Are Pre-Strike Operations Active in Iran?

by | Aug 16, 2010 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    Whether it’s domestic Ahwazi rebels or Western black-ops, something seems to be going on within the country of Iran. DebkaFile reports that Reza Baruni, the father of the Iranian military’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle program has been assassinated in his home:

    Reza Baruni, the father of Iran’s military UAV program, died in a mighty explosion that destroyed his closely secured villa, debkafile’s military and intelligence sources reveal. He lived in the high-scale neighborhood secluded for high Iranian officials in the southern town of Ahwaz in oil-rich Khuzestan.

    Very few people in the country outside the top leaders and air force knew about his job and so his death was not generally appreciated as fatally stalling Iran’s military drone program for many years.

    The official version produced the old standby of an exploding gas canister as the cause of the blast. However, DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s intelligence source report that bombs were planted in at least three corners of the building and expertly rigged to explode simultaneously and bring the ceilings crashing down on its occupants.

    This certainly doesn’t sound like the work of untrained urban rebels.

    Though in isolation, this particular story itself isn’t necessarily an indicator that Western spy operations are active in Iran, combined with the recent news of a possible assassination attempt on the life of Iranian President Ahmadinejad inquiring minds are considering that expanded military action against Iran may be very close.

    We’re not the only ones that share this view, with Drake Pendragon at SHTF America recently suggesting that The Next War Is Now:

    Israel will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, period. The closer Iran gets to the possession and deployment of a nuclear device, the closer Iran gets to a First Strike by Israel. This will not be a surgical strike of one suspected reactor like those that have taken place in Iraq under Saddam, or most recently in Syria. This will be an overwhelming first strike that will reduce Iran’s nuclear facilities and a majority of its military facilities to rubble. It cannot be less than that and be successful and the world powers know it. So what is the sound made by an immovable object when it is struck by an irresistible force?

    Once an attack is launched by Israel, Iran will counter with a strike at  US interests in the Persian Gulf. The US will respond and finish the job that Israel started. Iran may have a secret treaty with North Korea to enter the war they know is coming.  Treaty or not, North Korea may sit this one out. We all know that North Korea leadership is insane, but is it suicidal?  If it enters the war it will ultimately be to their chagrin, but Seoul will be decimated in a matter of minutes as the North Koreans have 10,00 long range artillery pieces trained on that city. North Korea will move to invade South Korea once again, gobble as much territory as possible, and seek a “truce” to consolidate their gains. This time, look for them to skirt the DMZ and make amphibious assaults.

    For many, the justifications for attacking Iran are eerily similar to those used to invade Iraq. Whether the American people have the stomach for another engagement in the middle east theater is not an issue for the powers that be. An expansion of the war, at this point, seems to be inevitable, regardless of the reasons behind it.

    And this time it will not be as easy as driving tanks straight to Baghdad in under 24 hours. The Iranians will respond with force, and we also have the potential for North Korea to take advantage of strained US forces in the middle east by launching a pre-emptive attack against South Korea. Finally, let’s not forget Russia and China, whose interests, in our view, are nowhere close to the interest of the United States. The oil in Iran and the mineral rich mountains of Afghanistan are reason enough for the Russians and Chinese to support the enemies of their enemy.

    Though some may argue that Russian and Chinese involvement could escalate a middle east conflict into a World War and thus those countries will just let us do what we want, we suggest that these countries would be more than willing to scorch and burn the planet and kill millions to achieve and maintain regional control (Incidentally, it seems the U.S. would be willing to do the same). Additionally, we should not be so naive as to believe that somehow the U.S., Russia and China are partners and friends.

    This is about power and control. The leaders of all countries involved want to protect what they deem to be their national security and sovereign rights, so war, on a global scale, is most certainly a possibility.

    When Hitler invaded and annexed Poland and Czechoslovakia in the 1930’s, did anyone think that those conflicts would eventually spread into war that would encompass almost every country on earth?


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      1. Neat fantasy,but there’s a little problem,Iran has no nuke weapons,nor are they trying to make them and has been inspected for years to that effect by the IAEA which thay are signatories to,which Israel refuses to sign,even though Israel actually has nuke bombs and the capability to deliver them.

        This Orwellian story is being recognized for what it is,horseshit designed to justify grabbing Iranian gas and oil along with keeping those resources out of the hands of China and to keep an up & coming power subservient to the local terrorists(Israel).

      2. Well of course it’s coming.  One, because Israel want’s to be the only nuke power in the middle east, and two, because economic conditions here at home need a war to blame it on or distract us.

        Oil will open about 150/barrel the morning after the strike, and move up from there as the Iranians mine the Straits and  sink a few tankers with missiles.  40% of the worlds oil will stop flowing.

        Get ready for 10/gallon gas.  Got your gas cans filled ?

      3. @ Dave –

        Iraq didn’t have weapons of mass destruction either, and looked what happened. TnAndy is on the right track, i’m afraid… it will (IMO) take a very big war to get the economy back on track… or because tPTB want one…

        Dave [PBOH] should have written his comments in farsi.
        Give us a break.  And IBeenANutJob doesn’t believe in the end of the world started by a war with Israel?  HorseHockey!
        I’d bet we already have several teams inside Iran getting things ready for an early next year strike!  That is the way we do things.
        A Recovering Liberal

      5. The banksters of this world need a war much bigger than the games going on in Iraq and Afghanistan.     This one will include  nukes.  (Israel’s mistake)
        TPTB have screwed up the entire financial system and need real cover, from the angry mobs, whose lives, they have ruined.

        A really  scary nuke war, going on in Muslim lands, should do the trick.
        What’s killing a third of  the world’s population, to them, if it means keeping their power?
        just mho.


        If Israel attacks Iran it will be more disastrous then Operation Barbarossa . The reason in the event of an attack,the Iraqi government will collapse. The military and police will defect to the shia and sunni insurgents. When this happens US troops and those god damn defense contractors will be surrounded. Saudi Arabia will dissolve into chaos because Iran will instigate Islamic revolution there with their special forces and cells. Even if the US can circumvent an attempt from shia militias and Iranian to cut supply lines in Kuwait. Iraq will plunge into chaos and US troops will surrounded and and face heavy resistance. If Turkey refuses to allow US reinforcements to pass its border into Iraq things will get sticky and very grave. I do not see an attack anytime soon. Probably 18 months from now.
        On the topic of Islamic revolution,Iran and Hezbollah have cells in Egypt,Jordan,Kuwait,Dubai,Bahrain,Qatar,Saudi Arabia,Yemen,and Iraq. Iran knows that in a conventional war it will get crushed,and its military wiped out. So they are doing something smarter. Iran has a lot asymmetrical weapons for the US and Israel. They will use their cells and special forces to instigate total Islamic revolution (french revolution style) in the nations I mention above. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are very vulnerable because their populace hate the ruling government that are seen as puppets or collaborators with the imperialist west. These two nations  are one flare up from Islamic revolution. If these two nations governments get over throned or have civil war. This will change the face of the middle east forever. Iran will try to cut supply lines from Kuwait in Route Tampa from to Iraq 50,000 US troops and 30,000 contractors(mercenaries). If that happens Turkey will not help to open its border with Iran because we arm and train Kurds and because of the flotilla  incident.  We could be facing US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan being surrounded with no way in or out.
        Israel will be facing rocket and missiles attacks from Gaza,Lebanon,Iran,Syria which will put the pressure on Israel’s anti missile defense systems. Israel will then invade Lebanon to stop Hizballah,but all the while this is what Hizballah wants. Israeli will face Lebanese military,Hizballah guerrillas,Syrian and Iranian special forces. They will be bogged down in Lebanon Vietnam style. they will also have to do a massive bomb campaign in Syria,Lebanon and Gaza. Israel will hit back very hard.
        Iran and Lebanon want a symbolic victory. For Hizballah it is an Israeli jet or two shot down,and one or two Israeli ships sunk down by their many anti ship missiles. For Iran its a pinned down and surrounded US military in Iraq and Afghanistan by heavily armed locals. And an aircraft carrier sunk by a mine in the Port of Hormuz. Many neo cons think in terms of conventional war just like they did in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the mideast they see symbolic victories to bring more people to their cause. An attack on Iran would be the worst decision since Ike and Tina got together. Why dont we close every single military base around the world and bring them home to protect the border. Let the Israelis, Turks,Arabs,and Persians destroy each other if they want to go to war. But we should not get involved. No more military aid for Israel,Egypt,Jordan,Lebanon,Saudi Arabia,Pakistan,Iraq,Turkey or any nation for that matter. A war with Iran will change the middle east for the worst. We could face a radicalized Egypt,Saudi Arabia. Iraq will plunge into total civil war. Israel fighting a never ending war in Lebanon. US troops have very heavy casualties that the American public cannot stomach.


      7. Comments…..Just read the Jewish Wars by Josephus and get a laugh–if it wasn’t so f’n tragic–at the keystone cops antics of the Jews in Jerusalem A.D. 66-70  Granted, the Jews were tough fighters, but they were so pathetically divided amongst themselves that a unified resistance against Rome was not possible. Rebel “leaders” John and Simon had up to 500 Jews crucified a day that were attempting to flee Jerusalem, and the brutality of the Rebels. Netanyahu and Barak are the modern equivalents of the rebels John and Simon, and the deluded USA  will follow them into hell and drag us all along with them. Cheers!

      8. There will be no war in Iran for a long time.  Israel will not make a first strike neither will America. 

        If a war does come it will be years down the road.    We got too many other things going on right now.

      9. ***There will be an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites by the end of the year.  There are some DEEP religious overtones related to their nuclear program. The CIA released documents which directly related Irans nuclear program to that of the return of the Mahdi. Ahmadinejad believes that the Twelfth Imam Mahdi (reincarnated Muhammed) will return to the earth through mass chaos and destruction of the infidels.  When Ahmadinejad talked about wiping Israel off the map he wasn’t kidding. Why do you think he denies the Holocaust? The same type of rhetoric occurred before world war 2 with Hitler, and the majority of the countries across the globe turned the other cheek and thought that Hitler was blowing hot air and that such atrocities would never occur. By the time the world acted on Hitler and Germany millions of Jews were already murdered. Israel will not let this happen twice.

        The Muslims believe that the Mahdi will return with the Prophet Jesus as his “Lieutenant”, who will kill Dajjal (the Muslim Antichrist) and rule over Jerusalem for a period of seven years. This Prophet Jesus will then kill the pig and break the cross until Islam is the only religion left. After 40 years the Prophet Jesus will die and be laid to rest beside Mohammed.

        Read more:

      10. Let’s Roll.

        This will be an air, sea, and SpecOps campaign–no ground invasion called for. Iran will lose their nuclear sites, command & control, a whole bunch of infrastructure, and their entire navy. Three carrier battle groups. B2’s flying around the clock out of DG and Whiteman. After the air defenses are neutralized, maybe even the BUFs join in. The strait will be re-opened in less than a month. Smells like… VICTORY!

      11. MA:   In eighteen months, Iran will have hundreds of nuclear weapons installed on missiles than can reach Israel. SHTF America says that Iran achieved “industrial capacity” production in January 2010 with more than 10,000 centrifuges in operation. I don’t think Israel will wait 18 months to eliminate that threat. I don’t think they have a choice, which is why I think they were behind the assassination attempt of Ahmadinejad.

        The assassination of the scientist and the attempt on Ahmadinejad was probably done by Mosaad. The US does not have that capability. Israel does. Israel will probably fire the first shot and let the US handle the fallout in the Persian Gulf, as they will be engaged with Hizballah and Hamas; each of which is armed with tens of thousands of rockets.

        Methinks the Shit is about to hit the fan.

      12. Comments…..Certainly there are spies of several nations in Iran; U.S., Israel, Russia, China, France, and likely others.  Whoever has an embassy has that possibility.
        Agree with many of the comments on this page except the one from Drake Pendragon, whoever he is??  He says Israel will start it and we’ll finish it.  When are we going to learn that there’s probably one ahead for us that we won’t finish in a manner that is positive for us.  Another war begun on false pretenses like Iraq will be the beginning of the end for this declining empire.  Our military is stretched…to say the least.  Our finances are in worse shape than our 18 million unemployed.  Our soldiers are tired.  How much more war duty can they stand.  Bombing has never won a war yet, including Vietnam and won’t win one with Iran.  This country has to begin looking out for itself instead of allowing Israel to call the shots in the Middle East. 
        No, war with Iran will only guarantee one thing: We’ll see a nuclear device exploded in an American city in revenge for the Iranian children and non-combatants that we kill. 
        I’m hoping clearer minds prevail.

      13. Dennis -  I couldn’t have said it any better !  Amen Brother.

      14. 44mag:  I like Gilligan’s Island too!

      15. Dennis, I myself would have to disagree with your statement. These Muslims already hate us. They hate anybody who isn’t Muslim. Their goal is to convert the entire world to Islam. We did nothing to deserve September 11th.  They will continue to come after us regardless. The only thing it might do is fuel some short-term tempers in the Muslim world causing them to act sooner than later, but that might be a good thing, as being emotionally quick to act might lead them into making a mistake.

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