they have some awesome videos that will blow your mind:
        So are you ready for the riots? Most of us are not ready. A great place to start would be an underground bunker.

      65. America is a warring nation, so why would it not to make sense to fight/riot.
        “America” has been in war twice within itself, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise.
        When one runs out of others to fight, one ends up fighting oneself.
        History has already proven this time and time again and America only has to look at it’s own history (his story).
        Go America, I can only hope that the 99% wins against the 1%, and if the maths taught is correct (I say correct and not right, as right is only a direction), they should this time.

      66. Empires rise and fall, it happens- just because the Country is on the end stages of its golden era doesn’t mean it’s the end time, folks. The country ain’t what it used to be, that’s for sure.

        Could it be better? Hell yeah.
        Could it be worse? Hell yeah.

        Just because times are tough doesn’t mean the seven horsemen are riding @_@

      67. I can’t imagine why anyone with the means to leave the USA doesn’t do so, for say the next 4 or 5 years. Even if you can’t afford it, then take an offshore job. Just get out. Americans, God love ’em, always do everything bigger & badder & in more exceptional ways (heh), and the outrage over government incompetence, corruption, and stratospheric levels of waste is pretty much guaranteed to peak soon. Government confiscation of private capital in the form of hyper-progressive tax policy is socking it the middle class and small businesses far far worse than almost anywhere else in the developed world. And yet it’s never enough, the statist pigs at the trough just keep swilling down more. The Boston-NYC-DC axis of leftist sleaze simply don’t care how much damage they do. Anyway, back to topic, just bail out on the USA until the the coming harsh awakening begins restoring sanity (which it likely won’t, but hope springs eternal). I live in Thailand and I’m always amazed at how rational public discourse is here, and in much of Asia. For Asians, watching the West in recent years has been eye-opening. People here seem to realize that effects have causes, negative policies have negative consequences, corruption bleeds everyone and benefits the few, immorality in one area of life implies immorality elsewhere, and so on. Not only is it eminently safer living here (or Taiwan or Japan or Singapore or South Korea), it’s more pleasant, chock-full of opportunities, and most importantly, the corrupt/immoral leftist statism that is rotting the West from within is nowhere in sight. Even China, which is now undeniably an authoritarian capitalist state, seems more rational and accountable than the USA. How is it the US Federal Government has been so successful in launching the country on the road to utter ruin? Better to bail now and return for visits later on.

      68. Perhaps you should ask the Trayvon Martin’s who like to play
        the knock-out game ?

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