Are Devastating Tsunamis Headed for American Cities? “There’s Enough of a Chance”

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 116 comments

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    Last week, the coast of Chile was faced with a massive tsunami triggered by an 8.3 magnitude earthquake. Its capital and largest city, Santiago, was within the striking zone.

    But an alert was issued, and over a million people evacuated within twenty minutes time. A reported twelve people were killed by the destruction of the waves, but, statistically it was much better than last time when over 500 people were killed.

    It was a case of lessons learned. Inadequately prepared and corrupt government officials were dealt with, and new warnings systems were put in place to prep for the potential for violent episodes of seismic activity that so frequently take hold in the Pacific Ring of Fire, and signal if trouble is coming in time to escape.

    But what would happen if a tsunami struck north in the Pacific, on the Californian coastline, and threatened to destroy Los Angeles or San Francisco?

    “If the Chileans can evacuate a million people in 15 or 20 minutes, we should be able to do it as well.” [said Costas Synolakis, director of the University of Southern California’s Tsunami Research Center]

    But there is no guarantee that Americans are as prepared as people in Chile. (source)

    It is a stark warning, according to many experts, because adequate plans have not been made for evacuation, making buildings earthquake proof, or dealing with organizational strategies to mitigate the effects of disaster. NBC raised the question:

    Are American Cities Prepared For Massive Tsunamis?

    Is Los Angeles ready for a massive tsunami? How about Honolulu or Seattle?

    “It’s a wake up call,” says Lucy Jones of CalTech.

    “We know the buildings that are going to kill people – they’re still there. We know the infrastructure that’s going to come apart; and nothing is being done to strengthen it,” Jones told NBC.

    “There’s enough of a chance,” another expert stated.

    A tsunami set off by a major Alaskan earthquake is thought to be the most likely threat to the Californian coast, though many believe California is also overdue for a massive earthquake while a coastal quake and subsequent tsunami are also possible.

    Like other cities along the Pacific coastline, it lies in the “Ring of Fire,” and is highly prone to seismic upsets, sooner or later. In the event of a tsunami, the force of the waves would rock northernmost cities first, but would progressively head south over just a couple hours time, capable of causing billions of dollars of property damage, and the relocation of millions of endangered people – with hopefully no loss of life, but little time for delay.

    An estimated three quarters of a million people would need to be evacuated from Los Angeles alone, with comparable numbers in other large metro areas, according to experts. Even a relatively mild event could be sobering.

    California hasn’t dealt with a serious tsunami wave or earthquake in the recent and short memory of the public, and hence the general population remains clueless on what to do. Most will follow instinct and head for higher ground or flee the city, but are the highways and routes capable of facilitating a quick exodus from the most danger prone areas?

    It remains to be seen, but exposure to the San Andreas fault line puts the entire state at risk.

    Michael Snyder points out:

    According to seismologists, a major earthquake along this fault line could cause hundreds of billions of dollars of damage…
    For years, we have watched as the rest of the Ring of Fire has been absolutely ravaged by major seismic events.

    We all remember the earthquakes that caused the Indonesian tsunami of 2004 and the Japanese tsunami of 2011. And the world mourned when major earthquakes devastated New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Japan and the Philippines.

    Scientists assured us that it was only a matter of time before the west coast started to become seismically active again, and now it is happening.

    If you live on the west coast, I hope that you will consider these things very carefully.

    Just because the earth under your feet has been relatively quiet for a very long time does not mean that it will always be that way.

    Something big appears to be happening to the earth’s crust, and you won’t want to be in the “danger zone” when things finally break loose.

    As usual, it pays off to be prepared for any eventuality, and that means extra considerations for the coastline where seismic activity is possible at any time.

    Consider your plan, and make sure to take these basic steps first: The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Through Any Disaster

    Read more:

    Swallowed by the Tsunami: Horrifying New Footage

    Supermarket, Gas Lines as Pacific Rim Braces for Tsunami

    12 Signs That Something Big Is Happening To The Earth’s Crust Under North And South America

    Things To Consider Before Bugging Out


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      1. A tsunami could wipe out Los Angeles? There’s a problem with that?

        • They say it like it’s a bad thing 🙂

        • Los Angeles in not that likely. Unlike South America where the major continental fault lies off shore, the san Andrea’s is inland.

        • There already has been a tsunami hit Los Angeles. A tsunami of Mexicans!

        • That’s WISHFUL THINKING!

        • Might help with the water shortage crisis in Calif.

        • Tool has been singing about this since the 90s…!!

          “Here in this, Hopeless fucking, Hole we call L.A., The only way to, Fix it is to, Flush it all away,”

          • I like Tool, thanks for that.

        • That’s what I was thinking. A blessing in disguise I would say.

      2. I would like to order one for Lake Michigan to wipe out Chicago.

        • Not one but two for Shitcago/Chirac.

          • Sarge, I’ll second the motion on that one and hold the mayo. [SARCASM]

            • I wonder if you’re as stupid as you sound, some old creep doom porn lover who has zilch to live for, hopefully Memphis gets wiped out by a big New Madrid quake with you in the middle of it, no loss for anyone, that’s for sure.

              • Tom, who yanked on your chain? There was no cause for that remark so go f$&@ yourself.

                • There was every cause for that remark, you’re a stupid old blowhard, you’ve been taking up space here for years saying the same shit over and over, jumping up and down like a small kid for everything doom porn, because if you don’t get your big ” reset” you’re a failure as a human being, check that, even if you do get it you’re still a failure, a waste of oxygen.

                  • Troll, I’m not a fucking failure. I’ve always worked for everything I want and need. I work and pay taxes; what about you? True I never went to college andI had my reasons for avoiding it. Never beg or borrow or steal or any of that. When I need something in particular, if I have enough money on hand I go ahead and get it. If not, then I wait. No credit cards or loans for me ever. Even my cars are bought for cash from private owners. Just like anyone else here, it burns me to no end to see my tax dollars go to people who refuse to work and even to these foreigners coming in here. I hate everything that TPTB are doing to this country and I will continue to speak out against it all. You can believe whatever you want. I don’t owe you a damn thing. I stand by what I say concerning nonpreppers. They WILL be toast.

                    • Seems like the trolls have been coming out in droves here lately…a sign maybe??

                  • Paul Blart is no failure, he’s worked his way up to shift supervisor in only 18 years. Single, no kids and lives in a sweet one bedroom in downtown Memphis. Saves all his cash so cuz in Georgia will be fine when the system collapses. Cuz takes all she can from this hero because she knows no way in hell a shift supervisor is going to leave his post when all comes crumbling down.

                    when one is always pointing fingers at others (trolls), one must take a big look at themselves.

                    • Just troll, go fuck yourself.

                  • Hey schitstain, if that desperately needed “reset” doesn’t occur then you’re the fuckin failure…check that, you’re still a skidmark even if it does.

        • Prophet, that’s not nice!

          • Sustainable Prepper, they are a little worse than usual, but we know how to handle them.

            • How do you do that? You show them the badge and force them to leave the Piggly Wiggly?

              • Jstm troll, why not come to Memphis and find out for yourself? Hah, didn’t think so.

                • Braveheart

                  I see a trend here. I got personally attacked too by some unknown that never posts and accused me of somewhat hijacking his name. Hell I been on this BB for a couple of years easy.

                  Consider it flattery as your getting under someones skin. The big question is who?

                  • Kevin,given what I went thru in last year and a half/I almost married Julie/a few trolls is just entertaining.With that said I am protected by the “Black Sheep Matter!” army,they are armed with Goldfish crackers and federal ammunition,I am all set.

                    Keep in mind,the “Black Sheep Army” is a off shoot of my true empire,the UFLA,yep,life is grand!

                    So,to all you trolls,bring on your “disparaging comment”!

                    • Kevin and Warchild, let the fuckers bring it on. You know me. I NEVER run away from trolls.

              • Mac, is that you?

      3. As the earth’s population grows, we will see more at risk doe to an earthquake or tsunami.

        Just minutes ago – moderate earthquake, 5 mag has occurred near Amahai in Indonesia.

        • KYm.
          Things are happening mom…
          Makes one feel very small.
          Thanks for all the info you post, it’s very much appreciated.

      4. I was in the Northridge quake. Worst quake this native Californian has experienced. People died because of building owner neglect/ineptitude and their own disregard for safety. Same old same old. If a tsunami strikes idiots will go down to watch the waves (as happened in Crescent City, 1964).You can’t stop stupid. Darwin Awards all around!

          • It just goes to show you—you never know when your time card will get punched out.

        • I was there days afterwards, and felt the aftershocks, and saw some of the effects of the devastation. The next big one is gonna make Northridge seem little. It very well could come because of what transpires this week.

          Alright, alright, alright!

          Today, the 22nd , is the last day for the annual time of repentance, before the day of atonement. It is for the masses of nations and the world.

          Acceptance, acknowledgement, repentance, must come before atonement. Today is the last chance for that on a large scale, according to God’s time table.
          Sure, personal salvation and repentance is available anytime before death, but as a “peoples” it has to be today, to align with God’s New Year, that began a few weeks ago.
          Need more information? Just go back a few days of topics under…”Top Hedge Fund Mgr. Warns:”, and go to my commentary titled…”Covenant of Death”.

          It is comment # 3448904 posted on the 19th @ 7:28 pm.
          It is very important we see the significance of God’s Holy days, and why we are at a point of no return.

          On a personal/individual note, today’s actions (if not already performed), can mean the difference of blessings or cursings, for the rest of the year. As a whole/nation, there will not be much repenting because of the confusion of these days with ewish holidays, and because of the apostasy of the times.

          Note: For all the –ew haters, don’t let the Hebrew terms scare you off. These are God’s terms for His Holy Days, by the ancient order, first and foremost. It was meant for all Christians, even before there was Christianity, and God is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

          Moses…appointed Nisan (begins 15 days before the first full moon in March or April)…as the first month for the festivals…the commencement of the year for everything relating to divine worship, but for selling and buying and other ordinary affairs he preserved the “ancient order” of the year beginning with Tishrei; (or as we know as September this year, and sometimes Oct., on our Gregorian calendar).

          We are at a crossroads in time, and time is running out.
          It is better to be under the individual protections of our Creator in the turbulent times ahead, so act accordingly.
          It can, and does make a difference in being prepared for the natural and supernatural events that are coming.
          When it hits the fan,
          Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

          • Passin speaks for god. He is a special, magical unicorn. Bringing rainbow skittles to the masses.

            • Passin’ has a hard time breaking free from Jewish Fables.

              • You mock.
                Just like the none preppers who mock preppers.
                I wish you well prepper.
                Be prepared.

            • He only speaks of the imaginary figure when it works for him. The guy talks about killing other human beings but yet states he is a “true follower” of Jesus. He skipped the parts of the greatest book of lies when they talk about turning the other cheek.

              • Jstm troll, I promise I won’t turn the other cheek if we ever meet. Bank on it.

                • I’m with ya on that braveheart; however when the pukes that dish out all the anti-christ troll talk on us christians, are face to face with us, they will be docile as a lamb.

                  The 10 ft. tall, bullet proof, troll talk will be silencio.

                  They don’t worry me none, actually I feel sorry for their sorry asses.

                  Anyways, about the tsunamis. They will come. They will kill.
                  Where someone is located, and what their spiritual situation is like at the time, can make a big difference.

                  Kind of like the family that was vacationing in Indonesia when the big one hit there. A ten year old girl (don’t know where from) had been studying earthquakes and tsunamis in school. She was listening to the radio when the alert came that a large earthquake had just occurred in the Indian Ocean and gave some indications of where it was located. Not knowing that the Indonesian authorities did “not” give out tsunami warnings because of “not’ wanting tourists to leave….she didn’t wait to hear from them.

                  The little girl told her family that the earthquakes that strong in the ocean, usually had huge tsunamis with them. She convinced them to all go to a nearby mountain. Not long after they arrived near the top of the mountain, the devastation hit. Of course there may have been some divine intervention, but they all survived, and that is what counts.

                  Eleven countries, and 240,000 killed, with untold figures for property losses. Third largest earthquake ever recorded. It shook the earth so strongly, that it set off smaller quakes as far away as Alaska.

                • You are a funny guy. If we ever meet you best be quick on the draw with your pepper spray!

                  • Troll, forget the pepper spray. Let’s see how you feel about being on the wrong end of a handgun.

                  • Sounds like you’ve been pepper sprayed before. Perfect for repelling punkass bitchass knobslobberers like yourself!

                    • Mac, back censoring comments again for your favorite idiot again, aren’t you?

          • Thanks, Passin…

            Regarding some of the Replies:

            The New Testament “enemies” are people you know who have done you wrong. The Old Testament covers dealing with “enemies” you don’t know such as invaders who wish to destroy your culture.

            Pepper Spray is anything smaller than #4 Buckshot.

            • Thanks Tex, I prefer…prepper spray.

      5. This should be a major concern here in Florida, but everyone just poo-poos the idea. Most of Florida is near sea level, with massive numbers of people living near the coast. With very few major highways running north, it would be next to impossible to evacuate the peninsula in time. If a major earthquake happened on the mid-atlantic ridge, a tsunami could very easily hit Florida in a few hours. They say it is highly unlikely to ever happen, but they did install tsunami alert stations along the ridge, just in case. When we bought our place, this was a factor in choosing our location. We wanted something away from the major population centers, centered between the Atlantic and the gulf and at least 100 feet above sea level. We are at 130 feet above sea level, but not quite centered in the state. We are just south of the Ocala National Forest and most of the roads around us would not support a mass evacuation into our area. If a major tsunami were to hit Florida, I suspect there would be mass panic and death as people were trapped on the roads trying to get away from the coast.

        • JAS, I lived in Miami from 1975 to 1982 so I know from where you speak. I worked for a courier service back in those days and used to make runs to other parts of the state and beyond. first year I was there I made runs 5 days a week from Miami to Key West. When hurricane warnings are issued for the Keys they come 3 days in advance so the locals can evacuate. US highway 1 is the ONLY route going in and out and last time I checked is still ONLY TWO LANES. I’ve seen both lanes open just so people can get out as fast as they can. A majority if not all of FL would be toast in a tsunami. Millions of people would be lost.

        • JAS.

          In Florida it would take about three days to evacuate the coastal areas. See the video’s when they had a hurricane come at the state. Some got on the interstate with cars that should have been in the junkyard. Very little in the gas tank. Stalled cars from overheating. People were trying to get off at the nearby exits cause they didn’t have the money to make it back. You better think a couple states away instead of two towns over.
          Now compact the time to just a few hours.

          • Slingshot, like I said in my post to JAS earlier, if you’re not ALREADY out of FL, you are royally screwed.

            • Braveheart.

              I’m screwed.

              • Sling, there must be some place you can go to. I don’t like the thought of you getting washed away in a tsunami.

                • What good would flood insurance do you in a case like that?

                  Man the oars! Stroke. Stroke. Stroke.

                • But you, on the other hand, being spirited away by a giant wall of water, holding your box of goldfish crackers out of the water while saying ” glug, gurgle, snort, chortle, sumbody save muh goldfish fer me”, PRICELESS!

                  • Tom troll, what would be priceless would be to hear about something unfortunate happening to you.

            • I hate the idea of living in a state where there is only 1 direction of fleeing ( unless you have a boat)
              thats IF they warn you in time .. there again TRUSTING a government to do the right thing..oooo, not high on my list of types i wish to trust with my life

            • Because living on the New Madrid fault line in Memphis is so much safer. Absolute moron!

              • Jstm troll, go,play in a busy street or something.

                • Braveheart

                  Ignore them; the rest of the BB does.

                  • Kevin, that’s easier said than done. I’m not running away from someone who’s probably stuck in mommy’ basement.

          • I agree. If things get bad enough in any location people will be toast. I figure that 50 miles from the coast and 130 feet above sea level will give me some safety from all but a super tsunami, in which case it’s over. I have no plans on trying to get out and getting stuck on the highway. We needed to be in central Florida, and chose this place after a lot of studying the area. We actually rented for 18 months, while we looked at the geographical area and statistics, prior to looking at any homes. We had a pretty significant set of requirements for our final home purchase. We are getting older, I’m 63 and wife is 72, and while I am in pretty good shape, she is not. She is also medicinally dependent for life. There are no bugout plans and because of that, we keep pretty well stocked with supplies and equipment. Our single story house was built 10 years ago, is all concrete block construction with a stucco exterior, metal studs, flame proof roof and has all the latest hurricane restraints built in. We are in one of the highest points in the area and the house sits above the road and surrounding areas for good runoff. We are on a dead end road with only one way in and it is easy to close off to vehicle traffic. Here’s hoping that it is enough.

            • Jas and Braveheart.

              The world is a dangerous place to live in. I do entertain plenty of scenarios that may kill me. What does happen is that there are advantages that open up as you explore the possibilities to survive. Ones you can use elsewhere. The big and most important point is to Not Make Your Situation Worse. By doing something Stupid.
              And that is why we evaluate all the bad things that can happen. You can better you odds but you can’t beat all the odds against you.

        • In 2005 we left South West Florida after 20 years. Best thing we ever did. I loved Florida and miss a lot about it, but I knew in my gut that if we ever had to get the hell out of dodge for any reason we’d never make it.

          • Fullmoonrizing, you did exactly right. I also loved FL when I was there but had to leave after my wife was killed by a drunk driver. After that, there was nothing left for me there so I left. I have a place to go to when TSHTF and it’s still far enough away from the coast that I’ll be just fine.

            • You are never going to make it. Tyron is going to parade your toothless ass up and down Beil Street with your fake badge and pepper spray jammed up your ass.

              • Troll, you really think so? Tyrone won’t even know I’m gone by the time TSHTF. Where I’m going is a much better place for survival. I’ll grant you that Memphis will be toast one way or another, but I’ll be long gone. Tyrone and company are the ones who are screwed.

              • JSTMS
                Please have a grownup to take both your hands and move them up and down very slow and say sail buzzard sail buzzard and a little faster up and down say flop flop flop. After a couple of weeks practice ( if you can stop playing with your pp tool long enough)you may be able to do it by yourself. Good luck

                • Still playing in the mud, welcome aboard, and that sounded like a classic response.

                  • Don’t look now but mac has censored a lot of classic responses made to you, looks like he knows who’s the biggest pussy on the site is.

            • Thanks Braveheart. Sorry to hear about your wife. That must have been hard. We’re in a small town in Illinois now hours from any large cities. Illinois isn’t the best place to live BUT I don’t feel like we are trapped here like I did in Florida.

      6. Hahahahaha!

        O.K. The state of California has earthquakes, major drought and forest fires, flash floods, possible hurricanes along the lower part of the state, Fukushima
        radiation and now tsunami’s. Any sleeping volcanoes’.

        • Slingshot, one way or another, the west coast will be toast. All good people living in coastal areas should leave if possible. Untold millions will be lost if/when any tsunami hits.

        • Actually, there ARE sleeping(dormant) volcanoes in northern California that pose a viable threat. They are being monitored by the USGS and will probably ooze lava, rather than go like Mt.St. Helens did, that is pure speculation on their part.

          • TPS.

            Florida has sink holes.
            Swallowed one person right up while he was sleeping. Like 90 ft. straight down. The whole house. People heard the man calling for hell.

            • Fuck me!

      7. How about one large enough to wipe out D.C.?

        • SP spot on. That would solve most of the world’s problems, but NY and the City Of London would also have to be taken out.

          • True…but if it’s big enough to wipe out D.C. I’d venture to guess a good bit of New York would be toast as well.

        • S.P.
          I don’t want it to wash away DC Just the TURDS that work there. (Work there is say that very loosely.) I should say steal our money there.

          • Roger that Sarge! It would have to be a powerful one though because pretty much every one of those TURDS is a floater…they keep coming back!

            • Sustainable Prepper, bullets will work on turds.

              • Yeah, and you’re be the last one to fire on off, you’ll be hiding in the kitchen with yer goldfish crackers telling them how tough you are, crying while the bullets whizz around you.

                • Brain hurt troll, so you think I can’t take care of myself, huh? Come to Memphis and try to test your theory? No, I didn’t think you would. I wouldn’t even waste a bullet on you. Instead, I’ll just let the local gangbangers have you.

                  • Paul Blart really thinks he is a tough guy. You are not tough because you chased down a pregnant woman stealing diapers at the Piggly Wiggly. You will piss yourself the first time a round snaps past your head. Tool!

                    • Troll, ydu really believe that? Come to Memphis and test your “theory” face-to-face on me? Nope, I didn’t think so.

              • Ahh man…I didn’t need that “splat” image! LMAO

                You’re right tho. Lock ‘n Load!

          • Why not wipe out all the turds who force children to strip down for a stolen lunch money search?

            • Troll,why don’t you just ESAD? (Eat shit and die)

      8. Why would anyone choose to live in Florida California places that are obvious choke points. Makes little to no sence. Road blocks check points easy pickins in Florida. As for California I have no idea what’s going on with people there. I did read a news article a while back that kinda made sense. Jist of the article stated that china japan came here and bought up water allotments from the farmers well give you x dollars for the water you were going to use to grow food as a result all that water has been shipped away no ground water no rain brings on drought. Water doesn’t disappeare it recycles with weather patterns take away the water and it changes the weather pattern. If there’s any truth to it you deserve it. It came down to a new pickup fifth wheel etc they’ve got your water you got an aging pickup.
        Why would you do that. Up here in Canada we refuse to oversell for profit. Resourse managment. Some call it over regulation. Gawd I hope our country remains in tact American politicians have recently renewed their efforts to start exploiting Canadian resources. Our politicians have for the mostpart kept them at bay. I’ve seen American company’s here they really don’t give a fuck the prevailing attitude is make as much h money as possible I’ve seen one logging company clear cut 3x the allotment all they said was oops sorry we misread the permit well gladly pay the fine.and 15 years latter the slash piles are still there disgusting way of doing business.
        I believe most of you good folks have seen the same big company moves into town everybody is doing well and once the resources are depleted its thanks for bending over and your left with nothing. We ALL let this happen.

        • john

          “Why would anyone choose to live in Florida”

          We kinda like the warm temps and being close to the Gulf. Like the firearms laws like Shall Issue. Forget the whole cutting wood survival backwoods for us; not healthy enough.

          ” Up here in Canada ”

          Never met a Canadian I didn’t like; most polite people I have ever come across. The downside is its too damn cold and the gun laws are draconian.

          Different strokes for different folks.

      9. I’m currently sitting in on a Citizen’s Police Academy program in my area. The speaker last night mentioned that the birth of the local Crime Suppression Unit was in response to a huge increase in crime due to spillover from Katrina. I’ve given plenty of thought to the different emergency/disaster scenarios that could happen close to home, but I guess I’ve got more to think about considering the indirect issues that can happen when disaster directly effects one area and people scatter to start over…

      10. San Francisco, where I was born, already IS wiped out. By the leftists and the gay Nazi fascists. And when do the gay fascist Brownshirts start burning books of those that disagree, or breaking windows like Hitler’s fascists of 1937 Germany did to businesses of Jews???

        Oh, wait! The latter already IS happening, just using faux “Human Rights Commissions” and black robed judge thugs rather than brown shirted street thugs. Same diff. Just ask Elaine Huegenin, the proprietor of Melissas Sweet Cakes, Barronelle Stutzman – a grandmotherly woman who hired gays, served gays, but declined to provide for a wedding and was viciously and nastily turned upon and had her 70 yr old life and biz destroyed. Or Memories Pizza in IN. that had multiple death threats.

        Yeah, right. “Love wins.” More like fascism, hypocrisy and radical gay H8TE wins.

        Only four quotes are needed:
        “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars: the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.” – H. L. Mencken (1880-1956) and “The further society drifts from truth, the more society will hate those that speak it.” George Orwell (1903 – 1950)

        As if on cue per Orwell:
        Well-known gay activist Dan Savage – tapped by Disney to assist with a 2015 production as he is a recognized spokesman for the gay community, and his H8TEful comments, including his daydreams about “f—king the s—t out of” former Sen. Rick Santorum and suggesting that another politician he opposed should be “dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.” There’s also trangender reporter Zoey Tur threatening Ben Shapiro during a TV panel discussion **on hatred of all things!!** by telling Shapiro, who had the temerity to simply disagree with Tur, by threatening him on LIVE TV: “You cut that out now, or you will go home in an ambulance.”
        And you are indeed correct: radical homosexuals will justify this one, too.

        And one from the book-burning, Nazi Brownshirt gay sturm trooper types: “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?” And of course, in the 23-page document faxed to ABC News, Bryce William – the black man who shot two co-workers on live TV specifically noted he was gay in his faxed document, and who specifically cited his identity as a factor in his murderous rampage. As, opposed to , say Floyd Corkins, whose support or radical homosexuality was specifically behind his attempt to murder as many of the Family Research Council staff as possible, and then add to his H8TRED by stuffing Chik-fil-A sandwiches in the mouths of those he killed. But… no hate crime THERE, right?

        Lesbian advocate Paula Ettelbrick proclaimed that, “transforming the very fabric of society… [and] radically reordering society’s view of reality” is the goal of the homosexual movement.

        Extra credit: Gay supporter Floyd Corkins’ attack on Family Research Inst, where he was going to kill as many as he could and then stuff ChikFilA sandwiches in their dead mouths, or that gay supporter who tried to burn down Sarah Palin’s church – WITH people in it. Or you could have been at that meeting that I was personally at, of parents of elementary school kids, whose meeting was VIOLENTLY crashed by radical gays, and then utterly LIED about in the media the next day as the crashers somehow being the victims (go figure!) Or you can just leave it at the modern Kristalnacht attempts at destroying the businesses of florists, bakers, photogs, etc. who happen to be free, independent thinkers. Not agreeing with the radical gay Nazis is VERBOTEN!!

      11. I’ve been a big fan of this site for a while now and it has cultivated my interest in being a prepper more than I had imagined. I have been born and raised in Chicago and absolutist love this city for its culture, charm, and above all its cuisine 🙂
        This is the first time I have posted a comment. I feel with all the increase in violence, crime, hate ect..that has eclipsed this city it might be time to migrate to some where safer but I have a beautiful girl friend and a beautiful true mason brick house that I have made into some what of a fortress thanks to your guys recommendations. My neighborhood is very safe (lost of police and fire department workers live around me) even though I have firearms and short wave radios. I suppose if anything did happen I could leave the city, God knows I’d miss the occasional Portillo’s beef combo and a deep dish pizza 🙂 I’ll keep you guys posted with what news I hear on Chicago. Thank you for all your support.

        • You can join us here in Texas IF you bring a couple deep dish pizzas from Gino’s East with you. Best damn pizza I’ve ever had. I get up that way every couple years for the big IMTS show at the McCormick Place. Always try to get to Gino’s for pizza and Wrigley Field for a Cubs game or 2 while there.

          • Texasprepper, Texas is awesome, been there twice and great hospitality! If I had to migrate there I’d bring a trunk load of Gino’s East deep dish pizzas! I’ve been to the IMTS show at McCormick Place, good times. I’m much closer to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont which has a new Gino’s East plus a new Gene and Georgettis'(Fuk’n amazing food!). You can actually have a pizza shipped right to you here: Keep the prepping and the spirits high!

      12. sorry for going off topic

        but is this the beginning of the end for the Trump show ???

        The Beginning of the End for Trump: His Sarah Palin Moment

        ht tp://

        Trump-normally a take charge kind of guy,dominates reporters during interviews

        not so much lately

        has had a number of gaffs and awkward moments

        which is VERY uncharacteristic of him

        • Satori,

          Commies don’t like Trump.

          That includes perverts, illegal mexican invaders, ISIS, muslims, muslim invaders, muslim “refugees” (ISIS troops in civilian clothes), bommie and his ilk of homos, indonesians, kenyans, dopers, fags, media heads and porno queens.

          Since that includes about everyone, including many on this site, what is surprising is that Trump has any votes at all, commies everywhere.

          • Trump ’em

            His stand on the 4th Amendment (which I’m rather fond of) is completely unacceptable. He thinks Snowden should be executed while I believe that he is a hero. The Trade Deals he discusses aren’t created by the President. Anyone with even superficial knowledge of the system realizes that TPTB are behind it all.

            If a big IF Congress, both Houses was flipped and political unknowns replaced the establishment drones we might right some of the wrongs. Substantive political change will come from bottom up through grassroots, not top down.

            We’re getting a huge political diversion that should be a stage act to appease the body politic.

            • Keven2,

              That’s what I said, Commies don’t like Trump.

              Trump is for deporting all illegal invaders including ISIS beheaders. All illegal border crossers of all stripes are in his sights. Trump’s position on illegal immigration has turned commies and other perverts against him, but his strong stance on illegal border crossers is also the reason for his success.

              Sixty million Marxists voted for bommie – twice. Markists post to this site, 4th Amendment notwithstanding.

              There are at least 30,000,000 illegal invaders in this country plotting to overthrow your 4th Amendment.

      13. If I’m not mistaken, tsunamis only get big near the shoreline. So, take a boat and get out to open sea before the tsunami gets close to shore. What do you think?

        • From what was learned from past Tsunamis, you would be correct.. but theres 1 hitch

          you gotta be out quite a ways for it not to affect you , so fair warning and enough time is key

          oh , and … “We need a bigger boat”

        • Tsunamis have lifte ocean-going cargo ships and oil tankers anchored a mile or two offshore, and driven them a mile or two inland. You want to be well out to sea, meaning miles out, before you can consider yourself safe.

          Don’t forget all the debris washing back out with the ebb. You can survive the tsunami and get your boat bashed in by a propane tank, putting you in the middle of the flotsam patch.

      14. If that major earthquake or tsunami hits California I hope its bad enough to wipe out the whole left coast. We have received enough of those liberal left coasters here already, don’t need anymore. Either don’t happen at all or wipe it clean with no warning.

        • Better hope you are stocked up to replace ALL of the food imported into Texas from California. The majority of California counties are conservative, while the metropolitan areas are the Leftist/Prog centers, since the legislature is done by population, the metropolitan areas dominate the Legislature and state-think.

          • I purposely avoid buying California produce. I put my money where my mouth is and do not support those with ideas I do not or cannot support. Most items grown in California are also grown in Texas, especially fruits and vegetables. About the only thing y’all grow that we don’t are nuts, both the people kind and the ones grown on trees.

            • Texas:

              It’s true. There are a lot of fruits in California.

              We have nuts.

              Sorry to learn that you Texans have no nuts.

              I’ll pray for ya’ll. don’t get mad I’m gust kiden

      15. Tsunami that is weather made (ie) earthquake, is the last of my worries. They are nature made.
        How about a Tsunami of Illegals coming across the borders from the South, or the Middle East, or Asia. These are man made.

        The nature made Tsunami only hit a area. The Tsunami that is man made strike all of the USA. A nature made Tsunami will only last for maybe at the longest and this is after the rebuild 10 years. The man made Tsunami Will last for generations.

        A nature made Tsunami there is nothing you or I can do about it. On the other hand a man made Tsunami we can.


        • How about tough guy cops who feel the need to bully children? That’s what most Americans are scared of.

          • Useless trolls need to be eliminated.

            • Braveheart
              Don’t waist your time on this worthless piece of shit!!!

      16. A great deal of California’s coast line is NOT susceptible to tsunami’s effects, due to the “coastal shelf” being so “short” in length. There is little room for the tsunami to swell in size, unless there is a long GENTLY sloping fairly shallow “shelf”. About half of the coastline from Central to Northern California, is all blue (deep) water just 50 feet or so offshore. Only about half the coastline would be an area of tsunami threat.

      17. How vulnerable is the midwest to damage from an earthquake? Check this out. A few years ago our town and the surrounding area had a little 3.0 earthquake. No damage at the time. Since then we have had 7 water main breaks on my street. In a six block stretch of road. Now what happens if the New Madrid Fault line does it’s thing? Fuggetabout it!

      18. Sucks for people on the west coast God hate the west coast with fires and earthquakes and all the fruit cakes. No such problems here on the east coast ha ha . They have evacuation route signs leading away from the coast I don’t know what for. I’m about 5miles inland from the bay so I’m not worried and a huge hill separates me from the boogeyman tsunamis.

      19. While global warming nuts are circling American industry with pitchforks and low carbon emitting torches! The worlds un corrupted weather data actually shows the world is cooling. The latest NASA simulations of the sun indicate we will be entering another mini ice age. Note the global warming group at NASA don’t talk to the group that studies the sun, that would be like real science!

        Anyway as the earth cools the surface shrinks, as the surface shrinks there’s massive forces building up in the rock structures that are pulling apart and pulling at tectonic plates and the existing fault lines. So yeah there will be more earthquakes and volcanoes.

        There is a volcanic island off Spain whose cone known to be unstable and is about to collapse any minute in geological time? if it does the underwater landslide will create a huge tidal wave that could threaten much of Europe and the whole US East coast. If this one happens there will at least be a couple hours notice.

        There are also huge mud cliffs along the continental shelf off the Carolina’s. If there is ever a massive mud slide there, it will also create a huge tidal wave. This will produce little warning because we are so close.

        Preps for a tidal wave if you live or work along the coast is: a go bag, a car, and a full tank of gas. Make sure you have an encrypted thumb drive with all your personal financial accounts and online access information, as well as downloaded copies of statements, include scanned copies of insurance policies and pension plans etc. It must be encrypted. If your home is wiped off the earth, assume your local bank will be too.

        The full tank of gas obviously is not possible at all times, but I do keep several cans of gas for my generator with fuel stabilizer. I would put about two of those in the car, grab my go bag and be gone. Drive until I must stop, then fill the car from the cans and keep going, I don’t want to sit on line at a gas station, or worse be on the side of the road out of gas. Do you have a high ground location and route in mind, first one there gets the last hotel room. The secret, be on the road within 5 minutes of the words “Oh crap!”, and don’t stop.

        A bit more on the personal data thing. If you use an encrypted thumb drive, you can exchange it with a trusted relative in another region of the country. You hold one for them and they hold one for you. If it’s encrypted they won’t have access unless you give them the password, depending on your level of trust. Use several and update and rotate them at least twice a year.

      20. Plan twice:

        I thank you for the science update. Chile and parts of South America have had some pretty devastating earth quakes. We here in the States don’t seem to be as vulnerable. I think your preps are good, but you left out one of the most important. In the event of a flood or an event such as a tsunami, you need to wear a life preserver/life jacket. It is possible to survive even if you are knocked unconscious. Knowing how to swim is great, but even an Olympic swimmer will tire if he gets dragged out into the ocean. But if he’s wearing a life jacket, could be rescued.

      21. California needs a good enema

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