Approaching the End Game: “A Domestic Hyperinflationary Environment Should Evolve… Before the End of Next Year”

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    That the US economy is in turmoil and the dollar’s world reserve status is under unprecedented threat is a given.

    What’s not clear is where the machinations of government and global banking cartels will lead, and when.

    But we know the breaking point is coming.

    According to Shadow Stats founder John Williams, who has taken a unique approach to analyzing fundamental economic data well beyond official government statistics, we will soon begin to see the fruits of the monetary and financial games taking place behind the scenes.

    Unfortunately, the end result is not going to be recovery. Far from it.  As Williams notes in his latest report, what we should expect is continued degradation throughout this year and into 2014, at which point a hyperinflationary environment will take hold.

    We’re Beginning to Approach the End Game. 

    Nothing is normal: not the economy, not the financial system, not the financial markets and not the political system.  The financial system still remains in the throes and aftershocks of the 2008 panic and near-systemic collapse, and from the ongoing responses to same by the Federal Reserve and federal government.  Further panic is possible and hyperinflation remains inevitable.

    Typical of an approaching, major turning point in the domestic- and global-market perceptions, bouts of extreme volatility and instability have been seen with increasing frequency in the financial markets, including equities, currencies and the monetary precious metals (gold and silver).  Consensus market expectations on the economy and Federal Reserve policy also have been in increasing flux.  The FOMC and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke have put forth a plan for reducing and eventually ending quantitative easing in the form of QE3.  The tapering or cessation of QE3 is contingent upon the U.S. economy performing in line with overly-optimistic economic projections provided by the Fed.  Initially, market reaction pummeled stocks, bonds and gold.

    Underlying economic reality remains much weaker than Fed projections.  As actual economic conditions gain broader recognition, market sentiment should shift quickly towards no imminent end to QE3, and then to expansion of QE3.  The markets and the Fed are stuck with underlying economic reality, and, eventually, they will have to recognize same.  Business activity remains in continued and deepening trouble, and the Federal Reserve—despite currency-market platitudes to the contrary—is locked into quantitative easing by persistent problems now well beyond its control.  Specifically, banking-system solvency and liquidity remain the primary concerns for the Fed, driving the quantitative easing.  Economic issues are secondary concerns for the Fed; they are used as political cover for QE3.  That cover will continue for as long as the Fed needs it.

    At the same time, rapidly deteriorating expectations for domestic political stability reflect widening government scandals, in addition to the dominant global-financial-market concern of there being no viable prospect of those controlling the U.S. government addressing the long-range sovereign-solvency issues of the United States government. 

    All these factors, in combination, show the end game to be nearing.

    The most visible and vulnerable financial element to suffer early in this crisis likely will be the U.S. dollar in the currency markets (all dollar references here are to the U.S. dollar, unless otherwise stated).  Heavy dollar selling should evolve into massive dumping of the dollar and dollar-denominated paper assets.

    Dollar-based commodity prices, such as oil, should soar, accelerating the pace of domestic inflation.  In turn, that circumstance likely will trigger some removal of the U.S. dollar from its present global-reserve-currency status, which would further exacerbate the currency and inflation problems tied to the dollar.

    This still-forming great financial tempest has cleared the horizon; its impact on the United States and those living in a dollar-based world will dominate and overtake the continuing economic and systemic-solvency crises of the last eight years.  The issues that never were resolved in the 2008 panic and its aftermath are about to be exacerbated.  Based on the precedents established in 2008, likely reactions from the government and the Fed would be to throw increasingly worthless money at the intensifying crises.  Attempts to save the system all have inflationary implications.  A domestic hyperinflationary environment should evolve from something akin to these crises before the end of next year (2014).

    Excerpted by King World News via Steve Quayle
    Originally published by

    Such an environment, as has been previously noted by John Williams, will not just involve increased prices at our grocery stores or gas stations. It will be much more severe than that and have serious implications across our entire system of commerce.

    There’s strong evidence that we’re going to see an intensified downturn ahead, but it won’t become a great depression until a hyper-inflation kicks in. That is because hyper-inflation will be very disruptive to the normal flow of commerce and will take you to really low levels of activity that we haven’t seen probably in the history of the Republic.

    As the dollar breaks down, you’ll also likely see disruptions in supply chains, including shipments of food to grocery stores. People should consider maintaining stockpiles of basic goods needed for living, much as they would for a natural disaster.

    The end result of our current trajectory is inevitable.

    The target date according to Williams is somewhere around the end of 2014. This will be just the beginning and it won’t be a short-term event.

    What we’re talking about here is a shift so drastic that life for the average American will change significantly, with some theorists suggesting it will be so severe we may not be able to survive it.

    If hyperinflation is the end game of this financial crisis, then it’s time to consider what becomes money when the US dollar collapses.

    Look first to preparing yourself for an unavoidable disaster. This takes a focused plan that includes the stockpiling of essential goods like food and other supplies to get you through the initial breakdown. Furthermore, if hyperinflation is the end result, then you should be planning for a longer-duration crisis where traditional services and transportation will break down, which means you need to have barterable assets, worthwhile labor skills, precious metals as a mechanism of exchange, a safe location, and a security plan to ensure your safety.

    Time is running out. The mathematics of this is clear. The system is wholly unsustainable and we will soon understand what this really means.


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      1. Thankyuh LAWD fer givin’ us time to prepare.

        • In this global economy, it is not just America’s economy that is in ‘financial turmoil’, the contagion has spread around the world.

          41 IMF Bailouts And Counting – How Long Before The Entire System Collapses?

          “Broke nations are bailing out other broke nations with borrowed money.

          As of April, 41 different countries had active financial “arrangements” with the IMF. Sometimes they are called “bailouts” and sometimes they are called other things, but in every single case they involve loans. And most of the time, these loans come with very stringent conditions.

          It is a form of “global governance” that most people don’t even know about. For decades, the IMF has been able to use money as a way to force developing nations to do what it wants them to do. But up until fairly recently, this had mostly only been done with poor nations. But now an increasing number of wealthy nations are turning to the IMF for help.

          How long can this go on before the entire system collapses?…

          But what often happens with these bailouts is that the “conditions” that are imposed prove extremely difficult to meet.

          But what happens when the nations that primarily fund the IMF start failing themselves?

          The U.S. is a complete and total financial disaster and so is Japan. Much of Europe is already experiencing a full-blown economic depression and even China is showing signs of trouble.

          So if the “wealthy” nations fail, who is going to be there to help the “poor” nations?”

          • If I tighten my belt any further,
            I’ll be able to use my wrist watch
            band to hold my pants up.

            • OutWest,

              That’s funny!!

              • Schizophrenia: A mental state characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements.

                We’ve got that in spades around here.

                • How very amusing! The WORLD is schizophrenic! And you think that is abnormal? Or pitiful? Its NORMAL. Read the definition again… ALL states are ‘mental’ states, as, without a mind, nothing is noticeable or notable. Thus, all states are mental states, when you think about it. “…coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements…” like all things elemental in the universe, some are incompatible or contradictory… .so, Wrong”, what do you see as the problem, again? Your attempt at worldly wisdom is much like you stating “there is air.” -SO? Air is. Its a state. A mental state, since there would not BE air, -or at least the discovery of air, if someone’s mind didn’t think about it with a question. Now, for you to come here just to try to mouth distaste would be like your eating doggy droppings to have the right to complain about the flavor. Just dumb. The people here are SO much more intelligent than you are. I bet you are a paid ‘disinformationist’, huh, -paid to trash all who see reality, in order to try to keep the government’s pathetic play to act out their lie of “no worries here, mate!” going It wont work. We already KNOW. I bet you will starve trying to succeed at that ploy. -Well, Unless you get paid by the post, rather than by the result. At that point, you wouldn’t CARE if anyone took you seriously. They don’t. I hope you change for the better as you grow up.

            • lol Better than having to buy two belts to get around the equator. If we ever get to the ‘Soylent Green’ stage,some will make quite a load of crackers! ^_^

              • can render them down and use the result for your oil lamps!

                • They used to do that with the other members of the whale family… ^_^

          • @ KY Mom. The dumbing down of children you sent unfortunately is so engrained in adults now about the asinine helicopter ben notion that there is no ceiling to spending and printing money. The masses have been dumbed down into “thinking” if that is what you call it, into the idea that the government actually has the best interest of the people. The human species keeps repeating the same horse rectum mistakes again and again and paying the consequences. I mean how difficult is it to understand that you don’t print up money to save the economy.

            I learned back in grammar school when they were still teaching some value to any wisdom, what happened in Germany and the U.S. would never go through this because they have learned from the past mistakes. Famous last words. They are now simply brainwashing children and adults alike that it is a far better idea to have those “experienced” and those in “authority” to do all your thinking for you. Then you have time to enjoy life. Life without thought to me is like being on some life support for the total brain dead.

            I want to get back to this dumbing down. There aqre video games out there that actually give you points and credit for building libraries and schools so the population is more intelligent and the society advances and progresses. In real life when you make the society stupidier than a bull fly, you have control, plenty of control, but you lose ultimately because you have total stagnation and you stop dead cold in making technologically advances. You may have a few individuals that excel, but the fewer of the population that actually thinks and uses there creative and analytical part of their minds, the fewer and loner spans of time there is between new inventions and breakthroughs in science and what makes life better for all.

            These F wads so obsessed with power, to the point of continuously self gratification, don’t see that absolutely control leads to absolute breakdown and rot of everything around them. There pathetic lives will be much better than those around them, but without the society working together towards a common goal of making the society function well and only get better, everyone eventually loses. Now we have the same fecal material rotting away in economy all over the world that lead to world wars and mass suffering, but does anyone in power see the better good? Hell no.

            The masses are encased into a concrete tomb right now and stuck on idiot. Those in power see only more power and money and are encased in a pure selfish crypt and stuck on evil. So what’s to come? Preppers and survivalists know all too well, and while some people might say that sites like this talk about the same old again and again, this is because it gets closer and closer each day. 5 years ago was a different story than now, the world did not have so many different triggers that can throw everything into a tailspin every rapidly. This is what is so different now, the human race now has many more multiple guns pointing at the powder keg waiting for the hammer to come down on one or more of these triggering guns.

            • Be informed
              People just don’t want to be bothered with facts.
              General George Custer’s famous last words:
              “Don’t take any prisoners, Men!” sarc/

              • George Custer’s last words: “Where did all these f@#ing Indians come from?”

                • @ Red Leader…someone told me Custer’s last words were, “Watch this” .

                  • Those were his NEXT to last words.

                • I remember that one a great artist was commissioned to paint a mural of Custer’s last stand the mural was revealed and it showed cows standing around with halos and a bunch of Indians having sex, the caption was Holy cow were did all these f*&^ing Indians come from

            • Be Informed,

              I agree with you. Unfortunately, the ‘dumbing down’ of schools has been going on for a long time.

              “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
              – Edmund Burke

              But, when we educate our children…there is hope to rebuild in the future.

              • 1980 was a big turning point when they removed those Big Red History Books at public school and stopped talking about things like Native American Indians and Custer, Home Economics, Vocational Technology and such. Thanks Ronny…Just Say Know! Not No and Not Now and Never Say Never! Their plan is to eliminate culture. Big middle finger to Them thar PTB folks!

            • Sorry off topic. Does anyone know what has happened to JWR’s survivalblog? can’t log on for days now and once I got a nasty virus blocked. thanks. Keep the faith.

              • According to “Activist Post” (I think), Survival Blog was hacked by the DDOS. I’m not sure which acronym government thug that is supposed to be, but Survival Blog is on an alternate server, although without pictures and sufficient bandwidth.

                • Rawles takes the sight down on holidays and claims to have been attacked. Keeps the doomers on edge and helps reinforce the message. Got Doom?

                • thanks Vicky. hope tell it like it is is wrong.

            • I hear ya. It actually gets humorous, when you really consider the perpetrators’ lust for power… Take the NWO, for instance! And the dumbing-down of humanity. The old quote/adage that most men would rather DIE than think, surely fits, does it not? they want control of humanity, because they are just CERTAIN they each have all the answers, yet, they are acting purely on emotion, not on logic. Take the UN Agenda 21/NWO’s plan of killing around 90% of the world’s population… SO !eriously stupid. First, these New World Orderers really like their mega lifestyles, and their toys. They are NOT excited about returning to pushing a plow into the earth behind a horse, yet, they want to kill most humans. Oh, I expect they THINK they have it mostly worked out that 10% of the population grows 90% of the food, or something like that, but they haven’t factored in natural and man-made disasters, nor their ever-increasing need for war or for toys. That takes bodies. LOTS of bodies, living bodies. I will laugh till I cant BREATHE the first time they find themselves digging up dandilions for food because they ‘forgot to think. It will be a scream.

              • bumpkin says:

                “It actually gets humorous,”

                It’s a satanic comedy,
                #1 reducing mankind to accidental apes
                and teaching the THEORY/religion of evilution in schools.
                DNA is God’s reply, like he said 2,000 years ago “the very hairs of your head ARE ALL NUMBERED ”

                #2 “Reefer Madness” pixie dust. Every country could be free of the fossil diosaur juice and grow thier own fuel
                oil, no more oil wars.

                #3 Mankind has RETURNED to “Noah’s day” as accidental apes
                and aren’t aware of Christ’s warning.
                In Noah’s day the first Babylon was being built.
                TODAY the LAST Babylon is being built.
                And crossing the species barrier AGAIN for the last time.

                It is a comedy, but not at all funny.

            • I believe that Custer’s last words were ugghhh Owie !

          • KY Mom

            They have papered over the ongoing collapse with cheap fiat and low interest rates for so long now that still most folks have no idea how severe the situation is..

            I tend to believe the warnings of John Williams over any “official” numbers..

            My question to you and all is this..

            On the dollar collapse..will the supposed ‘sdr’s” (special drawing rights) be ushered in, in lieu of currency?

            My dear friends from the Biblical corner are convinced this will be the prophetic introduction of the “mark of the beast”..

            Your thoughts and comments are appreciated..


            • I’m afraid you may be right. The Lima (Ohio) News”, the newspaper issued by the nearest larger town to us, posted a really bizarre headline this morning, “More hiring, raises. (sic) 195,000 jobs added in June” along with a glowing explanation of the improving economy. “The Lima News” used to be owned by Freedom Press and I really appreciated their coverage. Freedom Press sold to some mainstream outfit, so all of their coverage is AP or worse. The article commented that “The Labor Department’s report Friday pointed to a U.S. job market that’s showing surprising resilience in the face of tax increases, federal spending cuts and economic weakness overseas.” Everything is all right, nothing to see here…. NW Ohio trends conservative, but it’s under full brain-wash mode right now.

              • Part Time Jobs….


            • The collapse will lead to war and shrinking of the west.The mark will be associateded with sharia law.

              • beeman: have you researched noahide laws invented by Talmudics yet? May want to. It is already signed into Fed code laws by Bush I, in 1991.

                • I saw Bush 1 and Hillary(ous) Clinton each plug (on tv) the NWO with dreamy eyes…

              • For those with eyes to see and ears to hear: Revelation is not prophecy. It is a script.

            • posse: SDR’s exist now and represent the ability of member nations of the IMF to access and borrow CURRENCY; specifically, dollars, pounds, yen and a couple others as I recall.

              SDR’s facilitate the access to CURRENCY, so they can never replace currency. The event to which you allude is probably the replacement of paper fiat with digital fiat, thus everyone must have the “mark” of the beast in their hand to access their digital fiat.

              The bad news is this would usher in total control of the population; the “good” news is that it would eliminate the non producers as those who do not work would not have money and that is how the program would be sold to the masses.

              Engage your employees or be enslaved by them. 🙂

              • If the NWO, Agenda 21ers are to reign, as they intend, they MUST destroy the current system. Because it will be a ONE World Government, (the NWO, UN Agenda 21)the current financial system(s) throughout the entire world have to be collapsed, -disposed of, in order to make room for their ONE system, -in order for them to launch their BIG save- The ONE system, one currency, one government over the entire Earth. OF course (the current monetary/financial system )it all has to collapse… You can bank on that! ‘Making ready’ is the ONLY form of insurance one has to meet it with, too. For millions, it will not be enough. For some it will barely be enough. For a few, it will mean the difference between freedom and slavery. Good luck, all!

                • bumbkin: The current system IS the system of the NWO. They do not have to destroy anything. All the have to do is implement tweaks to the current system.

                  CHANGES are coming.

            • Possee,

              I have been thinking about your question. I am not sure.

              Take care! Keep praying and prepping!
              KY Mom

            • Dear KY Mom: The Mark has been around for a long, long time. Those who do service to the Beast have it! The only way not to have it is to know the Word of God. Real Truth not pulpit truth.

            • You ever seen the movie ‘In Time’?

            • its a shame we dont realy have freedom of speach in this country== else i would suggest we all truly stand up against all this crap ==they want to kill us all any way== so lets fight for our rights to freedom now while we can = we dont realy need to kill them ==we can arrest and detain them as they would to us ==then put them away ==sure many will be killed doing this ==but which is better ==gettin it or given it in the rear ==iam sick of hereing about wanting freedom and realy not seeing or haveing anything being done about it ==where it matters and how it matters ==1776 had real men= and they proved it====

        • Jose can you see, the Drones early flight
          what so proudly we hail the freedoms last gleaming
          Whose tattered stripes and dim Bars, though our Meager fight
          O’er the Freedoms we watched were so Silently Leaving
          And the Fizzle of Red Communism
          The Chmtrls Permatng the Air
          Gave Proof through the night that our flag was not there
          O say does that Torn Banner Still wave?
          O’er the Land of the Fraud and the Home of the Slaves

          • Wrong thread.

            • hardly.

        • From one southerner to another – I agree. I just wish I could do what I really would like to. But in the mean time, I will do what I can – just keep prepping.

        • Everything is fine, just travel to France. Food is cheap, and skank is everywhere, not to mention, it is a very clean country.

          • Food is cheap in France? Where in Europe is food inexpensive? And the skank is hairy in France. Not to American’s liking too much.

            • Mr. or Ms. “Mensa”

              this is the problem with people who think they are so “smart:” You still do not get the more intelligent bigger picture. Amazing how dumb smart people actually are.

            • I was working in France and Germany in June for a few weeks. We were out in the countyside and the people were wonderful. In France, the food in the markets was 25% to 40% more thane here in the US. Meat was very expensive. Wine is cheap, a good bottle is 3.5 Euros. While in France, and English ExPat living there told me that in the area we were working (Normandy) people were making an aveage of 1,700.00 Euros a month. The ExPat told me one of his neighbors had to decide if he wanted to buy fule for his car to go to work or food.

              We were working near a big Villa, Huge house built in the 1700s, barn, carriage building and stables all built out of rock like everything else around. The new owners paid 250K Euros for it. Farm Land that grows anything goes for about 1,500 Euros an acre. There is no dirt visable, everything is green.

              In Germany a nice meal at a nice restaurant was 30% cheaper than in the US. Again, out in the country, the people can’t do enough for you.

              It is another world from Paris where there is a lot of dislike of Americans.

            • I love them furry tan european girls, yum
              Oops sorry but hey

              • I would also add that amount of obese people in France and Belgium are 25% of what we see here in the USA. Overweight young girls are usually visiting Americans.

              • Kulafarmer: But a Big Fat 400LB Hawaian girl will provide Heat in winter, Shade un summer. Probobly cooks swell too.

          • Actually, Lawrence, I’d do a bit more research. Chernobyl left a HUGE amount of radiation all over Europe that is still there. No one in their right mind would be eating food from Europe.

            Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, folks.

            “If we do not alter our path, we will
            arrive where we intended.”
            The Wisdom of the Tao

        • Hey MAC you may want to remove SGT report from the links section……. This video kind of exposes him as a shill! I know I feel STUPID.

          Standing by in SC, out!

          • Thanks for the link — Honestly, I am not sure exactly what the issue here is.

            Sean has been a voice for liberty and self reliance for years. I have personally corresponded with him on a regular basis for quite some time.

            I believe this is a hit piece and I believe that it is short on actual facts — Sean is evil, why? I just don’t get it.

            This web site, for example, has thousands of readers and the majority of us work ‘day jobs’ just like Sean.

            Some of us work at Walmart, some are police officers, others are government employees… oil workers, defense contractors, teachers, financial advisers, and many are in the military… we are all, in one way or another ‘part of the system’… I don’t think this makes us evil.

            I just don’t see what exactly he’s supposedly done wrong… Having a well paying job and living in a decent neighborhood doesn’t, in my eyes, constitute anything contrary to his message, nor does it dilute that message. Are we supposed to punish Sean for being successful? Isn’t that what we’re supposed to strive for in this country ? The pursuit of happiness and all that?

            What’s evil is the producer of that video outing Sean’s personal address, pictures of his children and wife, and contacting his employer… and for what? To expose what, exactly? His anonymity… It’s quite hypocritical for an Anonymous video producer to argue against Sean’s anonymity… why doesn’t the guy who made that video give us his name, address, pictures of his family and employer contact information?

            Unless some actual evidence of wrong-doing and ill-intent is produced, I will continue to carry Sean’s work at this web site…

            He’s a solid guy in my opinion and I think the video production is ridiculous on its face… that’s just me, though.


            • I wouldn’t trust Hannity as far as I could throw him!

            • Good for you Mac. As the final timeline approaches, WE can fully expect to see more of this type of “backdoor, apparently legitimate, denigration of LONG TIME truth tellers.

              Character assassination is the calling card of OUR (the truth’s) opposition. Salute Sir, for having the back of another SOLID SITE!

              WE should expect this “activity” to increase dramatically from this day forward. THEY are losing the “infowar” and will take desperate measures to “hang-on” till THEY are left with no other option than to HIT the “kill switch”.

              “Hitting that switch”, no matter the offered explanation…WILL SEAL THEIR FATE. Until that “event”, stay on target. And THANK YOU for your continued determination and courage.

            • Well MAC if you say he’s ok that has some weight, but I am seeing a huge conflict of interest here. I think the only reason the guy brought his wife into the equation is her job, and the $300K from the Government. He didn’t give the street address, but you are correct he gave out the phone number of his employer I think that was a mistake as well. I think he did that so if there were doubts you could call and listen to the voice mail. I feel like a fool for supporting his site. He preaches RA RA go team go on his YT and website, and at his day job he produces the very crap that he says he hates? Something isn’t right here, like the guy says it would be like finding out that Alex Jones was an Executive for the O channel in his other life.
              The Patriot Nurse did a video on this kind of mistake that we all make two weeks or so ago. The jest of it was the kind of choices we make in our alliances would be the downfall of some of us.
              Either he is laughing at the people that visit his website (while he counts the money), or he is laughing at his employer and everyone that likes the TV shows they make (while he counts the money). Like I said I see a huge conflict of interest in his life on many levels.

              Standing by in SC, Out!

            • I will admit that I am not a regular follower of the SGT report, and I’ve probably only listened to one or two of their youtube videos – so, I am clearly no expert on their operation.

              However, I will say that our ‘patriot’ or ‘prepper/survivalist’ movement has, for some bizarre reason that I do not fully understand, attracted the attention of the sleazy gang of totalitarian criminals who infest the highest levels of our corrupt and criminal government. Hence, that means that the enemy has almost certainly inserted a few of their disinfo agents and moles into our movement – if for no other reason, to allow them to keep tabs on us and probably engage in data harvesting operations, NSA style.

              So, it is healthy to be suspicious and on our guard.

              There is one tell tale sign of an almost certain enemy agent. Anyone who harps on how ‘bad’ it is that people still have a little bit of anonymity on the Internet – and who gripes about people who post comments and sign their name as ‘guest’ or ‘anonymous’ – this is a huge warning sign of someone who is working for the ADL or SPLC or some other rogue government organization.

              These authoritarian A-holes want to be able to use a comment posted by anyone that they don’t like as a club to try to get them fired from their jobs – which is already being done all over this nation. This is a backdoor, non-judicial, non-legislative method of rendering the First Amendment right to free speech null and void – by creating a climate of fear and intimidation that will scare people into not exercising their free speech rights.

              Remember, dissident speech is the exact sort of speech that the First Amendment was intended to protect. The ADL has been trying to get the First Amendment abolished and ‘Hate Speech’ laws passed in America like they’ve managed to do in over 15 other White European nations – and then set themselves up as being the arbiters of what kind of speech will be deemed ‘permissible’ – but, so far, the US Supreme Court has refused to go along.

              So, this new tactic – imposing their Political Correctness tyranny upon millions of American’s free speech is being done in this roundabout manner. Say something un-P.C., despite the fact that such speech is perfectly legal and covered by the First Amendment – and the ADL and their goons want to be able to track you down and put pressure on your employer to fire you. And, despite the fact that this is clearly un-Constitutional and illegal under USC Title 18 Sections 241 and 242 – these rats are being allowed to get away with it.

            • What these attacks on (SurvivalBlog, SGTRpt, InfoWars, etc) say is MSM/TPTB are getting worried the Patriot message is becoming more widespread. Otherwise, these attacks would not be happening. TPTB want to introduce doubt and confusion in the Patriot Movement, so they produce dis-information and attack those they fear.

              • I don’t think you could say that what happened to SGT was an attack as such, more of an outing. There is going to have to be some splaining Lucy!

                Standing by in SC, out!

                • An “outing”????? What exactly did he out? Oh yeah. The man’s innocent wife and children. It takes a real big guy to place them in the spotlight, doesn’t it?

                  SGT is a decent, upstanding guy. So what that he has a day job – you don’t make ends meet off of writing for websites. Would you prefer he be on welfare? Would you prefer that he charge people to read his articles and watch his videos? Perhaps he could step up the advertising – oh wait, that makes people angry too. I suppose all people exposing the truth should take a vow of poverty and live in a shack without indoor plumbing?

                  Whatever you may think about SGT’s day job, he provides valuable information and spends a great deal of his time doing so – and it’s all free for the reader or viewer.

                  I can think of nothing more offensive than this troll and his little expose. He proved nothing to me except that he is a small minded person who thinks nothing of putting innocent women and children in the line of fire. How dare he? I don’t care that the children’s photos had the faces blurred – it means WAR to involve someone’s children.

                  And one more thing – the piece of human garbage who made the video is terribly upset about SGT’s anonymity, but I don’t see him posting pictures of himself, or his own real name and address. Where are the photos of HIS wife and children? If he wants to promote transparency, should he not be providing the same information about himself?

                  I think it’s pretty clear who the shill in this situation is – and it isn’t SGT. It is the vile individual (or group of individuals) who threatened a man’s family and livelihood in an attempt to halt his message.

                  ~ Daisy

                  • Nice to see you “waded back into the pool Daisy.” To hell with the “stalkers”. I’m working on upgrading my “politically incorrect” articulation. “PC” is killing the intent and purpose of a “first amendment” forum and commentary all over the net.

                    Say what you mean…mean what you say and let the “bull-chips” fall where them may! ;)!

                  • I don’t recall anyone threating anyone on the video, I watched it twice. Where was that exactly or as close as you can get me, if I missed it I want to see it.

                    Standing by in SC, OUT!

                  • GSM1

                    The threat was implied.

                    I would darn sure feel threatened if someone posted pictures of my home and my children and other loved ones on the internet. I would feel threatened if someone provided contact information to my employer in order to potentially damage my ability to earn a living.

                    Seriously – think about this!!!! How would you feel if you were striving to keep a low profile for your family and someone posted their photos and told people how to find workplaces and addresses? Considering that the government has been busily offing those who publicly dissent, this is absolutely and unarguably a threat.

                    I don’t know if you are a parent or not, but please, try to put yourself in his shoes and think of how it must feel to have your family put in the spotlight in this way.

                    ~ Daisy

                  • I watched the entire 20 min video today. I agree the part about his kids etc is wrong to do. However, to say “He has a Day Job so what”?…Well That part of the video cannot be ignored, as on the one hand that webiste basically promotes Truth about MSM and Eliets etc right…Then when the video exposed that the guy in question’s “day Job” is Producer of many TV shows such as Oprah tv, and several of what most folks here will agree are sit-com type trash tv, which so many folks like those who frequent this site consider a Major factor in american cultural and moral troubles. Well, one cannot simply discount that fact either.

                    I know libertarians will say “So what folks should not view such crap it is ON them”…So That way to think Ok’s folks who Make or Produce such Crap and they get off scott free? No I do not buy into that excuse or thinking. Right Is right Wrong Is wrong, those who say whos to decide the two…Thats prime reason we Need somebody to promote whats good vs whats wrong or evil. That attitude of I can promote or make something wrong or bad and as long as I phys harm none I am cool and It is a-ok…No it is not. Todays american society, culture,msm, univ, schools, fed and state govnts Proves that way to think is Destructive to all thats good. Sorry if it offends any but it is whats wrong today.

                    I mean yes a day job is needed no doubt. But that guys house alone shows hes made a small fortune producing such trash tv shows. I have zero problems when folks get wealthy. But it does seem very hypocritical to do so, while also promoteing yourself as a patriot exposeing such things.

                    To me it smacks of say, a cop friend who always complains when he watches tv news with you and see’s various outrageous beatings by cops on innocent folks at traffic stops etc…Then one day He is shown as the Cop on TV news giving a Royal beat down to an innocent driver at a stop. I think most folks here would also call that cop person a hypocrite.

                    Perhaps his situation well describes what some folks, me included say that it seems many libertarians speak of anything is ok as long as no phys violence occures, so never allow “Morals” into our system or govnt.

                    To me My personal moral feeling if I was in his shoes is that I would definatly feel myself a hypocrite or some type faker if I were to do Both “jobs” as he does.

                    And plese do not compare it to Whistle Blowers as if hes one. Anybody recall that Fed Prosecutor Guy, who Outted Eric Holder? When he outted that holder took control in that Black Panthers Voter-Violations against White voters in Pa. and had the fed ct case Dropped due to panthers are the Same “skin color as Holder aka My people, I cannot convict nor charge”….Recall Him? Now He was a true whistle blower, and he up and Quit his well paying Day job in Protest as to the atrocity he blew the proverbial whistle on. Be Honest here what would You call that fed prosecutor guy If he blew whistle yet Remained working there? If not a hypocrite then at least “suspect” of sincerity eh.

                    I mention that event to contrast the difference from whistle blowing as it should be done. And another who ‘seems” as if he too is outting msm and govnt crap as a ongoing Buisness website, yet himself is a huge part player In the crap hes outting.

                    Either way, my mind is totally convinced when it comes to any/all MSM be it news-sitcoms-documentary-etc, Nobody is allowed to reach ANY level of control or Producing-directing-script writer-etc Unless they Pass the sniff test of the True zio control freeks that Own it all. Very suspicious it seems. I just cannot make a connection to His type day job as compared to say Cops-fireman-fbi-or many other day jobs. And IF some fbi agent or cop did a website in the same manner I’d call that person suspicious at best too. It is time folks Choose One side. trying to be “Lukewarm” and work both sides, Patriot side as well as evil MSM or govnt side is, well being Lukewarm.

                    Its what you get when subscribe to Morals do not enter the picture, whos to say What is Moral? Thats a total Cop Out. I got Mine so screw those who do not is where that leads to. No good ever comes from it. Lots of Hypocracy does at times though.

                  • Please don’t forget the (sw) on my rating I worked very hard for that. Exactly where did he get the photos a spy satellite, or is he a LERP trained marine, or maybe was it Sean’s facebook page. The photos were blurred out, I really don’t see the problem, as for a photo of a house wow that would make me mad especially since ours needs to be painted badly and the grass is high now from all of the rain. If you put yourself out in public and give advice to the masses you better be ready for some push back. I think the guy has an ax to grind with Sean, and I have to say I won’t be going to his websites, or YT anymore. If Sean had a valid rebuttal it seems to me he would have posted one. But this was kind of like finding out that the preacher is moonlighting at the titty bar as a bouncer. That’s how I see it anyway. I don’t think you have to take a vow of poverty or anything like that, boy you are really mellow dramatic, but I think you should walk the walk at least somewhat. I’ve heard him cut the people that watch DWTS several times and joke about how dumbed down they are, and he works for the company that produces it? I think that’s pretty far from alright, but that’s just me.

                    See Ya in the funny papers! out

        • Too bad John Williams has been discredited as a moron and chump long ago by Mike Stathis of AVA Investment Analytics.

          But I don’t expect Slavo to mention the article of the fact that Stathis is the only expert in the world to back his leading track record with a $100,000 guarantee because if people realized how they are being conned by this doomsday bologna, Slavo wouldn’t be able to make $10,000 selling con artist advertisements each month.

          • Look Jerry, just because you and Tom aren’t making cartoons any more doesn’t mean you have to be a rat.

        • Prep time began in 2008. That year was, metaphorically, the time when the titanic actually hit the iceberg. Since then, nothing has changed at all financially and I find myself reflecting on the film, “titanic,” whereby there were different reactions to the event. Those in denial stumbled about the dining rooms, dressed for an elegant dinner, others were locked down below (the poor), the musicians chose to sit upon the promenade, playing their string concertos.

          Only one understood the gravity of the situation – the designer of the ship. As we know from the film, the ship could stay afloat if only 4 of the chambers in the hull were breached. Once the fifth was breached, which it was by that underwater iceberg, he knew there was no hope. And he maintained his position and message despite others’ desires to believe otherwise.

          As we know scientifically/graphically, the ship began to sink, bow first, though remained intact until the weight of the submerging bow ripped the damaged hull apart. Once that happened, the stern slapped down flat on the surface of the ocean, while the bow plumetted into the depths. The stern achieved a seeming point of safety as it righted itself in the waters. The very wealthy (the 1%) had already secured and hogged the life boats for themselves.

          The situation of “righting itself” (the purpose of Fed Bernanke in “quantitative easing”), however, was only temporary. Very soon afterward, the stern began to make a vertical dive, it’s very aft part rising, rising, rising above the waters. People and objects, unsecured as it made its vertical climb, fell immediately to their deaths upon the promenade, crashing against railings, windows and deck chairs which, in that situation, though benign earlier, proved to be lethal objects.

          Of course, we remember the famous scene in which the two main characters, played by Leonardo Di Caprio Kate Winslet, made their way to the very, very aft part of the stern and secured themselves by the railing. Do remember that moment, as the stern raised ultimately vertical and began it’s descent into the depths. Di Caprio says, “THIS IS IT.” And then proceeds to give Winslet’s character instructions in how to survive the cold waters and to swim toward the surface with all of her strength as the sucking of the waters as that huge ship went down threatened to take her so far down she would drown.

          Where we have been for the past five years is in that place where the bow separated from the stern and the administration has tried to reassure us that the ship has, indeed, righted itself. That’s why Mr. O was hired as president.

          Where we really are now is that the stern is about to go vertical and take it’s final plunge, following the bow down into the depths. And, indeed, it will cost many, many lives.

          Thanks for the post. Hope I haven’t usurped my “comment rights” with such a lengthy one. I just thought the metaphor/analogy to be so apropos.
          thank you

        • The definition of normal is about to change.

        • I say bring it on. Tired of all the hype and such corruption and wickedness around the world. Let the games begin.

      2. This economic farce is all by design and intent. It’s all part of the Progressive “revolution”. Let the “counter-revolution” begin.

        Revolution: The attempt to distance the country from God.

        Counter-revolution: The country coming BACK to God.

        • Jeesus loves you- go to the church of your choice and wait.
          (That’s not a counterrevolution- it will take us back to the dark ages- along with all the other simpletons.)

        • Some time ago I read that there were two plans hatched up. People wouldn’t accept the first one unless the other one was implemented first. Anyone know what that is all about?

        • The coming back to God is great as long as force isn’t involved. It does not matter if a dictator is pagan or religious. Dictator is dictator.

        • Cali, what ‘god’? Or, if you prefer, whose god? There is a preponderance of ‘Christians’ in the US, per the census, but out of them less than 10% practice it in any degree. Even Mormons attendance is only about 40% and those who try to live the total religion are less than 10%.

          How do I know? I was ward clerk for 20 years, under 5 bishops. Out of a membership of ~800, attendance was around 300 except religious holidays. Full tithe payers with Temple recommends (those living close to total church doctrine) were less than 10%. Of those 10%, a number lied to get to that level, and lied more to keep it. How do I know that? Well, when they are found out they lose it and that is public knowledge. One of the high priests in my ward was found to be an international pedophile and was also a college professor at the local state college. And I could go on with more examples, but I know how it works all over the world.

          Your being a Christian (I assume) means that you were born into a Christian family. Had you been born into a Muslim family, you would be defending that one just as strongly.

          The fact is: We should ALL be preparing for what is coming to the best of our abilities and not expecting miracles as they are not going to happen. You and your family will suffer, not mine.

      3. Oh another prediction, just like max keiser predicting that April the system would collapse.

        • I don’t like it either when some supposed expert says it will happen around this time. It rarely does. I prefer to live my life knowing that the global system will eventually collapse. In the meantime use the time to prepare for financial armageddon.

          • Absolutely. I am not saying that its not going to happen but prediction after prediction with nothing happening destroys the credibility of the predictions on a particular topic. I am awake with gathering supplies and what not but it gets annoying.

            • It will NOT BE next year. By “Dia de los Muertos” of THIS YEAR, at least one of the major predictions that have yet to manifest to the “average observer” (some predictions have and are currently occurring, but not acknowledged in the lame-MSM) will be UNDENIABLE.

              If I am wrong…this forum will never endure additional commentary by Yental! Watch the calendar and by all means, hold me to this resolution/statement!

              • I agree Yental, it happens this fall.

                • On NBC?

                • Please share your crystal ball with us via video feed so that we too may gaze upon the future with precision.

                  • When did a “window of months” become “precision” prediction. The time that I state a specific day…I’ll lend you “my crystal ball”.

        • A lot of people, even on this site I believe, thought the Cyprus bank heist would have dire consequences. They took a big risk to see how much they could get away with. Would you like that to happen to your bank accounts in late 2014?

        • Max said that April wasn’t etched in stone; he said April or thereabouts. Financial prediction is based on current factors and if any one of them changes, then the prediction changes. For example, over a year ago I knew that the European Union couldn’t hold together but that TPTB would do everything to try and keep it together, so the unwinding could take some time. So coming up with a precise date for the demise wasn’t possible.

          Meanwhile, I agree with everybody that all this economic finagling can’t last and prepping is the way to go. Don’t forget to stock up on liquor too; cheap vodka is good for medicinal purposes….

          • LOL… vodka is cheap here in the Philippines. 700ml (about a fifth) of 70 proof is P76 or $1.79 US.

      4. The question really is, will the message get very far and of those that hear how many will use the time left to prepare? Even starting late is better than than never starting.

        But how many will do without a little now so they can have something set aside for later? How many will swap the home cooked meal for the happy meal, the stay-cation for the vacation, the over the air tv for the pay tv, the ‘stupid’ phone for the smart phone?

        Because why bother right? The government is always going to be there to take care of them. The shelves will always be full. The power company always online.

        Of course those of us here, for the vast most part, know the answer to that.

        • “Socialism works only until you run out of other people’s money.”
          -Margaret Thatcher

          “The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are now outnumbered by those who vote for a living.”

      5. Will we receive the holy “O” Bo care THEN?

        • To my esteemed colleague Ted, I’ll drink to that!

          • My brain has been alive for the last ten years…

            That’s one hell of a tan you got going on there Boehner. You make me cry.

            • Ted, Ted, Ted, Seeing as how you were brain-dead your entire life only fitting you get to try it out now that you are dead.

              You are responsible for the tan Ted. Ever since you went off the bridge in the middle of the night we take the interns and the hookers to the beach during the day time hours. Most of the time I just have the hookers laying around in the sand traps and swimming in the water holes at the club.

              Your brain and my liver, Ted — certainly does make a man cry. Well, that and all the damned money we make, take, fake.

              How bout them flames down there, Ted — Think they’ll keep my tan going?

            • Ted, does the radio still work in the Delta 88? I was hoping John would invite me to one of his beach parties and we could tune in the oldies station.
              Oh, and I still got that Grass Roots Greatest Hits album. Does it have an 8 track player?

              • Midnight Confessions was Grass Roots tribute song to Teddy.

              • My brain is infused with the best Irish scotch & they are still studying it… Travon’s was alive 4 up to 10 mikes. BIG deal hood!!! M.I.T. NEXT!

                Damn right on the 8. My father was Joe. Boot Leg this Bonner… cupcake.

        • I think Obama care will be the defining force that will drive the final nail in the coffin of the once powerful US economic engine. It is already driving down job numbers and wages, I guess the evil TDL will finally get his wish , just hope to God that he is one of the ones that does not survive the collapse. He may well get dragged out of what ever hole he will crawl into for safety and get chopped to pieces.

          • Obama care delayed a year…on the ropes. My opinion…it will never be implemented. IRS (Israeli Revenuers) is enforcement arm for collecting from the poor for mamycare will become the greatest hated institution ever. Obamy will become a joke and byword among the people…we aint seen nothing yet. Everyone is catching on to the fact that the Government is filled with liars and thieves. Those who support them will be ridiculed and marginalized like never in history. What still remains to be revealed will even amazed those who are clued in now. The depths of Satan will be revealed. All who have KNOWN the depths of Satan are irretrievably lost forever. Our mission, if we choose to accept it, is never to be amazed.

            • The self employed and small businesses are going to take a big ‘hit’ in 2014 by Obamacare.

              2014 – Obamacare Penalties Delayed for Big Firms, Individuals STILL REQUIRED TO COMPLY…

              “The Obama administration is postponing the ‘employer mandate’ – which would levy financial penalties on businesses with more than 50 employees that fail to provide health insurance that meet the minimum standards and “affordability” — until 2015.”
              (Human Events dot com)

              Due to Obamacare, Individual Health Ins. plans to cost 80% MORE starting in 2014
              (Everyday Health dot com)

              • KY Mom says:

                “The self employed and small businesses are going to take a big ‘hit’ in 2014 by Obamacare.”

                Only if they bend over and play the game.

                Don’t play their game!

                It’s easy, if you try.

              • They can go to hell, not doing any of it,

                • Kula, I’ll thumbs up that…And I hope everybody had a GREAT 4th, and have a good weekend all…

                • Am retired. Children grown and flown. Closed my last investment accounts months ago. Am almost done cashing out those checks. Have physical preps of various kinds, considering various time periods and purposes.

                  Am not a Rambo clone as some online bullshit artists claim to be but it will cost them some empty pairs of boots to take me out.

                  What I mostly lack is same minded allies within about a mile … walking distance … of me. If necessary I will go it alone. Looks like I might hafta.

                  One point is to go invisible to Oblunder care. Will have no income, no reported assets. doesn’t mean I don’t have assets. No — reported — assets. No income, no 1099s, no bank account. What you don’t hold in your hand you don’t own.

                  So Theirs is gonna fine me $2k if i don’t sign up for their compulsory “insurance?”

                  Oh rit oh rit oh rhea. Come and take it tyrants.

                  My vehicle registrations don’t expire for about 2 years. Have in the past and might again go scofflaw on the DMV paperwork. I pay property tax in cash. Shop in cash. Pay utilities in cash. My former bank sends me mash notes, please come back. Am harder to track ifn I do not.

                  Without being a fanatic about it, such as emigrating to Paraguay, I”m doing what I can to disappear.

                  Is anyone else doing this?

                  One way to F them up is to quietly not cooperate. Take your time about complying if you comply at all. To ignore what can be ignored. Make them go 4th and long on every down.

                  If we are willing to face the consequences, they have NO authority over us unless we act as though they do.

                  Peaceful non-cooperation does more than throwing a brick through a window. Or setting a government vehicle afire in a riot. That harms them not at all. They have billions of our stolen $ to play with.

                  What scares them shitless is to scorn, to defy their “authority” as though it is a fairy tale. Because were tens of millions not so dumbed down and brainwashed, we would see their “authority” IS a fairy tale.

                  That time will eventually come. Individuals multiplied by three hundred million have a time table too. It isn’t really their decision. It’s ours.

                  Do you read the news? Do you see the daily stories about civilians (and their family animals) murdered by militarized swine,everytime one turns around?

                  Tremble tyrant, Your time is coming.

                  Let there be two, three ten thousand Jeffrey Dorners.

                  Hi Utah Data Center. There is justice in this world and someday you will get yours.

                  Molon Labe The 300

                  • I agree whole heartedly. I’d rather live in poverty, like we are doing, that contribute another cent of my hard earned money to this guv/corp slow death march. Made the choice to disconnect and relocate a few years back… the only thing I’m filing is the edge of my machete. People we have a choice: watch it happening in slow motion or WTFU and start living like you don’t need them right now. Skills,Gardens, Barter Networks… take the PTB out of your life now Before They take you out. We need to be surviving right now if we are going to have a chance at the Future. Peace and Preparedness to All

                  • Im with you 100% Anon6.8
                    Same here on many of your points, am working towards just being a subsistence level farmer, if i dont make any money theres nothing for them to take, oh you want my few posessions,
                    burn it up lets go for broke, watch the night go up in smoke, rock on,
                    must a been an electrical fire, too bad Kula died in the fire

                • Amen Kula

                  they can do what they have to do ,im not buying it ,if its only a penny im not buying it

              • I can’t afford insurance in the first place how in ‘ell am I gonna afford the penalty?? What do I suddenly get if I pay the penalty, insurance? This is the BIGGEST IRS SCAM YET! They’ll know about everybody’s warts so I’ll chip a few off and mail them in with that there penalty payment, rather, in lieu of it!

                Best thing ANYONE can do for themselves is to read labels, buy smart, cook smart, eat smart and live smart. I recently stopped giving my dogs canned food for the same reason I stopped hitting my back-up pantry..BP frikken A is giving everyone I know bumps and tumors and dysfunctional gutty-wurkz. Those prestigious companies and leaders we trust the most have been leading us to slaughter for the longest time…keep waking up everybody because the fritters are hittin’ the skittle!

                • Nice comment! Thumbs up!

                • Funny thing is that there is no penalty if you don’t pay the penalty (does that make sense?). The only thing that the IRS can do if you don’t buy insurance and don’t pay their stupid penalty is withhold the amount you owe them from any tax refunds you might be getting. They can’t put you in jail, they can’t seize assets, and they can’t garnish wages like normal taxes.

              • Since I’m not from the states, and haven’t educated myself on the Obamacare thing, I have a question about it. If a company over 50 employees breaks itself up into multiple companies with 49 and under employees per, would the Obamacare rules still apply?

                • Good question..James.
                  I did read just yesterday that companies are taking 20 hours away from their full-time employees, then hiring them for 20 hours part-time.
                  When will the govt. finally figure out the bozos setting up these rigged regulations against the citizen and small businesses are the protégés of our bozos?

                • James,doesn’t matter, the individual is still responsible. Most companies will drop coverage for their employees because the fine is cheaper. Those under 50 won’t fare much better.

              • KY MOM, is that for real?!: The Obama administration is postponing the ‘employer mandate’ – which would levy financial penalties on businesses with more than 50 employees that fail to provide health insurance that meet the minimum standards and “affordability” — until 2015.

                This is proof positive the administration is trying to destroy the Middle Class in the interest of corporate-statism, ie. Fascism! Francis Schaefer was right. The US is more apt to go to Fascism than Communism. The Socialistic Welfare State is only temporary until the Fascist are in complete control, then the peons depending on it will end up dead from starvation, disease, predators or the FEMA camps!
                And I thought it was a sign the economy wouldn’t collapse this year if Obama postponed Obamacare.

                • I think our donkey in charge is going for a third term illegally. If we don’t win back the senate then impeach the joker in 2014 and beyond I think we lose our country.

            • That’s an interesting take on things. Sincerely interesting, not trying to be rude. I AM amazed, all the time, and will work hard on being less anxious. Certainly hope ObamaCare rots from its own toxins and we are spared that much. I had a relatively secure childhood and am constantly amazed by the greed and corruption in our political classes, from local bureaucracy up to the massive fraud that is the Federal government. My parents never liked politicians, but more in the way of disliking the rat nibbling the cheese, not the incredible malfeasance displayed today. It does scare me and I’m ashamed to admit that I’m more like the mouse hiding in the corner, than a warrior. Our home is many states away, so I am on Facebook, but only to “like” something with no stated opinions, and we don’t have cellphones. Any means to stay under the radar. My husband
              and I are both autodidacts (self-teachers) and the more I learn, the more frightened I become. We are facing an amazingly complex network of evil and we can only hope that the sheer weight of the plots and counterplots brings the whole edifice crashing down. ObamaCare may be the poster child for an excess of enmity creating its own ruin. It is to be hoped. Also, in the spirit of learning about “the other side”, I read two very liberal blogs daily, and am horrified by how much they hate us, how stupid they think we are and, stunningly, by how much they think we suffer from “white guilt”. I don’t have any, and they may overestimate how easily we can be cowed by “shame”.

              • Vicky: Can you Please describe in what way those liberal sites speak about “white Guilt”? Usually it is Libs who has alot of white guilt and believe it is good for whiteys to be so. Dem Kommie libs Invented it after all!

                Thanks in Advance if you can reply to me. Them Guys

                ps: do not worry you aint warrior type. For each real warrior as many as 6+ more other types are needed in an actual combat scenario. Many must do varried things warrirors cannot do while fighting etc. Cooks-Laundry-Re suppliers-Give shelter-Companionship-etc. ALL are Equally needed. From reading your posts it seems you got your Head on straight! Your husbands a Lucky man.

                • Thanking you in advance for the kind words. The main thrust of “white guilt” appears to be the acceptance that all white people were guilty of tolerating slavery, and that mere ownership of a slave did not make your sin any less mortal. (Perhaps I should explain that we are Catholic which recognizes mortal (serious) sin as opposed to venial sin (less serious). As far as I can discern, crossing the street to avoid a gang of black teens is racist, failing to live in a predominately black neighborhood is racist, and failure to patronize black establishments is racist. Each of these failures lead to a strong feeling of “white guilt”, particularly since you should be sufficiently sensitive to feel the guilt. If you don’t feel it, you’re a racist and the stoning begins.

                  • Also, don’t forget the gravest ‘racist’ sin of all, Miss Vicky.

                    Being White and having a preference and strong desire to marry someone else who is also White, so as to pass your European genes down to children who will look like you instead of resembling some African Bantu or Congoid with dark skin, wooly hair, and the rest of the typical physical characteristics that result when White regressive genes are overwhelmed and destroyed by the more dominant and therefore more toxic, black genes.

                    I often hear a lot of blacks complaining about Whites who object to race mixing with them, and I always get the urge – if I were to ever met that whiner in person – to ask them why it is that they choose to be offended by White European people who simply wish to preserve their genetic heritage? Why should our desire to survive as a people and to have children who look like us and who carry on our genes be grounds for them being resentful towards us? Do they expect Whites to embrace their own racial genocide and be enthusiastic about it?

                    That seems to me to be the biggest racial insult imaginable. By criticizing Whites who disapprove of miscegenation, what they are really saying is that they do not believe that Whites should have the right to survive or to be concerned about our survival.

                  • Vicky: Thanks for the reply. Yes it’s as I thought. You explained it very well too. Typical stupid self hater white dem liberal kommies. Deluded beyond all delusion, yet believing themselves so so superior to all other whiteys who think as we do, and are proud of Our white heritage and cultural sophistication.

                    I Despise such clowns. None are able to awaken to the idiotic brainwashings they have fallen under. And Beware! These type white guilt ridden dem libs will, to show black savages how Loyal they, the whites dems, are to africans, be the First to savagely attack Fellow whites who Reject PC-Pro black as “victims” status, affirmative action quotas,special Minority “rights” and all the rest of a By Design propaganda plan to instill such white guilt, and use that to overcome whiteys by their emotional based “feelings” for Po Po Po Trayvon type Monky savages.

                    Such totally deluded ignorant dem lib whites will be utterally shocked and suprized when, the real actual race war ensues once the very african savage animalistic jungle minded blacks, lib dem whites so worship, Start the war!…Then when these very dem lib whiteys are who get savagely gang raped, beaten half to death by those savages, then set on Fire as has so often happened of late to many youthfull beautifull white girls…..It will be Us types those stupid dem lib whites cry out to for help!

                    Well so be it. If when it occures it appears to be Gods wrath falling upon those type lib whites for their promotions of so many dem kommie evils….I will Not be able to assist as,.. who am I to blow against the wind.

                    Tucker: Also has a true way with words I must say!

                    For time being I shall continue to speak Truth to such idiot whites and blacks alike, as Truth when used as a Weapon against our enemys, acts the same as if we took a Heeping shovel full of Red Hot Coals, and dumped it on Top of Their Heads!…Wisdom from, Christ’s words.

                    And Hot “Coal” for those stupid white Coal Burners, who are so eager to help commit self-genocide of the white race is appropriate I do believe!

                    PS: From All info I have found regards Whites owing slaves etc in the South prior to 1860, shows that at Most…Barely 15% of Southerners actually supported slavery! And that Furthermore, Far Less than that 15% actually Owned Any Slaves! Ironically No dem lib kommie whites Or african blacks Ever mention the Facts that a Number of “Slave” Blacks Fought On the side of the SOUTH! and Did so Willingly!….Sounds to me as if perhaps some blacks in 1860, were More Intelligent than Todays brand of African Blacks who prefer to remain jungle-minded-savage, while constantly blaming whites or any Other thing-issue-agenda-Inanimate object- etc, Rather than simply admit they are simply Unable to assimilate with and blend in with Civilization and civilized white folk.

          • It would be nice to see Barry O Jangles pulled out of a hole like Saddam Hussein was. If I was pulling him out I’m sure a round would acidently go off. Bad bolt on my rifle,firing pin, bad ammo.. something.

            • Nevermind, I couldn’t do that to uncle Barry. Putting him on trial in prepper court would be better so he could answer for his treason.

            • Or you could shoot him with your game controller.

          • Maybe some day I’ll tell you about a dream I had. Better not yet…

          • I have a recurring fantasy Obozo’s last prime time TV appearance is like Saddam Hussein’s.


        • Heard the word that Obamanation is pushing his Obamacare mandates back until after the 2014 elections because they would lose everything to the Republicans if it came into play before the 2014 elections.

          I wish I could cease to be amazed at how many sheeple worship at the altar of O, but every day brings a new epiphany.

          • Insanity… : That’s exactly why he did it. The Dems were about to get a repeat of 2010 in both houses of Congress which would have made Obummer a real lame-duck in his last two years.

      6. That would be pretty sweet if we last till the end of next year.

      7. I’m still prepping and hope everyone else is also. We’re not going to make it to 2014 without SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT happening. The economy is on life support and the plug can be pulled on that at any time. When everyone stops using the dollar as the world reserve currency, it’s all over but the crying. When the economy collapses, it’s going to be the biggest challenge of all of our lives. For those who refuse to listen to us and prepare, they have written their own death warrants. It’s going to be horrific with a capital H and tragic with a capital T in this nation after TSHTF. Everyone get everything you can now before its too late. braveheart

        • @braveheart I think you are right on. US 10 yr tbill jumped 22 basis Today points to 2.76%. Up from 1.6% in April/may. 3.0% is reported to be an ominous indicator of economic SHTF. Silver at 18.86 and gold was $1222 last I looked. David Stockman says bond bubble is bursting. Argued with fox business reporter who said Bens plan MUST be working because the market went up today with the news. God help us ALL.

        • @braveheart: You my friend a SO FULL OF SHIT, I love the catchy lines like, “WHEN THE BALLON GOES UP, WHEN THEY PULL THE PLUG, WHEN THE HOUSE OF CARDS FALLS, WHEN THE PIPER ARRIVES, WHEN THE CHICKENS BEGIN TO ROOST and a host of ther paranoid doom predictions. I say lay off the booze and use some of your Obama care bebefits and talk to a professional psych. And I challenge anyone including MAC to come up withy a BALLZY FACTUAL DATE FOR HIS CREDIBILLITies sake. It’s as if YOU WANT THIS COUNTRY TO FALL,……….WELL do you ?????

          • When the FAT lady sings, when the Dominos fall,When the tax man cometh, when the cows come home, When the dust settles, WHEN THE DIAPERS FULL, …..It’s all about SELLING FEAR in a stew cooked up with every ingredient imaginable to get you to BUY whats either on the left or right margins of this site. It would be better off calling it Buck N Bass and kiss your ass goodby. DOT com
            P.S. I need a date Mac !

            • mONDAY mORNIN QB says: P.S. I need a date Mac !

              Dude, I don’t think Mac swings that way.

              • No, but I’m positively sure he DOES need a date. And very badly.

              • No, but I’m positively sure he DOES need a date. And very badly.

            • mONDAY mORNING… : You are quite right, the main point of all these sites is advertising. The site (any one of them) sells you a story that you’re likely to fall for and then magically they have a number of vendors who can help you prepare to meet the crisis of the day, week, month, year, or whatever. It’s ALL about advertising the product(s) that will help calm your deepest fears, be it beans, bullets, or bullion, they’ve got a vendor for you. The main problem is that most folks that visit these sites are like lemmings who panic at the slightest provocation and follow the heard over the cliff without any critical though whatsoever. The “Red Thumbs” come from the semiliterate and superstitious trailer park folks that work for $10-12 an hour, if they’re lucky.

              • Che’s Little Brother:…Are the folks You describe in your last sentence, similar to folks who Fall for the tales of Heroic actions of a guy named CHE? Who was actually a red kommie Butcher to the I’nth degree, and became so Obsessed with Murdering and so enamored with an seemingly Unquenchable thirst for Blood of other innocents, that he calmly was able to walk along streets filled wirh fellow hispanics, and if Che did not approve of any aspect of those folks he just lined em up and Shot em dead.

                And of course You are so enamored with such a true red kommie Butcher, you use His name as a screen name to show your full support and Awe of him eh.

                Whats wrong if folks work and earn $10-12 per hr only?

                Wearing a Che photo t-shirt complete with the Beret’ hes so famous for wearing, should get You a swell High Paying job no doubt. If not? Next try Swastika Tatoo’s in bodily areas where everyone doing the hireing is certain to spot it. Che=Hispanic Hitler. And You glorify his name!

                Then critisize folks here? Foolish xample of todays very dumbed down “Yoots” gen.

                • Them Guys: Nice try but it’s not that Che. That Che (Guevara) was a murderous coward who died like a sniveling dog. As for the folks I’m referring to, I’m simply pointing out that that it is those people (less educated) who are the most likely to be fleeced again and again by tales of imminent doom. I’ve been listening and reading of financial and political doom since at least 1973 (40 years) and it hasn’t happened yet. When I was young, and making a lot less money, I too believed all that gloom and doom crap. It took years of maturation and education to realize that it’s all fairy tales (advertising) to get folks to buy books and certain “safe” investments and products in preparation for ‘some’ big crash of one kind or another. All of this stuff is just a variation of the story “The Beast in the Forest” where a fellow foregoes all the normal pleasures of life because he’s waiting for an attack from the beast in the forest. When the story ends, he’s old and alone, and the beast has never attacked and he realizes that he’s wasted his entire life waiting for something that never came. It’s the same in here and these other gloom and doom sites. I was a sucker for many years but no more. Fear, like courage, IS a choice. I refuse to live in fear of the unknown and things I can’t change. As for me, I’m spending more of my money on another vacation.

          • Seeing as how there is no one, or no thing to vote for to keep the country from falling… I vote the country fall by default.


            Congress 12% (Legislative)
            Supreme Court 27% (Judicial)
            President 43% (Executive)

            Hardly anyone likes this fucked up government.

          • Boy, that’s a big sand pile you pulled your head out of…
            Read numbers much? Braveheart does, and he sees what we see. SOMETHING will happen, it is all a matter of time… the Black Caesar’s time. He is The Destroyer, all the rest is propaganda.

            That which cannot continue indefinitely, will stop.

            Then the Propaganda will shift to; “Well WHO could have seen THIS coming”?

        • I quit prepping. It’s only an accident I bought two 30 day survival buckets and two #10 cans of dry milk today. No prepping going on here, just us mice standing around looking out the window. But I think the guy down the road is up to something, go talk to him.

      8. Hopefullly we will have that long,more time to get a larger garden in. I also want to get chickens my landlord is okay with it so why wouldn’t I. I also want to get more water stored and some more bulk grains. I also need to hide some of my supplies, some are hidden in plain sight and others are out. I also don’t talk to anyone about what I have, unless it’s immediate family or they live really far away. Very few people know where I live so that helps too.

      9. Bible says: a measure of wheat for a penny a measure of barley for a penny. Many believe this is inflation where in the old days a loaf of bread had $.30 of wheat in it. During this inflation a loaf of bread will cost $30.00. This is worldwide not localized. What Joseph did to Egypt the Zionist wish to do to the Goy today.

        • You had a pretty good post going until that last line.

          You are a clear example of dangerous disinformation. You write what appears to be words of truth and then you inject the poison and stir. Like putting Cyanide drops in a bowl of soup saying to people just eat around it.

          • Anonymous: who are you? How about some knowledge, one liner BS. Get a screen name and stick with it. You address nothing in your post. Must be one of those demented dispensationalists. Either add something intelligent or go away! Those who are not familiar with Old Testament discrepancies will get their clocks cleaned.

            • Security! Security? Ike’s soiled his diaper again.

        • not wanting to state the obvious, but everybody may wanna take a look into what mother nature offers you in your area as a back-up’s back-up in case President O’What-the-Hell-was-America-Thinking shuts down the gravy pipelines, such as pine bark (don’t girdle the tree), acorn flour (gotta flush it free of tannins), etc., etc.

          • Cascara bark gives you a laxative.

            • By the way: for home-grown corn consumers — check out nixtamalization — unless corn is processed for consumption correctly, and if it is a large part of your diet, a person reportedly can run the risk of pellagra (a nasty way to die) — the correct processing is definitely worth checking out.

        • Ike, actually I think back then a penny may have been a days wages.
          Two different versions of Bibles state that. The one in front of me
          Is Complete Jewish Bible….Revelations 6:6 ….”Two pounds of wheat
          For a day’s wages!

          Keep preppin’

          • Cooking: will not argue with you. It is a tough verse. But your are not thinking…30.00 for a loaf of bread is equivalent to many peoples take home…right…so what is your point?

            • Well, Ike, I was thinking that a loaf might go as high as $100.

          • Whos jewish ‘bible” includes the New testement let alone book of Rev? Curious as you said “Complete jewish Bible”.

            Never heard of that one. Far as I was aware their is called Talmud or torrah talmud etc.

              • Cooking Mom: Ok thanks I checked the link from you.

                No offence intended believe as you want to, But..That “messianic” stuff and its jewish bible Mix judaisim with christianity. Oil and water dont mix. Neither do the two beliefs. Jesus was Not a “jew” as most define jew. Jesus condemned both Pharisee rabbi and their Talmudic teachings as well as Judiazer type preachers.

                Jesus Gave All folks a NEW covenant and NEW religion/beliefs. Entire new testement as well as Much OT such as Jeramiah makes it Clear as Crystal, jews are supposed to 100% Convert to new covenant christianity.

                Ebay lists that jewish bible as Jewish teachings. From all I read of the rather new concept of “messianic” jews is it is a smoke screen to get real christians to accept a mix of both and to Practice various jewish holy days etc. We been Warned to avoid Judiazer pastors like a plague. I take Christs and all the apostles words for it.

                Like I said NO ofence if its your beliefs. But if you are a chriistian? IMHO, I’d beware of that jewish “bible”.

                A Key point is the ad says “Makes NO distinction between the Old and NEW testement! and cristians “jew Roots!”

                Christianitys Roots Are Jesus. Not Judaisim. Nor talmud.

                If rabbis seen in Many churches today next to pastor is a true believer? Why do they still Retain all vestiges and Practices of Pharisee talmud judiasim? Because they are shills/swindlers. Leading christians away from new covenant and into old covenant judiasim is why.

                So I reject the current mesianic stuff as why not simply become a true christian since judisiam and christians are like oil and water mix.

              • Cooking Mom: I can only infer from your Jewish Bible and that you are Messianic…your are therefore a Messianic Jew, support the nation of Israel, believe in Rapture, call Jesus Christ Yashua HaMashiach, listen to the Dispensational Preachers, may even believe in Dominionism, believe everyone should honor the Sabbath on Saturday, realize that most big Messianic Pastors are converted Jewish Rabbi who like the name Rabbi or Master. Please read

                Douglas Reeds “Controversy of Zion”
                Click left side on PDF

                There is no Jew or Gentile in Christ Jesus. You come to Christ and they were called Christians period. His name is Jesus Christ not Yeshua. It is all a slight of hand and before you know it you incorporate Law with Grace…bad plan. The Law, commandments are only a teacher to bring us to Christ where we are set from from sin and bondage. The Law teaches what is wrong but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ and him alone and the Law is passing away! The Holy Ghost gives you the power not to sin and an undefiled conscience is the reward, you no longer need the Law if Christ Jesus resides in you. Jesus warned you to beware of their leaven but you tie yourself to them thus condemning yourself and justifying yourself. You end up worshiping the Image they created of a false Isreal supported by lies. You are blessing antichrist and that is the bottom line. God forbid you should do such a thing! The seed of Abraham is Christ Jesus not Israel…let that sink in.

                • IKE: Brother You have a Way with words! That description is better than I have heard prior and way eaiser to understand. Did you yet Read My other post IE: DNA Proof todays jewish folks. 98+% are Khazers from eastern europe 750 ad era? If you need it I will Re post in next newest article so is easier to find. Let me know ok.

                  • Them Guys: yes, the Khazars are the same asswipes. DNA match with ZioNaziTalmudists. I know Christians who reject all this Khazar and DNA research and science…to their own detriment…I mean they get hot under the collar when you bring this up. These are the same Christians who never come to a full understanding of Communist Israel. ie their famous saying is “well Israel has a right to defend themselves.” Also they say “we are not into Israel or Catholic bashing here.” They are lukewarm hypocrites and are still stroking the the people for $$$, therefor they must prime the pump properly so water will flow into their cistern…Probably waiting for the Roman asswipe to come. Try to get them to read “The 13th Tribe” and they go absolutely boikers-bananas defending their lies and believe the Zio-propaganda machine. They read one liners that discredit Arthur Koestler’s Book and they launch into orbit. Oh well! There are tons of intelligent literature supporting these fact if only they search and want to know! They will try to push the shit out of the Camel to get it trough the eye of the needle only to have the Camel sit and laugh.

                  • Them Guys: all praise, all honor, all glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. I will glory in nothing but his cross. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

                  • Them Guys: incidentally I believe Khazaria is Gog the land of Magog. When Bulan became a converted Jew and most of his nation followed the fix was in. The area morphed into the ‘Pale of the Settlement’ then it spread throughout Eastern Europe. Now it is up to you grasshopper to figure out who Mesheck and Tubal are…hint, the statue of ‘what the British call Gog and Magog stand in the Mayors hall in the ‘Square Mile in London’ which is the financial district of the World Banks…untouchable to the extent it is autonomous from England.

        • Ike: I find it almost unbelievable that you cannot comprehend the only book you seem to have read. Your ignorance is actually incomprehensible. You had better read Genesis again. If necessary, find an adult with an IQ larger than his shoe size to explain it to you. If it were up to me, you would be one of the first people sterilized to prevent a further outbreak of gross stupidity.

          • Hey Prof. your an asshole!!!
            get a life, you do not address anything, typical of idiots. What are you addressing dipstick!
            Read: if you have 2 braincells to rub together.

            Your a typical Christian slime-ball. If you can read the above it will really yank your self-righteous chain.

            • @Ike… Thank you Ike. I needed that!! Cognitive Dissonance cannot be cured with the truth. It can only be cured by calamity. Keep on prepping.

              • @ CrabbieNebulae

                I would start this by saying “Happy Fourth of July” to everyone here…but what’s the point? I think Smokin Okie and a few others have already covered that aspect of things quite THOROUGHLY. It AIN’T gettin any better, is it?…

                “Cognitive Dissonance cannot be cured with the truth. It can only be cured by calamity. Keep on prepping.”

                Yep, it’s amazing how many people in third-world countries have been COMPLETELY CURED of “Cognitive Disonance disorder” after having been placed at the ‘business end’ of a gun barrel. However, as you note, the CURE generally only occurs when it’s a tad bit late to make good on it.

                Meaninbg no offence to any here who have just ‘begun walking up’ but the bare truth of the matter is this; the Hour IS LATE Folks…it’ time to begin FORGETTING about those who as yet are blind – even if they happen to be Family…quit trying with them; they have already chosen thier way – and unfortnately thereby – their END. Whether they ever succesfully realize it or not, it is now just too damn late in the game. You know of the ones which I am refering to here don’t you…the one’s who STILL beleive that ‘better times are a comin’, that Amerika will ‘pull it off’ – again – one LAST Time.

                Sorry, it just ’tain’t so.

                Concentrate on the specifics of YOUR lives, leave then to thiers, to what they have chosen. For those of you here who are ‘late to the game’….you are NOT neccearily “Lost”…work hard, THINK hard…figure out what you CAN DO and DO IT…what ever that is! There are many here who WILL help you…you are NOT those to whom I refered above…while there is Life and Will, there IS Hope. Proceed with a WILL and a PUURPOSE in what you do over the few months….time may be VERY short at thid point, “God only knows”.

                Perhaps – sevral years ago – this could have been longer. As of Friday Jay Carny, (previous “Goldman-ite” ie, the face-hugging vampire squid Corp”, recently appointed as the English counterpart to Benjamin Bernanke), announced – BIG SUPTISE here! – that Merry Ol England will ALSO begin executing it’s own variant of QE…INFINITY…ince we all now know that once they start THAT they CAN’T stop…remeber wjhat happend in the markets just a ren-day ago when the FED just HINTED that it would like to REDUFE it’s portfilio purchasing.

                Lets recap this a bit – for clarity’s sake, shall we?

                FED prints 85 Billion a month,
                BOJ is printing near to 200 Bilion a month…without apparent effect I might add…at least NOT the one they claim to WANT,

                Germany – Europe’s ONLY Hope…there AREN’T anANY others – is begining to ‘totter’ internally with youth unemployement beginning to rise, along wiht thier own population BEGINNINH to realize that Merkel will HAPPILY sink them ALL…just to keep her position,

                South America is at this point – for want of better descriptive adjective – simply ‘Fucked’,

                CHINA’S true internals are now being seen for what they actually are – and what anyone with half a functioning BRAIN could have guessed years ago – not the lies that they have been promulgating upon the rest of the Civilized World; functionally, the Greatest most Encompassing “Ponzi scheme” ever semi-successfully engineered, perpetrtated and executed… till now…heheheheee, what a JOKE,

                Russia cointinues to become more beligerant by the day with repect to it’s only warm-water access point,

                and the Middle Esat is rapidly becoming a ‘tinder-box’….setting next to the World’s FUEL DEPOT,

                whilst Argentina, Greece Portugal, Cypress and a half dozen other countries are mere weeks from becoming ‘fouth-world’ counties…permanently, by all appearances,

                It’s time to sperate the “Wheat for the Chaff” Folks – Yep, in your own personal lives as well – forget those who just CANNOT seem to reason thier way through it…just FORGET them…it’s in HIS hands now. Those around you, of you, who CAN get it, CAN be ‘brought ‘on-board’…do so, post-haste! Get youself and ALL of yours READY – specifically MENTALLY – but also spiritually, for what will come… and FINISH THOSE PREPS!

                If it is not clear to everyone yet, we have a ruling oligarchy so incompetent and incapable of fixing the problem that anyone yet holding out hope for an improvement is simply deluding themselves, and the magnitude of that delusion is complete and total…look around you at the World, TELL me I’m wrong here.

                Personally, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that it’s time to ‘JOG outa here’….I’ve begn making the arrangments aa of last Tuesday…ALL of them. At ‘best speed’ I beleive that I can exit with mine, in-tow, not later than the end of October.

                I sincerely recommend you consider your current affairs in that light…for the safety of you and yours both. Good Luck Friends.

                Do what you MUST, do it NOW. I’ll be here till then but no more; I’m gettin outa this asylum…

                • Maybe: Keep reproving, rebuking and exhorting with all long suffering till they tell you to go to hell. It took 30 years of witnessing to my Mother before she got it. She did get it and is with Jesus today. The loss of a soul is a terrible thing…we must be faithful and diligent.

            • IKE: Seems You mentioned that Forbiden word and got red thumbs galore! But that is due to Most folks either do Not know this info, or Try to “Wish” it away as if not truth. Just found this bet if info in Zionists etc. Perhaps a few here will educate themselves so as to Rid selves of delusions.

              Israel Founded as A Communist State

              Elliott Roosevelt, son of Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, wrote in his book, As He Saw It, that when his father met with our ally, King Faud of Saudi Arabia in 1944, Roosevelt promised that he would not support a Jewish state in Palestine.

              However, this policy changed under President Truman who sought Jewish votes in the major cities.

              Truman, backed by the World Zionist Congress, lobbied U.N. members to vote in favor of establishing a Jewish state in Palestine. On Nov. 26, 1947 the motion was defeated by a vote of 32 to 25. The pressure was intense to have the opponents change their vote. With Soviet support the vote switched on Nov. 29, 1947 to 33 in favor and 24 opposed.

              Stalin and Truman were then in a race to be the first to officially recognize the new Jewish state. Truman beat Stalin by just hours. The U.S. Communist Party celebrated and in New York City some two-thirds of their members were Jews.

              The New York Times of March 12, 1948 carried the headline:

              “10,000 communists and Left-Wing Labor Leaders Demonstrate For Israel” – “Youthful and disciplined Communists raised their battle cry of, ‘solidarity forever,” as they marched. The parade and rally were held under the auspices of the “United Committee to Save the Jewish State and the U.N.” Formed recently after the internationally minded Communists decided to take over an intensely nationalistic cause, the partition of Palestine (into a Jewish state). The grand marshal of the parade was Ben Gold, president of the communist-led International Fur and Leather Workers Union.”

              David Ben-Gurion, from Plousk, Russia, became Israel’s first President in 1948. He headed the Marxist Mapam Party., (also known as The United Labor Party). Most of the Jews moving to Israel from Eastern Europe were Marxists. They had launched a terrorist underground war against the British and the Arabs. (Zionists Thank Brits by doing Terrorist War against Brits!)

              ISRAELI MARXISIM!!<<<<<<<<<<!!!

              Midstream, a Jewish magazine, of Oct. 1996, carried a highly significant article by Eli Tzur on pro-Communist leaning at Israel's founding. He writes that Marxism first began in Jewish communes in Palestine as early as 1881, Tzur wrote:

              "The Soviet Union was an international counterpart of Zionist construction and created a feeling of affinity. One can find earlier signs of admiration for the Soviets in Ben-Gurion's eulogy for Lenin, written in 1923, where he shows Lenin the highest regard by comparing Lenin to himself. Hoping to destroy the British Empire, the Soviets believed the Jews in Palestine were a catalyst in this process and helped their effort for the establishment of the State of Israel."

              "We Have Two Motherlands"(and One Final Eternal Home-HELL!)

              Tzur writes that pro-Communist Jews in Israel believed that they had two "motherlands." One was Israel and the other was the Soviet Union as, "the world headquarters of the Socialist Revolution." Tzur continues:

              "A few years ago, a cave used by Jewish soldiers was discovered with the slogan, 'Palmach-Red Army' written on a wall. The young members of Palmach were indoctrinated to see themselves as part of a fighting camp to which the Vietnamese and the Chinese Communists belonged. When a party of all the Zionist left, Mapam, was established in 1948, it defined itself, 'as an integral part of the revolutionary camp led by the Soviet Union.'"

              "In this coming war, the international Left must accept commands from one center, which is in Moscow.' The scenario envisaged was of the Soviet Army advancing from the north and reaching Israel's northern border.

              Many hoped to greet it there and we have documented cases of young people who joined the northern Kibbutzim in order to be on the spot when the Red Army arrived. Some Mapan leaders feared that with the advance of the Red Army, the Western powers would try to utilize the Haifa harbor as a logistical base. One of them declared in the Knesset that in this case, the workers would paralyze the port facilities. Of course, the war never came."

              In the early days of the birth of the Jewish state, Haifa was refered to as "Red Haifa." On holidays young Jews would march through the streets flying the Red Banner with clenched fists.

              ZIO-KOMMIE-IRSAEL Planned to Join Reds Agaist America!!

              This is a highly revealing article. In other words, had war broken out between the Russia and America, the Israeli Marxists were prepared to join the Soviet Union against the United States.

              Tzur says that Ben-Gurion later decided that with the bulk of world Jewry now redsiding in the U.S., this would be their main source of financial support. Thus Israel took a "neutral" stand during the cold war while using the holocaust story to extort billions out of Germany and America.

              • Them Guys: What happened was I mentioned what Joseph did to Egypt the Zionist want to do to the Goy today. I’m telling you the self righteous dispensationalist and the ‘don’t give me no Jesus crap crawled out of the woodwork in droves-you picked up on it instantly! I mean it was like they were waiting for their opportunity to strike…and they did. They are the ones looking to make men offenders for a word…and brother they are here in abundance!

                Now if any of them would have looked up the links and read a little they may have received some insight as to why I made the statement about Joseph. But these people here are not interested in being challenged or reasoning. Frankly I am worn out trying to reason with or challenge Christians to grow. NONE NOT ONE of them had any idea why I placed the statement. The Old Testament is passing away but by God these mental giants are going to hang on with all they got. So be it! Paul reasoned with men, these people are vindictive, spiteful and incapable of growth. Many lie in wait. Now I could continue but I will not since they are swine!

                God Bless you brother you are a ray of light in a dark corridor.

              • Them Guys: What happened was I mentioned what Joseph did to Egypt the Zionist want to do to the Goy today. I’m telling you the self righteous dispensationalist and the ‘don’t give me no Jesus crap crawled out of the woodwork in droves-you picked up on it instantly! I mean it was like they were waiting for their opportunity to strike…and they did. They are the ones looking to make men offenders for a word…and brother they are here in abundance!

                Now if any of them would have looked up the links and read a little they may have received some insight as to why I made the statement about Joseph. But these people here are not interested in being challenged or reasoning. Frankly I am worn out trying to reason with or challenge Christians to grow. NONE NOT ONE of them had any idea why I placed the statement. The Old Testament is passing away but by God these mental giants are going to hang on with all they got. So be it! Paul reasoned with men, these people are vindictive, spiteful and incapable of growth. Many lie in wait. Now I could continue but I will not since they are swine!

                God Bless you brother you are a ray of light in a dark corridor.

                • IKE: I Truely appreciate that comment of me you wrote(final sentence). You too are by No means any light weight christian Brother!! Christ asked “When I(him) return will I find Any true believers left”(paraphrased from memory). “Many are Called…few are Chosen”. That Is todays christians hes speaking of.

                  “Their minds made up do Not confuse it with Facts!” Remember, untill aprox Reagan era Most christians were Lib dems. And although most today vote repub, many still retain ingrained dem lib ways. Especially Mind is made up refuse to consider alternatives. And nowheres does that prove so more than Falshood delsional beliefs of jews-israel-old testement ideas etc.

                  IKE: Go Back to article prior to this one…Read my Today Post to “neetneet” poster guy. It is the 2012 december outed DNA-PROOF Todays askenazi jews are Not real jews of ancient israel, Inluding Netanyahoo and jews IN israel today! DNA Proof FROM and BY a Jewish Man scientist and Published as ACCURATE Info BY John Hopkins and Hebrew Univ and dept’s of anthropolgy studies and BIO Ethnic studies dept’s!!!!!

                  Are those Jewish Folks Makeing this all up?! NO!

                  Tell me if cannot find that posy of mine and I will Re post it Here or the Next newest article so for certain you find and read it ok. Thanks again Ike, Them Guys.

              • Them Guys: You are exactly right but by the thumbs down vs thumbs up they just do not want to hear it…its all prepare…prepare…prepare. Jesus said the flood will come when no one expects it. Don’t turn back to get any of your shit when it happens…remember lots wife.

                The following is what I wanted to bring to their attention…none got it especially prof wanna be.

                Joseph, as it turns out, was arguably a diabolical sonofabitch who didn’t save the Egyptian people, but rather used his foreknowledge of the coming famine and understanding of economics to subject the formerly free Egyptian people to slavery.

                That’s right. Long before the Egyptians enslaved the Hebrews, Joseph, the first and foremost Hebrew to enter Egypt, enslaved the the Egyptians. So far as I know, Joseph was the world’s first economist; our first “John Maynard Keynes”.

                It’s fascinating to note that Joseph enslaved the Egyptians long before the Egyptians enslaved Joseph’s relatives and descendants—the Hebrew people. It’s not hard to imagine that the Egyptians enslaved the Hebrews as a form of retaliation for Joseph having first enslaved the Egyptians. If the so, the Hebrew’s claim of being unjustifiably enslaved by the Egyptians may be compromised. ***Joseph the 1st good communist and the Jews in Goshen loving it! Same thing with Esther the Queen. They added to and took away from the simplicity of God’s Holy Word. This is why they will weep and howl when Jesus Christ returns. The preachers are the assholes that are responsible for this ignorance.


                That the Jewish priesthood, not in existence when Moses lived, but developed to do violence to the Law and enslave the minds of their people and to their dictates. The Old Testament also shows a clear diabolical twisting of the scriptures and events to fit their world conquest agenda. That is why all the people were looking for another Jesus who would slay the Romans for them. This crap was engendered by the Rabbis Jesus hated who were Lucy’s buddies. And much, much more…So now I leave them to their ignorance and vituperations and pray God that they cannot hurt any little ones whom they mislead and offend. Which they will give account to Jesus Christ for. When they could strengthen other with the Word of Truth they chose not to…God have mercy.

                I only hope that the ‘Cooking Mom’ gets it before it is too late. You picked up on it immediately…the Messianic Judaism. Wow, it would take pages to even make a dent in that one!

                • IKE: I agree some maybe alot of old testement that was written by jewish ‘scribes” aka Lawyers! Was very likly modified to suit Their nwo type ideals and desires. I have read a little about that and how some OT was added to or taken Out etc.

                  Can what You said of Joseph be the Main reason that when Jacob whos name changed to Israel, was Dying as he brought his entire flock of 12 sons and tribes Into egypt, and when he Met his, thought to be dead son Joseph and began to do Jacobs Final Blessings on his sons before dying, the VERY first Blessing went to Josephs Twin 12 yr old Sons with an egyptian wife?

                  Instead of Bless Joseph as was Always Customary to bless the 1st born son, even though joseph’s mother was Jacobs Only True Love/wife(his 12 sons were born by 4 different women. Rachel and her sister and Their Two servant/slave women). So joseph although 4th born is it? Was considered the Fisrt Born son Owed “Birth Right” blessings etc, Yet instead His two twin sons got that blessing!

                  Perhaps as a Punishment of God due to enslaveing egypt as You stated, as well as,Jacob’s Also swindleing Esau out of His first born rights blessings from Issac!(esau sold it for soup! esau is father of edomites or edom, coincidently edom is turks, Khazers are Part-turk! Mixed with Mongrel-Hunn-Caucasion, new dna Proof shows zero dna bloodline of true israel/jewish).

                  Bible says when Jacob/israel put his Two Hands upon the boys heads to bless em, all the Others watching Gasped in shock as it was never done that way. Always a Son got blessed never Grandsons!

                  Note also: Judah who todays jews claim decendant from, was NOT blessed with First born rights neither!

                  Jacob when blessinsg Josephs two twin sons said “You(Both) and ALL of Your generations, to even 1000 generations henceforth from This day…Shall Keep MY name of Israel, and You and Your decendants shall Always be Know by the worlds people as “Israel”…So they did too! When 1000 yrs later solomon died and 12 tribes Split by 10 Northern Ephraim-tribes seceded or spilt away from the remaining Judah/Benjamin 2 southern tribes.

                  Afterwards ONLY the 10 tribed North Nation was ever again called “Israel”…Untill recent modern times since 1948. When Khazer-Fake-Jews of Eastern european, Russian-Polish-Ukrainian-Baltic etc 750 ad converts to Talmudic judaisim swindled Palestine for their own.

                  How 8th century Khazer decendants who were jewish ONLY in “Religious” sense aka talmudic judiacs, can Tranform or Morph into all 12 tribes spoken of in the “DRY BONES” and other OT verses, and now become “Rightfull Heirs to Israel the State”? Is too Far fetched for belief!

                  And that don’t even mention God’s promices depended upon OBEDIENCE of the Old covenant which we all know was Failed to be Honored by israel tribes, All 12 tribes,it Boggles the imagination to How all a sudden Fake khazer jews morph into “We get state of Palestine as gods promice to Us fake jew converts to talmudic judasism!”

                  Yet That Is precisely what one Must believe in order to buy into todays Falshoods, called Dispensationalisim-Domionisim-Kingdom NOW Builders-NAR aka= “new apostle reformed” or whatever the hell they call That swindle opps!

                  Right! “Folks! make That Vow! Send in the Cash Now! cause me and a few pals are NEW apostles who can do Miricles Galore!…Gimme $20 Today! and watch me Yank a rabbit from my Top Hat!!!! Yippi Yio Kya we gonne be Healed ifin we place our Hand on the TV screen after we mail out some CASH! Oh! Benny Hinn, Heals ma sore feet!

                  Rod Parsley, Ohio! “Make a Vow Today Do It NOW! Tell the 800# operators to “Put Me down to Join the Thousand Fold Club!” cause Rod’s got the Power and will ask God to Increase it 1000 X what You send in Cash Now!

                  Damn I outta buy a church and get filthy rich to Buy more preps with eh! I feelz the Power! now send Me, Them Guys lots a cash folks and I too will heal all what ails ya!

                  AMERICA! WAKE UP! Stop the Mass delusions Now!

                  PS: an FYI…The very Word “Jew” does NOT appear anywheres from Page One genisis, Untill 2nd book of KINGS,Chapter 16-vs 12!! Why is that?

                  If Unable to figure it out? Just Ask me and, I will tell you.(hint regardless what todays preachers teach, abraham-issac-jacob-moses etc were NOT “jews nor jewish”)!

                  • Them Guys: give me a couple of days to digest what you wrote and I’ll get back to you. Quite a dissertation! Lot to think about.

                  • Them Guys: good starting place. Redaction…discrepancies and agenda! The lazy of mind and spirit should not go here…this is for those with discernment.


                    When the priestly redactors combined the Biblical stories they did so with an obvious agenda. They wanted to leave the impression that the Biblical manuscripts were not composed of variant source materials, but rather came from a single source. When we keep in mind that the scribes and the priests were the final possessors of Biblical manuscripts, we can assume that the single source for the writings would be claimed to be God. (This is the belief system that eventually arose, and with this in mind, it seems unlikely that the editing was merely ‘coincidental’ or ‘convenient’.) Thus we see in the Bible a very curious form of editing, sometimes quite clumsy, with contradictory and conflicting traditions spun together into a kind of cobweb with editorial commentary added here and there in an attempt to ‘stitch up the loose ends.’

                  • Them Guys:
                    How can you say, ‘we are wise, for we have the laws of Yahweh,’ when behold, the lying pen of the scribes has worked falsely. Their leaders are dismayed, for they have been trapped and snared, but they rejected the word of Yahweh, so what kind of wisdom did they have?” (Jeremiah Chapter 7 verse 21, Jeremiah chapter 8 verse 6)

            • Ike: You inbred moron, I am not a Christian at all, I have just read the Bible and you interpretation is idiotic at best. With an IQ of 170 I am fully capable of reading and understanding the written word, unlike you who completely misunderstood what he read in Genesis. All that name calling is typical of someone with limited intelligence who becomes frustrated when losing an argument. But then again, I was warned that you would likely respond this way by your mother. At least I think she was talking to me, there were a lot of other fellows there to see her at that same time.

              • An IQ of 170? Why not make it 200 as nobody in their right mind would believe it. Sounds reminiscent of the old eisendouche claims of being a professional pilot, sailor, skate boarder, cellar dweller, etc.

              • Prof Higgens=FRAUD! For You to make such Rabid comments at most folks here is bad enough. You Provoke folks like some whinny small Child always throwing tantrums when told NO you canot have more candy.

                BUT To bring Ikes Mother into it and Imply shes some whore that You and Many other men had is way over the fuckin top asshole! Idiots such as You will wail like stuck Piggies when Days of True real Wrath come to Your name on the list. I’d just Bet you aint only a Fraud “prof”, but more likly a Girlyman Faggot to boot. And Boot one day soon will be appropraite a term to use when others ask “Where did them kommie faggots all go to”

                • Them Guys: The reproaches of them that reproached thee fell on me…I will repay sayeth the Lord. They have no fear of God therefor they open wide their mouths. Everyone that is an enemy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ eventually out themselves given a little time.

                  • Thats Right IKE. And also since all who Believe in Jesus Christ are the Real True Heirs in the Shared Equal blessings promiced to Jesus etc…

                    Then Perhaps, instead of so many falsely Believing in “Bless jews so God will Bless us” etc…Maybe what they Should be doing is Bless Christians instead as We have become the True Rightfull Heirs and, the promice to bless Abraham and his “seed”(singular nor Plural) was speaking of Jesus Christ the “seed” from abrahams Lineage.

                    Christians are adopted sons and daughters of God as well as Brothers and Sisters of Jesus Christ, Only Begotten Son of God the Father. Therefore are CO-equal heirs in all the promiced blessings. NOT so called jews(unless of course they too Repent and Convert to Christ and Our/His new covenant) See How Easy it is to comprehend, when you first Cast Off all Falsehoods taught by so many wolf preacher-judiazers of today.

          • IKE: Forgot to say, Suitcase Nukes made in Israel!Not Russia! Was reading at that latest website I posted from, found an Irael-Nuke-Timeline…When and How israel got nukes etc. Timelne lists each couple yrs ongoing since 1948. It was Israel who admited in Threats to Use Nukes it was Them who invented and Made suicase nukes not russia!

            Timeline says Samson option is Also about Israel Threatens to NUKE USA and all major European capitol cities too if Anybody gets in their way of NWO conquests.

            And Threats to especially USA if we ever stop defending and Funding all israel desires etc.

            Rabid-Mad Dog nation Indeed! It says even Prez nixon got those type threats if don’t supply arms to israel in 1970’s era war israel was in.

            I need Find that pages info again..That site has tons of pages. Its like library of congress!

            PS: Ike, glad to see you read 13th tribe! I read entire book Online aprox 8-10 yrs ago what an eye opener! And todays DNA evidence Proofs, proves Koestler was correct back in 1970’s when first wrote it! Amzeing eh. God is keeping His promices to Reveal all done in darkness.

            We must Shout it from Rooftops now! Screw all who reject proven truths.

        • The “third horseman” represents famine and inflation. The original words were (transliterated from the Greek, since I don’t have the Greek character set on this PC), “Choenix sitou denariou”. A “choenix” was a dry measure of about a quart and a denarius was approximately one day’s pay for a laborer.
          The “seals” may or may not have a literal fulfillment in our time, but they are certainly symbols of the perennial condition of Man leading to 1) the spirit of conquest (“kai exelthe nikon”), 2) war (“kai edothe auto machaira megale”), 3) famine and inflation and, 4) pestilence and starvation (“…apoktenai eti to tetarton tes ges en rhoufaia kai en limo kai en thanato…”). They are constants in the human condition, and have nothing to do with one ethnic people’s desire to harm another ethnic people. It’s MUCH bigger than that.

          • Mark: and much much more do the seals mean. They are literal but spiritual and only those close to the Word of God will understand it. Less than 1% understand the Mark, the name or the number of the beast. Let alone the Image or False Prophet with 2 horns representing 2 nations. Horns are ALWAYS a nation.

            • Well, Ike, I can’t say that I have a perfect understanding of the above. I try, but I see “as through a glass, darkly”. Another great saint, Paul, wrote that the man who had seen the third Heaven “heard unspeakable words, which it is not allowed to a man to speak.”
              I suspect that the closer to God one becomes, the less he speaks about his experience. It’s not that such people are just stubbornly reticent, but rather that they find it nearly impossible to express the things they see in words. When they do attempt to speak or write about such things, the language can be unsettling and inscrutable to the rest of us. It’s not at all that such pronouncements are meaningless but, rather, that they describe the transcendent incompletely because of the limitations of natural language.

              • Mark: we probobly are not very likly to have many folks here with such visions etc, as I doubt any person who is filled by mass delusions as are taught in many churches today of all denominations, and believe in those teachings will be able to discern such as you wrote of.

                All things are possible yes, but my understanding is Only Truth by Gods words will lead one to be so blessed to see things as you spoke of.

      10. This article is too loosey goosey and unsourced and unsupported with facts for my taste. It’s more fear mongering than anything, serving the interests of those who sell survival supplies and gear.

        There are three fundamental states of economic activity: 1. Peace, which brings a deflationary environment. 2. War, which brings an inflationary environment. 3. Inflationary depression, which brings revolution.

        We are in a deflationary economic environment and will be for some time to come. Debt is being paid off around the world. Deleveraging is the watchword among large corporations. We don’t have millions of recent college graduates without jobs in their field, or at all, because of a growing economy, which causes inflation. We have a contracting economy.

        In my opinion, the inflation we are seeing in prices for many items is due to the producers’ last final effort to extract as much money as possible from the market to pay off their own debt or to feather their own nests before everything heads into a major depressionary downturn. $500 for a kitchen blender is one example. $32,000 for the average new family car is another. Houses priced at 3 times their true value is yet another. Oil traders adding $5 per barrel because of Egypt when our supply is not affected by Egypt’s problems, and even if it were, the Egyptian military has no intentions of allowing anything to affect the Suez Canal traffic, is yet another example.

        We’re getting taken to the cleaners on prices right now because the sellers are trying to grab onto every dollar we have available to spend while we still have money to spend.

        Sure, have extra supplies on hand in the event of an emergency, but there is deflation coming, not inflation. Inflation, by definition, means a growing economy and too much money in circulation. We’re heading into a deflation, with fewer jobs, lower wages, and lower prices. China is barely holding on and their civil unrest problems are growing. Europe is in a deep pile of trouble and Greece and Portugal are about to go down for the count.

        Money is not inflating, it’s deflating. With all due respect, I disagree with this author’s premise.

        My best opinion is to raise cash yourselves and hold on to it for buying power when prices come down. The dollar is not going to crash because too many powerful entities in the world rely on it. China’s experiments with direct trading with Brazil and Australia will, I believe, be short-lived.

        Cash is king and the dollar will always be king of the hill because we have the highly developed economy, the infrastructure, the educated population, and the military to back it up. The welfare problem will be worked on and reduced to a viable level, I believe.

        We have just gone through, since 2008, numerous opportunities for the dollar to be replaced with gold or other devices of exchange and nothing happened. Take a look around you and see reality for what it is.

        Then get back to work, work hard, work honestly, and work to return this country to the values it had.

        • Thanks for the well thought out post. I am no economics expert, but keeping an open mind and reading the opposing points of view helps me to learn.

          • Let me add/clarify that the welfare problem will be reduced by cuts to budgets that pay for welfare benefits. It won’t be reduced by welfare recipients getting jobs and off of welfare.

            In other words, the welfare problem, meaning the cost to taxpayers for all of the people on welfare, will be reduced by kicking people off of welfare simply by government announcements at either the local or federal level that there is no more money to pay for their benefits and programs.

            This undoubtedly will have a trickle down effect….Day care providers will lose income from free day care benefits being cut or eliminated; landlords will lose Section 8 rental income from reductions to Section 8 benefits; nonprofit groups will lose staff or even close down entirely from losing government grant monies to assist the poor (welfare recipients); and so on. The net effect is that people who derive their own living and pay their own bills from providing services to welfare recipients will see their incomes decrease or even eliminated. There is an entire nation-wide industry built on and completely dependent on providing goods and services to welfare recipients, and that industry will suffer significantly.

            As someone said very well….there are more people taking than making.

            And such a situation cannot be sustained. You can’t have more hands dipping into the public money pot than there are hands putting money into the public money pot, or else the money pot becomes empty. That is the point we have reached.

            If anything, prepare for an increase in crime in the categories of theft and break-ins. Desperate people will steal in increasing numbers and with increasing boldness as they get their government benefits cut or eliminated. Marching and protesting won’t put money in the pot. Stealing something that can be converted into cash will put money back into their own personal pot.

            Keep a lower profile than you otherwise may have had. Don’t dress up when you shop at a discount store — try to blend in and appear as if you’re getting by like most everyone else there. Don’t talk at work about what you’re buying or what you’re spending money on, if you work around people who are at the lower end of the salary scale, or people who are only contract workers or temporary workers making minimum wage or just above. Stay in well lit areas when you go out at night, whether to the movies, or shopping, or eating out. Don’t wear obviously valuable jewelry in a manner that makes it easily seen. Don’t flash open a wallet with cash that approaches or exceeds $100 when shopping, particularly at a busy mall. Think twice about carrying a recognizably expensive/designer handbag when you go out in public. Don’t discuss vacation plans or regular schedules for being away from home with people at work you know only superficially or not at all. Don’t let rental housing maintenance people see valuable things in your home — put them out of sight when you know maintenance is coming and try to be home when they are there. Keep blinds/curtains closed in rooms that contain a large screen TV when you aren’t home.

            In other words, start forming habits that decrease your risk of being the victim of theft or a break-in or a mugging. The underclass has become very aggressive and fearless in a very short period of time. They are willing to take risks and conduct attacks that would have been unheard of just a few years ago. How they will be dealt with, I don’t know, but in the meantime they are having their way across the country, in cities large and not-so-large.

            None of this bodes well for our country, which is why I say, work hard to return this country to the values it had.

            • I noticed another “dave” has arrived also. So I will chane mine to Dave in ID.

              • Dave in ID, do you have a wht pickup with dual back tires?

                • Yes, a 1989 ford f450 flatbed.

            • Don’t forget your Colt .45…..don’t leave home without it…!

          • Anonymous: use a screen name it will help…you are not the only anonymous…people need to address you not some other anonymous. ie ‘Open Mind’

            • The Public “Pot” is Not public. It Is Fed res’s pot of cash printed as They deem needed. Tax paid by workers goes Direct to NY Bank then to Fed res coffers, private owned. When you mail a check to pay tax owed federally to IRS in “wherever you address it to” Before april 15th that check dont go to IRS, it goes to NY Fed res Bank.

              All fed taxes Paid by folks goes to Pay intrest/Usury to fed reserve. Every year for longer than we recall now US fed govnt Spends way More than tax collected.

              So as to “Too many welfares for too little tax payers” thats not how it works. Tax Paid IN has always never been equal to cash Spent by fed govnt..And as YET they have Not had Any troubles continuing welfare and all Other projects and expences. It sounds swell on paper or in therorys…But Real Life examples its BS basically.

              Even if No tax was collected at all…That would halt Nothing…Except to halt usury intrets being funneled to Private fed res bank. And most ‘experts” base most all they claim on the Opposite. As if tax paid In really were funding welfare etc. How can it? When every yr fed govnt spends $3 trillion More than it takes in. rest they Borrow…Borrow means fed res Prints more.

              How does That printing equate to Hyper inflation unless vast majority folks GETS some, alot of it to begin wild spendings?

              Just because they call themselves Experts, or they got lucky or know a few wall street guy insiders and earn profits by investing, dont mean they know more or the future. I do not see a dollar crash due to some Thursday in whatever week in any month enitre world says see ya.

              Too many Major corps like Micro soft-Apple-IBM-many more are NOW sitting on CASH reserves of like $100-BILLION Spare Cash Each. Why would They keep so much cash if it all will crash soon? Wake Up!

        • I believe shitty economies can have inflationary problems as well. Many examples in Africa, South America. I think there is an inflation/deflation tug-of-war going on currently. Stagflation possibly?

        • agree with that.

          although there is price inflation in products and some energy sources, thats not the same as the inflation of raising interest rate and thats not going to happen as long as the worlds in a decline.

          i disagree that this country ever returns though, too many people are apathetic and/or ignorant and this has been true throughout history; the usa is the 21st century version of the decline of rome or sun setting on the british empire.

          • “It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a ‘dismal science.’ But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.” ~ Murray N. Rothbard

            • That is a good quote. However, it appears everyone under the sun fancies themselves an “expert” in economics. The irony is: you are clearly struggling with financial market theory and yet you post this quote? I’m guessing you don’t think it applies to you.

          • See my above post to braveheart…..interest rates are rising….

        • Anonymous says:

          “Money is not inflating, it’s deflating. With all due respect, I disagree with this author’s premise.”

          Only a Keynesian shill, or a complete fool, believes this. It’s the lie that’s got us to this point! The lie being: “You can never print too many dollars.”

          “Cash is king and the dollar will always be king of the hill…”

          Riiight… And just as Hitler’s Reich was to last 1000 years… “the dollar will always be king of the hill.”

          “If they pay a penie or two pence more for the reddinesse of them..let them looke to that, a foole and his money is soone parted. ~ John Bridges, 1587

          P.S. DK is that you???

          • Your mama: No that wasn’t me. Just when I thought you had somehow gained a measure of sanity with a previous post:

            “It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a ‘dismal science.’ But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.” ~ Murray N. Rothbard

            You stepped on your own dick and displayed your own ignorance once more about economics and the current state of the dollar.

            The dollar is strengthening against other major currencies and will continue to do so. Can’t you read a simple chart? LMAO!!! 🙂

        • “…..raise cash yourselves and hold on to it for buying power when prices come down.” HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!

          ‘Cause throughout history, there’s been MANY examples of deflationary collapses.’ OH WAIT….no, there hasn’t! There’s never been ONE deflationary collapse, ever. Not one. Countries always hyper-inflate, and THEN collapse.

          Prices won’t be coming down again. FUHGEDABOUDIT!

          “Debt is being paid off around the world.”


          Student loan and automobile loan debt have reached ALL-TIME HIGHS in the USSA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
          No-0ne’s deleveraging. EVERYONE’s maxing out the credit.

          This is not going to end well. I wish it would happen already. I’s gettin’ so tired o’ waitin’!

        • @ Anonymous. You seem to be confused. You say we’re having deflation, not inflation, then say that inflation means there’s too much money floating around. Haven’t you been paying attention to Helicopter Ben? There is way too much money. Do you know that there were more $100 bills printed last year than $1? I see people accidentally drop change and won’t bother to bend down and pick it up.

          Inflation means prices are going up, up, up. I can remember buying bread for ten cents a loaf. Now even the cheap stuff is $2. The good bread is over $3. When I started working, gas was 47.9 a gallon. It was $3.41 here the last I checked. Cigarettes were 25 cents a pack when I was in high school. Now they’re $3 or $4 or more. I used to buy shirts for $3. The thrift stores charge more than that now. I used to buy glasses for $20. Now they’re $500 and don’t last as long. You used to be able to buy a small car for less than $2,000. See what kind of car you get for that now.

          You hold onto cash and see where it gets you. You get a negative rate of return. I get 1/2 percent at the bank. Inflation costs me 5 to 10 percent. Explain to me why I shouldn’t spend hell out of every cent I get hold of.

          I just missed a deal on Ragu last week. It was $1.99 and you could buy one, get one free. This week the same Ragu is on sale two for $5.00.

          Keep holding your cash until it’s worthless. I don’t plan to.

          • Lessee if I can explain it again, so you’ll get it.

            The inflation has already happened. It was the gazillions of dollars worth of bad loans that were made, and which were/are now treated by banks and hedge funds like they are real money.

            If the fact that these loans are NFG is recognized, their value, i.e. the money they represent disappears like the light when the bulb burns out. Banks and hedge funds have to adjust their balance sheets, and lo-and-behold, most of them are bankrupt. That’s deflation. Scares the pants off central bankers, because they have no way of stopping it if a panic sets in.

            What Helicopter Ben is doing is printing Fed money to replace this bad-loan money with something that has a small chance of being accepted by the world at large. He has to err on the side of printing too much, because printing too little could trigger the panic. If the world panics, they (and we) are all screwed. Banks fail. Then businesses large and small fail because they can’t process their receipts or pay their bills, because that banks aren’t there anymore. Workers don’t get paid. Prices for common commodities drop off a cliff for a short while, because nobody has money to buy them. Asset prices (including PMs) drop by 50% or more. You wanna see SHTF? That’s it, in a #10 can. All central bankers are trying like hell to avoid it, but it’s impossible the long run. China is as bad as we are. Japan is worse. So it Europe. All it will take is one false move, one Black Swan, and the whole edifice implodes.

            All this yap about inflation from PM brokers is just salesman’s chatter. They want you in fear of inflation, so they can keep their selling prices up.

            This is not a Weimar Germany situation, but you’re probably too bored to listen to another explanation now.

            • Gee Mac, when are we going to get an edit function so we can fix all our typos?

              • The Old Coach says:

                “All this yap about inflation from PM brokers is just salesman’s chatter. They want you in fear of inflation, so they can keep their selling prices up.”

                That friends, is a government talking point.

                … Trust us, our paper (fake) money is well and good (why would we lie to you)! Gold and Silver are not money, they’re just a barbarous relic.

                Fiat currencies always benefit the State issuing them. Not you.

                Hold onto your paper folks, at your own peril.

                • In fact I’ll agree with you that it is a Government talking point, too. They would much rather have us in fear of inflation than the other thing.

                  Because the other thing is a panic. A deflationary spiral is truly a panic, a human reaction to a threat, and that takes only as long as it takes the adrenaline to propagate. Seconds. Seconds after that a few million people try to drain the bank accounts. The FDIC can’t begin to cover it all. Not by a country mile.

                  So if they even smell a panic, the banking system gets turned off. Money is only money if you can exchange it for goods. If you can’t, it has disappeared. The very definition of deflation

            • Tell me when the inflation stopped.

              I took economics in college. “In economics, inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time.” (Wikipedia)

              Prices have been rising in general as long as I can remember (over 50 years). My first TV was $60. Try finding one that even works for that price now. My first computer system was $88. My next one was about $200. My first PC compatible system was over $2,000. My current computer cost over $2,000 just in parts, as I built it my self. It would have cost over $4,000 to buy already built. I bought a hamburger today for over $3. When I was in high school I could buy one just a little bit smaller for 15 cents.

              In general, prices are around 10 times what they were when I first started working. Minimum wage was $1.60 back then. Is it $16 now?

              Again, tell me, if inflation has already happened, when did it stop?

              Also, who said we’re in a Weimar situation now? But it is coming. Every past paper currency has failed. I have a $20 bill in Confederate currency. Will you give me an ounce of silver for it? How about Zimbabwe currency? How about US currency from the Revolutionary War era? Ever heard the expression “not worth a Continental”?

              • @ Archivist, and the others on this thread

                Actually, it’s something they don’t have a word for yet. Think about it; what is actually going on?

                The ones in-charge make sure that the things that actually MATTER to modst Americans – AKA, the ‘non-rich’ – aren’t a part of how they ‘figure’ inflation, such as food FUEL, Medicine and all the other ‘liitle things that DO make up so much of REAL People’s daily existence. THEN they make damn SURE that thier crony-buddies are being supplied with inexhaustible supply of money to ‘help the economy’ by way of that ‘trickle-down’ crap. The PROBLEM is that every RICH POS (Piece-of Shit, for those not familiar with Will Smith in ‘Men in Black’) in this country – from the Corporations to the individually rich – is simply HORDING that cash (much of it OFF-SHORE) so that nothing does actually ‘trickle-down’ to anyone else. Then, on top of that add, “Obama-nation-Care” and what do you have, Hmmm?

                I guess you could actually call this “Targeted Inflation”…targeted directly at US, that is…and Boy O Boy!…is it out working SWELL,or WHAT? Give those at the top another year and there won’t BE a Middle-Class…will there?

                Fight or RUN, that what your choices are coming down to real soon…personally, I don’t think there will be enough get off thier ASSES to make a fight even POSSIBLE …so you know what I’m going to do, Adios all!

              • Wikipedia is, as usual, full of sheet. Rising prices are a consequence of inflation. Inflation is an increase in the money supply over and above any increase in productivity. That’s economics 101.

                You can, in fact, have rising prices for a whole host of reasons unrelated to the money supply. For instance, the street price for .22 ammunition, (if you can find any) has risen four-fold because of panic-driven increases in demand. A few years ago the price of anti-freeze rose dramatically because the main plant producing glycol had a bad fire and shut down for a couple of years.

                You can have inflation in a PM money system, BTW. The huge hauls of gold and silver that the Spanish brought out of South America in the 1500s drove a wild round of inflation throughout Europe.

                • I don’t give a XXX about what an economist says inflation is! They are LESS useful than TITs on a Boar hog. Inflaton is when my bread cost more and my gasoline, taxes, health care cost more.. The rest is some guy that wants to be important so he invents usefulness.

              • FWIW – I took economics in college too. In fact, I majored in economics in college. Then more econ in grad school. Additional financial markets training on the job for a large bank.

                And for the most part, it was all garbage. Theory not connected to reality. Or, theory that was just wrong. Or theory that was good, but in such small doses there was no way to “connect the dots.” So I would NOT bank on that college course you had.

                I hasn’t been until the last few years, with a classic econ background and work experience to draw from, that a LOT of additional independent study has cleared up what is happening with the US economy and USD.

                DK, The Old Coach, and Anonymous have it right. It’s too bad so few listen.

            • Old Coach,
              What you say makes sense. But maybe the most critical thing we as Americans are facing is loss of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Then, if our money is worth so little compared to others, our prices increase b/c we are so dependent on imports.

              • ENFP,
                Nail planted firmly on the head.
                THAT is the primary problem.
                WE lost control of our economic destiny when we exported our industrial base and the jobs that went with it, all so a few guys can go from 5-10% profit margins up into the 20’s.
                If you aren’t CREATING things, you’re not CREATING new wealth. We borrow money from China? Why?
                When you answer that question you find the nail buried in the sand of propaganda.

            • The issue that you do not consider is; stopping. Yes, the mass destruction of money can cause deflation, but the problem was caused by the gov and the Fed spending to much money and allowing to much credit. If they were ever going to stop, you might be right. But they aren’t. They cannot stop. The same issues that caused them to spend and print are bigger now than they were. They are addicts, they will not stop till forced to. The public is also addicted, note the housing market is trying to go right back to it’s old tricks. On any given day the FED and The Gov have the power to stop the madness, but they won’t so they will continue until they cannot.

          • Cigarettes are over $5.00 a pack, and cheap bread here is $1.00. I never pay full price, that’s one of the reasons I prep. Gas was .99 cents a gallon in 1999. That’s only 14 years ago. The price of stuff is NOT going down.

          • Until all that money reaches the masses it is just a wet dream dream for the Gangster Banksters. It hasn’t reached the masses and it won’t. That’s why there will not be hyperinflation.

            It will FEEL like hyperinflation to people without money and the means to purchase as prices will rise. Double digit inflation is not hyperinflation.

            The Great Depression was a DEFLATIONARY recession and that is the danger this time too if consumption continues to lag. Car sales are up. Housing had a blip. These actions are not trends. They are events.

            The US economy is usually stimulated nine months to a year before an election: just enough to make the Sheeple think that all is well.

            It is not.

            • So if I keep the same income over the next few years, I’ll suddenly be able to buy Maybachs and eat caviar. What is the magic that will keep the US dollar from doing what all the other currencies have done in the past?

            • The durango kidd must be a paid troll!

              The garbage he would have you buy into is the same garbage your criminal government feeds you. Lies.

              Nothing to see here, move along now (lest I thump your skull).

              The durango kidd says: “Car sales are up.”

              Only because the Fed keeps interest rates artificially low (manipulation). If the Fed were to end QE, car sales would tank as interest rates would hit the roof.

              The durango kidd says: “Housing had a blip.”

              A “blip?” You can’t back-up that statement with any facts! How about these facts: Home prices are still down by 28% from their 2006 peak. One year ago, home prices were 35% below the 2006 peak.


              Almost half of all home owners with mortgages owe more than their properties are worth or had less than 20 percent equity.


              And yet, the Housing Bubble was just a “blip”, right?

              The durango kidd says: “The US economy is usually stimulated nine months to a year before an election.”

              It’s not “stimulated.” It’s “manipulated!”

              You’ve got to ask yourself this question: Why does the durango kidd attempt to put lipstick on a pig?

              • Your Mama: Your ignorance must be bliss and you must live in Nirvana. You can not even distinguish the difference between terms: “sales” are not “prices”. 🙂

                What is “not to see here” is hyperinflation, which is the topic I was addressing. Deflation is the danger and whether or not We move into a deflationary spiral or not, is yet to be seen.

                Engage! 🙂

                • Who’s the paid troll? LMFAO! Don’t you ever get tired of getting your ass spanked by me every time you try to ridicule me? 🙂

                  If you had been here for anytime at all you would know that NO ONE has been able to refute my economic posts. Even Durden stepped up to support my statements a few articles back.

                  How is it that you see the NEGATIVE in everything, despite the facts to the contrary. You must have a wonderful life! 🙂

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “If you had been here for anytime at all you would know that NO ONE has been able to refute my economic posts.”

                    You don’t have an ego do you DK?

                    Get over yourself already professor!

                    All you can muster is ad hominem attacks. You know the kind, “asshole” and “asswipe.”

                    You can’t refute a hyperinflationary scenario. You tip-toe around it, but insist it’s not possible. It is though, the most likely outcome as history has shown us time and time again. You are aware of the fact that deflationary collapses are a bit rare throughout history, right?

                    You cry “deflation”, while ignoring the trillions upon trillion of fiat created by the Fed.

                    As I said before, you and your kind seem to think that supply and demand can be dictated by central planners with a central bank. aka, The State.

                    Well, look around. How’s that working for us DK???

                    Not so good I think!

                  • Its not about ego, but yes, I have a very healthy self confidence based upon my education, experience, and special expertise.

                    I have REPEATEDLY refuted a hyperinflationary scenario for America, contrary to many fear mongers here, going back four years now.

                    You are just one of many here who do not really understand how the system works and couldn’t explain it if your life depended upon it. I am sure you have your specialty but it isn’t economics, banking and finance!

                    Check the archives. You’re brain dead! Quick! Someone pull the plug and save US the electricity bill!!! 🙂

                  • The durango kid says:

                    “I have REPEATEDLY refuted a hyperinflationary scenario for America, contrary to many fear mongers here, going back four years now.”

                    Why is the idea of a hyperinflationary collapse “fear mongering?”

                    Is a deflationary collapse “fear mongering” as well?

                    After all, collapse is collapse right.

                    But then again, you really don’t believe the system will collapse, do you. You have “faith” in the State to make things “right.” don’t you.

                  • Hyperinflation is fear mongering because the past and current economic facts do not support the definition of hyperinflation. In fact, the converse is true: the economic facts support the potential for a deflationary spiral.

                    What we have is over capacity and lack of demand in the system for other than essential goods and services. I am merely pointing out the obvious.

                    At least the obvious to anyone that is not brain dead and stupid. You can’t fix stupid. What’s it like living that way every day? 🙂

            • Not trying to beat a dead horse here, but is there a chance that QE has been an inflationary strategy to counter deflation? There is so much deflationary pressure; housing being a big one, but also look at the wealth that was lost in the stock market, real wages are down, underemployment, personal wealth, all these things should point to deflation, but it’s not happening.

              On the other hand, we are printing money like crazy (doubling the money supply??) with no runaway inflation. I’ve heard the explanation that this money basically ‘stops’ at pretty high level, with the big guys basically borrowing this money at near zero interest and pumping the stock market or covering toxic assets, so the affect never reaches the consumer.

              My gut feeling (I’m not an economist) is that without the inflationary pressure of QE we would have seen massive deflation AND a true depression.

              Don’t think I’m defending Burnanke, but is it possible we will look back on this period of history and see that he’s been threading the needle?

              The other question I have is about the dollar on the world stage. Isn’t making the dollar weaker against foreign currency good for our nation in terms of exports? Isn’t this the game that China has beaten us at (devaluing their currency to improve exports)? We cry foul at their use of this device, but it appears we’ve been riding that same horse now for some time with QE. I’m thinking this is why Geithner was called to China in 2009, not to assure the Chinese that their money was safe, more like, ‘you better not try any of our tricks, Mista-Geithner!’

              All this said, don’t think I’m a shill or an apologist for QE. I think we should have let things fail in 2008, despite the potential utter collapse of the credit default swap infrastructure, which was, in my opinion, the real reason we bailed out all those foreign banks in 2008.

              It would have been very painful, but it’s way, way past time we paid the piper. He’s played us our tune.

              • No Velocity of money= no hyperinflation. Its that simple.

                DK is right. Inflation, COULD be simple double digit, but I think it will happen not to any standard theories.
                It will happen because the dollar will be killed off by the new ‘Dollar kill switch’, aka the BRICS Development bank and the SCO.

                But, under standard economic theory, if the money doesn’t move out into the masses, where it gets moved around and prices bid up, there can be nothing but deflation in most places, while there is inflation in the money and government centers, while unemployment goes up up and away(and lied about about ad nauseum).

                Aka; stagflation
                We’ve seen this movie before. The next movie will be worse.

              • PS: I don’t care what the gold salesmen tell you, money printing is only ‘potential’ hyperinflation.
                What the BRICS do to us could be instant hyperinflation and then deflationary collapse.
                This will be because the dollar will be killed off by our enemies, and then America’s lands will be payment due for our debts, as, they will no longer accept toilet paper.
                This could happen in an hour.

                This is the cost of COVETING by our government, aka; Collectivism… bread and circuses. There are now more indigent than there are producers… its pretty simple…. we are fooked no matter which ‘flation’ theory you ascribe to, you’ll get it.

              • John 1028: The primary purpose of QE is to protect the balance sheet of the banks as they deleverage and deduct their losses from bad mortgages and bad securities, by bolstering their reserves and preserving their liquidity.

                It represents a wealth transfer from the taxpayer to the Uber Rich as its basis. Any benefit to the real economy is strictly coincidental.

                • Thanks, DK.

                  I’m not disagreeing, but how does the central bank buying mortgage back securities (or whatever asset the fed buys from the bank) from a bank represent a transfer from the taxpayer?

                  I sort of understand fractional reserves and the concept of the fed building these banks reserves via these purchases, but in general, central banking is pretty mysterious.

                  It’s pretty clear that the bank reserves have been going into the stock market, and not loaned out to consumers, but I’m not seeing the transfer you are referring to.

                  Again, I’m not saying you are wrong about it, I’m just trying to understand it.

                  • john1028 says:

                    “but I’m not seeing the transfer you are referring to.”

                    The “transfer” is the newly printed money given to the banks, which the American tax payer is on the hook for.

                    The Fed prints it, gives it to the banks, and then, you and I are responsible for the principle and the interest.

                    Nice racket huh!!!

                  • yourmother:

                    I know the fed purchases securities like mortgage backed securities onto it’s balance sheet. The bank, in turn, uses this money to do whatever, supposed to be loaning it out to ‘create’ money but I think we can see it going into the stock market.

                    If the fed now owns a security and the bank now has the cash from that transaction, where is the taxpayer on the hook? The fed both buys and sells these securities, depending on how they are trying to influence interest rates and/or inflation/money supply.

                    So are we ‘off the hook’ when they sell that security?

                    I’m not trying to be stubborn or ask the question rhetorically, just really trying to understand.

                  • John1028: The transfer FROM Taxpayers TO Banks is due to all the Trillions of dollars were Added to usa total debt owd to fed reserve(jew banksters). That not only Raises Monthly Istrest/Usury paymnet fed GOVNT(usa govnt) Must pay, it also Increases total debt Owed to be paid off in future etc.(it is Taxpayers who Pays such usury and debt owed)

                    An Easy way to comprehend it all is: The last 100 yrs americans folks been swidnled BY and FOR Jewish Banksters who care NOT a whit for thier Host nation Nor the host Peoples(us folks). Jewish Banksters are the Leading bunch of that Tribe of evils which has earned their tribe the name of “nation Wreckers” for the Last 2000-3000 Yrs.

                    And is the Major reason, amoung several others, that tribe has Always been Booted out from every single country they ever infiltrated. 109 nations since 245 ad, Over 250 total Boot-Outs, and so far usa Is the Only nation to as yet not also booted the bastards. Got it? Now Pray that usa becomes the 110th nation ASAP!

                  • John1028: Your Mama” got that one right. The newly printed money represents American debt, but the bank “reserves” are not going into the stock market as you stated.

                    Bank reserves represent a digital excess of bank capital (aggregate stockholder equity/investment) held by the FED on their ledger for each individual member bank.

                    When a bank sells its bad mortgages or other securities to the FED in exchange for newly printed money, that cash is available for use by the bank, and the losses that would have accrued to the bank and applied against its capital reserves, have been transferred to the FED, who can hold those assets indefinitely until they mature, or resell them later at a discount to big money speculators. Think Blackstone Group and others who have bought billions of dollars in foreclosures at deep discounts.

                    The level of capital reserve for the FED member banks is set by the FED and capital requirements are raised and lowered by the FED to increase or decrease cash into the system; or is raised in anticipation of higher potential losses due to economic circumstances and the quality of the assets (loans) currently held by any member bank.

                    The level of capital reserve to meet the cost of operations, any obligations, and potential losses in its portfolio of a member bank is called its liquidity ratio. If a member bank’s liquidity ratio drops below its required capital, it is technically insolvent.

                    Without QE the FED member banks would exceed their liquidity ratios and be insolvent. In essence, the great bank bailout of 2008/2009 has never ended. Hope this helps you and “you know who”. 🙂

                  • DK:

                    Thanks very much for your reply. I still don’t have a firm grip on the part where the FEDs debt becomes the taxpayers debt, I guess I was thinking the fed’s sales and purchases were more about the money supply which in turn influences inflation.

                    I’m not asking you to answer further, I’m learning a little bit here and there as I go. One thing I am sure of, it’s not as simple as ‘the fed prints money’.

                  • John1028: I said, “The newly printed money represents American debt”. That statement is not quite correct. When most nations by US Bonds they are required to purchase them in US Dollars. In that case, and to the extent that they need additional dollars, newly minted dollars represent American debt.

                    Money created by the FED to purchase bad assets do not directly increase American debt. Sorry for the confusion. I have stated many times that I do not consider myself a financial expert, but in a land of pygmies, a dwarf can be king. 🙂

                    Investors/countries/corporations that buy US dollars from the FED to purchase Treasury issues use other currencies or “euro dollars” that they hold from trade relations when Americans buy their goods and services. IE when we buy products from Brazil or Argentina, for example, the companies that receive those dollars for their products must exchange them for local currency through their own banking system and that is how these nations obtain dollars which they hold as “currency reserves”.

                    “Euro dollars” are simply US dollars that are located offshore of the US; now globally, but initially in Europe after WWII.

                    The wealth transfer from American taxpayers to the Uber Rich occurs as the American money supply increases, theoretically lowering its value. (There are also other forces at work in that process however.)

                    The increase of money to the banks replaces their losses; but it doesn’t replace the losses of many millions of American homeowners who have lost their equity. When the FED buys other bad securities back from the bank, they have oftentimes been repurchased by the banks from the investors to whom the had originally sold them; making the investors whole.

                    This extra money to the banks (above any liquidity requirement)does make its way into the stock market and also into the pockets of managers, investors, and other insiders through stock options, bonuses, and higher stock prices; the cash of which is realized upon the sale of the stock.

                    So while Americans lose money on defaulted mortgages, and the real potential loss of purchasing power of the dollar, and through the transfer of the means of production offshore; investors are made whole and corporations take advantage of manipulated currencies and exploit cheap labor.

                    All of these actions represent a wealth transfer from average Americans to the Uber Rich. As for the “debt” of the FED I doubt that they have any. Would you have any debt if you could print all the money you wanted or had an ATM machine that never ran out of money?

                    The FED is the perfect Ponzi scheme because they can always print mo money when an investor wants “out”. The money supply question is a whole other conversation but you were on the right track to question whether printing money by the FED which does not make its way into the marketplace in any numbers, really creates problems.

                    Lets remember that the FED printed $16 trillion dollars and gave it out to banks and corporations during the 2008/2009 banking crisis; we didn’t know about it until 2012, and there doesn’t appear to be any problems with those loans at this point. If those loans were to default, the losses would belong to the FED and those losses would represent the destruction of many dollars in the money supply.

                    In essence there are two banking systems in the country; one for individuals and one for banks and multinationals. One system gets the profits and the other gets the losses.

                    Hope this helps. If Durden is out there he should be able to help US on this as I am not a bond or FED expert. And if I am not an expert, God help the rest of you! 🙂

                • No shit!

                  You’re a F**King economic genius aren’t ya. When did you figure that one out?

                  Why don’t you tell John 1028 why he should hoard paper instead of gold and silver.

                  After all, it will be a deflationary collapse!

                  • Hoard ten dollar bills in number ten cans, John. Invest in gold, speculate with silver and hoard your lead too! They won’t be making anymore of it after the Changes.


        • Red thumb the guy all you want. He’s pretty much in the 10-ring on this. You red-thumbers are standing evidence that too many posters here are quite utterly ignorant of basic economics.

          • Ask any addict, the heroin and the uppers make you feel great and solves all your problems, till they kill you. Yes, Ben B’s printing is solving the problems his last excess printing caused, because it’s bigger, just like the next dose of drugs has to be bigger. Eventually you have to quit or die. Ben’s not going to quit, cause we are the ones who die. END THE FED

          • Coach: You said: ” … standing evidence that too many posters here are quite utterly ignorant of basic economics.”

            And that is the real shame and tragedy here Coach; we are talking about BASIC economics and too many of them just don’t have a clue.

            I could make a snide comment now about “public school education” but I have one. Even the University was a State school.

            Guess that is why I am a “Statist”. 🙂

        • THIS ^^^^^

          Wow, Anonymous, I wish you’d used a “name” – even a made up one. Would definitely read your posts in the future.

          I get so tired of the hyperinflation drumbeat on the prepper sites. It’s clear right away that a working knowledge of financial systems & economics is not a prerequisite for a strong opinion on financial systems & economics. I’ve given up trying to explain. DK still tries, which is good.

          Thank you for an excellent post.

      11. it’s about to get REAL UGLY in ZOG AMERIKA JEW.S.A.

        blessed be i’m a prepper and ready for it .

        N.O. ;0p

      12. Jose can you see, the Drones early flight
        what so proudly we hail the freedoms last gleaming
        Whose tattered stripes and dim Bars, though our Meager fight
        O’er the Freedoms we watched were so Silently Leaving
        And the Fizzle of Red Communism
        The Emp’s Bursting in air
        Gave Proof through the night that our flag was not there
        O say does that Torn Banner Still wave?
        O’er the Land of the Fraud and the Home of the Slaves

      13. Why is Jim Rawles “Survivalblog” been down for
        nearly 24 hours now? Has anybody tried to access it??

        • I know several times,the site was hacked and he took it down for a day.So something major is happening,me thinks.

        • See the ip address further down.

        • More like 48+hrs.

        • I went to the Survival blog IP address listed in Comment ID: 1863458 on yesterdays article. This is the message that was at the top of the page.

          Friday, July 5, 2013

          Notes from JWR:

          The wicked DDOS (“Ping”) hacker attack on SurvivalBlog is still in progress. Thanks for your patience while we get the site back up and running on one of our backup servers.

          Saturday, July 6, 2013

          Notes from JWR:

          Our main server is still down! Please helping to spread the word at preparedness forums and e-mail your friends to let them know that they can still access our temporary site:

          We’ve omitted all graphics temporarily, to minimize the bandwidth needed. (This makes attacks less successful.)

          My #2 Son hopes to have pointing to our backup server soon. In the long run we will have to go back to maintaining three servers. This will be time-consuming and expensive.

          • Poor guy needs to get his servers off windows…and on Linux w/Iptables… I turn off my icmp ports, and block any IP that hits me twice in less than x seconds…
            My server, stops this crap automatically.
            W/’windoze’, you have to BUY stuff…(expensive boxes, F* MSoft)

        • Got this not from JWR

          Please let folks know:

          Please help spread the word to mitigate the latest ping flood attack on SurvivalBlog’s main server. Folks can use this temporary site: (You’ll note that we’ve temporarily omitted all graphics, to minimize the bandwidth needed. Going “thin” makes ping flood attacks less successful.)

          Many Thanks,
          ~Jim Rawles~

        • The Swedish server is being DDoSed, he said. You can go to the American back-up site at for the newest posts to survivalblog (it doesn’t have all the content of the primary copy of the site). JWL urges readers to record the IP addresses in case of DNS problems.

          • Oops. I meant JWR…

      14. nothing is gonna happen until after the 2014 election cycle . and mr O is ready to drop the hammer .

        • We keep saying right after the elections.

          There always will be an election coming up.

          I am just amazed how it (The system) keeps itself afloat. We are reaching the end but with the slowness of it is the biggest reason most don’t see it.

          And most just don’t care. Many and I do mean many will just sit there and die. I personal like to see the masses wake up even if it is 3 day late. At least we would know they were still human under all the blubber.

      15. Im happy to see this article suggesting people should consider maintaining stockpiles of basic goods needed fo living. Im tired of articles that try to get folks to buy PM,s. The so called powers that be that are in control of the world goverments & banks Know we are facing and end of an age pole shift. Everything that conspired is planned. They know great clatylismic events are emminet. They know that th goverment agencies will be overwelmed and helpless. The problems will be too many and to large. The majority of folks will be on their own. Why doesnt the goverment warn the populace? It behooves them to have the people in the dark. keep them working and complacient. There would be chaios and lawlessness ect. So many will be clueless until its too late. The great culling is going to happen.

      16. I just thought it was just me.censorship starting already?

      17. YAWN… We been hearing this for years from everybody from Celante, Chapman, Schiff, Williams. Crash in ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13… Nothing happens then everyone tries to reason why it didn’t happen. Will there be a crash someday. I think so. Will the US standard of living continue to decline. Definitely. I think where in for a slow burn decline until everyones assets are stolen or depleted. Then a move will be made. It makes sense, if not the fed wouldn’t have any QE and just let everything collapse.

        • Patrick, There are so many experts from so many different fields–I’m talking scientists as well as economists/financial experts– who are saying an enormous storm is on the way and the surival of most of the human population is up to question (as well as hugmongous numbers of other species!) There are just too many experts predicting collapse– from climate scientists, to antropologists to financial experts– whatever… we ARE headed for the collapse of our society. Mike Ruppert, an expert on peak oil, wrote the book, “Crossing the Rubicon– the fall of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil”…just one person who comes to mind…

          Oh, sorry, just re-read your post… guess you already know… ha, ha!

      18. Rome continues to burn and no one is paying attention. Very few care. As long as Mc D’s is still open and gays are entertaining everyone on TV; they think all is right in our country.

        GOD please help us that have understanding!

        • @Indy Colts

          The Mc Ds’crowd and the gays on TV are only symptoms of a coming systemic collapse.

          Amerika is not exceptional! Not anymore.

          It’s just another country, out of many, thats seen it’s best days, and now, is on the skids.

          It’s gonna have to crash and burn before it can ever rise again.

          It’s the only way the State (the criminals who claim to rule us) will have it.

          “I write of the wish that comes true… for some reason,
          a terrifying concept.” ~ James M. Cain

          • Well said, Mother.

            Indy Colts should understand rebuilding process better than most.

        • Indy Colt: Asks For “Understanding”…Ask and You Shall recieve! Heres the main Culprits/Kommies ruining america and Us!

          ” The Jewish Communal Register” of 1917 – 1918, published by the Kehillah (Jewish communal government) states that Russian immigrant Jews brought “socialism” (meaning “Communism”) to America. It is important to note that the most violent organization involved in the overthrow of the Czar of Russia was The Jewish Bund, headed by Abramovitch and Lieber. The three other revolutionary parties included the all-Jewish Mensheviks (headed by Martov and Dan), the Social Democrats, a front for Gentiles but headed by the Jew Danishevsky and The Bolsheviks headed by Lenin who has only recently been revealed to be of Jewish descent. Note that the Bund sent money back to their comrades in Russia. More important is the remark that the failed revolution of 1905 in Russia caused “a great influx” of Jews to immigrate to the U.S. The truth is that over one million Marxist Jews flooded into the U.S.

          The Poale-Zion In America

          In the far-reaching work of the international Poale-Zion movement, the “Jewish Socialist Labor Party Poale Zion” of America plays the most important role after the Palestine party. The Russian reaction of 1906-1917 caused the real centre of the movement to shift to America.

          “World Organization” presented a Memorandum (“The Red Book”) to the Socialist International.

          [end quote]

          Zionism is Marxism

          Russia’s Jewish population supported one of the four Marxist Parties. However, many supported Theodore Herzl and his new Zionist movement. Herzl’s plan was to found an all-Jewish Marxist state in some foreign underpopulated land. Herzl considered Kenya and Madagascar in Africa, Palestine and Sinai just below the present Israel.

          Note that the Jewish Communal Register clearly states that Zionism is a Marxist movement. When they took over the city of Haifa in Palestine it became known as “Red Haifa”. Every May Day the Jews would march through the streets with their clenched fists held high and the Red flag flying.

          Jewish Bankers Unite Behind Communism

          The U.S. Foreign Relations Committee of 1918 released a report on the international Jewish banks which were financing Communism. In each case they were banks owned by Jews. The Jew Olof Aschberg of Sweden’s “Nya Banken” is referred to as “The Bolshevik Bank”. Note that this bank “is financed in America by the Guarantee Trust Co.” This bank was controlled by Jacob Schiff.


          Jewish Communism in U.S.

          As the Russian Jewish refugee population grew in the U.S. so did their radical Marxist groups. Note the “Communal Register” again. IT lists the four main Jewish “radical organizations”. Their unity meeting took place in 1915 just two years before the Communist Revolution in Russia. We read: “The revolution in Russia, having at a single stroke, emancipated the Jews of that country.”

          U.S. Communist Party founded By Russian Jews

          [quote from "Jewish Communal Register," 1918]:

          The Four Groups Which Founded The U.S. Communist Party

          The National Workmen’s Committee was organized in the early part of 1915, by representatives of the four leading radical organizations, viz.: The Workmen’s Circle, the United Hebrew Trades, the Jewish Socialist Federation of America, and the Forward Association.

          The Roots of American Communism” by Theodore Draper, can be ordered from your local bookstore for $11.95. This is a detailed account of the founding of the U.S. Communist Party. Excerpt from the book:

          “Most of the others in the up-and-coming New York Group were more or less of similar background. They included Dr. Maximilian Cohen, a dentist; Joseph Brodsky, a lawyer, and his brother Carl; Rose Wortis, a dressmaker; and Harry M. Winitsky. They had a number of things strikingly in common; almost all were in their twenties, some in their very early twenties; they were mostly Jewish; they came over from Russia as children or were first-generation Americans of Russian Jewish parents; they became active in the Socialist movement in their late teens and were generally about twenty or a little older at the time of the Russian Revolution.”

          Majority of Communist Party Members Were Jews

          Draper writes that the first daily newspaper of the Communist Party was the Yiddish “Freiheit” launched on April 22, 1922. It would be two more years before they would start a paper for Gentiles. The famous ex-Communist Whittaker Chambers, (who exposed Alger Hiss as a Soviet spy), was an early editor of The Daily Worker. He wrote that the party held separate meetings for “English speakers” and for Yiddish speakers (Jews). Chambers said that the Yiddish meetings were always the largest ! They were called “foreign language groups.”

          Whitaker Chambers former editor of ‘The Daily Worker ” said that two Jewish college professors recruited him into the Communist Party. Chambers also said that Jews made up the largest bloc in the party

          Jewish Communists Today

          The Jewish leaders of the Communist Part USA were always very careful to choose Gentiles as the “pubic heads” of the party. The first was William Z. Foster, then Earl Browder, Eugene Dennis and today, Gus Hall. Reading the “Communist Weekly Word” easily reveals their support of the Democratic Party and Clinton. Communists say that they have “found a new home” in the Democratic Party. In fact, Clinton has appointed three people to senior positions who have been connected with the Communist apparatus Arnold Leese. a great British expert on the Jewish problem wrote in 1938: “When the Jews leave Russia Communism will collapse.” World Jewry is today relocating in America. Thus the real threat of Communism in our country has just begun.

          Communism is not dead by any means and in fact is far more of a threat today than ever before. The Communist Part USA infiltration of the Democratic Party has been a meticulous operation. Herein lies the present danger of a Communist takeover of America under the name of their newest communist front which is the modern National Democratic Party.

          KOMMIES= TROUBLE=Americas Main Threat! Do You Get it.

      19. Financial issues or not the fact of the matter is that our government is out of control and spends too much money!
        Weather it be state and local gov of the fed assholes they are ALL spending like it falls from the sky.
        NOBODY can predict what, when, where or how its going to happen, i am less inclined to listen to people who have been predicting anything because for the most part NOTHING they predict happens when predicted and its just dumb luck if it does!
        Life goes on, some things just really dont matter, some things just cant be avoided, but self reliance collapse or no collapse is priceless, reduce your reliance on others and you will fare far better than those who are dependent and tied into the system, just common sense stuff, at least it should be but……

        • Probably there is some good that comes from these articles. They tend to scare and that will motivate to resume prepping. It’s real easy to slow down and be careless with the extra money. Some of you have read the scare tactics so many times that you are hardened to them. Newcomers, it’s different.

        • I agree- we can’t really predict WHEN SHTF, all we can do is watch for signs. Keep reading the tea leaves as it were. As things stand, the world economy as well as the state of our union have one foot on a banana peel and the other in the grave. There are now SO many things that could potentially start the dominoes falling. Nobody, months in advance, could have predicted that one gruesome yet simple act by a vendor in a Tunisian market would set half of the middle east on fire- but it DID. My neck is strained from constantly watching for Black Swans, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop watching for them.

          • Remember, you can’t “read tea leaves” if you forgot to STOCK UP on tea!

          • Yep, my neck was starting to get a kink in it too, so its more of a keep it in the perifory situation, some things like stocking up on stuff is just second nature!

          • I need someone to help me. Just mentioned again above, the words Black Swan. When I see these words, I am taken back to a dream that I had within the last year. Have no idea why I dreamed what I did, as I have nothing in my memory bank that I would recall seeing what I did. I dreamed that I was watching something from a distance, I believe in the background were some trees. In front of that were several men, maybe 3-4, white. They seemed to be doing something, although doing nothing that I could see. No one was talking. Just in front of them was something real odd. Picture an upright angel from the side with wings folded. From what I remember a side view of that would be, at the area of the shoulders a wider – rounded look and then slightly taper on down. Well, that was the shape of the object. It was like angel wings, like feathers over feathers and in the shape of the side view. This wasn’t in an upright position tho, it was horizontal view – laid out as a casket. The other thing was it wasn’t white like an angel as we think. It was all black. Am I wrong in wondering if it was an indication that white men are busy but waiting for a black swam event? There must be somebody educated in figuring out dreams.

            • LSB: a black angel is not a swan! It sounds like men worshiping at the altar of Satan. They worship DEATH and HELL. There are several types of dreams. Our own from stress or reading or eating certain things. From Satan or evil spirits. From God and you will know it is from him, no one will have to tell you. I would not ask for an interpretation from anyone except those I know personally that follow the truth diligently, they have to be truly spiritual. Anywhere else you are opening yourself to deception. Don’t get caught wasting your time trying to figure them out. Satan is smarter than you or I, but not smarter than the Holy Ghost who leads and guides us to eternal life in Christ Jesus.

              • I fly a lot in my dreams. Sometimes I soar several thousand feet and sometimes I scoot along at 70 mph about three feet off the ground. The best is when I’m naked and soar just above the tops of buildings and watch reactions of the idiots on the ground!!! I’ve even had dreams where I am teaching other people how to fly. My dreams are so much fun, I don’t interpretations I just enjoy them.

                • Crab: that is great but who does it glorify?

                • Crab: that is great but who does it glorify?

                  • Dreams don’t need to glorify anything.

            • An ambulatory entity being in a horizontal position (face up) can be a sign of either an awakening or a death, depending on context. Beginning or end.

        • Love the way you always break it down to the matter of fact stage . Simple and true . I cant believe the recless spending by our tiny local city and burough . New buildings , new vehicles , pay increases . It goes on and on . All to the tune of mil increases , sales tax increases , new fees for every move you make it seems and yet my wages have been stagnate for years . Something does have to give . Oh and living where everything arrives by container , all goods have a fuel sur charge attached so we see an increase in prices every time fuel goes up .

          • Yep, dont ya just love it, our county has raised ALL fees and taxes,,then the coincil and all department heads and mayor got raises, they can ALL GO TO HELL, the sooner it all collapses the better,

      20. I have not been able to access Survivalblog since 03 July. From what I read on other sites and blogs, their servers overseas have suffered an attack. Survivalblog constitutes daily reading for me, so I am bummed.

        • SSS – Try using this IP address. Works for me.

 Just type it in and hit enter!

          • “” is called a “quad”. It translates into the “” address to the computer.

            I keep a handwritten list of the quads for every site I like to visit, in case something happens to the pointers to my sites. I suggest everyone keeps a list of their favorites, in case the gov decides to “desearch” the sites text-format addresses in search engines.

            • Even better, you can bookmark the numbers instead of the name. Then you won’t even notice a DNS problem.

              I have done that for my favorite sites.

      21. while i dont see massive hyperinflation coming for the US, the FED knows the US is dead if they allow it; i do see things getting much worse, but its not going to be the end of civilization as we know it.

        face it, greece has been in a depression for 2 yrs and it still functions.

        the powers that be control cyprus and stomp all over anyone not having the resources to be independent and it still functions.

        the US and most of the western world is on the same path. world govts will continue to intrude on your life and take what it needs to roll on and just like greece and cyprus, the people will submit and put up with it.

        my theory is the western world has about another 5 to 15 years like the past 5 where there is no job growth, even higher taxes, more rules and regulation and more restrictive medical policies (ie death panels for the expensive medical care of seniors) until the world govts ligthen their debt load enough where the majority of people will think that good times are back and the govt fixed itself and the kids of today will believe in govt for the rest of their lives over themselves and the america of reagan, JFK, Ike and the founders is no more.

        • I have a friend who recently traveled to Greece. I asked her “how were the people given their economic situation”. She said that they are a proud people, and even if they aren’t getting paid people are out working, staying physically engaged. They have a strong work ethic.

          46% of Americans (excluding retirees and those truly disabled) have NO work ethic. We are going to have chaos and civil disruption if the EBT/SNAP cards are declined at the register!

          • Hard to get a work ethic , when all the starter jobs are filled. Filled with fail at life useless eaters age 50 +.

            • these jobs are filled by the over 50 crowd because they have work ethics unlike you “cant put the i-phone down to help a customer” pieces of usless youth . I run construction jobs on building renovations and I am yet to find a young man that can put in a days work without bitching and moaning about it . Thats if he can even get to the job on time withot some bullshit excuse

            • There are jobs if you actually know how to do something. I know someone who applied for a technical job that had been posted online for months. When he went in for an interview, they told him that he was absolutely the first applicant they had who new anything at all about the job.

              Why do you classify the +50 workforce as useless eaters when they are qualified for the jobs they fill. Unlike you, who are probably not qualified for anything. So many young people get useless college educations and graduate with BA degrees in subjects that don’t translate into real jobs. Most people don’t need to go to college. They need to go to tech schools and learn a real skill that they have the brainpower to master.

          • boy, i hope youre wrong.

            i live in houston, right next door to one of the best/richest sibdivisions in the city. if youre right, the spillover is going to hit me directly after they loot that subdivision on week 2 of reality setting in.

            during week 1, i’ll be passing the popcorn to the neighbors watching the carnage(with shotgun at the feet).

            boy i hope youre wrong though.

        • Someone posted earlier in the week, probably ky mom, that Greece isn’t getting along. 100s of CHILDREN are abandoned at orphanages because parents cannot care for them. These places cannot feed them, nor clothe them. Its just a matter of time before they become ill from malnutrition.

      22. Keep those #10 cans and ammo boxes coming into storage.

        • Just got an order of #10 cans yesterday, two more orders
          on their way!!

      23. Plan on re-settling on The Idaho Panhandle… who’s in?

        • Libs stay home. Its VERY VERY cold up here. You will freeze to death and there is no Gov handouts.

          • Really dave in ID it’s cold? Had no idea. Good. Keeps the riffraff out.

            “Gov handouts”? FU…. FU.

            If showed up there in January with an old rotor-tiller that wasn’t running by December I’d be running a small business and supporting a little home with it. That’s just me. That was my dad. That was my grandfather and great-grandfather that built the mills in Tennessee. Call us part of the backbone that built America. I owe you a good knock in the nose for the disrespect. Now you need to look over you shoulder…. dave.

            see you

            • @ Incognito…guess you didnt catch the sarcasm as there are no libs on this site. Why would I look over my shoulder? Come on up. If you can whip my ass, which I doubt, I will give you a tour of the area and a hand getting settled. I think you will fit right in fine here. You coming up soon? I will give you my E mail so we can meet. What these sites lack is a way for preppers to get together and communicate without posting it worldwide.

              • @ dave in ID; I did and didn’t catch the sarcasm. I took the comment about “gov handouts” personally as if you insinuated that was something I wouldn’t get. No (unfortunately) not moving soon. We have a property and a business here that need to be liquidated so when those sell our roots will be severed and our options should open up. Thank you for the offer for the tour and assistance settling in. A grateful hat tip to you sir. Do you diddle with Ham Radio at all? Any suggestions destinations we should zero in on?

                • @ Incognito..I don’t do ham yet. North of Sandpoint would be your best bet. You could have a busness in Sandpoint or Bonners Ferry, and be between some outstanding mountains with access to Washington, Canada and Montana by back pack. Great hunting and fishing with a whole lot of small lakes. Check out my facebook, there is a couple of picks on it. Dave Bryant. My face book pic is a couple of trout I caught in bonners lake. You can send me a message and keep in contact until your move. This area is great for the self motivated, hard working, self sufficient, type person. There really is no Gov handouts and I posted that to Encourage you to move here as you are surely sick of paying for everyone on it. I am from Kalifornia. I consider myself as a constitutionalist.

                  • @ dave in ID. Thank you for info the on the area. Big thank you!

                    We will continue working on getting the dominoes lined up to head that way and if we are lucky and things work out we’ll be on our way sooner than later. Be sure to wave if you see us coming. Well be in the entourage that has big truck dragging a 20′ trailer loaded down with a square foot garden and boxes of chickens 😉

                    I don’t do facebook or carry a personal tracking device. Just personal preference.

                    Here’s the study guide that was recommended to me for a technician class (ham) license:

                    I don’t think “They” have way to track and record short wave radio (LOL). FCC call letters soon to come. Look forward to the pleasure of meeting you sir. My sons and I all hunt and fish. Till then see you on the other side.


      24. Come on Mac!!! Get your head out of your ass and make true prediction!!!

        HELL, anyone can make and call by the end of 2014 and no one remembers….

        Mac, dont post until you absolutely know!

        • A true oracle makes a call well in advance and contrary to the general consensus. Let’s wait until the end of next year for any necktie party! 🙂

          • @durango kidd

            So now you’re in the camp of “hyperinflation?”

            What happened to your case of “deflation”, counselor?

            • I wasn’t addressing hyperinflation. I was addressing the criticism for the prediction. See my post above TO YOU which explains what deflation and hyperinflation is all about.

            • Give it a break you broken record!

              • Just another deflationary shill.

                Give it a break!

                • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

                  Why is that?

                  • Because yourmotherwaswrong.

        • Yeah Mac,……what gives dude !

      25. Hey Rich 99, we’ve got another year and a half! Woo-hoo!

      26. LMFAO………..I guarantee that sometime next year it gets pushed further ahead……any takers on this ????? I clearly see the DOOM SCAM that’s become rampant

        • It is a countinully increasing decline we are in. It is crashing as we post and will still be declining next year. But a point in each individual’s life is where to look for the final collapse to be seen.

          For some that day has come and gone already.

          • I think it started in Boston and it is just happening slower than we expected. We are being hit form all sides. More Taxes, Mammycare, fagatism, gun control, dog shooting, military type jackboot cops, NSA, IRS, christianity web sites been blocked from the enlisted military, but not mooselimb sites. The list goes on. Maybe the stock market hasnt crashed, but the economy is crashing SLOWLY.

            • I used to watch the Boston Pop’s symphony on July 4th. They were not on anywhere as far as I could tell. Does anyone know why it was cancelled?

              • Highspeed, saw them on a street corner playing for change. Seems they called it quits due to the inability to pay for Ostupid Care nor the penalty tax (theft).

                • Boston Pops was replaced to save money. Instead now they have One Oldman Organ Grinder guy, with a Thick Moustache and little skinny Hobammy wearing a fake fur suit holding a Tin Cup to rattle with a single nickel in it to generate noise and gain folks atten hopeing they will toss in some more change into his tin cup.

                  The new updated Tune played by the Organ grinder guy is…Rap based, “Do Da Monky Down”! with fur wrapped Hobammy jumpin around like a small Tree monky in africa.

                  • Ha!! That’s perfect. Little fu%king obama monkey with his big gorilla wife!

          • And some like those who continue doing home improvements and lavishing in material objects , that collapse could be 50 years from now

            • Looks like the tide may be turning on the doomers…..more people are starting to see what I’m seeing lately …..its no longer the the 2 yays to 40 nays …..the doomTARDS are starting to look more ridiculous with every passing DOOM article

      27. I’ve pulled all of my money out of the market, except 20% invested in the aftershock investor mutual fund (targeted to preserve wealth and cash in on the coming bubbles popping). We have a new pension management group coming to meet with employees July 10th. This has happened because Schwab informed our pension acct ‘managers’ that too many of us have our money in cash and obviously need help managing it. It we don’t attend this education session, this new pension management group will automatically start managing our accounts. MY ASS THEY WILL. I’m going to the meeting, with a list of questions a mile long and I want a signed statement saying that if they do not agree with where I have my money they can’t fucking touch it. Has anyone else with a 401k fund run into this? Btw, can’t pull my money out….hubby won’t sign the form.

        • PenCRNA, where to begin. A few years ago the gov went in with 401k, 403k, etc. managers and gave them permission to take over your accounts and manage them as they saw fit. The only requirement they had was to send you an innocuous letter saying you had x amount of time to actively choose your investment choice and let them know by voice or letter. I chose to call. Ok. They said I was safe in my chosen “fixed” interest account. They promptly moved all my account into the most dangerous junk stock account they had. I threatened a lawsuit and they moved me back. I then draw out everything, taking a hit. This shit is occurring now. Don’t be a victim. Watch your back. I think the gov gets a cut when they steal all your funds. Did you get a form letter that was VERY hard to understand concerning this?

          • No form letter. Up until now the pension fund ‘managers were two of our Anesthesiologists. They didn’t actually manage funds, just signed off on pension disbursements. Schwab cannot make investment recommendations on pension accts they service. But, they told the corp that many of us were not investing in the market, or had pulled out. They recommended corp hire a group to come in and advise us, and that we could sign up to have them directly manage our accts. then I get an email saying that if we do not show up for meeting, they automatically take over management of accts. I’m highly pissed at the thought that the anes group thought this is acceptable.

        • PenCRNA:

          Stop being naive!
          The records say you have gold but you do not have!
          Has sold ages ago!

          Walk straight with this role.


        • I’m stuck in 401k land. Fortunately I have the option to do self directed trading.
          I put everything riding on a allocated, not loaned out on paper, physical gold and silver stock. Check out CEF traded on the amex.

          It’s 43% silver and the balance in gold in Toronto Canada.
          So the govt. cannot confiscate or nationalize these metals.

          It’s the best I could do when stuck in 401k land.

          I only put the min. in. As I knew the end game was theft by the dems to prop up social security and communism.

          I put all my eggs into rental real estate. I rent to government agents…so the rent should continue to flow.

          Yes, bad times are coming. Just adjust your views on things…don’t get all wigged out and roll with what is to come.

          Churches are closing because the greatest and silent generation are now starting to die off. Main st. business are closing and the ghost mall concept is kicking into high gear.

          There’s zero jobs and we’re all living on borrowed time.

          We have a full blown police state.

          I’ve been thinking of moving to Canada in the years ahead…to get out of this destabalizing land.

          • Stuck: Canada is just as bad if not worse…65% of your $$ will go to Ottawa. Pray and go if the Lord leads you otherwise….There is no escaping the Beast, it is worldwide. Maybe the Caribbean Islands but Canary may splash down and drown all…Be led by the Lord, pray with your family for direction and you will get it and your heart will be strengthened.

          • Stuck: he causeth ALL rich and poor bond and free to receive a mark on their right hand or forehead. ALL! For those who believe the Word of God and those who are thinking of fleeing. Make sure you do not cause yourself more trouble than is necessary.

      28. The situation in the country is very tense right now. Below the surface lies three huge threats: Obamacare (postponed again for some), QE (continues for ?), and explosion of newly legal immigrants and relatives. The Dems will have to shit or get of the pot at some point. One or more of these will give soon. This will continue the spiral for the good Ole USA.

      29. GOT A SERIOUS QUESTION REGARDING THIS ARTICLE: Read the article; which imho; is spot on. I have one basic question. IF Hyperinflation hits; how high will Gold and Silver go to?

        • First, you swiped my name. apology accepted. Nobody knows how high it will go. Depends on the demand, and that depends on how hard the world crashes. Too hard a crash (nuke war) and it better taste good. It is better than owning stocks and paper money. But thats My opinion and I have nothing to sell…. except hand tools after WW3.

          • Gold and silver won’t go anywhere. The dollar will go down to zero.

            • The only valuable gold is “black gold”.

            • Smart Ass. You’ve got potential.

        • Go back up to comment 1864867. I’m tired of repeating myself. The SHTF moment will be a deflationary panic. After that, the value of PMs will lose all meaning. This is NOT Weimar Germany revisited. Do not try to predict from that model.

          • Old Coach: Yep. Seems very Few here get it eh. They read “expert” books or websites that all Parrot the same. All use wiemier germany and/or, zimbawbwee as examples of the “fear” factor it induces.

            Just as in great depression.. Massive LACK of Cash Dollars to Spend will Drastically LOWER Prices. No stores can remain in buisness long if zero consumers able to Buy whatever is sold…That likly includes Food and Gas etc too when it hits if it does.

            Anybody then that has saved Cash Dollars, will be able to buy many things for way less…Maybe Ten cents on the dollar. What did great depression starving-homelss folks Then do?…They Sold whatever they could for whatever can get. Deflation lack of cash to spend makes a nice vette-truck-car-boat-HOME-FARMS!-Sell way Lower priced.

            What do they not get? How do vast majority usa folks cause Hyperinflation useing wheelbarrows Full of Cash like wiemeir did, UNLESS a Huge Majority HAS a wheelbarrow FULL of Dollars?….How will so many folks GET all that cash?…Think Bernaki will soon Pass Cash out massivly to YOU or ME?!! NO! NO! he will NOT!

            Then WHERE will so many folks GET a wheelbarrow full of Dollars to Spend and CAUSE Hyperinflation?

            Do You Get it Yet? Stop reading so many “experts” books and use Common Sense thinking.

            ps Cannot compare ANY Past countrys Hyperinfation event to usa..None of Them nations were world reserve money…usa IS. That likly will Not change, Untill….They are ready to do their FINAL Money “TRAP”…NWO-ONE world Bank and money type-Probobly cashless debit…That IS what they been Building for 30 yrs now..Cashless Systems everywheres.

            It will be a Switchero from cash dollars to some Other…That wont be a crash…Just a Switch…Why would so many filthy rich folk worldwide want to go Flat Broke all a sudden?….Thats PLain Idiotic at best.

            • Them Guys, you are on the right track.

              Read Ben Hunt at Epsilon Theories. He is a behavioral economist. Today, with our ability to communicate instantly with everyone, behavior is more important than 19th century or 20th century history. Here is an excerpt:

              The source of gold’s meaning, whether you are a market participant in 1895 or 2013, comes from the Common Knowledge regarding gold. J.P. Morgan said that gold is money, and he was right, but only because at the time he said it everyone believed that everyone believed that gold is money. Today that same statement is wrong, but only because no one believes that everyone believes that gold is money…. You can read more at InvestorInsight(dot)com: “How Gold Lost It’s Luster….”

          • @ Old Coach…and others in this thread,

            Remember, we have been CONVICED that a bunch os paper with dead peoples’ pictures on it is actually VALUABLE…in a word, “NOT”.

            What happens if a deflationary spiral occurs, SIMPLE. At first it goes slowly..we all know that, look around you at what IS today…gas prices creeping up every time you look, same for food rent, and everything else under the sun; nothing new there, Yep?

            Here’s where it begins to go south…

            Overeas, the buying power of the dollar slowly goes lower and lower…you all DO remember that we MANUFACTURE nothing anymore HERE, right? Again, Yep. Sooo, what happens if someone else, SOMEWHERE else offers those folks something that isn’t worth less and less every day. Answer those that have something to sell, WILL sell it to those who DO have a currency (or something ELSE) that is VALUABLE. It won’t all just STOP on a dime…not yet.

            Then, WE start seeing ‘vacancies’ on the shelves in WAL-MART….and other places too. What do People here do when that happens? they start OFFERING more CASH -Money for those things…when they can find them. You might soon see a couple of people somewhere bickering with a merchant…almost like a bidding war, over something they BOTH WANT.

            Somwhere around when that starts up, you might well begin to see – for a time – placards at various merchants giving “40% discounts for CASH”…why? Simple, as everyone gets NEVOUS and start to BUY things on Crdit beyond their means you might well begin to see either out-and-out rejection of the Credit Cards – by the issuer, “Card Declined” – or alternately, people trying to DISPUTE actual purchases with a merchant via the credit card campany, thus tying up a merchants cash flow…it won’t take much of THAT before the ‘deep discount for CASH’ signs start appearing everywhere since the merchants will effectively have a ‘seller’s market’…the stream of goods will be slowing down, Yep?
            They WILL have the cat-birds seat and it WILL be thier ‘Call’.

            After that things will proceed rather quickly…maybe a couple of weeks, perhaps a month until the supply of goods REALLy begins to dry up…a lot of transactions then will be made by way of the GOB network…’Good Ol Boy’; IF you know someone – real friendly-like – who is likely to have what you might need, you’ll have a conversation with him along the way,something on the order of “Hey. I really need some XXXXX and I’ll give YYYY for it…” where YYYY is a TAD bit higher than it would be on the open market.

            After that things will start accelerating; the folks with nothing but Credit cards will by that point be ‘froze out’ of any hope of getting much of anything, the cash-buyers (just like the bulk of Homes sales for the last several months) will be a in non-public ‘bidding wars’ for what ever has value…and THAT is just about the time when the PM’s will take center-stage.

            People will be getting REALLY nervous at that point and given that CC will be useless and cash will be – in the minds of some – heading in the same direction, then IF you WANT something you’ll have to OFFER the seller something which HAS VALUE in His (or Hers) eyes, Yep?
            Historically, that would be PM’s…but maybe not forever.
            Remember, the PM are themselvea only TOKENS for real Wealth…that which KEEPS you ALIVE; tangible THINGS.

            The END is not far off at that point, this is basically how Weimar Germany went down the tubes; those who had Gold or Silver could continue to buy things throughout that time…and after as well, BUT what we here are talking about is a likely GLOBAL COLLAPSE..not a local one, where those PM’s MIGHT still have a ‘Value’, in a ‘Market’, somewhere else…is the HAIR beginning to stand up on your neck yet? It should be.

            It gets worse….if EVERYTHING goes down the tubes then there will come a time when NOTHING is sufficient inducement to someone to SELL something, or anything at all… something that they themselves can no longer get anyhwhere, something that they MIGHT need to preserve thier ownn lives – somehow – along the way, since if things got BAD how would you KNOW that you had ENOUGH of XXXX to get you through? And HERE is where it ALL ‘goes South’ in a hand-basket…for a time you will be able to get ‘things’ using your PM’s but IF it continues to GET BAD..if it WORSENS, then broadly people are going to start going into a mental ‘foxhole’ mode of thought, one in which they are SELLING NOTHING, to ANYONE, for ANYTHING…other than what they themselves desperately NEED…then it will automatically revert to a ‘barter’ type of exchange….IF you HAVE something they NEED then they WILL trade you for THAT…IF you WANT what they HAVE, that is. Remember, that if YOU can SEE the handwriting on the Wall, then so can they…if it looks like the supplies of thinhs will dry up, then what happens then?

            We have been ‘taught’ – for generations – that MONEY HAS VALUE…bullshit! It’s just PAPER…it is ONLY accepted as a medium of exchange when EVERYONE believes that is ‘Valuable’…come the day that even a few people DON’T beleive that anymore and the whole thing starts falling apart….beginning the process of ‘Weimar Germany’ all over again, HERE.

            The PM have a value – historically – because they are A) difficult to ‘dig-up, so a scarce supply, they are COMPACT…you can carry just a little bit and ‘have a lot’, if everyone ELSE ‘belives’ that those ARE ‘Valuable. But what happens if the “tangibles” you have on-hand are what is keep you alive day-to-day…is there ANY inducement you could be offered that would CONVINCE you to part with ANY of those if your LIFE depended on them, if you even THOUGHT that your LIFE might depend on those…probably not.

            IF the STUPID POS’s running things today aren’t EXQUISITELY careful it will come sooner, not LATER…but it will come…they have fucked it all up way to much to stop it now…once you have EVER put a cat in toilet yo won’t have much success on the second attempt…try it for yourselves (slight giggling in the background here)

            Sooo, what about PM then…useless, UNTIL such time as the general state of affairs is NOT Life-and-Death, on a knife’s edge daily…THAT is WHY the tangilbles are SO IMPORTANT…it may be years, or DECADES till things settle back out again, sufficient that people are willing to trade anything FOR anything else…at all.

            Might want to try thinking in terms of GETTING EVERYTHING (emphasis on ‘things’) that you might NEED to keep yourself alive for about 10 YEARS…or until you THINK that people start ‘trading’ again…with Money or PM for anything else of VALUE (read as, ‘WHAT KEEPS YOU ALIVE’)

            Sorry for the length here…it kinda takes that much to ‘go through it all’, doesn’t it now? Lotsa Luck everyone, We’re ALL going to NEED it, I think.

            Flame away, I’ve already decided to get out of Dodge,

            • usa=Nat Gas worlds largest supply. Oil too. Thats worth More than goods made in usa. we been sitting on the Saudi arabs of natural gas Here in usa, and Massive Oil reserves not tapped last 40 yrs.

              • @ Them Guys. Yes natural gas, but easily refinable oil is not the case. It takes at the present time almost the same amount of energy to get the same amount of energy in these dirty oil sediments. The ratio is at best 1.75 to 1 in net energy when you factor in the refining of this “oil” when they use heat, pressure, and especially water to clean it up for real time use. There is also the issue of safe toxic waste disposal of the by-products of the oil refining. Many of these “oil” fields sit around the interior U.S. because it is not economically sound. Even if oil went up to $300 a barrel, there is as of now no way of getting a higher energy net ratio.

                Natural gas is fully available and can be used right now. The supply is either in the top one two or three, as some areas in the Caspian Sea region are close to what the U.S. has. The U.S. could definitely use this naturall gas for many purposes, including perhaps the energy to help refine the oil prooducts.

                The problem with oil is that it is not just used for fuel. There are petroleum products all over the place from plastics to fertilizers. Until someone can figure out a better way of cleaning up this frozen in rock or sand oil with a better energy net gain, the U.S. is going to be a bitch to OPEC and pay for it through the nosering.

                • Alaskan oil and especially arctic zones oil is good oil. We planted the first Flag at artic circle so we own or have first claims to it too. Thats a main reason dems and neocon globalist keep pressing to do a UN treaty called Law of the Seas treaty(or close to that title). So america gets shafted on arctic oil, which estimates is aprox 25% of all worlds oil reserves. And give UN total control as to what nations gets it etc.

                  UN control will Negate usa soverignty etc too. I think Russia is already tapping or drilling there in arctic region. Russia use a submarine to Plant a russian flag on ocean bottom floor under ice where plan to drill! As If that ploy negates Our usa flag Planted on Surface by early 1920 era scientists when discovered Pole etc!

                  BI I bet we have way More quality oil than they are admitting or telling us folks of. If enzyms is factual as to How oil is really made in ground….It will Never run dry ever. Cant be from dinosaurs. Picture how many dinos stacked on top of each other on every sq ft land in entire world as tall as empire state buildg, and you still aint got enough dinosaurs to make as much oil as world consumes in One year probobly. Dinosaur made Oil is another Falshood like Global warming manmade!

                  We heard of Peak Oil-Peak population-peak water-peak every fuckin thing for 40-50 yrs so far and its all Lies or fear mongerings. Designed to get folks Taxes or get folks to reject God beliefs.

                  Too bad there aint any Peak Liberal Kommies eh!!!!!!!!!

        • $257,891.456.18 per oz for gold at a 15.9987 ratio for Silver. London PM. That close enough for you?

      30. Im still waiting for the “domestic event” to happen between the 3rd and 8th of this month. If this happens then it will give credibility to article above. Even though they are completely unrelated articles, the press should be held accountable and discern between actual threats and fear mongering. I love this website and I read it daily, but if you make sensationalist claims then people expect sensational results.


          • Translation: #3 combo at the Pakistani restaurant

            • Is that hebrew for Kill the Best of Gentiles, from talmud?

              • I believe it’s “blessed be the name of the Almighty Lord.”

                • Thanks Sigi. seems it would be better to write in English though as most here speak and read that language.

      31. Why is it taking so long to post comments. We may need a different forum? Please do something about it. Sometimes within minutes they are posted other times 12 hours. You begin to wonder if it will post at all.

        Mac, thanks for the venue you have given us but it appears that you are getting a little overwhelmed with all the comments.

      32. Ike:

        Thanks for posting. If you use an email address when posting a comment (a fake one is fine) the system will begin to “recognize” you and your posts will no longer require moderation. You’ll need to do this a few times before you are cleared.

        I hope this helps.


        • Moderator Thanks: if I learned to read I might have known that…

      33. NASA has just today publicly announced that the Hubble space telescope has spotted the comet ISON. They state this comet is the 3600 year comet that appeared during the time of Noahs flood and the Egytian Exidious. NASA has known about this comet for several years. Some folks call it worm wood some NIBIRU. There is info about ISON on The Extinction Protocol website.

        • Sounds awesome , this hanging around waiting for an extinction level event. Is getting pretty godamned tedious )

          • Its not a extincion level event. Its an end of an age event The passage will cause great clatyclismic events. The Whole planet will be greatly changed much that is now dry land will be flooded. Take a look at the US Navy future map of the United States. this end of an ageeart change event was propisied by Nostradamus and Edgar Cacyce. Most people will die. Everyone will be greatly Effected. Those who live will likely wish they where dead. Humans will not go extinct. These earth changes are not caused by humans they cannott be mitigated by humans. These changes and clatyclismic events would still occur even if man had never walked the earth. About every 3600 yas this planet or comet travels in its eliptic orbit through our solar system. The force of its magnetic pull disrupts the earths magnosphere. The manosphere is what protects the the earth from the solar wind and creates balance. The dinosaurs werent made extinct by clatyclismic events. The dinosaurs are still here. alligators crocodiles ect are dinosaurs. It was rodents that killed off the dinosaurs. the rodents ate the eggs of the smaller dinosaurs and the bigger dinosaurs starved when the smaller species dissappeared. the crocks, gators make nest and guard them. they eat any rodent who would try to eat their eggs. The best advice I can give is to do the best you can with what you have. Learn all you can and try and not do things that could endanger your immortial soul.

            • The Flood and the Exodus were not 3600 years apart. How did a 3600 year comet appear for both events?

              I know you all remember Kohoutek back in 1973-74. It was supposed to be the comet of the century. I looked at it through a 24″ telescope at its closest, and it still was a barely perceptible smudge near the horizon just before dawn.

              I’ll believe Ison will be bright when I actually see it.

            • It will do all that just like the Mayan calendar did. When are people going to grow up?

          • How could it be Both Noahs flood era, and also, Exodus era? The two were not 3600 yrs apart if I recall corect.

            If so then Only One of the two were possible for that comet event.

      34. Google “SJTF” by mistake and your doorbell will ring.

        • Why is that? Just curious.

      35. PenCRNA,
        I am not a financial expert but I just pulled my $$ out of my retirement fund. Since your company doesn’t like your self-managing, suggest you STOP contributing to existing company fund and start contributing to another fund of your choice. Next time do NOT put your hubby down as a beneficiary. Set up your own living trust which YOU control and list the trust as the beneficiary for your new retirement fund.

        • I no longer contribute. I buy pm’s, pay down student loans and prep with what i was contributing before….but I get 10-15% of my gross salary as a tax deferred profit sharing pension from the anesthesia group. It’s funny. I never thought that my best bene would end up causing me so much angst.

          • Btw, if I’m not mistaken the accounts default to spouse as beneficiary. No one mentioned the option of living trust, etc. I’ll have to look into that.

            • The accounts do default to your spouse as beneficiary. Unless you divorce. Then you can set up another beneficiary.

            • The accounts do default to your spouse as beneficiary. Unless you divorce. Then you can set up another beneficiary.

            • The accounts do default to your spouse as beneficiary. Unless you divorce. Then you can set up another beneficiary.

        • Before I retired the company started a 401k plan. I declined to contribute anything. They put a little in it anyway. As soon as I was officially retired I could withdraw it all. I did.

      36. Just started reading a little of Dmitry Orluv’s works… he said something about when a bridge is danger of collapsing and the experts warn you it will collapse soon and you look at it and are scared to drive over it because its obvious the darn thing is about ready to collapse, no one can say the exact date the bridge will collapse… however, its obvious, with the bricks, pieces of concrete falling in the ocean and the creaky sounds when cars travel over it– its near collapse! Well, our civilzation/economy etc are also nearing collapse. No one- not even the experts can say exactly when collapse will occur–oh, you can look at certain pieces and try to calculate– like the pieces of concrete falling in the ocean– is it occurring the same rate every week or are there more pieces falling in the ocean? Still, anyone with brains can look and see– collapse is imminent!

        • What if Hobammy and the Dems do amnesty for illeagles…THEN…Pass a Fix Highway/bridges/Infrastructue Bill of Mass amounts of $$$, THEN Unionize and Hire 10-20 Million New union High paid workers?….Think if that was done we wil see ANY collapse?…..Think that is not exactly what dems been planning quite awhile now?

          America wont crash or burn as long as israeli zionists and NY zios etc need Our military and resources etc to keep working on Their nwo jwo plans. Why would those groups spend the Last 300+ yrs Planning and working towards a NWO-JWO and just give up now when so close to finish line?

          That does not make sense. And they have zero plans on quitting their nwo-jwo goals.

          • Them Guys,
            The crash will bring in the NWO cashless currency system. That is how they will control everything.

            • Thats what I have been saying. Cashless is next. But that wont collapse it all as many think. It will switch it to a new system is all. If it means you Must accept a implant cip ID, or invisible ink tatoo etc..Tat will be trouble for christians who reject it. But usa wont collapse and fade away into nothing like most claim.

              I wonder How many so called “experts” economy type books are written by zionists and nwo fanatics. I bet Many are.

              They already have near total control of worlds banks-finance-all related to money-so likly same controls most economic expert book writers too. If so, None can be trusted. KInda like Good cop Bad cop routine. Both are still Cops.

          • As soon as Undocumented Democrat Amnesty passes, you will see a large public works jobs program, with unions getting all or most of it, in order to bring our new quasi-citizens ‘out of the shadows.’

            All of it paid for with your money.

      37. We are boiling the frog. But the frog (us) has started boiling much faster than they want it to. They have lost control. You can see it. The “collapses” and “issues” are happening closer and closer together. You used to get a couple of years reprieve between economic problems, now something new pops up every couple of months. It’s when they really lose control that TS will hit TF.

        I see it as playing out like this. Deflation in “things” such as property, and inflation in things you need to survive, such as food, gas, heating oil. Most of people’s money will be chasing the stuff they need for survival, and it will take more and more of it to survive.

        Many won’t. I feel horrible typing it, and feeling it, but it’s the truth. Whenever you go shopping, you are surrounded by many people who won’t make it.

        This is what a lot of people are missing. This is going to be a gradual process, unless something unexpected comes out of the blue and knocks everything off the rails. What’s the old saying…if your neighbor loses his job, it’s a recession, but if you lose yours, it’s a depression. Expect a lot of that. That’s how I see it anyway.

      38. I bought Charmin on sale a couple yrs ago at $1.49 a 4pak. The big rolls, and LOTS of it. I mean a WHOLE LOT. As in Mexican food every night for the next 10 years… for a dozen people.
        Now, it turns out I was a genius investor all along! Who’d have guessed?

        • No “guessing” needed. “Seeing the future” is not as difficult as TPTB would have you believe.

          No matter how hard and intense THEIR efforts have been, and are now. FOR ANY AND ALL BOTH LOOKING AND SEEING, the FUTURE is now carved in stone.

          But, WE have the necessary “hammers/chisels” to change IT…DO WE POSSESS THE WILL AND DESIRE TO “ACT”? Most of those here do, as for the “rest”…may THEIR ALARM CLOCK soon start ringing!

        • Sure beats the sponge on a stick that the Romans used!

        • Okie you are a genius. I would ask you to marry me but I DO NOT want to meet little Debbie. Hahaha!!

          • Catch mrs okie on an off-day and she’d trade me in cheap. I don’t think she’s ever fully forgiven me for sinking half our savings in that off-Broadway musical.
            One of my many investment mis-cues.
            “Y2K Is The End: We’re All Going To Die!” starring Harvey Keitel as Commissioner Gordon, Chris Rock as Batman, Jim Carey as the President, and Pia Zadora as Robin. It should have been a huge hit.
            I thought the script was great. But, production delays pushed opening night up to Dec 30, 1999. The critics panned it and, needless to say, it was a very short run. We only had about 1.5% but it was enough to nearly wipe us out financially.
            Still, the Charmin strategy has partly redeemed me…

      39. *****MERS UPDATE*****

        Branswell: WHO setting up emergency panel to advise on MERS

        no need to be concerned
        thats the official line

        I am not going to bother posting the current CDC figures
        they are not accurate

        I am,personally speaking,becoming more and more concerned
        about whether we are getting 100% accurate information
        especially from the Saudi government and the CDC
        politics and economic interests taint everything

      40. Just like every family is dysfunctional (it’s just a matter of either degree or type of dysfunction), so, too, the Collapse has ALREADY begun and we CONTINUE to experience varying DEGREES of it.

        So I suggest do not WAIT for “the Collapse” but act NOW to “prep and prepare” as best you are ABLE to, because when the ULTIMATE [= END-stage] collapse happens, other then tending to our preps, a lot of us just might be sitting around “waiting”– for the panic to subside, for the looting to end, for people to decide what next to do.

        Do not forget Spiritual preparation.

        To that end, check out “MESSAGES” at www dot thewarningsecondcoming dot com.

        This is a time for putting our enormous energies into creating, not destroying.

        Be creative.

        In addition to making time to pray, also make time to play.

        Lastly, before you OPEN your eyes tomorrow morning, PRETEND that the FINAL [end-stage] collapse has ALREADY happened and all is in chaos. Stay with that for 30-60 seconds. Your immediate thoughts will tell you what you have to do NEXT!

        Be good. Be safe. Be wise. Use your time, energy, and funds wisely, prudently.

        As for me, this weekend I think I’m gonna check out the movie they named after me, hehe.

        Then, despite that things are really slow where I work and what I earn is down, I’m gonna go back to making a living the best I can, not making a dying, do some of my own ‘creating’, and play (have some good clean fun). You see, when I take a break from preppin’, I ain’t its slave, but its master, if that makes any sense.

        “You don’t own me. You don’t control me. I was born a free person. And I’ll die a free person. I won’t capitulate to or cooperate with your tyranny or control. I obey the law, but mind you, not when it contradicts God’s law. No, I’m not disrespecting you, sir/ma’am, I’m just demonstrating how I respect my self and my God. No, I ain’t no saint. Kinda wish I was, because I’d love to work some of them miracles. But I’m doing the best I can. Have a good day.” – The Lone Ranger

        “Today’s preppers might very well be tomorrow’s leaders.” – The Lone Ranger

        “Yeah, the economy might collapse. I don’t wanna see that happen. But I ain’t collapsing! I’m preppin’, I’m livin’, I’m lovin’. I ain’t giving up, I ain’t giving in. Did ya know that when you point that one finger at me, there’s 3 pointing back at ya?” – The Lone Ranger

        ‘You calling me a Prepper? How dare you, sir/ma’am! I’m just doing what the Bible commands me to be: a good/wise steward! Have a good day.” – The Lone Ranger

        • “Is Honey Boo Boo on yet?”…Johnny Depp

      41. Each time you use some your wiping out inflation.

        • HA!

        • …but isn’t that a deflationary act? 😉

        • No nation tried harder than the USSR to put a square peg into an economic round hole. The “decreed” that such and such will cost this and that. Low and behold the result was nothing on the shelves. Nations keep repeating this with the belief that they can fine tune it into functionality.

          How much failure is required before its apparent that something does not work?

      42. Hyperinflation wont happen. Good luck with that.

      43. Not sure if anyone else does this but when I go to town, church etc. I look closely at things, especially things I like such as our small town’s courthouse, our beautiful old church buildings, college campus, parks,etc. Like this might be the last time I see them, or see them in this way. Kind of sad but makes me appreciate each trip.

        • IN 2009 I bought a case of salt tack biscuits in case of pandemic or nuclear war.

          I’d never thought I’d need them.

          They are good forever.

          It will be quite the adventure.

          Time will tell and we are now seeing the silent generation die off.
          Their kids will inherit and use the money to pay off their credit card debt
          as we are living in an age of dollar collapse…it fell 44% since 2000.

          The beginning of the end was the factories being shipped to China.
          This was due to the unions and payroll enslavement of the employers.
          They said…fuck it. And went to do business with the commies.

          Then NAFTA…and the traitor Al Gore. Fucking asshole…..I’m hoping to hear
          on the new one day that he dies of a heart attack.

          There’s no turning things back….it’s all down hill…..circling the drain.

          Funny….I wonder what the Jewish bankers will do when we’re all armed and
          hunting them down like the dogs they are.

        • FCG – I thought I was the only person who looks at places like this. I always see them deserted and looted. I don’t know why. I remember about a year ago I was having a moment of panic that I didn’t have enough of something and my son and I made a run to Wally World.
          When we got there, there was someone standing outside saying they were closed due to the water being off.

          We had our windows down listening to what the guy was telling everyone. People were driving by us in a panic, yelling “They’re closed! We have to go to Xxxxxx! (next town over). I could see fear in their eyes as if TS had H the F. I suddenly felt one of my premonitions…

          I’ve been reading here for quite some time and I respect everyone’s point on what is happening to our once great country. The only thing I have to disagree with are the people who say we are preaching the same “ole predictions”. It might be the same ole predictions, but the factors are definitely different.

          We have never had such a criminal group of Muslim loving, communist wanna bes in charge. A pres who wants to be King. Every word we type/ speak being monitored in one way or another. A major part of the population on some sort of govt assistance. Debt into infinity, employed people at its lowest in decades with a growing population. A potential of legalizing upwards of an additional 40 million + people overnight, etc, etc, etc….

          This plan is being accelerated and my guess is something is going to happen they didn’t plan on to send us into some very bad times. They will lose control of their actions at some point. The Great Depression escalated when people started to panic. I’m guessing, again, it might have just been a Depression without the panic effect.

          No one knows for sure when, but something is going to disrupt the norm and I fear the panic will make it the SHTF event we all talk about here.

          • exactly 10% off,looted,empty with broken windows.That is what I imagine too. Let’s hope that is far off…but I doubt it. Best to you and your family 10%.

            • FCG – It must be a girl thing : )

              Best wishes to you and yours as well. Thank you.

      44. The planet will boil over if everyone has access to cars and air conditioning. Especially in Africa!! LOLOL!!

      45. The global ramification of the above are huge. Obviously the US Military fed from the USD cannot be maintained. There goes the global cop while nations across the globe face riots and need food and fuel to maintain order. Historically they revert to the age old tradition of stealing it off their neighbor better known as war which decreases international commerce even greater.

        I can’t see anything but WW3 coming out of this.

      46. hello,
        I have commented on this blog a few times. And if anyone remembers me they would know that I have been working on my waste of a time/money MA degree in history. (If I knew what I do now at 25, and could tell my 18 year old self advice I would suggest learning masonry or a type of trade)

        Anyhow, I figured the next best thing was to try to use my meaningless degree and try to beat the system. So, I have been thinking about developing interactive historical tours for people who are tourists and such. It would be a way to have a passive income (it would take work to do I understand that). But, I can’t tell if I am waste my time on this idea or not.

        I would love it if people could take 5 minutes to just answer my survey (you can leave out the demographic question). I just am trying to see how I should focus my energy.

        Here is the link:

        Thank you,

        • Take some Ag courses and marine biology. Learn Aquaponics. The future will be food production and Bio-algae-diesel.

        • Recheck this link. Not sure but be careful.

          • aquaponics would be pretty cool too set up. My plan is to get 5k or so scrounged up and buy some cheap land in wisconsin maybe 3hrs or so away from me (enough to where I can get with a half tank of gas if need be). then build a bunker to start housing supplies underground, and utilize the top as a ‘camp site’ until i have funds and supplies to build fencing, a microhouse. but a small green house with a aquaponic setup would be good. Just gotta take it into steps.

            I assumed the link worked and was safe, the company is legitimate.

            side question – do you think it is a good idea to set up a ‘trust’ for my bug out land?

            Or perhaps, I was thinking alternatively – could i establish a fake nonprofit, and turn 2-5 acres into prairie land and have it be some conservation group – but still have a container bunker hidden underneath? I feel like that would be more risk, and way too much paperwork and time.

            • I think it’s tons of paperwork for non profit. And more of the same if you set up shell corporation. Required to have boards, meetings with minutes posted. Sound good, but I don’t know it would be that easy.

      47. Yes, all the yuppies laughed when I bought a double. I get $10k a year in rent forever.
        That’s offset the recent inflation. All these fucks have now lost their homes. They laughed at me when I prepped up with about $4k in computer books and read day and night. The guy that laughed the biggest got fired off and is now smelling people sweat at a local gym as a personal trainer makine $9 an hour. I’m pulling six figures with all the benefits.

        This is the bear in camp and don’t be the slowest guy!!!

        They will continue to drop the dollar. Then you’ll see riots…then martial law, then they will say you have to turn in shot guns….At that point…it will be time to round up the law makers and politicians for a fema camp vacation.

        Don’t be bummed out that they created those camps. Now we have resources to put all the traitors there.

        Stop trying to convince folks to prep. It’s too late. You now need to practice keeping your fucking mouth shut. Think of your kids.

        Time will shake things out.

        Good luck.

        ps. Don’t get all unglued about the collapse of the US. When it goes down…it will be time to start fresh again. We’ll toss out all the commies.


        • Survive its Death

      48. And coming to the United States of America, either after martial law is declared or the masses being too stupid to know what this is actually going to be used for. Biometrics is nothing but another word for the mark of the beast. Just takes one country such as Israel to set off the worldwide run on this everywhere. A chip here and a chip there, and so long to freedom instantly. 🙁

        • BI, this kinda reminds me of the plastic surgeon in “Brazil” who turns his patients into ghouls: “Can you believe it?! Just me and my little knife! Snip, snip! Slice, slice! Can you believe it? And this is just the beginning!”
          Lacerate, excise, augment, scar over, repeat. Until we’re all drooling derelicts, crawling on all fours, shrouded in sack-cloth.
          What an end for a free people.


        So if hyperinflation hit…
        I’d ride my bike to work.
        Not eat out.
        Break out the powdered milk, beans and rice.
        I’d stop paying my bills as much as possible in hopes of paying them off later.
        I’d have to switch jobs many times…as employers would not want to keep up.
        I already got a 5 figure raise…out of my scumbag employer…but that would not work again.

        It will be very interesting what goes down.

        The ghetto will be like a war zone.

        • “The ghetto will be like a war zone.”

          Already is.

      50. I hope that the US Military takes over and we do away with congress and we do internet voting on our laws.

        • And I hope this country isn’t that stupid!

      51. A large dump U.S. influence France, Portugal and Spain and not let Evo Morales (President of Bolivia) overflying territories with official plane.

        The feeling against the United States in Latin America is great.

        Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and the rest with the exception of Chile and Colombia (which are by little, these governments are not forged by the CIA will bear) EsAO outraged (at least) ..

        Imagine if a country did not give permission to the “Air Force One”.

        That’s what happened to the plane of Evo Morales.

        Diplomatically things ocorrerm gradually changing will come, and will be painful.

        Who will see live.


      52. Reflections by Ugly–

        There is no inflation. There is only price increases.

        Your Dollar is worth a lot; just not a lot.

        Today is no different than yesterday; now get back to your third job.

        I haven’t been brainwashed, didn’t have a brain anyway.

        Pass the Cheetos.

        Learn German. Then use it at Wally World.

        Speak French at Taco Bell.

        Agree with a Liberal that debt is great.

        Agree with a Banker that zero% interest is earning you money.

        As in 1984. ‘War is Peace’.

        The Thought Police?

        The List goes on.

        As article says, ‘Nothing is normal anymore’ is true.

        Nothing is normal. Normal is gone. Get ready for abnormal. That Day is Here.

        • Heh…you’re the Casey Stengel of SHTFplan, Ugly. On your advice I am going to speak French at Taco Bell. “Avez-vous des tacos de caviar?”

          • The Worlds Most Interesting Man. Speaks Fluent French…In….Russian!

            In Past Lives he has Always been…..Himself!

            He Never does “Preps”….Others Prep For him!

            XX-Stay Thirsty My friends.

      53. It’s deflation now. Japan has been 2 decades into printing money and still deflation. Banks cont to sit on money to trade, not loan out.

      54. Hoard:




        And Get out of cities

      55. Just a reminder for, that you can access it here:

      56. The dollar is dying. Not only is the Fed creating a trillion a year that we know of but there’s been massive secret loans to European banks. I don’t know how we make it to 2014.

        • Within the confines of the current system and LIES…we won’t make it to 2014!

          There will be a “martial law genesis event” within OUR borders, and/or WWIII. NOTHING ELSE can possibly hide the “multitudinous sins” of not only this regime, but the two previous regimes at a minimum.

          This is by no means my desire or wish. This is history repeating as occurred in both previous “planned and executed” world wars.

          “WAR, what is it good for”…generating additional wealth to TPTB and demolishing the scent/trail of THEIR high crimes and higher crimes. HISTORY will once again repeat. And once again, “we the people” will pay for it at “every single level of price and suffering”, both imagined and not yet imagined.

      57. I picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue.

      58. What the Romans Used for Toilet Paper

        By Caroline Lawrence
        The ancient Romans were sophisticated in surprising ways. Take going to the bathroom, for example. In first century Rome, there were over one hundred public latrines, many of them with marble seats, scenes from Greek mythology on the walls, running water and ancient Roman toilet paper provided.
        But what DID they use for toilet paper? Well, you could use a leaf, a handful of moss or your left hand! But what most Romans used was something called a spongia, a sea-sponge on a long stick. The stick was long because of the design of Roman toilets. Public facilities had a long marble bench with holes on top – for the obvious thing – and holes at the front: for the sponge-sticks. There were no doors or dividing walls. You sat right next to your friend and did what you had to do.

        Most Romans wore tunics (a garment like a long tee-shirt) and probably nothing underneath. So you could just hike it up in back and sit on the cool marble seat, leaving the front of the tunic to cover your knees and your modesty. You would sit there, chatting with your friends, and when you finished your ‘task’ you would rinse the sponge in the channel of running water at your feet and – without standing up or revealing anything – you would push the spongia through the hole at the front, give your bottom a wipe, rinse off the spongia… and leave it in a basin for the next person to use!
        Gotta love those ancient Romans.

        • that story gives new meaning to community asswipe!!!

          • Romans had Very Skinny guys like Hobammy to crawl into the Hole in front and Clean it out when too full.

            • My “thinking” too. Simply have Obama and the entire congress become official “public latrine spongia suckers”.

              They would then actually “serve the people” and could not possibly run out of SHIT to spew every time one of them opens their mouth!

      59. CA Resident,Hi – Excellent point above……regarding “returning back to God”.

        When it comes down to it, I think essentially that is the main issue “big picture top level view” (as a country, people, govt., world). I tend to oversimplify things sometimes (and maybe its a naive opinion) but I think we have turned our backs on the creator. In my opinion its not so much “God punishing” us…but maybe the creator leaving us to our own devices and leaving us to suffer in our own mess for a bit. Usually, we tend to only really reach out to God (or others) when times are tough. When our “faith is tested” so to speak….
        Once in awhile, I walk my neighborhood a couple of miles (without wife and kids) just to get a “street level” view of things. To me the signs are so very visible that we are an ailing society. The economy is one very visible aspect of it where the common everyday people are hurting badly and some are slipping through the safety nets. “Suffering” is an interesting topic, haven’t totally wrapped my head around it to understand it completely….but reading to get more edumacated 🙂
        Keep prepping, we may be the ones at this time in the world (that most of us have all read about) where our hands may be needed to help clean house and “set things straight” (in all capacities, not just defense, etc.)
        The Challenge is not to lose our own humanity/soul while trying to deal with this mess and at the same time being able to wake up and look at the sun and new day as a gift from up above! 🙂
        Peace out

      60. the Irish next in line to get robbed ???

        Free Advice Is Sometimes Worth More Than You Paid for It. On That Note, Irishman… Take Your Money And Run!!!

        and why NO ONE’S money is safe,even in an “insured” account

        Think Your Money Is Safe in an Insured Bank Account? Think Again

        FIGHT BACK
        TAKE BACK

      61. *****MERS UPDATE*****

        Finland braces for MERS

        WTF ????

        Finland preparing for a MERS outbreak ???????

        and then there is this line in the story

        “The World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Friday it was preparing for an outbreak of the coronavirus. ”

        the official line for the longest time was
        “don’t worry be happy” nothing to worry about
        minimal chance of a pandemic

        and now this ???

        DAMN SKIPPY we aren’t getting the WHOLE story

        • Sorry, FLARE!

      62. I tell folks I am a Christian; not a very good one, but I AM a Christian. I’ve got a good job, the world’s most perfect wife, and the world’s best dog. I LOVE my in-laws (how many men get to say that?) I am a prepper, have been since I was a kid, and I don’t apologize for being one. Mt biggest problem is I don’t like people very much, and I’m very picky about who I associate with. Is being a Christian, but not liking people too much, and not going to church for that reason, living a lie? I’m not sure, but so far it has worked for me. Does anyone have any scriptural references for me?

        • Hey Shoot: why don’t you go to church, if you do not have assurance from the Lord and know why you do what you do. Search it out dude! No man can tell you what to do…anyway, where 2 or 3 are gathered together in MY NAME there I AM in their midst…if you do not know why from the Lord, find out. He will show you. The remnant Christians long ago started leaving the ‘Church’ but not the ‘church’. They have come out of HER. You have to stay in prayer and seek God with all your heart…your wife I assume is Christian…there’s your church amigo. You have to love the Truth and set your heart and mind on it at all times…Jesus was not talking to the wind when he said “you will KNOW the Truth and that will SET YOU FREE from the doctrines and commandments of MEN! Go for it!

        • The Prophet Ben Franklin said: “You can trust old dogs, old women, and old money.” It was gong into the Bible but hit the press to late.

        • SSS – I have your same issues. I am a Christian and I too don’t like people very well. I stopped going to church when I witnessed a worthy older gentleman in need turned away by a church because he was ” not of their caliber”. He didn’t have any money and he was sent to this church by the VA for gas money to get to his brother’s funeral.

          I talked with him as he was standing outside in tears. I asked him a few questions. He said is tank was on empty and he only needed enough to make about an hour away to pick up his other brother who had enough money to get them to Cleveland. (We were in Indianapolis).

          I talked to a few people who I knew had money, just to get a small collection for him. One guy gave $12… No one else wanted to be bothered. I went back outside and asked him where his car was. He pointed to an older model sedan. It was dark. I walked by the car and the light in the parking lot lit up the dash and I could see it was empty. The only other item in the car was a Bible in the back seat. The light lit it up.

          I asked him to wait there as I went home and brought him the $150 from my sock drawer. I gave it to him and he said, “Oh, I don’t need this much. I only need enough to get me to Xxxx.” It was about an hour away. He kept trying to give most of it back. I told him to keep it in case he needed it. He started crying. Said God Bless you and gave me a hug.

          I never looked at “Church going people” the same again. It broke my heart, but not my faith. I can’t stand hypocrites, in any environment. Keep your faith my friend. It may be all you have one day.

      63. An Epidemic of “Isolated Incidents”


        welcome to AMerIKa

      64. Folks,

        If the collapse comes, are you prepared? A lot of topics and arguments pro and con here from religion to economics.

        I do not know the future, and don’t pretend to know how the past will rhyme with the future. What I do feel and perceive is that there will eventually be a very major upheaval of the world economy as a whole. And that won’t be for the good. The collapse, like Doug Casey likes to say is inevitable but not imminent.

        I do not like the current course of events and actions this country has embarked on since 9/11. I am not pleased with it’s so called leaders. The entire system has been corrupted and misguided, and unfortunately I do not see any changes coming in the near future. If you want to go religious here, beware of the future slick talking antichrist, but that is another issue.

        I for one believe in the long run this country will survive and thrive, after the collapse the wars and most likely a new world order in some shape or form.

        So you see my plan is not to run and hide in this police state, but to plan and prosper in the future.

        Yes I am a prepper, it is my contention to establish a position, personal and family and financial position to survive what ever the future throws at us. To put in position a plan so that my children’s generation will be in a position to capitalize on the opportunities that will arise after the downfall.

        I think sometimes as preppers we only think of the short term position of preparing for the collapse, as opposed to prepping for the period after the collapse if we survive.

        If is just a thought to suggest maybe more preppers should broaden their horizons a bit.

        Hyperinflation? It is the result of a centralized government in collusion with a centralized bank. Get these two out of the way, and hyperinflation would not exist.

      65. Did everyone see the Korean airline crash today because of the landing gear? This could be how sudden the economy comes crashing down if and when a strong enough physical manure hits the blades of the moving fan type event occurs. There are sure enough of these potential events to go around nowadays.

        • Was it the landing gear? I thought the tail hit the breakwater short of the run way, which means wrong glide slope (VASI was red over red), but also in a seemingly contradictory scenario, did he rotate the plane too early which puts it in a near stall just as it is about to land, thinking he was closer to the ground than he was?

          If there was a landing gear failure to deploy, then he surely would not have landed short.

          I really took notice beause my wife and daughter are scheduled to arrive in SF from Cebu next week. Those are long flights…12 hours from HongKong to LA even with 100 kt tailwinds. I wonder if pilot fatigue or rather hours and hours of sitting in the plane and then suddenly having to go on alert for landing had anything to do with it.

      66. An appeal to Heaven…

      67. Here is something I read time to time as an incentive to get off my butt and do something constructive so my kids and grand kids may enjoy something we call a Constitution and B.O.R.

        “Before we go any farther, let me make this clear: “NO, we are not Rangers!” Never have we claimed to be; however, we can take their example as they are superb light infantry, and when allowed to operate in MW methodology, do not have many peers in the world. Our group is special in that it does not accept modern, ‘politically correct’ reasoning in our training choices such as ‘gender norming’ and others. We are instilling in our members that they need to accept this one fact:

        Your enemy is training as you read this. He doesn’t care how much his ruck weighs, it weights what it weighs; he doesn’t care how long the walk is, it’s over when it’s over; he doesn’t care whether you’re a man, woman, or a goat. He doesn’t care if his weapon jams when he’s firing for practice; he clears it and continues. He’s training to kill you. Period.”

      68. This is getting irritating. It’s like so many of you WANT a collapse, and it’s probably because you have watched so many movies and have a misconception about how it really will be and many of you have it in your heads, “I’m going to be a bad ass and have a armored car while blasting mother f&&@$ers all day”, that is not how it is going to be, millions will die, people are going to starve and suffer miserably. Children will starve to death, if not eaten by the neighbors. It will be hell. It’s sick to sit here and read the hopeful wishing of a collapse. What is wrong with you guys, the ones with the wishful thinking. Just log off, spend time with your family and your friends, enjoy life because the real reality is that once this happens, you won’t be alive long enough to use all your expensive toys and be a badlands badass. Just stop. Take your kids to the park, so that way when it does happen you don’t have regrets because I guarantee that most of you guys do nothing but focus on this when you have families that should be getting all your attention. Because when it does happen, your going to look back and think, I spent every moment thinking about this and all my time and now what? You won’t even know if you will make it to tomorrow and your kids as well and your wife. The true meaning of waking up is to stop, realize what will happen then enjoy your life to the fullest and not let this create so much fear in you that you NEGLET your kids and wives. They got you right where they want you, 100% focused on this because of fear and blowing money on mostly useless “preps”, when everyone knows what is the necessities of survival. But come up, truely wake up! Get out of the mind control, you all know what is going to happen so make a to do list, get it done and then kiss your wives and go out and get your kids a cool ass toy instead of paying for stuff for your fantasy land that is in your head. Oh I need this cool knife to look like Rambo, no get a simple but efficient one, that’s it, stop trying to imagine yourself as Rambo. Because the more arms you get the bigger target you are going to paint on your back. Enjoy your families, that’s it, all I’m trying to say. Get out of the mind control

        • i agree to some extent. i watch youtube videos with people who have 4 knives, 5 flashlights, paracord etc. in their bug out bags.. its overkill.. all i gotta say about that is, your flashlight will get you killed by those who are sitting in the dark using only bug spray.
          however, as someone in their 20’s, in good shape, I can still be the “badlands badass” of my area lol.
          Also, with the lack of respect, and manners(for most of America), i dont blame some people for wanting a collapse and leaving the freeloaders to actually work for food and shelter. cant live off the government forever.

          • @ Caliber. Agree. If they let it collapes in 08 we would have been better off. The sooner we reset, the less casualties there will be. It will crash and the longer it is put off the worse it will be. The free loading has to stop.

      69. I’m hoping all goes to shit. You know how women marry money.

        I bet I’ll get all the chicks when they are wanting for a can of beans.


        Laugh at life folks…it ends badly for us all.

        I used to work as a contractor… I was at a guy’s house..he had mad money…but was dying of lung cancer. He said he’d give it all up for one more year.

        I’ll take the day and enjoy what I have. Yeah..planned for bad times…but won’t dwell on it. That’s why you prepped up…to now worry so much.

        Stay armed, well stocked and keep looking at hot women.
        Keeps your edge on. ha

        • I knew the party was down here in the low rent district!

          Read an article that says looking at boobs is good for your heart!

          Looking at hot women is the one thing everybody can agree on!

        • I’m real happy when PMs are in the shitter…as I still have about 25 years to buy more.

          Do the math…silver…. used in so many things…and the population will continue to grow.

          When I’m a little old man… The safe will be brimming and I’ll be sitting pretty and have something real to pass to my kid. They will not be able to trace it or even tax it.

          Silver will be the currency of the underworld.


          The United States is over…when this guy can run for president and he can skirt the laws…basic shit.

          Don’t trust anyone and metal up. Hide the shit.

      70. I bought rat traps for the squirrels … no sense wasting ammo on ’em and making a bunch of noise. Just a quiet “snap” and dinner is served.

        • pellet guns do a fine job of this at very good range, very cheaply too I might add

        • JEW.S.A,
          I use Duke 110 conibear traps for that.

        • JEW.S.A,
          So the ebb and flow of silver is now changing direction from the US to India, and “who has the silver, has the empire”?
          I guess he could have done without that Hillary clip with her balling up her fists. She reminds me of Beavis screaming, “I am Corn-holio!” But she DOES need TP for her bunghole. Just sayin’.
          Did you notice the Tool song that the piece starts out with? You can’t hear Maynard’s voice, so somebody on his channel knows how to use a digital mixer…

          • @Mark

            phyzz silver will follow phyzz gold around like a abused unappreciated puppy

            when the gold backed currency standard is fully activated in china / brics , over 3 billion people will suddenly want the ‘american dream’ with their new found wealth , gold backed money spending power

            phyzz gold is making a ‘comeback’ in asia as china / the bric’s re-invent the international gold back currency in the form of the ‘Renminbi’

            all the western in the know ptb oligarchy elite banking families are buying up phyzz gold and storing it locally in their physical control preparing for the international banking transition to the east / asia

            so bottom line if you want to survive whats coming buy phyzz – buy phyzz gold to preserve your wealth and speculate with phyzz silver . i suggest a long investment of 40% phyzz gold 60% phyzz silver .

            the tough part will be converting your physical to fiat post the zog amerika collapse as the zog fedgov irs will be controlling taxing the crap out of it .

            phyzz pm black markets will spring up across zog amerika

            its class warfare the 1% against the 99%

            those preppers with the right intelligence , salty business morals and street smarts will survive … everyone else the trusting dumb-downed sheeple will suffer and perish .


            N.O. ;0p

      71. If it ends this way the powers to be have lost control. This is not to say that it can’t or that it won’t be re established by them and for them however this current path is way too dangerous and unpredictable for a prudent historically methodical group to follow. They once operated in the shadows calculating every move which sacrificed speed for stealth and accuracy.

        Events are driving actions at least as much as actions are now driving events. The aircraft is now on auto pilot with haphazard adjustments being made to the flight controls while the stewardess calms the passengers.

        WW3 is on the horizon.

      72. Monday Morning Quarterback, I’ll have you know that Mac Slavo’s and other sites in the alternative media are FULL of credibility, which no single MSM site has. I don’t have any drinking or drug issues. I live in the real world. I know the condition my country is in. I know who is responsible for the condition my country is in. No, I don’t want my country to fall, but we’re all afraid it will and it will be due to circumstances that are beyond anyone’s control. We are a community of people who live in the real world, who are concerned about the direction our country is headed, and are preparing for the times to come, which will be hell on earth for all of us. We’re going to stand up and fight this evil system which has been destroying this country in numerous ways for far too long. A 2nd American Revolution is the only hope I see for us. Forget about “working within the system” or “vote the bastards and bitches out.” The system doesn’t lend itself to reform and the elections are always rigged. Your only choice is the Corrupt Republican or the Corrupt Democrat. The system, in all of its aspects, is going to collapse. We’ll have to start over from scratch and build an America we can believe in, the kind of nation God intended for us to have. We all meet here on a daily basis to exchange useful information on survival-related subjects and we even help out any newcomers to the world of prepping. If you have something useful to contribute to our discussion, we’ll be glad to hear it. if you’re just going to act like a troll, then just move your ass on. No trolls allowed here. braveheart

        • bravehart

          “A 2nd American Revolution is the only hope I see for us.”

          Assuming a collapse and you started from scratch who would be in the dominate positions? The reality is we were beyond lucky to have the Founding Fathers. Governments have came and went but throughout history none can morally, spiritually, ethically and intellectually hold a candle to our founders. Whores with power are waiting in the hallway to give you a new government that is guaranteed not to the liking of the common citizen.

          We have the playbook called the US Constitution. The Preamble is the mission statement. Enforce its compliance.

          • I see two classes emerging…
            The slaves and the business owners.

            I’m creating a new company that will run by one man…me.

            Complete database automation. Zero employees.
            It takes longer..but in the end… zero hassles.



            • Who is Paula Dean and why do we care about her?

      73. Ignorance is Bliss, you chose the perfect name to post under. YOU”RE the one who needs to wake up and stop drinking the MSM koolaid. We live in the real world. We know what’s really happening and prepping for it. If you don’t want to learn something useful here, then go back to the MSM sites. We don’t need any trolls. braveheart

      74. Mac, these trolls are really getting to me, but I managed to keep my cool this time. Everyone here knows how strong I could’ve been to those 2. Don’t worry. You have a whole community here, myself included, that will stand up for you. is my community. NOBODY messes with my community! braveheart

        • braveheart for hall monitor!

      75. Piper Michael, good evening, just now catching your comment defending me against the troll. Thank you for that. To yourmotherwaswrong, YOU”RE THE ONE WHO IS WRONG! Durango Kidd is not a troll, but you’re acting like one. You might be a step above a troll since you can carry on a decent conversation. I’ve never found 1 troll that could. So, don’t act like one. braveheart

        • breaveheart trolls sit in their cubical getting paid either in this country or some other, it appears calling them cowards or traitors does not affect them.

          We can’t challenge them to a physical confrontation because they are cowards and insults don’t rile them. So for now just ignore them our time will come and with any luck we’ll have the last laugh.

          They are like a horse fly, annoying you until you smash it, then before you know it another takes it’s place. So at this point they deserve “Zero” reply’s no thumbs up or down, just ignore them.

          Stay focused Bro

        • braveheart,
          You ‘da man. yomamma simply has an arrogant attitude, I have tried to warn him against screaming and cursing to get his point across, but… alas, to no avail. So he is on my ignore list. Sadly, it appears he is like eisen, could have something to contribute, but does it in such a way nobody wants to hear it. If he was in our group I would ask him to leave. Then he is the type that would turn on you, I don’t trust him.
          I don’t have time to waste anymore on ill mannered fools, and my blood pressure can’t take it. Quite frankly they’re just not worth it. Let whatever comes take them swiftly and without much pain.
          (That goes for me too…. 😉

      76. @ braveheart. Since you are out and about I thought you might find this rather interesting. Today there was an earthquake near Easter Island and I checked like I do almost all type quakes on plate boundaries and this was strange. This area that gets hit in the past has ONLY a 40% major earthquake percentage within 15 days. However when they hit they are bigger than most. For example the same spot, within 11 miles of today’s quake, hit back on March 1, 2011, and 10 days later the Japanese mega earthquake of 9.0 hit. That precursor quake was 6.0 in 2011, and this one is 5.0 which could mean something.

        All I can see is that the southern area of this hempishere is due for a true massive quake, and this one today shows that tremendous pressure is building up at the right pressure points. I used this analogy before, but it is like a building being demolished with a tiny proportion of explosive in comparison to what would have to be used in the wrong spots. These pressure points around the planet are showing this perfect energy release that coming.

        Again, this is from past quakes that have had the same spots hit and had some truly planet shakers, the types high 7’s and above. The earthquake yesterday was also a precursor to the largest deep focus earthquake on record a couple of months ago. You have two earthquakes within a 24 hour period that lead to the largest earthquake on record in Japan. the largest deep focus earthquake on recrod of 8.3 and a couple a 7.9’s thrown in. Oh, and the earthquake earlier yesterday on the Mid Indian Ridge lead to the 8.0 in the Soloman Islands earlier this year. Actually there are 3 quakes telling of something very bad lurking and ready to fire off.

        • BI
          We were up hiking around and sightseeing up on Haleakala today, 6500′ and above, dont think much will grow up there for sustenance, the ranch has a cabin up there at just about 6500, nice little spot, man the crater looked nice today, open country camo if you are on the outside below 8k and you basicly disappear, forgot how nice it is up there. Good place to bug.

          • @ Kulafarmer. At the equator for every 1000 feet you go up it is like going 300 miles away from the equator. Towards the mid latitudes that number drops to 200-250 miles for every 1000 feet up. So at 6,500 feet it is like going 1600 miles further north. So the climate there should be similar to northern Oregon to southern Washington. I can imagine if someone wanted to grow crops, cherries, apples, and practically every berry would flourish there. The fog up there like the coastal slopes of the Pacific Northwest would be ideal to escape what was happening downwards.

            I still don’t understand why more communities are not built up there. You get enough water, the roads are never iced below 9000 feet and away from volcanic action should be maintained easily, the soil is super for growing, the lack of temperature extremes wealthy people pay for all over the planet, and the scenic value must be breathtaking especially overlooking the valley below. The safety factor up there is a huge issue with what is coming.

            There are places all over southern Europe that could not rival the quality of the real estate. You wonder why someone has not taken advantage of this. I know the coffee growers sure have from 4000 feet up.

            Have you been up to the tops of places like Mauna Kea. The observatory up there is one of the cleanest and best places on Earth to view the stars from the clear sky? The coldest it has ever gotten there is 12 degrees. People in the winter go up to ski the slopes when the snowpack is enough. I think it is just a novel thing of someone saying that they went to Hawaii and skied, more than actually good snow. The view from up there must be another reason.

            It might be a good bug out plan to see about the wild game up the mountain when comes the time to get out of Dodge. I can imagine that the native plants and animals could easily keep someone alive indefinitely there.

          • Kulafarmer
            I know that potatoes grow very well in high elevations, at least in Peru they do. I don’t know what the cut off elevation is, but I have to believe is above 6500′

            • I went and looked it up, In Peru they are growing and harvesting in elevations over 14,000feet..mostly potato as far as I know..
              Not sure if its the climate, and the earth as the governing combo, but its been getting done there for centuries

      77. I thought John Williams said the system was set to crumble in May 2013. Now he adds a another year. Am really losing any confidence in these guys. The reality is that no one really knows what is going on, but that in a bizarre twist, everyone has a vested interest in keeping up with the pretending. (if you are poor, you could wind up even poorer if things fall apart.)

        We have a world wide Nash equilibrium, which depends on a certain number of the 1.) middle class being acquiescent enough like the good mules they are to keep working and supporting the rest, 2.)the non productive class being fed and entertained just enough that they are content if they live in the US, (but too dumb to know anything but poverty if they live elsewhere in the third world it seems, short of outright starvation like Egypt, but even then, not much outcry in places like sub Sahara Africa is there?), and 3.) elites who know they can get away with robbing the masses blind.

        So, I am reorienting my strategy to the the “long slow grind”, which means I would still like a place out in the country to raise my own food, get off the grid and stop feeding feeding the government beast.

        I guess I am just getting tired of the sensationalism especially those who stand to gain by selling doom and gloom, like Alex Jones, Peter Schiff, Max Keiser, Celente.

        Not a naysayer, just trying to moderate here.

        • Agreed

          These folks I listened to as well ..
          years ago..

          then started thinking for myself…

          hell Celente has been peddling apocalypse now for the rest of his cohorts..

          and they’ve built hefty sums of money peddling their wares of doom/revolution,collapse etc etc etc..and laughing all the way to the central banks they so despise.

          much akin to the bands in the 60’s promoting counter culture,revolution,off the grid to millions of followers as they flew off in their private jets to their illustrious estates amongst the rich and famous they so reviled..

          meet the new boss

          same as the old boss.


          • It seems almost every article has something to promote or sell. We need to get back to the “how to” and “gov exposure” articles and forget the “buy my freeze dried, PM’s, and books.

          • bam…encore brother!

      78. Be Informed, good evening, and yes, what you just said is interesting. Kevin2, I understand where you’re coming from, but trying to enforce compliance with the constitution on the present power structure would be like trying to stop the sun from rising in the morning. Tigers never change their stripes. Mac, I just finished watching the video Anon posted the link for in his comment #1866847 and I have to agree it’s a hit piece. when the narrator first used the term “right-wing”, that sent up a red flag for me and I knew it would be BS. I don’t know Sean or his websites, but if you can vouch for him, then I’ll look at the sites for myself. Even commies can use youtube. braveheart

      79. “The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”
        -Sen. Barack Obama Barack Obama’s Q&A – Dec 20, 2007

        • That was before he got to sit in W’s chair and stare out at the rose garden. Now he realizes, some presidents are more equal than others. Especially the Kenyan ones….

      80. For hundreds of years an elite group of BANKER FREEMASONS JEWS oligarchs have ruled the land, fueled by a legacy of MURDER OF PRESIDENTS , PEDO sex SLAVES , USURY money , CORRUPT power and ABSOLUTE greed….

        …. in the last 60 years their power has become more consolidated as they have become more organized.
        Their own white papers and other documents show the diabolic plans they have in store for the population.



        FIGHT BACK







      82. Every Generation of Bible thumpers has a great number of folks who actually believe that they are living in the end times and they will be Raptured. So far they have all been wrong. those predicting things like Y2K, 12-21-12 the economic collapse,globall Pandemics ect have all been wrong. However the north pole shifting 40 miles in 2011 is a big increase in just one year. It really doesnt matter if its a all at once end of an age world wide clatyclismic event. I everything you have is destroyed by a localized event.For you SHTF has already happened. things like a tornado, wildfire,flood the result can be just as devastating to those who expierence it. In 1980 we had a severe drought. That drought bankrupted lots of Row crop farmers. Just the loss of one years harvest turned many who where Paper Millionaires into Paupers. My self I lost my job in November of 2011. The Dot requires a Health certificate to drive truck. I drove truck for 40 years. While using a chain saw a small sharp limb went into my ear. damaged the ear drum and I lost 100% of my hearing in that ear. So I cant drive commercial truck any longer. Im past 60 and there are no other jobs that I could work at. However I have for 50 years collected junk. Hundreds of old cars appliances scrap metal ,obselete farm machinery ,equiptment etc. It looks to be a hoarder type mess.however their isnt any garbage trash . We have been seperating this into salable scrap. Short steel, cast iron, copper, Aluminum, Brass, stainless, ect. Every week there is less than the week before. I tell folks I didnt have a 401 or any retirement it was all invested in junk iron. We average selling about $750 per week and we have no debt. Back when junk & scrap had very little value I was considered a loonie nut. Now that its valuable In merely eccentric. There where many shysters that tried to cheat me out of my hoard. plus we also have a garden and livestock. Im hoping to start drawing a Social security check in 2014. I dont want a collapse. I dont want a Revolution. I dont want a clatyclismic event. I want the electric to stay on.Things at this time are going very good for us . However I know it isnt going to last. Change is enivetable. Having stated all that you dont have to be a certified loonie wearing a tin foil hat to know something is up with the planet,goverments ect. Ive lived through several of these so called recessions, This one is different. In the others things got cheaper because folks stopped buying. Now every day prices rise and if something is being sold on credit or can be bought with a goverment stipend it quickly sells? ???

      83. July 6, 2013 – NEW MEXICO – A storm dumped inches of hail on Santa Rosa Wednesday evening leaving a lot of ice and damage in its wake. The storm, which moved in from San Miguel County, lasted for about an hour. Thursday morning, Santa Rosa still looked like a winter wonderland from the air. Ice blanketed the streets, parks and rooftops on the Fourth of July, the morning after the storm that dumped 3-6 inches of nickel- to golf-ball-sized hail that accumulated to feet in depth in some places. “It’s funny to see the people at Park Lake all in shorts and stuff and swimming trunks, and in the snow, it seems like,” Horacio Lopez said. Santa Rosa’s fire chief said while he appreciates the moisture during the long-running drought, the storm caused dangerous conditions on roadways. “Some people I talked to were stuck for five to six hours,” Chief Gilbert Romero said. “It’s just really bad, something I’ve never seen in my 50 years of life. I’ve never seen anything like this.” Some of the original stained glass windows, dating back about 100 years, at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church were damaged by the hail. Resulting water damage also forced businesses to close including the Family Dollar as people continued to shovel hail off of roofs. “We’ve just spent the morning here trying to assess our damage,” Mario Trujillo, the owner of the Sun & Sand Restaurant, said. “Just looking at town, it’s just incredible. We’ve heard of carports falling.” Roberta Blea didn’t realize her carport had fallen on all three of her family’s cars until after the storm passed. She said the falling hail was so loud, they couldn’t hear the carport collapsing. “I looked out and it was just raining hail,” Blea told KRQE News 13. “I had never seen that happen. I just never even expected this much destruction. It’s devastating.” Forecasters with the National Weather Service said these types of hail storms aren’t uncommon, but that it’s rare for this to happen before monsoon season starts. –KRQE

      84. If we don’t get a new article soon, I may have to resort to another ‘ask the okie’ advice column. Started to write one yesterday but a ghost jumped out of the keyboard and smacked me. (he was hiding under the ‘z’ key and I guess I woke him up when I tried to spell Zzyzx) I took it as an omen and clicked back over to youtube to watch Marx Brothers movies. Those guys were great! Just wish their uncle Karl had done comedy with them…and stayed the heck out of economics.

        • Old Uncle Karl. I guess that’s why Groucho said, “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.”

          I was going to say, “I’m not crazy about reality, but it’s still the only place to get a decent meal.”, but Groucho beat me to it.

          Have a happy Sunday, Smokin’.

        • Hi Smokin!

          Hey, we all need a little advice, get with it!
          I’m going to see super man, get outa the house, do something ‘real’.


      85. Why is nothing decisive enough to push us over the edge? The National debt doesn’t matter. Many are on government assistance. Threats of gun confiscation and personal preps. Local Law enforcement is becoming part of the military. You know the drill.
        Could the answer be that it those problems have not penetrated enough into our lives to cause pain and suffering. We have food on out tables and a roof over our heads. Live with some degree of tranquility in our neighborhoods. No troops or roadblocks. A governmental safety net is in place for the misfortunate. Aside from the possibilities of a Natural Event or War, Life is Good. Our road to events, like those in other countries is a little longer. Raise the price of gas, food and have the interest rates climb to a point we can not afford our LUXORIES and things should begin to happen.
        Rest assured that once things begin, our country is going to change and never be the same.

        • Slingshot you ask why? Maybe it the fluoride, video games and American Idol. Since the Cold War ended, yea right, it has been nothing but a party and feel good time.

          The end of the Cold War is nothing but a “Trojan Horse” to give us a sense of false victory and to lower our guards.

          The other answer could be most other people are fools.

          • Luther.
            The hard part is to figure out why people say and do things. Are their opinions from positions of power or fear. From wealth or being destitute. Is it culture, religion to basic human needs and desires. Are their actions impulsive or reactionary from being constantly prodded by irritating actions and behavior of others.
            There is a lot of crap. Many here would want to take the Moral High Ground. But which Moral High Ground? Who gets to pick and choose what it is made up of.
            My attempts to break it down to the lowest common denominator will never be accomplished. For that to happen it would have to be Black and White answers and today many answers fall into the Grey area. Because of this Grey area, our nation is even more fragmented in opinion. That will only lead to more bloodshed or impoverish us to the point, it will not matter anymore what we say.

          • When the cold war ended International Business had the virtual entire world in which to expand into no longer fearing communist nationalization of facilities like what happened in Cuba in 1959. The former eastern block had a reasonably well educated workforce that will require a fraction of the compensation that the western workers demanded.

            When the wall came down I thought, “Beware what you ask for because you just might get it”.

            I personally vote for the USSR to return and rebuild that wall and snatch a few countries too. Manufacturing might then be chased back into the USA. I liked China under the control of Mao Se Dong too with his five year futile plans followed by famine far better than the manufacturing giant they have become at our expense.

        • I gotta agree with slingshot. I think as long as the goverment stipends & freebees arrive on time most folks dont give a hoot. Im just as guilty. Ive become complacient. Im comfortable. And even today with the high price of gas its easier for me to buy a tankful than it was in the sixties. Back then you where paid 3 cents per pound to pick cotton. 50 cents per hour was big wages. Most folks around here didnt have indoor plumbing.Back then a fat or obese person was a rarity. Nowadays its quite the norm. Back then most folks my age where already dead. I believe the sheeple will give up all of their rights & freedoms in order to recieve goverment stipends and freebies. Social security is a freebie. Almose everyone drawing social security recieves every penny they paid into it back within five years. We have too many takers and to few makers. I thought it shoud have collapsed long ago. So now Im hoping I can start drawing social security. Im hoping they will keep propping things up and my lifestyle continues uninterupted until I die. After im dead I wont care anylonger.

          • ~~~Almose(t) everyone drawing social security recieves every penny they paid into it back within five years~~~

            That is not the point–that money was entrusted to idiots (obviously) to invest those funds therefore allowing us a good return–not steal those funds.

            • The point is that social security is a PONZI scheme. The baby boomers parents greatly benifited. My parents Dad paid very little in. Mom paid nothing yet they Recieved over $300,000 from the fund. Now that the great numbers of baby boomers are retiring there arent enough workers to sustain the Ponzi scheme.Very little was taken from most of us. And If it wasnt witheld for the most part we wouldnt have invested a penny of it. In fifty years of working the only investing I have is my home and a few acres of junk and a few head of livestock. Ill be thrilled to recieve whatever pittance of social security I recieve.

            • wish I had more green thumbs for that statement

      86. Mac, is it possible to have an ignore feature on the threads? Just asking.

        Am I the only one looking forward to the “ask the okie” advice column?

      87. Ask an Okie? As Kinky Friedman says, “Why the Hell not?”. Maybe he should get his own blog. After all, there’s already an “Ask a Mexican” advice column. It’s hilarious, but slightly to the left of Al Franken. I think we need a counter-balance in the blogosphere!



        HYPER-INFLATION is likely the end game, but you have to survive with assets in hand between now and then. Most will not be able to do this – especially if one is situated for hyperinflation without any control over the necessities of life.

        Hyperinflation will occur after the banksters have traded in their worthless fiat and worthless debt for real assets – exactly as most hear intuitively understand needs to be done.

        They are TBTF, though, so they aren’t worried about prices or being bankrupt. They can’t fail. When they’ve asset stripped society, they will then hyper-inflate to “balance their books” and proclaim capitalism as a failed policy.

        They will then sell the following to the starving, broke masses held in check at gunpoint and through their potential starvation:

        “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.

        It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years.

        But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government.

        The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

        ~David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991.

        N.O. ;0p

      89. I agree with Horses ass. Some people have gotten so sensational, they are losing credibility. I think the economy is in a SLOW grind downward, especially now that parts of Obama Care is put off until 2014 or later. However, the downward trend is un-mistakable and only a fool says it is not happening. The only thing that might stop it would be a “Mr. Fusion” invention or something as dramatic as the invention of the computer chip was. My husband is a mental health therapist and he believes that nothing will change until EVERYONE is affected. That means the 49% must feel the pain before any significant change in our government or way of life. That means when the EBT card is swiped and there is no authorization, when the “earned income” check can’t be cashed, the Obama phones are cancelled, etc. Until those things happen, the economic decline will be a slow grind to lower standards for those of us who work. When the “freebies” stop, all bets are off. I am not prepping necessarily for a sudden dramatic collapse, but for a dramatic different way of living. If anyone wants to be a naïve fool and not see the common sense of this – well it’s their choice.

      90. Hi All, Happy Sunday!

        I am sharing with you One of the best preps you can make right now that doesn’t cost a penny. “Make peace with your neighbors” It pays you as future surivival insurance and well as in spiritual dividends

        After a year of living in a house we just moved into… I finally just met my other next door neighbor today. Now I know both my neighbors and both are Muslim…which should make our relationship more interesting

        But in the end, regardless of faith and any particultar ethincity, I want to bring the people on my street into strong fellowship and friendship … this serves two purposes: to spread the Word and to build a prepping network for future survivability in a SHTF scenario. God Bless!

      91. This is what happens when governments “allow” sick perverts to have all sorts of privileges:

        There are not too many queers that end up with their weirdo minds not engaging in bestiality. This is against God, it is against what is right, it is against sanity. This is what faggots do when they want more than what they are getting. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, people and those in control still don’t learn to stop what God finds repulsive and evil. USA can follow the path of sodomy and perversion and pay the price or do what is right. It will be too late when God decides enough is enough.

      92. Howdy, PM, and yes, it’s possible the 2 could be related. I’ve started wondering about Facebook Page. afew articles back, he started taking up for Eisen. Before that, he always sounded decent with his posts. OK, I’ll try to ignore the trolls from now on, but that’s easier said than done. braveheart


        Screw you NWO liberals and dem commies.

        We’re all hoping it all comes crashing down…
        Then we will clean house…old school way!

        You don’t fuck with armed patriotic Americans.

        Maybe it’s time these fuckers fear us!!!

      94. how many years have you been pushing Armageddon up an other yr just to keep these idiots reading your site?/

        • Hey Me: you might consider this if you know anything about Revelation. The worm is turning on Zionist Israel pushing the NWO for the 1st time since 1948. Somehow the powers are realigning in the Middle East. There is now developing a backlash against the whore Israel. By this I mean Russia, Syria and Iran are pretty firm now. Israel is antichrist and has planted its tabernacle in the glorious holy mountain. But tiding out of the East and the North will piss them off and they will get insane and do some hair-brain stunt. You will see very soon Israel push at the North and East which will bring their destruction…I am pretty sure this is how the scenario will go. Maybe they will drop a nuke on Damascus and a pissed off world will say enough is enough…this aligns with prophecy which you will hear no place else. Nowhere on the internet or anybody’s radar. The beast will turn on the whore and the love fest will be over.

        • @ me. Most everything goes in cycles, as proven with earthquakes time and again. Eventually something must happen to this world. My best guess would be a catastrophic worldwide virus because when a species plant or animal becomes too many, Mother Nature hits with a germ that either severely thins the population of that species or makes it extinct. This is science of biology and fossils and recent examples of this proves it all too well.

          My other guess would be world war. Humans have hardly envolved to the point in which they can settle arguments without war. The odds increse each year there is not a world war. Based on if there is a world war every 100 years, which is a long time, there is a 50% chance of a world war this year. Coin flip. Take .99 and multiple itself 68 times, the number of years since WW2 ended and you come up with about .5, or 50% chance that WW3 will start this year. War is no way going to be conventional with this world war. Nuclear weapons will be used and lots of them. If that is not Armageddon for the human civilization I don’t know what is.

          Geophysical events go on wide scales, and some asteroid impact or other planetwide event could be centuries off and need to be taken as a case by case view of what is leading up to something. Supervolcanoes can go eons before hitting. Solar EMP’s however are much more common, the last one 1859, and a close one 9 years ago if it had erupted 2-3 days earlier would have flattened the modern era.

          The economy cannot continue to borrow and borrow without a ceiling being reached. Usally when the economies of the past have been this bad, major wars have developed soon after. Look at the 1930’s. As resopurces become less and less, and population becomes more and more, there is a junction point that is reached both economically and simple raw resource scarcity. Both mean catastrophic events to come.

          You seem to think that Mac is feeding into all of our neurosis and paranoia. Don’t you think though that all of us are feeling and seeing firsthand the major decay of the human society? Just look at how rotten it has become for people, the planet, the life forms on this planet since say 1990. We are just witnessing the end coming for modern day humans, just like ALL life goes through on this planet eventually. People’s morals are gone, and the masses have lost touch with reality and what matters to live WHEN something does happen, which it will. It has to, just like when a fault reaches critical energy mass and releases this energy in a massive quake. Humans have reached this critical mass, in population alone as shown with disease and starvation. The people here are just totally aware of what is happening, and Mac is showing the obvious and allowing us to discuss it each day.

        • Idiots?
          Another troll for the ignore list.
          We shall see who is the idiot.
          You, shall get what you want, a single party Beast, with the velvet gloves taken off. We’ll see how many trolls actually like the tyranny they crave.

      95. Earthguakes can definitely be predicted as is shown in comment # 1843187, June 28 9:18 AM on the Whit House Study Article. New guinea was big time a target for a major earthquake was said 9 days ago. Just a hour ago or so New Guinea just had a 7.2.

        Within that 15 day cycle sure enough a 7+ quake came in one of the places mentioned that was dangerous. Earthquakes follow this same pattern again and again over the years. South America and Central America, one or two places are living on severely borrowed time and are still primed. Energy is still poiting here and even more so now after this New Guinea quake. As more precursor quakes appear, should be able to tell the new locations for something awful that IS coming, just like this New Guinea quake showed 9 days ago. The above comment last night still applies that something much larger than this 7.2 is on the way. 🙁

      96. I have been reading articles debating the deflation and hyperinflation debating and thinking about what the end result of these surreal times we have been living with for the past several years is going to be.. First of all- regardless of what ultimately transpires- deflation, hyperinflation, stagflation, disinflation, bi-flation, implementation of new currency or gold standard and the results thereof– riots, revolution, civil war, WW on our soil—most people will be in dire straights. Second of all, I earnestly believe that the fascist regime in office KNOWS the gig is almost up and is preparing accordingly.

        I read FOFOA periodically and there is a very good blog written several years ago
        that sums up the arguments by both camps and the fact that in many instances deflation occurs before hyperinflation because hyperinflation can and will occur in an attempt to make debt whole.

        We are living in unprecedented times with many extenuating circumstances on a global level involving 1st world economies which make it impossible to draw many relevant correlations to hyperinflationary events in 2nd and 3rd world countries and to a post war 1st world country 70 years ago.

        Hyperinflation can occur to due to loss of faith in currency or in an attempt to make debt whole. Look at all the debt in countries- China, EU countries and US. They’ve all been printing in an attempt to paper over losses from debt with more debt (currency). TO date the reason for we haven’t seen more inflation that what we have is due to several reasons including the fact that despite the doubling of the monetary supply in the US in past 5-6 years the velocity of money has declined to Great Depression levels. Additionally, as the US has printed so has China and EU which has helped to prevent a significant devaluation in relation to other countries.

        I see many deflationary events in the immediate to short term horizons- the implementation of Basel III which increases bank reserves requirements, increases in interest rate– look at the spike in 10 year 1.9 to 2.7 range in a span of several months. Japan is a ticking time bomb that may go off so to speak in several years when it comes time to rollover all the debt they have issued. A lot of Wall Street is playing the yen carry trade, a sudden reversal or change of course in interest rates may set a IRS or other interest rate derivative domino into play. Many folks attribute much of what happened in 2008 to CDS derivatives. The vast majority of derivatives are interest rate based- with no where to go but up, sudden surprise moves along with the amount of leverage in the system could have huge consequences.

        After Cyprus, notice how many countries are passing bail in legislation? Canada, US, various EU countries, Australia or NZ, can’t remember which.. Consider the fact that the amount of derivatives outstanding is many times the total GDP of all the countries in the world. If they are opting for bail-ins, what does that mean? Does it mean they lack the ability to print or the will power to? I don’t have a concrete answer for that one but it seems to me that the banks and elite, who have benefited so far from printing would want to continue, unless of course of was not expedient for them to do so. Look at Germany for example, the reason that Germany has been bailing out Greece, etc., is that they were in fact bailing out Deutche Bank who was the counter party to much of the Greek and other EU debt and derivatives.

        Its a really hard call to make on ultimately what will happen. Its a VERY TANGLED WEB so to speak. I think that some exigent event will unfold and depending upon where the exigent event occurs and the impact on the derivatives market will determine whether we feel the effects of something akin to hyperinflation or deflationary depression.

        I just don’t see how we could devolve into a hyperinflationary situation in such a short time span as Williams state given the deflationary events I already mentioned plus the implementation of ObamaCare- loss of full time employment opportunities and increased HC costs and God help us if immigration reform passes in any form near the beast currently being considered– Hope ya’ll saw this one—

        We’ve got no hope unless the whores in DC see the writing on the wall and decide to extricate themselves from their pimps (Corporate America, etc.) and save themselves and their progeny (and by doing so save us) or come to have a personal relationship with the one true GOD. I’m not holding my breath on either one..

        • My Lady,
          Amen, and thank you for that succinct analysis.
          Did you fail to mention the fact of the Fed paying banks NOT to lend…?
          ie keeping their reserves at the Fed, and being paid interest to keep it there, vs, taking risks.

          As long as this policy is in effect, I see no chance for a standard hyperinflationary event. If the BRICS do in fact implement their gold backed trade system to bypass the SWIFT system, the dollar, is a dead duck.
          In that regard, we will swiftly be exchanging toilet paper for goods that will not be entering the country anymore.

          My whole thesis, is we, the Prepper community, need to start learning how to produce the things we need… like PRIMERS, POWDER, shoes, etc, and other things that the gov will control eventually. If one family with knowledge took on one task, and then linked together (through shtfplan), we could have a functioning underground economy.

          I have considered many ways of doing a barter currency, but it would have to be an online system w/paper checks, run through our own ‘bank’. Once we have a barter bank, we have control of our lives.

          But the thing is, if we don’t figure out a Remnant Network or some other barter trade system, we will be stuck in whatever damnation comes.

          • SO many things to mention– part of the reason the velocity of money is so low- Fed paying banks not to lend, with fraction reserve lending a small amount of the newly printed $$$ circulating would be fugly..

            • Chantilly, I always study your posts. Piper Michael, number of banks in USA has been cut in 1/2 in last decade. This will continue…your idea for an alternative currency is GREATLY squashed unless you have a bank partner. Legally and practically for interchange and commerce. Also, precendents of entrapment when said currency is not pegged to the FRN.

              Finally, Chantilly, I contemplate that the FRB IS still the main buyer of Treasuries and other large buyers are divesting as fast as THEY can. E.g. foreign buying dropped from like 53% to 35% in a year or two. IIRC.

              So, I think we have pending massive DEFLATION in common person purchasing power. But over-arching and MASSIVE INFLATION as FRB must spin up QE even higher to track the escape of other buying parties. Since the QE money flows to the Gobberment and they hand it out as favors… continued INFLATION there. And the QE money flows into debt-assets of investment banks. Thus continued inflation there. E.g. commercial properties all around my location in Charlotte, NC sit empty. Why? The Investment Banks have tons of QE debt-asset. They are holding a price FAR above the market value.
              So, FRN will soon begin to hyperinflate as FRB will have to print-computerize up the supply to make up for sane escapees. But, on the street, money supply will continue to tighten. The people/the street will be choked.
              Truly a VERY ODD economic system.

      97. Now say after me :
        “There WILL NOT be hyperinflation”
        There won’t be, despite everyone’s perception of what it is.
        It WILL NOT HAPPEN, BUT….you’ll wish it did, becuase hyperinflation will be pleasant in comparison to what IS going to happen, and that’s the exact opposite.

        Dream on little sheeple..dream on.

      98. History repeats itself and as the so-called experts have said:

        “Poor people may come out and start a revolution.”

        “When the bubble bursts, it increases the chances that you’ll get some form of social unrest.” 🙁

        The manufactured economies collapsed around the world, CHAOS (aka revolution or civil war) will happen.

        The first revolution is the French Revolution, lasting from 1789 to 1799, in which the monarchy was overthrown with help from the SILENT ARMY.

        Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood are in control after the 2011 revolution, Mubarak’s monarchy was overthrown.

        Currently the Muslim Brotherhood is still in control, just different names.

        This week they appointed another Muslim Brotherhood ElBaradei as a Prime Minister, having all the powers as Morsi had. 🙁 And the puppet judge as a president, but he has NO power!!!

        Muslim Brotherhood ElBarade in the past who requested Hillary and Obama to overthrow Mubarak in the 2011 Egypt Revolution.

        • Egypt is in a military strategic LOCATION. 🙂

          Whoever controls all the Arab countries, their vast oilfields and their antiquities, they control Egypt and its military.

          Egyptian general SULEIMAN was supposed to take Mubarak’s place after the Egyptian Revolution in 2011. Suleiman was actually in charge for over a year and is still in charge behind the scenes until the Muslim brotherhood replaced him with MORSI after the election.

          In reality whoever is in office, and is in charge of the Egyptian military will run the show.

          General SULEIMAN was supposed to be Mubarak’s best friend, but as it turned out he was NOT and the Egyptian ppl were angry at him . Mubarak allowed general Suleiman to run Egypt’s military for several decades, and he is still doing so now.

          SULEIMAN was trained by Israelis & dealing with Israel on behalf of Mubarak.

          Suleiman is a military strategist; he and his backers run the country, not Mubarak. Mubarak put so much trust in his friend, but ended up getting bad advice from him.

          Mohamed ElBaradei was a peace price winner, but Mubarak did not allow him back in the country because he wanted to overthrow his government and wanted to be in charge. He has not given up his dream yet & now the NWO just placed him as Prime Minister with all the powers.

          Mohamed Morsi + Mohamed ElBaradei were groomed for the dictator job long before the revolution. 🙁

          Pro-reform leader Mohamed ElBaradei (71-year-old), what a PEACE PRIZE LOOTER. Finally ElBaradei, and his Muslim brotherhood who has been in charge of the military also allowed ElBaradei’s the SILENT army & his Useful Idiots to start a successful Revolution in 2011. So now it’s more of the same, just under different names, and the country lost major income from tourism, hyperinflation and chaos. 🙁

          Former Iranian president MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD just visited his Muslim brotherhood MORSI two months ago. Eventually the Islamic brotherhood will be in charge of Arab countries (Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia like they did in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc..)

          The people who are INDIGENOUS to the ARAB NATIONS ARE SHIITES; however, there are a lot of SUNNIS (aka MUSLIMS) & their ancestors who immigrated into these nations. And the Muslim brotherhood, they have been converting a lot of Shiites to Muslims.

      99. Ike and Be Informed

        I get what you’re saying and agree with most of it, but it’s the same stories over and over on here every yr that are being milked to death and the same people sucking it up and giving dumb answers. Even a stand up Comedian comes up with a new routine once in a while.

        I used to read all this garbage and even believed it , I’m probably more prepared that most people in America.

        A couple yrs ago I bought some more property a couple hundred miles from my home, I would spend a few weeks up there working on the house and land(no phone, no computer,no FOX, NO CNN, no TV, just ele and movies from Red Box.the outside world was forgotten except for the locals in the nearby towns and cities where I bought building materials.
        It was the best thing that happened to me, I got a wake up call from spending 24/7 preparing, reading, posting on this and several other forums, trying to convince others that the world was coming to an end.
        All I’m saying is that people should take off their tin foil hat and take a look around them, get away from it all and get a life for a couple weeks, I know things aren’t good, but they’re better than most countries.

      100. Wont it be fun for the non productive when the SHTF happens? How they will be shocked to see that unlike on TV as they have been shown that everyone loves them, everyone doesn’t love them. Will they be horrified to find out that everyone in not subject to
        white guilt or atonement for their past history?
        Imagine the surprise when they discover that everyone is not going to gibbs me dat when they need food, water…….
        When the real truth that I am not sweating with anxiety about their needs and wants being taken care of dawns on them, they will have a very rude and nasty awakening coming. I do not care what Shitavious and his sister Shitiqua need to survive. The entitlement set will be going wild when it is discovered that the
        only thing they are entitled to is hot lead.
        Do you think that when the EBT cards and obooga phones quit working that these parasites will actually seek and find employment? They wont work but their natural inclination to commit crime will come to the fore, and it will be time to deal out swift justice.

        • Its unfortunate but the EBT/oboobophones will be the LAST thing the gov cuts back on. Everything is, and will continue to fall on the working class’s back.

      101. Regarding ThemGuys statistics on White Southerners who owned slaves, I do not know where he got his statistic of 15% – because I’ve researched this topic at considerable length for many years, and every single reference source that I’ve found have put the estimate at somewhere between 2% to perhaps, 4% tops.

        To have a need to utilize slave labor, a White Southerner had to be wealthy enough to own large amounts of farm land – which would then facilitate a necessity to either (a) hire his fellow White Southerners to help him with the labor associated with farming, or (b) purchase slaves from the jewish slave traders who dominated the slave import industry with their ownership and dominant control of the slave shipping companies.

        Obviously, the smart thing to have done would have been to refuse to purchase slaves and put their fellow White Southerners to work for a decent wage, instead. To this day, I cringe at the stupidity and the short-sightedness of those aristocratic, elitist plantation owners who failed to understand the long term negative consequences of introducing Africans into our nation and over their failure to realize that slavery would eventually become obsolete and then future generations of White Europeans would be turned into tax slaves and forced to subsidize & endure the maintenance and endless demands and catastrophic levels of dysfunctionality that have exploded from this segment of our population into perpetuity.

        At any rate, if one uses the high figure of 4%, based on an estimated White population of the South at the beginning of the War Between the States of about 5 million (total population was about 8 million; 3 million of which were slaves) – this means that there were approximately 200,000 White Southerners who were wealthy enough and who owned a sufficient amount of farmland to facilitate a need to use slave labor.

        For those who are interested, there is a recently linked video that can be found on this excellent website:

        “An incredible documentary that is full of direct quotes from celebrated Jewish historians who have boasted of two thousand years of Jewish domination of the slave trade, including the horrific trade in slaves from Africa to the Americas. A video that will forever change your views of the real masters of the slave trade.”

        In essence, this video reveals the truth about slavery in America: 40% of American Colonial Jews Owned Slaves, Only 2% of Everyone Else. This detail reveals the ugly truth about who controlled most of the wealth in America during that period of our history, does it not?

        Incidentally, for anyone who is familiar with the White Nationalist / White race realist community, there is a fellow by the name of John De Nugent who is a fairly prominent spokesman for the survival of White, Western European people and Western Civilization.
        He has coined a term that he has applied when discussing the tendency of anti-White jewish voices who constantly and relentlessly spew hatred and venom at, and endlessly seek to demonize White European people who possess a health and natural sense of racial pride and who advocate for the survival of their particular ethnic group. De Nugent’s term is ‘Accusatory Inversion’.

        So, for an example of how this ‘Accusatory Inversion’ works – think about the endless and non-stop jewish media venom that we’ve all been subjected to by Hollywood and by Television for the last 60 years – whereby both White Southerners and Whites in general – have been literally bombarded with endless guilt tripping messages and themes with regards to slavery, an institution that was ended 152 years ago. Clearly, based on the evidence shown in the documentary cited above – what we have here is an illustration of how the owners of our mainstream media have flipped the issue of slavery and have transferred the blame and guilt off of their ethnic ancestor’s backs and deposited it upon the backs of every White European American who lives today. Blaming others for the sins that they, themselves, are most guilty of committing. This tactic has allowed the anti-White jewish segment of our population (which is somewhere between 2 – 4%) to guilt-trip, demoralize, emasculate, and intimidate White European people and sap their will to stand up for their own perfectly legimitate, perfectly justified and entirely reasonable ethnic specific interests.

        A similar technique has been used to demonize all White Europeans world-wide for the increasingly dubious claims of what did or did not happen during World War II. White Europeans, for some bizarre reason, seem to be highly susceptible to being guilt tripped and when they allow themselves to be neutered by these tactics – they become easier to control and ultimately, easier to destroy.

        It is time to stop letting an enemy who seeks to genocide us get away with using these kinds of tactics, people. Slavery was a very stupid and very short-sighted thing for our ancestors to have engaged in, and I doubt there are many individuals in the pro-White European American community who would disagree with that fact. But, Whites need to get over this misplaced and artificially implanted ‘white guilt’ sickness – because not a single White man or Woman living today has ever owned a slave or has had anything whatsoever to do with what happened 150 plus years ago. Stop letting minorities play the race card on you. Stand up for your race. And, most importantly, stand with and by your race.

        Every other racial competitor of ours follows these rules, and so should Whites.

      102. @ MAC…I noticed in the last couple of months that SHTF.PLAN has become SITJF.plan (shit is the jews fault). Mac, can you get a couple of swasticas on your header?

        • Dave, if you can cite one example of where I have blamed anything on the “Jews” or any other racial, ethnic or religious group I’d appreciate it… I don’t think you’ll be able to find any actual examples…

          In the interest of free speech, we do let some of these types of comments fly, however, not to ‘haters’ please limit this as we will remove it from the comment area if it doesn’t add value to the overall discussion.



          • I’m having trouble understanding Dave’s thought processes.

            Acknowledging the admission of involvement in certain unpleasant historical events by citing direct quotes from the perpetrators of those events, and by citing documents and reference materials which were written by the perpetrators of those unpleasant events – whereby the perpetrators can be perceived to be boasting about their involvement – how can Dave or anyone else interpret this as somehow being an unjustified or inappropriate attack?

            Or, does the game work like this: The perpetrators of evil are permitted to boast about their commission of evil (and slavery was evil, without question) and to take credit for their achievements – but a third party is to be deemed a mean guy if he merely quotes from the perpetrators own writings or statements?

            By the way, I want to thank Max for his commitment to free speech, even when the speech might reveal a few truths that some would like to keep hidden from the public eye.

            My main point is that White people need to stop allowing themselves to be guilt tripped into the genocide dust bin of world history. Opposition to that notion seems to indicate a desire to see the genocide reach its conclusion.

        • @ dave. I think Mac is one of the most unbiased persons that there is towards any race. You could call the site, SITGF, Shit It’s The Government’s Fault. I think we can all agree that the governments of the world are not on the side of the people, and all of us regardless of race are on their target list as recent NSA leaks and other secret agencies have all too well proven.

      103. @ be Informed. Mac has never posted anything anti jewish and has not had articles anti jewish. I have great repect for Mac. The point I was trying to make, and failed, is that there is a excessive amount of anti jew remarks and long posts of “history” about how the Jews control the world. These post are injected into each article no matter what the topic, and quite abit. 3-5 poeple do this constantly. I forgot the sarc on my post to mac. sorry.

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