Antifa Leader Arrested For “Ethnic Intimidation” At Philadelphia Rally

by | Jan 30, 2019 | Headline News | 78 comments

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    A leader of the Antifa group “Smash Racism DC,” has been arrested and charged with “ethnic intimidation.” The group “Smash Racism DC” gained notoriety after terrorizing Tucker Carlson and his wife at their home.

    According to The Daily Wire, in connection to a brutal attack on two Hispanic Marines in Philadelphia in November, the Antifa leader was arrested and charged. But the real irony is that while Antifa presents itself as “anti-fascist” and “anti-racist,” as the Antifa group in Philly demonstrated in November, they openly embrace fascistic violence and racist behavior, not only against anyone they perceive to be white, but minorities who don’t back their radical authoritarian and communist agenda.

    In their testimony in December, U.S. Marine Corps reservists Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres described the heinous attack on them by a Philly Antifa group. Unaware that a “We the People” rally was taking place in city, which prompted yet another brawl between Antifa “protesters” and members of the alt-right Proud Boys, Godinez and Torres ended up being victims of Antifa violence. While touring landmarks in the city, the two Marines were approached by suspect Thomas Keenan, 33, who asked if they were “proud.” “We are Marines,” Godinez replied, not understanding the context of the question. -The Daily Wire

    Police eventually arrested Philly Antifa member Thomas Massey as well.

    At that point, several Antifa members, some of whom were masked to shield their identities from their horrific actions, violently attacked the two Marines.  Torres and Godinez reported there was punching, kicking, and that they were stomped on while vile racial remarks intended as insults were slung.  The Antifa members initially called the Marines “Nazis” and “white supremacists,” but after Godinez yelled out, “I’m Mexican!” the assaulters allegedly began to hurl racial slurs at them, including “spic” and “wetback.” Keenan, Godinez testified, was “laughing, smiling, and having a good time, while I could have died that day.”

    The Daily Caller reported on Tuesday that yet another Antifa member has been arrested for being a violent sociopath. The leader of “Smash Racism DC,” Joseph “Jose” Alcoff, who also goes by the name “Chepe.” Alcoff was charged on January 10, 2019, with 17 charges, “including multiple counts of aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation, conspiracy, and terroristic threats, and one count of robbery while inflicting serious bodily injury,” the report stated.

    Violent attacks by the far left authoritarian communists often go unreported in the mainstream media, which glorifies violence as long as it comes from the government or those who back an authoritarian agenda.


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      1. the media is to blame for this racial divide in america, and there should be prison-time for ALL that are guilty…..the evidence is out there for all to see. why AREN’T we seeing these rayciss people charged with hate crimes MUCH more often?

        • The answer is simple, look who controls the media…





          • Eisen, isn’t your Momma a boomer? Idiot.

            • He probably doesn’t have a mom, just two dads.

              • Infidel, you mean Eisen had TWO daddies? LMAO! Damn good one!

                • The Deplorable Renegade, I do not agree with of his comments but he does make some sense on many racial issues and points out how fucking stupid many white people are !

              • Race is a true and valid concept. Black Africans possess several physical configurations, and numerous biological processes, that are characteristic of apes and which non-Jewish white Europeans and their descendants do not possess. Given this fact it is necessary to understand that black Africans are a different bipedal life form beyond which whites have evolved, either subsequently or congruently. To say that these two types of biological organism are the same, or that they are equal, is a mistake.

                • rhb15 says. just look at the cities that are black run and how they live for starters ? Them look at what is going on in S Africa and the farmer killings and land grabs ?

          • Eisen, once again you make good points except for boomers. I know Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are communist trash. I also know boomers aren’t responsible for this country’s problems.

        • But, we have Communists in the media, the Courts, and in academia.

          A Purge is needed.


          • Correct! We need a MASSIVE Purge or the filthy nation is over, done, toast, The End.

          • Honeypot, yes it is and it is coming in many ways. We will see a bounty on illegal aliens one day !

        • This Alcoff asshole is a DNC operative. Works with many demoncraps…

          Look him up

      2. A few years back, a young White man was given a 10 year prison sentence for putting a noose on a statue at night. I bet antifa gets a suspended sentence. Or community service. Doing socialist stuff.

      3. When the real fight begins antifa faggots will be hunted down and slaughtered mercilessly

        • Deplorable

          Then that will bring Martial Law THEN WHAT ????
          I think that is what they want.

          You might want to find another way if there is one.

          Because when the first shot comes its over they won ……..

          • Lol no when the first shot happens the commies will all be slaughtered soon after.. they will not win and cannot win..that’s exactly what they want you to think.. you underestimate the righteous fury of the patriots.. the leftists will wish they hadn’t provoked us guaranteed.. Here is the warning from former Navy seal Craig Sawyer for all the arrogant demonrats who think Trump will be removed from office… After observing that all patriots, regardless of position, have a duty to protect the Constitution, Sawyer minced no words detailing what he believes would happen to those involved in Trump’s removal and he explained why:
            Anti-American subversives involved in ANY WAY in an unconstitutional coup against our President will be run down and executed immediately by the world’s most supreme warriors. There will be nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, no mercy, no sense of humor. Harsh examples will be made. My prediction is it will be a gruesome massacre. Why? Because one side in this conflict has 8 Trillion bullets & the other side doesn’t know which bathroom to use.
            And, he added, it won’t take very long: “It will likely only take a few hours. Lessons will be learned. History will take note. Order restored.”

          • ANGRY FROG, the outlier events will cause it all and your thesis will not even matter one iota !

        • Just invite the to a MAGA event, when the mass and do their thing…. Like deer to a corn pile.

      4. As far as the arrested leaders, the usual thing is to wait till the incident loses public attention and then either reduce the charges to something of the importance of a traffic ticket or just drop them entirely.

        Anyone remember all those Antifa rioters at the Inauguration that were arrested and charged with felonies? Wonder what happened to them?

        Nothing, it just went away with no fanfare and they paid no penalty for their actions. As is normal for the leftists when they occasionally get charged with something.

      5. No injuries to report. I was shot at, Sunday night, but have been exposed to lots of this kind of discussion, already. It changes my mind about nothing.

      6. Marines? Really? Most marines I know would have kicked the shit out of those black maggots.!!!!

        • It works like group book reports or lab projects in communist, public school.

          One dominant, A-student, to a team, is teaching the other ones how to shave.

        • Being a Marine means you are superior at military endeavors, not that you excel at bare handed street fighting with street thug gangs.

      7. The antifa pussys won’t attack men if they don’t considerably outnumber them and they definitely will not attack men they believe are armed. This shit is confined to larger cities in gun free zones. I personally cannot wait to gun down a bunch of these sorry fuckers.

        • There is a line of discussion in which you go to jail and have to make a name for yourself, as a matter of survival. On your first day, you are supposed to attack the biggest person, according to criminal lore.

          SJW’s attack exemplary men, like when you hunt for trophy animals.

          It’s a claim to fame.

          If I go to some bourgeoisie or affluent area, to shop, where white men have been well-fed, I am neither tall nor short. I’m average.

          White old-timers, here, about my size.

          The more brownwashed and impoverished we get, the more giant I am.

          If you’re just doing humane, boyscout, kind of common decency, in your declining community, this is conspicuous. They believe that “affluent” people (very loose definition, there) are all on thin ice — about to be sent to Hillary’s ‘happy camps’.

          The liberals want martial law, as bad as anyone, and expect a genocidal reset to work in their favor.

          • After all that, what’s your point?

            • M says, “The antifa pussys won’t attack men”
              B says, “SJW’s attack exemplary men”

              • They won’t do it one on one. More like ten on one.

            • She probably has no clue herself

            • Be careful what you say when your emotions are high because in this day and age of technology what you say is on record for ever. To borrow a line from the Bellamy Brothers, What you do and say today, don’t go away and stay, it’ll just come back and burn your a** tomorrow. Trekker Out

              • I do not care any more MT. When it’s my turn to kill a bunch of traitors to this country I will do so to maximum effect and I’m prepared to accept what happens then. I save one round for myself and will use it if I choose to. Depends on the situation.

              • MT, I’m the same way as Menzo. Don’t even see any reason to care the way things are going. The subhuman trash will still have evil intentions toward us regardless. So I might as well go out in a blaze of glory.

        • Menzo, if Antifa attacks me I’ve got some nice hot 9mm lead waiting for them.

          • I’m going to use a high power semi auto on the fuckers.

            • They like to find whitey on communist holidays, and when notorious sjw’s make an appearance on tv. Wear something nice, act nice, and they will come. This works like bait bike and the undercover purse thief cop.


      8. Its funny the main supporters of antifa and Xiggers and 3ews. We donr have any of them in out part of the Qzarks. and there isn’t hardly any crime. The 3ews own and control the fake news media.

        • ‘Xews’ are now held responsible for the slave trade and give firearms training to the Boers, while also holding the world’s largest pride marches and selling vital ports to Red China.

          With high intelligence and emotional energy, comes neurosis, that can find an outlet on either side of politics.

          • “with high intelligence”

            No, the real reason is in inbreeding.

            The average IQ in Isreal is 85.

            Worldwide, the IQ for verbal intelligence is higher than average, but the more important spatial IQ is below average.

            Most awards are based on cronyism including the much referenced Nobel Prize. More deserving candidates are routinely overlooked.


            • Then, you believe that universal, Xewish control is based on cronyism, not on merit.

              What makes Xewish nepotism more cunning than yours?

            • “The average IQ in Isreal is 85”


              Their contributions to science (see Manhattan Project) and medicine are absolutely disproportionate to their number. Annoying I’ll give you; ruthless in business legionary; clannish definitely but dumb, certainly not. They are very capable people who succeed because they culturally put a very high value on education and have strong family units.

              Spare me the Anti Semitism

              • Kevin 2 is completely correct. Plus God loves the Jewish people. Nothing will ever defeat them again.

              • Kevin 2 is correct. Plus God loves them and they will never be defeated or displaced again.

              • Kevin2, good to see you back and good points as always.

                • The Deplorable Renegade

                  I took a break posting. Actually I wasn’t going to post anymore as the calls for political violence up to and including assassination from posters was way way out of hand, uncalled for, provocative, and either “bait” from “agent provocateurs” or the words of childish idiots accomplishing the same. I’ll be no party to it.

                  This one post had me put my, “two cents in”.

                  • Don’t sweat the other posters.

              • Kevin, the Germans are the most brilliant scientists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. But they don’t have the best publicists.


                • I stand by my assertion and a study of race and IQ (very interesting) has been done. It actually supports differences in cognitive ability. 85 for an Israeli? Preposterous. How can “they” who control so much be dumb? The most polite thing I can say is your blinded by hatred likely fueled by jealousy.

                  h ttps://


                  • Yes, they are intelligent people with a discipline to achieve their goals. However, the main reason why Joos succeed so well in any society is that they instinctually help each other, and organize into various types of blocs to promote and assist in their interests, thereby gaining advantage over the rest of the population that is not as well organized. I am not anti-Semitic, and have personally known several Joos, but my experience is that they almost always put their own first, regardless of circumstances. I have no problem with that, I believe all the different groups in society ought to do the same. If they did, we would see a markedly different and better society.

                    • Intelligent, discipled and organized certainly doesn’t correspond to an 85 IQ as claimed in the above.

                      ” I believe all the different groups in society ought to do the same. If they did, we would see a markedly different and better society.’

                      Agreed. Others are jealous of their accomplishments.

                • VRIL was like Scientology or Heaven’s Gate, taking over a broke country.

                • More Xermans than Xews. Xews hire their own guys and outnumber you. How does that work.

                  From my perspective, whichever valuable sector would have been nationalized. Host govts would have taken over the same exact business practices as the social undesirables, just adopting it to a different kind of propaganda.

                  Most of the basics are as old as civilization. There is some counterpart to infrastructure or a banking or religious practice, as far back as you can research it.

        • Are there communities to join in your area??? I have been looking to move to Ozarks for 2 yrs. now but would like to be surrounded by like minded 2nd amendment right believing americans who work hard and are willing to have your back in any situation.

      9. Antifa needs to be decimated…..

        • Jim, they will get decimated at some point and they’re bringing it onto themselves.

      10. I don’t accept the premise of “ethnic intimidation.”

        Give me real crimes – e.g. assault, battery, credible threats of violence (un-holstering a firearm and saying “I’m gonna blow your &*^%in’ head off !!”) not these stupid thought crimes.

        Just because it is an Antifa jackass who is being charged, don’t bite….


        • BB, good points. I don’t recognize the concept of ‘hate crimes’. It’s a totally bogus concept only aimed against white people and no one else.

        • BB, the concept of “hate crimes” is totally bogus and only aimed at one group of people which is WHITE PEOPLE. It’s a race-based law and is in total violation of Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act Of 1964. Anyone who plays a race card against me will have a serious problem on their hands. I won’t stand for it.

        • bee,bee

          Yes, you are right. Why they were not charged with trespass, harassment, or something along those lines is a real problem. What the heck is ethnic intimidation?


      11. Beware of those with the stated aim of “ending racism”.

        • The scientists say that race doesn’t exist. So if that is valid, then racism can’t exist.

      12. Start shooting these Antifa Terrorist on sight! They are Nothing but Terrorist’s!!!!!!!! Wake the Hell up¡!!!!!!!!

      13. Race is a true and valid concept. Black Africans possess several physical configurations, and numerous biological processes, that are characteristic of apes and which non-Jewish white Europeans and their descendants do not possess. Given this fact it is necessary to understand that black Africans are a different bipedal life form beyond which whites have evolved, either subsequently or congruently. To say that these two types of biological organism are the same, or that they are equal, is a mistake.

      14. Why does everyone lump all Jews in with the criminal Jews. They are not all rotten.

      15. What made America great was western civilization as all other forms were inferior. That is why the others emulated western civilization.

        And what made western civilization great was Christianity as that is a weapon and strategy to defeat Lucifer. And when we abandoned Christian teachings and principles, then America was debased.

        That is how the satanic minions subverted and infiltrated America using Marxist agents. It’s information warfare.

        You can’t defeat an idea with firearms. You can control the body but not the mind, and so the mind will do whatever it takes to throw off the shackles.

        • If you are old enough, you lived through the tumultuous sixties and seventies, and America achieved a greatness by Christianity and an unabashedly western civilization which had communism on its knees.

          We were mostly getting along, quite remarkably so.

          And traitors helped the communists and that is how we ended up assailed by communism once again.

          The Luciferians want conflict and for the Antichrist to take over.

      16. The Marxists invaded primary and secondary public education and public and private higher education since the sixties. The result was corrupting the youth to accept white guilt and opposing patriarchy.

        Now you have Gen Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z accepting these fallacious leftist ideas. So that information warfare can only be opposed by Boomers pushing for Christianity and western civilization as remedies against Luciferian thought and Marxism.


          From my perspective, there is a state church and an underground, like in Red China.

          Too-big-to-fails failed, and an indie scene.

      17. MMMMM ? Sound Familiar ?

        Nazis THE BEER HALL PUTSCH in the 1930s ?

        Is history repeating itself ?????

        Wake up !!!!

      18. The emperor Constantine in 337 AD had a deathbed conversion to Christianity, but had used Christianity to help a failing Roman empire.

        He hoped an underground religion that acted independently, that had spread rapidly, could act as information warfare by a state religion.

        But by then the Roman people had stopped fighting as soldiers and were given to accepting mercenaries who were not Christians. Well, it disintergrated.

        However Christianity spread everywhere.

        In England, they made Christianity the state religion and now that resulted in widespread rejection of Christianity. That rejection was easily accepted by the French, then Scandanavia, then Germany and so forth. Mostly that was happening as early as the Enlightenment as Luciferians invaded Freemasonry.

        In American, though founded largely by Deists and Freemasons, the people of America were almost always Christians. That preserved Christianity and western culture until the seventies.

        In the seventies, the Luciferians spread identity politics, railed against white supremacy, promoted white guilt, argued against patriarchy, pushed intentional division by hyphenating types of ethnicities who were American.

        By the nineties, the Luciferians were pushing homosexuality and even more bizarre sexuality, and then pushing for illegal immigration.

        Luciferians push DISCORD so that eventually they can incite the people who want ORDER through martial law.

      19. There was a time in the seventies when a man was white but also an American.

        A man was black but also an American.

        A man was asian but also an American.

        One’s power was the result of personal appearance, wealth, and charisma. Race had become entirely secondary.

        The leftists amd openly Marxist Luciferians pushed identity politics and now the People are divided and neutralized.

        Things are NOT better. They are WORSE.

        • I was around in the 70s and you’re full of shite.

          • Is it too much for a peabrain like you to elucidate your thoughts and prove your assertions?

            If it is too difficult, maybe the peanut gallery would be a better venue for you?

      20. With the rise of Antifa , BLM and all the other nut jobs out there who think they are entitled to spew there hate and attack people who do not share in there ideology with no repercussions are getting away with it because we are not standing tall together, we need to unite and fight back if we do not do it soon there is no coming back. Who do we need to contact to get our own rallys or gatherings of patriots started to protect our constitutional and human rights??? This needs to happen on a monumental level. We need to back our President on a level no country or leader has ever seen. He is the ONLY thing holding our country together right now and he needs our support NOW..

      21. The next time some leftist starts screaming about white privilege, then ask them why they insist on using dated unscientific terms involving race. Then ask them to define who they mean as “white”. Watch them get tongue tied.

        They claim not to be racist while being just as racist as the Ku Klux Klan. “White” becomes a ridiculously HUGE group encompassing a vast amount of ethnicities, many of which were discriminated against in America, so how can they be oppressors?

        Then ask them to prove “privilege”. By what social mechanism is there an authoritative source from which some are discriminated against as a political policy while others are not? Leftist pretend that some directive from on high comes down to ruin the chances of some minority, when in fact slavery was so long ago, with immediate steps by Republicans to remedy it, and wanton discrimination utilized against “whites” to put substandard people in jobs who were obviously not qualified. Decades passed as finally they were, but to this day very brilliant Asians get sidelined so Blacks get into what are supposed to be elite competitive universities. It’s insane as that is DISCRIMINATION. So are leftists willing to discuss “black privilege”?

        The whole concept is moronic and nothing more than classic Marxist subversion using language as propaganda.

      22. I guarantee you they i would love you in their lives.
        To offer conversation generated by your question will make sure that your subscriber
        list will refuse to leave. Bring a pad of paper when a pen to the bed along with you.

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