Are You Prepared to Survive in the Wilderness Alone? “Natural Shelter, Blend In”

by | Feb 6, 2016 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 376 comments

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    What would you do if circumstances forced you into the woods alone, with little or no provisions?

    Are you prepared to handle these scenarios? What if the SHTF and you must run?

    These videos show how you can quickly build reliable shelter, even by yourself with no supplies or equipment.

    Yes, they are crude, but with skill and preparation, they can withstand extreme weather and provide a base camp that will support survival in many situations.

    Over the course of 48-hours, Lucas P. the Survival Dude, takes on the challenge of going it solo in the woods with only a sleeping bag, hatchet and a couple other things.

    In short term situations, shelter, water and warmth are more important that food, which takes more than a few days to hit critical.

    Lucas moves quick to build a shelter out of branches against a protective rock in a heavily forested area. He resists the urge to spend his limited time and resources on the first day making a fire – which he later starts with a firebow. On day two, he locates a good stream for water.

    This man from Bushcraft Quebec shows how to build a “natural shelter” in a few hours using wood and leaves and an existing tarp – preferably with the help of a few others, but alone if necessary. Basically, the sticks are shaped into a tee pee or dome shape, and leaves are fitted in to fill in the walls around it, leaving a narrow opening for entrance/exit.

    The “bushcraft” shelter is constructed using surrounding resources, and comes with a built in camouflage that will help it to blend with the surroundings and diverts potentially unwanted attention away from your dwelling.

    Inside, there is room for a fire, protection from the rain, and plenty of room for bedding and supplies.

    With the right upkeep, it could last for a prolonged period of time if needed.

    For more tips on survival:

    The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare You For Any Disaster

    The Six Laws of Survival: Strategies For Beating the Worst Case Scenario

    Why a Prepper Homestead Isn’t a Good Plan for Survival: “Raising Your Own Food Takes Time”

    A Green Beret’s Guide To Action Bags: “Your Go-To-Kit When You Have To Pop Smoke & Depart In a Rapid Manner”


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      1. Being a deer hunter for decades, I would be a survivor in the wild.

        Common sense will rule…

        Be well all…

        • I know i could but do i want to?
          Serious stuff to consider
          What? Are we running from?
          What is the long term?

          • Your right, Best answer. If you are dumb enough to get caught in the woods with nothing; STARVE. I’m going on trip and will be out of pocket for a short while. But I’m going with three guns, blankets, food, matches and a lot of other stuff. And as for hiding in the woods from THEM. Screw that; they can hide from me.

            • George Washinton spent 95% of his time hiding from the British and 5% of his time fighting. He fought only the battles he had to, or knew he could win.

              In the worst SHTF scenarios = TEOTWAWKI, nature, starvation, disease, infighting, bad people will be killing more of your enemies than you ever could. If you can survive and hideout, nature will do a lot of dirty work for you.

              I want central heat, plumbing and a 70 inch TV in my rubble hut!

              • I just want to be left the hell alone to tinker with some leather or wood or putter in the garden,,,,

                • Kulafarmer,
                  Me too. I love gardening and tinkering. Overalls included!

                  • I say always build your shelter with the door opening facing South to catch as much sunlight and warmth as possible. A small fire inside your shelter will provide enough smoke inside to kill all the insects attached to the structure and mosquitos looking to feed on you. Rather fill large black heavy plastic construction bags with dry leaves for a mattress. Also your body sweats and gives off humidity while you sleep and don’t put a plastic bag over your sleeping bag. Your sleeping bag needs to breath and expell your humidity. A wet sleeping bag is useless and miserable. Shake and dry out your Sleeping bag every morning and shake it out night for critters, like wood ticks, before you get in it. A hammock is way better than sleeping on the ground where the ground will rob your body heat right away. Try a self inflating, blow up sleeping pad for more comfort under your sleeping bag.


                    • Good idea for light and warmth. Another thought, having opening facing north may be safer. Low flying planes, flying in direction south, would be looking into the sun. Possibly not noticing because of sun glare.

              • Plan Twice Prep Once
                my daddy raised us 3 months a year camping on the riverbank in the backwoods of Oregon. I’m game.
                being chased by drones is a whole other issue.
                most would do better staying put. Just in case, I am increasing my native edible species in my forest and increasing mule deer, rabbits and such. A cave up top wouldn’t hurt.
                Hiding in plain sight is good.

                • Oh I see the snitch has shown up. No one believes the BS you spew.

                  • Philo, what gives?
                    Kula flashback.

                    Eyes open no fear…

                    • I went back to see the sniping BS comments posted about me. Damn lies written by a traitor. That may be fine for some but I am not a fricken doormat to be walked on. Not now. Not ever.

                    • It is still sniping. Most people don’t have enought time to spend here but I seem to have a fucking stalker:

                      “Comment ID: 3516680
                      February 6, 2016 at 5:53 pm
                      Philo lover of Kim Jung Un and his EMP s
                      90 percent of what you said is ignorant rant. Where did I say I only eat rabbits? Am I not producing enough genocide talk for your bosses little provacateur?
                      No check this month for arrests? Golly gee whillikers, how’s a girl like you going to live?”

                    • More trashy posts from the bitch:

                      “Rebecca says:
                      Comment ID: 3516596
                      February 6, 2016 at 4:17 pm
                      Agent provacateur, is logic above your head? No? Just not likely to get my ass in prison and contribute to your skanky rent payments? Ahhhh probrecita, como sufres!”

                    • Philo lover of Kim Jong Un
                      cannot eat the kind of crap she dishes out to me. You want peace? Be peaceful. Otherwise eat it.

                    • Another comment I dug up from this witch:

                      “Rebecca says:
                      Comment ID: 3515028
                      February 4, 2016 at 7:58 am
                      Afraid coheesion cooperation and unity is falling on deaf ears, if this is the same Philo (Latin for lover) hates Americans with such viciousness that she prays to Satan for North Korea to EMP millions of Americans by taking out three cities. She’s a snake charmer is sugar pop.”

                    • Oh and this is quite a gem:

                      February 5, 2016 at 8:27 am
                      Philo lover of North Korean commies, dropping EMPs on millions of Americans in three American cities is not the US government. You hate Americans you commie terrorist. That adds up to mass murder worse than what Stalin did to the Ukraine. You call everyone a commie but you are just trying to distract from your real dream… communist destruction of the United States. You did speak for yourself you commie terrorist.”

                    • Eppe
                      Philo botch never gets off my back. She doesn’t like it coming back in her face. Poor little foul mouthed victim.

                    • Another comment from this batshit crazy woman:

                      “Rebecca says:
                      Comment ID: 3515699
                      February 5, 2016 at 8:27 am
                      Philo lover of North Korean commies, dropping EMPs on millions of Americans in three American cities is not the US government. You hate Americans you commie terrorist. That adds up to mass murder worse than what Stalin did to the Ukraine. You call everyone a commie but you are just trying to distract from your real dream… communist destruction of the United States. You did speak for yourself you commie terrorist.”

                    • Here is the comment I made which, apparently, pushed Becky over the edge: It wasn’t even a comment to her it was a comment to Braveheart1776. I have not changed anything, just copied and pasted not only her words, but mine as well. Make up your own minds and decide for yourselves. Choose sides carefully.

                      “Comment ID: 3514183
                      February 2, 2016 at 10:33 pm
                      BH: I would love to see three EMPS launched: one over DC, another over NYC, and another over LA. That would go a long way towards saving the world from US and saving us from ourselves.

                      Did you see how North Korea is getting ready to laugh something anytime? I have read some news that says North Korea only has duds and other news that North Korea has been working on atmospheric tactical nukes as opposed to city killer nukes that land near to the ground. Two different purposes for each type of device.

                      Anything you have sniffed out on the interwebs?”

                • Rebecca, amen! I think you, kula and Plan have the right idea. Just leave us all alone and let us just be. The tallest blade of grass is the first to get chopped. Live to form a different but better future.

                  • Foxglove666, Philo has been bad mouthing me endlessly with her lies. Time she gets her filthy mouth on someone else.

                    • What are you pissed off because I am outing you and your lies? Too fucking bad. It has to be harsh seeing a whole stack of comments with your ID and the comment number.

                    • Reb, I know. I and everyone else on this site has seen the vitrol spewed your way. No one deserves that. She gets her panties in a wad when you defend yourself. Typical schoolyard bully bullshit. I read her and she got off my case. It amazes me constantly the depths some folks will go with juvenile schoolyard antics.

                    • What you don’t like reading what you have written? Too bad.

                    • Reb, you and I aren’t the only ones who have called her out on her bullshit. She just needs to put her pecker back in her pocket and act like a thinking adult. A stretch, I know, but might be possible in some alternate universe….What would be nice is if the commenting policy actually worked. You know, “racism, to include religious affiliation, will not be tolerated on this site, INCLUDING THE DISPARAGEMENT OF PEOPLE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.”

                    • Actually I have been very patient with you. And I have been helpful to most people here. I was helpful to you back when I started here. I have an odd talent for sniffing out fools like you online. Why? I read between the lines. But go ahead, Becky, keep spewing your hate and twisting other people’s words. I revile pathetic creatures like you. I know your type. Sickening.

                      Go weave your webs someplace else but don’t include me in them you revolting little black widow.

                    • Reb, there are much more constructive, informative and civil blogs out there. This one is merely entertaining anymore. My suggestion is that preppers who are actually serious about civil information exchange leave this one to the maladjusted trolls like Philo and her ilk. There simply isn’t anything of value here anymore…..dropped mike.

                    • Excuse me? You are the one that said I hate Americans, that I am a terrorist, that I work as an “Agent Provocateur,” that I pray to Satan and, not only am I supposedly a terrorist, I am a “commie terrroist.” Oh and that, apparently, I am making bank by snitching. I am guessing the only one making money by snitching here is Becky. Along with AE. They deserve each other.

                  • FG: I am not the schoolyard bully here. But if that is what you so be it.

                    • If that is what you think then so be it.

                    • Philo worshipper of Kim Jong Un,
                      Time is short. You heart is hard. Your life is barren.

                  • Fuck you you sniveling bitch. Just another lesbian that thinks you know the best way for everyone else to live their life. You don’t care who you throw under the bus. Fucking bitch.

                    • Philo lover of Kim Jong Un,
                      Got your panties in a real wad. Thought you were tough. Nut. To. Crack.

                • Philosopher and Acid may be one in the same and not two sexes, or two people. Yes there are creepy people that do that.

                  You seem to have have a stalker or two?

                  I admit I’ve misunderstood one or two of your posts, careful reading is required.

                  Sarcasm is really hard to see in a post and should be clearly tagged, since it doesn’t read well.

                  Standing here on planet Earth I wanted to ask, what do you use for grinding wheat into flour, for bread. I have a victorine grinder that completely inadequate. Suggestions from anyone into bread making is appreciated.

                  • Hey plan, my suggestion is to go to modern survival blog dot com for any real prepper-type questions. Great info, civil audience and the moderator and the community itself does not tolerate ANY of the crap you see here. Manners are required there….quite refreshing.

                    • Oh fuck off you old hag.

                    • And……she makes my point yet again. Some folks just can’t help themselves. We can only hope that someday the anti-psychotics actually kick in. What DOES one prescribe for keyboard Tourette syndrome? Point to ponder……

                    • Don’t like my comment? Why are you here fuckface?

                    • Philo, it’s fun teasing small animals – you get pissed and fall for it every time. Folks like you with microcephaly do……

                    • The good thing is I don’t have to prove anything to you or anyone else.

                      By throwing me under the bus and calling me, what? “lowbred” or some such you proved my point. Good.

                      Which goes to show that people join up for other reasons than just because the other person is a veteran or just because the other person is female or just because the person claims to have some special knowledge or skill.

                      I advise all people to never follow anyone. That way you won’t be betrayed by backstabbers. And if you own the land you can kick their butts to the curb.

                    • Philo
                      You don’t own the land, it will be your butt that is kicked to the curb in the cold harsh city with millions of hungry people around you. They became cannibals in the Ukraine and you wish that on Americans with your evil heart. I have known all along that you are too far along on your path to hell.

                    • You are the lowbred hag that thinks living in the Skagit fucking valley near the city of socialists is a good idea. Sure. Until some of them are like Acid and just kill your dumb ass.

                    • Philo, you are truly laughable…. All I can do is shake my head at what a small, little piss ant you truly are. Have some sort of life. God knows with your many personality disorders it’ll be an interesting one. Your spiffy 3rd grade playground retorts should serve you well in the future…..said no one.

                    • I don’t tease animals. Ever. I never have.

                      You sound like you enjoy such sick pursuits. Go ahead. Enjoy your depravity.

                  • Plan Twice Prep Once,
                    If you hear of a good hand grinder I would like one.

                    • Use your teeth wench.

                    • i just LOVE hot popcorn…with butter spritzed all over it…especially now that i got a good seat to watch the appocalypse from….just wish i could find an old butter spritzer from back in the 70’s…they don’t make AnYthING to spritz butter on popcorn anymore, you know…why, back in the day, you just filled it up, put it in the microwave, and when done spritzing, you just threw it in the fridge until next time….yep,…sure do miss that butter spritzer….what was that damn thing called????

                    • Is what you’re looking for the Presto Microwave Hot Topper Vintage Butter Melter/Sprayer? There’s some available on eBay.

                  • PTPO: I am not Acid. The best thing I have that can grind wheat is a Vitamix. They cost about $350 to $400 and you can get one on easy pay, with a debit card, from QVC.

                    I have a Country Living mill and it was a waste of money. If you have been to towns that used to grind wheat and corn most of them used huge granite grinding stones powered by water for a reason. Because it is a lot of work and it tears up equipment.

                    About this dust up: to be clear: I am a veteran. I love my country. I hate some of the politicians. I don’t see this country moving in the right direction. At all.

                    • No, to be clear….you are a low-bred veteran with no manners. Your current behavior would have gotten your ass bounced out on a UCMJ beef for conduct unbecoming. So please don’t insult other veterans by claiming to be one of us – we neither claim you nor your deplorable behavior.

                    • Philo Kim Jong Un lover. Wanting 90 percent of the population killed by Kim Jong Un makes you equivalent to Jane Fonda. You are not a lover of this country.

                    • Foxglove666
                      Go veterans!
                      I don’t believe Philo Kim Jong Un lover was a US veteran. Maybe it served in the North Korean army.

                    • Reb, if Philo aka Acid Etch did serve I bet he/ she got bounced out on a mental discharge. Can you imagine that big of a nut bag with an M-16? Makes one shudder to think.

                    • To the bitches on here: fuck off. You are the kind of women that people hate. I am guessing you are both fucking lesbians.

                    • Philo lover of Kim Jong Un were you Acid Etch when you served in North Korea for your God Kim Jong Un? He is a Faux Xtiian too. Are you he?
                      We women don’t like abusers like North Koreans and Muslims it is true. And your metal discharge from the North Korean army does not give you the right to abuse American women.

                    • Philo lover of your God Kim Jong Un… repent of your evil false witnessing and lies, accept Jesus Christ as your savior. Go and sin no more. For we know you by your fruits and your tree is barren.

                    • Want a EMP are you nuts? Vitamix works good for grinding small amounts of grain. On hunting gathering, how many deer do you think you can kill when there is only 30 million in this country. A deer only yields about 20% from its live weight. 100 lb doe may be 20 lbs of meat, and this is with refrigeration. Wild game almost disappeared from North America during the Great Depression. 7 million starved during the Great Depression, with 90% of population had agricultural skills. 40% of population in large cities on EBT, good luck.

                  • Plan Twice Prep Once
                    I have wondered if Philo Kim Jong Un lover is a male. It once said it would rather sleep with Acid Etch than with me… an older woman or a gay male? What kind of comment is that? A bisexual male? Made hair rise on the back of my neck. It said it was raped but it sure didn’t ask me if I wanted to sleep with it. Gollum.
                    it talks a lot like Acid Etch, for sure, and Acid Etch laid off me and it freaked out over my indoor garden and started calling me nasty stuff.
                    It could be Acid.

                    • Just keep stirring the pot with your hate and your lies and your filth you evil bitch.

                    • I never said I wanted to sleep with anyone here. I told Acid I would kill him if he tried to put his filthy paws on me.

                      You fucking lying filthy whore. Is that the best you can do?

                    • That is a lie. The only Gollum here is you, the old withered hag spewing hate and vitriol and using names. Go on bitch. Keep it up.

                    • Reb, and the slavering at the mouth is commencing right about……now! 🙂

                    • And that is how low leftist commie hags like you will stoop by mocking me after revealing that I had been raped. Damn. You can’t get any lower than that. Why would I want to sleep with an old hag? I am female, a Christian, and not a lesbian.

                      Thanks. By asking the question at least we all know you are a fucking lesbian and, apparently, I insulted you. Good. Now fuck off and go die in a hole.

                    • Reb, and the force of the Christian is so strong with this Pholosphical one. I’m sure the pet names she has for us like “lesbian, whore, lesbian whore, fuckface, etc” are just the monikers that Christ so lovingly gave his followers. When I grow up can I be a great Christian just like Philodough?

                    • Philo, and by the way no one ever mocked you for your verbal vomit or your unfortunate life circumstances. They mocked you for being an ignorant, arrogant asshole who could stand to grow the fuck up by about 40 odd years and get the chip off your shoulder.

                    • Fuck you and your lies Foxglove. You just said I was “lowbred” after I said that I grew up in a trailer as white trash. So you think you can just come back and throw that in my face?

                      Little goody two shoes Becky thinks it is funny to mock my comment about being raped. I said when I posted that comment that I was not victim.

                      I don’t view growing up as poor white trash to be a problem. Why? Am I supposed to be ashamed of growing up poor? Because you are making claims that infer I am inbred or some such bullshit?

                      As far as my being a Christian, I have said on this blog, that I am a sinner. I never made any claims to being some perfect Christian because I am not. I am a flawed human being. I was born a sinner and I will die a sinner. I accepted Christ into my heart and have been baptized. I don’t go around spouting bible verses or making claims that I am special. I am not special. Just a sinner that will end up at room temperature and six feet under.

                      So fuck off FG and go to bloody hell bitch.

                    • Ok Philo, so if you are lowbred, not a victim and not a good Christian, why are you all up in everyone else’s business all the time and calling them names? This is all TMI put out there by you. You seem to think you can be judgemental as hell to everyone else, but when they come back at you with a defense you get butt hurt. Especially if they use the weapons you blabbermouthed in the first place. Be merciful, grow the fuck up, realize that you can’t treat people like lesser life forms just because you disagree with them. I’m telling you right now – your behavior on this site has been deplorable, shameful and unworthy. You owe a lot of people apologies starting with Rebecca. She in no way deserved what you did to her and you started every bit of this bullshit. And everyone on this forum has seen it and knows it.

                    • I will never apologize to you or your fuck buddy FG, ever.

                      The thing that pisses off people like you is that I am not whining about how bad my life is! My life is pretty fucking good. Oh well. There are always gonna be haters. And lefties that think I should be crippled or poor or uneducated or an emotional wreck because shit happened to me in my life and rather than be a fucking victim I actually rose up, overcame obstacles in my life, took responsibility for my actions and choices, and improved my life.

                      Jealous much? You women have shown how to behave in the lowest and most despicable comment. I expected men, like Acid, to come after me. I never thought some fucking bitches like you would throw me under the bus.

                      Too much information? Whatever. I am honest and I don’t make excuses and I don’t need anyone’s pity or anything else. I am a strong woman and, apparently, that is the big deal that I refuse to cow tow to old whiney assed bitches on a forum.

                      Fuck you two bitches. Go to bloody hell. I will never apologize. EVER for the shit you two old hags have spewed tonight. EVER.

                • Do you have some more lies to spew? Keep it up. Everytime I see you type somthing it reminds me of Obama: open mouth means another lie.

                  • Philo, okay that one was so weak, you got flunked back to 1st grade and no playground for you! 😉

                    • Fuck you go play with yourself you lesbian bitch.

                    • Foxglove666.
                      Philo lover of Kim Jong Un and faux Xtiian never went to school, she went to serve North Korea and she is here to kill millions of Americans with EMP for her beloved Kim Jong Un the God she worships.

                  • Philo lover of Kim Jong Un and faux Xtiian never learned all your hate spewing filth from Jesus the Christ. You have no shame calling yourself a follower of Christ and giving false witness against me and others. Follower of Satan, repent.

                    • And……..Amen!

                    • You seem to know an awful lot about Satan. I suggest you walk to the nearest mirror and take a good look at yourself.

                    • OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE YOU THREE – PHILO, FOXGLOVE AND REBECCA…Y’all are starting to piss me off.

                      YOU HAVE HIJACKED THIS ENTIRE THREAD WITH YOUR BICKERING BETWEEN YOU. Go back and read. You three have literally taken up the majority of the thread bitching at each other, about a bunch of stupid shit that nobody else wants to hear.

                      This is exactly why I avoid groups of bitches like the plague, because they can’t avoid cat-fighting! I wish I could tie your tails together and throw y’all over a clothes line.

                      Y’all take your personal shit somewhere else – like the nearest ladies room – isn’t that where bitches usually fight? This site is for prepping info, not cat fights.

                      You’re wasting our time and space. STFU already.

                    • As one who has been at the center of some keyboard brawls, I can say this is/was, much more entertaining than the Superbowl.

                      Sispack, you have had a few as well. It will pass. Just scroll on through if it bothers you.

                    • Passinwiththewind,

                      Yep, I got to laughing like a hyena at all the brawler boys turning into altar boys over it! I laughed so hard at Sixpack claiming we hijacked his saintly and informative site… that I got back in a good mood. I can’t count how many animal house food fights I have read or scrolled past on here… it is worse than a law firm!

                    • Rebecca,

                      Don’t waste your time worrying about what the likes of sixpack thinks about anything. She’s always shooting her big fat yap off about anything she disagrees with, and just like another poster here who calls himself ” Test” she’ll run off and hide for a few days, then return when the ” coast is clear” to post her whiny assed retorts. They both love to play ” hit and run” and they both have the stench of cowardice about themselves, so unless you care what a coward thinks, by all means keep right on telling it the way you want, I assume freedom of speech is still recognized here.

                    • Billy, thanks. I just keep learning new skills and seeing how self-sufficient I can get. I am not real in to the idea of bugging out and being a refugee, sounds like a good way to be sent to a fema camp.

                  • Philo,
                    For such a foul mouth liar you sure can’t take what you dish out. Why are you whining about your rape? Why did you post that factoid? Better women than you have been raped without turning into foul mouthed false witnesses.

                    • Fuck off and die you Jehovah’s Witness bitch. You are the one that said I was, oh let me quote your dumb ass, “praying to Satan.”

                      Nope. You can take your pompous fake Christian ass straight to bloody hell where you belong.

                      It is really too late for you to start acting like a Christian at this point after all the bullhsit you have posted about me.

                    • You two need a good dicking… Go ‘n’ find yourselves a fella.

              • Well said sir

              • Thats why he won, He wasn’t stupid or macho, he picked his battles. The redcoats blended in well lol 😛

            • how can you hide, everyone else is going to be in the woods too!

              • If you use yer noodle for something other than a hatrack you can hide lol.

        • Ditto Eppe. All, make sure you can start a fire in using at least three different ways and be able to do so with wood that has been rained on. Practice out in the yard if you can. Yours and family members lives might be counting on it. Using a Bic lighter is fine for one method. There is no such thing as cheating to make a fire.

            • PO’D , cool and one thing I always have with me is a solar cigarette lighter. It’s a small dish that fucuses the sun on a point and lights a cig or grass or paper or… works great and is a compact tough thing to have and only 3 bux. Also makes a great convo piece 🙂 Search ebay for solar cig lighter..

              • Looks like a satellite dish.

          • Pop, at work I use a fisheye magnifing glass to read prints. A low IQ sheeple asked how I could make a fire with it. Went outside at break and put the sun’s light to work.

            He jumped out of his skin in 5 seconds…

            Scares me the lack of common sense some have…

            • Now try starting your fire with water if you really want them to jump out of their skin. Bet your friends $10 you can do this.

              Take a leak-proof baggie of water sealed tight. Using the sun, shape the baggie of water into a concave shape and focus the light point on tinder and watch it burn! You just earned $10.

              You can make fire with a clear ice shaped this way as well.

              • I keep a pack of railroad flares in the trunk, 10 seconds; works every time.

                • Just wondering how many people just keep passing these ideas they read or heard about along, but never tried. I have built many shelters and started fires using different methods, and I keep a Bic lighter in every coat and jacket pocket that I own, And I always have a Bic in my pants pocket. I read about and have used a magnifing glass to start a fire, only problem is when your trying to start a fire with water or ice or glass you will find out that when fire is needed the most, the sun is at its weakest. So keep that Bic handy. Trekker Out. In The Real World.

                  • Bics are the best barter item available.
                    Costco hsd 50 for 25 $.
                    They stopped that.
                    Looking for an alternative.
                    Any ideas???

                    • Alternative,yes.Pay 33 and change on ebay!

              • If you want to start a fire with water just cut a dead lithium battery open, pile tinder on the lithium metal foil and drip a few drops of water on the lithium metal to start it burning. Poof instant fire from water.

                • Steel wool and a 9 volt battery. Strike the battery contacts with the steel wool and the wool sparks and burns. Have your fine tinder pile ready to go.. Yep fire. Eppe, Amazon-50 lighters for $10. No brained, just bought another 300 lighters for 400 total. I got instant fire into the year 2025.


                • How do you know if it is a lithium battery? Is that a standard part of all batteries or just some?

                  It also sounds highly toxic but . . .

                  • Uhh lithium batteries are marked, lithium batteries by the manufacturer, be they from an old cell phone or energizer bunny lithium batteries.

                    Yes I did this, it works. You can start a fire, I used a dead laptop battery that failed to charge when isolated from its battery pack. Lithium metal is hydrophoric and bursts into flame when exposed to water.

                    I’ll have to check disposable lithium batteries. The key trick is not to short it out while taking it apart.

              • Thanks Woogie,gonna keep a container of ice cubes in me Molle pack for fire starting!

              • WWTI, so grasshopper, I see the student has become the master! Good on yer skills man! I bet your lovin it too. I can’t wait to get back to the mountains this spring and get the creative juices flowin. Hopefully I will have a new bunker and storage for all my shit lol.

            • eppe it takes me just about 5 seconds to get a piece of charred punk wood glowing with a magnifying glass on a sunny day. From there, the tinder bundle is next. I took an old beatup Montgomery Wards binoculars apart, kept the prisms and magnifying pieces and use them.

              • BTW, I always keep some ‘Lighterwood’ smalls in my back pack.

                • To those who do not know, pine has sap that when the tree is taken down, the sap concentrates in the wood left over. That sap is highly flammable. When lit, it flames up quickly. Always have the next smaller stuff to get the flame rocking.
                  Always have most all the wood ready to make the fire take off.
                  Easy once you know what to collect and the progression of fire starting…

                  • In some descriptions it’s called starter wood, fat lighter or fat wood; but its wood that’s saturated with sap. On construction sites you can sometimes find wood which have “veins” and relatively easily get the fat lighter. Old turned over trees may also provide, the roots may be rich in sap: special caution for chainsaws is that it WILL dull your chain! 2) 9 volt battery out of a smoke detector with 0000 steel wool will produce enough heat for a fire.

                  • I hate that stuff when it gets on your hands. What do you use to get sap off? I have used that stuff that comes in a little tub, forget the name of it.

                    • The sap is hardened in the wood if you pull a stump out of the ground.
                      Never had a problem with residue.
                      You just have to reconize the stump.
                      Once you know what to look for, no problem…

                      Eyes open no fear…

                    • Alcohol wipes will get most of it off. That or if you’re out in the woods, go down to the stream and use some sand with the water to get it off. A little ‘shine on a rag will definitely take it off.

                    • WD40, also to add to Eppe below, you will learn the smell of it! Trust me, you’ll know if it’s fat lighter.

                    • Nels, that smell is one of a kind.
                      Pine times 10.
                      Makes for an air freshner if you like the smell.

                      May all be well…

                    • Yes Philo,simply rubbing alcohol,90% or above.Will get sap off of paint on vehicles,I do wash em right after rubbing off the pine pitch drops/stains.Me mums home located in a yard full of white pines,drip all over car in the summer.

                    • Try working, it will wear off.

                  • Eppe
                    I have pinyon pine trees on my property. If they get an injury they “bleed” pitch out in a blob on the outer surface. These are nice little firestarters, too. They produced pine nuts this year! It does not happen often but they are delicious.

                    • Yes ‘Becca and they make nice ‘pitch sticks’ for glue when mixed with charcoal dust. Also that forrest “jewel” has some medicinal attributes as well. Chewed it is supposedly good for a sore throat. Can be used to seal cuts (after cleaning).

                  • 10-4 eppe, learned that in boy scouts 😉

              • The lens from an old overhead projector works great because it’s larger and collects more sunlight.

                • Bill Engvall has a skit about burning ants with a magnifing glass, till one is on his arm.
                  Tried to post it here, new phone, still learning it.

                  Look it up…

                • Called a fresnel lens. They are available online and in credit card size to cooking size. I keep one in my wallet could be handy…

                  • What I have is a real glass lens almost one inch thick. I think it was actually from an opaque projector.

                    I’d really like to have one of those Fresnel lenses from an old rear-projection TV. I saw one of the TVs beside the road several days ago, but the lens was gone. I guess somebody else has seen the Youtube videos.

              • Cosmetic mirror on my bathroom counter. Made a YouTube about it- almost instantaneous. Works even on a partly cloudy day. Making Fire with a Cosmetic Mirror-

            • I had one tell me i couldnt start s fire with one, took them outside and told them to hold their arm out, dimwhit almost pissed himself when i lit his arm hair on fire,,,,

              • Kula, the sheeple was a Marine in the ME war.
                Blew me away at the lack of common sense.
                But he was young, so I had to show by example.

                But he learned something that day, with a small scar on his arm…

                Never stop learning, it is your best asset…

                • When I say to never stop learning, that means in all arenas.
                  Would you ever eat bugs, grubs, bees, or any insect???
                  In Asia, it is common place, and sold in markets.
                  Can you prepare a meal using what is around you?
                  Fire making can be essential for cooking what you can find.
                  Ever had cattail root?
                  Possum, raccoon, snake, turtle, or armadillo???
                  Did not try armidillo, heard they carry leprocicy.
                  If the world you live in now crashes, can you survive???

                  • All parts of the cattail are supposed to be edible. We have some down the road. I’ve been thinking about harvesting some seeds and plant some in the edge of my swamp. I don’t know why there isn’t some there already.

                    • Arch. learned alot from E. Gibbons.
                      Cattail root is starchy like a potatoe.
                      But as you said, all parts are edible.
                      Everyone needs to know the fauna around you, could make a difference in survival.

                      All be well…

                    • Cattail root can be ground into flour and made into flatbread, the fresh shoots can be cooked like bamboo shoots in Chinese food. The seeds can be ground into an oily paste and used like butter. Indians also used the starchy root to make wine, but there are other sweet fruits that do that better.

                    • Archivist,
                      I added a pond in Texas and added cattails. They at track javelin a too… yum. They really are good. Here is a funny one that I plant everywhere I live… ditch lilies. Daylilies. Edible root nodules before blooming. First 6 inches of growth in spring is yummy. Buds are tasty. Blooms can be scrambled with eggs or dried and added to soups. I usually stir fry the buds, rice wine sauce, serve over rice, yum. Opsec food!
                      Elderberries are natives, dried fruit is a medicinal, makes wine or jelly. The flowers are edible, and if you make a delicate elder flower wine it is heaven.
                      wild violets (a weed in your yard) have the best greens ever. I have naturalized Salsify roots. Best after hard frost before it blooms. The flower buds are a delicacy.
                      I ordered onions and garlic I think will naturalize. Just in case you want some flavor on your bugs… I planted quail foods and have quail now. It isn’t feeding and sheltering myself that scares me. It is too many armed nutcases… and drones.

                    • I scatter heritage seeds in places I go to often. Usually by a water source or low spot. Most plants are eaten by the critters, but the last trip to secluded mountain spot yielded great results and I got 3 meals over 3 days for my efforts. BTW I frequent areas with cattail. The shoots are tender raw and roots make a good potato substitute when roasted.

                    • Ewell Gibbons the Post Grape Nut dude. Damn it man we are olds peoples!

                    • Reb, fyi, you can sterilize your wine bottles very easy by just putting them in the oven at 200 for 20 minutes, no bleach or chemicals. Boil the corks or caps. Imma make some apple, cherry honey wine 🙂

                    • Genius,
                      I am so hooked. Apple cherry honey sounds delicious. I wrote sterilizing down on my recipe cards. I racked my pear and will rack cranberry soon. Already thinking about what is next. I hope those 5 little elderberries give me enough fruit for a couple gallons this year.

                    • PO’D , didn’t ol Euell die from poison shrooms? LOL better just eat the red top ones with white spots to be safe 😉

                  • Eppe
                    I have eaten insects, so have you. 90 percent of the protein in poor countries comes from insects ground in flour. We have our share. They are crunchy basically. I’d grind them up between two rocks and add to soup. Bears eat plenty of insects, specially grubs under rocks and trees. Better than no protein at all. I used a slingshot as a kid, practise with one these days. The are soooo quiet.

                    backwoods woman.

                    • I ate a bug once…… I was riding down the road one summer day and had the vent glass jacked wide open. I was talking to a buddy riding with me when a bug smacked the vent glass, ricochet in and went in my mouth and down my throat. I got to choking real bad and had to whip over to the shoulder. My buddy cracked open another cold beer and said here drink this. I gasped, “fuck him let him walk down.”

                    • Haha ha, we used to pay eachother a dollar to eat nightcrawlers when we were drunk. Sometimes you would puke them up and they were still crawlin away lol.

                  • I could find a lot more to eat uphill now that I have planted so much up there. I orderedq4 more tree seedlings for uphill. Make the bear and deer happy.

                • I agree. The day I stop learning is the day I am no longer sucking air.

                  • Philo, I am always learning, in any arena.

                    Makes me well rounded.

                    Survival is pretty well documented, it is the stuff I do NOT know that scares me…

                    • There is a point where you realize it is one foot in front of the other. Just keep moving forward.

                      I am a lifelong learner. I don’t see the point in hanging around if you you think you know it all.

                      Over the years I have realized that the more I learn the more I realize that I don’t know much at all.

                    • Philo, you speak the truth.
                      The more I think I know, the less I realize I am wrong.
                      Or the other way around???

                      True truth is hard to find…

          • Cheating using wet wood– You would peel the outside layers of wet starter wood until you reach dry wood. Use the splinters or shavings of the inner dry wood to start a fire. Yep, I cheated.

            • W, if you know what to find in nature to start fires, you got it made.

              Pine stumps are full of pitch, I always have some around. A few slivers of it lights up quickly. Even when wet. Learned about that as a kid…

              Thanks to my parents, I can make fire anytime, most anywhere…
              I showed the sheeple how it works on his arm. Lesson learned.

              Be well all…

              • Your own hair can be tinder, mixture of hair leaves or fiber from inside an old stump or hole in a tree, are helpful, sometimes a whole lotta luck goes a long way too

                • Farts are also highly flammable! Roll over on your back with ass in air and put tinder over butt, fart and light (simultainiously) 🙂 I have tried it without the tinder and burned the hair off my hand lol.

              • Birch bark! Now you have to know what it looks like.

                • It is white and looks like paper?

                  • Yep, peel away at it and you’ll get the dry stuff, also boiled down (a certain way, searchable on YouTube) the oil is a great water repellant.

                    • Birch bark is also an aspirin substitute.

        • I wouldn’t have dead dry leaves for the floor on that shelter with a fire going inside. Definite NO-NO. Using dead branches for a fire can pop sparks, and up it goes! Seen it happen at primitive events. Even damp leaves dry when a fire is inside.

          You rake off the dry dead leaves inside until you hit dirt or green grass and dig a pit for the fire and if possible, line the pit with rocks. For your bed, make sure you are on top of those dead leaves with a fire going. Good to know there’s a picture of it, now you know the rest of the story.

          • I always used branches from pine or fir trees. It makes a nice comfy bed and smells good too.

          • Woogie, I laughed when I saw that freaking bonfire in that shelter! Talk about a cremation event.
            A shelter is small enough to take the edge off with body heat, especially with mylar. Definitely want dry leaves inside to burrow into it. Works without mylar too.



          We created the general (federal) government partially to standardize trade between the 13 independent states.


          Marmot is having a 30% off sale.

          Marmot makes the best shells on the market now. driclime, precip, thermal R, and membrain are all great technology.

          • I like their boots, used to use their rope and harness

          • Hey Acid, what’s your take on Arcteryx outer wear? Curious. The stuff is rat bastard expensive. Was just wondering about the hype. Does it deliver? Would appreciate another perspective.

            • I have no experience with Arcteryx.

              I have used mainly Columbia and Marmot for outerwear, Patagonia for baselayers, and Merrell boots.

              • I like Columbia and carharrt and down.

              • Thanks for the info about the boots.

                I left a pair of Ariat boots next to a bench and walked home barefoot because I was so fucking pissed off about how those boots tore the hell out of my heels. I ended up with blisters from hell from those fucking boots. I was basically crippled for two weeks and couldn’t wear any type of shoe with a heel on it. The scabs, the blisters, the raw skin were bad. If you don’t think boots and socks matter wear a bad pair and find out. Wet feet are deadly in my part of the world.

                Good footwear will save your life and your feet. I came very close to frostbite because I was wearing some stupid jump boots in Germany on guard duty. They had no insulation and after four hours my toes were numb. Not frost bitten. I am guessing after eight hours I would have had frostbite.

          • Those Merrill boots look cool and also functional. I hate shit that doesn’t fucking work.

            I have a below zero Marmot sleeping bag. Yes it kept me warm but I hate it so will be selling at a yard sale. Why? You can’t get into or out of it because it has two side zippers that only go up to your chest. I am tall so it is long enough. Warm enough. But a fricken pain in the ass to get into or out of when I had to take a piss in the middle of the night.

            Tested the sleeping bag in February at a state campground during razor clam season.

            Woke up to frozen mud puddles. I stayed warm. But the fricken hassle was not worth it. I would buy another Marmot sleeping bag as long as it zipped all the way down the fricken sides. I like the Big Bertha sleeping bag from REI because you can zip two of them together if you have a snuggle buddy out with you while camping. And they zip all they way down.

            The fricken Marmot sleeping bag I have makes me feel like I am going to strangle, it is suffocating and did I say this? a pain in the ass to crawl out of in a hurry.

        • “Being a deer hunter for decades, I would be a survivor in the wild.

          Common sense will rule…”

          That’s hilarious. Great Joke. You’re funny. LOL.

          • EA, I joke about many things.
            Survival, never.
            Hope you can do the same, since we cannot know what the future brings.

            Be well sir, we are all in the same boat…

        • Eppe I have hunted deer for 40 plus years in Texas ,but trying in Alabama is a whole new game.people who just think it is easy will be in for a surprise.

          • Usta B, there’s always a learning curve when hunting a new area. I’ve hunted in Mississippi for 60 years and have killed lots of good deer, but if I went to west Texas I’d probably be lost for a time. Our basic knowledge in hunting (or other areas of expertise) can be transferred to other areas. You and I could go to Michigan, hunt and not starve because we have a knowledge of the woods. But you are right. Those poor souls who may own a hunting rifle and think they can just go out and kill their dinner are in for a great awakening. Remember what sgt. says: aim small miss small.

          • Usta, so true. And hunting for different meat is not the same.
            I woke up this morning, and have read many comments that are not productive for this site.
            I am not sure what to think.
            Can we all play fair in the sandbox???

            • And Ban Ki-moon says women at the helm of UN would be “a great idea”


            • This place has degraded to mostly pointless comments.

              Seldom visit and comment even less;10% value:90% bullshit

              Too bad for those who really search for clues.

        • Eppe

          I know I could. I already have. I had this training long ago in the military. I have hunted since I was 10. With my one son in a wheel chair it will not be an option though. I do have a plan B that I cannot post here.
          To all. Scout the land around your homes. Do it for a few miles out. No where rivers are. No where rough terrain is. Try to get yourself topographic maps. Oath keepers can give you classes on land navigation. Have small fishing line and hooks. Know the game in your area. Also learn to set snares and small traps.
          Learn what can be used in your part of the world to build temporary shelter. You may even want to build a few in your area in advance. You could also stash a few supplies in them. Make sure they are camouflaged well.

          • Mike, your idea of scouting is necessary no matter where you live. I know my area, which is urban. It’s important to note social differences here because, as the crow flies, they’re not really that far apart. Motor home parks/storage areas abound around here: that’s important because they’re usually full of gas and supplies: water towers; large underground drainage areas; vetranarian(anti biotics);

            • Topo maps are the best thing ever for new areas. Get the paper ones and make copies and mark where things of interest are. Learn how to use a compass and adjust for declination. Take your dirtbike or 4 wheeler out and scout the area well and mark it. Old mines can be a goldmine (pun intended) for materials and shelter. Just use yer noggin’

        • My question is always… What’s the point of surviving the end of times. For what? What’s there to look forward to?. Just to wake up to NOTHING! – I don’t get it.

      2. Looks great, but in the Nevada high-desert you couldn’t scrape up that many leaves in a ten square mile area.

        • You use mud and dirt instead, and if there’s ocotillo or saguaro ribs around, you can use their branches to frame the roof and cover with wild grasses instead. The Apaches and Mohave used ocotillo branches and saguaro ribs with grasses for their wiki-ups. The Navaho used baked mud.

          • No water for ten square miles, lol, only rock, sage, juniper and pine. I suppose one could cut pine or juniper boughs and lay over a frame. Interesting post!

            • You can. I grew up making little A-frames in the woods. We always used pine and fir for the roof and then put boughs inside too. We called them our tree forts. I don’t think I realized this was a way to survive until they started showing this stuff on survival shows. This is how we played in the woods.

              • Philo,
                Now i get why you were crappinbon a certain someone,
                Certain someone is just freakin irritating,,,,

                • Yep. Time to stop feeding some of the troll la-las.

                • Kula, I grew up as poor white trash in a trailer that was bulldozed or burned many years ago. Being poor doesn’t freak me out because I have been poor. Not having stuff doesn’t bother me because we didn’t have anything. Not having stuff makes you creative. It forces you to learn how to do things, how to make stuff, how to make do with whatever you can salvage or fabricate on your own.

                  I was so happy when I got my first little folding pocket knife (a Gerber with a pearl handle) and got to go out and got to test it by cutting some branches! The first thing I made with that knife was a little tree fort. No string. Just a knife. I also learned how to sharpen that little knife on a whet stone. I think I was around 10 years old. These days I like a basic Swiss Army knife. I always have one close by.

                  • Philo, somehow I knew you were my kind of girl. I carry nothing but a Swiss Army knife all the time. I collect some knives myself and have several different models of Swiss Army knives. Can’t go wrong with those.

                    • Heya Braveheart, I am catching flak for the comment I posted to you days ago. Catching flak means I am over the target.

                      Ya, I try to stick to basics these days. Keeping it simple. 🙂

                  • Philo, you sound like me when I was a kid. Had to make my own stuff and fun. Learned how to build stuff and do a lot of trading. I had a 2 story tree house with power and a car stereo and carpet when I was 5th grade. Scrounge whatever materials I could from const. sites. Built my own race cart out of scraps and shot doves with my bb gun. If I had grown up with money I would probably not be as far along as I am. Being poor does a lot for ingenuity…

                    • I think it was a blessing to be poor and come from a family that actually had skills. I learned how to sew, we had a woodstove, my mother cooked every day and baked bread at home (so did my grandmother). That was just how we lived.

                      Many women my age don’t know how to cook, they surely don’t know how to sew, or how to crochet let alone how to tat. I also grew up shooting and reloading and chopping wood. It was a good way to raise a kid. Back then if we acted up the neighbor’s told my parents before we got home and my parents didn’t make excuses for bad behavior. We got extra work or a lecture and, if it was bad enough, we got a belt. I survived and learned to respect my elders, respect my family, respect the neighbor’s and how to work. Sadly many of those skills are no longer taught.

                      Good to hear I am not the only one that benefited from growing up poor and in the country! I think it makes me smarter, and smarter, than most of my peers and many young people today. I am not bragging. Just an honest observation.

                    • typo: smarter and stronger

                • Kulafarmer,
                  Thanks for acknowledging me as different from Philo the Kim Jong Un lover. You are food for the feds and she will see that it happens. I like you enough to try to get you to shut up on genocide. No good deed goes unpunished! Your girl Philo will burn you.

                  • Oh fuck off bitch. The only fed on this site is you. Made your calls yet? Fucking snitch.

                    • Now now, leave the namecalling to me lol. You both have good stuff to share so why bicker? I seriously doubt reb is a fed. I see that your pretty smart philo so we may butt heads once in a while but please feel free to call me out if anything I say isn’t true. I will do the same for you (just hope I’m not shinin’ lol). Reb has a lot of good stuff if you get past whatever it is thats buggin you 🙂

            • BP. In some areas, the tree branches are infested with ticks. If you used these, how could you get rid of them?

            • BP, seriously? I lived in the mojave for 25 years, you CAN make a shelter with whats out there. Learn to make a solar still too for water. Never be without a shovel and look for old mines.

      3. If you’re in the right type of woods I have two words. Wayward pine. I’ve done it. Cozy, warm and dry.

      4. Great article! A little off topic, but can you use household bleach (Clorox, etc.) to purify water enough to drink? If so, how much would you use per gallon of water (from a stream, etc.)
        One other thought…be sure to have a candle in your bug out bag. If you need to conserve matches, light it first and then you have plenty of time to get your firewood together.
        Just saw where Joe Biden might decide to run for president. That’s interesting!

        • You can use bleach to purify water. Proper amount? I don’t know. You can also use iodine tablets for emergency water purification (but the stuff tastes terrible). If you can get a fire started the best way is to boil water. I keep a mini-water filter system in my vehicle. It takes out everything from chemicals to pathogens. I keep a candle in my go bag.

          There is another site, survival blog that had a detailed article on how to make a chlorine generator. Great article.

        • One possibility, if you have a glass jar and sunshine, you can shake it up and enough turns to h2o2 hydrogen peroxide to provide some sterilization.

          • Is there anything you don’t fucking know?

            • Philo, we are all there to learn something.

              • I am not willing to learn anything from a sniveling bitch. Zero.

                • I thought philosopher meant seeker of knowledge? I take all the knowledge I can even from people I don’t like. Some people do know a lot of things believe it or not. Can you disprove any of her posts? I always admit if I’m wrong (2 times on here that I know of) and happily change my stance. Do not throw out the baby with the bathwater…

                  • Yes. Her comments about how she is going to raise vegetables in a spare bedroom when she lives in New Mexico. Grow lights cost a fortune, so does electricity. Ask any indoor grower of marijuana about those expenses.

                    Reb got pissy when I mentioned why not build a basic hightunnel with flexible PVC pipe and plastic. Either she lives in an apartmen or is lying or just fucking clueless. She claims to be wanting to build a greenhouse. I have purchased, and used, a portable greenhouse in the past, it was about 6X8 feet from a company in Wisconsin. It cost about $300. I used it more as a place to prevent some plants from freezing, like herbs and ornamental plants in the winter. I had a little space heater on a timer and a temperature gage that displayed inside my house so I could check the temperature and turn on the space heater when it was going to be at or below freezing. I set the little timer for 1/2 hour on, 1/2 off and I would step outside and plug it in.

                    I have tried growing plants indoors. It usually work out. They end up leggy and weak. It is fine to start seeds, indoors, but they have to be set outside and hardened and exposed to real weather and sunlight in order to really thrive. Apparently my real-world experience and advice pissed of Reb. Oh well. I stand by my advice and my experience.

                    • Correction: growing plants inside ususally does not work out unless they are bred to grow in low light conditions, such as tropical plants which grow under heavy cover in low-light.

                      I think Reb is a liar and a fraud.

                    • Here is a link to the little grow house I used to have:

                      People do the same thing I did. They use a small portable heater and temp gauge to keep it above freezing. The comments for the various items are excellent and specific to the location.

          • Hey Reb, thanks for the tip. Good info is always appreciated by the curious.

            • Sure. Or a whore like Becky that will turn you out to feed herself. I am guessing it would take Becky about ooooooh, 1.0 second to sell you to the highest bidder if it meant she could eat one more day.

              • No scorn like a womans scorn huh? Damn I would hate to see you post if you were drunk lol. I would have some competition lol 😛

        • Phil 8 drops to a gallon(1/8 of a teaspoon). Let it set for a half hour. Do not use scented bleach, only straight bleach and be advised that it loses potency in about six months time.

          • PO: thank you.

          • PO’d, or add 1 cup of 100 proof per gallon lol 🙂

      5. This would be after my neighbors and I are over run, Viet Cong style by my own government/alphabet agencies and I’m what’s left of us…

        Wouldn’t need all that structure as my mission then wouldn’t require it…

        • Yup,
          At that point I would be thinking more like Ackmed the terrorist,

          • If no one knows who Achmed the terrorist is, look it up.
            You will laugh, I know you will…

            • A

            • I Kill YOU!!!!

              Funny stuff

              • Kula,Is that what he said as the .45 slug was 1 foot away from making his head into a canoe?

            • Eppe, wasn’t that the muzzie who was struck by a mortar round in Syria? I remember the article and video. That one was a classic.

              • Google Jeff Dunham

            • Achmed the Dead Terrorist.

        • Right 1vet,
          All you need is that rain poncho in your bag.
          Cant move very fast with a pile of brush on your back , lol

          • A poncho liner is nice to have as well. They can be had (surplus) cheaply.

      6. Everybody better stay physically fit…

        You can smell the rot in amerika, even with reported employment at 4% and 115k (immigrant?) jobs created, or was it really -675K American jobs down???, with a third of the country no longer seeking work???


        Oh well, make it up as you go, ’cause the sheeple will never know…

        I always told my grandson “gimmie got his neck broke”…

      7. Having grown up in the North of Canada, I spent many days building shelters and living outside, from summer to winter. It was just normal.

        It is totally possible to survive but you need to do the right things. Most city dwellers will not and thus will die quickly. Being fit is a big issue: start out trying to live like this as your typical obese lump of crap, and you will have a heart attack just trying to gather wood. Have no muscles? Good luck having the strength to get through a single day. Living outdoors is physically demanding and it is only the lean mo-fos who can do it. Steroid monsters, Monday-night-football-couch-fatsos, double-chinned salesmen – all these people would just die. More blueberries for me!

        On another note, Muslims have come up with a new interpretation of ‘blue balls’: they now call it a ‘sexual emergency’: that moment where you just can’t help yourself and need to ‘f’ something. The latest is anal rape of young boys in Austria. Can somebody start a project to teach Muslim men how to beat off? Seems they don’t know how and just let it build up. Not even your pet cat is going to be safe with these guys on the prowl…

        • FT: I grew up that way too. Building tree forts (well our version from tree branches, they were not in the trees, just little A-frame type shelters on the ground) and fishing, picking berries, catching frogs and snakes. I can’t imagine growing up in a city. No wonder so many people in cities end up as addled drug addicts!

          I saw that article too, and a few others as well. Revolting.

        • Frank Thoughts,

          I have seen those stupid survival videos too. My dad took us to the woods every summer. The last lump of meat I would want to keep alive is some macho arse digging stupid holes and burning 5000 calories in an hour that I am going to have to feed. The photo above is a cremation pyre! Surviving in the woods is a pretty relaxed affair if you are smart and not on steroids. I am not pulling your leg. You have to know what is edible and it is mostly slowing down and opening your eyes. The easiest way to kill a rabbit is to hold still. They are incredibly curious. If you can’t slingshot one from 5 feet, you need to practice more. You can grab a lizard bare handed, they’ll share your bench next to your hand.

          • So along with all of your other skills you catch lizards with your bare hands?

            Jeezus. What a flake.

          • Good for you, Reb. You’d be a great asset to any prepper community you joined.

            • Sure as long as it was filled with flaking communists like her.

            • I hope the men out there are taking notes on this conversation. You allow one or two women like Becky and Foxglove and your entire house and community will be a vipers nest filled with rumours and gossip and bullshit. Otherwise you end up with a house infested with vipers and black widows.

          • Actually my father in law said the best way to get a rabbit is to make noise. I prefer the old fashioned snare. You have to be careful eating lizards, turtles, and snakes due to the fact they can have salmonella. It’s all in preparing the meat. As far as heading for the woods, this seems logical but a lot of folks may have the same plan. Still, bushcraft are helpful skills to have. Still, I figure that the bad stuff is going to happen like holes in swiss cheese – bad places all over, good places cemented together – nasty folks in packs, and communities shutting the rest of the rabble out. Know your neighbors. Know your area. Know when to go and when/if to stay.

            As for the grumbling on here, let’s focus away from all of that and talk about why we’re here. If someone is a snitch, well. . . I think that a lot of us are a lot less interesting than we figure we are. We’ve all got issues and all got something to contribute. I’d love to have a few areas on this site where we could post recipe ideas, plans, and the like, sort of like a bulletin board for that sort of thing. I hate when it’s 2am, and i see a great post with neato ideas and fail to pay attention then spend an hour the next day tracking it down. LOL

            • KRM: yes to everything you said.

          • That is my weakness, I love bunnies lol. They would be the last thing I ate. I have had pet bunnies for years and adore them, they are fun and friendly and house trainable and kinda like a cat. I see philos reply below and YES you catch lizards with your hands! I caught them all the time as a kid and snakes too. I had so many lizard and snake pets it was crazy. I also caught mice with my hands to feed my snakes. Not a flake, just experienced. Damn filo get a grip will ya?

      8. Proven fact – there are little resources available in the wilderness for the unprepared. You will die. There have been others more prepared who have died. Even being prepared you stand little chance of finding the resources needed to sustain yourself for very long.

        • Wow. That is negative. Why not just go shoot yourself in the head? Failure is not an option for some of us. And you will fail if you give up mentally.

          • Philo, lover of Kim Jong Un, always wanting Americans to die.

            • Fuck off you commie bitch. That is bullshit.

              For those of you wondering why I am so pissed off at this bitch, this is why. More comments like this posted on other pages by this troll. I find them all offensive and a lie.

              But some of you seem infatuated with liars and lies. By all means, kiss up to Becky and her ilk.

          • I have been through every Marine survival training and have extensive experience in the woods. Mentally and physically you wouldn’t last Philosopher. Your comments already prover to me that you don’t have what it would take.

        • Scott,
          Any grass in your area? All Poaceae (grass family) has edible seeds. There is enough grass seed on road edges and empty fields to feed every person in the United States through an entire winter. All Chenopodium species are edible and tasty greens. Wild Amaranth is all over the place. Delicious greens and the seeds from a good patch will feed you through the winter, add it to your grass seed porridge. Sprout some and forget taking vitamins. Water? Everything on a cattail is not only edible but good. Ditch lilies? Root nodules in spring, first 6 inches of greens, buds, and flowers, all edible. Nearly everyplace in the United States has about 200 edible species. I live in the pinyon Juniper forest but I have plenty of edibles. I am also increasing them. I have naturalized Salsify roots. Some of my wildflower roots weigh ten pounds and are not only edible but store a high percentage of water. You can eat Juniper berries, I make tea every winter. The tips of pines are edible. Mexican Hat has edible leaves. Wild gourd has edible seeds in 3-4 inch balls… high in protein and fats, and they hang on all winter. Yarrow is all over the US and makes a nice tea… and medicinal. Grass seed alone would save your life.

          Don’t discount that eating this way will fix your blood pressure and cholesterol.

          Try not to feel discouraged. Slow down, open your eyes to plants around you. Wild violets have serious nutrition, one half cup has as much vitamin C as 4 oranges, and are Evergreen in half the United States.

          • Sure. LIke people are going to eat fucking grass seeds. You can eat them all you like. Witch.

            • The day I have to eat fucking grass seed is the day I spend my silver and use my passport to get the fuck out. As fast as possible.

          • Great ideas, thanks!

            • You think eating grass seed is a good idea? Says the person that lives in the Skagit Valley one hour from Seattle. Sure. Another useless idiot.

              • <<<< Gives philo a qualude…

          • I am close to the Frank Church wilderness and know making in there would take more than a wing and a prayer. For me it would be about having the resources on you before you run.

            • scott, I grew up In Idaho and I had a neighbor who went into that area for 6 months with a .410 shotgun and a bag of salt and did it. He wrote a book about it but I can’t remember his name. I also had some neighbors that hiked the entire continental divide but only 1 of the 2 brothers completed it. This was about 1972 or so. It is about resolve and mental state. I couldn’t do it but these were old school mountain men.

              • Now days Idaho needs to change the logo on the license plates to read “Idaho, the police state”

        • Scott what you say is so very true, locality can make all the difference in the world. All you have to do is look back in history at the population of the various tribes of Native Americans in different part of the country, the more populace tribes were in the midwest and east and not so much in the Rocky Mountain West. I have spent a few hours in the wilderness, and have found that in the West except for a short period of time, the picking are pretty slim. I have also went to a few seminars and hear about all of the wild plants and herbs that have this vitamin or that medicinal use, but when I’m starving I don’t need a plant that will cure my gout or ingrown toenail, I need something that will fill my belly. Trekker Out. You Know What I Mean.

      9. Our nation is coming to an end as we know it. Obama is all about destroying Christian USA so Islam can take over.

      10. I have a feeling that tomorrow will be a key day. There has been a lot of noise in the MSM about potential attacks on the Super Bowl. North Korea supposedly planning a satellite launch same time as the game. Either bad mojo or preparing for false flag. Tomorrow especially keep your eyes open.

        • Bin Obama has said we have nothing to worry about. Our generals are gay, our leaders are bought or blackmailed, our constitution is on papyrus, voting doesn’t count, taxes on almost every action you do, federal government is dominant over state government, immigration law is abolished and you have 1st Amendment Zones and have to apply to buy a gun. It’s honkey dorey here!

        • I won’t be anywhere near any cities on Sunday.

          BTW, the Panthers are going to win.

          • turned on my computer-no EMP yet???

        • CP, nothing going to happen tomorrow. That fat little pie-face won’t push the button.

          • The satellite was launched.

            • I still got ‘lectric.

              • The satellite did fly over the Super Bowl. Maybe Porky wanted to watch Beyonce’s bump-and-grind show. I muted the TV during her part of the show. Coldplay wasn’t bad. I had never heard any of their music. Bruno Mars was trying his best to be like Michael Jackson. Weirdo or not, Jackson had talent.

      11. I’ve built shelters out of the natural material just like one pictured and stayed in them as a kid in scouts. You don’t even need a knife most of the time. You can get by on a folder or mora companion. Lit fires with one match too in wet conditions as a youth. I laugh at people who baton wood. That is too much work.

      12. Dad was an avid outdoorsman that taught my brother well and I am grateful for it. I have heard from others that their idea of roughing it is black and white TV.

      13. Anybody hunt on public land lately. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting other hunters. When it comes time to run to the wilderness it will be a lot more crowded than you think. Even if you find a good spot any fire you start will attract people. There are a million activities that take your focus off security from hygiene to food preparation to just bedding down. The only real long term strategy is form communities of like minded people.

        • Oh don’t worry, there will be a lot of like minded lost sheep in the woods stumbling around with one thing in mind. Hunger. Its survival of the cunning. Hell, 85 percent of unprepared Americans are just 9 meals away from canabalism. Just avoid the GMO fed fat slobs. Always cross section the organs like the liver to see how healthy it looks before you slice a strip back strap off. Ahhh Chase it with a bottle of Chianti… Sip sip sip sip sip… LoL..


      14. I’ve a great idea! Me and Acid Etch see who could survive in the woods! I wouldn’t let him die but I sure would enjoy watching him suffer.

        • Ive got the perfect woods for yall to try that in,,
          Panaewa forest outside Hilo,
          People go in and dont come out, terrain keeps you going in circles, cloudcover makes using sky for nav unavailable

          • Ever get lost in any woods in the USA. Just walk in one direction for at least 40 miles and you will hit a roadway eventually. Or drain track.. Ever catch a Train ride? Got to run fast.

            Another lost in the woods rule is walk in any direction till you hit a stream, follow the direction of the current down till you hit a river and follow that current down stream, as it will lead you to a town. I guess I been watching too many survival TV Shows.


            • The terrain in the forrest i mentioned is thick underbrushed, scrub forrested undulating old lava fields, lots of cracks and holes, you might think your going in one direction,

            • WWTI, ha ha ha, I have too. I seriously cannot figure out why the Alaskan bush people survived so long. Those are the dummest MFer’s I have ever seen! No wonder every day for them brings a new disaster, it is self made….

            • Yes, I grew up learning that rule too. Sadly it wasn’t enough to save a family that got stuck. Here is the news report from CNN:

              They guy left his car and went down into a ravine and ended up dead. Wrong choice. I remember seeing a news special on this case. Never leave the car. Stay with the car is the rule. All this guy needed was an orange marker, some flares. Sad story.

              • I re-read the article. The guy was wearing jeans and put on sweatpants over his jeans. That is a fatal error. He didn’t have the proper clothing (meaning layers) for the area. Sad story.

          • You know how far you can go into the woods? Half way, because any further and you’re coming out of the woods.

            • Funny stuff Archivist,,,true,,,

          • I’ve a compass on every Bob.

            • A coat I bought a few years ago came with a compass on a keychain. I think it was an Izod that I got at a ridiculously low price on sale.

        • Nels, wonder if Acid is for real on all he does?
          Makes one wonder???
          Do not worry about his posts, I think he is not for real.
          But that is just an opionion.
          And opinions are like asshole, everyone has one, just do not want to hear it…

          • I have reached a similar conclusion. I smell a honey trap and suspect AE is not a man.

            I could be wrong. Then again women’s intuition . . . comes in handy. Has saved me more than once.

            • Philo, Sybil has been around for a while.
              He has ran the ropes.
              But he does post good sites.
              But that is what makes this site.
              We are all here to make the site what it is.

              Thanks Mac…

              • I can’t get past all the BS and hate to bother linking to any of the sites. I see the name and don’t read any of it let alone risk my computer by linking to any of that bait.

                • Take the good, throw the rest out. Simple.

        • Nels all I can say, is watch your back!

          • I like to be last man out, a thing my SSgt father said was one of the most important, especially since he wouldn’t leave a man behind. Years in the woods, years in urbania, miles in foreign countries, you’re absolutely right, watch your back.

          • MT: There are some folks I wouldn’t want watching my six. I don’t trust many people. Words don’t mean anything to me. Actions speak volumes. Pretty basic.

      15. Good article. It’s gives meaning to the popular term, up sh…t creek.
        Still in the situation without water filtration, you are in deep Sh..t especially and since we know that the cabal will poison all of the US water supply of all the major rivers post collapse to make sure that survivors are dead.



        • A little trick that even works in arid conditions. Dig a hole. Put a cup or pot or anything that will hold water in the hole. Stretch a plastic sheet over the hole. Drop a pebble in the middle over the sheet and wait. You won’t get enough water to boil potatoes but at least you won’t die of thirst.

          • Lapsed
            this is a good one… even in New Mexico mountains.

            • Every little bit helps. Somebody wanted to know how much bleach to treat non-turbid water. It’s a few drops per gallon. I also recommend buying fido jars and learning about lactofermentation. The good bugs in the brine add nutrients that aren’t there when you load the jars. Two percent brine. That’s why I always have many pounds of pure salt stashed. Can’t pressure can without electrics. The heat kills all the fragile nutrients too.

              • Lapsed,
                I am making sauerkraut in a simple brine right now, it is about a week in. Not sure exactly what lactofermentation is, I will look it up. I love learning these old processes. I looked up making tallow, I want to try it and tallow candles, then soap. I got projects stacked up over Albuquerque blocking incoming flights. I can, but don’t like a lot of canned vegetables. Fruit and jam aren’t bad. I love my freezer but not technical enough to keep the lights running. If the world were really dark, I suspect lights would be more dangerous than I’d want anyway. I like dehydrated vegetables for soups. You don’t even need an electric dehydrator in New Mexico. Dehydrated fruit is good too. I ordered primo Italian tomato seed this year and am going to dry sun dried tomatoes… rich and yummy. Hope it works. If I had enough solar power for my freezer and refrigerator, I would count me high tech enough! I can probably get that together after I build a small house.

                • That simple brine you mention is what lacto uses. The salt in the brine prevents the bad bugs from getting a foothold while the lacto bacteria multiplies, produces an acid solution that does all kinds of cool things. Cabbage is self brining so all you need is salt. Just keep it an anaerobic environment. To keep things like carrots or green beans and others crisp throw in a grape leaf or an oak leaf for the tannins.

              • Lapsed,
                I forgot to mention a simple rocket stove will run a pressure canner. New Mexico is so dry I dehydrate without using electricity. I use a lot of my wild plants and dry tea leaves. It adds a lot of nutrients to winter fare, and a hot cuppa tea is very nice when it is colder than comfort in the mountains.

                • Sure and you eat bugs and live off of rats tails. What a fake. I can’t stand you you evil witch. When the locals go for a scapegoat no wonder old bats like you end up as campfire fuel. Because you have been stirring the pot for so many years they hate you.

                  • Hmmmm if I had to choose a neighbor to rely on in shtf, reb or philo, I woul’d choose reb. I don’t see that much info from you philo, maybe you should try listening and researching instead hmmmm.

                    • I don’t give a shit. Go back and read the comments I have posted about my real life experience and skills.

      16. In every pair of shoes I own, the left insole has a partial hacksaw blade (cuts through almost anything I need to cut). 50 feet of 80# Spider Line (cordage, snares, etc.), a magnetized needle (sewing, direction finding), cotton balls infused with Vasoline, and a 1″x 3/16″ mini ferro rod. The right insole has an oven bag and Potable Agua tabs sealed in drinking straws, and a few fishhooks. All held in place by Gorilla Tape. I have high arches and I never know the stuff is there. Water, Fire, Food, Direction Finding capabilities anywhere I have my shoes.

        Try in without the tape to let the components settle before you tape everything in place.

        The more you know and can do, the less you have to carry.

        • I’ve worn cowboy boots my entire life
          Around my calf sewed into the risers of all my cowboy boots are pockets to stash stuff
          Find all kinds of neat stuff in there

        • Tex, damn your the man!

        • Tex, what type of hacksaw blade? I always have a ferro rod and a magnesium thing. What is an “oven bag?” Did you mean one of those emergency shelter things that is made out of Mylar?

          I keep a little bubble compas on a key ring. It also has a temp gauge on it. Cheap insurance that every camping / outfitting store sells for $3. If I am stuck and cold I am not going to be fiddling trying to make a fricken compass. Are the cheap ones perfect? No. But better than fiddling around when you are hungry, wet, and cold. Or hungry, wet, and hot. Either / or.

          I keep a life straw and a little water filter in my car. If shit happens and I am on the road sixty miles away and there is an earthquake and bridges collapse it could take me days to get back home. Six to ten days is a rough estimate. Which means I would be sleeping outside, drinking water from an unknown water source and walking ten miles a day. You don’t want to wake up one day, do your ususally commute, and then realize it is going to take you six days (or more) to get home.

          So many things can go wrong even if you have the right gear and the right boots and the right socks and the right water filter. It makes my head spin when I think about how I would make it home. I would make it home because I have that mind set. I don’t observe that mind set in a lot of my fellow citizens. Am I a bitch? Yes. Am I going to survive and thrive? Yes.

          • Any kind of hack saw blade. Break them in two or if you cut them. make the angle so you have a tanto style shape. The oven bag is an Oven Roasting bag. You can boil water in it or use it for storage.

            • Tex: okay, thanks for the clarification. Oh I always have a whistle, a mini pair of tweezers, a mini folding knife, and an oversized P-38 (old military can opener) on a little key chain and / or in my vehicle or in a small pack I can carry if I am out hiking. I don’t mind having a small pack. Smart to keep stuff hidden though. I guess I have lived a pretty boring life.

      17. Holy. Sh..t Tex, I am building one of those, that can save My sorry ass in a post shtf..seriously folks..of course let’s not forget a few water proof matches, because everywhere you go no matter where the shtf strikes you have the bacics.. damn good post Tex. Damn you are so red neck..



        • I haven’t had good luck with matches. They just get ground up.

          • I agree Tex. I have some kerosene I keep in a little fuel container. The thing is if it is cold that fuel can gel up. One of those long lighters for a grill works great or a little propane mini stove. Set the container in water on the stove to heat it so it goes from a gel to a liquid. It doesn’t take long and you can tell because when you shake the container you can tell the fuel is no longer gelled.

            Sprinkle that fuel on your wood and light it up with the barbecue lighter. Is it cheating? Hell yes. Will it keep you warm? Hell yes. Tested this in February after waking up to frozen puddles.

      18. 95% of all, so called “Preppers” wouldn’t last a month out “there”, IF the shit hit the fan. Those, of that rather large group, are delusional if they think they can. Posting here on this site, i.e. those who live here (and other sites like this), ad nauseam, are in denial about life beyond their couch and internet. Words are cheap, i.e. nobody really has a clue of what’s gonna happen once the lights go out and people scatter into the hills looking for “greener pastures”. When the grocery store shelves are empty and the the masses attempt to gourmandize on whatever wildlife is in the local region, within a very short period of time, the wild life will be wild dead. On the average, those who attempt to survive within the confines of their own home will probably have the higher survival rate.

        • Seem to see your name here a lot too,,
          So what are you?
          The pot?
          Or the kettle?

          • Really? I’ve posted maybe a dozen comments in the last 6 months. Whereas you Kulafarmer … is this your life?

            To put it in perspective for you. You’d last about as long “out there” as you would, away from here.

            • Hey EA,,,
              Go fuck yourself

              • Kulafarmer…your slip is showing. LOL

                • EA, your ignorance is showing 🙂

        • Hey EA, and what are you doing to insure the well-being of you, your family and friends? Preppers run the gamut from sheltering in place to full blown BOLs to running amok in the woods….so what? At least this community for all its disagreements has a few basics in common: a better future for our kids and ourselves, not only surviving but thriving. Thone are not bad things, they are laudable things. These folks should not be criticised for those ideals. These folks should be patted on the back.

          • “At least this community for all its disagreements has a few basics in common: a better future for our kids and ourselves, not only surviving but thriving.”

            Oh, okay, and what planet will you and your “community” be moving to, to “thrive” at?

            • EA: Fox thinks living one hour from Seattle is a bug out location. It means that she is a one day walk from being invaded by hordes of hungry people.

              Don’t waste time on the ignorant. They will just throw it in your face.

        • EA, not all preppers are waiting for SHTF times. I’ve prepped for years to have supplies to weather storms of all descriptions, illness, unemployment and yes, SHTF. Now, due to health problems and being forced to retire before I wanted to, I’m glad I have those supplies. I’ve now switched to more of a homesteading mode, no longer planning on bugging out, but staying put, and standing my ground if I have to. We all have events in our lives that are unplanned for and that is why we prep. By the way, I saw your picture of your Airstream trailer covered in solar panels. Roughing it, are we?

          Kula, it seems the answer to your question is pot!

          • “Roughing it”? I don’t think so. My health is superb. Won the state Mt. Bike Champ for my age group a couple of years ago. I’m having fun in the Universe that I choose to live in. Roughing it? ….. Well, maybe a little, but that’s the nature of training (for all of us) for the big “race”.

            • EA.
              Is that a series 3 Land Rover in your pics?

              • 1967 Land Rover Series 2A 109 NADA

                • Very nice. Pity, they’ve just stopped producing the Defender. Madness.

          • Nub, that is so true! I have had to use my preps during bad times and unemployment. If I didn’t have them it would have been hell. SHTF isn’t the only reason to prep!

            • That’s one thing that more people need to learn – that there’s more reasons to prep than SHTF, although most who don’t prep, don’t see a need in it. As I said in my other post, I’m more into homesteading now. That is, learning how to do things that will be needed after it has all gone down and the dust has settled, when it’s time to start over.

        • EA: I agree. If you don’t use your gear and practice skills you don’t know what works.

          I have posted a number of fails, above. From trying to grow herbs indoors to a crappy sleeping bag that is useless to a grain mill that is garbage along with crappy boots that tore up my feet and waking up to find fuel that was fucking useless because it had gelled due to the temp.

          The only way to find out what works and what doesn’t work is to test it. Test your gear, test your equipment, test your skills and not just in the summer when you are camping and everything is fucking perfect. Test your gear in the wind, in the rain, in the snow, in sub-zero conditions.

          I can’t tell you how much money I have spent on crappy gear. Too much.

          In the end it doesn’t matter how much money you spend if your gear doesn’t work or you don’t know how to make it work.

      19. Euro American that is the plan to stay home as long as possible. But fleeing to a pre planned bugout location is an option when it’s not safe at home anymore. Your right about nobody knows what will happen. But disasters affect a city or a few counties. If we are talking there is nowhere to go to because the problems are the same everywhere then staying home is best. If we are talking a long term survival situation like years then only the strong will survive. The weak will be dispose of along with the useless eaters. In nature there is this hierarchy when the strongest is the boss. We will resort to this when the time comes. Those willing to kill with no remorse will be the leaders. Only civilized society cares about compassion for useless eaters. The bums and cripples and other useless eaters have to worry. When I’m no longer useful I expect to be disposed of. I’m ok with it. This is the way shit should be anyway. Compassion justifys parasitic behavior. It’s not natural to have a bleeding heart for every hard luck case.

      20. 65,000% Spike In Reported Radioactivity After Tritium Leaks At Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

        “Two years after being fined for falsifying safety records, nine months after a transformer exploded at the Indian Point Nuclear Reactor just 37 miles from midtown Manhattan, and two months after Entergy – the plant’s operator – shut down the Unit 2 reactor after a major power outage cut power to several control rods (when the company assured that no radioactivity was released into the environment),

        this afternoon NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said he learned that “radioactive tritium-contaminated water” had leaked into the groundwater at the nuclear facility in Westchester County.”

        “Cuomo, in a letter Saturday to the state Health Department and the Department of Environmental Conservation, called for the probe into the Indian Point NPP after he said Entergy, the plant’s owner, reported “alarming levels of radioactivity” at three monitoring wells, with one well’s radioactivity increasing nearly 65,000 percent.”


      21. If you’re in the wood with little to no provisions you’re as good as dead 99% of the time. Somebody doing it for 48 hours doesn’t teach you what you need to know. You need to be able to find food, keep warm, and have safe drinking water for openers. Most of what you can find in the form of roots and berries are too few with too few calories to sustain you and chances are they won’t be in season when you need them. You need to be able to hunt small animals that provide at least a 1/2 lb of meat or catch enough fish to live on. It isn’t easy. Most people won’t survive.

        • Barn Cat,

          You hit the nail on the head. Planting a survival forest, making shelter from leaves, collecting edible grass seeds, making water from the dew, etc., sounds feasible on a post but in real life not feasible. It takes many hours of daylight and energy expended to gather and scrounge for food out in the wilds. Oil/fat is needed but not readily available in foods from the wild. If one is alone it is hard enough, the situation gets dire very quickly with dependants and young children. It becomes even more difficult if you have to worry about hostiles. Finding food to sustain you for one day is difficult but day after day would quickly become impossible without renewable resources.

          I would bet on Acid Etch, former Eagle Scout, in a survival competition. He is not a pansy as some may assume, remember what happens when you ass u me!

      22. Maybe there’s a shelter like that inside my neighbor’s rotting 5 foot pile of leaves.

      23. Euro Am, you are 100% correct in because in a collapse scenario you are safer in the confines or your house.

        This just for a few days, less talk reality her EuroAm.

        Here is where you have no early clue as to what you are taking got guns and you got food an water, you have taken responsibility and your are still dead as phuck..

        Try rotting stinking dead decaying bodies on you front lawn because you had to kill everyone on your block that fired rounds through your Window.. how about this, trying sleeping at night, it pitch black and you can’t see sh..t, You had to kill the neighbour’s because they wer beating down you door, and you don’t have a Bulldozer to dig a mass grave, and then you had to take them out, the smell is now a problem, so running to the hills with a bug our bag is likely the best option and preppers like us in groups with other preppers since everyone has some tips so skill is t over 40% survival rate for certain.. your right mist preppers won’t survive, I am one then wik for certian, so as long as soldiers don’t find you and me, others and drones don’t bomb the CAPITAL PHUCK OUT OF your ass In the middle of BFE jungle….so the BOL is still the best option of you can get to it and get th phuck out of town.. you must be taking about the confines if another world because when the water and food cuts off, that neighbour’s did not prep and have noticed that you have been confined for over a week and then they gang up on your ass then light your house on fire and burn your ass out take your wife and daughter to be gang banged by thug niggers form your own block then you will understand the real result if Confinement..

        Let’s sit back and watch the show in California.. lets see how th fold there handle the environmental callapse, the UN, and jihadist armies and other nationals, foo luck California.. YOU ALL ARE PHUCKING DEAD AS PHUCK.. you all should have run like hell when you had the ex special forces guy told me.. when shtf strikes, where you are is where you are stuck..a lot of us on this site will survive it. Hey cali, I have a formal for you all to use right now.

        350,000,000/48states\=3,000,000/5,000/W..the only survivors will be cali will be the local state cabal and ruling elites of that region…Dr James Garrow found our from a source that Oprah Winfrey bought land in Canada and is leaving the United states..



        We preppers ain’t that phucked.

        • Calling all preppers! Block the cali border! Keep those fuckers back, we don’t want them!

        • Burn the bodies. Be ready for War.

      24. Norks launched their missile , heads up

      25. Survival? With that crapload of GOP wannabes there will be no survivors. They are all pitiful excuses for real men, they are evil warmongers one and all. Notice the media in your face push is on to make Rubio the nominee. Not one suggestion was mentioned to bring sanity to this nations problems. They all promise to help the ignored state of veterans, none have and none will. The other side is equally repugnant. The American people have no credible choice as planned. I’d like to mow them all down, with a lawnmower.

        • I knew a tough guy once who never backdown and loved a good fight. He though little guys were all pussies. Well he got not a bar brawl that ended up in the parking lot with about twenty guys involved. He looks up to see one of his buddies drop like a rag doll and this skinny little 98 pound twerp standing over him.

          This guys six three 240 pounds all muscle and rushes the twerp. He never saw the VW tire iron the guy had palmed. The twerp ducks his punch and the lights went out. He awakens in a hospital with a plastic surgeon leaning over him. The surgeon’s first question was do you have any pictures of what you used to look like?

          Survival is not about being anything special, except being smart, a positive attitude and just a step ahead of the other guy.

          I get really tired of the I’m tougher than you prepper attitude, it contributes nothing.

          • No shit! The short ones are a suprize. I have gotten my ass kicked by a couple of them as for the big ones are not so bad. Don’t underestimate the small guy!

          • Ever heard the phrase “dynamite comes in small packages”? Beware of the little ones and those who look like they can’t defend themselves. You may get a surprise you don’t want, like your friends did.

      26. Rebecca… As a nature lover I love all of Gods critters, even lizards. Here in the Tampa Bay area the native chameleons have been driven mostly out by the brown anoles from Cuba, These are smart lizards, I sometimes find and feed them bugs and they wait around and follow me to get fed. Their antics are quite entertaining.

        • googled brown anoles and clicked on, musings of a biologist and dog lover… Interesting.

      27. Here in WA (Australia) I would not be able to live like that, we have a large tent, snakes seem to like spaces like that (experience) so we need to be closed up, same as our damned mozzies and flies, if you don’t sleep, you are jaded the next day and mistakes will eventually happen.
        We will stay put, until it gets unbearable or too unsafe

        • Those giant land crabs freak me out,,,,

          • Those crabs in my pants freak me out! JK lol

            • Don’t wait for the shrimp boats. I’m coming home with the crabs.


      28. Well,the folks here who actually discussed fires/primitive shelters have passed some good info.Check out willow creek/hedgehog leatherworks/survival sherpa to name a few good sources for more on this.

        This series of postings here for much of it infighting,why,when the new freedom that will be a decades long battle finally arrives,we will still need fences!

        • Dammit, All shelter is is common sense. Just use yer noodle and figure out what to do. I see these shows where they try and show you what to do and say “we’ll no shit” it is just common sense. If your too stupid to figure out a shelter you aint gonna last long lol.

      29. WoW!

        What a night. Yes sir. We will be killing each other before it gets started.

        Not much luck later because those that make it past 90 days will still be fighting with each other.

        Should you have the gear.

        You can Fish, Hunt Trap and grow/gather wild food.

        Fishing tackle, Hunting guns, Live traps (cage type), Conibears and snares Pellet guns, slingshots, spears, frog giggers.

        How about a Worm Growler. A pointed end 2×4- 3 ft. long, hammered into the ground, two thirds. Then rub a heavy board or steel plate One half in. by 3 x 24 in. across the top. This vibrates the board and the ground to bring the worms to the top. They are either irritated or think a mole is after them. How do you know there are worms, By the dirt castle they expel on the ground surface when they eat they pass dirt internally. Bait and food. Seen it on Dirty Jobs. I have not done it but I am going to try it out.

        • sling.
          Stomping your feet up and down achieves the same results.
          Have even seen gulls doing the same in fields then pecking at earthworms… Some call it “worm charming”
          There’s even competitions dedicated to it.
          Whatever rocks your boat eh!

          • William Worm

            O.K. I am going to do that. But the neighbors might think I have gone off the deep end. Oh Yeah, the Worm Dance.

            Every little bit helps. Thanks.

            • LOL… Just stick some feathers to your head and chant something remotely resembling an ancient Red Indiun medicinal dance as you stomp around at sunrise during a light rain shower.

              I in no way mean to offend any of the Great Natives of America… I know you enjoy a cense of humour too.
              PUL-EASE suffer William Worm graciously.
              Thank you.

              • William Worm

                Wearing a SPEEDO.
                What a sight. Hahahahahahahahaaaaa!

              • Thanks for a practical tip and a good laugh! I needed that.

        • Over here theres lots of aquatic life, even in small streams, crayfish, big crayfish, a string tied to a rock or something similar is all you need to jig them,
          Lots of small fish and edible molusks, the molusks cant run too fast so easy to catch! /;0)

          • Sat on our dock today watching the minnows. Crappie come after them in our corner of the lake. I made a sudden move and startled a curious turtle. It is lovely here, and I’m going to enjoy it as long as I can, but once things go South- the boys (my family) will be here, and the woods will be filled with refugees from Houston. And most of them will end up killing each other probably. It will take more than guns to survive out in the wild… people will have to be smart and know what natural food is. Turtles, squirrels, rabbits, even alligators are good protein sources, and that’s not what the majority of folks will come up here for. They will come for deer. I expect a lot of avoidance of the National Forest I live near after a short time, simply because it will be such a dangerous place. Everyone around here is armed and fairly self sufficient due to our rural circumstances anyway.

      30. Good stuff for those that know and have nothing. These shelters really work, but we used to use much smaller debrise shelters, because you can retain more body heat if it’s just big enough for you to back into. Also camp fires and leaves don’t play together well. If the budget is really tight I’d recommend a 10×12 or 12×16 tarp, but remember camp fires don’t play nice with those either.

        Some of the incorrect things I saw was drinking right from the creek water. You should avoid doing that, always boil or filter, both if possible. I’d also work on sanitation and cleanliness these become very important in a survival situation especially cross contamination from your water. I can’t emphasize enough how important water processing is.

        • Lotta folks gonna keel over from drinking unprocessed water.

            • Thanks for the link,,,
              Been looking to build a better dehydrator,
              Have found that i actually have to put my setup like this one under another sheet of glass, cant get dry in one day and condensation screws with the drying when left out overnight, for some reason when i set it under a roof of recycled glass panels i dont have the same issue.

            • PO’d, I made my own solar dehydrator and it works great!

              Cut some 3/4 plywood to 2 foot by 6 foot. Cut some galvanized sheet metal to 3×6 foot and screw it to the plywood. cut some of the 3/4 plywood to 6 inch by 6 foot for the sides and screw it to the main piece for sides. Cut some plywood to size for end pieces and cut 1 inch holes (4) in both ends. cover the holes with screen to keep bugs out. put a 1 inch wide runner piece down both inner sides about 2 inches off the metal the entire length. Make a tray out of wood framing with screen stretched across it to fit on top of the runners so you can slide it in and out of the unit (1.5 inch width. ) silicone some glass cut to fit over the top of it 6 foot to the ends of the sides (not the 2 foot ends). Simply unscrew one of the ends and slide the tray out and load it up, slide it back in, screw the end on and set it at a 45 degree angle toward the sun. You can feel the hot air flowing through and it works great. You may want to turn it upside down after a while as the top of the glass sometimes gets steamed up. Great for safely and quickly drying out home made Blackpowder too.

          • You are absolutely correct sir.

      31. Live off the land? Everything is easy if you don’t know what you are talking about.

        • It’s only hard if you don’t know what your doing lol.

      32. If you plan to survive you better be able to live without modern comforts. There will not be any reset. It will quickly become a stone age existence. No wood and leaf hut for me. Ive got caves. 60 degrees summer and winter. and they have drinkable water dripping from the stalagtites! I will only leave my place as a last resort. And If forced to leave I will burn everything when I go. Two reasons. leave nothing for my enemies. And to be certain I will not be tempted to return.

        • Pheeeeeewy… Hope that’s Fahrenheit Old Guy and not Celsius!

        • Im with you,
          Ashes to ashes,,,,,

      33. This all well and great, if you are a single guy. I love Bush crafting as much as the next guy. However,I have 2 young boys and a wife. I can barley handle the kids in my 4 bedroom 2500 sq. ft. home. I cant imagine a debris hut or spider hole for the 4 of us. I would encourage the families on this site pray for protection for the Lord, prep and harden your home defenses.

        God Bless!

      34. Hey Mac, maybe that piece you put up on the Russian family would be a good follow up here,,,
        That was a real good piece

      35. Heres a good bit o reading that may actually be beneficial,,,
        Just add the usual prefix


      36. Seems this article has been taken over with harsh words and wrath.

        My very sunday school lesson with the 12 yr olds today.


        • Your right grandee, and everyone wants to blame the politicians for all our problem. It’s going to take more than a reset to turn things around. Trekker Out.

        • Thanks TEST!

      37. You can track the nork EMP super weapon and its live flight path at It looks like it will be right over Kansas or Missouri at halftime today

        Or maybe it’s just a satellite , right?

      38. “Reuters – Oslo: Ahmed smiles and tells of how he saw Allah. Mohammed says he felt he needed to go to the Mosque afterwards. And Tariq, Tariq just smiled.

        Why were these three Muslim refugees so happy? It is Norway’s masturbation lessons for Muslim men that is leaving them smiling and happy. Tucked away in a university lecture hall, scented candles are strewn along the hall’s walls; a large screen shows an episode from Czech Street Pick-ups. And in the chairs? Row upon row of Muslim men – all refugees from the Middle East and Africa – clutching their penises as a blonde and tall Norwegian woman guides them through lessons on how to masturbate. And it is serious business.

        With rapes across Europe breaking records not seen since WWII, governments are now teaching Muslim men to turn to their hand rather than rape to satisfy sexual urges. As part of a European Union project, the lessons are also sponsored by a well-known Israeli oil manufacturer.”

        • I hope they all go blind.

          • Catch a few of them and cut their dick’s off. Need to send a strong message if the government does not care.

        • I’m sorry… but what guy doesn’t know how to do THAT??? Then, they go to a group lesson? Unbelievable.

      39. Eppe ! Do you know this one? String a line like you would to catch trout across a river, but place it where turkey walk, or duck?

      40. You can track the nork EMP super weapon and its live flight path at www . N2yo. Com. It looks like it will be right over Kansas or Missouri at halftime today

        Or maybe it’s just a satellite , right?

        • Wouldnt that be a trip if it really was an EMP nuke,,,,
          Wouldnt even have to knock out everything to acheive its purpose, society idnt so polite anymore, would be total chaos

          • Damn right KF.

      41. Poor Mac.
        You’ve had a rough weekend for sure.
        Your efforts don’t go unnoticed.
        Thank you Sir.

        • Yes, Mac is a hero for putting up with us. I can’t believe he didn’t ban my IP. That says a lot.

          • For once I would agree with HICKS banning somebody.

            Come on HICKY, ban their bitchin azzes.

      42. As a southern country boy, I was doing this at age 7 or 8. We couldn’t afford tents . Learned the hard way what worked and what did not. It isn’t the people who read this column that will have trouble (figurative speaking) but the city dwellers.
        After though : But then cockroaches can survive a nuke.

        • Scroll up. I talked about doing the same thing when I was about 10 years old. It was the way we lived in the country and building a little shelter was what we did for fun. I agree, city raised folks won’t have a fucking clue. I don’t know what to tell them other than to go outside and get dirty and cold and wet or hot and thirsty. Depends on where you live.

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