Are All Those Guns and Ammunition for Obama’s Civilian National Security Force?

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    Civilian Security Force
    (Image courtesy of DaleToons)

    Speculation abounds surrounding the 2 billion rounds of ammunition purchased by the Department of Homeland Security and other national alphabet agencies in recent years. Moreover, as the White House and their cohorts in Congress contemplate the disarming of American citizens, the very assault weapons purported to be so dangerous in the hands of law abiding gun owners are being purchased in mass quantities by local and federal law enforcement agencies.

    So what is the purpose and motivation behind the government’s continued efforts to stockpile so much firepower?

    One frightening theory could explain what the President and his national security apparatus are up to.

    Many of you will remember a story I broke a long time ago – about presidential candidate Barack Obama’s little-noticed announcement that, if elected in 2008, he wanted to create a “civilian national security force” as big, as strong and as well-funded as the Defense Department.

    Here’s what he actually said at a campaign stop in Colorado July 2, 2008:

    “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

    Could what we see happening now in the Department of Homeland Security be the beginning of Obama’s dream and our constitutional nightmare?

    We never heard another mention of Obama’s “civilian national security force” again. Not in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 or 2012.

    But that brings us up to 2013 and the highly unusual stockpiling of firearms and ammo by Homeland Security – firearms and ammo that Obama would like to deny to ordinary citizens who are not members of his domestic army.

    Well, I hate to say it, but I may have predicted this, too.

    In a Halloween column last fall, I stated that, if re-elected, Obama would “declare a full-scale war on his domestic opposition.”

    I wasn’t joking. I was deadly serious – so serious, in fact, that I did something I pledged I would never do: Vote for Mitt Romney. It was a matter of self-defense and self-preservation. I said then that a second term of Obama might mean we would never see another free and fair election in America. (I’m not even sure we saw one in 2012.) I suggested due process would go the way of the horse and buggy. I said I expected Obama would move to shut down or destroy all independent media. I even speculated that his biggest critics would eventually be rounded up in the name of national security.

    Think about it.

    Why does the civilian Department of Homeland Security need billions of rounds of ammunition?

    This is the agency that is responsible for policing the border. But it doesn’t.

    This is the agency that is responsible for catching terrorists. But it doesn’t.

    So why does Homeland Security need so many weapons and enough hollow-point rounds to plug every American six times?

    Excerpted from Josefph Farah of WND

    The official explanation?

    Target practice.

    As for concern about the type of bullets — hollow points, which expand upon impact — the statement said the type is “standard issue” and is used during “mandatory quarterly firearms qualifications and other training sessions.” (link)

    While the majority of Americans will take this explanation at face value, there are some key facts that suggest the Department of Homeland Security is mobilizing for a significant future action against the American people.

    • The US military has been actively war-gaming worst-case scenarios that include economic collapse and civil unrest, going so far as to simulate wide-scale food riots. 
    • Just last month the military deployed gunships over Miami and executed a training exercise with local police departments. A few days later, similar exercises were held in Houston, TX. Last year these “exercises” also included ground forces, armored personnel carriers and tanks on the streets of St. Louis.
    • Despite overwhelming opposition, there is an overt and focused movement to disarm Americans of their right to bear semi-automatic personal defense rifles and any other firearms deemed dangerous to the public. Those calling for this disarmament qualify their positions by claiming these weapons are not necessary for sporting, hunting, or personal defense. As if this provision of the US Constitution doesn’t even exist, there is a total blackout on the fundamental intent of the Second Amendment, which allows for citizens to bear arms to protect themselves against tyrannical government.
    • Heavily armored vehicles have been spotted all over the country, and many local law enforcement agencies have taken possession of these vehicles, normally reserved for military engagements, and have put them to use in neighborhoods and communities around America.
    • Congress has authorized the deployment of some 30,000 surveillance drones in the skies of America, to be available for use by intelligence agencies by 2015.
    • The National Security Agency is building a massive spy center capable of recording, aggregating and analyzing every digital interaction on the planet – phones, internet, purchasing patterns, travel, and even what we say in the privacy of our own homes. A 30 year veteran of the NSA says the data mining program is so vast it will “create an Orwellian state.”
    • The US government, in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, has created legislation that directly targets American citizens. The Patriot Act makes it possible for anyone who is identified as attempting to subvert government legitimacy as a terrorist, and also allows for the warrantless wiretapping of everyone for any reason. Under the Patriot Act and expanded government definitions, just about anyone now qualifies as a domestic terrorist.
    • The National Defense Authorization Act takes the Patriot Act even further, allowing the government to detain anyone suspected of being a terrorist indefinitely and without trial – this includes American citizens living in the United States.
    • And, as Joseph Farah points out, the President specifically claimed he would create a civilian national security police force as large as the US military. If he meant it, then we’re talking about 2 million or so civilians that will be armed, deputized and backed by the government. To do what? We’re not quite sure, but apparently we need these civilians for something important, or else the President wouldn’t have brought it up.

    These are but a few examples of what our government has been up to. There are hundreds of others.

    Now put all those together and the complete puzzle begins to emerge.

    This surveillance infrastructure and control grid are being designed not for foreign terrorists or rogue nations that may do harm to America. They have been designed for you.

    You, my fellow American, are the enemy.


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      1. The guns an ammo will be used when O turns the welfare recipients and illegals into a standing army. Subversion by dependency.

        • Mac
          i love the picture with this atricule,,,damn is that a bulls eye on the helmet???sure looke like it to me


          • July 13, 2010,

            Michelle Obama speech,

            ” Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation to provide the kind of future we all want desperately for our children.

            Yes, the kind of future that Hitler would also want for our children. What more is there to say, they already told us what they were going to do and NO ONE stopped them.

            • Im not changing shit
              Except my clothes, and a few other things that keep my life humming along
              Im sick and tired of these freakin politicians fucking with everything they have no business fucking with
              This is to you politicians and your minions
              You can blow me
              Fuck off

              • You’ve already made huge changes. You eat differently than you did 20 years ago (most food is GMO now. Didn’t pay attention to that did you?) and the air you breath, and the water you drink, etc. etc. So stop acting like you are going to “resist” change. Its already happened.

                • …youre assuming alot.

                • The more things change the more they stay the same. Continuity in change, Toynbee. The one thing that must not change is devotion to the cause. Freedom and Liberty are the cause of the U.S. Citizen and as long as people remain focused on those venues things will work out. The fact that you get new shoes doesn’t mean you have changed it means you needed new shoes. Math is still math the Sun still comes up in the Eastern sky and true believers will always look for positive change.

                  • Believers of what? Fate, Sorry many of us just cannot get behind the ” what ever will be phylousophy” Keep in mind that the framers of the constitution and the bill of rights limmited the scope of the federal government for very good reasons. The Federal Government was created by the states to serve the states and as such should be controled by them or their decrees ignored.

                    We have reached the point where we must now rein in the powers of the Federal Government and take back the powers that they have usurped from the states , which means US the people that grant the powers to all the governments that we have created and allowed to exist, expand, and control us. If we have to eliminate them to start over so be it. There is no doubt that blood will flow in the streets.

                  • Our politicians , most have never read the Constitution
                    ( hell they didn’t read the obamacare 2700 pages !

                    Most of the voting public have never read or understand the Constitution, so why do you think liberty will ring ??
                    It will take a revolution of people understanding just what you stated and be willing to stand up and be counted for Liberty and vote out the existing bodies that are treasonous to their oath !! They all take an oath to protect and uphold the Constitution, period and anything less is a violation of that oath !

                • @KulaFarmer


            • I’m beginning to think that having Hitler rather than Obama might be a better deal. Hitler gave his people the autobahn and a good, cheap, dependable car, the Volkswagen (people’s car). He had a nationalized banking system (no Fed equivalent), and the Gestapo always knocked first.

              • Shake your head

              • Yup, Black Hitler will be many times worse than Hitler I ever was…

              • The people never got the car. Just like we won’t get free healthcare.

              • I would agree with you at least in Nazi Germany you knew what you were up against with these scum sucking Illuminati globalists you have no clue what traitorous activity or rights they will step all over next. Obama hasnt kept one promise he made since he has taken office except the one to his family to get a dog.
                This was democrat and he couldn’t even wind down 2 wars we are fighting for no reason at all. He and Bush are both the same there is one party now the demorepublican party owned by the global Illuminati banking empire. As soon as Ron Paul gained ground they stopped covering him in the new why, most news is owned by demorepublican party.

            • Why is it that politicians always talk about what we as Americans have to do, make changes and sacrifices, but they always exempt themselves from the laws and bills they pass; ie, obamacare. Everyone in congress, senate and house, including all federal employees are exempt, go figure !! What a bunch of hypocrites and deceivers !
              I say trust not one of them ! Most of them are multi-millionaires or come out of office as such ! Does anyone remember the insider trading scam ??? I want pelosi to explain how her current wealth is 10 x more than when she entered office !!

          • Mac, nice picture but more importantly; well done article and reminder of what we are up against and what is going on with our gov’t.

            • I wonder how many of the Vets in that video are still clapping their hands..



              • Check out them stupid Bubbas behind their dem lib messiah man…Whitey-Bubbas too stupid to think for themselves. Just vote fo da black man and git rid of Ma whiteys guilt.

                Ifin dat wont work fo da 1st time?…Ize a gonna votes da black man fo prez agin!…Daz outta dooz it!

            • I agree, good job with the article and nice way to connect the dots. It gives one something to think about.

            • So Obama’s going to arm a bunch of hoodrats, BRING IT!

              • Yea, good luck arming and training a bunch of obama voters, sorta like training pigs to fly. What with over 200 million armed civilians and stats show that 65 million more permits were placed, how does Mr Prez think he is going to overcome this army of well trained current and ex-service personnel, hunters and sportsmen ? He and his DHS are delusional as usual !!

            • That is absolutely disgusting. Watch for more “unexplained propane explosions” of peoples houses in the near future if that article is true. Of course, it is NBC News, the propaganda arm of the 0bama regime, so this could just be a load of dis-information to get us even more riled up….

              • yeah, whatever happened to that news???

          • Yes, and then one of the good guys ends up with a cool suit and firepower!!!

          • oops, I guess I should of read article before posing…LoL

        • As a former Police Rangemaster, I always budgeted 1,000 rounds of handgun ammo per officer per year for training and qualifiation. We do a lot of handgun training at range sessions.

          Depending on how many armed DHS people there are, the target practice reason could be accurate. Many departments and trainers feel that officers should train and qualify with the exact same ammo they carry on duty which would explain the hollow points.

          Almost all deparments carry hollow point ammo for two primary reasons. For stopping power so all the bullet’s energy is expended inside the suspect and to reduce the danger of over penetration that would endanged the public.

          The key is how may armed DHS people are they buying ammo for and how many rounds does that work out per officer?

          • My Local PD, isnt shooting qual. testing, no range time..

            This told to me by a trusted LEO , his reason..they only have so much ammo, and after that is used up..not sure how much or where it will be coming from.

            I told him im out too…hehehe

            • VRF,

              Ask him if we can have his brass.. LOL that sure makes them think..


            • I’ve been out since my boating accident, next summer.

              • The incidents of boating accidents with firearms have been rising. Ya can never be too careful. I warned people of the danger but damn it people just don’t listen.

            • GEE…and DHS isn’t sharing any of that 2 Billion rounds they’ve got, “Man, that JUST ain’t natural!!!!”

              • They orderd it, does’nt mean they have it yet.

          • No one I know is stupid enough to use their good hollow point ammo to punch paper. They have plans.

            • when taxpayers are footing the bill and times are good, money and resources are no object.


                • Howdy Cindy,

                  Yep, I agree 100%…thumbs up!

                  BTW, us ‘old foggies’ around here are so very accustomed to ol ordinary punctation…if you could ease up on the ALL CAPS thing we’d sure be grateful…it HURT my EYE! 🙂

                • Yes they are.

            • It’s not a problem when you are spending Taxpayer money!

          • Red Leader I recall being allocated about 3000 rounds a year for practice and qualify – that was 84 to 87 and it never changed. 88-90 I worked for a local LE agency and we were allocated 50 rnds a month plus 50 per quarter and our qualification test was 45 rounds. So for local LE it was under a 1000 a year; they did allocate silver tip hollow points for the 9mm which I hoarded and used 115 gr FMJ’s for practice. I think I still have some.

            • Silver… ???

              They were training you to shoot werewolves???

              • Winchester silvertips–Hollowpoints with a silver colored coating.

          • Shut up you idiot. If you believe that Ill sell you my oceanfront Arizona house. No wonder were in dire straits. You old people couldnt reason your way out of a paper bag.

            • Hi Cindy! Or Sybil,or whomever………

              • I am not anyone else but Eisenkreutz.

            • Eisenkreutz;

              If you nothing to give this site and only bad mouth, My toilet needs you contribution:)

          • My understanding is that only elite units such as Secret Service practice with their duty ammunition. The vast overwhelming majority of Law Enforcement departments use less expensive ammunition. Some departments are even resorting to using Air Soft weapons because bulk frangible and full metal jacketed ammo is prohibitively expensive and increasingly difficult to obtain.

            It is worth mentioning that Homeland Security’s (DHS) massive ammunition and weapon orders are suspiciously well timed immediately before the mass shooting sprees began. DHS could not have planned their purchases any better, and if it looks too good to be true…it probably it.

            • Why dont the disband the secret service and put gun-free zones around politicians?

              • That would cost taxpayers too much money.

                Gov’t would have to make it official by setting up mandatory TSA checkpoints entering AND leaving a gun free zone (just in case you happened to trip over a gun while in the zone).

                They would have to set round the clock satellite and high, mid, and low altitude unmanned drone surveillance.

                They would need plain clothed unarmed Secret Service at all the locations just in case the President makes an unannounced 1 hour visit to discuss gun control.

                The Federal Reserve would have to begin Quantitative Easing 10 just to cover the extra cost of the zones.

                Not to mention at least 100,000 pages of new Federal Laws (that nobody would read) just to regulate the additional gun free zones that would be needed to handle the extra traffic.

                You get the picture.

              • just put the gun free zones around the politicians wanting to take “our” guns away.

              • GOOD ONE Eiz…I REALLY like that notion!!!!!


            • Actually, a lot of local pd’s use duty ammo for practice, and qualifying. Gets rid of older ammunition that’s been in people’s guns and belts for a year

          • There are 230,000 DHS employees. Of course the # that are armed is much less but even with this number it averages to 8600 rounds per employee

            • far below what many people in the US have.

              by a long shot…haha!

              • I used to have that much until the boating accident!

            • An Equal or More concern should be Why has the SPLC been the Main training org at fusion centers and even fbi-atf-Local cops-sherrifs etc?

              In case anyone forgot the splc is cousins to ADL and likewise are Kommies marxists to the Max. And splc is also the org who first drew atten with the Unintended release of the Missouri State police “Homegrown Terrorists Report” which listed litteraly 85+% of white folks nationwide as the Largest domestic potential homegrown threat, next to military vets, who were listed as #1 threats! Recall That?

              From what I was able to gather from several online sites, basicaly one major item SPLC has been Pounding into ALL cops-fed-state-local- Heads is that every white folk listed as domestic threats are All antisemite nazis of the absolute worst varity. And of course vile anti black racists too.

              I read that the methods used to foment cop hatred of Us folks(american citizens) is aided by use of movies type visual aids with programed verbal brainwashing to pound into cops heads to think “Us vs Them” mentality, along with total hate of “Them”(which Is Us).

              Anybody who has ever seen Mark Potak and Moris Dees on various kommie crap on TV or History ch shows Knows what this means. And it aint a good thing. Maybe even Worse than all the guns & ammo buying by fed gov.

              SPLC=Get Paid as Official DHC component, and Teach/program the WILL to Use said ammo effectivly against…..Us.

              Sure be good if any real active duty cops would Record a few splc training sessions for Us to listen in on eh.

              Live Video even be better!

              • SPLC is one of the most evil organizations in the country right now.

            • So with 8,600 rounds per employee, we can expect three hits a piece…..

              Keep your powder dry,

          • At 1K round/person, 2B rounds would be enough for two million people. About what O said he wanted. When will people start taking these despots at their word?

          • so based on 1000 per officer, that means they are buying for 1.6 million DHS employees, that would about equal the size of the military. I would bet donuts to dollars, those 1.6 billion rounds weren’t all actually .40 cals either. I am sure there is a much more detailed Purchase order out there, they probably just got bulk pricing a .40 cal rates

            • It’s my understanding that the 2 billion rounds was ordered over a five year period. IF that’s true, that means 2 billion divided by 230000 (DHS employees) divided by five (years) = 1739 rounds per agent, per year.

              It really doesn’t matter how we try to interpret the data at this point; we all know trouble is coming. For all we know, additional secret orders for ammo were placed and we’ll never know.

          • Most DHS are paper pushers and analysts. They are not field people. These items are meant for something else. We used to have a DHS Det. where I worked and they were not Rambos. Something else is planned.

            • Correct. The firing range DHS uses at Mt Weather was never very busy unless FBI employees checked in to practice. Most employees on site were analysts, only the ‘guards’ carried.

              Even then, when the range was hot, there was never much activity. After 9/11, year to year, the activity level increased, though, and after formation of DHS in 2002, there was an increase in “visitors” to the site as well as an increase in range activity. But that range as well as most other DHS ranges couldn’t handle the activity level to support the quantity of ammo being purchased now.

              “Something wicked this way comes…”

          • So, why use the more expensive hollow point bullets for target practice? We are sitting on a deficit that is probably at least 5 or 6 times the $17 trillion that the maggots inside D.C. will admit to.

            Sure, there is always the old $700 dollar toilet seat argument – wasteful spending just for the heck of it. But, hollow point bullets?

            Seems to me that the pair of gun smuggling Communist mulattoes could be trying to dry up the supply of hollow points available to the public, which I am convinced is the case with them ordering those 7,000 fully auto/select fire AR style rifles.

          • Following your allocation for training, if it is for training alone, the number of “civilian security officers” should equal 1.6 million.

            1.6 million gubmint goons with weapons.

          • Red Leader: The current sidearm carried by the uniformed officers of DHS is the H&K P2000 since late 2008. This is a .40 cal. with 3 magazines holding 15 rounds each and one chambered round giving every officer 46 rounds. DHS was created by President George W. out of the former U.S. Customs Service (Treasury) U.S. Immigration Service and Border Patrol (Justice). There are a lot of other agencies that were drawn into DHS as well but I know of these I’ve mentioned because I was in the U.S. Customs Service before we were absorbed into DHS. I believe that our Special Agents (plain clothes) carry the same weapon, but since we don’t practice with them, I’m not 100% sure. I’m sure that I’ll get the ‘thumbs down’ as you did becasue there are a lot of misinformed people on this, and like sites, that detest all LEOs like you and me. It’s a fear borne out of ignorance. Little do they realize that many of us are as concerned about personal safety and liberty as they are. As a side note; something may indeed be afoot. Just before I retired we were about to increase our training from 3X a year to 4X, and that we were going back to shooting from the 25 yard line instead of just the 15 yard line.

          • Yeah, well 2B rounds comes out to 2M armed people, so tell me there are 2M shooters employed by HS…

        • We do have one thing going for us, the welfare recipients and illegals are generally incompetent and weak. So as an army they won’t be worth the paper their name is printed on.

          • Couldn’t we use them as a distraction, then?

          • Self-propelled sandbags.

          • Maybe Thats why Mark Rubio says we must speed the process to legitiamize current 11 million illeagles, and make it Easier for the 100 Million waiting and who play by the rules etc?…Should be piece of cake to find Enough who are in top phys shape and age to train as hobammys Anti-whiteys Goon squads eh?

            All they will use the usual fat assed welfare baby factorys for is a cheering squad section, to keep the armed goon squads totally Geeked up on whacking whiteys.

            A likely cheer will be “Whoop! Der it Iz!” and “Whoop! Der it Be!” Music supplied by DHS, Tune= “Shake Dat Boooooty! and “Aint Jo Mommas in Da Pankake Box”

            • Angelo M: My oh my; I hope you do your own washing and ironing son. Otherwise it could cost you a small fortune to have all those white robes and matching hoods starched and pressed at a local laundry. Not to mention having those black jackboots polished to a high glossy shine.

              • AM: It has been my sad experience to see many folks like you attending church with such distain for your fellow man. You shout “amen”, “priase the lord”, and “thank you Jesus” but then you say such awful things about people different than yourself. You can’t love God if your heart is filled with hatred towards others. That is simply an impossiblity. I’ve seen so many fake chritians in my time as well as many who are christian but that have become backsliders. Either way, the outlook for your future is grim because hatred begets hatred.

                • I am so glad you are a loving preacher man. I’m sure you are a strong believer in Diversity. I bet you bought a house in urban Detroit because you strongly believe in spreading your open-minded love too all. yet you would probably label David the son Of jesse a hatemonger because he said…(gulp) he hated those that hated the Lord; and the Lord calling those pharisees the sons of the devil then taking a flog (gasp) and beating them, I bet your eyeballs are just rolling and twitching and will no longer read the book of Psalms and the book of John. I bet you will even tell your congregation to turn those guns in because you read somewhere Christians should only have plowshares and obey your Government because CBS said that Romans 13 decreed it so…and you preacher would rather be loved my man than God. Judge not preacher lest you be judged!

                  • Mqg25: Like so many folks who think, or worse, pretend to know the Bible, and then use only the parts that serve their pruposes; this is pure wickedness. Jesus said in Matt. 22:39, which can also be found in Lev. 6:44, that we are commanded to love our neighbors. That doesn’t mean tolerate everything they do. The Bible also tells us that we are to care/provide for our wives and families as found in 1Tim. 5:8 and Eph. 5:25. That not only means provideing food and shelter but protection as well. Therefore I could never tell someone that they shouldn’t defend themselves and their families. I myself have several firearms for protection. Christians are not to initiate violence but neither are we to be lambs to the slaughter. And the whole point of my post was to point out that there are many on this site that claim to be christians yet spew hatred about people they don’t even know simply because they are different. That is simply unbiblical. Matt. 7:16,12:33 and Luke 6:44 all talk about how a tree is known by the fruit it bares. You cannot hate your fellow man and love God. Now if you’re not a christian, there is no conflict here, I was addressing those that claim to be christians. Go in peace.

        • Yes. These are the people that will be knocking on your doors to disarm you… and do other horrible things to you and your family… pretty much like it’s been done throughout history.

        • That would be laughable. Their weapons would be sold for drugs. I wonder what the street value of an M4 would be?

          • Right now, a M4 would get about 250 rocks…

          • A real “New” M4 about 25000. Pre 84 10 to 15

        • I’m a peace officer in N.E. Ohio I can say first hand there is something alarming going on with the turning of police depts into the “army”. Everyone knows what I mean i’m talking the rifles, armor, technology, riot gear and scary looking black patrol vehicles. I’m telling you people and its truthful too look the hell out something fundamentally wrong is well under way and its a matter of time before it happens Whatever is going on is very tight lipped and at this point I wouldn’t worry about answers just find out who your friends/family are and get what you can and come up with a plan. I just want to re-affirm this post is not meant to be a joke or humorous. Everything i’ve said is wht I have seen in the last few years and I can say these changes began in spring/summer of 2009.

          • How many umurkns even question why “the police” had any reason to train in the use of helicopter gunships side-by-side with the military?

            • it is sad so many people are blind to whats in front of them our rights and privacy erode further every year and no one really realises it whats worse is some dont care and support it and demand it. It’s BS but happening as we speak. all you can do is hope people figure out the truth before its too late.

          • Whistleblowingbadge: Please Read my post, it is several posts Above This and Yours. Scroll UP to find.

            If you can, please answer my questions regarding training supplied by SPLC aka= Southern Poverty Law Center org…aka Mark Potak & Morris Deese….Thank you in advance.

            • Angelo lol I know SPLC does provide consulting, reports and, training assistance to law enforcement agencies at all levels now for the whites as enemies thing im not sure I personally have not seen any trainings vids speciffically focusing on any one particular group of people that may or may not be a hate group. Our vids are kept general as to “remember boys and girls it’s not nice to hurt other peoples feelings”. I’m sorry if I can’t answer your question but personally I don’t think any one in there right mind likes watching training videos because they suck for one and two theres almost always a uptight HR asshole presenting the training to the class that will give us a spank if we laugh make fart noises or add our own words etc.. so we knod off and scribble on note paper your survival chances are higher if caught not disrupting the presentation.

              • Whsitleblowerbadge: Thank you for answering me. I can visualize how you described them sessions too!

                I hope many leo’s are more like you sound to be if there are real attempts made to stiffle patriots etc…Thanks again.

                • Your welcome Angelo Trust me I won’t forget where my paycheck comes from. Most of our funding comes from the federal level. I only have the people to thank. Alot of us do and will side with the people. I personally identify myself as a 3%er and I no without doubt i’m not alone.

          • Hi WBB,

            I’ve got a question for you Brother….

            When (or if these things come up ‘felicately’ amongst you all what is the general response , including from the ‘Command’ structure…jsut tryin’ to get a feel here, the general tenor as it were?


            • Typing all went to sh_t tonight…Pardon me..
              Meant to read as;

              When (or if) these things come up ‘delicately’ amongst you all, what is the general response including from the ‘Command’ structure….just trying to get a feel here, the general tenor as it were?


              • Llvers go well with a nice Chianti and Fava beans. Other questions?

            • JOG i’d have to say most police agencies will be on the front lines if an abrupt event occurs. If we’re talking financial collapse all resources will be devoted to riot areas because we all know our favorite part of the population will be first to loot n shoot when there check didn’t come there food card wouldn’t load a balance and the obama phone won’t dial thats a given these people will burn entire cities without hesitation. Now if we’re talking a a disarmament of the public it’s hard to say where each individual officer and or brass/white shirt stands. Let me assure you there are alot of us guys and gals that won’t cooperate and hell will probably rip off our badges that day so I hope that makes you feel a little better. My one concern is for anyone in a rural or small er city or town setting because you may not have the cover of chaos from a riot to make a escape or blend in amongst the mayhem it also means police and or military whoever would come to disarm you it would be a cake walk becuase there attention could be devoted to there assignment which just could be you and your weapons if that were the case. Just keep thse things in mind we’re not there yet and alot of us really don’t know what is coming and when so it’s gonna be a whole new damn ball game for all of us be vigile and be prepared for anything really

          • I like to hear the term ‘peace officer’ used, although cops haven’t been meeting that description since the late 1950s.

            At any rate, your instincts are correct. “Something alarming is going on” and if you didn’t sleep through World History class, you might remember what the jewish Bolshevik Communists did when they seized control of Russia in 1917 and then proceeded to disarm the Russian people, impose totalitarian, ruthless Communism on Russia and eventually half of Europe. They systematically mass murdered, according to Solzhenitisyn’s estimates, over 66 million disarmed White European Russians and Ukrainians. Well, the direct ethnic descendants of those jewish Bolsheviks have now seized America by the hair of its head – and these demonic monsters are lusting to resume their Talmudic mandate to kill the best of the gentiles.

            Feinstein. Schumer. Lautenberg. Bloomberg. Levin. Foxman. Potok. Chertoff. Boxer.

            These monsters can’t start killing White European men and women here in America until they disarm us.

            Incidentally, did anyone see the despicable slab of hyena manure, Lindsey Graham during his disrespectful, insulting, demeaning ‘interview’ of Chuck Hagel, the nominee for Defense Secretary? Does anyone besides me wonder how the people in South Carolina can be so stupid as to not throw that evil SOB out of office? This guy has a permanent parking garage for his tongue inside the butt of the Israel Lobby.

            • Tucker, I like your descriptions…ha, ha, ha! You really excel in use of adjectives! ; )

            • Tucker: Xallant post! Nice to see one who not only knows real true history, but is also willing to speak truth about it in todays far too PC culture of Fear of being labled various slanderous names designed to halt all truth and facts.

              I also agree on sen grham…I think he gets relected due to so much Unquestioning support by pastors such as John Hagee and Pat Robertson ET AL, who have sold their Souls to Satan long ago in xchange for Judenfetzen($$$$$ Mammon). Between AIPAC and CUFI(hagges org=citizens united for isreal) it is a shoe in to get brainwashed church pew warmers to get out the vote for Lindsey eh.

              Basically All one need do to get That groups(and its size is massive! tens of million neocon votes) votes is for Lindsey or other candadits to keep asking this main question regardless What was asked…Answer to Any question for politition= “is it Good for Isreal-jews?”

              That answer causes the crowds to go Wild! Hallauya! we gonna vote fo Him! And they do, and the wars and deaths of millions of innocents continue unabated as long as…”is it good for jews/isreal”?…Who cares if its good for america?…or Euro white american folks?…Not them Fools!

              We have finally seen a majority of americans especially whites who awoke and reject the african blacks constant Race-Card attacks upon Our folks…Thats one shoe down…Still need the Other shoe to drop…The Jew-shoe aka fear of being called an antisemite(by NON semites at that!!) I will Keep Praying and Hopeing enough good patriot folks will soon awaken to That problem as well.

              Stay Well brother.

        • You mean I’m going to have to fight an army of drug addicts, wino’s, and illiterate cell phone junkies, who have never spent a night outside? OH DEAR! God; if you really are there and listening: Thank you!!!

        • Sorry to push in here at the top SHTF planners. Very important message for you all. An Australian Politian has publiclly made a speech at the Adelaide Convention Center in South Australia on Agenda 21 and Club of Rome and how it’s destroying our world. It’s worth watching.
          In fact I erge you to watch.

          If the link doesn’t work, go to YouTube and type in Ann Bressington Agenda 21
          The speech is 21 minutes long. She doesn’t pull too many punches.

          Please watch and forward to a non believer


        • Has anybody tried looking for reloading primers? Any luck finding them? All the local places here are out. All the internet big boys are out.

          Food for thought. CCI is the biggest maker of primers. CCI is owned by ATK. ATK also owns Federal Premium Ammuntions. ATK is a big, big, government weapons contractor, more like an Arms-R-Us store for governments around the world.

          Since the US government has a open ended order for 8 BILLION rounds of ammo, who do you think ATK is going to supply first.

          Sorry, need to refold my tin foil hat…be back later.

        • the victory then will be easy, what the catch

        • You should not worry. All those coke-heads will sell this guns to us for $200/gun, with the ammo thrown in.

        • I disagree.
          All the cuts in military, and all the soldiers that will be coming home…Where do they work ? McDonalds ? When it comes down to it, if they have a family ,home, etc…..they will be offered a job working for the Civilian National Security Force..for GOOD money. At first it will seem fine. (for a while )
          When he says : “powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” , sounds like excellent pay to me.

          PS- I hope I’m wrong. But reading his book “The Audacity of Hope”, his plans are there. They are inserted in unusual spots between history lessons ,and his opinions .

        • “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

          ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

          What Good Can a Handgun Do Against An Army?

      2. Obama is nothing more than a tyrannical lying disaster for amercian values. If we did not have congress we would see our ar-15’s banned now. He is nothing more than a sick joke for this country. People are so stupid they believe he’s better than sliced bread. A liar nothing more that parties on our dollar. Im suprised nothing has happened yet. Not saying that I want anything which I don’t but there are a lot of people that do not like this man.

        • i am speculating he needs obamacare fully implemented before there would be any total control. i mean, if the adminstration can say what you can eat, drink, weigh and what medications and treatments it will allow you to have; they own you. if obama really wants to be a tyrant, i’m thinking it starts 2014.

          • LEE – your right (imho) but i think this all involves the bigger picture of fully implementing UN agenda 21 .
            Obama won’t make a big move without backing from his handlers at the UN .

            • Lee&Hammerhead-You’re both on point because THE only way to fully clamp down with control is to make sure that the people cannot defend themselves and the “toadies”are dependent on getting their “essentials”for survival and since they’re already broken down mentally,it becomes easy to them to obey and as long as they perform,they’ll be fed. Kinda reminds one of how the Commies in Korea used their soldiers to overrun U.S.positions and I suspect that by 2015,things will sho-nuff get real interesting in America,with other nations watching intently(China,Germany,Russia)and all that ammo by DHS isn’t for just sitting on the shelf. WE MUST BE READY TO PROTECT OURSELVES AT ALL TIMES FOR THE PRESERVATION OF LIFE AND LIBERTY,SO PLEASE MY FELLOW PREPPERS,NEVER STOP OR SLOW DOWN MAKING SURE THAT YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES WILL BE ABLE TO BE SAFE FOR THE TURBULENT TIMES APPROACHING. GOD BLESS.

            • For any who think the Constitution will stop these despots, keep reminding yourself that they think that the sun rises and sets in the UN’s ass.

              • If McViegh would have parked his rented ryder van truck in the UN Lobby instead of at the OK buidg. Today he’d be hailed as a patriot Hero.

                • Angelo,

                  If that was meant to be a joke it was in poor taste bud.. Have been to the Murry building? McVeigh was nothing but a coward….. He knowingly brought down a building that had children in it. War is one thing, but leave the children out of it.. And if it was our own goverment that did it then I say they to are cowardly MFers….


                  • McVeigh observed what Clinton and Reno had done at Waco, where they deliberately roasted alive those 100 or so Branch Davidians – and those humans who were sadistically barbequed alive, or shot by snipers if they tried to flee the burning building, included a number of little kids and women, DPS – and our stinking federal government KNEW FULL WELL that they would be murdering little children, and they did it anyway.

                    McVeigh basically adopted the same standard as did our evil government – the kids of the Branch Davidians were ‘collateral’ damage, thus the kids of those jackbooted thugs were also assigned the same label.

                    So, don’t bring your one-sided condemnation of McVeigh here and try to guilt trip those of us who have a consistency in our concern for the safety of kids. Killing innocent kids is morally repugnant, no matter who it is who does the killing.

                    Oh, and if you would bother to do your homework on the topic of Waco, you would be aware that for some ‘peculiar’ reason, nearly ALL of the jackbooted thugs who worked in the Murray Federal Building had either called in sick on the day of the bombing or had requested assignments in the field – so, ironically, McVeigh failed if he intended to kill the thugs who were involved at Waco or their kids, which I have read were coincidentally not dropped off at the day care center on that fateful day.

                    Hey! Do the words ‘foreknowledge’ appear in your dictionary, DPS?

                    Its been 19 years, DPS. Don’t you think its about time that you got around to watching the two or three excellent documentary videos that were done about the Waco massacre?

                  • DPS Re Read what I said! No No Joke…I feel as You do about OK fed bildg and what that idiot did!

                    I said if it was INSTEAD the UN! then hed be hailed a hero patriot…What do you not get?

          • I agree. All his rhetoric is carefully planned to tear apart the republical majority in the House and in 2 years with a democraticaly controled House, nothing stops him.

            • I wish we could find an area and let the TV NEtworks pick up some news story of over 100,000 people saying directly to the cameras using careful words that if Obama takes away our rights, that is rights will be taken away, in some way where DHS or FBI would go start arresting these people but speaking up for the people of the US and not him. He must be stopped and this is not a joke anymore. The man is very dangerous. We cant rely on our republicans or any of them. This is our country and need to shape things in this country the way they should be.

              You know what im trying to say here, im not a very good writer. I write how I speak so its difficult to get out what im saying sometimes, sorry guys

              • Clint,

                I have always enjoyed read your post so don’t work about it. Me I have dsylexia so my letters get mixed up. And man would that be great 100,000 people standing together telling then (Come And Take It- Not One More Inch). Iguess we will just keep doing what we are doing and spread the word.


          • That’s right about the time that economist John Williams of Shadow stats is predicting dollar hyperinflation. Interesting timing…

        • You’d have a lot more than your AR banned if Obama had his way.

          • Jason,

            He ain’t taking shyt, He may try but the cost will be high. Think about it DHS wants 7000 person defense rifles, that about how many AR15 were sold the day after his proposed laws.
            Add that to the amount of guns that have been passed down from grandfathers to fathers to son;s and those are scarey numbers.
            Hell I have never been afraid of a man that has many guns, its the guy thats only has 1 you have worry about.



            • Oh I know. They can try and all hell will break loose. Just make sure to make sure some commies make it to Wyoming. They coyotes are hungry.

        • You should watch the movie Obama 2016. That will put it all in perspective. 😉

          • I had a friend drag me to that movie, and sitting through it was painful.

            Painful because I’ve spent over 35 years of my life working in one capacity or another for the Dept of Defense and throughout that entire time – the span of the Cold War – the #1 enemy our nation was fighting was Communism.

            My reward, and the reward for the combined years contributed by every military veteran or DOD employee or private DOD contractor over the last 50 some odd years – was that a sufficient number of our fellow Americans decided to put a known, avowed Communist into the highest office in our lands – not once, but TWICE.

            That’s the gratitude of all these brainless flag waving morons who have those little yellow ribbons tied to trees in their yards or who have those little stickers on their cars?

            Americans are a very sick, very ill informed nation of numbskulls.

            • Tucker: if we ever get to meet in person, I wonder if we beagn chatting about DOD as you did work in/for so long, if its possible you ever knew or dealt with my Father.

              he was a GS-13 and there for over 25 yrs prior to owning his own industrial plant that made several electroinc parts for F-15’s and Tanks etc.

              It would prove a small world indeed if we talked and it turned out You and He did dealings or worked on projects together eh.

        • Ask the average stupid shit American and they will tell you that Obama is a nice guy and is trying to get things fixed. Don’t rely on just the people on this site to get an idea of how most really feel. We are outnumbered about four to one. Just go randomly ask and you will be shocked at how popular this guy is.

      3. Yep.

        • Where do I sign up? Free guns and ammo and an opportunity to wreak havoc as I desert.

          “A wise general sees to it that his troops feed on the enemy, for one zhong of the enemy’s provisions is equivalent to twenty of one’s own and one shi of the enemy’s fodder to twenty shi of one’s own.” – Sun Tzu in The Art of War

          • Actually reverend…that’s not a bad idea!
            What if thousands of patriots “enlisted/joined” the enemy’s outfit with the expressed purpose of becoming a….defector in place, once inside the loop!

            …think about it. They could identify the leadership’s home addresses, what they drive, places they frequent when off-duty and their general movement patterns.

            Defectors could gives us their employer’s comm frequencies, critical infrastructure locations, weapons/ammo storage facilities & their security arrangements…the physical location of drones remote-pilot centers/command posts….the list is almost endless!!!

            Those brave souls who endeavor to follow thru w/ such a plan….would be a GOD-send to our side!!!

            …I for one…would not harbor any ill-will, should my taxes support the paycheck of any so brave…to do such, as the above.

            Think about it!

            • All inductees will have a mini-bomb implanted—deserters and loudmouths will die

              • Snaaaaaaaaake Pliskin!

                I heard of you…

            • They don’t call me Oathkeeper for nothin!!

              • I honor Oathkeepers….but, please remember that the widows and children of Veterans ALSO acknowledge and will honor this Oath as their own…


            • Gunsmith: seems the feds already was considering that posibility you wrote of…RT tv news just had a special episode on how recently(last couple yrs now) ALL fed agencys has ramped up use of Ongoing repeated usage of LIE detector testings on litterally every fed worker.

              And doubly so on fbi leo type fed workers!…Some ex-fed guy was interviewed and has an Org tyring to halt such invasive lie detector tests and so frequently done.

              He says it gets way too personal and invades persons privacy too far. No questions are off limits anymore for them fed agency workers.

              Why all a sudden would they do so many tests? Unless its due to worrisomeness by various Traitors in fed gov since cat is out of bag now eh.

            • I am reading your comment for the first time now, but have been thinking about this for the last 24 hours or so? Thinking about joining law enforcement at either the police level or Sheriff’s office level and using that tactic as a way to aquire materials and resources and also information

      4. Thanks for building up the military all these years, Republicans. All you jerks who thought the Patriot Act was a good idea and applauded the creation of the DHS. Have you people grown any brain cells in all these years?

        • So true – And now we have this stupid demoncrat obama and his henchmen demoncrats in congress doing even worse things than the republicans.

          • You mean the Demoncrats or the fuctupblicans?

          • I agree, Eisenkreutz. However, its not just the republipukes; democrates are just as evil. I used to be a democrat. Now I’m simply for the Constitution. There’s no real difference between the two parties– both are bought and paid for by Goldman Sacks, the Fossil Fuel Industry, etc. They don’t give a sh– about anyone except their family and clan members. (As Bushie put it, “my base”.)

        • Eisenkreutz….no-one is giving the Republicans a free-pass out of their hands in warmongering. But,

          You need to read more history.

          WWI–Woodrow Wilson (Democrat)
          WWII–FDR (Democrat)
          WWIII–BO (Democrat)

          The first two and only A-Bombs, ordered by Democrat.

          The events today are led by a Democrat. He could stop his stuff anytime. Do you think he will?

          • Who might be “recruited” to fill the ranks of Obama’s civilian national security force?

            College graduates who can’t find a job to repay their college loans

            Illegal aliens who have been given amnesty in exchange for service

            Some of the millions now unemployed and trying to feed their families

            Scouts … ?

            Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More
            “The Department of Homeland Security has been training “Explorers” (a coed affiliate of the Boy Scouts, ages 14+), to take on and disarm “disgruntled veterans” who are described as “terrorists”.
            The NY Times

            (Unfortunately, we know the definition of a “terrorist” has been expanded recently.

              • This is about the explorers. I talked to somebody I respect, who is former law enforcement, and who led an explorer group of 9 high school kids back in 1998-1999, when I met her.

                She said the article is fairly typical for the type of stuff they were doing even back then. 7 of the 9 kids became law enforcement officers. They did tactical training with them also, and shot at a range.

                One can speculate as to how the article ties into the more nefarious activity we are seeing from .gov, but wanted to add my 2 cents that, in and of it self, tactical training in the explorer program is not viewed by the person I talked to as out of the ordinary.

            • You know who else will be salivating to dress up in the “brown shirts”?

              Every mall rent-a-cop that couldn’t pass the psych exam to be on the police force.
              Every power hungry bully who couldn’t handle basic training in the military.
              Every person who every wanted to control/brutalize his neighbors and has just been looking for a way to do so without being arrested.

              The people who fill these positions will not, by and large, be “good” or ethical people. They will be bullies with badges. There will be so many “positions” to be filled that there will be no legitimate evaluations of these newly minted “authorities”. Actually a tendency towards being an oppressor would likely even be desirable.

              I can just see the ad:

              HELP WANTED: Are you a domineering bully who likes to browbeat and threaten others? Do you enjoy working with people, enslaving them, humiliating them, and tromping on their constitutional rights? Have we got a job for you!

              Bonuses include brown shirts, banned weapons and jackboots. Call 1-800-TRAITOR to apply today.

              • I think a lot of people who did pass the psych test are exactly as you described. We need professionals in law enforcement, not mental patients! You can tell a lot about a person by giving them a bit of power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

                • WARFACE,

                  Brilliantly stated! I’m sure the law enforcement mafia enforcers who stole all those weapons from law abiding citizens in New Orleans after Katrina passed a psych evaluation at some point. There will be no shortage of these badged dangerous sociopaths ready to step forward to answer the call when the SHTF.

                • I would not be surprized if they used the unemployed black male to lead the brigade. Perhaps that is why the anointed one has made it next to impossible for the young black male to find employment or even dream of getting out of the hood. He has used their disadvantages to his advantage. I wish they could see how vile he truly is and how he actually hates them as much as he hates the white christians. The end justifies the means, that is the NWO motto.

              • On a positive note Daisy…we wont have to go against people who are above us in combat skill!

                • thanks for the positive note 🙂

                • REB,
                  How do you know that? You have no idea what is being planned and how well trained they will be. Better think twice before thinking you/we are so much better. Do you have a CIB? Ever been in combat? Most people have not and the transition will not be easy for a bunch of out of shape couch potatoes. Most Vietnam Vets are now seniors with health problems so don’t count too much on them. The Gulf War guys will be doing the work here.

                  • And you know different eh?

                • Reb, I just want to ask you, have you thought about what Obama said? He wants basically another U.S. Army. He’s going to equip them the same way. Equal resources He said. So that means some pretty impressive equipment. Drones that shoot from above, aircraft, warplanes of every description, tanks, really great tanks, armored vehicles of all types, missiles, you name it, they’re going to have it. This isn’t going to be a picnic.
                  Be aware that a huge number of people will not take up their guns in self defence until they are sure of what is going on and by then it may already be too late for them. No one wants to confront law officers unless they are sure there is a good reason.
                  Few of us are organized, we trust no one really. The Patriots of Pennsylvania disbanded several Patriot groups because of too much police infiltration. The Militia are weakened by too many years of waiting and nothing happening.
                  Don’t be so self assured. Those of of with combat experience know that being too confident leads to being dead. Expect the worst. If it’s better than that, great, if not at least you stand a chance of surviving because you properly prepared. Take some training from a vet or at least someone with military training. Ask around, someone will be willing to train you and your friends if you tell them why you need their help.
                  This isn’t going to be a turkey shoot. The government may be corrupt but it isn’t stupid. And even if they are, there is no shortage of people they can send against us. They have numbers to help them. They can also call upon various military forces of our allies who will think they are supressing an uprising of evil citizens.
                  A lot more Patriots are going to die than you imagine. The price of freedom has always been high, it won’t be any cheaper this time.
                  Best of luck to you all, may God bless and protect you and your righteous endeavors.

              • “Worst kind of people gonna be in charge when SHTF”

                – Selco

                • E…if you haven’t looked lately, the worst kind of people are already in charge.

              • daisy you have hit the ball out of the park with this comment.

                There are millions just waiting to “act out” their warped mental aggressions. The void of all the LE and Military that will step down and not turn on innocent citizens will be filled with the persons you have described. Give them a weapon,a debit card loaded with freebies and a free pass to kill all the “anti-establishment” types and we have the workings of a civil war. Have TPTB throw in a few mind bending drugs and we got zombie types out the waa-zoo.

                It might hurt my feelings for a little while, but; If it’s me&mine or them, I’ll send them to God to sort out.

                • they might get a jump on things but once the mayhem got rolling…they would be smoked “like a pack of Cools”.

                  • Keep telling yourself that. They can put it on your headstone.

                  • If we don’t band together and form larger groups, we will not have much of a chance to succeed in turning this around. Small resistance can not stand up and survive for very long.

                  • JW…get a sense of humor.

                    On a serious note…if those who just want to protect their families and be left alone can’t deal with those of the likes of tsa, brown-shirts, rentacops, americorps, those on the dole, etc.

                    We have no right to be free.

                    The earth tolerates those of us that are willing to understand her and show the ability to stand on our own two feet. We choose to recognize and band together with those like us.

                    Then again, that is no guarentee.

              • Daisy,

                Agreed. Excellent post!

                Unfortunately, there probably has always been that element in society that would seek and welcome such “opportunities”.

              • Daisy I fail the Psych Test when I retired from Active duty.
                “I was to Likely to Shoot.”
                And I was to old to apply for the swat position I wanted.

                But those failure you speak of were just allowed to sign right up.

              • Daisy, that’s so true. Looks like we must have a few here who you’ve pissed off and now they’re starting to train with the Red Thumb Brigade! 🙂

              • I would sign up for the job, seriously! I’d be God’s Joshua

            • As an Eagle Scout Alumni, I am sickened by this. Shame on you, BSA.

              • Gee Sybil,wouldn’t it just be quicker to tell everybody the one or two things you’ve never been or done? Strictly in the interest of saving time only,OF COURSE we all know it’s the true………

                • Im not Sybil Im Eisenkreutz.

                  • Hey, E! Looks like you have your own pet troll.

                    Lots of us get stalkers – sometimes they show themselves as the red thumb brigade and sometimes they just try to aggravate you. I suggest you ignore them.

                    For the record, syntax and words are my thing – unless E is a far more skilled verbal chameleon than most people, he and Cindy are NOT one and the same.


              • Scouts are trained to think, not just follow order. I think that would be a problem.

              • BSA=Obamayouth. Tyrants like child soldiers because they have no sense of mortality.

            • I rather think the Americorps would among those “enlisted” by obama…..

              The AmeriCorps Pledge

              I will get things done for America –
              to make our people safer,
              smarter, and healthier.

              I will bring Americans together
              to strengthen our communities.

              Faced with apathy,
              I will take action.

              Faced with conflict,
              I will seek common ground.

              Faced with adversity,
              I will persevere.

              I will carry this commitment
              with me this year and beyond.

              I am an AmeriCorps member,
              and I will get things done.


              source: Americorps Website

              • Thanks FOB,

                These are GOOD sentiments! Perhaps these are exactly the things we NEED to remember after it’s all over and we begin again…I’m not sure that at present anything will sifnificantly alter what will come, but a NEW day will dawn, and when it does we’ll need to remember how to be good, upright people again. Till that time…..


            • KY Mom, the Scouts are now being torn asunder to be remade as?

          • Nobody’s gonna tell me anything about history.

            • You’ve only seen three presidents. I’ve seen eleven. Many of the people on here have seen one or two more than that. We have lived through a lot of history. Most of what we know of history is not taught in school anymore.

              So I’ve probably got 40 years on you and 40 or 50 IQ points on you too. I learn new things every single day. You have closed your mind. You will be ignored from now on.

              • Why would I care what you ignore? Go thee, and pound you some sand.

                • It would be wise to remember there are some people when they say: “Follow me” Get followed even when things get tough. There are some to cowardly to say it, and some who just get shot by there own people just so they know who is behind them..I agree with some of what you say but I do not think I care to have you lead or be watching my back.

                  • “their” not “there”

              • Its a shame they dont teach history like they used to
                As a kid i was fascinated by history

          • Good post and something to think about UGLY. That makes you wonder how unmoral and abusive that democrat party is for destruction and death. Sure bush did a lot of damage but I mean abuse of powers or the temptation to change things or do whatever you think you can get away of while in power, and the comparison of ww1 ww2 and ww3 makes you open your eyes.

            I think many will give up their guns in confusion, but many will resist and when people see that there are people acutally fighting back the corrupt federal government they will defend themselves too and anything could happen. I have no idea. From a full collapse to impeachment etc. I don’t honestly know.

          • Korea Democrat

            Vietnam Democrat

            Iraq 1 Republican

            Iraq 2 Republican

            Afghanistan Republican

            • Libya–Democrat
              Syria–Democrat (yes UN and NATO)
              Soon to be Iran–Democrat

              Russia and China?

              My IRAs and Social Security robberies–Democrat

              • Ugly, the Obama Admin flew stealth bombers over the Korean peninsula KNOWING that NK is looking for any excuse. Both parties have blood on their hands, yet, the Dems almost always saber-rattle the other first. Obama is trying to provoke NK. That means war with China…and quite possibly Russia. Neither of which would launch a nuclear strike without imminent knowledge of a U.S. NS…but NK would…

                Why else would you poke a stick at a hungry dog other than the want to get bitten.

            • Both parties are equally guilty of starting imperialistic wars of aggression, all of which are based on lies and fabricated pretenses. I remember my Dad used to use that argument about Democrats always getting us into wars, and, I will admit – during his life span, his point was accurate and truthful. But, once LBJ transformed the old Democrat Party from a Southern-conservative party to a party that pandered to minorities and bribed them with social entitlements – and which became virulently anti-White, that was when the Republican Party began to draw Southern Whites in massive numbers. This allowed the Republicans to begin to win the White House – where they had been pretty much shut out in the past.

              Once the GOP got a taste of power, they immediately started behaving exactly like the Democrats. Starting wars all over the world, enacting discriminatory polices that were targeted at shafting their White Conservative base, keeping the borders open, and not reversing ANY of the Communist-socialist crap that the left had imposed.

        • Nope, none of them have or will,

        • I can’t believe you STILL think we have 2 parties

          • lot of people do Scott…it is difficult for people to step outside a paradigm that has been good for them.


        • U make America sic.

      5. Just picture TSA agents with guns. 2,000,000 of them.

        • Yea, they will all die off pretty quickly cause the sight of granny’s bloomers will cause them to drop their weapons and go into their “groping” zombie stage. Granny then cracks their skull with a ball-peen hammer she had hidden in her oversized bra.

          Just add ’em to the pile.

          • LMOAO (laughing my okie ass off) !!!
            Are those ‘assault’ hammers?

            • Nope, just the goob-r-ment approved ones @ $450.00 a pop.

          • don’t tread,

            That is hysterical!

          • But the zombies will starve for lack of–braaaaaaaaiiiiiiiins!

        • 2,000,000 targets

          • So it would be a good idea to figure out their supply chain and intercept their food, either take it or destroy it, this will be the sort of battle to wage if it comes to that, to hell with getting shot up trying to stand up to any type of force, better to fight smart and low key, every adversary has weak spots,
            I like to think David and Goliath,

            • shoot and scoot…rinse, repeat

              • Amen Okie

          • Roger,

            I was think 2,000,000 new rifles and pistols..


        • Sure makes a lot of targets.

        • were would they all be buried?

          • Fertilizer.

      6. Wow! The writing is on the wall people, it has been for some time. WE are not the Revolutionaries! TPTB are!!

        It seems our country is turning against itself!

        As a side note, when the craziness that is surrounding guns and ammo right now is turned to food, things are going to get chaotic in a hurry.

        • My thoughts, too. Gasoline, food, wood for heating. This whole firearm and ammo thing came on fast. The same with the next “shortage” as well, I suspect. Gotta stay ahead of the curve.

      7. I remember America…I wont give up on her…shes been beaten and abused but its not her fault and I wont blame her BUT the bassturds who attacked her I will never forgive or forget…

        • @ REB: AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!

          • Thanks…seems we all have a little red thumb following us… 🙂

            • Reb ~

              That’s our little stray troll. Someone fed him and now he won’t go away. As well, he keeps doing his business in the garden.


              • EEEEWWWWWW!!!!yucky! 🙂

      8. My wife and I have been talking about what we think will happen. We disagree on a few things, but collapse and violence will rule the day.

        No idea of when my friends, but we know it will be soon. Recent coincidences lead up both to believe we are in the early stages now of a civil war.

      9. “President specifically claimed he would create a civilian national security police force as large as the US military”

        Oh, and he has. He has, he has, he has. God bless him for that move.

        When he declared war on the 2nd, i.e. he didn’t realize the massive Patriotic backlash that would create a force 100 times larger than the US Military

        I am proud to be one of those millions who has joined the civilian national security police to make sure we don’t loose that Amendment and all the Amendments, under the Constitution.

        Thanks, Barry. The sleeping Giant has awakened.

        • Your correct sir! I wanted to say and this is what I believe. Many of our Military troops have learned history and not like ww2 in germany where many nazi troops followed orders and killed civilians over a takeover movement, same thing today but different. We know what happened back then and I do not believe the majority of the military will ever take down people. I think it would end up to be chaos. Mass confusion and generals threatning brig time for a disobey order that troops do not follow. That is where I believe generals know right from wrong and will not give that order at least most of them. We know what is going on and it can’t be any more obvious what Obama the great is doing.


          • Hi Eisencaps!

            • Its not me.

              • Is that what your therapist told you?

            • busted!

              • Im not anyone else but Eisenkreutz. Stop saying that.

                • Are you gonna tell your mommy on me?

                • Are you sure? One of you is more than enough.

              • LOL.

                Now that IS funny!

      10. The military, for all intents and purposes, is to defend us from foreign weapons. The poliece, for all intents and purposes, is to defend us from ourself. What would this ‘civilian national secuity force’ be for? Some people say the 2nd Amendment is meant for a ‘militia’ and today’s ‘militia’ is the national guard. Is there some threat that I don’t know of that is too big for the police but too small for the military?

        I ask this all sarcastically, and even facetiously. After watching this sight for almost 3 years in silence, I think its time to add my view.

        The sky may not be falling, but that sure is a big tree coming my way.

        • Welcome Disappeared, love the ‘big tree coming my way’.

        • Disappeared,

          Alot of people do think the national guard is the militia and they are wrong.The militia is out there and getting stronger every day thanks to Obamama. Don’t think so do a search for the words state militia and you will find out fast. They are just like Biker gangs the will have front men online but waiting in the shadows there are thousands more. You didn’t really think the average Joe american was buying up all the ammo did you.



          • ” A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
            They didn’t use two separate words, one capitalized, for no reason. WE are the people.

            • NautiGirl,

              No where else in the entire US Constitution, Bill of Rights, or Declaration of Independence are the words “…shall not be infringed” to be found together as a commandment to government. This is a profoundly important detail that is repeatedly, and I believe deliberately, ignored by main stream media.

              • Yet again and again you see idiot people yelling for the government to take our rights away
                Our local paper, Maui News, wouldnt print my letter listing the new bills the state is trying for but thrre were a bunch of letters saying the times are different, that the 2A is obsolete, that people should have to leave their guns in an armory, bla bla bla
                Stupid fuckers
                SHAL NOT BE INFRINGED
                Simple english
                No hidden meaning

                • Kulafarmer,

                  That comes as no surprise to me considering the preponderance of bias the U.N. loving, progressive mainstream media has against the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

                  This is not a battle I can leave for future generations to fight. If this fight is lost, there will be nothing left of the Constitution to save.

              • YH: Also the words Nessesary and Security are ditto likewise.

            • I can’t help but love your handle.

        • Their purpose… to defend them from us as they attempt to destroy us!

      11. We cannot blame the President for this. He ran on a socialist and communist platform and people voted for him. What we can be disappointed in is that over 280 million Americans could care less, or do not see any danger that has developed since 2003, specifically since 2009.

        Ask any American about issues of the dollar, the economy, NDAA, DHS, or wierd killings and suicides of our Patriots and see what response you get. Not much.

        I don’t want to wish my life away, but dam I wish my kids were older.

        • “I don’t want to wish my life away, but dam I wish my kids were older.”

          I wish I were older, hate to be brutal; but we all die eventually and I’m pretty sure the next 25 years are going to be rough economically, politically and in personal safety.

          I’m not sure how much of what’s going on is obama’s idea and how much of it is preparation by the govt seeing the road ahead and making sure when the financial realities really hit; those in charge now stay in charge and are able to squash any threats to upsetting the order of things.

          The bad side of that thought is I think the govt already has the ability to take out or shut up any threat it desires with enough of the media and people themselves willing to look the other way.

          • I am older and I wish my eyes were better. that I could run faster and longer, cuse as it is I can likely only get one before I go down, and I’d really like to get 2. But I hope it doesn’t matter how many, it’s the thought that counts. MOLON LABE

            • Use things that make big(really big) booms….youll get more than two! 🙂

              • Wish I had the know how

                • The knowhow is “blowin in the wind” ifn you get my drift 🙂

              • Imagine this baby rolled in Elmer’s glue and BB’s!!! Thinking of investing in one of those huge fireworks warehouses you see at almost EVERY hiway intersection…there are a lot of them…


                Seriously, I can hear it now, “Hey kids! Come out here on the porch and watch the show…” as a couple of these skid across the lawn towards whoever isn’t supposed to be there!!!

                They want my money…

                They want my guns…

                Ain’t heard nothin’ about my explosives!!!

          • try and figure out how to pass on a business and farm with obamacare lurking about . its a shame the government thinks they should have my land and not my kids .

            • Give it to them before you die…as a gift…my Dad did that…no taxes and nothing for the state to get involved in…depends where you live I suppose.

            • Look into forming an offshore coroporation somewhere like Belize and transfer your farm into a family held corporation or a family trust. No American court can touch a family trust in Belize. And the farm remains in your family hands for generations, if they so desire that. There are no restrictions to what they can do with it, just that no one else can do anything with it. A great place to deposit your money also and for the same reasons.

          • Just like any other iron-fisted dictator, the NWO crowd will learn that their worst enemies are within their own ranks.

        • those 280,000,000 Americans will care a lot when the SHTF.

          • As Rhett Butler said “I’m afraid it’s going to make a great deal of difference to a great many gentlemen”.

        • EXACTLY!

        • I have small grandboys…standing fast in big sky country

      12. I have this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that our immediate future isn’t going to be friendly or very much fun for any of us formerly middle-class folks.

        • Just rely on the Master for your strength. It’s the only way to find true comfort.

        • Madmarkie…If you want to see the future, just watch television commercials. Blacks are portrayed as cool and hip and white people are made out to look like idiots or effeminate. You don’t see many border rats yet because legally, most of them don’t count and “they” wouldn’t want to remind the law-abiding taxpayer that we have a huge illegal immigration problem. Obama feels the white man has had too good of a run for a couple hundred years and that is soon to be over. I go to a lot of gun shows and white people are far and away the main race involved. Us white-boys are armed and our wealth can’t be re-distributed if we are able to protect it so the HNIC plans to dis-arm us. Pay attention to commercials and then tell me I’m wrong.

          • I agree with your statement. Us Whites are targeted with extermination. For now the enemies’ weapon of choice is the media. They might break out the gas chambers and bulldozers later. If the “liberals” have thier way Whites will be bred and mixed out of existence. Our culture will be wiped off the face of the earth and used as a scapegoat for generations.
            As painfull as the coming years will be they will be necessary for the survival of our race. Golbalism will temporarly be halted. Comunities will band together. Yes, it might suck, but if we band together and remain strong we will survive.

            • You idiots. We are past the point of racism. It is black vs white. Black is big brother. Whit is patriots. Or vice versa whichever u stupid bastards prefer since a race thing. I know what your talking about the tv. You do have to understand that they are doing this to portray the majority of patriots are going to be white, male, possibly Christian. The majority of servants are and will be black and minority. It’s psychological propaganda to group the color of skin into your mind. Creating a race war on top of all other problems. For being “–awake” many of you people have a lot to learn.

              • If we have so much to learn then please enlighten us your grace. No one but you mentioned race. The discussion started about middle class America, not racism. You sound PTSD…first you insult everyone and then you half-ass agree with us…WTF?

              • Big awards show coming up for “colored people”. Try having one for white people

                • We do
                  CMAs, but were an equal opportunity employer so if all yall other than whities wanna belt out an award winning country tune give it a go and ifn its good yall might win

              • ARMY JOE: Here Read This plan from 1912 by a Kommie Jew.

                “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to install in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” Israel Cohen, a leading Communist in England, in his ‘A Racial Program For The 20th Century (1912).’ Quoted by Congressman Abernathy, Congressional Record, June 7, 1957, p. 8559.”

                Thats how the kommie liberals convinced so many white women to become Coal Burners. So ISREAL COHEN’s Kommie jew master race dream can be acomplished. By convincing white women to commit SELF Genocide, by Breeding whites Out of the picture. Who is the Idiot?…YOU JOE!

                Thats Exactly what Warfaces posts is about! and it was PRE Planned by Kommie bolshevik jews to USE Blacks Against Whites! What part do You noy yet get Army Joey?

              • I agree with Army Joe…it is Helter Skelter…only Manson believed that a race war could be started with violence first…it starts in the minds of children…millions of SOMA addicted children…when the time is right…you cut off the SOMA…Obamacare is doing just that.

                Poverty level will exempt from the tax penalty for no coverage AND still provide coverage…until most businesses (as mine just did) cut hours to below 30 to avoid forced coverage…this will plant millions into the poverty range…until they raise the minimum wage two more dollars…this will effectively get them hooked on ABSOLUTE welfare…then it will be denied…

                Except to the 12+ million criminals they are going to grant amnesty to. They will have no paper trail (because “amnesty” is just a free-pass not an organized system) so will be allowed access to everything American without paying a cent into it, while, being given total amnesty and exemption from everything American…there is your “civilian defense force”…we are already sending guns south of the border, remember?

            • Your subconscious mind now sees black people as well as minorities as cool and hip . Obama supporters are cool and hip. Your mind relates this information. White people may be portrayed as slow, dumb, redneck, hillbilly, silly, uneducated, Christian, white males. The actual reasoning behind that is the majority of patriotic Americans will actually be country white Christian males. I am a Hispanic male. Do I give a fuck what race anyone is. No. 2 sides. PRO CONSTITUTION or pro big government. See past race. We will need to be united. They strive to divide !!!! That’s the only way to beat the majority. Don’t worry about getting killed cause your white. Worry about being killed for being a political enemy.

              • I totally agree Army joe. I have respect for anyone that comes to this country wanting to be a “true” American and working to and for the benefit of american patriots and their own family.

                If your heart is in the right place you are welcome to join my little country army of redneck christians. We don’t have a problem with mexicans or blacks. We only have a problem with thieves and lazy people looking for a hand out. Keep on with the message.

                • But they DON’T want to be true Americans!!!
                  They start countries within our country
                  with totally different customs and thinking!! Where the F have you been?

                  • I’ve been here all over this country and talked to all kinds of people. I’m not referring to all mexicans or all blacks, and definitely not the muslims. FUCK them crazy, false god worshiping idiots.

                    I haven’t seen many mexicans trying to start a war against Americans. Sure, some are bad. But there are just as many bad whites also.

                    Don’t put the blame on the Mexicans for wanting a better way of life. The blame goes on the people being asleep and not putting a stop to immigration 30 years ago. So, where the FUCK have you been “Scott”!

                • Non-whites are herd animals. They dont have any conception of individual rights. Lets keep amerikkka white and right, OK?

                  • Post another comment, young whipper snapper. I’m trying to calibrate my sarcasm meter!


                  • Cindy,

                    Could you please turn off your caps, your starting to remind of my ex-wife all that yelling.


                  • I can’t believe YOU people haven’t figured out eisenkreutz is a troll!

                  • yeah etg83,

                    but some folks like a pet troll to keep around for kicking, then later pet on the head “good trollie, here, go fetch!”, and then later kick the dumb troll again.

                • Bingo
                  Patriot has no color
                  I would bet there are all colors and creeds who are just as tweaked about all this crap as there are whites, lots of what you see is media manipulation,
                  Why else do they not show the gang violence in the big cities
                  These guys are all over the spectrum of race,


              • What percentage of the men who died in the Alamo where not white? If you are one of their descendants in spirit, you are welcome in my company anytime.

            • Roger Hedgecock had some good comments today as to the new attack program on whites. Once we become a minority we will be in serious trouble. That will happen thios year in Ca. and if the amnesty goes through that will be the case in other states. Twenty more years we will be history. All those aborted babies will have the last laugh.

            • Jason is on the money. While all of the different races in this nation will experience massive hardships as a result of the evil cabal of Communists who’ve hijacked our nation, there can be no question by any reasonably intelligent individual who has been paying attention – that White European people are considered Enemy #1 by these Communists and it is our race that is targeted for complete extermination.

              Think back to the jewish controlled media’s reaction to the GOP Convention in 2012. Does everyone remember the torrents of hysterical venom that was literally gushing out of the mouths of EVERY mainstream media commentator about how REPULSIVE and REPUGNANT and NAUSEATING it was for them to see all those HORRIBLE WHITE FACES in attendance at the GOP convention? I mean, they really did drop their mask and let the whole world see the bottomless reservoir of raw hatred that the left has for the traditional founding stock of America and the hatred they harbor for our traditional values.

          • YOU’RE WRONG.

            • opps sorry hit the thumbs up and meant the thumbs down to whoever I typing to…


            • If you think somebody’s wrong about the now-minorities future treatment of whites as a minority, just wait. You will get to live it.

      13. I don’t know if it started with Obama; I think we’ve just reached the steep part of the exponential curve, and he was there at the right time to pick up the upswing.

        Off topic, but I got a little bit of money recently, and wanna buy some silver (well, I want gold but that is not gonna happen). Any thing I should watch out for and be aware of? And any recommendations for a dealer around Atlanta? I don’t really want to do it through the mail. I want to walk in with cash and out with coins. Any hints much appreciated.

        • I buy from Gainesville coins myself and before I used them, I bought from Bullion Direct. The first thing to do is buy a silver test kit on eBay for about 12 bucks. Don’t buy in large quantities over 100 ounces at a time. If you’re new to buying bullion and junk silver, buy junk to start off with, junk is primarily pre 1965 Quarters and Dimes. When you get more comfortable with buying, try single ounce bullion in small quantities and always test a random ounce or coin. Finally, I always avoid buying anything over 10 ounce bars because of counterfeiting.

          In addition, avoid buying collector coins if your goal is metal weight, not collectable value. My philosophy is that the collector will be a scarce animal in an economic crash. The collectors you would find certainly wouldn’t pay a fair price and probably attempt to prey on your need to sell.

          This is what I do, not what you should do. You’ll have to decide for yourself what works for you.

          • Very well put,Joe. That is the way I do it

          • Good advice.

          • I have been buying from APMEX since I cant find junk silver on Craigslist anymore. I buy a rool of dimes and a roll of quarters along with a gram of gold

        • I recommend junk silver. It’s easy to purchase and easy to barter with. Find a dealer that accepts cash and trades at 94%…

        • BamBam….Atlanta should have plenty of gold and silver dealers. Google it or look in yellow pages. Many coin and gun (pawn shops) are dealers as well.

          The easiest way to start is with the one ounce US Silver Eagle rounds. Also, the Canadian Maple is widely recognized.

          The silver rounds are the easiest. Later, you may want to look at pre-1965 dimes. But I would do that later. Maybe look for those at yard sales and estate sales. Lots of dummies out there.

        • Buy lead.

        • BamBam….just get good digital scale and weigh your purchase. A troy ounce is right about 31 grams and some change. They can counterfeit the coin but not the weight. A .999 silver coin or round will weigh a couple grams more than 31 because it has an alloy to make it harder. Same for gold….a 1 ounce Krugerrand will weigh about 34 grams and looks reddish because it has copper in it. The chinese have started using tungsten to counterfeit gold because it is nearly as dense. Its best to buy from reputable sources that offer a guaranty of purity.

          • @Warface….I went and weighed my US Silver Eagles and they range mostly in the 30.9 to 31.2 gm range. A troy ounce is 31.1 gms.

            Most alloys you say that are used are actually lighter than silver, so wouldn’t that lower the weight instead of increase it? I can see .999 oz of silver plus copper encapsulation making the weight heavier.

            But if a Troy Ounce is 31.1 gms, wouldn’t you expect most ‘true’ silver rounds that are .999oz being very close to the 31.1 gms? If not, then why?

        • YES–buy locally with cash. Don’t spend more then $500 at one place because then they have to report it

          • $500 dollars in one place?


            Don’t worry, that won’t be happening anytime soon. As an aside, how do people get gold off the record? With where its at right now, I don’t see how anyone could do it

        • Buy a decent amount of junk silver, the pre-1965 US coins. You don’t need to test that stuff. It’s dimes and quarters, small enough to be readily spendible when it’s time to take the silver to the grocery store.

          For silver bullion coins, the one-ounce coins are the thing. Bring your own test kit and test each coin in the store. Seriously. There are superb fakes out there and sometimes the dealer doesn’t test them himself, they just check them visually and listen to the ring on the counter. I know two dealers who have bought silver coins in $8000 and $9000 lots and found out they were burned. One dealer defaced the coins and gave them out as souvenirs, the other had a mysterious theft and insurance claim. And there are some folks that will knowingly sell garbage, and tell you the test shows blue or whatever for real, the opposite of what it should be.

          If you stick with US and Canada silver, you should be OK. Go buy a few of each at one shop, examine carefully, test them, and take one of them with you to the next shop.

          Don’t get talked into silver rounds, or ingots, or collector coins, Morgan dollars, any of that. Stick with US or Canadian gov’t minted coins, the Silver Eagle or the Maple Leaf. The Canadian silver is purer than ours, .999 fine, our is .925 fine. Doesn’t make any real difference.

          • where do get all that stuff, Smokey? (Pre-1965 coins, silver, gold)? Everyone keeps talking about getting it, but where?

          • Thanks guys! I do have a few pre-1965 coins already, which I got just by examining my change regularly. Where can I buy more and will they charge you extra? I don’t want to get ripped off. Also, where do I get the Canadian and U.S. Maple Leaves and Silver Eagles? How much will I have to pay? Can you just ask your bank?

            • Stupid is as stupid does……..

      14. “Now put all those together and the complete puzzle begins to emerge.”

        Exactly, Mac. I recall saying something very similar on another article. Doesn’t take a great deal of effort to put those pieces together, either. This is just another in a whole box of pieces.

        Now, I have no doubt that the ammunition, the 7,000 “personal defense weapons”, the drones, and those armored vehicles will be used against us, the American public, in the very near future. Any thoughts as to what may proceed it?

        I believe it’ll be some type of man-made virus, to weaken down and even kill off a great deal of resistance, but I’m interested in hearing any thoughts others may have.

        “Not One More Inch!”

        KySSG . . . out.

        • KySSG,

          Good point about the virus.

          The flu has been very widespread here this year – has even closed the area schools for a few days.

          A family member pointed out how many older people (ages 55+) had died this winter from the flu.

          Was this a test run?

          • Me and my wife both had that nasty flu. I’m near 60 she’s late 40’s, it held on for about 3 solid weeks of sick and about a week of still trying to recover. Neither of us has had anything that held on for so long. We did beat it though. Take megadoses of prenatal vitamins and any kind of wellness formulas you can find at the first sign of a sniffle. We waited. Never again.


            • For future reference – elderberry extract shortens the duration of the flu. It has been scientifically compared to Tamiflu and has an equal or greater effect in all cases.

              • My best guess and “conspiracy based assumption” is that elderberry extract is very likely far superior to the “pharmaceutically” produced Tamiflu. THEY can’t patent a “nature produced” and still available NATURAL treatment. At least not yet.

                Does “Elderberry wine” count Daisy? Don’t know where I would procure said wine, but I do have an affinity for “alcohol based” MEDICINE. Seems I have some distant reference to “elderberry wine”…probably some long forgotten song.

                Trade name “Sambucus”?

                • Sambucol is the brand of extract that they used in the studies. It’s highly recommended because the extract is standardized – you know exactly what you’re getting.

                  Elderberry wine actually does have some positive effect, anecdotally speaking. And it makes a really, really nice hot toddy – about a kabillion times better than Neo Citrin.

                  • :), makes me HAPPY! And thanks for the valuable info.

                  • It’s in Sambuca too. I’ve had lots of success with some other herbal liquors. They keep real well too.

                  • A kabillion? That’s a one with eleventeen zeroes, right? Just tryin’ to keep the math straight!

                    Do I smell brownies baking?…chocolate cake?… Either way, save me some!

                  • Sheesh, Okie, keep it straight. Eleventeen zeroes is in a gazillion, not a kabillion.

                    Oatmeal cookies and bread today, nothing fancy. 🙂

                  • Daisy,

                    Sure would like some wine with my bread and cookies 🙂
                    Funny you made bread, so did I, Still waiting on some shine from Okie. I think his man drunk it and got lost.



                  • SmokinOkie, a “kabillion” is about a tenth of the current national debt, all things considered. I’m not sure how much that helps from a mathematical standpoint, cuz I keep hearing derivatives exposure referred to in the Quadrillions. Frankly, I believe “THE FED” made that number up to keep us “bamboozled”, cuz I don’t believe it could possibly exist.

                    My suggestion: Several Elderberry wine hot toddy’s and a really good nights sleep. In the morning, nothing will have changed, but you will be WELL rested!

                  • You guys are killing me!!!
                    Bamboozled? (I got that way at a bam-bar once. barely survived)
                    kabillion? gazillion? slippery nipples?!!! my head just exploded!!

                • Hey NautiGal,

                  Ever had “slippery nipples”? No,… the shooter you make using Sambuca and Irish Cream. Really good! In the eighties, some friends and i spent the whole summer drinking them chilled. Good memories. A smooth drink that will warm you up. Especially if you drink them the way you are supposed to….They do come in pairs.

                  • If I had any of those, I’d be tempted to give the old OB a blow job myself, just to see if I could get him impeached. It might be worth it 😉 I am a NautiGal. See why girls shouldn’t be in the military yet? Damn, I knew this participation thing would be dangerous.

              • @ Daisy. This may be anecdote in regards to me, but elderberry really does work with the flu. It is suppose to help prevent the flu virus from entering the body’s cells. You can take it also in the pill form, which is really good to break open and take it directly with some water or juice of something. I took it just about every hour I was awake and it lessened the very severe effects of the flu. Elderberry worked well for me, but so did a lot of beta carotene Vitamin A. Glad the flu is fianlly waning.

                • I’m so glad you got better quickly, BI. There were actually several very well-controlled studies using Sambucol. In every instance, the flu lasted 3-4 days less than its duration in the control group. I found these on PubMed. These studies have been presented in many prominent virology publications. Another interesting thing to note is that in one of the studies, the subjects were allowed to take OTCs to lessen the symptoms. The subjects receiving elderberry extract took less medication to relieve pain, fever, congestion and coughs than did the subjects in the control group.

                  Besides the elderberry wine, if you have children or do not consume alcohol, you can find elderberry syrup. It’s good stirred into hot water for a tea or mixed into sparkling water and served over ice.

                  • The study out there on Sambucol was actually commissioned by the Israeli company that makes Sambucol…it seems like a solid study, but it just kind of throws up a flag, you know? The study is a double blind, placebo controlled study, if I remember correctly.

                    That being said, our family has been taking a few drops of elderberry tincture each day, just as a preventative measure…I may be jinxing myself, but no flu yet, and it is indeed going around. Last year I gathered a couple pints of elderberries, and I tinctured them in a liter of $4 vodka. Free plus $4 beats paying $10 an ounce at the health food store for elderberry tincture.

                    You can also collect the flowers and dry them for a delicious, delicate tea that is also said to have some medicinal effect, but no studies that I have seen support this.

                  • Mama Bear – that was one very important study but there were several more, not funded by this company, most importantly one that studied elderberry’s effects on the avian flu.

                    However 3 of the 4 most prominent studies did take place under the same hospital in Israel although only one admits ties to that company.

                    Links to follow.


            • Vitamin A works so well to treat or prevent the flu that you will have a difficult time believing you were getting sick the next day. Vit A 100,000 units day one 50,000 day 2 if you are sick. If you are not suretake 30,000 units every 12 hours three times. Anyone not taking 5000 units of Vit D-3 daily in the winter should have stupid written on their forehead. Caution: Women who are pregnant should not take this much Vit A as it could affect the baby.

              • 100,000 IUs? Really? That sounds like an awful lot. I’m not saying it’s wrong. Do you have an sources you could cite for the amount?

                • I think I have overdosed on Tang–turning orange here!!

                  And for those who know Tang doesn’t have a 25 year shelf life, there are Vitamin C crystals with a longer shelf life.
                  Yes, they are in my preps and in a dark bottle.

                • Too much A can cause liver damage.

              • I can personally vouch for the suggested D3. Vitamin A at the dose you endorse is potentially toxic. Short term, possibly OK. But still in what most would consider the “ultra high exposure” range. All depends on the “overall” health profile of potential users at that dosage. I am no “expert” but would suggest additional reference and professional advice before consuming Vitamin A in such high dose.

                Plant sources vs. animal sources is likely the safer choice regardless. I welcome any and all reference and information that may very well be at “odds” with my current perception.

              • @ Chip and Daisy. Vitamin A is potent, the beta carotene is much safer for the liver than the fish oil source. Carrot juice has 8000 IU per ounce and you can imagine what a gallon of carrot juice is in Vitamin A IU, one million IU. I have tried to drink a lot of carrot juice before and it has blown out my stomach, but others I know have drank so much carrot juice they have turned an orange color, but their flu left they so fast it was amazing. It does work if you can keep it down.

                • Didn’t Susan Dey from the Partridge Family turn orage from all the carrots?

                  Kidding aside, I think I’m missing a whole class of them vitamin thingies cuz I can’t stand carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, etc. Is there a pill for that?

                  • You can buy Beta-carotene supplements – it’s contained in plant-based Vitamin A.

                    If you don’t care for the yellow and orange veggies, leafy greens are also very high in Beta Carotene. (spinach, collards, etc) 🙂


                • thks for the vitamin A info. I was not informed about it, but I do know zinc can help with a lot of things. I take it almost daily along with vitamin c and sometimes D. If I start feeling puny and stuffy, I take golden- seal caps for three days. Haven’t had a cold or flu bug in eight years. I do wash my hands and face often too.

          • KY Mom:

            Could have been a test run. I know people around here whom have had it, seem to have gotten over it, and then relapse. Tenacious. Might be another reason why they have so many of those coffins?

            Just seemed like a good way to eliminate some of their perceived threats. May not be anything to it, but you never know.

            “Not One More Inch!”

            KySSG . . . out.

      15. The tree is thirsty…
        time for watering.

      16. “[T]he President specifically claimed he would create a civilian national security police force as large as the US military. If he meant it, then we’re talking about 2 million or so civilians that will be armed, deputized and backed by the government.”

        These forces already exist and it would require a mere formality to coordinate and mobilize them. The “troops’ in question are the huge, heavily armed Negro and Hispanic gangs that control large swaths of the foetid, teeming cesspits known as “urban” Amerika.

        There is precedent for this: The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has already enjoyed a long relationship with the Nation of Islam’s paramilitary “Fruit of Islam” (implicated in the racial murders of hundreds if not thousands of Whites) which receives government subsidies to provide “security” in Negro housing projects.

        The gangs, supplemented by Negro recruits to the “Obama Youth,” as well as soon-to-be-amnestied illegal Hispanics, easily constitute several divisions of Light Infantry and are already largely “in place.” Furthermore, in one of its last bulk purchases of ammo for 2012, DHS purchased vast quantities of 7.62 x 39 FMJ rounds, i.e, ammo in a SOVIET caliber that is usable NOT by any official security organs of ZOG, but is usable in the AK-47’s (fully automatic to boot!) that are the weapons of choice among gang bangers.

        ZOG’s stated agenda of disarmament for White gun owners and removal of their semi-automatic weapons (its bans and laws will NOT be applied to the criminal population of color that commits almost ALL the gun crime in Amerika) has nothing to do with curbing “violence” — its purpose is to soften up the White target population for culling and control through ethnic cleansing.

        Here is their example, ideal and model for Amerika:

        Postscript: To those who object to those who point out the racial aspect of what is taking place before our very eyes — I assure you that THEY who will be doing the “deputizing” and mobilizing are thinking in VERY “racial” terms. Ignore this reality at your peril.

        • This is an enlightened post IMO. I’ve been thinking along similar lines, but had not followed it through logically, from point to point, covering causation like you did.

          What’s your source for the SOVIET 7.62 ammo purchase?

        • Well I have to agree and lets get this show on the road!!

        • Ahab ~

          As always, your argument is very compelling. I’d sincerely like to believe you are incorrect but you put forth a good case. Do you have any other links for research purposes?


        • The link to the DHS 7.63×39 Soviet Caliber Ammo purchase. This is only one requisition for 44,000 rounds. There are others that total in the millions. I will post them as I find them.

        • Ahab,
          You have the game plan figured out. The street gangs will do alot of the work of terrorizing/killing anyone in the way. Might not be a good idea to live in the wrong neighborhoods.

        • Max Velocity is ignoring this very sound advice and writing books that he sells to people who are concerned about survival, where he discourages the reader from engaging in any tribal thinking as part of their survival planning.

          This is not only foolish, but extremely hazardous.

      17. It ain’t no fun when the rabbit gots the gun!

      18. They’re preparing for economic collapse, martial law, and eventually, gun confiscation.

        • come and take it

          • [~] Don’t Tread on ME…. For those that arm thugs to take my guns, I say your barking up the wrong tree, I can hit one target with one bullet, a Thug will spray a hundred rounds an might hit a target or might not… They will run out of bullets long before they ever get close to me,,,,,

            • they’ll be easy to spot, pick them off one by one.

        • Not necessarily in that order…

        • You forgot genociede.

      19. So we will become the rebels who follow that outdated constitution. Russia and China will be happy to come over backing our govt. and enforce the law on us rebels like they did in Afghanistan.

        • …and then theyll wish theyde just stayed home!

      20. “In a few days or weeks, everyone who has not prepared for disaster will panic. I would like for you to realize that you may have already waited too long to properly prepare, and if you wait much longer, it will be too late to buy gold, guns, and groceries. … The name of the game will be survival, only survival. Forget the job since it will be gone. Your Social Security or pension check? Don’t count on it. Protection from local authorities? Probably not. You will be on your own.”
        Don Boys, former member of the Indiana House of Rep.


      21. For the last time, lets get on with it already. my knees are going bad and i would like to fight while im still young.

      22. you americans are all bull ….

        • You must be a pussy from Europe

        • Thank you…so I guess we’ll see ya later then huh?

        • I don’t know who are but, as I remember it. When we go to war our enemies regret it. And no I don’t mean candy asses like LBE who don’t really want to hurt propel. Ask the Japs and Hitler how nasty we can get when the public gets pissed.

        • @ bunz. You must be some type of arab that thinks of all Americans as the “great satan”. Are you going to yell allah u ackbar someday when you detonate yourself in some cafe or dance hall, and then you get to be with your 72 virgins. I wonder if bunz means muslim terrorist. Go back to Gaza and go fire some rockets jerk.

          • I’ve read the Koran from cover to cover. Nowhere does it say if those virgins are male or female. Makes you wonder about the real motivation of those bomb-bellied cowards. Then again, I guess either would be better than a camel…

        • bunz,

          What a gay little name you have chosen, just remember little bunz, bulls have horns and they know how to use them.

          • Yea, bunz does sound gay. He/she is probably from spain where they have the largest gay parade in the world. Spain has fallen into the grips of Satan as they have some of the most pro-gay rights/marriage laws ever.

            I always wanted to visit until I learned of this crap.
            No spain for me.

            • Dont Tread: Your info may be out dated. I saw at least a year or Two yrs ago perhaps that Telaviv isreal has taken over as the #1 Faggot city worldwide. I think the articles also stated the largest fag parade ever held also.

              Telaviv is also the #1 city for brothels(house of prostitution) Per capita of entire world. They lead on aquisition(kidnappings) of White slavery(white girls from europe lured by ads for “models” and “Movie Stars”) Lured into Forced whoredoms.

              Amazeing what MSM-especially Fox news refuses to air storys about on those specific issues eh.

              • Angelo, do you have a reference for that information?

      23. After we kill the brown shirts and take their weapons we’ll be even better armed.

        • Don’t talk like that! I start bringing more guns home my wife will not like it! Besides I got no place to put them

        1. Drive a ground rod (at least 4′) into ground where green stuff is growing. Green stuff indicates moisture = conductivity.

        2. Get a run of coaxial cable. (any kind)

        3. Connect INTERIOR wire to ground rod. DO NOT connect shield conductor to ANYTHING! (Tape it)

        4. Run coax to your radio.

        5. Connect INTERIOR wire to your whip antenna. DON’T connect sheath conductor to ANYTHING! (Tape it)

        You will be ASTOUNDED at your reception

        • Pale rider can you give a better discription on ground wire or can a visual be gotten on you tube ?

          • Tk: There may be a vid on you tube I don’t know.

        • Get your technician’s license (it forces you to learn), then go for general ham radio license, get a PORTABLE high frequency radio like an Elecraft KX3, and get a PORTABLE antenna, like Buddipole or Off Center Feed 300 Watt 7 band Buckmaster portable antenna. Listen all you want, but don’t broadcast too long, as there is radio direction finding capability out there.

          You won’t need them in the near term, but in a few years they may come in handy. Sure as hell don’t want to be “dependent” on the communications grid/internet. Probably will have some kind of censorship by then. Just saying.

          • Working on my general and bought a Baofeng.

          • horse’sass,

            “there is radio direction finding capability out there.” Yes there is.

            To give you an idea of what the capabilities were 10 years ago. If anyone keyed-up, just a touch and transmitted they were plotted. The idea in training was to have ready 155s on target within 30 to 45 seconds. Makes you wonder about the cell towers, eh?

            Of latest shot spotters I’ve been tracking, one company presented to LA CA, what they could do. They said that after the report(sound) of discharged weapon their system could have their high speed HD cameras on the target and photos within 2 seconds. System of cameras staged on cell towers and large buildings assuring identification of the person/s within several minutes with facial recog database.

            • one more thing,

              If your looking or have a digital unit be sure you know what features are on the device. Otherwise that digital unit could be polling, broadcasting or have wakeon that could enable tracking of your unit. Features that are designed to “integrate” to other digital devices like your home WiFi for example for software updates or firmware. Peacetime = no problemo, maybe just some hacker pranks. War = could get you and your whole crew killed.

        • Ah yes…the giant simulated coil trick…oh yea!
          I remember having a portable radio you hooked to a fence,
          no battery needed…worked great. I wonder if I have the parts to make one…ummm

        • What can I do with a hand-held FM transceiver?

          • Stick it up your ass side ways.


            • “sideways”, not “side ways”


              • My Favorite Frank Sinatra song is “I did it Sideways” hes a real crooner no.

          • Electrocute yourself. That would be a good start.

        • @palerider…..thanks for that info. I am not well informed/educated regarding electrical current….I wish to purchase a portable solar generator to run small electrical appliances…..would appreciate input on which to purchase to run, for example, an electric heater or portable dvd player, or crockpot…..etc….you get my drift….any suggestions? Thanks for any info regarding solar generators…

          • FOB….I am curious of this answer too. Sounds like if you want a solar generator for appliances, then is gets pretty spendy.

            I want to buy a solar generator also. But sounds like in the $650 to $950 range, a person will be only doing the basics such as lights, radio, laptop, and a few others. If a person needs much more, the price goes up to $10,000 plus.

            So yeah, I am waiting on this answer too. Maybe Kevin2???

        • How about using the backstay of a sailboat?

        1. Using a large skillet (cast iron is great), brown and fry 5 pounds of ground beef. When thoroughly cooked, transfer the meat to a colander. Rinse under hot running water to remove the fat. Then clean the skillet with paper towels to remove excess fat from the first cooking.
        2. Place the washed meat back into the wiped skillet and fry it again over medium/low heat, stirring often until you see no more steam. Keep the heat/flame low once the rocks are browning up nicely.
        3. Place the “twice cooked” rocks into an oven roasting pan. Turn the oven to 200 degrees F, stirring and turning occasionally as the meat continues to dry. One to two hours should finish the job. Remove from the oven and check for dryness. When cool, pack into zip lock bags or mason jars. Pack tightly, expelling as much air as possible. Store in pantry drawers or shelves.
        4. To “can” the hamburger rocks for long term storage, preheat canning jars in the over at 250 F, simmer the lids as usual, put the “rocks” into the jars while still hot, then seal the jars. After 15 minutes or so the jars will cool and you will hear the jar lids “pop” as they seal in place.

      26. So, one thing I can’t seem to recall (because I was just graduating HS and not into shooting at the time) but, I don’t recall this much uproar over the 1994 ban. Was it just because I wasn’t paying attention? I mean, I’m reading serious statements about taking a stand nowadays and I don’t recall that from before? Was it as heavily fought in ’94?

        • For one thing, the government was not as blatantly fascist, authoritarian and out of control as it is now. Also, the economy was not about to collapse as it is now. The US is a completely different country than it was 19 years ago.

          • Agreed, Jonz. I don’t remember people flipping out last time, but it was a very different time.

        • Some of us raised as much cain, but most people were to busy watching their stock market bubble to care. The difference today is that their are ten times as many people who’ve finally figured things out.

          The internet has been the major contributor of that. Before the internet, it was hard to convince people of “The Conspiracy.” Now we have documents and videos at our fingertips to wake people up with not.

          Also, “The Conspiracy” is much more mature and in much more control (in your face) than it used to be.

          Finally, the economic collapse has hit man square between the eyes and they’re finally starting to pay attention.

          The Conspiracy has to act fast now…and so do we. Mount up; we’re all in for one hell of a ride…and soon.

          • Conspiracy Theory as defined by wiki……

            “A conspiracy theory EXPLAINS an important social, political, or economic event as being caused or covered up by a covert group or organization”. emphasis of explained added by me….

            We are FAR beyond any “theories” at this point…..we know why and who but we do not know What, When, Where, or How….


        • The 1994 ban still grandfathered all existing arms and magazines of any type and size. Transfers and sales of pre-ban stuff was OK. No registration, and only a ten-year experiment, which is proven to have been of absolutely no benefit to the crime or murder rate, not even the senseless mass killings. This time, it’s a total ban on sales, transfers, all of it, registration, and turn them in to the gov’t when you die, and confiscation is only a signature away.

        • Oh we were making a fuss…I sold guns in those days and it made me so mad I quit dealing in them…way too much paperwork for my $20 markup.

      27. Was watching the news this morning and just so all of you on here can relax, the gun buy back in St Pete Florida went very well and the town made lots of money!!!

        Whew!!!! (sacr)

      28. I don’t know what you guys are doing out there but I’m prepping. When the food lines stop you need to be prepared to defend what you have stored up. This ain’t going to be pretty.

        • The old real estate adage “location, location, location” is still applicable. Step out your front door and look both ways. If you don’t see wood smoke coming out of at least half the chimneys, move. Those who are dependent on others for lesser things like heat are equally so for greater things like food.

          • Well stated Sir.

            “So no more runnin’. I aim to misbehave.” –Mal Reynolds


        • I don’t need to prep. I got Wally World….

      29. china has come out and said it’s a done deal, the Yaun will replace the dollar as the reserve currency and it will be backed by gold. Germany and France both want thier gold back along with many other countries. We are in Mali and soon yemen due to thier gold mines.

        Obammuer needs to keep oil on the dollar at all cost becuase what will happen when we lose the reserve currency standard is A) China expects to be paid with the USA’s natural resources and B) we will have a major gas and oil shortage. So the gobberment needs to invade other countries and get as much gold out as possible.

        There is also plans to confiscate trillions in 401 and pension funds as well. They cannot raise interest rates of the gobberment collapses, they cannot keep printing or the dollar collapses. The gobberment is so screwed they don’t really have an plan for continguency.

        It won’t matter if they get a paramilitary private police force, there will be no one to man the thing. People will be too busy trying to survive the collapse of not just the government but the dollar as well. They fear what the people will do once the welfare and SS checks stop, the 401’s and pensions are gone and a very armed and hungryb populace turns on them.

        They will not tell us when this is happening, they will ignore the issue and have thier own escape plans, leaving us to fight each other off.



            • Ima- there’s an easy way to do that. You just need to turn on the secret ‘Bold Caps’ feature. It’s located in the center of your monitor. To activate, strike it three times with a hammer.
              Glad I could help!

            • Mispell alot of words so people have to pay closer attention.

          • Get some protection Cindy. Even if it’s only a pump up pellet gun. A blackpowder (muzzleloading) pistol is reasonably priced and a hundred round balls,primers, and Pyrodex(powder) won’t set you back too much. An auto 22 cal. is great and not too expensive; yet.


              • A slingshot is under $10 and some 3/8 steel hunting shot (kinda like ball bearings) works good if you pratice.

                Hornet/wasp/yellow jacket spray that can shoot a good distance is pretty cheap.

                Hammers, claw garden tools , knives, etc…there are lots of stuff around your house that can work as a weapon until you can afford a gun.

                Once you get the gun you gotta get the ammo. It’s not cheap and hard to find right now.

                Ted nugget is gonna be on Piece Asswipe next….

                • Kindle,

                  Piers is going to be at a gun shop in Katy Texas with Ted nuggent, Ted Cruz and it looks like Alex Jones is rushing to houston for this show..Should be good..Ted Cruz is very Pro 2nd


                  • They are broadcasting from there. Pierce actually shot a AR 15 and really liked it. It didn’t change his stance on it.

                    You guys have got to catch the replay. Ted is incredible. Kickin’ some serious asswipe butt…

                • Ooops….Ted Nugent…he’s kicking Pierce’s ass…awesome.

                  Try to catch the replay.

                  • Kindle,

                    Comes on again at 11 pm cst. got the recorder set for it..


              • Cindy–Craigslist; no background check!!

              • Break open single shot shotgun. Lots around used, and operation is intuitive. Probably less than $100, including some ammo.

          • Buy a good knife and a Goodwill ash baseball bat. Cut the bat down to club size. Immediate defense need is met for a few bucks. You can carry the knife and use the bat at home. Get the gun as soon as you can. Try the Mossberg shotgun, about $300. For a handgun, try the CZ 82, a Czech military surplus item, very good piece, about $200. Buy two spare magazines for the pistol. Or try a good revolver. Buy 500 rounds for each weapon during this year, and shoot half of them for training. Keep the rest tucked away.

        • Rachel….your post is one of the more important ones, and is very true. We must read the same stuff. Also, China has made an oil deal with Saudi Arabia, without the dollar.

          The dollar is toasted.

          China and 5 other countries actually own about $8T in US T-Bills. The average American is no smarter than ‘Dumb anb Dumber’ and Mr Samsonite.

          What does this mean? Lets assume farm ground on average is about $4,000 per acre, counting everything from dryland in Kansas to lucrative farms in California. The $8T can buy every farm in the USA in all 50 states. There would be enough monies left over to buy plenty oil, gold, and silver all on us USA citizens that worked hard and paid taxes and was dumb enough to allow it to happen.

          This stuff is real and it is happening why we sleep.


            • Cindy E., you make a good point. I know what you are saying is true because I heard about that and Yellowstone National Park, not to far from where I live.

              If we owe China money, then we need to pay them back in ‘printed’ US Dollars. Uncle Bernie can print $8T real easy. That is what a T-Bill is. So why all the real value stuff?

              • Thanks, Ugly. Try to listen to the video– really interesting. I looked it up again and found it this time– just type in: “Dr. garrow–pinkpagodagirsl– litmus test for Obama– youtube.”

                Not sure how to answer your question, but I remember reading long time ago how the Chinese leaders said they would just come over here and use our land when the ran out of area to put all their people. And they didn’t sound like they were joking. BTW, my name is Cindy; not Cindy E.

      30. My Facebook was suspended for posting that picture… just sayin

      31. I have been asked twice lately, by peeps that used to laugh at my way of life, if I had any particular caliber pistol ammunition.

        They were desperate due to what many are starting to wake up and see. Ammo is limited to one box per person at certain retail shops and nobody can find any in bulk….

        My question is…peeps are desperate now when it comes to a box of ammo….what will it be like when they are desperate for sugar….

        should have seen the look in my wifes eyes when I mentioned that!

        • Welcome back Terry…been a while since I’ve seen a post!

      32. All those guns and ammo are for stupid, pathetic people to help themselves feel smarter and valid. Too bad, it won’t work. You are still stupid and pathetic.



            DONT YOU EVER LEARN?

            • You tell ’em Sybil!!!!!!!!!!!

              • ha,ha,ha!~

            • I’m quite confident if Mac didn’t want it here it wouldn’t be here.
              The entertainment value lies in the, at best, sophomoric, childish, asinine statements made by said entity.
              The instructional value…well, that’s priceless…
              Allow me to propose a hypothesis …
              What if this is NOT a 12 year old but an actual adult, omg no, sent here to disrupt….
              This is how the how the other side thinks? What are we worried about then in the arena of ideas?

              Forget how many rounds they have and whether they have select fire capability.
              How many hunters are there in this country?
              These fools are no match for us when it comes to OVERALL shooting skills and they know it.
              We’ll beatem’ hands down.

              EMP is the real threat they pose and we need to prepare for that eventuality.

        • @ Jo(k)e(r) in NC. You have guns mr stupid and mr pathetic. What a hypocrite. What do your guns do for you? You are beginning to really live up to your name, joker in NC. You are the atypical patsy for the government to be used someday. You want to be a hero for the government don’t you jo(k)e(r). People take you as a joke, but you are actually someone so desperate for attention that you are willing to do anything. I hope we don’t see you later on the news, this butt ugly troll that went postal somewhere. Jo(k)e(r) in NC get some help before it is too late for you and others.

          • @ Bi.

            I don’t think Joe is in N Carolina. I think the NC stands for Nards Carrier. He lives next to an asshole so that’s why he spews crap all the time.

            • I believe they call that area “taintville”.

        • JoiinNC, for once, you’re right! We are stupid and pathetic. Just like you. Only difference is, we are stupid, pathetic…and ARMED!

          • that’s right…we’re all armed like mofos…and we have food too

        • JoeinNC,

          Well Joe if I’m stupid and pathetic then I better be armed in case a smart ass like you tries to take advantage of me. Are you still in high school Joe?

        • What makes you think it’s any of your damn business what someone else has, much less what kind of person they are because of what they may have acquired through their own hard work and ingenuity.

          It must be a burden for you to carry such a big brush to paint those that are different from you in a blatantly prejudicial ignorant manor.

      33. I am not really sure whats going on but, almost all reloading components including die sets, brass, bullets presses etc are out of stock and back ordered. If found brass and bullets double price, 22LR rounds non-existent did see some at gun show for $40 per brick. The economy is in the tank, the chinese are buying every hard asset in existence, the government answer is print, print, print and tax, tax, tax, continued droughts, etc. Something is in the works. Most of the sheeple are begging the government for more, more, more. Sorry, I don’t have any more to give.

        • I’ve just retired, and ordered a Dillon set-up for reloading. Waiting for it on backorder, but buying dies, brass, primers, powders, bullets locally for now. Primers are gone. Powder is very short supply. Bullets are available, but brass in .223 and .308 is gone, countywide. 9mm brass short, .45 ACP short, and reloading dies in .223 and .308 are gone. I can get all the .30 Mauser, .303 British, and .458 Magnum brass and bullets I want, but the stuff you want to have when you have to have it is not there.

          Good thing I started saving my brass 20 years ago, I’ll clean it up and use it. For about $2000 I’ll be set up to reload 2 or 2 thousand rounds, so it’s about break-even on cost of reloading vs. commercial cartridges, but that’s just the first firing for the brass.

          • Smokey, once fired .223 are available — check some of the online forum classifieds. Glad to see you’re setting up for reloading!

        • 0 has already said he is not finished on the tax thing. Who could have seen THAT coming?????

      34. Why do you think our Military and Special Forces are over in Japan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Germany, Europe, South Korea, Mali, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and about 20 others.

        It is so that they are there when we will need them here when that Dreadful Day occurs.

        • I’m sure all the foreign troops already in our country will help take care of us.

          • I doubt it. They can’t even get resupply by their own countries if the SHTF. They’ll be looking at finding a way home to family and loved ones. It’s the countries like China and Russia that are foaming at the mouth for the collapse of the US. I’m well funded, well prepared, and well armed. I’m not worried.. I’m watching for the opportunities that lay in the ashes.
            Desperate people will beg for a dictator.
            A well fed and armed man will not. I will never bow to another man…ever.

            • +1…standing fast…praying for that same op.

      35. And out of the ruins a better and stronger nation will be built the only real difference is we will all be slaves to a slave master and our children will only hear stories of the once great nation called the United States of America. Of course for me I won’t be around because I will probably be killed while killing and chopping the heads off of those trying to make me serve them, what a fun day !

      36. “The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” -Thomas Jefferson



        • Cindy…In my state they call it EZPass. No stopping, it reads the chip.

          • I am VERY surprised they haven’t started using the EZ-Pass to mail out speeding tickets. They know what time you go through a toll booth, and how long it should take to get to the next one, if you get there faster, poof, ticket!!

        • Cindy,

          Is you cap lock stuck???????



            • It implies that you are shouting at us. It’s considered bad internet etiquette to leave your caplocks on all the time. I suspect it’s why you get so many thumbs down, if that matters at all.

              Just FYI


              • I haven’t GOTTEN many thumbs down. (Except, perhaps, when I was up real late on the computer and started cursing).


            • Cindy,

              Well by all means, we all need to suffer your typing just so you can read your own post.. The sell glasses for 2 bucks at the dollar store..


              • The Creator of all wants men and women of FAITH in his dear Son Jesus Christ .

                Faith is the sunstance of things hoped for evidence of things not seen
                Without Faith it is impossible to please Yah

                From my research of the destruction of jerusalem in around 70 . Josephus which is the historian of the time recorded that in that destruction very few if any christians was slaughtered by the Romans. Whereas the jews suffed greatly for rejecting Jesus their promised Messiah.
                I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.

                If you read any of Josepheus’s account it is mind boggling the utter destruction of israel . they were eating their children etc.

                If we don’t get repentance on mass very soon , destruction to primarily godless cities in america

                Here is the definition of Repentance . To turn from your evil ways to make a 180 degree turn . What are evil ways ? Any commandment broken of Yah’s
                So here Yah is saying WE HUMANS ARE ALL GUILTY

                You ONLY NEED TO want to turn from wicked ways in order for Jesus Christ to have somthing to work with . Trust me He will offer true repentance faith if you are willing

                therefore he tells us to REPENT and believe and receive Jesus Christ as Yah substitute for Yah’s wrath

                For all you folks who believe there are multiple ways to salvation , here is what Jesus Christ himself said

                Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

                Even in judgement Jesus Christ will be glorified

                The trial of faith of a believer is to God more precious than and gold

      39. Rebels who are out gunned can’t beat a mechanized army on the field of battle, but they sure can take out those citizens loyal to the tyrants, one at a time right where they live and work. Rebels get involved in small scale raids, assassinations, bombings, and sabotage. Look at Viet Nam or Northern Ireland for examples.

        If you want to see how it worked in border states during the Civil War here is an interesting account of the exploits of Sam Hildebrand, one of the “bushwhackers” who fought a guerrilla campaign in Missouri:

        Civil wars and revolutions aren’t just armies against armies. They are neighbors against neighbors. Nobody on either side is safe.

        • That’s it. Dog eat dog.

      40. I’m not prepping for martial law or worried about police coming for my guns. I prep for the day entitlements stop. The day the crack whore “baby’s momma”who’s never worked a day in their lives runs out of food or crack. The people who for generations make it their business not to contribute to society . What do you think they will do,when walking down your street they see that your the only one with smoke coming from your chimney! Do you think they will politely ask for food and water? I think not. 47 million on government dole,I’m not saying all are that way. Many should be helped,the ones who put into it ,disabled,vets,elderly, ect. Take away the “good”people from that list, how many are left? What would a person who has never fended for themselves, do when they are starving and find out what you have?

        • I don’t mind helping the helpless. However, I say screw the clueless, lazy, shiffless gibmedats. They can go rot.

        • Most will just sit down and die.

          • One could hope that,but the will to live is very strong. If you suddenly couldn’t breath. What would you do for another breath?

          • I’m all for that!

      41. If you want to know what is coming just research the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917. Read about what they did to the Czar and his wife and children. THAT is what you face.

        Just to get you started:éla_Kun

        When the Russians reached German soil at the end of World War II, the Soviet propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg made this inflammatory declaration:

        “Kill! There is nothing that is innocent that is German. Neither in the living nor in the unborn. Follow the directive of Comrade Stalin and trample for- ever the fascist beast in his cave. Break by force the racial haughtiness of German women. Take them as your lawful prey! Kill, you brave advancing Red soldiers!”

        • Russia was the last major power at the time that did not have a central bank.

          • Yeah, they just had a central economy, fiat currency, and a totalitarian dictatorship, but no Federal Reserve, that’s great!


          • It already is that bad–bankers have been whores for decades!!

        • Lying out of ignorance or on intent? I do understand that was alterations? but DO YOUR DAMN RESEARCH!

          ]oRIGINAL WIKI ARTICLE(RU)!#.D0.A1.D1.82.D0.B0.D1.82.D1.8C.D1.8F_.D0.98.D0.BB.D1.8C.D0.B8_.D0.AD.D1.80.D0.B5.D0.BD.D0.B1.D1.83.D1.80.D0.B3.D0.B0_.C2.AB.D0.A3.D0.B1.D0.B5.D0.B9.21.C2.BB

          and an excerpt from bio aryicle ofn Erenburg IN ENGLISH:

          ” His article “Kill” published in 1942 — when German troops were deeply within Soviet territory — became a widely publicized example of this campaign, along with the poem “Kill him!” by Simonov.

          In “Kill”, Ehrenburg wrote:

          “Here are excerpts from three letters found on dead Germans. Inspector Reinhardt wrote to Lieutenant Otto Schirach:[2] “[…] I have found six Russians in the area. They last far longer than Frenchmen. Only one of them has died. […] Their upkeep costs nothing and we must not tolerate that these animals, whose children are possibly killing our children right now, get to eat German bread. Yesterday I whipped lightly two Russian beasts who secretly drunk up skim milk meant for pigs […]” A certain Otto Essmann wrote to Lieutenant Helmut Wiegand: “We now have some Russian prisoners of war. These fellows feed on worms by the airstrip and throw themselves at buckets of dirty water. I have seen them eating weeds. It is hard to believe that these are human beings…” Slavers – they would like to enslave our people. They take some Russians home, mistreat them, make them lose their wits by hunger, to the point that they eat grass and worms, and then a repulsive German with a stinking cigar can philosophise: “Are these perhaps human beings?” We know everything. We remember everything. We have understood: Germans are not human beings. Henceforth the word German means to us the most terrible curse. From now on the word German will trigger your rifle. We shall not speak any more. We shall not get excited. We shall kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day. If you think that instead of you, the man next to you will kill him, you have not understood the threat. If you do not kill the German, he will kill you. If you cannot kill your German with a bullet, kill him with your bayonet. If there is calm on your part of the front, if you are waiting for the fighting, kill a German before combat. If you leave a German alive, the German will hang a Russian and rape a Russian woman. If you kill one German, kill another – there is nothing more amusing for us than a heap of German corpses. Do not count days; do not count miles. Count only the number of Germans you have killed. Kill the German – this is your old mother’s prayer. Kill the German – this is what your children beseech you to do. Kill the German – this is the cry of your Russian earth. Do not waver. Do not let up. Kill.”[3][4]”

          Well. 1942. Heat of German invasion.
          But of course, you need to promote “evil Russians” image. Don’t worry. In the West, this image is well-developed and carefully maintained by professional far more qualified than you (just check any major MSM article tagged russian and tell me emotional undertone of vast majority of them), and we know the trurth about ourselves.

      42. For people who don’t believe that the LEO are being trained in military tactics… Seal sniper Chris Kyle did an interview on CSPAN that was rebroadcast today.Before he was killed he ran a company called Craft Intel(sp). Their mission was training private contractors,military special ops and domestic law enforcement in covert tactics and,of course,long range targets. More evidence that some of the LEO will be more than prepared to fight a domestic disturbance.The beltway crowd is beginning to be very afraid.

      43. Actually, the brown shirts will probably be merely the
        crossing-guards at the intersection type to monitor and
        issue “tickets” for the simpler infractions of the sheep
        who wander outside their fema camp fence.

        The real hammer summoned up by “O” will most likely be the several foreign mercenary armies he will be sure to
        have on retainer who will have no compunction putting a
        gun to the heads of the dissidents.

        • I hope you are right, no foreign army will last out the night.

          • I might hesitate to shoot at an American, but no problems plugging a blue helmet.

      44. We were at a gun show yesterday and I almost donated to a raffle to raise money for armor for service dogs. My husband reminded me that those dogs may be used against us. So I didn’t donate…

        • your hubby is thinking outside the box. sage advice on his part…………..;)

        • LT, consider that if an assailant rapes you, or kills a police dog, which crime will put the assailant away for a longer sentence? There’s something wrong there.


        • Cindy….did you and Eisenkreutz meet? The past few days you have posted with CAPS LOCKED as well. If you two are engaged, lets us know so we can shower you will all kinds of prepper gifts….

          • The last few days, Ive been typing lower-case. It seems Ive spread the virus on.

          • One and the same, and forgot to be separate?




              • It’s time for you to go bury your head in Daisy’s skirt and let her fight your battles for you.

              • Oh thanks for asking! One is a teacher, one is a baker, one is an artist! Guess I didn’t do so bad after all!

          • I wouldnt mate with Cindy because shes not hispanic.


            • Cindy,

              Can’t argue with that.

          • It really IS a lot more fun to type with the caps locked!!!! but I will try to control myself. Maybe it is hard on the eyes… but lots of fun. : )

        • 7 Old people cant get it up.


      46. I’m jealous of all the east coast patriots who will get to count major coup with the heads and scalps of the main traitors.

        Here on the worst coast (cali), we only have Dimebag Frankenstein, and she don’t count for shit.

        …..Cry Havoc…..woof…….NOMI…BA.


      47. There’s an old saying:
        “The market can remain irrational far longer than you can remain solvent.”

        Just as the government can remain irrational far longer than any of us can prepare for. And it can become hyper-irrational faster than anyone can adapt to.

        As mentioned by some above, we are all getting older and some of us are already old. Not all conservatives have conservative children. There is nothing physical that the government doesn’t already control. A lot of that control is simply a matter of pressing a keyboard to deny anyone the essentials of survival. It doesn’t even have to be personal. Entire regions can be disconnected from the grid, entire classes of commodities can become scarce, entire transportation corridors can be shut down or placed into counter flow, entire financial and communication systems can be shut down with a simple keyed command.

        I remember America, but most of us who do are getting fast beyond the point where we can live subsistence for very long, especially when the weather is unpredictable and likely to turn against us. Everyone where I live burns wood if at all possible, but the government can shut this down with one edict disguised as concern for clean air. For those too old to cut their own, all it takes is the present-day restrictions on transporting firewood outside the township because of a beetle.

        You can reload, but what about brass? Takes a full-on machine shop to make those.

        Look at your food storage: if you had to evacuate due to weather or natural disaster, how could you transport all that quickly and efficiently, unless it is all freeze dried? Water storage, ditto, but even harder.

        As for PMs, I personally think the best is industrial grade. Some low tech tools for melting and casting, some patina and you have some very valuable buttons, belt buckles and D rings. You need a permanent place to do this sort of work, but it was done before in pre-industrial times and could be done that way again.

        I doubt they will confiscate anything at this point, but I believe that was not the point: the real objective is to frighten us into accepting registration, which will make confiscation easier in the near future. Close the gun show/private sales *loop holes*, tighten up on the FFL holders, make it difficult to practice with or even sight in your firearm, propagandize against public ranges, etc., etc….everything is aimed at decreasing the number of active, accurate shooters.

        I’ve been busy lately and, I will admit to some depression since the election and dwelling on the points made above. This is why I haven’t been posting, although I try to read this site as often as possible. Last week, I watched the movie “The Long Walk”. While it ends on an upbeat, bitter-sweet note, the earlier scenes of Europe in WWII and the breadth of the Soviet occupation, the betrayal of the non-Russian Communist true believers and the scenes of the Siberian gulags are all pertinent to what we face today. It is streaming on Netflix. It may or may not be a true story…a search of Amazon turns up several attempts to discover this.

        We need to remember Solzhenitsyn’s lament that the gulags would never have been filled if every dissident had met the Soviets at their own door while armed.

        In the early ’90’s, we had a big movable sat dish. Nothing was scrambled and there were accessible news feeds, sort of like today’s webcams. We could also watch the editing bays for the major networks. I remember watching the Second Russian Revolution as unsmiling blue collar men methodically assembled barricades of cars, broken concrete and pallets in some Soviet city. People were walking around with 2 clear liquor bottles half filled w/yellow fluid that had rags stuffed in the necks in each hand. Obviously, the propaganda about the *peaceful* fall of the USSR was easily seen to be false.

        Resist before it becomes a matter of rebellion and rebel before it becomes a revolution or anyone’s odds of surviving a total neo-Soviet coup go way down.

        This ain’t horseshoes, although, in a pinch, it might be grenades.

      48. Edmund Burke once said, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” That quote rings louder and truer every day.

        Just like Nazi Germany in the 1930’s, the powers that be are laying the foundation for America’s destruction. NDAA enables the government to snatch up any citizen they deem “terrorist”. Obamacare enables the government to control your health.

        Now they are testing the waters with the 2nd Amendment. The 48% leeches on government dole view the economy as a thriving recovery with the DOW at 14,000, no matter how fragile the underlying foundation may be.

        When the economy collapses, and will soon, the sheeple will panic. Obama will point out how wealthy the preppers are and label them “domestic terrorists”. His newly minted Civilian Security Force, consisting of mostly leeches led my oathbreaking law enforcement.

        We must stand strong against the face of evil. For now, it is all talk and I realize this. I pray that all of us patriots, including myself, will fight courageously even in the advent of certain death.

        Stay frosty, my brothers in arms.

        “For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.”
        Romans 13:4

      49. I agree with you. Most of what the gov does is saber-rattling. We nor the Russians could beat a bunch of goat herders with all of our superior technology in a country the size of California. The Afghans will not be ruled and they had no qualms about dying for their country. Its not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog!

        • Take a look at the People of Wal-Mart site. Not so confident after that I bet.

          • just Two stupid monkys who became koran jihadis, one an adult age aprox 40 yrs and his Yooot protege’ age 17 yrs old…A couple of yrs ago were able to Hold down DC-State of Maryland and Much of VA citys near DC.

            Recall that pair?…For Two solid weeks Millions of folks were scare shitless and most remained locked indoors to avoid becomeing randon sniper deaths.

            The DC sniper-team…Two not highly intelligent blacks who shot mainly whites at first then shot blacks also as a rebuke to Marlyland city police cheif(black antiwhite chief) when Chief Insisted shooters Had to be a Single white bubba toothless fat slob beer swiller Southern racist man…Thats when the REAL sniper team began to shoot blacks(Bus driver first black victim) Reacll that?

            I only make mention here as a Point to note that if Them two fools with zero plans and ONE rusty older chevy jungle crusier car, with One ar 15 pointed out the Trunk rust holes can cause that much fear and total lockdown mentality…..Picture what over a Million pised off american patriots may be able to do..

            Yes we are in bad positions for now…BUT! it aint hopeless yet!….Just picture several thousand two man teams like them dc guys was…AND teams With Right on their side and filled by 50 yrs of Righteous Indignations who finally refuse to hold back any longer.

            That would exponentially exasperate the situation to levels Far surpassing even the total chaos caused by just two jihad idots from DC/maryland area did.

      50. King Krazy:
        Re your #1: I was in suburb of Denver in ’73 when that took place. The supermarkets were bare. I divvied up 4 quarters of margarine with a woman who had a family. Since I was single, I just took one stick.

        Probably wouldn’t be that civil a transaction today.


      52. That first poster/picture ,It probably should read, “Were armed, so we dont want you to be”

        • Sadly, many umrkins argee with the slogan “We’re armed, so you don’t need to be”. The “authorities” will protect us. Leave it to “the professionals”.

      53. Ron Paul just tweeted the same thing Ive been saying. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

        • Of course,he learned it from you.

        • You vote for Obama and then quote Paul?

          • Why would you think I voted for bam?

      54. Knowing that PA alone has 1 million deer hunters, you must then accept that those millions of coffin liners (if that’s what they really are) would be for any group of costumed bureaucrats who are stupid enough to try to either disarm us or worse.

        (Licensed Resident Gun Hunters)
        Pennsylvania 1,000,000
        Michigan 675,000
        Wisconsin 656,164
        New York 643,534
        Texas 570,000

        We are many, they are few, they fear us.
        If you allow them to instill fear into you, they have already half way won.
        Never forget that.

        • Dave,

          I had to check that out, no stats for this but in 2009 they issued 14.5 million hunting license,Damn thats a whole look of hunters..


          • Hunting license?? whats that?

        • i call that into question, no way new york is beating texas in any kind of gun count – lol

          • Lee,

            Damn straight….LOL I search but couldn’t find any other figures.


          • Hahh found it 2.6 million for 2012 issued in the state of Texas


            • The other 3 million don’t bother to buy a license.

            • And 2.5 million background checks in 2011 just for Kentucky.
              Lots of guns for a state with only 4.5 million residents.
              I guess they don’t take knifes to a gun fight here.

          • Not a gun count. Just that many more outside Texas who need to use public land to hunt and therefore need to buy a license.
            Got family there, favorable “open country”-“Game Warden” ratio.

          • Great hunting along 55,lower Catskills, at least it was 20 yrs ago…New York’s a big state.

      55. I’d like to know more of the details, truth and real details of then man who kidnapped and held the little boy in a bunker for a week. No cameras were allowed anywhere close to the bunker (remember waco) and now the suspect is dead and the boy back home. Just curious and I never trust or believe ANYTHING the govt and media tell me

        • BJ,

          Look, this ass wipe psycho killed a bus driver, he beat a dog to death with a lead pipe, he was a paranoid, vile, nut case. His neighbors were afraid of him, he had a history or violent behavior and he is dead, as he should be. I’m glad the little boy is alive and hope that he can handle all the crap he’s been through.

          • Take it with a grain of salt. Not everthing you get from the media is unadulterated.

          • Well that’s certainly what we have been told

        • I’m thinking the next ban will be for any type of private underground bunker…..

      56. Anybody notice Bambi’s wrist is bent, the butt is too high on his shoulder, his feet are too close, and he just looks awkward in general? Hes never shot before in his life.

        • Also- At point of full recoil and yet no set-back into the shoulder, wrong elevation for shooting skeet (which he does “all the time”), WAY too much smoke from the muzzle and ports (looks like blanks to me), and I agree- stance indicates no familiarity with handling the weapon.
          Staged photo-op.
          Not that that is inherently bad or even unusual. If done correctly it is good communication, but it does fail the intended purpose and I am offended by the assumption of gullibility and ignorance on the part of gun-owners in this country.

        • The only thing Obama has shot comes from his orifices.

      57. Sorry to be so late for this one; busy Monday. There’s no question in my mind that DHS bought all that ammo to go to war against us. Besides, hollow points ARE NEVER TO BE USED FOR TARGET PRACTICE! THAT’S WHAT ROUND NOSE BULLETS ARE FOR! The range I go to doesn’t even allow hollow points to be used there. When DHS was first created in the aftermath of 911, somehow I just knew they were destined to become the new Gestapo for this nation. I saw the video of Obama calling for a civilian national security force in 2008 when it first came out and I immediately thought of DHS. There’s no such thing as a war on drugs or war on terror; it’s US govt. war against the people of this nation. Every day through words and deeds they make their intentions toward us known and those intentions are not good. As far as I’m concerned, WE THE PEOPLE DON’T HAVE ANY KIND OF OBLIGATIONS TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SINCE THEY’RE PLANNING A WAR AGAINST US! Everyone; look, I’ve already agonized over what’s coming and already done my soul-searching. I originally made my decision to resist federal tyranny when I watched Waco burning on TV. The BOY in the White House and his actions since 2008 have helped to reinforce my decision. I don’t care who comes to my house to take whatever I have and I don’t care what they’re wearing, either. IF YOU FORCE YOUR WAY INTO MY HOME, YOU DIE, PERIOD! They’ll get some .30 lead for my M1Carbine, and yes, the bullets will come out of a high-capacity magazine! My late wife was a refugee from Cuba and stories she told me about her life under Castro and his thugs killing half of her family really blew my ass away. Some nights I can hear her voice saying to me, “Baby, please don’t let what happened to Cuba happen to America!” That sends the worst chills up and down my spine. If she were alive now, she would say, It’s Cuba all over again. Everyone, we’re all being forced into something none of us ever wanted. Ron Paul was our only chance for peaceful change in this land, but that’s gone now. Since we’re being forced into a war, hell, we might as well make the best of it. When we go out to fight, let’s fight to win. The only rule of engagement I’m following is kill the enemy before he/she can kill you. It’s going to be horrific. I’m not happy about it anymore than anyone else here, but I will stand up and do my part. best wishes to all. braveheart

        • I like the cut of your jib! I’m old and ready to go. They most certainly will kill me but they wil have to reaccess the risk/costs factors on their next soiree

        • Agreed, brother.

          “Not One More Inch!”

          KySSG . . . out.


        • Great post, except for one thing, Obama is NOT a boy! He’s a MAN… an exceptionally intelligent one at that. I abhor what he’s doing. But please stop making racist comments; it is NOT wise- you may need some brother (or sister) to cover your back when they bring in the UN!

          And no, I don’t give a sh– if people give me thumbs down!

          • I won’t even bother to tell you what I think of BO. But I will say this: STUFF THE UN, I’ve got crab grass that’s more of a problem than the UN will ever be,

          • …just curious…what makes you call him “exceptionally intellegent”…not a trick question,just honestly wonder why.

      58. Tomorrow starts the 10 day window for Israel to possibly attack Iran. Last week as everyone knows Israel went on a bombing run in Syria, this could have been a dry run for Iran. The new moon is Feb.10, so between Feb.5-15 is the time frame. This is something that IF AND WHEN it occurs will drastly change ALL of our lives severely for the worst. Oil will skyrocket in price along with gas, food, and just about everything you can still purchase. Ultimately if things get bad enough, this government stockpiling of ammo could be the reason behind it, MARTIAL LAW because of the fallout from the Middle East.

        Please check this short article out about a possible soon to be major Middle East war brewing:

        • Be informed,

          I agree with you, I read the article you posted when it first came out. This could be extremely serious and more likely than not. Seems to be when, not if; I believe it is inevitable and it will have devastating consequences.

      59. The Turner Diaries come to life

      60. Daisy, what you said in #1106167 has already been taking place for quite some time. I have always suspected that TSA would be part of the Gestapo obama wants. I’ve been hearing through various sources that DHS will give LEO training to TSA and upgrade them to LEO status. A former TSA agent I know told me TSA doesn’t even do background checks on the people they hire. Regardless of their status, if they to do anything to me, they will be history. Pale Rider, what kind of antenna were you referring to in #1105923, shortwave or amateur? braveheart




        Words of Wisdom
        • Preparedness is expecting the unexpected.
        • There are no emergencies for those who are truly prepared.
        • It is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
        • How to do it: Re-order your priorities — get back to the basics.
        • Sacrifice immediate gratification to gain long-term security.

        “You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”

        “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the industrious out of it. You don’t multiply wealth by dividing it. Government cannot give anything to anybody that it doesn’t first take from somebody else. Whenever somebody receives something without working for it, somebody else has to work for it without receiving. The worst thing that can happen to a nation is for half of the people to get the idea they don’t have to work because somebody else will work for them, and the other half to get the idea that it does no good to work because they don’t get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.” Adrian Rogers, 1984

      62. Video: Federal Court Indicts President Obama – Will not see the end of his second term!

        On January 25th, 2013, Mr. Lyndon Larouche, a well respected journalist and political activist received word from his sources within the United States government that President Barack Hussein Obama has been indicted by a Federal Court. Details of the indictment has been omitted by Larouche but he characterized them as probably the greatest indictment he has ever seen placed upon a standing president throughout history.

        Y’all Beware! You really need to see this video if you have not already!

        • Well now that would be nice, but I’ll wait to see if it really comes true

        • …seems the hounds of hell may be closing in on the one who would be king!

      63. I was drivng last night, listening to the Soup Bowl on the radio. Just as the 2nd half started, they had a power failure at the Dome. Radio went to static for a few seconds, then to commercials. After a couple minutes, the game announcers came on and said the dome had a total power outage.
        They were running on gen or battery backups with some emergency lighting on the sidelines but no lights in the stands. They mentioned how well behaved the crowd was being. Went to commercials, came back and chatted a few more minutes to fill time. Then, after more commercials, came back with power restored and game resumed.
        This whole thing lasted about 15 to 20 minutes. During that time, as I listened to the radio, I had these thoughts in my head:

        00:10 secs..,(static) They’ve lost network feed. Or somebody at the local station bumped the switch

        00:20 (commercials come on) Yep, network went off. They’ll be back in a minute with the game

        02:30 (game announcers tell of outage) Sounds like a major embarrassment for the folks who run the dome

        03:00 (announcers still reporting on power failure) Hmmm…I wonder if this could possibly be a terrorist attack. And what are the odds it’d be a false flag. If the announcers say anything about a flash of light, or explosion, or if they go off air again and don’t come back within 3 minutes, I’m gonna call the wife and tell her to go to defcon 3**

        06:00 (more commercails then back to announcers who are obviously ad libbing and trying to fill time) Good to hear the crowd is beahving, but anybody who knows anything about crowd behavior knows they won’t stay that way too long. I’d give ’em 25 minutes maximum. Then, if they haven’t been told the game is coming back soon (PA system at dome was still out at this point) they’re gonna get antsy. Then angry. Give ’em 45 minutes and who knows what might happen. No way they could peacefully get 75,000 people to leave, after half a super bowl. In a dark stadium no less. These people travelled far and spent big money. It’s the event of the year for them. If they don’t get the game resumed soon, many fans are gonna be pissed!
        10:00 (announcers still filling time) Well, at least they haven’t said anything about a strange odor or fans panicking, so maybe it’s not a biological false flag about to happen. Still, they better get some lights and info to the people soon
        11:00 (PA system begins working, fans told game will resume soon) Whew! Maybe they’ve averted a stampede. Most in the stands probably don’t realize how dangerous it’d be to try and get out of there in the dark. They have no idea how vulnerable they are in a location like that. Glad we don’t go to such events.
        14:00 (more commercials, then announcers tell that a few lights are coming back on, in a few more minutes most of dome is back up) This whole thing reminds me of so much of what I’ve learned over at Mac’s place. And elsewhere. I automatically started assessing the situation like a prepper, soon as heard of the power failure. And it reminds me of the countless things I used to be oblivious to- like the vulnerability of people in a large crowd, how people willingly put themselves into an inescapable place, how dependent they are on the feeble level of security provided by the system, how the so-called ‘security’ may be intentionally in place to hurt or control you…so many other things as well. I’m glad nothing bad happened there tonight. But I sure wish a few million more citizens would wake up…

        ** defcon 3- our own personal system for the family, not related to any gov defense readiness level. And, no, you don’t need to know all the numbers or what they mean, you just need to have a similar response plan ready for yourself and those you care about.

        • I got the just of what you were saying but you lost me on the times. I thought the game was over around 9:30 but I really didn’t watch it so I can’t say for sure. But the new was giving the final score around then.
          I guess it really doesn’t matter I do get it about looking for possible signs of things starting to happen. Thanks for sharing.

      64. It’s a commie black takeover. Empower the masses for a socialist revolution.

        It’s time to stop spending money…let it all collapse on this guys head.

        We cannot have another terms of a commie in the white house.

      65. Here’s one for ya. I prep up with computer books. Yeah, I have all the other shit.

        A guy used to make fun of me..”Revenge of the nerds”.


        He got fired…I’m thriving for over 22 years.

        So… maybe it’s time we all …. also prep up with technology and create companies and become owners again. Screw all this employee shit.

      66. Oh yes the all american night, to sit hear cleaning my person defense weapon while watching Ted Nugent rip in to Piers, about the only missing is a Turkey and coke and a slice of apple pie…



        • @ DPS. That piece of manure piers morgan is like a big mass of clogged up mess stuck in the drain or toilet. Tonight Ted Nugent did a Roto Rooter on him and then some. That clown piers got out on the gun range and found out just how much fun it was, yet he would never admit it that he wanted to continue using those firearms for the next several hours. This is what happens with these anti-gun nuts, they go to the shooting range and find out that guns are not evil at all, and have to swallow their rhetoric the next time they open their big fat mouths against people owning guns. Classic tonight.

          • BI,

            Yes sir this we can agree on, Piers is a worthless POS.I’d be supprised if he makes it out of Houston without getting a asswhipping.. And Ted Nuggent owes me a set oh hearing aides, went to one of his concerts in the 80’s So you will have to speak up..LOL


        • Piers Morgan is crafting his brand by being vocal and anti-American. Through negativity, his numbers have increased. Wouldn’t it be best to ignore him, just like the trolls here? Giving him an audience and giving him attention also gives him power. Is that what we want?

          • Exactly what I have been saying. His ratings at CNN were awful, so he had to find a controversial topic to get out in front of to become relevant again.

      67. Who are those dipwads clapping for B-HO? The DHS and TSA are the new SS and Gestapo. The gun and ammo manufactures need to stop delivering to the Fed. The guns and ammo will be used to kill Americans in democide.

      68. I CERTAINLY hope so…………………

      69. B-HO and his administration have zero trust of gun owning Americans. His birth certificate is a fake, his re-election was probably a scam and now he wants to disarm us and arm bogus federal agencies with full auto M4s and billions of rounds of ammo. A few bad ATF raids or the TSA harassing people on the street could set things off.

        • And Obama is surrounded by legislators and American representatives who have done little or nothing to stop him.

      70. If it does SHTF, for whatever reason, think positive. All we need is 30 days to clean up the entire situation, drugs, illegals, criminals, sellout politicos, all of it. Thirty days. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

        • Dont throw out the mexican women. I like them.

      71. It seems to me that the military will be downsized. Is it because those in the military take an oath to defend the Constitution? Does anyone know if a DHS officer takes an oath to defend the Constitution? I have no idea, but I am betting not. The companies that provide for the military with what they invent and produce would be diverted to DHS?

        Just random thoughts going through my head.

        • Everyone in Federal service takes or signs the oath, it’s required by law.

      72. Good! A homeland national security force. Actual moving targets! They will bleed.

      73. A natural progression for the TSA. When Obama made mention of this domestic para-military force I knew where it was going. Funny, but the link was or is as natural as walking. People should not be suprised at this. Don’t worry about where we are headed for we have arrived.

      74. Lets see, we now see things more clearly. I was wondering why Syria has bee allowed to carry on with their civil war without USA gov/TPTB crying DISGRACE! We have to end this!

        They don’t want it to end. They, TPTB want to see how long it takes for them to kill each other off.

        That’s the plan for America. Create a division: the 2nd amendment crowd and pen them as terrorists/Anti-establishment and anti-poor/black & hispanic crowd. Arm the liberal anti-2nd amendment supporting crowd and the street gangs so the carnage can begin.

        TPTB can sit back in their ivory towers in gated/guarded communities and spew propaganda via the liberal media, which they control, and watch the population kill each other off.

        How evil is that? How easy will it be for them to pull that off under the guise of “homeland security”, and blaming an outside source for all the arming of the sheeple.

        Will God allow them to carry through with their dastardly plan? Or is this the end of the age as we know it? Only God knows for sure and time will tell.

        I wouldn’t want to be within fifty miles of a large city when and if this SHTF scenario begins.

        So city dwellers, let a word to the wise be sufficient. Pick-up and pack-up the Pick-up and peel out. The lives of you and your families may be at stake.

        • Take out the space between the last dot and html.

          “Not One More Inch!”

          KySSG . . . out.

      75. BRING IT ON………….boy !

      76. Maybe we should have spoke louder when they started grabbing our children’s crotches at airports.. This seems like a novel coming to life. how long would it take for me to go to jail for not paying taxes? I’m tired of funding these **sholes to oppress us further as time goes by. 20k+ in taxes last year for “bonquiesha’s” cell phone and food stamp card, and some ammo that I can no longer find on the shelf- but will be pointed at the chest of the public when the veil of collapse is lifted. (Sigh…

        • TrotterOtter, that’s just what I’ve been thinking! The Fed uses you’ll’s taxes to build up the military industrial complex and homeland (in)security crap– and for what purpose? to kill us! If you’ll didn’t pay taxes and put all your savings in a credit union, you could starve out the beasts– the Feds and the Banksters! (I am self employed).

      77. remember that part in Animal Farm where the pigs kept the puppies hid away in the barn well guess what know you know what BO has been up to

      78. Obama clearly has his agenda to kill the majority of American citizens with his civilian defense forces which will likely be NATO and UN troops who are already here training for this point in time. There is no time left to go the legal route to fire the criminal in the dark house so it looks like he will take the violent route to steal your guns with his NATO troops. Get ready for Obama nation ride from hell.

        • Get real. At this point NATO has shown it cannot even kill a bunch of rag headed sand fleas without US help, and the UN is worse.

      79. It is NOT US who are the ENEMY! Is it the illegal government and their CHOSEN illegal leader – the Barry Saetoro of Kenya.

        Who has NO AUTHORITY in that office. ALL his laws and czars and EO (Executive Odor) from BO are ALL NULL AND VOID.

        The stench is not coming from you but Congress and BO.

      80. Obama has WHITE as well as black relatives. I seriously doubt he would start a race war. Not everyone is as prejudiced as you apparently are.

        • I don’t know how my comment ended up down here but it was supposed to be directed at King K!

        • Coal Burner Cindy?

        • I think you’re right, Cindy…Obama could not possibly want a civil war. All of his policies make complete sense and will definitely be the one thing that makes America great again. We have all obviously maligned him unfairly and completely misread his intentions.


          Him being of mixed race makes him EXACTLY the monster we should fear…he has a lifetime of self-loathing for never being able to be loyal to either of his bloodlines and cannot reconcile the complete lack of cooperation between the two anywhere in history…he mind must be a cesspool of contempt for BOTH races to have denied him privilege from either and therefore they must BOTH be exterminated…Charles Manson had similar ideation…

      81. Is this Joseph Farah whom you quote so favorably the same Joseph Farah who penned this despicable column calling for the U.S. to murder endless numbers of civilians in Iraq?

        Is this the kind of man you call an ideological ally?

      82. A civilian national security force would only work against a foreign aggressor since anyone affected by their acts would unlike then help their national security force.

        Point is, the moment you affect those involved, they tend to stop being involved. Unlike the military where you do as your told no matter what.

      83. J Jackson wants fed law enforcement to stop gangs in Chicago. So BO and Homeland security use gangs as excuse to form a large force to control the population on the excuse of safety. Oh lets take all guns away from every one then gangs can’t get any, ya right…
        Its happened in the past, look for straw man, then put together special force to control the problem. The problem turns out to be the general public that does not like what the government is doing. Next things is BO does a Blomberg and runs for a 3rd term or just appoints himself another term with no ending date….

      84. Its only fitting that Americans become enslaved by their first black president after 300 years of ill treatment.

      85. Remember, buy what they buy, 40.Caliper Handguns,5.56 assault rifles. Do not buy .223 rifles they will not chamber 5.56 NATO rounds.

      86. Re Joseph Farah`s point; adding 2 + 2 together; my best guess is that the make-up of this civilian force won`t be for example the “amnestied”, the citizen unemployed or under-employed, or other current domestic however believeable an idea, but the reduced, withdrawn now and later military re-sworn or otherwise, already trained in the use of the same equipment

      87. My son’s school is run by a bunch of liberals that track what he does on the computer. I’m surprised they haven’t blocked this website yet. My son goes on here every day to check the news. he says this is the best news website he will see for the rest of his life.

      88. It’s especially interesting considering it is illegal for military officers to care a firearm on a military base.

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