Are Individuals The Property Of The Collective?

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    Mankind has faced a bewildering multitude of self-made catastrophes and self-made terrors over the past few millennium, most of which stem from a single solitary conflict between two opposing social qualities:  individualism vs. collectivism.  These two forces of organizational mechanics have gone through evolution after evolution over the years, and I believe the long battle is nearing an apex moment; a moment in which one ideology or the other will become dominant around the world for well beyond the foreseeable future.

    The assumption often made amongst academia is that the philosophy that appeals most to our “natural survival imperative” and caters to our desire for innovation will eventually win the day.  That there is no “right or wrong” side; only the effective, and the less effective.  The advanced and the outmoded.  The transcendent, and the archaic.

    It should come as no surprise then that most academics and prominent mainstream talking heads often sing the praises of collectivism as the inevitable champion in the war between cultural engines.  Collectivism always presents itself with the flair and sexiness of the “new”, or the progressive, while individualism tends to wear the unpleasant battle scars of hard earned principles and heritage.  Collectivism is the hot looking but mentally unstable bombshell blonde making promises of excitement and long term comfort she has no intention of keeping.  She is so seductive not because she has any profound inner qualities, but because she has a knack for letting you believe she is exactly what you fantasize her to be.  Only when it’s too late do you realize she’s a psychopathic pill popping man-eater…

    Collectivism is, in fact, a bastardization of a more useful human condition; namely community.  Inherent in all people is the need for meaningful connection with others, and thus, the world around them, without being forced to sacrifice their own identities and their own souls in the process.  The best representation of this model is the idea of “voluntary community”, where individuals seek out each other and facilitate their own connections.  However, if they can’t find meaningful connection, many people will settle for whatever they can get.

    Collectivist structures thrive by shutting down free cultural avenues, manipulating public media, encouraging fear, repression, and bias, and destroying our ability to relate to others in a natural and voluntary way.  Collectivism’s first goal is to distract and ISOLATE individuals from one another, so that honest community is difficult to build.  Its second goal is to then offer a false community; a cardboard cutout or proxy that entices the public with fabricated and superficial connections that barely satiate our inner hunger for relationship with our fellow man (Facebook, anyone?).  It uses our thirst for understanding against us, and lures us into a system of psychological enslavement where no understanding will ever be found.

    Karl Marx is famous for stating that “religion is the opium of the people”, a belief that communists like Mao Zedong adopted.  But, Mao was not opposed to “opiates for the masses” per say, only citizen organizations that could not be control.  Mao simply replaced the various deities of the Chinese people with the religion of the collectivist state.

    Like any opiate, collectivism instills addiction.  The feeling of belonging to something bigger than oneself (even if it ends up being false) creates ecstatic euphoria, a euphoria that weakens as time passes unless the addict commits himself even deeper into the hive mind.  Soon, every original aspect of the person’s character is forgotten and replaced entirely by his hyper-obsession with the collective.  The whole of his identity becomes a shallow product of the state and he may even defend that state, no matter how corrupt, to the death.  He now treats any criticism of the system as a personal attack on himself, because everything he is has been given to him by the collective.  If the collective is a sham, then so is he.

    Collectivism as a philosophy is a perfect tool for oligarchy.  The men who dominate such systems rarely if ever actually believe in the tenets they espouse.  They sell the idea of single-minded society as a nurturing light that will create group supremacy, prosperity, and perfect safety.  But the truth is, they couldn’t care less about accomplishing any of these things for the masses.  They are only interested in exploiting the promise to galvanize the population into a fraudulent community, a dystopia in which the citizens police each other in the name of the state, giving the elites total dominance.

    The most vital aspect of the collectivist process is convincing the public that the individual citizen is not sovereign, but is actually the property of the group.  Many readers have already witnessed this argument first hand in the statements of MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry, who believes your children are not yours to raise, but products of the collective to be molded:

    But this is only a taste of collectivist zealotry at work.  Here are just a few of the most prominent disinformation tactics and methodologies used by centralization cultists to twist the fabric of nations and enslave individuals…

    1) The Blank Slate

    Blank slate theory stems from the Freudian model of psychology and has been adopted and refined by modern mainstream clinical psychiatry.  The theory contends that all psychological processes and character traits of an individual are merely products of repetition and memory derived through environmental experience.  Psychiatry extends the theory into biology in the belief that all human behavior is nothing more that a series of reactionary chemical processes in the brain that determine pre-coded genetic responses built up from the conditioning of one’s environment.  The foundational assertion of blank slate theory is that human beings are born empty.  That we are bio-computers; soft machinery, just waiting to be programmed.

    The blank slate argument is essential to the philosophy of collectivism.  If every person is born without inherent characteristics or spirit, and all people are manufactured by environmental conditions alone, then, collectivists contend, there is no such thing as true individualism.  Programmed people cannot act, they can only react according to their conditioning.  Therefore, they have no inherent ability to choose, or to determine their own destinies.

    If a society can be convinced that this theory is fact, then the inner self (the source of individualism), no longer bears any meaning.  The environment is then seen as the only determinant that people should care about.  Environment becomes the sole master of their lives, and whoever controls the environment, controls them.

    The problem is, blank slate theory has been proven time and time again to be absolutely false.  From the work of MIT professor Steven Pinker, to the psychological studies of Carl Jung, to the linguistic studies of Noam Chomsky, as well as numerous studies in mathematics, quantum physics, and anthropology; every field of science has produced more than ample evidence that human beings are not born as blank slates.  Rather, they are born with the very building blocks of thought, language, mathematics, and even predispositions towards certain personality traits.

    The most important of all of these discoveries though is attributed to Carl Jung, who found that moral conceptions are in fact inborn.  The existence of “psychological dualities” at birth (including an unconscious sense of good and evil) means that all people come into the world with the ability to CHOOSE.  Environment only determines our lives if we allow it to.  This is why the worst of men sometimes come from the most sheltered and safe environments, while the best of men often come from broken and terrible homes.

    Collectivists have struggled desperately for ages to deny or destroy the concept of inherent individualism.  They want us to believe that everything that we have was “given to us” by them.  As long as we know they have given us nothing, they can never truly win…

    2) Individualism Is The Same As Selfishness

    Collectivists repeat this lie Ad nauseum.  The suggestion is simple – even the smallest individual actions “affect everyone”, thus, everyone is culpable for the problems of the whole.  And, if everyone is responsible for the problems of the whole, then everyone must take responsibility for everyone else.  The job of society then, at least in the opinion of collectivists, is to keep every individual member of that society in line.  One unruly cog could bring the entire machine to a halt.  Anyone who refuses to submit to the directives of the group is bound to hurt the group, and is, therefore, selfish, or even criminal.

    The insanity of this way of thinking should be obvious.  First of all, it assumes that the directives of the group are always logically and morally sound.  It assumes that because the majority of people have come to a particular conclusion, that conclusion must, by default, be correct.  The fact is, history has shown that at any given moment the majority is wrong about something, if not most things, and these mass trespasses against reason and conscience always end up being stopped by a minority of individualists.  The greatest social achievements of mankind are the result of the ingenuity and courage of individuals who in turn inspired others.

    Perhaps the best possible thing is for the machine to be sabotaged at times by “selfish individuals’.  Perhaps individuals are actually more necessary to the survival of the group than the group is to the survival of individuals…

    3) The Family Unit Cannot Be Trusted To Raise The Next Generation

    In the quest for a collectivist system, all competing interests must be debased.  The individual must have nowhere to turn for guidance or comfort but the system itself.  Children become a highly sought after target, because their inborn personalities are easier to oppress, and because they are always dependent on someone for their survival already.  The collective (usually in the form of government) desires to be that “someone” the child depends on, and so, the role of the parents has to be diminished.

    Collectivists in the U.S. use the “It Takes A Village” approach in order to marginalize the family unit and paint parents as secondary figures in the development of their own offspring.  Under this philosophy, each subsequent generation is seen as a kind of “commodity”, a resource that belongs to the group and that must be “protected” from the damaging ideologies of the parents.  One has only to examine the extreme politicization of American public schools today to see this process in action.  The goal is to push the idea of family into obscurity, while forcing children into indoctrination factories that instill specific behaviors through fear, shame, and propaganda.

    No one, and no entity, however, has the capacity to care for any child more than that child’s own parents.  Some parents do fail in their responsibilities, but what kind of role model does government really make in their place?  Governments lie, cheat, steal, rape, murder, and mass murder in order to get what they want.  Government has nothing worthwhile to teach anyone, including our children.

    4) Global Problems Will Be Solved By Collectivism

    I find in my examinations that the opposite is true.  Most global problems are CAUSED by collectivism, not solved by it.  The greater good is always subjective.  The group will always be an abstract illusion held together by nothing more than the whims of the individual.  And, in the grand scheme of things, only individuals make any difference in the course of human cultural development.  The collectivist strategy requires the suppression of individualism, otherwise, they cannot obtain power.  That means, the very bedrock of their philosophy is a threat to the security of the future.  In their obscene quest to control tomorrow, they ensure that tomorrow dies.

    They promise community, and they give you isolation.  They promise prosperity, and they give you servitude.  They promise safety, and they give you a land of perpetual terror.  They promise purpose, and give you insignificance.  They promise peace, and they foment war after war after war, reaping turmoil all around us, as well as within us.

    Our only hope is to maintain the integrity of our heart, and our will.  The proclamation that the individual is subject to the necessities of the collective is a con.  There is no such prerogative.  In the end, there is no power over us but that which we give away.  The state doesn’t matter.  The group doesn’t matter.  The “greater good” doesn’t matter.  All that matters is the life of the individual.  Each individual.  For when all men rediscover their individualism, only then will we be able to move forward as a whole.

    You can contact Brandon Smith at:  [email protected]

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      1. I am not property of anyone.

        • We are the State.

          You will be assimilated.

          Resistance is futile.

          Individual liberty…irrelevant.

          Personal property…irrelevant.

          Constitutional rights…irrelevant.

          Resistance is futile.

          You will be assimilated.

          WE ARE THE STATE.

          • This is exactly what BO wants with mapping of the human brain, to find a way of forming some sort of collective link for one purpose, CONTROL and pure obedience without question.

            Other word for collective is CONFORMIST.

            You watch the collective action of insect in the hive, there is hardly equal terms. One set of the insects benefits while the drones and workers are sacrificed for the upper class of insects. Yeah, the upper class by defintion, the ELITISTS.

            Since when as any life form worked equally for the good of everyone else without some top of the line reaping all the benefits?

            The more collective a society is, the far easier it is to control.

            Individualism and the classic maverick is a thorn in the side of collectiveness and control.

            The more collective a society is the less the masses have to think.

            A collective society works like well oiled machine until the individuals wake up and find out just how much it sucks to be nothing but a cog or sprocket.

            • The masses are being brainwashed at an alarming rate, they are becoming the property of the NEW GODLESS REGIME, or should I say, the one and only God is being replaced with false gods and evil manipulation.

              These are trying times for those who do believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, those who do believe and live their lives with that belief in mind are being ridiculed and condemned for it. This is a sick and vile society that can not survive or flourish under the New Godless World Order that is becoming the norm.

              This sickening viral way of thinking and replacing the holy Father with mere mortals who are vile sinners, will not include me or my Family, not now, not ever. We love, honor, cherish and obey the word of one God and only one God, the one whose Son died on the cross for our salvation. God help those who believe in him and are not afraid to speak of it during these horrific times.

              • I wonder if Melissa Harris-Perry, this THING would have approved of her mothers abortion before she was born, for the betterment of society.

            • I’d like to respectfully comment on your analogy, I…Collectivism as applied in the ‘human’ sense has nothing to do with insects, although collectivists and socialists alike want us to believe it does.

              Literally everything insects do, is to ensure the survival of their entire species, which truly IS for the ‘greater good’ of all.

              Both ants and bees work and sacrifice to protect and care for their queen. It is the queen who must perpetuate the species. Without her, they all eventually die. So it really is a ‘one-hand-washes-the-other’ situation for them. We should be so lucky as to be able to work together like they do.

              HUMAN collectivism, OTOH is a completely different thing.

              Human collectivists only want control AT THE EXPENSE OF the colony…THEIR control, that is. They really are not trying to get everyone (else) to work together for the greater good, what they want is for the peons to all work for the benefit of the controllers. There is no room for strength in numbers in a collectivist theory.

              Human collectivists want to manipulate and control thought. Insect hives do not. What they do, is a matter of the instinct of the hive to survive.

              Insect hives want to survive and thrive, while Human collectivists just want enough workers to survive to suit their purposes.

              Insects will sacrifice to survive, while collectivists will only sacrifice everyone else only to continue and maintain control for themselves.

              We could learn a lot from the animal kingdom…just my 2 cents.

              • @ sixpack. You are correct about insects, they only do what is necessary for the better good of their very survival. I guess the difference between the elitist and the insect is awareness. The elitist knows full well what they are doing. I guess this is the definition of evil and something that functions on instinct, they do something on purpose beyond the instinctual need to just live.

                • Spot on BI!

                • I think if an elitist were to manifest as something other than human, it would probably be as a spider…one who traps it’s prey and eats them alive, destroys it’s family after it gets what it wants and couldn’t care less about the offspring once they are born.

            • I am God’s property, not the collectives. The collective does not supersede God and I will protect his property from it.

              • Gods Creation: What always amazes me is how everything is ALWAYS blamed on God for not interfering, yet NO ONE blames the devil for causing mischief and evil. Yin and Yang, light and dark, good and evil. There IS evil out there…and it is scurrying across ALL lands like roaches. Who will stand up to evil unless we do? There is no AMERICA who will come to save us. Draw the line in the sand and prepare to defend.

              • Amen Brother!

            • @bi
              10 thumbs up!!! the surprise will be for those who think they are in the loop with the elitists… the old middle class and the working poor is of no use to them anymore and it is time for us to be discarded… a big fight is coming there is no way to avoid it…

              • another thumbs up for you oldman…those who have put their faith in feeding off the last of the productive are in for a big surprise.

                …and it’s a secret.

            • You know BI, Its going to be funny when the the government and the prez find out that they are nothing more than grunts to the elitists, when they cut their support strings and watch them flop around like fish out of water! Betrayal is a Bitch!!

              • and a thumbs up for you as well Thinker.

                i’m always glad to extend the perfect comment/record.

            • @BI, when I first saw the story about Obama and brain mapping, I thought he was wanting someone to make a map to his own brain.

              BTW, I just read that someone got 7 years for stealing Obama’s teleprompter.

          • i heard it said one time that there are only two kinds of people in the world ,those that want to be left alone ,and those that wont leave them alone

          • The nail that sticks out of the board has to be hammered down.

          • Seriously, who the fuck is “WE”?? There is no such thing as “the government”…just a bunch of tax fattened parasites who want to spend your money and run your life. Seriously, think of the average politician you know…then understand that the only reason they are “average” is because HALF THE POLITICIANS ARE STUPIDER THAN THEY ARE

            No way in hell will I entrust my fate to the likes of them

        • Well said Brandon. WE are spiritual beings FIRST. Individual spiritual beings, co creators with Almighty God, who gave life to US, individually; to express OUR God given talents accordingly, as WE choose.

          This requirement to choose is the Free Agency that is the essence of OUR being and the inherent responsibility that resides within US, that Life demands of US.

          WE are also part of the “spiritual internet” and connected to all other aspects of Creation, through the Creator who lives within US; who is only a breath away.

          This spiritual connection between US all, is as real, even more real, than anything WE have experienced upon this earth.

          This connection through OUR Creator is OUR community as WE resonate one with another through the things WE think, believe, say, and do. Thoughts are things. Words are deeds.

          While WE have responsibilities to each other within the community, WE are not to transfer OUR personal responsibility to the community. WE must accept personal responsibility for all WE say and do; or don’t do.

          Personal responsibility is the essence of Freedom. Americans must exercise more personal responsibility for themselves, take the initiative, and take responsibility for OUR Freedom.

          Americans must engage their employees or be collectivised by them. It’s OUR choice.

          • Awful sneaky way of inserting gray into a purely black and white area DK. There is no gray area of first your this and then your that…….its black and white, period!

            • BJ: You do not understand because your spiritual experience is limited. Not everyone has that spiritual understanding because not everyone pursues a higher consciousness beyond this present dimension.

              It is possible for everyone to experience what I have described. I am not the exception to the rule. Many have expanded their awareness beyond 3D.

              Most people give up before achieving some measure of spiritual enlightenment because they are consumed by the cares and responsibilities of this world and are distracted from the path that would truly expand their mind.

              For example, All of the senses that WE possess in the physical are attributes of these same senses in the spiritual. There IS spiritual taste, touch, seeing, hearing, and speaking.

              The common experience that everyone has who breaks through this current dimension of time and space for the next one is the unity of all living things and the connection which WE have with each other.

              How is it possible for me to ask Mac about the “strange fog” 24 hours before he experienced this strange fog where he lives?

              When you slip the bonds of this dimension and experience others you will understand the real meaning of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, because you will understand that what you do to others you do to yourself. Reason enough to be charitable, if only for practical purposes.

              All the answers to all the questions that any of US have, are within US. Go within. Seek, seek, seek. Never quit, never give up, never give in until you have attained that personal contact with your Creator.

              If you believe in evolution, find the Amoeba within. 🙂

              • Your reply in no way even comes close to answering what I said….nice try.

                And I know more about the 4th dimension in which we are to battle and pray and string theory then you realize. Again, nice try.

        • This is all part of the new testing standards. “Common Core” Bone up. It is sick. Coming to your school including your Home School.

          • Shootit,

            Not all homeschools are being indoctrinated, most are aware of Common Core and choosing traditional or Christian curriculums that are free from this type of brainwashing.

            • If you think you’re safe because you home school, you’re wrong. My favorite radio host has been talking about this for a few weeks now.

              Under Common Core and C-Scope, which is the same thing by a different name, home schooling will prevent (yes PREVENT) your kids from being allowed to attend college…

              *sigh* We’ve private and home schooled our kids their entire lives. Last year, my son said he wanted to go to regular school so we found a ‘Science and Technology’ charter school. After hearing about this stuff, we’re prolly gonna bring him back home next year.

              • Not critizizing anyone but we gotta stop this nonsense about how our kids are not gonna be able to get into college unless we go along with some commie crap…its brainwashing,its control of how people get educated,what they do or dont do along those lines…some of the smartest most productive people ever didnt attend college and some of the stupidest most destructive have a mile of degrees…not everything worth doing requires going into debt and attending THEIR indoctrination centers…I understand the reality of all the places demanding a so called college education and needing or wanting to be able to get that job…but we(the smart ones….the free ones)need to make some changes…not saying its easy but we especially are the ones who have to make those changes happen…homeschooling is a good start…why not homecollege systems…are there any?…I dont have all the answers but hey theres gotta be a better way of doing the whole education system…gotta be!

                • REB, as a homeschooling parent, this is exactly what I’m thinking seems necessary!!! So glad to have read your post. Look at how many people in history educated themselves and made a huge contribution that brought significant changes to the world. Don’t know what the answers are yet either…there are online ways to take courses, but alas, it seems there may very well be underlying agendas there too. Nevertheless, I think it’s time for those who are meant to be self-led in their education, especially from life experiences, to proceed fully from a variety of sources and resources to pull together, rather than assume only a 4-year institutional education must be had by everyone. This pioneering stage won’t be easy like you said, won’t lead to anything formally-recognized but will have its effect that lasts and someday brings renewal.

                  • Yes, I am in, but…. They will use there power to influence every business to deny your children a job. You and your children will become a instant outcast. The school will be flushed with rules and regulations. Think about how the EPA is killing jobs. The list is endless how they want to turn you into a 18th century slave.

              • Who says being prevented from taking part in the scam that is College, is a bad thing?

                More Collectivism Not So Much

            • You won’t have any choice. You will have to teach to their test or you will not get into college. 85% of your curriculum will have to be Common Core.

              GE, Bill & Linda Gates, Google, and others are behind this effort. They are dangling a carrot(money)in front of States and Schools.

              You can start your education with the following link.

              whatiscommoncore wordpress com/tag/whats-wrong-with-the-common-core-initiative/

              • Well said shooit. Perhaps you listen to my favorite radio/TV guy and listened better than I did.

              • You can teach the test information in less than thirty minutes per day on the side (maybe less than thirty minutes per week). Most of the schools waste hours of time on routines and bureacracy. The core curriculum is pretty basic- have any of you looked at it? Most home school kids will be at the 10th to 12th grade level by the end of 6th grade!

                I have home schooled my sons. I think that you might not get your child into Ivy League schools but they won’t thrive in those liberal environments anyway. If your child gets a good score on the ACT they have to be accepted into many of the state colleges as long as they also have good grades from their school of origin. Our home school was American Academy and we had official transcipts to validate what my sons had learned. It has never been questioned by any college.

                It turns out my sons decided that sitting in college classes was a bunch of garbage and they’re out on their own starting businesses. Maybe I taught them to be a little too individualistic.

                • I might add that, if you teach the material on Core Curriculum as a home schooler, you can present it with any slant you want. Some of the curriculum is basic math and English. Some of the information is modern cultural garbage. It is possible to tell kids, “I don’t believe this but some people do and those people might be in charge of your tests someday. You can decide if you feel right about playing along or sticking with what you believe is right.” You can even discuss the possible outcomes from different choices.

                  • Good luck…. This is not a something we want anywhere. Why should you have to jump through hoops? Half of the parents are on food stamps and buy lottery tickets. Your talents are not wide spread. We could manage, but why should we?

                    They need to go play with themselves on some other planet.

                  • If all of the Common Core is bad does this mean you are against children learning mathematics through algebra and trigonometry? This is the math standard.
                    Are you against learning spelling, grammar and composition? This is part of the English standards.

                    I have looked at the Common Core standards. I think where the real problem lies is in the the History/Social Science/Science portion which is really so poorly written that it could cover a wide variety of teachings. It leaves room for teachers to use all kinds of biases and still meet the standards.

                    I think if home schoolers throw out the Common Core entirely without acknowledging standards that they have in common, they will be labelled ignorant parents who are trying to keep their children from getting educated and it will make the situation worse.

                  • Lets make the schools come up to OUR standards not down to common lowgrade world standards…we were the standard till we were sold out by all this internationalistic global BS…time to take back our futures by getting back to what works…the basics to start with!

            • I am sorry Swinging, but I just have to say, in place of “Common Core” brainwashing, you advocating Christian curriculums seems to be an oxymoron. Ramming down the throats of children the ridiculous, unverifiable, unproven, contradictory teachings of Christianity IS brainwashing.

              How about we just teach children the “Three R’s” – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Give them a solid foundation, free of dogma, based on FACT, and let them choose their path in life and give them the tools to pursue it.

              • Achilles Heel,

                You are so wrong about teaching religion, and by the way, it is not ramming it down their throats. Teaching kids that there is a higher power, namely God, is instilling in them the fact that good behavior towards their fellow man and obeying the ten commandments, will help to ensure the fact that they will never be alone in this trying world. If you educated yourself in what a Christian curriculum is, you would not make such an ignorant statement. It is mainly about having a moral to every story and it covers religious history with no bias, it also teaches the three Rs better than most.

                Picture a teenager in a very tempting situation, lets say it is about being pressured to try drugs, pressured to do something that is not in their best interest or perhaps even illegal, with God in their heart and soul they will have the belief in the all mighty as a shield and a reminder that they must not succumb to such pressure.

                You and your beliefs are what is wrong with this society, you want to tell me what I can teach my own children. Since when was teaching religion an evil thing? Yea, wait till they are adults and then they can choose their own beliefs, well guess what, all that will create is an adult with no foundation, no spirituality, no education when it comes to understanding and living by the teachings of the bible. So I guess you are saying that kids should just be taught to read and write but nothing spiritual. Tell that to the little kid who is facing cancer and possible death, should they not know of a certain comfort that only God can provide them.

                Your argument is absent of depth, understanding and spiritual salvation. There is absolutely nothing you could say in this matter that would make any sense to me what so ever. I have great pity for you and your children if you have any.

                • Swinging,

                  Thank you for responding with tact. I will do the same, answering off your response:

                  You are so wrong about teaching religion, and by the way, it is not ramming it down their throats.***I believe teaching young children religion, when they are impressionable, not likely to question teachers much less their parents, and not taught any differing opinions (other religions, non-religion) is in effect ramming it down their throats. Especially the old-school “fire and brimstone” method. They are scared to death and will take the story of salvation more readily.*** Teaching kids that there is a higher power, namely God, is instilling in them the fact that good behavior towards their fellow man and obeying the ten commandments, will help to ensure the fact that they will never be alone in this trying world. *** What does good behavior and following the ten commandments have to do with ensuring you will not be alone? I don’t see the connection.”””If you educated yourself in what a Christian curriculum is, you would not make such an ignorant statement. ***I attended Catholic school until the 8th grade, when due to a move, I had no choice but to go to a public school. I have received all but two sacraments (last rites obviously and the priesthood). I know what the curriculum is, and do not speak from ignorance.*** It is mainly about having a moral to every story ***What is the moral to Numbers 31:17,40? 2 Thess 2:11-12? Exodus 21:22? Elijah 2:23-24?*** and it covers religious history with no bias, ***There is absolutely bias, because it does not teach modern discoveries, mounting factual evidence that either disproves outright or seriously puts into question the stories of the Bible*** it also teaches the three Rs better than most.***It teaches adequately. No better, no worse***

                  Picture a teenager in a very tempting situation, lets say it is about being pressured to try drugs, pressured to do something that is not in their best interest or perhaps even illegal, with God in their heart and soul they will have the belief in the all mighty as a shield and a reminder that they must not succumb to such pressure.***How is this any better than having the child know, from teachings from his parents, that using substances that will harm your body and more than likely lead to serious consequences down the road is a bad choice? Why take the responsibility away from parents? Why the need for an invisible “protector?”

                  You and your beliefs are what is wrong with this society, you want to tell me what I can teach my own children. ***I have no intention of telling you what to teach your children, only that I believe you are ramming it down their throat. How is believing in Science, Fact, Evidence and Reason damaging society? I am a law-abiding citizen, highly educated, pay my taxes, am involved in various charities and child advocacy programs. How is that wrong exactly??*** Since when was teaching religion an evil thing? Yea, wait till they are adults and then they can choose their own beliefs, well guess what, all that will create is an adult with no foundation, no spirituality, no education when it comes to understanding and living by the teachings of the bible. ***I agree, they will not know how to live “biblically. You are saying that choosing to live any other way is…wrong? Choosing as an adult to live by your own set of morals, based on common sense ideals of equality, empathy and justice is…wrong?*** So I guess you are saying that kids should just be taught to read and write but nothing spiritual. Tell that to the little kid who is facing cancer and possible death, should they not know of a certain comfort that only God can provide them. ***Kids should be taught the truth and not lied to. Lying to children from birth onwards sets up an ideal propensity to keep on choosing and seeking out comfortable, convenient falsehoods throughtout life rather than useful, factual and demonstrable truths. They are smarter and more able to handle truths than we often give them credit for. I know, looking at a cancer stricken child, it would be cold and heartless to tell them they are just going to die. But assuring them that you will be there every second, reminding them of your unconditional love, demonstrating your devotion to them, is in my opinion better than lying to them.***

                  Your argument is absent of depth, understanding and spiritual salvation. There is absolutely nothing you could say in this matter that would make any sense to me what so ever. I have great pity for you and your children if you have any.***Have no pity for me or my child. He knows, through my demonstrations of affection and devotion that he is loved, desired and valued. He is consistently thought of as a “happy, carefree and exuberant child” by all who know him. He excels in school, consistently in the top ranking. I support him in every endeavor he chooses and never keep information from him if he asks. I feed his curiosity with truth and facts and my own real-life experiences. As for me, have no worry, I am happier and more fulfilled as a non-believer than I ever was when under the spell of religion. Not even close.

                  I appreciate our differences and respect your choice in what to do with your children. It is not my intention to dictate what you should do with them. I please ask that you respect mine, and not refer to me or my child as “what is wrong” with this country.

          • If you let the state into your homeschooling, you may as well just give them your kids.

            The whole point of home schooling is to keep the state out of it and teach your children what they need to know to survive outside of the collective.

            Screw the corp and it’s common core.

            • That will only work if your children do not plan on attending college. You will have to pass a Common Core Test. The results of that test will give you your options.

              Exxon is running adds for Common Core. They want government oil leases.

              Now is the time to defeat it.

          • “Coming to your school ”

            No, not ‘coming’, it’s already there. It’s in the charter schools to.

        • I belong to God and that is it. These people are out of their minds. Pure and simple.

          • You are correct, but who’s going to stop the collective from taking control of the weak minded? And thereby trampling all over your and my individual freedoms?

          • To quote Hitchens:

            “You’re a slave to god, and happy of your chains.”

            My congratulations, sir.

        • Excellent, even as a kid, I always started to think, “why do cops let off women but not men or young men.” Then I figured out that its all bought and paid for like gangs, government groups and the power to have the military behind you. Are gangs really bad? If they kill people or hurt others. But what if a gang protected the people, never hurt and gave good advice but went after you know who and started to destruct them. Our lives are nothing but conditioning to a society that everyone is trying to be the king of. Thank god and I mean that, that our founding fathers had a system that did keep the check and balances in check. But now we know its out of control and more control and it will not be the same ever again. It will not be ever like the 80’s or 70’s. They have figured out they can tax us so much and take what they want and how to keep us begging but still working like slaves for the system.

          im not saying capitalism is bad at all. Its a good thing compared to socialim or other systems. You can start your own business, but unless you dont have all the tips are the wits to cheat the IRS you get socked a lot in taxes so I still think its better to be employed for yourself than work for a company in some cases. But My point is never ever think you are truely free. If we were, we could leave without being taxed for late fees and then given late penalties and in some cases again you will never get out of debt and they take what you got if you have it in the bank. These fuckers are good but they have all their ideas on how to control us and backdoor deals for them if they pass this we will like traitor McCain who voted Yea for this gun vote today. That sealed my deal for that cock sucker. They won’t be able to predict a full blown out riot all across the USA. They have an idea but its too complexed who will ban with who and what will the troops really do. Would they sabatoge their equipment so that some high ranking or younger immature soldiers dont fire on US citizens etc. I love alternative media and the hard part is trying to find out what is the truth and what media is so far out there that the writers are on drugs and not believeable.

          I was watching some site last night that was showing Gabby giffords might of been someone else AKA Joy something. Goole it. They showed ear shots etc. Then had said Lady gaga might be Jean bonnet ramsey etc. That was a little far fetched. Then it said something about Andrew Breitbart was really on the liberal side pretending to be working for the right! I dont know what to believe anymore.

          Here was the link to that. it was the 2nd video down part 2. it showed 9-11 and many people. you might of seen this writter before. it really makes you wonder etc.
 Its about 20 min long. you dont have to watch I just wanted to show you what is out there to see.

          Don’t be afraid to break free and defend yourself. Never ever register your guns no matter what is passed. There is NO Way that law enforcement can know if you have guns or not, its non of their damn business. I would say you sold them at a GUN SHOW. They dont give a receipt and you dont know the guys name he gave you cash which you needed it in hard times. Fuck them and this government and you can keep this in your files. I have never hurt or did anything to anyone. if anything I help people and want people to succeed in life and be happy. I would figure out real fast what side you are on DHS ETC. Sorry to ramble all over the place its just amazing what these traitors are doing to people and how its really effecting us. I just hope when it all does go that we naturally bond together and stick together and NEVER narc out someone for cash or to be a sellout and possibly ending someones life during battle. Be careful who you trust. There are a lot of 2 faced people. Younger people don’t tell your friends what guns you have to “show off” or try to be cool with your friends. people dont care and forget things like that but they dont forget what you got!! I just dont want anyone stealing your stuff. You sacrificed many hours working for your survival supplies and time lost doing this!!! In the end you will be lucky to have one good friend and that is true! I used to have 7-8 good friends in HS and now we all compete who has the hotest wife or who has the most money or who has the biggest house etc.
          Never base your life on your friends. Nobody is looking out for you. SO if you can don’t ever tune out your parents or even call them up and thank them if possible for all the good things they did for you. They are people too and would love to hear how your doing. Even if your dad was a drinker and your bitter with each other. IT could change how he feels in the long run if he is still alive. And PREPARE FOR WAR SOON ON THIS CORRUPT WORLD!!

          • Capitalism is perfectly wonderful until corrupted by greed, while being robbed of compassion.

            • …the dirty little secret they dont want us to know is all “isms” rely on “capital” to function…they may approach it from different angles but they all have to buy and sell in some form to function….some just try to decide who gets to participate andin what way.

        • If only we had leaders who advanced liberty the way they accelerate the agenda of tyranny. Then we might have a chance. Until those leaders show up, though, we will keep watching them roll this snowball down the hill. Every day it gets bigger and harder to stop.

          I have no doubt each of us has our line in the sand. When they cross it, and they will, we will have to decide what we are willing to give up in order to preserve liberty. I say we will HAVE TO because none of us will know for sure until the time comes.

          I think of men like Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton, Madison. They all had families. They all had homes. Careers. Lives. They were willing to give all of that up so their children would not have to live under the same tyranny they had. What will we do?

          Esse Quam Videri

          • Im sure at the time those great men had similar thoughts and no idea that they would be the ones who would do the standing up and the leading…we gotta do what we can in each of our own lives and circles…theres gotta be some Jeffersons and Jefferson-ettes in our nation and perhaps right here behind our keyboards…rebellion against tyranny begins in the heart and in the mind before it finds its way into actions…search your hearts and your minds then begin to work on actions that you can do right where you are! 🙂

        • That’s right, this isn’t the Borg hive. The individual reigns supreme. An individual discovered alternating current; his name was Nikola Tesla. An individual discovered the theory of relativity; his name was Albert Einstein. An individual developed the standardized process for mass production; his name was Henry Ford. From the first cave dweller that discovered fire to the next great discoveries of our species, it will be individuals that perform these great feats, not a hive mind.

          Sure, when like minded individuals come together in cooperative efforts to accomplish something by their own free will, we can observe highly productive results. When the individual is minimized as a cog in a collective machine and forced to think as such, we will observe great failure, every single time. The collectivist line of thinking is inferior in every way and must be rejected, always!

          • You didn’t build that.

          • To Joe Republic:

            Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

            Margaret Meade

        • I enslave my employer by “Technical Debt”.
          All the things I created that nobody else can figure out.
          Every 3 years… I bully them for a title change, raise, second computer, new office and perks. MY BITCHES! THE WORSE THINGS GET THE BETTER I DO.

          • That will only last for so long. The thing is, eventually they will find someone else that can figure it out and then they’ll throw you out on your ass.

        • We all belong to God.

        • Cool! That means you’re available. I’m claiming you as my own property. Now get in the kitchen and do the dishes 🙂

          • hahaha…hey, my comment got attached to the wrong entry and no longer makes sense 🙂

        • According to the IRS, an INDIVIDUAL is a man or woman with a Social Security Number. According to me, a Man or a Woman is an individual who says screw the corp. and it’s numbers.

          Just like my comments to Daisy the other day, it is up to YOU to identify yourself. If you can’t, there is plenty of room in the collective for such individual incompetence.

          As for me, I am who I am, regardless of who you say I am, and especially regardless of what the collective fiction says I should be.

          The only time the collective affects me is when I must avoid it to protect my individuality and freedom. That usually involves a refusal to use numbers that identify me as a part of the collective.

          Oddly enough, it seems to piss the collective off when you rise and stand above it. I like pissing off the collective.

          • Force me into the collective body and Ill be the worst “free radical” they ever saw…sabotaging anything I touch…causing any and all grief I can, anywhere I can..just to make them miserable…a few of us together and theyll be begging us to vacate their body…that or theyll chop us out…better to die that way then to die in the hive…of course that is all predicated on the idea of them acually being able to force me into their collective….thats where theyll not do too well 🙂

        • The Borg can have me, but not my AMMO or PM’s, especially SHE can have me. If you don’t know who SHE is to bad for you.

        • Beware of the brainwashing going on here- lots of ner’do wells think what you have is theirs. They will march under the jack boots of the coming NWO, and suffer for their selfishness.

        • You Might Be a Collectivist If …

          you believe that those in government have never lied; or if they did it was for your own good.

          you loan your money (at 0%) to the government all year and happily anticipate a tax refund.

          you believe a tax rate of X is acceptable, but a tax rate of 2X is somehow wrong.

          you’re aghast by 10 seconds of broadcast indecency, but slight pictures of war-dead children.

          you place Fascism and Communism on opposite ends of the political spectrum.

          you assume that the common man is a liar, yet believe the common politician tells you the truth.

          you believe that warfare is more effective than free markets in promoting democracy, goodwill and liberty.

          you believe that as long as we can vote (for the tyrants of our choice), that we are free.

          you think “our” team are heroes, and their’s are terrorist, regardless of the situation.

          you are not aware that most regulations are in place to protect existing companies from competition. Cronyism.

          you firmly believe in “thou shalt not kill or steal,” unless performed by a government representative(thug).

          you don’t comprehend that public schools, public roads, and public welfare are all forms of socialism/collectivism.

          you swear fidelity to a made-made idol, and wrap yourself in it to show others your patriotism.

      2. Abandon all hope, he who enter here.

        • The Free Thinker is King in the land of the Automaton

      3. I am not a number.

        • Just did my taxes and… THE COLLECTIVE OWNS ME.

          However, if I had three bastard kids —
          I could collect what I make in a year for FREE!

          EIC (Earned Income Credit)
          They pay you for being a broke dick with kids.

        • False: Your comment ID is 1457092. 🙂

      4. No, my children are MY children. I didn’t see anyone from the Government helping out for 2am feedings or with explosive diapers. I don’t see them coming in to help with scrambled eggs stuck to the wall or somehow under the highchair seat. Is the Government coming to help clean the cookie pieces that are now ground into my carpet? My children are MY children. Hands off!

        • Good luck… “Common Core” coming to your neighborhood. Still time to fight it. It is already in my wife’s school.

          • Common Core and ALL other forms of Statism can be resisted by taking individual initiative; organizing other like minded individuals, developing a plan of political action and inspiring others to participate.

            Others can participate by joining that resistance if by membership only. IE There are 100 million gun owners; there are only 300,000 members of Gun Owners of America who are uncompromising in their defense of the Second Amendment.

            What kind of power would they wield in the Halls of Congress if they had 3,000,000 members? 30 million members?

            My Peeps, only 130 million votes were cast in the last election. There are 100 million gun owners. Where are you?

            Get involved. Add your support where it counts. Engage.

            • durango kidd

              does that include the so called 12 million ( more like 16 million illegals )
              and all the ballot fraud union scum ?? that got OBUMMER In ??

              • Yes, it includes all votes; but if there are 100 million gun owners, WE own the polls. Voting matters. Engage.

                • DK is a collectivist.

                  If voting made a difference, they would make it illegal.

                  Engage(R) = Lean Forward(D) = COLLECTIVISM.

                  “Right” collectivist will not save you.

                  They will join with the Left to enslave you.

                  Wake up!

                  “Conservatives” are joining with Marxist to take your 2A.

                  Wake up!!

          • Shootit- they(CPS) love to come
            and pull kids out of class to interrogate(sp?)them
            based on the most false allegations. All it takes is an anonymous tip. An evil MIL, a disjointed neighbor, an Ex who gets caught(said child’s parent) growing…All without Your knowledge or Consent.
            Now YOU have a File.

            Meanwhile, children who are truly being
            abused, go unnoticed. Oftentimes, they are being abused In FosterCare.

            • The progressive liberal pos complain about Bullying, but Bully us and our children. They just can’t seem to mind their own dam business.

          • My wife and I are both in public education. We see the move to demonize traditional values and beliefs. Every parent needs to understand that learning shouldn’t stop when the school bell rings and that there really is no better, more influential teacher than a child’s parent. If you want them to have the right values, your values, then YOU need to teach them. Don’t wait for public education to do it for you.

            • How do you coupe when your traditional values clash with the teachings of the governments?

              • You teach your child to keep their head up, remember what they were taught at home, and “tread water.” Just because the child needs to spit the “right” answers out for a test or an assignment doesn’t mean that the lesson has to cement into their little brains. Plus some people mean well even if their ideas are complete crap in your opinion. I have a VERY Liberal cousin who has taught her daughter to parrot her Liberal beliefs. I respect her right to do so but can’t stand the Liberal slanted children’s books she has given our kids. I accept the gifts as gracefully as I can and then stick them up on the farthest shelf I can find. I then make sure to give her daughter Conservative slanted books as payback. This cousin also HATES guns, I DON’T. So I signed her to receive a gun magazine as a gift. I can’t help myself, Liberals are so much fun to mess with.

                • Thank you, MrApple.

            • Amen, MrApple.
              I remember one of our preachers saying, yes, they took prayer and Bible from the classroom–but not from your homes.
              Those teachings will be what the children remember most.

        • You sound unhappy comrade with the scrambled eggs stuck to the wall and the cookies ground into your carpet. Maybe the Homeland needs to take your children for their safety eh comrade and you need, how do they say….reeducating and introduced to your new way of life.

      5. The collectivist mass state has no intention of promoting mutual understanding and the relationship between man to man; it strives, rather, for atomization, to isolate the individual. The more unrelated we are, the more consolidated the state power is.

      6. My friend, what do you think is the real motivation behind the absolutely pointless “security theatre” silliness at airports? It’s all about the conditioning: “Well, Gloria, the nice man said we have to put the 3 oz. shampoo into the clear bag, so we better do it. We wouldn’t want to get in trouble or miss our flight, now would we? “Our forefathers stop spinning in their graves just long enough to barf, and then resume rotation.

        Keep the FAITH

        • @Watchman, You sir have hit the nail on the head. Conditioned response, much like the “pavlov dog” experiment. The gropers at the airport have little to do with security, I myself REFUSE to fly commercial. TPTB will push and push until eventually the masses push back, and when the masses push back there are plenty of hollow point bullets to keep us from pushing to far. Sadly, us fat dumb and happy american’s were check mated before I was born. Were 100 yrs sold down the federal reserve river, and the games that are being played are well thought out. Maybe it really is time to play a new game. Thank-you Brandon Smith, this was a well written article. Keep Prepping.

          Potato Out

        • “It’s all about the conditioning”

          That is exactly right.

          Airport security is the most obvious example, but getting everyon behind paying “your fair share”, gun regustration and magazine limits for safety, everyone accepting new medical requirements for the benefit of everyone; they’re geeting all of us to accept control just like they have been doing to students in schools for decades now.

          The US citizen is the frog in the pot of water that is slowly being put to boil and by the rate of change occuring now; I think the government thinks they’ve got us; we should know within the next 5 years IMO.

        • Watchman, that is why I no longer fly. Decrease the number of people flying and watch what happens. Money talks especially the loss of it.

        • Stick to the topic.

      7. Very well written.

      8. I feel this bares repeating.
        Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.
        CS Lewis
        These people will never Quit,
        These progressives always believe they know better than you,
        And they will never stop. They can only be beaten back into the recesses of their cave
        when and if the general population wakes up in time…

        • Slick

          Like you said,

          “These people will never Quit,
          These progressives always believe they know better than you”

          They can only hide behind the law that “now” exists. Cowards!
          I am going to restrain myself from spewing vile contempt, for that woman in the video.

          • your right, they cant do anything but hide behind our military or they live in secret places so people can get to them. What are they afraid of? us?

            • If they want to act like this? They should be afraid of their mother.

          • Hey Slingshot! Here is an idea for her, if our kids should be shared by the collective then she should have no problem sharing her vagina for the good of everyone! i hope i didn’t offend any one too bad, but these people that think this way are messed up!!

            • You’re a better man than me. The clinic runs 24-7.

            • Thanks, Thinker – almost choked on my Snickers bar….but hysterically funny and a very valid point.

            • …eeewwwwww…yucky….need a good hot soapy shower now..uck! 🙁

      9. They are…unless they aren’t.

      10. The essential political conflict of our time is between collectivism and individualism. Very few people can see the thing in those truest terms, and this is why most individuals’ practical politics can’t be distinguished to precisely one or the other of those two sides: the nice lady who wants free meds doesn’t know “socialism” from a tuna sandwich, and the gun-toting farmer usually has only the dimmest concepts of “rights” or the implications of his stand on weapons. They don’t know the fullest context or implications of their politics. However, the power of principles does not diminish from ignorance.

        All politics in the country now is a dress rehearsal for civil war. Politics is war by no other means.

        The socialists might eventually achieve the “unity” they want. It’s going to be bloody hell — one way or another — in doing it.

        Keep the FAITH

      11. The collectivists are mere adherents to statism..

        They have (almost)completely circumnavigated the Constitution and Bill of Rights right before our very eyes.. step by step incrementally by law,decree, and executive order.

        They have 10’s of millions dependent upon control..

        They are now in collusion to grant pathway to citizenship to 10’s of millions more who flagrantly broke our sovereignty and reward them with benefits no citizen can attain..unless working within the system throughout their lives.

        They have just adjudicated today the 2nd amendment by voting to discuss amending the 2nd amendment without our or states consent..

        The collective have won whole heartedly and have the majority behind them..despite our protests and legal arguments to the contrary..

        The collective have the entire conglomerate of media,industry legislature,executive and judicial branches in tow..nothing is challenged successfully.

        We are now the collectives enemy..and will be demonized on a daily basis even more fervently..


        • You folks do realize that we have “Right” collectivist (Republicans) and “Left” collectivists (Democrats).

          Both groups support a “progressive” agenda…just their particular flavor of it.

          If you doubt this, you may be a closet collectivist.

          Tell me where I’m wrong.

      12. OK, everyone, philosophy is something else I get all worked up about. MrApple, I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly although my wife was killed by a drunk driver before we could have any kids, but if I’d had any THEY WOULD DEFINITELY BE MINE AND NOBODY ELSE’S, ESPECIALLY NOT THE F#$%ING GOVERNMENT’S! Karl Marx came up with this crap when he wrote The Communist Manifesto. The ideologies of Communism and Fascism were exactly the same except for the concept of private property. What kids are taught in the public schools today is communism, plain and simple. My late wife saw what the communists did to school children in Cuba until she defected in 1967. In some ways, it was probably better that I didn’t become a parent because I couldn’t tolerate anyone else, especially a social worker, dictate to me about how to raise my kids. Now the kids are taught that, in the case of white students, that they are evil, that they are second-class citizens and should accept that status, that guns are evil, that self-defense is wrong, that noo one has any rights, etc. This is what we get for trusting government to be a babysitter while we’re out struggling to make a living. We are reaping what we have sowed that the reaping isn’t over by a longshot. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • @bRAVEHAERT I always love it when you get on here wasted and go into a rant…..LOL, Stay thirsty my friend !!!!!!

      13. Authors in the 1890s thru 1940s wrote about much of this kind of stuff. Short stories and poems were riddled with paranoia of too much Govt control over our lives.

        The two books that always come to my mind are:

        The Brave New World

        Hitchcock and Poe had many weird stuff. But the very short story that sticks in my mind was written by Shirley, cant remember last name.

        The Lottery

        We are now living those times again, albeit now the Govt has much, much, much more spy and control technologies than back in those days.

        I’m starting to miss Andy Griffith and Barney.

        The way to play their game is changing. They (NWO) consider any freedom thinking person as a Enemy of the State.

        I’m glad I have a Saviour that exists.

        • I remember that book, and yes it has been on my mind lately too.

        • ugly & braveheart..

          We are at the precipice now…

          All the pieces are in play..the chess board has been carefully laid out for at least 100 years.

          All it will take now is 1 catalyst to set everything in motion..and it will be a series of events imo to usher in everything they have incrementally planned..

          Our Congress has abandoned every last facet of our foundations..they have relinquished their authority to the moneychangers..they openly deny any deity except darkness..

          These will be times that challenge our souls..and any guidance from whomever one worships will be greatly needed..

          God Bless the Republic..


          • @possee
            the Republic is very close to being no more…

            • agreed

              But it needs all the blessings it can at this point.

        • That’s true, Ugly– sometimes I think they get their ideas directly from the books you mentioned!

          I KNOW they get their ideas from Hitler/Mousillini’s handbooks. Just read Naomi Wolf’s books, “Letter to a Young Patriot” and “Give Me Liberty”– both books will blow your mind! (Very small books with extremely valuable information!)

      14. Good evening, Possee, Slick, and Slingshot, and I agree with all 3 of you. I say F#$% the tyrants! We all know what is coming and that these people have some of the worst intentions imaginable toward us. Let them bring it on if they’re stupid enough! I’ve got something for them! I’m so sick of this S#$%….. Braveheart

        • I agree with ALL of you,,,I think the straw that’s going to break the camels back=gun control

          If they ban ars and 30 mags,people will go ape shit!
          Oklahoma bombing will look like ameture hour
          Hold the line

        • @ BH, You’ve got some issues bro !

      15. Child abuse can take the form of mental abuse as well as physical. I associate this with the mental form of an abduction of a child and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Indoctrination by suppression of ones rights and liberties.

        Where do they come up with this shit?

        • Govt reserves and excepts to themselves the right to do anything to us they wish…anything they do is immoral and evil but not illegal thus they say its okay for them to do it…but if we did any of it we would be treated as criminals…remember the law is often nothing but the will of the tyrant and is always so when it violates the rights of the “individual”(Jefferson) …the collective is but a group of individuals stripped of their individualism and will/ability to exercise it and made to look with suspicion and contempt on anyone who chooses to operate on their own ie control of the one by the many which outside of certain narrow moral lines is an immoral act…it may be okay for the group to encourage individuals to not murder others or steal from them but its not okay for the group to determine ones job or hobbies or to force one to contribute/support activities one has no moral obligation to be involved in….individuals are the basic building unit of all human social groups….when left to themselves and their self interest they have the most potential to help the group of their own volition…liberty and personal responsibility are the only answer to tyranny…you will have one or the other,so I choose freedom and I pray y’all do too!

        • Satan.

      16. I have always thought that Ms. Harris-Perry, although a out and out liberal, has always said things that when I thought about it made some sense. I cannot find any way to defend her statement on this matter. Too bad, I had more respect for her.



        In regards to this article…
        I’m building my own IT crew.
        We’re taking over our company..bit by bit.
        We’re getting our guys at the top.

        • Should have been said:
          “It’s Not a Haircut….It’s a Bloody Scalping”

      18. Americans are well on the way to being borg bots.

        • Yes! I just went to google and it looks like this is the best way to make working drones. Common Core, My Rump.

      19. Good evening, DK, and Amen to your comments. Give me individualism over collectivism any day. I’ve always taken responsibility for my own well-being and actions. For example, if I tell Eisen to get f#$%ed, I take responsibility for that act. No one else is to blame. I’m an individual, period! I DON’T BELONG TO ANY MF, ESPECIALLY ANYONE’S GOVERNMENT! The day is soon coming when we’ll all be confronted by ‘collectivists’. If/when they come to me they can “collect” some “hot lead”. I’m on a roll this time. I’m turning off the computer for awhile and get some air; got to calm down before i get a stroke. braveheart

      20. COMMON CORE! Get in you heads. This “thing” was spewing COMMON CORE! We need to fight it. You can either be aborted or in-slaved. If you want I will post many good sites that will educate.

        • The following link is a good starting point to get educated about this House of Horrors.

          whatiscommoncore wordpress com/tag/whats-wrong-with-the-common-core-initiative/

      21. All of this reminds me of two more movie lines:

        ‘I am not an Animal, I am a Human Being!’ and,

        ‘Get your hands off of me you dirty, filthy ape!’

        Roots and Planet of Apes?

        but my favorite to NWO–

        ‘Go ahead, make my day!’ and,
        ‘Dying is not much of a living’

        Clint Eastwood

        • I am not a number, i am a FREE MAN.

        • Ug–Believe it was Elephant Man and P of the A…..

          • I thought both were from planet of the apes…

        • wasn’t that first quote from The Elephant Man?


        Imagine if China had troopers dropping in America.

        They have no clue how much ammo the average american has.

        Also.. We’d just clear out the prisons and arm these guys.

        To deal with the gangs…I’d just put them on the govt. payroll.
        Pay them well…arm them and keep them ready.
        Standing army.


        Dollar to loose value. Inflation. China to have a currency war with the US. Big price increases. Better take care of your pantry. Gas prices to increase. Derivatives market will trigger big troubles. Federal Reserve is desperate. Obama to spend big bucks.

        My final action on this planet..

        I’ll start a business, take out massive debt…then buy silver and leave a suitcase to the kid and screw the banks. ha.

        Good luck….

        Hey, you all remember Al Gore telling us about NAFTA and how great that was going to be? Fat lying bastard.

        • Stop. I’m sick of your spam. That’s what it is too. I don’t care what topics you find interesting. Post them somewhere else.

      24. While progressivism has made substantial gains in the United States, subverting minds in re-shaping our schools and universities – Americans yet remain distinctly different in attitude and self-concept than do most others in the world.

        European culture, long conditioned by centuries of serfdom and monarchy, is far more amenable to statist concepts. Same for the Far East. Same for the Mid-East. Same for Latin America.

        I spend a lot of time abroad for my business – literally months a year, and I have been doing so for decades. There is a great fundamental difference in American thinking than any where else in the world. Although we have permitted a a great creep in entitlement mentality – our core values remain basically unchanged – the belief in self-reliance, individualism and the community, and that our rights are God-given. Believe me, foreignors see it. They may hate our politics, but most all of them love the core idea of America. I can’t tell you how many people I meet overseas whose burning desire is to come to America to live and work.

        We’re simply at a time when there needs to be a great “shake-out”. No doubt very severe econonmic times will hit like a fury very soon. City dwellers – people used to being dependent (one of the reasons they swing so violently to the left) – will have the very foundation of their collective psyches shaken. They’ll soon learn the true maening of gravity as the kindly government abandons them to the rats, the gangs, and utter misery. Bet they’ll be wishing that they had never given up their 2nd amendment rights.

        We who survive – we individualists – will be the ones who rebuild – and rebuild back on the God given foundation of our founding fathers, of John Locke, of Cicero, or Polybious, and our highest moral authority, God.

        Sure, I can mire myself in all that has gone terribly wrong. I have to shake my head everyday just to get back into the reality of what has been happening – this grotesque nightmare of events. But fact is, we Americans are adaptable critters. We are also winners. We will not let this stand, It is not our nature.

        My prepping is not just about personal survival. I want to be around to re-build. I want to survive the Zombies, and purely evil collectivists who would rape us into submission and destroy our souls. It will be a battle royale, but they won’t win. Like the Blues Brothers said, “we’re on a mission from God”.

        • Ralphieboy,

          Yes, we are a dream for others throughout the world. But I am afraid only a dream. To live the dream as they see us comes responsibility by those living that dream. Those responsibilities being core values, sound morals, good ethics, hard work and more. Problem is that we the people as a whole here in America no longer have these traits nor the desire to re-claim them.

          Let us take a look at the rest of the world. Who else has been able to live the dream like we have for the last 200 years? No one. Because we started out fresh with no present form of government we were able to do some thing no one has ever done before. Darwin would say we were a new species.

          However I am afraid we have run the course of our individualism. Not that I’m giving up and will rebel as long as I can. But the fact remains we have probably killed ourselves as a form of free government and will now join the collective of the new world order.

          Can anyone cite me any other government in the entire world that has successfully thrown off the yolk of repression and tyranny once it has been put in place? I cannot think of one. I fear we as a people out of laziness have let the system slide into what we are seeing today. I am not so sure we can reverse the trend.

          The Collective, WTF. Who here would believe we would ever live to see or hear such a thing? Now I have to turn off the computer and settle down myself.


        • Ralphieboy, Amen and very well said. Like you I have travelled outside the US and noticed the same “collective” mindset and yet aspirations for our individualism.

        • Thank you, thank you, thank you — for pointing out what is happening outside of our all-too-often parochial view of America. Yes, we still are very much a nation of individualists, achievers, inventors, and honorable people. Were we not, the country would not be functioning.

          It is only the leftists who try to shove down our throats the notion that we are internationally disliked and disdained. It is only the leftists who tell us that we are sinking in our own capitalist system. It is only the leftists who want nothing more than to grab the goodies that we individualists have built in this country because they are, simply put, too dumb, too lazy, too untalented, and too screwed up to accomplish it themselves. It is often the leftists who give us bad service in restaurants, or slow and inept service in retail shopping, or rudeness in customer service, or dishonesty in consumer-level business. Scratch the surface and find that I am right.

          As for the need for a “shake-out,” you also hit the nail on the head. A perfect example of this is the recent news surrounding this “rapper” person, who went to Cuba with his wife. After getting highly unusual and rare permission from the U.S. government to go touring in, Cuba, of all places — but the White House denies having anything to do with the permission — he then records an obscenity-laced song which is, to put it mildly, seemingly suggestive. As for the White House’s denial of involvement in granting permission for the Cuba trip, I can only say: “Me thinks he doth protest too much.” Just exactly what is meant by the lyrics of the song, “flood the streets,” and “chill or you’ll get me impeached,” or words to that effect. Is this a reference to the increasingly larger black mob actions around the country, most recently in Philadelphia involving some 200 black youth?

          What indeed will these anarchist wannabes do when, and not if, the economy takes a tremendous turn for the worse and the government spigot has to be turned off or at least turned down to a barely distinguishable trickle. With Obama in the presidency and his base dependent on government assistance, I frankly find it hard to believe that the spigot will be turned down more than a notch or two. Instead, I would not be surprised to learn that Obama will implement a way to get the rest of us to pony up more money to pay for continued, widespread, government assistance.

          As for this song’s claim that no politician ever did anything for him….well, I know for a fact that no politician ever did anything for me either, or for any family member going as far back as the late 1800’s, on either side of my family. And I am just one person. It’s probably a pretty solid bet that most Americans can say the same thing. So what makes him think he is being denied something that the rest of us have received?

          Communism, in its final stages of coming to power, always, without exception, clandestinely stirs up social chaos and mayhem, and then publicly steps in as the supposed savior to restore order. Think about that and remember it as you observe events unfolding in our country.

        • Very well put!

      25. Where have these outright communists been? It seems that after the election of 2008, long term legislators morphed into socialists overnight. Was DC filled with these closet socialists and communists all along just waiting for their big chance to come out and implement fascist ideas and policies with their iron fist? Yes, fascists are very far left leaning and are to the LEFT of the current democrat party. The media has cleverly painted conservatives as fascists since the 50s, but that label is clearly misplaced. And after the 2008 election, the liberal MSM just exploded with shocking rhetoric mirroring any good red socialist.
        It seems that one day we didn’t have to worry about all this collective stuff, now it is everywhere.
        God bless our country.

      26. My God Brandon!

        My boundless Thanks Sir!,

        Surely, your ‘masterwork’…your “Magnum Opus”

        The stage is NOW being set for the Final Battle between Individualism and Collectivism…

        Individualism says only,

        “I AM”

        Collectivism says,

        “Thou shalt have NO other GODS before Me!”

        I have long since made my choices…soon I will ‘put my money where my mouth is.” without hestation or reservation. I believe that there is but ONE God…I ask no other to share my view…I COMPEL no other to so share. My beliefs are mine and mine alone…I will teach those who are of me of these things, but I will do so only until such time as they can make for themselves that Choice in full cognizamce of what that choice means.
        Such IS the Nature of “Free Will.”

        If it should mean – for me – that the bargain made to live IN Society is a greater burden than choosing to live outside of it then that IS my choice to make. Society as it has come to be consisted has become a strangling snake, a constrictor squeezing the life out of any who are unfortunate enough to succumb to it’s false promises of ‘Peace and Plenty’ Look around you,
        is this not so?

        A new beginning comes even now…the two primary opposing principles will soon meet in Mortal Conflict ….ONLY one will emerge.

        I BELONG to the One that made me…and to no other who is ‘of the flesh’ will I bend my knee…but by my own FREE WILL.

        WHAT will you do?

        Prepare, in all wises and ways, and REJOICE for Humankind’s Great Apotheosis draws nearer with each passing day…

        A New World awaits us Friends; a World of Dignity through Individual effort, a World of fulfilling, self-directed Purpose, of Love for our Children – all of them – HOPE for every Human Heart.

        I have seen this World in the ‘eye of my mind’

        LOOK to the Dawn to come – it IS near!- and Hope.


      27. You have to ask yourself why the potus is digging deep to toss out MOH awards posthumous.

        • Ted, I think he believes that by doing so he will gain favor with veterans. Because he is not a vet he does not understand that his largeness in doling out Medal of Honor’s he is denigrating the past recipients. He just does not get it.

          That and the covering of his ass when he cuts veterans benefits and takes away the guns from them because now they pose a threat to America.


      28. $uck the collective .

        the collective much like religion = fear , oppression and ignorance . ;0P


        • That’s what your Mom said.

        • Yeah, you’ve been $ucking the collective, Venrectum; every day and every night since that sex-ed class when you were twelve, you’ve been $ucking it hard. You $uck so hard, you could $uck a tennis ball through a rubber hose.

      29. That collectivist crap makes me want to barf,
        Then fall on my own knife.

        • Rather than falling on my own knife, that collectivist crap makes me want to leave my knife propped up on their rear tire…just saying.

      30. You will be assimilated…
        Resistance is futile.

        This is the ultimate lesson of the Tower of Babel.
        God made us to be Rocks.
        The collective intends to make you bricks in the wall, all alike…

        But, we wanted kings to rule over us… how’s that workin’ out for ya?

      31. Solar Update…

        The NASA WSA-Enlil Solar wind simulation has just been updated. It APPEARS that we are near the ‘Bullseye’ in the path of the CME that was ejected subsequent to the M-6.5 flare which occurred this AM.

        NASA is modeling – based on current data – the onset of increasing density of the solar plasma to commence at 21:00 UTC on the evening og the 13th followed almost immediately by a peak in same in excess of 30 particles/cc at 23:00.

        The shape of both the velocity curve and the density curve as modeled suggest that the effects here upon the Earth may be somewhat larger than we would otheriwse expect. The density will rise VERY abruptly at onset…and then fall just as abruptly while the velocity curve is being projected to have multiple peaks thereadter, all remaining above 700km/sec for some time.

        The reason that the incoming mass MAY be more geo-effective, more energetic than usual lies in the the nature of ‘Induction”…it is always the case that it is the RATE of CHANGE of the current involved that specifically determines the total magnitude of the induced magnetic field observed….hence, here, the abrupt UP being folowed by an equally abrupt down RIGHT on it’s heels MAY yield a greater than normal effect.
        The ‘wave’ as modeled seems to be very dense…more so than we ordinarily see. The last time we saw an IMMEDIATE proton response concurrent with the occurance of the flare itself was way back in the spring of 2012. For the sake of comparison, during that time two seperate flares registered peak proton counts in excess of 6000 particles/cc/sec…greater than any such recorded since 2006…and BOTH those originated from LDE-type flares as well.

        This is NOT to say that there exist DANGER…there does NOT. It may well be the case that cell-phones as well as land lines are significantly affected by the passage of this wave and also air travel might be re-routed to outside the polar regions to minimize passenger radiation exposure, inasmuch as LARGE amounts of energy will be dumped into both the atmosphere in the polar vicinity and also into the planetary core in the days following, resulting in STRONG auroral activity – even at mid-latitudes – and it would be expected that we see an increease in seismic activity as well. Such as that of course depends exactly on HOW the incoming wave actually strikes the planetary magnetosphere when it arrives.

        As always, updates to follow as, and when warranted.


        • What are you going to do about it?

        • @ JustOneGuy. Did you see the near north pole earthquake? Did some checking, after this area has been hit in the past the following areas got nailed: Chile to Mexico, (again), Kermadec Islands several times, Japan and Southern China, and Vanuatu. That is it. Very specific areas aimed at. That Mexico to Chile area keeps coming up, 12 out of the past 13 times now. How long do you think after the solar activity calms down does a large earthquake occur afterwards? Right now it is ready to go, even with the increased solar activity. What do you think?

          • Eeekk!

            No, I didn’t friend….you are NOT refering to the 4.8 off the tip of Greenland are you? Truly THAT is an ‘oddity’, one I’ve NEVER seen before!

            The question you ask,

            “How long do you think after the solar activity calms down does a large earthquake occur afterwards?”

            That is a tricky one to answer, to say the least! For starters, NO ONE has ever invested – to my knowledge – the effort to BEGIN an examination of such … academically, that is. From what I have seen over a looong period stretching back to the early part of the last decade I can say that the ‘excitation-response-relxation’ path followed is very dependent on a number of points. As you would expect, the first of those is the gross magnitude of the impulse involved….how HARD do we get ‘hit’ when ‘it’ arrives. Secondly, how active has the terrestrial lithosphere been in the time prior to that strike? This is more in thy realm than my own but it ‘seems’ that – contrary to good sense – that the more QUIET the lithopshere has been apriori, then the greater the response for a given input of energy. Mayhaps that would be explained by the ‘locking’ of plates beneath our feet…were it so the stress/strain would naturally be very high, Yes? Thus, any solar event would serve as a ‘trigger’ further forcing the situation to greater levels of same…till they snap. There are other considerations involved…some I have mentioned to you lately, here….none of this serves to answer your question adequately though, does it?

            Well….’situationally’ speaking here, now…today, I would feel that anything for which we saw here measured proton flux levels exceeding a 6000 paticles/cc/sec level would likely produce a pronounced effect within 72 hours…likely towards the latter part of that frame. The reason is not simple and has to do with both the solar event itself and the magnetospheres response as well. Have you ever wondered where all those particles from the solar wind go? To be sure SOME end up immediately cycling down to the surface of the Earth via the Poles….seen as aurorae but it is NOT the case that all instantly convect down through via the same process. Indeed the Van Allen belts exists specifically because there remain – lomg-term – particles thereof trapped in the magnetosphere cycling around and around. For a variety of reasons the net enegy transfering to the planet itself differs broadly from those who we see as atmospheric displays…but it does have an effect …. sorry, I’m rambling a bit here.

            Directly…ther ARE two components of the momentum/energy transfer involved here; the immediate, which comes from the interaction of the particle stream with BOTH the magnetosphere (thus applying “torque” directly to the core – and that which is communicated to and through the polar atmosphere…these are not neccesarily seperate things it should be noted…too big an explanation for here I’m afraid. Truly, Friend… would that we could have spoken at some time directly, again “Alas…”

            The second compononet is the delayed portion which arises from the momentum/enegy transfer as a portion of the Solar wind/CME is ‘caught’ within the Magnetic terrestrial field manifested as the Van Allens, Yes? The ‘bleeding’ of energy/momentum here is variable…perhaps think of a rotor in an electric motor…yes, that is a good analogy I think. Think of it this way…a motor wound up to VERY high speed with nearly frictionless bearings suddenly disengaged for it’s driving source. Such can spin for a VERY long time. Rememebr, magnetic fields neither absorb nor emit energy themselves (unless they are MOVING)…they simply redirect torques into new directions Neccesarily, this would involve BOTH linear and angular momentum and would ‘couple’ through the aegis of the terrestrial field. The two part nature of this is what makes this somewhat difficult to analyze inasmuch as what if a larger than normal amount of ‘action’ was temporarily being stored as such…then an external event comes along that both has a direct effect and also prompts a release/absorption from the greater field…could act to contribute, could act to negate the primary impulse….ALL done as vector sums here.

            Apologies Friend, it REALLY is about THAT involved and as such any valid prognostication must arise out of a treatment of the details, the minutae. I hope that makes some sense, it may not. Suffice it to say that THIS IS a formidable problem to analyze…probably not treatable without some rather VAST resources on-hand!

            Mercy Me!…tis late Friend…the horizontal beckons me! A quick check of the Solar (and Seismic!) situation and I’m off to Lah-Lah land. BI…IF Mac can get the PM up BEFORE I leave I WOULD be pleased to ‘speak’ with you…be so invited Friend.



      32. HEY TEACHER- Leave Those Kids Alone !!!!!
        This is shaping up to be an Excellent conversation, so far.

        • Howdy TTC,

          Thanks! Yep, that’s my +1…disregard the trolls! ;


        • I wish it was the teachers. It is way beyond their pay scale. They will be ones pressed against THE WALL.

      33. A Tourist walked into a Chinese curio shop in San Francisco . While looking around at the exotic merchandise, he noticed a very lifelike, life-sized, bronze statue of a rat. It had no price tag, but was so incredibly striking the tourist decided he must have it. He took it to the old shop owner and asked, “How much for the bronze rat?”

        “Ahhh, you have chosen wisely! It is $12 for the rat and $100 for the story,” said the wise old Chinaman.

        The tourist quickly pulled out twelve dollars. “I’ll just take the rat, you can keep the story”.

        As he walked down the street carrying his bronze rat, the tourist noticed that a few real rats had crawled out of the alleys and sewers and had begun following him down the street. This was a bit disconcerting so he began walking faster.

        A couple blocks later he looked behind him and saw to his horror the herd of rats behind him had grown to hundreds, and they began squealing.

        Sweating now, the tourist began to trot toward San Francisco Bay .

        Again, after a couple blocks, he looked around only to discover that the rats now numbered in the MILLIONS, and were squealing and coming toward him faster and faster.

        Terrified, he ran to the edge of the Bay and threw the bronze rat as far as he could into the Bay.

        Amazingly, the millions of rats all jumped into the Bay after the bronze rat and were all drowned.

        The man walked back to the curio shop in Chinatown .

        “Ahhh,” said the owner, “You come back for story ?”

        “No sir,” said the man, “I came back to see if you have a bronze Democrat.”

        To the Collective and Perry, y’all can kiss my grits.

        Y’all Beware! I’ll save y’all a Limbuger and rotten egg samich. They go well with the crap you’re feedin me!!!

        • +1 Y’all! Made my mournin’.

      34. I am here & I am going to take over.

      35. “We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.” — Star Trek: First Contact

        Keep the FAITH

      36. what i don’t understand is that people still believe that there is this 2 party system horseshit. listen, whoever asshole, black or white sits on the throne, they will not give a shit about you. get the hell over it. obama is no special antichrist. he’s a fucking manchurian candidate placed to serve the “select few”. put a fucking republican in there, and it will be the same shit. stop taking the blue pill already.

        • I actually agree with your analysis, asian prep.
          Could that be why TPTB chose a black(Yeah, I know, but the blacks don’t)man to be president??
          Because we, the white public know politics is a snake with one body, but two heads and they care not for any of the citizens.
          And ‘they’ knew blacks would vote for a three-headed candidate if that’s what it took. And it worked–except for the voter machine fraud that actually put this scheme over the top.

      37. REALLY! the freakin government can’t even run a day care ! Ha They can have all the kids they want! it seems the Juvinile halls are filled with law abiding kiddies just waiting for instruction on wich gang to join. Folks this is a stupid distraction Get back to getting your basic preps in order before the SHTF Escape the city NOW while you still have time!

      38. It encourages me and saddens me that so many here declare themselves free and independent of the collective. That the sentiment lives is somewhat encouraging but that so many slaves declare themselves free is discouraging. Slavery was previosly defined by chains, today it is defined by taxes. To be very clear, I am a slave yearning for the ideal of freedom as defined in the plain language of the original American Constitution and Bill of Rights. I will not go to my grave declaring liberty yoked by laws that dictate every facit of life. Freedom is an absolute, you either are or you aren’t. Reality dictates I am not free, saddly,… neither are you. Respectfully.

      39. we can only hope that the comming war will kill them off instead of us, because if it doesnt, were doomed


        Yep….keep stacking.
        The banksters are keeping the price of metals down.
        Perfect…they are all socking up… you should too.

        One day, they will lose control of the currency…then metals will skyrocket.


        I buy silver.

        Peace of mind…
        Guns and Ammo
        Many degrees
        Zero debts

        No worries!
        Let it all collapse.

      41. The state can eat shit and die!






      43. Communism is the biggest failure in the history of mankind. It’s a joke. Unfortunately, it’s also led to the murders of about 100 million people around the world.

        I don’t believe that collectivism is very old. Communism is a religion. That’s why it continued after it was found to be a colossal failure.

        Communism is such an idiotic joke. They don’t believe in market forces so they have no way of knowing what anything costs to produce or what should be produced. So you have some ignorant fool deciding how many carrots should be grown in the whole country, regardless of the production cost or demand.

        • It’s true that communism is a gigantic failure, but there are quite a few people in this country who think they can make it work here.

        • Yep its failed but each generation has a group of ivy league idiots(and their groupies) who believe the generation before was stupid but they are the ones who have what it takes to make it work…stupidity stamped “Made in America” wont work any better than stupidity made in some banana republic….it wont work because it doesnt…simple youd think eh?

      44. I have been doing a little writing lately and I believe this sums up the problem–

        The old adage goes—history doesn’t repeat, it rhymes. I don’t necessarily agree with that adage as I read the Declaration of Independence that sowed the seeds of the Revolution that ultimately founded our Country and declared our intent to secure our unalienable rights. It’s readily apparent to me, just a couple hundred years later, we are right back where we started.
        The root of our problems comes from the, “Which comes first? – chicken vs. egg conundrum”. Do our rights come from God, to which man bestows certain rights and privileges to the government? Or does God bestow rights to government upon which man derives his from? Or does man, from whatever origin it is derived from, have the rights to bestow rights upon the government? Or does government, from whatever origin it is derived from, have the right to bestow rights upon man?
        While in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter what came first – the chicken or the egg, the continued continuity of our Constitutional Republic rests upon the order in which we KNOW our rights are derived. Most people have neither the time nor the inclination to read such documents as the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers, no less the writings of countless classical philosophers(Socrates, Plato and Aristotle and later Locke come to mind) on the origins of rights and democracy and that’s a real shame and I believe by design ( and I will discuss at a later post). Those papers along with the classical education received by our founding fathers laid the foundation for the American government and society. American citizens should be well versed in the non revisionist history surrounding the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War and the Constitution and Bill of Rights so they KNOW what their rights are and not just BELIEVE they have a particular set of rights. Got that?
        Beliefs are based upon the words, writings or thoughts of those considered influential or in authority. Knowledge is experiential and derived from investigation. What is collected during the course of an investigation? Evidence that is used to determine the truth. The founding fathers state,” We hold these truths to be self evident.” They KNEW.
        Or did they? The pundits will decry that a self evident proposition typically is one that is that is derived from a deep understanding without proof. Many self-evident propositions are of the moral/ethical persuasion, including this one, “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Most people can agree, regardless of their belief in the existence of a Creator or not, that rights being bestowed upon all members of society equally is ethical. In other words, while they may deny the existence of God, they believe in the laws of nature, or Natural Law. So what is Natural Law?
        According to Wikipedia, “Natural law is a system of law that is purportedly determined by nature, and thus universal. Classically, natural law refers to the use of reason to analyze human nature both social and personal—and deduce binding rules of moral behavior from it.”
        A review of world history confirms that governments believe the later in the chicken vs. egg conundrum, or in positive law, that governments, often by brute force, make laws and determine what rights, if any, its citizens may enjoy.
        Communists seek to eradicate the concept of self evident rights through the suppression of religion leading to the eventual demise of any sort of ethical code of conduct. Other countries may have dictators or monarchs that believe themselves to be” god” with similar results. Lastly, there exists a much more insidious form of government, plutocratic and immoral in nature, who by stealth and design, systematically chips away at not only its citizens rights but the ethical and knowledge foundation in which those rights were formed.
        Do you KNOW where your rights are derived? Or do you at least BELIEVE the rights the founding fathers listed are your rights? Regardless of whether you BELIEVE or KNOW, I hope you agree that we are at a dangerous precipice in our nation’s history due to ignorance by design. Let’s face it- the vast majority of Americans are ignorant of our nation’s origins or have long since forgotten the right’s our founding fathers KNEW we have in order to comprehend that those rights are blatantly being taken away from us once again.
        The famous saying goes something like this—Those ignorant of history are destined to repeat it.

        Just added—–
        I encourage everyone to pull out a copy of the Declaration of Independence and go to which has Webster’s 1828 dictionary on it. When trying to understand our Founding Fathers, it is imperative to understand the meaning and the context in which the words were used. Compare the meaning to today’s meaning. They are vastly different and there is good reason. If you noticed the 1828 dictionary had many references to biblical text and classical philosophy from which the context of the word was derived. This site has some good information on the how and why meanings and context were changed- to make us ignorant of god’s law and the concept of natural law.

        • @chantilly lady
          if only we all could write like you maybe people would understand where we are heading…
          natural law=rights bestowed by our creator
          common law=derived by man from natural law
          constitutional law=derived by common law, law of the people to restrict govt
          statutory law= private law made by the govt to reg itself and officers to ensure compliance with the constitution
          i think this is the way i remember it…when the republic dies because we have become a democracy any and all type of laws will die with it…

      45. Do you love me? Yes. Take care of my sheep.

      46. Another incremental nail in the coffin of liberty by those socialist,communist idiots. The greater part of education is producing functional illiterates. Many public high school children read at levels 3 years below their grade level.
        Most of all there is NO U.S. History being taught that would substanciate the continuation of our republic.
        I would bet that a college student could not tell me who Patrick Henry was and what he said. Francis Marion, Yorktown, Saratoga, Valley Forge, Mommouth, Ben Franklin, Von Stuben, John Paul Jones, Bon Homme Richard, Lafeyette, Bunker Hill and many other people and events which created our nation.
        What better way to destroy a nation by destroying its foundation.

        • you got that right, and not only that, but lieing about our history or ignoring it, and or altering it to fit their liberal mindset.

          We have TEACHERS in our public school system that believe and teach that this country is a Democracy, and tons of people speak it, believe it and act like it daily!

        • slingshot,

          I agree with you, if you do not teach the children how this country came to be then they will never know where we are headed. How could they choose the path of freedom when they have no idea what true freedom is?

          The Spanish American War,the civil war, the Mexican American War, the war of 1812, the revolutionary war, the industrial revolution, world war 1, world war 2, most public school and even college kids do not have a clue about our history other than George Washington chopped down a cherry tree, which happens to not be true. Very sad and pathetic because this is the next generation. They are being robbed of an honest and decent education, yet most parents are allowing and even encouraging this communist mind set. All they are concerned with is having the State take care of them and not rocking the boat fearing their entitlements may be jeopardized.

          Screw the kids, screw religion, screw history, just give me what I want because I want it now! That is what we are dealing with and that is what is taking over this country.

        • Slingshot, your comment reminds me of an incident which occurred recently. I made the mistake of mentioning the word, “drones” to my daughter. I wanted to recite a poem about drones but she goes bezeerk if I mention anything contrary to her world view.

          She said, “drones?” and then went into an apoptolyptic fit, screaming, attacking: “Drones? Mom, listen to yourself! You sound whacky! There are no such things as drones! If there were drones, don’t you think I would have heard about them? You read all this stuff on websites and believe it… all that stuff is not true!”

          She went on to say how her professor never said anything about all the stuff I mention and he said that most stuff on the Internet is false. (She has 7 years of college and mostly A’s)… so we fought all week end.

          The point is, with all her education, her news watching amounts to celebrity gossip and headline news: deer crossed Los Angeles street… At least when I explained about the second amendment she agrees with me about that now… but its really difficult for some people to grasp the point where we are now. Its called, “cognitive dissonance”– when something is too far outside the realm of daily human experience for people to comprehend, they just dismiss it… guess its scary for them to wake up.

        • Watch “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” (which I saw recently when staying in a hotel since I don’t have cable). None of the contestants could answer even basic math, English and science. I have been told that most writing for the general public should be kept to an 8th grade level or lower. People are proud of their ignorance but they are up to date on the celebrities.

      47. Kudos Brandon. Very good piece.

      48. It seems to me that much of collectivism comes out of people living in cities while individualism is more of a rural phenomenon. Most of the rural folks I know have a self sufficient attitude while people in the city want to (need to) control others.

        Perhaps it has to do with having so many people pushed together, bumping into each other and irritating each other. My neighbor built a shed I don’t like- maybe I should report him because he didn’t get permits. Make more and more rules to keep people I don’t like in line.

        When everyone tries to force rules to match their personal idea of a good life, we end up with rules for everything. I cringe whenever I hear someone say “my child died because of…. so we need this law so it will never happen again.” I am so sorry for their loss but we can do without the extra rules.

        • I believe youre on to somthing…people who tend to wanna control or be controlled tend to clump together and those who dont care and wanna be left alone tend to seek out some space of their own to be themselves in…I fall totally into that last category…leave me be and Ill leave you be…unless you need some help and ask,not demand… 😉

      49. No charges against Vegas cop who shot vet dead

        No criminal charges will be filed against a police officer who shot and killed an UNARMED, DISABLED Gulf War veteran who refused to get out of his car in December 2011, the district attorney in Las Vegas said Thursday.

        “The Nevada Supreme Court makes it perfectly clear that the mere perception of danger, as opposed to actual danger, is sufficient to warrant a killing in self-defense,”

        Now if we did this as a citizen we would be in prison for MURDER!

        but according to Nevada SC..they can kill you if they “precieve” you as a danger..

        this needs statement needs to backfire on them in the biggest way

        • ANOTHER Vet assassinated??? when does it end…?!

        • Can we perceive that they are dangerous? See how that one plays….

      50. The state already owns you.

        For the many here who think a economic and societal changing state is coming, i say its already here.

        When the majority of US voters vote to take money of others for their benefit without the consequences, when a government organization steals money from people(Cypress) and when governments decide to legislate they can take money from its people if needed(Canada); the state already owns you.

        With the exception of the few that actually live off the land and own that land outright and are willing to risk their health by relying on themselves, the government owns you already.

        The only question left in my opinion is does the US become a european type company or to a soviet union type country. There’s just too many people willing to accept scraps off the table as long as they comply and don’t have to put forth any real effort.

      51. @ JustOneGuy. Had another precursor earthquake on the Pacific Antarctic Ridge. 7 times before this has happened and 7 times there have been either mulitple big earthquakes or one time a 7.9 back in 1977 in Indonesia. The Kermadec Islands are prime target for this, several times, along with Vanuatu, New Guinea, Fiji, Southern Japan, Off the Coast of Eureka, Calif., Mariana Islands, and AGAIN Mexico to Chile (13 out of 14 times now). There are people on the site from Central America to South America, and people that have relatives down there. That one at 87 degrees north in the Franz Josef Land had 8 quakes before and 7 times big shakers followed within 15 days.

        South America and Central America have a massive bull’s eye on them, and I fear because of all these precursor earthquakes, and there has not been a high 6 to 7 range, that something catastrophic is building. This is a region that can and has had some of the largest earthquakes ever recorded. 13 out of 14 times since mid March tells me that something at least 7.5 is coming. Would not at all be surprised to see 8’s to even 9’s, maybe even a pair of them. Watch this region as all indications of these harbinger earthquakes say severe quake(s) is coming.

        • Be informed,

          Which States in Central America do you think would be the most affected. Your scenario seems credible and quite alarming.

          • Be informed,

            I misspoke, in my mind I was thinking you said central USA, anyhow, what areas do you believe will be the most affected and what are your thoughts about the New Madrid fault in the coming months. Thanks.

            • @ Swinging on a star. You and probably others have all been in bumper cars at the amusement park. It seems like sometimes there is just someone that you want to nail good, but they are behind a car or two. Well as a kid I found that if you get up enough speed and collide with one you could propel that car into the one you want to get. The plates are similar on a three dimensional plate. While a mega earthquake down in Peru would not seem like anything to most people other than VRF’s relatives down there, let’s hope that doesn’t happen, but it deeply affects the Cocos plate and the Caribbean plate and that affects the New Madrid big time.

              Also anything in Mexico that has a northward thrust is going to affect the San Andreas’ southern flank. The most highly likely areas to get it are Mexico to Panama, and about Northern Peru to central Chile. In Mexico the area between about Gudalajara and Acapulco is lighting up with energy coming from here. IF this area is hit with anything above 7.5 it will definitely have a bearing on the San Andreas and the fault system in southern California.

              If you are interested in the New Madrid, look for earthquakes on the Mid Atlantic Ridge between 14 and 20 degrees north, and somewhat at 54 to 60 degrees. These are junction points that aim the force of the twisting affect of the North American plate right at the New Madrid. The eastern Caribbean plate WHEN it breaks will also cause massive strain against the New Madrid, on top of sending a tsunami into the Atlantic seacoast and probably Gulf states. Depending on the size, the tsunami could be almost as high as the ones in Japan, especially on the shallow shelf in which shallow waters tend to help build tsunami waves higher. This thrust area of the Caribbean plate is almost as deep and as long as the Japanese fault system and the Cascadia fault region. In other words probably a mid 8 to high 8 range, and because of the long time frame of the last break which was about 600 years ago, maybe a 9.

              • Be informed,

                Thank you, this is quite disturbing but I am thankful that someone as knowledgeable as you are is on top of it and willing to share your research with others.

        • I just want one big ass earthquake somewhere that doesnt kill any third world peeps, but that sends a wall of water to renovate our coastlines here in the islands,, everyone out of the way for the tsunami warning sirens of course so there are no injuries,
          would reset things for a while, give construction a huge jump start and get everyone back to work, and give a chance to purge the damn tourists for a year or so, and give the stupid politicians here a wakeup call that they need to SUPPORT local agriculture all in rather than just give us lip service for the warm and fuzzy feel good points,,,

          • Don’t wish too hard for that tsunami or you’ll have that Pacific trash vortex in your backyard…lol

        • Howdy BI,

          I have a question Friend. The near North Pole tremor last night is – to my mind – EXCEEDINGLY ‘odd’….how often is it, historically – that ANTARCTIC tremors occur?
          That is, how many times in the last – Oh say – 100 years have such manifested….to your knowledge?

          I HAVE a reason for asking…it does relate to some of what ‘we’ have passed back and forth here lately…


          • @ JustOneGuy. Not that rare. 8 times during in the 40 years, and 7 times it lead to a big earthquake around the world. This is probably because this region is an extension of the Mid Atlantic Ridge that they “say” stops at northern Greenland, but likely goes all away around the north pole to connect with the North American and Asian plate boundary up between Alaska and Russia. The Antarctica is one large plate like a smaller African plate and IF you start to see earthquakes in the 7 region or larger in the Antarctica, this planet has a massive problem.

            The Antarctica has a lot of weight on it from the miles of ice sitting on it, and from this there is a wobble of the axis and rotation of the Earth. Like a top, you put too much stress on one end and that top can tip over. With the planet this can mean a limited shift in the plates. Not a full polar shift like the movie 2012, but something that would likely end civilization. Earthquakes and much increased volcanic activity in the Antarctica would mean something is causing this, and that could be the crust literally getting ready to shift. Up to now all is fairly quiet.

            A type of shift in the plates would not be so much the worldwide tsunamis that would inudate the most inland areas. That won’t happen like the 2012 movie, the water is not going to empty itself out the vast depths, as this is what it would take for a wave to go 500-1000 miles inland up several thousand feet of elevation. The oceans are only 70% of the surface of the planet, not 90% or more.

            The real concern with any rapidly crustal shift would be the winds from the magnetic storms that would likely reach EF-5 tornado level or higher around the planet. The atmosphere is real responsive to such a rapid change as demostrated by the hurricanes that develop sometimes sustained 200 mph winds such as in Wilma, from simply the ocean trying to cool itself. Imagine the planet’s atmosphere trying to adjust and rebalance itself and seek an equalibrium when the equator is suddenly at what was 20-30 degrees north or south. The planet’s magnetic stability that helps holds the ozone in place would also be disrupted. You could even have upper level air rushing into spots like the movie The Day After Tomorrow. Some of these movies have some scientific basis behind them. The Antarctica is the region to watch if and when there is a crustal shift, that is the harbinger of doom for human society should this get ready to ever happen.

            • Good Evening BI,


              THANKS for the info Friend…such is not something that I could easily have found myself; it is a JOY to be able to share and have things shared in return! Such as that datum would have taken me VERY long to ‘pin down’…’tis off the beaten path for me, as it were!

              ‘Something’ is running around in the back of my mind with this very odd situation, the entire idea of near-polar quakes…something like, “It’s on the tip of my tongue’ type stuff and I can’t quite get it to gell to my OWN satisfaction…I need to think for a bit.

              Amywho, Again, thanks for the information Friend… I’m going to go put my ‘thinking cap’ on for a bit…


      52. To overthrow a country form within you must control four things.

        The Government.
        The Money.
        The Guns.

        • @Slingshot

          So you are saying the score is 3 to 1, TPTB in the lead?


          • @BigB

            They control all of them to a degree. It is going to get worse. “They” People who are in power that make decisions without the consent of the people. Either behind the scenes or in the public eye. All four are interconnected. Damage one and you damage the others.
            We must remove the money that influences our law making. We must remove the restrictions of our gun rights. We must return to honest money. We must revamp our educational system away from socialism.

            • To take back a country—Mass scale, coordinated, asynchronous, non violent, civil disobedience.

              • No, it means that 100 million gun owners vote for Patriots. Only 129 million votes were cast in the last election. Where are the gun owners?

            • Howdy slingshot, BigB…

              slingshot, I saw your list above….GOOD review Friend! Always…explicitly IDENTIFY the salient points…GOOD thinking Brother!

              As a thought, the guns are a slam-dunk…once THAT has been accomplished you effectively have Europe – the “Old World” in all it’s Sick, beaten-down, glory…a bunch of lemmings as it were. So that one is wholly comprehensible, surely.

              As it stands, given the Laws of the Land THEY have the Education thing ‘sewed-up’, clearly. That will allow them to – eventually – turn ‘ours’ against ‘us’…the long play…THAT must be stopped, soon, else we be corrupted for within at the deepest level possible.

              That they possess the control of the government is a case of “Since the beginning…” unfortunately…

              Therefor, the MONEY…which is to say I wholly agree with you….THAT MUST BE DRIED UP else same will be be contunuously used to subvert and suborn ALL things from underneath us….the eefectiveness of bribery – on all levels is simply unquestionable…

              Before even the Civil War that process – the creation of an untouchable ‘Upper Tier’ was well into it’s creation. In reality it began with the creation of the railroads…and accelerated enormously as the the westward surge began….including all that led to the “Trans-Continental Railroad”. That led to large-scale industrialization – HUGE manufacturing concerns and thier apparatus. The process began with those such as the Astor’s and the Van der Bilt’s and later the Morgan’s (JP), who ran amok once the Rockefellers came into being….Yes, the OIL was the lynch-pin for all of those. Once the oil ‘thing’ was up and running the INDEPENCENCE – the ability to EXIST without a need for an external resource – of the average American went OUT the window. The history of this is openly known roundly. We, all of us, should acquaint ourselves with JUST WHO the adversary is here….from ‘WHERE’ do ‘THEY’ come? One can look up all these…and more over at Wiki

              Methinks ’tis time to get ‘educated’…just a thought here Guys…IF ‘invisibility’ is part of the modus operandi of those then TAKE THAT AWAY…



              • JOG, We posted at the same time. The problem simply stated is that the elected “no longer serve the people”. They are now the Elite, American Royalty. We the people now serve them instead of the original intent of them serving us. We used to send a representative to Washington to serve our interest’s.

                The lobbyist now serves as the representative to influence the elected. Only the people, organizations, industries and banks with money have any influence. The people in general no longer have a say in what is done by the politicians. And as I have said before I don’t care what they say when they are running for office, once in they by and large become as corrupt as the ones you kicked out.

                Pretty messed up.


                • Howdy BigB,

                  I DO truly love that ‘handle’ of your’s Brother…I grin EVERY time I read it, Ha!!

                  To be sure,

                  “The problem simply stated is that the elected “no longer serve the people”.”

                  The DAMN ‘Royalty’ thing is a DISEASE, is it not? Human nature just ‘sucks’ – for want of a better desciption – where THAT is concerned. I used to beleive that IF you could just write down a TRULY simple set of rules for everyone to follow that it could ‘all get better’…no longer. My Faith in Human nature is running a ‘tad thin’ anymore, as it were. No matter how much you try to keep em apart, Money and Politics keep going at it like ‘dogs in-heat’, don’t they?

                  Hey! When I read through your post previous I was in something of a rush..and so MISSED the last line! Surely Brother, I would be honored to converse with you thusly!
                  Just let me know which ‘mutual acqaintence’ is involved and either I’ll post you mine, or vice-versa.

                  Anywho, Brother…till later! Adios Amigo!


            • Slingshot:

              Yeppem and Amen to all of that. Problem being of course that the law makers and the money go together. Kind of a fox in charge of the hen house type of scenario. I just don’t see how it can be reversed without a full re-set.

              I see no effect on law makers from pressure by public sentiment. Special interest’s with money seems to be the only way to get their attention. Voting on issues at the state level has become a joke. If the ones with the money and influence do not like the outcome of an election they fight the results in court till the desired results are obtained.

              Again I can see no return to common sense unless the re-set button is pushed.


              • Howdy BigB,

                I DO truly love that ‘handle’ of your’s Brother…I grin EVERY time I read it, Ha!!

                To be sure,

                “The problem simply stated is that the elected “no longer serve the people”.”

                The DAMN ‘Royalty’ thing is a DISEASE, is it not? Human nature just ‘sucks’ – for want of a better desciption – where THAT is concerned. I used to beleive that IF you could just write down a TRULY simple set of rules for everyone to follow that it could ‘all get better’…no longer. My Faith in Human nature is running a ‘tad thin’ anymore, as it were. No matter how much you try to keep em apart, Money and Politics keep going at it like ‘dogs in-heat’, don’t they?

                Hey! When I read through your post previous I was in something of a rush..and so MISSED the last line! Surely Brother, I would be honored to converse with you thusly!
                Just let me know which ‘mutual acqaintence’ is involved and either I’ll post you mine, or vice-versa.

                Anywho, Brother…till later! Adios Amigo!


      53. The good idea fairy was a collectivist, see what that bought the American Indian.

      54. Eugenics is the applied science of the bio-social movement which advocates practices to improve the genetic composition of a population, usually a human population.[2][3] It is a social philosophy advocating the improvement of human hereditary traits through the promotion of higher reproduction of more desired people and traits, and reduced reproduction of less desired people and traits.[4]

        Oh did I mention Hitler really liked Eugenics??

        • So do progressives. Hitler got it from the intellectual progressives of the early 20th century here in America.

          • What’s your point, blame America? The progressives came here from there.

            Communism, Fascism, Marxism, Socialism all claim Utopia and the all try to inbreed. Lets just call it what it is.

      55. I’m in the habit of asking myself all the time if I’m really too deep into the way I see the world. Maybe I’m just being resistant to “change.” Maybe I’ve been listening too much to the same people and ideas. Then I see this video and read this article….
        I’m not crazy and I’m not a conspiracy nut!
        I can’t believe the propaganda is happening at this rate and to this level. Next I’m sure my chickens won’t be mine – they’ll belong to the collective.

      56. No. And that lady’s comments on that news station were horrifically disgusting at best.

      57. Just for the record.
        My spelling is bad. My punctuation is terrible and find it hard to put thought to paper at times. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

        • Do you want to join the “Mr. FixIt” club? To be a member you have to be able to fix anything, but your grammar. I am the founder member. My wife and kids ridicule over my lack of writing skills.

      58. AND – I’m printing this article and saving it – it might be illegal to have it in your home one day.

      59. “If every person is born without inherent characteristics or spirit, and all people are manufactured by environmental conditions alone”…

        Anyone who has had kids knows they are “born like that”. There is absolutely zero reality in the idea kids are purely products of their society. They can be limited, but their minds are their own. A challenge I face as a parent is to understand my own kids’ minds. The Every Child Left Behind and other institutional-indoctrination are under enormous challenge from the homeschool movement. Why have your kid spend 7 hours a day learning 1.5 hours worth of material? I’m impressed it takes us a generation or two to adapt to the brainwashing mischief of these pathological persons in the Department of [dis]Education hiding within our government veil.

        Maybe equally as scary: why vaccinate? The paperwork said the kid had a 1/10000 chance of going into a permanent coma (dpta or whatever that main one is). There were like 42 vaccinations expected before 1st grade. Well, the farmer (government) doesn’t care if he kills a few cows (our children). He’s trying to raise a herd, not individuals. Jesus, on the other hand, told a parable of a shephed who went searching for a single lost sheep.

        And less scary but true is the idea floating around that the US Government is not bankrupt because they own everything in the USA. That’s false. The empty skulls at the World Bank might think its true; but, in the USA, the government exists only to serve the people. The only power it has is what the constition granted … and that could even be at the discretion of the person as he or she can move out of the country. Its really weak. The idea the US Government debt can be paid by stealing wealth from the people is false.

        • This last part may be the reason a non-military department of government is being armed and staffed equal to or maybe greater than our military. I believe our military will always side on the side of the American public; so, the world finaciers may have put pressure on amoral government persons to create a shadow military to try to enfore the theft of wealth from Americans. The irony is – and true American know it – the wealth of America is not assets but ideas. Freedom. Respect. Cooperation. Fairness. Honesty. Discipline.

      60. Merree, good morning, and I have to agree nwith your comments. I encounter the “entitlement mentality” in Memphis every day. There are not enough people in urban areas with my way of thinking anymore. I’ve had too many close calls with the “collectivist” mindset. My late wife saw firsthand what that mindset did to her people in Cuba before escaping from there in 1967. It’s times like these when I wish she was alive to share her experience of life under communism so people would learn the truth. I’m going to stand up and fight. I will not submit to it. I’m an individual and I don’t belong to anyone. braveheart

        • Thanks for the feedback. I am glad to have you sharing your wife’s experiences in Cuba. I think the more information we can get from people who have been through these types of problems, the better prepared we will be.

      61. Possee, good morning, and i have exactly the same feelings. I can’t help but think we’re almost out of time, that SHTF is right around the corner. Going shopping again tonight; still prepping up until the last minute and I hope everyone else is too. braveheart

        • Howdy braveheart,

          ” I can’t help but think we’re almost out of time, that SHTF is right around the corner.”

          THAT is exactly my thinking as well Friend….the fame hass BEEN played out to nearest it’s full extent; there are simply too many things that are ‘edge-of-the-knife’ right now, and the SYSTEM has no natural ‘resiliency’ left to fall back on…

          …one teeny-tiny lil slip – on anyone’s part and POOF!

          “Good Lord willin’ anf the creeks don’t rise”, I’ll see you on the FAR side of this Friend. As I said to BigB the other day, Imagine all of us at a BIG Bar-B-Q,
          laughing, sitting in PEACE and Safety…Smokin, BigB, Daisy, PO’d…and a HOST of others!

          See you there Friend, on the FAR side!


      62. Mac-

        Curious as to why it sometimes to take so long for comments to post? Sits in moderation zone for hours.. Is it my setting or something?

      63. If we are blank slates and get everything from our environment, how come I am musical and my brother can’t carry a tune. I am patient and slow to anger, but he loses it at the drop of a hat. How do they explain two cats from the same litter having completely different personalities?

        BTW, the liberals are about to lose it over a law being considered in NC. It passed unanimously in one house. The new law would mandate teaching cursive handwriting and learning the multiplication tables, which I believe are left out of Common Core.

        • Archivist.

          Does it have anything to do with having a soul?

        • Reposted..

          Howdy Archivist,

          You might should look up – on the Web – “The Minnesota Study of Twins”, that might serve to begin to provide the answer to THAT question….

          In the question of “Nurture vs Nature”
          the LATTER is the key…NOT the former…

          However…that DOES led to some rather disturbing conclusions…


      64. Check out the International Radiation Detection and Monitoring platform at www dot mantisintel dot com. You can see how the west coast of the US has increased radiation exposure

      65. Dad Furious After Finding This Crayon-Written Paper in Florida 4th-Grader’s Backpack: ‘I Am Willing to Give Up Some of My Constitutional Rights…to Be Safer’

        The words are written in crayon, in the haphazard bumpiness of a child’s scrawl.

        “I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

        They’re the words that Florida father Aaron Harvey was stunned to find his fourth-grade son had written, after a lesson in school about the Constitution.

        Aaron Harvey’s son wrote as part of a school lesson, “I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.” TheBlaze has redacted the child’s name.

        Harvey’s son attends Cedar Hills Elementary in Jacksonville, Fla. Back in January, a local attorney came in to teach the students about the Bill of Rights. But after the attorney left, fourth-grade teacher Cheryl Sabb dictated the sentence to part of the class and had them copy it down, he said.
        The paper sat unnoticed in Harvey’s son’s backpack for several months until last week, when his son’s mother almost threw it away. The words caught her eye in the trash, and she showed it to Harvey, who said he was at a loss for words. He asked his son, who said Sabb had spoken the sentence out loud and told them to write it down. Harvey said he asked some of his son’s classmates and got a similar answer.

        Kandra Albury, a spokeswoman for Duvall County Public Schools, which includes Cedar Hills, told TheBlaze she didn’t know what prompted Sabb to have students write the sentence.

        She said the principal had fielded one parent’s concern about the lesson in January, but it wasn’t Harvey. She said Thursday the district and principal were “checking into” what had happened.

        Harvey, rather than asking the school for answers when he found the paper, wrote his concerns in an email, which was then forwarded to TheBlaze. He said he did it that way because he wasn’t sure he would have gotten a straightforward answer if he asked the school directly.

        He said he just wants to see a “proper, unbiased education” system and doesn’t want any kind of religion or politics brought into the classroom.

        “I believe in our Constitution. I am a veteran, I served for six-and-a-half years proudly and I served to protect our rights,” he said. “Now whenever I have someone coming in and trying to pollute my child’s mind with biased opinions…there’s no education in that.”

        • VRF
          My son was chastised in front of the class for a disagreement about Bill Clinton and called STUPID. Had to go down to the Dean. Damn near punched the skinny little bastard in the face.

          • I hear ya boss, Ive had my run ins with my kids school too..

            teaching them that this is a Democracy(major thorn in my side)
            preaching religion..(that teachers peticular religious beliefs etc)
            and saying that my kid should have to pay them $ to teach a lesson more than once, because she(my kid) was absent one day at home sick..(union mantality crap)

            • VRF
              You see VRF this is what I meant about hiding behind the Law. I am sure it was a blowoff and nothing done to that teacher. If I would have struck him I would have hauled off to jail and sued. I am also sure that later he would do it again. What really infuriated me is that he said he didn’t say it. Later in the conversation with the Dean, he did admit he did.

              • yep, learning to lie like a politician, its probably a job requirement

        • Communist Goals 1963…

          # 17.Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

      66. ….and one more thing. It would appear that dissent is only allowed when you’re part of the “community.” In essence this destroys the logic they purport to be using and replaces “collective/community” with CONTROL.

      67. DRUDGE REPORT: North Korea still running mouth… says nuclear war unavoidable… says Japan will be the first to go if they try to shoot down test NK’s test missile… says Japan will go up in nuclear flames…

        I say we just nuke the little b… s and get it over with. ; )

      68. “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined” (Patrick Henry, 3 J. Elliot, Debates in the Several State Conventions 45, 2d ed. Philadelphia, 1836)

        • Yessir…Ive always adheared to this statement…thats why Im the way I am in large part…thats why things like this common core or the moronic woman in the video or gun control or ANY control gets under my saddle like a burr…I have a deeply bred-in sense of distrust of anyone claiming to be in charge or control(caused my teachers alot of grief Im still proud of)taught my kids the same ornery way of thinking and only associate with ornery hardheaded folks like myself(thats why I come here ;)…and thems been too few, sad to say…we had a saying years ago that needs taught to a new generation….QUESTION authority…my version…QUESTION EVERYTHING and ANYONE…especially if it bothers them that you do…make em prove it before you buy it…youll enjoy alot less stress caused by finding out you been screwed again! 🙂

      69. US socialists are using the socialists template from 1939. First the socialist registered the guns, then rounded up the guns.

        That allowed them to register the Jews and others, then they rounded them up.

        No one in the US should be puzzled why the Jews walked into the cattle cars so quietly. We are on the same quiet walk up the plank and into the cattle cars.

      70. Gold, which in its defense is at least a tangible asset, sank 4% Friday and was briefly below $1500 an ounce

        • I wonder what’s going on behind the scenes that they are having to liquidate for???? Something is up, Cyprus is having to come up with billions more…

        • Gold’s value hasn’t changed. FRNs have changed in relation to gold futures and paper gold. Besides Cyprus, speculators supposedly are starting to price in similar gold reserves liquidation by other countries.

          That means more for me, or us. I would be happy if currency went up enough to buy an ounce of gold for just $100.

      71. A healthy economy and country does not require money printing to balance the books.
        A heathy economy and country does not have a currency earning zero percent interest.
        A healthy economy and country has a GDP ahead of inflation
        A healthy economy and country has people working and prospering, not collecting hand outs
        The USA has cancer folks, and its so called leaders are not really seeking true cures as they are the problem.

        Prepare for the funeral like your life depends on it, because it does.
        If you cant stand over your possessions armed and ready to defend them, you dont own it!

      72. Assimilate this! i will not become a part of the Borg.

      73. ABOVE WEBSITE — it says that DHS advising local PD’s of General Economic Collapse by end of April…well, Max Keisser has been saying the same thing for quite awhile. He says by the 21st.

      74. Wolf359, I hope you were just joking in your comments #1457254. If so, I’ll let you slide. If not, then I’ll have to tell you what to do with the comments. braveheart

      75. @ Be Informed ~ 6.0 hit western Japan.

      76. Yeah! This Harris-Perry chick is scary. And MSNBC’s new slogan is – “Lean Forward”!

        Hahahaha! Lean forward — and grab your ankles. Gawd! They are all a bunch of psychopaths and I’m really sick of it all.

      77. Hey, did you ever notice that they always make the arian kids out to be evil…

        Malfoy in harry potter

        The blond chick in willy wonka

        See how the Jewish controlled media does it?

      78. You say you want a revolution
        Well, you know
        We all want to change the world
        You tell me that it’s evolution
        Well, you know
        We all want to change the world
        But when you talk about destruction
        Don’t you know that you can count me out
        Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right
        All right, all right

        You say you got a real solution
        Well, you know
        We’d all love to see the plan
        You ask me for a contribution
        Well, you know
        We’re doing what we can
        But when you want money
        For people with minds that hate
        All I can tell is brother you have to wait
        Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right
        All right, all right

        Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…

        You say you’ll change the constitution
        Well, you know
        We all want to change your head
        You tell me it’s the institution
        Well, you know
        You better free you mind instead
        But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao
        You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow
        Don’t you know it’s gonna be all right
        All right, all right
        All right, all right, all right
        All right, all right, all right

      79. socialist, obama-supporting, racist, utopianist bitch

      80. That is hitting the nail on the head.

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