Navy Deploys Anti-Submarine Aircraft Off California Coast: “Speculation That A Russian Or North Korean Sub Has Been Spotted”

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Headline News | 96 comments

naval-p3c-3(Pictured: A variant of the P-3 Orion Submarine Hunter flying over a British survey ship)

It may be time to worry, because the following report from Kit Daniels of says the U.S. Navy may be searching for a foreign submarine just off the coast of San Diego, California:

Anti-submarine aircraft have been loitering over the same area off the California coast for hours, which is fueling speculation that a Russian – or a North Korean – submarine was spotted in the area.

While the report of a foreign vessel is unconfirmed at this point, the military patrol is apparently not part of a routine exercise due to the number of aircraft hovering over the same area and the late hours of operation.

The patrol includes multiple low-flying aircraft including a Navy EP-3E Aries II, which is used for electronic surveillance, a Navy P-3C Orion, which is used for submarine spotting, and a Boeing P-8 Poseidon used for anti-submarine warfare.

Additionally, a Royal Canadian CP-140 Orion, also known for submarine spotting, joined the search.

Full report


Earlier this morning a South Korean newspaper reported that China is massing as many as 150,000 troops on the North Korean border.

The moves follow an ultimatum to the United States from Russia and Iran promising retaliatory military strikes should the United States act against Syria. President Donald Trump met with Chinese President Xi over the weekend – is it possible that China, in no uncertain terms, gave America the same warning?


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    1. soulson

      if Kalifornia was attacked, wouldnt a lot of liberals disappear ?
      whats the downside then

      • rellik

        No downside.
        Please hit Honolulu

        • Nailbanger

          Yep, im cool with both, just dont give a shit

          • Borodino

            Tax dollars at work, and ain’t it beautiful?

        • Aussie

          Australia too! Bloody whores.

      • Hermes

        LOL,, There are thousands of Russians subs just lurking outside of LA and SF. Panic, quick grab your bug out bags and pacifiers you snowflakes and go be a refugee for the fun of it.. lol

        20 Million Chinese lined up on the Mexican Border according to Hcks ready to build a wall for Trump.. lol Oh the humanity..

        • Sgt. Dale

          To the above.
          You can bet if they are attacked that they will do one of two things.

          Shit themselves, or become Patriots!!!!


          • Neal Jensen

            They’d shit themselves…becoming “patriots”….they don’t have any clue how to make that transformation..would never happen..become refugees on their own land…YEP. or dead.

      • Charley Waite

        Just send Alec Baldwin to ridicule it

        • JustMe

          Now THAT will fix them!

      • RKO

        Oh please God, let Washington D.C. get taken out……

      • Beaumont

        I heard that the price of an avocado can be $4 each, in harder-to-reach places. The donor state, where Cal Rose rice is grown.

      • Anonymous

        I thought they always had submarines and crap hanging around, not far from our borders..

      • Israel

        You are such an asshole! You murderous peace of crap! How dare you even desire such an evil action upon California. There are thousands of Pentecostal Christians in the state of California and innocent men, women. and children. People like you with so much hate in your heart, will end up in HELL!!!

      • Barry

        Thats what i was thinking, how would we be at a disadvantage as a nation if a bunch of liberals were blackened to a crisp?

      • Lorin P

        Hey, there are still more then one or two Republican that still live here you know!!!

    2. Opus

      I hope this is nothing. Otherwise things are starting to spiral out of control.

      • Anonymous

        Russians have had subs all over our coastal areas outside of our territorial waters for decades, even during the Soviet collapse.

        I seriously doubt the NK subs have the ability to reach this far, they’re mostly for use along the Korean peninsula coasts and could range maybe as far as Japan.

        I say it is just routine for both sides of the board, nothing new about it.

        • stevie B

          FYI – North Korean sub force includes 20 boats 1800-ton with range of 9000 miles, built from Chinese kits as late as 1995. It is only 4500 miles from north korea to san francisco. Hawaii much closer. If using one to patrol off san francisco, it would be nice to refuel at sea to get enough range to return without risk. OR attach a temporary tank to the deck.

          Germany refueled subs at sea from other subs in WW-II, US routinely refuled at sea.

          NK also has some shorter-legged smaller boats that would be restricted closer to NK.

          • Anonymous

            Those things are from the ’50’s and in decrepit barely operable condition, it is highly unlikely one would survive a voyage here.

            • Anonymous

              I find it hard to take anyone seriously that lists What Does it Mean as a source.

        • Neal Jensen


    3. Steve-o

      From the coast they have the missles to reach 300 miles above Omaha. EMP.

      • Anonymous

        Sounds to me like whoever launches the first EMP wins.

        • Anonymous

          Or finds out they don’t work and were a fatal waste of time as they die in a non EMP counter attack.

      • Nailbanger

        Yup,,, especially with the weight of the payload required to do that, what a trip huh,,, that would wake some peeps up wouldnt it, a bit late though

        • grandee

          Made my popcorn for the show.

          Broke a tooth just now, so wait… wait… wait !!

          Let me go get it pulled tomorrow before this gets going.

          See how easily you can get caught with a MAJOR problem right as the stuff hits the fan.

          Be sure to have your dental preps in order.

          • B from CA


            Diatomaceous earth makes teeth strong. Most Americans get enough calcium but are lacking in magnesium. They work together.

            I agree about getting any dental (medical too) behind you ASAP.

            Hope it works out and is not too uncomfortable.


          • Anonymous

            A toss up between bug out bags or smokes and popcorn. I picked the smokes and popcorn.

    4. Jim in Va.

      Those subs will be allowed to within the 12 mile limit. The US needs to expand that limit.

      • Anonymous

        International law sets it, if we change it for us by ignoring it then everyone else in the world does the same for theirs. That would be a major source of armed conflict in some places for a number of reasons, both economic and military.

        • JustMe

          South China Sea…

      • Red Leader

        Remember the 2010 missile launch by a Chinese Sub off the California Coast in 2010?

        If its a NK sub, it would be an easy EMP launch, or an easy hit on the big Naval Base in San Diego.

        • stevie B

          NK has SSBN design, 1 sub designed to carry it.

    5. Jim in Va.

      I should say up to the 12 mile limit.

      • rellik

        Most Russian missiles could be launched from a sub at dock and hit US targets, only attack subs hunting our ships would get so close.
        What are they going to do sink a container ship full of Nike’s and Samsung TV’s?
        If it is a NORK sub, they will quietly kill it.
        We have over 74 comissioned submarines. Wow!
        Russians only have 66.
        But it only takes one nuke to shut down LA harbor.

    6. Traitor Hator

      I read that the Russians have a bomb that has a propeller on the back like a sub . and the bomb the size of a sub. It makes a tidal wave. It’s remotely controlled no people . And it’s stealth . Easier when you don’t need the things for people. Many would say that a tital wave might be a short term fix for Cali. It might be a win win situation? It’s pretty much a foreign country anyway. Tabula Rasa?

    7. oops

      China is also in on the funding Calexit! They own the Port of Long beach etc…
      Will the US attack them for porting military ships in Long Beach, they own it.

    8. Misfit

      Odd? If they are subs and are from China or North Korea how did they get over here so fast??? I think we are getting way too excited to fast and are jumping to conclusions. Let’s not get over zealous. If this is true, I am going to be just as concerned as anyone, but let’s take a step back and see what develops.

      Let’s stay focused!

      In Liberty!


    9. Braveheart1776

      Jim, it’s possible that Trump may have opened Pandora’s Box with that airstrike on Syria. Let’s all hope not.

      • Sgt. Dale

        Went to a gun show the other day and got a great deal on another M1 Carbine. Can never have too many Carbines!!!


        • Braveheart1776

          Sarge, sounds like a winner. I only wish I could mount a scope on my carbine. I was just checking all of my weapons yesterday and the ammo supply. I’ve got another gun show April 22-23 in my area. I’ll be getting more ammo. I’m more concerned about the homefront than anything else. Hope you have some 30-round mags for that Carbine. That’s all I have for mine and never had any issues with them.

        • Plan twice, prep once

          I’ll stick with my Daisy Red Ryder.

          Got one in 12 gauge, 556 and .308!

        • Hank

          A 30 cal carbine is nothing compared to the AR-15, or a AK-47, or a slightly modified Mini.14

      • TheGuy

        Damn skippy. You don’t want to open Pandora’s box. That slut sleeps around. God knows what she’s got.

    10. tc

      The coast of Commiefornia, Huh?
      I hope they get the Hollywood Jews first.
      Sure, we’ll lose a lot of horrible comedy.
      But the world will be a better place for it.

      • Hermes

        The Hellywood parasites destroyed American culture with their faggot programming, and gutter polluted programming of young minds. I boycott all that cesspool crap. The last 20 years have been the worst. An entire several generations have been lost, thus the results are the commie snowflake generation of useless eaters live in mommas basement smoking dope all bebasement month waiting for their EBT Cards to be reloaded. No skills, but computer games and TV and dope. Congrats Hellywood mission accomplished.

        • Very-Concerned-Citizen

          Well, I agree with you. This country has so gone to shit the past 20+ years with all of this constant gay faggot nonsense, chicks with dicks, he-she’s and on and and on…it’s disgusting as all hell folks and the ruination of society with all of the scum muslims and coons.

    11. PO'd Patriot

      Its the boggieman? Like they don’t know if an errant sub is just cruisin’ along off our coast. Yeah right. Unless its just a scare tactic. Hard to tell.

    12. Traitor Hator

      Read about the . USS Cole. Have the Russians ever been beat? In afganistan ? The biggest fools come from Russia ? But only a bigger fool would go there? They are the best chess players in the world? Because they think ahead? Some days you eat the bear. Some days the bear eat you? Our guys have been fighting for over 15 years now. Now WW 3 ? I guess we have a huge amount of experienced soldiers. On food stamps? Ready to do anything for a steady paycheck? The imigrants will be lining up. For allah and money? And Asatlan?

    13. Faux Liberte'

      Good news. The bee’s are back, (Spring flowers are in bloom). The bottom of the food chain has returned.

      A very nice and warm day as well, reaching 80 degrees. Makes for great evening walk.

      Take a break, people.

    14. Plan twice, prep once

      I have it on good authority they were looking for “Charlie Tuna”. He reportedly was making subversive internet posts on that were reported to authorities by some snow flakes who have since melted in the global warming heatwave of 2017. Now this heat wave was first detected by Al Gore using a common anal thermometer disguised as a sex toy. The rise of .0000001 degrees some flat earther experts explain may be due to a friction burn that Al was hospitalized for after some recent temperature measuring experiments.

      There now appears to be an APB out for Charlie Tuna whom FEMA officials caution may be one tough tuna, they are hopeful the nets are already tightening around him. Asked if Charlie may be armed, experts explained fish have fins not arms. They warn the public to keep all tuna away from pressure cookers, they added grilling with lemon pepper and butter may be fine though.

      It’s so sad to see our tax dollars wasted on this witch hunt when we all know Rellik has Charlie Tuna freeze dried and bagged in his bunkers pantry.

      I hope you have all learned a valuable lesson from this. Keep on stacking.

      • SmokinOkie

        Ooh ooh that smell,
        Can’t you smell that smell….
        Oh, wait, it’s just Charlie Tuna.

        Q: Why don’t they allow liberals to swim off the California coast?
        A: They can’t get the smell out of the fish.
        Q:How many liberals does it take to change a light bulb?
        A: Ten. One to put in a new bulb and nine to convince the old bulb that change is good.

        • Hermes

          Smokin dopey, You’re just a stoopid as dopey who fell on a garlic toothpick and killed himself. Embarassed he was massivly unprepared cause all he did was fiddle around wasting time. Clock puncher clocked himself out one last time. lol

          • Braveheart1776

            Hermes, WHOA! Let’s watch it about SmokinOkie there. He was here even before I was and always has some of the best humor. Sounds like Hermes is smoking something he shouldn’t.

        • Braveheart1776

          SmokinOkie, welcome back. Nice jokes, LMAO!

      • rellik

        Here we call it Ahi.
        I don’t have a bunker.
        No freeze dry can do smoke.
        I like most of your comments,
        very entertaining.

        • Nailbanger

          Soyu poke!

        • Plan twice, prep once


          Just picked you at random today to mess with. It’s all in fun!

          Be well.

          Maybe you should consider a vocano proof bunker?

          Took a great nephew on a once in a lifetime fishing trip in the caribian, just because he likes fishing and I could. His dad caught a 40 pound tuna on that trip. The captain took that baby with tender loving care, bled it, and packed it on ice so fast. I have no doubt is was a headline at one of the local high end resorts as catch of the day. The captain probably made more on that tuna than I paid for the charter.

          We did have an awesome fresh seafood dinner for the wives, out of the fishing trip. I bagged an 8 foot reef shark, no we didn’t bring it into the boat, and the little guy got to bring in a four foot tarpin that we released. Plus we caught another 60 pounds of misc fish. Interesting the really crappy fish get traded by the captain, to locals in exchange for ice for the next day’s charter. The boat captains get ice and the locals get to feed their families. Fishing where we were on the point of the island, you had to reel in your fish as fast as you could or the reef sharks would just take them, and leave you with a serrated fish head on your hook.

      • Nailbanger

        Ahhhhh, that makes sense,,,

    15. SmokinOkie

      “I no longer wanna rock’n’roll all night
      But I still like to potty every day.”
      -Gene Simmons, age 67

      • Plan twice, prep once

        A neighbors daughter use cry every time she went to to toilet. Her parents consulted with doctors to try to find the problem. This went on for years. Finally in desperation they just asked her. She sang; “It’s my potty and I cry if I wanna, cry if I wanna”!

      • Anonymous

        People ask Gene Simmons, ” Is your tongue really that long?” He tells them, ” I’d show you
        but the floor is kind of dirty.” Oh, and shhhhhhh. Don’t tell the haters, he’s a ” chew “.

    16. J

      Just one little nuke from an NK sub lobbed into a major harbor in California would be Armageddon.!!!!

    17. Archivist

      I still think Trump made a deal with China that we will bomb hell out of North Korea and China will waltz in and take over.

      • Nailbanger

        Maybe he made a deal that they can have it after we bomb the shit outa the place,,,

    18. B from CA

      I don’t see anything.

      But then again it is subconscious.


    19. watching and waiting

      Hm, my turn to speculate.

      Its that little dictator trying to sneak in the Disney land.

    20. Anonymous

      If it’s serious, watch the ships at 32nd street piers, if they start to stack up on the Coronado side or at Pt Loma……that’s a better indicator.

      Coronado bridge can block the channel.

      It has ways to be removed, but faster to relocate the ships ahead of time.

    21. RECON 826

      BIG X


    22. Charley Waite

      I’m getting tired of Drudge with breathless red banners about impending war then linking to a fucking Sun or Daily Mirror article. Not worth it to read anymore. All propaganda

      • Nailbanger

        Thats why im not so sure why the libtards are all a flitter over Drudge,,, hes just posting links, not like he writes the articles

    23. Sgt. Dale

      Good that they have the plains in the air. They need to take out anything that threatens the US.

      You can bet that if something happens in Korea that N.K. will try something like an attack using its subs.


    24. Anonymous

      The movie “1941” came to mind when I read the headline!!
      What we need is Wild Bill Kelso tracking ’em down.
      I’ll bet it’s North Koreans looking for “HorryWood”.

    25. Falcon195

      My son called at approximately 21:30 PDT to report he saw a brilliant flash out to sea off of San Diego.

    26. Falcon195

      My son says he saw a brilliant flash out to sea off of San Diego at approximately 20:45 PDT.

      • B from CA


        That “flash” was inland.

        I was driving last night and saw it very clearly.
        There was what looked like a falling star or meteor; only it was much bigger and brighter than any I’ld ever witnessed before. I watched with excitement thinking it was just a falling star (meteor).
        Then it got bigger and brighter than anything normal. Knowing the current situation, I began to worry that I was about to drive right where it was coming down. I did not want to get into a car accident which presented the most definite threat to survival. I determined that I was going to drive right near what might be an incoming explosive (bomb, I didn’t know, nuclear?, whatever). I prepared to confront whatever lay ahead and I was not at all afraid to die, at that moment. In fact I was rather looking forward to it cheerfully, as strange as that may seem. I was anxious and happy to be reunited with The Almighty Creator Of Heaven And Earth whom I met in a near death incident many years ago. I did feel bad for any survivors especially if it was Nuclear, especially family, but mostly my awareness was on my own approaching demise. I wanted to avoid being hit if I could. I was driving South and it was coming in from the sky and East, I think. Almost directly over head and slightly before me was what looked like a large canister which burned up and disappeared. I thought it might have been some type of fireworks. But there is a base of ours near by and they detonate bombs which shake the ground and make loud noise. This was not like that. I don’t know what it was, or who sent it. I did not post immediately because of possible National Security concerns. I didn’t want to cause panic. But since you have posted about it, I am giving you my experience. Once in a lifetime event. I hope there was nothing unhealthy I was exposed to. Anything biological would have been destroyed by fire. But I suppose something chemical might survive, but I doubt it. I think it was either one of ours coming from the base. And our boys were practicing. That is the most likely senario. But it could also have been a type of firecracker or, most unlikely, but possible, an explosive which either went off on its own before reaching the ground, or our boys intercepted and exploded an incoming object. Like I said, it looked like a canister but I could not tell exactly. Definitely it was man made. It was not a rock.
        Long explanation. But rather important to me, if to no one else.


        • Aim High

          Thank you for sharing what you saw. How interesting

    27. Roadmap

      This is B.S. takeing place in a Known ASW exercise area,if the NK’s or Russia were gonna send a sub to the coast,and they do all the time,just like we do,they wouldnt send it thru a known ASW exercise area

    28. Remember the Pueblo

      Blow it out of the water if its Korean. We still owe those fuckers for Pueblo.

    29. vocalpatriot

      It’s NOT time to “worry”.
      It is time to pull together.
      It is time to be vigilant and
      it is time to put our government to work
      doing what they are really designed to do,
      defend the people and the
      constitution of the United States of America!

    30. madtxn

      after 911 was so easily swept under the rug and still there today, another self induced attack so we could go after the BAD GUY whoever they want it to be. maybe even you and me.

    31. Agent76

      More war propaganda! Nov 7, 2015 Navy Test Fires Trident Missile From Nuclear Sub Off California Coast

      Navy Strategic Systems Programs conducted planned Trident missile test flight off coast of Southern California, Navy spokesman says.

    32. Kynase

      I’m in socal and headed to the coast today. I will see what I can see

    33. Tom

      The irony is, in a world of false flag attacks there doesn’t have to be *anything* off the California coast. Just fly a bunch of submarine hunting aircraft out there for show before setting off a nuke someplace in the US to blame on the Designated Enemy of the Day. Everyone will believe it because they’ve been prepped to believe it by the charade of hunting the submarine.

      • Very-Concerned-Citizen

        The country is so full of complete bullshit, crooked nonsense anymore, who knows what to really believe and that is pretty damn sad.

    34. RICH99

      I’m so scared ….excuse me I’m planning my vacation in June !!!

    35. ks

      setting us all up for a false flag..EMP?

    36. Cee

      I spent three years in the Navy tracking Russian subs in the north Atlantic during the cold war and I can tell you they are on station off our coasts every day of the year and have been for the last 50 years. We tracked them going and coming day in day out week in week out month in month out. Nothing has changed. We have our own subs with nuc missiles aboard and so do they. This nothing new. North Korea and Iran also have Subs. They are the ones we need to be fearful of because they are so unpredictable.

    37. Rich

      You guys are dumb, there’s not going to be a WWIII. It isn’t financially beneficial to any of these countries.

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