Are You Designated As A “Super Gun Owner” And Will You Soon Be Targeted For Disarmament?

by | Sep 25, 2016 | Headline News | 283 comments

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    Isoroku Yamamoto was the fleet admiral of the Japanese Imperial Navy during World War II and was reportedly quoted as saying that you cannot invade the mainland of the United States because “there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

    It is true that Americans own some 265 million guns nationwide at last count, so Yamamoto was probably not too far off about the amount of firearms Americans have at their disposal.

    But a new survey from Harvard/Northeastern suggests that just because we have that many privately owned firearms in America doesn’t necessarily mean that 265 million of us are armed.

    According to the survey about 3% of Americans own half of all the guns and they are affectionately referred to as “Super Owners.”

    Americans own an estimated 265m guns, more than one gun for every American adult, according to the most definitive portrait of US gun ownership in two decades. But the new survey estimates that 133m of these guns are concentrated in the hands of just 3% of American adults – a group of super-owners who have amassed an average of 17 guns each.

    The unpublished Harvard/Northeastern survey result summary, obtained exclusively by the Guardian and the Trace, estimates that America’s gun stock has increased by 70m guns since 1994. At the same time, the percentage of Americans who own guns decreased slightly from 25% to 22%.

    The new survey, conducted in 2015 by public health researchers from Harvard and Northeastern universities, also found that the proportion of female gun owners is increasing as fewer men own guns. These women were more likely to own a gun for self-defense than men, and more likely to own a handgun only.

    Source: The Guardian

    This is the first time we’ve heard of “Super Owners” and we kind of like the designation.

    Unfortunately, now that it is out in the open, it’s only a matter of time before we start hearing about “Super Owners” being dangerous to society and the need to disarm them of the majority of their weapons.

    Because, you know, who needs 17 guns, right?


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      1. There are no limits outlined in the constitution, and the 2A has nothing to do with tyrant deer

        • I wonder how many damn fools will sign on for the literal suicide job of gun confiscation. We do have a bullet for each of them. Then a dark hole.

          • Funny I know several people, including myself, that have more than 17 guns. My friends who don’t have that many would like to. So now I guess we are “unredeemable deplorable bitter clinger super owners” how about that for a mouth full?

            • It is a scientific (and indisputable) fact that Second Amendment advocates are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue; these animals are extremely gullible and incapable to think for themselves – trained not to think critically.

              Moreover, these brutes are lovers of wealth and pleasure; they are selfish, slothful, indolent and can be inspired to raise above their brutish existence only by fear of impending death or catastrophe.

              These mules are unable to grasp that gun manufacturers in the United States are amassing huge profits driven mainly by fear and paranoia of an imminent economic collapse and the subsequent social unrest.

              Furthermore, these so-called “patriotic” Americans cannot envisage that the Federal Government has already prepared a national database of all gun owners in the country, so if Martial Law is enacted due to the scenarios posted before, these good-for-nothing will be requested to turn their guns in exchange for food coupons and a symbolic monetary compensation.

              Those who ignore this mandate will be legally held as Enemies of the State and lethal force can be used by law enforcement if they perceive some sort of resistance during the confiscation process.

              Americans do not have a single clue of what Martial Law is all about and hundreds of thousands may foolishly perish as a result of their misguided (and chauvinistic) patriotism.

              • solution please……

                from now on, all bitches and complaints must provide solutions.

                • Gottfried that is absolutely “Deplorable” Trekker Out.

                • are we gonna let hillary post on here with “gott-fried” as a screen name?….you will get FRIED alright hillary…

                  • Got. is baiting us then sitting back and having a laugh at our expense. For myself,I can’t even hold a gun anymore. Too many surgeries and now a bone being removed from my right hand. can’t even hold one in position long enough to do anything with it, sold them all, no BS, gone, really…peace

                    • sorry to hear about that sir. does that mean no one should have guns??? yea, prohibition has worked every time they have used it. or, has it??? oh yea, i cannot get drugs anymore and it sure got rid of crime, didn’t it????

                      you could always hold a gun in your other hand. i do it all the time. you are obviously anti gun for some stupid reason. you see sir with freedom there has to be tolerance, get it??? the right to be different even if others actions you do not approve of. it is their choice not yours, get it??? are you against freedom like communism or its right leaning socialism????

                  • i just want to know what i got to do to get on the “super-duper” gun owners list?

                • The answer is, of course, that rather than trying to conduct a point defence against the government, we’d start hunting. Including flank and rear counterattacks on anyone trying to confiscate our neighbour’s guns.

                  The archetypical “3%” of us gun owners willing to proactively shed blood if the Constitution is truly shredded is more than enough to totally swamp the organ of the state who don’t just defect to our side.

                  • In case many of you have not noticed the constitution is already being shredded daily ? So you are well behind the thinking and reality curve.

                    This article points out some very significant issues I have mentioned in the past and some ignored at their own peril. The number of firearms has little to do with repelling or over coming the control freaks we call our government. The fact still exist that most will not stand up when the time comes. And no matter what amount of bluster some of you may shout as fact, all you have to do to prove my thesis is simply look around and be honest with yourself. Maybe 3 to 5% will stand up at best and that is exactly what happened in the revolutionary war. so not much has changed except Americans have gotten far fatter and less capable of anything to include thinking, much less taking any kind of real action in todays electronic media age.

                    I have offered solutions and I live those solutions but most of you here and at other prepper type sites insist on living in fantasy instead of actually getting fully prepared for what is coming ? I have even offered all the info to get started for free ! Some have listened and are gleaning much needed information and others have dove in full bore, but most are still sitting on the couch and talking nonsense and simply getting fatter and dumber. The answer to any and all of it is your mindset combined with your training and actions before you are tested and it is necessary to take any actions you must be ready in every way ! Simply having guns , beans and bullets is NOT any solution all by itself, you still need the ability to use it all to good affect and the mindset and physical capabilities (health/fitness) to do so ! Very simple components and much more realistic than simply saying we have 300 million guns so we will win ?

                    This article does lend credence to my thesis logically. And in a way makes my thesis even more significant because it lowers the numbers of actual individuals by almost half. Bottom line, my thesis is based purely on common sense and many years of observation and experiences and no agendas at all like our government uses to control us. I am simply telling the truth of many matters based on my own experiences. The study does concern me greatly because this is the kind of material the control freaks love to gather so they can think up new control mechanisms. It is never ending with these maniacs. The other matter that greatly concerns me is that many of you are stuck on stupid and I know we will need every available person one day ! I also know that talk is very cheap. So take a good look at yourself and see if you really can do what you say you can ? The mirror does not lie, only men lie or deceive themselves.

                    All we can do is to try and be fully prepared for any and all events and that takes real effort and thought combined with actions not talk or fantasy ! You gotta live it to be it.

                    • I have just one word for ya WOLVERINES

                    • Downtoearththinking, Unfortunately i believe everything you said is right on. Most Americans will roll over, even the few that say they will fight may not when the test is on them. If even 3 to 5 percent do fight it may be enough to win in the long run. Think what a few terrorist are doing right now. It doesnt take many to bring the system to a halt. The ones that think they will be safe if they just go along need to remember that the NWO plan is to thin out the herd, i.e. bring the world population down to 500 million souls. False hope that it wont happen to you is what Hitler used to keep the Jews in line while they all marched to the gas chambers. If you have ever been conservative, christian, a republican, a gun owner, NRA or gun club member you are targeted for termination. It can and will happen to you. Denial will not change what is happening, compromise will not save you but there is worse things than dying, i.e, selling you soul to evil is one of them. No one wants to die but if you get in that situation maybe you can at least choose how you die. The Jews finally figured that out and fought back. If more of them had set themselves to fight sooner, they might have had a chance to make life very difficult on those implementing their destruction and maybe stop the slaughter. Just laying low while your neighbors are rounded up and exterminated will not save you from the same fate. Evil will not be stopped by compromise or appeasement.I have set my mind to fight if i must. Chances are i will die since i am an old man and not in good shape but selling your soul is worse than death. I pray i have the strength to make a stand when that time comes. What i am saying is not bravado, but truth learned by millions of oppressed people through out history.

                  • Hi Not Telling,
                    You sound like an educated, smart, Military man that I would like to meet, or at least email, sir ! My email: [email protected] — My modest, humble Blog: Tom’s Journal– Blog://
                    Just a few well trained warriors can do a lot of DAMAGE to the evil enemy of the U.S. Constitution, AND PERHAPS that time might be coming soon. After all, we do have the God-given RIGHT to defend hearth and home. It’s Biblical. I also teach the right people how to throw knives and tomahawks, accurately. Please visit my humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. —Tommy S –Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.

                • I have one. Kill the left. ALL of them.

                • Four words:
                  Dont. Feed. the. trolls.

              • Gottfried

                Are you saying … that you rather be on your knees and continue to be a slave to the System, than rather fight like a man and defend for yourself or your family?

                If so, … don’t come knocking on my door when the SHTF and you need help.

                • Yes, The G sucks dicks on his knees.

                  • Heard of a van that is loaded with weapons
                    packed up and ready to go.
                    Heard of some gravesites, out by the highway
                    a place where nobody goes

                    The sound of gunfire, off in the distance
                    I’m getting used to it now

                    hat tip TH way ahead

                    • “Life During Wartime”!

                    • WE live in a small Wisconsin city. There are at least 3 shooting ranges within earshot of our home. gunfire is no stranger to us

                • FTW, I believe that he would not only wish to be on his knees, he would love to polish his master’s sausage…with his mouth…???

                • It “ESTIMATES” that 133M of the guns are in the hands of 3 percent of the population. That puts a new view on the so called THREE PERCENTERS!

                  Anyone can estimate anything. A Harvard circle jerk will estimate in a way that then makes it likely to say, “Well, since so few people own guns, and the majority of Americans don’t own them let’s just take them from the minority of the population for the greater good of all.”

                  • Only 3% of the population of the 13 colonies where invilbed/supported the Revolution. True patriots. I say we got it right!

                • And the dopes who don’t have any weapons are the Super Losers. So prepare your kneepads and start sucking you slave loser.

                  There are those with guns and those who suck. Start sucking slave.


                • That is exactly what he means, he will be the first in line to receive free food at the newly located fema or REX84 camp. He will give up every freedom he has in a minute for a walmart card. He is a Carl Marx card holder, and believes the state owns you.

                • FTW, You have heart, and the right mindset of a true American, sir, IMHO. My humble Blog: Tom’s Journal– Blog://
                  Email: [email protected] —Tommy S

              • Gottfried.
                Vote for Hillary then.

              • Dipshits like you are why i strive to own as much military pattern hardware as i can possibly get my hands on.

                • Nailbanger
                  Whatever you can’t get your hands on learn to make, learn to use and if shit gets real bad be willing to use it

                  If people stick together our insurgency will make the muslambrapers insurgency look like it’s a picnic

                  Of course this is only after the commies start enforcing their freedom hating laws to the point that real freedom loving Americans have no choice since the commiecrats turned us all into felons with the stroke of a pen

              • Gottfried, you can bet your stupid libturd ass that a great many will die trying to confiscate people’s weapons. They better stop and think before they do anything. Yes there will be resistance because people have a natural, God-given right to resistance against tyranny. Yes we know there’s a database of gun owners which by federal law the feds are not supposed to have, but they don’t follow laws anyway. I don’t think you have a clue as to what will happen to you and your family at the hands of the NWO since you’ve chosen not to be armed. Lotsa luck with that one. We all decided that one-world socialist/fascist govt. is not worth living under. You want to be a bootlicker, go right ahead. That same boot will be used on you.

                • Braveheart, Well said !! Usually, it takes a combat Vet to really appreciate true Freedom, after seeing what Communism/ Socialism does to a group or State. Socialism is against the KJV Bible and God, and Christians don’t do well under that form of tyranny/ slave system. I am also a Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70, and I have witnessed the suffering of whole countries, so that I know better, when I hear some of these pukes talk crap. My email: [email protected] –Tommy S
                  Tom’s Journal– Blog://

              • It’s fuckin tools like you , got fried, for whom the 2nd amendment was written so people like me can save your ass from the same tyrannical government who’s boots you would lick until they came to take away your Xbox and anal plugs. The 2A is what preserves your 1A right to spout idiotic gibberish and you are too stupid to understand that.

                BTW, all my guns were lost in a a freak wind storm and my ammo was ruined by the deluge that followed.

              • Hey we’re all good for

              • You gays always crack us up…

              • Ah yes Gottfried, your just another American hating troll. Let me guess, you don’t even live in America, but you feel fit to tell Americans what they need to do in their own country.

                You see Americans are not only smart,(smarter then you because they didn’t let their government disarm them like yours did) but patriots are well aware that their government has been trying to put their names on a lists.

                Your just another weak liberal, that thinks just like the ones in this country, that think patriots have all their guns and supply’s stocked in one place. Easy pickings for the government to just come and take.

                You see your problem is that you suffer from group think, you probably think that when confiscation comes that American patriots will all stand in a line, and fight the governments troops, and tanks with just their AR 15’s.

                I hate to brake it to you, but that’s never going to happen, patriots already have plans in place to engage their government via the “Art of War”. Patriots will use 4th and 5th Generation Warfare against the government.

                Fighting in a city patriots will use the same MOUT tactics that are taught to the governments troops. You see the patriots have read the same manuals,and have the same training as the government. You see in a conflict like this, things will be much different then fighting against a foe (like overseas in the sandbox)who only has a 1st grade education, who can’t read, or write English.

                They will use the governments own ROE against them. You have watched to many movies, in fact, what you, and the government will be dealing with, will not be some Joe blow on the street. Oh no, in fact most patriots are combat vets. They are not only highly skilled, but also have been highly trained by the very same government that will be fighting them.

                • Your patriotism is valid but you misunderstand the technique. First, they will eliminate cash. You will have a cash card. It will stop working if you are on the gun list. No food, gas, etc. You will try to pay your taxes on your house. They will not take them if you are on the gun list. You will try to register your car. They will not OK it if you are on the gun list. See, they will force YOU to make the first move, and then shoot you down with a swat team. It will not be done with the GOV going house to house demanding your guns. That would make them villains! They will make you look like the villain so they are “justified” in shooting you down. Just as they make a poor black man holding a cell phone a villain holding a gun so they can shoot him down.

              • Gottfried you gave me a good laugh today and I really needed it. Keep em coming, i truly love to laugh! By the way, you have have written your will, right? If not, you can google free will forms.

              • You are an idiot! First you don’t have enough idiots to take the firearms of all the citizens. Second, it would cause the second civil war within the United States. You think Syria is a mess, you have seen nothing compared to what the US would look like. Now go speak out of your ass some place else and don’t forget to vote for your savior Killary.

              • My impression is that this is a fake post designed to start controversy.

                • The post is genuine, there it is, but the writer is a genuine idiot.

                • the post was STARTED by killary, posing as got fried, to collect all the gun owners emails that she could find…..hope we didn’t overload your(at-home) server, biotch.

                • and why would you say that given the Pavlovian responses ?

              • Got-fried, I hope you catch the “opening shot”.

              • Hello and your point is what,let me help, most are sheep and will be herded to pens and when they are used up they die. Some are watching for danger and we are called preppers, and last but not least we have you? So what are you going to do when the sheep are all penned up and the preppers are all holed up???? Good luck Gottfried.

              • Gottfried…you are an idiot and obviously not a good student of history. I hope your family is comprised of some actual men that can protect it. Because you my friend are a pathetic excuse of a man.

              • Gottfried.. your safe space is in the nearest slave (FEMA camp). Idiot.. its over educated (but absolutely stupid) pseudo-intellectuals like yourself that were purged by the socialists you so endorse. Dont believe me.. look at history other than what you are shown in pubic schools and colleges. You sad pathetic fool.

              • You’re an imbecile. It’s a scientific and indisputable fact.

                See how easy that is, moron?

              • Clueless Moron

              • Fuck off liberal sissy douchebag fudgepacker.

              • Lovers of wealth and pleasure, but selfish, slothful, brutish.

                One not does become wealthy being slothful dumbass…..only dipshit libs, believe one can become wealthy sitting on their bums, waiting for manna from heaven (or from people who work hard)… the form of government grants, gimme toys and welfare…..

              • say, got fried mostly your brain, you want the second civil war??? it is illegal federally to have those gun lists, now they might have them, when was the government doing things legally, like our FN pres selling guns to known criminals to further his gun ban agenda. that little scheme has cost thousand s of deaths and he does not seem to care. of course, when did the government care about you??? they can come and try and collect my guns, because when they make guns illegal i will be a criminal. i think it will be the greatest thing i could do for my country, to give my life protecting the second. the problem with you is you call us idiots when in fact it is you. the only thing you anti gun turds can do is call people names. you cannot debate in indefensible position. so under estimate your enemy, we welcome your stupidity.

                yes i do believe this next greatest depression your leaders has put on our door will give a good reason to declare martial law, great plan, it is just not going to be as easy as they thought. control of the population cannot happen until they get rid of the guns. gun ownership has gone up not down no matter what stupid statistic data provide for there agenda. especially in women. we welcome them to our stupid tribe sir. i hope you enjoy your fema camp vacation. i am sure it will be pleasant. i would just rather be dead instead of one of those that believe the government will take care of them. yes i believe this destruction headed our way is deliberate. they do not care how many they kill for their agenda.

                so fried brain we will see you in hell. you elitist pig. it is your kind that has pushed us into this greatest depression coming soon to a neighborhood near you. you will only wish you knew one of us then. there will not be enough bodyguards to protect you then. sometimes government needs to be refreshed by blood, it is the only way i guess, so the freedom that we have lost so much of can be. our founders, those gun people you bad mouth knew this. you see you can only have freedom with tolerance. you want to take choices, i want to give them. the right to be different. while i believe religion has killed more people in this world then anything else, i still believe you have the right to decide for yourself and i will fight for the right to make your own choices. i think that is what they call freedom. of course, maybe someone as smart as you instead of name calling, can give us some logical reasoning in stead of saying it is indisputable. you ignorance is showing, maybe you should pull your dress down a little. you, you , you communist pig. you democraps are all a like, show and no go. try and do something constructive in your life instead of destructive.

                maybe you could tell us when in the history of the world prohibition has worked???? come on you are so smart, tell us great one.. i thought that is what history was for so we do not make the same mistakes over and over and over. instead of i am sure it will work this time, and you call us idiots and say things you cannot back up. just another little piece of crap off of the big pile of democrap. we just need a little toilet paper to wipe you off. what an idiot you are sir!!!!

              • Don’t feed the troll…

              • Hi Stupid!

              • And where will you be ? Sheepishly asking for more please . ??

              • Well, if I was a super gun owner, I sure as heck wouldn’t say it on this website or any other place…

                And yes, you DO need 17 guns or more…to loan to your neighbor when government starts trouble.

                • PFFT!……MY neighbors are the CAUSE of all this shit!

              • You write exceptionally well, GotNoFriend and you do make a couple of valid points– However, you obviously have no clue about what is really taking place in this country– either that, or you are purposely here to cause trouble.

                In case you are simply clueless (not a troll), please read Paul Craig Roberts website before making comments on this website. Truth is much more interesting than bull sh—! Try it! You will like it! 😉

                • a good suggestion. I do not agree with everything PCR says or purports but he does tell many truths !

              • At least when 2A advocates are defending their position, they use REAL statistics from REAL law enforcement and FBI numbers. You, got fried, are a left leaning libretard whom has as much respect for the constitution as our beleaguered president who seems to wipe his ass with it every chance he gets. Did Bloomberg write this piece for you?I hope you are stuck in a mass shooting where a CCL holder saves your ass… then shoots you thinking you’re a terrorist. Seems just and right to me. Eat shit and die

              • The Chairman of the Joints Chiefs has already stated that the armed forces will not obey ‘raisin nuts.’ In the event of attempted national guard martial law, the states’ governors will order a ‘stand down’ regards any presidential dictate.

                The 3% armed citizens figure is grossly underestimated… more than enough to overwhelm UN troops in our country because of the ‘light chocolate drop.’

                You’re a liberal racist twerp!!!

              • Beware in your answers friends, Gottfried is either totally insane or a hired poster for a government agency. I vote for totally insane and recommend he seek mental help today. Insane democrats and liberals are a great threat to the American people because they are the ones that have done almost all of the modern mass murders. Gottfied for the sake of public safety,I sure hope you don’t own a gun.

              • Gottfried as you are well aware the first thing that Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Fidel and a host of other communist did was to disarm the population. It makes it a bit easier to RULE them. It’s also the reason our founding father put in an amendment that guaranteed personal liberty’s and freedoms that was so important they made it the 2nd. However I can see that you were indoctrinated in our public schools so you probably don’t know any better. It’s really a shame that you believe that the gov’t cares about you and will protect you. When your door gets kicked in and you call 911 you would be lucky if they arrived in 22 minutes. It will be over in 2.

              • Ok I understand what you say; but what’s the problem? IF 17 is SUPER what’s up from there? Because In Wyo that’s what you get for high school graduation.

              • You are a self indulgent example of stupidity. Oblivious to the fact that there is no where near the amount of personnel to attempt such an endeavor upon an already contemptuous populace feverously itching to take up the creep on their respective triggers! Katrina, a fine example of ineptness. With one confiscation by this treasonist non-government, a domino effect beyond comprehension ensues. Enjoy your fantasies as they are already on the chopping block.

              • “scientific”? Please….. Your “dream” came from the same group that created Evolution, NWO, UN, The Great Society, Abortion “Rights”, Petro-Dollar, Agenda 21, Common Core, and Climate Cooling/Warming/Change.

                The problem with your theory about the Feds is that they do not have jurisdiction over 99% of the country. Go look what it says in the Constitution about DC, Territories, Forts, and Ports. Then look up their enumerated powers. Not much eye?

                It’s time for you to wander back into your hole protected by guns and tall fences.

              • It’s a scientific fact? Show me the science silly! Where did you get your science degree from? Typical lefty, they just make stuff up!
                I have a chemistry,biology, and math degree. Show me the indisputable fact of your silly rant.

              • Hil, that you?

              • Good Luck…

              • I read that DC (District of Columbia – the US Capital District) has the second highest rate of gun ownership of the 50 states and DC (after Wyoming). Do the boys inside the beltway know something that you don’t know???

              • Yes ma’am yall. Thats me. ?Yaahh. Seller Fi

            • According to the article, more than 20% of Americans are gun owners, regardless of the number of guns they own.

              That’s an army of 60 million freedom loving adult souls spread out all across America in every village and hamlet, every city and town. Too many with too much firepower even for the American government in league with blue helmeted thugs to disarm.

              The New World Order can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. Make a list. Check it twice. Know WHO has been naughty and WHO has been nice in your neck of the woods. You are responsible for the US Constitution where you live.

              Anyone WHO declares your gun illegal or supports those WHO do have signed their own death warrant. We know what happens to populations WHO allow their government to disarm them.

              The rights of Americans are GOD GIVEN. They do not flow from the government. Gun confiscation won’t happen in America. 🙂

              • remember 3% own at least 17 guns, that’s nearly 10 million people. 60 million own at least 1 gun. If the SHTF, my guess is MILLIONS more will be wanting guns. 10 million folks will make a lot of money……..and arm several MILLION more people. That represents an armed populace of around 70 or 80 MILLION people. That is A FORMIDABLE number! Even untrained this is a number that NO country in their right mind wants to fight, not even our own govt. It would be suicide! But….they may just be that STUPID!

              • All it takes is one gun in the hands of someone who knows how to use it,,,,

              • AMEN you have stated the facts better than anyone else ever could Amen Brother

              • But they likely will try ! And many who claim to be ready are not. I agree with most of your comment.

            • If you know how many guns you have, you don’t have enough.

              • OK, that line made me smile 🙂

                • X2!

                • X2!

              • Jonny V says that as a rule of thumb, you should have a separate gun for every personality.

                Works for me. 🙂

            • I know several people who have hundreds of guns. One guy said he had like 40x 1911 Pistols he collects. Lots of guns out there unaccounted for and paid with cash. Plus all the weapons smuggled back in from all the wars from the veterans. Machine guns, Full auto’s Gold plated AK 47’s, you name it.

              Gun Confiscation in any form will be a fruitless effort, and just add to the body count of the liberal grabbers. Go for it!! That will be all the less Liberals that can vote next election cycle. Come on over here, Maybe its under here.. lol Gee where did I leave that thing?


            • Same here Azgunowner. To me, it is no different than any person who enjoys collections, differences in models and capabilities of the mechanics of the items so gathered. The AR vs. AK debate alone was enough for me to wish to own both. Why? To find out for myself which works best in the environment and purpose I found myself in. A person doesn’t rent a U-Haul truck to go to Indianapolis with the purpose of racing it. So? Why not be able to own both a truck and a car? I think the real issue is that those who do have a like mind in this are more of a threat simply due to the knowledge they have by such inventory. Just the act alone of maintenance for all those different items means that the owner can breakdown and reassemble them. That is the key to my mind. Multiple gun owners exceed in terms of information overall what causes the mechanism to function. Thereby, allowing for repair, manufacture, alteration and so on.

            • Never say “mouth full” to a Clinton…

              • Not to either one of them…

            • I’m former USMC. I work with computer folks. There are at least 80 % gun owners in this group. These are Geek types for Christ sake! What is the % in “other” groups. Do the math. Semper Fi.

            • The government doesn’t know who owns what, so unless someone is stupid enough tell, and in that case shouldn’t own any to begin with for being such and idiotic loudmouth, then gun owners are safe. Don’t think so, well when Connecticut passed their draconian gun registration law after Newtown about 15% of the gunowners complied. Sounds like a lot but remember that Connecticut is one of the top 10 bluest states in the country and the majority of these owners just ignored the law. The governor huffed and puffed and made additional threats when he found out, but everyone still ignored him. Not to be outdone, Gov. Cuomo of N.Y. and his huge ego passed a similar bill there and not only did the gun owners ignore the law, many took to the streets and publically burned the registration forms. Both states have been very quiet about their colossal failures. If these two can’t get it done, then the rest of the nation is safe.

              • We will have one on CA shortly if the libs have their way. Many of us will not comply.

              • Not to mention the law passed in Colorado following Newtown, where Joe Biden showed up and talked the legislature into drafting a bill banning possession of normal capacity magazines for so-called “assault rifles”. Guv Hickenlooper signed it into law. Within months, 2 of the Democrats in the legislature were removed following a recall election, a third resigned, fearing that she, too, would be recalled, and then Repubs would outnumber Dems in the legislature. Hickenloooper then appointed another Dem to take her place.

          • More than one for each

            • Dark times ahead but I’m not going anywhere.

          • Menzo, I also have bullets for them but I’m not going to bother with any holes.

            • I just don’t want to smell them, Brave.

              • Menzo, LOL. If you want to spend the time and effort to bury them, go ahead. I was talking about AFTER I bugout. If they come to my area, they’ll just be food for the local ‘wildlife’. Like Clint Eastwood said, “Buzzards gotta eat too.”

                • I’ve already made arrangements for the unfortunate ones who become deceased on my property … a big ‘ol burn pit.

                • I have a small excavator.

                  • I ve spent a few thousand hours running a mini ex and can safely say that you can dig holes so deep you can hide a semi in them, one with a thumb could make a hell of a mad max torture machine

                    • we have a brush cutter on one of our mini’s . you dig the hole and I’ll blend them . gun grabber smoothies

                  • You have to work at that, my state is known for all its caves, people lose things all the time in them,
                    people get lost there too never to be found.

              • Feed them to your hogs, then…

                • Only bummer then is that your pork tastes like crap

          • Don’t bother burying them. Leave the corpse hanging from a lamp post as a warning to other tyrants.

          • That’s interesting…instead of being concerned about the number of guns, maybe the enemy should worry about how much ammunition is owned by the gun owners and how many times they can reload. Just a thought.

            • There is an ammunition shortage currently. Started by the Gov or regular folks panic buying? Just look around , the shelves are comparably bare.

          • I’m not understanding how any of this article says anything at all. I probably have 17 firearms, ex military rifles and pistols… mostly rifles and carbines… all of which would indicate that I am a collector and none of which would indicate that I could regularly fire three or four rifles or carbines at the same time. This article appears to be nothing more than “fill” for a slow day.

        • That 3% could create small militia groups. Some would consider that a problem, some a blessing….

        • The REASON for having more than 17 firearms: Investment and Retirement. Well made firearms, that are kept in excellent condition, increase in value and it is a solid investment and retirement scheme. It is a nearly guaranteed. The only problem is theft, and of course govt theft.

      2. How do “they” arrive at these estimates? And I don’t believe it… there are more gun owners out there then they say. Maybe being kept a secret??

        • If some government hack or dipwadiberal cd calls you and asks if you have guns in your home, what would YOU say???

          • I would say none of your damn business. Then hang up.

          • DD, I would tell them it’s not their concern.

          • To F off

          • You tell them yes we all have a calking gun, nail gun,staple gun, or paint gun laying around the housel.The figure is probly about right most people can’t even run a screw driver let alone do any real house work so they don’t need those guns in there home lol

      3. I have seen several indications that the 265 mm gun count is way too low and is based on an estimate that is more than 40 years old. <bb

        • BB, i agree with you, just look at the number of guns sold over the last 7 1/2 years while Obama’s been in office. Obama being the anti American he is, has sold at least 10 to 20 million guns alone, and lets not forget the billions of rounds of ammo he’s sold. He’s sold all those guns,and ammo to American’s that are now waking up to Obama’s liberal,leftist, PC chains of slavery.

          • Colt M4… The last estimate that I have seen where private firearm ownership is concerned put the number of firearms somewhere north of 300 million… and even that was a few years ago. I believe that number is significantly higher today.

        • I recall the number from the 1960’s.

          I would not be very surprised if the true number today was 400 million.

          The important thing is, though, the study is an attempt to classify gun owners according to a label creating by antigunners, and to establish them as a minority, and therefore, something to oppress. Fascism needs oppression.

          • Smokey, nothing the gun grabbers do has any legitimate basis anyway, so f#$% them.

          • I agree the numbers are greater than 265, some where between 300 and maybe 400. But you still need enough people to actually stand up ? Consider all the pres orders that have been put in place and all the gov hoarding. Then ponder guys like Cass Sunstein and a few others who are insane motherfuckers running this country and deliberately undermining the constitution 24/7/365 ? They will try before all is said and done ! All it would take is an event or events like some sort of attacks within CONTUS and ML would be installed and most Americans would beg for it ! Then it will be on like donkey kong and you had better have your shit together for realsies, because guns will be item number one to be secured by the control freaks .

      4. Actually, he never said that…

        • Yes, the further perpetuation of a great false quote. Although Yamamoto never said this, I’m sure many in Japan were thinking it.

          • Whatever he said it was in incomprehensible jap jibberish.

        • Actually, all we can say is that Yamamoto may or may not have said it. It’s attributed to just one source.

          The article is entirely correct, ‘Yamamoto is reportedly quoted’ for the saying.

      5. When they released that study a few days ago, the news gave a ‘teaser’ and said “Are you a super owner? Find out when we return”. I said to my wife:”I bet they call people who own 15 guns ‘Super Owners”. When the story came back on, my wife turned to me and said “Congrats! We made a list…we’re super owners…passed the ’17’ mark with plenty to spare…Let’s see if we can qualify for ‘Mega Super Owners”. Gotta love a woman like that, huh? ( 5 feet tall, 100 pounds, and carries a Ruger .357 24/7) But I think the percentages of gun owners is FAR higher than the 22% cited. I don’t think I know anyone who does not have at least one or two guns in the home.

        • Thinking back thru life and I remember most had guns in their house…probably 65-75%

          • Pretty much every single person i know over the age of 30 owns at least one, some of them are in the uber duber super class

        • My father, now deceased, served in Korea. Law abiding as they come. Kept unregistered weapons. Passed em down.

          As to Gottfried. Is his scenario really that far off the mark? I think not. Hopefully 3% will come to the aid of their neighbors. I’m fairly certain we’ll be on our own but what a way to go!

          They Mean To

          “Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.” – Daniel Webster (1782-1852), US Senator

          • Excellent Quote

        • In a recent report on breitbart they broke down the percentage of carry permit holders. The north Texas county where I like rated at 66% of adult population had a carry permit…so the likely conclusion 66% of the population here has guns….plus all the people who still own guns but not liscenced to carry… My guess is a easy 75% of my county owns guns…. Roughly 3 out of 4.

          I think their numbers are way off, IMO, at this point in time gun owners have reached the 51% margin, thus the skewed numbers, if it got out that gun owners were now the majority, gun control would be dead forever.

          • one thing is sure….if you know someone that DOESN’T have a gun….put THEM on YOUR list.

      6. In the Lone Star state we call 17 guns a good start.

        • After Texas declares independence you’ll need them. You’ll have to shoot both north and south!

        • I love it! Carry on!

      7. Mac, I think that Yamamoto quote, while certainly true in spirit, is not one that can be verified.

        Donald M. Goldstein, sometimes called “the dean of Pearl Harbor historians.” and who was a prof at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh has stated the Yamamoto quote is “bogus,” and stated “I have never seen it in writing. It has been attributed to the Prange files [the files of the late Gordon W. Prange, chief historian on the staff of Gen. Douglas MacArthur] but no one had ever seen it or cited it from where they got it. Some people say that it came from our work but I never said it. … As of today it is bogus until someone can cite when and where.”

        In situations like this, I just add “purportedly,” so the reality of the quote still stands, which is the main point. And one quote which can be verified, that is similar in nature, is this one Tienanmen Square survivor, who emigrated and moved to the US, who had virtually the exact same words to say about guns, freedom and liberty as Yamomoto. His six minute address is at at, or, to summarize his salient points:
        ”The power of the government is derived from the consent of the governed.”
        Chinese patriots in Tiananmen were crushed by “AK-47′s” because they could “not fight back” as they “were not armed.”
        The argument “that a man with a rifle has no standing against the military technology and machine of today” is ridiculous. 20,000,000 residents of Beijing would have quickly proved that wrong had they been armed in 1989.
        ”When a government turns criminal, when a government turns deranged, the body count will not be 5, 10, or even 20. It will be in hundreds like Tiananmen Square, it will be in the millions…
        ”When a government has a monopoly on guns, it has absolute power.”
        ”When a government has all the guns, it has all the rights.”
        ”To me, a rifle is not for sporting or hunting. It is an instrument of freedom. It guarantees that I cannot be coerced, that I have free will, that I am a free man.”

        And here is one Yamomoto quote that is similar in spirit that is verified: “Should hostilities once break out between Japan and the United States, it is not enough that we take Guam and the Philippines, nor even Hawaii and San Francisco. We would have to march into Washington and sign the treaty in the White House.”

        There are many today who feel the same way about today’s usurpation of the Republic.

        • Great post ! Thanks

        • has to be true someone in a war movie said it!!

          • Keep coming back

      8. You mean that there are people that own that many guns? Wow. I would like to meet one someday.

        • seems almost unbelievable that someone could amass such an arsenal . what on earth could cause a person to want so many dangerous things in their home . why with that many weapons there could’t possibly be a safe place left in the home . thank goodness i have not been effected by this “gun nut” culture that has been allowed to flourish in this nation .

          • I know a lot of liberals who had that many wives.

            • Some of whom they were even married to, right?

          • Islander; You put em in a safe where nobody else can get to them. you can only shoot one at a time. Some people own 15 cars…you can only drive one at a time. Thousands are killed yearly but nobody talks about confiscating them. If they are legal nobody has a right to tell you how many you can have. If they take 10 and leave you 5 you can bet they’ll find a reason to come back and get the rest. They tax the hell out of you and they still come back for more. It stops here!

            • Jim in VA, spot on. I don’t have that many and don’t feel the need for that many. It’s all I can do to maintain and keep ammo for the few I already have. As individuals, we’re all going to be targeted no matter what we have. There’s going to be hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, who will lose their lives trying to take our weapons. The gun grabbers better wake up and reconsider if they want to live.

              • Islander, I hope you are kidding. If not you are brain-damaged and will one day be slaughtered in your own home by someone with a weapon.

                • Menzo, Islander will become a victim of his own stupidity. I’m affected by the ‘gun culture’ and proud of it. MOLON LABE

                  • Islander’s comment sure sounds like sarcasm to me.

                • Hey Menzo I was kidding but I guess people are wound a little tight these days . Sarcasm is dead . I’m up here in Alaska where we all pack . Hell I have 17 guns that are safe queens . Im near 60 and have zero give a shit for whatever anyone thinks I should be able to own . Thanks for the benefit of the doubt .

                  • Be well then Islander

                  • Islander.

                    Yep, in the lower 48 we are wound up tighter than a Swiss watch.

                    Sarcasm is not taken well here. Too many people or is it the radio waves.

                    • Its them radio waves

                  • Islander… Sarcasm or not, speech like that is still liable to get you stomped in some quarters.

            • Jim,some of these”super owners may want a few firearms for whomever may be visiting/perhaps loan a few to shooting friends who cannot afford to own more then one/perhaps not even afford one.Hell,you have 15 cars you may occasionally loan one or two out.

          • Islander, indeed sir it good to hear you haven’t been effected by our culture. Lefties are not welcome.

          • One firearm will not serve every use, ever hunted dove with a 22, does not work well. Example of an average hunters collection…..

            12 gauge for turkey and duck
            20 gauge for dove
            A high power rifle say 30-06 for deer and Ferrell hog
            A couple 22s for target practice with the kids
            A couple handguns for conceal and open carry.

            That’s 6/and and we started talking collectors yet.
            Or wanting the newest model
            Or being a military historian
            Or completion shooter

            There are many reason to own multiple firearms.

            • Ugh gotta shut this auto correct off.

          • There are now many more people in the USA being killed by cell phones and smart phones, either while driving, but many more while walking on the street who simply walk into traffic with their eyes glued to their PED.

      9. Could it be, as former gun control advocate turned gun rights supporter Dr. John Lott of Univ. of Chicago maintains, in his eponymous book More Guns, Less Crime, that we are safer with more guns? The young boy who drove off two home invaders in Houston in 2012 – reported at Houston’s KHOU TV – with his father’s AR-15 “evil” assault rifle would certainly agree. See And here’s another story of an“evil” AR-15 used to drive off intruders: New York Resident Scares the Hell out of Intruders” – video at; story also found at And then there were the young students in Rochester, NY who thankfully were able to use an AR-15 to protect their lives during a break in – see Finally, another story of an AR-15 used to save lives, this time in Detroit, where armed robbers retreat when they realize they are outgunned by a single guard with an AR-15:

        As a matter of fact, as the non-stereotypical gun owner Dan Baum – who is a Jewish Democrat who wrote for the New Yorker- noted, while “Joe Nocera at the Times runs a daily tally of gun killings. He’s not running a daily tally of how many people defend themselves with guns. For one thing we don’t know about it most of the time. David Hemenway at Harvard is very pro gun-control and he thinks it happens about 80,000 times a year. If that’s true, that means that guns are saving 10 times as many people as they’re killing.”

        Similarly, as Aubrey Blankenship and Celia Bigelow told Piers Morgan (video and story at, there are very good reasons, particularly for women, to have not only guns, but specifically AR-15s. Stated the two ladies in a companion column in the National Review, “One, they’re lightweight,” the 22-year-old Bigelow responded. “They’re quite accurate. I can shoot them much more accurately than a handgun or a shotgun. And three … I want a gun that can hold a lot of ammo, because if I’m faced with an intruder or multiple intruders that come into my home, I want to make sure I have enough ammo to get the job done, especially if they’re armed. … I don’t have to take the time to reload… We saw a situation in Georgia just a couple weeks ago where a mom was hiding in her attic with her two children when an intruder entered her home. She had a handgun that only had six rounds in it. She fired all six rounds, missed the intruder once, hit him five times in the face and in the neck. And he still lived.” And given that there are around eight thousand home invasions per year (and not one conducted by well-mannered, non-violent Boy Scouts), with at least one in five households experiencing a break-in at some point, the people above are just the tip of the iceberg.

        But returning to Dr. Lott, here is Exhibit A: scarcely one week before the Colorado theatre tragedy, a similar situation had an opposite ending in Florida, where 71 year old Samuel Williams stopped an armed robbery when two masked men entered the Palms Internet Cafe around 10 p.m. Friday, July 13, 2012. Make your own conclusion from the surveillance camera, which captures it all: . Exhibit B: Scarcely a month after the Colorado theatre shooting, on the opposite side of the country, an Orange County, CA. jewelry and coin dealer thwarted and armed robbery – and possible employee deaths – by defending herself with her pistol. Video surveillance footage at

        And as if this wasn’t enough, the Oregon Clackamas Town Center Mall mall shooting in OR. – which was overshadowed by the Connecticut school shooting a few days later – was stopped by a citizen, Nick Melti, exercising his right of concealed carry. Full details of this incident – not reported by the lamestream media – are at Project Avalon gives full details” “He was working on his rifle,” said Meli. “He kept pulling the charging handle and hitting the side.” The break in gunfire allowed Meli to pull out his own gun, but he never took his eyes off the shooter. “As I was going down to pull, I saw someone in the back of the Charlotte move, and I knew if I fired and missed, I could hit them,” he said. Meli took cover inside a nearby store. He never pulled the trigger. He stands by that decision. “I’m not beating myself up cause I didn’t shoot him,” said Meli. “I know after he saw me, I think the last shot he fired was the one he used on himself….We now know that the assailant’s gun had jammed, and when he cleared it, he quickly retreated and shot himself, as Meli continued to keep him in his sights. Not only has the national media refused to acknowledge this aspect of the deadly event, but law enforcement has as well.” (See other reports on this story at or )
        At the risk of overkill (pun intended), here’s another video of a 65 yr. old woman thwarting FIVE armed robbers with her pistol in her store: In fact, it appears to be the case that, as ex-gangsta rap artist turned Christian rap singer Travis Tyler, known as Thi’sl notes, more gun restrictions are not the answer, as this will not stop criminals from getting guns. But listen to Thi’sl in his own words: (note that Thi’sl also identifies fatherlessness as a “huge role” in gun violence, as well as the issue of mental illness). Interestingly, Mark Mattioli, who lost his six year old son at Sandy Hook, also stated before a gun violence task force shortly after the shooting that guns are categorically not the problem – rather, it is mental health issues, issues that stem from media violence, lack of personal integrity, lack of parenting, etc. A Mattioli video speaking to this issue is at

      10. Screw the guns.

        I would have loved to been that German who had a WW2 Panther tank in his garage.

        This shit never ends with false accusations and derogatory statements of the gun owner by supposed educated people.

        Those Harvard kind would not know a thing about guns even if they had one sticking up their rump.

        • “Those Harvard kind would not know a thing about guns even if they had one sticking up their rump.”

          You have to ‘en-Light-en’ them by… pulling the trigger. It’s the only way.

          • My step dad was a Harvard graduate. As well as a massive gun collector. At any time, we had an average of 300-400 firearms in our house. ALL of them worked. He was also one of the leading consultants on the value of weapons who taught me well.

            • I stand corrected. My apologies.

              • Sum,me dad was also a Harvard graduate and probably the best bond investor in the world till he retired due to changes in laws/illegalities that led it as he said to the monetary system just being a huge ponzi scheme.He also introduced me to shooting at age 9.

                As the years went on,he married a woman not too thrilled with guns,the son of said Harvard graduate reintroduced him to firearms and took him shopping,till he died he was a Harvard graduate who once again had guns and firmly believed in no exceptions to the 2nd which he also agreed was just a affirmation of natural born rights.

                • Then I must change that referral from ‘Harvard’ to maybe ‘Idiot‘ or ‘Politician‘.

                  Again, my apologies.

        • Anon, I think that whole study is bogus. I especially question what they said about women being more likely than men to buy a gun? I went to a gun show in my area today. I stocked up on some 9mm and 12-ga. ammo and couple of other items. While I was there, I definitely saw more men than women buying guns. While there’s been SOME increase in women getting armed over the last few years, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be more MORE likely than a man to buy a gun. I see the same thing at BassPro when I normally go there for ammo and gun-cleaning supplies. The gun show was literally packed with people wall-to-wall trying to get whatever they needed. I even had lunch there. I always have a good time at gun shows.

          • Braveheart1776

            Yea, I am still hitting the gun shows. Mostly looking for force multipliers.

        • Anno, I’d be cautious about sticking anything near a Harvard liberal’s rump, knowing their type they would like it!

          • Colt M4

            I have tried to imagine the worst wound a person can receive. I believe it would be shot in the ass with an arrow. Now would that be one cheek north and south. or both cheeks east and west. Facing north.
            You could never forget that one.

      11. This is a joke. I read the same article on another site and what it comes down to- the media attempting to marginalize the numbers of American gun owners. The liberal press is trying to make gun owners look like a minority and weak.

        Like a pack of wild dogs, they go after prey if they feel they can win. They will surround you and get more viscous as they get closer. Shoot the closest ones and the pack will run away, having second thoughts of trying it again.

        • I think you meant ‘vicious’ but the word ‘viscous’ is also appropriate as they get closer…as in blood is fairly viscous and there will be a lot of it … 🙂 Cheers! Either way is good.

          • The scary part is when they run out of body bags. What to do..? Call the morgue for pickup along with a note tacked on their bodies “I violated a citizen’s Constitutional Rights per 18 U.S. Code § 242”?

            • Homeland Security has a cute little slogan:”See Something, Say Something”. Around these parts our slogan is : “See Something, Shoot Something, Bury Something, Forget You Saw Something.”

              • Good one! 😉

        • The article is not a joke but the study will be used as a control mechanism to advance the control freaks agendas ! Simply because that is what they do?

      12. “It is true that Americans own some 265 million guns nationwide at last count.”

        (1) I say statistically … it is much higher than that. Those numbers probably only represent what is on “paper”.

        (2) I’m sure there are plenty of gun owners who have inherited family guns and/or have purchased second hand from a private seller.

        (3) I’m sure there are a lot who have military grade weapons that the Government deems are not for public use as well.

        I own nothing on “paper”.
        I have inherited and purchased from private sellers.
        I have weapons that may be deemed not for public use.

        I sleep well at night.

        • FTW, I have to agree. I don’t think anyone in or out of govt. knows a true figure on gun ownership in the US, but it’s way the hell up there, I’m sure of that. I also sleep well at night knowing I have what I need for the “upcoming festivities”.

          • Braveheart1776

            They don’t count, “Felon’s” do they. Hehehe!

            • Anon –

              That is also a good point – felons or soon to be felons/Gangs care not about legal issues with State or Federal Laws.

              I’m sure the gun count is certainly up into the hundreds of thousands of black market armory that has not been taken into consideration.

      13. So twenty years ago Barney might asked the residents of Mayberry how many guns they owned, but in today’s modern non-Mayberry world, gun owners ain’t gonna tell the New Militarized Barney jack.

        All of the New Militarized Barney’s gun owner numbers are meaningless now.

        At the same time it confirms New Militarized Barney isn’t honest, and the situation further sets the course for future discussion to be with the “dishonest.”

        Hi police chief I am here to pick up my CCW, by the way I noticed a lot lately you’ve been “dishonest” , so now pass out that CCW to me.

        Right. hope you see what I see here.

        • Noguessing, Militarized Barney had better back off if he wants to live.

      14. I just wonder how much MORE persecution of all types.
        Taxes/Laws/Courts/Racial/Religious etc. WE will ALLOW before WE stop tapping our keyboards and start tapping triggers.
        Carry On,

        • Gunny, I, like you, await Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon.

        • That will happen when they try to take our guns. That is why the 2nd amendment is there. They libs wont be able to resist it, its in their nature, sooner or later….

        • I keep wondering the same thing my friend,,,

      15. 17?
        Is that all?
        Friken beginners lol

      16. Hmm, Mr.Yamaoto said “a gun behind every door and they knew how to use them “. Hmm probably then, but now??? I had a conversation with a young army reserviest that severed in the first gulf war and he told me about range quaifications with m16a2 or a3. His unit ( 45 people ) did their range quaification in aboout 2 hrs or less. the other unit from NYC took better than 3 days and the unit consisted of nearly 1/3 to 1/2 females. Wonder what happened to them. Another thing that comes to mind about ” super owners “, is somebody once said “having a firearm is like having sex, you can’t at just stop just one “. Wonder how this applies, hmm, another great mystery of life. chuckle

        • Guns are like sex?? Yeah Im somewhere between 450 & 500 that I banged. Not talking guns here. Yeah thats a lot of Ammo flying too.


        • No doubt our current military is fat and weak and so are many police , but its a good thing , Hey ?

      17. There are numbers that someone makes up because their boss tells them to do so. The 265 million is like the three million preppers that are supposed to be living in the United States. This figure is so often quoted that it has been accepted as factual. No one knows for sure!

      18. Non of your business.

        Stop prying into the private lives of citizens.

        If somebody wants to buy something, what do you care.

        Are you going to give up your flash light because it can be used to crack some bodies skull.?? How about those golf clubs? In fact, you look dangerous. Maybe we should lock you up and keep you in a straight jacket just to be sure.

        __give these gov types an inch, they take a yard

        The people must get into politics. Must run for office themselves. But in the meantime support the ones who are actually doing something.

        Yesterday Dr. David Duke met the terrorists and because of the stand he took, the statue of President Andrew Jackson stands proudly in New Orleans.

        You can donate to his campaign as long as you are a citizen. We need brave foot soldiers in this war against those who are trying to sabotage America, Americans, and our rights as citizens.


      19. 17?….Pickers!

      20. 17? I’m not giving up 14 to remain below the “super” line. At least my 2 bows and 2 pellet guns and a slingshot don’t count. You better stay away from my golf clubs…you could encounter a nasty driver! Kitchen utensils,shovel,chain saw….where does it stop?

        • Jim in VA.

          Do people still try to hit the guy in the caged tractor picking golf balls up on the driving range?

          • Anon;
            Absolutely! Hood the face of a 1 iron, close the left foot, give him hell.

            • FORE!

      21. The fact of the matter is, that I am done talking to these fools who want to take our guns. They want OTHERS to take our guns on our doorstep but THEY themselves won’t come anywhere near you or your property. They will hide in a bunker and watch others from monitors do their dirty work.
        Today I got lucky and a neighbor cut down an oak tree.
        He said take what I want. I said, Thank you, and pulled a little over a quarter of a chord. Was surprised how fast the back of a small pickup fills up.

        Keep plugging. That is all we can do.

        • Anon-

          Exactly right, and well said.

      22. I own zero guns. I don’t live in fear. Let the golden horde march on by. I will be in the shadows, waiting to cull the herd ….

      23. I suspect they got the number 17 by spinning the wheel at a traveling carnival show. I only know one guy with 17+ guns, but dozens with 4 to 8 guns. And appropriately, many families have a number of different rifles they use for teaching kids, or for varmints, deer, bear, etc. These are passed down – taken care of – and are available for use by anyone in the family. There is no ‘survey’ or statistical evidence for this (sort of like many government stats)!

        • NorseMan, they might have been playing “Wheel Of Fortune”. LOL!

      24. “I’ve got two guns, one for each of ya.”

          • FTW, the drunk must have been one of our trolls. LOL!

      25. Once you start with a false premise, regardless of the logic employed the result will be false.

        1. Guns contribute to danger
        2. Less guns, less danger
        3. More guns, more danger

        Logical deduction:

        1. They who have more guns are more dangerous
        2. They who have less guns are less dangerous

        Like not being able to see beyond the horizon, the world must be flat. The “educated” that are allowed to speak agree that the world is flat. You must therefore also agree that the world is flat.

        Simple logic for simple minds.

        • Not “Logic”… Insanity.
          But if you choose to be a defenseless twinkleflake, I won’t stop you.
          Nor will I defend you either from the THREAT that the 2nd amendment was written to address.

          Good Luck and Carry On,

          • Gunny1960

            They do employ “logic” however the premise they start with is wrong and therefore as I show above the outcome must be wrong.

            Its been said that liberals see what they believe (see the above) while conservatives believe what they see. Regardless of evidence to the contrary, increased firearms ownership, carry permits, whatever, liberals focus on the simple math above. Chess is not their game and I think checkers gives them difficulty.

            • K2, that’s a good description– liberals seeing what they believe, and conservatives believe what they see.

              I would add, liberals “feel” about issues, others (conservatives, etc.) THINK about issues.

        • And it is abundant in every aspect of our lives here in USSA today !


      27. UN-Constitutional?

        • With all respect. The Constitution doesn’t mean anything to our president or congress. Congress was out check and balance for a rogue president but they have decided not to uphold their oath of office. In fact congress has supported Obama constitutional violations at every turn. It is time to water the tree of liberty.

      28. Could this be a “data dragnet?” Reading all the comments and saving some for further research.

        • Jimbob 327

          Too late. They got ya!

        • If worried, start using TOR.

      29. Hitler for President 2016: Episode III

        Why not … could it be any worse? … lol

        Duration: 4:32

      30. sort of counterbalances a “Super Welfare Recipient”….or “Super Black Activist”

      31. Those night raiders between 12 & 4am With their door knockers &Flash Bangs. Hoping to catch you sleeping.

        • nubria 123

          Drive way motion sensor. Remember to cover the little red light with tape.

          • i have a little something for them. They won’t catch me napping.

      32. Nobody, but nobody will answer anyone correctly on their gun ownership. This so called “super gun owners” is another tactic of
        disarmers. It may work, look at the crap they help elect, that want to confiscate all guns at the first opportunity.

        Good words of wisdom:
        I cannot confirm or deny that I own guns.
        I lost all of mine in a boating accident a few years back.
        I was out drinking and lost my registered guns when gambling, I don’t who won them, as I was drunk at the time.

        From a Prepper point of view, If off the top of your head you know how many guns or rounds of ammunition you have, you don’t have enough. Haven’t you ever heard of barter? You know how much a gun will be worth to a fool that doesn’t have one, needs one, and you have a few extra? 10 of them $50 gold coins will do for this 10-22 with 50rds of ammo. $500 is fair these days isn’t it?
        Better yet I’ll trade it for that 3yr old gelding you have out in your pasture, shod, and all tacked up.
        Keep on prepping, I don’t know if the end is near, but it is getting closer.

        • Over here its hard to say how this crap will go down, i know lots of locals who have lots of guns,
          Lots of family, and lots of connections, none of them will be easy to disarm, being such a small community anyone knocking in doors for any reason other than serving drug warrants will quickly have no where to go home to.

          • Nail,
            Amen to that bra,
            It is the same here, possibly worse,
            for the cops and their families.
            Look at the kind of mayor we had.

        • Barter for a weapon is ok.
          Barter for ammo is ok.
          But barter for both at the same time – NOT OK.
          Like handing the key to the candy store to a sugar addict

          • T4
            Seen to much good, bad, and ugly, eh?
            You of course take precautions.

            • Precautions, keep you alive.

      33. Far too many Americans, including hardcore gun enthusiasts, unconsciously accept the premise that they are obligated to prove that they need guns in order to continue owing and using them.

        With that sort of mentality, they and other Americans will wind up completely disarmed, sooner if not later.

        Any people that thinks their government is indispensable, that people are obligated to obey it without question, because “Otherwise there would be anarchy!”, is already enslaved.

        They may not realize it. But they have already surrendered their natural rights and individual sovereignty to a gang of strangers who are in fact no different than them, and who have no special virtue, other than a pathological compulsion to dominate other people.

        • Bevin Chu.

          We shall see.

        • Not all of us.
          Have you?

        • completely agree, even though you will fall on some deaf ears ?

      34. What’s so laughable is that this is about like banning bows and arrows. The technology and availability to technology has never been greater, and soon the ability to mass produce any weapon will exist at the garage level.

        Aside from that, there are designs for at least two kinetic energy weapons who’s power, range, velocity, and volumes dwarf those of any conventional firearm.

        So ya know, it’s stupid and hopeless to do what these idiots are trying to do. Education is always the answer, and in the past firearms education was a standard part of the American School system.

        All that is going on today is an obvious attempt to obtain political and military power by overthrowing the rule of law and the right of the people.

        However this will fail and those involved will be found out and hanged. Treason is as treason does ya know.

      35. All you have to say is. I bought them cheap and sold them at my garage sales when I needed money. This is the only one I have left no one would buy it . So here take it. And here the half box of bullets I have left. Thank you officer.

      36. I read that in the Pacific in WWII that Marines from the city were easy targets for Japanese snipers up high in trees, because the city boys did not look up. The commanders quickly realized that country boys were well accustomed to looking up high into trees, and put them out front to take out the snipers. Just something to keep in mind. In my neck of the woods if a man knows how many smokepoles he has, he needs to go buy more. I’ve neighbors who may really need a smokepole and inserts when TSHTF. I can help them out. I want to be able to help my neighbors with stored veggie seeds, fertilizer, Kearny’s NWSS book, tube s/w radios I’ve refurbished, canning lids, and handouts on growing and storing food. Each year we save gallons of veggie seeds.

        I really fear that the Deep State will attempt smokepole confiscation. In their abysmal arrogance it will be their final mistake.

        • We can count on it bud

      37. All one needs is one gun and a lot of desire to make a difference…

      38. Todays prep tip.

        I’m sure we all got our mosquito repellent. Thermocell fuel packs and pads. Hunting season. Get a few extra.

        Next. With Halloween coming, Chemical Lights/Glow Sticks are in the stores. They go on sale afterwards..

        The cold weather is coming. Huh! Pick up a few of those air activated Hand, Foot and Body warmers. Good to have a few in your car in case you get stuck in a snow

        Hope this might help out with the “Creature Comforts”.

        45 days or so. Tempus Fugit.

        • Anon, I just finished going through all my winter clothing and footwear earlier. I wear boots of one type or another all year round. Something essential to have when it gets EXTRA cold is a good pair of insulated boots. I own several pairs of boots with Thinsulate insulation and I wear polyester/wool or merino socks all year round. I’ve got hand and foot warmers for emergency situations. I also have heavy-duty clothing for when it gets extra cold. so when I’m out in the cold I don’t notice it too much. just picked up some extra heavy-duty socks since I had a few pairs with holes in them already. The next 45 days or so will speak volumes. I expect more trouble between now and then. Keep stacking and praying.

          • Braveheart1776

            I believe it is important at this time to review all the prep skills we have obtained over the years. Years? Hmmmm. Many will make decisions on how the election plays out. Our frequent posters may stop coming here and info will stop. As another person said to get your prep/survival/health/gardening info on disc or paper or what ever. It is good that we share info on a variety of weather. Hot, cold, dry and wet can make a person miserable. A good cup of coffee. A bar of soap. Home made wine. Hard to imagine these can become rare.

            I do know this. If Hillary wins the election, should we make it that far, I will go to ground.

            Let’s see first what happens at the debate.

      39. That’s 13 guns for each of the 3%. What’s the threat? I think this article is trying to scare some folks. 13 or 3 the government is out numbered and they don’t want us to know it.

      40. According to history,only 6.5% of Americans fought in the American Revolutionary War. The population back then was estimated at 3 million. That means 195,000 fought British tyranny & won.

        Present day population is 324,100,000. So that is roughly 108 times bigger Vs. Then .So we need 21,060,000 today to match the 6.5%. (100,000 not figured in just rounded math to 324 million).

        Best estimate of eligible U.S. voters are 207.6 million.Now if the election polls are almost dead even,that gives Trump around 103 million & change.

        In 2012 218.9 million were eligible to vote.Only 126.1 million actually voted or 57.5% of eligible voters voted.

        According to numbers now ,Trump has brought in new voters.Using the last elections numbers ,lets say Trump gets half the vote or 63 million votes.

        So 6.5% of 63 million = 4.1 million (approx.)

        3% of the population is 9.7 million.

        So it seems the 3% would be more than double the 6.5 % who are ready to take this country back.

        I guess what I’m getting at is 1/3 of Trumps voters =6.5%.


      41. Wow, so you gotta have 17 guns to be somebody? I’m way behind, and half what I have is silly little .22’s and air guns.

        I’m gonna have to save some lunch money and get to the guns shows to buy some of them untraceable guns Hillary says anyone can get without a background check!

      42. The ones that come to our doors to confiscate will be doing it for one reason . To get a paycheck and feed there families. If you have kids what else can you do . Leave them to be persecuted as a traitors family.while you fight from the woods. Your whole family will be cut off from any rationing.we won’t have time .we will have to hit fast ,hard and non stop. If we don’t win in 30 days. Moral will break us?

        • Lone Wolverine, i hate to say it, but when this comes to conflict, it’s going to last way over 30 days. Patriots need to steel themselves to the idea that what is coming will take years to win. What is coming, will very much be a long, drawn out conflict, much like what we had in Vietnam.

          The battles to come, the patriots will need to employ many of the same tactics of the V.C. The government forces will be strong, and powerful, with lots of resources, but slow in response.

          The patriots will be undermanned, low on equipment, and arms, but fast to respond. Patriots will need to employ the Art Of War if they stand any chance of winning the coming conflict.

          • Colt M4,
            I’d have to disagree with your statement, I don’t think it would be a long drawn out war. I really don’t think that the majority of the military or LEO’s would fire upon fellow Americans. Once reminded that they swore an oath to defend the Constitution, not a tyrannical government, I think the majority would join up with and help organize the civilians who resist. The real problem would be if government invited in the UN forces but I think that would encourage even more defections of the military and LEO’s.

            • Namewithheld, you better think again about the military not firing on Americans. You need to look up what happen with the “Bonus Army” where the U.S. military went after WW1 vets and their family’s. Here’s a link.

              • I read the link in your post and it was not a long drawn out war and ultimately the veterans won. The support was on the side of the veterans. True, government forces did fire on them, but ultimately the government was forced to settle early and give the vets what they demanded.

        • Lone,I actually see 4th gen world wide for many generations to come,will be a “interesting turn in history for sure.

          • Will ther be battle lines . Or total hit and run steal there ammo and supplies. And bring it home to feed the kids at night.? Or will we be the underground snipinging and run sabotage at night then your day job? We all get together after work and hit there headquarters?

      43. I find it interesting that the media and academics are concentrating on what “they” deem as a threat, the “super-duper-owners” of firearms, instead of the sheer genocide being perpetuated each weekend in that bastion of DemocraticPlantationProgressivism-Chicago.
        I find that the wholesale slaughter of black people BY black people to be one of the, if not the most important threat of all time in our Republic today.
        Why has there been no talk of confiscating the illegal firearms from the ThugsogChicago, who nightly shoot and murder innocents all over Chicagoland?
        Seems that doing such would be a tad hazardous to “their” health. (and rightly so)
        Until “they” decide to hold up Chicago as the Pinnacle-of-Pestilence-of-Progressivism(Marxism) it actually is,
        they can forget about coming after “whitey’s” firearms.

      44. “At the same time, the percentage of Americans who own guns decreased slightly from 25% to 22%”

        “According to the survey about 3% of Americans own half of all the guns..”

        now that’s a strange coincidence..did 3% of gun owners give their guns to the 3% of Americans that own 50% of all guns in America?

      45. I bet Dopey Clock Puncher from GA Rats on everybody he knows, who has guns, when they come and knock at his door. All to save himself. I bet he cracks and opens up like Niagara Falls, to feel like a bigshot.

        Just saying,… OPSEC.


        • Mine all got destroyed when somebody set my truck on fire coming back from Hana

      46. Today is the day.

        Already Hillary is asking for special treatment , On Drudge and the story from the Washington Examiner. This exposition may turn into a three ring circus. The sale of chicken wings, pizza, nachos, chips, dips and other forms of ass widening tasteful delights, could in itself turn the economy around in one night. Get your score cards ready.
        As P.T. Barnum said,

        Welcome to the greatest show on earth.

      47. Beware the man/woman with only one gun; he knows how to use it.

      48. Just like the song from TV’s ‘COPS’:
        “What you gonna do when They come for you?”

        Well ?

      49. ‘Deerhunter’ : “One Shot, One Kill”.

        “Beware of the Man with one gun.
        He probably knows how to use it.”

        • Well I’m no expert but I know how operate them all some better than others. If I had to defend my life I think I could hold my own. There is a saying, well there should be, good against targets is one thing, good against the living that’s another. I’d be scared to see another gun anyway. Well, practice is key.

      50. If someone called and asked how many guns do you own you’d have to be stupid to tell them, not very good OPSEC if you ask me. For this reason I can’t believe this is a very accurate poll.

      51. This is why I buy almost all of my guns privately. I have only purchased 2 new firearms in the last 30 years.

      52. Kind of Interesting How These Anti-Gun People Only Concentrate On The 12 Thousand Gun Deaths Every Year But Completely Ignore the MILLIONS of Deaths Every Year Associated With The Too Big Too Jail Medical – Pharmaceutical – Tobacco – Alcohol Corporations.

        • Well that, and they conveniently leave out the part that MOST gun violence is in inner city areas that already have strict gun regulation.

        • not to mention the genocides and murders by government…

          • So do you consider that the mass killings are already happening leading up to a genocide, by the government no less? What about government sponsored plants to whip up the populace to justify the mass killings? Am I the only one that thinks about this crap?
            Troy Lawson

      53. No one should have more than one gun, one car, one house, one chicken, one child, one breast, one testicle, etc.

        Thus, Sayeth the jealous and the communists.

        • One breast,,, that would be a bummer, i kinda like to look at a pair

      54. 3% of 320 million people is almost 10 million super owners…..that’s a lot of well armed people.!!!!

      55. Ever know a hunter without a gun?

        Over 18 million hunting licenses sold in the US in 2015. That’s around 6% right there.

        • DesertRat,
          Nice catch, showing the author of the study was so blind to solid information available on the web!

          I see a large number of people at the range who don’t hunt. Add them in.

          I have also met many that don’t hunt, and don’t use to ranges that monitor shooter identities. They inherited weapons that are pre 1968 or bought them privately. Their guns are off the books, they were taught as children to use their weapons safely, their weapons work just fine, and they aren’t giving them up.

          I agree, the pretense of the article statistics is way off. I don’t mind though because they so low balled their estimates. Perhaps that was done on purpose, to justify some labeling of the 3% as a group that should be everyone’s enemy? They have lots of guns, they can’t possible be trusted? If it had been 20%, would it be easy to label one in five as enemies of the state?

      56. Why have them, if they’re not to be used to defend the right to have them?

      57. Government more likely has far more than just 17 guns per agent and per soldier. Therefore, Government is dangerous to society and needs to be disarmed.

      58. I think the flaw in the study is that the data is coming from health researchers. The data that they use could be coming from health survey questions. Recall that medical examiners now ask the question “do you have any guns in the home?” I am not sure how many people answer in the affirmative to a question asked by what is, essentially, an agent of the state. If these medical surveys are the basis for their data the researchers could be drastically underestimating the number of gun owners.

      59. And hunting rifles are sniper rifles. But it seems to me snipe and run at day . Shotgun and run at night. But I hear reports that daylight fighting is suicide. They can track with dogs at day. I like the pouring rain. If your gonna do it . Do it in the rain. There’s safety in the rain. Gotta love rain.

      60. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

        ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

      61. Neighborhood defense.
        Hunting home invaders.

      62. Numbers coming from a survey of “health workers”? Don’t know about everyone but the only answer to a doctor or anyone else asking if you own a gun (or guns) is a simple, “No”. So methinks they are going to find themselves quite surprised if they think it’s going to be simple to disarm America.

        • Ok, so what do healthcare workers have anything remotely to do with guns? Aside from the Obama Administration forced(mandated) healthcare workers to inquire about them, or I imagine they loose their jobs? Nice, that certainly works for unemployment. See how insidious this getting to be? Next they will ask how much is in your bank account to verify to the IRS that you still owe taxes. I’d tell them to, ‘Cram it’! None of the business of your doctor to ask about your guns. I have a 1943 Mosin Nagant I call it my Russian Assault rifle. When it was new it was considered an assault rifle though it was bolt action and it was in the hands of the regular Soviet troops years before the AK47. But anyone asks me about my guns I’ll say it’s an ‘ABC’ conversation, ‘C’ your way out of it. I would hope that replying to these questions is not a condition of treatment. I’d take them to court or find a class action or constitutional lawyer. This is ridiculous. Troy Lawson

      63. Only 17 guns makes one a “super gun owner”?
        Who knew?
        That came as a shock.
        I assumed the number would be far higher, several dozens of guns at least.

      64. Since over 100 million gun checks have been done just in the first seven years of the Obama regime, these estimates are wayyy too low.

      65. Always a new accusation…

        Hope it scares the s&$#% out of them. Super humans with super guns.

        Wear this label with pride !

      66. Well, I don’t have as many as that, but I have enough some would say. I can only shoot two at a time! So should they be paired? I also realize that there could be a national database with every gun-owner. Could be. If there was one, would it be public and would it be invasion of privacy if it was? NCIS checks for criminal backgrounds on people for various reasons, I’ll have one done for the CBP app. I had two checks for my CA Guard Card one for CA and the other for FBI in reality CA ran two FBI checks. I had one for my concealed carry license in MI. I had a check for every hand-gun I bought. Maybe for the long guns all bought in MI. I had a check a real long time ago, everyone does who goes into the Service. I also had one done for the Border Patrol app I did a real long time ago. So 9 or so. The NCIS Database only has criminals in it. There may be a database of gun-owners somewhere, in MI the State Police were the custodians of the records, up until last year. Localities issuing the licenses are now responsible. Also if you had a license, you didn’t have to go through the background check each time in MI, as long as your license was current. Remember, you wouldn’t be able to get one if you were a felon. It is also a felony if you are a felon and apply for a license in MI. Troy Lawson

      67. What difference does it matter how many guns anyone owns? The Second Amendment doesn’t limit you nor does it say that you cannot collect them. There are many reasons why people have so many guns, but a libertard will never acknowledge or understand them. Their goals in confiscation and elimination of the Second Amendment.

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